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File: 1446578522173.jpg (59.65 KB, 500x546, tumblr_mzqrx62YJ81qccr0fo1_500…)

No. 50356[Reply]

i mean girls have been doing it forever. from being a sugar baby to just being online and recieving things because you're cute or nice, how do you guys feel about it?

sometimes i get jealous that a girl got a 500 dollar purse from a rando, but then i just feel happy for her and strive to get to that level one day.
i usually feel a little guilty when recieving money or gifts from others because it's simply in my nature to want to give back or do something for them.
this is hypocritical im sure, but when i dont necessarily have talent or a lot of money, it is nice to recieve something from your wishlist once in a while.

so yeah im rambling, but any opinions?

is it bad/trashy? or fine? im not sure if it's taking advantage of some, but no one is forcing people to donate or gift you things.
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No. 59362

File: 1493579600594.jpg (20.51 KB, 306x542, 3EAFC1FE00000578-4354664-image…)

What do you all think about this 'Send Me 5$ And See What Happens' Girl from Tinder? Have anyone tried this shtick irl, does it work?

No. 59388

how does anybody do this thou. i mean don't you feel bad for taking advantage of sad lonely men. if you don't feel bad for them do you atleast feel bad about making a mockery of your romantic self isn't that supposed to be something sacred you are share for the one you love

No. 59389

I hate her for selling her story because its obviously not got to work for anyone now, ugh


Ive tried sugaring before, trust me all the guys know that it's not a real relationship, they just enjoying pampering girls, and always go with someone they share common ground with in the first place. A lot of babies have boyfriends that know about it, theres not much romance going on with a sugar daddy, its kind of like hiring an entertainer for a party to be honest expect instead of singing happy birthday you eat dinner with some old dude.

No. 59390

All my ex-boyfriends feel like they were somewhat sugar daddies, except for we are in a relationship and as >>59388
said they were/are sad, lonely men.

I only date men who wait on me and buy me whatever I want, so I'd guess it's possible to date a sugar daddy or have your boyfriend basically behave as one?

No. 59392

I guess if you had your boyfriend start to treat you like a sugarbaby that could work, just like being an overly pampered girlfriend. The thing is, you meet sugardaddies with the intent of not having a romantic relationship so I doubt it would work the other way around (have a sugardaddy become your boyfriend overtime). Its not impossible tho, and could work in the type of arrangement where you are the only baby for a few months or even years, I could see how a romance could bloom from that. Its hard to explain unless you've done it but there's different types of arrangements and stuff, its kind of a bit more complicated than most people think at first haha. What I just described (Being the only glamourous baby of one daddy for a set amount of time and getting an allowance and going on exotic holidays and all that) is what springs to mind when people first think of sugaring and it is common, but way more guys are just looking for random girls to hang out with a couple times here and there (pay per meet) and its the easiest way to get money, and honestly you can build up a genuine bond if you enough in common. So I guess you could do that, but it would take some work and sorting through guys until you find 'the one' lmao

File: 1484433696204.png (Spoiler Image, 172.37 KB, 600x305, tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.…)

No. 44407[Reply]

Do you have sick or weird fetishes that you hate having or can't tell people about?

BDSM doesn't get me off like it used to. I'm really into grotesque monsters and guro. The thought of being in a snuff film really gets me off. I want to be used as a limbless fuck doll. Necrophilia and Stockholm syndrome turn me on too.

I can't admit this to my partners. It's not like i actually want anything like that to happen to me anyway. I just feel like an edgelord and a psychopath.
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No. 58768

I can't cum unless I imagine my boyfriend is being fucked in the ass by a muscular dude. I mostly enjoy thinking about him worshipping a big muscular guy.

No. 58821

it's not the weirdest or strangest, i guess, but i get really turned on by the idea of being caught having sex (though not by family or something oh my god)…

that does it for me alone, but i am really, really specifically turned on by the idea of my boyfriend and i being caught in the act by guys who i know have crushes on me/are attracted to me (and that i would never touch anyway), including male friends or guys that i briefly dated & then dropped. the idea of getting caught by girls that have crushes on my bf/one of his exes works, too.

No. 58828

I'm really into sibling stuff but it's ok because I'm an only child. public groping and watersports are two big ones for me too.
lately I've been really into those "accidental" insemination ones? and it's weird because I don't want kids, at all, it's just really satisfying to see the look on a guy's face when he finishes inside someone, it's so vulnerable like he's entirely in that persons' control in the moments leading up to it. I wish they made more porn that shows how much the guys are getting off in it, but then they'd also have to hire studs with good faces that aren't just prop dicks.

No. 58857

I cant get aroused unless I imagine I'm a guy fucking a chick noncon. I'm a heterosexual woman.

No. 59391

I feel like Im starting to get into kitten/petplay which isnt that bad in itself just its super cringy, a friend of mine is super into it and I kind of mock her over it all the time but recently we talked about it because I didnt really understand it all that well and honestly…. it sounds really cute, like just having someone to look after you and give you treats and snuggle up to hmmm its just the general community is super fucking cringy and offputting. Im already into BDSM anyway, so I like the sub/dom aspect of it the most, but its a bit gentler/sweeter I guess. Is there any way to incorporate that sort of thing into your daily life without dressing up like a fucking cat or am I stuck with this. Im in denial right now because its just cute but also major cringe. Im kind of super secret hentai loving weeb but I keep under control and no body knows about it and because of this now its all unravelling. Farmers please help me

File: 1493241724518.png (121.35 KB, 1000x628, Veq9fCr.png)

No. 59063[Reply]

Would anyone be interested in a girl-oriented anonymous imageboard? Including boards like


Would you be a user?
Which boards should be considered?
How friendly would you want the board tone to be (strict moderation)?
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No. 59375

I think it could be nice if there were a board where men could post and interact with us, but ONLY there. If they post to other boards they should be banned.

No. 59376

I think these are both good ideas for boards. Not too specific, nor vague either.

No. 59377

I agree! It's not the same talking about this in a board like 4chan or 8ch. Plus, there are certain areas like health-related professions that are dominated by women, I'm pretty sure many people would be interested in a board for something like that.

No. 59378


Yes they do, but it's from a male's perspective. If it's history then if you mention female leaders, scientists, writers, artists then it's easy to out yourself as a female. And it would be cozy to have a tech refuge for female programmers, scientists, engineers, etc. on a female oriented board without men creating threads about meme girrrl coders. I just wish to encourage female farmers to gain some skills, expand knowledge, myself included. I didn't mean to come across as harsh with braindead part but we could profit more from education. Makeup and fashion is nice and all, but knowledge is more important than ever.
I wouldn't mind also having a recipe/food board. I'm quite skilled with bento(art) and creating gluten free meals for instance. It would be awesome to exchange recipes with other farmers.

Yes, precisely!
> Plus, there are certain areas like health-related professions that are dominated by women, I'm pretty sure many people would be interested in a board for something like that.

Particularly this. I'm sure a lot of farmers have incredible skills and tips to share aside from the common topics such as makeup and fashion.

No. 59387

But once they find out they can talk to femulzz online on the girl 4chen xDD they'll shit the whole thing up

File: 1484212528452.jpg (41.22 KB, 354x640, be133adb0970c0d2fbf81392c5487f…)

No. 43584[Reply]

Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
Couldn't find the old one in the catalog.
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No. 59170

File: 1493320327428.jpg (59.43 KB, 496x606, 6f4d0dcc04f434371cda6c9100d4fc…)

It's a wig and the filter makes it a bit hard to guess, but I'd say golden blonde

No. 59195

I just started accutane and I'm getting some pretty bad dandruff, Ive had it before but it mostly went away and now it's back and idk what to do

No. 59197

File: 1493336389085.jpg (55.67 KB, 768x768, 3665340ee32383a9d05caddf239f61…)

Pic related has been a lifesaver for me.

No. 59208

How drying is this?

No. 59386

It won't dry out your scalp. If you use it every day, it might dry out your hair a little. I usually shampoo every other day, and use dry shampoo on non-shampooing days.

File: 1439712743041.jpg (357.95 KB, 900x878, advice.jpg)

No. 44951[Reply]

For anyone seeking advice about their problems or anything.
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No. 59100

I think that would be fine. Once at my job a very nice coworker became ill all of a sudden and she either kept missing work or had to be scheduled for minimum hours each week. We were all worried that something was seriously wrong because it wasn't like her at all, and eventually she was diagnosed at a hospital. After all of this she gave our boss a thank-you card for keeping her on the schedule instead of letting her go for all the absences.

No. 59104

Don't get caught.

No. 59221

File: 1493362659200.png (130.03 KB, 280x430, 4010355014108-777720_org.png)

Has anyone ever used Interdental brushes? Are they as good as dental floss? At least they seem to be easier to use so I thought I'd get some

No. 59236

they made me use these when i had braces, i rate them the worst/10, but i also have so little space between my teeth that many types of floss don't fit there either. floss is more convenient for me.

No. 59385

File: 1493590469985.jpg (35.99 KB, 718x625, 0eda29dde3501a3d36ee5bbd941739…)

Those don't really do the same thing as floss. Floss is meant to clean your gums. Get some of these bad boys.

File: 1483183777406.jpg (50.88 KB, 396x385, FBM.jpg)

No. 50979[Reply]

Post embarrassing truths you would never tell anybody without anonymity.

>I cum really really quickly

>Sometimes before a full minute of sex
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No. 59331

File: 1493530004313.jpg (34.33 KB, 500x378, sdfghj.jpg)

>i was raped when i was a kid
>i've only talked about it like two times in my entire life.
>i went to a party today and it was in the house of an ex-close friend. this ex-close friend was the first person i ever talked to about the abuse.
>i hadn't seen him IRL in the past three years or so. i was super excited but also very scared.
>in the party someone made fun of the shirt i was wearing. i had spent hours picking my clothes for that stupid party. this ex close friend of mine made fun of me too. i left. we talked maybe two times in the entire night.
>i've been crying for the past two hours about the rape, the lost friendship, AND because they made fun of my tshirt…

No. 59347


Someone making fun of your t-shirt doesn't mean they don't regard you as a friend or a nice person to be/have around. Just wear something else next time and don't overanalyse things.

Supressing past trauma's can ruin your life more than the trauma itself. You should start processing it and move on, perhaps with professional help.

Believe me, you'll become a 2.0 version of yourself, you'll open up more and be able to enjoy life more after you've processed the pain from your youth.

No. 59358

I was raped and now I'm scared to drink bc every time I drink I start crying and blabbering about my rape

No. 59383

Masturbation is fine and I personally don't have a problem with my boyfriend doing it. But early on in the relationship, he told me he had stopped watching porn (he can be pretty blunt sometimes) and that was sweet. I appreciate that he sees me as valuable and a real person, and respects our relationship enough that he doesn't watch pornography. And I like when his libido is focused on the two of us. I think pornography is more of a problem than masturbation, usually. As long as a man is using his imagination, it's not really harmful, in most cases.

No. 59384

You're not the only person who does this. I do something similar, and it makes me happy.

File: 1479223639377.png (937.65 KB, 659x686, 1479207324715.png)

No. 43180[Reply]

post pictures of awful makeup and makeup trends you hate
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No. 58446


thank you for finding exactly what i had in mind, kind anon.

No. 58651

Cracky chan??

No. 58666

I guess from a company called younique this is kinda expected but christ

No. 58673

All of the weirdos I know sell younique too. Wtf

No. 59382

File: 1493589314739.jpg (83.19 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o6l03lN3qM1qglv7zo1_500…)

all natural every day look.

File: 1482802132100.jpg (58.19 KB, 560x373, skincare.jpg)

No. 45776[Reply]

The old thread hit bump limit a while ago and I miss it.
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No. 59365

from what I see CeraVe is cheap shit and there's tens of brands that do the same stuff that are available in Europe - french pharmacy or any pharmacy brand for sensitive skin, really.

No. 59367

then what the fuck is with all the sca cerave pushing? i just want something with millions of reviews of it working

i have dehydrated skin or dry skin and mild rosacea. i want my skin to look good an that's it

No. 59368

I imagine this market sector in the US is pretty limited, thus all the CeraVe shilling. Maybe some of their products are really that good in their category, but there's nothing in them that can't be easily sourced from other brands.

No. 59369

try amazon.co.uk or ebay.co.uk

it's from the UK so usually no shipping cost since it's still in Europe.

No. 59381

Jesus Christ just go and buy something and see if it works. Even if 2 billion people use CeraVe, that doesn't mean you have to as well. I live in the non-shit part of Europe and only use local brands, my skin is grand even though I'm using obscure products with 0 online information.

File: 1437667091536.jpg (586.18 KB, 1892x1125, eye.jpg)

No. 43611[Reply]

Lets post a picture of your eye/eyes only and I/others can follow up with what I think would look good on you .
740 posts and 225 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 59046

>complaining about fat people and calling other girls ugly

Kotori-chan, onegai

No. 59048

File: 1493231610045.jpg (27.17 KB, 275x103, 1493221668770.jpg)

that actually was suppossed to be some kind of eyeshadow, but youre right. without eyeshadow just a slight line of eyeliner.

also i actually realized that it would also help your eyes to take care of your eyebrows.

No. 59053

im afraid to do the wing with open eyes (i generally use liquid eyeliners and its often a mess)but i'll try what you said a lot of times,thank you anon.
indeed you are right,i should go for a better shape.but im always too lazy for that hahaha

No. 59108

Aw, thank you. Usually I just go with winged eyeliner or nude eyeshadow.

No. 59380

File: 1493588817690.jpg (402.72 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20170430_174230.jpg)

Sorry I have a potato phone, and advice?

File: 1445077805481.jpg (17 KB, 460x288, babyBlues_1661772c.jpg)

No. 49996[Reply]

This is probably an odd talk, but can we talk about pregnancies, babies and all that kinda shit? I'm sure some of you farmers have kids here, while some of you are feeling the pressure to have kids and whatnot.
475 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 59226

Hey if cam shows bring in some money and validate you, why not?
For real though consider therapy and make the tools your therapist gives you a part of your daily life.

No. 59339

Get an abortion. Get an abortion NOW. Stop waiting. Go now. Now. NOW. If you need cash, go to one of the Feminism blogs on Tumblr and have them send out a call for donations for you.

As a child who was adopted– Your child is NOT going to be wanted. There are literally THOUSANDS of children suffering in foster care already, who will NEVER get a home. Adopted children have a higher rate of PTSD and suicide than war veterans. You're not doing anyone any favors. You have admitted you have mental issues, and have been using, though you're TRYING to get clean. And while I applaud you for that, adoptive parents are SUPER choosy about the kids they bring into their family. Don't let people like >>59205 guilt you into doing a Newborn adoption. These are people who, if they really cared, could adopt and care and love and nurture one of the LITERALLY THOUSANDS of children in America alone that are already languishing in the foster care system. They're selfish. They're desperate for a new born because they're "easier" and don't have a lot of the trauma issues that a foster care adoption brings. Your kid, coming from a mother with mental issues, is NOT going to be one that these so-called 'desperate' families want.

No. 59340


There are also various groups that fund abortions in each state. For example, Texas has the Lilith Fund. Please don't doom a child to the effects of your drinking and mental problems.

No. 59366

As much as this guy seems like a jerk, maybe it's just the stress of having to deal with your issues(not meaning to be rude to you) along with the probable damage occurring in the womb is making him be on edge. Have you tried talking it over with him now? Is he still the same?

No. 59379

Oh please. This guy sounds like a classic abuser, and you want her to 'talk it over' with him?

Even if he wasn't (he is), how HE feels about this isn't the issue. Don't encourage her to put the abortion off any longer. She needs to get that scheduled NOW. Not wait a few days to talk to him, then.. wait a few days to get an appointment at the doctors… No. Fuck. That. Get your ass to the doctors.

If you're REALLY concerned about him (don't be. He sounds like abusive trash), just tell him you had a miscarriage. He's not going to know.

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