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File: 1484506695766.png (1.89 MB, 1280x692, 14.59.46.png)

No. 49328[Reply]

Alright so there are these makeup / skin care threads but I didn't see any PS one yet it's something that's mentioned a lot at /pt/ and /snow/.
I got a nose job some years ago and I'm VERY satisfied with the outcome (feel free to ask me questions about rhinoplasty if you have any concern about it). RN I'm looking forward getting jaw surgery done but I don't have much information about this procedure in Europe. Any advice?
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No. 57934

Woah, thanks, anon ladies! I mean, like, the top cartiledge kind of looks deformed and makes them pointier than they should be… idk, I guess I'm just overthinking it.

No. 57935

Ha Didn't mean to reply to you. I'm sure your ears are totally normal. Mine are just weirdly tiny.

No. 57973


Maybe check into botox in the jaw? A lot less dramatic but a lot less invasive

No. 57979

File: 1491927164855.png (Spoiler Image, 226.84 KB, 303x601, ear.png)

The top of your ear looks normal and the smallness is really cute. If you ever feel bad about the top of your ear, you could always laugh at mine. You can see where it got smashed in my mother's womb giving the illusion of a small point to the right of it. Plus, no one has ever said anything about it!

No. 58166

Anyone know any good plastic surgeons in Toronto? Specifically for under eye fillers and rhinoplasty?

File: 1470247022488.jpeg (827.78 KB, 2940x2789, image.jpeg)

No. 50894[Reply]

1) Does teeth whitening do more damage than good

2) Bleeding gums and how to fix it

3) Crooked teeth
4) Flossing good or bad debate
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No. 58082


i thought mouthwash was for after brushing???

No. 58084

It is but see

is clearly confused about dental hygiene

No. 58089

File: 1492066874990.png (145.17 KB, 359x330, 1452747202708.png)

>falling for the Listerine meme

No. 58103

I work in a dentist's office and the majority of people we see in a day clearly only brush once a day. Or even freely admit it. The Listerine before brushing is what my dentist tells people to do who have a good bit of plaque build up. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who keeps up with their dental hygiene as well as going to the dentist regularly.

No. 58104

Yeah, mouth wash with alcohol in it will dry out your mouth. That's why alcohol free, fluoride mouth wash is a thing.

File: 1491880175529.jpg (53.29 KB, 500x550, d75fb826f6ace431cbd40e4de247a0…)

No. 57943[Reply]

Experiences and thoughts about polyamory?
I'll start.
>had only 2 relationships both long term (+4 years)
>both were my only sexual experiences
>now I want to have another sexual partner since I'm curious
>S.O. is ok about this and encourages me to do it
>I'm indecisive because I don't want to ruin my relationship
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No. 57977

It became a LDR and we both started to be emotionally invested in people that wouldn't have settled for poly (my now longterm bf and his now longeterm gf lol). We decided it was for the best to follow our new independent relationships since we had never intended for a LDR, but we're still really good friends. It only lasted just over a year though so maybe it would have broken down over time and I'm now stuck with a unrealistic image of having my cake whilst eating it.

I don't think there can ever be any kind of one size to fit all, so I don't think either monogamy, polyamory or open relationships should be pushed. People forcing themselves into whatever the new woke relationship trend is probably causing so much unnecessary heartbreak, but at the same time there shouldn't be shame in admitting that you're just not monogamous.
I wish we lived in a world where everyone wanted the same things.

No. 57981

>"polyamory is the natural state for humans, monogamy is a social construct forced upon us".

I'm pretty sure this was just a meme made up by neckbeards to convince themselves that being with several 3/10 girls at once is totally acceptable behavior. Though to be fair, it does say something when you consider how common it was for husbands to have mistresses and affairs in history.

imo poly relationships just don't work. These kids can say that it's "natural" to want multiple partners, but jealousy is also a natural emotion. So, ya know.

I've also had a bad experience where this guy tried to get me to fuck his poly gf so that he could watch. An awful first impression of these types of people because now I know that it's just a fetish for some (or most?) of them.

No. 57988

>jealousy is also a natural emotion
I don't know. Maybe is normal but it's so wrong.

So sorry about you experience. Must be very hard dealing with poly (romantic) relationships, more of one partner and trying to detect Onions

No. 58000

If 90% of people are monogamous there's a good reason behind it. I'm not shitting on poly people but it simply doesn't work for the majority of the population.

Sex is way too tied to a person's self-worth that it's hard to accept the fact that your loved one could favor fucking someone else over you.

Plus a couple has a "Us against the world" mentality that is reassuring. I think some poly couples CAN form such a team with 3 or more people, but most people would feel left out after a while.

If I'm in a relationship with someone I want to bond and experience things with that person, I wouldn't want them bonding with their other girlfriend or share secrets I'm not let into.

Now more power to poly who put in the insane amount of work to make it alright (what if your boyfriend's girfriend cheated on him and now you got a STD ? What if you get into an argument with girlfriend #2 and want your bf to take your side ? What if one gets pregnant ? etc …) but don't try to push it down people's throat or make it seem we're the dumb one to want to keep a relationship down to 2 person.

No. 58002

I used to know a lot of polyamorous people and their relationships were always a fucking wreck for the same basic reasons they tried so desperately to deny, which was that maintaining a lasting, healthy one-on-one relationship is a rare enough thing to begin with, and there they were fucking around juggling multiple partners and becoming surprised when it falls apart due to basic human jealousy. Even polyamorous people often end up realizing that it's hard to feel like your partner loves you unconditionally when they're balls-deep in another woman

File: 1453693383172.jpg (24.49 KB, 600x400, 38dd4c27c6b034cc29614663bfa07b…)

No. 47125[Reply]

We've got plenty of underrated dudes on lolcow but are there any men that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason? Men who are ugly, unattractive, average-looking, creepy, weird or just plain shameful? It doesn't have to be a big reason that you're ashamed, just say why.

Admit your thirst, farmers.
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No. 57703

File: 1491404371120.gif (2.12 MB, 350x286, tumblr_ohvzntYwP71vkykwfo1_400…)

Steven Ogg.
He's good at playing psychopathic disgusting pervert characters with anger issues. I've had hots for him since GTA V came out, he played Trevor in that one. I'd fuck him and all of the fictional characters he's potrayed tbh. That fucking BODY is insane. And those sexy grunts and growls… I'm not even that into rough stuff but I want him to destroy me

No. 57714

Are you me anon cause you just described my feelings for this man way too accurately.

No. 57717

fuck, so I'm not weird for thinking Eno was oddly beautiful? idc about the bald spot, I love androgynous and beautiful men

No. 57736

File: 1491494714198.jpg (48.21 KB, 640x640, 8453f845c6a6b62b5adade5c503f1a…)

No. 57983

File: 1491940847011.jpg (53.09 KB, 500x729, d42821c43c5bb5eb3d814eec1aa54d…)

>tfw born in the wrong generation xd

File: 1490878395960.jpg (56.71 KB, 499x750, me.jpg)

No. 57290[Reply]

Can we have a thread for depressed NEETs who use their bed as a sanctuary?

Do you spend most of your time in bed? Does anything work for you? Does exercise change your outlook? Have any changes helped?

Any contribution is appreciated. We all need a hand sometimes.
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No. 57956

photoshop, lightning etc.

No. 57963

Yeah, I agree completely with this.

People don't consider that diet can often be directly linked to mood, I get massively depressed if I ingest lactose regularly for example (fine if I just have it sometimes, like a glass of milk a week or whatever).

Another big part of getting up is making sure you actually sleep. Sounds retarded, I know, but if I only sleep 5 hours or so, I just don't want to get up, I want to stay and sleep. If I get 9 hours, getting up is no real issue, takes a bit of time, but it's better.

This works if you have hypersomnia as well I find, or any disorder that leads to excessive sleeping. Waking yourself up at the right time in that cycle (and coffee) helped me a lot when I was sleeping 14 hours + a day due to mental illness. If I let myself sleep straight through that full period where I'd had 11 hours already, I'd just keep sleeping when I woke up, feel shitty because I overslept and then just want to sleep more.

I found that making myself miserable for a week or so by forcing those cycles really helped me a lot in the long term, because it just became natural and fine after a bit.

Though any tips from anyone about how to keep healthier sleep cycles with painkillers would be much appreciated, I'm on oxycodone at the moment while waiting for a surgery, and my sleep is just fucked, same with keeping myself to a schedule. I kind of stop giving a shit when on it, and don't go to bed when I need to, and end up miserable the next day. Does anyone have any experience or tips that might help with this?

No. 57964

Yeah, most artists are working incredibly hard and I guess you're mostly doing drawings or digital work or you couldn't sit in bed all day. I don't know where you get the idea that all artists are NEET, it's bullshit.

As >>57961 said, networking etc. is a huge part. No one at my art school is a NEET, even though mental illnesses are above average in our province.

Late reply, but good job. Looks like you're getting there!

No. 57965

Hopefully you mean digital illustrator or comic book artist or something, because most artists need to spend a lot of time networking and showing face
You're going to get fat and even more depressed from unhealthy sleep patterns, isolation and lack of sunlight. The advice given up in this thread is really important, don't passively sabotage yourself. There's nothing cool about being NEET.

I've realized that regular hours (whether it's work/volunteer or just studying in a library like other anons suggest), exercise, balanced diet and iron supplements are all really important. As are making your sleep patterns regular and limiting internet use.
Sleep is my favorite thing in the world and I hate exercise, but if I indulge myself in that then I rapidly turn into depressed mush. Babysteps are the key, but this trend of making crying instagram stories whilst taking selfcare bubblebaths for a whole day instead of making any effort is a cancer.

No. 57969

My favorite way to avoid staying in bed all day on my days off is when I wake up and get out of bed, I immediately make the bed. After I get dressed, I put on shoes. Not house shoes or slippers that can come off easily, the kind it takes effort to tie. I know you guys probably think it's gross to wear shoes inside but I have hardwood floors so it's not that bad if I sweep often. I will NOT wear shoes while in bed and the beds already neatly made which both discourage me from lazing around in it. Usually after I have shoes on and bed made I'll make a little more effort to straighten up my room, starting with yesterday's clothes I peeled off going in the hamper and any stray cups etc. Going to the kitchen sink or dish washer. The more clean my room appears, the less likely I am to want to mess it up by staying in it all day, and even though it's super low effort to move dirty dishes and clothes from one spot to another, it gets the momentum going for me to start on other things.

File: 1490769050834.jpg (90.98 KB, 1080x1080, 1480564290230.jpg)

No. 57204[Reply]

As a women I think too much of our self worth is placed on how attractive we are. I'm not bitter in any sense of the term but I do recognize how much easier things would be.

People would treat me with more kindness, I would be grabbing the attention better quality guys, and, I'm sure my social skills would be less of a problem.

its just interesting to think of how things could be different
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No. 57835

I wouldn't worry about it. Comparing yourself to Steve Buscemi is an unrealistic standard of beauty.

No. 57861

Honestly, apart from his eyes I don't really think that he's a bad looking person.

No. 57887

I photograph terribly. The only time I've taken a good photograph was when I was 20 pounds lighter. I'm on the way there again.

No. 57891

I always look like shit in pics I don't take myself, and sometimes even in those I do. I don't know if I really look like a turd irl or if it's just the camera

No. 57896

You're the only nasty one here.

File: 1464311973925.jpg (17.79 KB, 236x299, 3b466284fec5234bc46e947799e5b6…)

No. 46778[Reply]

Any recipes, tips, pictures,DIYS like this? Doesn't have to be just for skin, anything beauty, health, fashion or food related
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No. 57792

OP dont be retarded and put lemon juice on your face

No. 57799

my favourite DIYs are body scrubs with coconut oil as a base. i love how coconut oil is solid and softens when you warm it up and it is really good for your skin too. I usually mix coconut oil, a little cocoa powder and maybe an essential oil.

Also, I like to use an egg white as a face mask, it dries up really well and is good for oily skin.

>>Also if you think mooncups are disgusting lol goodbye. A clean silicone cup collecting blood and being washed is much better than a wad of cotton soaking it up and then stinking out the bin, a pad collecting blood in your underpants and rubbing it all over the outside of your vag. And both of those are absolute SHIT for the environment, and i'm not even a conscientous hippie.

Does anyone here have any experience using oils on their eyelashes? Has it worked for you?

No. 57800

I agree about the moon cup thing. It's much safer than tampons and environmentally positive. I'm a little scared to try it but really I know I should because there's more benefits than any other form of menstruation absorption lol

No. 57803

have you ever tried one? They've improved my period so much I'll never go back.

No. 57807

I agree. I was a little weirded out at first but you get used to it, you boil them before each first-time use and then wash them each time you take them out before putting them back in. They're not tampons so there aren't any strings to get soaked in piss when you use them, and they don't make public toilets smell of mouldy pussy like tampons and pads do.

Seriously, everyone should do the world a favour and get one.

File: 1484212528452.jpg (41.22 KB, 354x640, be133adb0970c0d2fbf81392c5487f…)

No. 43584[Reply]

Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
Couldn't find the old one in the catalog.
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No. 57726

For some of us it is - it could make it dry, more oily, weigh it down etc. So yes.

No. 57727

I like SexyHair brand for sulfate/paraben free (not sure if silicone free though).

No. 57728

You can use a heat protectant spray. Honestly, if you are only going to be using it like once a month or less I doubt you have anything to worry about. Also, don't use on wet hair and make sure to get a decent brand.

One suggestion most people probably don't think of is to buy heat protection ear covers. I use these when I do my hair to prevent accidentally burning my ears lol (I straighten my hair a lot).

No. 57733

Thank you anon! (:

No. 57779

File: 1491552162874.jpg (175.44 KB, 600x800, brunette-to-pastel-4.jpg)

Hope you guys don't mind that I have some questions, I'm a noob at this.
So I have dark brown hair and am a total hair virgin, I've always had my natural hair color and never really tried extensions or anything (most I did was dreadlocks and curls)
But I'm a sucker for the pastel look (awful, I know) and I think it would be a shame to bleach my virgin hair completely so I was looking into the ombre coloring thing.
Would it be best to do this with extensions or ask my hair dresser to bleach and dye it this way? Wich method would look better and/or be easier? Will extensions give the same effect or will it look extremely fake? And is it true that you have to dye your hair every week if you want to keep the pastel in? Also, if I ever wanted to go back to my natural hair color, would it still be hard to do like with full bleaching/dying?

File: 1489465670038.jpg (139.02 KB, 639x800, vos4.jpg)

No. 56436[Reply]

Is it just me or do a lot of people here have really warped ideas of how people should look when they're in their 20s?
It's like some of you think women should look like perpetual teenagers until they hit 30 or something.
Maybe I'm just salty because I'm in my 20s and I see constant criticism of cows who I think look perfectly fine for their age being called old-looking and such. Such as Kota or Kiki, for example. Yeah Kota looks like shit lately but maybe she's just ugly. Kiki is still pretty and youthful in my opinion.
Don't get me wrong, I see SO many women who look at least 10 years older than they are IRL, due to bad life choice or poor genetics, but it seems like on here if you can't find anything obvious to criticize it's just "omg she looks so old!"
Well what is a normal, healthy 20-something woman supposed to look like?
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No. 57731

I am SO sick of hearing the term nasolabial folds on this site to the point that when someone here mentions it I unconsciously cringe.

Your smile lines at 18-23 aren't fucking wrinkles. They have more to do with the amount of fat on your face. Get over it. Slather them in some fucking retinol cream. This site is turning you delusional.

No. 57740

I'm glad this is being talked about. I come here for drama and milk, not for technically decent looking women being torn apart for not looking like a photoshopped magazine spread. I find that simply reading these nitpicks is making my BDD worse. Yeah sure people are mean because they don't like the cow but most of the time I don't see what their looks have to do with it. Even with Jill who I agree is annoying, spoiled and grating. I think she just looks bloated and unhealthy and she would look younger with a better diet and some weight loss. But she's still decently cute! I don't think she's aging terribly. Eye bags and even wrinkles aren't always a sign of premature aging. I had bags and creases under my eyes at 5 years old. It's a combo of genetics and allergies. I love lolcow, it's a big source of entertainment for me and it's way more entertaining than celebrity gossip. But it's adding more fuel to the fire when it comes to my body image. Also I don't understand why people think Sharla is ugly? I asked my boyfriend while I was watching a Sharla and Taylor video and he said that Sharla was more attractive. Because she looks real and approachable and not like an alien doll. I personally love the dolly look, but real life standards are so different and do not compare remotely to a concentration of self hating girls with BDD picking apart a stranger on the internet.

No. 57742

I don't have BDD, but the nitpicking annoys me too. I seriously wonder why some anons are so fucking fixated on this kind of shit. Noting someone is an asshat is one thing, but picking on them for not having plastic surgery or photoshopping their pics (who cares?) is simply cyberbullying and repetitive. It's the only reason I wouldn't tell anyone I use this site even though I'd love to share some of the bizarre milk some cows utter out (ie. PT thinking she's growing a penis). Don't need people thinking I'm one of those anons nasolabial fold/potato nose obsessed anons lol

No. 57743

>I am SO sick of hearing the term nasolabial folds


Most of the posters on here are so fucking young, ya'll got nothing to worry about. Just take care of yourselves.
Stop projecting your insecurities all over the damn place, it's so obvious in many of the threads.

Also, I'm in my mid-late twenties and am way hotter than I was when I was a teenager, but I remember the all-encompassing fear of "aging" when I was like 18. You'll get over it though. Don't buy into the media.

No. 57765

I think it has to do with a lot of people here may be fans of anime, which you know how that goes, most shows the MC is in their teenage years. I can't really think of many where this isn't the case. Oh, and also how the girls in them are usually moe.

File: 1489918148253.jpg (41.33 KB, 630x400, 630plasticsurgery3.jpg)

No. 56678[Reply]

Favorite surgeons that provide results similar to Korean surgeons?I'm in love with that style and actually really love Taylor R's face shape. Based on her recovery I'm convinced she had fat transfer.

Promise I'm not Kiki.

Post any of your favorite surgeons and their work, talk about preferences, etc.
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 57472

Tbh depending on what you want done I could recommend Serbia. Trannies go there all the time, it's in Europe, it's cheap and they mostly operate on white people with Italian-esque noses with results ranging from very natural to what you see on those Russian starlets. However, different doctors specialise in different parts of the body so it's helpful to have a local who can clue you in on who does what best.

No. 57479

Tell me more about this. I already know Serbian so if I do go there to get a nose job, I wouldn't be a clueless foreigner in a country where I can't talk to anybody.

No. 57491

Well, they don't have any websites like RealSelf since it's a relatively small country and you can get all the necessary information through word of mouth. Most people prefer old-school forums, ana.rs (as in Anna, not anorexia) is the biggest women's forum in the country and if you speak the language you'll have no trouble asking around for recs. People aren't allowed to post names of ps clinics there but they often give clues as to whom they're talking about and you can google it easily. You can pm the members there for pics.

Prices for rhinoplasty are in the €1500-3500 ballpark and there's a magazine with a website (Estetika, iirc) where they publish the most popular surgeons' profiles. I've been told that the two women surgeons and Ribnikar (the one that looks like an old Roman soldier) are good for nose jobs.

The country is safe as long as you don't go gallivanting out in the boonies, most people in the capital party until as late as 4AM and it's okay to walk around by yourself at night as long as you don't go crawling around random alleys and stuff. Bydlos/chavs there can be loud and annoying but are usually harmless. Lots of pickpocketing gypsies (it is the Balkans, after all), but they're easy to spot and avoid. Public transport is okay but packed full 24/7, especially on major routes.

Try the local food and visit a national park or stay in an ethno-village for a while, it's a really pretty country however fucked up politically. Local staff in the city won't be too friendly, but they're chronically overworked and underpaid so it's nothing personal. Still, most people are nicer than they look ime.

I'm going there for a nj in May, so I can let you know how it went.

No. 57495

Italian-esque noses? Do you mean roman noses?

No. 57496

The ones I'm talking about are usually pronounced with a bulbous tip and a slight hump (think Lady Gaga). Roman noses are slightly different, but I guess those too. Noses in Southern Europe come in all shapes and sizes.

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