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File: 1489546672286.jpg (51.22 KB, 800x496, c.jpg)

No. 56468[Reply]

i know there's some kind of lgbt thread on here already, but bisexuality is always the one that gets the least focused attention. It's also probably the one that is taken least seriously in a way, because of so many attention seekers who fake it, and the fact that there are actually people who can't wrap their heads around it being an actual thing??

I'm like perfectly 50/50 bisexual. i have this huge, equal thirst for both body forms. (not to be confused with pansexuality, i'm talking about only being attracted to biological males and females)

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No. 56620

Its also a hell of a lot easier to find a male partner, bigger dating pool

No. 56621

Which is probably where the "bi girls go straight", that anon mentioned comes from.
Not to mention the gays who don't want to date us becase we're bi, so

No. 56722

I feel like it's >>56620 and just the ease of hitting traditional milestones with a hetero relationship that make them more likely in the end. Things might change now that it's easier for gay couples to get married and have kids etc, but I always saw myself ending with a man just because then it's easier to do those traditional things that people feel they need to do when they get older(and then an old lesbian after my kids grow up and I divorde kek)
This is bitchy, but I also haven't met a girl which I would trust to trust me to spend forever with, because of the 'bi girls always go straight' cliche there are always going to be trust issues in a ff relationship. But a man will just see it as normal and expected that you will stay

No. 56769

This is exactly how it feels like.

It really sucks that the same people who scream "homophobia!" at the minimal chance then do this kind of shit (when they supposedly know how it feels like).

The worst part is that you can't call them out on this or you are bigot. Fuck I can't stand the LGT community's bullshit. There are some lesbians who are really cool people but most of the ones I met have a visceral hatred against bi/het women and I personally can't stand them anymore. I don't trust them.

No. 56795

I mean, you can call them out. But they'll start screeching and play the victim card

I only recently started to get involved in the community and some people are really sweet but damn the amount of people thinking we're "liars" or just heteros trying to be special is pretty big

File: 1484617290210.jpg (66.54 KB, 600x700, 36d966b8a6587b35ba019f92cfcd48…)

No. 50964[Reply]

What trends and changes are you guys noticing? It seems like platforms are going in & out of style and everything is super saturated right now.

Do you think now in 2017 it's possible to achieve any real success off places like Instagram & Youtube? Or just viral 15 minuets of fames with small fanbases? It seems like there are so many niche groups/subcultures everything is too broken for it to have any lasting impact. It seems like more than ever anyone (legit anyone no matter the talent or beauty) can get a fanbase by just consistently posting.

Like the random nobodies you hear of with millions of followers. Doing nothing that hasn't been done before.

With more and more companies trying to buy out advertising too on social media & attention spans dropping, everyone trying to brand themselves into substance-less carbon copies of each other, I wonder how long the days of the social media star will last.
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No. 56405

>>Mainly I don't want old classmates and neighbors finding me and bothering me. I'm sure there are people looking for me right now and wondering if I'm dead because I don't have Facebook.

idt you're that special :'(

No. 56428

Not the anon without a fb but you'd be surprised. I get the weirdest messages every couple of weeks from people saying they're highschool friends of my parents and shit trying to connect with me and I'm like "literally who????"

It's this idea of overcompensating/over connecting with people you normally wouldn't give two shits about.

I personally still have my facebook mostly for meeting up with people from my Uni and photos, since I know I'd never get them otherwise. I regularly clean out my friendslist and remove people I haven't spoken to in a year. There's no need for them in your friendslist if you wouldn't want to talk to them irl.

No. 56575

File: 1489701262091.png (589.08 KB, 960x685, 16508454_1141235819318761_7727…)

thank god someone else brought it up, "quirky" ass royalty free stock music is the bANE of my existence

like especially on youtube, if you're a content creator can't you at least be bothered to make your own simple intro or buy one that doesn't sound like an insurance commercial

No. 56582

I don't mind stock music, but as an editor it drives me insane that all these youtubers just use the same fucking clips.

There are sites with literally tens of thousands of license free audio clips, some actually really good and they never go past like page 1. It's your brand. At least try to be original.

No. 56602

>insurance commercial


I don't bother watching videos that have the same shitty intro tbh, you just know you'll get the same "hacks/tips" you probably already saw in another video with the same intro music

File: 1489539671433.png (134.76 KB, 5000x1677, wish.png)

No. 56465[Reply]

Whats your opinion the asian cheap knockoff Sites? My sisters birthday is coming soon and I want to find a place to buy good quality (or good enough quality) stuff and what site has the fastest shipping?

Talk about personal experiences, what sites do best with certain things such as clothes, makeup, skincare, hair, etc, cheapest, fastest shipping,etc

File: 1489198409223.gif (57.73 KB, 1050x1200, tumblr_olugctfspw1qft177o1_128…)

No. 56321[Reply]

Did anyone used to be on vampire freaks?

It was an absolute hell hole of perverts and underage girls.

Any stories?

I was used at age 14/15 by a popular member who lied to me and used me for money and would've had sex with me. He said he was 19 but was actually 25. I was young and dumb and had a very lonely high school time. I fell for it. Gave him money, Fortunately didn't lose my virginity to said paedo. But he did have sexual contact with me. He knew I was a minor, I didn't know he was 10 years older.
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No. 56334

I had one, was a cringefest for everyone involved

No. 56335

Talked to a fucken creep who was into scat and literally asked "would you be my personal toilet"

Fucken off from that site shortly after

No. 56345

I tried to get into it when I was still an emo kid, but everyone always tried to be the bigger snowflake and 1up everyone else on how "tragic" their life is.

Pnce I made a profile with the name "BrickWall" and a profile picture of a brick wall. Never stated a gender or anything and some guy STILL tried to hit on me and asked stuff like "does that wall have any holes? ;)" lol

No. 56356

I use to be in that cesspool a few years back.
I remember meeting someone called Chibi Mitzy who seemed sane enough until she became a special gender swaping cosplayer. Her dreams where unrealistic, like wanting to be a korean back up dancer. When she got a little attention for her cosplaying she started calling her close friends fans, treating everyone like shit. Things escalated when she abused her GF at the time and the chick fled. She lied to her buddies saying she lived in poverty to get free shit but was actually upper middle class, her family giving her everything she asked for. Lying about her step dad sexually assaulting her. Trying to scam people again saying one of her family members was dying of cancer and got butt hurt when people called her out on it. Kicker was when her and her cosplay group in Utah where beating up other cosplayers in the same fandom or harassing girls who were "threatening"

aaah just one of the horrors I met from that site. There were so many cows there

No. 58161

I remember being 13 on there and a lot of inboxes about sex from 20 - 30 year old men.

File: 1484542542866.jpg (29.33 KB, 600x329, makeup-face-shape.jpg)

No. 43368[Reply]

Tell posters what face shape they have
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No. 56209

Considering this is the only active thread where people REALLY post pictures of themselves, and said pictures have faces totally covered, only showing the face shape, that's not bad at all. I wouldn't even call it self post in this case since it's absolutely impossible to identify people and most girls have "unflattering" shapes and seem curious/worried but whatever you want, anon

No. 56210

Long, definitely

No. 56214

yep, wouldn't be surprised to find out most of these girls came from Tumblr or PULL tbh

No. 56222

truth bomb. love how you can spot certain cows in the eye thread.

No. 56224

thank you anon! never thought of it before.

File: 1487716345975.jpg (555.83 KB, 750x1100, kfashion1.jpg)

No. 55477[Reply]

Can we talk about Korean fashion?

I've recently taken a huge liking to K-fashion despite much of it being quite strange. I love the over-sized tops and flowy skirts and interesting patterns, and that it's modest while still being cute and interesting.

- What are your thoughts on K-fashion?
- Can a white girl ever pull it off?
- Do you have to have a certain body type?
- What are good online shops to buy from?
- Any tips you have, please throw them out here!
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No. 56152

personally agree with >>56105, but 90s-early 00's hooker has been coming back recently, so i'd say go for it if you like it lol

No. 56184

Would be cute with opaque black or navy tights

No. 56203

haha why exactly is it hookerish? the material? It's not particularly short or anything.

No. 56217

Both the color and the material imo

No. 56307

Wow gooks are just as pathetic as they were 50 years ago when they were living in mud huts.

If there's one thing they should have taken away from the Korean war it should have been self identity and breaking away from the fascist communist-driven uniformity of the North. It's just shitty to see this kind of stuff from them of all nations.

File: 1488654166845.jpg (152.92 KB, 1300x866, 25842099-Body-care-diet-weight…)

No. 56082[Reply]

I am interested about the face measurements of others, so how wide and long is your face?
What is the length of your forehead and chin?

Im kinda insecure about my own featueres so i would like to compare

No. 56084

Do people really measure their face?
I never thought about it until now

No. 56099

Please get off the Internet
This is ridiculous

No. 56111

Not OP but this thread isn't as retarded as it seems, this is a fairly weeaboo board and east asia is obsessed with face size for some reason.

I'd like to know how to measure it but I really don't know where to start. My hairline, the top of my head?

No. 56118

life is way too short to give a shit about this

No. 56121

You're only saying that because you have a long face

File: 1483706648093.jpg (59.44 KB, 414x479, white women.jpg)

No. 44883[Reply]

When exactly are you supposed to "settle"?
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No. 55722

I'm 25 and I've never settled because I never had high standards in the first place because of my low self esteem(I'm a black weeaboo). No one with any self respect would date the people I've dated. My current bf is a 23 year old who plays lol all day and sleeps until 3pm.

No. 55726

Honey, love yourself more and break up with his lazy ass. Even if you looked like a brigde troll you deserve better and can find a better guy.

No. 55728

I know I should leave but outside of him I don't really get any social interaction since I have no friends. I really don't even get much from him these days because he's sleeping out playing lol for the most part.

No. 55729

You're still young you could easily find better. And if you're lonely get a cat or something because damn he sounds valueless.

No. 55905

I'm almost 20 and my boyfriend is 26 and I know I'm young but honestly I'm convinced I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Hes very religious so I can tell he wants us to get married not just dating. Tbh I'm not apposed to marriage being so young I just don't want to deal with the endless disaproval from my family.

File: 1488084185260.jpg (54.63 KB, 1000x545, slums-of-beverly-hills_3.jpg)

No. 55809[Reply]

I've checked the catalog and if there was one, it is long gone. Can we have a bra/sports bra thread? There's a bra-less thread, but I want to be able to talk about bras from sizing to brands etc.

I'm currently looking for a really good brand of bra to switch to after using Victoria's Secret (no bully) for all of my teen to early adult life. Any recommendations for supremely comfortable bra brands? I've tried ThirdLove so far but I want to hear more brands before I end up settling.
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No. 55830

File: 1488124811211.jpg (87.96 KB, 640x751, Bras_WacoalBraletteBN.jpg)

I got some bralettes that look like these at Forever 21 for about 6 or 7 dollars each. I don't think they sell them anymore. They're the most comfortable bras I've ever worn. They have a small amount of padding you can keep or take out. All you have to do is pick out your size - small, medium, or large.
I can't understand why anyone would wear any other bra after wearing these. I have small boobs, but I used to wear pushup bras that ALWAYS dug into my shoulders, and the wiring would dig into my boobs. Made me feel like a Victorian women complaining about how uncomfortable her corset was.

No. 55834

This holy shit. I'm so lucky to have the option to wear these. Don't know who in their right mind would wear anything else unless they absolutely had to.
Same with knickers, I've been told I look like a granny for wearing a 'training bra' and 'drawers' (regular nude briefs… I swear lol) but the joke's on them, I'm fucking comfy like.

No. 55836

OT but the girl on the OP picture looks like a non-busted version of Grav3yardgirl

No. 55840

File: 1488140395955.jpg (17.97 KB, 570x570, 150873_sub2.jpg)

I've got one from Uniqlo I really like, it's pic related but I got it in pink. they don't sell it any more (AIRism Seamless Bra) so I wish I had gotten multiple colors when I had the chance. It has removable padding as well, and it's really comfortable.

No. 55868

Same, it seems impossible to find a wireless bra that's really supportive without it smashing my tits in. Every time I try to find an everyday wireless bra only sports bras pop up. I'm afraid we're sol.

That's Natasha Lyonne, she's in a ton of stuff (mostly indie).

File: 1487692059715.png (293.88 KB, 1242x1513, IMG_0222.PNG)

No. 55445[Reply]

How do you feel about guys who play video games?i think games in moderation are ok but I think these days video games are destroying many relationships and the lives of men. I'm sure the majority of you are into video games if you like chans but from my experience I've learned that dating guys into video games is tough.
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No. 55564

>Regular porn is pretty tame though, and not really disgusting at all.
Regular porn really isn't tame, though. It has been steadily getting more and more hardcore since the 80's. Our regular porn now is the hardcore porn from then.

>"Even the mildest pornography is shocking to the average person. I’m surprised it’s legal." - Paul Thomas (a porn film director) in a 2007 interview.

>99% of guys watch regular ass porn of two people fucking.

If stats are to be believed, most guys who watch porn want to see "teen" and incest and anal. Those are decidedly not "normal" despite being popular. Popular=/=normal.

>Its pretty delusional to believe that its abnormal to watch porn, and only degenerate men watch more than lesbian porn.

Porn has been shown in lots of studies across decades and continents to have many negative psychological and even physiological effects on men. For example, men who watch porn are less likely to feel empathy for rape victims (probably because another "normal" porn category is rape porn), and be more aggressive, and more likely to coerce partners into unwanted sex (guys begging their girlfriends for anal, for example, which is now a growing problem on college campuses which is just sad to me).

This is all besides the physical problems like impotence that porn causes men.

These are all abnormal.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 55565

It is quite creepy. My husband and I were looking for a community about porn addiction for some tips, and /r/pornfree is probably a healthier and more rational alternative. Unless I had a serious mastubation addiction I wouldn't even consider the idea of nofap.

In response to OP, I've had mostly negative experiences even just speaking to guys who are gamers. They tend to never shut up about it and embarrass themselves constantly. Also yelling while playing. My sister's boyfriend is like that and it hurts to watch. I can see how you'd get this idea, but I can't paint "dudes who game" as all bad. I met my husband on an MMO afterall. Our hobby is gaming and we both play several hours a day, but we don't obsess over it 24/7 or even really talk about it. We play our own games side by side or play games together. Our fun money goes towards games, consoles, collectibles, TVs, computers, etc. It has never been a sore point for us.

Before we married, we both agreed that we would be willing to give up videogames for better things when given the opportunity. Gaming is "easy" for us as a young couple getting on our feet. To be honest we'd rather have a farm and raise chickens or train horses or some shit. We're saving up to buy property in a more rural area and I won't she'd a single tear when I don't have time to play games anymore.

No. 55566

The 80's had real legal incest and paedophilia so yeah I hardly think its getting worse. And hardcore in porn simply means that you can see the acts, not that it is any worse. Plus, pornhub and all the other common sites do not have rape as a category. If rape porn was that normalised, wouldn't rape be a category?

And when I said degenerate, I didn't mean your personal views on the industry. You can think its degenerate, thats fine. I meant the acts. Most guys just watch penis in vagina/ass/mouth. Guys getting off to triple anal rape with elderly and barely legal teens isn't that common, most just watch regular sex acts. And I don't think its degenerate to watch two people have normal sex, or that men/women should be labeled disgusting because of that.

No. 55575

Idk, I like playing video games so it'd be kind of weird to date a guy who didn't.

I play terraria with my boyfriend sometimes, its cosy and it's fun to have hobbies in common.

Luckily he's mature enough to realize that there's more to a relationship than video games and sex, he's usually the one to convince my lazy ass to go outside on "real" dates.

No. 55593

Unless he has active interests or a social life outside of video games, I'm avoiding him. The worst kind is the "I wanna make video games one day" and have no actual skills they can use for that bc they're spending too much time gaming instead of developing them.

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