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File: 1484433696204.png (Spoiler Image, 172.37 KB, 600x305, tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.…)

No. 44407

Do you have sick or weird fetishes that you hate having or can't tell people about?

BDSM doesn't get me off like it used to. I'm really into grotesque monsters and guro. The thought of being in a snuff film really gets me off. I want to be used as a limbless fuck doll. Necrophilia and Stockholm syndrome turn me on too.

I can't admit this to my partners. It's not like i actually want anything like that to happen to me anyway. I just feel like an edgelord and a psychopath.

No. 44408

Gross. You're gross.

No. 44409

I know…

No. 44410

No I don't think you realise how gross. Post that shit in forums for people like you. Dont inflict it on people. Goddamn this OT thing has failed spectacularly. At least /g/ wasn't open to multiple threads about disgusting people being disgusting far too publicly.

No. 44411

File: 1484436746974.png (Spoiler Image, 667.41 KB, 832x466, l.png)

Ok this is silly but balaclavas, ski masks, you know that shit you wear that only leaves the eyes visible. I've literally watched ISIS videos for this sole reason and I'm probably on some kind of a list (or ten) by now. Got so desensitized to gore just because of this, I sure hope that doesn't become my new fetish, this is embarrassing enough as it is

No. 44412

File: 1484437408181.jpg (7.48 KB, 200x188, images.jpg)

>I'm really into grotesque monsters and guro. The thought of being in a snuff film really gets me off. I want to be used as a limbless fuck doll.

Oh God, me too. I keep hoping I'll just outgrow it

No. 44413

File: 1484438017751.jpg (56.53 KB, 544x800, 1423637284663.jpg)

y-you're not the same anon who became addicted to listening nasheeds, right?

No. 44414

Piss and Shit

No. 44415

File: 1484441779542.jpg (108.44 KB, 702x657, remember.jpg)


How many of us are there? Yes, I'm the same anon. I'm really just a timid neet who happens to be autismally obsessed with edgy shit I swear, pls no bully authorities

No. 44416

>someone makes a "Fetishes that you're ashamed of" thread and posts a fetish they're ashamed of
You must be new to chan boards, or too sensitive to be on them. PULL or Tumblr may be more your speed, anon.

No. 44417


I like dd/lg, kill me. I used to tell my partner about it and he was way more into it than me and now it makes me sick to have those fantasies, so I just masturbate to it and leave it there. God, I hate myself.

No. 44418

Socks. I think guys look hotter and really fuckable when they're naked except for socks. Especially if white or black socks. Is this weird?

I'm also crazy for asslicking lesbian videos. It has to be lesbian, no guy's ass, pls. It's something I'd never do IRL because I'm pretty prudish and I think that licking someone's ass is disgusting, but I like watching it. Dunno why.

I'm really vanilla tbh.

No. 44419

The reason why you guys have these crazy, freakish, edgy fetishes with guro, rape and fucking dead people is basically INTERNET. Seriously.
If you don't like your kink/fetish, try an internet detox. for real, try it.

People start watching stuff they shouldn't when they're super young and when they're 18-20 year olds, things like rapists and cannibalism look normal. It's just so sick.
I grew up on the internet too but I wasn't really interested in porn during my teen years, which is probably why I'm pretty much only into "normal" stuff.
I fear for the sanity and sexuality of the younger generation of kids.

Sage because no one cares about this comment and samefag

Just warning you I'm not that anon in case you read this and think so.

No. 44420

I agree anons. They whine and complain like they can't control it. Reality is they did it to themselves .

No. 44421


I started with weird shit when I was young but it's what I went for, I mean out of everything… I think it has an attraction almost like 'secret shameful masturbation material aesthetic'. I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's ok to like weird things but I would try to avoid having an obsessive shame complex about it. Honestly I think most fetishes are just elaborations on basic things so maybe branch out into a related but safe/real life suitable activity?

No. 44422

I do think some people have a tendency to prefer "gross"/sadistic fetishes but I agree with you to an extent. I've gotten off to like weird CGI monster porn before and it's purely out of boredom and because I'm "used" to normal porn. I'm definitely not attracted to monsters besides when I'm bored and really horny. Luckily regular people/situations can still turn me on but if I needed to I could probably "lower" my kink threshold by quitting porn for a bit.

No. 44423

Pregnancy. A family member raped me when I was really young and told me I'd be having his baby because of it. After that, I really thought I was pregnant. Into adulthood I realized I never wanted to have a kid, ever. Abortion 1000%. Possiblity induced abortion if necessary, tbh because the memories have screwed with me for life. But now, I fantasize that I'm being bred or a few months pregnant when I have sex. It's the only way I can get off…

No. 44424

Same, OP.
I also really enjoy the idea of being violated in public transport tbh, I sometimes wonder if I'd even react negatively if it happened for real considering how much I've fapped to it…
Rape is a staple as well, but still embarrassing. Luckily I managed to tell my SO I liked it and he sometimes fucks me from behind and gets really quiet or does nothing but moan (he usually asks me if I'm enjoying it or tells me he loves me) and it feels like it's so selfish of him in the best possible way.

I'm not so sure, I've been om the internet from a very young age but never watched porn because it freaked me out and to this day i can only do my own imagination or 2D at best. It still grew weirder.

No. 44425

I agree to some degree with you guys about this, I was hugely into really messed up guro years ago because I was browsing chans way too much. Some time after I stopped going there guro started to disgust me and while it still doesn't freak me out, I don't find it arousing or pleasant at all. Most gross fetishes are just the result of being desensitized.

But some fetishes just seem to be rooted deeper. I've always been into BDSM and mind control, even as a kid. As messed up as that sounds, I just didn't realize until my teens that it was arousal/excitement that I experienced whenever I came across the subject matter or anything resembling it the slightest. Like a character in a cartoon being tied up or forced to act under someone's power.

No. 44426

I like fat men

No. 44427

Uh wow I feel really fucking vanilla now, because the worst thing I'm into is coercion and rough sex. Interestingly 99% of the guys I've slept with were also into it and completely indulged me. they were normal, too, not 4chan freaks. I wonder if it's a porn thing or if men tend to prefer rougher play.

No. 44428

File: 1484490274065.png (440.24 KB, 611x479, gronk.png)

I love homemade trap porn. I'm not talking about old/fat/ugly/gross crossdressers or trannies, but small, cute, naturally effeminate/androgynous traps. I don't mind if they don't show their face or are wearing a mask on the lower half of the face, just as long as their body is small, slim, and somewhat feminine/non muscular. Big bonus points if there's handsfree cum. I'm actually very sexually attracted to big, masculine men (think Gronkowski) and prefer to get fucked hard by those dumb meathead jock types, but idk traps are just so cute, sometimes I really wish I could find a cute trap to penetrate via fingering or pegging and make him squirm…ugh… my boyfriend, a jock type, has no idea. He doesn't rifle through my computer or anything, but I'm still meticulous about covering my tracks with this trap porn thing.

No. 44429

Dude are you me? I normally
love huge jocks but also have this weird urge to pin down a feminine trap and do him.

No. 44430

Yeah idk what it is, my ovaries scream for the jocks, something else screams for the traps…

No. 44431

Also bonus points for Gronk. Im from New England and don't care about the NFL but he does it for me, wew.

No. 44432

File: 1484503246682.png (156.36 KB, 540x479, tumblr_inline_o1m27gbKZz1txfpa…)

Hands. No joke. I get turned on whenever I see an attractive guy with big hands.
Oh, and priests.
Well, at least is not scat/ddlg/guro/loli/piss stuff

No. 44433

File: 1484505173611.jpg (399.5 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_n8hzlhU2QW1td6is5o1_128…)

My weird as fuck fetish is fish people. I don't know why, I just find a lot of them sexy as hell.

Started with zoras from Zelda as a kid and has branched out to a ton others. Something about the idea of scales and sticking fingers in gill slits and all kinds of shit.

No. 44434

The right one kinda look like beastboy

No. 44435

That reminded me I like lesbian nuns, kek

No. 44436

Are you me?

No. 44437

Pregnancy and impregnation. Nothing violent or rapey, but soft and romantic. I love the idea of just being a little well kept broodmare for my boyfriend and giving him children and staying and home and being cared for.

I'm ashamed of this because I'm not sure if I want children and I'm a borderline radfem who frowns at the idea of being a housewife.

No. 44438

No need to be ashamed, anon. That's biological.

No. 44439


I also like hot-but-innocent-looking priests. And hot nuns in latex. And guys in military uniforms.

Oh god why.

No. 44440

Yep, sometimes I fantasize about seducing a hot and innocent priest but in a cute, gentle way and even though it's just a fantasy it's so rewarding, know what I mean? Since, at least where I live, real priests are not young nor cute… At least one can think.

No. 44441

seconding priests, nuns, and military uniforms. hnng.

I'm really into xeno stuff and robots, but that's probably because of the games I play lol. it's weird because I feel like I'm one step away from being a furry, but anthro dogs etc just don't do anything for me (thankfully).

as for the really shameful kinks, I'm into watersports and emetophilia. the latter idk why because I'm terrified of vomiting irl.

No. 44442

No, it is not, anon. Stop pulling common sense from your ass.

No. 44443

Have you read The Thorn Birds?

No. 44444

File: 1484555642056.jpg (27.01 KB, 728x410, shocked.jpg)

holocaust shit. like being raped in the camps and knowing i'll be murdered afterwards, the guards torturing me, ect ect.

No. 44445

File: 1484556951342.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 960x1200, LoneCatboy-369765-MeanGirlsCom…)

I'm not ashamed of being a furry and into vore, but I am ashamed that sometimes vore where the eaten character actually dies instead of making it out intact in the end turns me on. I have an inordinate amount of sympathy for fictional characters, it seems, and usually can't think of characters who murder innocents with reckless abandon as anything other than monsters who should be vanquished by a hero

unless I'm really horny. :(

Like if I'm not super horny the attached image makes me a little angry, and only slightly less disgusted than a normal person. And then the self-loathing kicks in when I catch myself masturbating to this kind of filth.

No. 44446

Of course it is – i meant the nurturing part and wanting to procreate, not being a housewife.

No. 44447

Whew anon. If you want to stop with these fetishes because you feel bad may give have an internet detox? See >>44419
I agree with another anon itt that some things are rooted super deep like some kinds of bdsm and rougher sex but i don't think that pic related would apply in that case.

No. 44448

God I'm glad someone besides me has this fetish

No. 44449

I always thought being a sub was embarrassing, but I guess there's worse lol. However I still think my own fantasies can be pretty fucked up. As for the internet being an influence though, not really in my case, since I'm a 90s kid, and BDSM themed shit seemed to be pretty common, also in mainstream (Madonna, George Michael). The only thing I still don't get about myself is why my subconscious got interested in being a sub from watching that rather than a dom. The latter would have been way less embarrassing to admit. That typed, at least I'm still picky, because I only like the whole getting forcefully getting pleasured type of domination. If it's pure torture or only pleasing for the dom (e.g. blow jobs) I'm out lol.

I'd almost wish you could hold my baby then, cause I really want children, but I hate the feeling of having to carry a baby inside me for so many months. Oh well, hopefully it's not as bad as I think when it actually happens.

No. 44450

Is this the /r9k/ roleplaying thread?

No. 44451

Yes. Well, half /r9k/ and half gross tumblr fatties.

No. 44452

Ah phew, it wasn't just m- oh. Oh my. I'm so sorry.

No. 44453

I have a fantasy of dressing up in a dirndl and my bf wearing a Nazi uniform while we have a sort of bashful flirtation.

No. 44454

Me too! And I'm into multiple penetration… And monster porn. Just not into guro or anything else like that.

No. 44455


lol I know right, girls don't have fetishes. They-I-mean-we are all pure and innocent right bro?

No. 44456

tell me more about how you want to choke on daddy's cock it's really normal and not gross

No. 44457

Yeah, necrophilia, scat and bestiality are perfectly sane fantasies. That's what real women are into! xD

No. 44458

Different anon, here. No one said girls don't have fantasies but 90% of the fantasies and links in this thread aren't healthy or normal at all. Some of the anons themselves recognize they have problems. Fuck you.

No. 44459


No. 44460

not to be edgy or anything but blood arouses me and the thought of maybe gently stabbing someone during sex. wouldn't do that irl though because of obvious reasons.

No. 44461

how do you stab someone gently?

No. 44462

With your dick of course

No. 44463

Sibling incest.
The thought of them having sexual thoughts and masturbating while thinking about each other until one of them can't hold back anymore gets me going like nothing else does.

No. 44464

Same but primarily w/ twins

No. 44465

Sometimes bugs.

No. 44466

uh… fearplay? knives? abduction? yandere? idk man i'm a narcissist i guess. and i guess too many slasher flicks/weird otome games as a teen.i kiiiinda wanna get kidnapped and locked in a basement and really lovingly mindbroke. less overtly rapey and more…molesty?

also femdom like everybody else on this site for some reason. very light forced fem, teasing, pegging and stuff like that. i guess i'm a switch, and i'm bi so 2x the self loathing. also futa is pretty hot for some reason but most content is just so so bad. mindcontrol stuff i like is hard to find so its not a major thing for me.i feel gross about all of this tbh. i'm into a LOT of stuff that would be a huge list if i put it here and i feel guilty about all of it.

i just want a kind bf or gf really badly honestly.
sorry for the novel lol

No. 44467

File: 1484797576791.png (210.57 KB, 443x332, 56464565.png)

I'm not really ashamed of any my fetishes but they're certain things I can't tell a lot of people.

Some of them are necrophilia, being stabbed/burning alive, dying violently, violently murdering or stabbing someone else, being impregnated or invaded by insects, having sex with inanimate shit like trees and statues, cannibalism, being vomited on, etc.

Most of my fetishes are weird (like fapping to cartel and ISIS videos bc death & dudes covered head to toe like >>44411 said), but I think the ones I listed are the worst offenders and not something I'd tell most people.

In my case, I agree with >>44419 somewhat. I started getting off to guro when I discovered 4chan back in the early 2000's. I already had issues from being emotionally abused for most of my life, but looking at violent porn desensitized me a lot. I feel like there's almost nothing I wouldn't try in real life except scat.

No. 44468

>aren't healthy
No shit. Every 3rd post here says poster has some mental disorder.

No. 44469

>have many fantasies/role plays
>on the verge of drawing comics about how addicted i, a loli(tm), am on my daddy's cummies.

now that i've told y'all hopefully that'll stop me from going forth with it cuz ya know someday y'all dig this thread up when my comic makes is big.

is there hope for me yet?

No. 44470

I used to have many disgusting, morally wrong, and borderline illegal kinks but I 'reset' my sexuality and I'm only attracted to vanilla stuff again…Well, I still want to violently kill a guy while I fuck him, but that's it (´・ω・`)

No. 44471

I have this very fetish. No violence, no sexual slavery.

> I'm ashamed of this because I'm not sure if I want children and I'm a borderline radfem who frowns at the idea of being a housewife.

Sames. It sucks.

Btw are there any good sites for such niche porn?

No. 44472

This is the first time I've ever posted this online anywhere lol..

Anyways, because of abuse/trauma I've experienced in the past + general self esteem issues, I often fantasize being brutally murdered, my body decomposing, and then a large bug laying eggs in my body so that it can finally be useful.

At this point it's hardly "sexual" it's more like… comforting to me? :/ I don't really want to die, I can barely handle higher levels of bdsm pain irl.. it's just something I think about if I'm not feeling too great and it helps soothe me I guess.

No. 44473

I used to have the same thoughts, anon. But mine were never sex related. It was mostly caused by depression. Got a little better after I started taking medicine.

No. 44474

sometimes when I read a rape story, or a story of a girl who got murdered and raped and it goes into any sort of detail I get horny and get the urge to masturbate. It's not just murder though, it has to be rape. Bonus points if I know what she looked like and is hot. I was sexually abused when I was a teen, so I don't know if that contributes to it or not. I had a sex drive when I was a child so I'm not sure if I was also abused when I was a child or a baby, it's possible.

No. 44475

I agree with this 1000% and have noted the increase in violence and revolting shit every step of the way. I feel disgusted that I internalized and adopted weird "fetishes" (it's just violence tbh).
My bf only likes watching solo girls wank it and he's never introduced anything past vanilla. I'm glad he's "normal."

No. 44476

File: 1485023828001.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.52 KB, 1024x1501, ecabaret008.jpg)

Yeah, I have a transformation fetish or kink? Idk, i only get off then I think about that. Some other stuff is mind-control, breast/ass expansion, dick growth and other weird body alteration. I blame that one episode of spongebob where he turns into a snail.

No. 44477

Gosh compared to you all I must be insane. (Most of you) have pretty tame kinks. Anyways a big fantasy of mine is being a loli who gets raped by an attractive guy in an abandoned/spooky/sketchy area. Being humiliated by him in multiple ways (calling me a little slut, making me pee in front of him, making me walk outside naked, etc)

No. 44478

That's vanilla af

No. 44479

The truth is that most of you need fucking help. Not trying to be offensive or anything but when your kink has anything to do with murder, necrophilia, guro and the like, you really need to stop and ask yourself what is going on with you. Don't buy the "you shouldn't be ashamed of your kinks" shit sold by Tumblrinas and SJWs. Of course there are shameful fetishes; they show you have problems and maybe need some help.

Not many guys are "normal" anymore. So crazy. Good luck with him, just the fact he's like that is a bonus. Also, you're probably right with what you said about violence and revolting shit. I love muh internet <3 but damn, it can be a tool to destroy people

No. 44480

Maybe it just seems not-vanilla to me because when I've told guys I've gotten negative responses.

No. 44481

I like fat guys but after a few years browsing sites with bbw/bhm shit, i kinda became attracted to fat women… eh, womem in general. i dont really know how to feel about it. I just really love feederism that much, i dont care about gender anymore.
Also bdsm when it comes with some guro. I fantasize about being killed by a guy so i can prove my love to him or some other shit. I mean, that's kinda sexy and even romamtic, loving someone that much you'd die for them.

No. 44482


>inb4 "omg Anon you should be ashamed!"

I'm a tiny lady with a body of kid, I gotta make due with what I got.

No. 44483

Stupid question so I'm saging: is "chocking" meant to be "choking"? Lol I'm pretty sure that's just a typo but I don't wanna google to find out since the topic is crazy, shameful fetishes.
(English is my 2nd language, k?)

No. 44484

I feel you on having the body of a kid. I've always had the same kinks as you (and even more, mainly humiliation and degradation) but I couldn't get over the shame and guilt. I know that fetishes don't make you a bad person but they made me feel like one. And I knew I'd probably never find someone else who'd be into it. Have you ever experienced anything like that?

No. 44485


I wish I were joking.

No. 44486

Im pretty sure the priest thing is common, same with hands, I love guys with elegant boney hands ugh

I really like medical stuff, especially nurse's, its just the uniforms that get me. Sometimes I fantasise about being a nurse just so I can wear a cute short uniform with thigh highs and look after hot guys. But I got to taste it a little when I was a nurse for halloween last year
What really turns me on more than anything else is dentistry, even as little kid. I haven't been to the dentist in a long because honestly im scared, but its also kind of exciting. I really like the gloves, the taste and feel of them in my mouth, and the slapping sound they make. also the chair. I watch videos of people at the dentist all the time and ive read so much hentai about it, I think ive read them all. I dont know why, like I said even as a little kid I would look up 'dentist' in the dictionary and stare at the pictures to go sleep. When I see a good looking guy, if he has gross teeth he becomes ugly to me. I think its maybe because im little ocd about germs spreading from mouth to mouth.

Ive never told anyone all that, it feels weird to just type it all out. Please tell my im not the only one?

No. 44487

File: 1485044978263.jpg (15.22 KB, 275x220, 1480813961316.jpg)

I lust after tall, muscular guys, bonus points if they're tanned. The Gatsu type, to explain it better. The taller, the better. It seems "savage" to me.
It could be from the fact that they would be the opposite of me (small frame, skinny, pale skin) so I would feel like a frail thing in their hands they could overpower easily (yes, it involves a dom/sub thing) and the sole thought of it drives me crazy.
Whenever I meet someone that looks like that I can't think straight even if they're fully dressed, I just start fantasizing about that rough hands on me ugh. I looked it up and it's called a size kink apparently, does anyone here feel the same way?

No. 44488

started getting off to the idea of like a really stereotypical butch girl overpowering me and bullying me.

I've never even thought of stuff like that, I've had a bullying/humilation kink for a while so I guess thats to blame

No. 44489

>I really like the gloves, the taste and feel of them in my mouth, and the slapping sound they make. also the chair. I watch videos of people at the dentist all the time and ive read so much hentai about it

lol wtf. this is more disturbing to me than the edgelords who get off to rape and guro

No. 44490


>lust after tall, muscular guys, bonus points if they're tanned

That's not a fetish, it's being a normal girl.

No. 44491

The fetish part in it is being turned on by their height and muscles, to the point that it's not simple "liking that type of guys" anymore but fetishization

No. 44492

Aw man i feel you, I'm not that obsseded but I have had my wisdom teeth removed recently and it was really bloody, I mean, a lot, the operation lasted like 2 hours and I was so… happy. My dentist is super pretty also, sigh. I'm so glad someone else has this fixation haha.

No. 44493


All girls get turned on by Chads, it's nothing new.

No. 44494

File: 1485135323511.png (283.35 KB, 500x375, suspicious.png)

>All girls

No. 44495

lolicon, beastiality, guro, hyperanus

No. 44496

howard stern feeding me grapes while i'm laying on a couch. i'm not even attracted to him.

No. 44497

W-what is that? My pure heart is afraid of googling

No. 44498

hyper means abnormally large, so an abnormally large anus? Gaping? Elephant-sized? idefk

No. 44499

> human pet to an alien/robot/supreme being
> Having sex with a fully sentient and caring robot that is fully devoted to me and naive at times
> Humanoid aliens that have included: paul, prawns, megamind
> K2OS … nuff said
> Having sex with an alternate human species like orcs, lizard men, goblins and such
> Being embarrassed/adored by my current fat body. I love manga where the fat girlfriend is trying to lose weight and the boyfriend helps her and loving tugs on her fat and teases her a bit to encourage her weight lose

90% of my strongest fetishes can never be fulfilled … But my boyfriend refers to himself as my robot … so that is pretty fuckin rad.

No. 44500

I dream of meeting an incel, NEET, red pill, Wizardchan type man and taking his virginity in a night of wild marathon sex. He wouldn't know what hit him. But I don't think I could ever make myself sexually available to one of those guys in real life because I'm afraid that if I refuse to be in an actual relationship with them, I'll wind up chopped up and stuffed into a suitcase.

No. 44501

You def would. Best to stay far away from them.

No. 44502

File: 1485260927631.jpg (45.32 KB, 500x724, AI Jude Law.jpg)

> Human pet to an alien/robot/supreme being
> Having sex with a fully sentient and caring robot that is fully devoted to me and naive at times

Same. Pic related was my first AI crush as a kid.

No. 44503

Yes to alternate human species and aliens. It seems clunky to say alternate human species though… maybe sapient monsters? In any case, you can blame Mass Effect for my xenophilia.

No. 44504

File: 1485309243555.jpg (9.94 KB, 320x217, IMG_20170110_092706.jpg)

Mine's gonna seem super vanilla compared to everyone else's in here, but my biggest kink is role reversal/dominance. I don't like traditional visual porn at all so I usually listen to erotic audio (like drama cds) and listen to guys moaning and whimpering and not only do I get off to the moans themself but I imagine like I'm dominating/fucking them so yeah. It's embarrassing as hell for me

No. 44505

T-turian master race? Pls tell me turian master race.

I get so fucking wet over turians it's not even funny

No. 44506

File: 1485328838531.png (549.16 KB, 826x1076, image.png)

>Having sex with an alternate human species like orcs, lizard men, goblins and such

saaame kinda. I'm an avid dark souls fan and I constantly fantasize about being fucked by any of the humanoid creatures while my bf and I have sex. it's pretty embarrassing. pic related is actually from bloodborne, but it's fromsoft so it counts

anon are you me. I used to listen to drama cds and imagined myself exclusively as the top lmao. I want to dom a dude with a strap-on, but the bf isn't into pegging sadly

No. 44507

File: 1485350131348.png (235.05 KB, 430x604, siegeredwolf.PNG)

I was the one who posted that I'd fuck every single turian in the franchise in some husbando thread

The drell and asari are nice I guess, but they're a little too much like humans. There'd better be turian romance options in Andromeda, or I'll fuckin cry.

No. 44508

This thread makes me feel a little better.

When I was around 11 a friend of mine used to force me to watch really extreme porn (BDSM, hentai with monsters/tentacles, rape…) because she thought it was funny to watch my reaction.

When I started watching porn myself and masturbating I watched pretty normal stuff but as time went on I wasn't able to get off to the same stuff. So I kept trying new things, even if I thought they were gross or scary.

I feel really ashamed because I watch things that I would find disgusting normally. I even think the whole concept of porn is disgusting due to how women are treated in the industry. I have an addiction and it makes me hard to orgasm when I'm actually having sex. I h8 myself.

No. 44509

If you hate yourself, wean yourself off it. Go no-porn for ages and reset.
It's a really well documented problem and fix.

No. 44510

All the posters freaking out about being into necrophilia/rape/torture/etc, it's way more common than people admit. I was having violent sexual fantasies about torturing, raping and murdering people by age 12. (Though I have a few diagnosed mental health problems, including being a ~teenage edgelord~ lmao)

Was sexually assaulted multiple times at a young age, and so began to fetishise myself as a child sex abuse victim, which means fantasising about children excites me - I absolutely avoid thinking about it as it makes me want to kms. (Will also stress that it only excites me as a fantasy, I have never and would never act on this.)

Most acceptable but embarrassing fetish is watching people masturbate. Watching videos of guys fucking their own ass with their own dick & coming in themselves gets me off super quick…

No. 44511


My boyfriend was a virgin until age 21 because of an asexual ex-girlfriend and was mad addicted to porn because of it. It stopped him from enjoying sex when we first got together, but he has gone cold-turkey from porn and it's sorted himself out. Honestly, just stop watching it, you'll thank yourself.

I don't watch porn anymore either, because it stops me getting as turned on by real life, as I'll never see the stuff I see online IRL. Don't even think I'd want to tbh… it'd be weird.

No. 44512


I googled it. It basically just means an exaggerated anus in a drawing - looks like a rubber ring between the butt cheeks. Not a huge gape, thank fuck.

No. 44513


Yes, I feel this. Only date guys a foot or more taller than me, and I have a slight soft spot for fat guys because they're JUST SO BIG. My ex was practically obese, literally had sores from it, but being held by this giant guy really did it for me lmao

No. 44514


I think it depends on how far your fetish goes. If it's purely a fantasy inside your own head, I don't see the problem. That would be like saying people need help for having daydreams. If it's to the point where you post about it all over the Internet, can't enjoy "normal" sex, build your entire life around your fetish, become addicted to fetish porn, or are considering doing something illegal - then yeah I would agree that's the point you need to consider getting help.

Otherwise, I am going to pull the stop kink-shaming people card, thought police. We don't all have to agree with what gets other people off, and some of these kinks are pretty common.

No. 44515

I consider myself a lesbian and IRL men don't do anything for me but I have such a goddamn kink for breeding and creampies and gangbangs/multiple penetration etc. thank god for girldick i guess?
also obligatory: gore, sometimes snuff if it's done well, degenerate furry bullshit, vore, knots

No. 44516

Actually I kind of think the same thing sometimes and it bothers me a lot sometimes mostly because I'm not attracted to men but I still want to go to All Holes Filled Landscaping Company

No. 44517

shotacon ; _ ; it freaks me out but it also turns me on sooo much when i think of going back in time and shagging my boyfriend's horny 11-13 year old self. does that make me a pedophile? this is the only fetish i'm ashamed about because i think the other shit i'm into is pretty common now.

No. 44518


honestly, no it doesn't. people (understandably) don't realise that being a paedo goes way deeper than just having a fantasy about someone underage. Like, true paedos would literally date and get married to 10 year olds if they could - it's a legitimate, if really fucking wrong, attraction. It's like being heterosexual or something.

I think a lot of people fantasise about sleeping with their partner as a younger teen or whatever because doing sexy things when they felt like new and naughty territory was hot AF.

The time to start worrying is when you see a real-life 11 year old and you're like damn yes pls, and really want to act on it. A lot of paedos never act on their desires because they don't want to be child abusers for the sake of something they don't need to indulge.

No. 44519


>I'm a lesbian, I just really like dicks!!!

And they say faggotry isn't a choice….

No. 44520

Found the pedo

No. 44521

tbh, as an ageplayer, my interest started when I was around 11 years old. I was always carrying around stuffed animals, pretending to talk to them, ect. All of the other girls in my class had moved onto other things by then. It turned sexual when I discovered anime and, more particularly "Lolita" fashion, I put Lolita in quotations because it was literally just dressing like Misa from death note lmao kill me

I don't think it's too much of a problem. I hate irl kids, and I would never have one of my own. Sure, it's cringe, but it's not something I would share outside of close friends/partners.

besides, I've been almost completely sex repulsed lately because depression, which makes it almost impossible to find a play partner. I can't see what a daddy/mommy would get out of the situation besides, well, sex.

No. 44522

File: 1485466181698.png (199.53 KB, 1175x551, sleep-paralysis-documentary-th…)

Getting forced gang banged by those shadow dudes that people w sleep paralysis see is a huge kink of mine. Like being woken up at night and getting all my holes drilled by BSDs (big shadow dicks). Also blow gangs and crossfires are a huge turn on for me and it has to invole large penis. Now don't get me wrong I'm one monogamous bitch and I really don't want anything to with larger than average dicks irl so I feel pretty square after scrolling through this thread. Also occasionally I'll get off to futa and 3d video game porn but in all honesty I think I do that out of boredom.

No. 44523

File: 1485469299490.jpg (9.8 KB, 715x401, 675674.jpg)

>Getting forced gang banged by those shadow dudes that people w sleep paralysis see is a huge kink of mine. Like being woken up at night and getting all my holes drilled by BSDs (big shadow dicks)

Hell yeah. This is a big fetish of mine as well, ever since I saw a shadow person when I was younger.

No. 44524


Yeah I read a post above suggesting a cleanse and I'm going to try it. Thanks gals. Wish me luck :)

No. 44525

So ageplay isn't a sexual thing for you? Just a kind of comfort thing?

I find ageplayers/ddlg repulsive but mainly for the fact that it fetishizes children and is borderline paedophilic. But I read your post and I relate a lot to it. I collected and played with dolls with a friend of mine right up until we were 15 and I've always dreamed of having a huge dollhouse. I'm always drawn to the dolls section of toy stores and I just spend my time looking at all the pretty dolls that I can't afford. I kept all of my porcelin dolls from childhood and they're in my attic.

I too developed an interest in Lolita, I just find the whole "Lolita lifestyle" adorable and I wish I had a Lolita squad. My boyfriend got me into building gundam models which I really enjoy. I've also gotten into any childish trends that came about over the last few years (colouring for adults, loom bands, silly bands, scoobies…). I don't think I'd feel comfortable imitating a child but I do feel like I'm really immature. I'd rather stay inside and make crafts than stress myself out with "adulting".

Could I be classed as an ageplayer? omg I'm so disgusted with myself.

No. 44526

File: 1485472984115.jpg (76.3 KB, 503x423, 1484527329756.jpg)

Getting kidnapped, tied up, kept in a basement, beaten up and killed

No. 44527

Nah anon you sound like an adult with stress-reliving hobbies (like loom bands and other crafts) I also played with dolls into my teens and collect them now. its not uncommon :)

No. 44528

I agree with >>44527. I'm really into silly kids crafts, playing with play do and some kids toys/games, and watching funny kids shows but it ends there, so I don't really consider it ageplay. It's more something I just do when I'm having a hard time. It's a relief from my depression to go back to a simpler time when I was happy and carefree.

No. 44529

Omorashi. It's the only thing I can get off to anymore.

No. 44530

oh phew, I'm glad. I'm still not comfortable admitting it in public though haha.

Yeah! That's exactly it. I suffered from depression really badly in my teens and I never really figured out who I was as a person. It's easier to just go back to a time when I was happy than to take up "adult" hobbies.

No. 44531

Same, anon. I've had depression for over 16 years, starting when I was 11, and feel kind of stunted as a person, like I never really grew up completely or figured out who I am, like you said. I've got plenty of "adult hobbies" too, but there's something nice about putting on old Nickelodeon shows, having a Kid Cuisine, and playing with some Legos or doing kids crafts.

No. 44532

I keep having fantasies where my boyfriend is my teacher. He is smarter than me, and it's exam season, so i guess this doesn't help.

I imagine everyone in class getting up for lunch, but he stops be and tells me to wait. Everyone else leaves and the door is shut. I walk to his desk and he laughs asking if i really thought he would let me go, before he unbuttons my shirt and starts licking my neck / breasts.


No. 44533

sometimes ppl just like things in a strictly fantasy manner but ok.
i dunno im probably just using the lesbian label personally bc it's so much easier than explaining my convoluted attractions but lol i ain't gonna explore that shit it's too much effort

No. 44534

File: 1485489973988.jpg (226.31 KB, 560x800, DSC_0008.JPG)

Do you look like this?

No. 44535

File: 1485493441872.png (393.85 KB, 599x599, 232150022.png)

I've been browsing the internet for 20 years and see everything the internet can throw at you, and my only "fetish" is girls with exaggareted sexual characteristics. Big Hips or Thighs or Boobs etc.

And every g/f I've ever had has become disappointed in me because I've not been interested in one or more of their following fetishes.

Bondage, Physical Abuse, Scat, Bestiality, Rape Roleplay, Exhibitionism, Online Shaming, Gang Rape Roleplay.

So I found out that in this day in age if you vanilla as fuck, you are basically considered a fucking freak.

No. 44536

> Being embarrassed/adored by my current fat body. I love manga where the fat girlfriend is trying to lose weight and the boyfriend helps her and loving tugs on her fat and teases her a bit to encourage her weight lose

anon that's exactly something that is happening in my life and it feels so good, my boyfriend is tall and has a nice figure while im chub so of course i wanna match with him but he goes all nice about it and now that i think about it we do end up making out everytime.

i used to get turned out by guro but after college i just enjoy being taken care of guess i went vanilla after the internet detox

sage for diary

No. 44537


lol yup well done anon, you got me. just like people who have rape fantasies are rapists. gold star for u

No. 44538

OP here, label yourself however you feel comfortable with. Just because you like childish things, does not mean you nessasarily have to identify as an age player, or any of the other millions of terms floating around out there (chire, ect.) Theres no real need to label yourself unless your trying to find like-minded people imo. Just do you lmao.

As for myself, I rotate between hypersexual and completely nonsexual. The ageplay term came from a desire to distance myself from the mostly teenage ~uguuu daddy why don't you spank your kawaiiu bb~ crowd.

No. 44539

I just wanna fuck a guy.
I wanna lube him up, stretch him nice and wide, then i wanna plow the shit out of his ass with my toy dick until hes a mess.
Honestly i just love it. Im a sucker for taking care of men in a very gentle and kind manner, giving then hugs and ruffling their hair. Making them feel safe and like they can rely on me, but i also wanna defile the fuck outta them too.
Making a mess of cute boys is my secret p much.

No. 44540

Forgot to mention i wanna fuck em while i wear my cute everyday clothes,
Curled hair and pink skirts etc.
i dont wanna crossdress or make myself out to be masculine, I wanna be ultimate trap and just fuck em in my sunday best.

No. 44541

watersports, futa, and knotting (but not like wolves & dogs or other für shit). I'm a fucking degenerate and I have no idea how I ended up this way lmao

No. 44542

a-are you me anon?

No. 44543

take me anon

No. 44544

I sometimes have this fantasy as well.

But I guess its more in a sort of girl taking the lead.

Oddly enough I always imagine it like being a houseparty despite being way too reserved to go to many.

No. 44545

this, even since I was 8 years old. I used to hold my piss as long as possible and then piss on the floor lmao even know just holding my own piss gets me fucking horny, I start tearing up and trembling until I go to the bathroom and touch myself a little since my clit becomes really sensitive.
Also, incest between mom-daughter, dad-daughter has been my jam also since I was probably 8 or 9, I even had fantasies with my mom at age 5.
Maybe all I ever wanted was a little bit of normal affection from my parents ;)

No. 44546

The most freaky thing I'm into is being banged by two guys at once. Most of y'all need help

No. 44547

we are kindred spirits in kink. google 'gentle femdom'. you're welcome
p.s i got a vibrating buttplug for my beautiful boyfriend and the look on his face with it in was a revelation. i highly recommend pursuing this interest.

No. 54090

No. 54093

Im the 'plow a guy' anon and thanks for all the positive remarks omg,
Seriously guys in my group joke about me being 'Alpha wife' and i dont have the heart to tell them that while im in these pink clothes, with my lashes on and giving them hugs and calling them cute names i also wanna destroy them lmao.
I legit read trap yaoi where the trap is the seme just because i relate so hard hahah,
Keep being great tops you sexy motherfuckers!

No. 54112

i'm not ashamed of my fetish, i just know i couldn't ever do it or roleplay it, so it will always stay in fantasy land.

i want to have my teeth pulled or pull someone elses teeth. odontophilia and the various practices within that umbrella are my number one go to fetish.
the only things i can act on are brushing and flossing with some pain/blood. other than that, i'm at a frustrating loss.

but…. if you throw in a little drugging from a dentist and sleep fucking and you get to my more shameful side.

No. 54115

I like an extreme version of truth or dare where I am told EXACTLY what to do. First it starts of innocently with things like "kiss me" or "take off your shirt" but quickly turns into humiliating or even dangerous suggestions like streak down the road in the middle of the day or sending nudes to my boss.

I blame middle school

No. 54124

shit i'm intrigued. why teeth? i mean, is there anything specifically you had happen in your life you think could have caused it? when did you realize this was your fetish?

No. 54139

Me too, I'm obsessed with teeth and everything to do with them - sexually and non-sexually. For me, I don't think there was anything that caused it, I was just always fascinated by teeth (especially "messed up" ones). I was like 14, I think when it became sexual for me, though.

Somewhat related, there's a video of my crush (who I think is the most attractive man on this earth tbqh) on Youtube with him getting one of his teeth knocked out of his mouth and blood going down his chin and just thinking of that video is something that can get me off everytime without fail. I think my teeth fetish might play into my sadistic side a bit, actually…

Anyways, teeth are the #1 thing I notice about a person and I love when a person has crooked or chipped or overlapping teeth and hell, even when they have a tooth or two missing…

No. 54172

Are you me?

No. 54510

sorry for the days late reply. if you're still interested;
when i was very young, 7 or 8 i had to have an incisor pulled and it didn't traumatize as much as i feel it should have, pain wise.
then shortly after that i learned that stabbing and poking my gums felt really really nice. that rush of pain/pleasure silently hung around for a long time. a little over a decade ago it resurface when i had my wisdom teeth extracted. i was under the whole time and i was in pain thereafter but it was like "man this sucks but i can kinda dig it maybe?"
after that i played around with the idea of brushing, flossing, teeth pulling; rituals, procedures, surgeries. i started getting genuinely turned on by these thoughts! it's a small community with little caches of content, but odontophilia really struck a pleasure point with me and is a big part of my life.
haha, kinda embarrassing now that i think about it.

it's always a rare treat to run into ppl with the same predilections as myself~

No. 54515

uh I don't have a lot of things (or none that I'm willing to think of right now, heh) but

>bestial/monster stuff… inb4 furry it's just the idea of some incredibly violent creature being capable of complete tenderness (Yautja bf when)

>groping… specifically by old dudes. I hate this one the MOST because in any other context, I'm extremely turned off by legit old dudes (not the idyllic Hot Dad). I don't know why it gets me so much, goddamn.

No. 54519

i just love horses tbh, i think it stems from my mom taking me to her stables as a kid and seeing all these huge animals with huge balls and soft bouncy cocks everywhere, im still so ashamed of it but there's nothing i can do to get the fantasy of owning a huge stallion to "play with" out of my mind

No. 54696

Im so glad to say other girls who the feel the same ( im >>44486 ) its oddly comforting

No. 54701

I've done a lot of rape fantasies with my exes. But someday when I'm with a guy I really love and trust, I want to ask him to actually rape/do whatever he wants with me. (Uh, within reason of course, biting and bruising are okay but obviously no permanent damage)

I don't know why, I have a dark side that wants badly to 'sacrifice' myself to the man I love, see his darkest most sinister side, as long as I was sure that he loved me back the same way.

No. 54710

>tfw I would like to have this too, but the love of my life is vanilla as fuck. :(

I wish you luck in finding a man as kinky as you are, anon.

No. 54717


My current bf is kinky as fuck but.. LDR. We've talked about kidnapping (just play, of course) so that's something to look forward to

No. 54718

Thank you anon :)
Will he at least agree to softer forms of domination play? Like pinning you down?

No. 54720

Sorry for samefagging, just saw this post
Good luck anon! It sounds like you're into a "strangers" scenario. What I'm into is not a roleplay, just being ourselves and me allowing him to indulge whatever dark fantasy he has (presumably rape), knowing that I'm the only one he'll ever be with that will accept them. I hope that makes sense. It's dominant in its own way I guess. And I've never heard of anyone else being into it.

No. 54725

Be careful with biting anon, human bites can kill you, we're nasty.

No. 54765

I blame spending my youth on the internet and being a weeb, but I have so many fetishes and kinks but when it comes to real life I'm a prude.

>Egg laying

>cum inflation
>Mind break
>Breeding Stocks

>Missionary or doggy style in the bedroom with the lights off.

All of these fetishes stay within 2D. Real versions of these are silly or just gross. Pregnancy and child birth are things that disgust me, but when its in 2D porn its suddenly hot. I dare not tell my boyfriend about these things because I know he will try to get me to do or roleplay some of them and I wouldn't dare.

Another one is omegaverse which I have to shamefully hide even within the BL community. Rape, mob, torture and blood is okay, but liking guys getting knocked up is a sin among others. I don't blame them, it's cringey as fuck but a guy begging another guy to cum or not cum inside him because he can get knocked up makes me diamonds.

No. 54815

i want to fuck sam hyde i'm not even joking, i want him to choke me

No. 54816

File: 1486512676627.jpg (119.67 KB, 1200x1154, Cx2nNMZXEAAwsSS.jpg)

Same, except only if he dresses up like Trex first. Too bad he's actually a huge douche to women.

No. 54817

File: 1486512749988.jpg (102.37 KB, 526x842, 1485875655358.jpg)

I knew I wasn't alone
yeah he's a huge piece of shit, but i love him so much.

No. 54818

What the hell is cum inflation

No. 54820

When someone is filled with so much cum their stomach bloats. Extreme versions if this is ridiculous and silly but small bumps in the stomach are unf.

No. 54824

haha dude i honestly think sam hyde is so hot
i thought i was the only one

No. 54827

File: 1486522491197.png (720.89 KB, 1280x738, artnotsma.png)

yeah i think it has something to do with how masculine he is
it also helps that he's like 6'4
he looked so good in kstv

No. 54828

so… you pretend that the person has so much cum in them that it shows? Jesus you guys, alright.

No. 54835

File: 1486537272545.jpg (36.47 KB, 607x608, 57575.jpg)

I was honestly surprised when I learned he's actually dated a lot of women. Objectively, I don't think he's that good looking by most people's standards, but there's something about him.

Yeah, I think it's that he's confident and a pretty masculine "alpha" guy. Being super tall and funny definitely helps.

Why do you think that's hot? Serious question, just curious about it.

No. 54851

File: 1486556238334.png (Spoiler Image, 997.92 KB, 1100x1197, 1484476090076.png)

I don't actually participate in any of my fetishes so it stays strictly in 2D. So there's no pretending in the bedroom, it all stays in my mind or in images.
The idea of filling someone up with baby batter is sexy. Visually seeing someone pumped up is like insuring that they'll get pregnant. The look on the person's face getting it is hot too; confused but turned on, submitting to their fate, describing to themselves how they can feel it, etc.

Even though I'm a girl, I find myself self-inserting as the one with a dick. Something about forcing another to carry offspring is a turn on. Sorry if I'm bad at explaining it.

No. 54857

>submitting to their fate
>forcing another to carry offspring is a turn on
Not to kink shame or anything because I get that it's just your fantasy but but if anyone ever admitted that to me irl, it would be a red flag on the same level as hurting animals. Impregnation or cumflation is fine but forced impregnation is essentially destroying/owning someone's body for a whole 9 months, it's so cruel and reeks of god complex.
It makes me think of Onision.

No. 54861

File: 1486569168699.jpeg (34.68 KB, 600x375, 1485737557588.jpeg)

That's the fetish you comment on as being cruel and reeking of a god complex? Not all the other fetishes above where people fantasize about murdering people?

Anon, it's a fantasy for a reason. Let them have their fetishes. Unless someone is a fucking mega autist, fetishes like that are just fantasies and not acted on in real life.

No. 54878

Ahaha I would never tell anyone these things unless they are into it themselves, hence why it's in this thread. It's shameful. This fetish is more common among men I think as it's one of the tamer ones in /d/ and /h/. Once again, these are all only attractive in 2D form which is very different from real life. Never would I want these things to actually happen to people.

>hurting and animal

Hell the fuck no. Animals are precious babies that need love and protection. Hearing an animal cry switches on my maternal instincts to go save it.
I think thathe anon is just desensitized to the idea of rape, and guro and maybe just never seen this type before. Or they are mostly vanilla.

Other anon, if you're curious about strange fetishes scroll through /d/ and have a laugh/be grossed out. Has anyone here mentioned fart, diaper, babyfur, transformation into inanimate objects, skin-suits, petrification, or scat yet?

No. 54885


Hey there fellow tooth fairies.

I recently had to get one wisdom tooth pulled, and it's been quite an experience. Apparently my entire bottom jaw is busted, and I may need to get some more teeth pulled and replaced. My weird kink is a nice consolation for the ridiculous amount of money it's going to cost. Never skip your dentist appointments, kids.

I just want a kindhearted sadist to playfully care for my swollen mouth in a half-evil way, poking around to make sure everything healing correctly, and pining me down as I try to squirm away when they clean the wound for me.

No. 54895

I was never a chan user ..
And reading this thread does scare me a bit lmao.

My most shameful fetishes tho are
1. Being fucked while I'm crying
Idk why pretty sure it was bc I read a lot of "fanfics" at an early age that had guys kiss or have sex w girls to stop them from being upset? Now I rarely cry as an individual irl but when I do infront of my boyfriend, it makes me really horny. Am I the only one?
I'm only ashamed because it kind can lead to some odder cases in… my experience

2. Art
I always loved art were and I love the sexual side. So much so it's embarrassing. Boys who were in my art history class… made me fantasies in class. I get off at the idea of having sex in a museum. Or my naked body covered in paint rubbing all over a guy.

Meh I guess mine are pretty vanilla.

No. 54901

I'm pretty familiar with /d/ and the weirder or harder stuff actually, but forced pregnancy/breeding just freaks me out WAY more than any other kind of noncon or even forced TF, can't explain it.
Again, I get that it's just a secret fantasy, but I still would find it more difficult to trust a partner that had that kind of kink in the same way that I couldn't trust a lolicon even if I knew they would never touch a real child

I don't like any kind of noncon in general though. I'm into really rough and violent but consensual situations which is pretty vanilla but still difficult to find online. Tfw every hot bdsm gangbang scene or doujin is suddenly ruined with noncon dialog

No. 54906

>Being fucked while I'm crying

ngl I'm into this too. It might be too much animu as a teen but it's the vulnerability I think?

No. 54915

File: 1486670047214.png (70.54 KB, 162x166, eatfresh.png)

I have a major hypnosis fetish. Mainly the induction part of it. The idea of someone slowly bringing you under their control just through words and gentle suggestion is extremely erotic to me. It's not even that strange, just kind of embarrassing since it arouses me so easily.

No. 54918

I secretly would love to have a guy be completely obsessed with me. Like, mindbroken. Thinks of me and only me 24/7, is needy, clingy, constantly praises me, worships me… and in return for that love and attention he gets to use and abuse my body. Also ashamed of autassassinophilia and hybristophilia.

No. 54921

>being dominated by a guy
>being double penetrated by a guy and a toy
>being degraded (by being called cumdumpster, bitch, etc. wearing revealing lingerie, you know those that have nipple windows and expose your vulva, having body written with insults and low moral acts like "free use", "dick here", marks of how many times someone has ejaculated inside me etc.
>having marks on my skin from being held tight while thrusted or being slapped on ass
>having fingers in my mouth
>wearing a mouth toy for dick sucking or inability to speak properly

Yeah. I would never tell this in person to anyone if someone asked my kinks. Mostly keep it to myself.

No. 54926

> just kind of embarrassing since it arouses me so easily.

I strongly suggest you stay away from guided meditation tapes, anon. I've found that while I'm really good at getting deep into my head, getting hot and bothered is really cumbersome when trying to find inner peace and happiness.

No. 54928

for the longest time I've been turned on by cameltoes/frontal wedgies on women, especially the thought or sight of someone roughly yanking the panties or shorts up tighter into the vulva and seeing the fabric between the lips

No. 54932

https://hypno.nimja.com/ you can thank me later lol. but theres a ton of great content on here.

one of us! one of us!
i literally have all of those kinks…. its a hard time huh…

No. 54934

Are you me? My current fantasy is to make a guy
cum without touching his dick.

And I want to fuck a guy while my bf sees us, like in the same bedroom. Also, I love giving rimjobs, idk if that is a fetish, in this thread my fetishes are so vainilla lol

No. 54937


same kinks, just don't like being written on. I think they're pretty mild kinks though…especially after reading some other people's posts lol

No. 54938

I have all of these fetishes too, I think most of mine came from hentai, especially the public use stuff.

No. 54950

is everyone just gonna ignore this post

No. 54953

it's better to leave it untouched

No. 55008

I like the hairdryer sound, I listen to it before going to sleep and whenever I feel cold, in period pain or stressed out and helps me a lot, I seriously feel warm just listening to it.
Thing is, I've been fantasizing of how would it be to have sex while listening to that sound. I did already masturbate while doing so and it felt amazing.
Pretty laughable, yeah

No. 55011

I love gay porn with masculine men. Bara is also great. I could never ever admit it irl. It just seems so stigmatised for a girl to like "manly" gay porn. I just don't get why liking yaoi is so much more accepted.

No. 55015

seconded. I'm turned on by the guys but the porn itself is usually meh. Too hammed up. I know it's aimed toward other men but I wish I had an easier time finding m/m porn that I really like.

Does anyone remember that one romance movie where the actors actually fuck? I want to say that it was produced by Naked Sword studio but that can't be right.

No. 55016

i don't find yaoi hot because i don't like little bitch men

No. 55036

Same, anon. But you don't have to be ashamed of that, I mean, there's a stigma towards girls who watch/read yaoi anyway… If anything, makes more sense that a girl would be attracted to more masculine guys instead of the scrawny twink type

No. 55063

Is this you?

No. 55064

Late reply, but none that I have seen. I don't like video porn anyway, I just get off to lit erotica and fanfiction.

No. 55070

Cockyboys have some romantic vids and hot guys

No. 55079

Lol, sleeping with a hairdryer seems a bit too much even for me. I wonder how much's her bills

No. 55083

Will have to check it out. The name sounds familiar

No. 55094

i have fantasies about doing stuff in public like on a train, at the movies, at someones office.. i also like the idea of winding someone up like a lot like sending my bf/gf pics/sexts while theyre in a meeting at work or something n knowing theyre all fired up n cant do anything.. also watching someone or being watched is p hot … so is being praised
im pretty tame i think but id never rly be able to say any of this stuff out loud or anything so might as well post it here

No. 55101

Not really like a "weird" fetish, but I'm a str8 female married to a man who is obsessed with looking at female porn… Like looking at vaginas turns me on I never look at dudes when I masturbate

No. 55102


No. 55119

It's so hard to find that kind of porn, like with standard masculine guys. I don't really like twinks and bears are too much.

I've posted before but I just wanted to add this: I really like the idea of my bf fucking with one of his best friends. They both are pretty masculine (beard, kinda chubby, deep voice) and none of them had gay experiences before.

sage for blog

No. 55390

I god I wish I was a pet to aliens, too.

My two biggest fantasies are being abducted by aliens, that are tentacle beings that use me as a breeding pet.
Exploring my body, finding out what makes me orgasm and making me cum over and over again so I can easily accept the eggs they're planting deeply inside of me.

The other fantasy is being kept and tied in the lab of a rogue scientist that wants to make studies on my body. Revolving mostly around how to make women cum. So I'm tied up in a cyberpunk-esque, dark laboratory attached to a lot of machines of different kinds. Soft, silicone-like tentacles or warm metallic robot attachments that vibrate a lot, while having my nipples in tubes that get sucked and massaged with a oil-liquid the entire time.


No. 55397

File: 1487581698153.jpg (105.12 KB, 640x480, 11903d52aa5c10_full.jpg)

I know this is really juvenile and I should have outgrown it already but catboys are just… unf. Admittedly, they're more pure than lewd for me, but sometimes I get really deep into this fantasy of having a catboy not being able to control his lewd urges around me and just going from light, soft touches to clumsy groping and awkward stammering as he tries to behave but at the same time is getting too excited to rough manhandling as I'm forced to try and keep up with his fast and all-over-the-place rhythm.

Like, it was okay back when I was 15 (it really was not, but there's no helping it now) but now I'm 22 and still into catboys and the worst part is that I'm not even a furry! I've tried furry porn but… squick. I try not to bring it up with any potential date but one guy kinda guessed it somehow and it was so weird. Hopefully it's just a fantasy, I don't wanna be like those obnoxious anime fangirls who make their boyfriend wear cat ears on the bedroom, I really don't.

No. 55400

Oh Anon. I had those feelings too, well I was 16 I have to add. Your post made me think back, Haruhi and Lucky Star was still a thing and I waited hours with my shit internet to download thousands of thousands of catboy pictures. Thanks for bringing back this memory.

Not to be that obnoxious weeb, but have you tried to put cat ears on a boy? I know it sounds off-putting at first. But I have a bf that is rather dom and likes when I wear cute stuff in bed, so he got me one of those pixiv meme keyhole cat underwears, along with cat ears. Now we were playing around and I made him wear the cat ears. And suddenly this made something deep inside me tingle.
It was all just fooling around but seeing someone that is on the one hand rather dominant having this cute, but also a bit "wild" detail.. unf.

Maybe you're just half-furry. You know, if there's a Kinsey scale but just for furries, maybe a 1 or 2. I really reccomend. And if you're ashamed to ask that and make things weird, start off by wearing them in bed. And afterwards during cuddling and playing around put the cat ears on him and see how this makes you feel.
Everyone deserves to have a catboy at least once.

No. 55412

>Everyone deserves to have a catboy at least once
Omg anon that's the sweetest thing I've seen in a good while.

It's not that putting cat-ears on a guy is off-putting at first… quite the contrary, but I'm afraid that the other party would be too weirded out and not pull it off well and I'm too much of a coward to actually try.

I didn't know about this furry scale, I guess I'll have to look it up. I'm somewhat biased against furries in general because of bad experiences with some of them, which is why I'm reluctant to identify with any such group, but I guess it can't all be that bad… hopefully.

No. 55469

I have a weird thing for scientists, especially to do with computers. Especially fucking in a lab or computer/server room. Whenever I see my bf wearing safety glasses, I find him attractive to a point I find it actually pretty embarrassing.

It's weird, but I have a feeling people have guessed it about me. I've also got a specific fetish to do with getting kidnapped by a highwayman and ravished, more or less consensually but with the whole "oh this is so naughty blah blah" thing going on because puritanical Victorians.

Thank god I have a bf who gets this. I think his ex had a dandy fetish, so go figure.

Any other weirdos in my boat? I thought I saw some people with medical and scientist fetishes earlier in the thread.

No. 55470

I kind of have this. Didn't realize it until my freshman year of college when my cute young-ish chemistry professor was setting up for a demonstration and I got embarrassingly turned on when he started putting on his safety goggles and snapping on his rubber gloves.

No. 55471

If I was a townie in Animal Crossing, "choke me daddy" could be my catchphrase.

No. 55517

Boys crying…but in general any time they're vulnerable. I don't want full on sadness or heartbreak, but a few tears, especially when they're embarrassed or shy about it, is SO cutely hot. It makes me want to protect them but also dominate them. Men are usually the one to lead / be aggressive so I like subverting gender roles.

But even if guys are submissive during sex, it's hard to get them to cry because well, wtf. So I'm probably never gonna get what I picture in my head, oh well.

But I think this is because I read too much yaoi during puberty and this is leftover traces of me being a fujoshit.

No. 55523

>>have a weird thing for scientists, especially to do with computers. Especially fucking in a lab or computer/server room. Whenever I see my bf wearing safety glasses, I find him attractive to a point I find it actually pretty embarrassing.

I hear you on this anon. I love a man with reading glasses (not into lab glasses personally) and a lab coat. Smart, geeky successful guys are just ugh so cute lol

No. 55531

It would be cool if a giant guy stepped on me, too, I guess.

I also have a weird sort of specific fantasy where a guy is hurting me, like I'm on the floor and he's wearing those shiny black nazi boots and kicking me in the ribcage and easily breaking my bones, but then he realizes I'm not even worth his attention and walks away leaving me bleeding and broken.

No. 55542

>embarrassed blushing guys
especially if in daily life they seem pretty respectable or even dominant, so reducing them to a pile of embarrassment and cute moaning is all the sweeter

>shy cute nerd guy scientists
But weirdly also
>A room of disinterested scientists
what Disney film do i even blame for this

No. 55571

I will literally drown myself in semen if I could, I don't know why, It's gross but I love, I also want to suck off a twink/twig dude and kiss him and make him swallow his own cum.

No. 55576

I agree with this whole comment.

It might, definitely, have something to do with my fantasizing fucking incel/NEET dudes. Shame.

No. 55577

Oh Sis, no. Please love yourself just a little bit more.
Welp, I guess fantasy is okay but please never do such a thing in real life.

No. 55602

I really really just want like a super passable trans woman to just tie me up and fuck me. Like the kind of fucking where she's only fucking me in the ass for her pleasure. Especially if she's like super dominant and tells me what to do all the time. Like, I can't get off without thinking about it anymore even during sex. It's awful because it's impossible to find irl, you just kinda have to hope you win the lottery or something.

No. 55612

I'm sure I can't be the only anon to have a…cultural fetish..right? I'm incredibly into traditional outfits and accents from my 2 favorite countries. Luckily all the guys I date have white fever, so they don't usually grasp my interest goes further than appearance…(and luckily almost everyone hates these countries so I think they are more flattered than anything…)but yeah, a 4/10 from my preferred countries with a nice/sweet personality and big…wallet…automatically becomes like an 8/10-10/10. Ugh even those developing country shower sandals and sometimes shit manners are a turn on…

No. 55618


I had one before, but he was fucking uggo so it threw me off. Now I still want one but his looks better be okay.

No. 55619

I'm a vanilla in this thread…

I just have a huge thing with dress uniform. Especially the ones with fancy badges. Any color is fine but preferably navy or black.
Suits and formal coats are alright too.
Basically any stiff attires that screams position/authority.

I know what you're thinking but nope, I don't like ddlg.

No. 55620


I am super vanilla and have these both fetishes. Those uniforms always get me wet. But I think most girls like them too.
And I'm horny for Greek accent lol. Let it be known my first language isn't English, but I get wet over any language I hear a Greek guy speak. It's so weird.

No. 55624


I feel you but yeah, only works with someone i'd be crazy attracted to, first of all. My ideal scenario is someone abducting me and locking me in their appartment/house.

I did all of this besides the written stuff and while I'm not exactly ashamed, I'm tired of being the one to ask for it in a relationship. Ex was definitely spooked by me wanting bruises and marks after sex. God the awkward silences :/

At this point I wonder what doesn't turn me on (besides the scat and piss stuff)
>Biting and being bitten
>Brat taming (being the brat)
>Tying up a tough guy (ie military guy) and teasing him for hours
>Fucking a girl with a strapon
>Huge girl orgy
>Tempting someone to fuck me (priest, teacher, etc)

Honestly I'd rather be vanilla because fucking without involving any kinks is crazy boring nowadays. And not many guys want to handle some mild pain.

No. 55625

>Brat taming (being the brat)

i don't like the ddlg aspects, but i like bratty behavior as a general power play thing if that makes sense. hot af. in a d/s scenario i like resistant subs. boring if they're too passive

don't worry, suits and uniforms are to women what lingerie is to men.

No. 55628

>i don't like the ddlg aspects, but i like bratty behavior as a general power play thing if that makes sense. hot af. in a d/s scenario i like resistant subs. boring if they're too passive

Same, more power to subs and dom who like this but meh.

Aaaand I just remembered why I got such a hard-on for brat taming, it basically stemmed from when I was in highschool and joined a judo/kendo club. I was being a typical teenage brat and they sure got me straight. Once I was being an extra little shit and a senior tackled me to the ground, boyyyy …

Also anybody remember that scene from Buffy when Buffy and Spike are fighting and end up having sex ? I was fucked from the start.

No. 55629

>kendo club tackle

omg..yea, i can get on board with that anon.

No. 55635

>Buffy and Spike

Help. You are truly my nigga, Anon; thanks for the pleasant memory!

No. 55655

Found it again … Damn it's even better than what I remembered. How did my parents let me watch this ?

No. 55703

Im kinda into this to be honest

also Im into men hands… sometimes they're more hot than their penises…

No. 55723

Brat is an unfortunate word due to the ageplay connotations (which I also hate), but that sort of power struggle is my ideal dynamic too. I generally prefer a sub role (very masochistic), but I hate the idea of unconditional obedience and surrender. If I'm gonna let you tie me up and smack me around, you better show me you're worth it.

Nice taste. Sexual-tension filled rivalries are my weakness too.

No. 55896

Do you think you could further explain what you've got in your head? It's… for research purposes. I've had some experiences regarding subversion of roles before, if it helps.

No. 55915

File: 1488329244167.jpg (86.86 KB, 680x1077, 65656.jpg)

Fuck off, robot. Go fap somewhere else.

No. 56352

sorry. i'll show myself out.

No. 56397

My boyfriend is obsessed with beating me and hitting me and humiliation and stuff. He even says my cutting scars are hot.

No. 56398

Why are you dating him

No. 56399


Love yourself anon, you don't need him

No. 56406

The only reason I'm not telling you to dump him is because I have a humiliation fetish too but it's just a bedroom thing.
Are you sure it's just a sexual thing for him and he won't actually abuse you or do those kinds of things against your will? If he's a good boyfriend he'll understand if you tell him you're uncomfortable with him liking your scars.

No. 56413

I'm into it too. But he just revels in hurting and degrading women a bit too much.

No. 56414


Leave him

No. 56424

Maybe you're into it because you lack self-esteem/respect, anon.

Seriously, leave him. He's a piece of shit.

No. 56429


This. They're self harm scars, not something you did for fun or arousal. Recognise how fucked up this situation is, anon.

No. 56441

He says he just finds it hot because it shows what a typical fucked up girl I am. He says he loves how mentally ill I am too.

No. 56442

I have BPD incidentally

No. 56444

Your BF scares me. "Typical fucked up girl"? Loves how mentally ill you are? That sounds so fucking creepy, a partner should help you get better, not revel in how bad you are feeling.

No. 56455

Reads pretty predatory to me. Are you really so self-loathing you think this makes a good boyfriend?

No. 56461

I'm sure anon is just as much of a bleeding heart narcissist as her boyfriend. She knew exactly what it would incite if she shared this here. She knows its wrong, too. She chooses this. Let her.

No. 56462

sounds unhealthy
honestly i wouldn't doubt it

No. 56464

Just…all my fetishes in general. I'm so kinky and I love a lot of the stuff mentioned above. When I opened up to my bf for the first time and asked him "so, what are you into?" he basically said nothing. He's so vanilla in comparison that it makes me feel embarrassed.

I still feel like he has some kind of wild fetish that he's keeping from me because he's embarrassed about it but he strongly maintains he doesn't. Sigh.

No. 56477

tentacle porn
fighting that turns into sex u-u
consensual nonconsent, yes i'm awful
older guys

sigh i also find some aspects of furries cool, i like the persona detached from yourself that looks however you want and is an animal

i love being choked and bitten but all of my partners have been careful not to bruise me visibly which i hate, i want the bruises :(

fucking machines
girl love heh
i'm also a size queen just a sucker for big dick
also double penetration

i have this really weird thing about being forced to stay completely still while being pleasured. not in a rapey way but for some reason it gets me off 200x faster. i either make myself do it with a wand otherwise my partner has to instruct me to do it of their own volition. i dont even know

gosh it feels good to get all that out there. i spy you girls lmao i like this fucked up sisterhood that's developing

No. 56478

I have a bit of an incest fetish particularly daddy/daughter and a thing for men much older than myself. I also want my SO to be stern but kind to me sort of like a father. I know exactly why it is. My biofather was abusivestablished and I was molested by his father when I was 3.

No. 56487

I have rape fantasies sometimes but otherwise nothing too gross. I only have those when I'm feeling really low about myself and feel like I deserve it or something.
But they're just fantasies, I actually don't enjoy being dominated at all IRL except maybe light choking but that's cause it feels good.

No. 56489

Like the cheat code in the Sims?

No. 56516


motherlode is my fetish

No. 56532

I used to be into some pretty awful stuff. I'm finally a vanillafag in comparison, thank you healthy relationships.

I'm a petite girl and my bf is a broad bear-like tree of a man in his mid-30s. I always wonder if people think we are into the daddy stuff. I really don't need that extra weird shit to get off though. He's got this sexy, slow and serene way of speaking and moving that's pretty daddy in itself.
My fantasies are pretty mild in comparison to how awful they used to be. Um, worst being like, public group groping/ dogging. I'd never actually do it though.

Oh, and sleep molestation. When I pretend to be asleep and he starts to softly touch me all over I pour like a spout

No. 56535

>>I used to be into some pretty awful stuff. I'm finally a vanillafag in comparison

Same here anon. I used to be into terrible stuff like guro, but am literally vanilla now

No. 56536

Yeah, I had a bloodplay thing for years. Mutually beating the shit out of each other etc. I'll still do rougher things like we'll start out play wrestling and it'll get pretty rough, and then it'll turn into the best sex. Very healthy in comparison to what I used to do.
I'm glad I stopped entertaining all of that. It's just so unnecessary lol.

No. 56545

kek I always think this whenever I see something about rosebudding
I don't get it at all, anal prolapses are life destroying and hemorrhoids are no joke, why would you want to risk anything to do with that?

Me too, I grew on up 4chan and doujins and I think it messed me up but after years with a sweet vanillafag and avoiding hentai/porn it's mostly faded. I don't know how anyone can deny the negative effects of porn on youngsters.

No. 56556

Married white guys. Ashamed as I am to admit it I'm a literal homewrecker lol.

No. 56567


Can you anons share some advice to becoming more vanilla? Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a healthier sexual relationship. I already don't watch porn, but I don't know how to stop reverting to the same fantasies and actions when I'm turned on.

No. 56569

Why exactly white? I hope you didn't wreck any home and it's just a fantasy?

No. 56587

i'm still pretty into bloodplay. im a piercer and have a massive thing for self piercing and blood that comes from a result though more so than any involved in sex

No. 56604

I'm not white. And too late for that anon.

No. 56609

Well, after knowing I've fapped to most things - really, 99% of the things on the thread - I guess it's time for an internet porn detox.

Lately, I've been pretty into being a demon lord that would create new demons to fuck me and, if they made me cum hard enough, I'd grant them wishes.

No. 56626

File: 1489781690712.jpg (57.6 KB, 900x710, 5756767.jpg)

>Lately, I've been pretty into being a demon lord that would create new demons to fuck me and, if they made me cum hard enough, I'd grant them wishes.

Sorry, but I can't help but laugh at how retarded that is, and yet that's probably something I'm going to eventually fap to now that it's in my head.

No. 56628

I thought I was the only one that liked naked men with only socks. I like clothes sex in general, something about being completely naked turns me off

No. 56629

Yes, but I don't know what exactly is those white boys that others don't have. Is this some white fever or something?

No. 56630

I masturbate to blowfly girl's journal pretty often. The masochism isn't what turns me on

No. 56632

Idk if this is weird or not, but I usually masturbate while reading an educational news article/wiki page or watching an informative youtube video. The most recent thing I fapped to was https://www.drugs.com/percocet.html
But also an article about the steps of buying a home? I've never taken that drug and am not looking to buy a house, so I guess this is all for future reference.

No. 56634

yeah, a little weird

No. 56635

I don't know if there's a name/category for this fetish but the thought of a man being able to "reset" after being beaten viciously, choked and possibly even killed by me during sex is incredibly arousing. Specifically I would like to beat him until he is so brain damaged that he can only convulse and foam at the mouth as I jack him off and make him cum all over himself. Then he would revert back to his normal state with full memory of what just happened, and of course he would fully consent and get off to such a severe beating. The romantic aspect of being so close that he is okay with me killing him intimately on a nightly basis is a big part of why I find it so sexy

Some of the more vanilla kinks I have are just intense femdom; slapping, facefucking with a strapon, degradation. It's too bad most femdom porn is just weak shit targeted at men.

No. 56638

Well, it's quite weird if you're getting off to it specifically. It's only slightly weird if you're just multi tasking for convenience.

I used to masturbate while thinking about really mundane things like dinner etc, but it was to prove a point to myself that female orgasms are not all mental like people claim. I was getting so sick of people talking about how you have to get the atmosphere/mood/romance right or it won't happen, it's a dumb untrue meme. In the end it's just men being lazy and not spending enough time on the basic physical movements, not a lack of fucking candles. I guess that was weird of me too.

No. 56639

I want to be an escort. It's something me and my boyfriend have discussed. He'd pimp me out and he'd keep the money too.

No. 56641

It's not a fetish per sé but I "get off" (not really jacking off) when I'm told how very young I look despite my age (25). I don't really do anything to my face to look that way either (definitely never took the Onion route) but those complaints since I was a teenager.

I also have a fear of getting old (but that's for the age discussion)…

No. 56646

Closeted Ageplayer detected. Don't worry it's not all pedos and weirdos wearing diapers, a silent majority just likes when girls act a bit like young girls (talking late teen age here) that act a bit more innocent and overall cute and bubbly.

No. 56650


No. 56651

I dunno, it is kinda weird, but I've gotten off while watching documentaries about stuff (ex. Katyusha rocket launchers, military parades, NASA), so I guess it's not like you're the only one.

Why do you think you do it, anon? It's not multitasking for me like >>56638 suggested. I guess I just genuinely think some of the shit in these documentaries are hot, even if it's not at all sexual/erotic.

No. 56654

Hmm, I think I can get off better when my brain is "on" if you know what I mean?

No. 56663

(softly) breastfeeding.
I really get off on the idea of having full breasts and a guy just railing me hard and sucking on my nipples to relieve the pain.

No. 56674


Yeah, and I've been told that my voice sounds too young to be mid 20's. I find it funny since I never even change the pitch.

No. 56690

A lot of my fetishes work better in fantasy than in practice anyway.

But one of my reoccurring fantasies is being part of a "live sex toy" business. Overstimulation, being "trained" and then sold to a buyer, etc. Some of the first smut stories I ran into online had some themes like this that don't really make it into real porn without being stupid or weirder than what i like.

Sometimes it's noncon fantasy with the above.

In fantasy I really like the idea of having no control, just being used, etc.

But in practice i'm not comfortable being treated like that and it makes me feel weird and bad about myself lmfao so i just keep it to myself.

Probably vanilla compared to others.

No. 56712

I've fapped to that before, too. It's the maggots.

No. 56714

I fucking love overstimulation, making me beg for everything, and I want to used for pleasure, I'm not into physical abuse, but I love shit like extremely rope place, distance egg vibe, and candle wax.

I love cum play, and I would be in a threesome with a trap, and we'd swap cum together. Too bad all traps are ugly, and my boyfriend would never do that.

No. 56715

That's weird and also pretty cool. Have you tried things besides documentaries, like puzzles or music?

No. 56717

does cannibalism count as vore? like, i mean butchering and cooking and eating a person. i'm not into actual real cannibalism, just the idea of it, or the threat of being butchered/cooked/served. it seems so humiliating to me, to be eaten by someone.

aside from that, i'm really into evisceration/medical roleplay of that nature. being kept awake and cut open against your will. it's fuckin weird, but my current partner is very understanding.

zombie movies confuse me sexually.

No. 56719

I sometimes did something similar to this but it was more about keeping my brain busy enough with mindless flash games, tv or reading so that my internal anxious monologue didn't ruin the sex.
Word related games worked the best, tv was more difficult because you never know if there's going to be something uncomfortable or even a child in a scene to turn you off. We don't do it anymore though because it meant he was the one doing all the physical effort

No. 56733

I get off on starving myself and i feel really bad about it lol

No. 56736

Not really ashamed of the fetish so much as the people it attracts? I'm super into crossdressing, chastity, tease and denial stuff but I cannot stomach the amount of humiliation these folks want. And I guess a dude can't just be into wearing panties and having his dick locked up he's gotta be into all this extra shit like having his dick called a clit and cuckshit and a bloobloobloo my little bitch clitty will never please a woman I'm not a real man. It just skeeves me out really bad I just wanna control when a guy cums without all this forced feminization shit thrown in.

I think I have only one kink where I've legit felt embarrassed to disclose it to anyone and that's big penis humiliation (though I guess teasing is a better term for me).

No. 56738

Look up gfd (gentle femdom)?

No. 56743

I've never tried music, but I don't think it would work anyway. I do have a word game app on my phome that I've masturbated while playing before. Haven't tried anything else puzzle related though.

No. 56768

oh man me too. (i wish i wasn't such an edgelord lmao.)and what do you think causes this? i watched a lot of horror movies as a preteen but…

No. 56771

File: 1490062416872.jpg (22.35 KB, 600x706, CP4sAbeVEAAGQH9.jpg)

I'm really into being choked/man handled. I would totally be down for a dude to rough house me/yell in my face about how fucking worthless I am and then take complete advantage of me. Also blood, the thought of someone stabbing me and then rubbing blood all over my naked body turns me on too much.

No. 56775

is gentle maledom a thing too, or what's the popular term for it?

No. 56783

Maybe just very light daddy dom?

No. 56784

I think slugs and snails are sexy as fuck for some reason. Like both if they were anthropomorphic or if they were just plain snails.

No. 56785

is there something like daddy dom but without the ageplay or incest? it's weird but i kinda dig the "caring and sexual" thing, but i hate all the child/father connotations and the condescending "little princess" stuff.

No. 56787

File: 1490073739699.png (99.58 KB, 500x281, IMG_2908.PNG)

I'm a massive fucking dacryphile–especially for men doing an ugly cry. I fapped so fucking hard to Yuri on Ice episode 7 I can't even remember the big kiss scene.

Right now I'm watching American crime story and all I want to do is lick up David Schwimmers cute tears. Fuck my life.

No. 56827

I like getting slapped in the face or tits with a nice cock. I have a lot of fetishes and I'm not particularly ashamed of any of them, but I'm not sure why I'm scared to mention specifically this one to my partner (considering it's not nearly as out there as most of the other stuff I'm into).

No. 56829

I'm sure your partner would be thrilled to slap your tits with his weenger tbh

No. 56831

Virgin guys. I'm talking literal weeb NEET scum.
I grew up on 4chan and it screwed me up in more than one way. Thankfully bf is a weeb but still normal and a functioning member of society, so I can have my way and still have an actual relationship.

Gentle maledom is a thing yes

No. 56836

literally just cg/l.
unless that still isn't what you are looking for

No. 56838




No. 56876

Same farmer, late reply as well, could you share some books I could read, pretty please? I only get trash results when I search online.

No. 56911

Older men. Like max 10 years. I'm 20 and I like men un their late 20. But I think people would think I'm dating him because of money. It kinda ashames me to think I'd have to say I like older men, some people would think I'm into ddlg shit although I don't wear nymphet fashion (and oh lord, my family is really christian and they wouldn't like it. They would think he just wants to use me or I that I am a whore and golddigger)

No. 56973

The fuck. Me too. I've secretly loved this shit for years, probably since I was 14 so nearly a decade of salivating while watching the Hannibal films/show and getting weirdly turned on when I see attractive people zombified.

No. 56981

File: 1490373472426.png (1.24 MB, 777x861, 782.png)


No. 56991

Shemales. Shemales with large breasts and big dicks particularly. I've been masturbating to it since I was 11 and I'm too ashamed to tell anyone about it. Yes, I'm a woman.

No. 56995

Same anon. It's not one of my biggest fetishes, actually, but I too enjoy shemales. Only in porn though, I'd never have sex with one IRL I guess. I'm a woman too.

No. 57133

Same, it's the best of both world

No. 57137

I've come to realize I have a weird fetish for guys with some sort of disability (deaf, blind, etc.) I've been dating a guy for awhile now and he has severe hemophilia. I have a blood fetish as well so it all kind of works out but I can't help but feel bad when he has to use a cane and I find it irresistibly attractive.

No. 57165

I want to be beaten and beat men. I also have a hand, choking and saliva fetish. I want a headless male body to keep me company. Even stuff that is physically possible and legal most guys would not want to do, like snowballing. Just fucking kill me now.

No. 57170

What's snowballing? I'm afraid to Google

No. 57171

you might know it as "cumswapping"

No. 57392

File: 1490989820747.jpg (281.32 KB, 900x900, To be fair he never said she w…)

Idk if this is normal but I develop crushes super fast I mean totally sexual. The second I bond with a person and share the same interest and sense of humor I get really horny like panty wet horny. But that sensation last 1 week then I lost complete interest.

No. 57504

I'm basically the opposite, it takes me a while to feel like that about someone and then it lasts for a while and is intense as long as there's physical/emotional attraction.

It's kind of lame but sometimes I get a little turned on when my boyfriend is talking intellectual/nerdy with me or when I'm really mushy and lovey-dovey it gets mixed together with "lol I wanna fuck."

I'm one of the anons with a scientist fetish so maybe that's why… ;____;

No. 57775

tbh just find a man with traditional ideas about how to treat women. It's good to communicate with him about what sort of relationship dynamic you want, though.

No. 57908

i'm reasonably open and unapologetic about my many fetishes, chiefly bdsm. but somehow i never could bring myself to admit that i love haircutting and headshaving. i love watching women get their long hair chopped into short bobs with shaved napes and have their heads buzzed and razored to the skin. i don't want it to be forced, i like it better when they silently submit. the best part is, this type of videos can easily be found in youtube since they're not traditionally sexual. if i'm particularly horny, i'll go into porn sites and find ones involving bondage or cumming on shaved heads.

about the "internet made you kinky" discussion; i had very intricate fantasies about women being forcibly contained, experimented on and being fattened to be eaten alive from a very early age (like 8-9) and i didn't have access to internet well into my late teens. i didn't actually know cannibalism was a kink until 4-5 years ago, so i don't think all of it can be blamed on the internet. some people are just wired that way i guess? only thing i can blame on the internet is my newfound attraction to crossdressers and drag queens. i'm into feminine/androgynous guys and drag queens started to turn me on in a big way. i hope to meet a bi/straight drag queen or a meticulous crossdresser one day. not much of a fetish though, more of a turn on.

btw, i'd like to compliment anons on their taste in kinks, i found a lot of new, nice stuff to fap to.

No. 57978

Pink and uncut dicks.

Sage for samefag.

No. 57996

I like this too, but I wouldn't consider it a fetish.

No. 57998

I am into submissive men that I can humiliate.

I always forget that americucks are all cut. Can't even imagine having to be ok with that shit. Uncut dicks are way more sensitive, look better and feel better.
Cut dicks are pretty fucking disgusting to me.

No. 57999


No. 58001

Same. I was with a cut guy, and it just felt weird and looked weird. Glad almost no one is cut here. It feels better getting fucked, its more fun to blow, and it doesn't have a horrible scars. The only negative with foreskin is that they need to clean it more often, but I wouldn't fuck someone who weren't vigilant with their cleaning routine anyway.

No. 58124

My first experiences were with cut guys. I didn't realize what a difference it was at the time, but being with an intact man later really showed me the difference. Being able to give a partner a whole pleasurable experience was much nicer than just turning the dial to 11 until it was finally enough.

No. 58135

I'm a bit sad because boyfriend is cut and he's always yanking on his dick like crazy when he masturbates. My friends told me cut guys are less sensitive and need more pressure but that seems like such a pain.

Plus I had no experience with cut guys prior and jacking him off is basically impossible without lube so … ? Why do people still defend that shit ?
Cut dicks are cleaner, are you kidding me ? Just hop in the shower and wash it there. I don't need to chop off my labia to clean my pussy properly.

No. 58169

People suck, and genuinely think there is something wrong with letting a baby keep his entire penis.
Parents freak out about how to clean it, because some medical associations say that you have to retract the baby's foreskin to clean it. I reality, it's much easier to properly clean a baby's penis when there is not an open wound.

No. 58173

Well my boyfriend is cut. Not by choice, but because he had phismosis as a kid.
And all the posters saying that it's impossible to pleasure a guy with that kind of dick, aren't right. For example you can get some massage oil, cover his dick in it and and hold it in one hand, and cover the tip with another. I mean from the top, like if its a microphone you want to cover, and close it, apply some pressure all around and move it in a circular motion while jerking off. Or you focus on the part where the scar tissue of the former foreskin is. And lick the fremelum, the part where the foreskin would have been connected. That was so good that he had to make me stop sometimes, like when your clit gets rubbed a little too hard and you're overwhelmed with the feel.

No. 58180

Oh it's not impossible, it's just much more difficult and less fun (imo).
Phimosis is the healthy state of a penis before puberty. The foreskin isn't supposed to retract until puberty.

No. 58189

sage because not a fetish but because some people here are talking about penis things. my bf's foreskin sometimes has a really hard time retracting and gets tiny cuts around it, this is completely regardless of lubrication. does anyone know why this is? we go at it like bunnies but I am pretty tight (more so than I would like) and always end up hurting him.

No. 58190

shit I forgot to sage so I'll just samefag some fetishes:

>> love being tied up but our bed doesn't allow it easily

>> anal slut

>> big fan of DP

>> I watch copious amounts of massage porn

>> I fucking love tentacle porn

No. 58202

Sounds like he has phimosis and yeast infection. Antifungals + foreskin stretching

No. 58210

he definitely doesn't have a yeast infection, we've been together years and his foreskin has always just been really tight.

thank you for the advice though! i shall relay it to him. after a lot of phemosis googling that's definitely what it is.

No. 58262

File: 1492380633708.jpg (111.64 KB, 469x868, IWI8983BK.jpg)

Prosthetic legs. This is not horrible but little bit unusual so I haven't told anyone except my bff.

I'm not attracted to prosthetics as objects alone, but if a person has one, the person becomes 5000000x hotter.

Prosthetic arms are super hot too. But legs rule.

I don't like prosthetics that try to mimic real shape or color of the limb. Metallic ones are the best. Especially if they're fairly thin.

Needless to say I love watching paralympics.

No. 58265

are you me

sage for ableist fetishism uwu

No. 58286

Lately I've been fantasizing about being passed around by my boyfriend + his friends / my guy friends. I wouldn't be interested irl and I don't find any of them close to being as attractive as my bf but god it would be hot to be the center of attention and used by a bunch of guys.

Also idk why but I've always been too interested in hearing sex stories from my boyfriends about their exes. I picture it and get kind of jealous but then it charges me up in a possessive way and then I want to fuck my boyfriends harder/better.

No. 58308

Chikan/general exhibitionism is a big one. And rape, particularly monster/xeno rape (but only humanoid monsters, not animalesque monsters). And bondage/not being able to move. Nun play (priest play, if the priest is a younger man) or anything surrounding religious imagery. Cow petplay (the community is called "hucow", but I don't associate with it because it's largely based in degradation and livestock play and treating your sub like shit, along with breeding, which I'm not into).

The weirdo things I'm into is probably omorashi, and I can pinpoint an experience that might have influenced that, so it's just a shameful secret.

I had a fantasy as a teen of being a german cihld soldier and being found injured on the battlefield by a group of russian soldiers and being tortured for weeks. I'm a non-aryan race, so I have no idea where that came from.

I'm into traps/shotas/very small and non-threatening, cute men. But I'm into loli, too. I think I just have a fear of people and my mind reacts with making them non-threatening for me.

But I also listen to Yandere Heaven drama CDs, and those are anything but non-threatening. I don't know.

Also into ageplay in the whole "let me nurture you and help you grow" non-sexual sense. I think I just want to be a mother, but with no chance of messing up the person, and that's how I fulfill that.

I know a lot of mine are stupid, but I think it's because of being raped throughout a three year period during my formative years, so I'm not just an edgelord.

No. 58309

File: 1492439448183.jpg (337.82 KB, 2000x1500, emi_knockeddown_large.jpg)

Boy I hope you're a lesbian, 'cause you're gonna love this

No. 58312


I am actually. Thank you!

No. 58322

File: 1492450981690.png (528.16 KB, 800x600, Miki.png)

Katawa Shoujo is some good stuff if you have a disability fetish.

Too bad you can't romance best girl, though.

No. 58331

That was mine too. For me it stemmed from my bf not giving me enough attention or ~compliments~ in a while. When I told him what's up and he made more of an effort it went away

No. 58409

there’s this giant centipede or prawn, or a cross between the two, crawling into me head first, my legs being really wide apart to accommodate him. As he crawls into me, his thousands of fuzzy legs fall off onto the sheets around me. He tickles and excites me as he undulates and wiggles from side to side getting further and further in, and he becomes drenched with my nectar, which he licks up and is strengthened by. He goes on up and up. This all takes hours as he is ten thousand feet long, but I like every inch of it …

The next morning, happily exhausted, I begin the ritual of carefully gathering up the thousands of orange fuzzy legs that surround me, and take them in a wicker basket to the kitchen. There I dump them into my blue enamel jam making pot, and add sugar, orange peel, lemon, nutmeg, banana peel scrapings, and a bit of hash when available (very optional). At the hard-ball, or so-called crack stage of cooling, I pour the orange mass into penis-shaped molds (can be bought in your nearest sex shop), and allow them to cool and harden. To be sucked later when desired, but I usually give mine away to my friends, as the penis-shaped mold itself is far more satisfying and I share him with no one. You’d be surprised how many of my friends drop by for their sucks.

No. 58410

What's wrong with the lil guy, why'd he lose his legs?

No. 58413

>tfw u finally score some pussy but all ur legs fall off

No. 58430


the second part is very interesting, never heard anything remotely like it.

No. 58431

his poor legs :c at least they're being put to use.

No. 58435

Where did he go after the sex though, did your vagina eat that poor guy alive?

No. 58437


I'm morbidily curious as to what brought this on. Also, does the little guy have a name?

No. 58440

this is like a fever dream, anon please tell us more

No. 58465

this is from a book called "my secret garden" lmao the rest of the book is this nutty

No. 58491


awesome. do you know who the author is? i'd like to read more trippy sexual fantasies.

No. 58493

Nancy Friday. She "wrote" a bunch of books that are just compilations of what women at the time liked to think about while schlicking. Some are hot, some are … scary.

No. 58508

I fantasize about being molested a lot. Obviously, it would be horrific and traumatizing if it happened to me in real life and I'd never actually wish it upon myself but I still masturbate to the thought of it regularly.

But I can't stop thinking about some older business man feeling up my skirt on busy public transport (especially if I'm in some work clothes like tight skirt and tights) and I get off to the knowledge that it would be incredibly awkward but at the same time such a turn-on to have some random guy overpower me in public.

I also think about a random man pressing his penis against my butt or thighs while I'm distracted in the shop, at the pool or at the cinema. Or even him pissing on me/making me watch him piss and laughing. Just completely disregarding my feelings and going out of his way to make me feel uncomfortable. I get really horny when I'm at the gym in the sauna at the thought of man coming in, seeing me alone and rubbing himself against my swimsuit until he comes on it then immediately leaving, getting away with his crime.

I also imagine him not giving a shit about anyone seeing, maybe moaning and grunting in my ear, leaving me with parts of my clothing open or covered in cum and watching me scramble to close them/clean myself…all to add to my discomfort. Just complete animalistic behaviour.

I feel so disgusted in fantasizing about this shit because it would really upset and sicken me if I heard about this happening to another woman in real life, why would I wish it upon myself? I even feel gross typing it up.

No. 58544

Yeah you got me anon. The Japanese have a real problem with public molestation, they call it chikan. Of course this means that's usually my go-to search word for porn. I can only get off to it if it's obviously staged and lit, I don't see how I would enjoy watching somebody actually be attacked..
(What I find funny about these videos is that obviously they have to get in a ton of extras to be the other passengers on the bus/train and they all have to completely ignore what's going on. Sometimes they even film on an actual bus driving around which is amazing)

No. 58545

I fantasize about this a lot too and have the same feelings about actual molestation. Just reading your post turned me on a little. Don't feel bad, it's quite common.

No. 58589

Oh dw I know all about that hahaha. Yeah it's one of my top searches also. I take comfort in knowing that it's fake but at the same time when I watch them, I pretend it's me and that it's real and then I imagine the same things when I'm on the train or at the pool all the time bleh. I've seen some really shit ones made by westerners that were just made in someone's house and I'm like ??? who do you think that's fooling?

I'm glad I'm not alone! :)

No. 58591

As someone who was "molested" in transports, I get how it's a fantasy (heck, I love chikan too especially if that ends up in gang bangs) but in real life it's just plain disgusting ahah

It didn't surprise me when that happened, but you definitely DON'T want that to happen in real life when you're not prepared for it. I had a dude touch my thighs and another sort of rub his half chub against me. I wish I did more at the moment but I simply froze up and moved away quickly. I wish I could have shamed the bastard but in the moment you're always second guessing yourself and then the scum is gone !
Plus he was obviously disgusting, a chubby balding man with an uggo face.

No. 58597


Don't be disgusted, that's one of the most common fantasies among women.

No. 58665

I'm so sorry that happened to you anon ❤️, I'm the type to freeze in awkward situations too.

See, I'm so disgusted as I read that, like it angers me so much and I want justice for girls who have to suffer this. But then when I'm standing on a packed train, I'm wishing for it to happen in my head. It's the most confusing feeling I've ever felt. Then when I kind of snap back into reality, I'm really disgusted with myself again.

I guess they make porn very visually appealing and you always imagine the most idealised thing in your head but in reality, sex and fantasies are nothing like real life.

Yeah from what I see online it's very common but obviously I've never heard any woman admit it in person lol.

No. 58687

that's gonna sounds lame, but my fetish is love and being wanted. Like, a guy wanting me so much, that he can't think clearly, he's super passionate, lots of hot, frantic kisses and touching, I'm like a drug for him. He can't resist me, he's crazy about me, but it isn't just a fling; he wants to wake up next to me, and if he's the first to open his eyes, he watches me sleeping and thinks about how incredibly lucky he is. Bonus points to the fantasy - I'm the first and only one he loves so much, like he's good-looking and popular, he'd had girlfriends but he never really felt anything like this before.
I can sense from where this comes from. Dudes always go after my looks, I feel like no-one ever will really take time to actually get to know me. So, someone who's crazy about me as a whole, is someone i get off to lol

No. 58702

try blind dates maybe?

No. 58705


No. 58706

i have to think about something really gross in order to cum and i always feel so disgusted with myself afterwards. i make an active effort to avoid porn because i will go into a rabbit hole of filth every single time. it always starts off with something i wouldn't be embarrassed about, like three ways or gang bangs, but then at some point nose dives into depravity. i wind up making some fucked up collage with like 20 videos running at once, finally cum, and then immediately want to go outside and dig a hole to bury my sick ass in.

the types of things i am ashamed to be aroused by: rape, frotteurism, huge age gaps, incest, bestiality, water sports, crying, throat fucking, voyeurism, the victim being immobilized somehow like asleep or unconscious, necrophilia…

i was sexually abused as a child and teen so i figure that's where most this comes from. i've admitted a few of these fetishes to exactly 2 partners and both then used them to abuse me so, yeah, i won't be making that mistake again.

No. 58712

>not embarrassed about three ways or gangbangs
>embarrassed about frotteur

isn't it just gay guys rubbing their dicks together? what's the big deal?

No. 58730


three ways and gang bangs feel more vanilla in comparison to the other shit for me, especially since you can find them on the surface of mainstream porn sites. i thought frotteurism had a non-consenual aspect to it which is what embarrasses me, but i could be wrong

No. 58760

me too. mostly the blades tbh. i literally realised this last night in bed.

No. 58768

I can't cum unless I imagine my boyfriend is being fucked in the ass by a muscular dude. I mostly enjoy thinking about him worshipping a big muscular guy.

No. 58821

it's not the weirdest or strangest, i guess, but i get really turned on by the idea of being caught having sex (though not by family or something oh my god)…

that does it for me alone, but i am really, really specifically turned on by the idea of my boyfriend and i being caught in the act by guys who i know have crushes on me/are attracted to me (and that i would never touch anyway), including male friends or guys that i briefly dated & then dropped. the idea of getting caught by girls that have crushes on my bf/one of his exes works, too.

No. 58828

I'm really into sibling stuff but it's ok because I'm an only child. public groping and watersports are two big ones for me too.
lately I've been really into those "accidental" insemination ones? and it's weird because I don't want kids, at all, it's just really satisfying to see the look on a guy's face when he finishes inside someone, it's so vulnerable like he's entirely in that persons' control in the moments leading up to it. I wish they made more porn that shows how much the guys are getting off in it, but then they'd also have to hire studs with good faces that aren't just prop dicks.

No. 58857

I cant get aroused unless I imagine I'm a guy fucking a chick noncon. I'm a heterosexual woman.

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