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File: 1489782275720.jpg (53.99 KB, 736x934, IMG_2307.JPG)

No. 184057[Reply]

Have you ever met any cows posted here IRL? Do you or any friends you have interact with them? Have you ever spilled drama or talked shit about them with someone offline?
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No. 184173

Leigh is really giddy and loud, just your textbook weeb running riot at a con. It's really hard to miss her too because she's so tall lmao.

No. 184195

No shit. I was also picked on by Charms and the lot. I kinda forgot about all of that. I have to go read her thread now, I didn't realize it was the same person.

No. 184297

bully online

target of bullies irl

aaah poor Charms, probably the reason why she was rude online

No. 184412

I was at the same hospital as Soren when I was in highschool.
I didn't converse with them so I don't really have much to say of interest, but finding out they're a pedophile and general sick fuck a few years later was pretty wild.

No. 184454

I've met Yaya, JNig, and Sushi Monster. Yaya was actually pretty nice to me, Jessica just seemed stressed, and Chloe was kind of a bitch.

File: 1490105971326.jpg (34.19 KB, 800x533, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdgAAAAJDBlZGUxYj…)

No. 184319[Reply]

I know you master lurers know how to find the best first and someone's every social media profile. What's the best way to do this? Asking because of a few potential gold mine cows.

Talk about your experiences lurker good/bad, how if effected you long term and if you ever used that info etc.

No. 184338

Befriend cows or friends of cows. If it's on FB or Twitter, follow/interact with their friends first and then move on to your target once you've established yourself in that circle.
Run some fake social media profiles on the side to have consistent post history even when you're not actively looking for milk.

No. 184375

My most successful stalking tool has been reverse image search. People looove to reuse their favourite pictures of themselves.

No. 184383

Yup, that and usernames. Way too many people use the same username for everything.

File: 1481664541145.jpg (15.27 KB, 463x321, theres-always-a-person-that-yo…)

No. 121013[Reply]

can we have a thread for people (celebrities, youtubers, whatever) you irrationally hate?
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No. 184354

I hate people who have access to google and don't look things up

No. 184360

tell us how you really feel, nana

No. 184377

There's this girl in my uni who just doesn't like me for some reason. Whenever I am close-by (she and I have some mutual friends) she rolls her eyes and doesn't say a word. And when I leave, she starts being talkative again. I literally have not said anything to her since uni started. Don't exactly hate her but I'm a little annoyed.

No. 184378

I'm getting a real fashion-hate boner for the brother of one of my friends. Like, he fancies himself to be some fashion and clothing aficionado but his suit jackets are way. too. tight. like. 75%. of. the time.
it doesn't help that he's getting a bit flabby himself but jesus christ the button looks like it's puckering. It's not flattering and it sucks because he used to be kind of okay looking but now not at all.

No. 184380

Get off my lawn

No. 184256[Reply]

Discuss things you hate about cringey, annoying, or generally shitty anime youtubers such as Lost Pause, The Anime Man, Akidearest, and the rest of the annoying anime youtube community.
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No. 184290

he loves the sound of his voice way too much and thinks he has a hold of the anime comm when
no lad your a fucking weaboo who got big off mlp stop.

Ive been watching him since mlp though and I like his analysis videos. Also his taste in anime is pretty peak, not amazing sometimes but it doesn't feel too hipster.

No. 184361

lmao what the fuck is this shit

>digidick gets drunk and goes on a rant calling out other anime reviewers

>everyone he calls out responds to him
>cries about getting "misunderstood" in a failed attempt to backpedal his shit-talking
>ends up looking like a complete stuck-up moron as usual
>"everyone in the anime community on youtube sucks and should be more like me!!!"

No. 184371

File: 1490136385453.gif (986.31 KB, 245x245, tumblr_msrsf4WCmk1shia3so1_250…)

>tfw I use to be a part of an anime channel with days of the week for each member
>tfw cringey weebs
>I barely managed to put out maybe a months worth of content before quitting because real job and didn't want to be associated with weebs anymore
The channel pumped out a lot of videos before nearly everyone quit. The channel regularly put out content for SIX YEARS with just the two guys before they stopped all together. To truly grasp the sadness, just look at the fact in a little over half a decade they managed to grab wait for it…650 subscribers. The highest views on a video is a little over 600, but most hover around the 30-40 range. I cringe to think of how many obscure sad anime channels are out there barely getting views despite constantly pushing content. Off topic, why is it that every anime fan on youtube has a weird voice, lisp, or speech impediment? Also the anime man is the worst.

No. 184372

I don't care what anyone says
Mr. Anime is the best anime reviewer out there
but he just stopped I wished he would upload videos again

No. 184373

I think this discussion could have more participants if you brought it over here >>>/snow/260800

No. 184005[Reply]

She is not really a lolcow so i'm posting here in /ot instead than /snow.

Daria Huddy is a jobless insane australian Pixyteri look-a-like with a printer fetish who makes videos dancing in her underwear and showing us her "art".

I kek'd so hard i cried and you guys also deserve to watch this.
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No. 184047

Where do you even find this stuff

No. 184056


petite tube

No. 184065


Come on, now, we're not blind.

No. 184068


what do you mean? she is a woman

No. 184090

just a typical Friday night

No. 184009[Reply]

What do you think of this woman and "TERF"s (as they are called by social justice warriors) in general? I find myself aligning with them more than any other ideological group or philosophy. Any opnions? Do you think she's actually bigoted or mean, if yes, do you think "TERF"s in general are mean or just her?

No. 184011

Moved to >>>/sty/2626.

File: 1430958864536.jpg (42.63 KB, 960x960, 1907598_349449561909711_523562…)

No. 5190[Reply]

Alright, this is something that really pisses me off.
I agree that radical feminists are bad, but MRAs are not any better.
>thinks all women are whores and evil
>thinks sexism toward women doesn't exist
>makes fun of women who gets raped and abused because "men have it worst"
>thinks men have it worse, kinda like how a white person would have said "omg black slavery is nothing white people have it so much worse"
>thinks it's fine to have sexist prejudices against women, insults them and makes fun of their problems because "women do it all the time"
>thinks they are better than radical feminists when they are worst

Facebook page:
ED Article:
Their idol:
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No. 180248

File: 1485822454728.jpg (11.22 KB, 228x223, da phuc.jpg)

>acknowledging the fact that the vast majority of rapists are made of men makes someone a radfem now

No. 180251

You need to calm down, I can feel the anger just emanating from the screen. You shouldn't be online if you get triggered this easily by others having different opinions.

No. 180252

>the experience is "empirical" - gathered by experience rather than LOGIC, which is what the rational world deals in

That's not what the rational world deals in. Not in any way whatsoever. Science deals in empirical data and observations, if you went by ~LOGIC~ we still wouldn't know atoms exist or have any comprehension of physics because most of it makes no sense and has little logic to it.

Shoo, dirty robot, shoo. We don't want your cheap, shallow reasoning around here.

No. 180273

Perhaps they mean like how courts rely on empirical, anecdotal evidence to prove someones innocence/guilt?

There are naturalistic truths based on hard evidence such as the theory of evolution and then there's the airy fairy human-centered bullshit that's constructed by humans dealing with irrelevant petty shit usually spouted in the social sciences which basis lies in subjectivity and qualitative methods of research and data finding.

It would be asinine to conflate the two.

No. 183927

If these MRAs had to go back to work just weeks after giving birth, they would want to be housewives, too. The harsh reality is that many lower- and middle-class families simply can't afford to lose one-half of their dual income for very long.

File: 1488158675699.jpg (45.47 KB, 564x754, abee77ba5e6bda375623af57e59ef2…)

No. 182490[Reply]

I'm way too terrified to pursue e-fame but i'm fascinated by the idea and have been thinking about it a lot lately.

Social media keeps changing and expanding and i almost feel like everything is so much there's a bunch of white noise & its hard to be relevant because the next new thing is around the corner.

How does one become an "it girl"? Do you think they buy their way into it? Lies? Publicity?

Instagram is flooded with C-rate girls passing for B to A-rate angles

Ideally from the people you like to follow online what kind of content do you like to see
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No. 183719

Literally the only reason I would want to be an e-celeb is that I love editing videos and I love working from home. Being paid to do both is my dream job but most of those types of jobs pay pennies usually so the only way really to do it is either to become an e-celeb myself or to find an up-and-comer and become their editor.

I thought about applying to be an editor at established yter groups but those are highly competitive and that's just not what I want. I just want a comfy editing job from home where I can wear pjs all day. Jenna Marbles has it made man, she's completely given up on her hot girl persona and lives in her pjs all day every day and leaves the house like once a day to go to target.

No. 183732


Do you even have to talk about it? Farmers for one don't really care for the past of e-celebs alone and unless anyone messes up presently, they won't even consider talking about it -> no milk
Being upfront sounds good but could also be unnecessary and compromising and tbh, awkward. But that depends on how you feel about it ofc and could be a good step.
I have a bad past, too and am recovering from mental illness, too. Personally, I feel like my past is safely buried and that I liberated myself enough so that noone can truly control me or truly harm me with it.
I don't know your situation and I agree caution is advised putting oneself out there.
But I'm sure the past is not guaranteed to bite one in the ass. If you put out good content and have the consistency you know you have, then backlashes, rumors, etc can only do so much even in that case. Think about what lolcows do and how it still unproportionatly gets back to them.
I think it also depends on the exposure. Unless you have really high numbers people are not all too interested in tearing you down. Meanwhile you can put out your content, create a substantial image, something to show for that stands against any doubt and work your way up.
Idk, these are just some ideas.

No. 183742

This, there's a real distinction of 'clearing the air' and addressing something once before leaving it alone, to just bringing it up constantly in an attempt to beat everyone to the punch about it.
I once started chatting to a girl who had been in some big online drama years ago, when I realized it was her I was a bit surprised but didn't really care, everyone does dumb stuff when they're young and people change. However she would just randomly bring it up out of the blue and rant about it, and would even post about it on forums to defend herself or share "her side" or whatever. I stopped talking to her because it was all she talked about. If she had stopped rising to everyone that mentioned it and instead focused on putting the so called "real her" out there in an unrelated way, people probably would have forgotten about the drama anyway. Trolls gonna troll, you've got to be ready to ignore it after you've taken what you can from it.

No. 183746

Unlesss you've been a stripper, I don't think you can make that assessment. At the very least it's like being a camgirl

Being a stripper gets you instant money. You don't have to work up a following. You just show up and start earning. However, it's a dangerous job. Every night you can be followed home and killed or raped. Being internet famous can be done from the privacy of your own home. Unless you're really stupid with tagging locations, you will never be in danger as frequently

No. 183775

You're right. And reading that back it was super unclear and based entirely on my own ideas of how I would go about being a stripper, but I was talking nonsense because I had read a few stripper diaries one time. Sex workers have my full support and respect.
sage for off-topic/not adding anything to dialogue

File: 1487499122964.jpg (9.53 KB, 206x245, image-http---i.imgur.com-1Rym9…)

No. 181571[Reply]

What goes on on this chan? Thought it was for discussion of lolcows, and it does indeed seem to be. However, I can't help but notice every poster seems to be female? WTF is with that? Is this a roastie-only chan? Is such a thing even possible?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 183678

From what I (and most people) understand, it's generally a female-oriented board. As far as I know there are no rules that say that males can't post, and yet I see male posters banned all the time just for mentioning their gender. So just don't out yourself if you're male (or trans, god forbid!) Any opinions other than a cis female's are promptly shit on and disregarded.

Initially I preferred this place to 8chan because people here seem slightly more empathetic. But after coming back, I realize just how catty and petty a lot of these women can be, and it makes me cringe. In some ways it's worse than the racist/sexist men on the other boards.

That said, there are still some good threads and content here. It's just better to be a lurker than a poster if you're not of the approved gender.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 183684

did you just bring up this dead shitty thread to say we're catty, petty bitchy women and say we hurt trannies' feelings? lol

No. 183706

>how dare women have their own spaces and not cater to my dick 24/7

No. 183730

Trannies will take any chance they can get to make it all about them

No. 183745

At this point I'm worried that anything trans-related is just bait because it's obvious that it's our hot topic

>Boohoo it's unfair because here instead of boolying "I'm a gril btw" anons, they booly "I'm a boy btw" anons :( :( :( li if u cri evritime

File: 1488129992002.jpg (708.29 KB, 1200x604, i-took-the-internet-addiction-…)

No. 182331[Reply]

Do you believe that it's a real thing? Do you think that you spend too much time online, and that it's affecting your life?

To be honest, I think I'd be way happier if I cut my internet time and picked up a productive hobby, but I just can't bring myself to do it for some reason.
26 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 183615

Are you sure it's not actually because the movie or tv show is shit?

No. 183654


I have the same problem. I can spend all day just browsing imageboards, sometimes webcomics keep me occupied for a while but that's about it.
I watch movies every so often but when I do so on my laptop I almost always open a tab of an imageboard next to it or put the two in little windows next to eachother. With that distraction nearby it's very difficult to actually sit through a slow-paced scene, whereas I actually love very old films with slow-paced stories.
The only way for me to actually pay attention throughout the entire film is to play it on a large tv screen, deliberately put my phone and the remote away and preferably watch it with other people.
It's getting ridiculous.

No. 183669

Hey, thanks for the idea. I've been wanting to take up either of those as a hobby anyway. Which one would you say is easier for beginners to learn?

No. 183693

File: 1489448600347.jpg (22.73 KB, 313x413, original (8).jpg)

Crocheting is much, much easier. If you make a mistake, it's very easy to undo it. I can basically crochet simple patterns while watching subbed anime because I don't need to look at it. I haven't attempted to knit a sweater or anything because you can't watch anime as easily. And if you do make something and decide you hate it, it's very easy to unravel and do it again.

I learnt how to do it when I was a kid, so if I can do it, anyone can do it. Just find a book with a lot of pictures, or watch youtube videos that go over stitches slowly.


This is a very easy to pattern to do once you get the hang of crocheting. I'm just using the basic instruction in one colour to make a giant blanket for myself. It'll probably take me 50+ more anime episodes to finish, which is how I prefer it.

Sorry for the long post, I just really like crocheting and knitting.

No. 183703

This is great! I appreciate the long post, and it's always nice to hear about something someone is passionate about. I'm seriously going to give crocheting a go now. Thanks so much!

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