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File: 1446444669427.png (29.08 KB, 301x219, theredpill.png)

No. 44925[Reply]

What is your opinion on /r/Redpill?
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No. 188414

>Rape isn't an absolute bad, because the rapist I think probably likes it a lot. I think he'd say it's quite good, really.'

I wonder if he'd still maintain this stance on rape if he got his ass forcefully prolapsed by Bubba. More seriously though, strange how they dismiss rape on women but treat male rape as a more serious issue.

Yeah, they'd honestly be happier if they tried dating the "not like the other girls" mtfs. They subscribe to a lot of groupthink so if it became trendy to date them, it could blow up as a proper trend.

I looked up some articles that he got outed but not how he was found. What gave him away? I haven't followed trp so I have no idea, was he the type to overshare personal info? Or has something else happened?

No. 188416

He was using the same email and alias for his personal websites/facebook and TRP's backup form. Snopes explains it in greater detail http://www.snopes.com/2017/04/25/legislator-reddit-redpill-forum/

No. 188418

Thanks for the link. I think I also found the original investigation article with some more details here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/04/25/the-republican-lawmaker-who-secretly-created-reddit-s-women-hating-red-pill.html

Anyway for a guy lamenting how stupid women are, it's funny how he got himself in this mess.

No. 188629

my boyfriend pulled this trp shit on me and i still feel like he kinda does but obviously won't admit.

No. 188648

How did he approached you with it?

File: 1493421146514.gif (3.76 MB, 480x270, whylive.gif)

No. 188561[Reply]

>tfw the nicest guy
>tfw polite
>tfw girls don't realize i'm a gentleman
What am I doing wrong?
this is the /b/ of lolcow, right?
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No. 188608

That had nothing to do with it. It enraged me and made me want to kill her, I mean why did she deserve to lose her virginity before me? She deserves to die.
But I did everything right. I traded pokemon cards. I learned how to ollie. Women lie. They don't want a charming man with a nice car who dresses well. They want a stupid slob who wears tracksuits and wifebeaters just because he's good at baseball. Look at the sunset. It's beautiful. And yet I don't get to experience it with a tall blonde woman. I own a BMW.

No. 188617

u have to act autistic and quiet like adam lanza for smol points then u will get tumblr puzzi at least (after u die of course cuz thats when they notice u)

No. 188618

Most of the guys who use "nice" as an adjective to explain their selves are the most whiny, ugly shitlords I have ever met.

No. 188621

So you admit you don't want a nice guy? Great. Then why am I wearing brand-name shirts? Why am I practicing my kickflips and dyeing my hair? Why did I quit WoW? I should torture you to death.

No. 188634

Moved to >>>/sty/3391.

File: 1446112609310.gif (442.6 KB, 500x243, 2acfef6da7aa64b4d4e036dc3352e1…)

No. 44450[Reply]

Since this was brought up in another thread, why not start our own thread dedicated to music?

Post anything related to music: bands you like, genres you listen to, instruments you play, any musical pieces you're working on, that one time at band camp…..etc.
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No. 188526

this just dropped and its catchy af

No. 188555


Yes!!! I would kill to see it as an american stage Musical!
Too bad it kinda flopped :(

No. 188584

I like music and I like singing songs.

No. 188598

Me too anon. I also like to whistle, but i'm scared of getting mouth wrinkles so usually I just hum.

No. 188599

tbh i wont even hum incase of that slight chance i get lines

File: 1433044124000.jpg (2.25 MB, 2250x1500, yum.jpg)

No. 135451[Reply]

I know there's an exercise/fitness thread but I thought maybe we could make one specifically for diets since the Tess thread is sort of derailing into diet talk.
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No. 188263

Seasoning is fine, just stop eating so much salt.

No. 188323

I smoke daily, like a disgusting amount and found that at this stage I have fuck all appetite and munchies stopped happening. Do not recommend.
Keep tasty but low-cal snacks around. Freeze fruit and yogurt instead of having ice cream, low sugar hot chocolate drinks instead of actual chocolate, salted nuts instead of chips etc.

No. 188326

What my dad does and what I've done as a result is when you'd put salt on food, put pepper instead. If you use less salt, less will be more to you. I'm sensitive to salt tho

No. 188383

Also when I increased my exercise output this week I gained 3 pounds on the scale and it hasn't come off since. Is that normal?

No. 188515

Samefag, I can't eat more than 1200 calories a day or else I get sleepy. I dont understand this

No. 183490[Reply]

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..
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No. 188404

I vouch for Rambutan as well. If you wanna go down the anime and copics route, she's your woman. She's not a jackass and her stuff is clear.

No. 188412

I fucking love Little Thunder. Their recent foray into animation feels so goddamn effortless. Dunno how they do it.

2D art is all pleb-tier. Marble sculpture or GTFO.

But seriously, the argument was that Copics are generally not used for (industry-level) finished works (they're limited to industrial design sketches) and are largely a status symbol for YT weebs to cum over. Medium elitism is dumb, though. Execution is all that matters.

No. 188413

I really like Alisa draws, her videos are nicely made and relaxing to watching, I do find her personality a bit a boring but thats not to importent

No. 188450

File: 1493356427353.jpg (10.17 KB, 225x225, lim.jpg)


>2D art is all pleb-tier. Marble sculpture or GTFO.

No. 188479

It's weird how Baylee calls herself a professional artist, yet her medium and art style is like the farthest thing from professional. Like everyone's said, a finished piece using nothing but copics is weird, and I doubt anyone is going to want that Disney-lite style

File: 1446906144921.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x1050, trip.jpg)

No. 46070[Reply]

What drugs have you done?
What drugs do you use regularly?
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No. 188454

Why do you even smoke socially if it makes you tired and gives you headaches?

No. 188460

Drugs done?
Ehh my memory is shitty but..
-pretty much all opiods but never touched heroin/fentanyl. Shot up dilaudid several times but shooting up is NOT my thing. And one of my best friends died from shooting up fentanyl so no thanks
-xanax, klonopin, ativan
-cough syrup and corocidin (terrible)
-weed/spice (one time for spice fuck that)
-air duster/whippits (also terrible)
-adderall/focalin, other uppers (no crack or meth or harder shit)
-ambien (why)

As for the one I got addicted to, and the reason for my now shitty memory is Xanax. Idk why. It started back in 2014 when I broke up with my gf of 3 years (first "serious" relationship and she cheated on me with another girl the whole time and I knew but kept taking her back cuz I was naive and she was sooo convincing, promising to change..) and I was so fucking heartbroken I just wanted to die. Friend at the time had a bf that was pushing here, so I got it alll for free. A fucking shit ton of them. I went off the deep end and I don't know how much I was using a day but it basically blanked out a complete 3 months of my life. I became a klepto, had sex I couldn't even remember having with various people, cut my legs into oblivion, basically wanting a slow, drawn out suicide.

I guess it was the fact it made me forget my feelings and completely detached me from having to cope with my emotions. Luckily when I became homeless I got arrested for tripping balls and looking suspicious as fuck at target, talking to trees and imaginary people..and my ass got sent to rehab. (Got news there was a warrant for my arrest there a month in but only spent a night in jail)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 188466

Its a social thing with my friends so I might as well, honestly the headaches aren't unbearable or anything just annoying. Plus I have trouble sleeping so I can just go home and go to sleep quickly

No. 188470

I smoke weed daily.

Tried mushrooms. They're nice, but I prefer weed. Would still take them on special occasions.

Tried mdma. Vomited the entire time. The high itself is nice but it's just not worth it when it's getting constantly eclipsed by nausea, never doing it again.

Tried speed. It made me very agitated and angry, it was an extremely unpleasant feeling. Never doing it again, and I cannot understand why people do it.

No. 188481

Yes. Yesterday I went to a party and some friends consumed and they start acting super annoying and agressive. It was so unpleasant to watch that I don't want to try coke. Also, if you start consuming often you get a weird belly fat and crazy eyes.

Sounds like a creepypasta but it can be perfectly true. It depends of the drugs, the quality and price the dealer sells. Expensive strains weed dealers are the chill stoner archetype, very nice and cool. If you want some cheaper and least pure you have to go to some shady places.

File: 1435944116316.png (359.88 KB, 451x469, Bcxhi0WCcAAWwEU.png)

No. 15930[Reply]

How do you feel about Omocat's designs and artwork? I like a lot of the stuff available in their store and have the glow in the dark sweater personally, other people think it's too weeb.
Reminder that they started a Kickstarter for a game they were making with free software. It raised $203,000 from 5,910 backers. Said game was meant to be released in May, but there's been no word on it. Not even an update. No backer rewards, either.
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No. 185466

File: 1491076178975.png (43.17 KB, 525x182, Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 12.4…)

this dude just made an order so she is absolutely selling these

No. 185510

Lmao she can make garbage and still sell it. Shows you don't need talent to make money. Also apparently you have to be Asian to model for her

No. 185647

Finally got my Omori sweater today. The sweater's soft and the design is nice but I probably won't wear it that often so I don't have to put it through the wash too much, I'm scared of the design cracking. I'll probably airdry it if anything.

I wore it around today since I waited so fucking long for it and ran into a bitch I hate who eats Omo's shit and we were talking about the game, and when I mentioned what some people farther up the thread said about Omo fearing the release of Omori and it not being as popular as Undertale, she kept saying "noo she should just release it! people will love it!" and I wanted to say "yeah because a lot of her fans are blind sheep and love any garbage she put out." When I mentioned her new line to try and segway into my thought of blind sheep, she immediately said "Yeah I LOVE it! It's sooo ironic!!"

I knew it was a lost cause and she was one of those blind sheep but damn. I hate to be one of those people who say things like "I like their old stuff better" but I really do like Omo's older stuff better, back when her designs were pretty nice. Her new line looks like a fucking five year old drew it. I'm happy I got her sweater since I bought it when I was a stupid wee bab, but now I know better lol. I want a bootleg of her fishboy sweater so if anyone would happen to know where I could find one please point me in the right direction lol.

No. 188439

a lot of comments here are so hateful and pointless, I think that everybody is allowed to wear whatever the fuck they want to wear and everybody can also have they own opinions about what beautiful is.
Im not gonna defend omocat in every aspect, but you people have to realize when you are just being an asshole.
Do I like her old style more than the new one? mostly I do, but who am i to tell the artist what shit they should draw to please ME, they know what they wanna do and what kind of people they wanna reach, and im free to say, 'well, i dont think i like this so i dont have to buy it' thats it.
i have never bought anything from her because its expensive, i agree with that, and im disappointed to read that the clothes is not even high quality (i know that you have to pay for original design, but i think that the material should meet the expectations at least)
I have no idea why the omoriboy game has been so delayed and i do think its concerning since the team made a huge amount of money on kickstarter, but what have this to do with her being 'ugly' or whatever?
Also i dont think that being socially awkward is too much a big deal, of course she could work on it but people could also recognise that there is different kind of people outside and not everyone is trying to be mean or haughty just because they're not immediately nice. And yeah maybe she is a jerk but i dont know here so i cant say and i dont care.

No. 188469

Hey anon, is the tag on that shirt "Made in China" or "Made in America"? I am just deeply contemplating if there's any reason to invest in some 40 dollar shirt that's cheaply made. Please review how it holds up in washes as well.

File: 1485485379689.png (257.94 KB, 615x346, 6756756.png)

No. 179848[Reply]

With the release of the toddler update and vampire pack for Sims 4, it had me wondering how many of you play/have played the Sims.

Do you prefer Sims 2 or maybe Sims 3? What are some of your favorite aspects of the Sims and what are some things you hated? For those who are fans of Sims 4, is there anything you'd love to see added, such as seasons or university?

Feel free to share pics, stories of your own Sims gameplay, talk about the best way to kill annoying townies, etc.
106 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 188155

No. 188360

I'm enjoying this but it would be a lot more fun with other farmers.

No. 188361

File: 1493293251573.jpg (1.02 MB, 800x600, house.jpg)

A lot of Sims 1 CC actually still exists anon, you just gotta know where to look.
A lot of the smaller sites have lil banners to promote other sites, and while plenty of them are long gone there are some that are still alive with working download links to this day. I'll dump a few links.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 188362

>around 12 years old or so
>sexually curious
>always make my sims sleep around
>new game, make my char a lesbian lover with Mimi
>mom walks by and watches me play for a minute
>Mimi immediately comes home and my character greets her with a kiss

Mom just said it was weird and was squicked out since she's prudish about lesbians. Never watched me play again and whenever there was a Sims ad she'd make a mention about how it's "too adult."

But I fucking love that game, time to google if any of the newer console games are comparable.
After I lost my gorgeous meticulously modded house in sims2 it's killed any motivation for the PC games. I loved the gameplay of the GC one though, especially trying to get all the unlockables

No. 188363

I claimed a gr8 tumblr url for a simblr and then didn't use it for a while since my old computer was a potato but now I have a new computer that isn't a potato and I CAN'T REMEMBER THE THROWAWAY EMAIL/PASSWORD TO USE IT

I hate everything.

I might see if I can trial and error the email and if it doesn't work I might see if I can sperg to tumblr support about it…


File: 1447888279999.jpg (276.96 KB, 933x755, 13.jpg)

No. 121943[Reply]

I couldn't see a thread in the catalogue dedicated specifically to general skincare and this is a very important subject as unarguably good skin is probably the most important aspect when it comes to beauty.

So, share tips and advice on overall skincare, give experiences in combating your skin ailments, what products you use, recommendations, requests, secrets etc.
1132 posts and 125 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 188266

Got my hands on Etude Baking Powder cream- how good is it?

No. 188311

My eczema is starting up again. I'm on my period, don't know if that can cause it. I was using retinol and Epiduo for my acne, and have for a while, but use the retinol on and off because I seem to have sensitive skin on my face.

I also have been using a Clean & Clear oil-free moisturizer and argan oil. Help?

I've stopped putting anything on my face but lotion for extra dry skin and petroleum jelly, with the exception that I put the Epiduo on spots only and very sparingly.

Any anons here with eczema? I haven't had it this bad in years…

No. 188315

Does anyone with keratosis pilaris notice that the redness on your arms goes away when you're asleep? Every morning my arms look totally clear (still bumpy just not irritated) and then the spots flush red/purple after being out of bed for a while. It gets my hopes up every time and I really hate it.

No. 188316

File: 1493241395248.jpg (7.82 KB, 355x355, 45447565.jpg)

I don't use a mens trimmer, but I bought a Panasonic ES246AC bikini trimmer off Amazon last year and love it.

You can get a pretty close shave if you take off the blade guard, but even if you choose to leave it on at the lowest level, you can still get pretty close and have it look nice and neat.

No. 188349

I saw someone recommend Saw palmetto supplements for acne, do you think it would work?

File: 1442378186600.jpg (79.7 KB, 1000x680, JCohen_BoyMeetsGirl_1.jpg)

No. 36918[Reply]

or at least girls relatively less attractive than them

I made this thread to boost my self esteem tbh
398 posts and 82 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 183623

He's a chubby chaser (or whale watcher, I guess). They did a Q&A a long time ago where she said all of his prior gfs have been big.

No. 184130

She gives me so much confidence, lmao I love how she doesn't give a fuck!

No. 188261

File: 1493220354982.jpg (663.89 KB, 1000x2876, IMG_3489.JPG)

The summary of this thread

No. 188267

And you necro'd an old thread only for this?

No. 188346

But the claim it makes still stands

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