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File: 1491172836429.jpg (16.39 MB, 520x390, 4n7fwTZ.jpg)

No. 185560[Reply]

anybody else read "the gift of fear"
its one of the books i recommend everyone read!
heres a link to a pdf of it
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No. 187400

Yeah this is a huge fear of mine, I tend to freeze in scary situations. Also I fear not realising what's going on until it's too late.

I'd recommend going over self defence techniques over and over until it comes naturally to you, that way you don't need to think you can just let muscle memory do its work. Essentially anyone who comes too close for comfort (after you express discomfort and show what your barrier is) has negative intent (why else would they want to make you uncomfortable?) An easy test is to bring your hands up to your face (like you're avoiding a kiss from someone gross lol) and take a step back, he should pull back and be apologetic if he's in any way a decent human being who understands basic social queues. So immediately be wary once that invasion of your space happens and start mentally prepping yourself for what's about to happen, don't let yourself ever be alone with a person like that, lock yourself in the ladies bathroom if you need to (you never know the strength of female comradery until you've sought help from a bunch of drunk girls in the ladies bathroom of a club…seriously bless those girls), start arranging how to get home (call a taxi to be waiting for you), have someone on the phone…

Once his mood changes (generally assholes will go from sweet and charming to insane in a few seconds) fucking run ASAP because you only have those few seconds before it gets physical. Pick up something heavy to hit him with if you can descretly (a bottle, a vase, your handbag, a phone…whatever is near). Trust your INSTINCTS, the human brain is trained to know what anger looks like (look at his eyebrows, his fists, if he's bending his knees to stabilise himself before a punch/grab).

I'm not saying that rapists/attackers are intelligent but instinctively they go for people who they consider weak (there are videos online of people describing their perfect targets, I'll post if I can find them again) so essentially girls who are small, seem shy, wear heels they can't run in, stray from their friends often, are careless with their drinks, look like they are too shy to scream…I'm not saying that you should be constantly on edge while out (that would ruin your night and give you anxiety!) But if he's expecting you to be quiet and not fight back, you have to do the opposite. In those few seconds I mentiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 187522

>It's fucking illegal, you knob

Who carries a kitchen knife as a self-defense knife? Like…what the fuck is wrong with you? I know you can't buy sharp objects in England without an ID but good god you are dense.

Also, nice posting 20x in a thread just to claim I'm a /k/loving Robot who has a dominating-woman fetish, it deeply amuses me that you project this image on anyone who disagrees with you. Who's the triggered one exactly? What else can you project?
That I don't know self Defense? That I haven't fought a Man? That I don't know how to use a knife?

>I'm not saying that rapists/attackers are intelligent

So if the rapists isn't smart, I guess that means the victims are even dumber!

>You have a second before he attacks

>Slap him!
>Stop his foot!
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No. 187539

I've been kicked in the nuts with steel toed boots, smashed in the head with a bottle and hit/scratched in the face/eyes by normal sized 200 pound men. I hardly noticed, but I do have a scar on my head from the bottle. Don't overestimate the effectiveness of cheap shots. If you live in a dangerous place like South Africa or Detroit you should carry a gun and add pistol shooting to your martial arts skillset. Pretty much the only way to equalize a fight. Yes, judo and such teaches you to use the enemy's weight against him, but that's exactly what your opponent tries against you with the advantage of being twice the size and 3 times as strong. De-escalation and running away are less likely to result in injury.

Perhaps unrelated, but I've met more women who've been attacked by a woman than women who've been attacked by a man. probably has to do with the legions of 100% certified insane people wandering around my town.

this is a weird site. you people are weird.

No. 187541

opinion disregarded

No. 187618

k you're just taking the piss now, couldn't even be bothered to respond but at least now I realise you're a troll

No. 42935[Reply]

Old: >>4372

Old thread has been dying a painful death for a while. I'll start with a dump.

>Vic's Message at Supanova Brisbane 2012
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No. 187121

I'm cool with women ditching typically feminine things and looking like she does really. Good for her. It's better than women trying to pretend their eyeliner or heels are some sort of feminist statement "so sharp they they could cut a man teehee"

No. 187284

aaaah yes i absolutely agree with this
women who dress like an absolute prostitute """"for themselves"""""" ok sweety

No. 187451


>women who dress like an absolute prostitute """"for themselves"""""" ok sweety

gb2 /pol/ you retard.

No. 187476

dont you know? makeup is sinful and covers how u really appear. ITS FAKE and makes women look like PROSTITUTES. Heels??? Don't get me started! Women aren't really that tall when they wear them! I found that out when a lady at the mall was trying them on and I was on my way to get an Ichigo plushie at FYE. Fucking cunts

No. 187533

What? There's nothing wrong with those things but they're not feminist that's all.

File: 1476723368801.jpg (25.49 KB, 600x400, the-most-expensive-shoes-in-th…)

No. 143946[Reply]

What is the most expensive thing you own? Hard mode: no electronics.

Is it worth the money?
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No. 187320


i just realized i dont really own anything expensive. if i count in electronics and stuff that both my husband AND I own, it's the roomba.

No. 187339

my fucking costumes that i only get to wear twice or three times tops.

No. 187413

i'm a bag whore. i just bought a cute leather botkier backpack for like $400. my last bag was $500 or so but it last me like 4 years.

i like good quality leather and well constructed designs. i dont find many bags i like but when i do i have to have them.

i also have a pair of acne booties that i regret buying because i never wear them but they are sooo cute. i think those were like $600.

No. 187414

My motorbike

I love it so much I even named it, totally worth it

No. 187530

Is this you?

>living vicariously through youtube videos is good enough for me

No. 183490[Reply]

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..
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No. 187480

I was on DA in the 2000s, and the most popular illustrators used Prisma and Copic markers. However most of them have moved on to digital art because its easier, faster, and has a go-back button to fix mistakes. I agree that using using markers is a noob thing to do.

I mean markers are always fun to use, but not professional tier so to speak.

No. 187481

Samefagging here, I also forgot to mention that those popular artists moved on to digital because its much more accessible now then say 10 years ago

No. 187484

Don't copics fade like a total bitch? That's probably why no one except Weebs uses them

No. 187496

yep they tend to fade overtime, especially under sun/UV light

No. 187503

Most traditional materials damage under sun or UV light, acrylic or oils discolor, Paper yellows etc. That's why most museums keep every piece of direct light and companies put original artwork into storage.

That's probably also why digital art is prefered for commercial work nowadays, it's faster and easier to fix. Some clients still like traditional sketches done with marker/watercolor but almost every product is finished digitally nowadays.

File: 1489302233082.png (515.11 KB, 714x449, Mabinogi irl.png)

No. 183562[Reply]

ITT: Post pictures of what people post online vs how they actually look
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No. 186320

Did she shoop her jaw off or is her chin really that weak? Because either way, yikes.

No. 186439

If it was shooped then she would've went all out

No. 186537

File: 1492058939242.jpg (65.66 KB, 604x453, Hia_1jlGNeA.jpg)

He repeatedly cheated on and raped his other ex as well. I have no idea how 14 year olds on tumblr continue to kiss his ass.

No. 186822

She looks scary in the second pic tbh

No. 187396

I just came into this thread and its so amusing to see renard brought up. I followed him wayyy wAy WAY back for his music, I wasnt even a furry or involved with the fur community. But I was around for all the drama that happened and yikes, he's a total creep. EVen way back then when he first started showing pics of his "new agender self" I didnt really fall for it, I thought he was a total fucking weirdo.

File: 1492562671393.png (243.13 KB, 477x768, 1418156614001.png)

No. 187363[Reply]

Helo will u be my gf?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 187373

eyy where the boipuccis at?

No. 187375

We are all sexy Stacies and we already have bfs. Bye bye.

No. 187376

File: 1492563530198.jpg (18.56 KB, 274x200, 63567.jpg)

You are ugly transsexual faggots and should kill yourself

No. 187380

no. some russian guy from krautchan told me i am pretty. ave a listen


No. 187390

Moved to >>>/sty/3306.

File: 1492563267609.jpg (148.06 KB, 500x389, 1491645969001.jpg)

No. 187372[Reply]

Hello, I am a lady just like you!

No. 187378

kc tier

No. 187381

shoo roboto

No. 187385

theyre from kc. at least it's a step up

File: 1492121714291.jpg (30.09 KB, 480x270, sadzoidberg.jpg)

No. 186648[Reply]

Is anybody else genuinely worried the political climate in the US right now?

I definitely am, because of the Trump adminstration doing things like cutting EPA and other industy's funding, pushing coal, the involvement with Russia, Trump's inability to be tactful, etc. I didn't vote for him, but after he won the election I tried to stay optimistic about it and was for the first month, but that feeling didn't last. I'm also worried that the democrats are going to obstructionist about everything when it isn't always necessary. I wish this polarization would end but I feel like it'll only get worse.

Also anons from other countries are welcome to discuss they're worries.
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No. 187249

I don't think the NK govt. is as stupid as people think they are, tbh. I can't see them actually starting a war unless some other country has their back

No. 187261

Which they (china) will if trump continues to fuck with them both.

No. 187265

Except China has backed the US in this situation, because shockingly, the huge benefits that having the US (and their massive economy) on side brings is more important than North Korea, who they already have issues with.

No. 187266

File: 1492496725169.png (457.04 KB, 645x512, nevereverever.png)

>Are you dumb? Coal is what powers electric power. All the faggot environmentalists when they say "WE WANT ELECTRIC POWER" are actually saying "MORE COAL PLEASE". If you want alternative energy ask for more wind and solar, not electric.
Is this a false flag? Is it even possible to be this stupid?

No. 187333

File: 1492546841597.png (26.1 KB, 247x247, nixon kek.png)

>the involvement with Russia

File: 1492492930269.jpg (1.27 MB, 2136x2838, me chart.jpg)

No. 187255[Reply]

Checked the catalog, didn't see shit

me chart thread? Please no bully

No. 187258

….Lmao, no.

No. 187260

You could've at least started with an empty one

No. 187267


fuck this thread then B-)

No. 187268

I distinctly remember we had a thread like this before.

File: 1492489990443.jpeg (161.83 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

No. 187680[Reply]

This is a thread where you can talk about your frustrations with these ~BODEH POSITIVETAY uwu~ "activists" taking over social media to promote obesity under the guise of "making the world a better place".

Everything they do is for attention. They don't understand ANYTHING basic about fitness and healthy weight.

Post your favorite obnoxious attention-seeking special snowflakes or obvious food obsessed fat fucks.
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No. 187706

not the anon you're replying to but you can't delete the thread anyway.

No. 187707

Well, can't I do something if you're gonna be all anal about it? Because if not then just don't bump the thread, it'll become more irrelevant later if nobody replies.

No. 187708

What I really hate is when fat peopke are all like: be yourself, it's ok to be fat, overweight is beautiful, I'm heathy already,I eat what want and you should too.

No just stop. It's potentially wrecking your body and your health

No. 187709

'Don't criticise bodies in a thread for pointing out how bullshit body positivity is!'
Fph is filled with self hating fatties anyway. Sorry you think disgusting bodies are normal or that taxpayers should fork out when these heifers feet start rotting off.

No. 187710

Not same anon. I love the HAES threads. I love stuff about Rosie and her ilk. Just thought that example sucked. Take your tampon out.

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