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File: 1490059417982.jpg (62.29 KB, 625x415, crushes.jpg)

No. 184267[Reply]

Can we have a new thread for crushes? The old one is gone and the only other one is for unattainable/unrealistic ones. Let's have one about ones at school/work/etc.
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No. 187282

Avoiding people is the worst you can do. Don't leave the poor dude in the dark.

No. 187437

I don't think he likes me anymore anyway….plus the only time I see him is during dinner w/ our group of friends.

No. 187670

I still have a crush on a guy I went to high school with for 3 years. Even though we now go to different universities. He found out I liked him during the last year of high school and tried to approach me a few times but I kept beating around the bush. Part of me feels like he might have been interested but then I remember that I'm ugly so he might have just been nice to me.

No. 187928

Even tho i'm in a relationship since 2 years I develop crushes all the time, it's hella exhausting

No. 187931

women dont owe you a response filthy incel

File: 1458432074976.jpg (1.9 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0649.JPG)

No. 82226[Reply]

Everything about pets you have or want. Give advice about pets you have, advice on whether or not you should get one and which kind, if you have one and are worried about it, resources links, facilities.
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No. 187856

Dogs are furry and like being pet. I like dogs and I like to pet dogs.

No. 187876

Why are you namefagging.

No. 187877


Hi! I'm Wildchild! What is your name?

No. 187878

At first I thought you were a cow yourself but now I'm convinced you're just trolling. Carry on then.

No. 187907

They're p cute

File: 1487897502654.jpg (129.31 KB, 1000x605, vent.jpg)

No. 181943[Reply]

Previous thread hit post limit

Let it out anons.
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No. 187885

domo arigato mr. roboto, domo.

lol so we meet again, wonder why I've got so many male friends if I'm an inferior stupid wimman with no shared interests but STEM, have a boyfriend, and don't ask for money ever.

dear god no wonder you think women are like this, you can't have female friends with that attitude.

No. 187886

Just get a girlfriend it's easier.

No. 187887

samefagging but why haven't we banned this guy yet? he's really not adding anything new or fresh to the conversations on gender and is a bit of a fly landing on a pile of shit

No. 187895

File: 1492976491696.jpg (21.09 KB, 330x272, some shit i found on pinterest…)

i fucking hate the stereotypical college bisexual girls. the whole, "i watched orange is the new black once, i should date a girl! dump her after two months and never date women again! i'm totes LGBT"

i know i sound like an asshole and that i shouldn't take stereotypes so seriously, but i'm a lesbian and god damn, girls who do it for attention are 100% real.

like straight girls who go on facebook and put that they are in a relationship with their best friend just cause they want to see what people comment. or i'll see posts like "tru best friends hold hands in public to make people think we're lesbies xd". or the "im a women and i can get more pussy than u #pansexual". idk it pisses me off so much seeing straight/bisexual girls do such obvious attention whoring with their straight/bisexual friends.

cause when i tell those types of girls that i'm a lesbian i always get these umcortable looks… or they just straight up stop talking to me. like i wasn't flirting with you, you just asked! you're not even my type holy shit! why you want to be a lesbian so bad, but then you meet actual women who are interested in women and get weirded out. shut the fuck up jesus. some laineybot shit.

No. 187900

I feel lost. I have a crush on a guy who told me he couldn't be with anyone right now as he doesn't feel the best and he had a previous relationship which gone wrong because of his mental state (he had cancer and other stuff). I've been wondering if I had a chance or this was just a polite way of refusing and the next month I'll see him with a girl.

I can't bring myself to speak to him since that, it's only been a couple of days but it's stressing me out.

File: 1426797187888.jpg (226.04 KB, 2480x962, Let’s-Go-Abroad.jpg)

No. 3517[Reply]

Got idea from anon on /pt/.

Share your experiences, questions or anything related to studying abroad.

I myself have applied for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, but just for one year as an exchange student. Anyone got experiences studying abroad in Japan ( Tokyo)?
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No. 185094

Why is St Petersburg the only good place?

No. 185110

yid? As in jew? I'm curious to know what made you think that lol
Errr I'd rather not, since I already have a high school diploma and am attending uni, so…

No. 185124

It isn't a shithole and it's in Europe so it's cheaper to go abroad. Moscow is full of immigrants from Soviet satellite states, Siberia and random small parishes. People there are ridiculously competitive and jealous, although it's entirely justified.

No. 185139

can confirm, Russians are weird. They are either ok-ish or total maniacs, currently staying in Italy and have one as a roommate, its been hell.

how do you guys manage with small trips alone? im staying in Rome and would really love to go to Pompeii but i still get a lil anxious with being alone on trips lmao

No. 187836

Hate to necro, but how's it like studying in england? I might go there for my undergrad and I really wanna know how it's like

No. 18770[Reply]

Anaclara Passlacqua
Potential source of milk
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No. 43730

>>36120 no, I see it all

No. 43736

File: 1445475299402.jpg (316.29 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 43737

File: 1445475322810.jpg (227.82 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Drama about her

No. 93244

She does camming too, pretty good stuff.

No. 187640

File: 1492748975627.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.85 KB, 648x505, AP.jpg)

"Anaclara Passlacqua
Potential source of milk"

More like someone is a source of milk for her.

File: 1472928346952.png (1.12 MB, 1402x870, Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.00…)

No. 109364[Reply]

Last one reached reply limit. Post about fat people being gross.
Old thread: >>>>13848
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No. 187577

They probably do. Sage for blog but I used to work at a zoo. We had I think three scooters that got used all the time (primarily by obese visitors). One of the scooters had some battery issues and one day the largest woman I'd ever seen on one came back at the end of the day in tears and with the reddest, sweatiest face ever, angry as FUCK. The scooter had stopped halfway around the zoo (which, the paths all adding up were a few miles at most, and walking back the short way from where this scooter broke down was probably less than a mile). She was so furious that she had to walk all that distance back in the heat and demanded her money back.

Fatties are so fucking dramatic and entitled.

No. 187598

The other women in this image are what plus size model bodies should look like, either in good health like the woman on the left who has some visible ab muscle tone, or just like average 30+ year old women. Tess looks like a giant dying star that will suck in and destroy all nearby celestial bodies when she implodes into her own super-dense cholesterol-filled heart and becomes a black hole

No. 187628

File: 1492739848449.jpg (51.44 KB, 529x487, disabled children are problema…)

No. 188064


how much do you guys think that second girl weights? would you consider her obese?

idk its tripping me out cause she's clearly a whale but the clothes fit her nicely, so that i could even pass her off as chubby.

she's delusional if she thinks those clothes are unacceptable.

No. 188069


why girl with orange hair did that to her hair yo. unless you're hayley williams or something, try something a lil bit more…just not that. not the yellow bob without bangs…

File: 1491172836429.jpg (16.39 MB, 520x390, 4n7fwTZ.jpg)

No. 185560[Reply]

anybody else read "the gift of fear"
its one of the books i recommend everyone read!
heres a link to a pdf of it
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No. 187400

Yeah this is a huge fear of mine, I tend to freeze in scary situations. Also I fear not realising what's going on until it's too late.

I'd recommend going over self defence techniques over and over until it comes naturally to you, that way you don't need to think you can just let muscle memory do its work. Essentially anyone who comes too close for comfort (after you express discomfort and show what your barrier is) has negative intent (why else would they want to make you uncomfortable?) An easy test is to bring your hands up to your face (like you're avoiding a kiss from someone gross lol) and take a step back, he should pull back and be apologetic if he's in any way a decent human being who understands basic social queues. So immediately be wary once that invasion of your space happens and start mentally prepping yourself for what's about to happen, don't let yourself ever be alone with a person like that, lock yourself in the ladies bathroom if you need to (you never know the strength of female comradery until you've sought help from a bunch of drunk girls in the ladies bathroom of a club…seriously bless those girls), start arranging how to get home (call a taxi to be waiting for you), have someone on the phone…

Once his mood changes (generally assholes will go from sweet and charming to insane in a few seconds) fucking run ASAP because you only have those few seconds before it gets physical. Pick up something heavy to hit him with if you can descretly (a bottle, a vase, your handbag, a phone…whatever is near). Trust your INSTINCTS, the human brain is trained to know what anger looks like (look at his eyebrows, his fists, if he's bending his knees to stabilise himself before a punch/grab).

I'm not saying that rapists/attackers are intelligent but instinctively they go for people who they consider weak (there are videos online of people describing their perfect targets, I'll post if I can find them again) so essentially girls who are small, seem shy, wear heels they can't run in, stray from their friends often, are careless with their drinks, look like they are too shy to scream…I'm not saying that you should be constantly on edge while out (that would ruin your night and give you anxiety!) But if he's expecting you to be quiet and not fight back, you have to do the opposite. In those few seconds I mentiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 187522

>It's fucking illegal, you knob

Who carries a kitchen knife as a self-defense knife? Like…what the fuck is wrong with you? I know you can't buy sharp objects in England without an ID but good god you are dense.

Also, nice posting 20x in a thread just to claim I'm a /k/loving Robot who has a dominating-woman fetish, it deeply amuses me that you project this image on anyone who disagrees with you. Who's the triggered one exactly? What else can you project?
That I don't know self Defense? That I haven't fought a Man? That I don't know how to use a knife?

>I'm not saying that rapists/attackers are intelligent

So if the rapists isn't smart, I guess that means the victims are even dumber!

>You have a second before he attacks

>Slap him!
>Stop his foot!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 187539

I've been kicked in the nuts with steel toed boots, smashed in the head with a bottle and hit/scratched in the face/eyes by normal sized 200 pound men. I hardly noticed, but I do have a scar on my head from the bottle. Don't overestimate the effectiveness of cheap shots. If you live in a dangerous place like South Africa or Detroit you should carry a gun and add pistol shooting to your martial arts skillset. Pretty much the only way to equalize a fight. Yes, judo and such teaches you to use the enemy's weight against him, but that's exactly what your opponent tries against you with the advantage of being twice the size and 3 times as strong. De-escalation and running away are less likely to result in injury.

Perhaps unrelated, but I've met more women who've been attacked by a woman than women who've been attacked by a man. probably has to do with the legions of 100% certified insane people wandering around my town.

this is a weird site. you people are weird.

No. 187541

opinion disregarded

No. 187618

k you're just taking the piss now, couldn't even be bothered to respond but at least now I realise you're a troll

No. 42935[Reply]

Old: >>4372

Old thread has been dying a painful death for a while. I'll start with a dump.

>Vic's Message at Supanova Brisbane 2012
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No. 187121

I'm cool with women ditching typically feminine things and looking like she does really. Good for her. It's better than women trying to pretend their eyeliner or heels are some sort of feminist statement "so sharp they they could cut a man teehee"

No. 187284

aaaah yes i absolutely agree with this
women who dress like an absolute prostitute """"for themselves"""""" ok sweety

No. 187451


>women who dress like an absolute prostitute """"for themselves"""""" ok sweety

gb2 /pol/ you retard.

No. 187476

dont you know? makeup is sinful and covers how u really appear. ITS FAKE and makes women look like PROSTITUTES. Heels??? Don't get me started! Women aren't really that tall when they wear them! I found that out when a lady at the mall was trying them on and I was on my way to get an Ichigo plushie at FYE. Fucking cunts

No. 187533

What? There's nothing wrong with those things but they're not feminist that's all.

File: 1476723368801.jpg (25.49 KB, 600x400, the-most-expensive-shoes-in-th…)

No. 143946[Reply]

What is the most expensive thing you own? Hard mode: no electronics.

Is it worth the money?
115 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 187320


i just realized i dont really own anything expensive. if i count in electronics and stuff that both my husband AND I own, it's the roomba.

No. 187339

my fucking costumes that i only get to wear twice or three times tops.

No. 187413

i'm a bag whore. i just bought a cute leather botkier backpack for like $400. my last bag was $500 or so but it last me like 4 years.

i like good quality leather and well constructed designs. i dont find many bags i like but when i do i have to have them.

i also have a pair of acne booties that i regret buying because i never wear them but they are sooo cute. i think those were like $600.

No. 187414

My motorbike

I love it so much I even named it, totally worth it

No. 187530

Is this you?

>living vicariously through youtube videos is good enough for me

File: 1489302233082.png (515.11 KB, 714x449, Mabinogi irl.png)

No. 183562[Reply]

ITT: Post pictures of what people post online vs how they actually look
96 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 186320

Did she shoop her jaw off or is her chin really that weak? Because either way, yikes.

No. 186439

If it was shooped then she would've went all out

No. 186537

File: 1492058939242.jpg (65.66 KB, 604x453, Hia_1jlGNeA.jpg)

He repeatedly cheated on and raped his other ex as well. I have no idea how 14 year olds on tumblr continue to kiss his ass.

No. 186822

She looks scary in the second pic tbh

No. 187396

I just came into this thread and its so amusing to see renard brought up. I followed him wayyy wAy WAY back for his music, I wasnt even a furry or involved with the fur community. But I was around for all the drama that happened and yikes, he's a total creep. EVen way back then when he first started showing pics of his "new agender self" I didnt really fall for it, I thought he was a total fucking weirdo.

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