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File: 1492397238591.gif (913.72 KB, 268x400, 5TC1o3oRE68Mg.gif)

No. 187108[Reply]

Anyone here's been a groupie for a famous singer before? I surprisingly never hear this talked about around these parts.
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No. 187168

What's the point in being a groupie
Serious question

No. 187182

File: 1492454770870.gif (13.41 KB, 200x200, 200_s.gif)

lmao tru e

No. 187187

I chatted with and sent nudes to a small rapper on a famous label for a while. Thats the closest I have to a groupie story

No. 187195

I have kinda. Not anyone super famous, but for the type of music they play or whatever they were well known.
For guys like that it's not hard at all. And it's not that exciting. But I came from a small town and it was my only chance to meet guys that I was attracted to.
There were some fun times here and there but overall I regret doing all that shit.
For actual really famous musicians there's not chance getting to them unless you're a model or something.

No. 187215

I have no groupie experience but thank you for the Rihanna gif

File: 1482836506799.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.68 MB, 836x891, oh jrgee.gif)

No. 173704[Reply]

Post about any art thieves or tracers you come across. I'll start with one I've recently found on Line Webtoon. They have over 330,000 hearts and are a paid webcomic artist. They go by the name of SilentMaru. They trace off of Sweet Guy and possibly other comics but I haven't found them as of yet. More information will be posted here and when I'm done with the other comparisons of traced vs. original I will post them here. https://ecstacyhearts-exposed.tumblr.com/
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No. 186282

What annoys me about Kr0n is that people will go "oh but he says he uses refrences!" even though 95% of his audience has no idea he's essentially just copying them.
It's not like he just uses it to make sure a pose or the lighting looks fine etc. He flat out redraws the thing.

I'm all for Sakimichan making as much as she does, as she did genuinely work hard for years and got lucky. I'm happy for her even if her art is always the same now.
Kr0n though? Fuck that. Everything about how he makes money feels like a gross scam.

No. 186295

I'm pretty sure Kr0n and Ilya are the same fucking person. They have the same art style and way of coloring.
Someone prove me wrong.

No. 186303

Dude, they are the same person. He changed his username after he got called out for plagiarism/improper crediting. You know, so he could get lose some of the negativity attached to his name.

But Kr0n numyumy and guweiz are all pretty bad when it comes to theft, Kr0n not so much anymore. Copyright is a bitch, huh

No. 186996


It's also interesting how people who traces, heavily references or copy from other artists usually gets the more solid fan-base, that one that no matter how much proof you throw at them they'll still believing in the innocence of the thief and even will deny it. There're people who defend Numyumy by saying that tracing and overpainting is something that artist do in the industry so it's completely justified, but there's a big difference between tracing photos to pull out a concept that probably will never see the daylight and tracing photos (that are not stock and are probably copyrighted) to trick brainwashed people to believe that you have more skill than what you actually have, extra points if you claim it's 100% your original work and advertise it on your patreon as such


heck, if that's true then he's a completely hypocrite will all that "I practice 12 hours a day" bullshit

No. 187030

If he was honest about the rotoscoping it would be fine, animation is time consuming enough as is

File: 1492278596003.png (454.82 KB, 700x500, 1490063808087.png)

No. 186959[Reply]

I just stumbled across this chan on google images, where did it come from? Anything to do with 888chan or that one with a CWC /cow/ archive that vanished a couple of years ago? How come so many of you allude to being biological females? That's not normal.
Sorry if this info is available elsewhere but I'm mobile browsing so half datablind.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 186960

Moved to >>>/sty/3270.

File: 1492117309132.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x600, 6f5.jpg)

No. 186635[Reply]

>be hot guy
>good girls are into "cute" guys

i keep on going on dates with stacy to find out that nothing's going on up there… help me, why couldn't i be a skinny korean guy dear god
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No. 186882

>But do you know what the other decent man have what you don't, which is why they have gf's?

>But what she sees in him is


>slavic hobo.

From a genetic test, 1/3 Italian, 1/2 Irish/British, and the rest is other European. No slav countries though.

>you too, learn to remove the exif/metadata

Oh no, now you know I made that image using GIMP.

>attentionwhoring on a female gossip forum full of legbeards

I wish one of these stronk independent legbeards would marry me and act like my mom and let me suck on her tits.
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No. 186883

>100+ posts
>still not in /sty/

No. 186884

Fuck it, why not go and find a cougar? She'd take care of your sorry ass and buy you video games.

No. 186890

I hope you're offering a payment to whoever will put up with your shit.

No. 186902

Moved to >>>/sty/3080.

File: 1492146002534.jpg (42.2 KB, 491x490, babby.jpg)

No. 186853[Reply]

I'm going to Sakuracon this weekend to spectate on the strangeness. Are there any cows or dramatic figures of interest going to be on the lookout for? Also, are any other farmers attending?

File: 1492032733945.jpg (47.17 KB, 359x512, shirome aarin to akari.jpg)

No. 186503[Reply]

do you guys think females have more privilege than males?I keep hearing men say this lately. well, here is my opinion..I think in the west women and men are mostly equal on the levels of privilege. I think most men confuse female privilege with good looking women privilege. I don't mind when men say that male privilege in the west doesn't exist, but they only use attractive white women to prove that this is a fact…I mean obviously an attractive white girl is going to be treated better than an ugly/average man. Saying women have privilege because attractive white women are treated nicer would be like me saying that men have more privilege because tall and attractive white guys get treated better than me. Its like these men completely ignore the existence of women who arent good looking.
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No. 186691

C'mon girls, let the guy vent, he's just another loser trying to get female attention and feel better about his shitty life. Just let him be. Also there's no way he'll understand any of what it's been posted, I mean there's no cure for stupidity. And there are so many arguments with no deep thought. For instance, claims women have it easy just because we have a vag, said there's less female homelessness because we can just become prostitutes (without taking into account how dangerous and deprecating it is) or get picked up by a man that will take care of us (again without taking in account how many times these relationships have huge amounts of abuse).

Then in >>186638 blames feminism for "toxic masculinity" without any understanding of how the concept is formed. Toxic masculinity has always been there, it was after that feminism became a thing (imho feminism is a natural phenomena) that it was pointed it out and given a definition.

It's fairly obvious what this guy and other like them are. Take out your notebooks, we're in front of an example of Darwinism adaptation going on. They cannot adapt to modern times, after we changed our means of production, society drasticly changed to what is now. They are still fighting or whatever, they thrive as males to fulfill a male role even when they are on a below order. It's in their "programming". That's "privilege" to them: not being able to fuck (therefore not being able to pass their genes). So let's just let him vent, he's a weak link and there's nothing much he can change to fix it. This is evolution, I guess. The only thing he can do is to argue and gather data to sustain his way of thinking. Better that than accept his sad reality. Now, I know I sound robot as fuck lol. Is how I perceive the incel phenomena.

Again, trying to dialogue with him is pointless. It's kinda fun, though. Btw excuse muh funny English.

No. 186696

Are Asians white?

No. 186698

I agree completely with this. Suicide and homelessness are definitely massive issues that mainly effect men, and dismissing them is stupid, but those issues being there doesn't mean that there aren't still issues for women.

Women do attempt suicide a lot more, which says there's some serious fucking issues going on there too, as even if you assume none of them intended to die, a person who acts in pseudo-suicidal ways is still having issues with some serious mental distress, that's not normal behaviour at all.

Toxic masculinity is a good point, though I hate the word. I think that society in general teaching people that they're not good enough unless they're a certain way is the issue, not the masculinity itself. Magazines and media pushing the image that only roided up models and action heroes are attractive is a huge issue, the exact same as magazines doing the same thing with models and actresses for women, but I don't think that being an actually masculine person is necessarily a bad thing at all. If you want to be a stereotypical lumberjack or whatever you think is masculine, then good for you. But it's not okay to tell someone that they're not good enough unless they're a twisted version of that, and that the only way to achieve that is to buy Latest Supplement TM.

Also, ignore the robot, he's been btfo in two threads in /sty/ already, I have no idea why he keeps posting.

No. 186716

File: 1492133018917.png (6.02 KB, 419x249, benis.png)

Don't even know where to begin with how wrong this post is

No. 186753

Moved to >>>/sty/3005.

File: 1490804720363.png (875.37 KB, 860x411, b52ccb8e25fd1c3c474f84c521062e…)

No. 185099[Reply]

So lolcow is obviously meant to shit on attention whores, but is there anyone who you actually like? sometimes this place gets so fucking nitpicky and it feels like nobody on the internet is allowed to be a real person.

Personally, I like holly and akidearest. which internet people are you fans of?
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No. 185824

Amina, Venus, Kota, Billie, Micky (sometimes), and of course, the queen PT…I like Luna a little, mostly because I was in a very similar situation to her's before. I like toopoor but that's going away fast with her pettiness and her flaking on the dj set pissed me off. I feel sorta bad for Himeka but there's no point in that.

No. 185827

I like Taylor. She's cringey at times but I enjoy her videos. I wish my life was similar to hers.

No. 186614

i'm not a big fan of internet personalities. i feel like anyone actively working toward having an online fanbase must have something wrong with them. some just hide it better.

No. 186615

I like Taylor, Aki, and Venus.
Taylor's thread barely has anything worthwhile to frequent. Everyone just nitpicks on her face or how "fat" she looks. I think she seems like a nice girl and has great fashion sense.
Aki is a little cringy but she seems to be a nice person. I would be friends with her.
Similar thing with Venus - she seems very warm-hearted. And of course, I sympathize with the drama with her mom and understand how tough everything must be for her. I don't really watch her videos though because they're kind of cringy to be honest lol

No. 186641

I like the Jvloggers I used to watch like Kim Dao, Sharla, and Rachel and Jun (I stop watching them because I find vlogging boring). I honestly don't understand why they have a thread along with some of the other threads in snowflake (Venus, Gaijin Gyaru, Nicole Dollanger to name a few). They don't have shitty personalities, major drama, or extremely cringey behavior to make them interesting to read about and dislike.

File: 1491030730649.png (448.71 KB, 671x372, 1.png)

No. 185430[Reply]

/r9k/ has hit its lowest point in history, it has become completely flooded with /b/tard tier normalfags, while simultaneously containing some of the most obnoxiously depressed losers on Earth. I imagine that the average IQ of the board has dropped almost an entire standard deviation as a result of this, and yes I am being serious. People that lie in the Goldilocks zone are almost nowhere to be found, just those of one of two extremes. I've also noticed that only 25% of posts actually use grammar and punctuation. Most posts aren't any longer than one or two sentences either. Between these two groups of people, Having an intelligent exchange of ideas is almost impossible now. Just where the fuck is there to go to have anonymous "off topic" chats with chan-esque people? 8ch boards and all of the other chans are dead, and I'm having no luck finding anywhere else. Where can I go? Do I really have to go to /int/ or fucking /pol/? Do any of you know? There has to be some secret, I'm asking everyone I can (every site that is) because I can't take it anymore.
69 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 185857

No, you can be as mean as you like. That is about par for the course in most places anyway. I'm not complaining about meanness. I'm saying that characterizing me as antagonistic when I could have responded aggressively to all of that, and chose not to, doesn't make sense.

No. 185859

>but the others are just using memes to whine about it
No, that is a ridiculous oversimplification and you know it. I wrote a great deal of stuff there to actually try to explain why it is I don't like Reddit. I was not just posting "memes". I could have just as easily said that you were cancer and to fuck off, but chose not to. In retrospect, a poor decision.
>"Hey, maybe I was wrong, I'll check it out"
Right, you only say that when you actually may be wrong though. I've given Reddit its fair shot, but end up just getting banned or shadow banned for expressing my opinions. You can't have a discussion if you get banned.
>Yeah, no. Robots bitch about normalfags
Normalfag originated outside of /r9k/ and has been in use before it even existed, to say that you're a "robot" for using it is not true.

>you can't project an action onto someone else

Yeah you can.

No. 185861

>I wrote a great deal of stuff there to actually try to explain why it is I don't like Reddit

Which was either untrue, or was based on shitty meme. An example would be acting like 4chan is some bastion of free speech, which it's never been, and never intended to have been.

>Right, you only say that when you actually may be wrong though. I've given Reddit its fair shot, but end up just getting banned or shadow banned for expressing my opinions. You can't have a discussion if you get banned.

I honestly don't think shadowbanning is really a thing anymore, I only heard about it with long term people posting illegal shit who just made new accounts if they got banned, so shadowbans made it less likely they'd know they were banned to make a new account.

There's some shitty subs who ban for opinions, sure, but you get you don't have to use them, right? I don't use TwoXchromosomes because it's a shitty sub full of self-righteous people, and they are more extreme with throwing out bans, but lots aren't.

The admins never really ban anyone unless they're a huge issue for the site as a whole somehow.

Incels exists despite being a shit place, there's plenty of racist subs, there's places dedicated to talking about pro-suicide topics, drugs, highly moderated neutral political subs (where posts are only removed if they make baseless claims without sources, if you can source content and are civil, you can post any opinion), extremely specific sites for learning certain instruments in certain styles, you name it, there's a sub for it.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 185869

Go to autism.cool

No. 186613


stop these inefficient, clumsy trolling attempt and commit seppuku. you brought shame on your chan.

File: 1457668551182.jpg (245.57 KB, 2000x1331, ulJtqaL.jpg)

No. 79704[Reply]

Hey farmers, what do you like to drink?

Also welcome: mixed drink recipes, best brands, tips for the bar, anything related to alcohol.
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No. 186473

File: 1492014799211.jpeg (5.48 KB, 194x259, download.jpeg)

probably my all-time fave.

fave mixed drink is mojito, fave beer is stella and i hate wine

No. 186482

File: 1492021594542.jpg (30.45 KB, 270x360, liq_byr5.jpg)

For beers, Belgian and brown. I can get them easily in stores where I live but aren't that common in pubs unless it's a place targeted at beer enthusiasts. I don't handle beer well, since I always go for the stronger one, chug them down fast and just make me dumb as a brick and sad half of the time. Blond beers can be ok when they have this "flower" taste but a heavy brown beer with this coffee/caramel/chocolate kind of taste is the best

For wines, red and french if possible. It's my current favorite alcohol. Make me feel drowsy and horny at the same time. Still hard for me to guess what could be a good bottle in a store, but I'm fine even with plain table wine. It's too damn good. I like the smell, the stains it lays on everything, the heavy taste…

I have very few experiences with fine/expensive liquors. Really like rhum-based cocktail when well prepared. I'm used to cheap vodka but can get smashed with pretty much anything.

My father was a drunkard, so I (kind of) watch myself but I'm prone to use alcohol as something to help me communicate, socialize and getting less anxious and self-conscious but I should be drunk most of the time to be efficient, and it's expensive and not healthy at all

Pic related is also something I like a lot

No. 186522

Absolut white belgium, winter milk, tiger's milk, eggnog, bushwhacker and milk with benadictine are all milky. Blow job shots are good too.

If you want something sweet, a lot of cocktails made with amaretto, chambord or malibu lean towards a dessert kinda taste.

No. 186523

I'll drink anything as long as it gets me drunk. I despise champagne, but I'll still drink it lol

But my favourites are mojito, beer and wine

No. 186577

Shit anon, as a fellow self-medicating alcoholic I know that feel when trying to get that buzz without going broke. If you have something like a Costco membership I highly recommend getting bulk liquor there. Even their store brand stuff is pretty decent and cheap. I also eat less on days when I know I want to get fucked up so I get there faster.

>Your friendly bad advice alcoholic.

File: 1456697314365.jpg (14.7 KB, 500x341, 3475485.jpg)

No. 74568[Reply]

What kind of apps to you typically use?

Are you more the gaming app type, have lots of different picture editing apps, or do you prefer apps for productivity and organization?

Feel free to suggest good ones or ask for recommendations.
127 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 186089

I love Pacifica, it's for helping with anxiety and lets you track your mood and provides you a graph after long term use. Has loads of groups for chat about certain topics, related to anxiety or not, and provides meditation activities and a cool CBT based diary activity. I really love it like I recommend it to everyone.

Viber is my #1 chat app, I never text anyone.

SomToDo is my favourite to do list, nice and simple and lets you make categories.

Also my bf and I religiously used OurHome for chores and cleaning and set rewards and shit for cleaning.. it's addictive, probably mostly because all our "rewards" are dirty and because I got to choose a turtle avatar. The reminders are cute too.

No. 186364

File: 1491934869557.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-04-11-13-18-44…)

the home screen theme app is pretty adorable

No. 186382

I use it too. I didn't even realise it was popular. I love it and the customization and stickers melt me <3

No. 186383

And completely non-functional, apparently.

No. 186462

well, theres way more than just one theme + tons of customization options. my particular theme makes it pretty hard to tell which apps are which, but I think it's cute, so it's fine. You also have the option to put app names beneath the icons, but I like the plain icons more.

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