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File: 1490770687585.jpg (44.6 KB, 400x400, IMG_3433.JPG)

No. 185068[Reply]

Is there any way to become "thicc" in the gym? It's my ideal body type and I am an hourglass, but I don't want to be fat, I want muscle and fat.
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No. 185237

Does anyone know of any instagrammers/bloggers/athletes or whatever who don't use photoshop but still have nice butt? I think my view on what's "big" or "average" has been somewhat messed up by the Internet

No. 185266

File: 1490889274340.jpg (418.9 KB, 1000x1000, lol.jpg)


You forgot that most of the ones who have the huge butt on ig for real, have also visited mr. surgeon a few times irl.

Notice how her ass has a blurry outline, the door frame curves on the right side multiple times. The doorframe on left is warped also and the proportions are off, they have legthened/enlarged her ass in every direction and pulled in around her lower spine by a lot.

her arms have been pulled in on right on both sides.

No. 185281

Kill all fake sluts

No. 185284

Not only that, but the outline of the door disappears at her ass in the first pic…

No. 185288

Surgery and squats?

If you have to enter the workforce and wear a nice suit (bodycon spandex won't be acceptable in most places), you'll probably regret this later on though…

File: 1490845715195.png (208.87 KB, 399x401, comfy.png)

No. 185159[Reply]

>When you're raping some whore and you tell her that they'll never find the body(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 185251

I hope all ISIS supporters get murdered brutally. الثناء على عشتار

No. 185252

File: 1490879012160.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)

>there's ways to live somewhat decently homeless


No. 185255

Well, if you really are happy living this way, I hope it doesn't come back to bite you if you ever want to do anything with your life. Your peers are setting up resumes and building up job skills. It's your choice if you don't want to do that, but you should find some other way to contribute to the world, or society should not be expected to take care of you

No. 185259

Why can't a woman spoil me like my mommy?? WAAAAAH

No. 185260

Moved to >>>/sty/2803.

File: 1490581967105.jpg (389.41 KB, 596x594, dankandkeiko.jpg)

No. 184823[Reply]

Anyone here remember role-playing back on MySpace? Or eliteskills, as cringey as it was I get pretty nostalgic about it.
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No. 184990

Okay, you're basically me except that I've never played Mass Effect so haven't RPed that. But I started on Neo as well and moved to the same sites (we actually got to hold on to an avidgamers URL for a bit longer IIRC) and also had the same qualms about how RPing changed. It used to be fun and magical and creative. Then it just started sucking. I might also just be too nostalgic to see the old problems, but I used to have SO much fun doing this.

No. 185008


made me lol

No. 185014

LOL I just grabbed a photo that was related to the topic. The names are pretty :^) tho

No. 185015

I agree, even though I did enjoy the overly long replies for a roleplay.

I do miss it, I'm tempted to join AniRoleplay but I don't know.

No. 185207

I role-played warriors cats, and briefly twilight on GROPHLAND of all things.

It was fun, I'm tempted to get back into it, but to be honest I would rather just turn my fictional ideas into something that could potentially make me money.

File: 1471420675947.jpg (67.51 KB, 750x563, 8659682976.jpg)

No. 140789[Reply]

Who here has to put up with shit from weirdo guys?

I know this board isn't for personal blogposts, but I'd figured I'd start this one off with a short anecdote

>be me, 19, waitress job at restaurant

>creepy autistic dishwasher works there, about 20, obsessed with vidya and starwars
>couple of gay coworker dudes have dozen person get-together after work
>go to their apartment with friends, me and just one other girl
>inexplicably, dish autist is there too
>play never-have-i-ever
>he has 10 fingers up, the rest of us at one or two
>"N-n-never have I e-ever had-had sex!"
>he wins game
>everyone drinking, go out on porch for smoke
>he comes out, sits next to me
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 184822

you sound like a rapist bro

No. 184849

why are annoying ftm trans infiltrating lolcow

you kids are too cringeworthy

No. 184851

There's already an ftm/fakeboi thread, go complain over there, not here. Don't be annoying.

No. 184926


More like pussies tbh

No. 184965

i usually tell creeps that my boyfriend doesn't let me talk to other guys if they persist after i tell them i have a boyfriend. i'm guessing it makes them think that my bf is big/tough/controlling idk but it usually works.

File: 1441839409853.gif (708.96 KB, 500x375, 1425907312087.gif)

No. 161229[Reply]

Talk about your body issues.
Mine is i'm very skinny (also have a babyface) and i have a flat chest and it makes me feel like shit. I look like a 12 years old plus I always see guys praising big boobs and bashing flat chests. I think curvy bodies are great but I NEVER see any guys having any interest in flat chests and very skinny bodies, only in the curvy ones
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No. 184933

Sorry that your dad is clueless / oblivious and that you're not content with interactions right now

No. 184936

I agree.

Amazing end phrase right there. Sounds like you're being realistic but maybe your head is too self-critical still and that's why you feel this way? But it happens that one dislikes perceived flaws so idk.

Personally, I like smaller eyes. I often find them more proportionate and elegant. Some of the faces I find most beautiful have relatively small eyes.

No. 184937

Someone mentioned different-sized boobs. I have that, too, but for some reason it doesn't bother me anymore, in fact I think it's cute

No. 184941

Yeah, I'm not really sure. It doesn't really help that my view of myself changes every so often, especially with my appearance. Today I think I look pretty freaking cute, but last week I thought I looked like a monster. With asymmetry, I probably have a normal amount like everyone else, but because I scrutinize my face so much (especially when I'm blazed as fuck), I feel like my mind tricks me into seeing things that don't exist to an extreme level. As long as guys and girls think I'm pretty, that's good enough for me.

Haha thanks, anon! Makes me feel better about my smaller eyes.

No. 184948

Yeah, insecurities and a bad body image are a bitch!!

File: 1448573058298.png (898.8 KB, 1170x1068, Untitled-3.png)

No. 134743[Reply]

Perfume thread? Perfume thread.

Discuss your favourite perfumes, make recommendations, dupes etc.
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No. 180699

Vera Wang Embrace - rose buds and vanilla. I haven't bought it yet, (so I don't know if it's long lasting) but everytime I see it I have to smell it. Vanilla is my favorite smell ever and this is more vanilla than rose.

No. 180711

At least you can actually see all of those things.

No. 180723

see by chloe perfume the one with the pink stripes its smells amazing my new go to i randomly found it at tjmaxx i have other chloe fragrances but that one by far is the best everyone at work is constantly asking me what im wearing you can get it online for around 30-40 dollars the bottle is really cute too!

No. 184733

Yves Rocher from Europe makes am amazing Coconut eau de toilette. I checked and they sell in the US, too. Only the smaller 0.67 fl. Oz. / 20 ml bottle for 7$ but it's worth it and really good if you like coco scent

No. 184734

trash tier compared to the rest of y'all but this primarily soap selling etsy has the best dessert scents (especially vanillas) that i've ever found - and it's been a long quest getting to this point. i hate florals so i'll never be into more ~mature~ perfumes but i'm addicted to these scents and they'll make the body spray in any of their (super long) list of scents


(in b4 it's my shop - i wish, then i wouldn't be dropping so many $$ every 6 mo when i run out lol)

File: 1478442477653.jpg (103.55 KB, 1266x707, 1466483161052-0.jpg)

No. 116004[Reply]

Can *chan boards be lolcows? Because I think this board is an lolcow:


>bunch of gamergaters with a femdom fetish who "worship" feminists because they think they're ACTUALLY female supremacists

the captions are cringey as fuck

pic related is what they actually fap to
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No. 178182

It's the same crowd that shitted on her.

No. 180896

File: 1486567023372.jpg (1.92 KB, 125x122, 1480723904410.jpg)

>yeah someone that uses the word hunty is really smart. Im not a man sorry I triggered you.

No. 184623


I am the creator and will send you the password to the top mod account if you like.

No. 184641

Post it here

No. 184692

Wow, I always knew 8ch was filled with pedophiles and crazy MRAs, but this is a new dot on the spectrum.

File: 1490126761887.jpg (50.41 KB, 375x500, 51viGRPwmoL.jpg)

No. 184353[Reply]

I always see other girls saying that there's no such thing as a slut. Is that so? Because whenever shit happens said girls are the first to call other women sluts.
What do farmers think? Sluts are real or that is just relative? If sluts are def real, what makes a girl a slut? Is promiscuity necessary or just dressing 'slutty' is enough?


Share stories if you want.
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No. 184634

No. 184636

My new tune.

Anyway, why can't anon's bf just be someone who doesn't care about her sexual past? If you ask me if he's at a higher risk of getting cheated on, then I'm going to say yes due to anon's past. Fucking random guys for weed is pretty low and maybe she's going to reach a certain point in her life where she may want something and will decide to fuck some other guy for it. She may have changed but yeah, her past isn't pretty. Not every guy ever cares about it though.
I think that a man with a long list of exes and sexual partners​ is more inclined to ignore it than a guy who has little experience, if any.

I think most men obviously do want a woman with a clean past, who's had 2-3 sexual partners at most – at least if they are serious about her.

Men have thought this way since our forefathers and will probably think like this, even if they don't admit it right away because we're more empowered nowadays. But if said guys don't have a clean past themselves they can fuck off (also, if he looks like a gross hambeast/skelly without any hygiene and aspirations, work on yourself first).

No. 184637

>She may have changed but yeah, her past isn't pretty.

You only know about anon's past because she told you about it, that's the point. Nobody can distinguish "sluts." To anyone else, anon is a nice girl with a three year relationship with a guy who accepts her.

No. 184639

why is this turd of a thread still in /ot/? move it to /sty/ already

No. 184648

Moved to >>>/sty/2671.

File: 1461895202006.jpg (703.83 KB, 1073x1650, this kills the man.jpg)

No. 88911[Reply]

We're living in the age of reboots and most of them are awful. Let's talk about it.
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No. 184579

the last panel

giant neck, tiny lil shoulders

No. 184583

File: 1490335749073.jpg (108.26 KB, 634x665, 3321018A00000578-3537358-Feeli…)

This. So many times this. Let me tell you anon - I feel seething rage towards this fucking reboot. I love the original movie to bits and the moment I heard they're making a "reboot" instead of a passing-of-a-torch sequel and the "reboot" is going to have an all-female cast I knew it was going to be awful. I mean I'm female and have no problem with female characters. But when you go all out like that and get the king of cucks (Paul Feig, pic related) to direct you just know it's going to be a patronizing, low-level, tacky flick trying to cash in on feminism because of COURSE women will watch and feel empowered by anything as long as it has women, no matter how shitty the writing is right? Grill power!

I really, really hated watching the movie. I didn't pay for it in the theaters because I didn't want to fund this kind of shit. I'm so glad it flopped because it was an awful piece of unfunny shit and the way their marketing relied ONLY on the "look at your new heroes girls lol misogynists btfo!" thing made it even worse. They had a fucking movie universe planned around this crappy movie and seriously thought it was going to be the bomb just because feminism is the "in" thing right now. They really fucking thought women were that stupid. I have rarely felt as insulted in my entire life. The issues they faced during the development really show on the screen and according to the leaked e-mails they forced Bill Murray to make a cameo by some shady means just to take those desperate measures to appeal to the fans of the original movie. Bill Murray, the man who denied any thought of a new Ghostbusters movie for over 20 years and was basically the reason the 3rd movie never got made despite numerous tries.

Someone once mentioned that if they wanted to make a genderswap to emasculate the original loved flick to the altar of feminism, why did they pick ghostbusters instead of some macho movie that's all about male empowerment? Why did they pick the "everyday American" comedy about a couple of slobbish exterminators trying to keep up a small business? It's so retarded and only because the director (a man) thinks feminism is about shooting male ghosts in the dick and queef jokes.

B-but it made a few little girls dress up as ghost busters on Halloween! Feminism is SAVED!

No. 184588

The purple haired black girl (Shana) is based off of Whitney Houston so it only makes sense she would be a tall & thin regal beauty. Why are they making her short and chubby? wtf.

No. 184595

Why are they all so fucking ugly? Jem and the Holograms were all pretty and thin! They're rockstars for fuck's sake!

Gross. This goes into the trash along with the new movie. Fuck this gay earth. Leave shit I love alone.

No. 184597

that art is terrible

Yeah, ghostbusters fans have a right to be upset. Rebooted as a feminist promo piece of all things..

No. 90742[Reply]

Lets confront overweight people in a derogatory way to promote body positivity!
With a healthy body comes the positivity about your body!
old thread: >>>/b/70673
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No. 184533

I don't like how fat women get more vitrol than fat men. You even see it in this thread. Something about that is cringy to me.

I feel like I'm the only person who finds a fat or ugly man as repulsive as his female counterpart.

No. 184552

Because women are brought up to be accepting of male flaws.
>Beauty and the Beast

No. 184565

Yes, there is obvious social conditioning and brainwashing with that. When you point it out to men they get triggered and offended. Big ass babies/

No. 184587


iktfs. Luckily we can change that, one angry fat-man-hating post at a time!

No. 184589

It seems weird that there's a heirarchy amongst fats. Maybe it's their only way of maintaining some sense of dignity. Probably way easier to say that as fat men they're better than acknowledge that all fats are equally repulsive and unwanted.

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