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No. 3463

How long has it been since your last confession?
Get it off your chest, farmers.

No. 3465

See a therapist and stop being such a drama queen.

Liking loli doesn't make you a pedo, contrary to what most people would think.If it's just a small fetish you have, it doesn't have to consume you. Just try to wean yourself off it.

No. 3467

I have so much stuff to do, yet I here, on my laptop browsing shit and I haven't went outside in two days.

No. 3468

there's apps that will lock the internet for you, like quostidio

No. 3485

I'm crawling further and further into a bottle because I can't seem to meet any guys who don't have severe emotional problems. I'm so depressed, I haven't had sex in 4 fucking years. I even tried to just hook up, but every time I try I get whiny broke dick losers. What the fuckkkkk ugh

No. 3497


have you tried dating sites anon?

No. 3503

lower your standards when it comes to looks

mediocre/ugly looking guys have some of the greatest personalities and they'll be all over you if you're "not in their league"

start thinking along the lines of
-is this guy a good provider if I ever have kids?
-is this guy emotionally mature enough for me?
-is this guy likely to cheat?
-can I envision this guy being a father

etc. etc.
pretty boys are just not worth it anon too much drama and effort

No. 3511


I don't really have high standards for looks, I'm not into prettyboys or the usual 'attractive' guy, tbh faces don't matter to me as long as a guy is clean shaven, doesn't smell bad and his clothes are clean and not wrinked or worn out. It's just, every guy I talk to is so damaged like wtf. Case in point- I was talking to a really well rounded older guy I met in a coffee shop, but last week out of nowhere he asked if I was a virgin (I'm 26, wtf?) and when I ofc said no, he went all crazy on me suddenly and started asking how many guys I've been with, how big they were, the last time I had sex, how many times in my life I've had sex…. like what the fuck is that? We were talking about goddamn hiking and he came out of nowhere with it. I just…. whaaaat the fuck man.

I haven't tried any free ones, and I just had to have surgery so my budget is pretty tight right now for paid ones, but no I teally haven't. I always thought dating sites were aimed at people looking for more long term stuff/marriage, and honestly I just want something simple right now.

No. 3525

At least u dodged a bullet there damn

No. 3528

i misgender my shitty ex bc i know it'll cause her grief and i doubt she's actually trans or w/e she claims to be. one of my friends who's now closer to her is telling me to stop being a piece of shit but geez my ex jumped on that transtrender shit fast that i don't buy it at all.

i'm still filled with hatred and blame her for me becoming so emotionally fucked up even tho our break up was mutual and she was still v nice to me when we met up for our mutual friends bc i'm a fuckin piece of shit who cant take responsibility for my own shitty emotions

you can try tinder? i have it for shits and giggles but ive seen some people meet and date over it.

No. 3532


yeah like the other anon said try tinder and okcupid. there will be some idiots but it's kinda fun to look thru people's profiles and stuff

No. 3533


it's really hard to take responsibility for your own feelings sometimes but that's also like, the hardest part. if you can realize your responsibility then it's much easier for you to realize that you have the power to change them

No. 3544

thanks anon :'( i've been reevaluating my life here and there when it comes to it and sometimes i really want to get over myself and talk to her but i wonder if it would really do me any good since previous attempts always end w me cutting off the friendship hhaahha……..

No. 64246

I'll die as a cat lady or dog lady alone

Or I'll become a cheap dumb prostitute

No. 112875

Seems to be the newest confession thread in the catalog so I'll necro it. Hopefully it won't go to shit.

I've inadvertently overheard a conversation between my 16 year old stepdaughter and a boy about him taking her to a concert this weekend. They're planning on doing this in secret, under the guise of her sleeping over at her best friend's house. The boy is actually a pretty decent kid considering. Gets good grades, is polite, and doesn't treat her like shit. I'm actually considering playing along with the BS because I haven't had a Saturday to myself in forever. Her dad's crew is scheduled to work this weekend so he'll be gone too.

Do I call her on her BS or just roll with it and settle in for a night of beer and vidya?

No. 112876

Call her on her bs, say gtfo, then drink. Youll be boss af

No. 112877

Hey, it's just a concert. Should be fine. But you should talk to her about lying afterwards.

No. 112879

File: 1476756782452.gif (536.99 KB, 640x360, h16UQ3r.gif)

I quit my job at McDs two weeks ago because it was brutal as fuck but I instantly regretted it because now I'm back home being a NEET with no money

>Its pathetic but debating going back to see if I can reapply/get my job back

>it paid decently,only had to work 3 days out of the week and was close to my house which was a plus since i dont have a car

I'm hoping I can get at least a seasonal retail job before the year ends

No. 112880

Can you explain why they dont have breakfast bowls in every mcdonalds yet? I can only get them back home.

Also, good luck with the job hunt. You definitely can get one in retail with the holidays coming up they always need hires

No. 112881

I keep going back to square one after months of working on improving myself, I think a part of me likes being miserable. My self esteem is so low I cringe when daydream about being with someone.

No. 112901


Called her out on the BS and warned her about lying. She got so embarrassed she was laughing crying heh. I asked for concert details and am letting her sweat a bit as to my answer, but will probably let her go. Fuck yeah, I'm gonna stock up on soom booze for the weekend.

No. 112909

i used to treat my best friend like dirt because she was really angry and bitchy all the time (she had home stuff going on though) and never really stopped, i still ignore her sometimes and resent hanging out with her. but the minute she gets new friends or doesn't have time to hang out with me i get so annoyed, i am everything i hate in a friend.

also i'm mega entitled, like i really wanted a career in academia so i've worked myself up to an ma course at my dream uni but now that i'm here i'm so unhappy. wish i could just enjoy it and make the most of it but instead i'm procrastinating on a confession thread and i haven't left the flat in three days.

good luck anon, keep your feet moving

No. 112912

I feed my neighbor's indoor/outdoor cat treats because she started hanging out in my yard. she is getting a little bit fat.

she knows to come to the door before I leave for work at this point and will paw at the door knob.

I feel weird buying cat treats because I don't actually have any pets.

No. 112930

Sometimes when I get super stressed out at work I go to the bathroom and masturbate. Thank god I'm the only female in my office. I've been thinking of getting a silent vibe just to make it quicker.

No. 112953

File: 1476841815970.png (1.14 MB, 900x805, 15.png)

when i'm stressed i make these weird 'collages' where I pretend i have a certain challenge to spend XX amount of money on clothes at a certain shop and XX amount of money to spend on makeup/skincare. Then I go through seasons/weeks, like "Spring/Week 1" and think of different outfits/makeup that I would buy. It's more of just a fancy way of sorting out things I want to buy and checking out new stores/whats new in stock I guess.

It's so tedious and stupid, but damn its relaxing.

Pic related, apparently I added a category of Fukuoka omiyage (Japan fag here) because this was right before my trip down there.

No. 112959

Ooh that seems super comfy anon. I'm going to try that our myself.

No. 112970

this sounds interesting. what are your pictured things?

No. 112971

how do you make these?? so cute!

No. 113032

just copying and pasting onto paint…super basic!

The clothes and accessories are from a shop I saw advertised at my favorite shopping mall…Make up is 2 blush colors, a great powder by canmake, a lipgloss, and a lip product that prevents your regular lipstick from smearing or coming off! Really recommend all of the makeup items as I've collected them all now :) Stuff on the bottom is all ideas for snacks/souvenirs from Hakata to give to friends/bf/coworker/etc.

No. 114563

This makes me a horrible person.

I had a "best friend"… we were friends for a very long time. From second grade all the way through her first year of college. She was always super rude to me and to everyone else. Could not go a sentence without swearing, calling someone a name, or ranting. Did not handle her problems like an adult and would simply ignore people until she needed them. We hung out a lot during her first year of college because our schedules matched nicely since I was still in high school, senior year, and therefore had a shit load of time. I began to resent her shitty attitude, though.

We hung out enough that she wanted me to meet her shitty, cheating boyfriend again after 3 years because we didn't get along the first time due to him hating every single one of her friends for no reason. We planned a night to get together. We all (me, friend, boyfriend, boyfriend's buddy) went out to a lounge and her boyfriend and I were getting along, surprisingly enough. We were having a good time. Drinking, joking around, smoking. My friend has a tendency to get moody when the attention is not entirely on her, so I was sitting next to her and snuggled up to her but she was still moody because her boyfriend wouldn't climb all over her in front of everyone. Then, girl boyfriend cheated on her with comes into the lounge. My friend storms out and we leave her be. She eventually comes back. We eventually leave, go back to her house. She goes to bed, her boyfriend and drunk me stay up to watch a movie. I'm on a bed, he's on the floor. We flirt a lot. Exchange numbers.

We begin texting, then hanging out without her. Never hooked up, though. Kissed. Get a call one day from his other girlfriend. He's living with another girl and paying all her bills. Friend is upset, swears him off, other girl didn't out me to friend. I have anxiety the whole time. Cheater sends obsessive emails every 10 minutes to friend until she finally relents and begins answering him after two weeks. I'm (possibly) assaulted around this time. She's there for me, I feel like this is my karma. Life happens, I move on. She becomes best friends with Cheater's side girl, thinking she'll win boyfriend back once their lease is up (he could've left at any time. his credit is already ruined.). She won't listen to reason. Everyone is at fault but the Cheater. One day, get invited to go to the lounge again with friend and cheater by cheater. All I answer is "sure". Suddenly, next day, getting asked by friend when I was going to tell her I was hanging out with Cheater without her after she posts cryptic Snapchats about me. Tell her I thought we were all going out. She tells me to go have fun.

Then she showed up at my house the next day. Told me side girl told her I had "a thing" with Cheater and that's why she freaked out. I deny hard. She says she's going to delete Snapchat and to text her because she's tired of drama. She ultimately took side girl's side and never bothered to formally end our friendship, after treating me like shit in favor of side girl for a week prior to this. I blocked her on social media when I got the courage to re-open everything after closing it due to the assault.

Now… I'm in community college for two semesters until I transfer. Still don't have a close friend and don't really go out. I did it to myself and I probably don't deserve to have friends. I want to believe I'm a better person. It wasn't worth it. I'm not sad that I got caught. I felt better that I didn't have to lie anymore. I'm upset that I could be that kind of vile person at all.
I will never do that to someone again.

I really needed that off my chest.

No. 114567

Fwiw you're all horrible people

No. 114568


I wouldn't say the ex-friend is necessarily a horrible person. I believe she just has poor judgment and social skills. She does have other problems to work through too and even though she is an adult now, years of living a certain way can have an effect on someone.

No. 114650

I feel like my confession is shit now due to the previous confession, but I made a private tumblr where I made a character sheet for my ideal self and ive been adding shit to it (similar to the collage anon up the thread.), I also made an ideal income and I made myself an apartment,a perfect boyfriend and a bucket list but I know its never going to happen, yet I still indulge because its nice to feel like I have control

No. 114678

That's actually kind of cool. I don't think you need to feel bad about it. I don't think it's any different than goal boards or guided meditation for self-improvement.

No. 114686

I'm addicted to heroin

Let me preface this by saying this mostly just hurts me- I have NEVER stolen from friends or put them in compromising situations because of this in any way. I've also never stolen. Just ended up pawning a lot of my items and taking some family money under false pretenses (which I paid a decent amount back) before finally telling them the truth.

Anyways, it sucks because when it first started I thought I could trust a few of my friends to know the horrible truth by not judging me. I told them when I was leaving for rehab. So it wasn't like hey, I do heroin now, deal with it. Even tho I was clear abt getting help, reactions were mixed. One remained a loyal friend but her perception of me forever changed, I could tell.

The other friend got really freaked out and I suspect she told some people, because that entire group basically stopped talking to me and inviting me out around the same time. My entire college group of friends that I LOVED. And it's even more fucked up because I kept all of her secrets, especially about her std…I was there for her 100% and never told or mutual friend that she hooked up with, because he would've freaked out. Obviously.

When I tried to confront her about our drifting apart last year she made the whole fucking thing about her. Saying that me going through this and changing put her in a situation that she is "struggling with" because thinking about me in any way causes her so much pain. Bitch really?

So I'm faced with too shitty conclusions. Either "my friend" was always a fair weather friend to begin with who only really thinks of herself, or my actions were really that shitty. But my whole drug addiction stems from a trauma I would've hoped she understood…it didn't just come from nowhere.

So yeah. It sucks losing all of your college friends.

No. 114687

Anon, do you fear dying in an overdose?

No. 114688

Thanks for actually reading through my thread. I wasn't sure if I'd get any replies.

So that's a hard question. My boyfriend and I both use and I fear for his OD more than mine, and we have both had to revive each other before. Oddly, we revived each other with suboxone somehow and haven't had it yet to the point of needing to call someone. We both worry about that and try our best to practice safe usage and do test shots. But of course anything can happen. We also have a dealer we trust who has been consistent with his product since day 1.

The day I had to revive him was the scariest of my life. Thinking about that it the biggest motivating factor to get clean. We are down to using about once a week.

If I OD, sadly I think, well, at least is bullshit and pain is over. But of he ODs…I mean he and my family are my primary motivators to get clean. I couldn't live with that. I'd rather die myself.

We also stay on suboxone on our off days, so I hope it helps keep our tolerance up.

No. 114689

It's always scary, obviously I would prefer it not to happen at all. But there have been a lot of moments for each of us.

I just wanted to ad that I am taking suboxone and hope to get clean for the holidays. Every week is always "the last" but it needs to happen now. I really hope we can do it and think we can.

TBH it makes more sense to me that we have gradually lessened our use instead of abruptly stopping with rehab.

No. 114699

Never thought I'd make a /pol/ type confession but here it goes. I'm a retard and posted this in the old confessions thread and my browser didn't load a password so I can't delete that old post.

I'm only attracted to white guys. (I'm not white btw) But I've never been approached by a white guy for anything more than a hookup. (And I do flirt with/talk to them so it's not like I don't make an effort.) Sometimes it turned into dating but the point is that the guys I like have never actively pursued me for anything serious.

On the other hand, for some reason everyone who has asked me out on an actual date or shown interest in me beyond hopping into bed has been black or South Asian, which I'm butthurt about. (lol) Awkwardness as I have to decline politely.

I thought it might be a cultural/forwardness thing, but if that were true then I don't think I'd get asked out by Indians ever.

No. 114703


I hope you manage to live happily without heroin someday, life is great and all, it's good being alive. I'm not gonna be hypocrite and say you should live without drugs. But at least try to keep your shit together. I wish the best for you and your bf.

No. 114731

Indians are persistent as fuck.

No. 114739

They sound like some fairweather friends to me anon. I work with drug users and this is unfortunately really common. You came to them as a friend, said 'hey I have this really hard thing to deal with but I am also doing this to change it' and they fucked off.
the only thing that changed was they knew heroin was involved and they left.

Good luck with rehab, when it seems unbearable remind yourself of all the reasons you went in the first place.

No. 115259

Thanks anon :) It's nice to get a genuine response on here regarding all this bulkshit I/we have been going to. I feel very lucky to have a partner during all of this and not be alone, because that would make it so much worse.

We also just found out today that one of our old dealers that always fronted us is back, so there's that. Obviously deleting/blocking all numbers would go a long way but that is just such a huge step that I'm just not ready for right now. Idk if I could ever do that TBH. Even after I quit for good, you just never know if some serious shit is going to go down and you might just need to relapse for a day, you know?

But honestly, like I said earlier, just going from using every day and constantly trying to find ways/money to use as much as possible, to going down to using once or twice a week is such a huge step. Only someone that's really been there can realize how something that seemingly sounds so small/still bad took a lot to get to. So the next step is definitely stopping, and we both want to. I say this every week, but I genuinely feel that this will be it for a while, because I would like to not have marks on my arms for Thanakgiving/the holidays. So here we go!

No. 115261

Well these are 2nd gen American guys of Indian descent, and as far as I can tell, asking women out is not the easiest thing for them. Same story as Asian guys in general.

Goddammit I just want a hot white guy to ask me out for once.

No. 115268

No. 115273

Ummm, are you a chick tho or some mysogynisyic robot?

But ya, if the answer is (1), I know what you mean. I fucking hate women, but alas, I am one. Why can't everyone just chill the fuck out and be cool? I don't think I've had a single female friend that can keep up in that sense. They all think they're ~super cool~ and ~different~ lol ~girl gamerz~ or whatever. Especially the ones that are so chill about causal sex but end up being the most fucking emo ppl ever.

My last "BFF" that I recently lost (as a friend, not death) because she's a fucking emotional train wreck with genital herpes to match was like that. Fucking bitch.

But of course I can't just chill with guys like I used to. I'm in a serious, long-term relationship now and that shit is weird. I'm in my late twenties now and ppl are either married or coupled up, and that shit is just weird and inappropriate now, unfortunately :/

But hey, my boyfriend is the best friend I could ever have, on top of everything else, so it's worth the trade-off. Just a weird social rule I've noticed since college.

No. 115276

Lol. I'm not even hating because at least you're on /b/ and you're not fucking broadcasting that you're OMG A GUY!!!! On this site until I asked.

lol I have rape fantasies. But consensual ones, if that makes sense. Honestly I only think other girls can truly understand what we mean by that.

Not to generalize and make things worse for us gals but I think most girls do. Especially the loud SJWs out there.

Obviously that doesn't mean we all want to get raped. No one does. But I mean, you know what I mean. Lol.

ANYWAYS, moving on. Curious; what draws guys to this site? Or more specifically, you? And how'd you hear about it?!

No. 115277

These are all from actual Indians though, not Americans who have Indian parents/families. Who are completely different.

God it's hilarious when a dude from that type of society discovers the internet and thinks it's his personal harem of easy western women who will bend over for his stankass tiny dick.

No. 115278

I'd call them seduction fantasies where the man is really sexy and desirable and the woman gets off on the fact that he wants her so badly, he'll take her right there.

No. 115279

Yes, this exactly. Aw fuck, now I want to masturbate. Hitachi….

Too bad it takes me fucking forever to cum even with the hitachi. Plus I'm high, so add another 45 minutes to that. Damn you -_-

No. 115281

Sure but IME when men hear the phrase rape fantasy they're thinking about something far more violent and coercive than what women actually fantasize about.

Assault and leave bleeding on the ground? Uhh, no. Pin down and touch me in the right places while I pretend to be a good little virgin who doesn't want it? Yeah that's the stuff.

No. 115282

>I primarily come here to learn more about how female brains work and better understand things from their perspective

All right, that's my autism quota for the day and cue to gtfo off lolcow.

No. 115283

Makes sense. Do you have a gf that you're trying to better understand, or are you younger/in late HS maybe college & single and trying to improve your game? Lol. What threads here seem to tell you the most about how girls think?

Yes, this. Exactly. Well said OP. Boy above, take notes!

No. 115284

Lmao. Hey, at least he admits it and hasn't been sperging up the place as far as we know.

Samefag as above, I'm curious exactly why he's doing it if he has a gf or is young and needs help in that department. That'll best determine the autism quota here.

Also curious if you consider yourself attractive, male OP?

Sage of samefag and getting OT here.

No. 115285

Fucking samefag #3 but why is this all making me horny? Fucking rape fantasies and shit and I just spent like 10 Minutes writing about my clit in /g/. But I just cannot put forth the effort to masturbate right now. Even with the hitachi, that's just 45 minutes I don't feel like spending right now. Plus, there's no garuntee I'll even get there since I'm on dope. The ultimate orgasm killer, for men and women! <sup>TM</sup>

No. 115286

Aw damn, my superscript thing didn't work :( Can you not do those kinds of text edits on here?

No. 115288

>On most imageboards (including 4chan) there is very few or literally no girls.
You are literally retarded if you think that's actually the case.

No. 115291

File: 1477977810048.gif (1.05 MB, 245x281, C0CD3C39-33D7-46E2-B0EB-A77442…)

#1 Maybe you understand it, or think you do, but unfortunately most men don't.

#2 Maybe I wasn't totally clear, but still, just curious why you need such a feminine change of pace like this. Because it's such a niche site that is mainly dedicated to nitpicking and discussing other chicks that barely qualify as d-list wannabes. So do you follow some of these girls, or do you come here for the /b/ and /g/ content? And either way, these boards aren't nearly as fast as 4chan.
And agreed, so don't tell them! Lol

#3 lmao, humble brah much? Not even, that was aggressive. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to post a pic. Typical /fit/izen response though, lolz.

#4 You do dope? Speaking of which, time for my cotton shot! First wash, too! Yay! Too bad my rigs are old as shit. ( ° ʖ °)

Ehhh…idk, anon. See >>115289 below.

Aight idk if this is just me and OP male, but it looks like someone else joined in above me. It's good we are sage-ing, but we should seriously wrap this up soon before we totally derail this thread lol. But OP Male, respond to my last questions above first! Lol because I really am curious abt why you come here. Thanks!

No. 115294

File: 1477978774528.gif (499.12 KB, 500x375, 9CDA7C5D-7A1E-4CB5-AB6A-D9FA1A…)

Aight, that makes sense. I am satisfied with that answer.
Okay, last question. I must know what you jerked off to. I mean, doesn't need to be exact content, but I am just miffed what a guy would jack off to on this site. Most of the lolcows on here are fucking train wrecks, with the few attractive exceptions, but still, they look mad young so ew.

I'm not gunna sage this one, because it looks like we have come to a confession after all, namely, what is it is you're jerking off to on here.
( °( ° ʖ( ° ʖ °)ʖ °) °)

No. 115295

I'm also kind of glad this buried my earlier confession about dope. Speaking of which, time for that cotton shot…

I look forward to your confession when I'm done and lit ;)

No. 115332

Um, oh. Idk make anon, I don't think I like you as much anymore, lol. A lot of girls on this site think that this is pretty much a haven for us girls, and most certainly aren't writing hoping some "creep" is reading, sorry to burst your bubble…ugh. That's exactly the type of thinking we girls hate. Not to sound like an SJW, but even us reasonable girls hate how guys seem to have that sort of mentality about everything we do. It's fucking disgusting and is almost certainly a factor in extreme cases where men who rape think the girl was "asking for it." I'm not going to act like some SJW an accuse you of being like that because it's totally a false equivalency and we are just on a stupid image board, but come on.

Girls here don't even like it when guys post in /g/, and I'm not sure if it actually is, but I'm willing to guess a lot think it's actually a bannable offense. I mean, I'm not sure if you're the guy who posted on the "Friend Finder General" thread, but if you are, you got that longtime /g/ thread moved to /b/ just because of that reply :/

No. 115334

And to add, anyone who really did want to post for some creep would just go to /b/ or /r9k/ on 4chan and scream about how they are a girl, lol.

No. 115335

>I suspect that a few of them probably write these posts intentionally knowing that some """creep""" is gonna get turned on reading it.


No. 115337


It is so self centered to read something here and this k "oh man, I'm reading between the lines, and this post is for me".

Like, sometimes people post their true thoughts on an anonymous board. Why would they be writing it with the subliminal need to arouse our dear anon, when there are things like tinder? Or fetlife? Or those dirty pen pal subreddits?

No. 115339

It's almost funny, but more creepy TBH :( I don't like it, and I've posted a lot about my vagina today, lol. I mean fuck "safe space" bullshit. Like I said, I'm not a fucking SJW and this is the internet, the farthest from whatever the fuck a "safe space" possible, but this site was made for girls. I know the previous admin was a guy, but from what I heard about him/saw, he seemed very professional and stayed out of a lot of the girlies shit on here, besides providing ample
milk outing self posters! Lol. Plus, I got the impression he wasn't in to running this site at all, especially towards the end there. Hence why he gave this site away. Lastly, AFAIK, he tried to hide the fact he was a man for as long as possible for this exact type of reason. People were uncomfortable with a guy running a site like this. Until, of course it was finally revealed, and by then everyone knew what a badass and professional admin he had been, so it didn't rly matter.

Hmmm, a lot of my above reply was meant for you, too. But y thoughts exactly. It's fucking creepy. The one time I'm ready to give some guy on here who is proudly proclaiming he is male a free pass, and there he goes saying the most stereotypic shit here that most of us fear.

Like thank GAWD I've never posted a pic of myself on any of the friend finder type threads or if there's some like, idk, "show your mug" thread, because this creep could be fucking beating off to it. AGAIN, obviously no site is totally safe, but it took me a while to find this site. I feel like it's a pretty small community AFAIK. The traffic is nothing like 4chan. Idk how many unique users there are, but who would even want to come to a site like this unless you are a very specific type of girl.

Honestly, with all that's been said by male anon, you seem like the typical creepy robot. You're probably 17 because all of your responses seem pretty immature. You probably don't even know what this site is really about and don't know who anyone on /pt/ or /snow/ is. You literally read "girl" one day and just decided to be a total creep…ick. It's like, I almost want to watch what I post now because I read this after posting some very personal sexual shit on other threads. Ugh. It people like you who ruin shit for everyone else. Just GTFO, no one wants you here. You could have been cool and maybe even welcomed, but you completely have instead succeeded in creeping everyone else on this 95% female board.

Gah, I don't even want to know what the extreme SJW tumblrinas who I know come around here think. I suspect you'll really get reamed out later, because I feel like I was pretty tame.

I was worried abt derailing earlier, but you ended up posting a pretty embarrassing confession after all. W2G!

No. 115340

Top fucking kek, as if we don't assume this place is all women and come here specifically to post without men around.

No. 115349

I don't think anyone is giving male-anon a hard time because of "safe spaces".

I think it is more the fact that he actually thinks some posters here are writing shit to specifically turn on creeps, is hilarious. It is such a stretch of the imagination, and it reminds me of guys I know who will be like "omg this girl on the bus has been flirting with me so hard! She always looks at me and touches her hair!" And I'm always like "looking at you means nothing. I look at shit all day. I touch my hair for a million reasons. It isn't a secret message. It is just hair."

Or it reminds me of guys who think baristas are flirting with them, instead of basic customer service.

It just makes me want to shake them and be like "you aren't the center of the universe! Not everything is about you!"

No. 115350

File: 1477997116471.gif (1.81 MB, 640x369, AAB3BB7A-A051-45BF-A03D-44F2B6…)

Seriously. That's why what he said was so fucking creepy/weird. And also why I strongly suspect he is underage…I mean who seriously thinks like that?

No. 115364

He might just be really immature and inexperienced. He sounds sheltered.

Lbr he's probably jacking it to these posts right now.

No. 115378

literally no one on here cares about your 'sexuality' go fap to hentai or something

No. 115379

Literally no one here cares about you not caring about "my" sexuality.

Pro-tip: It's not "my" sexuality, almost all the guys you've met in real life are just as "creepy".

No. 115380

At the very least I can say that I don't get aroused by poorly written posts on an imageboard that is in all likelihood mainly frequented by ugly women, though you are right in principle that women tend to have a very toned down idea of male sexuality

No. 115382

>I could pull out a few specific posts where I'm almost sure they're intentionally writing something arousing.

Please do so we can laugh at you together.

>You call me immature and sheltered, but women never grow out of that "ewww creepy" middle-school attitude about men/sex.

From the guy who came here to learn about women because he's trying to find a gf, and ended up fapping to posts that he thinks are written for him…ya, I'm going to listen to him about women.

What subliminal sex messages am I sending to your boner with this post?

No. 115383

We basically all don't care about you, or your sexuality.

(PS please don't jerk off to this post. I am not sending you any secret messages)

No. 115384

If creep-anon doesn't respond to your post on 5 minutes, it is undeniable proof that he is too busy fapping.

No. 115385

Do you post in /r/incels?

No. 115386

>because he's trying to find a gf

I'm not, I even said that before. It's not like reading posts here would help with that anyway.

>ya, I'm going to listen to him about women.

Regardless of whether or not you listen it's still true. What about my comments on men?

You stupid women have no clue how men think, especially regarding sexuality. Most men are mentally operating on a level far above women. They put on fake personas around you, and question whether they're too transparent, but then they remember how stupid and gullible women are.

Don't worry, I wrote this post with one hand.

No. 115387

Why does it matter though? I'm just trying to figure out in what way could I possibly give a shit if someone on the internet read a post I made and fapped to it. I barely ever posted pictures of myself to one site or another (certainly not imageboards) but if anything I'd just be slightly happy if someone fapped to them, in that at least that one person thought I was hot enough, but again ultimately I don't see any reason to give a shit. It just doesn't affect you personally in any way whatsoever unless you willingly let it affect you by consciously deciding that it actually bothers you.
The reason one doesn't post their pictures on imageboards is because you realistically don't want people you know IRL to know that you also browse these websites, not that some "creep" may end up masturbating to them.

No. 115388

It is just hilarious that you are so delusional that you think some people came here to write posts, with the intent of arousing "creeps".

It shows an inability to think beyond your perspective, and put yourself in another person's shoes. What would even be the goal of doing that? How would we know about the creeps, unless they tell us that they're jerking off to our posts? What's to gain?

THEN you get your feelings hurt, so you post about how women really don't know anything about men's sexuality, despite that not being the topic of conversation, and the fact that you obviously have no experience with relationships so no one cares what you think about sexuality at all.

So, to boil it all down: it matters because you had a chance to blend in and participate here, but you fucked it up, and now we're mocking you.

Do you fall in love with every store clerk who says "hello?" No? Then don't be a dum-dum who thinks posts on an anonymous message board are there just to titilate creeps like him.

No. 115389

I wouldn't listen to you about men or wokmen, because you clearly have some delusions about women, and this entire board.

No. 115390

>Most men are mentally operating on a level far above women.

Lol does that include you? Please share your wisdoms with us, divine oracle.

No. 115391

I'm not him, I'm just wondering, mostly about the earlier part of this discussion, where a lot of people seem to care.

No. 115392

>if anything I'd just be slightly happy if someone fapped to them, in that at least that one person thought I was hot enough

a) just because you'd be happy doesn't mean everyone would be
b) you're fapping to texts posts here. So I doubt it has anything to do with hotness
c) you sound desperate and inexperienced so of course you'd like to be fapped to

No. 115393


No. 115394

Its probably for similar reasons. The guy is delusional.

No. 115395

Christ, it's obvious from posting times, he's not going to have posted both >>115386 and >>115387 within one second, but you even go at it a good time after I post >>115391 and then comes this >>115393 retard that not only failed to notice the 1 second time difference between posts, not only failed to notice that the first guy never pretended to be someone else in the entire discussion and has a different tone to his posts, but even tries to damage control despite all that

No. 115396

Did you even read that girl's post? It's obviously not me. How did you even mistake her for me? You must have not read any of it.

>It shows an inability to think beyond your perspective, and put yourself in another person's shoes.

If you were able to do this we wouldn't be talking about this right now.

>What would even be the goal of doing that? How would we know about the creeps, unless they tell us that they're jerking off to our posts? What's to gain?

You are not every single woman that posts here. I did not say every single post a women writes here about sex is trying to arouse male/lesbian lurkers.

Do you really think that no female here has ever written a post intentionally meant to be arousing? No, that thought doesn't form in your mind, you tunnel-vision in on the thought of "he jacked off to MY posts".

This same exact female mentality happens can be exemplified from the current US election. "Trump insulted one individual woman? OMG Trump hates all women".

Yes it does.

Proof of female stupidity, they don't even read/understand posts to the point where they can actually mistake a very clearly different poster for another.

No. 115398

Please explain the election to me, I'm just a girl!

No. 115399

Go back to /r/incels pls

No. 115400

File: 1478014443459.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, 944d91e2-4812-4b19-9e95-34b937…)

No. 115401

The US election is never anything but a farce to distract the population, the results don't actually matter at all
t. expert

No. 115402

File: 1478014504656.gif (1.79 MB, 460x259, e02d06eb-5de4-4a69-99c9-50076b…)

Naw, you're the same person. I backtraced your IP.

No. 115403

What does "farce" mean? Pls respond I am just a girl with a she-brain.

No. 115404

My father must secretly be a shitposter then

No. 115405

But what would be the goal? What's to gain by posting specifically to arouse creeps?

No. 115406


No. 115407

I doubt that they do it just for the sake of arousing creeps.
Maybe it is just subconcious.

No. 115408


a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.
synonyms: slapstick comedy, slapstick, burlesque, vaudeville, buffoonery
"the stories approach farce"

the genre of farce.

an absurd event.
"the debate turned into a drunken farce"
synonyms: mockery, travesty, absurdity, sham, pretense, masquerade, charade, joke, waste of time; informalshambles
"the trial was a farce"

t. linguistics expert

No. 115409


What's that? I'm stupid.

No. 115410

So they subconsciously want creeps too fap to them?

No. 115411

I don't understand. My boob hurts from thinking too hard.

No. 115412

ill teach u with my dick girlll ;))))

No. 115413

Maybe? You inplied that they do it mainly for that reason.

No. 115414

I'm sorry. I can't understand the complexities of male sexuality.

No. 115415

No, I said that there would be no way to even know that the creeps were fapping to posts on an anonymous image board, so I questioned the goal of posting for creepers.

No. 115416

Typical female, does not understand why someone would ever do something that doesn't benefit themselves.

Why would someone give money/food to homeless people? What is there to gain?
Why would someone ever donate anonymously? What is there to gain?
Why would someone spend time dumping images on /c/ for other people? What is there to gain?

In this case however there is a mutual gain, believe it or not, there is some people (even girls!) who get satisfaction from sexually arousing other people. If you go on /soc/ you'll find plenty of female camwhores, and they're not getting paid to do that, why would they do that?

No. 115417

By this isn't /soc/

TIL posting fap fodder is a selfless act like feeding the homeless

No. 115418

You obviously don't understand the demographics of this board. It isn't /soc/ and it isn't for camwhoring.

No. 115419

I am not >>115416
but yes its selfless.
Maybe not as helpful but yeah selfless… There is no personal gain.

No. 115420

I never said you were that other poster.

And that is so pathetic, I have no words.

>pouring one out for all the incels who didn't see a pity boob today or whatever the fuck

No. 115421

>tfw all selfless acts are actually not selfless because if there wasn't personal gain, nobody would do it

No. 115422

I think I'm developing real feelings for a teacher of mine, I'm at film school and we have so many similar interests, we talk after class just about our lives in general and it's a nice escape from my depressing home life, I'll never act on it for fear of rejection and him losing his job but my mind wonders and I do fantasise about the life we would have together.

No. 115423

Lol I would never post my shit for creeps unless I'm getting something out of it, bud.

No. 115424

>a selfless act like feeding the homeless

You would never feed a homeless person without taking a picture and posting it on social media.

"So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."

I do understand the majority-female demographics of this board. Is there anyone here that isn't aware there is also males and lesbians though?

No. 115425

>press 1 to pay respects to all the robots who got to pity-fap today

No. 115426

actually I don't respect them, just fap to 2D, fucking casuals

No. 115427

>a fucking bible quote

Bud, I know lesbians and men exist, I'm just saying that any guy who thinks people post here to send them arousing messages to fap to, is a moron.

No. 115428

Is this a teacher in school or college?

No. 115431

>Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
It really defeats the purpose of preaching about selflessness when you add "if you manage to keep it to yourself, the creator of the whole universe will give you brownie points! Isn't that great!?"

No. 115432

College, I'm 19 so I'm not underage or anything

No. 115433

>a fucking bible quote

Yes because it perfectly explains people like you who literally don't understand why someone would ever do something that they don't benefit from.

Of course in this case it's something God probably wouldn't approve.

>I'm just saying that any guy who thinks people post here to send them arousing messages to fap to, is a moron.

Let me go back to this point:

You are not every single woman that posts here. I did not say every single post a women writes here about sex is trying to arouse male/lesbian lurkers.

Do you really think that no female here has ever written a post intentionally meant to be arousing?

Yeah you're kind of right. It's not selfless if you're just doing it so you get rewards in the afterlife.

No. 115436

Why double-post this?

No. 115437

I've posted here for over a year, and I've never seen a post that read like it was deliberately meant to be fap fodder.

I've seen posts from robots pretending to be women.

I've seen posts talking about sexual topics (sex toys, relationship advice, health, etc), but talking about those things doesn't mean that the conversation is meant to be arousing.

No. 115438

Misquoted the post.

It took longer than I thought to delete and re-post.


Here's an example, go ahead and argue this post totally had no intentional meaning to be arousing. The Miku picture was for no reason too, just a random unrelated pic of course.

No. 115439

W-what? That turns you on? The pic is spoilered, so its not exactly in-your-face.

And it isn't even a sexy post. She's talking about anal, just like everyone else in the thread. It isn't even descriptive. It is like "here's how anal was introduced in my relationships."

What part of it got you all excited?

No. 115441

Are you really sexually repressed or something?

Talking about sex doesn't mean the post is meant to be arousing. That's on you, but it is hardly a secret sex message.

No. 115442

I don't understand how you could claim a post simply describing how anal was introduced to their relationships, in a thread about anal, to be intentionally trying to be fap bait, sex and sexual things can be spoke about normally without intending to turn others on.
By this logic sex education classes are meant to turn people on.

No. 115443

>What part of it got you all excited?

You're a real bitch you know that?

I knew I would get responses denying it, I just think you're silly.

No. 115444

you should've linked the Pinkie Pie one

No. 115445

>you're a real bitch

What are you going to do? Fap about it?

No. 115446

Did you get turned on by the foot fetish mention? Or was it the period sex?

Pls respond.

No. 115447

I think you're just sexually repressed so you get turned on by random shit.

No. 115448

No. 115449


No. 115453

I got chubby during a bad depressed period and it escalated when i got on ADs. Now i''m bouncing between puking and starving. I fucking hate being chubby and i need to see a nutritionist.

No. 115457

>eat normally

No. 115470

File: 1478038222976.gif (472.97 KB, 141x201, FDE7AAE8-3AD0-4F93-BEEA-36214A…)

No, it's in no way a failure to understand your libido. It's the douchebag entitled attitude you have about reading posts by girls, for girls and treating it like it's written for you, as if it's lesbian porn.

LOL anon, sick burn. Because you know he's totally a neckbeard who's in to hentai. I gathered his much from his "lol yeah I'm totes attractive" posts.

No. 115471

My father sexually abused me as a child. I didn't like what he did to me and how he hurt me or really anything about the situation, but I did eventually start to feel pleasure from the sex. One time when I was 12 I sat on his lap and basically started grinding on him. I was basically asking for it. I feel like such a disgusting person. I probably am.

No. 115472

Omg nothing about that makes you disgusting. You were a child. You didn't ask to be abused, or to have a natural bodily reaction.

No. 115473

I'd agree with you, but there were moments like when I sat on his lap. I was basically asking him to have sex with me, even though I didn't like the situation I was in or how he treated me. I don't know. There's so many emotions to that time period. I just feel a lot of shame.

No. 115474

Sexual abuse is very confusing to kids. I mean, we train kids to listen to adults, so they are really easy to manipulate.

Everything you're feeling is totally normal. Have you ever talked to somebody about this?

No. 115476

>>I could pull out a few specific posts where I'm almost sure they're intentionally writing something arousing

Lmfao, oh god, if you haven't gotten banned yet, please do. I'm just waiting to see where this goes…

Lmfao my sides anon…r/incels. You totally beat me to it. And it's funny because you know it's true. Gawd, I just discovered that pathetic community yesterday. The fucking worship that school shooter guy…like wtf? As if he's some sort of God for killing girls that rejected him and all of the so called "Chad" type guys, absolutely disgusting.

>Most men are mentally operating on a level far above women
Top kek anon, do you post in r/IAmVerySmart too?! Jfc. Your replies are making you look even more pathetic TBH. But it looks like you got banned, so there ya go.

No. 115479

You were a child who had been taught that sexualised encounters with him were normal and you had just started sexually developing. It's normal for children to masturbate at that age when they haven't been raised experiencing abuse as the norm. What you did wasn't asking to be abused, what you did was respond in a way you were likely specifically groomed to respond.

I hope you can reach a point where you don't blame yourself for experiencing abuse anon. You were a child. Your father was the pervert not you.

No. 115492

I've confided in a few people about my past history but never that I got satisfaction from it or ever teased my father sexually. I dont want people to think I'm disgusting or slutty. I'm actually very prudish and reserved and not very sexual, but when I was younger, I dunno. I was over sexual in a really bad situation and it makes me feel ashamed.

No. 115501

You should talk to a therapist or something about those feelings. You really have nothing to be ashamed of. But talking to someone could help sort out those thoughts.

No. 115504

Is it really okay that I talk about it IRL? I've talked about my father sexually abusing me but I've never said that I started to enjoy the sexual pleasure or incited him for it. I always imagine people will just say that I deserved the abuse and that it's my fault, and maybe it is or it isn't, I'm not sure. Thanks for the kind words though, it means a lot.

No. 115517

Of course you can talk about it, especially with a therapist. That's what they're for!

Honestly, your feelings are very common. But, please don't be so hard on yourself. You didn't do anything wrong, your father did.

No. 115547

Just want to let you know that I was in the same boat as a kid. I don't even fully understand why I did those things, and obviously I feel gross and weird about that, but I know it's not my fault and that I did nothing "wrong".

Please talk to a therapist about it. There'll be no judgement on their end because that's their job and they've most likely heard it all.

No. 181173

I'm thinking of leaving my husband. I've been taking care of his kids while he just sits in the background for too long now. I always seem to be the one who has to deal with major disciplinary issues and his crazy ex and her family's harassment. I stuck around because I love him but he takes me for granted and gets pissy with me when he gets stressed out about the ex and the kids. I'm sick of being unappreciated.

No. 181174

I'm afraid that I'm less valid in my sexuality because I've never been with a woman. I'm definitely romantically and sexually attracted to girls, but I've just…never had an opportunity. I've been in a committed relationship for 3 years now and he's definitely the man I want to marry, but I can't help but look back on my recent teenage years and wonder if I missed out on anything.

I'd never cheat or leave him (I DO love him with all of my heart), but I'm just…conflicted.

No. 181177

I've know this guy for I little over a year now and I'll admit I do have feelings for him. But he gets on my nerves cause he doesn't answer my texts and that's like the only communication we have rn. It sounds silly but I allow him more than a day to reply but I get nothing. I don't text him a lot because of this reason. It gives me the impression he doesn't want to talk to me but he says that's not true. He's shy but still he left me hanging about 10 times now and tired of it. I'll just wait to see him in person -.-

No. 181178

Anon, the idea of 'missing out on something' will only get worse if you dwell on it as you get older. My friend did the same - she eventually cheated after complaining that she'd only been with two men, lost her longterm bf and is now just a wreck of a person at 30. Best to just admire and find attraction with women in a casual sort of way rather than agonize over what will be.

Plus, not having the experience doesn't make you any less legit as a bisexual person.

No. 181185

you would be amazed how many dudes would die just to hear about/watch you with another woman. i had more prior relationships with women than you, but just telling my dude 'yo i would still like to be with chicks sometimes' actually worked. i can be with girls totally on my own, no involvement from him, and he's cool with it as long as i tell him in detail later.

you can absolutely love someone with all of your heart and still be physically attracted to other people. if your partner is cool with you expressing that physical attraction and is comfortable/confident enough to know you love them and only them, who cares?

or go with what >>181178 said and suffer your whole life not knowing, ymmv

No. 181202

I don't think about it every day, just often enough to warrant a confession I guess. I'm definitely trying to move on from it. Thank you for your reassuring words, though, it means a lot.

I know there are guys like that, but I don't think my boyfriend is one of them. In the best case scenario he agrees that it's super hot and would love to watch me/hear about my adventures with women. In the worst case scenario (which, having known him for 7 years, is more likely), he says 'absolutely not' and now he knows that I've thought about being with other women, whether it's romantically or sexually.

That's just not a risk I'm willing to make with him, I love him too much.

Thank you both for your perspectives!

No. 181204

I'm really naive and easily talked/guilted into just about anything if you've got a good angle. I'm very aware of it and hate it with every fibre of my being.
Growing up I was extremely sheltered and had the old Catholic guilt instilled in me very early on. I was always told to be 'good' and hard working, and so I was, but it's never brought me anything but trouble. Instead of being liked for being nice and polite I'm a total pushover and people used to take the piss behind my back because I'm extremely trusting and gullible. I'm not stupid, but I'm not very streetwise at all.

I hate it and want to become more normal but every single time someone says something bad to/about me I always wonder what have I done wrong even if I was perfectly sweet the whole time. I usually cop on after a while but I don't think I deserve to suffer and wonder what's wrong with me just because some minger decided to be pissy at me that particular day. I also hate that people treat me like I'm some spaz who doesn't know left from right just because I can't tell if someone is telling the truth.

No. 181207


You are aware and you will grow to learn new behaviors. You might fail at being more assertive/confident at first but before you know it you will have a spine and sass. You can still be hard working and good, but now you need to learn how to be the boss of your life. I know I sound corny but I come from a similar background.

No. 181220

You know your partner better than anyone and if you think the second scenario is more likely, then, yeah, don't bring it up because you can't put that cat back in the bag. It'll pass, honestly.

No. 181237

I got busted for yaoi when I was a teenager (lol) after my parents went through my internet history and now I'm permanently paranoid about covering my tracks when I do… everything. Even the normal daily life stuff, like I'll shred my shopping receipts before throwing them away.

No. 181246

My mom used to go through all my stuff and even my journals from when I was 8-9 and to this day I still inspect my entire apartment for cameras she might have installed here.

I have my own place, and I still don't feel comfortable anywhere, I'm always checking to see whether she's following or watching me. I left my keys with her when I traveled so she could care for my pets and I'm so fucking sure she made a copy of my keys and will drop by anytime to see what I'm up to. Or maybe she bugged my room and can hear everything that goes on.

It really fucked me up.

No. 181250

File: 1487128333468.jpg (38.45 KB, 856x481, leon-the-professional.jpg)

My boyfriend is 30 years older than me. People assume he's going through a midlife crisis and I'm a golddigger. If I'm not, then I must have daddy issues.

Maybe that's true, but I'm in love with him too.

No. 181265

30 years? Dang anon, how old are you and is he rich?

No. 181269

I'm in love with someone 30 years older than me as well. He likes men though, so I don't have any hope. I hope everything works out for you anon.

No. 181270

I'm in my mid-20s. He's a tenured professor at a top research university, and previously taught at two Ivy League schools. So I'm not sure about "rich," but he has money.

No. 181271

Damn, I'm sorry anon. I hope someday (soon!) you'll fall in love with someone who will love you too.

No. 181290

tbh I judge older men who date younger women super hard, but not the women themselves. It's like what's wrong with women your own age?

No. 181294

Same. One of my dad's friends was a teacher who always dated women who were in their twenties. It creeped me out. Like, honestly, their lives are at two different points.

No. 181354

Thanks for answering anon. I would only date someone 15-20 years older than me, but I'm always interested in hearing about larger age gap relationships. As other anons said, do you feel it's odd he's dating someone so much younger, or is this like his first huge age gap relationship and it just happened?

No. 181367

I'm >>181250. I typed up a reply this morning, but I guess I closed the tab before it actually posted. So:

tbh me too~

Our lives are definitely at different points, but so far this hasn't been much of an issue. We have so much else in common that the differences are rarely noticeable, and never a problem. It helps that I'm following a similar trajectory as his, so while we're at different points, we're on the same path, if that makes sense. It's so nice to be with someone who knows what they're doing from experience, especially when I don't.

I would find it to be a huge red flag if he were specifically pursuing younger women, especially women less than half his age. It's hypercritical, but I generally don't agree with age gaps this large. There are exceptions, but typically there is an obvious imbalance in power and resources, to the point of being exploitative to one or both parties (usually the younger, particularly with a larger age gap).

Initially my age gave him pause, and we agonized over this one issue for months before we decided to just go for it. We knew we would be fine, but we were still worried about what everyone else would think. Still are, to some extent. It doesn't change my feelings about our relationship, but we do get a lot of quizzical or judgy looks when we're in public together.

He was previously married for ~10 years to a woman who is a couple of years older than he is, and then he was in a relationship for ~5 years with a woman ~10 years younger. Neither of us has experience with an age gap like this. So maybe I'm just being hopeful or naive, but I don't think my age itself was a factor here.

No. 181368


Sage for dumb typo.

No. 181369

JFC nevermind.

No. 181372

Funny. I, for one, love to play along with people in public. Me and my spouse french kiss obnoxiously, eat ice cream like it's a spectacle, make lewd comments to each other, touch each other/hold each other… I guess we are THAT couple. I look hard at people who appear to be negatively judging us. I have asked them if they want to take a picture. There is a difference between staring and gawking. My spouse and I are about the same age difference apart as you and your bf.

No. 181375

I have no problem with age gaps but that's just gross
Getting off on excessive PDA in public is just as bad as bringing sexual furry petplay out to Wallmart. Hold hands and visibly be a defiant couple, sure, but nobody wants to be made into participants for your exhibitionist fetish

How do you feel about older women dating younger men, anon?

No. 181402

Hmmm yes, I remember what it was like to be 16 and celebrating a three month anniversary too.

No. 181413

>our age isn't the problem
>older man gradually trading in his partners for younger and younger models
>not suspicious at all
At first I thought it was a coincidence but now it seems like he won't stop until he ends up with a toddler

No. 181414

When I was 10 years old and had my first real friend who came over for play dates and stuff (I was sheltered as hell), she eventually told me that my dad made her mom "uncomfortable" whenever they ended up talking. My dad is loud and boisterous but not creepy. Not everyone's cup of tea but not a bad person.

I've been REALLY self-conscious about this since. I'm 25 now and literally have not introduced any of my friends/boyfriends to my parents. I know that if someone doesn't like my family then it wouldn't work out anyway but still :/

No. 181416

Those people are probably gawking and staring because you're deliberately making a spectacle of your relationship. If you weren't making out in front of the yogurt aisle far fewer people would care about you and gramps being a couple.

No. 181445

nasty hick bitch.

No. 181533

One of my old friends from primary school had a baby recently. I'm really happy for her and her husband obviously. But they're really type A people, both hold doctorates in sciences, and so is her family, so when I see a photo of the child come up with the caption "you can be any kind of doctor you want" I can't help but hope that he grows up to become a bin man just to spite his family. It would still be a decent career with a good living, and he'd be able to live well, but it won't have near the level of prestige they probably want for him.

No. 181548

>I'm the middle friend between people who love to hate each other, let's call them Lana and Jake.
>we are friends but Lana just loves to troll, tease and sometimes just be a bitch to Jake
>and sometimes Jake acts so stupid like he's a living meme that I can't not agree with her
>so we have a group chat - me, Lana and her bf, who also knows Jake, where we basically roast him
>it's so mean sometimes that I feel guilty
>Lana is roasting him openly, but I'm in shadows
>she thinks it's super funny that I'm with them in her roasting chat but when she says something mean to Jake, he comes to me to whine
>I screenshot my talks with Jake or when he whines or just stupid funny things and post it in Lana's chat, I have no idea why I do that, I think it's wrong, but it's like some dark secret and a guilty pleasure
>I'm The Ultime Fake Bad Friend

No. 181554

>I have no idea why I do that
because you're a bad person

No. 181564

You're a bigger bitch than Lana tbh

No. 181565

I feel bad for that kid already.

No. 181604

At least you feel bad for it.

No. 181606

oh man, this shit is for sure going to piss some people off

>i once got angry at my mother (in her 50s) and pushed her to the ground for making fun of me. she cried but i was too mad to care.

>i got my best friend in middle school expelled because i was angry that she made fun of my hair.
>i adopted a cat because i started to think that cats were cute. my cat isn't cute and i wish i hadn't adopted him. cats are fucking lame and i don't care for them. i know this now, but its kinda late i guess.
>i jerked off to the chicken scene in Pink Flamingos. i don't give a shit. boo hoo dead chicken.

No. 181608


>falling in love with a gay guy

why do girls hate themselves this much, i swear there's one of you in every 5 girls i meet. how oblivious can you be

No. 181609


>like he's a living meme

>so we have a group chat
>where we basically roast him
>roasting chat

holy shit anon you're 16 and your confession is not amusing at all. high school is like that its really not that big of a deal, the fuck are you even ashamed of.

No. 181614

Men fall for lesbos all the time though, not exactly something they can help lol. Not everyone's a flamboyant stereotype.

Sometimes I fantasize about attacking my mom when she pisses me off tbh but she wouldn't cry she'd just fucking kick my ass.

No. 181653

you can laugh at me but I don't completely not believe in magic.

>my cat that I loved like crazy was sick. They suspected FIP. If you don't know, it's lethal

>they weren't sure, so we had hope and didn't want to put him to sleep yet
>he was getting worse and worse
>I decided to try healing spell… yeah… don't laugh.
>i did all steps
>in few days it was obvious he's dying. he had hours left
>it took him whole day to go… he fought it so much…
>the vet said it's incredible how well he was in his last days, and that he had very strong healthy heart
>before when he was still in good health the vet said to be careful with him because of his very poor heart????
>i googled the spell again and it was actually for heart diseases…
>sometimes i thought that… maybe it's my fault for how long he suffered his last day
>but those are just some intruding thoughts, it's not like i 100% believe i cast magic.
anyway… yeah. Maybe it sounds a bit silly, bare with me. I've never told this to anyone

No. 181655

>being so desperate to help your pet you try magic

I honestly wouldn't say that's silly and I know it's not the point of the post but yeah

No. 181669

i'm interested in occultism too. if you think there's something to it, you should try and learn and practice more. realistically, yeah most people don't respect that kind of thing and will probably think you're batshit, but if you're interested, there's no reason not to pursue it further to see what it's about.

No. 181673

I love my boyfriend so much but hes so religious and im not and its so hard for me not to burst out laughing or roll my eyes whenever he talks about how "celeberties are devil worshipers" "the world might end soon" "everything that happens is part of gods plan"

Hes actually a very intelligent guy whose well educated with a good job but these wacko conspiracies are too much sometimes

No. 181681

I'm laughing but I also feel bad for you. You didn't prolong the cats suffering by playing Harry Potter anon. It's sad but magic isn't a thing and there's literally no evidence of it ever existing in any form. It's lovely to imagine that we can influence the world with our will but realistically, there's nothing out there that even suggests possibility whilst plenty of sciencetific research indicates that it's impossible in every way.

It's appealing to think crystals do anything, or that we have those metaphysical froo-froo wonders like auras and spirits and chakras but there's literal mountains of evidence showing that every case of supposed magic is deft trickery, or simply people choosing to take coincidence and bias as proof. Don't go feeling like you made your cat suffer. You just wanted to help it feel better in its last hours. He died with your kindness and love and that's the closest thing we can get to magic.

No. 181684

I don't believe in magic but I don't blame you for holding onto that feeling of "could be". Once when I was little I was in my backyard and the wind was blowing pretty hard and I quietly told it to stop and it just…did. Completely died down. I did it two more times successfully. A coincidence obviously but it was still kinda special.

>He died with your kindness and love and that's the closest thing we can get to magic.

No. 181696

after going from thinking i was asexual to getting into 2 serious relationships, i totally get why sexuality is a problem for people. i've dated my boyfriend for around 1.5 years. recently i got to know someone that also TAs a chem class that i do. we've been talking almost every day for almost a week and jesus christ he's hot. tall, thin, boyish looks, glasses, almost exactly my type. he also has the same type of humor as i do, intelligent, and likes to help people.

my bf hasn't really been up to much and he's kind of let himself go…so i've been finding myself fantasizing about the other guy, either dating or sex. i wouldn't do anything with him until we broke up and i know i would end up really missing my bf if we did. but i find myself staring at the other guy when we hang out and overcome with the urge to picture what he would look like moaning under me. fuuuck too bad i couldn't ever get even a threesome. he apparently dated + had sex with a 5/10 trashy girl in our major so i have a chance to be honest…but then again i wouldn't want to ruin my friendship if we started dating because i'm crazy and things can go south.

fuck you for being hot dude.

No. 181697

>fuck you for being hot dude
How misogynists and misandrists are born tbh kek

But aanyway, totally a normal thing. People who act like it's sinful to ever have a crush whilst you're in a relationship are either uncommon or deluded hypocrites. Take this time to evaluate your relationship though, nothing wrong with doing the math to see if it's still worth it for both of you but just remember that infatuation and love are different beasts

You do you anon, if a placebo creates a false positive then it doesn't matter if it's 'false' does it? Many people are superstitious even if they say magic is crazy

No. 181722

Well, you know. It's really normal to fall in love with someone else while in a relationship. See, you're still young and no one expects you to be forever with your current bf.

I think you should make it clear to your bf though. Just talk about it, it's really the fairest thing to do. See, you would also find it better that your bf tells you if he falls for someone else right? I don't think he would hold a grudge against you. Sure, it will hurt him because that is not something you wish for, but in the end he will be thankful that you were completely honest with him. So in the end, the breakup itself will be much better for him that way. So well, maybe in the end you will be able to even keep being friends with him.

And regarding the hot dude, I think you should really give it a shot. Life is too short to miss out on a guy that makes your head spin.

No. 181724

Let's say magic is real and that was proof that it is real. (What I kind of believe, but still unsure) so I think even if it was just the wrong spell it didn't prolong his suffer. I think it was rather a wave of positive energy that he sensed came from you. Hell, maybe he was completely aware that you were giving your best to help him. And in his last moments he knew that you were 100% there for him and giving your love.

No. 181726

The only that kind of triggered me was the one about the cat. But as long as you care well for him, I think it is kind of okay.

Maybe try to find a friend that loves animals and has the ressources to care for a cat and find a new home? Might be a win-win for both of you.

And how did you get your friend expelled?

No. 183976

Whenever I see a fat girl sperging on how "curvez ar bettah" while putting down thin/normal weight girls I hope she's insulted as much as possible. You can't complain about "fatshaming" while saying that only dumb men go for a non-overweight girl and stuff like that.

No. 183985

I'm really unlikable without giving people a reason for disliking me (to my knowledge).

I've never been mean to anyone but for some reason people just don't like me. Some do, but they're usually in the minority. I don't know if that's normal but it makes me feel bad.

Whenever I talk, the people I'm talking to seem irritable (even if I only say stuff like 'No thanks' or 'have a nice day' or whatever). Sometimes some of them look vaguely disgusted. I'm normal by all means and I shower etc regularly, and I'm not repulsive (or fat) either, something about me just rubs people the wrong way.

People tend to talk over me and boss me around, and some genuinely think I'm stupid even though I have the best grades in my uni year. When I do voice my opinion, people mostly react with 'oh god, shut the fuck up'. I rarely say anything polarizing, it's usually shit like 'I don't think we should do this because x'.

I get that I'm a doormat but the moment I stand up for myself I get treated even worse (by unrelated people). I tried 'faking it till I make it' but failed.

I know it's a common belief that these things can be 'unlearned' but I don't think so.

There's nothing wrong with me mentally or physically and I actually don't hate myself, but I don't know why this happens even with people I've never met before. It's like I have 'kick me' tattooed on my forehead.

No. 183998

I so relate to this except most people DO like me for that reason because I'm a doormat. So I have no reason to change except for all the shit that comes with being unable to say no/stand up for myself.

Are you or have you ever been in customer service by any chance? I used to be ridiculously shy and working in that domain helped a lot but all the social skills I learned involved being a doormat.

No. 184052

File: 1489773680918.jpg (87.48 KB, 789x750, tumblr_oktnssUWkO1uew38go1_128…)

My prescribed psych medication isn't working and I have punched both my mom and dad to the point where they have bruised and bled. I'm such a fuck up.

No. 184071

Why the fuck are you posting with a name you newfag?

No. 184075

obviously because meds stopped working

No. 184089

I have a lot of milk on a snowflake but I'll never post it because I like the person and have no vendetta, plus the info I have would out who I am.

No. 184093

can you give us a hint on who it is? or the nature of what info you got?

No. 184101

they could be happy if only you'd off yourself

No. 184154

It pisses me off whenever I see some of my friends hang out with other people. I don't know why but it does. I just saw a snap of my friend hanging out with her friends and having a blast.

I get upset too whenever I see pictures of other friends having a good time without me in it.

I sometimes want them to be miserable like me just to see how it feels.

I know I shouldn't feel this way and it's my fault for looking in the first place, I just don't know why…

No. 184162

File: 1489940019670.jpg (26.25 KB, 534x395, C7QgWPpUwAAkZkx.jpg)

I do this too. It's clinginess. I do my absolute best to suppress it, because I know it's unhealthy and I'd drive my friends away if I ever acted on it.

Just remind yourself that these feelings are totally irrational. Your friends still like you, even if they're hanging out with someone else.

Or else you'll end up like how I was in grade 8.

No. 184171


Ah, so that's what it is? I've had friends leave me due to my clinginess as well. It was really painful.

I guess there is something as being "too close.

No. 184217

My depression is exhausting me. It's eating me alive.

Aside from go to school full time I do nothing but lie around, to the extent that I've been neglecting my self care. I'm starting to feel disgusting but I literally can't stop retreating into my comfort zone aka my bed and mindlessly browsing the internet. I get so tired if I do literally anything else.

Makes me feel guilty and shitty.

No. 184218

Have you seen a doctor or a psychiatrist about it?

No. 184316

I'm so fucking done with everyone in my life right now but I pretend to give a shit and care because I don't want to come off as too bitchy. If it weren't for the fact that I have a stable job with benefits I would just run away to somewhere else and start over. Unfortunately, I don't have a specialization in anything so it would be hard to find another job now.

No. 184969

STORY TIME! so i have an online bf and we do sexual stuff of course. my bf used to do it to me sleeping because he has a fetish for that so recently i faked making noises and pretending im dreaming of him fucking me every night. now he waits for me to sleep and makes me keep my webcam on until i hear him say "i love you" again to check if i'll respond "in my sleep" so he can start stuff. recently he started making up fantasies that i respond to while im "sleeping". he will project rape fantasies (which isnt bad i guess he still wants me to know its him but just pretends to be forceful) and pretends we have to work on a project and i have to come over his house and teaches me how to touch him (strange i know but we dont know each other irl or anything). im not sure if its bad that im lying to him but he believes it and really thinks im sleeping

No. 184972

Doesn't that make going to bed annoying for you? I mean some nights you seem up to play along, but what about when you actually just want to sleep and you know he's creeping

No. 184973

i have a hard time falling asleep to begin with sadly so i stay up anyway

No. 184977

I'm a terriable person and I'm not saying this for sympathy I know what I am.

My ex is so in love with me he continues to give me money, knowing full well that we most likely won't be together because "being by my side is enough for him".

By money I don't mean meager amounts I mean he has paid for my rent in full on two occasions. I'm a college student out of state from no support from my mother, not because she doesn't support me but that she literally can't help me for she helps my other two sisters. So for the longest time I was in a relationship with him that lead me to eventually be unhappy but I stayed because school supplies and textbooks aren't cheap and FAonly gives me so much.

This week I was given 1200 via PayPal from him and a 600 money gram (since PayPal has a cap for each month of what you can withdraw)

Part of it went towards rent and food, while the other part was shopping. He isn't the only one too, I have another guy who gives me money or things I want, not to the level of my ex but still.

I game to in order to relax after studying, I don't pay for the subscription because the guys in the discord group pays for it and any other game related things I need. I would like to say it bothers me how I can get all of this stuff for basically doing nothing but I don't feel much of anything.

I don't have to work ontop of studying (besides work study which doesn't really count I just resheleve books all day and put new ones into the school library system) and anything I want within reason I can just simply ask for the funds for, I don't tell my mother because she worries and I know she wouldn't want this but I don't want her to stress about helping me for getting by out here.

No. 184980

You sound pretty proud of yourself in a sick way ngl

No. 184981


I wouldn't say proud, I don't feel much of anything beside relief if anything? If that make sense. I don't have to kill myself trying to keep my scholarship and work an insane amount which is what I feared going in.

But the process of just being given all of this, it has changed me that I don't feel anything. I don't know what to feel at this point.

No. 184984

You already admitted you're a bad person for taking advantage of these people so you DO know what the right thing would be to do, you really came here hoping someone would tell you it's okay or even awesome to be doing it.

It's not. It's shitty and selfish and all that. Don't look to others to justify your ickiness. Either accept that you're a half step above a thief or scammer and move on or stop and don't expect sympathy for not having video games.

It's not even something important dude,
It's games. Tragic.

No. 184986

You're a horrid person and I hope you change your ways before you grow up to take advantage of more people.

Also, 'boohoo, working with a scholarship. I managed to do my full four years with scholarships and work enough to support myself. Nobody paid for my university. Same with my best friend who went on to do her masters. Stop placing the fact you're lazy on why you have to steal money from someone who has given it to you in good faith.

Awful. Grow up.

No. 184987


I'm ugly so this type of shit is unimaginable to me, but honestly milk that shit as long as you can. If men want to be so be so pathetic and stupid, let them.

No. 184989

sounds really annoying and weird

No. 184991

i think that the anons shitting on you for this are probably jealous tbh.

lots of girls do this. lots of girls have BFs just for the perks.

it's not that big of a deal imo? if he knows you wont be together probably but still wants to throw money at you thats his prerogative.

No. 184992

As long as you're not stringing him along and giving him false hope, let him do as he pleases. Enjoy it while you can, anon.

No. 184996

How is is selfish if some losers want to pay for her to feel good? As long as she isn't lying to them about her situatiom I don't see what the problem is.

No. 185033

Because it's knowingly and deliberately taking advantage of someone in order to sit around and play video games like a pampered little kid. It's not even the moral issue, it's what it says about them as a person. Selfishness, laziness, and willingness to use others don't exactly make up a great personality or set of personal values. Imagine if someone like this was training to be a therapist for vulnerable people. Selfishness isn't something to brag about, it's ugly.

No. 185045


It takes a special kind of autism to type this up.

>Anon going to school with a scholarship

>Anon does work study
>Anon says her mother can't help her/him.
>Anon's Ex knows his place but still want to help her/him out.
>You sperg out saying they plays video games all day when it clearly seems they trying to get a career

You don't know the situation, you don't know what they are studying or where they are living. Not everyone has mommy and daddy to give them money, not everyone can work while in college because it really depends on what they are even studying in the first place, and it's pretty obvious loans were out of the question since anon didn't go that route. I'll go on a hunch and say the scholarship is GPA related, keeping up that GPA while working isn't easy, and only gets worse

It's not selfish, nobody forced the guys to give her stuff of finance her school/living. What is sounds like, at least as far as the ex is concerned, they know what they are doing. They are all grown, if they feel bubbly for helping anon, or if the ex feels he still wants to help her than that their decision.

Like everyone above already said, if they know they aren't getting anything out of it than let the losers give her money. Anon will just laugh at this a few years later when they graduates debt free and able to use every cent they earn right off the bat to live comfortably.

It's a goddamn confession thread, anon clearly wasn't looking for a pat on the back, they came to confess christ.

You sound like those autist that coddle males who donate hundreds of dollars to grill gamerz about how they are being swindled.

No. 185048


Sorry, I'm assuming anon is a girl for some sentences but there is a lot of males on this site as of late. If you're still reading the thread anon screw em, they literally are just jealous.

No. 185067

I don't like STEM majors. Most of them have this hoity toity attitude about themselves, especially "pre-meds".

No. 185071

Me neither, STEM girls act like special snowflakes and usually jerk each other's cocks about feminism and how everyone mistreats them, whereas STEM guys (especially CS majors) never shut up about their future '1 gorillion starting' paychecks and how all the women that rejected them are going to pay (because guys like that are an absolute prize, apparently).

I don't like finance majors because they're all annoying wannabe bros only there for the money and 'stock trading LOL', accountants are OK though. I don't mind other business majors except marketers, they should all collectively sudoku.

No. 185073

The money part is what annoys me the most, especially when they put down my degree (in the humanities) because it's 'useless', like they're going to make six figures with just their bachelors. I met a "premed" today who was acting like she had already made it in, and she was only in her first year. Most of them don't really seem to care about science either, they're in it for the money they think they'll make. I ask them why they want to do X and they almost never mention that they like their field. I can understand being pragmatic, but there has to be a way of finding something that doesn't destroy your soul and pays the bills.

Marketing majors are absolute cancer, I agree kek. Every accounting major I've met has been extremely boring.

No. 185082

Most accountants I've met have been a lot like Cyril Figgis from Archer (minus the adultery), surprisingly. Sweet, kind of awkward people just trucking on and living their lives without much else interesting going on. Recently there's been an influx of financefags switching to accounting because finance is saturated and people are finally realizing they can't be Leo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street. You can always tell which ones they are, too.

No. 185083

>autistic for not wanting to take advantage of people

Kay. Enjoy your moral bankruptcy. Also you don't know she's not leading them on, either, nor the circumstances of why they're giving her money (as in, she might have asked for it firstly) But enjoy your crossjerk that every person who thinks that's shitty behavior is some sort of asshole man or a girl who's jealous.

No. 185109

I'm honestly jelly right now.
>the guys in the discord group
How did you find them?

No. 185120


When I was interning one summer I got close with my coworker because we both found out we like to play games and other geeky things. She invited me into her boyfriends discord group so we could all play mobs together and pathfinder.

The best way to find groups like this would probably be forums or join groups when invited in multiplayer games. A lot of the new people who join the group were found by one of us playing something on console game or mmo and think they were chill enough to join.

No. 185122

I'm sick of being called a man just because I dont think it's okay to suck up someone's money for selfish kid shit.

No. 185125



That sounds like a pretty fun group, good luck with school btw anon. You do you.

No. 185126

I'm a dude who stumbled here from a link on another board

I'd say that I hope some maniac kicks down your door and cuts your head off with a machete but I'd probably do the same if I had some millionaire cougar gf. On another note, guys who do this shit are ultimate betas, walking doormats and are looked down by every guy who isn't a pussy.

No. 185128


>Hurdur, male here. Hurrrduuuuuuurrrrrr my male opinion matters here because I have god boy points

and who in the fuck asked you

No. 185129

I don't need to be asked you fat, dumbshit cow

Just for saying that, prepare to have your shit board spammed all over 4chan and being made aware of

No. 185130

Oh no! Not 4chan.
a weepy robot is gonna bring his personal army, and spam some more robot tears. Batten the hatches it's anonymous!

No. 185131

4chan isn't your personal army either, kiddo. Lurk your own damn chan more.

No. 185133


You're a faggot lol

No. 185138

Good luck. They're going to laugh at your obviously triggered autism.

No. 185154

>adopt basic bitch standards
ugh no thanks

No. 185280

I used to be a very openly pro-trans ally but in the past few years after all the shit thats happening now I am no longer.

I haven't gone the complete opposite way (like hate them) but I do not support the cause anymore for several reasons. Is there anyone else in the same boat?

No. 185282

I'm the same way, I used to be super supportive of them and now I just don't give a fuck about any of their issues

No. 186234

Sometimes I fantasize about how my boyfriend would react if I did something awful to him, like cheating.
I would never actually want to see him like that but there's something morbidly exiting when I think about it.

No. 186264


Yes, I feel you.
It was a handful of factors that changed me, but I think one in particular was this "transgirl" I know that is one of the worst persons I've ever met, totally personal cow. She transitioned to get more attention for her narc ass and she lied about her Lattes, her name, where she's from… And talks everyday about the "struggles of being a trans woman but succeeding academically" when guess what - all her "success" was achivied when she was still a man. So groundbreaking, right? >muh hardships
Ah, also, she used to make fun of trans people before transitioning. And made fun about lesbians too. And she used to call me "man-face" all the time, yeah, much for "breaking gender stigma", right?

Also, I started thinking, isn't cotton ceiling totally against the thought that "woman like butch lesbians because they are women, not 'fake men'"? Did we regress? Why can't you be a dude that is super into dresses? Even if you want a pair of tits, why can't you still be a dude? Gender (and therefore gender-roles) abolitionism is the answer, I guess.

Sorry, I digressed a bit.

Worst part is that I can't even express any of that openly, many people I know would demonize me and shit. Sucks.

No. 186265


Samefag but, with that being said, I probably would never ""missgender"" someone because I still don't like making people uncomfortable and stuff, and I do care about real trans problems like high suicide rates and prostitution and stuff, but damn, I really wish they would stop. Kids are getting the most shit out of all this.


No. 186268

i'd fuck mystery's psycho ex-bf. idc if he's a little piece of shit, i need to release sexual tension on some ok-looking guy and then dispose of him

No. 187110

i called my boyfriend daddy in bed and it's kind of hot…we've been jokingly calling each other it for weeks as a way to mock the online trend (e.g. me: "i'm going to kill you" him: "yes daddy") since we both agree DDLG is pretty gross. i have no idea where the urge came from, but i felt i like it was right in the moment, and now we've both said it a few times unironically during foreplay/sex. i clarified i still didn't like any part of a DDLG relationship and daddy still feels wrong to say. or maybe now it's just more taboo.

our dynamic is one where he regularly dominates me, and saying "babe" or his name doesn't capture that and master just feels weird lol. he's younger than me (we're barely out of teenagehood), very slim, and kind of a bishounen so definitely not what a typical "daddy" is. i really just want a way to express submission.

so yeah anons let me know if you have alternatives to daddy please help me be less of a degenerate

No. 187137

try sir/master? same dynamic, less gross

No. 187147

I just ruined a semi-friendship by telling them their relationship is never going to workout, because you cheated on your bf and he's going to resent you forever for it. No regrets.

No. 187177

why is it gross though? Yeah dd/lg is pretty gross but people say babe/baby all the time so what's wrong with daddy?

No. 187234

i'm not going to argue with you, original anon i replied to thinks it's gross and quite a few other anons would agree. you do you, gf.

No. 187427

Not sure if this is better for the vent thread or what but I've been getting panic attacks lately about death. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I was dying, the dream was peaceful enough but my dreaming mind realized that if I died I would cease to exist. Where would my conciousness go? I woke up from it in a panic and major anxiety and now I keep getting intrusive thoughts about the inevitability of dying and and how I will cease to be. It's been scaring the hell out of me and now I'm getting full blown panic attacks because of it. I'm not religious so I can't find comfort in an after life, I just keep thinking about how some day I won't be thinking anymore. I'll just be gone.

No. 187442

i don't believe that all fat people are fat because they're lazy and that their weight doesn't define their worth, but my best friend is such a stereotypically lazy, gluttonous fatty that it makes me cringe sometimes.

No. 187444

My grandmother died last August.
She used to beat me and turn my mother against me.
I'm happy she's dead and I'm scared I'm a sociopath or something.

No. 187445


I would be happy too. Abusive family sucks. -hugs-

No. 187508

Anon, what you're feeling is normal. You're not a sociopath. My father was abusive and is sitting in prison now for molesting a kid. I know I'll be damn happy when he finally dies.

No. 187666

I don't know what I want to major in college or what I want to do with the rest of my life.

No. 187669

So frustrated with myself. At this point I just want to work a field that doesn't make me want to kill myself.

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