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File: 1485404422677.gif (6.51 MB, 275x275, image.gif)

No. 344293[Reply]


-was (possibly) catfished by Stevie Gore all along, lol
-plans to turn a new leaf yet still shits on pot smokers
-Billie hasn't returned and possibly never will (lol be mad)
-is now friends with some fat fuck named BillyTheFridge to get to his romantic interest: Leafyishere

Let's see what awaits us in this downward spiral, shall we?

Previous thread: >>>/pt/342506
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No. 348337


Are you functionally retarded?

No one here is angry at Lane. Why do you keep insisting that people here are? The fucking tween army is doing the attacking, led by Greg and Taylor.

No. 348339

i think we should wait for lane to write something with exactly what she says happened, so that we don't speculate and jump to conclusions

No. 348342

new thread: >>348341

No. 348343


True, all we know is that they "nearly" dated (I think she said it was a few months ago, I'm guessing midst a Billie break up) and Greg was encouraging it.

Lane's friend said that they don't know that this necessarily means Greg wanted to be involved, but I think we all know how it would have ended should they have dated. He already stated many times that seeing girls make out infront of him turn him on, he already explained how unfair the trinity was when he couldn't fuck Billie on his own. It's obvious his game plan.

No. 348353

Can someone check WA law? Where I am the legal age is 16 but only if you're within 3 years of the minor. If you're over three years the legal age is 18. I'm pretty sure WA has similar laws.

It won't do anything but make Plain look like more of a perv for snatching Sarah up when she just turned 16.

Have fun with your trinity, onion boy. If the law doesn't catch up with you, the fading looks and the ego will.

File: 1422395626576.jpg (263.01 KB, 480x724, frank_2.jpg)

No. 44096[Reply]

Frank Wolf thread.
>basically was some gay dude/trap genderbent of Dakota, copying Chris Dakota and being a emofag and being a trap sometimes
>cosplayed,dressed as a petboy,or pikachu kigurumi,…
>was pretty popular on facebook and tumblr for wathering to fujoshis because zomg tru uke from my yaoiz
>was bullied online too
>apparently commited suicide in november 2013 and is kill now
Rest in pieces sweet prince.
Is he really dead or is there something we don't know?
Unshooped pics of him?
I need informations because stamina is kill and i can't go back to the thread there was there
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No. 247691


There was one in the Montreal paper but they don't keep those online forever, However Legacy archives them and if you pay X amount it remains forever.

No. 348134

lol I wanna look into his death more(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348140

Necroing a thread with no contribution. Good job, newfag.

No. 348147

Sage you fucking faggot

No. 348259

File: 1486430042581.png (75.33 KB, 955x301, the truth.png)

File: 1433627787982.jpg (192.01 KB, 650x438, copyright_coverdoll_com.jpg)

No. 117795[Reply]

I want to start a thread where I post information about guys that live with plastic dolls. I find them hilariously autistic.

Basically it is a bunch of lonely perverts who have congregated together since 2001 and talk about owning dolls. There are over 18,000 members on this forum and they call themselves "Doll Lovers". It isn't just about sex, a lot of them have started "families" and relationships with these dolls. They often talk about preferring dolls because real women don't want them. They're mostly MRAs and meninists. A lot of them want a replacement for human interaction

They get really offended by people who insinuate that they are fucking weird.

Here are some quotes:

>My two girls go to bed with me at night and I wake up to them in the morning, when I come home they're both there, sitting and smiling, waiting for me patiently. There's no drama or pain, only nurturing and acceptance.

>One doll-owner who called himself Mandy said he doesn't even think of his two girls as sex dolls, but more as "adult daughters" instead – a substitute family

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No. 118432

I don't get the hate. Seems like a harmless hobby to me. They're not bothering anyone so idgaf

No. 118462


>fluid is squirting out of a giant hole directly in the center of the nipple

2015 and the male gender STILL doesn't understand how the nipple secretes milk are you fucking kidding me.

No. 118495

Tbf these guys don't care about anatomical correctness that's why they need dolls lmao

No. 118599

If you read enough of of Davecat's blog you can tell he's not the worst of the worst. He actually has female friends and hobbies outside of this doll shit. He's definitely not as bad as that hick dude in the BBC documentary who clearly hated women and lived in the middle of nowhere with his dolls and gun collection (iirc)

tbh I don't mind this doll shit, at least these guys are taking their pent up hatred for women and weird fetishes out on the dolls and not actual women/little girls

No. 347564

This is all sp fucked lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1444170580381.jpg (164.62 KB, 464x700, twat.jpg)

No. 189273[Reply]

She was pretty lulzy back in her kota clone/photoshopping days but now she is a full on SJW twat. She is super racist, homophobic and Pro Donald Trump. This girl forgets her parents are immigrants. Even Charms hates her guts.

Her tumblr is really fucking stupid.

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No. 333973

Kind of sad, because I'm pretty sure she just wants to have people talk about her on here. I bet she posted in this thread a lot to make herself seem relevant

No. 333976

meh, I don't know. I feel like admin-sama would have said something about that.

No. 334103


Thanks for the info, but yes it's gone. Just links to a website with some mediocre photography on now.

No. 336957

Damn. She is hot and I'd love to see her hollow eyes bobbing up and down my dick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347410


youre so stupid on here lol enjoy your kebab dicks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1486217218327.png (121.1 KB, 248x372, 65c.png)

No. 347130[Reply]

sup guis i heard this shit is like 4chan but where are the fucking memes you normis?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

File: 1480185079651.png (1.62 MB, 456x2240, 1480144538588.png)

No. 338376[Reply]

Old thread

Ash has gone full coo-coo.
She lies about having a seizure, having spirits inside of her.
Says she knows other people who are the same as her, but actually are just shitting with her by saying oh yeah us too lol
Scares the absolute fuck out of her therapist and lies that the therapist is also one of these weird as "seer" thing.
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No. 347139

This is why I was asking for opinions because I wasn't around for the Akane saga so all my knowledge of it comes from here. I knew of her back when she was first posted on /cgl/ but there's a big gap of maybe 1-2 years in my knowledge between that and 2016-now. When I last kept up with her she had a ton of friends to defend her but some where along the way she burned all her bridges and had her BFF? posted here.

So I'm pretty vague on her sexuality status aside from knowing she describes herself as genderfluid and likes both females and males (supposedly). Back in the /cgl/ days I don't remember her being involved with anyone aside from being crazy about yaoi fanservice and making her yaoi drawings so I don't think anyone paid much attention to that aspect of her life. It's only recently that I've started noticing who she flirts with on statuses and how she testing the waters about maybe being trans herself which I don't think she will because it's too much effort to keep up a story like that and actual transmen on her friends list will call her out on her shit so quick.

No. 347165

Has Ash ever had sex? I mean actual sex, not some weird spiritual bullshit involving head dragons or whatever she thinks she can see. She kind of comes of as frustrated virgin who can't get laid and tries to grasp at everything in hopes of dick/vag.

No. 347169

I highly doubt it. She's never mentioned it.

Also are we autosaging/maxed out?

No. 347193


See I made this assumption somewhere in this thread. As I said before, she's only doing this just to get attention like she always has. It's her next step in thinking she can be with the cool kids by being part of that trans group. Just look at her friends list. SHIT!

No. 347212

New one since we've stopped bumping.


File: 1485671929076.jpg (4.8 KB, 100x100, photo.jpg)

No. 345432[Reply]

This guy isn't really that bad in terms of being a lolcow, but has one of the MOST annoying adult voices I've ever heard in my entire life, every word is like a cheese grater to my ears, he also reviews shows made by children, and insults them, even though this guy is like 20. His reviews are cringe and only young children seem to even be remotely interested in him, he only gets a few thousands views each on his videos so I don't know if he qualifies but whatever.


No. 345435

This belongs in /snow/

No. 345506

Moved to >>>/snow/241649.

File: 1485485463627.jpg (331.97 KB, 1280x720, 1485322734019.jpg)

No. 344652[Reply]

No. 344667

File: 1485487393948.jpg (7.87 KB, 196x110, 687452154.jpg)

File: 1422735266392.png (251.53 KB, 651x327, fatgirlsnackscopied.png)

No. 45245[Reply]

Alexis Boldin has been known to steal artwork and recipes for her business and not credit them. Not even her Fat Girls Snacks company name is original because it's an existing company name. Look at the pic. She just slapped on chocolate on the tongue, put a logo underneath and that's it.

She made her own website under her own name alexisboldin.com mostly to brag about her traveling adventures.

She had always been the type to seek attention in real life and online. When my friends ordered from her business, they became very ill. We suspected that she doesn't produce her food in a commercial kitchen.

She has been known to be very culturally insensitive and rude in real life. When she had a birthday, she wore a shirt that said "Birthday Girl" on it. When a student didn't acknowledge her birthday, she would throw a massive fit and say "How could you forget my birthday" even though she never told this stranger her birthday. Alexis was always prone to attention seeking behavior, which is why she bought likes for her business page. The likes have stagnated for months and fallen a little.


She also made a page on herself for some reason.


She also loudly went up to a Chinese student and said "Konichiwa!"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 45254

I don't know if she is one but she did make fun of a bunch of students who liked anime and called them "freakshow." She also quotes bible verses on her facebook account. I think she doesn't act like a true Christian…

I guess we should have but I wasn't the one who bought the shit-tier cookies which was a "revolutionary" brand even though everything looked pretty regular to me. I did suggest going to the news about it but my friends said they didn't want to cause trouble. Alexis is the type to twist a story against you if you go against her and we don't know what unholy lawyers she has behind her. I remember a business scared me into taking down a truthful review by threatening to sue me for slander even though it wasn't. We just don't want to risk anything.

No. 45304

File: 1422743796516.png (19.34 KB, 499x179, alexisboldinlol.png)


No. 45305

Her new last name is Montgomery due to being married. https://www.facebook.com/alexisboldin.montgomery?fref=ts

No. 57499

ugh, so she's one of those people who think being crass automatically gives them a sassy carefree personality? seeps insecurity imho

No. 344309

doesn't seem legit to me, black people don't usually steal stuff(b8)

File: 1485036739665.png (71.8 KB, 319x294, Fc11PhK.png)

No. 342506[Reply]


What does that mean?
The milk is flowing in an unending maelstrom and the current situation is a highly emotional topic, so recent threads have been swamped with blog posts as well as generally low-effort comments, unnecessary requests for well-established links, and so forth.
From now on until further notice, the following kinds of comments may be removed and/or punished with temporary bans:

- linking or embedding videos from any of Onision's, Lainey's, or Sarah's channels without rehosting (see this post for rehosting guidelines)
- any kind of blogging
- any kind of baiting
- any kind of low-effort, lazy comment that contributes nothing to the conversation
- derailing
- arguing about benefits and detriments of weed use
- samefagging or doubleposting unnecessarily
- posting a video without any comment of your own
- not sageing irrelevant comments
- using sage as an excuse to blogpost or post low quality content
- writing "sage" in your post for no real reason
- calling out other posts as bad instead of just reporting them


>>342222 (removed)
>Link? (low-effort)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 344274

File: 1485395557008.jpg (42.18 KB, 1119x405, 132187_494221389181_910136_o.j…)

this is from her old facebook page, so yeah, she was on the rise when he got his claws into her

No. 344280


Don't worry, we were foolish once.

No. 344281

I honestly could see her growing and maturing through the years with her music. You can already see a huge difference between Operator and Can't Hold On Probably wouldn't be TSwift levels of fame, but she'd do well enough to take care of herself.

No. 344282

This is very interesting since Leafy is making a video on him soon too. I wonder if they're all doing the video together since both their "careers" are going downhill fast!

No. 344284

What makes you think Leafster is going after Onion? Leafster wants to gain some subs/relevancy back?

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