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File: 1491773505386.jpg (16.17 KB, 281x215, gfQeotJ.jpg)

No. 368493[Reply]

/r9k/ tripfag who came to the lolcord with her autistic boyfriend, getting into slapfights over her advocacy of the pullout method and farmers calling her out for sperging about JonTron's weight gain. After she fled from the Discord, she promptly went on /r9k/ to bawww about getting burned because she chose a drama channel of all places to make female friends.

>I fucking hate women. I want to gas every fucking normie woman on the planet. No wonder /pol/ and /r9k/ exist. If this is how the average woman acts towards a man, NO FUCKING WONDER. This entire experience has made me lose faith in humanity, who the fuck is this mean? Women, apparently. Just WHY?


Ex-girlfriend of /r9k/ fuckboy Oscar >>231026 who leaked her nudes.
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No. 378578


wow, um, she has a bf you guys. jesus.

No. 378594

i love u

No. 378771

I don't think robots don't understand at how uninterested we are when you say you want to fuck a cow.

It's like going to the zoo and saying "I'd fuck that giraffe". Nice, glad you do, but we don't want to know.

No. 379019

Oscar is still active on /r9k/ and contactfagging any mentally ill, vulnerable, dominant, or abusive girls he can find, looking for someone to make him feel like Kanako did, but he's using different names to help avoid recognition. his typing style and everything else is the same as it was, copying hers. If anything the drama and exposure has just fed into his narcissism and sense of being special. If he was smart, he'd get psychiatric help, but he obviously isn't since he's 27 and using /r9k/ as a dating site.

No. 379024

Can confirm this.

File: 1481292490932.png (269.33 KB, 314x566, 1479328277579.png)

No. 321974[Reply]

Old >>20741 reached post limit

>has been on a sluthating tirade recently even though she dresses like one.

>will say she doesn't dress like this normally for everyday life, but has admitted that internet is her normal everyday life, and she always dresses like that online
>has made her childbride husband make videos too just backing up
>speaking of childbride husband, caught him watching porn and almost ended the relationship over it, because she hates porn
>and he's been laid off
>more buying useless shit
>more complaining about how expensive everything is in nz
>also btw halloween is horrible in nz and how dare they don't celebrate the same way as america
>they've moved house recently. their new house is already a mess. she blames her son and childbride, but you can see so much of her shit in the background everywhere.
>she still can't work because of her tailbone. she can lift weights at her ex husband's gym tho.
>also she's "legally blind" but she can drive a car.
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No. 376625

This tickled my sides. Has anyone ever said this to her??

No. 378762

File: 1493508211618.png (59.48 KB, 640x530, IMG_1183.PNG)

This guy

No. 378945

is it a troll or is real? I hope they post more

No. 378956

They seem legit, he just seems to hate Raven like the rest of us. As funny as he is though, I wish someone would do a serious video on her and the shit she says and does. I guess it would cause too much drama

No. 378978

Some one please do a video on her!

File: 1492721594274.png (648.6 KB, 640x872, 1492670822927.png)

No. 373404[Reply]

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
Thread #2 >>>/snow/131172
Thread #3 >>>/snow/151227
Thread #4 >>>/snow/167361
Thread #5 >>>/snow/176096
Thread #6 >>>/pt/310703
Thread #7 >>>/pt/320406
Thread #8 >>>/pt/331309
Thread #9 >>>/pt/342518
Thread #10 >>>/pt/351721
Thread #11 >>>/pt/356684
Thread #12 >>>/pt/362065
Thread #13 >>>/pt/367369

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
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No. 379037


Exactly. Every dumb teenager has a few arguments with their parents growing up. What they don't do is publicly go on psychotic rants about wishing they would die or injure themselves. Like, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with her? I hope her mom finds all this she that was said about her and beats the ever loving shit out of Moomoo.

No. 379043

inb4 "twitter deleted me dudes here's my new one!"

No. 379045


I desperately want to see her pull that bullshit and see how fast she gets called the fuck out.

No. 379049

She's already hinting at her arm lipo. Say what you want this girl knows how to play retards. A true sociopath.
Mark my words. Her arms will be smaller very very soon.
"Check out my workout progress, I spot worked out my arms. Body positivity my dudes."

No. 379058

Her IG story is such cringe. She is parroting Nigris stupid tongue flicking, crazy faces bull shit. She's trying SO HARD to be Nigri.

File: 1406914638862.jpg (38.98 KB, 400x400, tumblr_my654vz0zv1rtlchoo2_400…)

No. 4444[Reply]

Delandra Barbie Johnson Thread

Facts about her:
Is in Japan illegally

Claims to be a member of Black Diamond Gyaru Circle but

Has horrible makeup and hair but criticizes everyone else

Knows no Japanese

Prostitutes herself and spends money on brand clothing but cannot afford $100 for rent

Uses Japanese craigslist to find an anchor husband

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 367656

File: 1491850204559.png (195.84 KB, 640x904, IMG_0278.PNG)

She's not telling them she has a dog and is overbooking the room too…additionally she's done this many of times before. In the Lolita comm, gyaru comm and now as her fat ass embarrasses herself in the gaming community. Which community will be next? I'm guessing YT beauty guru but she's probably too lazy to make videos and too ugly to ever become relevant.

No. 378665

File: 1493493156923.jpg (370.31 KB, 1540x1525, IMG_2762.JPG)

She must not like the way she looks now, using old as pics like we would know……I swear I've hated this bitch since high school.

No. 378743

File: 1493504161177.png (199.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2769.PNG)

2015, y use old pics?

No. 378850

I'm getting real fed up with people making up service dogs for tiny yippy dogs who aren't even trained in any way to be a service dog… This is getting out of hand. And of course not mentioning a dog in a hotel room is rude as fuck to anyone with allergies, as well as does who just don't want to room with a smelly mutt.

I still remember her smothering that thing at Games Done Quick last year.

No. 378888

this pisses me off. What she has is an "emotional support animal". There is a pretty big difference between that and a service animal. A whole set of different guidelines and requirements. Really, anyone can register their pet as an "emotional support animal" but licensed service animals go through rigorous training and have to meet strict guidelines through the ADA.

File: 1493235267030.gif (1.28 MB, 320x270, 1493206984305.gif)

No. 376801[Reply]

-Drew claims Greg has been emailing Billie to get her back

-Lainey joins Gregma in making a pointless patreon

-Billie is selling Gurgs old clothes to see her boyfriend lol be mad

-Lainey streams on younow and is asked about emails, anons perpetuates rumours of recent April emails, Lainey cries and quickly leaves

-Gerg sperges out on younow, producing much hilarity, verbally attacks Drew, Billie, the people commenting in chat

-Drew uploads video laughing at him and his unstableness, more bitch slapping at Greg, no further emails have been leaked but the milk was plentiful rergardless

Previous thread: >>>/pt/res/374296.html
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No. 378836

Another reason would be that drew "stole" greg's source of asspats (Billie). Not that that's true, but it's probably how greg sees it

No. 378839

>Be loyal to your family
>Unless you want to abandon them for a 19yo girl like I was about to until she ditched me for being a sociopath

No. 378842

>You only became less yourself
Says the fuckboi who uses a product to artificially lengthen his eyelashes. JG took the bait - she should do herself a favor and ignore him from now on. He's just using her like he uses everyone else.

No. 378843

Was it Latisse? If so, shit's like $120 a month. HOW WILL HE SURVIVE?

Gregma was making like $200k a year at some point, wasn't he? He could have saved and invested, and he'd be just fine once his YouTube "career" inevitably died. Now he's begging for shekels to feed his family. Fucking LOL. No one to blame but himself.

No. 378846

>He's gonna go from borderline crazy to dangerous real soon.
A lot of people have been saying this lately… Hope CPS gets involved sooner than later because their worthless mother certainly won't be doing anything to protect them.

File: 1421166649078.png (194.23 KB, 471x337, ruaridoll.png)

No. 39813[Reply]

Blah, blah, blah, you know what to do.
>pic related
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No. 378659

I've been reading for a while. This is my very first post. I just can't understand why she would wear a bra that cuts her boobs in half. What the fuck.

No. 378692

She has a youtube, seems boring now

No. 378705


Kayla's new tumblr is silverc300.tumblr.com, but you have to be on the app/logged into view. She's engaged now, got her tits done, has clear substance abuse issues, and goes on major deleting sprees.

No. 378852

File: 1493522933116.png (310.6 KB, 720x877, Screenshot_20170429-222651.png)

No. 378959

you guys remember tinaecmusic? man that chick was a riot, from flashing to dating videos and doing sining videos. Clearly she is autistic but she was basically a female version of Chris chan

File: 1476239765954.jpg (210.22 KB, 1200x1800, Cuhyes1UkAAWCuv.jpg)

No. 305679[Reply]

Looking Like a 60 Year Old Woman With Fake Tits Edition

shitty Canadian cosplayer hooked up with a beta-as-fuck cartoonist, and killed him via cat allergy, while getting a greencard and a place to stay in Austin out of it.

now she sluts around Los Angeles, kissing Game Grumps and Markiplier ass.

last thread: >>257458

1203 posts and 209 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 378522

They photoshopped one eye bigger than the other, kek.

No. 378560

Picture this lanky ass skeleton with bolted on tits on your bed waiting for you. Ugh.

No. 378562

A vision only Shane would really want since he's the thirstiest of all her fanboys.

No. 378566

I wonder how Shane's job search is going, it's been a year since he posted that letter

No. 378568

From what I've seen, he's been doing things with Sam Batty who was the person Sheena cheated on Monty with before his death then she flew out and met him in England and slept with his best friend.

I think Shane just really wants to be around anyone she had been close with. He destroyed his own marriage over her which I cannot even fathom.

File: 1487298372415.jpg (9.64 KB, 320x180, amber.jpg)

No. 352777[Reply]

In the new video Amber mentions her friend behind her, 'talking to some dude.' then she goes, 'Goals!'. Must be getting desperate for someone to take care of her. She knows that housing situation isn't going to last, no matter how much she protests otherwise.
442 posts and 78 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 375887

When Amberlynn said she couldn't go in because she doesn't have an ID, I immediately thought that was code for she just didn't want to get out of the car or was ashamed to get out. She's used so many excuses in the past for why she used to sit in Destiny's car vlogging instead of going inside with her.

Do places really card you just for going inside a liquor store? I've never been carded just for walking inside, only when I am the one actually making the purchase.

No. 375974

She's probably lying about being carded as she wanders about. She lies about things like rape: lying about being carded is like breathing.

No. 377954

I can actually buy that people think she's a teen, but it's not because of how she looks, it's because of how she BEHAVES. If someone was waddling around yelling "SLAYY GORL" and "LITERALLY WHO AM I" all the time I'd want to assume they're a teenager too.

No. 378102

Also, when you're her size your features get smoothed over by the excess fat so it's she looks young. It's easy to have a baby face when you're ginormous.

No. 378165

>Do places really card you just for going inside a liquor store?

Nah, she's just stupid and paranoid. Unless that place gets a lot of hits for fake IDs and underagers. Even then, they wouldn't be carding her because she looks oh so youthful. They're carding her because it's policy.

File: 1492921266025.png (709.72 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4049.PNG)

No. 374296[Reply]

-The Gregster makes a patreon account after lurking in Lolcow (shame on you anon for the idea!)

-Has threatened to kill himself if he doesn't get money from his fans, his fans obliged for the need of his "survival"

-Greg is NOT struggling, the onion family's doing just fine and are continually scamming their fans for jewtube gold (of course, the fans are too braidead to listen)

-Everyone else on YouTube and the internet has caught on to said scam.

Overall, the thread was mostly about his e-begging, here's to more!

Previous e-beg thread: >>>/pt/369446
1213 posts and 150 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 376793

onision is starting to claim copyright on my reuploads. how long do we think until he pulls the younow stream down?

No. 376795

File: 1493234678843.gif (1004.15 KB, 268x168, CPZTyRF.gif)

This is the most disgusting video I have ever seen. I can't believe a 32 year old man is speaking about a 19 year old girl like this.

He got so angry when someone mentioned NPD. Holy shit.

I'm downloading it now.

No. 376797

File: 1493234693837.jpg (138.74 KB, 1438x1283, kcUldHD.jpg)


I like how mr feminist here who loves women sooooooo much calls billie all of the gendered slurs he can find, and calls her "dirty sloppy second hand girlfriend"… so you're saying if a woman was with you, you used her up? you degrade her value?

i'm not even a feminist and i can safely say that this guy is a misogynistic piece of shit. people need to edit these clips together and paste them all over youtube so everyone sees what a piece of shit he is.

No. 376798

I'm assuming it was more than just the basement thing but Billie probably doesn't want him to talk about it

No. 376799

someone could tell her that greg's cheating and send her pictures of his face actually between their legs and she'd say, "Ok well he told me about that, and I've already forgiven him. You said he was cheating though where's your proof? You homewrecking cunt"

File: 1478521895668.jpg (39.78 KB, 719x720, 12742165_10206752637188686_140…)

No. 312257[Reply]

"I'm the nicest, caring-est person you'll ever fucking meet!" -Amy

A morbidly obese 29-year-old Youtube "star" from Kentucky.
She first started vlogging with her somehow even fatter sister,
Tammy, but these days it's pretty much all about Amy.

Her shit-quality content usually includes hauls of various
kinds of Walmart crap, awful makeup looks and reviews, disgusting storytimes,
and random bullshit that goes on in her filthy house.

While she basks in her glorious e-fame, she fails to realize that
people only follow her for the freakshow.

Some highlights:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
257 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 359124

She's fine. They are "changing internet providers". I swear they do this every few months.

No. 359125

I mean she o.k.

No. 373623

After seeing the My 600-lb Life episode with fatboygetdown/Steven Assanti and his brother, I can't help but think it would be amazingly entertaining if Amy and Tammy went on there. I mean, they both have to be up there in terms of weight.

No. 374383

File: 1492930718299.gif (716.01 KB, 384x464, tammmmmmmy.gif)

I'll one up your Insane Caner for a Lady Boomer from L4D2

No. 375877

Her new boyfriend doesn't look like a crazy man. I mean, look like a creepy uncle but Amy is 30 so, whatever?

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