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File: 1484496847575.gif (3.1 MB, 306x394, kick da haterz.gif)

No. 336817[Reply]

New Vicky Thread

Previous Thread: >>327539

Vicky has been laying low recently since Kiwi shut her complaints down, but she still has time to make shit up about herself!

For newbies:
>29 year old tattoo scratcher who works out of her apartment, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo properly scars people's bodies
>Former myspace scene queen with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore who describes herself as a 'real life Final Fantasy character'
>Can't talk about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be well-versed in psychology, astronomy, quantum physics to name a few fields of study (despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields)
>Posts videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a 'sword fighter'
>(Poorly) fakes a British accent
>Known on Lolcow for selfposting hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her irl
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No. 374948

File: 1493008847475.png (116.51 KB, 733x524, IMG_8305.PNG)

How can someone be this far up their own ass??

No. 375135

She dresses down to see who is real or fake…? What?

No. 375138

Why does she always say she dresses down/like a tomboy/hardly wears makeup? Like you better back that up w evidence lil girl. You have:
A poor quality camera to hide your poor quality face
Haven't NOT used a filter so far
Wear more makeup than Jeffree Star

I need answers

No. 375169


It's painful. You cut yourself off from so much happiness when you get lost in fantasies of grandiosity like that. It's not too late to be happy… to learn how to be humble and honest with yourself and others. Unfortunately a narcissist never changes. They tend to go down with their sinking ship rather than grab a life boat and adapt.

No. 375771


>"i'm probably not what you would ever expect me intellectually…"

supreme kek.

File: 1427913100296.png (579.29 KB, 604x607, tumblr_static_bw0r7i1s5nkkg4ws…)

No. 73491[Reply]

Couple people asked for a thread on this lolcow camwhore, so here it goes.

She's posted underaged nudes on 4chan in a sad attempt to become a chan since she was 14. Used to go by snorl4x and misskeyblade. Videos of her sucking dick as an underaged are out there, she did it on a public chat for 4chan but blames her exboyfriend for leaking the videos.

2 years ago when Amanda Todd killed herself because people leaked her nudes, she literally went around saying that she was happy that AT killed herself, saying that it was a good thing, saying stuff like "fuck yes that cunt with ugly nipples deserved to die" and making jokes about it. Never genuinely apologized for it and didn't even bother deleting the posts (they're still on her twitter I'm pretty sure). Also made fun of disabled people all the time.

Used to be BEST FRIENDS with Hunter Moore (a guy who got arrested for running a revenge porn site and exploiting/blackmailing girls for money/nudes). Like she was so close with him it is insane. Sucked his dick every single day and joined in on his fun little shenanigans. She tries to hide it ever since people started disliking him to fit in with her SJW friends.

She's a huge asshole SJW who will jump down ANYONE'S throat for racism/sexism/transphobia/etc/etc despite being a huge closet racist/etc herself. Used to/still makes fun of people people on the regular but acts like she is above all of that. Constantly calls out the website she works at for being racist (they host "nigger" porn - like it's literally called that) and yet she still works for it, making them a lot of money, because she knows that her time is running out and its the only way she will make any money

Harasses other girls who post CP, harasses new cam models all the time for making their "videos too cheap" (because no one wants to buy her crappy $15 videos), constantly complains about people having "daddy/little girl" fetishes despite having one herself.

Desperately tried to get a trap to become a model on GodsGirls (an all-woman site) while at the same exact time claiming that fat women shouldn't be allowed on because they're not "real women" - yes, and a dude in a dress to her is more of a woman than that. When she was called out on it by several other camwhores she deleted all the posts and acted like it never happened.

Has a sex toy store where she literally scams people IMO. She sells fake sex toys for a 20-50% markup. Like I can go purchase a dildo from the real manufacturer and get next day delivery for $20 but she will be selling it for $40. When you ask her why, she just claims that hers are "authentic" and "super safe". Also the amount of asks she sends herself about her store is insane. No one fucking buys from it, its hilarious.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 375464

There has been an influx of "she's my gf/ex" posts lately on pt and snow. Same troll?

No. 375469

No she is legit my gf. You know what I will even put my name on this one! Mother fucker! I met her in New York 2 years ago and I fell absolutely in love! These other fakers don't KNOW SHIT about the real RYDEN, whose name actually happens to be CAROLINE MOSLEY!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 375472

lmao calm down friend. caroline has never been to any state aside from indiana and her home state ohio. idk who you "met in new york" but it wasn't her.

No. 375473


Definitely a troll. No friend by the name of "Eriq" and the like on the Caroline Mosley FB Account (but it's definitely her).

No. 375474

samefag but two years ago she was engaged to adam young anyway and never left her apartment, so obviously not her

File: 1439448283708.png (663.37 KB, 639x638, Screenshot 2015-08-12 23.43.50…)

No. 158146[Reply]

Instagram: https://instagram.com/isaki.go.boom/
Youtube: https://youtube.com/isakitahashi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isaki.tahashi?fref=nf
Tumblr: http://isakitahashi.tumblr.com

This weeb got butthurt after anons on 4chan, so she posted a rant video on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr_ua4ISjFU (mirror)

Has she also done anything lulz worthy other than that video?

(All images and videos copyright Isaki Tahashi, who is the sole owner of this content. Original sources may be found at https://instagram.com/isaki.go.boom/, http://isakitahashi.tumblr.com, https://youtube.com/isakitahashi.)
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No. 374876

Necromancy, that's good. She'd laugh at that. She'd probably also laugh at how I still have her in my thoughts. I'm not sure what goes on in her head nowadays, or who her man is, but if I could go over to Vegas right now, I would. The earth is a bitch.

No. 374877


I'm on Facebook…(use the YT field)

No. 374890

this is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen

please kill your self

No. 374893

I will kill my are self when the time is right…

No. 375046

dude just stop and msg her is your that desperate.
better yet, let go and get someone who love you
or even better
kill yourself

File: 1432047771593.jpg (38.71 KB, 500x375, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 104711[Reply]

Anyone else remember this gem from Tumblr?
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No. 367614

i think some eye makeup would look great on her, but she's still very pretty

No. 368976

i remember seeing her all over rating communities like fuckballs and tinyrockets and she was not nice. whenever she gets a new boyfriend, her look changes completely. i guess her disney/cute thing was the only thing i can think of that was her own but even then who really knows maybe her ex liked kids

No. 369804


in all fairness everyone on tinyrockets was a huge dick

No. 374612

File: 1492979085702.jpg (46.88 KB, 722x722, 17796651_1783098118672484_2218…)

She's still on Facebook, but it's mostly locked down.

Can't decide if this look is an improvement.

No. 374690

Moved to >>>/snow/297535.

File: 1492222436215.jpg (101.66 KB, 450x450, onisionbynes.jpg)

No. 369446[Reply]

Greg continues his meltdown over his views dropping, total lack of ads, and his funds drying up. He's also starting to lose it over not having any fresh teens to manipulate, fuck or abuse - Sarah went home, Billie is happy and he can't stand it, and Taylor won't trust him with another "trinity" in the house but won't shut up about her fake gayness. They're selling their old clothes, equipments, anything to make ends meet.

Welcome to the beginning of the end.

last thread >>364438
1213 posts and 181 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 374215

>No helping narcs I tell ya.

Nah, narcs have the capacity to empathize with other humans. Ted Bundy could have written that crap.

No. 374216

File: 1492892151446.png (674.07 KB, 540x960, 2017-04-22 (2).png)

from patreon. is this the hannah minx clone?

No. 374218

I dunno man, clinical criteria for narcs usually states that they certainly lack empathy, even if they aren't completely devoid of it.

>Ted Bundy could have written that crap.

somehow I think it would be way less cringy and edgy to read kek. Bundy was known for being charming, Gerg is about as charming as a toad.

No. 374219

Drew made a video about Gurg. He's selling "FUCK GREG" shirts.

(comment at 11:00)
"Greg has e-mailed Billie so many times since they broke up, basically being like, please come back."

No. 374222

No, it will work on how many patrons that person collects after the first month, if they get close to how many Grease currently has; then yes… both will collect a $500 bonus. If not, both of them will collect a lot less.

If everyone who signed up got a $500 through a referral link, Patreon wouldn't exactly be making any sort of profit, lol.

File: 1435462068073.jpg (112.73 KB, 500x500, 1433114769429-0.jpg)

No. 128373[Reply]

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath/snoopyfemme/HackerOnHacker

This girl is starting to become my new favorite lolcow, as are her social circle of edge lords.


Basically, she and some online friends plotted out a "valentines day mall massacre", where they were going to gun down as many people as possible. Thankfully, one of them chickened out and tipped off the cops and Lindsay got arrested while Gamble committed suicide.

She had a massive online trail, where she was a bigger fedora wearing edgelord than any I've ever seen before.

>>Glorified mass murderers, Columbine shooter fan girl

>>Self proclaimed Nazi despite being a massive degenerate
>>Bragged about being a necrophiliac and drew shitty porn of herself fucking corpses
>>Friends with other well know edge masters and nazi paraphiliacs (Slavros, Torture-Device, ect)
>>Bragged about massacre plot(and made a poster for it) on Tumblr
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 372730

That entire proceeding relates only to Randall Shepherd.

Lindsay's sentencing was scheduled for October 5th or 6th, but now that she pleaded guilty, it will probably be announced sooner.

We'll see how this proceeds in the months to come:

No. 373095

No. 373333


Don't know how reliable the site is because I'm not Canadian, but it mentions that the sentencing /was/ scheduled for Oct and now it 'removes the burden of conducting a lengthy trial'.

No. 373480

The Star is a legit newspaper, kinda biased sometimes, but the facts should be okay. Sage for not super important info.

No. 374913

torontonian here, the star is v good and reliable. reporters broke stories on rob ford

File: 1491772259610.jpg (294.08 KB, 1024x1024, 1491627098996.jpg)

No. 367369[Reply]

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
Thread #2 >>>/snow/131172
Thread #3 >>>/snow/151227
Thread #4 >>>/snow/167361
Thread #5 >>>/snow/176096
Thread #6 >>>/pt/310703
Thread #7 >>>/pt/320406
Thread #8 >>>/pt/331309
Thread #9 >>>/pt/342518
Thread #10 >>>/pt/351721
Thread #11 >>>/pt/356684
Thread #12 >>>/pt/362065

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1213 posts and 176 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 373234

No it's because you lie anon

No. 373235

how is that a lie? not even op but saying lipo is a reach when she still looks massive as fuck, and loonie has gotten banned off multiple sites or suspended for being naked.

No. 373236

God I just feel sad for her now.

She really had it all-supportive family, fit body, on her way to graduate college with good connections. And she just dropped it all for this? I know a lot of girls who get really into lewds/boudouir in college because it's like the new fad and it's exciting or whatever to whore yourself out for the first time, but it's like a really immature reaction.

I really think Momo regrets all of this, but she doesn't have anything else left. Obviously isolated from her family, keeps ruining all her friend groups, and has gotten super fat. Her cosplay skills aren't getting any better, and she's not gonna be able to hit "gold" by mooching with JNigs or other big name cosplayers. I think she realizes she's messed up big time, but seems like she's just planning on going out into a big ball of fire instead of backing out and reorganizing her life-even if it meant giving up cosplay for the sake up growing up and adulthood.

No. 373241

She's incredibly desperate for everyone to believe her lies, it's pathetic. I pity her because her entire existence is based off the approval of others and chimps out when not everyone kisses her ass.

No. 373245

Jesus you're obsessed get help anon

File: 1488748993659.png (1.18 MB, 875x643, cyredwinandthetwinsies.png)

No. 370733[Reply]

Old thread hit limit >>244778

>his roommate and frequent partner in videos (and fellow youtuber) Edwin was kicked out of their apartment with his girlfriend, Mina

>Mina is also Cyr's ex, and is (or was) very close with his current girlfriend, Dasha
>Dasha and Cyr have been dating for about a year
>Dasha and Mina are known for looking extremely similar and have caused some questions towards Cyr not only due to this but also their age (very early 20s)
>Whenever the girls are in Edwin and Cyr's videos they are dressed and act very sexually presumably for clickbait
1213 posts and 185 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 373071

I love how Dasha is only addressing Mina's fashion when Mina was in LA and they shopped/hung out together. The pics shown in the video were from before Mina even got there kek

No. 373077

He just sounds bitchy and vaguely guilty in these.
Posing as a grieving victim was probably a better move in the long run.

No. 373081


I'll keep asking coz I know it annoys the shit out of her. It is truly sad she's ignoring her future just to be entrenched in Twitter drama constantly.

No. 373084

I've asked questions to but since they weren't talking about Mina wanting to be her and how pretty she is they're being ignored

No. 373085

I no longer feel sorry for cyr at all

File: 1428372269614.png (987.63 KB, 1600x800, brianna wu.png)

No. 76768[Reply]

She seems like a popular topic around the internet these days. Anyone want to talk about her here?
371 posts and 67 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 371467

File: 1492458759575.jpg (107.99 KB, 2036x1018, ef0b612fd6e99b43-2048x1024.jpg)

His new campaign logo is hilarious.

No. 371511

without my glasses, I could've sworn this said “brjama”

No. 372399

Why is tranny Sarkeesian still relevant anyway?

No. 372401

>Automation is coming and it is going to devastate jobs
It is rare that I find myself agreeing with Brianna Wu but this is very true and we need to get ready for it and the consequences it will bring to Americans.

No. 372596

He barely is. This campaign is all he has left before fading into obscurity once again.

File: 1492542561627.jpeg (17.61 KB, 299x168, fked up shit.jpeg)

No. 372044[Reply]

Some of you people really need Jesus/Buddha/etc, y'all are some evil, petty and disgusting individuals. Seriously the collective hate you people produce put Westboro Baptist Church to shame. There is trolling and riling someone up and then there attacking someone just because you can since you have a wall of anonymity to hide yourself with. If any of you were this vitriol and hate mongering in real life I can't imagine anyone loving you. If your mother/father/brother/sister were to see your posts what would they say? I hope at least some of you grow up and stop hating your fellow for their flaws when you yourself are no better. You all feed off of each other and just get more nasty and ugly. I sincerely hope some of you can sit back see what you're doing and move on from this god forsaken den of bullies.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 372074

So which cow are you? Or which one is your relative/friend/etc?

Calling people haters is just a lame excuse people hide behind because they can't accept that other people's criticism might be legitimate.

Most of the people we discuss here are actually pretty fucking bad people. One was arrested for hitting on underage girls at starbucks. One is being investigated by the police for faking cancer and stealing from charities. One tried to plan a mass shooting and was arrested for it. One is a serial groomer of teenage girls. This is just the people being discussed on the front page right now.

Like, you should probably look at yourself if you find people who mock paedophiles and scammers worse than paedophiles and scammers.

No. 372079

probably dasha, today must have been overwhelming

No. 372080

what that anon said and also, this is just a place to discuss people

one of the big rules is no cow-tipping
most anons here respect that and we're free to discuss whoever we want, rarely do cows get interacted with if most people can help
and when they do it's often helpful, like PT, tons of people try to give her advice or genuinely help her out

No. 372108

File: 1492548049398.png (11 KB, 516x109, curiouscat.PNG)

Yeah its probs her. She was told to look here a little while ago.

No. 372112

Moved to >>>/sty/3293.

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