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File: 1492435381921.png (3.33 KB, 220x220, 220px-Mars_symbol.svg.png)

No. 370517[Reply]

Hi there. My gf/irlwaifu/Queen says I should stick to 4chan because this place can get very hostile to men like 4chan can be ridic hosile to women. So hello lolcow I am a male with a penis here is my presence objected to?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 370539

And they are called pecs not mantits

No. 370541

look, if you're not gonna get banned for being male you're at least going to get banned for posting in the wrong board. are you making this thread because you want to be banned?

No. 370543

No. I have no idea how it works here like I said I'm a migrant from 4chan. Just heard about this place and thought it would be funny. But I guess y'all are on cycle.

No. 370547

Farmhaaaaands! >>/sty/

No. 370551

Moved to >>>/sty/3273.

File: 1490903199398.png (1.76 MB, 779x789, 68545.png)

No. 364438[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/pt/359590

- YouTube is being to crack down on what videos can be monetized

- As a result, Onion has lost monetization on multiple videos and is losing it

- Lainey is "dating" her friend Mercades; most likely encouraged by Onion for views

- Still won't leave Eugenia alone, though no longer using her name
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No. 369435

Even onion boy has called lame-o on this as well on a video he made

>wants to have a girlfriend (a third person)

>gets jealous of said person
>third person leaves
>bitches and moans about it
>rinse and repeat

No. 369442

the dick you gave birth with

No. 369443

File: 1492221867431.jpg (217.79 KB, 1280x1280, FaceApp_1492221811314.jpg)

I highly recommend putting onion through these filters

No. 369444

fucking kek this made my day

No. 369445

>when onion boy looks more like a girl than lame-o

File: 1406912620739.jpg (111.41 KB, 426x640, tumblr_lz7wmqp95V1r4iqtlo1_500…)

No. 4413[Reply]

I think Felice Fawn and her scams are pretty well know. Are there any other lol-worthy ~thinspo queens~ around?
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No. 365835

Wasnt it Emily somethinh

No. 365872

>>necros old thread to give no answer

kill yourself

No. 368990

That fat bitch. I remember her from tumblr. She has Autism and complains about the shitty stuff that goes on in her pro terrorist country. She is also Agender, which is more lulz.

There is not much to dig up on her that I can find. Besides her owning a freelice blog back in the day. Shes pretty retarded. She seems to have lost weight but not enough. Her hair is green now. Looks like your typical tumblr SJW.

No. 369023

I hate newfags more and more as they keep doing this shit. Can no one lurk?

No. 369140

Moved to >>>/snow/290770.

File: 1408359940340.jpg (134.42 KB, 451x413, ForeverKailynFlawless.jpg)

No. 7656[Reply]

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No. 344621

skimmed through it. the whole thing is just blah blah stickers. why bother talking about a planner but apparently has no intention of using it for planning?

No. 344627

Because stickers are important, yo.
Part of me wants to just let her sticker-obsession-masquerading-as-planner-enthusiasm go because like she didn't go to school or have a bunch of extracurricular activities as a kid, so she probably missed out on trading stickers with friends (I dunno about y'all but trading and collecting stickers on the playground was a pretty integral part of my childhood), but then I remember that she's 26 years old and a mom and tbh there are some kid things that many people miss out on and just get over when they're an adult.

No. 351763

why is this thread so dead? all on ytt i guess

No. 352563

Kai's youtube has been dead too, so…

No. 368964


Apparently someone who knows Kailyn is talking about her and Gracie on Kiwi.

File: 1489770835575.jpg (653.65 KB, 2048x2048, 1488493801695.jpg)

No. 360570[Reply]


>creater of the Poop Brooch
>bandwagon cosplayer
>genderfluid, bisexual, has a phobia of CIS men
>pathological liar
>produces horrible DeviantArt yaoi with incorrect anatomy
>stalker of cosplay groups
>makes copy cosplays of people that she hates to 'out-do them'
>has dragon spirit split personalities
>has a magical third eye with chakra reading abilities

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 368475


There is she just refuses to take the bus.

No. 368476


Lol honey cute for name calling but that's not my name. I'm not even a girl. And you used to be hella bitchy. Not making this shit up. Just conveying personal experience.

No. 368477


Or her parents won't let her take the bus

No. 368478


Haha which we all know that's a flat out lie cause I'm pretty sure they're tired of caring her lard ass everywhere.

No. 368479


That I said such a bullshit excuse. You're an adult now ash. You can do whatever the hell you want to. I would love to know what her real offense with the bus is.

File: 1491352453099.jpg (59.29 KB, 768x820, unspecified.jpg)

No. 365790[Reply]

Gloria Renshaw, guys.
A really hideous bully who hides behind her mental illness when she gets called out for harassing others and has super shitty art always posted to the cancer we know as deviantART.
> Easily triggered
> Believes in otherkin BS
> Bitches and moans that she isn't an SJW yet the way she acts and presents her ideas and opinions say otherwise
> Known deviantfart accounts are Midifighter, BugTypes, 4Chans, peachmoons, DlGlTALS, and Demonicabishi, but she switches between them whenever she gets called out for causing drama because shes a coward who enjoys hiding
> Absolutely hates white people, despite claiming to be half of Asian descent and half white herself
> Has been harassing the same deviantART user for 5 years going on 6
> Bitches about how people are dumb yet didn't pass high school until the 5th year of trying
> Claims to be going to college which is bull since she doesn't graduate HS until June of 2017
> Lives in an apartment paid for by her rich dad yet pisses on anyone with remotely rich parents. Probs sucks her dad's dick to get that moolah
> Believes there are more than two genders and actually switches gender pronouns constantly and pisses on anyone who can't keep up with how often she changes it
> Viciously attacks and sends SJW friends to spam user accounts who disagree with her [deviantART does nothing because they try to be PC]
> Shitty Pokemon fandom art including but not limited to edgy Sonic OC; http://bugtypes.deviantart.com/art/bicth-662431247 and http://bugtypes.deviantart.com/art/space-idol-galuco-672350036
> All in all, she's a whore for drama and gets off to it. If you call her out, she plays victim like any other SJW and blames everyone else for her wrongdoings(Shit thread)
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No. 367127

>so many butthurt gloria defenders
>so many
>only 8 posts in thread

No. 367355

Because you can find it yourself you lazy cunt

No. 368039

You people need jesus. All of you, to be wasting your time on a website that does nothing but bring people down.

No. 368042

Fuck off with your garbage thread, no one cares.

No. 368043

Moved to >>>/snow/289485.

File: 1491856692456.jpg (44.67 KB, 444x666, sssniperwolf-quiet-cosplay-3.j…)

No. 367694[Reply]

Is she lolcow material? I came across her and it seems like a lot of drama revolves around her, but I don't know how much of that comes from being a youtube celeb with millions of subscribers and how much of it comes from her being her.

No. 367697

Oh yeah, and she's been sued for calling someone a registered sex offender on youtube.


No. 367700

Moved to >>>/snow/288690.

File: 1490521720131.png (506.72 KB, 643x822, einshine.png)

No. 363295[Reply]

The story of the Weeb-pedo-extraordinaire Einshine continues…

>In early February, Einshine is exposed on lolcow as being an alleged statutory rapist/manipulator/fuckboy by three girls under the aliases Ashley, Wendy, and Lindsay. He is revealed to seduce fans through Snapchat since he's too socially awkward to get girls in real life. Kat is accused of enabling this behavior, as she helps Shine to cover up his relationships and advises him on what he should do.

>Shine never addresses the accusations and announces that he’s taking a hiatus from social media at the end of February. Lindsay announces a video is being made.

>Video ends up being a failure and Lindsay is revealed to actually be SirCutieYuki, who showed signs of being obsessed with Shine years after breaking up with him and possibly abusive. Was also revealed to have sabotaged the girls' efforts to expose him, and used their stories to get her own revenge on him.

>Another girl who was involved with Shine, called Tarah, interjects herself into the drama. She says she used to be friends with Ashley but chose Shine instead, despite Ashley telling her what he had done to her. She attempts to WK Shine, but it ends up just making her look delusional. Recently, there has been some speculation that she sockpuppeted here and on PULL in an attempt to discredit the girls and defend Shine.

First Thread: >>>/pt/347578
Tumblr (Has summaries of everything/evidence): https://shine-phd.tumblr.com
Ashley Pastebin: (15 Year old) http://pastebin.com/2iQJE39X
Wendy Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/GyYU02jW
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No. 365776

The fact you never see him with one answers the question.

No. 365997

No. 366166

maybe he doesn't want to be seen with girls. I thought he was an awkward virgin weeb until this drama came out

No. 366190

I wonder if shine paid tarah a shit load of money for her to do art for him and to kiss his ass or something. Her wking him and commenting on kats new deviantart makes me suspicious.

No. 367589

Rip dead thread. Pretty disappointed that the girls couldnt expose him, but i at least hope they are able to move on from him. Im guessing they just dropped it.

File: 1420402487699.png (688.55 KB, 1047x575, Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 3.29…)

No. 37121[Reply]

instagram: @xiaxue
blog: xiaxue.blogspot.com

can we have a thread about this rainbow haired bitch? she's rly popular and posts openly about the drama she's involved in. i just don't know her story personally.
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No. 367438

An aside, but do people with autism ever actually refer to themselves as autists?

No. 367465

This bitch is trying to use her son as special at any costs, even painting him as autistic.

How sad and attention whore can you be at the point of probably public ruining your kid's future like this?! What. The. Fuck?!

No. 367484

Actually, it's other people who have been always been speculating he might have autism and she's always denied it. This reddit post might suggest she's starting to suspect something too.

No. 367497

I know that. Been following the dramawhore. Is just I got the feeling that this is going to be her next step to get some attention.

No. 367498


I found this odd too. I thought "autist" was a derogatory internet term like "sperg".

File: 1491756445176.jpg (100.81 KB, 1020x1020, 17267683_193853867768924_47443…)

No. 367274[Reply]

I didn't feel like truly figuring it out yet, but it is hilarious:




Is she lolcow material? I don't know, I mean she is doing something but looks hilarious in the process. She's a virgin as far as I can tell with trollage, I'm just dumping her here like a dead whale and let you decide. I just spotted her, but didn't harpoon her.

She wants a 100k followers and I think you guys can arrange that, good or bad.

No. 367297

Eh. She may be one of the rare people who actually gave some sort of disorder that makes them fat– she seems to be a decent enough dancer and you don't develop those skills without a lot of practice. If the only reason she's a lolcow is because she can dance decently while bring fat, then meh. (Also she's lolcow material because she's a virgin? Seriously?)

No. 367299

Moved to >>>/snow/287718.

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