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File: 1489281776245.png (650.29 KB, 700x634, lilou-vos.png)

No. 358686

Kiki chose to totally ignore the Sperg-chan revelations (https://lolcow.farm/kiki) and continue with her love and light empath goddess who is stalked by haters for NO REASON act as she pursues a career acting in student films and F-grade horrors under the name 'Lilou Vos'.

She continues to inspire us by working more than one hour a day.

Previous thread: >>333878

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilouvos/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lilouvos
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikikanniballl
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8444336/

No. 358689

Quick link to her new short film from the end of the last thread: >>358683

No. 358694

Jeez, were those self-harm scars on her forearm?

No. 358699

File: 1489282844584.png (1.05 MB, 1513x867, yep.png)

I think so.
I wonder if Kiki will claim it was make-up for the role.

No. 358706

File: 1489284071448.png (868.46 KB, 946x615, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 8.56…)

Is she in Japan or did she post an old picture? And I know that it's a popular spot, but Taylor was there recently. I just always wonder if she's still obsessed with her, but I don't think stuff like that changes quickly.

Huh. They're definitely not make-up though. The short film was terrible (not even only her acting, the editing was the worst part) and there's no way they could have done believable scar make-up.

No. 358709

never seen someone self harm like that. cat maybe?

No. 358714

100% self harm.

No. 358717

There were probably cuts all up the arm but those are the only areas that scarred.

No. 358722

I'm sorry but of course Kiki would be the type of person to cut their forearm given her attention needing ways.

No. 358723

definitely self-harm. Cats scars are more chaotic, not this paralleled and frequently short and relatively deep. Cat scars may hit deep in a short bit when the claw just tears into skin. If they scratch longer it's usually less deep. Nothing this consistent either way.
Meaning Kaka had a meltdown recently, probably after the sperg reveal. These are likely to stem from one singular self-harm episode, too.

No. 358731

Agreed and not surprised.

No. 358735

Yikes. I guess the crazy is a lot deeper-rooted than we thought.

No. 358738

still think it looks weird for self harm. so short, quick and random. if it is self harm, it doesn't look like she really wanted to do it.

No. 358739

It's not necessarily attention-seeking to cut. If she had a meltdown, she likely looked for a let-out and combined with her feeling victimized cutting felt like a good let-out on impulse. However, her attitude afterwards also determines if she wants to seek attention with self-harm. My two fag cents

No. 358744

It's really hard to actually cut. Other than gorey pictures plastered on tumblr, a lot of self-harmers, especially first-timers and early ones don't go apeshit. I've seen scars exactly like this on a bunch of people and none like the tumblr ones in real-life, too. She probably cut, realised how fucking God awful it hurts, so she only cut short, took a short break with more meltdown, then proceeded in another spot and so on

No. 358749

File: 1489289008522.jpg (93.6 KB, 1000x1000, edgywillknowthefeels.jpg)

It is self-harming caused by a small razor blade (probably she ripped of from a Gillete or something). I'm pretty sure because I used to cut in my 11-13 (edgy kid, not proud of that) and my scars look just like that.
I used to make it little so if anyone would spot it I would say it was the cat. Probably same shit with her.

Sage for blogging

No. 358751

This is self-harm for sure. I'm surprised it's even up for debate for whether it is or not. This is the only thing I can't personally judge her for. So she definitely has a mental illness like we speculated. Never would've guessed she would cut though with how narcissistic she is.

No. 358760

Not to blog but many years ago I used to cut (at least six or seven years ago) and my scars are still pretty prominent, like how her scars look. So these scars could be from her scene queen days, when people cut to be a good emo and seem deep. Not because they were mentally troubled. Since all of her scars are white and not pink or discolored I'd guess the scars are at least a few months to years old.

No. 358762

If she treated them, they heal sooner. Might also generally heal well and quick. With the lighting (I can only view the photo) even pink scars can look white. I personally don't think super shallow, rather confident scene Kaka in her bubble would've cut

No. 358764

>With the lighting (I can only view the photo) even pink scars can look white
i think you're mistaken. those cuts aren't white, they're just puffed up and the lighting is highlighting them.

No. 358765

agreeing on this.

they are all so short, and on the TOPSIDE of her arm. They definitely look like a part of the video/makeup. Everyone is jumping to conclusions too fast on this one I'm afraid.

No. 358769

Obviously… this scar tissue is puffed up. I never said what colour they are, I responded to someone saying they're white. I just said the lighting can distort the appearance and that includes shadows and highlights …

No. 358774

yeah if you only know emos from 2008 that draw lines and scissors onto their wrists / designated cutting places and can't imagine that people cut anywhere on their bodies, then that makes sense

the scars are real

No. 358794

>So these scars could be from her scene queen days, when people cut to be a good emo and seem deep.
please. if that were true they would have been noticed ages and ages ago. think about how much people scrutinize her every appearance in photos and videos, no way that would have gone unnoticed for years or even months.

i agree with the anon who said it might have been from her recent breakdown.

No. 358795

Anyone think it could be the special effect department aka photoshop?
Not convinced she'd cut the top of her arm.

No. 358807

I'm with you, except I think they're a cheap makeup effect and not anything digital.
Someone took their sweet time to lovingly light those tiny uniform-length scars for a closeup. Character detail for woman sold into sex work.

No. 358810

i really doubt these are real. as, TMI, someone who used to cut the shit out of themselves, it's actually pretty difficult to scar that top part of your arm like that.

and most people who are cutting in seriousness (like, hard enough to scar) aren't going to do it somewhere so visible. i cut myself on my arms sometimes, but generally i did it on my legs or stomach so i could hide it much easier. people who try to cut purely for attention might do it in a visible spot, but kiki really doesn't seem the type to do that, as crazy as she is. definitely looks like makeup considering how it was focused on and how kiki just doesn't seem like a self-harmer.

No. 358813

It wouldn't surprise me if they were real.

It's a student film made in the corner of someone's apartment. They did not even bother getting red shoes that fit the girls properly, which is really obvious and noticeable, so I doubt they would bother plastering Kaka's arms with fake scars when they're only visible in like two shots. It would make more sense to put them on the other chick and flesh out her character more, since she is the central character.

Yes, Kaka is a narcissist so destroying her own skin seems unlikely, but sh scars are the perfect addition to her victim persona, and excellent for attention whoring. She's also mentally unstable so you never know what she is going to do, and considering that she's 24 and has nothing but failure to look back on (failure that she of course blames other people for), it would make sense for her to be legit distressed.

No. 358838

Well, it's no secret that Kiki is mental, so I can't say that this is surprising.

No. 358840

No. 358841

File: 1489323753689.png (81.99 KB, 1125x612, IMG_3960.PNG)

No. 358842

File: 1489323814326.png (70.96 KB, 1125x627, IMG_3964.PNG)

No. 358845

File: 1489324303919.jpeg (17.44 KB, 400x400, kakaMedeiros.jpeg)


Well if Rec ever comes out with a new movie she'd be perfect for it.

No. 358848

I gotta give it to her, she's incredibly good at playing mentally insane. Could be her niche.

No. 358849

Her character acting is strange isn't she ment to want to go ?

No. 358866

OK I know this is from the last thread but

> The film is less than 5 minutes and Kiki is in about a third of that. What long hours she must have worked!


On the scars, Kiki really doesn't seem like a self harmer but also there'd be no point of the girls doing the film in trying to put up fake ones.

No. 358869

File: 1489329409700.png (276.14 KB, 540x763, Screenshot_2017-03-12-11-39-42…)

Also. She claimed that she'd "share it with her followers" once it was out. We'll. It's out Kaka…. and you're more worried in posting your "cute but psycho" film-selfies-shots-whatever

No. 358870

File: 1489329431148.png (255.42 KB, 540x768, Screenshot_2017-03-12-11-39-48…)

Sage for samefagging

No. 358899

I'm dead

No. 358905


Maybe not. Maybe she'll stay silent and let her followers keep asking where she got those or if they're real etc or even go full blown victim and blame us somehow?

OMG if this shot alone is not proof she needs a hair change, idk what else is

No. 358914

I'm offended she'd compare herself to Nicholson's performance in the Shining

I don't even think it's meant to be a joke

No. 358929


We've become so used to her enormous ego, it's hard to tell what's a joke and what's not

No. 358934

Man, the Ostrengas have pretty unfortunate jawlines. Even though Kiki is fairly skinny there's just no definition there. There's no hope for Kota, even if she does slim down.

I wonder if Kiki will ragequit the acting career when she realises that she can't control her image and there's inevitably going to be unflattering shots of her in every project.

No. 358938

Back in one of the Kota threads we saw Kotas hands had what appeared to be cigarette burn marks. If one sister self harms, the other would be much more likely to try it too. They seem to be BFFs, or typically on the same page mentally, as we can see through their banter. I wonder who started doing it first.

No. 358939

There were also those mysterious lines on Kota's arms during the Angry Birds (I think?) shoot. People were talking about marks on Kota's wrists during her Pokemon Go video too. I think they both cut, or at least have done at various times. They both probably suffer from disordered eating too, to varying degrees.

No. 358941

Someone should add Taylor and sucess on the other side of the glass kek

No. 358951


I think it was just something they did to be edgy. I was one of the ones whole called it out to be "smiley" lighter burns as they were weird circle shapes. Both of them went thru that edgy scene kid phase where bruises and cuts/scars are "cool"..

My sister did the same shit when she was younger and now has the exact same scars as Kaka and Tooters. ( same location too )

No. 358952

her sister stole all of her chin

No. 358956

File: 1489349116443.png (647.21 KB, 1125x623, lilou,disturbed.png)

No. 358957

File: 1489349313881.png (52.25 KB, 849x508, daisy.png)

Can people stop with this faggotry?
Both the dislikes and the edgy comment. For the other people working on this film it will only confirm Lilou's claims that she has haters stalking and bullying her everywhere she goes. The other actress doesn't deserve to be put down either, even if she wasn't brilliant she's no cow so give it a rest.

No. 358960

>highschool project realness
She looks like if you stretched Dakota's face longer in pshop.

My sides!

Since she and Koots ride old asian dick like Mario Kart it should be bundles of yen but this also works.

It's obviously not someone from here retard. Go report it on youtube?

No. 358962

This is the only 'hate site' the film's been posted on so far but ok.

I'm not sure what reporting the comment is meant to achieve - it was more a general message to not interfere with the cows and especially not people who are only somewhat related to them. It only makes us look like obsessive bullies which is exactly what Kaka has been saying to people.

No. 358966

Fucking kek! This could make for a nice banner, anon.

No. 358968

Because hate comments don't just happen naturally on youtube ever…

No. 358970


Is it wrong that this made me laugh? That was quite funny. Looks a bit like the usual "YouTube hate comment".

BUT I do agree with you that everyone taking part in this thread should avoid commenting anything "troll-y" in the future (there are enough YouTube commenters out there to do it)

Maybe comment smthg nice about Kiki though "OMG the blonde girl looks like a japanese anime fairy, her acting is so good is there Oscar for short films WHO IS SHE". For the shits and giggles.

No. 358971

She looks 50 in OPs pic.

I initially didn't think much of Kiki as a cow goldmine until she sperged out so badly here.

I've got cat scars on my wrists of all places plus my forearms. And they don't look like that. A cat would have to be really pissed at you to scratch you that many times. So maybe they are makeup? They look so puffy I can't tell. But my eyes aren't good anyway.

No. 358976


Oh god, this is giving me life !

I hope Kaka is lurking today and sees this. She'll be fucking seething.

No. 359005

10 out of fucking 10 anon

No. 359007

Like another anon said, I'm never going to judge her for self harming. She obviously has some deep issues that she needs help getting through.
Also, to everyone saying that only people who are attention seeking cut on their arms– your experience is not everyone else's. No matter what, if you are hurting yourself to the point of scarring, you are experiencing some very real internal anguish that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Anyway, Kaka is pretty terrible at acting. She also looks physically ill.

No. 359011

I vote this for next threads OP image

No. 359019

File: 1489361877278.jpg (195.05 KB, 1024x672, IMG_8701.JPG)

I made a collage of her arms in the other shot when she's in the nightdress. It's the same arm, but I don't see any scars on these stills? They did zoom in on the scars on her arm in the handcuff and red dress scene so maybe the scars were intentional for the movie. I just don't know. But I do remember back in MySpace days when I was friends with Dakota when she only had a couple hundreds of friends, and even when she gained more as "Kiki's sister" and started appearing in those stupid emo/scene photo shoots with her sister that she would mention emo shit about cutting and self harm and crying and being depressed every now and then. I wasn't sure back then if it was legit or just for show to "be more emo" but it really wouldn't surprise me. She had a self esteem problem then and they were best friends back then, so maybe they both did. But either way, pic related.

No. 359022

File: 1489362077801.png (20.38 KB, 283x417, IMG_8699.PNG)

I def vote this an OP or banner. Amazing.
I nominate this for an OP pic as well.

No. 359025

File: 1489362303175.png (58.24 KB, 750x566, IMG_8702.PNG)

Okay, it's DEFINATELY someone on this board, whose gonna confess?

No. 359029

i mean
what does this achieve tho? so dumb

No. 359031

I died

No. 359032

Hahahahahahaha this is perfect kind anon

No. 359049

honestly i wonder if it's kaka sperging against herself. the random vulgarities remind me of spergchan posts.

No. 359055

File: 1489366379543.png (308.39 KB, 540x677, Screenshot_2017-03-12-21-55-24…)

"Daisy who?? Whatever this F-horror movie has more shots of me and that's what matters"

No. 359056

Me too. But I checked the videos on the account and they're random shit like music videos or dancing shit and what not… but yes, very kaka sperg cursing, but she would only do that if someone pissed her off on that video, and no ones commented except for that person. And I searched on YouTube and it's almost impossible to find the daisy film unless you searched the account name or through these boards.

No. 359058

Rough as fuck Jesus

No. 359059

File: 1489366631557.png (65.16 KB, 528x298, Screenshot_2017-03-12-21-59-12…)

Apparently Kiki found her soul mate ("vegan indigo Japan stuff etc" plus the retard typing)

Idk about y'all but I ship these two

No. 359060

File: 1489366739036.png (68.65 KB, 540x358, Screenshot_2017-03-12-22-01-55…)

I mean

Look at this bio

Sage for shitposting

No. 359061

>2017 the instagram comment

No. 359068

iirc they've been mari has been licking kaka's butt talking to each other at least since 2014~2015

I thought kiki would block her at first but apparently she's okay with her

No. 359074

Totally agree.
Top fucking kek
Agreed with this as well.
Even if it's "attention seeking", there is something mentally or emotionally stunted to want to do this to yourself. I feel like we would have seen it sooner if they're old, and I don't think she would want to disfigure herself now. In any case, time will eventually tell.

No. 359076

you realise it takes a long time to make a film? hours of on-set work for a few minutes of screen time sounds normal. the producer holds the reins with that… it's just not worth bitching about.

No. 359077

i checked the account too. seems legit enough cause there's history of vulgar comments going back like 6-7 years (and lots of shane dawson hate lol), but then it doesn't make sense how that person would find the daisy video, since it's not obvious that it's about trafficking unless you watch it, and it only has 50 views, so if you're a random dude why bother watching it?

eh i wonder if it's some kaka's relative's account

No. 359082

she has a KF thread also, just an example. despite the edginess they'd like to lay claim to, some kiwifarmers are as messy as fuck.

No. 359090

erummm sorry for sounding like a newfag, but does anyone outside of chan sites use the word "stan"?


^Kiki's trademark writing style
>Vegan, Indigo, Empath, Environmentally Conscious
there is no fucking way Mari isn't a regular lurker on here.

No. 359093

File: 1489372585106.jpg (174.27 KB, 1080x1080, 16906775_760762977423136_50507…)

No. 359115

File: 1489374292685.png (677.26 KB, 1125x623, lilou,interrupted.png)

edited more

No. 359132

Oh my god. Banner, please.

No. 359133

This is banner material kek

No. 359147

Yeah, i mean eminems "stan" kinda made it what it is, and that was what, back in the nineties?

No. 359166

Oh will you give me a break shes only 24 ffs

No. 359202

File: 1489388059958.jpg (12.79 KB, 348x145, ZomboMeme 13032017015343.jpg)

No. 359203

File: 1489388256409.png (32.16 KB, 736x102, Untitled.png)


whoever this is, you can stop shitting up the comments anytime lmao

No. 359223

sage for tangent but

this profile pisses me off so much. all those stupid emoji crap and then "Mari", then she literally says "My name is Mari" after that. WHY. She doesn't even use the correct kanji for name afaik. Then she says "I'm American." No shit. Then she randomly has "Japan" in her profile in Kanji.
I'm American and studying Japanese but this is some entry-level 101 weeb bullshit. Grats on knowing how to say 1.5 things.

Just wanted to throw that info out in case people wanted to know what that said. gj being able to semi-introduce yourself kiddo. Lord knows why her profile needs her name plastered on top three times in a row.

No. 359225

samefag but i wanted to clarify i meant the word "name", not her name which is written in katakana

No. 359232

Taylor's got a new acting gig in Japan >>>/snow/268587
More content to edit in!

No. 359246

ahahaha, this is amazing.
Taylor getting acting jobs in actual japanese tv-dramas while Kiki is stuck doing 5-minute youtube college projects.


No. 359248


Is Kiki even getting paid for her 5 minute films ? If they truly are student films I doubt they could really afford all that much.

No. 359249

Holy shit, it just sunk in how hilarious that is. I wonder another sperg attack is in our future?

No. 359252


"Only" 24


WELL isn't that interesting. Karma's a bitch huh.

No. 359254

File: 1489412401267.jpg (145.36 KB, 736x1104, ce7e657203313cc6982a8133a91139…)


(Sage for shitposting)

No. 359256

Apparently to some people it's normal living off your parents for a quarter of a century while bouncing from one failed career/attempt at attention whoring to another lol. You're spoiled af if you think it's normal not doing anything productive at age 24.

Probably not, but the main benefit of acting in films like this would not be the money anyways, it would be establishing connections with other people who are trying to make it in the film industry, polishing your skills and getting your name out there. If you're lucky it might pay off eventually. Keekz has no tenacity anyways, she will ragequit her acting career when she doesn't make it big within a year and acting will never be mentioned again, just like poledancing, making music, studying asian languages and all the other shit she pretended to like. She has no real interest in anything apart from herself, everything she does is for show.

No. 359258

Attack of the sperg 2.0 incoming …

No. 359259

This one cant be real.

No. 359266

Kek that's why it's pretty funny that Kaka's trying to make it big in this industry with her personnality and occasional paranoid outbursts. She's pretty much set to fail but that's only my humble opinion.

She's going to end up like those waiters waiting to make it big after being in a film once or twice.

Honestly I will never get how some people will throw themselves into extremely harsh and difficult industries (movie, modeling or music) with absolutely NO backup plan. That's cool to pursue your dreams and maybe take a year or two to do that but imo the best thing is still to work crazy hard on a back-up plan and go to college, to at least score an office job that pays the bills.

No. 359268

WOWWWWW. some people know what there life's purpose is, not everyone belongs in college or a 9-5 . im not saying kiki is one of them she only cares about fame. but wtf?

if everyone at 24 did what you all say is "productive" and "responsible" you wouldnt have most of the amazing things that are out there. the books, movies, actors, musicians, artists, writers, designers, developers and everything in culture you guys clearly take for granted. in the past and the present.

unless you live in a culture where the entire society has to operate in the same oppressive way for it to function….where i come from at least, everybody minds their goddamn business.

just because you do not have the courage to follow your passion means that at a certain age one has to give up. especially in your twenties are you all 15 or something? get your head out of your ass and into reality because rarely does anybody make a major difference as a teenager

if you're responsible for raising a child or something i get it but you're off your shit if you're acting as if being 24 is like having a midlife crisis.

No. 359270

Looks like someone hit a nerve.

No. 359271

It's because they're spoiled brats and attention whores. They do not understand that even if you have talent, passion, motivation and good looks, you still have to be incredibly fortunate to ever get anywhere in careers like these. Kaka was myspace-famous (lol) at an extremely early age, and ever since then her parents have been feeding her a never-ending string of bullshit stories about how she's such a special little indigo child. On one hand she is used to getting tons of attention for very little effort, on the other hand she was brainwashed into believing she really can do all the things she attempts because she's perfect.

To me the saddest thing is not that she's not successful, it's that she doesn't have a single genuine interest. Everything she does, she does hoping it will get her attention. She gives up immediately when it doesn't work. 24 years old and everything about her is artificial.

No. 359274

I feel like the thread image should be exploited too, like >>358956. Perhaps she's cutting up the old invites she made for her and Taco's supposed wedding… Any ideas?

No. 359276

>if everyone at 24 did what you all say is "productive" and "responsible" you wouldnt have most of the amazing things that are out there.

Actually people who made it spent years in a 9-5 jobs while pursuing their dream careers on the side (except for when they had a SO to support them while they worked full time for their dreams). Bills gotta be paid, hon.

>To me the saddest thing is not that she's not successful, it's that she doesn't have a single genuine interest. Everything she does, she does hoping it will get her attention. She gives up immediately when it doesn't work.

That's indeed the saddest thing. She used to vlog and make YouTube tutorials which had lots of views and to this day people keep asking her to come back - but she won't do it bc not 100% of the people will praise her and she'd to actually put effort into them.
Modeling - she CLEARLY wants to make it for the praise (hur dur me pretty) but never got around to even trying
Music - went to uni for it. Bought all sorts of music equipment. Dropped it at a bat of a lash.
Now, acting: it seems she has a good relationship with people on set so maybe it's a good thing but again, it's unlikely she'll receive all the appraisal she thinks she's deserving of and might as well drop it bc haters.

No. 359280

Lol holy shit someone's mad

>not everyone belongs in college or a 9-5

Tfw you're too special for normal human society


It's not oppressive to have a backup plan in a realistic career, or a part-time job to support yourself while you get your shit together. It's called not being a spoilt little shit.

>follow your passion

>get your head out of your ass and into reality

Choose one. ~Following your dreams~ is not always going to work, Hollywood is not a charity organization and they are most likely not waiting for a balding haggard mentally unstable vegan goddess who decided on a whim in her mid 20s that being an actress is what she wants to do with her life. Who needs experience and acting talent amirite?

Btw, pro tip: People who have some actual passion do not care if they can monetize their interests or not. They do what they love, precisely because they love it, and not because they crave the attention. If you are not talented or fortunate enough to turn your hobby into a job, it would always be an option to do boring ass slave labor at your 9-5 job just like all the other sheeple, and do what you love in your free time. I have a friend who sings, he does not make enough cash with his music to support himself so he has a regular job but still does concerts on the side. The moment he gets an opportunity to quit his job and sing full time he will obviously do it, but if nothing ever comes up he can still support himself. That's how realistic, intelligent and hard-working people do it.

No. 359285

Someone hit a nerve there kiddo?

Theres no issue with going after your dream, but this is KIKI were talking about here. Every "dream" she's had has fallen to the waste side when it doesn't propel her to fame. YouTube, music, Japan, etc. We're not talking about any other person out there that works hard for their goal, because most of those people DO have back ups, like s regular job or something. Even if it's something they hate, they know they need to work to make money. That's just life.

Meanwhile Kiki gets to live in Cali while her parents most likely pay for everything because there is no way she's making enough to live in her own.

No. 359310

File: 1489426247749.png (196.53 KB, 1078x1068, Screenshot_2017-03-13-10-20-59…)

They still speak like tards

No. 359396

Is this the real life? She must be playing up this shit to get on Kiki's good side.
Little does she know how much Kiki hates other girls, especially if they do the same things she does (see: her reaction to Taylor's existence).

No. 359442

kiki voice LESBIANNNS

No. 359462

File: 1489448966244.png (308.43 KB, 540x629, Screenshot_2017-03-13-20-52-33…)

No. 359463

File: 1489449014826.png (50.9 KB, 540x226, Screenshot_2017-03-13-20-52-11…)


> I'm not jumping from a bandwagon to another farmers!! I'm transcending

No. 359464

This sounds like the same kind of self help garbage leaflets they give you at behavioral health centers for shit like low self esteem and depression. Kiki could write and self publish a book Himezawa style.

No. 359466

Nah she seems like an ex-scene kid turned weeb. Her entire instagram is painful af.

OT but it seems to me like ex-scene/alternative kids make the most insufferable weebs (see also Kiki). They seem to have this strange combination of entitlement in the face of complete mediocrity that baffles the mind.

No. 359471

Kiki's dreams involve being worshipped for no reason and gutting Taylor R to wear her skin.

No. 359476

Have you been to LA? So many homeless people who moved there in hopes of becoming a rich actor. Countdown till Kaka's one of them.

24 IS a midlife crisis if you spent the best years of your life and your youth whoring out and sperging on the internet for attention.

After those formative years you're stuck in the same habits for the rest of your life. Look at how Kaka types and spergs out. She's stuck in the myspace days.

No. 359487

Bet you 5 dollars Self-help books author and motivational speaker will be Kiki's next career move

No. 359502

>best years of your life

Kek! Anon are you old enough to be using the Internet?

No. 359527

you some 12 y/o with low IQ? lol

No. 359535

Kek, alright Kiki. Whatever helps you keep your mind off of the fact that seeing others who are greater than you succeed and live prosperous lives brings you to a seething rage as you stagnate and countinue to decline due to your constant denial that you're a hack.

No. 359553

Can she even deny her hair is straight up brown now?

"It's getting blonder and blonder, guys!"

No. 359560

She should've stuck with YouTube imo; she had an okay amount of subs and could have built on that if she kept putting out content regularly, even if it was just her weird makeup tutorials with her dumb ~random n quirky xD~ side skits added in. It was stupid but it obviously appealed to some amount of people. Her smoothie recipe videos also weren't bad.
But instead of focusing on it, she got greedy and wanted more fame and thus ensued the attempt at becoming a DJ, going to Japan hoping for them to notice her and make her famous just for being a white gaijin princess, the love & light Instagram celeb persona and now the LA actress Lilou Vos.
Kaka is just so fame hungry and nothing less than being an A-list celebrity is good enough for her. That's why she drops her shit and moves onto the next thing when she realises it isn't going to make her world famous.

No. 359561

File: 1489467976997.jpg (87.47 KB, 800x663, 5f9.jpg)

>best years of your life

fucking rich anon

No. 359565

>it obviously appealed to some amount of people
by that you mean PULL? because i think she even admitted the reason she stopped was because they were the only ones following her videos

No. 359567

B-but she can't go back to YouTube because of the big meanie haturzz :,( or whatever bullshit excuse she used.

No. 359583

How can she justify 4 minute YouTube video as films on IMDb

No. 359623

Nah in the very beginning when she posted videos regularly (circa 2012? 2013?) They used to get quite a decent amount of views
But like anon said, she abandoned it because haters

No. 359643

I don't believe that. I'm sure people who wanted to watch the train wreck would watch her videos when they got posted but she had around 40k subs at the time and got around 15-20k views. All of that isn't PULL. If she actually WORKED on her shit and made it better quality, focused more on the beauty part of her channel (reviews, tutorials, swatches, etc.) she could have done really well.

But Kiki expects everything to be handed to her.

No. 359650

don't go by her subs. her youtube account dates back to the scene days and…looks like she deleted them, but until recently she used to have old videos of herself with around 500k views iirc with platinum hair still up. One of them was her grossing spitting video, one about PETA, one about vandalism, and one talking about some girl. I think at least 80% of her subs are old or dead accounts from years and years ago.

No. 359653

I know, thats why I mentioned her views too. Her make up/ beauty videos got her a hefty amount of views, so I still by the idea that if she put effort into her Youtube, she could have done really well for herself.

No. 359660

Yeah, even her dumb 5 minute vlogs talking about her ~booty got her decent 5k views (which is a lot for a boring video with 0 effort put on)

No. 359661

File: 1489505522232.jpg (633.26 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4597.JPG)

She's had her account since 2007 and has just over 1 million video views total.

Dakota has had hers since 2011 and her videos have are pushing 54 million views.

The majority of Kiki's video fame was Stickam-based. She never made a significant ripple on YT despite her pre-existing MySpace infamy.

No. 359662

File: 1489506259311.png (46.54 KB, 540x489, Screenshot_2017-03-14-12-44-48…)

Is it possible Kiki got the meaning of the short film all wrong?

Judging by the description in the video and the video itself looks more like girls selling away their souls for beauty and modeling industry

There's nothing about sex trafficking on this.

No. 359664

>Is it possible
It's Kiki. It's almost certain as she only hears what she wants to hear.
That's hilarious.

No. 359665

No one is denying Dakota has had more success on Youtube, we all know that. What some of us are saying is that kiki could have found her own little niche there. Nothing as extravagant as Dakota millions of views, but something that could support her.

No. 359666

To be honest it always seemed like a metaphor for conforming to today's beauty standards and literally "selling yourself" to society. It's not even a really hard crazy concept to grasp and Keek's still managed to take that literally.

What an artist …

No. 359670

And (I'm stretching here) Maybe that's why she didn't say anything so her followers - bc she realized she'd screwed up what the movie she was in is all about

Either way, hilarious
kanye's voice ARTISTRY

No. 359671

> didn't say anything to her followers

As in, she said she couldn't wait to share it with them but said jackshit about it and turned to the "hur dur I'm jack Nicholson" project real quick

Sage for samefagging

No. 359674

how did she manage to learn Japanese? how long has she been doing that for? has it been her plan for years to move there?

No. 359678

>not as big as Dakota
>enough to support her

Dakota makes the same amount from YT that she would be making working part time in retail/food service in Orlando.

No. 359679


>she doesn't speak Japanese

>she studied it for ~10 months tops
>her plan wasn't to move to Japan until koot did a wedding photoshoot, started wearing her ring and moved into a bigger apartment.
>and she gave up as soon as she couldn't land a visa husband in under a year

No. 359718

File: 1489521323301.png (143.96 KB, 584x579, Capture.PNG)

It's weird that she's still using her mmmkikikannibal twitter account and hasn't changed it to lilouvos like she did with her other accounts.

No. 359736

Think that's mostly for her vegan persona and lowkey getting off to graphic videos

No. 359740

File: 1489525002469.png (63.59 KB, 640x582, IMG_4607.PNG)

She has another one for Lilou Vos.

No. 359741

I saw both sides to be honest. The film has a double metaphor. Or even a "you want to be beautiful? Thats cute. We'll take your innosence."

What I am worried about is how sick she looks.

No. 359747

Why does she use the same fucking profile photo for both accounts

No. 359749

jesus christ. knowing this, the video actually makes sense.
she did the creators a disservice by misconstruing, what it's about.
how can someone be so dense.

No. 359756

That's true. But sex trafficking really is a stretch from what the movie looks like it wants to deliver ( I only really could think "we'll this DOES look a bit like sextraffic bc Kiki mentioned it). It's not a "THE THEME IS X" kind of thing.

She should've thought before opening her big mouth on things she doesn't understand IMO
Her legit followers couldve been interested in actually watching it but I doubt she'll tell them about it by now

No. 359758

(And therefore creates another empty promise for the little fuckers to grab on like she did with all her other followers)

Sage for samefagging etc etc sorry

No. 359760

I think rather then a theme it's sort of something they used to "visualise" the metamorphosis.

No. 359778

That makes so much sense.. I was kind of confused about the meaning behind the girls cutting out and posting up the photos of models from the magazines all over the wall but yeah, this makes way more sense than sex trafficking.

No. 359806

Probably doesn't want to lose her verified account status.

No. 359812

Does make the fact that they both seemed desperate to be handcuffed and "sold" make more sense. I was confused about that part.

No. 359819


In this case I think I see why Kiki claimed it was about sex trafficking. A short film about a girl desperate to be famous and willing to sell herself? Hilarious.

No. 359827

Shes too modest to say it's a film about her life lol

Jokes aside, guess we can conclude the obsessive haters (us) understand more about the films Kiki acts in than Kiki herself?

No. 359938


>Kirsten Ostrenga


Thanks anon, I needed a good hearty laugh today.

No. 359964

File: 1489598219741.png (815.59 KB, 721x534, Untitled.png)

the "no-bangs volumeless ~natural~ hair and minimal makeup" thing looks really unflattering on her. to be fair, it looks really unflattering on most people. she never had to use as much photoshop as dako because imo, kiki is naturally pretty; she always had tons of makeup and reflectors and shit, sure. but she knew her angles and was naturally skinny and had good facial structure. even if her scene look is outdated, it looks SO much better on her even today.

wonder if she'll ever go back to it. the closest thing to edgy scene style now is probably instagram faux-ghetto a la toopoor and co. i think she could rock that.

No. 359966

>>kiki is naturally pretty; she always had tons of makeup and reflectors and shit, sure. but she knew her angles and was naturally skinny and had good facial structure. even if her scene look is outdated, it looks SO much better on her even today.


No. 359967

no what? those are opinions anon, you're free to have your own just like i am

you can't tell me you didn't look at kiki when you were a young teen and go "damn she looks cool". its why she got so popular in the first place

No. 359969

She won't ever go back to this look, for whatever reason she is hard pressed to stay with the natural look. Its been a solid 7+ years since she stopped doing the alt thing and it really did suit her way more than whatever she's doing now.

No. 359971

>>no what?

Obviously, no, I disagree. I'm not a fan, never have been, do not think she's attractive nor has she ever been.

>>you can't tell me you didn't look at kiki when you were a young teen and go "damn she looks cool".

Actually, yes, I can tell you that. She looked like a retard then, and looks awful now. Her MySpace looks were based on heavy contrast, MS paint level shoops, and early PS filters. Even something like this >>359964 photo on the left, isn't Kiki "knowing her angles" - it's Scott directing her, he's the one who shot all her photos, and Kota did her editing.

It's all smoke and mirrors, and I have never even found the smoke and mirrors attractive; she was a plain child who grew a giant schnoz, has stringy, thinning hair, and is malnourished.

These "fangirls" - hi, Kiki.

No. 359975

I remember those days. I could NOT for the love of GOD see anything attractive on her.
She's probably trying to achieve a "model off duty" now? I mean, it's the hairstyle models use when they have their Polaroids taken.

Either way, it's been a while and I doubt she'll change it.

No. 359977

That no-bangs, natural, volume-less hair and minimal makeup look you're describing only looks good on girls who are naturally 10/10 and literal model material. While I also think Kiki is pretty, she's not pretty enough for that look– but as you said, neither are most people (myself included.)

She needs to find a niche that works for her. Because she honestly looks ill and corpse-like with her current style. A hard fact to face in life is that we don't always fit into the style we wish we could. We have to work with what we have to figure out what's the most flattering for us. Kiki has to be open to that if she wants to look good, and not like the decaying corpse she looks like now.

Also, I'm really curious to hear your guys' opinions on this: does anyone think Kiki might have an ED?

No. 359984

Yes, but for that the person needs to acknowledge it and want to change
Anything we say here it's because we are haters who don't get her "unique style"

I don't think she has an ED though. She's the kind of person who's naturally very skinny - and could sure use some strengthening exercise routine (like pole dance and pilates - aka the things she dropped at a bat of a lash bc fads)

No. 359992

… have mods check ip, dumbass. im not kiki. i am not a 'fangirl' of hers or defending her and you're kind of slow for assuming that i am just for discussing her looks. im purely talking about her image, not her as a person. jesus christ nobody can talk about what kiki might do to look better without morons thinking its kiki.

No. 360011

Hahaha different anon but so salty!

"Hi Kiki"is more of a joke than anything else at this point. Also,if you check history most of anon s who popped in Kiki's past threads "defending" Kiki or saying "check my IP I'm not her" WERE all Kiki LOL

Just. Calm down, beauty-Chan. Breathe deep. Go meditate.

Sage for derailing

No. 360013

I'm very torn. I (still have problems with it) cut on the top of my forearm, however, most people like me who do that, do it because it's much easier to cut deeply, as I have nasty, dark red scars. That being said from my thinner ones they do sort of look like that? I've got a few on my arm that, not to totally attention whore, but I can show to sort of give a comparison.. ? It's also very likely that she'd cut the top of her arm, as I did, because she was going for the pain and scarring but was truly afraid of hitting a vein.

No. 360014

Please do not post pictures of yourself, even for a comparison. It's not worth it.

Just in case anyone is still doubting, those self-harm scars look very real. They are probably more than a year old. The ones on my arms look the same. Really, that's all that needs to be said.

No. 360026

you know at this point "hi kiki" is just a meme on this thread to shut white knights up. i don't think anyone thinks it's really her anymore.

No. 360027

There is literally no way to say how old the scars are. It depends on her skin's individual healing abilities, the wounds, their circumstances and most of all how she treated them.
Stop with the: they're from her teenage years / from last year / yesterday (myself included, I estimated last half year..)

No. 360030

you're comparing a bad screenshot of her making a face in bad lighting to.. her dad's edited outdoor photoshoot. ofc she's gonna look better on the right.

keep in mind, no one's ever had a unedited candid image of her during the scene, all photos were uploaded by herself. so who knows if in the same bad lighting the added pounds of makeup and bleached straw hair might have looked even worse.

No. 360035

It's funny that ppl who have no clue about self-harm behaviour think these are unlikely to be real scars.
Please go on how someone wrote this scene and payed someone to carefully craft (or edit) highly demanding yet apparently shitty (cat) scars that are unheard of and unlikely and that appear in one shitty scene where you can't even properly see them. Not plausible X

No. 360063

sperg harder, kiki

No. 360064

Oh my god, shut up with this already. Bring milk or gtfo.

No. 360074


Id the scars are real, do you think she'll ever be able to make it in Hollywood? Would a serious director ever consider an actress with obvious scars from self-harm for his/her movie?

No. 360075

File: 1489618405243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.12 KB, 530x451, 530full-demi-lovato.jpg)

Also Christina Ricci brags about her self harm.
Also the countless celebrities who restrict and binge/purge.

Stop. Reaching.

No. 360078

since everyone was discussing whiteknighting and the hi kiki meme, ill just say that im kiki before anyone points fingers.
but really, i do agree with >>359964 . i think kiki is naturally pretty. basic, but pretty.
i know anons will say its all photoshop and shit, but i do think she has a nice face, and even her bigforead doesnt make her look bad. its just a big forehead, lots of people have them and in the past it was something women wanted to have.
also, just let it be known i said pretty, not gorgeous or incredibly beautiful elf goddess. but shes nowhere as ugly as people claim.

ugly on the inside? YES. outside? debatable to say the least.

No. 360079

There's a difference between a child star beingnopen about their self harm and an adult woman with visible self harm scars trying to break into acting. I'm sure the anon was more curious about the latter.

No. 360083

File: 1489620044873.jpg (43.79 KB, 300x399, miles-teller-scars-on-face.jpg)


KaKa's scars are trivial compared to her obvious lack of talent.
Does she even take acting classes?

No. 360090

just watched Daisy. yeah, late, ik. Kiki's acting was bad as usual but overall it was a nice idea. >>358957 is absolutely right and people in the comments like >>359203 Anastasia McBush who looks absolutely terrifying should stop with that shit. the other girl clearly noticed something was wrong with calling her forehead girl.

No. 360111

suicide fag here, it isn't attention seeking. borderline people are the most common to use it for attention, but clearly they have a disorder as well. Her's look like they were all from one session and it's well documented on this site that she has delusional episodes. She probably disassociated to a certain degree and did this. We are the same age and it's pretty universally embarrassing to self harm, especially for someone as vain as her.

I have no idea why they did not put stage make up on her arms to cover them, no matter what she claims them to be.

No. 360112

Thats not true, there are few photos that are floating around of her posing with "fans" that are candids.

No. 360115

File: 1489627911871.jpg (54.07 KB, 320x240, uh.jpg)

She took the sort of acting classes where you pay and get to appear in a stage production at the end of the course.
As long as the payment clears they're not going to stop her cartoonish YouTube Personality mugging. For reference, enjoy this subtle reaction shot of Shane Dawson in a film. Keeks-quality.

No. 360116


I don't know if these are troll posts based on Kaka's posts or what.

No. 360121

She could get a laser treatment, too. They'd be less noticable and might fade more naturally, too

No. 360128

OT but for Keeks, since I'm sure she's reading here:

derma rolling scars has been rumored to help reduce their appearance. You could cough up the dough for laser treatment, but your scars are small enough that derma rolling may be able to help.

No. 360133

Tbh, I want some Bert and Ernie typa gif banner with the following scenario:

anon [typing]: kiki is okay … in this regard … sometimes … on a new moon


Canon ball shots are fired

… Okay, I def need to sleep

No. 360176

>I have no idea why they did not put stage make up on her arms to cover them, no matter what she claims them to be.

Most likely didn't have the budget. None of the girls were given red shoes that fit them correctly, so they did not exactly spend big to make sure everything would look right.

I suppose as long as she doesn't play anybody for whom it would be very out of character to cut, the scars wouldn't be that big of a deal anyways.

She has no experience, no talent and no tenacity, if she isn't Angelina Jolie levels of famous by the same time next year, she will never mention acting again, buy a sewing machine, sew white bedsheets together and make angelic irl Final Fantasy girl couture.

No. 360178

this whole video is the most ridiculous kind of fake deep shit.

No. 360235

She blocked me all because I made a comment of ~loool~ on her selfie in the same area as Taylor was recently in too.

For fuck sake she's an idiot if she thinks nobody has searched her sperg shit up by now. That's why she's never had any friends, shes just a raging cunt.

No. 360254

No shit, Sherlock. Kiki blocks everyone that posts a comment that isn't blatant asskissing. Anything even remotely sarcastic or critical gets deleted and blocked.

No. 360327

Aware, calm down tho you're gonna get hypertension from all the salt you're spewing there anon.

No. 360333

Hello Nosferlilou

No. 360378

that's insane. how does she even expect to have a following that way?

No. 360387

She was raised to believe she's a goddess empath and that anyone who doesn't like her or has a problem with her is just jealous of her goddess empath indigo child destiny~~

No. 360406

File: 1489703022735.jpg (171.01 KB, 1242x743, IMG_9717.JPG)

No. 360421

o boy rev up those tin foil hats

No. 360427

She's always been paranoid about people. I imagine her sitting in her room and something like an acorn falls on the roof and she goes into fetal position mumbling her sperg shit while foaming at the mouth.

No. 360433

Anastasia McOstrenga (definitely Kota trying to give Kiki some confidence)

No. 360438

>Calling Kiki blonde

Come on now, Dakota is reaching by calling hers 'dark blonde' but kaka is full blown brunette now.

No. 360441

isn't it a little embarrassing if they don't know her last name? or like, she's irrelevant to them enough that they won't look it up

>>Calling Kiki blonde

well she can't say "that forehead girl" too lol

No. 360453

This is how I felt as well, a veritable selection of copied ideas that have already been better executed in actual films.

>forehead girl
>natural beauty
>the typing style
This is totally an Ostrenga sleeper account.

No. 360458

As much as I don't like her, I have no problem saying that I think she was objectively attractive at one point. It's not like she looks like Pixyteri or something. I think that comparatively to her glory days however, she looks super strung out and washed out and could benefit from some eyeliner or bangs or something that looks like she hasn't spend the last 6 years cooped up in her bedroom in her parent's house.

No. 360497

more like Kiki trying to give Kiki some confindence

No. 360498

Tf, that person was obviously an anon from here or a random troll who remembers her. Yeah, Kiki would def call herself forehead girl. Lol. They were being ironic.

Also she obviously knows Kiki's last name (I mean, "lilou's"), otherwise she wouldn't have written it in the credits. Literally it's there.
She probably didn't answer and said only the first name because she felt something was wrong and didn't want "Anastasia McBush" to google Kiki.

No. 360743

how anyone could call her blonde idk. unless you told the girl herself and she went along with it.

No. 360841

I'm not sure if I should feel bad for Keeks for her self-harm or not.. considering how nasty she's been.

No. 360891

File: 1489835388073.jpg (110.19 KB, 500x333, 8426319798_b384316926.jpg)

Not trying to conclude your post but this is how I feel on the matter (with a little armchairing)…
At any point before (and now, too), she could've taken an honest, long hard look at her life / self and realized that she needs professional help and to change. She pretty much brought this onto herself. She is immature and irresponsible, for herself and everyone around her. She's a spoiled brat.
On the other hand, self-harm is sad because it shows she's really just deeply unhappy and confused. It pretty much drops the illusion she's ~thriving~ with her massive ego and reveals she's just miserable and dysfunctional. That makes her more human again. But unless she chooses to turn her life around, there is little redeemable about this.

No. 360897

She has all the tools to succeed. She has parents who kiss her ass and obviously have too much money to spend on their golden child. If they can pay for her acting classes, an LA appartment and Japan trips, they could pay for therapy sessions and a second degree she could put to good use. She wouldn't look that bad if she picked a more flattering style, and I'm of the opinion that once the initial cravings for attention went away, she'd be so much healthier and better off if she nuked all her social media accounts and stopped obsessing over what people say about her online. If she really wanted to change, she could. It would not be easy but she'd have a chance.

The thing is that she doesn't want to. She only ever attributes failure to other people, never herself. Her personality is poop and no amount of therapy and retweeting love and light quotes will ever fix that. People like her don't get better. They can't.

No. 360898


This. Kiki is what happens when shorty parents try to live through their kids and never teach them restraint or discipline. I remember reading before that Kiki had a part time job somewhere but she quit, maybe if she and Kota had gotten real jobs and moved out away from their parents they could have had a decent shot at a normal life.

No. 360919

Absolutely. In a way she's exactly like those child stars who used to be a huge deal when they were younger, but stopped being relevant when they aged horribly. She got so much attention for little to no effort at such an early age. That's why she tries soooo hard to stay relevant. It's not like she has a genuine passion for any of the things she tries to become famous for, it's all just for attention. To her it's normal when everything revolves around her.

If she is capable of change at all, she'd need a really REALLY loud wakeup call. But as long as she keeps living in her bubble of carefully monitored internet presence, edited selfies, censored comments and asspatter parents, that's very unlikely to happen anytime soon. What a waste. There is no reason why she shouldn't be a normally functioning adult by now, apart from her ego.

No. 360922

Right and when her parents die, and she can't get a Japanese husband, she's screwed. She probably doesn't know any life skills as in how to pay rent, budgeting, etc. That is a big worrysome.

No. 360928

Does she even still care about Japan though? I somehow doubt she's genuinely interested in asian men. I always thought she was just whoring around in Japan attempting to sink her claws into a visa husbando so that she could become a famous model and one-up Taylor and her sister. Her Japan phase lasted what, 10 months tops?

Tbh I think the biggest concern is her having a complete mental breakdown. She's not as hot as she thinks she is, but she'd find someone to take care of her if she tried. I wonder how hard she will flip once she hits her thirties and she's still not famous tho.

No. 360931

I think she cares a little since she's currently with a Japanese guy. I wouldn't be surprised if she plans on trying to get fame in Japan again after this whole acting thing inevitably fails.

I also doubt it as well. It's been mentioned plenty of times before, but when her likes/comments were public on fb (iirc this was like a few months prior to her Japan obsession), she only liked and commented on the pics of alternative/hipster looking white guys. And right before Taku, she was tweeting at one of the sprouse twins and I think Norman Reedus as well? to hang out with her in Japan.

No. 360975

do you remember anything about the part time job or what site you read that on?

No. 360983

Not that anon but it's years old drama and definitely exists in a thread on lolcow somewhere.

No. 360987


She mentions working in retail and somewhere else here (be quick and watch it before she deletes if bc of js haterz)

No. 360990

"Is it something within me that's my problem with people even IRL (when I end up having the same issues I cause online)…. or is everyone else's fault and the fault of instant messaging and anons?"

Sounds like she's getting rejected on tinder, lol. Also sounds close to tears.

The "pattern" she experiences, when she meets ppl via classes, or meetup groups: "people like to cross my boundaries and become inappropriate with me, especially physically, any gender. Am I giving of a vibe that I don't have any boundaries?"

Well, when you dress like a new age stripper and literally anything you think of pours out of your mouth instantly, and your commentary (if we can judge from the way you and Dakota still talk online) becomes sexual or scatalogical within microseconds - people may get the impression you are very open. This behavior will only be attractive to other very open people.

"People think I'm mysterious before they get to know me." Well, you do change your name a lot, have no friends and no history every time you meet someone new, and again, dress like a new age hooker. I don't know if you're considered mysterious as much as a bit odd.

No. 360992

"Maybe I'm too open? Nah, it's probably everyone else's animalistic human need to devour an innocent space princessu. And I'd like to link this to people people open on social media. Not my fault, I guess."

People crossing physical boundaries with her (pulling her onto their laps, tweaking her nose, etc): oh sweetheart, you picked the wrong career and meetup groups. Theater and acting groups are incestuous pods of physical, over sharers. They are extremely expressive people with little to no understanding of physical boundaries. And that trebles when it comes to the horror porn genre - you are gonna get pawed by directors and producers. Don't like these things? Get out of the scene.

No. 360994

6:00 in. Christ this is boring.

More and more about blaming her personal problems interesting irl on "the digital media and online" messing everyone ELSE up.

Again: "Is it within me, or the influence of technology on others?" Take a guess where she lays the blame.

Wow at 8:00 she starts to reaally rant on how this is every else's fault. Starts mild but then says everyone expects her to be the shining star and entertain the whole group and it's SUCH a burden.. hey probably tweak your nose to try to get you to shut the hell up, spaz. Christ. Sounds like she acts just like her old stikam broadcasts.

And when she tires herself out, and she feels like other people aren't spazzing back, that's the internet's fault. Really.

No. 360995

It's unlikely for a vegan moogle empath of mother earth but someone on eFagz once claimed to have spotted her working the counter at a Wendy's.
This was around the time Kiki came up with a story that a customer at work was stalking her, so the manager had to call the police. Ultimately she quit the job.

No. 360998

9:00 "I'm being out in the position of the entertainer, and it's suddenly MY job to entertain everyone.."

Omg you literally chose to be an entertainer as your career. You did it inadvertently as a child. You can stop it any time you want to.

"I'm getting drained by other people, and then people aren't friends with me because I never call them back." So she acts like a spastic, then makes no effort to maintain friendships, and expects people to continuously approach her… and this is her doing all the work.

10:00 Had a retail job, a black man had the nerve to buy her presents, and another man flirted with her and grabbed her wrist.

Princess, that's retail. Men think you are flirting with them because you're not allowed to be rude to customers, and they think it means something. You know how many waitresses have customers who think they have a relationship with them? All of them. You're not special.

11:00 Blames her manager for her not being able to handle customers. Instead of laughing at the guy who grabbed her hand and wanted to dance, extracting her hand and saying I'm working, I can't leave, have fun without me (because you will face those situations every fucking day in retail), Kiki expected her manager to handle the problem for her, ran away and tried to hide in the back of the store yet again. Then she calls her mom, and Cathy calls the cops, which causes havoc. Bet the store did great sales when Kiki was on the floor.

No. 361000

11:30 got her "audio engineering degree" and "started working at a studio". Worked as an audio engineer, and did their SOCIAL NETWORKING. Owner of the studio flirts with the chick who wears quasi bondage gear to work and calls her Kinky Kiki.

I'm only at 12:15 but please someone else do this it's so boring.

No. 361003

Idk anon, I think you can feel bad for something in a person's life while still recognizing they are a bad person.

No. 361016


Did you get to the part where she says he invited her into his office and it was dark and he was constantly touching her leg? Because THAT sounds like it really happened IRL. But I guess you did sum it all up. The rest is she going all over again "it's everyone's fault that the Internet is destroying friendships and I'm the only untouched ethereal angel left"

No. 361021

Yeah I got to that part. And again, that happens to women all the time. You can't call your mummy, who calls the cops, every time you get into a difficult situation. That's real life, and you have to be able to navigate situations like that, and say "hey, hands to yourself, how are your wife and kids? Tell me all about them instead of touching my legs, man." And not dressing in bondage gear and sheer shirts to work will also help you avoid being called Kinky as a nickname.

Does it suck to be pawed at and hit on? Yes. And that's real life. it's not because she's some irresistibly beautiful angel come to earth that drives men out of their minds; this shit happens to attractive and unattractive women just the same, all the time, at jobs. She needs to learn to navigate life, and also not wear inappropriate clothing which can trigger more of these kinds of interactions.

No. 361023


She looks the way she does because of her vegan diet. I know a bunch of people who think it's the most healthy lifestyle,but VEGAN DIETS LEAD TO AGING. It's good for skin, but without essential fatty acids (and omegas from fish), you start losing your facial fat. Wrinkles don't make people look older first, the lack of face fat does. In that 5 min video she looks so much older than the other girl.

No. 361032

LOL not all vegans look like her. I'm vegan and I'm fat af.

Sage for ot

No. 361035

Maybe I should be more specific. *Organic restrictive veganism with an emphasis on raw dieting, which she's p much done a lot of. Along with her predisposition to being thinner.

No. 361039

You have an 'o' typed in your name field, fyi. You should leave the name field blank.

No. 361040


oop. typo—

No. 361057

No wonder she didnt keep the job at retail - imagine having a business day havoced becauae some whiny teen called mommy during her shift bc of a creep (in FLORIDA of all places)

To me the prime of the video was how OUTRAGED she was that he called her Kinky Kiki
As if that was the equivalent of saying "I wanna fuck you in the ass so hard you'll need a wheelchair". Girl. They sound alike. Chill. Even if she dressed as a nun, it still would be a thing

God forbid this girl listen to "let's have a Kiki" by the Scissor Sisters:

No. 361058

so true. even disregarding the commonly known nutrients, that vegans need to pay close attention to, genetic predisposition plays a role as well.

there are genetic polymorphisms, that are COMMON, that cause a lower conversion of for example beta carotene into its bioavailable (animal) form (https://www.snpedia.com/index.php/Rs7501331)
there are quite a few more.

sorry for way OT.

No. 361076

I agree to an extent. I mean I never aged on a vegan diet. But I was high fat which is really hard.

I am no longer vegan as it actually causes more harm to animals and its is unhealthy. Kirsten would look a little nicer if she added some fat to her diet.

Am I the only one here who likes her? I really want her to start making videos again.

I just also checked her twitter… for some reason I am blocked.

No. 361083

I think Kiki exagerates a lot of what she says, and inb4 tumblerina, but we don't know what she was wearing at work. And blaming that on a grown man possibly trying to harass her, doesn't excuse it in the least bit.

No. 361084

>>And blaming that on a grown man possibly trying to harass her, doesn't excuse it in the least bit.

She still needs to dress professionally, and handle her own problems.

We could go back and forth all day about how women can wear whatever they want and should not have to fend off advances, but that's not the way the world works right now. While those things are not ok, you cannot expect the world to grind to a halt and cater to you when they happen. You have to cope. Kirsten has demonstrated that she cannot problem solve these things on her own: she calls her mother, hides in the back room, or quits rather than deal with (unfortunately very common) workplace issues. That was my point.

No. 361087

Sugar ages you the most out of anything - her being vegan isn't the culprit. Eating slightly less than you're supposed to has been scientifically proven to slow aging but she's obviously eating dramatically less and doubtfully drinking any water at all.

She just probably ignored, like another poster said, eating healthy fats like brazil nuts and coconut oil. Even Taylor talked about that lol, but she has fillers in her face…


No. 361101

Again, we don't even know what she was wearing so you're argument that her clothes are to blame for any sort of advances people make on her are invalid. For all we know she worked somewhere that has a strict dress code/ uniform

inb4 hi kiki

No. 361105


I don't think Taylor has fillers. I think she got facial fat grafting. Really popular in Korea and is a pretty basic procedure at this point. Especially for baby face, which she has now.

Sugar breaks down collagen, which plays a role in wrinkling and some volume. But i think the low fat is whats getting her. Her face is super thin compared to older photos. It's really obvious in the video. She looks so dif

No. 361106

"People put their hands on me"
"People want to touch me"
>What I hear during her videos

No. 361107


Also she claimed she's been organic raw vegan since age 8??? Anyone remember that?
I mean I'm sure that's a lie…buuuut ya know.

That info is interesting by the way

No. 361108


But Tay is tiny af … Where would she get the fat from ? her barely existing tits ?

They wont typically do fat graft if you barely have the fat reserves for it.

No. 361109

And regardless of what she was wearing, we do know for sure that she behaved like an incapable retard; she told us herself.

Last time on the clothing thing: we know what she considers professional / workplace attire. It is not professional. She wears those harnesses and sheer tops in public - for instance, at that public event for the puppet master event. No one else was dressed that way. Neither a retail store (clothing) nor a music studio would have uniforms. She would be wearing her own clothes, the same ones we've seen her in for the past 4 years, the ones she brought to LA.

And you're getting caught up on one possible part of the argument, but not the main point: that Kiki's issue is not that she's being unfairly victimized, or experiencing an undue amount of harassment. She never learned to interact with others or cope with conflict. She had problems at school? Her parents pulled her out. Got into stupid teen drama fights online? Cathy and Scott stalked and harassed both the kids and their parents. Now fast forward ten years. Kiki gets it on at the store she works at? Runs to the back and tattles to the manager, who tells her to get back to work. Does Kiki figure out a way to manage the interaction with the guy who is flirting (tell him no thanks, maybe later, or laugh, or be like nah, I gotta work, or any of the million responses she could have)? Nope, runs away again, and this time calls her mom, who calls the cops, who fuck up the entire day.

She has never been forced to learn how to deal with conflicts or human interactions. She is blaming online interactions for the other people not respecting her boundaries - but the problem is that SHE never learned to interact with people, or set her own boundaries in a normal, healthy way, because she hid online or behind her parents.

THAT is my point.

No. 361110

Pretty much. It sucks for her if she really was sexually harassed but the entire video is so pointless that it comes across as one big humble brag about how hot she is and how everyone wants to fuck her.

No. 361111


Well I'm no doctor but



Seems like it worked for these girls who are skinny. I think everyone has enough for a little? (also not here to trash these girls. if that's what they wanted good for them. just an example of the contours and look it gives that is similar to taylors)

It seems to work well but Kiki can't afford that soooo

No. 361113

Sorry for samefag but it's also a really good example of how she always blames others and never herself. She blames the internet for other people not knowing about boundaries when she should be blaming her own social ineptitude on having grown up in virtual reality and consequently having no idea how to deal with situations like these.

No. 361114

And with the boss dude at the studio - if he exists - the same principal applies. Should he have been a creep at work? Nope! Does that shit happen all the time, to literally every woman ever? Yep! Is the way to deal with it to call your mommy to handle it, or quit? Nope!

You have to set your own boundaries if you want to be respected. That's how life works. It would be lovely if everyone just respected each other right off, but there are a lot of unhealthy people in this world. It's not the fault of technology, despite Kiki's deep seated desire for this to be true. It's that she was sheltered and taught to behave like a retard and never deal with her own problems, and her life interactions reflect this.

Now that she's away from home, if she gets a good therapist, she might get some clarity. But as of right now, she's running around in a narc circle, blaming everyone else.

No. 361115


Tbqh I do like her as… entertainment? Idk I don't ever wanna her to stop - keep being online, get on YT again, jump on new bandwagons… it's like a guilty pleasure TV show

About the block thing. You know how her head works, right? She just randomly blocks people.

No. 361116

Do you mean entertainment like, her life makes you feel better about yourself? haha.


I don't like her, I do feel bad for her. There's a lot of stunted development from her parenting and experience with early internet fame. She doesn't have the family support system that Taylor R seems to have, which is important in developing a healthy self esteem. A 24 year old ANON bashing someone to the extent she did Taylor is not normal or healthy.

No. 361119

Okay, continuing from 12:00

- a professor in school made a sexual comment in front of other people when she was drinking a weirdly shaped Japanese drink ("is that a sex toy in your mouth?")

Again: you attend improv and acting classes. Saying crass and shocking things is what happens there. You have to learn to both dish it out and take it. Should people make inappropriate comments? Nope! Do they, and will they, all your life? Yep! Should you be a recluse again, or expect everyone else to change for you, or should you learn how to cope and set boundaries?

- a guy from class was inappropriate with her, and pulled her onto his lap all the time. She blames the internet and violent video games.

She said she did tell this one not to do it. That's right, Kirsten - that's what you need to do! You set the fucking boundaries, and resolve the issues! That's now you fix this! Dudes have been creepy and grabby and inappropriate since long before video games and the internet, you sorry sped - ever seen the photograph "American woman in Italy"? Where she's being chased and shouted at by literally 20 dudes, and it happened in real time, not staged? In the 1950s?

Nope, she thinks there should be studies made on this subject, because it's all the internet's fault.


No. 361124


Pfft a marketing professor used my friend as an example for product branding - as in, she was a consumer at a sex shop (of all things). It's a typical "professor does joke because class attention". Period.

> she thinks there should be studies made on this subject, because it's all the internet's fault

She blames the Internet on e VERY THING. Da rape, da bullying, da PPL at work. Everyone else is the problem, as always.

It's such a shame she deleted so many videos from her channel ("Muh booty" 5 minutes vlog) and all that

No. 361128


Fat graft is expensive, Kiki would never afford it. Also Taylor's face was far to stiff and bulbous looking in the beginning to be fat graft. ( Plus with her losing weight since HK the fat graft would be pointless. Often only 30% of the fat stays and the rest get re-absorbed, and with weightloss non would stay )

Which honestly a fat graft on Kiki would be pointless probably too.


I guess thats what happens when you grow up on the internet and forget what reality is like.

No. 361131

>>when you grow up on the internet and forget what reality is like.

And when your parents do everything they can to ensure this scenario (let you quit school instead of learn to stand up for yourself, fight all your battles for you, encourage you to spaz online for $$ and asspats, etc.)

No. 361226

I have to disagree with you on a few things. Taylors face was bulbous at first because doctors "overfill" because they expect a loss. And anywhere from 50%-70% stays now because of technique. It's about $2000 in Korea. I know this because I almost had it done to fill a depression scar from a childhood accident. That's how I could recognize Tays face. To fill a face that much with fillers would be thousands of dollars, and yearly for the upkeep (i also looked at that option). I ended up deciding to wait because it isn't the worst thing in my life haha.

Anyway, I think Taylor looks like 17 in her photos despite being like 28 and that's why she can keep getting so much work. Hollywood is pretty harsh on women aging, and I hate it and whatever, but Kiki nearing 25 and just starting an acting career is really far fetched. Especially without any formal training.

No. 361259

File: 1489957087823.jpg (338.95 KB, 750x1148, IMG_6205.JPG)

I guess she's going to ignore the release of her deep and important sex trafficking film.

No. 361271

File: 1489958633009.jpg (46.75 KB, 600x628, FB_IMG_1489958517115.jpg)

This lilou has more entertainment value in it's left hoof than kaka has in her entire body.

No. 361273

What a bitch, she's not deserving of any sympathy and she's far too old to blame her parents. Everything she is doing is self serving.

I'm sick of her stans infantilizing her just because she's a white woman. This is fucking spergchan.

No. 361280

Go back to tumblr, no SJWs allowed

No. 361283

Keeks, if that's true you're gonna have to rub those flowers all over your personality.

No. 361285

she's good at taking selfies because she always looks decent in them but she looked like a haggard beast in that film. (not even including the makeup)

No. 361287


AAAHHH she looks so good, I'm so glad I'm even gonna ignore the cringey nature lover caption

> I guess she's going to ignore the release of her deep and important sex trafficking film

Well, it's that or having people realize she knew jackshit about the film she was in

No. 361288

is this the fourth hanson brother?
>infantilizing her just because she's a white woman
lol could you not

No. 361295

File: 1489961538452.png (320.37 KB, 478x534, Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.57…)

Taylor's new Tv show appearance has been released. Can't say I'm blown away by it though.

(Samurai Gourmet Episode 10 around 9:30mins in )

But still hoping for a splerg from Kaka since its still better then anything she'll ever get.

No. 361296


She looks really cute!

No. 361301

Just like CL!

No. 361309

Taylor not only got one more acting role in great Nippon but also does not look absolutely haggard in it

She doesn't even need much more than that to make Kiki want to pull her hair out

No. 361321

are you kidding me? She looks like she's been michael jackson'ed. Looks completely alien to me in that pic. Kiki must be seething tho kek.
Sage for unrelated post

No. 361322


In my opinion, she's very cute and natural compared to Kiki. Kiki looks like the alien tbh.
Physically, ya know?

No. 361327


I also am in no way compelled to drag Taylor for any reason. She seems pretty active, family oriented, nice, healthy, successful with all that stuff she does. Ya know, altogether pretty stable and not a shitty person out to get anyone. She didn't scam and shit on people.
I'm here to drag tf out of Kiki because this pseudo personality she's created was build on treating tons of people like garbage. I'm happy for Taylor and I hope she keeps succeeding and Kiki is left in the dust of failure she created for herself by being a shitty to tons of other people.

No. 361338

>I'm here to drag tf out of Kiki because this pseudo personality she's created was build on treating tons of people like garbage. I'm happy for Taylor and I hope she keeps succeeding and Kiki is left in the dust of failure she created for herself by being a shitty to tons of other people.
Preach. Kiki is scum and I'm petty as fuck. Tbh, 80% of the reason I root for Taylor is to spite Kiki. She's an honest to god psychopath. I know we talk a lot of shit here but I've never in my life seen a single person dedicate so much time to shit on someone out of pure jealousy. Like, doing that is one thing, but to try and bury it and act like nothing happened (AND NOT EVEN DO A GOOD JOB AT COVERING YOUR TRACKS, changing her name has literally done nothing for her) is really crappy. This could all be so easily resolved if she just owned up to her shit. But she's so absurdly self-righteous. She needs counseling.

No. 361340

don't kill me, just a random little thought. but after seeing this, what are the chances that marimonsturr was spergchan..?
>imma be the biggest stan for u
she seems weirdly infatuated with Kiki like nobody else i've seen in this day and age. talks like her. and sounds like someone who might have frequented here.

No. 361343

File: 1489974549807.jpg (40.89 KB, 700x525, weird_anime_moments_01.jpg)

Kiki after her trip to Japan

No. 361348

File: 1489976119003.jpg (20.81 KB, 275x206, unnamed.jpg)



It's so important

No. 361350

LOL omg guyz no filter!!!
Sparkles and joy ha ha ha
A second after she took that picture those flowers died and fell off cause she was too close
Sage for releasing the hate inside

No. 361355


Ugh, that fucking harness again. How has it not fallen apart with how often she wears it ?

No. 361359

she looks a lot like Adella here, and it is creeping me out.

…also, I hope people still remember Adella and I don't look stupid.

No. 361360



Now THAT'S a name I haven't heard in a while

No. 361361

I do. She had good cosplay

No. 361363

Wild how she can go from "kirakira goddessu" to swamp hag just like that.

No. 361379

Quit dragging this chicken-legged hoebag into the kaka thread you spergs, she's got a thread of her own.

No. 361384

Am I imagining it or does everyone she took photos with on that Japan trip look just really not thrilled to have her around? I mean, the girls in the other photos put smiles on, but all the guys are pulling faces like they just smelled a fart.

No. 361446


Her presence is relevant because kiki trashed her so intensely and specifically. Her success in the acting field in comparison to kiki is totally relevant. Chill.

No. 361450

File: 1489998826509.png (103.93 KB, 684x288, hoe.png)

Is this an Ostrenga? No one in 2017 says "hoebag" and kaka/sperg-chan and koots use "hoe" constantly.

No. 361476

This photo is from her trip to Japan when she actually wore them all the time

They're probably fallen apart by now

No. 361480

Could be. Hoe/hoebag seems to be a common Ostrenga go to insult for both Kaka/Koots.
Even recently. See >>359310. Also calling her chicken-legged was something else Kaka said often during spergapalooza (as if not having fucking daikon legs was a sin).
On the other hand it could just be Taylor-derangement-syndrome having PULLtard or a regular old farmer who's annoyed at the derailing.
Any are plausible but tbh I hopes it's Ostrenga salt again.

No. 361490

Da fuq is she doing in these videos? It reminds me of PT trying to be all azn and cutesie.


No. 361502

Damn. Sperg af :s
I used to think she was so pretty even while loathing her personality, but honestly all she has going for her is her eye color and the thousands of dollars of dental work she had done.
She just looks unhealthy to me? Grey and gaunt even though she isn't malnourished, and she looks the same irl, too. Girl needs to get all her B vitamins and more protein or something

No. 361506

File: 1490020064903.png (429.09 KB, 540x620, Screenshot_2017-03-20-11-29-32…)

Screenshots just because lol

No. 361507

File: 1490020239472.png (432.93 KB, 540x540, Screenshot_2017-03-20-11-29-57…)

PT as fuck lol

Lowkey proof she's still Nippon obsessed

It's the ash brown hair. But i don't think she looks that bad? It's because we know her sperg-attacks and everything else.

I wonder who's filming though.

No. 361511

File: 1490021222117.png (472.8 KB, 540x633, Screenshot_2017-03-20-11-49-56…)

~loreal bc ur worthy it

Loljk loreal ain't cruelty free tho

No. 361514

She should at the very least lighten it with some lemon juice or something. You can even buy cheap spray in hair lightened that works in the sun/with a blow dryer. The brown hair just washes her out. Bangs ofc would help too but she's too stubborn and dense to realize it. She needs vitamins, blush, and a new color and style for her hair. Kiki pls get a makeover. This look you have going right now just makes you look like a greasy hag. If you put in the effort to actually be hot again you could be as much of an obnoxious twat as you want and LA will still kiss your ass.

No. 361521

She legit looks like a witch here and not in a good way.

There's something supremely cringey about an adult woman dancing around like this in public to impress a handful of people online. You guys are right, there are definite shades of PT (but nowhere near as endearing, obviously).

No. 361526

That's weird because here https://www.instagram.com/p/BRcc3GiBKwr/ her hair looked slightly lighter - specially in the front strands

Yes. All of this.

No. 361538

careful anon your salt is showing

No. 361543

Imagine seeing this shit standing in your doorway in the middle of the night.

No. 361551

"Watching Taylor sleep like…"

No. 361561

Seriously! I was like "That's some unnecessary aggression" which fits Ki personality to a t.

No. 361568

um yeah

No. 361575

Haha yeah! We'd never get a wink of sleep again!

No. 361580


She's like the witch from the wizard of Oz, but instead of watching Taylor religiously thru a window she's watching her thru a computer screen. While screeching " I'll get you Tay, and your little dog too. "

No. 361593

File: 1490040544038.png (313.36 KB, 600x500, nature queen.png)

No. 361597

This is fucking art, oh my lord.

No. 361614

Would pay for this lmao

No. 361615

I know haha I busted out laughing

No. 361618

Is she in Japan now?
Taylor should watch out.

No. 361626

I don't get those reflexes in front of her ?????????? lol

No. 361628

Nah, this is CA:

Taylor should watch out anyway though

No. 361637

student films doesn't pay that much anon

No. 361640

The person filming had something like a window between them.

Place your bets: who was filming?

No. 361643

$10 on Scott

No. 361646

Could be Bobby Hatanaka. His business Insta posted a photo from an organic food store so he could well still be hanging around with Kiki.

No. 361660

Thinking it's papa ostrenga and the video was oddly cropped because he was in a reflection.

If this >>361379 isn't kaka then I'll be damned. She has to be posting right now.

No. 361663

You're right or no payment at all

No. 361674

You are an idiot.

No. 361676

10/10 kek

No. 361680

File: 1490071988489.png (1.78 MB, 2088x1184, Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.5…)

What the fuck is her IMDB demo reel???? Sage for probably old but jesus

No. 361703

"I had sex with this crazy chick and all I got was a lunatic following me around making me film her"

No. 361706

File: 1490085752453.jpg (42.05 KB, 387x604, 207c1N-RHGk.jpg)

Scott for sure.

No. 361741

lol this is the first time i've noticed the reflection in this picture before. how awkward

No. 361756

When I search lilouvos on Instagram nothing shows up. Have I been blocked? Or did she just delete it? If I was blocked I'm surprised.. I've only given positive comments.

No. 361757

I think you were blocked since it still shows up for me.

No. 361758

Blocked. Still comes up.

No. 361763

Lol still comes up for me as well. So weird she is blocking people who leave nice comments. But she's crazy af so, whatever she made you a favour lol

No. 361771

>I've only given positive comments
Probably, but we know that Kiki is extremely paranoid. There's a huge chance that she still lurks on here, so every comment coming from a stranger, even a positive one, makes her defensive.

No. 361772

tbh someone left a comment on her autistic video saying "lol the little run at the end!" and i immediately thought it was one of you guys making fun of her in the most subtle way possible

No. 361794

is your instagram low on posts, followers, or who you're following? do you post weeaboo things?

No. 361813

lol really? Bc that sounded so legit?

Now I see why Kiki ends up blocking the most random people - anyyone can be ~one of tjem

No. 361818


Were you following Taylor ?

Maybe she blocks anyone that follows people she doesn't like and you commenting on her profile brought her attention to your profile. Besides if you follow other snowflakes it's likely you're aware of lolcow and PULL and thus forth aware of her sperging/ drama.

It wouldn't be the first time I've heard of a flake doing this, and it is quite a clever tactic and quite a few farmers and pulltards do actually follow their cows online.

No. 361827

Oh God that's so counterproductive for her
Maybe they're aware of her drama, maybe they just really legit like her and taylor/insert similar kawaii cow

As long as they're not sending "hate", just chillax and enjoy the illusion that your popularity is still high

No. 361844

the lilouvos account just blocked me a few days ago. I've had zero interaction with it, however I once posted a backhanded comment on the mmmkikikannibal account. I do not even follow her on either account, so she must be going through her blacklist on her old account. I can't imagine how long she's sitting on this, kek

No. 361879

I've had the same exact thing happen to me, except literally all I did was follow her and she blocked me lmao. I don't even know the bitch

No. 361890

I don't know? She hasn't blocked me (yet) and I follow a few other cows/snowflakes and like/comment on her posts sometimes. So maybe I'm nonthreatening?

>inb4 she blocks me

No. 361960


I'm blocked by Dakota on IG and I've never followed/interacted with her OR Kiki or liked any of their pics. I type in their names and tap on their profiles in the search results. Idk, anon.

No. 362031

I am following Taylor so maybe that's it. My Instagram is low on followers but idk why she would block someone based on that. And I've only left one comment which complimented her hair, months ago. Since then I just heart her photos. The funny thing is that I don't even dislike Kiki, I am neutral to all cows and snowflakes including Taylor. I just like to follow their Instagram. So she's not even blocking a hater. Keeks I know you're reading this you are being counterproductive, don't you want followers? I literally did nothing chill out lol

No. 362058

maybe you guys are looking at the wrong account there's username 'lilouvos' the public one and 'voslilou' the private one, sometimes i go on the second and think shes blocked me…

No. 362060

Yeah, she's really fucking up her 'fan base' with this crap too. I remember searching Kiki Kannibal on Twitter a while ago and there were a bunch of tweets from fans and people that had followed her for years wondering why they'd suddenly been blocked, some of them seemed genuinely disappointed. It was pretty much the most common topic after 'lol remember Kiki Kannibal whatever happened to her'.

Even if she started putting out a load of regular, quality content there's no way she could become popular, she's just too paranoid these days. She's totally fucking herself over but it's all the haters' faults, of course.

What is even the point of blocking people who have never made negative comments from a public account? They can just open it in another browser/log out.

No. 362061


Well, I mean we all saw what she posted in the old Taylor threads ? She clearly has a lot of hatred for Taylor that it really doesn't surprise me she's blocking anyone that follows Tay.

Kiki only wants followers that have a love for her.


Lol, it could only be a matter of time before she finds your profile. 9.6k followers is still a lot to weave thru, but if you're a newer follower its probably easier for her to creep you. Anyone thats followed her months ago she'll have to manually find.


My only thought is she might go thru other cows IG's and block people that idolize/like their stuff. Again, this isn't the first time I've heard of a flake doing this.

THOUGH ! I recently heard by a friend that there is apps out now that can help IG'ers track whose taking screen shots of their images. So I guess if you are logged into IG and screenshot Kaka's stuff previously it might of sent out red flags and she and Kota blocked you. ( Of course I dunno if these programs are legit, I don't see why they wouldn't be with so many people stealing others pictures )

No. 362118

Lmao, how is that chick expecting to become famous if she has 80% of humanity blocked? It's funny that someone as thin-skinned as her wants to make it in Hollywood, because it's not like that's one of the most critical environments ever. Good luck with that, "Lilou".

No. 362130

Is everyone saying they're blocked a joke? Coming on here en masse announcing you're blocked validifies Kiki's paranoia and deleting sprees. It likely makes her think she really is sniping out all da boolies, when in reality she's wasting her time and losing real followers. It's kinda funny, encouraging her to sabotage herself under the guise of her typical "detective work". I wonder if Cathy eggs her on to do these deleting sprees as well. Lilou saga was doomed before it began.

No. 362139

Has anyone ever attempted to talk to Kiki directly? Would she ever be able to accept friendship if anyone actually wanted to be her friend?

No. 362145

She deletes and blocks people who do nothing but kiss her ass so… No

No. 362157

I never tried but have no desire to do so. I feel like she's way too paranoid to make online friends, unless you have something she wants (nipponese visa).

No. 362159

Yep, I actually DM'ed her and she never replied. I'm the anon that commented a harmless comment on one of her selfies and she then blocked me. Basically, if you're not a 5head vegan ~hippie goddess~(and I love/follow Taylor, Sharla, Venus, etc.) then she'll block you.

It was only a matter of time anyways, she's such a paranoid cunt.

No. 362163

>and I love/follow Taylor, Sharla, Venus, etc.
that's probably why then. if you follow any of these people then chances are you're aware of these sites.

Anyway, why are there so many of you being two-faced? kissing her ass, following, liking, DMing, and commenting nice things but then talking shit about her here? like why?

No. 362165

Yeah I don't get why cow tipping is being encouraged here..

No. 362174

Lots of people think they'll get some super seekrit inside information by befriending a cow/gaining their trust, but that literally only works on ForeverKailyn.

Kiki is way too paranoid. You won't get anything out of commenting/liking her shit so you might as well just sit back and watch the show from a distance.

No. 362181

No shit, I knew why. Everyone on here does the same thing so throwing around "two faced" is kind of ironic. :^)

No. 362208

speak for yourself. we don't all do it.

No. 362215


Maybe not twofaced, but def unconventional to follow someone you don't even like personally/aesthetically. I only follow a flake if I genuinely like their aesthetic/their personality, comment and like occasionally. ( Though I follow more for aesthetic )

( I follow B4by.jpg and Taylor because they're pleasant to look at.. I'd never want Kaka's haggard ass on my feed )

No. 362243

lol No. I don't. the thought of giving egotistical narcissist Kiki compliments and likes? yuck. So there's no irony in me calling you two-faced, that's exactly what it is. What was your DM about? i bet it was for beauty advice or something actually ironic like that.

No. 362246


Does kaekae even trust randos on the internet anymore? I was under the impression that the sperglords at YTT ruined that.


It's not encouraged, we just have some retards from Tumblr or pull bragging about how one of the most paranoid ~public figures~ on the internet blocked them.


Probably so thick and full of ass kissing that even Kiki could tell they were a troll.

No. 362255

w e w but there is irony in it you dipshit lmfao
it wasn't anything related to that, point being we are all on an anonymous website talking shit so yes that makes you it as well regardless of whatever you tell yourself

No. 362306

Idk I stopped following Kai because ever since she's been single she's pretty much housebound and the only thing she still does is gain more weight and ruin her kid's life. I think she's become a lot more careful over the years but because she doesn't have a single friend, she'll still talk to people.

Anyways, asskissing a cow is not only two-faced, it also does not benefit you in any way. Like what do you even get out of it? She's not going to talk to you, she won't share any super seekrit gossip, she'll barely acknowledge your existence until one day you do something that triggers her, and she'll block you.

If you really want to influence the cow with your behaviour and make her produce more milk, unfollow and stop liking her shit. She's a narcissist who is dead set on becoming famous, so if you want her to chimp, let her fade into obscurity.

No. 362397

not to mention how stupid it is that every time someone is blocked by her, they come here and report it. Use your brain for a second guys, when you say
>I did nothing and Kiki still blocked me!
>I messaged her a nice thing and she blocked me!
>I follow xyz and she blocked me
you're just showing her that whatever method she has to figure out who's from lolcow and who's not works.

you don't know why she blocked you, but she does and she reads this site! you're just helping her refine her lolcow user spotting powers and eventually she'll have blocked all of us and we wont be able to get screenshots etc anymore from her private accounts.

No. 362416

If she only blocks very sporadically and can link that event to the subsequent posting on lolcow.
But it seems rather probable that she goes on blocking sprees which a large percentage of non-lolcow users also fall victim to. These will obviously not post about it on lolcow… or -confused by the unwarranted blockage- they might start researching kiki/lilou and immediately end up here.
So Keeks is really shooting herself in the foot, but your interpretation of what goes on in her head is likely still accurate: every poster complaining about being blocked will be a little victory to her, proving how she outsmarted us once again.
lol, she is so transparent.

No. 362421

If you kiss her ass on Instagram, she wins. If she blocks you and you come here to bitch about it, she wins. Anons use your brains pls.

No. 362423


>she wins

So what, I don't want her to "fail", I want her to keep providing lulzy insights into her narcissistic demented mind.

No. 362451

She's arguably much funnier when she doesn't get what she wants, chimps out about how the same two people have been stalking her for years and keep ruining everything for her, and then reinvents herself and makes another half-assed attempt at becoming famous.

Pls. I really want a standup comedian saga.

No. 362452

>we wont be able to get screenshots etc anymore from her private accounts
voslilou is the only private account we know of and I don't think anyone here has access.

Agree with everything else you said though.

No. 362458

As long as she doesn't go into hiding again, all is good. Granted, in the end it provided us with the most delicious milk of all, but only after months and months of drought and I don't want to go through that again.
She is my fav cow because of her delusions of grandeur, self-promoting and namedropping.
Don't ever stop, Lilou!

No. 362465

The thing about Kiki is that she won't ever go away though. She'll go into hiding for a bit but she's too much of an attention whore to leave the internet for good.

No. 362497

Lol, she deleted the stupid Chinese garden video. Not enough likes, or did she realize on her own how cringey it was?

No. 362586

I have a feeling if we look close at the reflection we might find her dad in it. So she had to delete it.

No. 362591

It's still showing for me.

No. 362594

You're right, it's showing on my computer, but didn't earlier on my phone, weird. I don't even want to watch it again, it gives me too much second-hand embarrassment.

No. 362597



bitch should have stayed in school

No. 363524

File: 1490585962422.png (78.32 KB, 626x422, Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 4.38…)

why are people doing this?

No. 363525

File: 1490585977492.png (28.71 KB, 625x138, Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 4.38…)

No. 363532

It's probably fags from PULL desu

No. 363536

Oh, for fucks sake… They're just strengthening her victim complex.

No. 363824


No. 363863

File: 1490715113845.jpg (22.59 KB, 500x320, disgust.jpg)

which PULL seniorfag was that

No. 363870


deleted now

No. 363877


Seriously. I watched it and felt extreme second hand embarrassment. I guess because she's about 25 and doing the most fake cutesy act I've ever seen. It's so acted out I don't know how she's ever going to act well in movies when she can't even look/act genuine via internet.

No. 363916

Clue no. 1 she shouldn't act: could'nt act the role of an anon in a sea of anons

No. 363952

Keeks has been in LA for 6 months and all she has to show for it is one lousy student short film.
But it's the haters holding her back!!

No. 363956

Samefag but she also hasn't bothered to make a Lilou Vos website in all this time, not even a basic template site that takes all of an hour to put together.
Obviously it's always someone else's fault when she inevitably fails…

No. 363964

Underrated post

No. 364010

Daaaaaamn, anon. Touche

No. 364209

The new Puppet Master started shooting on Monday. The company is ignoring questions on social media about when Axis Termination will be released. And by 'company' I mean Charles Band who is a total lolcow himself; it's quite fitting that Lilou's first role was in one of his films.

No. 364213

This is the one we're all waiting for

No. 364227

File: 1490825976582.jpg (555.12 KB, 1200x1622, IMG_0031.JPG)

Was doing some spring shopping and ran across this from UNIF

No. 364230

>>364227 i saw that too, its a collaboration with kiko mizuhara but i still lol'd

No. 364258


inb4 Kiki sues Kiko

No. 364260

If that top was white it would be right up her ally.

No. 364262

I feel like that might be kiki herself. no one is that retarded ? even on pull

No. 364276

I can't wait. $5000 well spent keeks!

No. 364289

File: 1490843241992.png (95.39 KB, 640x975, IMG_5170.PNG)

Nothing too interesting but I saw Kiki liked this post on Instagram. Made me kek

No. 364408

I saw this as well and thought it was the funniest shit ever, immediately thought of Kiki.

Fucking kek

No. 364634

It's clearly a troll.

No. 366087

File: 1491419421362.png (241.23 KB, 1066x703, Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 20.0…)

>comes to a conclusion based on circumstantial evidence
>you are all bitter bullies because THIS IS FACT NOW

I love PULL.

No. 366120

> masters in clinical psych
more like she took a psych 101 class freshman year. wew lad indeed.

No. 366123

>Autism: The Post

No. 366125


Yeah, goldwater rule stands. No serious professional psychiatrist or psychologist would ever diagnose without a meeting.


Good bullshit in that post. Most professionals would refrain from commenting, even in Anon.

Kiki is very much a public person, who will be treated worse off if someone is dumb enough to believe that.

No. 366132

>I suspect she is a substance abuser as well
What? Keeks is obsessed with not putting anything remotely 'bad' in her body.

I guess this person would claim that's a cover or something, they seem to twist everything to fit their narrative. Also, if they're such an expert on the Ostrengas, why didn't they mention the self harm?

No. 366134

File: 1491426919356.jpg (613.33 KB, 2203x2937, Fli4n65.jpg)


>Believe me or not, I'm just an anon

>I only have a masters

paging dr.anon

No. 366140


OMG! That looks like a typical 'sadness lily' post.

>claims expertise in said field

>does not post credentials
>shitposts quack pysch Dx & advice


No. 367330

File: 1491765698824.png (30.75 KB, 625x182, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 20.2…)

Lilou's Actors Access has been updated with a few things that aren't on her IMDb yet. Looks like more student films.

No. 367331

File: 1491765734386.png (560.96 KB, 922x445, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 20.1…)

Dug up this photo, haven't had time to look at the others much yet.

No. 367335

This is such bullshit. Her pictures do not legally qualify as CP, the pictures themselves don't indicate anything but opportunism on the part of mommy and daddy Ostrenga, and keeks is strongly against putting any sort of substance in her body (though some anons speculate that she could be medicated). She's obviously seriously mentally ill, but OP is so full of shit.

No. 367371

I like how the way she's dressed almost accurately parallels the state of her mental health.

No. 367372

Like Britney Spears circa 2007-8?

No. 367374

I think she has actually posted about smoking weed before quite openly, but I can't find caps.

No. 367375

Here's the casting call for Acheron, it's the (student) film she posted the prosthetic shots for:

No. 367377

Both Kaka and Dakota has been quiet for a while now.

I wonder what's going on.

No. 367386

>Pays: $50/day.


No. 367389

Usually mean they're doing some major work or getting a lot of work offers.

No. 367397

Honestly though, her brother has autism or some other low-functioning mental retardation/disability and things like that are usually genetic so it would make sense if she really was born with something off, and then it was further exacerbated by abuse.
Not to mention being raped by her boyfriend and shit.
She just needs to get off the internet and into therapy…

No. 367410

Despite not liking Kaka, I'm glad she's doing shit. Even if it sucks.
Maybe she's learning to keep her drama off the internet.

No. 367415

With all the rage on this 13 Reasons Why TV show I'm amazed she's not at full force right now

No. 367472


No. 367473

No. 367564

File: 1491825577567.png (52.6 KB, 540x306, Screenshot_2017-04-10-09-02-44…)


No. 367567

>"much of that was legally CP"
>implying they're an "expert in sex offenders"
>armchair diagnosing Kiki with PTSD and autism
>"She may still be being abused"

No. 367605

File: 1491835727627.jpg (401.64 KB, 1130x2009, XhbJnsE.jpg)

This Maxine64 just freaked out in their Margaret Palermo thread too. (Sorry for my shitty cropping)
>has not personally evaluated either woman
>How dare all of you play armchair psychologist! I know for a fact that she suffers from… blah blah
>In my expert opinion, lolcow is full of psychopaths!

Anyone with half a brain knows something is neurologically off with Kirsten and she revealed that much by "joking" she was on disability. It doesn't mean there is also a main source of torment (I'm assuming she means Scott, though she calls them both abusers) within the Ostrenga household that fucked up all the women too. There is no direct evidence!

No. 367680

>female narcs rare

l e l surejan

No. 367753

do you remember literally anything about the context, and that it was her not dakota?

i could have sworn she was like Onision heavily and openly against "drugs" of any kind and despised weed.

No. 367767

These photos are legit terrifying,
this anon is spot on I wouldn't want to see her face at my window at night

No. 371635

Hasn't she made her lilouvos page yet to cater to her one fan that likes unwatchable Puppet Master sequels,find her acting adequate, and doesn't think she is a total cunt.

No. 371651

I went to check info on that movie and turns out she's on the bottom of the list now? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5257554/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast

No. 371658

Leads me to believe we were right, her parents paid for her role. She is trying to get people to beliebe she is a huge actress with her film role and 10 student "yahoo" film roles.

No. 371853


Behind Floozy #3 and Nazi Thugs #s 1 through 5

No. 371877

File: 1492513606110.jpg (690.39 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_5097.JPG)


Looks like she'll be in another one, playing a roommate that moves out and leaves a creepy mask that causes shit to happen. So much for her being such an actress, she only gets small roles.

No. 371897


When you seem how normal and natural other actors pictures look, and then how extra Kaka's looks.


Her picture choice literally looks like a tester shot for wedding hairstyles for kids ( flower girl ).

No. 371899

Thats because other actors have professional headshots done for the sole purpose of looking natural and approachable. While Kiki uses her meitu montrosities that she took in her backyard while her parents were watching and coaching her. She will never be taken seriously with headshots like that.

No. 371930

This. Kiki and Dakota can't model or act because neither of them understands that modeling as acting aren't about being the most OTT pretty and popular snowflake in the building, it's about being versatile and being able to pull off any look or script you're wearing/reading.

No. 372025

She probably added herself to the cast. You can edit the pages.

No. 372187

She probably added those 2 shrinky dink student films to bolster her sad as fuck profile

No. 372283


if i was a casting director, i'd never call someone that called herself "lilou vos" and sent such a rigid, creepy headshot.

No. 372346

I swear she had a couple of standard-looking headshots too, just plain ones with "Lilou Vos" written at the bottom. Either I'm imagining things or she's removed them from her IMDB page.

No. 372369

She has a paid profile on IMDB too, ever since she paid for the IMDB credit on the puppet thing.

No. 372373

tbh the picture looks kinda fine although shooped and overexposed af.

but i would immediately look for videos of her to see what she really looks like and then … wtf even is that?
like every fucking second in that video is tremendously unflattering in any sense…. i cant get over it…..
also why does she look so freaking haggard and wrinkly..
ewwwwww to the fucking no

No. 372391

You're assuming casting directors have all day. If something like that came in the pile from an agency, it'd be in the trash.

No. 372657

File: 1492614594955.png (401.36 KB, 989x607, Untitled.png)

sorry to recycle old shit, but i was going through spergchan posts again and found this beautiful gem. fuck damn. that is hilarious. they must be so mortified by that little incident lol. not only did "it was found out to be someone from PULL making sock puppets as Cathy" NEVER fucking happen, but when you look at the writing on those tweets it couldn't possibly be anybody but Cathy

No. 372665

Seeing Cathy randomly @ing celebrities pretending to be friends with them and giving stupid anecdotes is still so cringy.

No. 372728

File: 1492622905378.gif (1.95 MB, 320x215, 7654334567.gif)

did she actually call jim carrey "jimbo" ?

>if they dont make the 20k after 49 days, they dont get anything. Thats just how Kickstarter works. They are taking a risk.

>she wanted you, the dalai lama, as her babysitter without knowing who you were
>give us money


No. 372729


it portrays a pretty girl, but it doesn't portray someone with a wide range of mimics who can play different people and act out different emotions. it's literally a myspace angle shot.

No. 372738

I wonder how people who call her react when they see her irl. That picture doesn't really look anything like her.

No. 372776

File: 1492628147562.gif (1.28 MB, 250x198, 1481207117736.gif)


No. 372778

PULL didn't even exist at that time did it? lol

No. 372791

yeah, these were posted on /cgl/

No. 372803


these are all too hilarious, I can't even pick a favourite

>> mikey, oops mike

No. 372813

nope, PULL forums didn't start until around a year later iirc.

i can't see the 69 tweets for some reason, but can still see who she followed. a bunch of rich people, including random billionaires like Oprah, the founder of ebay, the chairman of google, March Cuban, and even Obama

No. 372877

File: 1492639389655.png (736.86 KB, 597x586, Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 6.00…)

so what game is this? Since Keekee is so busy she can't respond to her ~Fans~

No. 372888

heroes of incredible tales

No. 373064

She is using her time,energy and disability money on app games now.

No. 373101

Yep, PULL wasn't around yet. This "please give money to go to Japan" was CGL era bullshit. Disgrace of a family.

I still can't get over how Cathy and Kaka are so daft. Also how does one suck so hard at pretending to be anon? Their vocab is so limited.

No. 373128

it wasn't to go to Japan. the kickstarter was for Kiki and Dakota to both go to LA and become musicians. The $20k was going to go towards shit like hotel and transport expenses, along with various stuff like "dance lights" and a macbook pro for the sole purpose of DJing, despite the fact that they both already had macs.

even if they got it, nothing was gaurenteed to come out of it. it was literally "let's go to LA and hope we get famous in 5 days by our sheer indigo ultra gifted creative talents".

No. 373276

I like how multiple people asked her on Instagram, but she can't even tell people the game she's playing as to be ~special~

No. 373339

She's probably the mask with that crone face of hers.

No. 373373

Oh right LA, I mixed it up with Japan for some reason because I remember Kota going to Japan shortly afterwards.

No. 373399

yeah, isn't that ironic? the kickstarter took place in February and by April Dakota got a modeling contract and moved to Japan, leaving Kiki in the dust.

No. 373438

It was quite delicious, because at the time Kota's videos were gaining a lot of traction but the kickstarter had Kaka in the spotlight and doing most of the talking.

No. 373513

File: 1492736100731.jpg (76.93 KB, 592x541, kek.jpg)

Aren't these 2 in their mid 20s? They talk like they have serious mental retardation.

No. 373533

that's what was a bit weird about it. Dakota didn't promote the kickstarter anywhere, despite being at the very peak of her viral time. while she let her mother make a joke out of herself begging for money on twitter when they all got desperate.

21 is not mid-20's, anon.

No. 373535

Math is pretty hard and kaka is 24 so yeah that WOULD be mid 20's

No. 373740

>thinking either of them are 21

k e k

No. 373823

I thought Dakota was born in 1995? That would make her 21, if she hasn't had her birthday yet.

No. 373876

Not this fucking shit again.

No one can agree on this shit so just don't bring it up. It brings mental people out of the woodwork.

probably gonna regret this, but yes. third anon, that's what her passport says. There's never been any verifiable evidence for Kiki, but unless Dakota can get a fake passport that's probably her real age.

No. 373964

>unless Dakota can get a fake passport

Believable, considering her fame hungry parents and their willingness to sell their daughters since they hit puberty. Tbh all the "pedopile lesbian haters" shit Kiki and Kota spewed seemed oddly fitting for themselves. Kota was obsessed with lesbians, Kiki is Sperg-chan which makes her the biggest hater, and their parents dressing them both like prostitots and teaching them to flail and foam at the mouth for attention is creepy as fuck. That entire family is fucked, buying a fake passport wouldn't be beneath them if copyright claiming shit they don't even own isnt. Plus Scott seems capable enough with IT stuff to avoid being caught doing sneaky online shit.

/tinfoil hat. That family has always creeped me out.

No. 374808


Yeah exactly. I completely noticed how she didn't answer any comments, nor does she ever unless it's to answer some sort of praise or whatever.

I actually came here because I assumed someone would point the game out. I need something new to play >:].
Can't count on her to tell anyone. Also she and dakotas poor use of slang is bizarre and feels forced.

But let's be real. She has over 9,000 followers and consistently only gets 100-300 likes. WHAT fans?
I have a few friends in very minor girl bands or dabble in art and design that have maybe 1,000-2,000 followers and get 300-500 likes on their interesting content. Kiki just isn't interesting, her acting career is unrealistic and boring. Tbh I feel like lolwcow and PULL are the only people that pay any attention to her now.

No. 375171

She bought those followers.

No. 375181

Yeah, the Ostrengas are mental. But if you are caught attempting to leave/enter a country with a fake passport, not only will you be turned away, you will be banned for life and imprisoned when you are sent home.

Passports these days are extremely sophisticated. They have contactless chips inside and crazy holograms. It just seems like no one who thinks this is possible has ever gone through passport control. In the EU it's technically not even necessary but it's still one of the most arduous processes to go through. They are really fucking thorough.

Most fake passports claim the person is from a completely different (economically poor, third world, no sophisticated ID systems in place) country, and the have all the documentation (birth certificate etc) to back it up. You do not get a fake passport with your real name on it from your real country of birth. It just doesn't fucking happen.

No. 375301


Or her passport is real and they paid to have her DOB changed on her birth certificate. Which is completely legal. You can only do it once and it's a fuckload of paperwork, but it's possible.

My original birth certificate was hand written and entered into a computer at some point with the wrong number day, I was born on the 12th but my DOB was listed as the 17th. Granted, that's much different than changing your birth year, but given how shitty the system is, I doubt nobody would argue with the actual mother of the girl in question. If Cathy took Dakota to the courthouse and told them her DOB needed to be changed so she could get a passport, she could have told them Dakota was 16 when she was 18. She was short and skinny enough and did her makeup to look younger then, plus considering Cathy was willing to let a 19 year old fuck her tween daughter in her own house and was also willing to set him up to get caught with drugs, it wouldn't be hard to imagine her doing.

>inb4 tinfoil

No. 375317

File: 1493064164686.png (552.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-15-01-27…)

One of the few times I can back Onion

No. 375322

*grasping at those 2006
glory days*

No. 375325

File: 1493064668732.png (250.37 KB, 540x604, Screenshot_2017-04-24-17-14-58…)


No. 375326

Must suck to peak in your teens and never really amount to anything else.

No. 375329

woah. i made that 21 year old comment days ago, and retards are still at it. like i suspected. every single time this is brought up, it's shut down, because there's zero evidence that she's older than that. the one and only thing that sparked this in the first place was that police report that, amazingly, also serves as proof that she was 15 in 2010.

like before. even if Dakota got arrested and someone dug up her mugshot, people here would still say she bribed the police to change her DOB.

No. 375331

File: 1493065120268.jpg (1004.66 KB, 1055x1051, vixen20cryin2.jpg)

And the stupid twat wasn't even the first to do coon striping see pictured 80's band

No. 375338

Weren't hers shooped on or edited anyway? All the fucking things you've tried to do Kaka and people still only remember you for your fake stripe dyed hair.

I hope this triggers him into not stopping. Please let Kaka be the new Eugenia to him. I want a war

No. 375339

Or she got a fake for the video and uses her genuine passport for actual travel?

No. 375363

File: 1493069629300.gif (630.4 KB, 340x256, true.gif)

>people here would still say she bribed the police to change her DOB.

No. 375399

I don't really follow Onision, when did he use her pics?

No. 375414

A lot of people say so. I wonder if she'd go back at it nowadays? Like jus to bleach some stripes into your mousy brown hair

In a get to know me video she said she "didn't even know what scene was back then" so yeah I guess she was emulating Scott and Cathy's favorté 80s bands

No. 375612

It's idiotic that so few people think this. It's obviously this is what happened.

No. 375672

Didn't know everyone neeeded your permission to discuss certain subjects, your highness! Apooogies!

>no proof

There used to be tons of public documents about the ostrengas that listed Kiki and Dakota that said they were 3 years apart. NOT the police report about the toaster incident that says Dakota's eyes are brown. But aside from that, just consider how there are no longer any documents or screencaps about her driving, going to school or anything. The ostrengas intentionally scrubbed every trace of her from the American public records system when she went to Japan, and they would r do that unless they were hiding shit. Her Sawgrass middle school class page? Her tweets about driving? Kiki's Formspring questions she answered about Dakota's age that said they were 3 years and 1 day apart? All of that. Just because the new Kota stans aren't old enough to remember it doesn't mean they didn't exist.

>inb4 she's not lying now because she was lying the entire time before Japan

Ok. But the only way this is gonna ever be put to rest is if one of you runs a background check in Dakota in her state d birth, Illinois. It's about $25.

Fun fact: Illinois is one of the states that doesn't have public birth certificates, unlike Florida. The only way to see someone BC in Illinois is to pay for a background check or a copy of it. Not that it matters, since you can have your BC changed or reissued if you want.


No. 375683


>makes new name and persona to distance self from destructive past of drama and lies

>drags up scene shit from 2006 so people can find out she's ~THE Kiki Kannibal~

Oh Kirsten, you retard. Never change.

No. 375697

Oh my god, just shut up please. Nobody gives a shit.

No. 375711


>whines about how people won't stop talking about her age

>"nobody cares!!!!111111"
>keeps replying to age arguments


No. 375733

At least sage this shit, c'mon.

No. 375750

Why? It's relevant to the thread.

No. 375782

Your bitter re-hashed arguments are not relevant to the thread if they're not actually adding any new content. 'Kek' is not a contribution.

No. 375850

File: 1493143298569.png (56.91 KB, 618x206, Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 1.46…)


Wouldn't put it past the Ostrenga's to let under aged Dakota drive the car. I think they are also to lazy to actually go thru legal documents and the government just to change Dakota's age … And you can change the day, but not the year. You would need extreme amounts of proof that that its wrong and not just " mom says so".

I believe Dakota is the age displayed on her social media. Its one thing to scrub old lies like her claims of college or driving off of social media, but to illegally change your birth year ? why ? Police reports aren't really trustable either as they claimed her eyes were brown in one.

There really isn't any viable proof Dakota is older then she claims.

No. 375923

File: 1493152071047.jpg (133.34 KB, 742x743, ZomboMeme 25042017152639.jpg)

No. 377762

Wow what a funny maymay

No. 379117

File: 1493588369513.jpg (116.29 KB, 750x860, IMG_6293.JPG)

New vid of her staring at herself. She really is the most boring person.

No. 379119

File: 1493588483734.jpg (337.21 KB, 750x919, IMG_6295.JPG)

She's going on and on about her favorite topic in the comments.

No. 379152

>plenty of time to write out all this bs
>never told anyone what the game was in the last post

No. 379167

>pretends to have a regular video
>reflectors and lighting like crazy

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