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File: 1491422822828.jpg (77.18 KB, 510x341, G9PtEF6.jpg)

No. 366110

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

No. 366167

how to make and maintain a good consistent instagram feed and make your photos better. yes, i'm aware i'm a loser.

No. 366174

Have a theme that you're into such as food, art, clothing and whatever

Taking photos is an art so experiment with angles and lighting. It also doesn't hurt to play around with filters, touching up photos aren't bad either


No. 366176


Sorry for samefagging
But how do people feel about WhiteKitten? There's thread on Kiwifarms but the same went for Todokaras and Einshine but I like the mindsets of both sites

No. 366177

I'd like to see a bitchin and eatin thread or just a mukbang thread in general.

No. 366182

There was a todokaras thread here?! Link please
She's so gross lol
I hadn't heard of Whitekitten before, only looked at the first couple of pages. Gross but I think it kinda lacks drama for this site? The Sigil person seemed to have potential tho.
Is there something in the later pages that's super juicy or something?

No. 366203

someone should make a thread about sssniperwolf

No. 366213

No. 366217


Yep and I know right?! But she's still my favourite

I just feel like Jewel AKA WhiteKitten has potential cause I'm so repulsed by his creation of W.O.M.B ( Womens Obedience and Maturation Bureau ) which is fucked up concept and I find it intriguing how whenever there's drama, the negative comments and accounts associated with it seem to disappear and most things I've found was because I would stalk the thread on KF . It may not be good enough but I'm willing to try and scavenge for some juicy stuff during some free time at lectures haha

No. 366219

maybe simplynessa15?

No. 366221

That would go in /ot/, not /pt/, newfag.

No. 366239

tumblr user jollywander

No. 366261

Thx anon.
WOMB and all that stuff is def fucked up, but a bit much and not good to sustain discussion imo.
Now, the stuff about drama and comments disappearing… that's interesting, I'd def be interested in reading it. Good luck scrounging up some evidence!
Also if you do make a thread, consider making it WhiteKitten + artists that accept commissions from him.

No. 366301

I want another Ember thread.
No, really.
She pretty much ditched the ana thing and now she's just absolutely hilarious cringe. She's currently pretending to be some sort of ghetto cassh me ousside type and it's hilarious and I want to discuss that with fellow farmers.

No. 366314

File: 1491465346108.jpg (319.98 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20170406_034737.jpg)

Someone pls get this plastic Frankenstein monster… Niykee, yes pronounced Nicky but spelled so much better… Niykee Heaton.. Progressive thot that used to sing Now just flaunts her massive plastic surgery fails via twitter/Instagram basically has a ridiculous fake body that gets enhanced weekly so she can look more black and ~ethnic. Her "best friend" /manager is also her plastic surgery/ Photoshop partner in crime and together they both legit look like retarded men in drag.
Ridiculous man face Frankenstein in crime Lauren :

No. 366316

File: 1491465601250.jpg (239.59 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20170406_034623.jpg)

She's so cringe I want to die. Basically will suck any black dick to get any deal at all. She Got migos somehow to do a collab w her last summer and right before they got "bigger" ditched her ass in the dust along w other producers/connects thus leaving her salty as fuck sperging out on her twitter for a time. She's basically like A worse version of Rachel dolezal if such a thing existed

No. 366317

I wouldn't really call that milk, she's just another uggo instaho. But idk how other users feel about it.

If people want to suggest cows, could they please leave links to their accounts?

No. 366320

>>366318 https://xhamster.com/movies/5911494/anna_marie_08.html

one of her incredible cringy nude videos.

No. 366322

File: 1491467452925.jpg (6.46 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

How about one about the Santa Monica restaurant freakout lady? Her name is Anna Storelli and she has 10 FB accounts, about 8 amateur porn videos have surfaced, a deranged Bieber obsessed twitter, a criminal past with profection orders, and another video has surfaced of her talking to herself about mermaids. It could get more milky since things keep surfacing.

I won't link all her FB profiles since half are duplicates with the same pics.


No. 366323


HOLY SHIT, and I thought that she couldn't get any worse anon. I say open a thread about her pls!!!

No. 366324

File: 1491468046104.jpg (15.19 KB, 400x415, IMG_20170406_034550.jpg)

Ugh yeah I know… Wish I had more info I'm just too ADD to lay it out. Idk she basically has sugar daddies and in the past included p diddy whom is rumored to have paid for her surgery. She started out as like a churchy acoustic ~good girl next door and slowly started skanking it up to a new level. She cries on snap and cancels shows if she can get club host gigs instead and sells literal plastic garbage bracelets for her "company" NBK (natural born killers?) For like 20$ and hoe tastic leggings… Had a tour called "bedroom tour" and basically tried to strut around in ridic hooters isque see thru clothes and shake her ridiculouy stiff and fake ass. I saw a video of like Okeechobee? Fest and it was beyond hysterical. I think her sugar daddy's and money is starting to fall thru and her gimmick of scheming up and coming desperate rappers is done BC she's been laying low. Also think she's gained some weight BC she's been in hiding only posting throwbacks and extremely bad shoops.epitome of appropriation

No. 366325

File: 1491468145517.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.25 KB, 720x957, received_10155176309103343.jpe…)

No. 366326

holy fuck yes yes yes yes i would love a thread on her

No. 366330

Spoilers please, I am at work.

No. 366354

Get back to work.

No. 366362

yesss, I was hoping someone would mention her! I usually don't care much about public freak outs but holy shit that lady acted batshit crazy that night.

No. 366387

seconded. she put so much time/effort into her ana persona and is dumping it all for this when she's almost 21.

No. 366392

This is embarrassing to see on the bus haha

You're welcome! That's a good idea, thanks anon bb

So another instahoe? Isn't there a thread about instahoes already? I mean you can post about her in that thread and who knows it may divide and she'll have her own thread..?

Please make the thread Anon, she's an interesting specimen indeed

As for the anon who requested links on people we bring up:
https://www.patreon.com/whitekitten (His patreon)


No. 366395

damn, she's wack. i almost feel bad for her. if the restaurant video was as far as it went, i would've just thought she's a bitch, but she's got issues worse than asha

found a video of her apparently talking to herself alone about mermaids


No. 366409

Me too. Its hilarious watching her transform her entire personality within a few weeks

No. 366415

Eh Niykee isn't just an instahoe she started off that way but …. She basically claims just bc she was born in south Africa that she's black and can say nigga etc… Shes progressively changed into white to wannabe black … She's most def a lolcow just don't have time to spread it all out so thats why I posted here… Hella better than some dumb freakout fat bitch that 4chan already doxxd and all her shit is already out there…. Dont understand the sensationalism over some mentally ill retard

No. 366435

Sounds more snow tbh, unless she's getting into crazy public arguments with people about all the shit you just mentioned.

No. 366449

No. 366590

Lonbon LonLon
The girl (excuse me now she's a boy and a girl) who is all about her mental illness and chronic illness.
She's got a thread on PULL
And actively acts crazy in the Kawaii fashion groups

No. 366635

She already has a thread in snow

No. 366737

Geheichou. He's already been discussed on the fakeboi thread (I think) but damn. I wanna see him discussed so bad.

No. 366739

Is he milky enough to get his own thread though? just discuss him in the fakeboi thread

No. 366835

Simon Benson/general fetlife freaks? I know some people in one of the Himeka threads brought it up before.

No. 366977

I would like this but a) I don't think many other people are interested, b) You need to already have a Fetlife account to look at things on there, c) there's probably more pervy weirdos on tumblr and we already have a general kinkster thread

No. 367049

FL is always good for a laugh but I don't know how many people you could get to screencap things because you have to be registered. Also some users put that legal warning on their profile so if they found it was being talked about here it might get us in trouble.

No. 367171

Seconding this.

No. 367346

File: 1491768437270.jpg (49.53 KB, 640x640, 176.jpg)

Chouchama https://www.instagram.com/chouchama/?hl=en
Just seems like another whitegirl weeb plus her face is very terrifying. She looks like a legit witch??? I would personally pay for her nose job if I could

No. 367347

File: 1491768765013.jpg (19 KB, 244x263, untitled.jpg)

No. 367351

why does she need a thread? Idgi

No. 367353

>Just seems like another whitegirl weeb
So why would she warrant a thread?

No. 367354

I wasn't sure and I'm new so I wanted another opinion lmao

No. 367440

Youtube volgger Raven Williams, she was on Rock of Love a few years ago and posts consistently records from her car. She's banned from Youtube every few months.

Walks around topless in LA often and constantly aggravates LAPD and records them
Ex prostitute
Homophobic and sends death and rape threats to people who try to give her advice
Sells milky expensive art
Says she resonates with gay people to an extent because she was "born attracted to white men"
Inconsistent and extreme, sometimes she says all women need feminism and sometimes will self-identify as a misognyist, used to support white nationalism

No. 367446

+ Her current youtube channel is "RavenMastersonTV". The video here is a perfect example of how she will lash out and yell. That probably wasn't even a dramatic reality tv thing, in some of her old vlogs she would freak out at random strangers. Like standing on the busy street outside of her apartment and trying to pick fights

No. 367507

instagram memequeens like 6sadpapsmear9, gothshakira and etc are really interesting to me (papsmear is a stripper) but i'm too lazy to dig up more info

No. 367543

There should be a thread for what reality tv people get up to hen their show ends. So many hilarious music videos.

No. 367708

File: 1491858691245.jpg (84.67 KB, 602x755, kayteellen.JPG)

does Katie Kelly (kayteeellen) have any dirt? her general looks and damn forehead tattoo give very strong snowflake/potential cow vibes.

IG: http://nullrefer.com/?https://www.instagram.com/kayteeellen/

No. 367710

I hope so. She's ugly as sin and I want a reason to hate her.

No. 367712


omg me too. i have a hate boner for "makeup artists" who don't have any work to show but their own faces and post a thousand selfies with a variation of the same look.

No. 367714

Is there something about Celestia Vega?

everything about her makes me cringe

No. 367720

I second this, I love that shit so much. Lest we forget Farrah Abraham blowin' all those boys away right in front of her damn baby

No. 367736

File: 1491864569827.png (476.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-10-23-38-59…)

Rich musician who voices her opinions about drama and does story times on youtube. Claims she hears voices, is one of a kind not like the other girls or any human actually. Gives 'no fucks' and is 'deep'. Trys hard to appear like not a try hard 3edgy5you kid. Bonus video for example https://youtu.be/fwO_ZuvCiOc

No. 367738

>>366301 wwoooaaahh. Yes i want a thread on her! I didnt oay much attention to her first threads

No. 367743


Really no milk on her. I've seen a couple of her videos and though she is fucking weird I don't think it is needed

No. 367755


can't we at least make fun of her a little bit for being a teenage tryhard who acts like she figured life out but actually is just an overgrown special snowflake child?

No. 367768

I think more general threads would be good, like instaho thread, twitch ho thread, "MUA" general, etc
also I miss the celebrity general threads but I guess they died for a reason lul

No. 367794

Why did they die

No. 367804

File: 1491878315004.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.91 KB, 768x960, IMG_1573.JPG)

Emily Lerae Smith is going to be on dr. Phil tomorrow. From the sounds of it he's going to show what a liar and psycho she is. If enough people are interested, we could start a thread for her?

Here's a preview of the episode from the girl who made the petition to get her off FB


No. 367806

Also the comments on this are gold

No. 367809

Jason Genova and another delusional "fitness" gurus.

No. 367856

Please spoiler this

No. 367861

I don't think I'd a good idea to explore someone with clear mental disability.
Now, Rich Piana and his ex wife Sara Heimis(Heimisdotrr in Iceland), and any of the 5 percenters, there's milk flowing beyond reality coming from them.

How about making a thread of Fitness and bodybuilding "gurus"?

No. 367862


Yeah, I mean Jason isn't autistic though. Just very stupid and delusional, I'm pretty sure the Genovapedia explores that. Jeff Seid used to be so milky, too bad he grew up.

No. 367868

One name. Infinite milk: Jason Blaha.

No. 367891

Yes! we can add Elgin since he is super alt right and looking for attention and the photoshop squad like Paige Hathaway.

Maybe we can have some quick updates about Genova.

No. 367911

I don't understand how Eugenia is not a cow. She knows exactly what shes doing jumping around in skimpy outfits, playing innocent and flashing her cooch to fetishists. It's just gross.

No. 367939

that's an insinuation. from what I've seen eugenia is sweet and not super problematic. she doesn't promote starvation to her audience (doesn't even confirm an eating disorder or complain about it) the only thing cow about her is her weight. it's like calling every fatass a lolcow.

No. 368011

It's kinda retarded wanting her to stop making videos because of the way she looks like. If she wants to be a skeleton let her. If you look at someone as emaciated as her and get the urge to purge/fast/damage your own body, you are the problem and not her.

No. 368023

i agree on this tbh she's so pretentious and she looks absolutely awful with her tryhard edgy makeup and hair and ~`*not lyk other grlz~!" mental illness shit

No. 368049

A Eugenia thread would go about as good as Venus' Thread…. constant fighting, white knighting and sperging

No. 368069

Eugenia also attracts ED-chans as we've seen in the Gerg threads.

No. 368113

what about sacconejolys on youtube? three kids and vlogging everyday for a few years. they vlog fucking everything. i dont know if there is any milk besides continously exploiting their children but i fucking despise them.

No. 368231

apparently their father made some weird innuendo to his oldest child, and is generally a creep to his teen fan base (not quite on onion level) there's a lot of info on gurugossip if I remember correctly

No. 368491

maybe a family youtubers general?

No. 368738

New thread for AxelAsh maybe?? The limit has been reached already.

No. 368831

Junkies general? This was tangentially mentioned in Luna's thread but I can't think of many suggestions for it. Though if anyone has any, it could be a thread idea with potential.

No. 368875

Adora batbrat, cajsa.murk, faeteeth.. they used to be friends! Think there is a lot drama

No. 368981


i second that. i used to like adora and read her blog because she didn't take herself too seriously, but her instagram is terrible. she constantly brags, panders and her look became super uninspired. she comes off a bit of a narc and i bet there's more than a few burnt bridges behind her.

No. 368984

Anna Storelli is suffering from untreated schizophrenia and is completely out of touch with reality; it'd be really tasteless to have a thread on her because she has no control over her behavior. She's severely mentally ill and operating on a completely different plane of existence

No. 369060


Well, so is asha and we have threads on her too.

No. 369061

not the anon from >>368984 but others are cows who give lots of milk. this woman is just talking in her delusions. so what. idk, gets boring real fast.

No. 369091

I think maybe it's the reason the Asha thread has died down so much tbh

No. 370199

File: 1492381006620.jpg (1.51 MB, 3988x3988, fb.jpg)

YES HER. she is extremely annoying. not enough milk for pt, but she'd be good for snow. maybe instead of her own individual thread, there could be one for popular alt/weeb/goth/etc girls on FB? anyone over 1000 followers

No. 370228

please do it, I'm in.

No. 370353

Actually I think she has a ton of potential for milk. Just yesterday on her younow stream, she force guested a 14 year old who was self promoting in the comments and talked her down super rudely. When the 14 year old responded to her rudeness (called her an "ugly-ass-bitch"- as a 14 year old does) she started to fight with her and sent her 18 year old best friend and her own minions to swarm the 14 year old's stream. (this isnt really that milky but it's a start)
Other things:
Once stated that she'd literally call the police on instagram when a youtuber accused her of saying the n-word.
Publicly shamed her own fans for calling her scumbag ex (who she publicly claimed emotionally abused her and basically wrote an album about)a scumbag.
I think she'd fit nicely in /snow/

No. 370408

I seriously want an ember thread.
admin pls?

No. 370417

Let's give it a shot. If it leads to the same outcome as last time, we'll close it. For now, go ahead.

No. 370562

File: 1492440218661.jpg (184.58 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_0100.JPG)

I 100% 2nd this. Have you seen her fucking music video for "cash" it's SO BAD and embarrassing and her song and singing is shit. I liked her tana vids but she try's to act edgy and black and is a teen4evar.

No. 370732

Wow. I would be interested in a thread for her also.

No. 371477

Alright, who would be some good ones to link? We'll have to start out with some fairly popular ones that at least have some milk, I can only really think of belle and aakkii

No. 371527

Fucking hell. Her cash video. Is she actually trying to have an edgy/troublesome aesthetic whilst directly referencing her own wealth? People have zero self awareness

No. 371937

Youtuber named "Linzor". She was scene before (apparently), now she's in Japan for a language course.

> save for 3 years for a language course in Japan

> not study one bit during those 3 years
> be shocked and offended when they expect you to know hiragana and katakana
> go to akihabara and complain about how everything is 'the same'
> buy bleach meant for japanese hair, don't read instructions and be shocked and complain when it burns your scalp

idk, she seems like those types who go into japanese fashion and culture for aesthetics then get weirded out once they go there.

No. 371950

File: 1492532928659.jpg (33.79 KB, 372x467, 23456.jpg)

wtf is wrong with that forehead

No. 372011

her friend is the same annoying shit. they did a video at a hentai shop, in which shooting video or taking photos is prohibited. it's just… stupid.

No. 372015

samefagging but why the hell does she sound so weird? like she has a really big tongue. i thought she had her tongue split and it was in the healing process. could fit her cheek piercings, but apparently she just talks like that.

No. 372292

maybe her tongue was stung by a bee

No. 372422

daddyofive maybe?

- they abuse their kids for cash
- get all mad at h8ers when called out for it

No. 372434

I think a family vlogger general, as i think somebody already mentioned

No. 372499

exploitation central: haschak sisters and mattyb

No. 372566

That is so fucked. Even if those kids did make a mess screaming bloody murder at them is fucked up. And swearing at them? Holyshit. That is abusive. You don't scream at children to correct their behaviour. At all. Who the fuck thinks that's acceptable?

No. 372584

wow, this breaks my heart especially for that one child who is constantly targeted… someone needs to make a family vlogger general. these people need to be discussed more……
how can people be 100% cool with the fact that these people are mentally terrorizing their children with these "pranks"

No. 372602

File: 1492606670622.png (Spoiler Image, 160.92 KB, 500x386, 1492343780309.png)

>Our names are Madison (15), Gracie (13), Sierra (12) and Olivia (10)
I wonder what the demographic spread of who watches this video looks like.

No. 372716

File: 1492622226850.jpg (42.12 KB, 863x573, 34567898765.jpg)

>whining how hard japanese school is
>claiming her friend is sick and thatswhy they skip school
>roaming all through tokyo while being "sick"
>wearing an outfit that looks like coming straight out of a cheap brothel

god why am i already so annoyed with her.

No. 372726


i get unreasonably annoyed with people who wear socks with sandals. doubly so if they're quirky hipster pieces of shit trying to make a ~street fashun statement~

No. 372772

Is she really wearing those house shoes outside? Indoors would be understandable, but if she went outside wearing them with those socks….

No. 372780

I feel so bad for the ginger son targeted so often.
That's abuse, how people can support any parent doing this sort of damage to their child/children is beyond me
I hope Child Protective Services sorts the family out

No. 372928

Why is she skipping school when her friend is sick. Damn she really isn't that clever. She annoys me so much I posted about her in the jvlogger thread in snow.

> I don't want this to turn into a study trip
> Goes on a study trip

Her friend sound like that too. I guess Swedes just sound really nasally.

No. 373006

Pretty much it'd just devolve into emilyologist drama again, though then again they both seem to have moved beyond the ana thing so who knows if it'd be that bad.

No. 373127

catholicnun PLEASE

No. 373136

I'm worried about this too. What Ember is doing is hilarious (imo) but Emily will try to insert herself again and that's just…eh.
I still want an Ember thread tho.

No. 373150

I was just reading that the bio mom called CPS on them and now they're frantically taking all of the videos down that involve the little one, "Cody". But from what I understand, there were videos of him being abused.

No. 373167

go to /g/ or /ot/ you fucking retard

No. 373168

Why are you being so awful to me?

"If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss"

This is my first time posting here and you call me a retard for that?

You're an awful and bitter person

No. 373170

Lmao are you new to imageboards as well?

If you actually took the time to lurk the boards and check the catalog you'd see that your post would fit some threads.
And you didn't even make a thread suggestion, you just started whining how you can't get a boyfriend.

No. 373171

look, showing feelings here isn't going to do you any good. Just move on, and post in the correct board.

No. 373172

Thanks but no thanks, i think i saw plenty of this place already to avoid it in future

And you're still and awful person and i hope your cats hate you for who you are

No. 373173

Im sorry, i didn't mean what i said about your cats that was terrible of me

But i still think you're a mean person

No. 373240

Are you twelve? I think you shouldn't come back.

No. 373247

your brother's friend is definitely gay

No. 373290


Most men aren't attracted to mentally handicapped people

No. 373332

Does anyone have a cow or a protocow they'd need help with? I like digging through huge archives of stuff like blogs to find new pearls. If you have someone, link them and their revelant platforms and I'll see what I can find.

No. 373355

Protocow : Persephone Narra.

A super obnoxious AMWF YouTuber posting shower videos of he husband. Recently self posted on PULL.

No. 373356

No. 373429

Has junky-business/satanicnewsandreview/heather ever have a thread? Does anyone know who I'm talking about?

No. 373446

Nope but you could've included some links or a small brief summary,anon

No. 373494

There is a thread but it's not very active.

No. 373516

Uffda, that thread was awful. I'm embarrassed I even brought it up. Thank you though.

No. 373570

can we have a better thread for SSSniperwolf plsss

No. 373602

What about a Hannah Pixie thread? She's a tattooer was dating some guy then cheated on him with Oliver Sykes who was also dating someone else. They end up together and actually getting married in 2015 but then Hannah cheated on him with some ugly old French guy named Guy. Oliver hacked her insta and exposed her for cheating and then she tried to kill herself. Weeks pass and after a lot of rumors she justified her cheating by saying Oliver cheated on her with strippers by letting them dance on him and that he had slapped her before. Now she's publicly dating Guy and Oliver, a 30 year old is dating a 19 year old Brazilian model

No. 373624

She's talked about in the modified girls general in snow

No. 374129

vegan community

No. 374452

Yes, please!
@adinaselin on Instagram who lives in my local area got breast implants when she was still underaged and in school. On instagram she is trying to pretend to be an "almighty natural vegan fitness beauty" but when someone on Instagram is calling her out for having fillers & breast implants she is deleting all of the the comments. She needs to get called out for being a pretentious bitch.

No. 374459

Lolcow isn't ur personal army lol. Does she do more than just have fake tits and make u jealous?

No. 374462

I'm following her as well, also same area and stuff, didn't know that she got breast implants but i don't see any milk? She's just working and in the gym the whole day..

No. 374514

Farmers who are cows themselves, like wildchild.

No. 374524

Who's wildchild?

No. 374570

Hi Vordy!
Wildchild isnt a farmer, he just hangs out in the discord.
Wildchild is an exkiwi who hangs out in the discord.

No. 374572

Some closet furry from the new zealand farms who sucked nulls peepee and then got banned because everyone found out he was a faggot so now he lurks imageboards in an attempt to gain more attention.


No. 374574

Thank you for your explanation. :)

Maybe you should discuss that with the named person and not in this thread, if you have a problem with him. Coward.

No. 374578

>responding to yourself
Ok, wildchild. Stay cringey.

No. 374582


Hi Vordrak! Why are you so upset today?

No. 374585

Vordy dear you still are this obsessed?

No. 374586

No. 374588

File: 1492976315061.jpg (29.57 KB, 620x372, LeaveBritneyAlone.jpg)


Not worthy of a thread, also, fuck off.

No. 374589

Ok, wildchild. Have fun touching kids in your fursuit and yiffing with 13 year old boys.

No. 374600

>>Farmers who are cows themselves

Let's start with you, because you're definitely proving yourself to be a bigger cow than anyone else here.

No. 374605

I'm the person who suggested wildchild, I had no idea about any of this, I thought they were some annoying attention whore girl who acts all "uwu !!!! im so nice and lovely!!! even though i use lolcow, im not mean ever not never ehehe!!!!" didn't know they were a boy or a furry or an exkiwi. Lmao yikes.

No. 374606

Also who is vord, if there is a thread for farmers who are cows it seems like both vord and wildchild belong there.

No. 374611

Not farmers and Vordrak is apparently a lolcow already, who stalks wildchild. Vordrak called random places in hopes of wildchild working there claiming wildchild is a pedophile.

No. 374613

Does he know wildchild personally/irl ? I'm curious about this drama now.

No. 374615


Wildchild has one or more obsessed stalkers who may or may not be Vordrak, but is most likely Vordrak, but they're all just as autistic who follow them around to various sites and act like >>374589.

No. 374617

Is there any basis to the claims of wildchild being a pedo or is just a random accusation, like is there any proof ?

No. 374618


No basis. Just a random accusation.

No. 374619


No basis to the claims that Wildchild is a furry either.

No. 374622

Vordrak calls everyone he dislikes a pedo. Wildchild is at worst a mildly annoying namefag, Vord couldnt find any trash on him so…. Theres no real drama even, just an autist who googles wildchild once a week or so to sperg at a new place.

No. 374626

Well, this was informative.
Wildchild since I know you're reading this, I'm sorry for suggesting you're a cow.
I really thought he was just another fake nice tumblr-esque girl using lolcow as a place to garner attention.
didn't expect all this.

No. 374644

>acting like anyone cares enough to stalk some nobody from kiwifarms
wildchild keeps mega sperging itt and calling anyone who knows he's a retard "vordrak" whoever the fuck that nobody is too. pretty sad.

yep only vordak uses the term pedo. are u done damage controlling yet?

No. 374669

be nice to Wildchild :(

No. 374670

Take this discussion to the Kiwifarms thread please.

Also, Wildchild is allowed to namefag in /ot/ and /sty/. We like Wildchild.

No. 374784

do we have an active kiwifarms thread? where's it at?

No. 374826

No. 374858

thought he was banned for namefagging. wot

No. 374916


It's Ok! I forgive you!

No. 375014

No, actually, 'who' is correct in the comment you're "correcting" here, pompousfag.

No. 375026

i feel like this is a poor decision that will lead others to think theyre important enough to namefag, esp bc they're shitting up threads in ot, but you do you…

No. 375036

File: 1493020619532.jpg (167.19 KB, 610x340, IMG_6244.JPG)

No. 375100

I have to agree. For example, some random in the Joy thread who sees their commentary as important enough to attach a name to, etc.

No. 375132


I think all of you are important. <3

No. 375198

I personally only think namefagging should be allowed/used is when a cow and/or someone directly linked to a cow is posting.

Anyone else who the fuck cares?

No. 375308

There should be an EMCP/Eugene Manning one since shit is hitting the fan with him right now

No. 375332

Someone in the Onision thread suggested a 'cows you know personally' for one-shot drama stories, but which board should it go in? I can't find the original one.

No. 375347

It's in /ot already

No. 375524

Could we have a general voice actor thread?

No. 375535

This would be a good thread.

No. 375973

is there any milk on david dobrick & friends? (liza koshy, jason nash, josh peck, the gabbie show). i've been watching their vlogs and i'm curious. is there a vlogger general??

No. 376430

Idk, but I hate his fucking face and his shitty friends. Liza's too tbh, and everything about Logan Paul.

A vlogger general might not be necessary since A) There's already a youtuber general in /snow/ and B) Most vloggers are just really boring, unfunny, white, annoying, or a combo of all those. But considering how many jvlogger threads there are, maybe it would be good.

No. 377332

Some people would argue that the US president is a lolcow, and he is a public figure with lots of online content. At the least, I'm sure no matter on your political beliefs, I'm sure all of us can agree that he has some personality traits that are a bit eccentric than not.

However, as it would function as a lolcow thread, and as the thread wouldn't be for everyone and it would increase the moderation time of people as people have different political beliefs, then maybe set a few ground rules such as no debating and have a separate containment debate thread deep in the reaches of lolcow farm where the mods don't go, and then have a free for all for those who want to debate.

Just an idea.

No. 377343

Hate to re-hash this one, but I agree. There's been a good amount of posters here who've been outed as cows themselves (not cows posting here secretly, but average posters with major cow characteristics) or even PULLfags & kiwi posters. There should be a thread to check that kind of shit. Even the exposers can be exposed. And no one should be safe from criticism if their cringy behavior warrants it. The OC thread was great (as an example) & even lately the mystery.jpeg thread has been so milky (even though she's a pol tard). But there should be a thread for "imageboard cows" or something. Idc who this wildchild is but tbh posts cringy, samefagging in this thread a lot, and calling random posts out saying "hi blah blah! I know it's you!!!!11" ….very vicki shingles-esque. But i think a general thread should be made for this topic, it could be great, but perhaps quite spergy if hurt fee fees occur with no self awareness of criticism being a 2 way street. And I hate to go against admin (it pains me honestly) but no one should be protected from this, no biases (if there's proof of cow behavior). Idk i actually enjoy threads like the piercedangel one & whatnot. I feel like I'm def not alone on this one if it was done in a proper manner w/ actual evidence and enforcement of rules.

No. 377411

I worry that such a clearly politically charged thread would attract shitposters from outside lolcow who would then spread to and shit up other topics. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen a website (blogs, mostly) go to shit after making a post about that guy.

No. 377782

On an anonymous imageboard, anon? how? sure, sometimes you feel like you can identify them samefagging or repeatedly being a lolcow, but you can never be sure. And even if, what next? It's anonymous.

Maybe regarding this out would be an idea to attach ip-bound names as on April's fool (the names were actually funny) or ip-bound IDs as in 4chan.

No. 378030

I don't really think that's going to work.. it would take a lot of effort and probably discourage people from posting on the board of their anonymity wasn't fully protected. Maybe we can have a thread where we just post screen caps of butthurt replies or something, idk

No. 378135


I support an anonymous farmer cannibalism thread

No. 378199

I wish I knew more about this Kat chick. This video is long but she works herself up into a tizzy. Shes telling the world to stop cyber bullying while she's cyber bullying some guy some guy named DJ Nelson for standing up for himself against her cyber bullying. Makes me laugh every time.

No. 378263

Is there any milk on Andi Autumn? I see her on Instagram all the time and she's cute but I get kind of snowflake-ey vibes from her the same way Dakota does for me

No. 378284

This is dumb and sounds like a good way to spam the website with non-cow nonsense and decrease traffic since people won't want to post anymore if at any moment a dumb thing they said could warrant their entire history being outed.
Sounds like you've taken things personally before and are bothered by not knowing who's who. Tough shit, it's anonymous. Admin gave us a gift with that Mystery thread, but that's because she was an obnoxious bitch and blogposter.

I suggest you be the first volunteer!

No. 378297

i agree with this fully.
if u wanna go somewhere like that just join kiwi lol

No. 378539

c-cristy ella, is that you?

No. 378583

Sorry for confusion, but I didn't mean just basic anonymous regular posters here on lolcow. I ment more like people who namefag or intentionally give up their anonymity. I wasn't really even referring to lolcow posters per se (bc basically everyone here is anonymous and abides by anonymity) more like poltards, b-tards, PULLfags, kiwis, redditors, CGL, etc. People who use usernames or names. People who do/say fucked up shit, butt hurt posters, those who power trip and use their namefagging for popularity and merit of posts don't matter to them, cringy/spergy posters, cow behaviors. That's why I thought maybe a "general imageboard cows" thread would be an idea. But thanks for your feedback anon!

Damn son. I was just giving a suggestion bc id seen others mention similar ideas in the past. I didn't mean people who are anonymous, stay anonymous, abide by rules, and are just regular posters, I wasn't referring to random anonymous posters who do one or two stupid things, that's why I referenced mystery, OrangeCitrus, & piercedangel. And I don't mean posters who use namefagging for it's said purpose here.

>Sounds like you've taken things personally before and are bothered by not knowing who's who

Super SUPER reaching & not true, I just thought it would be interesting to discuss annoying posters (who aren't truely anonymous). What's wrong with transparency, non bias, and giving criticism where it's definitely warranted? You say mystery was fine & milky. And that's exactly what kind of people I'm talking about. Just a general thread for all like her. That's like if I said to you "the only reason you wrote this is bc you are an imageboard cow & you take this personally". Plz.

>I suggest you be the first volunteer!

This is a thread suggestions thread, so I suggested a thread idea? Can I not suggest a thread idea w/o having some vendetta or personal agenda? It was just a suggestion, damn. I just wanted some feedback, not my head bit off.


No. 378663

anyone else want to discuss this guy?

Ultra cringy swedish nationalist pagan posturing bastard.

No. 378685

That's latsbrah and he's a troll. He's one of the most known trolls of bodybuilding.com/misc, what you're looking at is one of the longest running jokes in the bodybuilding community.

No. 378693

where is the trolling

No. 378697

Well you have to understand the /fit/ and misc culture to really get him, he does the AJ shtick. They play up an obnoxious machisimo character, just like Zyzz. He's even using Marseillaise phrases, which aren't exactly anti-left. He is a reactionary person, it's an entertainment act for a specific crowd. He's not intentionally baiting people, for example example honour the gods, love your woman, honour your country is an identitarian phrase. I've followed latsbrah since the misc days and all I can say, is that you can't troll a guy who doesn't take himself seriously. It's all behind a very specific context.

No. 378699

@lanaraintv / lana_rain maybe ?

her community is really cancerous
and she seems to be triggered about everything even thought she's doing porn with cosplays and does youtube fulltime.

she seems just a little bit odd.

No. 378738

Well when you have all the cam girls of the universe against you because of the content you make it's understandable why she's easily triggered.

But boy she makes some dough out of her porn cosplay on many vids

No. 378760

I actually have no idea who this chick is (she seems pretty young so maybe thats why..) Why does she have camgirls up in arms tho? Because of cosplay porn? There's so many who do that anyway so, why? She do like weird nymphet "daddy punch me" shit or what?

No. 378761

Definitely need a Lana thread. I had heard of Lana and figured more power to her for making so much money while being a cosplaying sex worker, but Jesus Christ. She is so fucking rude to other cosplayers and nerdy girls, the elitism wafts off of her

No. 378781

she gets easily offended by people who just give her tips on what she could do better and stuff.
Lana seems like a rude person who has no chill.

recently she just had a problem with some guys who posted her adress and such, because she was stupid enough to film her window. she rages pretty hard.

No. 378811

Lana rain self posts daily on 4chan. For months every day there is the same thread with the same photo of her asking "who is this" and it all started when there was some contest on the site she posts her porn at

No. 378877

I'd be interested in a general thread about tumblr beggars like Luna, Lobon, and Kiko. The ones that beg for money for shit they don't need, HRT (so, shit they don't need), abortions, rent money, or drugs and things like that.

There are so many of those people… I swear I see one of those posts every time I go on tumblr

No. 379005

Idk about anything else on that list but I'd be willing to donate a dollar to someone who wants an abortion (from a country where they are not covered) because the money usually comes full circle out of social welfare and taxes anyway if they choose to have the crotchfruit unplanned.

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