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File: 1492676324429.jpg (282.71 KB, 1600x900, IMG_1211.JPG)

No. 373154

Old thread maxed out >>370733

The story so far, completely unbiased kek:
>Cyr's roommate and frequent partner in videos (and fellow youtuber) Edwin was kicked out of their apartment with his girlfriend, Mina (who is also Cyrs ex and cyrxdasha's polyamo lover ♡)
>Edwin leaves behind a teen angsty note and takes Cyr's vlogging camera
>Dasha releases a periscope, earning her the name Putin after yelling at the camera for an hour about the hurt Edwin and Mina caused her
>Dasha harasses Mina with her 12y/o minions and bad photoshoop twitter memes
>Minions shit up thread v1.0
>Screenshots from last year released. in the screenshots mina implied that she was only still with cyr and dasha for youtube notoriety
>also releases evidence of Mina's fake accounts used to harass her way back in 45 B.C. after haxorzing Mina's phone in the bathroom (which is being debated as to have actually been Dasha's second phone)
>Edwin shadily appears on younow with Cyrs ex bffe and Dasha's arch nemesis, Onion to discuss the situation
>Mina and Cyr still remain very quite on the situation
>Cyr comes out as an alcoholic and disappears off social media due to bereavement
>Dasha uses this time to further bash Mina for being a bad vegan and lovey it up with her asian friend to one up Mina's Mexican that supplies her avocado sush
>Edwin and Mina release a video explaining how Dasha manipulated everyone in the household for her own enjoyment and threatened to fuck up Edwin's life after he told Mina that Dash the trash deleted her instagram
>Edwin supplies receipts because no one in the household will communicate and are always watching spirited away
>Dasha is accused of copying Mina's style in the first 10mins of the hour and a half video, which she has since spent the entirety of 3days explaining
>Has been accused after speculation of being PULL's Fawnie who derailed her own topics on to Mina
>Has failed to explain herself for the accusations of emotionally abusing and emasculating Cyr after screenshots of Cyr's texts were shown in the video
>Dasha may face deportation back to Russia after Edwin outs her on the interwebs as an illegal
>Cyr returns back to twitter, yet doesn't outwardly deny the accusations and starts talking about how Pewds and barney the dinosaur did not molest him so don't believe the videos just because they are v. long

No. 373160

Congratulation for third thread, putin and friends!
Surely,, you sleep well tonight!

No. 373175

Ahahaha thanks for using that pic OP, it's amazing.

No. 373176

File: 1492682258660.png (146.78 KB, 750x1003, IMG_1214.PNG)

> no one puts baby in the corner!
> I'm not being emasculated I'm a serial killer wolfkin that drinks smoothies macho macho
> Pewds and Barney did not touch my peepee >:(
> or did he?

No. 373192

Cyr is comical,
'Maybe if I made an hour long video about it, it'll seem extra true'
Uh, your puppet master did, on periscope, with your participation, publicly naming and shaming…I can't with this manchild

No. 373196

I just wish they'd all move on now, both sides have released their story. It's obvious Dasha was the one most in the wrong, but nobody was perfect. ( except Edwin I don't really get what he did wrong, besides tell the truth about dasha and not lie. Which is what good people do) Mina and Edwin seem to be mostly over it now that they have released their side, although dasha seems very unsatisfied still. The huge difference is Mina and Edwin just wanted to clear their name and tell what happened to them, and Dasha wants to destroy them ( hence how many hate posts she likes and retweets, and makes fun of Mina's looks, has called Edwin a third rate youtuber or something, and that cyr never liked him but just felt bad for him) not sure how she thinks this will make her look like the good guy, she just looks mean, and that's proof to me that she has done everything Mina and Edwin claimed in the video.

No. 373199

It's funny if Putin stayed quiet and posted nothing at all when Edwin and Mina left then when asked just politely said 'there was lots of fights in the house because we all clashed and it didn't work out like we hoped unfortunately, but I'm not happy that Edwin took Cyrs camera when he did leave, however I wish them all the best' everyone would have sided with her and stayed on her side and then this video of how manipulative she is wouldn't have been released so she would have remained angelic babydash cyrs perfect gf relationship goals but she's stupid and couldn't keep her mouth shut trying to act alpha all the time and the whole thing blew up in her photoshopped face kekekek

No. 373200


It's not that Edwin's video was over an hour but that it was full of receipts.

No. 373201

Why is she so upset about the copying thing vs. the rest of the video. That was such a small and insignificant part compared to the rest. They proved her doing way worse stuff with screenshots… besides it's obvious that she has copied Mina no matter how much she wants to argue. Mina had the style first, then after Dasha learned of Mina's existence she changed her style to that. And theirs nothing wrong with that. She thought Mina looked cute and wanted to look the same. Who cares.

No. 373206

he spent too long hanging around with Onion, he's sounding like him

No. 373214

File: 1492688568809.png (131.64 KB, 754x749, IMG_1233.PNG)

Dasha seems to think stealing someone's style means liking the same thing…
we are on about this. Photo poses. Concepts. COMPLETE OUTFITS DOWN TO SOCKS!

No. 373216

File: 1492688598723.jpg (378.09 KB, 1235x1600, .camtemp.jpg)

No. 373219

File: 1492688681958.jpg (194.14 KB, 1600x765, .camtemp.jpg)

No. 373232


i would kill to look like this. either of them.

No. 373237

So basically,, dasha makes the same excuse with the mina, do the same thing, but dasha does not want to be called a copycat

No. 373243

File: 1492694521930.png (132.86 KB, 750x1055, IMG_1239.PNG)

Even if you suggested the idea or not, it's still fucking retarded to recreate the exact same photo (which by that time youd fallen out right?) and then upload it for yourself. Probably suggested 1 or 2 things at best, then got jealous when she saw the photo uploaded so had to do it herself because "they are my things"

No. 373244

Neither of them looks like that without heavy ps anyway

No. 373249

File: 1492695147905.jpg (488.9 KB, 1185x1600, .camtemp.jpg)

And they would be your things why would she need to pack her own things to fly out to L.A when you already went out and bought duplicates of practically all the clothes she owns. Probably only needed to travel lightweight and bring a pair of clean underwear on her travels, no one would have known the difference. Mina may act dumb but she smart kek

No. 373251

so cyr married a female onision

No. 373256

I read the summary and didnt know Dasha was illegal

No. 373258

this is giving me some emily crocker vibes, like how are you this delusional when you see mina's pictures and upload one the next day with the same outfit and say "omg we just have the same clothes what's the problem"

also am i the only one that thinks dasha has a really weird head shape

No. 373264

File: 1492697158491.png (52.16 KB, 535x249, Hahaha.png)

"Just like Mina "
sooo… you are dasha or mina?

No. 373266

sage for irrelevancy but does anyone know where she got the red coat? or link me the instagram post/ tell me the rough time she posted it

No. 373268

Why would mina even have to apologise in the first place for what happened back then?
>"Sorry you slept with my boyfriend while we were still dating"

Mina did mention the fake accounts: you were Fawnie and had 2 phones that you go off to sneakily use, then approach her about a 'fan account' you just 'found', so putting 2+2 together = 4 = you made the fake accounts yourself and photographed your second phone. You would know if you got further than the first 10minutes of the video about you stealing her style.

No. 373271

File: 1492698483360.png (44.78 KB, 750x277, IMG_1252.PNG)

oh… don't worry, she's not done yet guys! she's only taken 3 days to explain the first 10 minutes of the video, if she moves on to the next point now, by my calculations it should take approximately 27 days to explain the whole 90mins of the video. However, I don't think she's quite done with this first point yet, I think sheneeds to e l a b o r a t e a bit more, maybe take a leaf out of Onision's book and throw in a few dictionary definitions of Copying so we understand the point she is trying to make…

No. 373273

If this helps… https://curiouscat.me/BabyDash/post/134755653?t=1492295756 check those stores, anon. But I'm sure that coat is last season - out of stock

No. 373278

File: 1492699539109.png (80.59 KB, 750x753, IMG_1254.PNG)

it just looks like one of these off ebay tbf

No. 373279

File: 1492699713144.jpg (39.97 KB, 1008x254, wat.JPG)

Did anyone else catch Putin releasing Mina's full name lmao wtf

No. 373280


No. 373281

Well, now it makes sense why Mina put 'mixed race' on her acting profile.

No. 373282

Bless anons, i found one i like x

No. 373284

3 blank FB pages for such a Mediterranean or whatever sounding name

No. 373286

Mina has even said in Edwin's vlogs her accent adapts to the people she's around which is why it isn't as strong in the videos which definitely isn't an uncommon thing. It could be she moved around as a kid and settled in Britain later like who tf cares why does it matter? Does it make Putin more credible somehow???

No. 373287

Her surname is from the UK but her name is assyrian

No. 373288


So was her full name something that was out there already or did Dasha just doxx her?

No. 373291

It seems like Julia is trying to say, "SEE?! I'm not the only one who uses a different name."

No. 373292

Isn't her whole name Algerian?

No. 373293

I wish Mina would get a curiouscat

No. 373294

never fucking heard of it before. she really might have done it just to see if some of her minions can fuck mina up somehow, maybe contacting relatives/friends to get some dirt on her. not anything relevant, just her new meme material. wonder why she's that eager to dox Mina because she had a lot more plausible ways to answer that question without disclosing her name.

No. 373295

I think she just doxxed her.
Before this, there was an anon in the previous thread that was casually saying that she "found out" that mina's name was Yasmina and that it was such a pretty name. Suspicious.

No. 373296

Well if she bought her plane ticket, she would need to know her real full name, right?

No. 373298

Yes but that's all relatively private. Dasha putting her real full name out in public is doxxing her essentially

No. 373299

That was 1 day ago >>372620 and the post said (referring to something Mina posted about herself online) that her name was Yasmina Bell. Dasha definitely just doxxed her in the sense that she released Mina's previously unpublished real surname with malicious intent. She's probably just pissed she wasn't careful with her old ask.fm account from years ago stating her real name and people found her old modelling pics from that. She's forever trying to take the heat of herself and onto Mina and this was shown in the behaviour of Fawnie on Dasha's PULL thread too.

No. 373300

Mina is a popular nickname of Yasmina, though.

No. 373301


I can promise you that if Edwin/Mina had posted Cyr's real name, Dasha would use it as an excuse to villainize Edmina even more.

No. 373302

Is her old ask.fm account still around?

No. 373303

Where is that excerpt even from that the anon one day ago posted? I can't find it anywhere and wanna know the source

No. 373304

Google the sentence that anon quoted and you'll find it was originally on her Google account but has since removed it.

No. 373305

That's what's fucking infuriating about Mina sometimes. I know at this point pretty much everyone involved just wants all that to be over and to avoid more drama, but she could've stood up to Dasha and at least ask her to remove this post if she's not comfortable having her name out there. Hell, subtweet something. How can you let yourself get stepped on for that much time and rarely clap back?

No. 373306

It's only accessible via wayback machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20151111175428/https://ask.fm/juliajzargo . In the wayback machine capture from 2013 (https://web.archive.org/web/20131018092635/http://ask.fm:80/JuliaJZargo), she states that her name is "Julia Katinka Blinow" and if you google "Julia Blinow" you'll find this german modelling page http://www.model-kartei.de/portfolios/model/319961/julia-blinow/ where you'll find many of her modelling pics from aged 17 some of which have already been posted.

No. 373307

Allegedly their names are Michael and Julia Stadler according to thread v1.0.

Unsure of Mike's, I mean, Vincent's (kek) last name. Might be Cyr, unless he made all his siblings on facebook too change their surname.

Julia Stadler however has gone under many different aliases, she's claimed her name to be everything under the sun, from Dasha to Darya to Jules to Julia. I don't think she understands these names are not the same name, think she's lost it in Russian putin censored translation or something. Surname has been Stadler, Blinow (on old modling accounts) and Jzargo (according to an old url fucking kek)

No. 373308

didn't mean to samefag, i was midtyping, fucking snap hahaha

No. 373311


Honestly I'm not sure why this was ever disputed. From her older pictures (that her friend posted) you can clearly see that Mina is mixed race.


It's Algerian.

No. 373312

Mina being mixed race honestly makes how ridiculously pale she makes herself look for this aesthetic she has atm sad instead of dumb like I previously thought

No. 373313

A lot of North African/Arabs/Mixed have fair skin, it's a mix of skin colours in these countries tbf

No. 373315

plus England isn't exactly the sunniest of places to obtain those UV rays uwu

No. 373316

File: 1492705702008.jpg (156.39 KB, 786x442, 0032f225-1cf8-41a6-8989-15f4e0…)


Uh… She might just be pale. She is mixed, remember?

Pic related: the ethnic majority of Algeria.

No. 373317

Yeah, she did. Now if you google her real name you can even find her address in London.

No. 373318


Also her family. Dasha is so fucked up.

No. 373319


Lol Try calling her out on it though. "BUT I'M NOT COPYING MINA'S STYLE AND ALSO FAKE ACCOUNTS"

No. 373321

Wow. What a cunt. She WANTS people to hate her, I swear to god. She has done not one thing to redeem herself. Keep digging that hole deeper, Dasha. Believe it or not your behavior on social media has a real influence on your life and career, insta ho or otherwise.

No. 373323


No. 373325


Can't fucking wait until she is deported.

No. 373326

career? what career? she sits on her ass all day sponging off cyr because she's an illegal alien lmao. Trump needs to hurry with that god damn wall and chuck her over it.

me too LMFAO

No. 373329

File: 1492708477115.png (1006.32 KB, 736x1000, 1488645701351.png)

>So what if I'm an illegal? I'm in California which is like..a sanctuary

No. 373330

Lmao that is gold

No. 373331

lmao I bet this is a thinly veiled attempt to basically be like "LOOK SHE IS CLEARLY /NOT WHITE/ AND THUS ALSO ILLEGAL DO NOT JUST PIN VISA ON ME RREEEE"

No. 373334

File: 1492709521971.jpg (165.7 KB, 800x450, IMG_1264.JPG)

No. 373335

File: 1492709540460.jpg (76.75 KB, 598x491, IMG_1265.JPG)


No. 373336

No. 373338

On the other thread an anon noted that the photos dasha posted were before mina came to la and I noticed it too. It's fucking with my head though since dasha deleted minas original insta but im pretty sure those are photos from shoots before coming over.
Even then upon initially seeing mina I thought she was japanese or something because of her makeup style. Then dasha adopted that. She used to have a more la American apparel model look.

No. 373340

Which photos are you referring to?

No. 373341

File: 1492711476186.jpg (2.38 MB, 2560x1920, Pfftt.jpg)


No. 373342

Some of the ones dasha posted on her instagram story kek. She's not being consistent with her story

No. 373345

Dasha is Kilgrave, wyd Cyr

No. 373347

>By dasha

maybe she was the one who told the mina to use those clothes

No. 373351

File: 1492712705162.png (145.15 KB, 750x956, IMG_1276.PNG)

lurking though Trashas ig. Makes more sense for her if you start from bottom to top kek

No. 373357

You guys know Dasha can't get deported to a country she isn't from, right? She's from Austria, and she isn't even Russian except for some random fraction according to Cyr.

No. 373358

We meme about it but she's still illegal and can be deported to where ever she's from.
She most likely won't because by tumblr standards she's the typical privileged white bitch playing the vegan savior. Immigration targets latino families and that's a fact. Racial profiling is a thing and it won't happen to dasha on the streets.

For her to play the victim when she deliberately kicked edwin out of his own home is hypocrisy at its finest. She doesn't want to be forced out of her home either? Boo fucking hoo

No. 373359


>Takes random google image photo of Algerians outside in the sun

"Yeah, see? Algerians are tan. Mina's mixed."

No. 373360

something about her is just really gross

No. 373361

File: 1492716017610.png (144.62 KB, 407x369, annorlillyposts.png)

Question: did Dasha or someone else post caps of the "annor_lilly" instagram account that she said was making collages of mina and cyr? I got these from this youtube capture (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0wnLRjqoFw) of her snapchats but were there any more?

While watching those snapchats, some things just don't add up: Dasha came clean to Edwin about deleting Mina's Instagram account on December 29th. Mina's first instagram account (mina.bell) was deleted on December 17th , the 2nd one (minsbell)was deleted on December 18th and the 3rd (minabbell) on was deleted on December 19th. I got the names of the accounts and the dates they were created from Mina's tweets:

Mina has been using the 4th one (minaxxbell) since December 20th. Considering this, didn't Dasha claim that she deleted Mina's instagram immediately after discovering "Mina's phone" in the bathroom? Because she claimed that her actions 9deleting the account) were "impulsive" in that ask.fm post after saying "I deleted her Instagram after standing in the bathroom being shocked at what I saw" https://curiouscat.me/BabyDash/post/136066378 Implying the account was deleted then and there in the bathroom. If so, how was Mina's old Instagram username (mina.bell) showing up in the likes those screencaps taken of annor_lilly's instagram account,I assume, after Mina's account was deleted by Dasha? When you delete your instagram account, your likes disappear from the posts of others too and I doubt Dasha looking through Mina's phone would spend more time searching every account listed on Mina's phone and screencapping everything then and there and risk getting caught looking through her phone instead of screencapping it later. And, as far as I know, wayback machine doesn't capture instagram accounts so you can't even screencap posts months after from that. Same with webcache.

Also, is Dasha the reason those first 3 (not 1) accounts got deleted? All on 3 separate days? And was resposible for those posts getting deleted on her 4th account again on different days/occasions? She admitted on 29th of December to Edwin (again stated in his video) that she was deleting posts from Mina's Instagram account which Mina did mention on the first posts of her new (4th) instagram account. So at that point did she have access to/the password for Mina's instagram and was accessing it with one of her phones? Because the alternative is that Mina kept leaving her phone unlocked in the presence of people she has known/lived with less than 2 weeks even after the three times her instagram accounts were deleted even after the multiple times photos were deleted from her account…as if she wouldn't be careful after her first account (basically her online portfolio for modelling - her only way of making money) was deleted.

No. 373362


Just pointing out that the majority of Algerians are not SUPER DARK SKINNED.

Mina is half Algerian at most. People are throwing a shitfit like she is some kinda race traitor when there's every chance that that is her skin tone.

No. 373363


I don't understand what point you are trying to make.

> Because the alternative is that Mina kept leaving her phone unlocked in the presence of people she has known/lived with less than 2 weeks.

How hard is it to memorise a passcode? Particularly when somebody is drunk?

No. 373364

The thing that will hurt her most is working in the country illegally, whether she's getting paid in cash or Lime Crime asspats.
You're right that she won't be targeted due to being a lily white ~angel~ but the US takes potential tax evasion very seriously.

No. 373366

good joboru anon! I knew Trash had been accessing Minas account for an extended period of time due to posts being randomly deleted from the account on several occasions, and since she owned up eventually to the deletion of the account she would be guilty by default to the rest of the accounts deletions. HOWEVER I didn't know she had multiple accounts be deleted.
Try and say mina is bad as much as you want but if roles would have been reversed Dasha would have milked it happened multiple times, but Mina didn't stress it and downplayed Dashas actions. This shows like I always thought, this was all premeditated and calculated quite well, there was no phone in the bathroom and the screen caps were compiled before the deletion with malicious intent. The fact Mina liked them though means nothing as I would like the post if someone made a weird yet cringey thing of me. But it shows that this was all put together rather well over an extended period of time and not in an angry rage where she wasn't thinking straight and regretted her actions like implied

No. 373367

The screencaps of annor_lilly's happened before Mina's account was deleted by Dasha. Dasha's claiming it was impulsive yet still managed to get all of those screencaps prior to deleting her account. Clearly wasn't that impulsive of an action as she got that much evidence in the moment (while Mina was elsewhere without her phone). Now if Dasha created the fan accounts and was planning to set Mina up, I can understand how these screenshots exist. Mina's Instagram account was deleted 3 times - again, can you call that impulsive? Dasha claims she was acting on impulse when that doesn't seem to be the case. If she did get Mina's passcode, can you still call her actions to delete 3 of Mina's accounts and many pictures on the 4th account impulsive? To clarify the last point, Mina makes her money off of modelling, her Instagram was her portfolio and it got deleted. Do you think she's that dumb to not think to be careful with her passcode/Instagram password (including changing them) in the presence of people she has known 2 weeks (especially with her ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend who is also a model but not as successful as she is) after her shit got deleted over and over again?

No. 373368

Adding to your point most modelling jobs go off social media presence too nowadays for most things. If you don't have that many followers, your chances are much slimmer

No. 373369

this tbh. I was genuinely concerned for cyr even though I'm not a fan of any of them but his "lol im back so edgy" thing has really rubbed me the wrong way. attention loving retard just like the rest of them.

No. 373371

This is only true for Instagram modeling jobs.

No. 373374

Sage goes in the email field (second box from the top)

No. 373375

To be fair, Pogo (a musician from Australia) is banned from entering USA for something like 10 years because he was working here under the wrong visa

No. 373377

Appreciate the help, I tend to just lurk.

No. 373379

nope, it applies to other modelling too because what doesn't use social media nowadays, it's not 1986.
A lot of models get noticed and signed and jobs because of social media following now, not just instamodeling, people are constantly scouting for new 'talent' and dasha made that harder for Mina by deleting her account which was also her portfolio

No. 373384

She only hates Mina because she decided to leave "without saying anything" and then all these problems she had with Mina cropped up… but what would have happened if Mina said "no Edwin I'm going to stay here" and then took that spare room Dasha offered her and continued to be the dosile dormouse she was? Would all these issues with Mina not been a problem now? Would these fake accounts have existed? Would Dasha kicked her out eventually and used homelessness as a tool of manipulation? Would she have chained her up in the basement? Oh no wait that's Onision kek. I do wonder…

No. 373385

TBH when I look at Mina/Dasha's IG I see some chick dressed as weeaboo fanime cosplay. That is not at all appealing to any L.A. scene. If they really want decent modeling jobs they should probably idk, upload pics where they look like actual models.

No. 373386

I wonder if mina knows that as a U.K citizen digital domestic abuse is punishable by 5 years in prison and dasha deleting those accounts falls under it. don't know how it applies as she was in the US at the time

No. 373387

It's strange but this doesn't seem to matter to either of them. Julia/Dasha's tattoos in particular seem like career suicide, or an irritated on-set makeup artist at the very least.

No. 373388

Mina wasn't ever in the LA modelling scene though prior to going over to LA in December, that was already her style and I don't think she was trying to get LA modelling scene dressing like that initially. It makes even less sense when you consider Dasha was already in that LA scene, was dressing in the LA modelling scene style (see her early Instagram pics) and suddenly started dressing in the same style that Mina had. I think the way they are making themselves stand out as models in general (regardless of what scene they hope to work in) by using that style is misguided, but anyway.

No. 373391

I think they're both more concerned with being "influencers" than models, case and point Minas interest in youtubers

No. 373393

I am no expert on neither Dasha nor Cyr, nor the whole fucked up crew, but after watching Edwin's latest Drama Alert™ I think it's all pretty clear.

First, Dasha is one psychotic bitch. It's not really hard to understand why she did all these things to Mina; she was obsessed with her. She clearly was envious of her, she wanted to be just like her, a girl Cyr was interested in. I don't care about who wore a wig first, all of Dasha's actions (making Cyr apologise and having Mina listen in, inviting her to LA and forcing her into a poly relationship, deleting her Instagram but buying her roses, still inviting Mina back after the whole shabang etc.) prove that she had a fantasy in her head, where she could be exactly like Mina, and have her for herself to play. She really might have been in love with Mina. Sickly obsessed. I really can't get in her mindset so this is all I have.

Cyr is not someone I would feel sorry for, really. He's an adult. Sure, adults can be abused, too, but he apparently refused help from Edwin, or rather seemed to accept it but still went behind his back. It's a slimy thing to do, he could always come back to Edwin and honestly ask for help. But he didn't, he chose to (as I see it) get drunk and follow the words of a girl he wouldn't even fuck. (Top kek right there.)

Edwin looked too happy in that video. Too amused. It might be from the satisfaction of getting back at Dasha with receipts after all the cyberbullying, but he seemed to be over his friendship with Cyr. He did sound like he genuinely cared about Cyr at some point, though I understand how it would be infuriating having his attempts to reach out be blocked by Putin time after time. He was too amused, though. Seems like the regular "I'll milk everything in my life for views." kind of Youtuber. Nothing new.

Mina, is weird. I'm not saying this because she accepted things she didn't want to like a poly relationship or the nightly drinking, because I myself know people that naive. It happens if you don't know better and don't have enough self-esteem. I'm also not saying she's weird bc of all those Idubbbz shit or the fake accounts (if they're real); she's clearly very young and wants to get ahead in her "career", probably got some bad advice from someone about "Oh everyone makes fake accounts at first, you should too!" or "You gotta do some social climbing at first…". I mean I can see it happening. (If she's not young, you can disregard this part, I don't know her age.) But she's kind of too quiet about this. Like she's hiding something, like she has something she doesn't want to make clear to the public. Idk, but compared to Dasha, she's pretty normal; a young girl who doesn't know what she's doing.

Sage for fucking blogpost, but I had to get this out of my chest.

I'm also eagerly waiting Dasha's response to the actual screenshots of Cyr texting Edwin that he was being emasculated by her.

This milk is too sweet.

No. 373395


Eh then what's the point of arguing that Dasha "ruined Mina's potential career by deleting her IG"? I mean as long as she still has pictures she can definitely rebuild. But then again if she's not getting decent gigs (she's in Arizona ffs) then what's the point.

I also think she could probably do better in London than Arizona. Like girl, you just got your degree, go back to London in the theater or some modeling or whatever.

No. 373397

She said she wants to stay in America but I can't tell if it's because she wants to stay with Edwin, or just likes America, or maybe both. Either way they have to move back to LA for both of their careers… I think Dasha knew Edwin would end up back home if he was kicked out. That removes so much potential for collaboration. It really doesn't matter if you like a person or not, if their life down to their livelihood is being meddled with it's wrong. It's just fucked up no matter how you cut it. Dasha seems to show absolutely no remorse, they won't even own up to lying about the "brother" story. Cyr needs to grow some balls and apologize for that shit. He lied through his teeth to Edwin, Mina, and the audiences of the whole household. How do they not feel bad about that?

No. 373398

According to Edwin's video, Mina arrived on December 6th. Edwin stated that she was only meant to stay for only 2 weeks. Meaning she was supposed to leave on December 20th (3 days after Dasha deleted Mina's account for the first time). Now if she discovered on December 17th that Mina was making faking accounts to harass her, why would she tell her to stay longer than December 20th?

>>She really might have been in love with Mina. Sickly obsessed.

She admitted herself that she gets intense. She seems to have that kind of obsessive personality: and that's evident in her tweets about this as she can't let anything go major or minor (like still going on about her/Mina using same clothes/style).

No. 373400


I can kind of agree with you on a certain level but I'm also on the "people hold the key to their own fate" boat with Mina and Edwin. I mean Cyr and Dasha could apologize but it won't really solve the shitty situation they are in. Mina's still gonna be stuck in Arizona unless they want to get real jobs in L.A. and rent a really shady ass apartment for dirt cheap. (Even then I don't think either of them could afford it.)

No. 373401


samefag, doesn't Alex Dorame also live in Arizona and she's also doing pretty good for herself as a Youtuber. Of course she was part of that OG emo scene with Social Repose, but it still goes to show that there's always promise for collaboration somewhere.

No. 373402


I also think Cyr is probably gonna dump Dasha. He might be stupid but from what I gather he's also lazy, he won't be able to deal with Dasha's crazy. He's gonna cheat on her any day now.

No. 373407

On the slim chance he isn't cheating already.

No. 373409

I knew someone IRL who had an abusive girlfriend and he was too lazy to dump her because she would go on a crazy one and threaten to kill herself, attempt to jump out the window, then one time she climbed a fence and tried to break in to the house and they had to call the police kek and I think she seemed far less psychotic than Dasha so imagine what Dash would do (however he did eventually break up with her for real after cheating on her god knows how many times, though she would call him probably 80 times a day for several weeks following)

So yeah, Cyr, someone who barely uploads on youtube yet it's his "job" and rarely washes his hair probably cba to deal with the aggro of dumping her and will just wait for the next polyamo relationship where he can get his dick in

No. 373410

File: 1492722335628.jpg (286.77 KB, 500x900, kys.jpg)

This is how I see Cyrs come back to social media

No. 373411

i love you

no homo tho

No. 373413

Fucking kek

No. 373414


hahahaha this is amazing

No. 373418

File: 1492723503859.png (41.26 KB, 750x296, IMG_1285.PNG)

I feel like getting this on a tshirt
>Did mina the fake accounts and the fake apology???
one of the worlds greatest unsolved mysteries, along with
>Did mina the idubbbz??
Putin change the record, you're becoming a meme

No. 373420

That's what she would say in court accused of murder kek

No. 373432

Trasha no one fucking cares about Mina's fake apology, actually I think it's fucking hilarious. Ether way it doesn't justify anything You're truly a deluded, crazy bitch

No. 373456

looking back on this video Dasha made is so funny
replace words:
>Onision = Dasha
>Billie = Mina
>Smoked weed = Left the household

No. 373460

Oh god I forgot about this. Excellent putin rant. "YOU SUPPORT MANIPULATION OF PRETTY YOUNG GIRLS"

No. 373461

Way to show your crazy Trasha

No. 373462

File: 1492729037654.gif (943.66 KB, 400x291, done goofd.gif)

>because iv you think it is okay to give away PFPFPFPFRIVATE INFORMATION

No. 373465

Funny how she became so anti-onision as soon as Edwin made that video saying he was kicked out of the apartment and Onision showed his support for him and painted her as a manipulative c*nt pushing all of Cyr's best friends away in the "My Ex Needs Your Help" video. She's no better than him: also kek at her going on and on about how Billie is so innocent as she's only 19, but Mina is a grown woman who can make her own decisions about her life at 20. I can't.

No. 373467

>"because if you think it's right to give away private information"
>releases minas full name on the internet for no reason
>"if you support onision you support manipulation of pretty young girls"
>manipulates mina and everyone else in the household
>"this is a 19yr old girl getting harassed"
>harasses mina online for months
>"that's not how you treat people"
>kicks out boyfriends best friend because he tells mina the truth
>"please go to jail"
>is an illegal immigrant
>"you know people who are not that strong kill themselves"
>harasses mina and edwin for months and aggregates cyrs depression and apparently said she was going to make cyr want to milk himself
>"can't believe he gets 800 likes for sharing private information, what is wrong with you people"
>shares private info on mina and edwin via curiouscat and screenshots of private messages
>"it's like "oh yeah you can hate me but I always speak the truth" yah the truth is not what you decide it is"
>glosses over receipts supplied to her and lies and fabricates/manipulates the 'truth'
>(sarcasm) say yes to abuse! say yes to online harassment
>ermmmm?? did you online harass those involved, fans, encourage memes of mina and dragging of her by your minions?
>"if onision would retweet all the bad things people say about him"
>only retweets compliments of herself
>"it's so sad all of this had to be public and online"
>makes an hour periscope first publicising everything and tweets nonestop for months
>"it's good because onision is stupid and it's all going to backfire"
>it all backfired because stupid
>"nobody gives a shit about your personal drama"
>publishes all personal drama
>"your underage fans that have been brainwashed by you and have no lives"
>has minion Charlie and babytrash or whatever the fuck their names were lol
>"would he want his kid to date somebody like him?"
>abuses Cyr and emasculated him in to depression

No. 373468


Someone edit over this so it says mina / dasha PLEASE

No. 373470

I thought she hated onion ever since he called her a russian prostitute fucking kek

No. 373479

File: 1492732225696.png (931.71 KB, 3535x927, DashsOnisionObsession.png)

My bad. You're right! Still she was only going nuts at Onision on Twitter at the very end of December, but the comments he made about her was at the beginning of December. The image attached is every tweet Dasha posted that refers to Onision by name and is currently up (there was probably more, but considering her habit for deleting tweets/curious cat asks and the fact that there's probably loads more tweets referring to him not by name, they're not all in this image). Still safe to say that the girl was still obsessed with him up until late March. I guess Mina/Edwin drama got all of her obsessive attention since.

No. 373481


her name may be Yasmina and what not, u still illegal putin.

it reminded of in the last thread some anon saying that dasha should worry more about advocating for immigrant rights rather than animal rights all day. but no, instead she's trying to make Mina seem shady because her name sounds foreign…smh

No. 373482


ever seen her videos with edwin? she's just pale lol.

No. 373483



No. 373484


where the fuck did y'all find those pics of mina's face its too fucking funny.

No. 373485


they represent all the feelings that she makes cyr go through every day kek

No. 373487

Dasha not mina

No. 373489

they're from the periscope she made ranting when the drama first blew up

No. 373496


she doesn't have a degree. college doesn't mean university in the UK - college is where you go to get qualifications post-16. the majority of people that choose to do college (if they don't stay on at school for another two years) will be there from 16-18, but there's no hard and fast age limit.

my guess is mina finished school (ie got her GCSEs) and decided to go to college for some other more vocational qualification. Given she said she'd just finished college when she went to LA and she was age 19 then it's just not really possible for her to have a degree already.

No. 373534


As someone who is mixed race (Filipino ffs) I can confirm that it isn't always easy being tanned. Plus she's also from LONDON - isn't it always cloudy over there? If she's lived there for some time that could explain the lack of tan. Anyway I think it's fucked up to judge someone's "loyalty" to their own ethnicity to how much they're tanned. It's hard sometimes.

No. 373536


Oh? That's good to know. On her old profile where it showed she had acting chops it did say she had a degree in theater or acting, but idk how accurate that could be.

No. 373538


>Performing Arts Level Three Extended Diploma.

She got a diploma, something you can get in UK. It's basically an equivalent qualification to A Levels.

No. 373603

File: 1492756968353.jpg (138.02 KB, 480x760, IMG_20170420_234032.jpg)

Ofc she wouldn't answer ?

No. 373615

Well yeah, that was a very aggressive message. Dasha is the victim in this exchange in her mind. She wants to show her followers how mean and awful Mina fans are. Cherry picking as usual.

No. 373630

File: 1492767926484.png (53.33 KB, 750x323, IMG_1294.PNG)


No. 373631

File: 1492767954144.jpg (107.4 KB, 452x750, IMG_1293.JPG)

No. 373638

File: 1492771886314.jpg (46.02 KB, 588x90, kys.jpg)

I cant tell if he's really that dependent or joking

No. 373641

I live in London, and am literally as pale as Mina. Most people in the UK are super pale unless we get fake tans or consciously make an effort to tan e.g. tanning beds.
It's no surprise she is super pale and not an indicator of anything including shopping her skin.

No. 373642

does he also have to ask dasha for permission to wash his hair or was his hair always greasy because he couldn't use the shower as most of the drama occurred in the bathroom?

No. 373643

Let me guess…

Now lolcow is gonna start picking apart Cyrs looks saying how ugly he is and how theyve never noticed how bad his X looks.

No. 373646

Cyr isn't ugly though, he's scummy and has greasy hair. But Cyr is aware he has greasy hair, he's addressed it in a few of his videos from what i remember kek everyone from the start knew Cyr was greasy. Him and Onion seem to rarely wash their hair lol. Why you crying about it for?

No. 373647

File: 1492774646500.png (53.98 KB, 750x413, IMG_1296.PNG)

and the grease was born

No. 373648

i think he pretty handsome, the thing that makes him look worse is his psycho gf turning him into dried anorexic depressed alcoholic edge lord

No. 373649

he's prob using that gross bodywash/shampoo/conditioner combo that guys somehow think is ok

No. 373650

chill out already his hair grease it the smallest problem here

No. 373651

personal hygiene is important you smelly NEET fuck kek

No. 373653

>chill out
1. sage your bullshit
2. i was giving an explanation as to why his hair may be greasy you dumb twat

No. 373654

You can shower and keep clean without washing your hair. He also runs his hands through his hair a lot in his videos so I doubt he's going days on end without washing it. Other anon is right, though. Who cares about his hair.

No. 373656

but your hair is dirty so how are you keeping clean? that's just nasty wtf lmao
and with hair that short why can't you wash it every time you shower or every day even? the fucks the matter? you're supposed to wash your hair every time it gets greasy or even just before that point. Either you're some greaseball NEET who's been wearing the same underwear and stained tshirt for 7 days on the go rolling in your own filth surrounded by half eaten tendies or dasha lol

No. 373657

not same anon but it's healthy to have a certain amount of oil in your hair otherwise it gets dry and brittle.
he could do with some dry shampoo tho inbetween washes it wouldn't hurt.

No. 373658

>a certain amount
He has enough to supply KFC's friers for a month, that is not a healthy amount lol

No. 373659

I think you're exaggerating but ok i'm not gonna argue over the levels of his GREASE because it's irrelevant.

No. 373661

>"chill out guys about x"
>causes more attention to x that no one is stressed about
>"i don't care man it's irrelevant"

fucking stop it kek

No. 373662

Are you Dasha because you're the one who can't seem to drop it? Grow up.

No. 373668

sage for nc but i've been lurking this thread for a while now and you guys all seem to accuse people of being dasha much more frequently than the other threads lol

No. 373669


as in, much more frequently than people do other lolcows on other threads.

sorry samefagging too

No. 373673

File: 1492779057535.png (44.22 KB, 260x188, qqq.png)

Guys… I got blocked from her CuriousCat.

No. 373674

fr tho, we know for a fact trasha and minions do jump on this thread occasionally but reaching accusations like this >>373662 that don't even make sense are fucking autistic

No. 373675


I was also the same anon who posted >>372975

Maybe she does lurk here.

No. 373688

this is a really good comparison!

I wonder what the "Mina is just as crazy" people from the last thread think about the Putin dox now and her further escapades.

No matter what Mina did, I have to feel for her because I'd be scared to be the object of this malicious obsession and witchhunt over basically nothing dragged on forever.

Can't wait to see Putin crash and burn and you know it's gonna come. She's fucking vile and needs to fall from that self-manufactured pedestal.

No. 373690

Lmao what did you say

No. 373691


I asked what she did to her old dog lmao

No. 373697

be kind to animals except this useless dog lol I got tired of it so dont ask me or i'll block u

No. 373699

I still don't understand why someone would get a dog with someone they've been dating for less than a year. Not to mention they moved in together after who knows how long.

No. 373703

thats how abusive narcissist works: they make you dependent real quick and once you finally see throught their bulshit suddenly you are married with kids and have morgage together. and its too late

No. 373713

obviously is considering who hes still with and everything thats happened. hes a greasy, needy edgelord.

No. 373724

I kind of feel bad for that poor chiweenie dog and wonder how she treats it off camera. I mean, looking at her snaps she treats it more like an accessory than a dog. I wouldn't be surprised if it bonded more with Simon than Dasha or Cyr.

No. 373771

She seems like a monster but this is giving her a lot of credit.
Maybe dead eyed junkie was his final form all along.

No. 373774

File: 1492791358828.gif (3.46 MB, 480x270, IMG_1302.GIF)

idk, i think she's sucking the soul out of him

No. 373811

File: 1492794945230.png (646.18 KB, 574x588, download.png)

I'm glad someone brought this up because Vincent was super hot back in the day before he met either Mina/Dasha and turned into a scrawny vegan boi IMO. Mommy like.

No. 373821

File: 1492796324110.png (89.03 KB, 515x387, Skärmavbild 2017-04-21 kl. 19.…)

Now that she's ranting and replying like crazy, does that mean she stopped working on the "bigger" thing?

No. 373828


wow RIP cyr, guess this is why you dont stick your dick in crazy

No. 373829

I think Cyr has a good/decent sense of style and fashion(+100 points in my book) but after all this I just can't find him qt, he became David Dastmalchian on heroin and AIDS.

No. 373846

Cyr used to be very attractive back in the day! but his attitude and everything now ruins him

No. 373849

I wish edwin and cyr would leave mina and dasha and run off in to the sunset together kek

No. 373868

File: 1492800296197.png (128.97 KB, 634x709, Skärmavbild 2017-04-21 kl. 20.…)

No. 373871


Wow they're really taking the high road here huh. Someone needs to, badly.

No. 373874

Yeah, all 4 of them should pound sand. But especially Dasha.

No. 373890

I can't continue looking at Dasha's curiouscat, she's insufferable.
She's got 0 receipts, even for the fake accounts, both of them had the same phone case, it doesn't clarify anywhere on the app pictured, who the accounts belong to, and if what Edwina's saying about her having two phones is true, then the girl literally doesn't have a hoof to stand on. She'll keep bawing about her clone status until everyone gets bored and forgets about this colossal reveal she has coming, or at the very least, to bide some time to pull something new out of her neglected bunghole

No. 373901

She admitted on her second (now deleted) curious cat that she had two phones.

No. 373902


lolcow is gonna move on before any of them do lmfao

No. 373915

To be fair to them, they did for quite some time, but i can imagine it's difficult not to retaliate after months of itsbatshitdash's slander and mocking on every platform she has, especially when they all have some degree of 'public image' and therefore are on the internet the majority of the time, if Julia hadn't of continuously posted all manner of obsessive posts about them, they probably wouldn't have made the video. If Edwin really wanted to milk and monetize the situation, surely he wouldn't have uploaded irrelevant​ vids during the time the situation became public. That being said I can completely understand your point, they're stooping to her level, doing little favours for their overall image and feeding her attention seeking ass.

No. 373924

lmaooo I don't know why everyone's acting so mature commentating on this, it was well deserved, true and pretty funny

No. 373963

Is she talking about making a video or something? Bc all she has is minas fake apology and fake accounts but no one really cares at this point

No. 374090

File: 1492857696212.png (255.21 KB, 540x422, Emma.png)

This girl always involved herself in drama, euh?
For the reason " I'm just defending my friend "

No. 374094

File: 1492859162397.png (196.58 KB, 536x758, Dasha's Cc.png)

From dasha's curiouscat

No. 374096

I mean… Dasha is a bitch, but I don't blame HER for Edwin leaving/being kicked out.
It's not her fault Cyr is a whiny ass man who can't say what he wants and has other people tell him what to do. It was his apartment and if anyone is to blame it's him.

No. 374098

Kinda like having someone tell you to cheat on your gf. Yeah someone told you to do it but you didn't HAVE to and you did so… it's your fault lmao. Everyone is giving Cyr too much credit. I don't think he's such a victim like everyone is painting him out to be.

No. 374101

I don't know man.. I keep feeling for cyr as Dasha reminds me of my abusive ex-boyfriend… It's literally the same manipulative tactics and child-like behaviours. Narcissistic personality disorder. Fortunately my ex wasn't a popular inta-hoe so at least I didnt get a lolcow thread.

I was in almost 5 years relationship with that douche, I lost most of my friends and I was like brainwashed to think I'm the one with the problem. If it wasnt for my family Id still be stuck with him. It took over a year of therapy to get myself together.

No. 374105

here's a boring interview with cyr if anyone care

some highlights:

- he stated that he has enough money from youtube to make a living and he works when he wants (its hard to believe for me tbh)

- he wants to go see shrink cause he thinks he has issues + he wants adderal

- talking about dasha he said he wasnt into her when they first met as he was more into art-hoes, not model-hoes kek

No. 374106

i find it funny cause he keeps posting these

No. 374108

oops double one, sorry

No. 374110

kek his eyes in the thumbnail
The bit about Adderall is the closest thing to honesty coming out of Cyr in a while.

No. 374111

At least he knows he has issues

No. 374118

All I can think about when I see Cyr now is how he ain't into sex atm and Dasha is not getting d and it makes me lol

No. 374122

Dasha's only argument against the "kicking out" thing is semantics. Forcibly ejecting someone from their home is still kicking them out. Doesn't matter if you gave them a "month's notice". And in the video Edwin did say exactly what he said in those texts Dasha is using to "expose" him for lying.

No. 374123

Lol I remember when she called Edwin disgusting for calling himself papi and calling his young fanbase "babygirls/ good girls" and Dasha retweeted it. I mean it is gross but are you not going to call out Cyr for doing the exact same thing?

No. 374127

Cyr dropped out of school, right? No wonder he keeps calling Dasha "smart" and "intelligent" lol

No. 374130

This made me feel awkward as hell.
Cyr is always trying to make himself seem edgy and itss just really tryhard at this point.

No. 374133

File: 1492877461037.jpg (88.79 KB, 501x240, Capture.JPG)

And this was Dasha's style before Mina…what kind of argument is that kek

No. 374139

File: 1492879123784.jpg (226.58 KB, 1075x1219, _20170422_183743.JPG)

No. 374147

You know honestly maybe these 27 year old men shouldn't get involved with these 20 year old instagram models drama in the first place. This shit is so high school.

No. 374151


BINGO. No matter how you look at it, a 27 year old man should be mature enough to handle a crazy 20 year old. Dasha is an immature 20 year old with anger issues, it's going to take people like her 20 more years to cool down.

No. 374169

Yes. I think if Cyr cared about her at all, he'd get her to simmer down. Not in a controlling way, but in a "omg you're doing irreparable damage to yourself and your reputation, for the love of god STOP!!!!" way. It's part of being a decent friend or partner to someone, is telling them when they're massively fucking up. And since she's apparently doing all this crap in his name, he should also tell her to quit speaking for him. Speaking of controlling behavior.

No. 374171

Well where is it? I need some new drama yall

No. 374199

Honestly, Mina looks pretty much the same. Just has shittier makeup and stopped straightening her hair. Dasha on the other hand is 100% different.

No. 374203

She's recording herself with one phone and showing and unlocked screen with the other. This is proof enough that she has 2 phones, I'd say (if people still were confused, if not go ahead and ignore this post)


No. 374224

And dasha will make a million reasons to avoid that proof

No. 374228

(Sorry I don't know how to quote)

But what kind of hate is she talking about? one account "mistaking" Dasha for Mina? And apparently these accounts have been in groupchats shit-talking/spreading hate about Dasha - where's the proof of that though?

No. 374229

How is anything she says going to be believable if she has two phones? She could fake anything she wants to. The fact that she even is in possession of two phones is suspicious enough as it is.

No. 374230

Nah I think Dasha is the type of person that you can't convince to anything. She's clearly delusional. If he tried to she'd probably just flip out. People like this just don't listen.

No. 374248

When did anyone ever say mina was the impersonation of Jesus Christ?

No. 374249

In Dasha's world you can't recognized a fucked up situation or support a person without actually praising them kek

I almost wish I was this delusional. She must feel very content.

No. 374256

>>374249 but she's also always angry and dick thirsty

No. 374267

File: 1492912870570.gif (4.9 MB, 480x270, dashademon.gif)

No. 374270

This is perfect

No. 374272

excellent work, anon.

No. 374273

Please make this into a banner

No. 374274

>>374267 this is the best thing i've seen in awhile

No. 374278

File: 1492916567783.png (1019.3 KB, 713x819, download.png)

Because I'm done with Dasha for today, o lawd this girl.

No. 374280

attempt and fail

No. 374289

Nothing like a floral unibrow.

No. 374336

sometimes i get the impression mina is consistently going for even wackier looks to see where dasha will draw the line and stop subtly "copying"

No. 374344

I'm more bothered with that car in the background. Soo easy to edit out yet it's still there :(

No. 374437

Why are most of you always makiing fun of Dasha and Mina's style/looks? I've seen people on here talking about Mina's makeup all the time. It comes off at the end of the day, and if she wants to have fun with it and do odd things then that's her choice. I just don't understand how you guys care so much about something as harmless as a way someone dresses themselves.

No. 374443

Thank you for posting these :)
From: http://web.archive.org/web/20131018092635/http:/ask.fm:80/JuliaJZargo

"Whats your best and what is your worst character trait?"
I am an unforgiving person. And my best characteristic is that I don't give a fuck about what people say who aren't close to me. Many people are very weak and can not deal with the hate on the internet. But I don't give a fuck about stuff like that because my self-esteem is too high. And that's great, I think.

(Like wtf girl high self-esteem my ass) That's roughly translated from Dashas Ask.fm. Dashas german grammatical skills are very weak for a native speaker.

No. 374449

>13:22 "[Dasha] wasn't my type at first, she was sort of.. too modelesque for me, y'know, I sort of like art hoes"
>ditches model style
>buys an artist beret for authentic art hoe aesthetic
>eats only croissants
>copies Minas style because knows Mina was Cyrs art hoe type

No. 374454

Awww you're too cute, is this your first time here?

No. 374460

Actually dasha herself always discuss it on her twitter.

i don't care. People can talk about anything in here as long as it doesn't break the rules…

Just ignore it if u don't like it

No. 374468

Thanks for the translation! Is there anything else that's interesting on there?

No. 374480

File: 1492957127464.png (19.74 KB, 705x93, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.1…)

I really liked this one:
>Who do you hate?
>Cheap women that are to blame that half of the male population views us as sex objects

The other ones are not that interesting and there's not many accessible with the way back machine.

No. 374486

>against being a 'sex object'
>talks about how good she is at blowjobs in edwins vlog

No. 374520

Oh my god, tinfoil af, but I hope this is true lmao.

No. 374522


No. 374535


Even if she risks looking like a crazy herself? I guess whatever keeps her busy in AZ inbetween "modeling gigs".

No. 374545

You know a guy is worth dating when he refers to certain women as "art hoes" like they're a brand. Classy.

No. 374546


Lmao I can't even differentiate. Is an art hoe supposed to be less attractive but smarter? Isn't modeling kind of an art? I don't get these superficial tumblr asshats.

No. 374569

Exactly. There isn't a difference because modeling IS a part of the artistic field.
So he just sounds like a douchebag when he says he likes "art hoes" as if it's anything but demeaning. Pretty sad.

No. 374597

No he was edgel0rds like himself. The 'marla singer' type kek so he thinks art hoes aka school shooters, druggies and other bums of the world.

No. 374604

Eh I dug through Simon's IG and found out who his ex-gf was (the one Dasha claimed to be controlling and wasn't comfortable with her posting pictures of him..). IDK Dasha seems like the type to convince Simon to break up with her because she didn't feel like she was attractive enough. I wouldn't be surprised if she was also behind the break up. /tinfoil hat af

No. 374616

File: 1492979190027.png (Spoiler Image, 102.54 KB, 750x707, IMG_1536.PNG)

>googles "art hoe"

No. 374629

Actually, at least on tumblr that's not too far from accurate, except her titties would be out and there would be more pastel and mustard yellow.

No. 374634

she literally never shuts up about simply kenna, who is as much of a cow as she is

No. 374635

fucking perfect

No. 374636


mmmm 00's cyr looking like he could be a kings of leon member is honestly my ideal guy

No. 374642


cyr just looking at the abyss holy shit.

No. 374643

No. 374714

File: 1492988739469.png (25.15 KB, 750x216, IMG_1549.PNG)

more like
>don't have sex - satan will rise
dasha was mad all this time because she was getting no D kek

No. 374719

and the starry night by van gogh plastered everywhere.

hm, isn't van gogh's first name Vincent? more tin foil but that might why this is Cyr's pseudonym, taking into consideration his preference for art hoes

No. 374724

File: 1492989158515.jpg (2.19 MB, 2560x1920, 2016.jpg)

No. 374725

i vote we call him michael from now on to trigger him and putin

No. 374728

I prefer 'Mike', it sounds more normie kek

No. 374737

Man, she is obsessed with Mina. If I were Mina I'd watch my back. Dasha wants to literally wear her. I am even not really joking; she's pathological and scary.

No. 374760

I thought dasha said that mina didn't start wearing wigs until she met her? This is months before they even knew each other existed lmao.

No. 374768

i don't know it is obsessed or not…
but yeah, she is crazy

Actually there are many proofs ( old photo,family,friends), but I can't post it here because it's too much. Just scrolling on their twitter

No. 374770

I love how triggered trasha gets when you call her Julia

No. 374786

I am all for calling them both by their real names from now on on all their social media

No. 374791

File: 1492996512582.png (7.49 MB, 1848x4320, 111.png)

No. 374792

A lot of these are reaches, but damn the ones that aren't are creepy as fuck.

No. 374796

holy shit. the dates.
didn't know it was possible to make julia even more creepy but you did it anon.

No. 374799

Please stop. It's too creepy.

No. 374895

i keep scrolling past this thread thinking it's all talk no milk like the cryaotic one but hooooly shit this convinced me to have a read. please make more of these, jesus.

No. 374903

Looks like Dasha and her ex bff lyndsey are friends again

No. 374962

some of these arent even the worst !!! on instagram alone just comparing some are incred. would make a collage myself but i dont have the time currently!!

No. 374963

When did this happen?

No. 374997


first ones aren't that bad but as it keeps going i really can't fucking tell them apart. holy shit.

No. 375034

does anyone else see their instagram stories? dasha copies mina's almost daily within the space of a few hours, it's really fucking disturbing.

No. 375044

Nice assumption.

Well, Mina's obviously prettier and in the right, so…

No. 375071

not sure, but saw her in dasha's snap chat and a pic of them together on dasha's twitter tonight

No. 375180

File: 1493047404713.jpg (141.36 KB, 748x504, YOURMOMSCHESTHAIR.jpg)

Lyn seems like a snake too. I don't trust half these 'LA' bitches. All out to fuck each other over.

Also Dasha still liking bullying pictures relating to Mina. Keep pretending like you're grown Dash but secretly you're still a jealous puta.

No. 375186

wow mina overlines her lips, i never knew this, who would have thought in 2017 people would overline their lips, how embarrassing… oh wait, 75% of girls in to makeup since kylie jenner do… NEXTTTT

At least Mina doesn't look HIV positive like someone said while you were live on periscope Dasha and Baby Dash Trash so ugly she's not even in her own twitter photo. insecure bitches creh evrytim kek

No. 375204

that babydashtrash bitch needs to crawl out of dasha's ass and get a life

No. 375273

Still waiting on ALL this major dirt you've got Julia, not got enough of the 'petty stuff' out of your system? Over a week and still at it with the Mina mocking. This kraken is the epitome of petty.

No. 375283

Okay, I gotta be honest. I am kind of sick of Mina myself. Why is she doing this to herself by going back to the brown curly hair knowing they are going to mock her? She looks exactly like Dasha now. IDK maybe like, get a different style completely and lay low until Putin goes away.

No. 375287

File: 1493060882357.jpg (28.11 KB, 360x640, 18136727_10211838158525879_162…)

No. 375289

As far as I know, Mina has always been a brunette (aside from the wigs, obviously), up until recently, where she has been attempting platinum blonde. Regardless, why shouldn't she? why should she 'get a different style' because this succubus has adopted a dress sense that Mina has been flaunting before she met her art hoe replacement, in the screechy words of Dasha 'NO ONE IS ORIGINAL'

No. 375292

Agreed. Mina is naturally brunette and Julia is naturally blonde. Why should Mina have to change her natural hair color?

No. 375293

File: 1493061684256.jpg (41.53 KB, 480x480, 13734365_1805506633017506_1195…)

What's the difference in over lining your lips and shooping them to hades and back? No doubt Julia has had some lip fillers. I try to remain unbiased but damn Dasha, you sure do like to make yourself look like an asshat.

No. 375294

File: 1493061704271.jpg (28.82 KB, 480x480, 14369136_1127275344018300_2979…)

No. 375312

No. 375341


She looks just like Dasha in here.

No. 375350

This is a picture of dasha's parents when they were young! i remember her commenting on this pic when someone asked if it was her and and she said it was her parents.

No. 375397


Dasha looks so much better blonde and Mina looks better brunette

No. 375403

File: 1493073278334.jpg (73.53 KB, 595x600, file_(25).jpg.ba8977da8a7e4c2a…)

Interesting, I wasn't aware of that, they are identical to eachother, both Dasha and her mother are undeniably, naturally gorgeous, shame about her attitude. Poor choice of image but the point still stands, it's ridiculously hypocritical to (be it retweet or not) mock Mina's lips when she shoops hers all kinds of shapes and sizes.
Totally agree, neither of them need to try very hard to be stunning, they look 10x better when natural, but each to their own.

No. 375410

File: 1493074073971.png (1.1 MB, 1067x1330, Screenshot_20170424-234155.png)

Girl can't say a damn thing.
Literally wearing Mina's face overdrawn Cupid's bow n all.

No. 375423

WOW in the exact same specific shape. Not even subtle. She's insane.

No. 375428


She definitely looks better with arched brows.

No. 375465

The girl in that picture is GORGEOUS and I would kill to look like that. Too bad for Cyr/luckily for us her hotness intersected the crazy line.

No. 375497

am i the only one here who doesnt think dasha is attractive at all and would still rather look like myself than her

No. 375499

an actual video of what julia's lips look like

No. 375507

Why would you try so hard to be someone your boyfriend broke up with?

No. 375510

I'm with
tbh, I would kill to look like her. She's one of those people with features that are naturally beautiful in an unoffensive way. She looks kinda like someone I have a bit of an obsession over. But I also have BDD, so I'm probably not the best person to talk to about this.

saged for boring and OT

No. 375514

when she had long blonde hair and wore more natural makeup I thought she was a total knockout. Her features are naturally broad/somewhat masculine in the way that a lot of models are, and the long blonde hair softened her appearance. She also has a bit of a mature face for her age. Overall, before the horrid instahoe makeup and the lip fillers she would be a solid 8/10 in my book and i rate myself much much lower than that so yeah I'd like to look like her

sage for blog/OT

No. 375522

Julia is naturally crazy, we know this.
Maybe Mike talked about Mina a lot though. He seems like the sort who talks about past glories a lot.

No. 375531

Well there's been speculation that Dasha actually swooped in and made a move on Cyr while he was still with Mina so if that's the case then she may have turned into Mina to keep him around? He has said that he was into the "art-hoe" types (ick) so she possibly tried to become what she knew he was already attracted to? I feel like because she started the relationship on such a slimy pretense she's constantly doing shit to keep him invested because shes paranoid he'll do the same to her. Also what >>375522 said because MIKE (kek) seems like the type to talk about his previous gyals since he's a serial cheater anyway

No. 375548

i watched all of this shit while doing homework…
how are people so stupid? they're grown adults acting like children

No. 375557

yes, Julia and Mike certainly are idiots.

No. 375628

File: 1493110744085.jpg (49.22 KB, 392x513, IMG_natrb1.jpg)


Can Putin fuck off already? She's the LAST person who should be mocking the way Mina's lips are or the way she does her lip liner.

No. 375629

File: 1493110820016.jpg (96.47 KB, 476x515, IMG_dvbkyv.jpg)

No. 375630

File: 1493110863111.jpg (42.92 KB, 340x335, IMG_-1z3o59.jpg)

No. 375632

File: 1493110919550.jpg (39.17 KB, 300x433, IMG_hz7cvs.jpg)

My personal favorite.

No. 375644

dasha looks like pete burns #1 trans impersonator

clock that top lip deflate, better get some restylane asap

No. 375647


No. 375649


she looks like a totally different person in all her pictures. wtf.

No. 375655

Her lips are overlined just as much as Mina, plus on top of that her ugly ass fillers which makes it ten times more laughable

No. 375679

File: 1493120065529.png (36.04 KB, 750x401, IMG_1584.PNG)

No. 375680

File: 1493120087897.jpg (416.01 KB, 736x748, IMG_1585.JPG)

I made you fan art. I love you my queen Dasha notice me! xxxxxx

No. 375682

kek someone tweet this to her

No. 375687

I'm cryinggg. Someone photoshop this onto her body

No. 375689

>>375680 kek masterpiece

No. 375691

File: 1493122970852.png (24.99 KB, 325x175, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 22.0…)


she's a child. this was from one of dasha's twitch streams

dasha is genuinely making 'friends' with kids the way lainey does. creepy af

No. 375698

I guess she can brain wash kids like that easier than grown adults

No. 375703

this is honestly fucking terrifying :/ poor Mina

No. 375704

I would get a restraining order on Julia asap if I were her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 375707


holy fuck. Newfag, lurk moar before posting.

admins plz

No. 375712

>my mom is 34
>dasha is 20


No. 375716

i thought this too "was putins mom 14 when she spawned satan himself" but isnt that baby dash trash, not julia herself.

unless you're on about something different or i'm wrong

No. 375717

damnn thats a nice ass!

No. 375719


No. 375723

Do you disprove of those posts almighty oldfag? Would you like your special snowflake award now or after your round of applause?

No. 375727

File: 1493129246121.png (887.56 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20170425-150318.png)

>Mina gets fan art

No. 375732

damnn thats a nice ass!>>375719
what wrong with foreskin you fucking inbred virign

No. 375751

>what wrong with foreskin
get out, stop derailing, no sage, responding to a 5 day old post on an extremely active thread you absolute fucking mouth breather lol

No. 375759

defiantly a fat bitch, go gym fatso

No. 375760

File: 1493132998795.png (1.23 MB, 749x1110, IMG_1606.PNG)

The one true queen. Mina is a faker and a hater. I love you Julia xxxxx

No. 375761


No. 375821

cyr is hosting drama alert this weekend

No. 375825

fuck anon i'm not sure how to handle this. it's hilarious but so terrifying also.

No. 375842

File: 1493142210345.jpg (269.15 KB, 1417x1689, IMG_1597.JPG)

I love this photo of Julia even though she photoshopped her nose so small but I know she said it's because photoshop is an art which makes her an autist and Mike loves art hoes. Still so beutiful. A true angle!

No. 375847

What? I don't see an issue with what I posted. Dasha is clearly batshit insane. I thought this was the general consensus anyway?
Plus I would like to see more time stamped photo comparisons if there were more. (not to ignore any other relevant topics sorry)

No. 375857

No. 375870

I'm laughing so much you filled this out
>Name: anon
>Email: no
ahahahahahahaha awww cute

No. 375872


holy shit, can you please spoiler that lol

No. 375879

No. 375880

File: 1493146731371.png (1.81 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5104.PNG)

No. 375890

File: 1493147279268.png (528.26 KB, 1078x772, Screenshot_20170425-200057.png)

Julia posted this THE DAY Mina posted her fan art

No. 375891

Well yeah, she hasn't had any plastic surgery bar her lips… just morphs her face in to moon man with the aid of photoshop
Bet you no one asks her this question IRL kek

No. 375892

Well she's got tons of fan art on this thread, more than Mina got so she can't complain. Go wild and save all these images to your hearts content Putin, they are all for you because we love you!

No. 375894


I mean I wouldn't really count lip fillers as plastic surgery tbh. They're done with injections. And she ain't that rich to afford any major plastic surgery anyway. Pretty sure they're all broke af.

No. 375932

File: 1493152674899.png (117.37 KB, 750x895, IMG_0758.PNG)

Ok but can someone clear this up for me, Cyr working in the coffee shop he frequents?? I thought he made enough money from YouTube?? Idgi

No. 375981

File: 1493157144740.jpg (620.76 KB, 2048x2048, 13011281-26BB-42D5-931A-FDC250…)

lol Mina yesterday, Dasha today. Dasha totally doesn't copy.

No. 375986


she must be doing it on fucking purpose at this point, now that she's been called out on it.

No. 375988

ughh i cant get over how terrible that overlined lip is…

No. 375990

He rarely posts on youtube so I doubt he's making shit right now, especially not enough to live on. If Mike had a dollar for every time Julia said "Minaaaa" he would have enough to pay this months rent. I wouldn't judge him if he could just be honest like every other youtuber that he doesn't earn much from it or say "youtube is a hobby for me, but doesn't pay the bills so i have a job too" but he's constantly trying to give this image he's an accomplished youtuber, but as i said he rarely makes videos and he's subscribers were probably gained from exposure from onion

No. 375998


>dasha must have dummy acounts and follow on mina on every social media

>dasha must still have thousands of pics of mina on her phone (mina hinted at this, remember she said dasha was fawnie and had a bunch of her bad pics).
>dasha probably does her makeup while looking at her thousands of pictures of mina
>she posts this shit and then goes to complain about how normal and #not bothered she is.

like… the delusion….

No. 376004

This is fucking creepy

No. 376006


LOOOL the overline is literally 1 inch thick starting from the end of her actual lips.

Why are people saying it's creepy? Dude they literally lived together for a couple months and had eachother. Of course they are going to have the same fucking clothes and style. I get it's creepy Dasha is copying, but the fact that they have the same stuff isn't OMGWTF surprising.

No. 376008

Because Dasha started buying/wearing exact or similar clothes as mina before they met in person!!! i used to follow mina's deleted IG account and noticed it before mina flew out there.

No. 376010

Dasha has been obsessed/jealous of mina since the beginning

No. 376022

File: 1493169677819.png (114.73 KB, 750x900, IMG_1242.PNG)

What the fuck

No. 376024

Isn't this kid like 14?

No. 376025

File: 1493170078582.gif (975.81 KB, 500x281, sassy the barista.gif)

No. 376026


Someone open a gofundme for this chick and get her a nose job asap pls

No. 376027


all the mina hatred went right to her nose lol

No. 376028

She looks and acts like it and most of Julia's fans are underage

No. 376029


no shade but if you post pictures where half your face is covered, you are ugly. no exceptions. also your hair is fried, sis.

No. 376030

Trash changes her age every other week. When the drama started she was 14, then she was over 18, over 20, etc. I also could've sworn she was a catfish at one point, and before the drama was really bad she claimed she had a best friend who was going to role play Mina with her while she role played Dasha. She's embarrassing. Dasha needs to stop befriending children.

No. 376056

She looks right about 14/15. I'm not surprised. Girl go do your school work and practice your skills instead of pissing around on twitter and acting like a ho. She's going to seriously get herself in trouble.

No. 376219

File: 1493178160560.jpg (881.41 KB, 2560x1920, Dasha's minion..jpg)

Wow, never trust this person.
Just dasha's lick ass-er account
Dasha "pays" her with fame

No. 376277

>hope to become either a neurologist or an astronaut
trash is 14 confirmed lol

No. 376282

File: 1493180724474.jpg (64.69 KB, 480x570, IMG_-fxgohq.jpg)

>Get u an idol who obsesses about another female, tries to wear her skin, while simultaneously trying to be better than that same female in everything (which doesn't make any fucking sense, because how can you be better than someone YOU'RE impersonating) and has a brigade of mentally handicapped pre-teens who think they're the shit for bullying someone on the internet who they've never met.

No. 376286

File: 1493180925566.jpg (19.13 KB, 400x400, IMG_20170425_212649.jpg)

Why would you get a piercing that's going to bring more attention to your ugly nose?

No. 376299

She really shouldn't be coming for mina when she got a nose like that yikes

No. 376440

File: 1493189063615.jpg (48.7 KB, 480x383, IMG_9rf5ob.jpg)

Mina tweets one thing speaking TRUTH and pointing out Putin's hypocrisy

No. 376442

File: 1493189161949.jpg (67.48 KB, 480x576, IMG_p3si99.jpg)

And ofc, Putin immediately loses her shit and resorts to repeating the same repetitive shit.

No. 376444

File: 1493189272805.jpg (43.96 KB, 480x380, IMG_-prbsrf.jpg)


And just in case everyone forgot after hearing the same thing the past couple months.

No. 376445

File: 1493189367849.jpg (50.54 KB, 478x356, IMG_-4k2uxp.jpg)


But you're still trying to be her?

No. 376446

the fact that Dasha is constantly checking on Minas posts to see what she's saying and what she's wearing… fucking creepy af

No. 376447

Sounds more like she's taking about onion

No. 376452


I also love how Dasha has finally admitted to cyberbullying at last, after months of pretending you had nothing to do with it but just so happened to like all the tweets about it

No. 376460

She literally refreshes her twitter all day long, but guuuuuuise she's not worried about mina at all!!1

No. 376462

File: 1493191016133.jpg (58.68 KB, 480x502, IMG_euxzdd.jpg)

Nope, still delusional and trying to find excuses for her shitty behaviour.

No. 376463

or herself she's always projecting

No. 376464

Julia's fans are a bunch of idiots

No. 376466

File: 1493192781540.jpg (142.92 KB, 386x416, 1493192622529.jpg)

~be kind to animals~

No. 376469

I noticed that too but she's still following mina on instagram

No. 376471

File: 1493193011039.jpg (376.98 KB, 930x1600, .camtemp.jpg)

some manipulative bullshit off Julia's curious cat…
how did Edwin take Minas side over Cyrs when the issue was between you and mina not mina and Cyr and you're the one who did wrong? And I thought you was fine with Mina and wanted her to stay but not Edwin so why's it now the other way round
>"Everything that is public looks worse"
>Made a periscope and bullied them for months online in public until they responded after having enough
Also you still haven't addressed the receipts Edwin supplied of messages from Cyr saying you 'terrorise' and 'emasculate' him… why? because it's true! it's all true and you can't defend yourself so you still going on about the same shit or only defending yourself about things that have no proof so you can easily lie your way out of it. And this is why no one buys in to your shit Trasha.

No. 376473

Thanks for your contribution and totally hilarious 2007 meme.

No. 376482

File: 1493194998176.png (46.44 KB, 750x307, IMG_1639.PNG)

No. 376487

File: 1493195317810.png (36.5 KB, 750x284, IMG_1640.PNG)

also, does this mean Mike and Julia had to move out the apartment because he couldn't afford it and moved in with Simon or is Julia's english really bad and they are still living there?

No. 376491

Julia is triggered

No. 376537

I love how Mina made one true tweet, and that alone made Dashas whole world explode.

No. 376543

File: 1493205221633.jpg (22.69 KB, 242x316, IMG_pv9w1d.jpg)

>Schemes likes yzma
>Looks like yzma

No. 376714

>Edwin is a coddled man child whose hardest time in his life was 8th grade tier apartment drama
>Mina pretend like she didn't want to get back in cyrs dick
>cyr is a door mat
>dasha is the puppet master controlling everyone in the house with her plots and schemes

I feel like dasha wanted to get rid of Edwin so Mina could be alone in the house and she could have complete control over mina and cyr

No. 376756


>complete control over Mina

yeah, i think that's what she was trying to do too. which, i understand why she would manipulate cyr - considering his her source of income and housing. but why mina? why keep her around and watch her every move? i just don't understand her weird obsession with her. i know mina isn't a saint in the situation, but god damn is dasha fucking weird.

No. 376759


Projection, projection, projection.

No. 376782

I'm pretty sure she had a crush on Mina, is insanely heartbroken right now and copes with it by trying to make her seem bad to everyone else

No. 376788

Nah she's just a psycho whose hated/been obsessed with mina from the start, and invited her out to california to fuck with her as some sort of crazy sick game.

No. 376794

File: 1493234661033.gif (1.77 MB, 512x384, nClvAFI.gif)


"Now kiss!"

No. 376989

this doesn't make sense, lyndsay commented on minas photo calling dasha a bully so… is someone lying?

No. 377026

I don't think she's lying I think they must have made up so I guess Lyndsey is a snake?

No. 377029

So sometimes in her curiouscat she'll show a question but not answer it. I'm not trendy or a tumblr fag, what is this supposed to mean? "Oh look at this dumbass question I'm not even gonna answer it but I'll put it out in public tho"?

No. 377053


i like how dasha is so fucking crazy, that either of you could be absolutelty right.

No. 377129

From my Tumblr experience, usually people do that when its more of a statement that doesn't need answering and they agree w/ it.

No. 377149

She did that with one of my questions, and I also asked her why she posts them but doesn't answer, but she never posted or answered that..

No. 377150

File: 1493266067127.png (109.45 KB, 750x914, IMG_1243.PNG)

Julia's fans are wild. This person Instagram seems pretty real to me, so what does this even prove lmao?

No. 377170

Of course Julia retweeted that

No. 377171

is there more context? I can't figure out anything from this reach.

No. 377172

Lolwutt. Do Dasha's retarded asslicking fans even bother checking what they're talking about before they start sperging all over their keyboards?

No. 377173

File: 1493270798370.jpg (1.04 MB, 2560x1920, Julia's fav.topic.jpg)

About Mina's fake account

No. 377175

File: 1493271171150.png (840.28 KB, 1273x928, 1.PNG)

No. 377176

File: 1493271225889.png (812.47 KB, 1171x928, 2.PNG)

No. 377189

Oh my,,

Poor her friends and fans…
One day if they hurt/leave Julia, she will ruin their life.
If I'm Her fans I'd better keep quiet or not interfere in her drama.

No. 377195

this idiot. the way she alludes to being in the US illegally. can't wait for her deportation tbf. she is so lacking in self awareness when she rants like this.

No. 377221

File: 1493277140614.png (226.11 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-04-27-00-09-01…)

The fact that cyr actually socializes with Dasha's crazy pre-teen fans is so cringy. Bye whatever chance of a youtube career you might've had.

No. 377228

this is beyond embarrassing. gotta keep that dying yt career alive however he can

No. 377231

i dont get the deal with these "dying" youtubers like maxmoefoe/cyr, is it that fucking hard to pump out scheduled videos weekly/monthly?

like for fucks sakes, is it that to commit to your JOB

No. 377237


Maybe they think something like this can attract more viewer / follower?
They have to keep making dramas because when drama is over, people obviously will leave them

No. 377252

File: 1493281499370.png (103.76 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-04-27-01-22-05…)

I puked a little in my mouth. Trasha's minions are just as crazy as her.

No. 377264

You mean the career that Onionboy gave him?
Im sure both of their careers are finished. They should just shut down their YT now and get into a poly relationship.

No. 377271

ew wtf simon didn't ask to be cyber molested by a minor

No. 377278

No. 377283

I feel like all these vultures are feeding off him when he's down. Dasha's minions aren't your friends, Cyr. I wonder if she pressured him into this interaction, or if he actually thought it was a good idea.

No. 377293


I'm super confused. How can you tell if an account is real or not?!

No. 377295

he has no friends anymore and lost all his self confidence that's why he's resorted to thinking dashas 'friends' are his 'friends' yet they aren't dashas friends at all, they are either fans of hers who are obsessed with her or people who are kissing dashas ass to get closer to Cyr as I've seen twitter posts w/ screenshots of them creaming their pants when Cyr eventually follows them back after they have interacted for weeks with Dasha. you don't befriend your fans or message them such private info, not a cool move. also bad fights shouldn't even be happening so early on in the relationship, none of its work related stress for one as they are both bums, and for it to get to that point she terrorises you and emasculates you it is NOT a healthy relationship. As for Charlie posting this, you're as bad as Edwin for releasing private messages with Cyr. Surely if Cyr wanted to put anything out to the public he would himself release a statement of some sort considering he has the largest following. Why is everyone outing Cyrs private messages? Can he trust anyone anymore?!?

No. 377296

File: 1493288018553.png (121.16 KB, 538x546, Lina.png)

I don't know that account made by dasha or mina… but this is lina monroez twitter

No. 377311

File: 1493290017136.png (134.26 KB, 531x648, Ink.png)

And her insta is real.. i guess (?)

No. 377318

Well props to Julia, it's a skill to practically write a novella about the situation and have absolutely NO concrete points or new information
>I have proof!
Never shows ANY proof
>It only seems worse because it's public!!!

No. 377319

If they call those screenshots normal couple fighting, then they must be in some fucked up masochistic/sadist relationship. If you're a grown adult and can't work your problems out with your bf/gf without involving a third party, then probably means you should end it.

And those fake accounts seem more and more of a grey area as time goes on, because Mina would have to be very stupid to use it after being "exposed", thats like giving Dasha all the power… which makes me think these accounts are just Dasha, or someone else.

No. 377320

I was thinking the same thing about those accounds.

And even if it is Mina, what does it matter anymore? It doesn't remove all the other shit Dasha did, to Cyr, Edwin and Mina which we all have proof of.

No. 377321

The worst part is cyr doesn't have an excuse for not being able to put out his vids, he has no second job, he's just a lazy fuck who drinks too much. Don't even know why he has the following that he has now

No. 377325

File: 1493294227823.png (116.71 KB, 750x683, IMG_1706.PNG)

Dashas curious cat is so funny the past few hours. I'm wondering if her following is that stupid or she's sending herself these questions.
>WE called YOU onision
>YOU was the one that wouldn't shut up about the drama
>YOU are playing victim
>YOU wanted THEM to keep quiet

No. 377327

File: 1493294403559.png (46.7 KB, 750x270, IMG_1705.PNG)

it was longer than 2 weeks if you count the 2nd polyamo relationship lol…
Julia, you shouldn't be making hour long periscopes, snapchat videos, twitter posts, memes, stealing the style of and flying out to LA Cyrs ex of 2 weeks. Pathetic.

No. 377345

the olivia_doverspike is deleted now?


Im getting lost in this drama. Anyways whatever Mina did ot didn't do, still Putin is crazy af.

No. 377347

File: 1493300736374.png (238.26 KB, 1242x1085, IMG_5062.PNG)

I think Dasha is definitley writing her own questions, for example look at this one. Like wtf is with the eyebrow part of the message… and then there's another message a little bit ago about Mina sucking in her cheeks or something, like who tf cares. Dasha has injected her lips full with who knows what, how can you complain about someone else altering their apperance.

No. 377361

don't most models suck in their cheeks for shots though?

No. 377363

yeah that's just fucking weird

No. 377384


wouldn't be surprised if it was her: considering her history with deleting peoples accounts, having fake accounts, and spreading shit as fawnie. but if that's true, that shit is sad as hell.

No. 377473

yeah but I would imagine if they were "smart" or somewhat capable, they would put out a video to capitalize on this drama

No. 377495

Cyr will be hosting dramaalert this weekend

No. 377496

File: 1493323036735.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6546.PNG)

Why they never clean their filthy ass apartment, it's not like they have anything better to do other than sitting at the coffee shop and ranting on twitter

No. 377518

Seriously, it's a big space that could have nice decor and art and they treat it like a college dorm.

No. 377543

i bet edwin cleaned

what's the return policy on russian mail order brides? i'm sure their duty involves house cleaning. Mike needs to send his back, it seems faulty kek

No. 377549

Sooo what's their aesthetic exactly and why do they have fans…..? Anime makeup girls? I wanna see candid shots cause they prob look like clowns

No. 377627

before i was turned off by the drama, i was into trasha's uwu aesthethic. but her ugly personality ruins it now

No. 377761

File: 1493348770488.png (3.92 MB, 2812x1348, l.png)

i'm sure… it's just… a coincidence…

No. 377763

Dasha is now using a pic of Sailor Saturn as her profile pic, meanwhile Mina thinks Sailor Saturn is her twin, and so does Kenna. This is random but I find it hilarious. Like is there some Sailor Saturn look alike cult or some shit.

No. 377764

File: 1493349045745.png (2.29 MB, 2088x1182, Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 7.55…)

No. 377768


Same wig, pink colored dress, eyebrows but the rest is a little bit reaching anon.

No. 377771

Wow. That's legit scary. Putin's obsessed.
Also, I wanted to know if the reason Cyr and Mina broke up is only because he cheated on her with Putin or if there were more reasons. What was their relationship like? Sage if this is not relevant.

No. 377772

shes never even gotten that far into sailor moon or one episode of it i bet.

i love that random pointy, sharp edge on her chin and the millions of tiny indents on her face shape shooping. looks like it was smashed with a bunch of gravel pebbles and her skin stayed that way. top tier shop as usual.

No. 377776

everyone with the black lord farquuad haircut is a unique special snowflake who is completely original and not about copying characters/other social media whores at all.
i swear that hair is a red flag cult in itself of "stay the fuck away from me. im crazy and desperate for attention teehee xD"

No. 377792

what the fuck is it with all these attention whores comparing themselves to Saturn

No. 377794

File: 1493352649774.png (178 KB, 750x1155, IMG_1247.PNG)

Why are all of Julia's fans weird like this

No. 377807

itsbabydasha didn't like it??? GASP!

No. 377843

File: 1493360565649.jpg (1.91 MB, 2048x2048, collage1493359880835.jpg)

Some fanart of one of Dasha's #1 fan/minion tulipwantsfries or olivia_doverspike

No. 377869

File: 1493367790051.jpg (112.97 KB, 404x485, 2017-04-28_01.09.55.jpg)

No. 377872


No. 377888

She doesn't even look like sailor saturn, what a dumb basic bitch

No. 377889

File: 1493372788177.jpg (1.84 MB, 2560x1920, Nuehai.jpg)

I think Mina gets inspired (about her make up) from this girl

No. 377894

Annnddd few days later dasha will copy this style

Last year mina found sailor saturn image but it was only few moment then she changed her style.

Pfft dasha's behavior and her fans are embarrassing.

No. 377904

File: 1493375397463.png (323.72 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2017-04-28-03-25-26…)

How do you not clean your filthy pigsty before making a utube video? There's 3 adults living in that apartment for fucks sake. I can just imagine the godzilla sized cockroaches they have running around.

No. 377914

they don't have time for cleaning, cause theyre busy drinking and feeding minions on twitter

No. 377919

File: 1493377709881.jpg (259.72 KB, 1047x605, kek.jpg)

no dashas trash-minion stated that Mina steals Dashas tweet kek.

What's next they gonna "copy" from each other, the way they wipe?

No. 377923

File: 1493379458518.jpg (209.94 KB, 576x491, hey.jpg)

check out these twitter accounts… Im not implying anything but they are cringy as fuck, both praising Mina and both not used since last year… I don't know who made them… is it Mina, her cancerous fans or is it some Putins long-term masterplan… What do you think?


No. 377937

Next they might kill each other


No. 377940

Dasha is now claiming Mina lies about Dasha lying about shoots, because she says if you look at her Instagram page she does many. But all I see is lime crime, and the rest are just pictures that look like anyone could have taken them, they don't look professional at all. So I'm not sure to count them. She said a week or two ago she had five big things coming also, but I also have yet to see one.

No. 377947

How about the videos? Always say soon..S O O N.. but never upload them. Maybe u/someone can ask her?

Is it possible to fake photoshoot?
When mina said that? On twitter?

No. 378004

Mina said it in the video that Dasha would say/pretend she was going to a shoot and invite Mina too, but then Dasha wouldn't go and just stay home all day.

No. 378043

>Dasha is now claiming Mina lies about Dasha

Julia needs a goddamn break from the internet.

No. 378046

dasha deleted mina's ig how many times? does anyone know the highest amount of followers mina had beforedasha deleted her accounts?

No. 378072

with all the other evidence i wouldn't say reaching, just look at the time stamps

No. 378208

File: 1493416403093.png (604.64 KB, 858x576, download.png)

Edwin is one salty fuck. Not sure why he's jumping on the "modeling" photoshoot bandwagon. As if anyone would hire his broke af ass.

No. 378247

>makes a joke
>"salty fuck"

No. 378251


They all are tbh

No. 378258

i know. it went way, way over anon's head. jfc.

No. 378274

File: 1493423487541.jpg (61.05 KB, 480x498, IMG_kmfga1.jpg)

Lol trasha's minions really think she's friends with them

No. 378327

Edwin and Mina have every right to be a bit salty and crack a joke since putin has been dragging their names through the mud every day since January

No. 378394

She wants Simons dick so bad

No. 378422

File: 1493432579108.png (87.79 KB, 749x667, IMG_1256.PNG)

The fuck am I looking at?

No. 378445

the fuck is that ahahhahahahahhahahaa

No. 378447

She doesn't want his dick, she wants to social climb. She's a fucking freshman though so I don't know what this little girl thinks she's doing.

No. 378448

I think Cyrs psychotic break down is near, especially since he's lost his friends, the dramas killed his yet and all the minions keep shipping dasha with simon, it's only a matter of time before Cyr's ego is completely crushed and he feels completely emasculated and second best to simon kek. Wouldn't surprise me if this cuckolding is "pay back" for 'Mina' making those edits and for Cyr 'cheating' on Julia with Mina, even though it was Dasha instigating the situation lol

No. 378453

I dont know but I think its looking back

No. 378465


Just saying that some anons who follow this thread hate all of them equally and would rather not dogpile on just one asshole (Dasha).

No. 378470

All their respective flaws aside, there's no milk without Dasha. It'd just be another YouTuber who cheats on all his girlfriends and his weird little freeloading friend, and some instagram chick who lives in London and we may well have never heard of if Dasha didn't invite her to LA. Yawn.

There's no point scraping up reasons to bitch about the rest of them when most of the milk comes from Julia.

No. 378491

Here is Cyr's new collab video with Keemstar.

No. 378532

>cyr collab with kumstar

wow you're really surrounding yourself with gems cyr

No. 378544

He will do almost anything for recognition and money with his dying career.

No. 378546

Dasha claims she only deleted it one time (the first time), but her instagram was deleted 3 times over a few days >>373361 . It should be noted that Mina was compaining of Instagram posts going missing on her 4th instagram (look at her earliest posts that are still up) which were posted around the time Dasha came clean to Edwin about deleting her posts and instagram account. So, Dasha definitely could've been responsible for deleting Mina's instagram those two other times, but Mina hasn't said anything suggesting that for some reason.

Sage for tinfoil rustling.

No. 378615

>It should be noted that Mina was compaining of Instagram posts going missing on her 4th instagram

She just meant that people were reporting some of her pictures to the IG police, hence why they were deleted.

No. 378618



No. 378653

Theory: Babydashtrash is the Lane to Dasha's Lainey
I hope this ends the same way and she spills

No. 378654


I bet Simon doesn't give a fuck about her, he doesn't acknowledge any of Dasha's friends on IG. I also bet Dasha acts as a medium between them and lies about Simon being into her or some shit.

Also how much does that fucking coffee house pay Cyr hourly. Can we get some CSI shit going on here I'm really curious to know if it's enough for him to sustain his bills.

No. 378656

what even is this?

No. 378661


I believe they're supposed to be fake accounts made by Mina a long time ago when she was into Idubbbz/Ian.

No. 378667

Mina looked and acted so different a year ago … Maybe it's not the Putin level of transforming into crazy-insta bimbo but still. It's like these people don't grow older, they're just getting more retarded.

No. 378684


Wait, I thought he was a YouTube partner?

No. 378729


Simon is just a barista at the asian coffee shop close to Cyr's apartment.

No. 378745

The few videos Mike bothers to upload don't get that many views, and quite a few of the old ones were demonetized by YouTube.

He's either a trust fund kid or that coffee shop he works 12 hours a week in is paying him in diamonds.

No. 378769


if mike was a trust fundie tho surely his parents would have co-signed the lease rather than his brother? although that said julia has hinted in the past that he has difficult family relations so maybe he's just one of those people that hates his parents for being so mean to him but still takes their money to fund his lifestyle like he's owed it

No. 378775

Newfag here; who tf is Mike? Is that one of Cyr's other aliases?

Saged for retarded questions.

No. 378782


Cyr. Vincent is just what he goes by for the edgepoints. His actual name is Michael, and seeing as how Dasha/Julia was so insistent that calling him that would be so terribly triggering for him it was obvious bait to farmers

No. 378784


Oh I see. IIRC, "Ryan" was also one of his former aliases along with "Vincent", right? Though that must've been while he was mooching off Onion for awhile.

No. 378785

File: 1493512468011.png (949.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4088.PNG)

About to hit up the bottle again!

No. 378788


Mina acts like a retard now compared to this video.

No. 378791


Pretty sure that puppy was adopted for Cyr's mental health now.

No. 378793

lol. I'm sure he's just walking around town drinking alcohol.
Non-alcoholic beverages come in glass bottles yet anon.

No. 378796

Accidentally put it on the Axel thread

No. 378820

Is it me or does it seem like Edwin has/had a crush on Cyr which is why he is so buttmad? At first I thought he is just drama/view hungry but with how much he is going on about it, it really seems like he had feelings for him.

No. 378826

have you never had a friend, or?

No. 378828

Ryan is Cyrs middle name that he used to go by

No. 378837

mina and Edwin are just friends or are they dating? is Edwin gay?

No. 378840

About the lease situation, there's an old Chris Crocker interview that I can't seem to find. He said that when he first moved to LA before he began doing porn, he had a hell of a time finding an apartment as landlords were leery of people with occupations like "YouTube personality." They preferred tenants with more stable income.
Could be why Mike's brother had to sign the lease, especially for that expensive place.

No. 378841

a bit OT, but what program do they use to shop their pics, photoshop or one of those iphone apps? These pics seem of good quality and i doubt these chicks took a course of photoshop in school

No. 378845


I think both pictures were taken by an expensive high quality camera, and uploaded on their cellphones for IG.

No. 378847


Mina's kind of into big named youtubers like Idubbbz or whomever (Cyr too I guess). Edwin is whatever, I think they're just friends, FWB at most.

No. 378855

Idk the kid as a lot of… feels. He comes across as pretty needy and seems to have needed a high level of emotional satiation from Cyr.

No. 378867

supposedly just friends Edwin is straight

No. 379029


theres no way imo, Trash is too immature to see through Dasha's bullshit. i liked lane, but she only turned to the dark side because lainey treated her like shit and couldn't stand it anymore (plus the attention). meanwhile if dash gives a RT to Trash, Trash wets herself. she really thinks she's friends with Dasha and i don't think you could convice her otherwise. she's a delusional pre teen.

No. 379031


true, its just not as funny tho.

i prefer alcoholic cyr walking with a dog and a beer . jpg


i can't tell who is more suicidal, Cyr or the poor dog.

No. 379033


you thought that Edwin was creepy about Cyr? …but you didn't think that Dasha was creepy about Mina? …

i think its just cause they were best friends for years and they used to hang out all day. its pretty normal honestly, once you get used to seeing a close friend every day it fucks with you when you stop it.

meanwhile, Dasha and Mina had a very strange relationship from the get go. i think that's why in this thread we focus mostly on them instead of Cyr/Edwin. i didn't find Edwin creepy honestly. your best friend not caring about you anymore because of their SO is universally painful.

No. 379035

File: 1493574816362.png (424.5 KB, 526x477, safdfgf.PNG)

if cyr keeps living the way he does he's going to look like the first pic in like five years.

No. 379039

Dude, her head looks massive on the left and bottom right pic.

No. 379040

That or dying from alcohol poisoning

No. 379041

That's because her head is huge, Anon.
It's like a bobble head but only halfway.

No. 379042

File: 1493576386973.jpg (183.72 KB, 612x380, d7d35d7421b1d43993c7e6ee978fc5…)

Old Cyr looks like Corey Feldman.

No. 379046

File: 1493577451149.png (913.01 KB, 995x628, basically.png)

No. 379047


LOL get the fuck out of here with your Edwin/Mina whiteknighting bullshit. They are ALL shitheads and horrible people.

No. 379048

File: 1493578176105.png (99.45 KB, 1306x448, afldjlafsd.png)

it's funny how they joke about him being a sugar daddy and then i see this comment

No. 379051

the noise i just made wasn't even human.

No. 379059

I don't know where that person sourced that information from, but it wouldn't surprise me. How else is she paying for her life?

No. 379063

Give evidence that Mina is horrible please. Seriously, I haven't seen any. Maybe I missed it

No. 379113

File: 1493587568974.jpg (404.15 KB, 1600x1375, .camtemp.jpg)

Mike getting cucked hardr than Onision

No. 379114

File: 1493587612655.jpg (311.03 KB, 1600x1375, .camtemp.jpg)


No. 379118

how is cyr paying for that apartment working at just a coffee shop with a dying yt channel?
>looking for a guy who can provide rent

No. 379121

File: 1493588694457.png (392.13 KB, 1175x485, yuliamasha.png)

Interesting. No idea if its a legit profile (and not someone catfishing), but I googled yuliamasha and found this http://www.imgrum.org/media/969046105020581935_190773729 It appears Julia once had an instagram with this username (it no longer exists by the looks of things).

No. 379127


>Online less than a year ago

No. 379129

File: 1493590298001.png (447.64 KB, 821x621, instahack2.png)

Dasha is claiming her instagram got hacked because hackers are trying to blackmail Cyr into making a video about it on DramaAlert…

No. 379130

File: 1493590434025.png (261.79 KB, 1045x618, instahack.png)

Same anon. Here's a screencap of her itsbabydash account now. I'd sooner believe this is all fake so people will stop making comparison pics of how much she copied Mina's style before meeting her.

No. 379131

File: 1493590563046.png (296.48 KB, 994x923, 11.PNG)

Found an old ask.fm profile under 'yuliamasha'

No. 379132


>I prefer dinner over coffee.

What a turn her life has had!


I-is this real? I thought she was faking?

No. 379138

Can you even read? Where did I say Dasha wasn't weird about Mina? It's as plain as day she wants to wear her skin, but my comment had nothing to do with her at all. Why are you grasping?

But agreeing with >>379047 they all act like pubescent children. I was just curious if anyone else got a weird vibe from Edwin (no hate if he does, just curious because he seems super needy of Cyr).

The way I see it is Edwin has a weird thing for Cyr, Dasha has an even weirder thing for Mina, Cyr and Mina don't know what they want but are too weak willed to have an opinion, and all of them are attention whores.

No. 379142

Not that anon but Mina is in no way innocent. Not horrible, but she contributed to the fuck fest. A lot of it is because of her age and being naive, but in the Receipts video that Edwin posted she admitted that she often thought/felt a certain way about drama but acted completely differently, as if it was the complete opposite. So she never spoke her mind either and was spineless just like Cyr which added to the drama. A lot of shit could have been cleared up if she was honest about her feelings each time. She is also incredibly irresponsible but yes, out of the lot she is the least shitty.

No. 379149


Nah, the hacker is real. He's hacked 'heythereimshannon's' insta

No. 379160

guess now we can't talk about minas account being deleted without dasha being like "well i've been hacked too and it doesn't matter because it's just instagram hurdurdur"

with her mentality levels, i wouldn't be surprised if dasha staged all this just to say that

No. 379162

She even said in her snap story that the kid sent a link and she was dumb enough to click it.

No. 379171

Is this for real

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