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No. 286955[Reply]

So what do you guys think about this cow?
>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)
>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week (both things cost at least 2000 dollars)
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Slowly starting to pander to the Heathers/Hamilton crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Generally insufferable and shitty person
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No. 301218

Lol why is she so… SO delusional and unaware of herself I'm dyin scoob

No. 301279

File: 1493514334758.jpg (76.22 KB, 360x540, hpWjY9F.jpg)

To me the ultimate is always going to be http://tjandamal.com/ Absolutely incredible art (peep her scenery, she puts more effort into one panel than Holly has put into her entire comic) with a deep, actually heart-wrenching story and relateable, realistic, non-pandering characters

and it's all free online sooo

No. 301283

Oh god I got so excited when I saw this. TJ and Amal is so good, I'd completely forgotten about it. Thanks for indirectly reminding me to read through it again, anon.

No. 301347

TBH we should post some actual good gay comic suggestions ,seeing so much of hollys comic gives me a headache

No. 301437

Just read all of this tonight, I feel cleansed from how good it was.

File: 1492068802184.png (390 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-04-13-16-32-51…)

No. 290408[Reply]

dumped two babies in australia abd japan to become number one prostitute of kabukicho.

Continually threatened ex husband and any women imvolved with him on social media.

Doxxed numerous people who she claimed where after her and repprting her to Japanese immigration

Failed to become kabukicho number one host so went on to release not one but two grotesque AV porn where you can see just how haggerd splochy arsed she is and her terrible botched tits.

Has been on the downlow since losing her spouse visa from ex husband now in limbo jumping from japan to australia or korea every three months.

Illegally working at ginza hostess club hiding her shit tattoos

Seems to have found new man magnet in ugly designer … yet residential buddy boy toy pchan is still living in together in shinokubo rat den.
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No. 299959

He said it on his twitter

No. 300014

Its fucking on the picture of the bill he posted on twitter

No. 300069

I don't have twitter and nobody posted the picture here. Calm your tits anon

No. 300278

If any of her brand sruff was real, or she'd at least care a little tiny bit for her living situation, she'd have sold some of it in order to pay her bills if she can't make money otherwise. She must be aware that she probably won't find another apartment that'd take a foreigner without a visa just as easy as the one she's living at now.

No. 301428

The most I ever paid for electric in Japan is 5000yen in the middle of summer where it's hot af and air conditioning is essential.

Lorena is broke af.

File: 1456005967663.jpg (142.92 KB, 1440x2034, 12168308_10156554874105483_160…)

No. 95275[Reply]

23 year old weeb that makes youtube videos regarding anime. Actually makes intelligent points but is a snowflake and grating in a few ways.

>claims to actively respond to fans but constantly ignores their questions in regards to if she's dating Joey aka The Anime Man even though she CONSTANTLY posts pictures of him and uses language like bbz when referring to him.

>constantly posting fat tits
>uses a sexy and thin anime drawing representation of her for her video thumbnails contrary to how she really looks
>constantly talks about hentai and tentacle porn

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1HVMnw-610qx54iEiWk7A/featured

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akidearest/

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No. 300442


maybe it's supposed to be a troll

No. 300742

Oh..my bad. I didn't know.
And I'm not Indian though..

No. 300924

Aki and Merry aren't buddy-buddy friends though. Idk Aki just followed Merry on April (this month) if you call mutual following being friends. I noticed Merry following Aki around after her tweet about the maid character being like her avatar. And then after a few weeks Aki probably decided to read the comic and then followed Merry. Actually the crawling city 'concept' has been around for a loong time it's cover image black&green emo girl with scarf/umbrella is really old I used to see it when I was still a teen and the internet was fairly new.

No. 300932

thanks for the email :^)

No. 301421

Yeah, I just don't get this… her face is just blarg and she always comes off as greasy to me. I don't get all the random sexual pictures and videos.

File: 1491511405889.png (1.99 MB, 1366x768, Untitled.png)

No. 285759[Reply]

Old one reached bump limit

Back from Japan and already buying useless shit edition


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
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No. 301365

File: 1493526346682.png (155.5 KB, 750x988, IMG_1076.PNG)

No. 301366

I'm also sure that the internet would never let her live down a name like pico due to the boku implications

No. 301376

>those wrinkles tho
She looks the same in the old pic as she does in the original.

No. 301418

File: 1493537753092.png (189.31 KB, 671x433, 1397065543427.png)

mfw her old picture doesnt look that different…

No. 301419

except there wasnt all this gender dysmorphia going around. Instead everyone was just gay or bi which was way more tolerable imho

File: 1485759971919.jpeg (299.57 KB, 512x512, 1463554740920.jpeg)

No. 241927[Reply]

Ashley hasn't updated her instagram or social media in almost 3 weeks.

Is she dead? Is she attention seeking?

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
Tumblr (2): http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled (both)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket

Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Previous thread >>160803
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No. 300495

File: 1493402186753.png (309.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4419.PNG)

This kind of struck me as maybe a childhood friend. Idk kinda sad.

No. 300506

she posted a new pic with the bandaid on her face saying she scratched her self trying to get something out her eye and someone commented that she had the bandaid before and she went nuts at them it was pretty confusing

No. 301263

I guess they've been friends for a while too. It's not like the girl is lying. Ash has had that bandaid on her face for a while now. There's even a spoopy bandaid edition thread.

No. 301271

I wonder if it's the same Brit from Ash's old videos? On the witherxwings youtube channel, there was a girl that did videos with Ash named Britt.

No. 301416

I was thinking it was that same Brittany too.

File: 1491596365352.png (84.18 KB, 652x283, koots.png)

No. 286316[Reply]

Didn't see a new one yet.
Last Thread: >>258019

Not much new since last thread. Dakota keeps on uploading her creepy baby uguu pics while continuing to be an online laughingstock.

Dako-chin let herself get fat, bald and sallow and continues to upload hilariously unrealistic, heavily edited selfies to her Instagram, but hasn't been obviously buying views/followers ever since aomw farmers started checking her shit with Socialblade. Dako hasn't booked a decent quality job in over a year now, opting instead to do app game ads and web shows as a novelty guest. Pic related is from the most legit job she's had in ages, a commercial for a candy that she probably got by technicality for still being inexplicably signed to Bravo models. It was also discovered that she's a direct booking client, means her potential employers only have her hilariously inaccurate Bravo profile measurements and her photoshopped portfolio to go by if they want to hire her. Anons continue to speculate and wonder how she can afford a 2LDR in Shibuya and how she keeps her visa&contract despite hardly working and getting shit tier token gaijin gigs.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/dakotakoti
LINE: http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti
Bravo Models profile: http://bravomodels.net/detail/?mid=677
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No. 301169


Shit, even then she looked much older then she was.

To me she looks 16-17 here.
( The unevenness in her bangs triggers me )

No. 301185


No. 301363

its the awful nasolabial folds her family all has

No. 301384

She's not going to ever tell the truth tho,so good for you. On her blog, her apology was half assed for her racists videos. That's if she even wrote the apology,I severely doubt it she would own up to her lies.

No. 301393

It's not much of an apology when she didn't even specify the shit she did. What is she apologizing for? Eating food from her friends fridge? Partying too much in the past? Picking fights with Kiki? Like, her apology was so vague. I do not consider it an apology at all.

File: 1449277971547.png (705.89 KB, 925x588, lil.png)

No. 67871[Reply]

thoughts on lilypichu? never paid much attention to her but i did watch a few of her videos one day a long time ago. I heard some people think her voice is fake?

I think it's quiet enough not to be annoying, but maybe it's just me, but i feel like she's also like nyanners in the sense that she's kind of pushing the loli shit?
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No. 301344

File: 1493523615799.jpg (134.31 KB, 720x747, IMG_20170429_233942.jpg)

The whiteknight could be ayasuna, he did defend her in the past and his this on his twitter bio

No. 301345


No. 301352

It's definitely him. No one else got the time to sit there and anxiously wait for this slow ass thread to update. Just to defend for someone who isn't going to put out.

No. 301359


>you can't leave the thread open in a tab and watch for the reply notification

neck yourself anon

No. 301379

Good job missing the point, ass monkey.

File: 1485163532464.jpg (126.93 KB, 709x706, IMG_1117.JPG)

No. 238753[Reply]

New thread because the old one reached its max.

Old thread: >>>/snow/166485

Latest discussion: Sandra and Blanka drama
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No. 301297

Kelly get your weeaboo ass back home

No. 301299

Look at her instagram hoshisai then you know what she is doing. Now get out here

No. 301313

euhm, looks at modelmayhem, Facebook, instagram and all but photoshopped images knowing how much she loves to lie and all, makes this sort of hard to actually see what's really going on, but anyway,
like I've told before,
srr to bother you, for asking this.,.

No. 301319

She's just a lying weeaboo in a delusional weeaboo world. idk what you think anyone would know. She doesn't seem to do anything but photoshop and google translate

No. 301360

Lool are you really mixing japanese in when you talk..you dound like one of the freaks that belong on this threads

File: 1490309681296.jpg (51.39 KB, 600x829, Cd4l7KOUYAAab3J.jpg)

No. 276054[Reply]

last thread: >>45564
first thread: >>59715

this is where we post cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

for those who don't know, fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention (either as transmen or biological males, usually the former). these girls are not really transgender because they experience little or no gender dysphoria and usually don't transition, although some of them take hormones and later regret it.

starting off with the cringiest fakeboi of the new year, milo stewart! you can catch a glimpse of her insanity here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Brqo0vSNE
655 posts and 101 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 301286

go home, tranny. no one cares what you have to say.

No. 301292

dunno man, I've known many real males who looks like bishounens irl so i don't get your point

No. 301301

nothing about this person looks male

No. 301354

>i dont participate in tumblr gender discussions
>But I use a made-up tumblr term like "non-binary"
>Also I'm a fucking namefag
Story(learn to sage)

No. 301358

Please stop replying to a poster who's already been banned >>301038.

File: 1491574717773.png (749.72 KB, 755x714, 1490458849007.png)

No. 286133[Reply]

old thread hit limit >>254982

> Venus youtube celeb since she was 11/12 years old

> Has been on various tv shows, travelled country to country by her mother speaking fuck knows how many languages
> Never went to school/was homeschooled
> Her mother Margret basically used Venus for $$$
> Venus escaped her crazy money sponging controlling mother and leapt into the hands of her visa cough husband Manaki
> Currently resides in Tokyo now living life and still hiding from her mother who continues to try stalking/harassing Veenos!
> Venus is still social awkward but may gradually be making friends alas Taylor R

Youtube: /venusangelic
IG: Venus_Angelic
412 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 300765

I've checked her tags through the time, it takes you a minute to check the tags in a new video. The tags she uses in most of her videos are:

>Venus Palermo

>Living doll
>Music videos
>How to

This is like a base.

Then she put tags according to the theme of her video, at first glance it doesn't look consistent, but it's actually a pattern: Base - youtuber names - relevant(and not so relevant) tags. Old videos are tagged this way too.

No. 301321

File: 1493520287399.jpg (322.82 KB, 933x1917, IMG_4620.JPG)

So V & M will be spending 4 days with his parents at their home in Iwate prefecture this week. She said it's her favorite place in the world in her Q&A video and she saw her first ever shooting star there last year.

Iwate is Japan's most sparsely populated prefecture, very rural. It's where marge got stranded and had to spend the night sleeping on the floor of a kombini last spring when she was on her grand Hanami tour/stalking Manaki's parents. She'll be in her inner-city Seoul goshiwon this year, alone with her rage and her memories (and the boxes of crap she got out of storage.)

No. 301322

File: 1493520458141.jpg (464.33 KB, 1280x1722, IMG_4619.JPG)

I hope Venus posts lots of pics of beautiful scenery next week, like this one from her trip there last year.

No. 301343



>and she saw her first ever shooting star there last year.

Haha I just can't… lol

No. 301405

Why so triggered?
You ever seen a shooting star? It's pretty dope. You have to be in a place far away from city lights to see them, that's the point.
Viewing the night sky from a rural place is amazing, you should try it sometime. It's a whole new experience.

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