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File: 1444941917061.jpg (1.35 MB, 1522x4813, 1443375696286.jpg)

No. 50457[Reply]

Often cited in other threads. I can't believe there isn't a KJ thread here already.

Where do we begin? In the early days she was one of the first cosplayers to push things like underboob bikinis at all-ages cons. Her long-time photographer once claimed that JNig said photos of Kelly's underboob in public were what sparked her own interest in taking cosplay further, so if he can be believed then we have Kelly to blame for Nigri.

The next lolcow moment was putting her boyfriend on a break, fucking a bunch of his friends, getting back together with him just long enough for him to pay for one convention then dumping him.

Next we have all the drama with her best friend-worst friend Sebastian, a will-they-won't-they relationship that makes Ross & Rachel look stable. We could have a whole thread just on them. The time she ranted about how much she hates him on /cgl/ and a week later it leaks out that she was sending him wank bank videos. The number of times he's publicly complained about her not cutting him in on his photos of her which she sells as well as all the other reports of money she owes him. The many reports of them checking into rooms together and their clumsy evasion when ever they are asked if they are or were dating. Recently he called her out for a lot of her bullshit on Twitch.tv but now it looks like they're friends again. The lols will never stop with those two.

There was a time she tried to pitch Yaya Han and Sands against each other. Only they were rational enough to talk it out like adults and found out it was only Kelly shit-stirring all along. They both turned on her and she went from being one of Yaya's BFFs to being completely blacklisted from any event Yaya guest stars at.

Banging FlatlineJack then bragging about it in explicit detail to a channer who happily gave the chatlog to /cgl/. The highlights were she's into incest roleplay and likes it really rough.

All the times she claimed she could not be trolled or phased by anything and then a screengrab of a masturbation video was made public and she ran for the hills. She hasn't had the nerve to face /cgl/ since.

Fucked Volpin, a married man, and threw a fit when he refused to leave his wife for her. Took to her now-deleted tumblr to publicly rant about how much of a prude Volpin's wife is and displayed an obsession with the fact she likes it in the ass and how she can't understand why a guy wouldn't leave his wife for thaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 224530

Do you think that if her mother really gave a shit she'd have turned out this way?

No. 238484

Some people are screwed up and continue to be screw ups no matter who around them tries to help. Kelly is one of those. Her mom might really care or not but it doesn't matter because Kelly never listens to anyone except Jessica. It's not like Nigri is gonna tell her to stop being a shallow barbie.

No. 301316

File: 1493519505251.jpg (252.49 KB, 1423x733, 18734976684522.jpg)

Look her up after the last few months and I'm not surprised to see she's devolved once again.

No. 301326

how is she not banned? fucking someone on twitch staff? alot of girls have been banned for showing less.

No. 301337


sadly this is kind of common,a lot of streamers show even more, go look at stpeach for example

File: 1465832130029.jpg (82.34 KB, 590x584, leage.JPG)

No. 139506[Reply]

This is a general thread for this "group" of league 20 something league streamers/youtubers who leech on each other and act like perpetual teens. Generally all the girls are kawaii ugu s-shy but are actually sluts and the guys are creepy lolicons. Feel free to add anyone you wish to talk about

Some of them in this group.


fake voice, leeches off professional players, acts kawaii shy but is slutty IRL





Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 299190

Sandy's poop selfies though

No. 300663

LOL Fuslie and Kimi made a joint youtube and the first video is some primo cringe shit

No. 300772


Oh my god she looks horrible here. I can't imagine looking sick when you have makeup up. With no makeup it's understandable if people ask if you're sick, but if you're wearing just natural makeup and you look this weird I'm concerned. I understand why she sticks with the drag look now, it looks much better.

No. 300778

she looks like man to me.
a prettier type of man but still a man.

No. 301318

File: 1493519631666.jpg (86.28 KB, 562x917, 1111.JPG)

jesus what is wrong with this girls

File: 1493515602249.jpg (48.67 KB, 600x582, kotorifc.jpg)

No. 301294[Reply]

thread for any love live fan that's cringe. I find the llpositivity to be cancerous as shit.

No. 301295

I feel like this might be better suited for /ot/.

No. 301310

I love love live because of the positivity.

And this >>301295

No. 301333

Or /sty/ tbh

File: 1493412381795.jpg (60.47 KB, 460x480, 63951b0e4e109bae0e2802535efb79…)

No. 300611[Reply]

Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #4
Previous Thread: >>>/snow/237479

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Some of the more notable cows from the previous threads:
LifeUndiagnosedd, aka Hypermobilegeek on IG (and a shit ton more accounts). Robyn Brown is the milkiest munchiechan we've ever seen ("Kadeelyn on steroids" as another anon put it) and has her own threads now (original: >>197138 ).
MyLifeStruggles on IG
JourneyToEmma on IG
Jonzie08 on IG

What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 301130

Also who the fuck has enough energy or looks healthy enough to do a modelling shoot whilst having chemo

No. 301256

When asked how she could be planning college She said that they are reducing her dose of chemo because she's responding so well… yeaaaah… they do your full course and then assess you again.

No. 301280

Lol guessing youre a similar sceptic who has had almost identical convos with this particular cow
'Im so sick omg dying #beatcancer #dissociativeidentitydisorder #schizophrenia #beatana' whilst simultaneously asking for money to go to college and being super sketchy and evasive about any and all details pertaining to her 'cancer' and treatment

No. 301281

Talia Castanello, aka Taliajoy18. But she was trying to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Unfortunately, she passed away at age 13.

No. 301342

File: 1493523367118.png (54.59 KB, 600x570, joke.png)

ugh whatever. she actually had cancer though. im pretty certain anons post was sarcasm.

File: 1488328376000.jpg (57.33 KB, 564x564, 83874b68b17b3664d5545f39cc181b…)

No. 260800[Reply]

This thread is for any YouTubers that do lulzy things but don't have enough milk to warrant an entire thread
PewDiePie - Nazi Drama
Markiplier - Dating young girls
665 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 301215


I see, but…

This is exactly why I don't like Markiplier and see him as a possibly a narcissist. I find him to be very manipulative and that he hides his manipulation in "I'm just trying to be a good guy" type of wording. Yes, he admitted that he fucked up. Where it starts to get manipulative is 1) it's a very basic confession. He was an asshole can range pretty fucking far and without concrete details of what he did, it naturally won't sound that bad especially when he's putting himself on blast. That sets him up to look like the bigger person regardless of how bad whatever he was doing was. Which leads to 2) he didn't need to add those last bits about apologizing to them. It reads manipulative to tell all of his many fans that he apologized and hopes they come around. It puts pressure on them to accept his apology lest they kind of look like assholes themselves because he's being so gracious and so self-aware. I've found that Mark does things like this a lot and because he's done the charity shit and is also bumbling incoherent "just be nice!" platitudes, it's really easy for him to always look like the good, well-meaning doof to his young fanbase that idolizes him. I really don't like the guy because I hate manipulators and loathe them even more when it seems like no one else is wise to their bullshit. He chose to be vague about what HE did wrong but very clear that he is trying to make amends. Okay Mark. I'm sure Ryan and Matt have become wise to him as well.

No. 301225

>"emma it's not you we all get pranked" then says its funny when she's crying talking about killing herself.
My mom used to say it's not funny if not everyone is laughing

This is horrifying

No. 301274

File: 1493513621438.jpg (37.54 KB, 311x311, e4450208f7c86759a402221d7eeabc…)

learn 2 sage grammarfag

No. 301277

I wasn't correcting your grammar, you just sound like an obnoxious instawhore who finds drag queens funny

No. 301293

DA: you literally were. and it looks like u're still too stupid to sage yr bs

File: 1486965367428.jpg (175.44 KB, 640x480, 8f9f50edb922087e7da15c793ed41b…)

No. 250208[Reply]

Previous thread >>105430

8chan thread https://8ch.net/bannedcows/res/3.html

What You Need To Know

- Tried to get Tumblr to doxx a girl who opinion she disagreed with

-Obsessed with Amina and hates her guts

-Copies Himeka and Bibi to gain popularity

-Was in Special Ed, but has recently graduated

-Runs the Kawaii Black Girls like page on Facebook. ~#It now has its own forumミ★ It's been deleted
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 300052

she probably meant an existential crisis? or she read a wiki article on it awhile ago and couldn't remember the word

No. 300715

File: 1493426538615.jpg (784.22 KB, 2560x2560, 17-04-28-20-40-12-258_deco.jpg)

Not one original thought in this girl.

No. 301230

File: 1493507855548.jpg (78.7 KB, 675x1200, C-jIlYCUMAAloFY.jpg)

I can't believe she's allowed out of the house like this

No. 301241

This is one of the best outfits she's coordinated for herself in a while.

And that's fucking pathetic because she looks like an overgrown baby prostitute.

No. 301245


Micky is full of shit but you're generalizing. Not all CSA victims are repulsed by sex, and it's actually common for victims to act out sexually as well.

File: 1493463046819.jpg (78.81 KB, 422x750, IMG_4074.JPG)

No. 300894[Reply]

Last thread hit limit. Previous: >>>/snow/300892

Shayna Clifford aka shay-gnar aka dumdolly aka babiebarbiedoll

- Below average looking tumblr / camewhore.
- Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
- Now claims to be a child sex abuse survivor and uses dd/lg and "rape" fantasies to work through her trauma.
- Claims to have an ED every now and again.
- Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to because people who want to actually earn their money are losers.
- Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex.
- Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
- Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 301192


http://stupidbaby123.tumblr.com is also one of her sideblogs which she doesn't use anymore but has some milk on it.

No. 301195

What the fuck does she expect? That people follow her for her political opinions and philanthropy? For fucks sake. Shayna, "nasty old men" are the ones who follow you and try to hit on you because those are the people you CHOOSE to cater your blog to. Like literally that is the demographic you claim to be attracted to. Stop being a dumbass.

No. 301200


A good camgirl with even less of a following than shayturd can make more than $160 in a few hours of camming. Last night was Friday, she should've been able to rake in at least 50 bucks minimum during a show

No. 301226

Kek. She's such a hypocrite. Panders to pedophiles and then complains when they interact with her. Who does she really think is paying for her content, good looking guys her age? As if.

No. 301433

is it just me or does she look like ember whann with slightly better eyebrows?

File: 1480129847916.jpg (145.57 KB, 500x333, jess.jpg)

No. 204019[Reply]

Jessica Celebra aka Jessica Rosa is a narcissistic 20-something-year-old rich white girl who is well-known on Tumblr for her sad babydoll nymphet photography & clothing, and reselling used clothing originally bought at thrift stores for $50 each; also notorious for throwing paranoid fits and deleting her blog every 2 months & coming back a week later with a new name and persona (but never fails to come off as holier-than-thou).

She thinks anyone who takes photos of pink things & buildings with a film camera and posts them to Tumblr is copying her & has thrown several fits about it; at one point she (a grown woman) publicly bullied a 16-year-old girl (with aspergers syndrome, no less) for such.

Originally known in around 2012 for her blogspot, The Tragic Sense, and her Lookbook (both no longer accessible) where she posted her faded film photography and outfits.

Jess moved to tumblr in ~2013 and gained popularity under her first url, dollgraves, assumed a sweet fragile nymphet uwu persona, and deleted her blog in (I think) 2014.
Remade her blog under the url ghostbabygirl not long after, but threw a fit because everyone was copying her and only she can take faded film photos of her masturbating in a tutu and bloody panties :(
Deleted again in 2015, came back as Jess Woods (url jess-woods); photography consisted of more greenery but was mostly the same.
Deleted once again mid-2016.

Jess's current blog is moonprincessjess.tumblr.com where she now assumes the name Jessica Rosa & posts photos of city buildings, chandeliers, and vegan fairy DIY rose baths and lavender teas.

Links -
Blogspot: thetragicsense.blogspot.com (now defunct & inaccessible)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
482 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 292153

woah she had a phase where she actually talked like an average girl

No. 292240

tbh she probably sent that ask to herself too, but when she was woods-baby she was trying to be more of a sweet supportive older sister helping the unfortunates uwu

No. 292331

do you know when was the time period where she was doing all the bullying and stuff (as some have said) regarding alice snow? sounds milky but i never saw any of that

No. 299666

I never saw that either.. did that really happen? I never saw Alice Snow talking about it either (tho I don't follow her closely)

No. 301183

She would make vagueposts back when her url was dollgraves or woods-baby about someone plagarizing her and complaining that she had to block them and she would write paragraphs of catty stuff but never name Alice. (But anyone who knew both of them knew exactly who she was talking about, she was hardly subtle). Then a bunch of people sent Alice hate and Jess acted all surprised people would do that even though she was using words like "plagarism" and "idea theft" and talking about not taking pictures anymore because she was so "discouraged" by this. Alice was so embarrassed she never talked about it. Lots of catty teenage drama queen stuff. Even back then it rubbed me the wrong way. Glad Alice came into her own while Jess' fake queen bee act backfired.

File: 1466033249876.jpg (142.35 KB, 1080x1350, 13391221_1159789680754118_7016…)

No. 143830[Reply]

Charms and Scraps were kicked out of her mother's home for bringing in yet another dog and are currently living separately; Charms is living out of a motel room (supposedly looking for her own place) while the dog is staying with her stepsister. None of the other animals are with her.

Still getting shitty tattoos, still stuffing her face with shit she doesn't need.

Previous thread: >>243458
Tumblr: http://littlelotte-xo.tumblr.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlelotte_xo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlelotte_xo/
MFC: http://profiles.myfreecams.com/Lotte__
Chaturbate: https://chaturbate.com/lotte__/
444 posts and 93 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 300984

File: 1493482153814.jpg (38.93 KB, 960x960, IMG_0890.JPG)

>i secretly feel happy that lotte has become ugly because she was like the typical popular and bitchy girl. She use to trigger my anorexia by saying anyone over 110 is fat, now 7 years later I'm thinner than her.

Ahhh the sweet taste of karma

No. 301092

you knew her on gaia too? lolol

No. 301125

She looks absolutely horrendous. She has turned me off Coca Cola for good

No. 301144

>all the girls who used to be thin/pretty and shit on other girls are falling apart
It's really interesting how the tables are turning. Now all that's left is for Kiki to get fat, and we'll have gone full karma.

No. 301147

>people who are shitty to fatties find themselves at a fat part in their lives with their foot firmly in their mouths

It needs to happen to every last one, imo. Nobody said getting a taste of the humble pie wasn't fattening.

File: 1450044314956.jpg (37.77 KB, 640x480, 0bae378dd999f3a1615826febb67ea…)

No. 75902[Reply]

Has there ever been a
Kiko/Deerhoof thread?

-Has scammed hundreds of dollars from people through her store "Nectarine Clothing"
-When her shop started getting bad reviews and people demanded to know where their money/items were she closed down the store and never replied to anyone.
-started a Paypal account so people could send her money.
-Started an Amazon wishlist so she could get gifts
-Started a Patreon so she could do her own radio show
-thinks her life is really hard because she's attractive.
-Vegan who looks down on others who eat meat
-Claimed to have suffered from anorexia

839 posts and 240 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 300845

Nice blogposting, no one cares, learn to sage, don't bump threads if you have nothing relevant to add, yadda yadda yadda.

No. 300850

You're fun at parties.

No. 300905

File: 1493464990626.png (218.55 KB, 750x1174, IMG_4037.PNG)

Anon I checked your pages, you're quite the cow yourself.

No. 301109

File: 1493495201503.png (364.23 KB, 1242x1551, IMG_2574.PNG)

She got a second (?) job at some coffeehouse. Guess that PR position she was bragging about doesn't pay the bills.

No. 301117

Her face is so fucked. Can't believe she shoops.

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