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File: 1453752653038.jpg (16.22 KB, 320x320, billie yawn.jpg)

No. 85507[Reply]

Here's the requested thread for the sex toy of Onision and Lainey. Possibly broke up their marriage and is instantly recognisable by her dry hair, tryhard behaviour and unfortunate personality.

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No. 300895

I've noticed that every time Billie dyes her hair she seems to deliberately not dye her roots. Could someone explain to me why she does this?? it looks fucking terrible.

No. 300896

Isn't it a new trend? I know a ton of girls doing it, even though it's trashy.

No. 300899

is it? looking like a lazy, dumpster ho seems to be a trend with everything teens do nowadays. sad

No. 300942

Yes, especially wigs. If you go on some basic fashion wig website like wigisfashion you'll be surprised at how much dark root wigs are there

No. 300974

Pretty sure she said somewhere before she doesn't want to bleach her hair because it's damaging it too much & she wants to grow out her natural hair color for a bit.

File: 1491229096732.jpg (725.66 KB, 2572x2085, IMG_0688.JPG)

No. 283229[Reply]

The lastvthread is at its limit

Where we left off
>bgak vs amina
>Amina's full DVD has been released
>keekichan is begging for money now desire bitching at other people for doing it

In this thread we can discuss the topic of all idols, not just gaijin idols.
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No. 298166

oh fuck, that yellowing stain on her door is from continuously allowing wet towels or clothing to grow mildew. I see the exact same happen to floors and doors of old hospitals. Has she no shame? To crop the video would have been nothing. This just shows that the longstanding filth is only removed long enough to dance sloppily, but not long enough to allow paint to breathe oxygen

No. 299224

File: 1493222408160.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.63 KB, 384x384, IMG_0546.JPG)

Omfg. Amina's topless nudes were leaked…

No. 299370

lies , lies !!! why do you dishonor your ancestors with these lies ?

No. 299433

File: 1493251030578.jpg (353.13 KB, 400x300, UlEUQGl.jpg)

No. 300840

It might be worth starting a new thread for nudes or sexy pics

File: 1430522151980.jpg (117.01 KB, 1024x679, free__in_my_element_by_mangosi…)

No. 206903[Reply]

>parents asked her to dress appropriately for grandparents anniversary dinner
>locked herself in her room for three days and liveblogged about how her parents were slutshaming her
>claims to have "chosen to become" bisexual
>complained about sexy cosplay
>now does fucktons of yuri shoots
>used Frozen as justification for breaking up with her ex-boyfriend
>makes multiple posts about what a relationship SHOULD be like (a Disney princess movie)
>made a personal army request when a con asked her to pay for a ticket to enter

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No. 300434

Jedimanda is going to look way better. Nina has never mad a dress like that as her Belle was a commission so i wonder if she plans on buying it.

Somepne on tumblr told het she looks just like anastasia or something like that and i laughed. I also wonder which of her cosplays shes doing will eventually be a pattern now.

No. 300468

How long before she accuses her of copying her? Or would she even dare?

No. 300752

File: 1493430814802.jpg (44.03 KB, 527x345, snip.JPG)

Has Beth ever even competed in anything? As far as I remember Nina only did that one contest with Jillian in their Fire Emblem costumes. Truthfully the skit itself was boring but they had brought a video graphic and had some guy do a voice over on it so thats probably what helped them win. But is that enough to actually host a panel on competing?

No. 300766


I think much of her initial following was just that she was friends with enough people who were also good enough at cosplay and hot. Like, tbh group cos shots with uggos who are bad at costuming usually bring down the appeal of a good cosplay in photo. So I think her original fame was really just being in a clique of attractive, somewhat quality cosplayers.

No. 300777

Maybe, but I cant say anyone in IMT other than Courtoon can really be considered all that attractive.

Then she was a part of 'Team Trash' and really the only one who was nice looking in that group was Jillian so..

File: 1473289152283.png (184.65 KB, 212x382, vex.png)

No. 172043[Reply]

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqVUDbWANEG47KmB2MoM6IA
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/vexxedb4a
Twitter : https://twitter.com/vexxedb4c

>injected himself into the VA drama, siding with Margo (his new BFF)

>Got stomped by VA and Fullscreen and tried to make it seem like he took videos down himself
>Claims to hate Keemstar, but is desperate to emulate him
>Potentially purchasing YouTube and Twitter followers
>Made his own subreddit because he thinks he's that special
>Currently raging against Lolcow/Pull
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No. 298303

wow, i applaud you. make a selfie with him when he shows up, otherwise no one will believe it.

No. 298310

File: 1493077808087.jpg (47.98 KB, 640x480, irl.jpg)

No. 299734

File: 1493311264914.png (57.93 KB, 625x626, m9.png)


'if I saw him in Japan again.'
>Claims to have seen me

'14 Branchland Court, Ruckersville, Virginia'
>US Address

>Seems legit


No. 300022

>doesnt know about chris

No. 300775

No surprise there. Clueless as usual.

File: 1480632348714.jpg (1.58 MB, 3992x2467, anuglycollage.jpg)

No. 207219[Reply]

Please post about pathetic, cringey cosplay bitches here!

Meg Turney

>Super cringey man-faced "cosplayer".

>Her cosplays are all shit even though she has been at it for at least 10 years.
>Meg is almost 30 at this point and is aging like old milk so she rakes in money showing her tits and ass on Patreon.
>Meg is truly in love with her ass and herself. She constantly posts in her own subreddit (plus main ones) and says some stupid shit. Gets offended over literally anything.
>She was on Sourcefed and involved with Rooster teeth because of her bf Gavin.
>Meg left SF and RT due to no one liking her annoying, grating voice and obnoxious personality. However, Meg claims it was because her modelling career decisions conflicted with Rooster Teeth policies. Which basically means she chose boudoir photo shoots and beta bucks over RT. (We all know it's because you sucked at your job, Meg)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 300656

File: 1493419240919.jpg (129.09 KB, 900x1121, meg before.jpg)

has Meg had breast implants?

No. 300657

File: 1493419260318.png (417.31 KB, 500x500, meg after.png)

No. 300675

I think she's always had them. Since they're not as fake looking as Jessica's she gets away with it

No. 300682

Tough to say. First picture she looks like a twig vs 2nd photo she is curvier all over. Could just be padded bra and weight gain.

No. 300750

Yep, she had an actual "portfolio" style website up for a short while, but I tried to look up something on it today and it's completely gone. I feel sorry for the person who actually took the time to build it for her, because she filled it with completely cringe captions and the bio was hilariously childish.

File: 1485535718027.jpg (406.67 KB, 1081x1920, 1484814358404.jpg)

No. 240761[Reply]

Last thread reached the bump limit. >>103206

What's happened so far

>Posted a wall of text bashing Amina in Micky's thread

>Made a tumblr blog to try and make Amina look bad

>Posted said blog on her own thread

>Got caught red handed shitting on her sister and creating the fake Amina blog in her thread when the Admin revealed which posts were hers

>Was kicked out of her mother's house when her sister told their mom about her nsfw blog

>After moving into her Grandma's broom closet her delusion of grandeur got worse

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 299389

She looks awful. How could she upload that with a good conscience?

No. 299548

File: 1493271015908.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.7 KB, 500x618, tumblr_oo0abrtsV71w4q6jdo1_500…)

where in texas is she moving to? because if houston LOL at her thinking she's gonna be able to be the high class escort she wants to be. if she thought there were too many ~smart and worldy~ girls in the escort scene in miami, then idk what she thinks she's going to find in houston

also, this was reblogged on her tumblr and i sweat this is like top 10 worst fetishes, jfc.

No. 300589

So THIS is what Shay-gnar is trying to look like!

No. 300917

Jesus, I though this was her for a second then saw the lack of body acne and dirty hair

No. 301090

The girl in the meme actually has a young looking face, unlike Shay who appears to be a 40-year-old alcoholic. Also, the girl in the meme is pretty.

File: 1476824350358.jpg (328.94 KB, 1920x1439, self important tears.jpg)

No. 185566[Reply]

Hey farmers, I wanted to know your opinions on Manlytears/Britbongreturns/Dominic Vanner. I got linked to a thread about him on 8chan's /cow/ (which in turn had links to two previous threads about him).

Some points about him
>Lied about creating the forever alone and ralph pls go memes
>got banned from both twitch and hitbox and now uses his current streaming platform (stream.me) to spitefully harass twitch and hitbox users
>has a creepy obsession with cuckoldry to the point that he'll harass popular hitbox streamer grossiegore over his relationship problems
>has relationship problems of his own (wanted to write an encyclopedia dramatica page on his ex-girlfriend and currently has a girl trapped in an abusive relationship with him)
>claims to troll second life when in fact he buries himself in second life drama, often becoming a cow in his own right

Here's the /cow/ thread and the OP's copypasta (I fixed up the links to the previous threads so they link properly)


Britbongreturns/Manlytears thread 3: Mad Manlet Rising Edition

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 299350

I was just on /cow/ and they found some finely aged milked relating to tranny tears's dad

No. 299559

Post caps

No. 299716

File: 1493309006917.gif (1.88 MB, 350x198, sure ok.gif)

>I was just on /cow/ and

No. 300522

File: 1493404025234.png (462.34 KB, 707x581, November 5 2004 smuggler force…)

You mean this tidbit?

No. 300538

What thread is /cow/ even on about this midget again? 20? I haven't checked in a couple days. All I know is he tried making PA threads about some teenage girl he was mad at on /cow/ and KiwiFarms

File: 1432047771593.jpg (38.71 KB, 500x375, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 297535[Reply]

Anyone else remember this gem from Tumblr?
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No. 300026

Terrible eyebrows

No. 300036

bad eyebrows but at least she doesn't have those tragic lashes anymore.

she's honestly like one of the hottest tumblr famous people tbh. i miss her.

No. 300040

She should use eyebrow mascara or get them tinted. It would look more natural that way.

No. 300092

holy shit, she's in san antonio now? i wonder if i'll ever run into her at a mtg thing

No. 300337

Can't find her attractive anymore. Her upper lip is bothersome, always look like she's smelling it.

File: 1480565226493.jpg (57.11 KB, 600x800, CAfgC26W4AAn6l-.jpg)

No. 206974[Reply]


Old thread is in autosage. Let's continue the milking!

Kayla is a near 30 year old tumblr has-been. She peaked in 2012-14 for her online persona of broken fragile wolf gurl poetry meth addict lonely heart warrior. Then she greedily tried to abuse her online game by switching into rapping, only to lose all her popularity.

Pretends to be a thicc rapper from da hood who loves gangstas even though she's confirmed to live with rich mummy and daddy in a mansion.
270 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 299482

shes like 5'10"

No. 299493

Wtf she used to be pretty (more or less), now she's 99% arm fat

No. 299504

who's gonna tell her she's a fat lana del rey version of the how dow dah girl

No. 300153

she is NOT short according to that picture. she's 5'9" at the very least

No. 300308

File: 1492068802184.png (390 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-04-13-16-32-51…)

No. 290408[Reply]

dumped two babies in australia abd japan to become number one prostitute of kabukicho.

Continually threatened ex husband and any women imvolved with him on social media.

Doxxed numerous people who she claimed where after her and repprting her to Japanese immigration

Failed to become kabukicho number one host so went on to release not one but two grotesque AV porn where you can see just how haggerd splochy arsed she is and her terrible botched tits.

Has been on the downlow since losing her spouse visa from ex husband now in limbo jumping from japan to australia or korea every three months.

Illegally working at ginza hostess club hiding her shit tattoos

Seems to have found new man magnet in ugly designer … yet residential buddy boy toy pchan is still living in together in shinokubo rat den.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 299949

How do you know?

No. 299959

He said it on his twitter

No. 300014

Its fucking on the picture of the bill he posted on twitter

No. 300069

I don't have twitter and nobody posted the picture here. Calm your tits anon

No. 300278

If any of her brand sruff was real, or she'd at least care a little tiny bit for her living situation, she'd have sold some of it in order to pay her bills if she can't make money otherwise. She must be aware that she probably won't find another apartment that'd take a foreigner without a visa just as easy as the one she's living at now.

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