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File: 1480203658076.jpeg (99.39 KB, 720x685, 56d36844f364f.jpeg)

No. 204373[Reply]

See some DDLG losers on tumblr? See someone completely insane on fetlife? Want to make fun of Domly Doms? Or maybe you have just found some crazy adult babies or foot fetishists. If someone is acting like an attention seeking idiot with their fetish, post them here.
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No. 298851

that's a tranny, right?

No. 299096

No. She's an actual female. I met her at a few fetish parties before she had her awful boob job. She was really into her cat costume, super bubbly and spoke with a heavy cockney accent. Her master then was such a pompous prick.

No. 299393

I always got that's impression about him from the way she talked about him. I think he sees a lot of the women he's around as possessions that show off his financial status. He takes a groups of them on trips a lot. While Isibella seems to be one of the favorites I can tell he hasn't committed to her the way she wants him to. The way he doesn't want to fully commit to women that would bend over backwards for him is sad, but no one is making them stick around I guess.
I think that Isibella clings to these types of men because she's known nothing but luxury her entire life and has never really obtained anything herself. She claims that she runs an event planning business and has her own money but I think she has a lot of assistance for it. People have also said that when she met her master that he was struggling financially and that she agreed to help use some of the money her parents gave her to support their livestyle if he became her master.
She lives a very interesting life but I can't say that I have a lot of respect for someone who has gained most of what they have through fucking old rich dudes. She would be nothing without them.

No. 299396

All that money and that boob job is still terrible. Why and how?

No. 299425

I've seen her before and wondered if she had a blowup doll fetish or something because of the awful, unnaturally-shaped implants paired with that dead-eyed stare she apparently does in every photo

File: 1482795882802.png (434.51 KB, 1242x1827, 1482773343034.png)

No. 222185[Reply]

Elbow-san's face was accidentally revealed in a window reflection at a Christmas dinner party >>220938 So Taylor posted a full pic of them together.

Taylor's brother did a Nazi salute and goose-stepped in the background of her presents video.

Sperging continues to abound.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TaylorR1488
Instagram: https://instagram.com/taytay_xx/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamtay_tay

Last thread reached limit >>221937
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No. 294964

>>294558 idk something about Rosie irks me, I feel bad for the poor thing, she looks sick.

No. 295123

we are talking about that thing on netflix with that cooking chef right?
it was so cringey to watch. she was even worse than
those awful asian actors.

idk i think its a little reaching. no one gives a fuck about youtubers with pugs while those are real inbred dumbfucks who cant even breathe properly. or those squinx cats too.

teacup poodles are "just" poodles that are breeded to be small and tiny. still overbred, but jeez.

No. 299297

No. 299313

> thread from 2014

Really, anon? Even Taylor herself is laughing at the dolly shit she did a few years back.

No. 299328

>>"no one gives a fuck about youtubers with pugs"

probably because this is a taylor thread anon…

File: 1491978210804.png (72.58 KB, 908x213, Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.2…)

No. 289719[Reply]

last thread: >>200110

incel: involuntary celibate, dudes who, depsite wanting love and sex, can't get any for reasons that are beyond them.

also let's open this thread up to other people in the whiny piss baby section of the manosphere, aka /r/mgtow and /r/hapas (i know it had a thread, but it flopped).

subs to get milk/screencaps from:

if an incel or anyone from this circle of fuck comes, do not reply to them
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No. 298611

I know nothing about this guy, but I don't think that resorting to increased drug use is really that uncommon for people who have a problem already, or that extreme.

Kind of just seems sad fromm what he put here, even if he clearly has more issues than that, situations like this just seem more like a mentally ill person than the classic incel stuff.

Was this the guy that threatened to attack his sister or something similar though?

No. 298612

No. 298616

I'd also have more sympathy if he wasn't so loose with the rape, death, and suicide threats:

>I hope you fucking get killed.

>You're a woman aren't you? Let me guess, you're also a feminist. You're fucking cancer and I hope you get raped.
>I might as well kill myself because no one would mourn me.
>I fucked up my life and dropped out of college, now I regret doing so. Therefore, I hate women. No woman will ever settle down with me :(
>Which is why I fucking hate women. They are all fucking scumbag whores and I wish death on all of them. No woman will give me the time of day because of my height

No. 299283

>I want to see my sister again! Let's threaten suicide!

Pathetic. Maybe try apologizing or something. Oh wait, you're a cancer on all humanity and won't do that.

No. 299302


At first I was like "oh, that sucks, he's addicted to Opana and it ruined his life"…but then I see the main problem here is that he stole money not for drugs, but for a CLOCK on Ebay. Is this guy shitting me? That is some serious autism. I have no sympathy.

Also he says he's "not even a heavy opiate user" which means he probably uses several times a week and is already headed to full blown addiction.

File: 1458780175074.png (164.76 KB, 274x275, 1458387673684.png)

No. 109864[Reply]

Thought this would be good as its its own thread.
We have alot of wannabe chicks here. Too many in fact. What is it about the Uk that attracts these kids with the e-fame dream? Did Beckii Cruel really have that much of an influence?
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No. 299218

Fuck knows overall but it's got her a real job. From what I've gathered styling, video editing, presenting, fashion certainly. Even managing herself and that little idol group.

No. 299221

Whats her job? From what I know she does yt videos and gets free trips to Japan-I didnt think she could get that much money from YT unless he had like millions of views.


No. 299242

Not sure. Something in london

No. 299245

iirc she works for Girl Talk magazine (UK magazine for young girls), which would probably be okay money alongside all the stuff she does on the side, YouTube etc

No. 299285

Pretty sure the recent trip to Japan was paid for by kawaii international, not her job in London


File: 1490857881133.jpg (89.95 KB, 720x960, SENPAI2.jpg)

No. 280534[Reply]

Latest old news: Shiena and Sere are banging Cody Sanderson for jewelry. This has been all but directly confirmed by them. Sere's latest instagram is @catsandcakeandshabushabu

Latest new news: Jojo moved to Japan without a job or a place to live. She's presumably there on a student visa because she said she was going to language school. This is just beyond stupid.

And less importantly: Dania is in Tokyo. She's doing her usual chasing after hosts, seeing Pentagon, going to anime weeb events shit. Better be on the look-out because Shingo is in Tokyo now too. He's this host she stalks. His instagram is @shingotokugawa

What else is going on?
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No. 297931

Post screenshots of shienas FB postsssss

No. 297951

Just add her?

No. 298104

She absolutely doesn't look full Dutch indeed, maybe the dyed hair and contacts deceiving, but lol how do people even see her as 100% Aryan White? Her features are pretty obviously mixed. It's just the question with what and which %.

Let's be fair though, you still make the most Jojo targeted comments here.

No. 299128

She's half Peruvian

I think that hiding your real name and your family photos and accounts it's a clever thing to do on the internet, maybe she does not wanna be doxxed or something

No. 300303

The first time I met her I just figured she was half or 1/4th Indonesian like the majority of Dutch people with vaguely Asian features.

File: 1488041633979.png (129.92 KB, 1242x696, IMG_0258.PNG)

No. 257817[Reply]

>black koreaboo who always talks about her experiences as a black woman in korea despite looking white
>dated a married Korean man for awhile then pretended that she didn't know he was married when shit hit the fan
>tries desperately to look Korean
>recently got plastic surgery
>dresses like an autistic Koreaboo even though she's almost 30
>always trying to show off all the Korean dick she gets
>loves to brag about how Koreans thinking she's pretty and how they sometimes mistake her for Korean
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No. 298445

She's completely ruined her looks tbh. In older videos she was actually kind of cute. She looks so bizarre and warped now. Her friend looks pretty cute tho.

No. 298520

her friend is much cuter in comparison because she obviously accepts what she is instead of desperately trying to get people to ask if she's part Korean when she's not, you know what I mean

No. 299082

Imo, she looks pretty. She has some weird fashion/beauty choices at times, but I don't find her ugly. I haven't seen a bunch of her videos either, but I like whatever I've seen and don't find her particularly annoying. She's not super amazing to me, but still alright

No. 299101

wow i looked at her oldest video posted, and she looks like a normal human here.

shame about the gangnam unnie look

No. 299102

I agree, if anything she reminds me more of Tia and Tamera Mowry than a Korean chick. She's cute.

File: 1456211252183.jpeg (44.11 KB, 327x449, image.jpeg)

No. 97325[Reply]

The worst of the worst
Always creating drama and taking people down.
Gaijin gyaru
631 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 297419

Abraham Lincoln knew this dream could be achievable when he free'd the slaves. This was his goal. Our goal.

Probably because it's airbrushed to shit and half her face is cut off like everyone else who's too insecure to upload a full faced selfie and knows they're ugly.

No. 297949

not Jojo, looks like Malin/Mio perhaps

No. 298202

Mio left Gyaru years ago. so it's not Mio

No. 299076

File: 1493184129586.jpg (256.79 KB, 960x960, IMG_2202.JPG)

This is not cute kek

No. 299087

Also not gyaru at all. Not sure why it's in this thread.

File: 1463438005904.jpg (797.87 KB, 1020x1534, asadasd.jpg)

No. 131195[Reply]

Seen a few people talking about this chick and her shit so I think it's about high time we had a thread.

>Sarah 'Rose' McDaniel

>Californian model, born 1995
>became notable after becoming Playboy's first non-nude cover star
>wears a blue contact lens in her right eye and pretends she has heterochromia
>blocks anybody on Instagram that mentions this or points it out
>Photoshops all her selfies on Instagram so that her eye appears more vibrant
>Photoshops it badly
>had an extremely awkward interview with Stephen Colbert in which she was falling out of her dress and Stephen Colbert had to cover her with a towel
>when Stephen Colbert requested she take a selfie with him live on his show and post it to Instagram she became extremely hesitant. Eventually caved, but later deleted and re-uploaded a shooped version of the selfie

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krotchy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/goolemturp
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 298447

File: 1493091928815.png (173.73 KB, 726x532, kkkrotchy.png)

Lmao I can't believe she's still trying so hard when no one's buying her shit anymore! Her teeny bopper fans have turned on her.

The jig is up and she's fucked up any chance of ever being taken seriously as a model.

No. 298450

File: 1493092123044.png (33.48 KB, 286x497, kkkrotchy2.png)

More comments.

I'm starting to think she likes the negative attention or she'd just turn the comment section off on all of her photos.

No. 298725

For a while she was turning off all the comments but I guess she's given up now or enjoys the added fame that drama brings her. Every comment boosts her likelihood of being featured on the explore page too

No. 298928

File: 1493168282411.jpg (121.72 KB, 1198x848, sarah lol.JPG)

replaced her 'what is heterochromia' link in her bio with a (seemingly broken?) link to an art book on amazon. said book being tastefully advertised as seen here.

No. 299012

at least she's not a complete dumbass
better monetize that shit girl

No. 23296[Reply]

Black khaleesi as claimed by tumblr. Claims she has an editing and promtional team.Apparently changed her name to Artemis. Ex Sugar baby.

242 posts and 75 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 298500

File: 1493097622036.png (1.5 MB, 1430x658, kha.png)

No. 298516

the girl is actually half Indian wow lol

I hope that sjw feels like shit but eh wishful thinking

No. 298730

This is about the hundredth time I've seen SJWs attack non-white people for "blackface" or "cultural appropriation" when it is actually just their real skin tone or their own culture's clothing.

No. 298751

Artemis is so full of shit. Even if that cosplayer was tanning her skin for cosplay, it was none of Artemis' fucking business and only proves that sjws are just glorified bullies.
>shitty cosplays
You have no room to talk. Especially when you wear platinum blonde wigs and blue contacts… whitefacing?

No. 298772

File: 1493145531204.jpg (121.08 KB, 518x534, Screenshot (90)_20170425_14380…)

Speaking of shitty cosplays….

File: 1490054741411.png (439.37 KB, 503x593, classy toopooh.png)

No. 273904[Reply]

for all the wannabe-ghetto thots who parade around insta like they're hard when they live off mommy and daddy and would be torn to shreds on the actual streets.

starting with queen stanky pussy, toopoor.
81 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 279491

well a sperg from pull just cowtipped so it's only a matter of time

No. 279734

a few people in that thread were pointing out how much easier on people PULL tends to be compared to lolcow/ kiwifarms, and if she's losing it NOW then wait til she finds out she's been mentioned in like, at least three different threads on here. can't wait for her to stumble over here and yell about her big scary lawyer daddy

No. 279907

i don't know if she will tbh, she found PULL because it mentions her real name, Clare Buley
it shows up on the first page of the google results, this doesn't.. yet

No. 284149

I still remember when it happened 3 years ago.
You really shouldn't assume things like that. Her friends said it was a xanax/oxy od. She was addicted to xanax and cocaine, and regularly mixed a lot of different pills. I followed her blog before she passed and saw nothing about heroin.
When I followed her, she said her dad had a mistress who was nicer to her than he ever was. They had a lot of money and she moved to LA to do acting. When she was 14 she got raped/beaten many times by someone she worked with and he made her do shit like bring food her mom cooked for her to his house.
Athena was her best friend, unfortunately. Paige is a shitty tweaker, In/out of rehab, constantly on shit like heroin and xanax. Has all the qualities of an addict.

No. 298754


Untrue, EMS has no direct link to the hospital they are taking someone to, their only job is to get/convince/coerce the person they are dealing to go to the hospital. Actually she has the option to refuse to comply with EMS because they do not have the right take someone against their will unless the person is saying they are suicidal even if they are injuring themselves. Once she got the hospital she also had the option to refuse them admit her but she clearly didn't do that so now the state is going to charge her $5,000-7000 even if they just lectured her dumb ass for five minutes and let her go without rendering any services. Her parents will have to pay in full so it doesn't fuck up her ability to get health insurance for the rest of her life, they may not realize that tho unless someone close to the family is in healthcare. Ironically Im sure the person who called is another retarded rich tumblrina friend who thought they were genuinely helping her

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