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File: 1480632348714.jpg (1.58 MB, 3992x2467, anuglycollage.jpg)

No. 207219

Please post about pathetic, cringey cosplay bitches here!

Meg Turney

>Super cringey man-faced "cosplayer".

>Her cosplays are all shit even though she has been at it for at least 10 years.
>Meg is almost 30 at this point and is aging like old milk so she rakes in money showing her tits and ass on Patreon.
>Meg is truly in love with her ass and herself. She constantly posts in her own subreddit (plus main ones) and says some stupid shit. Gets offended over literally anything.
>She was on Sourcefed and involved with Rooster teeth because of her bf Gavin.
>Meg left SF and RT due to no one liking her annoying, grating voice and obnoxious personality. However, Meg claims it was because her modelling career decisions conflicted with Rooster Teeth policies. Which basically means she chose boudoir photo shoots and beta bucks over RT. (We all know it's because you sucked at your job, Meg)
>Currently Meg is desperately clinging onto e-fame by doing photo shoots with the Chive even though they will take any butterface with a pulse.
>Meg photoshops her photos to hell and back and is in bed with cosplay photographer cuck Martin Wong, who can't seem to take a well-lit photograph to save his life.
>Any critical thing you have to say about Meg on youtube or reddit will be met with a comment from Meg herself so hopefully she doesn't come to this thread because the Nigri couldn't stay away from hers.

I love watching when people peg her down because she's so far up her own ass. So here's a collection of funny threads about her:

^Warning that video is hard to watch solely because of how autistic Meg is

Speaking of Nigri, she's too boring to have her own thread so please post about her here. Her previous thread is here: >>142067

Danielle Beaulieu

>Uggo crybaby who, like Meg, truly has a face for radio.

>She is KayVictoria status for copying Nigri.
>Like grandma Meg, Danielle is also known to obsessively search her name being mentioned on reddit so she can defend herself. I suspect she has FAS like Snoozy from GG.

No. 207221

Fun fact: I was mistaken for a meg turney leaked nude because I have res hair and glasses.

All you could see was my lips and the frames of my glasses, not my eyes. First time I saw it as someone claiming it was meg I had no idea who she was and was like wtf. It got mildly spread but it's mostly cleared up now.

No. 207231

File: 1480634440045.jpg (126.85 KB, 1024x683, 8gSjlqNh.jpg)

Chubberfaced Nigri is very drag queen-esque these days

No. 207304

Meg managed to ruin a funny gaming podcast, she didn't play a triple A title for 2 years and was on a mainstream gaming podcast passing judgement about said games, smh.

Meg really needs to stick to the round glasses the rectangles make her look like a retarded greyhound

No. 207310

Wow, almost her entire reddit history is her defending herself. How sad. I can only imagine how much time she spends looking for comments to white knight herself on.

Has she done anything relevant as of late aside from fucking Gavin?

No. 207329

Omg she really does look like a greyhound dog. We need side by side comparisons ITT Cuz there just so many things lol

No. 207448

File: 1480663039509.jpg (256 KB, 600x1066, dnd2h8gw711y.jpg)

I think it's so funny when girls draw moles on their faces lul

No. 207450

File: 1480664120556.jpg (51.7 KB, 600x600, IMG_3676.JPG)

All I see

No. 207464

No. 207476

>those fucking mouth wrinkles

No. 207643

She looks like the mom of a teenager.

No. 207669

Eh I'm no fan of Meg but this almost sounds like Sheena's desperate attempts (even if she's in Japan) to spread shit about her.

Sheena initially wanted Gavin but Meg got there first so she settled for Monty and well, we all know how that turned out.

Meg really doesn't need to be asking for money since Gavin is pretty much a millionaire with all the camera work he does for movies using his Phantomflex. (He did slow mo shots for Hot Fuzz, Sherlock Holmes 2 and often called to assist on projects).

Meg also did have a playboy model shoot, one that I think Sheena despises because that's Sheena's dream and Meg got to live it out.

Outside of cons, I haven't met her. She seems nice but she was really annoying on 'Free Play' and I don't think it helped that there were so many rumors flying around that she and he co-host, Ryan Haywood, were cheating with one another (Ryan has a wife and two children). It was at a point that one of their in house artists drew a picture of Ryan in Meg's 'sex dungeon' as a joke but I think people were beginning to speculate that there really was more to them behind the scenes.

Her most annoying thing, I think, is just how she barges in to every conversation with her own opinion on the matter. The Patch was alright with her and Ashley and Ryan but she had to talk over the both of them obnoxiously about her own opinions.

No. 207679

HAHA OKAY sure. Here's how it went down. In the previous Nigri thread, Danielle Beaulieu made a dumbass comment how she's glad she inspires girls to do boudoir cosplay shoots cuz its ~so brave. I, ME, a fucking nobody and long time farmer, wrote this >>204350 to which I got two responses asking me to do the post anyway. I would have mentioned Sheena but she already has a thread on PT, cuz she is certified cow status. As with Moomoo. These losers can't even make the cut.

ALSO you can check the fucking writing style and do linguistic analysis whateverthefuck because I made this post too >>198674

WOW sorry for trying to submit some content to this website.

No. 207682

Whoa sorry, calm the udders there fellow farmer. I'm not trying to defend Meg but these things said about her just sound like things that Sheena would love to spread around too because she absolutely hates Meg.

However, like with most if not all the cows here, there are grains of truth and Meg does have a lot of them.

I don't like her but I also don't hate her. I just think she's obnoxious and does indeed try to be a little snowflake when it comes to the cosplay world. I do hate that these girls use 'cosplay' in order to sell their 'boudoir' (which is literally the same as when PT called all her 'sexy' shoots 'gravure').

Sorry I wasn't clear before. I would like to know any other stories people might have about Meg or any of the other snowflakes (Rooster Teeth sure seems to harbor a bit of them).

No. 207710


>I don't think it helped that there were so many rumors flying around that she and he co-host, Ryan Haywood, were cheating with one another (Ryan has a wife and two children). It was at a point that one of their in house artists drew a picture of Ryan in Meg's 'sex dungeon' as a joke but I think people were beginning to speculate that there really was more to them behind the scenes.

how old are you those weren't rumours they were a joke, seriously i know shit on this site is speculative but fucking hell that's like fucking retarded that anyone would believe that.

No. 207979

She's not even trying to hide her hairline anymore lmao. How can you do the same makeup look every day and still be shit at it?

No. 207980

The worst part is those awful lashes that stop abruptly in the middle of her eye. Why would someone want to look fake on purpose ?
She just has horrible taste in general. heard from a third party so take with a grain of
salt, but that first real lingerie shoot she did with the white bra on the white bed? Where she looked the best she ever had (and will) but absolutely nothing like her normal self? Her makeup and hair were done by a professional and after the shoot she bitched to her other cosplay friends how much she
hated her styling for that shoot and that she would never let anyone else do her makeup/hair again. Oh, Jessica if you only knew

No. 208101

Ewwww this is SO FUCKING NASTY her boobs are so hard they can crush a walnut Nigri get your shit together and get new fake boobs made with better material



No. 208372


the comments tho, kek

honestly this gif scares me they look like water balloons about to burst.. i wonder how painful it is to have an implant break in your tit?

No. 208472

Oh god damn, I thought there was smth seriously wrong with me because back in 2013 I felt like the only person on tumblr who didn't kiss meg's ass lmao god
I still cringe at the memories of the RT fandom when she started dating gavin. Everyone who didn't like meg's super fake gamur gurl personality was called a misogynist hahah

Her subreddit is literally the most pathetic, neckbeard-filled place on Earth, though. They don't even hide that they don't care about her videos one bit.

No. 208480

I don't remember seeing this picture (all her pictures look almost the same to me… Big gross fake boobs, ugly make up, etc) Can you post the one you're talking about?

No. 208484

File: 1480889666219.jpg (101.42 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mzhd2nGqpg1sjhzeoo1_500…)

I think it's this one.

No. 208671

Come to think of it, is this shoot the only time we've seen her with curled/style hair instead of her usual emo kid comb over? I always thought her hair looked great in this shoot.

No. 208680

Wait, this is Nigri? She actually looks good here.

No. 208681

File: 1480910096932.jpeg (159.08 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpeg)

Why would a person ever choose to look like the one on the left when they have the potential to look like the one on the right ?
It's true that most people really need stylists.
Also that it's obvious none of her fans are looking at her face.

No. 208682

File: 1480910168012.jpg (138.46 KB, 746x617, sdfljsdk.jpg)

It was curled when she was doing Killer is Dead, the time she was caught wearing a buttpad kek

No. 208685

Her eyebrows finally match! No super harsh black brows for once. Girrrrl get your shit together and learn some proper makeup

No. 208689

Pretty sure she was styled for this event too? Except that looks like typical Nigri makeup so maybe they just so did her hair to look like the character

No. 208692

wtf is she blind? This is 100x better than her normal beyond drag queen looks. As much as I dislike her she, I can honestly say she looks really nice here.

No. 208694

The left is so fucking scary. It's like a tranny wax action figure or something.

Yeah pretty much. I doubt she owns a curling iron, she seems to have something against having full and voluminous curls, which is honestly what would help her Alien V. Predator style forehead

No. 208696

File: 1480910762103.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

Jnig's hairline is out of this world.

No. 208700

File: 1480910881822.jpg (57.76 KB, 554x750, PU2VAdF.jpg)

That fucking mole. Is she planning on drawing that for every picture now? Sorry if this pic startles anyone

No. 208701

She legit looks good here. Why doesn't she soften her look? She isn't unattractive, just okay looking (and desperately needs skin care.)

No. 208703

Omg what is it.? Kill it!

No. 208730

Yup, its actually hilarious how hard their fan base forces themselves to like Meg, Lindsay, and Mika. They're all terrible.

No. 208740

Jess get that symmastia fixed

No. 208741

She's going to have a uniboob soon

No. 208752

She must really love the washed up middle aged porn star look if it's true she hated her makeup and styling in this picture. She actually looks young and has that "girl next door" look to her.

No. 208777


her subbredit is hilarious

>ask if she will do nudes

>says she will do them professionally and then decide if she wants to post them
>posts censored nudes on twitter and says 'bonus' shots from the shoot are available at a higher patreon tier
>bonus pics don't include nudes
>people suggest it was misleading
>neckbeards says that she is perfect and doesn't need to post nudes and that anyone suggesting it was bad business is a sexist

gotta respect the hustle though if i could maked 25k a month by not showing my tits to neckbeards i would

No. 208780

isn't there a no nude rule on patreon tho? She wouldn't be able to release them there even if she did do them.

I can see how that would be misleading to people who aren't aware of those rules though.

No. 208786

Meg Turney, our sacred lady of clickbait thumbnails and patron saint of gamur grillz

tbh she and Gav make a good pair, they're both stupid and unsightly. inb4 gavin defenders, yes he's sometimes funny esp when it's him and Jones, I'll never deny that, but jesus he's grating.

I motion for this to be a Meg thread, Nig has like 32 already.

No. 208802

Surprised you didnt mention the 'Battlefield 1 is sexist' video

No. 208816

I was gonna but then Meg whiteknights would have argued that she didn't write any of the material.

I know that's what >>207669 would have said anyway.

No. 208822


>Meg left SF and RT due to no one liking her annoying, grating voice and obnoxious personality. However, Meg claims it was because her modelling career decisions conflicted with Rooster Teeth policies. Which basically means she chose boudoir photo shoots and beta bucks over RT. (We all know it's because you sucked at your job, Meg)


RT spent so long defending hiring her saying that she was hired purely on merit and not because of gavin….

she stopped writing her own stories on the know like 4 months in… for no apparent reason. she was literally just hosting the show, but clearly she didn't have enough free time to go to all the cons she wanted, despite the fact all she did was read off a teleprompter and ruin a podcast

so she became her own boss and made fucking ridiculous promises on her patreon, she hasn't delievered on any of the shit she set out to do, no new merch to all those patrons, became a full time youtuber/streamer… 12 vlogs in 6 months. she's literally getting paid to do nothing

No. 208823

File: 1480923180507.jpg (1.43 MB, 5000x3746, 9c1k6w7.jpg)

sage for samefagging, but using patreon money to pay someone to be super bad at shooping, like instagram would have done a better job

No. 208828

I love how random this outfit is. 50s feminist style sunglasses with a marching band jacket and a strappy yet matronly bikini bottom from the clearance bin at Lane Bryant

Why the fuck is Meg so hung up on granny panties anyway

No. 208829

File: 1480923779642.jpg (111.42 KB, 1080x1080, JbqmUO8.jpg)

Also why even post this on social media lol. She looks 40.

No. 208835

Remember when Nigri pulled the same shit on Patreon? She said if she met a certain threshold she'd do a huge bikini photoshoot on Hawaii I think and then deleted the post and bought a house with the money.

No. 208849

She did do her Hawaii shoot though

No. 208874

If you think this is what 40 looks like, you must be like 15

No. 208881

>Retro glasses
>Huge forehead/mouth wrinkles
>Frizzy grandma hair
>"Doesn't look 40 anon"


Btw Meg, you do look very old but unlike Jnig you can still save yourself by not styling yourself like a retard. Kek

No. 209100

File: 1480972403168.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 928x1391, f0ZISta.png)

Where's photoshop connoisseur anon at? This is a nightmare lol.

No. 209157

someone on reddit pointed out that he spent so long shooping the side of her nip out he forgot to remove the softbox reflection from her glasses

No. 209158

that tit job scar tho lmao

No. 209160

tbh i sometimes question meg and gav's relationship. like, just recently one of their let's plays it was mentioned how meg has two twitter account and gavin didn't even know this, while everyone else on the video did. how are yo unaware that your gf that lives with you has two twitter accounts, her "normal one" and her "modeling" one

No. 209204

Not that anon but this legit looks like a 40 yo mom with bad fashion tastes.

No. 209228

Their relationship is so fucking weird. She's soooo trite gamergirrrll and he's an actual, experienced, professional (subjective on that one, I know) gamer, he has actual applicable real world skills (editing and production) while she can barely pull a vlog out of her ass, not to mention hes constantly traveling. Does she go with him…? I don't follow either of them outside of watching AH stuff so I have no idea what they even do together besides own a cat.

conspiracy theory: Maybe they shacked up so he could move out of Geoff's..? And independence beard, if you will?

No. 209241

>I'm not a regular mom! I'm a cool mom!

No. 209250

To be fair, the one Gavin didn't know about hasn't been used in about two years.

No. 209265

True, but most of the other guys were aware of it. It just kind of made me scratch my head a bit.

No. 209270

Has Gavin ever been in a serious relationship with Meg? Wouldn't be surprised if its just another case of idubbz, internet famous guy who has 0 expierence jumped on the first chick with big tits that wanted some of it.

No. 209272

He's as much of a beta as Ryan. I mean, look I totally get if a guy gets in a relationship with a girl who does lingerie modelling. Fair enough. But where it goes from normal to cuckold is the whole "YEAR OF THE NUDE" shit. How sad is it that your SO is gonna post nude pictures on the internet (when she doesn't have to) and you don't even have the balls to stop her. I know he's ultra SJW but come on. Such a beta

"muhhgirlfriends career" my ass. The whole reason to do that shit is to look for an exit strategy, ie beta with deep pockets. Like Liz Katz for example.

Speaking of Liz, wtf is that girl up to nowadays

No. 209282

Her face looks so incredibly white compared to the rest of her body it's werid and distracting, did she do that on purpose? If so it just looks like clown makeup, way too much also.

No. 209291


i would be concerned if my BF didn't at all care that i was naked in front of photogrpahers and random dudes

like I can understand being ok with it but seriously posting videos like
is it okay to masturbate to you' while begging for money online from horney neckbeards should push anyones limits

No. 209431

Wtf, I legit thought she was an older woman trying to look like Jessica … Man, she is looking bad, or maybe I am just retarded

No. 209457

lol since when was Gavin ultra SJW? He's the reason why so many Let's Plays would get censored, because of using either racial slurs or anything else that the audience wouldn't tolerate.

Gavin, in general, seems like he doesn't give a shit about what she does, because that's how he is with everything else.

No. 209476

File: 1481028334451.jpg (1.11 MB, 1701x1391, nigri.jpg)

She REALLY needs someone new to edit her pictures and the color scheme of the makeup is horrid.

No. 209773

He's still a cuckold. Caring or not caring, he's still a baby back bitch for not manning up to his gf publically announcing to putting nudes out there. If he truly doesn't care he would just call it a hit it & quit it, not a relationship.

Photoshop ass is horrific

No. 209788

I think that anon is right he's MUCH more "but that's offensive" since he started dating Meg.

No. 209851

They literally drew her ass on, lol. I never realized how thick her legs were, is Jnig short?

No. 209862

She's 5'7.

No. 209870

I'm kind of surprised her legs look so stocky then. Has she been putting on weight? They don't look awful or anything, but they look kind of short/thick for a girl as tall as she is.

No. 209896

Pretty sure she's a couple inches shorter than that. Models tend to exaggerate by a couple inches to get more work

No. 209915

I can photoshop. Can't do magic.
There's no fixing that ass. Why didn't they leave the ass as it was and just have gotten a slightly poofier skirt. Then would've had no need to stick a physical deformity where her ass should be.
Also less makeup on the face, no horrid falsies, stop photoshopping all her features out, lighter and less dense eyebrows and a lipstick color that fit her skintone.
Her face would look a thousand times better if she would take care of her skin and had slight fillers on her nasolabial folds. Also if she would get back on our timeline with the makeup and realize she's no longer 17 and it's not 2008. If we get her to 2009 that will already be a major improvement. Nigri isn't ugly, her costumes (while not made by her) are usually great, she's in banging shape. She's for this worse than most lolcows, because they are all around putting in no effort (like Momo), but Nigri puts in some effort so none of this is beyond her.

No. 209948

Jnig has been hard in the gym trying to make that ass happen. Probably just bulked up her thighs instead lel. I think she looks fine though. That pose always kind of makes people's legs look weird imo.

No. 210098

File: 1481137990591.png (200.77 KB, 856x394, Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 19.0…)

Jess is taking money from patreon supporters and not providing the content promised if she thinks you're one of the people sharing it online even if the patreon money has been taken from your account. She also blocked the guy after he messaged her (2nd link) explaining how he hadn't received any of the new stuff.

Not sure why anyone still puts money into her patreon but she's 100% breaking patreon rules here.

No. 210102

I'm actually cringing superhard at the editing here, Darshelle is overrated as fuck.

No. 210111

niglet can always get ass implants, she already had her tits done multiple times plus she dat patreon money

No. 210158

Got a link for that? Is anyone really surprised that Jnig is a thief?

No. 210176

JessicaNigri2 subreddit

No. 211222

File: 1481311029665.png (94.88 KB, 640x457, IMG_6567.PNG)

Is anybody else following Jnig's 12 days of Christmas thing? It's a mixture of lulz and cringe.

No. 211246

She needs to hang it up she's embarrassing herself

No. 211326

Why does she keep pulling her panties down?

No. 211365

I try to but she really is old dry milk at this point. Needs to just retire

No. 211440

because that's what women with no skills do

No. 211452

If you mean the pose, it's because she's a bad model
If you mean why she wears her panties so low, it's because of her body type. I'm kinda similar and it's unflattering if panties sit higher

No. 211523

The pose, I guess. I understand that having your panties higher might make you look more stocky if you have a certain body type, but I find it really weird how she poses like that.

The second photo from the left I have no problems with, but in all the other ones (minus the skirt one, which has no visible panties and is going to give me nightmares for other reasons) it just looks stupid how her expression is completely unconnected to what she's doing.

No. 212902

File: 1481601664314.jpg (114.21 KB, 920x1379, sara-underwood-22.jpg)

Never thought I'd see the day that I actually miss and prefer Sarah Underwood's career and photos to Jnig's.

This Christmas shit is cringey, dog. "On the Fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…the same outfit as Day 1."

No. 212911

jesus she looks so fucking scary here. as much as everyone has been critical of her looks i didn't think her makeup was even that terrible but why the fuck would she
think this looks good, its fucking scary.

No. 212922

Why would you even compare the two? Jessica isn't even a real model and voice acting for dumb weab shit doesn't count as being an actress.

Jessica has always looked like a boob gremlin people are only noticing now that she's getting even more haggard

No. 213130

Thank you I'm so sick of people thinking Jessica is legit at being anything except her boyfriends meal ticket

No. 214007

File: 1481726328533.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.42 KB, 750x1084, Cj2QKxe.jpg)

I think between the wig and the uni boob this shit is hilarious. Trying so hard to be sexy and she looks like someone's homely aunt from Nebraska. Never change meg

No. 214042

File: 1481730868544.jpg (426.6 KB, 1107x750, nigrideshopp.jpg)

I know this is still shit, but I really did try.

No. 214121

What is up with the shoop on her tits, das bad yo. This is just bad all over, nothing says Tracer about this at all.

No. 214221

Ew, what a horrendous Tracer.

No. 214238

uniboob aside, she shooped in a weird thigh gap.

No. 214261

File: 1481752365491.png (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 1296x1799, ayyyy.png)

Thought she should be mentioned at least once. What a heaux. Her pics are always spammed on reddit by the same 2 people. I don't understand why the shoop is just unsettling.

No. 214270

her face looks about two shades too light compared to the rest of her body its weird

No. 214276

Who's that? Is the waist shooped? Because it looks like she has a nice body

No. 214292

She has a really small waist from what I can tell in her photos
but she also just looks like a small person in general

No. 214340

like we can just assume that her waist is shooped but she couldve just done basic cosmetic on her thighs so she got a fat bottom with a weird waist/hip ratio

No. 214349

File: 1481764581109.png (523.57 KB, 1439x2451, 20161214_171532.png)

Lol the fanboys are stsrting to become self aware and are calling Meg out for hoeplay. Now she's sperging about it "not being cosplay". Guiz stahp slushaming her1111!!!!

No. 214350

File: 1481764600876.png (1.15 MB, 1439x2052, 20161214_171559.png)

No. 214375

That's not even impressive. I bet some farmers here can whip up something way more elaborate in the time it took her to make that leotard

No. 214383

"Shit takes time"

I'm substandard at operating a sewing machine and I can still throw that together in a few hours.

No. 214393

okay, i thought i was being too picky thinking that doesn't look all that impressive. i'm glad i'm not the only one

No. 214423

That's one ugly ass

No. 214435

Dunno if she's just talking about this costume. She's been working on Sylvanas from WoW for months and that's a big effort cos. She just doesn't seem the sort to post progress images.

No. 214438

File: 1481774799253.jpg (127.76 KB, 799x999, 1co6PBj.jpg)

If she wasn't, then why would she post this one? Why not post her progress? Oh right because there is none.

This outfit I'm dying. What a granny

No. 214439

File: 1481774940437.gif (2.11 MB, 600x337, whos-that-girl-in-the-amazing-…)


No. 214585



>ski goggles
>wet suit
>sewing machine
>tights? (too much jpeg)

somebody better call the wambulance she might die from exhaustion from all that hard work

seriously she's a full time cosplayer that makes 25k a month from neckbeards, what the fuck else is she doing with her time if not making costumes

No. 214593

File: 1481803349546.png (251.07 KB, 1440x1100, sad.png)

She can't even bother to post on her snap chat that people pay for, lol

No. 214605

Wait. Can she literally not just post a little "good morning"/"Good night" video or maybe a "gettin' ready to stream!!1!" one since she does that frequently? Because that seems like minimum effort. Hell, even one of her dog or cat would probably be okay (I don't know what sort of things she promised in her SC videos, but people usually don't mind cute animal vids).

No. 214625

As far as I can see she posted that publically to "prove" she's working on stuff. Her costume WIP photos are patreon exclusive

No. 214645

She looks 40 holy shit.

No. 214657

Good lord, so almost everything is just patreon exclusive? WIP, her snapchat… damn get that money I guess?

No. 214687

She could use Trello to organize her stuff.

No. 214755

I mean before starting a patreon she didn't post any of that stuff so it's not like non-pat's are missing out

No. 214772

Is she a LulaRoe hoe? Looks like the fugly type of granny clothes they shit out kek

No. 214810

I was thinking anthropologie or Modcloth.

No. 214999

File: 1481873760139.png (2.93 MB, 1257x1890, 469292647489292.png)

I can't even.

No. 215006

The editing on this is soooo bad. It's like they took her face, blurred it a little and pasted it on someone else's body.

And that gold background with the random orbs went out of style in 2008.

No. 215010

Meg defending herself again when someone calls out the weird boob shoop. She literally replies with a link to a zoomed in crop of her boobs unedited


Hahahahah like they're just sacks of fat on your fucking flesh get over yourself Meg.lmao

No. 215038

Was this sized down and then up again? I can see the pixels on her eyebrows in particular.

Then again: why is the background seemingly more in focus than her face?

No. 215097


No. 215112

This seems to be a lower res version of the image. the high res version is on the JessicaNigri2 reddit. It still looks like garbage though.

WHY does she keep wearing these cheap tacky $3 made-in-china leg avenue knockoff costumes? She makes almost 50k a MONTH. Buy yourself some nice, classy lingerie for fucks sake.

No. 216395

File: 1482041201441.jpeg (74.58 KB, 445x500, PULL.jpeg)

Ew her hair really was a rat's nest

No. 216397

File: 1482041244318.jpg (92.28 KB, 540x1080, wgvp85j0g94y.jpg)

She even cheaped out on the extensions too,kek

No. 216398

Why… is she biting the lights? It reminds me of a hamster before getting electrocuted to death. Tbqh it's not the worst Tracer wig I've seen and if it was a legit cosplay it'd probably look alright but, damn.

No. 216431


lol, someone says left boob is shooped responds with picture of right boob. also it is really shitty shooping

No. 216506

File: 1482060347556.jpg (192.8 KB, 1365x2048, 1v80T3J.jpg)

Does anyone know if enji night has hip augmentation? Kylie jenner got hers done and it looks fairly similar to enji's

No hate on enji I genuinely hope she takes down nigri and co lol

No. 216529

it's plausible, I mean who hasn't surgically enhanced themselves for cosplay at the point

No. 216530


No. 216532

I don't think so. It just looks like violinhips, they aren't exaggerated enough to be injections.

No. 217137

Not injections anon, hip augmentation is an implant inserted on the side of each hip

No. 217272

File: 1482160553367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.76 KB, 470x680, 1482157227867.jpg)

>hasn't had a boob job

No. 217276

Is this real?

No. 217285

Is this another fake pic or did she finally give up on trying to be "professional"?

No. 217306

def shopped, it's blurry as fuck around the cleavage and bottom of the boobs.

No. 217342

File: 1482171388689.jpg (79.25 KB, 640x1136, qnd2x87.jpg)

No. 217609

Plus everyone knows jessica doesn't even have nipples at this point

No. 217614

She's still quite obviously playing with the position and pretend screaming/moaning so that her fans can fap to her.

Those lines where her implants push against her clavicles look painful.

No. 217864

File: 1482221482555.png (819.25 KB, 1279x1212, fatass.png)

Nigri has become such a fatass holy shit. Taken from the all chat video this week

No. 217866

File: 1482221602809.png (958.4 KB, 1388x1440, hahahhahahahahahhaja.png)

Dem double chins tho

No. 217903

she legitimately looks like somebodies grandmother.

No. 217918

Doesn't really look fat, I think the problem is she has no neck.

No. 217920

She's fat anon. It's okay

No. 217926


>I dont just use my boobs, here is a cosplay where my boobs are the focus to prove I dont just use my boobs

No. 217989

To be fair, she's using her ass, too.

Man I hope there's some padding going on. Those look as ridiculous as KJ's boobs. Do people get to try on some sort of dummy when they go for implants, to see if they'd look OK or is it a case of "Barkeep! Fill me in with the biggest watermelons you've got!"

No. 218068

wow what an amazing full costume! I guess she is more than just sex appeal huh?

No. 218527

File: 1482318838954.jpg (130.86 KB, 1080x1338, mapondziwp4y.jpg)

Kay Victoria is the Mila mortice of cosplay

Her face looks like a prune for being so young too

No. 218528

She has no neck and she got enormous tits that stretch her clothes outwards around the mid section of her body unless she wears something like a bikini or one of her skimpy tank tops. She really isn't fat.

No. 218529

Explain her chubbers face then

No. 218530

She's definitely a copycat, but is she also insane?

No. 218540

Anyone who copies someone to that degree has got to be bonkers

No. 218543

Or mercenary. She has a Patreon for her cosplay. Maybe she figured that if she plays her cards well she can make a living off of fanboys.

No. 218544

How much does she make?

No. 218549

No. 218551


About $300 for now.>>218544

No. 218552

That's kinda chump change for selling your dignity online

No. 218600

File: 1482336080433.jpg (42.07 KB, 470x275, Hunchback.jpg)

Do these hoes all go to the same surgeon? They all look so hunched after the implants

No. 218605

Every boob job is gonna look fake at that size no matter where you go. Especially since saline were banned a few years back

No. 218607

Wasn't it silicone that were banned?

No. 218632

It's probably the weight.

No. 218650

Her boobs make her look fat in clothes. Maybe thats why she will only will lingerie these days.
Meh. She's looking down. Happens to a lot of people.

No. 218652

File: 1482345632282.jpg (20.58 KB, 744x297, wut.jpg)

Her boyfriend is still trying to drive her fans away.
I kind of wish he was successful so she would go away already.

No. 218661

how can you even be mad poeople act like this when this is exactly the kind of shit you pander to?

No. 218789

File: 1482370124869.jpg (3.7 MB, 3163x4744, UaRJSAZ.jpg)

Ew she looks like a thumb

No. 218790

What the fuck. What a horrendous picture.

No. 218820

omg the photoshop around her body. the lines on the wood planks dont line up. LOL
Her editor is total shit

No. 218821

Lmao Is this a joke the editing is completely shit

No. 218836

She really couldn't photoshop some hips on?????

No. 218844

Her thighs look fucking massive what are you talking about

No. 218845

Nvm I thought that said thighs

No. 218864

That blur around her boobs… How can anyone think this looks ok?

No. 218869

WHY. Darshelle must hate her lol. Does she not have any friends to tell her that she shouldn't be using this shit? I'm sure even the most dense neckbeards are gonna look at this and realize they are fapping to then photoshop blur tool. I'd ask for my money back if i was a patreon.

No. 219849

If they couldn't see the plaster and paint on her face and the plastic in her tits so far, then there's no hope.

No. 220045

Call me biased and a chestlet, but this outfit would look cuter on a girl with smaller boobs. Or proportionally small compared to her body. Idk sometimes Nigri takes it too far and it's a bore.

No. 220055

File: 1482435553081.jpg (184.43 KB, 1236x1239, 584d43f0a45a4f08a98aa2421f5d40…)


This was uploaded on her sub but her betas are in such denial they claim it's only different because they're taken from different angles

No. 220056

File: 1482435575088.jpg (21.54 KB, 278x538, ookppö.JPG)

At this point I'm convinced she's trolling

No. 220058

People say it's just paper background that got misaligned when they laid it down

No. 220062

Getting a bit pudgy, huh?

No. 220067

reminds me of Tavia lulz

No. 220068

Yet anons keep saying "she's not fat"


It must suck to have such a warped perception of a healthy body

No. 220573

Fuck, I didn't notice until now. They erased the base of the line between her boobs for some reason?

No. 220758

Why do all these heauxbags suck at makeup. Meg has brown blobs on her eyelids. It looks like shit

No. 220795

Why would she not do anything to her lower eyelid other than put white liner on it? The thumbnail and this look overall makes her appear much older than she really is.

No. 220812

Oh she already looks like an old hag regardless of the makeup. But anyway funny enough all of her posts on r/makeup addiction get voted into the high heavens. She's like Suzy tbh. People only like her cuz of her SO

No. 220990

True. I mean, at least when we shit on Nigri looking old, we can at least blame her shitty tanning habits as part of the problem…. but Meg doesn't seem to be into tanning I don't think? So does she even have an excuse for having so many fine lines already?

No. 221000

I mean at that point it's just shit genetics

No. 221425

Isn't Pixelette studio the one that Lindze Merrit (Monika/Yaya/Katie's friend from ATL did the make up?

She looks like young Britney Spears in these maybe that's why she doesn't like them haha

Can verify though, that as a girl, I think fake lashes make me look older 90% of the time. Wearing lots of makeup for certain costumes is fine but if you're doing a more natural boudoir shoot I think less is more.

No. 221427

Lindsay is actually really nice though…and actually good at video games? Idk Mika and say whatever about JNigs and Meg but…I'm actually surprised people don't like Lindsay

No. 221428

Must not be because Luna Lanie releases titties on her Patreon quite often. Dubs them "artistic nudes" when really it's just soft core porn.

No. 221432

dude Darshelle is such a shit editor. How do they not notice shit like this?

No. 221433

I don't think either are banned still unless it goes by state. Zoie Burgher did a whole video on her implants and the doctor was still giving her the choice between the 2, but said saline feels more fake and can leak, where as silicone won't leak and feels more natural.

No. 221465

This is horribly off topic, but somehow I just stumbled upon Incest fan fiction feat. Jessica Nigri.

No. 221467

Yes, and from what I've heard, they are all no longer friends with Nigri. Though no one has ever said why.

I always like the photos Jessica has gotten done from Pixelette though. No clue who the photographer is but they are miles better than the boudoir stuff she is doing now.

No. 221470

Judging from the other photos in the set, it does look to be a backdrop misaligned, but that doesn't excuse the editor for not fixing it in the shot where it is so obvious. I guess she spent so much time making her face look plastic she didn't have time to do anything else.

No. 221484

I know Jess and Monika had a huge falling out. They have both been pretty civil about it online though so no reason as to why other than a few ppl saying Jess tried to be controlling of Monika.
Monika & Katie are both extremely talented seamstress' and both had other jobs they wanted to pursue, cosplay was just a hobby/passion.

No. 221494

File: 1482692172702.jpg (102.56 KB, 640x960, ew.jpg)

Can we add this specimen to the list? I'm getting tired of her slowly taking her clothes off and putting her saggy tits in everyone's face. Also a buddy of Nigri, so yeah.

No. 221498

Fair. But keep in mind, although they may be saggy, it's probably because they're actually real. Lisa has a curvy figure so it's proportional with her body. Not sure how old she is. Nothing she has made cosplay-wise has wowed me though.

No. 221499

>Martin Wong watermark

Of course. Hate Martin and Philly D. They're the ultimate betas

No. 221504

Let's be fair here, nobody would care about this cosplay if it weren't for the breasts. The only part that doesn't look awful is the gun.

No. 221508

agreed nothing about this screams Mccree for me

No. 221513


Tbh I really like the concept of it. Since he's a cowboy she went with a saloon girl for a genderbend. It just could have been executed better.

No. 221519

I think it's because she's annoying and stinks. This is a woman who doesn't want to wash her hair after wearing a heavy wig at a con. Also goes to bed in her makeup

No. 221875

That's the problem with it, it should have been executed better. For someone who has made so many other costumes, she really had no excuse for this to look so disgustingly bad. It genuinely looks like it's falling to pieces.

No. 225639

File: 1483265203205.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, grBF1yD.png)

So is grandma Nigri wearing buttpads again or did she get butt injections

No. 226343

probs used liquify

No. 226347

>Leather jacket
>Ebay tier dress

>but is the ass fake tho?….

No. 226374

…what is going on with her face

No. 226382

File: 1483380038239.jpg (495.72 KB, 1027x1134, Screenshot_20170102-115920.jpg)

Looks like she has a forked tongue. Lol

No. 226400

File: 1483382212705.jpg (276.87 KB, 562x500, wtv.jpg)

fixed it lol

No. 226419

She looks like every mum which is low-key trying to fuck their daughter's boyfriend.

No. 235729

File: 1484602554289.jpg (235.19 KB, 1365x2048, DlvBkLu.jpg)

Meg is sperging all over her subreddit trying to defend Martin Cuck's shit shopping. She just likes him because he shoops out her nasolabial folds and granny wrinkles. Too bad he can't do anything about her foreverkailyn-esque jowels. Kek


No. 237013

File: 1484800671962.jpg (105.54 KB, 1080x1080, 8kTw6Zo.jpg)

get paid $20k a month to 'cosplay' by my boyfriends fans

i should by a shitty one wash dress as my next cosplay

No. 237753

i don't like meg, but she's had both that dress, AND hundreds of thousands of fans since before she even met gavin. I constantly see people tweeting that they didn't even realise she was his girlfriend, so

No. 237755

i dont really know meg prior to lolcow, why is she famous (aside from Gavin)? I dont think shes particularly attractive or anything

No. 238014

She was a host at Source Fed for a little while?

No. 238034

She used to work at SourceFed and was on several Rooster Teeth shows (the big one she was on was the Know which is a clickbait gaming news show).

No. 238574

was a Sourcefed host, and then her cosplay got noticed because of that fanbase. Roosterteeth then hired her as a host, and recently she quit that to do cosplay and modelling full time. TBH she isn't really a lolcow, apart from doing underwear shoots, and being trigger happy with defending herself against criticism.

No. 238620

I love when random "fanboy" guys call out girls like this. We're just "jealous anon haters", but when the male audience they pander to actually criticizes, it makes them meltdown. I like how defensive she got in >>214350 and it clearly bothered her a lot.

No. 238752

>>221875 To be fair, I think that's what she was going for. She has also said she just super glues shit together when she's in a hurry. Wouldn't be surprised if slutty McCree was another of her "8 hour" cosplays.

No. 238757

Fuck off Meg.

Refer to this link if you don't think shes a lolcow

This was yesterday btw


No. 241167

What's wrong with the boots?

No. 241188

File: 1485614718188.png (161.03 KB, 911x308, surejan.png)

How many jobs do you think she's actually lost out on because of this?

No. 241192

Gg turney, dont you understand not everyone wants someone who does underwear photoshoots and coswhore shit as part of their image, kek

No. 241209

What kind of gaming jobs is she going for? Unless she's doing something with development, I find it hard to believe she'd be turned down because of her photos. The gaming community puts so much weight on women being sexy and appealing.

No. 241224

File: 1485622950676.png (685.25 KB, 470x541, screenshot.PNG)

Koivcrow is really uggo, does anyone know it there's any new milk? I remember he used to cheat on contests so his friends could win. Also, it looks like he's taking advantage of gehe's fame tbh
Long time ago I met him and he wasn't very nice, he recorded a flashmob and he asked my friends if we could join the film. He was like really impatient and didn't say thanks, he just left to record more people. I don't like the way he uses to talk to people. He's so elite-chan.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/koivcrow/?hl=es

>Sory for my bad english, it's not my 1st language and I'm not very good at it

No. 241245

There's a difference between being sexy and attractive and somebody who sells semi-nude pictures on the internet. Companies generally don't like the latter.

It could easily be BS so people can rally behind her against the big, meanie, nasty bad guys by buying her shit. That'll show 'em.

No. 241369

so she's confirming that RT did in fact fire her? lol

No. 241424

File: 1485665416178.jpg (87.78 KB, 640x960, 16195352_1201208656614293_2170…)

If you're going to sell photos on Patreon, the least you could do is sweep up the background for fucks sake
> random Halloween pillow
> Zebra print blanket on a floor mattress

No. 241463

Is this kaybear? That looks really trashy

No. 241473

No lol Kaybear is much cuter. That's Victory Cosplay

No. 241494

god, I don't understand this. This is "test shot of a cosplay done for fun" quality, not "sell on the internet for MONEY" quality. Could she not have at least gone outside? It's weird

No. 241498

The long ass tag on the pillow is so triggering

No. 241507

File: 1485678682412.jpg (53.75 KB, 640x960, 16298420_1202353736499785_2806…)

Her backgrounds just look so…trashy. It feels like cellphone pics taken in a house, not a professional photoset that you're going to put online for money.

No. 241518

all the half open drawers are so disturbing, jfc just push them close.

No. 241865

No? She had done multiple underwear shoots before she even got hired, so I doubt it mattered to them.

No. 241869

This girl is such trash. Apparently after Nathan Deluca found out and confronted her about all her life ruining lies, she "turned a new leaf." She made some half-assed apology on twitter for everyone to see after telling everyone he's a rapist and he accepted it? So much respect lost for anyone willing to talk to this messy ass cow.

No. 241875

Yikes they look nothing alike. Kay is gorgeous.

No. 242123

Hi Kay

No. 242134

File: 1485796521761.jpg (37.73 KB, 540x359, IMG_1936.JPG)

you mad someone pointed out that two cosplayers with completely different features look nothing alike?

No. 243500

File: 1486022339024.jpg (147.64 KB, 1365x2048, hR5DLZ6.jpg)

Grandma nig still at it

No. 243513

Ew, wtf, this is Jessica? I mean, I know she's been on a downhill slope for a while, but wow.

No. 243514

File: 1486031166074.jpg (28.81 KB, 320x240, random.jpg)

Another attempt at being LEL SO QUIRKY NERDGIRL sigh

No. 243522

>black girl
>has pillow with "spook" highlighted on it

No. 243573

Wha pisses me off is that she is so trashy but she did one half ass Finn cosplay and got all this attention.

No. 243656

Is she only getting ass pats because she's black? She looks awful

No. 266167

File: 1489082068224.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2301, Screenshot_2017-03-08-16-06-54…)

"Im gonna make lucio completely on stream ❤"

No. 266417

I wish this butter faced untalented bitch would just go away.

No. 267147

Looks like Jessica got another nose job while she took that month off.

Wish I had the money to get mine fixed. :/

No. 267149

Did she? I can't seem to tell the difference

No. 267160

doubtful. seems awfully coincidental that loonie just got called out on her very obvious nose job and all of a sudden someone would randomly bring up nigri getting one…nigri's nose and tits haven't change since the first times she had them done, someone is reaching

No. 267161

Watch the beginning of her new How I Became A Dragon video

No. 267162

…her nose looks the exact same as it has the past few years…

No. 267164

idk guys…jess gets repetetive as shit and seems to have found the only thing she is good at which are these armor builds which is whatever…but at least it seems like she can actually make this shit herself rather than ppl making the entire costume for her. after all the newer cosplay weebs being so trashy i am having a harder time getting pissed at her.

No. 267176

Same anon who brought it up here again. It was just an observation. Due to what I'm sure is along the lines of weaponized autism I'm pretty good at spotting revision rhinoplasty work. So I'm 99.5% certain. I can tell by looking at her bridge. Not saying it's a bad thing though, it looks great in her. I honestly I wish I could get my nose worked on. I hate the way my bridge looks.

Now that you mention it, Loonie is so obsessed with Jnig that she might go as far as getting a nosejob to compete with her. She copied Nigri's boobjob afterall. I guess I just thought Loonie was too poor for a rhinoplasty so I assumed she's been photoshopping her nose instead.

No. 267213

tbf I remember reading somewhere Luna saying her nose was broken in a cheerleading accident or something…not sure if it was her or another cosplayer but she said she was having surgery while in Cali last month to fix an old injury…idk, Luna makes somewhere towards 10k a month still I think, isn't rhinoplasty only like 5-7k even for a good surgeon? Plus if it was a deviated septum or a past injury that the bone never set correctly, couldn't it be covered partially by insurance as well?

No. 267216

honestly it's hard to keep up with any of these people as they all photoshop their face and body so much they are almost unrecognizable when you see candids of them/see them in person lol

No. 267228

Yeah this is true. It's weird how 10 years ago cosplay girls got shamed really hard in cgl if they looked different in person at cons than in their pics. Obvious photoshop usage was a trollable offense. It's just like selling prints. Now everyone does it shamelessly and no one bats an eyelash.

No. 267253

File: 1489195097969.png (293.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-10-20-17-00…)

Heres how she looks now for the lazy, her nose use to be a toucan sam kind of nose, she definitely had work done

No. 267258

yeah but she had her nose does to fix that "toucan sam" nose years ago…this looks the same since then is all i'm saying. not denying she had work done…just don't think she had work done twice.

No. 267263

File: 1489195772443.jpg (565.97 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20170310_202710.jpg)

"I see no difference"

No. 267265

That first pic is shooped to look worse, but regardless… everyone knows she's had one nose job, but that was years ago. I don't see a difference now from last year.

No. 267498

File: 1489240686301.jpg (87.72 KB, 432x768, iI5BEW6.jpg)

What would you guys do if you had red boobs? I would cry if I looked like this tbh.

No. 267511

File: 1489242442604.jpg (76.49 KB, 960x640, 17191051_10155131411552533_586…)

I don't think she's that ugly but her main selling point has always been her body, not her face. And her body is slowly becoming kind of mediocre. I wonder how much longer she will be able to milk the cosplay cash cow tbh

No. 267580

her boobs and shoulders are clearly sunburnt anon…it happens when you hike outside and don't use proper sunscreen…

No. 267637

Nooo shitt

No. 267673

don't want a stupid, sarcastic reply? don't say stupid, obvious shit. it's pretty simple. this thread has had 0 milk for months now

No. 267689

She's pretty much Yaya Han destined at this point, just minus crafting skills.

>mediocre shit cosplays in the beginning

>got recognized for one-hit wonder pander cosplay
>built fanbase around body gimmick
>her gimmick looked inadequate compared to others
>tried to keep up with the kids by getting fake boobies
>suddenly cosplay switches direction and people got sick of obvious pandering
>roped people into upgrading cosplay costumes on her behalf to tote her "craft skills"

>some costumes are still only slightly above average and will never escape the label of her body gimmick

>she will never be known for quality or beauty
>will keep pandering until people feel uncomfortable with her being aged and move on
>she'll try to adopt crafting and assert herself as an icon in the cosplay community
>which will ultimately fail because her fanbase aren't drawn to her for the (lack of) skill
>embarrass herself
>slowly fade into irrelevancy
>"Hey what happened to JNig?"

No. 267693

I just got a nosejob and my insurance covered 7k out of 10k because of a deviated septum. Granted I pay a shit ton for my plan, but she can definitely afford it if she makes around 10k a month.

No. 268646

Jnigs hairline is so unfortunate good lord

No. 268653

That would be a shame just by the fact she would be so in debt from buying a mansion only for her and fuckboi. I would be worried if I was her. Homeless, with an idiot and two bouys of boobs.

No. 271003

File: 1489705112627.png (62.74 KB, 640x599, IMG_2518.PNG)

We've been saying it for years. We know you knew, girl.

No. 272894

where her titties go
no time to put on a thick af bombshell bra nigri?

No. 273786

So I used to love the jnig drama back in the day, and posted regularly about her in several places, but stopped sometime around september last year a little after the whole fit tea thing went down. She became so insufferable that the milk just wasn't worth it. Anything interesting since then or should I not even bother?

No. 273803

Nope. She's too boring to even have her own thread. Only relevant nowadays for churning out the same softcore porn pictures.

No. 273809

File: 1490044080463.jpg (161.37 KB, 730x1094, mei fupa.jpg)

can we talk about penny underbust

she makes me cringe so hard but she makes me feel so much better about myself

she mentions all of the time how big her hips are, how big her tits were before surgery (hint: they weren't) and is a general attention whore

that having been said, i think she seems kind of nice, but she's so cringy and "random gamurrr gurrl" and i kind of feel bad for her given that she's a hamplanet competing with stick thin cosplayers for the attention of male losers

No. 273812

The way she looks make me cringe, seeing her full body walk around si so odd because she is a floating pair of tits.
Although, I have followed her for a few years, she does seem like a super sweet and caring person that I can't really fault her for.
Just, those boobs..

No. 273818

they look soo painful. she got these enormo fuckers over the muscle, too, which was a terrible, terrible idea. she does seem sweet and i think, comparatively, i mean, i wouldn't say she seems SMART, but she is probably one of the smartER cosplayers i've seen. i wish she would stop trying to be such a cutesy "gamerrr gurl", because idk, it comes off as very fake and very cringy

No. 273819


If the milk is just because Penny looks awful, I don't see the point. She's generally really nice and sweet. Never really seen her do lulzy shit and she has addressed that most people think she looks like shit and she understands why.

She makes money as a fetish model, remember that.

No. 273821

Theres no milk on Penny, she looks odd but she can easily make so much money off it. I would be super surprised if she did have any milk around her since he seems to be a pretty level headed person.

No. 273822

she knows people think she's fat but i really don't think she's THAT self aware, 'cause she often talks about how her figure has always been very curvy, how she has always had such huge hips and never gained weight in her stomach, which based on photos is an obvious lie, or she's delusional. she's very apple shaped.

No. 274077

Penny's botched episode was pretty depressing. She is one delusional bitch

No. 274081

What was delusional about it?

No. 274183

Her looks. Watch the episode and you'll see.

No. 274187

She used to claim on Deviantart that she was posting these sexy cosplay pictures her husband 'made her take' because he 'thought she looked cute'. She's that weird kind of attention whore that doesn't want to be upfront about it.

No. 274511

Her husband is creepy

No. 274699

File: 1490146740888.jpg (229.74 KB, 397x544, oh.jpg)

Did all 'boudoir' cosplay girls have some kind of meeting and decide that 3.17 was 'wear this stupid sweater' day?

No. 274702

Well it looks like some of them were just mailed theirs as sponsors by Spreepicky around the same time, which is pretty normal for Spreepicky especially with trending items like this.

No. 274725

I mainly follow animu artists and everybody drew this sweater around the same time too. Idk what happened

No. 274726

I hate this sweater trend so fucking much

No. 278549

File: 1490643873313.jpg (54.75 KB, 960x588, s58lz4v2vuny.jpg)

No. 278565

Jessica, you aren't fooling anyone. There's no ass under that emoji.

No. 278818

I see Danielboo whatevers photos around and I want to believe she has a chance to be pretty but her face is just so busted. I just want to draw on different eyebrows for her or something, she's not doing herself any favors. I've noticed she also does the unecessary slutty costumes as well but I kind of like hers. I feel like she puts more thought into them?

No. 278841

Her face is unfixable imo. She looks like a Simpsons character lol. I think it's like what Suzy has

Lol Meg is so retarded

No. 279080

File: 1490678784313.png (155.72 KB, 271x248, hair.png.05a1c630415092fe542f9…)

With the money she's making you'd think Jess would be able to look better than this (her RoosterTeeth appearance a few days ago)

No. 279185

File: 1490701562971.jpg (983.57 KB, 2304x1085, 1.jpg)

Same anon from earlier. Got on photoshop just to see what I could do. I feel like a nose job and some lip fillers could really help her out. I did end up shaving her entire nose I feel though.

No. 279227

So fucking over this stupid trend. Esp because Byndo posted pics of this shit rapid fire and kept advertising her stupid porn polaroids.

No. 279253

Literally looks like she sucked someone off before appearing on the show

No. 279374

How do you think she got on the show?

No. 279378

That's not her real face though. You're just fixing her Photoshop. If you want a real challenge fix the op pic. >>207219

Far right

No. 280065

File: 1490812126416.jpg (1.09 MB, 3455x5183, TIz4X4V.jpg)

Lmao at the hair sticking out of Jessica's​ butt. Such a nasty chick

No. 280067


THe nitpicking Jesus fucking christ

No. 280082

K jess

No. 280093

That is just gross. Who in their right mind would wear something like that??

No. 280095

this picture is comedy gold

No. 280102


Why dont these cosplay girls ever have an ass?

No. 280122

It's not blonde????? Wtf. Someone else's hair slipped into her crack into the shower? Did it just fall in there?
That's hilarious

No. 280313

I think it's Meg's hair…I mean it looks the appropriate colour and length.

Literally every cosplayer and their Mom is on this VKS trend right now. Are you living under a rock?

Because all the ever do for workout is cardio. No squats = no gains. Who needs squats when you have photoshop?

Idk…this thread is so dead it's pathetic. There's never any actual milk on this thread…just people bashing these chicks on their looks…you have like 7 different cosplayers on this thread and still the best insults anyone can come up with is "these chicks are ugly." PULL level shit right here.

No. 280368

You're pathetic for not understanding milk doesn't come from snow. Lmao

No. 280805

File: 1490894110909.png (350.69 KB, 630x336, hair.png.05a1c630415092fe542f9…)

The wonderful Virgin Killer Sweater video Jessica did…. Such talent. Not cringy at all… https://my.mixtape.moe/dxrtas.mp4

No. 280810

Jess get lip fillers. It's weird seeing this shit. Looking like a goddamn earth worm. Idg how she's so opposed to lip fillers or cheek fillers when she got like 3 boob jobs, a nose job and butt injections

No. 281070

When did she get that shitty wifi tattoo on her finger?

No. 281184

she doesn't have butt injections or 3 boob jobs…none of her body aside from putting on weight has changed that past few years…you can see recent candid shots of her at cons vs. shots she releases clearly showing her ass is all photoshop. but agreed, i'm not sure why a lot of cosplay girls with turtle lips seem to be ok with other cosmetic procedures but against lip injections?

No. 281188

just fyi i am acknowledging she has had one very obvious boob job and potentially a nose job. but 2 extra boob jobs do not exist unless something when wrong with the original…

No. 281192

she's had it for like 2 years. her and ryan got them together.

No. 281226

>I'm so quirky

Annoying as hell.

No. 281251

Yes she has three boob jobs. You need to get your boob job updated every five years

No. 281387

Five?? Damn I thought it was ten.

No. 281394

Her ex fiance confirmed that she had 2 boobjobs, idk abt the 3rd though

No. 281476

File: 1490946708392.jpg (79.09 KB, 877x1252, a0554986982623e049c6c622838d62…)

because lip fillers do nothing for your appearance. this ASMR sloot got lip fillers. didn't make her better looking.

nigger lips are not attractive.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281514

Her face is so damn dirty in this video

No. 281599

This is the cheapest looking shit. Jessica's money is going to run dry when he looks run out.

No. 281600

She needs to go to a hairdresser and do deep conditioning. Save that hair!

No. 281607

File: 1490967437183.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.96 KB, 709x347, 56263ac91400002a00c7a547-1.jpg)

you know what's even less attractive than "nigger lips?"

No. 281617


>You need to get your boob job updated every five years

No you don't. My mother had to get a double mastectomy and breast implants and has had them for over 10 years and they are fine. You only need "new" implants if they are failing for some reason and I know many people with "healthy" implants for 30+ years. You just have to make sure everything is ok with them.

No. 281676

thank you! i thought that sounded like bs. maybe if you go to a super shitty surgeon but from what i had heard/read she paid some pretty good money for her miami surgeon.

No. 281837

I don't know about 3 boobjobs but she definitely got more than one. I remember there was a discussion about this a while back. She got the first one 2011-12, and the second one 2013-14 if I remember correctly. Her boobs grew at first but a lot of people still believed they were real and just push up bra magic even though they grew suspiciously larger, and after the second one she was posting braless pics where her boobs looked bigger than they looked before when she was wearing push ups.

No. 282720

File: 1491153943127.png (261.73 KB, 281x500, 32D46D96-F955-4611-905C-B13B53…)

Lookin a little rough there Jess

No. 282778

Scientists say this is the last image the brain processes before death. Could this be God?

No. 282779

Yeah… her make up was way too light for her skin tone yesterday. She also switched out of her McCree for a Pikachu kigu at some point (which probably sucked for people who wanted to get a picture of her in-costume).

One of the guys I went with has a major crush on Nigri so me and a couple others waited in line with him because he was really nervous about meeting her… and we waited for two hours. Like, after waiting that long I decided to get a picture with her as well and she was pretty cool? So was Ryan. They shared Swedish fish with us. They were really approachable and easy to talk to, which was nice. I was a Team Skull grunt and when it was my turn to take a picture with her, she started throwing down the exaggerated arm movements like they do in the games and we did that together. My group even ran into them while we were leaving and they even chatted with us then as well. Like, her reputation might be questionable, but she can at least maintain a friendly/fun persona.

…what's bad, is that I left the line for a short bit to go see Meg because she was nearby, and she was hardly ever busy. While on the floor, I typically saw maybe groups of 2-5 people around her? And when I went I was the only person and it was kind of… awkward. She wasn't super engaging. Like, I tried to make conversation about her Japan trip and she only gave short responses and really the only thing I could describe it as was 'awkward' or maybe 'uncomfortable'? It was really weird. I don't know if it was me or what.

(blah. sorry for the blog post. I was curious to see snowflakes in a controlled environment. I'll go ahead and sage)

No. 282789

That's interesting. Why do you think Meg got very little attention. I think it's because she looks and acts very matronly where at least Jess makes an effort to be fun

I would not wait in line to see either of them though, I can't wait for coscelebrities to fade out

No. 282798


Honestly I agree about Meg - she's more matronly and never very.. exciting or fun? In the videos I've seen on her channel, etc, she's just too vanilla.

No. 282817

File: 1491168625179.jpg (317.53 KB, 713x851, CYMERA_20170402_172947.jpg)

That suit looks like it's suffocating her

No. 282821

File: 1491168866828.jpg (319.17 KB, 712x1022, CYMERA_20170402_173341.jpg)

One of her clones actually edits and takes jniggers pics which is kinda weird. I guess if you wanna be them you have to get the closet to them

No. 282822

She's younger and much more attractive than jess, jess should watch out she's gonna be replaced by her mob of clones soon.

No. 282826

Meg wasn't dressed as someone recognizable (or, at least I had no idea)… she was dressed as her character Meg from Dead by Daylight? Apparently you can customize you character on there a little… but she was her. Maybe that was one of the reasons? I went to her panel a little bit to chill and someone from the audience had to ask what she was cosplaying as today lol. So maybe that had something to do with it?

She also brought Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon with her (which I don't know why she chose to wear it Friday over Saturday when there were more people around)

…and waiting in line for long periods of time was a common theme Saturday (only day I went) for a lot of things. apparently the common opinion was that Fan Expo oversold tickets and was poorly organized. But Jessica always had this giant crowd waiting.

No. 282845

File: 1491172462763.png (1.49 MB, 1038x1521, grandmanigs.png)

Love the IRL vs Photoshop cosplay shit. These lazy bitches don't have any reason to take care of themselves as long as the NEETbux keep coming

No. 282914

File: 1491180938906.png (301.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-02-20-53-23…)

I find it funny how Darshelle used to take normal pictures of herself in cosplay and casual clothes; after she started photographing Nigri she suddenly turned into a Patreon ho.
The video teasers on her Instagram are sooo cringey, she tries to be sexy and fails so hard. Also, her ass is flatter than Nigri's (pic related)

No. 282932

Yeah. I used to really enjoy her content and then she became another skinemax cosplayer. I know it's easy to cash in on what's easy but it's genuinely disappointing.

No. 283115

File: 1491207307654.jpg (537.62 KB, 1938x2048, Cringe.jpg)

I can't handle all the fucking cringe in this pic. Starting from Jess' edgy dick jokes, to Ryan's fuckboi hat, to that girl holding an "ayye lmao" alien baloon, to that dude with Ryan's kitty shirt.

Why is a grown man wearing this.

No. 283116

File: 1491208040565.png (315.73 KB, 363x456, nigriplzstop.png)

Scary. Though I appreciate that dudes awkward almost hover hand.

No. 283144

No wonder McCree likes high noon
Noon is lunchtime

No. 283153

Shes giving me tomi lahren vibes here.

No. 283427

I don't have pics on mobile but she's def got two boob jobs. A lot of people who get them end up going back because they regret not going larger. Her second one was around that time she went to..Some place with super nice beaches and posted gifs in the teenage mutant Ninja turtles bikini. She's def got a nose job as well. I think that's it.

I'm not surprised her weight has fluctuations so much and can't blame her. Abs on females are really hard to maintain if you're cardio heavy and its hard to eat clean at cons and during costume crunch.

I guess she's avoiding lip fillers because you can't lie about it? Some of her dumb fans actually believe she doesn't have implants but you can't make up the puberty excuse for sudden lip size change.

No. 283471

File: 1491251065142.png (1.71 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5369.PNG)

Good job removing the hair from jnigs ass crack before putting it up for sale

No. 283676

Lol every single con she wraps a sweater around her waist cuz Jessica Nigri has a flat ass and she's ashamed to show it in public

No. 283837

Prediction: ST Peach is going to replace Nigri

No. 284096

I never heard of her

No. 284193

File: 1491320473288.jpg (103.32 KB, 675x1200, IMG_0099.JPG)

She probably could if she actually made cosplay a priority. But until she does, she'll just be another twitch girl

No. 284203

I hadn't either until recently but she's gaining momentum. She's basically a much younger version of the archetype Jnig embodies but with everything she lacks: she's cuter, she's more fit, and she has dat ass. I'm 99.99% certain she actually has butt implants/injections which is way more effective for gaining fame these days than boob implants. Her face is also better.

Jnig's body has always been her selling point only because she's been cosplaying in an era where none of the other girls in the community have better bodies than her. That's probably ending now. Miyu was the only cosplayer I can think of that had a significantly nicer body and once she quit no one else was in Jnig's way, so she's been a big fish in a small pond for years now and other cosplayers haven't really been able to compete. Now that cosplay is so mainstream I think more of these instagram model types will be getting in on the scene.

Anyways Stpeach's body is undeniably much much nicer than Jnig's so I think it's inevitable she'll replace her if she starts focusing on cosplay.

No. 284204

The Chive and reddit have named her "the hottest twitch girl" lol

No. 284205

File: 1491322771351.jpg (90.95 KB, 266x267, just poopin.jpg)

No. 284270

as much fun as it is to shit on Jnig, I can understand why she's popular. she was cute once, and she has the personality to make meet and greets fun for her fans.

Meg is just so… blah. she's not ugly, but boring. there's nothing special about her look without the fake red hair and glasses.

No. 284311

The 40+yo man wears this shit better than her.

No. 284318

…Wow, these men are sad.

No. 284322

sage for whining blog but as a streamer this gives me the sads

No. 284331

Why?You may be a good streamer your just not as hot as her

Granny vibes. Give it up meg

No. 284444

File: 1491347985105.jpg (86.7 KB, 640x800, 1468127442512.jpg)

never forget

No. 284601

man Meg is really using Ryan a lot for a cosplay prop. He did look pretty good as Booker but the people saying they're having an affair behind their spouse's back are just taking off like crazy.

No. 284615

I've always felt their friendship has been kind of weird…. i get the feeling that he has the hots for her so she uses and abuses that and gets all flirty and teehee be in my photoshoots!!

idk their friendship is weird for being in relationships with other people imo

No. 284623

Ryan seems like a genuinely nice person, too and it's a shame his wife doesn't share any of his interests or hobbies really.

I think Meg takes a bit advantage of that and Ryan's too nice to really notice like how he accidentally dropped her once and she banged her head then got paranoid about having a seizure and he just stayed with her and hugged her till she got to the hospital.

Meg just really drapes herself over him all the time, too.

No. 284635

Mehg really does look like Tina fey lmao. IDK she's the last girl on Earth I can imagine doing Playboy yet here we are

No. 285306

File: 1491443428214.png (454.48 KB, 639x960, j9vh3dxs5moy.png)

oh Jesus

No. 285308

File: 1491443467780.png (8.9 KB, 856x134, meg.png)

No. 285309

File: 1491443674279.png (15.53 KB, 903x191, vks.png)

I guess she was pretty butthurt about the virgin killer sweater pic leaking

No. 285376

She failed to mention the expensive leggings that she cut apart because I'm almost positive those are the Blizzard official leggings.

No. 285380

I'm new to this thread, but holy shit this looks so bad. Her body is decent, but the design looks really cheap and just awful. Would look better without the ~super expensive~ harness, but even then…

No. 285659

Niglet just can't stay away from rooster teeth.

No. 285665

I think she said at her panel that it has Swarovski crystals on it? That's probably the expensive part.

(I also don't know what the question asked was, but I'm assuming it was about collabing with people on YT and she said how it would be easier if she lived in Los Angeles and that basically her and Rooster Teeth were the only content creators in Austin… which doesn't sound right.

No. 285666

Yup they are.

No. 285679

she said on Twitter that she even put a Union Jack belly button piercing in but I'm pretty sure that's a St George's flag which is not the same thing.

No. 285693

File: 1491503426442.gif (485.82 KB, 344x310, diggin for gold.gif)


No. 285712

File: 1491505568821.png (408.93 KB, 539x960, w6TTcrK.png)

also saw that Meg got extremely butthurt at someone leaking one of her snapchat photos

probably because it's something a camgirl would post

No. 285850


and a belly full of prime rib? good fucking bye lmao

No. 285893

Meg, if you don't like ur pics leaking, don't take such slutty pics.

No. 285903

I cringed

No. 285966


what even..?? She couldn't have just stuck with yellow/orange lingerie?? With normal stockings as well? This is incredibly tacky.

No. 286020

File: 1491551840104.jpg (90.28 KB, 683x1024, C8rlqoaU0AA5mAM.jpg)

tacky is what she does

No. 286118

Idk her butt just isn't appealing to me. I don't think it's bad but it just looks off. Like it doesn't match her body or something.

No. 286140

Damn, does Jessica do any glute work outs?? That's sad.

No. 286142

Whhhhy would anyone wear such heavy makeup for Tracer??

No. 286144

Holyshit.. Why would she cut apart official leggings??

No. 286151

Do you really have to ask at this point?

No. 286167

Cuz bondage tracer bruh

No. 286168

Not only is it heavy, it's just shitty. All her make up looks are just dark blobs of black shit. She doesn't do transition colors or anything so her eyeshadow looks retarded

No. 286170

File: 1491582163557.jpg (115.08 KB, 1600x1035, EiMbIaF.jpg)

Like isn't the vks only supposed to show your buttcrack not your entire ass lol

No. 286218

Oh god is that darshelle? She used to be super cool and talented until she randomly decided to get into Cosplay photography and because a nigri clone. She shaved her head when nigri did. It's really pathetic

No. 286220


No. 286696

I know it's petty but her nostrils really bother me. Could be her shopping her face smaller and leaving the rest alone but they look huge

No. 287083

Meg tasting lube in a hotel room with a married man while her bf and the wife are on the other side of the planet. The video comments are a fun read and she defended it with a couple of comments about how it's not weird.

RT like to squeeze as many videos as they can out of their guests; this is still from her single visit.

No. 287104

I don't care about them being together while their SOs are on the other side of the planet, but that is one one the dumbest, most desperate video ideas I have ever seen.

No. 287133

File: 1491685359890.png (584.53 KB, 857x746, Untitled.png)

I mean, her in non-blob makeup isn't exactly flattering, either.

No. 287203

Jfc this is spoiler worthy bad. What a terrible cosplay ew

No. 287262

ayy lmao

No. 287415

File: 1491720282212.jpg (61.49 KB, 500x667, 58r9ana5erlx.jpg)

No. 287461

Harley after a Lurch and Tuna heroin trip.

No. 287684

I like how the underwire of the bra is 3 inches underneath where her boobs end

No. 287764

File: 1491765803240.jpg (152.55 KB, 678x888, IMG_20170409_122209.jpg)

Danielle B got implants. That refund gap tho. Tragic

No. 287856

The classic "cosplay implants", look good in a costume, horrifying without.

No. 288071

It's funny cuz they all must ask for perfect round sphere type boobs and it's very weird cuz no boobs are that perfectly symmetrical or volumous. Literally tryna be cartoons

No. 288303

sage for sheer curiosity but does anyone knows what's danielle relationship with nigri? since you know, she is trying so hard to be her. OP sair something about kayvictoria but i don't know her so i don't know what happened

No. 288541

This is tragic. She looks so awful. Bugler at least has some meat on her (no ass tho) to sort of make her tits look reasonable. Danielle is a literal skeleton with these shitty bolt on tits that are a foot apart. Terrible.

No. 288551

File: 1491845686047.jpg (289.57 KB, 1080x1164, eNMMRVi.jpg)

It seems like they are friendly to each other I wouldn't know for sure

No. 288813

Nigri not burgler

No. 289046

File: 1491893415149.jpg (185.01 KB, 2048x1882, C4oz_U9UEAA2rmb.jpg)

she shouldn't be allowed to do her own makeup.

No. 289066

It looks like they only shooped the right side. Awful

No. 289084

her makeup is so fucking bad she needs to pay someone to do it, she cant do it for shit

No. 289092

Wtf you do make up to match your legs? LOL

No. 289117

she does. She uses the same makeup artist for every shoot

No. 289123

I thought she did her own. She has like a lot of beauty gurus tutorial vides

No. 289126

That's even worse, I assumed she did her own makeup bc it looks like the same shitty makeup she does on herself

No. 289420

File: 1491947158579.jpg (442.55 KB, 1024x593, jnig_boob job.jpg)

I went through some of my old coscow pics and found this.

No. 289440

Damn that's an old lookin Tracer.

No. 289467

This is probably the most reposted jnig pic in history. go to any of her threads on any website and you'll see it was posted at least 10 times. It's kinda useless now because nobody at this point is delusional enough to think her boobs are natural, unless they're mentally ill or a 12 year old virgin.

No. 289658

Kinds curious to see Jessica getting more and more money. I wouldn't be surprised if she hits 200k a month by next year. I wish she didn't hide it.

No. 289682

I am terrified of wearing red lipstick because I have a relatively thin upper lip and I don't want to look like I have Schumer lips. The fabric of my nightmares, I swear.

No. 289709

I'll admit that this spooky shit turns me on, but man she seems like she'd be a huge ass bitch. I only know of her from fucking nigeri threads on 4chan's /gif/ to be honest. I just got here and read a couple posts.

How fucked am I

No. 289773

File: 1491996886004.jpg (167.04 KB, 900x1601, hawkeye_bunny_by_megturney-d5a…)

Saw that arrow guard and realized that this shitshow is meant to be Hawkeye. Normally her craftsmanship isn't terrible but this looks like complete garbage.

No. 289909

Her craftsmanship is always shit

No. 289921

This pose… It looks like she's shooting up with an invisible needle.

No. 289933

I… thought this was Sheena at first. Given her hatred of Meg I wouldn't be surprised if Sheena keeps trying to upstage her but does her makeup exactly like hers.

Even with the bow you can hardly tell this is suppose to be Hawkeye. She should have added at least a little more. Hell, even an arrow necklace/choker would make it look less bland.

No. 289960

I dont get how anyone could find Nigri attractive. She's so ugly to me…. her actual face and personality. That candy cane shoot you seemed to have liked was one of the ugliest photoshoots I've ever seen a cosplayer to.

No. 290005

She's a butterface. People like her plastic concrete boobs for some reason. Normal guys don't like fake ones generally but the nerdy betas do because muh anime

No. 290120

File: 1492036968202.jpg (196.83 KB, 1080x1080, C6mLSvMV0AACZhZ.jpg)

Now you know who Sheena copies with her makeup and hair. Even the way she smiles and poses can't be a coincidence.

No. 290126

late to the thread but holy shit I assumed that was shiena
It's not!?

No. 290257

File: 1492046432307.jpg (54.81 KB, 660x923, Avengers-Bunny-Initiative-VDay…)

This whole shoot was just so tacky

Kek at that momokun-tier amount of garbage on the ground

No. 290262

Those heels are too big for her feet, just like her head is too big for her body.

No. 290300

…how is that supposed to be hawkeye
at all

No. 290307

not often do I think people should gain weight but yikes, what an ugly shape.

No. 290349

File: 1492054570379.jpg (140.83 KB, 1024x768, mouse-1024x768.jpg)

No. 290398

I laughed so hard.

All of these "cosplay" models are so ridiculous.
They think that just because theyre cute they don't need any actual skills. Most of the time they aren't even cutenn they just show a little bit of side noon and ass crack. It's so sad. I cant decide whats worse, being the girl beta fags only care about for their bodies, or actually being a betafag.
Get a fucking job and work like a normal person. You're no fucking different except you'll show some skin for money.

No. 290399


Little thumbs will be the death of me.

No. 290401

File: 1492066390127.jpg (123.14 KB, 700x875, a2c4e1ab54dbc9206ad3b5556aeffb…)

>side noon

No. 290424

Why does megs face look so orange

No. 290648

File: 1492117505529.png (121.74 KB, 450x348, gj.png)

Quality job on that lasso.

Her left arm looks so bizarre in that picture.

No. 290674

I know, it looks so much like her right leg

No. 290695

needs jaw surgery, or at least shoop

No. 291777

File: 1492211024231.jpg (415.56 KB, 758x1051, C9aGI3fV0AA-gF4.jpg)

I love this photo. It perfectly shows how I look everytime I see a new post in this thread.

No. 291780

Why are these on white backgrounds? They look like cheap stickers.
I don't understand who thought this looked good. Are the backgrounds going to be added later?

No. 291782

I'm triggered by her crusty eyelashes

No. 292144

Kinda makes sense to me. Wasn't Sheena a big Gavin fangirl before hooking up with Monty? In the end it's all jealousy.

No. 292464

File: 1492318779004.jpg (42.75 KB, 698x532, ugh.JPG)

No. 292475

she tries too hard. its kinda sad.

No. 292476

Yeah except the part when when people find out they're​ rock hard.

No. 292629


>pls tell me how much you love my boobs, and want to grab them! also imagine me grabbing someone elses boobs, aren't i the dream girl?

No. 294003

File: 1492537543060.jpg (86.78 KB, 768x1024, C9ZDbVAUIAEDIF0.jpg)

Since her thread in /pt/ is dead/locked, Alison Rapp seems like a fit here. All she does is sell bad nudes and does even worse cosplay

Here's her latest cosplay (she spilt a drink on it so there's only these)


No. 294012

How much is she making on patreon? It's hidden and I forget how to check

No. 294104

eww. people pay her?? wtf is even going on, like no effort is even being made..

No. 294112

I don't know how you check but in March, before she hid it, she was getting $2600~.


No. 294133

>I like when my boobs are grabbed, but not by my disgusting fanbase

No. 294143

didn't her husband leave her?

No. 294159

>genderbent Yuri on Ice underwear cosplay

Who on earth is the target audience for this?

No. 294163

Yeah, they were separate for a while and then got a dissolution in February. He's with some new girl iirc.

No. 294678

File: 1492630043669.png (1.38 MB, 929x1395, i2fCnjr.png)

chubby nigri
the photoshop is insane

No. 294701

I thought this was a super photoshopped moomoo…

No. 294702

I don't know if it's just the shop or I'm jaded from seeing Momokun's shitty Mei lewds, but I actually think this is the best Nigri has looked in a long time.

No. 294715

I was wondering the same thing anon

Can't she change up the shitty raccoon eye makeup for once? Shitty "thicc" photoshop aside it looks especially terrible for mei

No. 294724

She looks like shit. Get your head outta your ass anon

No. 294727

File: 1492635153617.jpeg (81.48 KB, 640x503, image.jpeg.cabceca3dbe914a1cfd…)

Compare that to this

No. 294731

File: 1492635592699.jpg (4.78 MB, 4912x7360, 1491787027972.jpg)

Calm down anon, I clearly said it could be chalked up to me being jaded by Momo's shitshow of a Mei. Nigri looks great in comparison?

No. 294746

Did she had butt injections? You can't grow an ass like that.

No. 294750

She's too cheap for that. I think it's PS

No. 294958

Every fat fuck cosplayer is still wearing these stupid sweaters for attention.

No. 294962

File: 1492663311946.jpg (292.44 KB, 1250x1128, 1460388809961.jpg)

thank Christ, no one deserves the shit he went through.

No. 294965

File: 1492663463483.jpg (230.54 KB, 1365x2048, 5pbDNg4.jpg)

Meg is in love with her ass.

No. 294968

What's on her feet? They look like some weird legging contraption but nothing seems to be tugging the hem of her leggings?

No. 294969

No. 294970

File: 1492663895297.jpg (268.96 KB, 2048x1365, gs5bArE.jpg)

idk probably some more stupid expensive "bondage inspired" shit she bought

No. 294973

File: 1492664191530.jpg (184.6 KB, 863x1536, b072c1fc6a9d4c0ba083b6202da3b1…)

No. 294975

File: 1492664300661.jpg (51.74 KB, 540x960, xh43swuz39ky.jpg)

seems like the technical term is "feet thingies"

No. 294984

You're fucking retarded

No. 294998

The "foot thingies" and bondage harness makes this look even worse/tacky tbh. It looks so awkward and thrown together.

No. 295017

Is it pretty agreed upon that she's a major butterface? Because jesus that face!

No. 295023

Tbh I think she has a pretty nice body, but she has a incredibly mature/stern looking face. I think she could manage to look good given the right style maybe, but she clearly hasn't found it yet.

No. 295119

This dude freaks me out.
And the one on the right is pretty weird too I guess.

No. 295321

Are all her patreon videos that awkward?

No. 295446

I dunno but I thought it was hilarious how hard she was trying and how bad she is at modeling

No. 295487

This is literally shitty porno music. This was so cringey to watch it's so bad.

No. 295490

Jess sitting by someone with natural boobs just further proves the point that her tits are fake as fuck
>inb4 everyone knows this
Has she actually admitted they're fake yet or is she still driving the "my boobs r REAL" thing home?

No. 295494

That was fucking abysmal.

I feel ashamed I was her fake nude scandal.

No. 295501

God, I would rather have Nigri 100x over than this fat fuck. She always looks so caked with a layer of filth.
She used to be thicc, but now she's just a lewd fat fuck.
I know people say Nigri won't last but honestly people like Momokun's career will be over with just as quickly as it started. Her entire gimmic is that she is super lewd and people will put up with her getting more and more out of shape if she keeps handing out the milk.
I know she is hated but at least Nigri has a grasp of how to make some decent armor and shit like that. Momo has no grasp of quality and crafting and never improves on anything. If there is nothing else out there besides her being lewd it will all end soon.

No. 295628

You wish anon momo is a yungin and nigs is an old boring middle aged has been

No. 295653

And yet Mariah looks as old as Jessica, but heinously more out of shape. Nigri might be washing up and physically aging, but she has a huge fanbase, money, and some actual skill. I may not like her, but trying to say that Momo is better is just laughable. She has absolutely no lasting power.

No. 295693

>but at least Nigri has a grasp of how to make some decent armor and shit like that.

Lol no she doesn't. Her boyfriends and people she pay makes her armor…and all of her good cosplays.

No. 295732

Do you reckon she makes Gavin help with filming this crap or is she just fake laughing alone with a tripod to rake in those beta bucks

No. 295734

You're delusional if you still believe this

The girl makes her own armor
How many videos does she need to post making it for you to keep denying it

No. 295762

please learn to blend your eyeshadow

No. 295903

She never posts videos of the hard work. Just the easy details.
Isn't it funny how her boyfriend used to do tons of cosplays for himself but no longer has time? And he doesnt even have a job. He's doing her shit now

No. 295944

File: 1492795900184.png (569.04 KB, 450x800, hvLyMuB.png)

it's just a terrible look for sporty, boyish Tracer

No. 295950

why do so many women in """""cosplay""""" want to walk around looking like sluts and gawked at my basement dwelling nerds? is it low self esteem? i just dont get it.

she looks like bruce jenner here

No. 295951

A pair of boyshorts, sportsbra and athletic high socks would've been much cuter imo

No. 295972

File: 1492798828435.jpg (39.17 KB, 500x750, uavy61irifmy.jpg)

Tracer should be more cute than boudoir sexy, imo

No. 295974

File: 1492798887619.jpg (39.92 KB, 640x960, loi38trpifmy.jpg)

and I swear to God Meg and Jnig have just the one pair of Tracer goggles between them

No. 295975

I think the straps are okay, considering how her leggings are all strappy

But yeah makeup wise a 50s winged eyeliner would look much better

No. 295976

File: 1492799051751.jpg (51.98 KB, 800x534, aofuuyhfbwoynw1owfab.jpg)

No. 295984

lol at the pic, remember when she claimed she just uses push up bras to create big boobs… now she's just been completely silent about it because she can't use that excuse with cosplays like these

No. 295989

Omg meg does look like Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner lmfao

No. 296026

No. 296080

My friend who is good friends with Ryan said that Ryan told her that Nigri had to put on weight so she could have fat transferred into her bottom for more "butt stuff" pics. lol

No. 296089

Unfortunately for her it didn't make much difference. Even with fat injections and photoshop her butt is still average looking. Squats and 'hiking' aren't going to do it. She just doesn't have the ass genetics to get that large size she's looking for. If she wants to keep a small waist but get a big instawhore ass like Amber Rose or have abs along with a really round and fit one like Miyu had she'll need actual implants.

No. 296095

Agreed. I think it's going to make photoshopping easier for now, but in public she's still gonna have those embarrassing sweaters around her waist

Not to mention those fat injections are gonna migrate. She needs legit silicon in her ass

No. 296098

They'll also eventually disappear as she leans out again. They're very temporary. Probably last long enough for a photoshoot or two.

She has the money to get a good set of butt implants and since she's basically doing softcore porn now anyway she might as well invest in some. It'll keep her relevant for a few more years at least.

No. 296947

File: 1492912496212.jpg (121.46 KB, 1200x824, tracerdog.jpg)

For a second I seriously though Meg was cosplaying a sexy sled dog

No. 296954

File: 1492913830255.png (6.05 KB, 500x438, 1451674176908.png)

No. 296988

Dog looks better tbh

No. 298745

It's just a terrible face.

No. 299134

File: 1493199873365.jpg (39.53 KB, 400x600, C-SiQfWU0AAUPPL.jpg)

Alison only creates the quality of everything.

No. 299239

File: 1493225236115.jpg (2.6 KB, 125x113, Kelly Mark Towers.jpg)

No. 299270

File: 1493229454473.jpg (61.74 KB, 666x452, gb9w075.jpg)

No. 299746

File: 1493312367470.jpg (81.07 KB, 750x1066, uxljq3cukuty.jpg)

No. 299749

Ew get your stank ass out of here Meg

No. 299753

She is just so painfully average.

No. 299762

File: 1493314742527.jpg (602.59 KB, 1334x1000, IMG_0101.JPG)

Can't any of these bitches that get paid to just take sexy photos of themselves invest in some nice set locations instead of this trashy cheap camgirl shit? I mean she has a god damn bedsheet for a backdrop posing on a plain mattress. This is the shit I used to do when I was 18 living in my cheap ass apartment with no money for anything better and was an actual cam girl.

Fucking rent a nice studio space for an hour or two. Or decorate a section of your house to actually look nice for the photos you take that are literally your job to produce.

If I were Meg or Jessica making all that money to make sexy photos, I'd be buying some fancy ass Agent Provacateur lingerie and renting out some castle in the country for the weekend to make an amazing art photo book to sell for $50 a pop.

But it's clear these girls aren't interested in making actual good content. They want to do everything the lazy way. I might excuse it if once in a while they did something amazing and then filled in with casual shoots every now and then. But nah. It's all tacky garbage from a bunch of untalented shits.
Pic related : actual classy sexy stuff

Sage for stupid rant. I just really want these girls to make something worthy of the stupid amounts of money they make or just go the hell away.

No. 299769

Did she take this photo in some poor 8 year old girls bedroom?

No. 299787

File: 1493317720205.jpg (188.63 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_2297.JPG)

Meg is too fucking old looking to cosplay Tracer.

Aren't virgin killer sweaters only supposed to show the very top of the ass crack? Yet every 2 bit "sexy cosplayer" has their entire ass hanging out like they're about to take a shit.

No. 299809

It's painfully obvious that these cosplay hoes have no idea what makes women sexy. They're just like their pig-headed male fans who think a huge pair of tits and a slim figure are the only things that matter. They're completely neglecting the art of sensuality, and all of its nuances. The woman in your pic nails it. She has interesting posing, can tease without showing too much, classy styling that's not overdone, and gorgeous setting that fits the theme. These costhots can't even figure out what makes the character they're cosplaying sexy. They slap on a metric ton of makeup and a wig, pull down their shirt to show off their bolt-ons, and call it a day.

For example: people like tracer because she's cute, athletic bubbly, and optimistic.All of that working together is what makes her attractive. Therefore, that personality should translate into their shitty "boudoir" pictures but they can't even do that right. Jessica looks like a man with too much make up on, stiff posing, with no semblance of Tracer's personality – even the lacey underwear is off. Meg looks like she just smelled a dead body and the outfit she chose is something that Tracer would never wear.

They just have absolutely no idea of what being sexy actual entails and instead just pick the mist popular character and crank out overly-processed photos for us to laugh at. Their retarded male fans eat that shit up because they're also brain dead and have terrible taste.

Sage for rant.

No. 299864

File: 1493324705015.jpg (32.92 KB, 320x213, IMG_0064.JPG)

Jessica would get miles closer to "classy" if she just fixed her tacky styling.

This photo? Probably the only things she's ever done that even remotely looks classy and it's mostly because of the styling.
No raccoon eyes, no overly layered scene hair, simple lingerie and simple backdrop.

I guess she just likes looking like a trashy trailer park mom.

No. 299877

The chest boulders kinda ruin it.

No. 299894

File: 1493328589263.jpg (76.08 KB, 600x777, IMG_0102.JPG)

You know, after seeing her on Cosplay Melee being touted as the "new queen Of cosplay" I decided to actually check out Leanna Vamp and see what her cosplays look like.

I am astounded that anyone could possibly make Jessica Nigri look like a fucking master craftsman, but this girl manages to pull it off.

Every single thing she does looks like it came out of the Halloween store.

No. 299898

File: 1493329338418.jpg (270.59 KB, 684x1024, 28437834363_ff771ce223_b.jpg)

Hah this girl is from my home town. Her zubat one was worse. Idk, her and Nigri are on the same level in terms of pandering to nerds without actually liking anything

No. 299906

No. 299975

Leanna is awful.

No. 300068

File: 1493343823532.png (7.71 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5742.PNG)

This is ugly Jess you aren't Sarah and never will be.

No. 300074

In those Sara Underwood pics Jess really looks like my grandma. The shriveled skin and Grinch lips it's so uncanny. I would do a comparison pic but I don't wanna dox my grams

No. 300075

Oh and the disheveled hair

No. 300140

File: 1493350616454.png (694.47 KB, 743x750, 9T-neGYWWWsR7W3Ywj25x-z6gtZYFc…)

all of jnigs patreon shoots: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1Jgy0RaHLQ0VVR1TnlJUlZLYVU

looking through for anything new and hideous

oh Jesus, there are videos

No. 300143

File: 1493350716170.jpg (1.17 MB, 3648x5472, moreewok.jpg)

this one would be cute if she didn't show so much skin

No. 300236

I'd say if not for the fake boobs, the showing skin is fine, the fake boobs make it sexual.

No. 300266

Cuz they look like big cheap boulders

No. 300293

they look so uncomfortable like they're standing like they need to poop

No. 300306

Lul. Even if I got paid a million bucks I would still never get those huge tacky implants. Like imagine never seeing your original figure again just what your surgeon gave you. Crazy

No. 300536

Did Nigri delete her website? It was active for literally 2 months and she gave up. Obviously handing over Patreon money to let someone maintain it for her was just TOO EXPENSIVE.

No. 300578

She is so terrible at maintaining her brand, which is why once she ages out of being a titty model, she will have little left to stand on.

She should be working at marketing herself more as a voice actress, presenter, event host, etc… you know, things she will be able to do when her looks fade away.

She probably expects everything will just be handed to her on a platter because that's what has happened to her so far.

No. 300579

I didn't even know she had one

No. 300656

File: 1493419240919.jpg (129.09 KB, 900x1121, meg before.jpg)

has Meg had breast implants?

No. 300657

File: 1493419260318.png (417.31 KB, 500x500, meg after.png)

No. 300675

I think she's always had them. Since they're not as fake looking as Jessica's she gets away with it

No. 300682

Tough to say. First picture she looks like a twig vs 2nd photo she is curvier all over. Could just be padded bra and weight gain.

No. 300750

Yep, she had an actual "portfolio" style website up for a short while, but I tried to look up something on it today and it's completely gone. I feel sorry for the person who actually took the time to build it for her, because she filled it with completely cringe captions and the bio was hilariously childish.

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