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File: 1492669183725.jpg (51.99 KB, 482x594, ember.jpg)

No. 295008

Reviving this since I got permission.
>Former ""ana"" chan
>Known for her feud with emilyologist
>Both have been found guilty of self-posting on here
>Subsequently both were banned topics due to attracting underage anachans

On to the milk.
Ember has recently had a personality transplant. She now pretends to be some sort of hoodrat a la casshh me ousside girl. It's especially funny if you followed her at all before this sudden personality change.
Well, I at least encourage everyone to watch this video if you want to cringe.


No. 295010

oh my god i forgot about this bitch. good to see she still hasn't sorted her damn eyebrows out.

No. 295012

Forgot the links;
https://www.instagram.com/embersrecovery/ (this one is mostly abandoned, she's moved on at least)

No. 295014

Holy fuck, I forgot about this girl.

Wasn't she a Killstar wearing Wiccan goth before?

Those fake freckles are so bad.

No. 295016

No. 295019

File: 1492670506996.png (457.5 KB, 405x590, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 4.10…)

i'm dying over that fucking face

No. 295024

File: 1492670799080.png (321.72 KB, 342x584, emberlol.png)

What the actual fuck is she doing.

No. 295025

Is she suddenly trying to look deeply tanned now too?

No. 295026

File: 1492670938270.png (484.07 KB, 434x537, txtxtx.png)

You forgot: https://www.instagram.com/temporarygoddess/

Also, can we talk about her tattoo that looks like a brown ghost and the thing she's wearing in her mouth?

No. 295028

lmaooo what the FUCK. I feel like she has to be trolling. She's too much of a caricature of what a "hood rat" girl would act like. I either can't or just don't want to believe someone could flip their entire personality so quickly.

No. 295029

samefag, but isn't she also from Connecticut? like…girl

No. 295030

She's trying to be "ghetto" now and "act black" while harassing 14 year olds on instagram

No. 295034

God,I looked her up in ig not long ago since I missed her thread and I'm so happy it's back.

I'm so curious where the new ghetto persona came from it's gold.

No. 295035

Her tattoo is a poorly-done Hannibal Lector mask.

She's been abusing the skin tone feature in meitu/beauty plus for quite a while now.

No. 295036

File: 1492671586342.png (565.28 KB, 535x538, txtxtx.png)

Nope, she's from Rochester

She started doing it after seeing the Cash Me Outside Girl and you know who

I know, but it's just looks like a brown ghost/stingray lol

No. 295046

File: 1492672726168.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, leaving.gif)

>Personality transplant

No. 295058

File: 1492674107030.png (16.7 KB, 722x671, likesomekindofregectpokemon.pn…)

Now I can't unsee it anon…

No. 295065

lol I'm still blocked.
Either because I was following Emily or because I would get annoyed and unfollow her and then be bored and follow again.

No. 295076

File: 1492676184483.png (581.39 KB, 535x540, learn to iron bitch.png)

Idk how she picks who she blocks, but I used to follow her and other cows, she even followed back for a while but I still didn't get blocked? idk

Can also someone finally tell me what that thing in her mouth is? I know it's not braces and it's golden? Looks like her teeth are rotten

No. 295084

Have you seriously never seen a grill before? I mean, I thought they've been out of style for a while now, but maybe ember is just that out of touch and desperate to seem "hood".

No. 295107

not…really, no. At least not in the last 10+ years so I might've forgotten.

She's trying everything under the sun to look like it

No. 295154

That's an ogre face If I've ever seen one

No. 295166

Lmfao thats not a grill, its a cheap hunk of plastic one of her "fans" sent her, probably someone trying to make her look as stupid as possible and shes just eating up that cheap bait

No. 295175

how many years has it been since she started shitting up the internet? her eyebrows are still. awful. why.

No. 295180

Her livestreams are fucken hilarious, someone ought to record them pls fam

No. 295196

You can find some of the videos on the tumblr blog thats in the description

No. 295199

Dear god ember watch a few eyebrow tutorials.

No. 295246

the fuck is up with that makeup like chill on the highlighter, fake frecks, poop lipstick, and poop smeared sharpie brows. theres also something not right about the combination of her skin colour and hair colour in the op picture. she looks dirty like mud.

No. 295343

It's supposed to be a grill, but imo it looks like the thing they use to hold your jaw together if you break it.

No. 295355

File: 1492720255755.jpg (72.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

this bitch, I swear to god.

No. 295384

She looks like James Charles only worse

No. 295450

File: 1492728613426.jpg (27.35 KB, 217x559, Capture.JPG)

Wow, this is very tragic. More than being fake ana. At least her giraffe legs have morphed into normal no thigh gap ones. How can she look so much older in less than a year?

No. 295453

File: 1492729066924.png (157.55 KB, 640x999, IMG_5834.PNG)

No. 295456

File: 1492729261094.png (136.36 KB, 640x977, IMG_5835.PNG)

acrylics/blunt picture is such a typical "instagram baddie" post. caption is "πŸ”₯πŸ‘…"

No. 295457

File: 1492729482014.png (130.38 KB, 639x987, IMG_5843.PNG)

No. 295458

Oh for fucks sake is she still trying to go at it with Crocker? Both of these girls are past their internet infamy prime, I can't believe they would still be bitching about each other.

No. 295459

File: 1492729601038.png (118.84 KB, 640x972, IMG_5841.PNG)

No. 295460

She should pretend she's DID. This is like that Cassie girl posting when she's the teenage hoodie kid.

No. 295464

This is so embarrassing and pathetic.
Not trying to racebait here, but why is she even doing this? Why is this a fad right now, anyway? Cool kid points for acting like a retard?

No. 295466

File: 1492730019045.png (116.24 KB, 640x829, IMG_5845.PNG)

she looks like a greyhound

No. 295469

She looks like if Starbucks and Instagram fucked and had an abortion.

No. 295472

File: 1492730414687.jpg (24.51 KB, 323x454, 1477776428614.jpg)

Why would anyone shoop themselves like this?

No. 295485

Big-ass heads are not couture

No. 295499

holy fuck that cringe-inducing caption. so bad ass ember!!!! so hood rat!! emojis!! god she is such a lost soul. i dont even think she knows who she is anymore :\ she's tried to be so many different people and none of them are her. she tried to be goth, wiccan,'witchy' pageagan try-hard. she tried to be ana-chan instagram famous. she tried to be crystal loving faux-hippy. now this. what next girl, what next.

No. 295500

"ember πŸ‘‘πŸ’―πŸ‘… yea its rlly me again hoe πŸ’―πŸ‘…" ember shut up you don't talk like that. how embarrassing. the word poser comes to mind

No. 295502

File: 1492732421115.png (628.47 KB, 769x542, ick.PNG)

can we talk bout her fedora wearing neck beard boyfriend? lmao.

No. 295503

sick cargo shorts bro

No. 295538

No. 295543

No. 295548

this cannot be real life top kek

>fake ass "hood" accent that disappears after ten seconds

>ugly grill on bottom teeth (?)
>sharpie brows
>rap music in the background
>thot braids


No. 295577

Lmao this bitch tryna figure out how a dab works

No. 295627


How can you fail this hard at everything? I'm actually impressed.

No. 295632

Why is she photoshopping her body to look like Claire Hartley?

No. 295660

why is her normal speaking voice so goddamn nasally?

No. 295723

I'm watching those clips on tumblr, and there's legitimately a moment where she goes from "cash me ousside, skeet skeet on theze thot azz hoez niqqa" back to suburban caucasian girl in two seconds flat. Such a sad, hollow existence it must be to not have any personality of your own so you hop on passing trends in order to compensate.

No. 295739

This is gold. Thank you admins for allowing this.

That fucking grill and her ghetto talk.

No. 295740

ember really is the gift that keeps on giving. holy shit. ive never seen someone so embarrassing with such a punchable face lol

No. 295743

Omfg that was awful. She doesn't know how to fucking dab but think she's cool. Also she sticks out her tongue constantly, it's nasty. She's so fucking ugly and retarded.

No. 295744

File: 1492761228985.jpg (455.45 KB, 810x1364, Screenshot_20170421-175141.jpg)

I guess being an 'ana wintergirl goddess' doesn't fit with her whole stoner hoodrat chic vibe so she dropped it.

No. 295747

Not really, she's still trying to hit that she's an anachan with those poses and her food diary, she's just not constantly talking about it

I wonder how long it'll take her to see the thread

No. 295751

File: 1492763676174.png (1.01 MB, 1640x1214, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 09.0…)

This doesn't count as milk (hence the sage) because it's from so long ago, but I've been wanting to talk about it since she posted. Girl never has and never will understand basic human anatomy for as long as she photoshops.

I'm legitimately thrilled this thread is back. I wonder at what point in her life is she going to settle for an aesthetic that fits her. She'd do well as a pop punk tumblr gal. She wouldn't have to force her personality and she'd be able to wear her ugly killstar dresses etc. But that's outdated and pop punk isn't cool anymore.

No. 295773

Wtf is a pop punk Tumblr girl?

No. 295792

whatever it is she'd suck at it too. She's white trash and finally embraces it.

No. 295843

>Also she sticks out her tongue constantly, it's nasty.

Yea what is up with that?

And why does her face always look so dirty?

No. 295845

Probably crappy contouring and filters

No. 295848

File: 1492784123771.png (419.82 KB, 600x724, 69b.png)

>she looks like a greyhound
holy shit lmao

double keks. i can only imagine the contrast in personality when shes around him irl vs when shes posting on the internet. he looks autistic and terribly bland which makes me laugh how she thinks she's hood rat. it shows you who she's really compatible with.

>stretch muhks
>dropping stems
why does she always stick her nasty ass tongue out?

the new "scene" kids of 2012-2013 and only lasted for a year because it's so boring. pretty much consisted of shitty, whiny music, kids who pretended they skate, and pizza because lol so randumb xDDD

No. 295884

Wasnt she engaged at some point? It's been a while since we talked about her. This isn't the same guy is it?

Maybe they broke up, she started dating this dude, and then conformed to what she believes is "his type". I've known girls to do that after a break up because they're desperate to not be alone.

No. 295895

She cheated on her ex and claimed he was abusing her

No. 295896

Oh, and she was dancing and showing her underwaer on some live video website and he cicked her out

No. 295899

File: 1492790749360.png (98.04 KB, 275x234, 1444689105964.png)

No. 295947

File: 1492796179164.png (77.27 KB, 1079x307, 20170421_193414.png)

This is old and not very milky, but she followed me on tumblr a while ago and I just thought it was funny.

No. 296407

Why is it funny?

No. 296723

File: 1492886904733.png (569.11 KB, 531x960, image.png)

Ember recently tried to be an internet thug and call this girl out (obvs out of jealousy) but her followers turned on her (and she lost 200 of them)

She kept saying she wanted to fight but when the girl sent her the address to where she was ember stopped replying and never showed up lol

No. 296724

File: 1492886976786.jpeg (62.03 KB, 640x291, image.jpeg)

Sage for second screencap

No. 296739

lol ember sounds like a tryhard wannabe even when she's trying to act ~tuff~ online
while I have no doubt she'd get her ass handed to her in a second, i don't think anyone would recognize her IRL w/o all the photoshopping, image stretching, and excessive filters lol

No. 296756

File: 1492890231716.png (345.13 KB, 702x343, Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 3.42…)

she also pretended that she was facetiming danielle (cassh me ousside girl) but really she was just watching her live lmao

No. 296765


Her nails are so badly done that they look like press ons.

No. 296809

Rofl those brows are hideous

Least authentic flake ever

No. 296894


No. 296896

Her gravitation towards teenage girls makes me uncomfortable.

No. 296897

the worst eyebrows of /snow for sure.

No. 296911

oh yeah, ember has displayed predatory/grooming habits towards younger girls FOR SURE. its really creepy and a bit pathetic tbh

No. 296927

To be fait, she IS around that level of maturity

No. 296936

Back when she was pretending to be anorexic, someone noticed that she was following a whole bunch of really young cheerleading club accounts.

No. 297085

I think she still is? And she keeps following young girls like 13-16.

Does she even follow anyone her age?

No. 297130


No. 297225

File: 1492956786785.png (708.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170423-160947.png)

It looks like she has a mustache

No. 297226

File: 1492956855603.png (416.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170423-160806.png)

She looks greasy af

No. 297236

File: 1492957701961.png (431.66 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-19-14-29-54…)

No. 297244

That's an Instagram story, not FaceTime. Who the fuck is she trying to fool?

No. 297248

Is this another "throwback" to when she "facetimed" with that chick?

No. 297372


And even more Ember should stop using her cheap apps to edit the hell out of her face. Everyone with basic photoshop skills can tell that she desperately tries (and fails) to give her face sharp lines and features, she simple doesn't have because she is nowhere near skinny.

She sucks in her cheeks and then tries to sharpen them with tools - ROFL

No. 298315

Out of all the things you'd adopt from black culture, why the flying fuck would it be grills?

No. 298343

I eager to see how far she takes this little shit show. Ember in cornrows and fake buttpads when?

No. 298558

It's ~cool~ anon
She always seems to go for stereotypes

omg buttpads
She started wearing a pushup bra already, who knows how long we'll have to wait

No. 298582

Wait Ember threads are allowed? Oh my god I'm so excited, she's my favorite trainwreck.

No. 298619

Yeah because she is now a wannabe hood rat.

No. 298736

File: 1493140798760.png (102.27 KB, 750x1089, IMG_5066.PNG)

"How does it feel to appropriate black culture?"

"Do you cry yourself to sleep knowing everyday you live a completely fabricated personality?"

"Where did you get your hood accent? From the streets that you grew up on?"

No. 298777

She's not going to answer any of these lol

No. 298790

She did learn it on the streets. On the ghetto, in fact.

No. 298798

File: 1493149635522.jpg (127.65 KB, 500x685, emberw.jpg)

so ghetto much hood

No. 298929

i love watching this girl change her identity every few months. kinda of feel sorry for her but its a train wreck i can't look away from. she seems so lost. like the worlds biggest try-hard, so desperate to fit in but she has no real identity of her own

No. 298930

lol does she only date bros who wear cargo shorts? so hood!!

No. 298939

File: 1493169753345.jpg (244.15 KB, 750x1100, IMG_4597.JPG)

No. 298941

she literally never looked like she ever gained or lost an ounce. the only difference between these photos and her post IP hospital pics are the push up bra

No. 298954

I found her her perfect match, yo.

No. 298971

What's going on with the wall behind her

No. 298979

Tiles and a colourful shower curtain, Anon

No. 298996

They meant the warping inside the shower corner.

Looks like there's a little rubber strip going up the corner of the tile to prevent water from getting in the crease, but it's peeling off. Kind of gross not to fix tbh and could lead to the wall behind it rotting is it is left like that too long.

No. 299123

the wrinkled shirt triggers me, bitch do you not know how to iron?

No. 299203

File: 1493217233390.jpg (85.66 KB, 437x421, IMG_20170426_092905.jpg)

She should see a doctor about the two different sizes of her boobs
Top kek

No. 299223

Uneven boobs are normal

But yes that's a big difference. Maybe she shooped something and made one bigger/smaller

No. 299226

It's from shoppin her forearm smaller TBH

No. 299266

Her boobs are shopped unevenly, she's an idiot

No. 299289

I love that she used to pretend to be a ~published author~ and now she's pretending to be illiterate.

No. 299319

File: 1493234487484.jpg (119.37 KB, 750x1130, IMG_4629.JPG)

that small frame, huge boobs look is soooo gross on her

she could have had a decent following if she marketed herself as a normal white girl stoner. probably no one would have even questioned her ED claims if she stayed in the realm of possibility and hadn't exaggerated everything. so many failed attempts at having a personality

No. 299354

sage no screencaps i assumed someone else would have, but Ember posted yesterday "wondering how old her followers are" they hadto comment with a different colour heart corresponding to their age and so forth… you wont believe how many children under the age of 16 follow Ember. It's actually disgusting and Ember is engaging in the definition of early pedophiliac stages like it's frightening to watch.

ember is a pedo, her followers are 12-15 y/o, and she gonna get real creepy real soon probs

No. 299359

I was going to mention this too. None of the comments I saw were from people older than 17… she has always had a weird thing for hanging around younger people. the older ember gets, the more uncomfortable and weird it is

I have a few theories:
- ember is insecure (duh) and is intimidated by people her age
- ember knows she is too socially inept to make friends her own age
- or a combination of those two things
- possibly still hung up on finding her "little ana sister" (what is that even about?)
- something sexual?? Idk, ppl keep saying she's a pedo but I can't tell if they mean like child molester pedo

No. 299364

I do think she might be a pedophile. Not all pedophiles are child molesters. I don't think Ember would actually molest a child, but I feel like she gets gratification from being around them.

No. 299366

I think she's done with the anorexia thing, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was looking for a little stoner sister. The girl she's modelling herself after, Daniella whatever, the Cash me Ousside girl, is only 13.

No. 299570

File: 1493275323282.png (316.3 KB, 400x363, ickh.PNG)

wtf are those brows?? god i think they've gotten worse. also, cringe at her face.

No. 299577

wtf ok guys calm down, y'all are crazy sometimes seriously… she is not a pedophile. she is a sad, pathetic grown ass woman desperately seeking validation from pre-teens because she knows they will give it to her. that's it. she's not a kiddy diddler. she wants attention and praise from young idiot teens on the internet. Everyone her age and older can clearly see she is pathetic.

anyway i can't believe she is what, 21 yrs old? her instagram account looks like its run by a 13 year old girl. She has no style, no originality, no personality. she acts and talks like a pre-teen :/ wonder if she will ever grow up and be a normal adult woman with a job who doesn't parade her pathetic life all over the internet for teenagers..

No. 299584

I have to agree with this. It's most likely one of the first two reasons anon stated >>299359 still creepy tho

Probably not. She's going to be one of those 30-40 year olds still trying to be "cool" on social media.

I wish she'd get them done professionally, they're so damn blocky

No. 299599

She looks like an old man in drag

No. 299827

File: 1493320797733.png (494.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170427-211434.png)

I guess messing with children isn't giving her enough attention so she's still trying to get pity by reminding everyone how sick she is

No. 299829

File: 1493320897218.png (116.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170427-211830.png)

Lmao sure. Every single personality she had was to get her attention, she's still trying to be relevant

And the eyebrow one lol

No. 299844

>eyebrows are sisters and not twins
Are her's inbred?

No. 299861

Didn't she claim a while back that she had narcissistic personality disorder? That's one diagnosis I'm willing to believe.

No. 299878

She wishes she had NPD. Girl fucking hates herself.

No. 299899

She also claimed anti social personality disorder after she got into Hannibal lmao

No. 299903

I missed this cow. She looks like she needs a good shower.

No. 299917


I like how as soon as someone said she dropped the Ana schtick, one day later she suddenly is in trouble with her doctor now

imagine her trying to fake getting readmitted to IP while also maintaining her new hood rat persona……….

No. 299920


this is so fucking funny, i'm dying anon.


didn't she just recently post that she's "feeling her weight gain😍" too? like pick one

No. 299927

File: 1493332086707.png (82.13 KB, 540x779, Screenshot_2017-04-27-15-18-29…)

No. 299931

File: 1493332238688.png (560.41 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

"None of your business" a day later on Instagram

No. 300005


She's the type of asshole who acts all noble and moral outwardly but freely shares her "sickness accomplishments" for brownie points and compliments and sympathy. It's the most pathetic thing ever.

Also the hood rat thing is soooo awful. It's giving me such bad secondhand embarrassment. I hope when she moves on to her next personality that everyone brings up her hoodrat thing haha

No. 300055

didn't ember claim to be 5'7 in the past…. emily is saying she is 5'5 as of late.

No. 300061

she also claimed to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder too

No. 300085

OMFG she would be bashed within a day if she ever went to prison, I bloody well swear to it.
Then she'd be sent to protection for "her own safety" and no one lives that down kek
I love how tough and ~gangsta~ she's trying to be when she would seriously shit herself if she got raided or anything
sage for no contribution and blog posting

No. 300097

Theory: Ember has aspergers.

No. 300267

no anon, she's just really dumb and attention seeking.

No. 300269

File: 1493360767735.jpg (50.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

She looks like this.

No. 300284

Maybe her face, but not the body

No. 300294

True that

No. 300642

Why does she always wear pigtails? It looks fucking weird, especially with a baseball cap. wtf kind of look is she even going for with that? Like we always talk about how shitty her makeup is, but whats going on with her hair??

No. 300768

File: 1493433409119.png (104.95 KB, 750x1183, IMG_5102.PNG)

Pretty sure she's asking herself these questions.

No. 300771

She's absolutely asking herself. She barely gets any attention on Instagram like people are going out of their way on a totally different site to ask inane questions about her fake anorexia she doesn't even address anymore. Plus all the questions are written the same.

No. 300881

File: 1493456931866.png (575.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170429-110608.png)

Guess who noticed that being a hood rat doesn't bring in attention?
Her thighs look different sized in every picture she posts

No. 300906


Not only that but ever since Lolcow mentioned that she dropped her Ana spiel, she returned to it. In all her glory, with her badly altered pictures and 'recovery' doctor stories and papers

Rofl hi ember, you are such a fake

No. 300976

Nice wide gangsta hips kek

No. 301067

Shawty's looking thicc, as the kids say.

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