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File: 1490565921140.png (11.49 KB, 400x340, i-love-you-luna-130943053125.p…)

No. 2762[Reply]

why is everything backwards?
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No. 2801

No shit, Sherlock

No. 2962


No. 3416

lolcow.farm redicrects to farmcow.lol though.

File: 1492538504090.png (254.85 KB, 1242x1348, IMG_0812.PNG)

No. 3290[Reply]

Let's discuss our opinions and experiences with r9k/robots. I think most of my experiences with robots have been 96% negative.
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No. 3418

Jesus fucking Christ, you're better than this. I hope you re-read that post in a year or so when you're in a better place and be ashamed of yourself that you let this happen.

No. 3421

>all these "robots" having girlfriends
those are just attention whores

That is obvious bait

No. 3436

>1/2 the world
>the 1/2 of the world that doesn't have to die for blood oil

No. 3437

File: 1493517551742.jpg (24.43 KB, 600x600, 15e.jpg)

/r9k/ here

Women are utterly despised on that board, because the only women who use it are awful, transparent attention whores.

Between /soc/ and here filtering out anyone not solely looking for beta orbiters, the most garbage women use the board and reinforce the confirmation bias.

The wave of "fembot" trolls don't help the board's perception of women either.

No. 3438

I don't think anyone is denying that a lot of women on /r9k/ are there to seek attention, same as a lot of men here are here to seek attention. That being said, most of the men that create an identity on /r9k/ to any extent are attention whores too.

The issue with /r9k/ is that they're so much fucking worse for the board and site as a whole than the few attention seeking morons that post over there that can easily be filtered.

The regulars are the problem there, not the few retarded trips.

File: 1493453467355.jpg (438.32 KB, 2048x2048, reach_requirements.jpg)

No. 3409[Reply]

Hey fellow girls, what's your favourite penis size, and what's the general consensus on 5.5 inches?
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No. 3413

I only fuck 10+ inches. If you're under that, well, it's time to put a hole in your throat.

No. 3414

5.5? I hope you're a robot Virgin and no girl ever had to look at this laugh inducing shit. That's pathetic.

No. 3417

I don't think I could take anything serious below 7.5 inches, real talk.

No. 3419

>having anything smaller than 7"

Just take hormones and turn in to a real girl if so.

No. 3422

Robot detected. Anyways, I like them to be a little smaller then average. Not microdicks but like 3 and a half to 5 and a half inches.

File: 1492032733945.jpg (47.17 KB, 359x512, shirome aarin to akari.jpg)

No. 3005[Reply]

do you guys think females have more privilege than males?I keep hearing men say this lately. well, here is my opinion..I think in the west women and men are mostly equal on the levels of privilege. I think most men confuse female privilege with good looking women privilege. I don't mind when men say that male privilege in the west doesn't exist, but they only use attractive white women to prove that this is a fact…I mean obviously an attractive white girl is going to be treated better than an ugly/average man. Saying women have privilege because attractive white women are treated nicer would be like me saying that men have more privilege because tall and attractive white guys get treated better than me. Its like these men completely ignore the existence of women who arent good looking.
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No. 3381

>Why are you so desperate to try to be right about what this guy thinks, while ignoring everything he says?

I already shortened it down to five easy to read points for you explaining how the heaps of statements he's made about how he explicitly has an issue purely with the misconception the psychiatry should be mainly biomedical and the idea of coercion in the field, and not with the other shit about it, and where he's outright said that he's not anti-psychiatry, and in fact the reason he chose to continue in the field is because he thinks there's a lot of good to be done. If you're just going to go "nuh uh, these three quotes prove that he actually thinks what I say, even if I don't really understand what he means in them", then cool, you can do that.

>Arguing with females is like arguing with children, you can't win.

I mean, you also can't win when you're objectively wrong about shit, and instead of admitting it, just double down and insult people until there's really nothing more you could do to wiggle around the point.

>Then I wouldn't ever have to deal with females again.

The fact that you're here, on a mainly female imageboard attention seeking says to me that you're actually pretty desperate for female attention. Like, if you want to avoid having to deal with women, probably don't come to a forum full of them?

No. 3382

He explicitly says "psychiatry is not science, it is not medicine".

That is what he's known for. The only reason he doesn't want to be identified as "anti-psychiatry" is because he doesn't want to be associated with other groups/people that identify as "anti-psychiatry". It is exactly like a woman with feminist ideals who doesn't want to be called "feminist".

>Like, if you want to avoid having to deal with women, probably don't come to a forum full of them?

It's like having a sore in your mouth that hurts to lick, but you keep licking it anyway. It's like picking a scab.

No. 3383

>He explicitly says "psychiatry is not science, it is not medicine".

Wow, you're right again anon, that out of context quote did prove the in context quotes I provided wrong!

His entire point is that psychiatry is not like other fields of medicine, that one patient isn't necessarily like another, and needs to be much more individualised than those.

It's not a purely biomedical field.

This really isn't hard to get, he's outright clarified that this is what he meant, and I've provided you with those quotes.

>It's like having a sore in your mouth that hurts to lick, but you keep licking it anyway. It's like picking a scab.

That has to be the worst excuse I've seen in a while mate. You're just another sad robot who thinks he's going to get a bit of female attention by baiting because he's not getting it anywhere else, and regardless of how much he convinces himself he doesn't want to be around women, still desperately wants one.

This isn't projection by the way, you've literally begged for someone to talk to you or be your gf in threads.

No. 3390

why does anyone care if men or women have less or more "privilege"?

men and women are different and their lives can't be compared by the same metrics.

imo most women are good looking. some are more attractive, but very few are actually ugly without doing something dumb like becoming fat.

No. 3420

>Over 80% of workplace fatalities are men
>Because men are careless. How's it women's fault you're fucking idiots?
I'm not sure if you're joking, but look at the types of jobs men work compared to women.

File: 1493421146514.gif (3.76 MB, 480x270, whylive.gif)

No. 3391[Reply]

>tfw the nicest guy
>tfw polite
>tfw girls don't realize i'm a gentleman
What am I doing wrong?
this is the /b/ of lolcow, right?
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No. 3404

That had nothing to do with it. It enraged me and made me want to kill her, I mean why did she deserve to lose her virginity before me? She deserves to die.
But I did everything right. I traded pokemon cards. I learned how to ollie. Women lie. They don't want a charming man with a nice car who dresses well. They want a stupid slob who wears tracksuits and wifebeaters just because he's good at baseball. Look at the sunset. It's beautiful. And yet I don't get to experience it with a tall blonde woman. I own a BMW.

No. 3405

u have to act autistic and quiet like adam lanza for smol points then u will get tumblr puzzi at least (after u die of course cuz thats when they notice u)

No. 3406

Most of the guys who use "nice" as an adjective to explain their selves are the most whiny, ugly shitlords I have ever met.

No. 3407

So you admit you don't want a nice guy? Great. Then why am I wearing brand-name shirts? Why am I practicing my kickflips and dyeing my hair? Why did I quit WoW? I should torture you to death.

No. 3408

kill yourself

No. 3384[Reply]


No. 3385

click on it for the spongebob livestream ok?

File: 1493317176291.jpg (317.63 KB, 648x2090, tranny terrorist.jpg)

No. 3423[Reply]

Transmisogyny mental gymnastics edition
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No. 3431

Where? The only thread I have seen was the r/passing one which is different and was getting derailed with general trans stupidity stuff which was why i made this one


No. 3432

tbh i'm one of the rare non-weirdly-transphobic ppl on here but like holy shit the OP on that post has a lot of patience…… like they're literally your ally and you're calling them a 'bad person', DANGER to trans people???? like lol chill out log off the internet for one second of your life

No. 3433

they don't want allies, they want subordinates.

No. 3434

Shit thread

No. 3435

I think this is a good separation thread, to keep the subjects clear. People were complaining of derailing.

https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCynical/ this whole subreddit is hilarious

File: 1492523939869.png (127.43 KB, 946x1469, IMG_0015.PNG)

No. 3288[Reply]

Since a lot of farmers imply that people can't have fun, wear kawaii clothes or be attractive over the age of 22 what are your plans for when you start aging?suicide?or do you think you will just naturally mature out of your current hobbies and transform into a soccer mom?
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No. 3327

lol it's cute that you think most farmers are below 22. That's minority, from what I observed.

No. 3352

I'm going for the good ol' alcoholic/smoker's death. Hopefully I'll be out of here by 40, 35 would be ideal. I don't really give a fuck about being 'kawaii' and attractive or having fun. Not like I ever have.

No. 3356

most farmers aren't attractive to begin with, lol. go look at the eyes thread in /g/.

No. 3357

I'm a guy and I've jacked off to some of those pictures.

It's ok if you think that's disgusting I don't care, I imagine them staring at me in disgust anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3360

File: 1493161092151.jpeg (34.68 KB, 600x375, 1485737557588.jpeg)

>implying most farmers aren't fat and ugly like their robot counterparts

File: 1492606648531.jpg (473.8 KB, 1200x1200, 0lB1LF4.jpg)

No. 3322[Reply]

Spring reading material thread?

No. 3332

thats not a nice book for spring reading.

No. 3351


File: 1492562671393.png (243.13 KB, 477x768, 1418156614001.png)

No. 3306[Reply]

Helo will u be my gf?
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No. 3313

File: 1492563096584.png (40.37 KB, 309x433, 1417829294001.png)

Where are the traps? I have some nice homes for you in poland with shower XDDD

No. 3314

eyy where the boipuccis at?

No. 3315

We are all sexy Stacies and we already have bfs. Bye bye.

No. 3316

File: 1492563530198.jpg (18.56 KB, 274x200, 63567.jpg)

You are ugly transsexual faggots and should kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3317

no. some russian guy from krautchan told me i am pretty. ave a listen


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