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File: 1490565921140.png (11.49 KB, 400x340, i-love-you-luna-130943053125.p…)

No. 2762[Reply]

why is everything backwards?
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No. 2801

No shit, Sherlock

No. 2962


No. 3416

lolcow.farm redicrects to farmcow.lol though.

File: 1492538504090.png (254.85 KB, 1242x1348, IMG_0812.PNG)

No. 3290[Reply]

Let's discuss our opinions and experiences with r9k/robots. I think most of my experiences with robots have been 96% negative.
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No. 3444

I am surprised anyone would try to date a robot, usually a reason why they are there.
Same for whiny passive-agressive beta "nice guys".

No. 3446

I visited /r9k/ for many years, even pre-deletion and this whole forever alone phase it's going through.

I actually tried to help multiple guys on there. But honestly, they just have shit personalities, they're only capable of talking about themselves and how fucking horrible their lives and everything around them is. They're not willing to improve in any way whatsoever. They just want to complain about their situation and not do anything about it.
Despite that, I've met a few really great people from /r9k/ but, that was a while ago.
Neo-robots are all easy to bait, easy to make fun of, easy to take advantage of cucks.
You go after mentally ill bitches, and then come back "not understanding" why you got hurt.
Even if you're atractive and have legitimate interests if you listen to the mindset that /r9k/ preaches you will NEVER be happy.

No. 3449

Accurate post, anon.

No. 3452

They are not all that bad from the ones I talked to, there was a Turkish half-robot guy in the containment threads. He liked posting photos he took and gardening and was trying to get better through medicine and therapies. His life was really bad though he had to take care of his family, work, go to school at the same time and was struggling with money and lack of social life because of it and there were others asking for skin care, how to be less nervous talking to girls and stuff like that. Anyways, majority of them are scums though and deserve everything they get but some of them are just lonely people looking for companionship.

No. 3453

Good for you, anon. You'll meet somebody good someday, especially if you try going out more to do things you're specifically interested in, ladies like it when a guy has his own shit going on offline

File: 1493583268175.png (932.3 KB, 1067x800, image.png)

No. 3445[Reply]

Cash me ousside howbah dat girl's lesser known sibling

No. 3448

Post some of the screen caps of her shit plz

No. 3451

I gotchu. Long story but pls read it is worth it: I was here during the beginning of this so I have plenty of Screenies. First off- she got mad because 3 ppl have her gentle concrit. Got mad, posted a rant and decided to spam all chats on Lolita Amino complaining about the meanie Lolitas. Decided she's gonna go to another Lolita amino and that's when Lolita God came into this. Some gull wanted to piss her off even more by telling her she was posted on 4chan. Surprise surprise she took the bait. Made a 2nd rant post on the new amino and said she wanted their info, and basically making threats. Again, ranting to random people she didn't know. Deco Demon- mod from LA who banned her- shut them all up when she gave a explanation to why Kylie wants to dox her and other ppl. Kylie gets banned from there. As people loose their shit on the ita thread on 4chan Kylie starts self posting and basically calling everyone a psychopath while she simultaneously says in public chats she will have a hacker from Poodlecorp to blow up their phones. Now on ladies in Ruffles amino, Kylie joins a public chat and is called out by another member for how she called lolitas "dolly cunts" on discord. Banned from LIR amino, she joins alt fashion. This was a small thing- but she made a 2nd account and joined LA again and was promptly banned. Flash forward to today- Kylie is brought up again in a 4chan forum. As it's obvious she lurks, she posts a rant on alt fashion, her Twitter @Izzy_kitty2001 and on discord. Now we wait until she gets banned on alt fashion amino. I will be posting a collage of all the screenshots of her bs as I can.

TLDR: ugly mental ita continuously rants about how she doesn't care what ANONS say while ranting about it to random strangers on multiple forums.

File: 1482024440651.png (249.02 KB, 1400x680, 01 - Pretty Princess Points 1.…)

No. 452[Reply]

Pretty Princess Points
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No. 2789

what is the pink thing supposed to be? a razor? an epilator? an intense pulsed light device?

No. 2894

Are you talking about the pink thing on the desk? Its a vape.

No. 3263

I love this! The artwork is fantastic, and must have been drawn by a female lol It's very relatable and I'd be stoked if I went in a friend's room and it looked like this (except the urine bottle).

No. 3304

It was drawn by someone in ot not too long ago. Some of the items are requests from anons.

No. 3450

These are great but make me want to visit and cleanup your rooms.

File: 1493453467355.jpg (438.32 KB, 2048x2048, reach_requirements.jpg)

No. 3409[Reply]

Hey fellow girls, what's your favourite penis size, and what's the general consensus on 5.5 inches?
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No. 3414

5.5? I hope you're a robot Virgin and no girl ever had to look at this laugh inducing shit. That's pathetic.

No. 3417

I don't think I could take anything serious below 7.5 inches, real talk.

No. 3419

>having anything smaller than 7"

Just take hormones and turn in to a real girl if so.

No. 3422

Robot detected. Anyways, I like them to be a little smaller then average. Not microdicks but like 3 and a half to 5 and a half inches.

No. 3447

5.5?? lmao no thanks, anything under 7 is a waste of time. any girls who say they're okay with 5.5 are just being overly polite lol

File: 1486142883876.jpg (39.83 KB, 480x479, ideal husbando.jpg)

No. 2258[Reply]

2, 3, and 5
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No. 2552

I have 2, 3, and 5.
In another life I could've had 6 and 4.

No. 2563

2, 3 and 5 or 1 and 9

No. 2564

best comment!

No. 2568

People lie to themselves a lot. It's called cognitive dissonance.

No. 2624

where is kindness? i'd want 5 and kindness

File: 1492032733945.jpg (47.17 KB, 359x512, shirome aarin to akari.jpg)

No. 3005[Reply]

do you guys think females have more privilege than males?I keep hearing men say this lately. well, here is my opinion..I think in the west women and men are mostly equal on the levels of privilege. I think most men confuse female privilege with good looking women privilege. I don't mind when men say that male privilege in the west doesn't exist, but they only use attractive white women to prove that this is a fact…I mean obviously an attractive white girl is going to be treated better than an ugly/average man. Saying women have privilege because attractive white women are treated nicer would be like me saying that men have more privilege because tall and attractive white guys get treated better than me. Its like these men completely ignore the existence of women who arent good looking.
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No. 3382

He explicitly says "psychiatry is not science, it is not medicine".

That is what he's known for. The only reason he doesn't want to be identified as "anti-psychiatry" is because he doesn't want to be associated with other groups/people that identify as "anti-psychiatry". It is exactly like a woman with feminist ideals who doesn't want to be called "feminist".

>Like, if you want to avoid having to deal with women, probably don't come to a forum full of them?

It's like having a sore in your mouth that hurts to lick, but you keep licking it anyway. It's like picking a scab.

No. 3383

>He explicitly says "psychiatry is not science, it is not medicine".

Wow, you're right again anon, that out of context quote did prove the in context quotes I provided wrong!

His entire point is that psychiatry is not like other fields of medicine, that one patient isn't necessarily like another, and needs to be much more individualised than those.

It's not a purely biomedical field.

This really isn't hard to get, he's outright clarified that this is what he meant, and I've provided you with those quotes.

>It's like having a sore in your mouth that hurts to lick, but you keep licking it anyway. It's like picking a scab.

That has to be the worst excuse I've seen in a while mate. You're just another sad robot who thinks he's going to get a bit of female attention by baiting because he's not getting it anywhere else, and regardless of how much he convinces himself he doesn't want to be around women, still desperately wants one.

This isn't projection by the way, you've literally begged for someone to talk to you or be your gf in threads.

No. 3390

why does anyone care if men or women have less or more "privilege"?

men and women are different and their lives can't be compared by the same metrics.

imo most women are good looking. some are more attractive, but very few are actually ugly without doing something dumb like becoming fat.

No. 3420

>Over 80% of workplace fatalities are men
>Because men are careless. How's it women's fault you're fucking idiots?
I'm not sure if you're joking, but look at the types of jobs men work compared to women.

No. 3443

>At the top of the pyramid are old men
No. At the top are the leisure rich. Most old men are working to support their families, and do not have or exercise very much power. The worst off among old men are the guys who failed socially and economically, and are left alone with deceased parents and entry level jobs. The fifty year old alcoholic janitor accesses a level of realistic despair most people will never dream of. A lot of guys this age are also divorced and isolated. Older, middle aged men have the highest suicide rates by far.

>young women

These do deserve to be really high up. Even if you're plain you can flirt with a shy engineering student and live comfortably on their income. Truly unattractive ones have it awful, but they're quite rare, and most women who think they're ugly are not ugly.

>Next come young men, who are put down by old men since they are their competition, but will be at the top one day.

A rich young man has it better than a rich old man. You're assuming old guys are rich and high status when most are not. With men, it's very dependent on personality and ambition. A dysfunctional man is practically excluded from most good things in life, while dysfunctional women can still have patches of intimacy and stability by glomming onto people who have their shit together. An ambitious, attractive, and likable young man has it as good as young women do.

>old women

If they're in marriages they don't have it much worse than old men. Spinsters have a hard way, yeah. But if you're talking about people in retirement homes, almost everybody has a shit life.

Anyways, you're you. It doesn't do much good to worry about how you could have been born in better circumstances.

File: 1493421146514.gif (3.76 MB, 480x270, whylive.gif)

No. 3391[Reply]

>tfw the nicest guy
>tfw polite
>tfw girls don't realize i'm a gentleman
What am I doing wrong?
this is the /b/ of lolcow, right?
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No. 3404

That had nothing to do with it. It enraged me and made me want to kill her, I mean why did she deserve to lose her virginity before me? She deserves to die.
But I did everything right. I traded pokemon cards. I learned how to ollie. Women lie. They don't want a charming man with a nice car who dresses well. They want a stupid slob who wears tracksuits and wifebeaters just because he's good at baseball. Look at the sunset. It's beautiful. And yet I don't get to experience it with a tall blonde woman. I own a BMW.

No. 3405

u have to act autistic and quiet like adam lanza for smol points then u will get tumblr puzzi at least (after u die of course cuz thats when they notice u)

No. 3406

Most of the guys who use "nice" as an adjective to explain their selves are the most whiny, ugly shitlords I have ever met.

No. 3407

So you admit you don't want a nice guy? Great. Then why am I wearing brand-name shirts? Why am I practicing my kickflips and dyeing my hair? Why did I quit WoW? I should torture you to death.

No. 3408

kill yourself

No. 3384[Reply]


No. 3385

click on it for the spongebob livestream ok?

File: 1493317176291.jpg (317.63 KB, 648x2090, tranny terrorist.jpg)

No. 3423[Reply]

Transmisogyny mental gymnastics edition
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No. 3431

Where? The only thread I have seen was the r/passing one which is different and was getting derailed with general trans stupidity stuff which was why i made this one


No. 3432

tbh i'm one of the rare non-weirdly-transphobic ppl on here but like holy shit the OP on that post has a lot of patience…… like they're literally your ally and you're calling them a 'bad person', DANGER to trans people???? like lol chill out log off the internet for one second of your life

No. 3433

they don't want allies, they want subordinates.

No. 3434

Shit thread

No. 3435

I think this is a good separation thread, to keep the subjects clear. People were complaining of derailing.

https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCynical/ this whole subreddit is hilarious

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