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File: 1492542561627.jpeg (17.61 KB, 299x168, fked up shit.jpeg)

No. 3293[Reply]

Some of you people really need Jesus/Buddha/etc, y'all are some evil, petty and disgusting individuals. Seriously the collective hate you people produce put Westboro Baptist Church to shame. There is trolling and riling someone up and then there attacking someone just because you can since you have a wall of anonymity to hide yourself with. If any of you were this vitriol and hate mongering in real life I can't imagine anyone loving you. If your mother/father/brother/sister were to see your posts what would they say? I hope at least some of you grow up and stop hating your fellow for their flaws when you yourself are no better. You all feed off of each other and just get more nasty and ugly. I sincerely hope some of you can sit back see what you're doing and move on from this god forsaken den of bullies.
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No. 3296

nice weather we're having, you sound fun at parties. :~)

No. 3297

So which cow are you? Or which one is your relative/friend/etc?

Calling people haters is just a lame excuse people hide behind because they can't accept that other people's criticism might be legitimate.

Most of the people we discuss here are actually pretty fucking bad people. One was arrested for hitting on underage girls at starbucks. One is being investigated by the police for faking cancer and stealing from charities. One tried to plan a mass shooting and was arrested for it. One is a serial groomer of teenage girls. This is just the people being discussed on the front page right now.

Like, you should probably look at yourself if you find people who mock paedophiles and scammers worse than paedophiles and scammers.

No. 3298

probably dasha, today must have been overwhelming

No. 3299

what that anon said and also, this is just a place to discuss people

one of the big rules is no cow-tipping
most anons here respect that and we're free to discuss whoever we want, rarely do cows get interacted with if most people can help
and when they do it's often helpful, like PT, tons of people try to give her advice or genuinely help her out

No. 3300

File: 1492548049398.png (11 KB, 516x109, curiouscat.PNG)

Yeah its probs her. She was told to look here a little while ago.

File: 1492435381921.png (3.33 KB, 220x220, 220px-Mars_symbol.svg.png)

No. 3273[Reply]

Hi there. My gf/irlwaifu/Queen says I should stick to 4chan because this place can get very hostile to men like 4chan can be ridic hosile to women. So hello lolcow I am a male with a penis here is my presence objected to?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 3281

All the time on 4chan and you don't even know how to lurk?

No. 3282


for real


do you really think that the opposite would have had a better reception? like if a girl waltzed onto any board on 4chan and posted "hi my boyfriend says i shouldn't come here because it's really hostile towards females. so hello i am a female with a vagina is my presence objected to?"
do you really think that would go over any differently?

No. 3284

Dicks or gtfo

No. 3286

File: 1492520678336.png (33.07 KB, 800x500, IMG_2535.PNG)

Hang yourself with that flaccid string you call a cock plz & thnx

No. 3287

You're making yourself look like a fool, male specimen. I hate guys like you that come here and say "oh my girlfriend.." this and that.

File: 1492278596003.png (454.82 KB, 700x500, 1490063808087.png)

No. 3270[Reply]

I just stumbled across this chan on google images, where did it come from? Anything to do with 888chan or that one with a CWC /cow/ archive that vanished a couple of years ago? How come so many of you allude to being biological females? That's not normal.
Sorry if this info is available elsewhere but I'm mobile browsing so half datablind.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3272

I don't understand why this was moved and I was banned?

(Not intentionally ban evading, that was a public mobile network).

No. 2626[Reply]

What do you think of this woman and "TERF"s (as they are called by social justice warriors) in general? I find myself aligning with them more than any other ideological group or philosophy. Any opnions? Do you think she's actually bigoted or mean, if yes, do you think "TERF"s in general are mean or just her?
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No. 2973

Probably because there's heaps of threads this could be in already and they always result in shitposting and bait.

No. 2979

>/r/GenderCritical is a great subreddit
Are you serious? They do the same retarded shit as SJWs and trannies. Two sides of the same coin.

No. 2982

Lol how are they the same? Do trannies critique themselves now?

No. 2998

>invents unnecessary and retarded jargons in an attempt to add legitimacy to what they say
>worships shitty youtubers
>makes the same logical fallacies as tumblr SJWs
>waah I literally nearly had a mental breakdown today because of what this tranny said!
I'm sorry you bias is getting in the way for you to see things clearly.

No. 3271

It really isn't though, I'm a radical feminist but /r/gendercritical really turns it up 500%, it gives actual gender critical feminists a bad name.

File: 1492117309132.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x600, 6f5.jpg)

No. 3080[Reply]

>be hot guy
>good girls are into "cute" guys

i keep on going on dates with stacy to find out that nothing's going on up there… help me, why couldn't i be a skinny korean guy dear god
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No. 3257

>But do you know what the other decent man have what you don't, which is why they have gf's?

>But what she sees in him is


>slavic hobo.

From a genetic test, 1/3 Italian, 1/2 Irish/British, and the rest is other European. No slav countries though.

>you too, learn to remove the exif/metadata

Oh no, now you know I made that image using GIMP.

>attentionwhoring on a female gossip forum full of legbeards

I wish one of these stronk independent legbeards would marry me and act like my mom and let me suck on her tits.
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No. 3258

>100+ posts
>still not in /sty/

No. 3259

Fuck it, why not go and find a cougar? She'd take care of your sorry ass and buy you video games.

No. 3260

I hope you're offering a payment to whoever will put up with your shit.

No. 3265

>GPS coords


File: 1482024440651.png (249.02 KB, 1400x680, 01 - Pretty Princess Points 1.…)

No. 452[Reply]

Pretty Princess Points
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No. 2779

wow tbh this is wonderful art of me exactly

No. 2789

what is the pink thing supposed to be? a razor? an epilator? an intense pulsed light device?

No. 2894

Are you talking about the pink thing on the desk? Its a vape.

No. 3263

I love this! The artwork is fantastic, and must have been drawn by a female lol It's very relatable and I'd be stoked if I went in a friend's room and it looked like this (except the urine bottle).

No. 3304

It was drawn by someone in ot not too long ago. Some of the items are requests from anons.

File: 1481428554970.jpg (92.2 KB, 791x723, 1478357550926.jpg)

No. 506[Reply]

post em, be internet tough guys when people disagree with you
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No. 2582

File: 1489397017124.png (9.28 KB, 443x393, zzz.png)

No. 2643

File: 1490096027096.png (16.2 KB, 507x468, wut.png)

This shit made me realize that I may not know as much about economy as I thought o-or maybe could it be that I'm not a corporate cuck as >>1785 says…? ;_;

But hey let's look at the bright side, it could be worse, I could be a filthy green! Now seriously, is everyone in here mostly sjws/liberals or what?

No. 2670

Meh I am in the middle of most issues, but I think people can do what they want as long as it does hurt anyone(weed, gay marriage), and that puts me straight into the green zone

No. 2794

File: 1490800371510.png (11.3 KB, 516x420, polalign.PNG)

So… I guess this means I'm immature. I'm surprised actualy. I thought I'd be on the upper left quadrant. Many of these questions were a little too general. I guess I'd have to be a tankie.

No. 3076

File: 1492182536311.png (35.77 KB, 652x588, 4567890765.png)

File: 1492106644658.png (333.51 KB, 422x509, LtT8yNN.png)

No. 2999[Reply]

Is chad's cock really that good?

No. 3000

Its almost as good as Tyrone's cock

No. 3001

my dick is 7.5"x6.2" and i dont know how to use it. ive sex with a girl that was 5'1" and she cried

No. 3002

Misread inches as feet, now I can't stop laughing over the girl crying over your useless barrel dick

No. 3003

File: 1492123697339.png (Spoiler Image, 13.45 KB, 429x158, why are girls mean.PNG)

No. 3004


Is amazing. He also buys me all the crap I want, drive me around in his car and pay pricey exotic vacations around the world. Not to mention he is not socially awkward and doesn't give a shit about incels.

File: 1490132236810.png (131.07 KB, 406x614, akari.png)

No. 2645[Reply]

I want a wife, I want laws in place that will severely punish her if she cheats, and I want to assure that she doesn't get custody of my children or a single cent of my money if she wants a divorce.

This is all I want, nothing else.

I'm a NEET because my only motivation to work would be if I could achieve this, but it doesn't matter how much money I made or how good I looked, I can't have it, at least not in the US. I have no reason to contribute to society.

I'm not alone in this, countless other men won't get married or have children for similar reasons, countless other men are just dropping out of society because of it. Marriage and birthrates are plummeting for whites in western countries, and divorce rates are skyrocketing. The family structure has been completely destroyed, we're reaching maximum degeneracy.

I hope you enjoy the the end of western civilization because you want women to have rights to act like whores.
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No. 2988

>Look at the "men you're ashamed to say you would fuck" thread. There's lots of people on there people wouldn't consider typically attractive.
I know girls don't actually care as much about looks as most people think, I said that.

Compared to how much they care about money, they don't care at all about looks or personality.

If girls cared about looks more than money then I would have a gf.

> Alter your personality and maybe you'll get the pure, virginal girl you want.

Haha no, only money will do that.

>But this is a ridiculous idea that doesn't at all say what's best for the actual children. They're not property, they're people that need to be looked after properly and given appropriate care. Your idea is just as bad if not worse than the current situation.
None of this is an argument, there's nothing wrong with deciding custody of children pre-marriage, we shouldn't have to do that but that's what things have come to.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 2989

>None of this is an argument,

You can't just use "nuh uh doesn't count" as your counter. Deciding years before the divorce who gets the children doesn't take into account what's best for the kids in the moment, just what you personally want, it's selfish and shitty of you.

>You can't even say "I keep all my money/assets" in a prenup

You can say what you want, but in a marriage, you really don't have individual assets, you share them with your partner.

What you want is a marriage with no actual commitment on your behalf.

No. 2990

Haha, I wish I can be a mom,Anon but I'm infertile. So your detection is wrong

However I do understand what you mean by not wanting to have your children be forcefully taken from you but most laws go toward in favour of the mom. So if your children end up being given to your ex spouse, child support is something that you can give to help even though,like I've stated before, it may not be used for them but at least it shows that you care and will show that you are responsible.

But I see, sorry I was just curious if you were part of the movement.

Not everyone only cares about money,Anon. I will admit though that money is an important factor in one's life because it provides security but it's not something that everyone will consider when going for a person that they like or if they have a big cock or amazing body or etc. Perhaps your mindset of "all women only want money" is making it impossible for you to get a girlfriend because you constantly put yourself down just because you don't have a ton of money. Something like that shows in your personality, conversations and gestures and people pick up on that insecurity and may not like that.

With all due respect, I'm sure you're a handsome and sweet fellow but your insecurity with money is so great, it's no wonder you don't have a girlfriend. Maybe you're the one who cares more about the presence money…?

Saged cause my English is shit sorry

No. 2996

No. 2997


Sorry, my computer glitched out. but >>2990 is right.
You are overestimating either your looks or personality (i'm guessing it's personality.)

Nobody is obligated to date you. Why do you think you deserve a gf if you are a miserable person? The universe doesn't give a shit about your >tfw no gf, and society shouldn't either.

File: 1490126761887.jpg (50.41 KB, 375x500, 51viGRPwmoL.jpg)

No. 2671[Reply]

I always see other girls saying that there's no such thing as a slut. Is that so? Because whenever shit happens said girls are the first to call other women sluts.
What do farmers think? Sluts are real or that is just relative? If sluts are def real, what makes a girl a slut? Is promiscuity necessary or just dressing 'slutty' is enough?


Share stories if you want.
78 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2771

i have practically no money and dont work and i'm treated like a loser. if you don't think we're losers, fine, that's nice, but the majority of the world still sees us as losers, just like male neets.

No. 2792

I only consider them a slut if they won't have sex with me, or if they do and then tell me they have banged more than 12 dudes.

No. 2793

Sluts are real. And I'm not talking about the girl that sleep with 20-30 guys in their life but about ths real nymphos that get in their triple digits by the time they're 25. Sadly most of them have a dark past and serious mental issues and alot of desperate guys use them to get laid. Know a few girls like this and had an ex who was BPD and sexually abused from 12-17 who admitted to me she slept with almost 100 guys before me.

No. 2802

I hope you wore a condom

No. 2992

Lol at these incels stammering about how "bu-but women should be THANKFUL to stay at home on chad's dime!"
It's not about the fucking housework, like >>2723 says it's about whether you have a choice.

A relationship should be fair. A house-spouse and a breadwinner arrangement can be fair if it's agreed on and so can a fair split between the two, but neither should be 100% financially dependent on the other. the house-spouse needs to have some kind of financial autonomy themselves even if it's just a little cash from online sales, and some kind of personal direction purely for themselves.
An allowance from the bread winner isn't independence, no matter how big the allowance is.

I would never date a man that thought I was lesser for having past sexual experience, or didn't want to see me succeed in my own career path. I don't care how many girls he's been with either, but he's sure as hell got to be his own independent person too. Sure, more compromise happens in the first 3 years of having a kid but that's out of practicality.

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