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File: 1486663664380.jpg (131.54 KB, 1000x667, IMG_0005.JPG)

No. 2343[Reply]

Why is lolcow so dead these days?use to be more active a year or so ago
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No. 2470

What was the thread and the cow in question?

Who cares if cows lurk here? It never stopped us. Unless it's something that REALLY needs to be said in discord and kept only between farmers, discuss it here ffs

No. 2473

Onision a few threads back is the most recent I can remember

No. 2528

New admin randomly changing shit without asking, huge banners and stickied threads about discord or whatever else staying on for months, no more townhall, people getting banned for necro when it's the only thread on the subject, b should be one board instead of sty and ot because they're nowhere near fast enough to necessate the split

On the other hand we at least have a cool place to post with no bugs and a comfy atmosphere. I actually like how the new admin is running the site, you can tell they do give a fuck unlike the staminarose shitshow.

We got a lot of fresh blood with onison and peenus but that was a while ago and new fresh milk is needed

No. 2529

>people getting banned for necro when it's the only thread on the subject
Necro bans are very short, the ban marker is there to discourage others from doing the same. Generally just make a new thread if there's enough new milk to warrant one. We don't ban for necroing an old thread if there's a new influx of milk on the subject, only for one-off pointless comments on ancient drama.

>no more Townhalls


>New admin randomly changing shit without asking

Addressed here, >>2376
I'm happy to do more lolcow improvement surveys to let people vote on future changes. Any feedback is appreciated.

I know this is very short notice, but feel free to join the Discord tonight for a casual Townhall discussing future site improvements, ways of obtaining fresh meat etc. I'll put up a sticky.

No. 2557

>Generally just make a new thread if there's enough new milk to warrant one
Re-using threads keeps the place tidy though? rather than 5000 Taylor threads or whatever

I look forward to whatever plans there are for finding fresh meat

File: 1488040265957.jpg (98.57 KB, 634x587, 1487870615880.jpg)

No. 2474[Reply]

How do secure the existence of our people and a future for white children?
What role do women have in the fight for our future?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 2482

>Who is talking about 14/88?
I mean, I'm assuming that OP picture was chosen for a reason.
And it's just glaringly obvious you came here from somewhere else to push an agenda.

No. 2483

You didn't answer the question.
Are you ok with what is going on with your country and the way the demographics are going?

You can whine about MUH /pol/, but at the end of the day if we do nothing about this our people are going to be destroyed by traitors.

Being raped by Pakis doesn't sound great to me.

No. 2484

>implying anyone owes you an answer to anything here
/g/ is a female-only board, pls go

No. 2485

You sound like a kike.

No. 2486

File: 1487287554356.png (212.24 KB, 801x876, fem.png)

No. 2396[Reply]

I love being a woman. Especially now addays.

Finally, with the protection of the state, we can assume our role as the dominant gender. We can beat the shit out of our husbands, emotionally torment them, even cheat on them and there is nothing they can do about it and ugly men will never have a chance to even be with us.

For example, my husband filed for divorce a little over a year ago when he discovered I was cheating on him. I wasn't even ashamed when he walked in on me fucking another man, because I was sick of him and his bullshit inability to satisfy me sexually. I continued to sleep with my black lover for weeks after he found out, sometimes even while my husband was home. He had to listen to us fucking and me getting pleased by a superior massive black cock while he slept on the couch. He eventually lost it and smacked me, giving me just the justification I needed to press assault charges and file for a restraining order. Under advice of legal counsel, I cleaned out our joint checking account and froze it and froze our credit cards while he was in jail, to prevent him from being able to afford to hire a competent lawyer.

Yesterday, I was awarded full owenership of the house, custody of the children he doesn't even realize aren't his, 1,450 dollars a month in child support, 3,725 dollars a month in alimony and basically suffered no consequences for being unfaithful. All this for being willing and able to take a smack across the face :)

He whined like a little bitch to the judge, claiming he had to get a roommate now, because he can't afford to rent an apartment by himself and pay me what he owes me. So pathetic.
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No. 2403

Bleh. Do you really think Maureen Ponderosa's case is at all ideal?

Alimony is given to older ladies who spent their lives being housewives and who would have a hard time getting a job being so old

No. 2404

marriage would be too much happiness. i hope he plays a visual novel without reading the netorare tag-description, falls in love with the main character who then pulls this shit on him

No. 2410

this is just copy pasta
It's been spammed on r9k for a while now…
what does OP even gain from this?(dont namefag)

No. 2411

File: 1487404043653.gif (836.31 KB, 320x210, Mutley-Laughing.gif)

nice one anon

No. 2471

You know, you're one of the reasons our gender kills so many women.

File: 1486555309286.png (285.59 KB, 1338x1138, x.png)

No. 2317[Reply]


A self-hating subreddit for of the progeny of White Males and Asian Females. They claim they are the products "the most racist pairing possible"- white supremacist asian mothers and "beta" white fathers who could not secure a white woman so went for the closest replacement.

The most active user is u/EurasianTiger and spends his days updating his blog and rambling on youtube on his hatred of WMAF pairings:

They also love to praise AMWF pairings and talk about how that is so much more "superior".

pic related: r/hapas in a nutshell
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No. 2355

Forgot to add that it was on /snow/ for a while and it wasn't an issue before.

Hapas: lolcows, the race.

No. 2359

A lot of white nationalist guys think its OK to marry Asian women.

So you have Asian kids raised by KKK David Duke dads.



No. 2464


It wasn't even moved, someone just started a new one

The old one isn't even locked >>>/ot/44994

No. 2465

The kid is so cute, too bad his dad is a piece of shit and will fuck his childhood up

No. 2468

Everything makes sense now.

File: 1485197845527.gif (1.3 MB, 443x332, unnamed (18).gif)

No. 2176[Reply]

>>Developing a huge crush on a relatively popular fitness YouTuber
>>not something insane I'm-going-to-send-a-bomb type of thing, but it's still something pathetic
>>Super lonely since breakup in April
>>Know we probably won't ever meet because he's becoming more and more popular, and I'm just a sad potato in a different country
>>Daydream about him as if he was someone achievable; feel jealous and shit over him

He seems genuinely sweet and we seem so much alike. I know, maybe it's just a persona, but still.
I've thought of sending a gift, but I worry that might
make me even more helpess in case he opens his gifts on camera again :(

Anyone out there with a similar story? Tell me I'm not totally crazy, pls. I'm pretty sure it will go away, at least a bit, once i meet someone new, but yeah…

Making this in /sty/ because I'm not sure it is /ot/ material and I'm sure this topic has been brought up before.

/Ryoga best character
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No. 2383

I think that according to the current trends your guy would be classified a hipster

No. 2421

I'm falling head over heels for my co-worker. No surprise since we spend 8+ hours alone in the same office every single day tho.
But it's pretty sad and shitty of me to feel this way because i have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend as well.
My boyfriend however is only interested in videogames and often says i talk too much. I'm very passionate about my career while he doesn't really care about anything other than food, videogames and memes. Basically a manchild. We've been together for years but while i grew up and moved on in life he kinda stayed the same idiotic teenager. An endearing idiotic teenager tho.
This other guy however, we can spend hours on end talking about books, life, art and human emotions, i've learned a lot from him and even tho i've read a lot less than him he actually listens to me and reflects on what i say like it's important. He's very passionate, humble, sensitive, super smart, is 8 years older than me and his girlfriend is beautiful.
I feel so stupid writing this.
Sometimes i think he also has a bit of a crush on me, but it's probably just my emotions making it up, he's just gentleman-like. He drives me to the subway station every day and drives me home if it's dark outside (we often have to work overtime). One time he called me by his gf's name by accident but our names are similar to begin with.
I'd never act on it tho, and i know he'd never cheat on his girlfriend either. I tried forgetting about it and moving on but it's been almost a year since i started working there and i like him more than ever. I'm okay with it just being fantasy, but it'd just be amazing if it was his impossible guilty fantasy as well. Then it wouldn't just be this one sided platonic thing but rather a complicated painful feeling we shared.

Sorry for long post + bad english. I haven't had the courage to talk about this with anyone. I feel really really stupid writing all of this tbh. I'm just trying to enjoy human relationships for what they are. I think that unattainable crushes are a beautiful part of life and that platonic love is best love.

No. 2423

anyone else think this thread should be in /g/, not /sty/?

dont pursue the coworker, its only gonna cause unnecessary drama, but consider breaking up with your boyfriend. from how you talk about him it sounds like your he doesn't match your lifestyle anymore and has kind of given up on himself. there are probably many other people who can engage you on different topics

No. 2424

Yeah, Im op and wasn't sure where I should make it because I thought this topic could be shared in the other thousands threads about shame, rants and confessions that were going on when I made it. Im gonna ask farmhands to move it, not sure if they will tho.

No. 2425

Moved to >>>/g/55352.

File: 1470669498084.jpg (104.61 KB, 460x609, malefem1_3062978c.jpg)

No. 1858[Reply]

Can we have a thread for these people?

>Loud as fuck, usually speaking over women

>Believe they have the power to decide what's sexist and hurtful because they're ~allies~
>Using feminism as a stepping stone to garner female attention and/or exposure for themselves
>50% of the time are actually Nice Guys™ in disguise
>Complete lack of self-awareness
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No. 2336

A lot of self proclaimed "allies of Feminism" (especially during the whole GG debacle) have been charged with sexual misconduct and rape recently.

Turns out they were just guys that thought Feminism could get them a pussy pass

No. 2351

Men who actually see women as equals won't have to call themselves feminist to prove it

No. 2377

>self proclaimed feminists turn out to be abusive
I can't talk about this irl because I'm scared people will then assume I have a vendetta against literally every "feminist" man, but most irl examples of rape or abuse in me or my friends lives was done by guys who called themselves feminists or asexual
It's not that surprising really if someone introduced themselves immediately as a "non murderer" you wouldn't go on to trust them not to kill you.

No. 2381

>all shaved no worries there
I still have no clue what he meant by this. Was it a shot against the 'patriarchal beauty standards' or is it like a strong independent woman who shaves her pubes and is thus in control of her own body? I don't even know.

No. 2386

"this is my stronk feminist character but dw she's still traditionally feminine so ok for me to fap to"??

File: 1486466342327.jpg (26.79 KB, 520x320, gun to head.jpg)

No. 2291[Reply]

What do you think of japan denying their war crimes that their country committed during ww2? And also downplaying those atrocities? How about keeping them out of their history books?
15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2335

I guess I worded it wrong, I'm not talking about the abused women in particular. English not first language etcetc.

I have no sympathy for the Koreans who are currently butthurt over not having recived an apology from the Japanese because they won't acknowledge history, since Koreans are doing exactly the same same.

No. 2338

>Why is this thread in /sty/ This is a far more interesting topic than fucking most shit on /ot/?

because the new mods on this site are extra sensitive when it comes to race related topics especially if it involves blacks or asians. bunch of sjw weebs.

No. 2346


If you're not a troll, then you should be ashamed of yourself. One evil does not cancel out when another horrible act is committed.


It's an important discussion to have. It's pretty fucked having this thread yanked over here be cause I'm pretty sure this section of the site is visited far less than /ot/ (correct me if I'm wrong.)

It's robbing individuals of a good education. If the people don't learn, then history will perish.

No. 2347

The thread was moved because it seemed like bait. As long as there's legitimate discussion, it can go back to /ot/.

No. 2348

Moved to >>>/ot/180955.

File: 1484189156688.png (Spoiler Image, 71.88 KB, 1024x982, 98B53405-068E-4E11-881D-D640E1…)

No. 2009[Reply]

Would you perform oral on yourself if you could?

No. 2010

i hate the feeling of oral so no way would i even put in the effort of trying that

No. 2012

No, it's hard enough relaxing during normal oral. I'd probably just end up frustrated and go back to my vibe.

No. 2022

I once saw a video of a guy doing that and made me want to throw up. For real. The combo of seeing a man sucking dick AND autosuck is absolutely disgusting.
Female is pretty much disgusting too but less terrifying.

No. 2253

I'd try it, why not?

No. 2340

If I could, then i'd think about it and then get distracted and do something else XD

File: 1482364954053.jpg (27.61 KB, 534x401, BURNTHECOAL.jpg)

No. 671[Reply]

Why is it so taboo? I personally only date white guys and the occasional asian guy (mainly because i find black men physically gross and hispanic men generally are really really disrespectful to me), but why is it so taboo? Why do guys care so much?
167 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2185

I was curious and she's actually real and pregnant. She complains a little about how 'no man is gonna take her for a ride no mo' and retweeting single moms and I'm fairly sure she's only like, idk…21? 22? And works retail. The life she's going to provide that kid is probably mediocre at best until she can find some other dude to take care of her.

She's got this weird fetish of black culture going on and says nigga and a bunch of other shit but she's whiter than white and that leaves me with a weird taste in my mouth. Like, she only got with this uggo black guy because 'aesthetic' and wants a biracial kid because it makes her closer to being 'black' and she can have it as a fashion accessory.

Also, I'm a biracial girl, like, obviously I have nothing against black and white mixtures but my parents love each other and I'm not a result of making a dumb mistake that's going to fuck up someone's life before they're ready and sooooo many of these 'strong independent single moms' and their half-black babies just give off this awful fucking stereotype that I kinda hate.

I just kinda…yeah. It's annoying to me. Having a biracial kid without their dad isn't some badge of honour for dating a black man but they act like it is.

No. 2194

I don't like posting about this anywhere on the internet, but that poster is less wrong than you'd think. Birthrates in most European countries are significantly lower than America's, a little above 1. Meanwhile, Muslims tend to reproduce far more rapidly (Pakis in Britain have practical birth rates of almost nine because they have a lot of kids, and those kids marry other kids from Pakistan). Before long much of Europe will see a substantial demographic shift with a lot of negative side effects, and, realistically speaking, the minute orthodox Muslims became a significant political contingent many progressives would flee the country.

More generally, intelligent people are getting bred out in Westernized countries. Wealth and IQ are both negatively associated with reproduction, and the IQ score goes down about a point a generation (the Flynn effect was nutritional and has tapered off). Smart young women tend to go to college, pursue careers, and value independence, while dumber ones have kids before they're twenty. Also, being poor provides some financial incentive for having kids, while the opposite is true for wealthier families.

The point at which this may not matter is machines killing everybody or biological experimentation. Otherwise democracies will degrade into tribes of literal retards.

No. 2242

Das some good schadenfreude.
And "bred"? That's disgusting. I thought only bug-chasing queers use the terminology.

No. 2251

>hispanic men generally are really really disrespectful to me

Too bad you havnt met me then…

No. 2334

File: 1484990952811.jpg (259.66 KB, 1152x1536, Not laughing now.jpg)

No. 2106[Reply]

Whether you supported her or not you have to admit her failure is actually an achievement:
>$1.3B spent on campaigning (est)
>All celebrities behind her
>Katey Perry voted naked for her
>97% of media were behind her
>Former president to aid her
>Current president was publicly behind her
>Innumerable experience
>Known as the "Classy alternative"

Yet she got destroyed by an orange businessman.
42 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 2168

Clearly, you're the retarded one if you think the US is purely Democratic.

No. 2263

America is a democracy of states rather than a democracy of people. This sounds stupid but it's actually a great way to give a voice to all states via the electoral college. Without it politicians would just campaign for population hubs like new york and california, ignoring all the rural/less populated parts of the country. That's why Hillary lost by the way, she only pandered to young libs in NY SF and assorted very populated cities, while trump tried to address everyone from poor rednecks to wealthy city people (see florida).

No. 2267

File: 1486258432703.png (218.42 KB, 300x366, all_smiles.png)

>all this ass pain

No. 2280

File: 1486367318680.jpg (9.01 KB, 228x221, pepe gun.jpg)

Can you fags not sperg out for 30seconds? This thread was about the massive failure of the clinton campaign, not about Trump.

No. 2314

Hillary's failure was hilarious but with Trump the US is officially the laughing stock of the world SO

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