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File: 1434152721209.jpg (97.66 KB, 1280x719, IMG-20150611-WA0014.jpg)

No. 424[Reply]

Since newfags wanna sperg out on this shit

(Image not related)
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No. 2239

>still a singular person you haven't linked to/shown screencaps of
Even if that was serious, it's still one person who doesn't represent the views of every other human being who's not white on earth. I'm sure there are 4chan shitposters who seriously believe all the things they say (hell, look at /pol/). They still don't represent all white people.

No. 2244

I said it on my first post, I saw it on my tumblr dashboard once. I'm not trying to prove anything here, I'm just saying. If you don't believe a considerable amount of people have that mindset you're very naive.

No. 2247

>board culture

Shitting on minorities is apart of board culture but white 4channers do get super butthurt when the tables are turned. I went into a 4chan chat and people were shitting on black people but then when someone said something about white people, everyone got butt blasted.

No. 2249

Then the same can be said about white people, but it'd probably annoy you if people went around going "A considerable amount of white people are racist and hateful", or "White people love talking about how all non-whites are subhuman" based on countless posts on /pol/ and 4chan.

No. 2289

I rarely find black guys attractive and when I do, it's more like a "that's nice" and move on. The reason? I don't see a potential partner, I see a family member.

It's very strange, I'm aware, but seeing people having the same skin tone and features that I do triggers a familiarity in me that sees a cousin, uncle, sister, brother, etc. The idea of dating someone that looks like me weirds me out. I'd rather have something new.

I think it may have something to do with growing up around other races more than my own, and only seeing other black people that were family members.

But yea, 2D is obviously the master race.

File: 1485070420505.png (440.97 KB, 760x440, 1477501616320.png)

No. 2149[Reply]

(bad post, read the rules)
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No. 2165

Sex is binary. A male and a female is required to reproduce in most animals. Evolution dictates any sex that is not male or female will die out because they are unable to reproduce. Intersex is not the norm so is a very poor argument against this, especially since many intersex people can't reproduce and those that can are practically male/female anyway. Sex is based on reproduction and reproduction only, and to classify it using anything that isn't the reproductive organs is incorrect.

We don't need more than two genders. It needlessly complicates things and is completely unnecessary. Why do people feel the need to identify and have people perceive them as something they are not? Surely it would be easier and more resourceful to work with what you are and improve yourself. If perception is what makes a trans person feel uncomfortable as their own sex, wouldn't it be better to change perception and combat sex-based stereotypes so we are all viewed the same, no matter our sex? To demand more than two genders or that you must change your own is rather entitled, as if they value their identity more than others.

No. 2169

I don't have hate in my heart but shit like this scares me.

No. 2172

That's because deep down you know it is unnatural and crazy

No. 2255

Is this pasta? But really, deforming your body to make yourself look like a woman doesn't make you one. It doesn't change the fact that you have XY chromosomes and desperately throwing money at a surgeon doesn't change that.

No. 2278

I really hope this is bait because if it isnt you are a fucking idiot. I get really annoyed when you trans idiots use intersex to justify your condition, you clearly dont give a fuck about us so keep our condition out of your mouths. Intersex is nothing to do with being trans and it certainly doesnt disprove the sex binary.

File: 1483025090790.jpg (41.85 KB, 696x464, 11.-Alien-1-696x464.jpg)

No. 890[Reply]

I've journeyed for countless aeons in search of a female community that can admit women get laid far more easily than men do.

Is this it?
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No. 957

To reiterate my point: men will normally have sex with females they consider even less attractive than themselves objectively(or inferior to them in other ways).
Females will normally only have sex with males they consider more attractive than themselves(or otherwise superior).
Get off your moral high groundenings already.

No. 976

>stats from a single dating site
>mirroring reality enough to render commonly believed stereotypes "outliers"

No. 2208

>Why are men so obsessed with getting laid? Is that like how you validate yourselves or something? It's pretty pathetic to be so obsessed with sex that you think it's some sort of injustice that less people want to have it with you than with [x] other group.

Yes men are obsessed with getting laid, testosterone = sex drive, and its basically a measure of virility and masculinity, and since guys don't just open up their legs and pussy drops right on top (unless your are justin bieber or something) then it proves to other guys you "got game".

No. 2238

So you're telling me old adage robots love to parrot about women needing sex and male attention in order to feel validated is actually projection?

Man am I glad to hear someone admit to it

No. 2241

Yeah, sure, but I don't think one-night stands are really that gratifying for women in general.

No. 2059[Reply]

What would you do if you woke up with a penis?
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No. 2205

No. 2206

What every man does, jack off

No. 2209

>daddy fetishist in denial

No. 2211

Fuck every household object I could think of. I've always said that if I had a dick I would just put it in random stuff. It's not like I get the impulse to put weird things near myself but it seems different with a dick. I'd be hollowing out melons and fucking sandwiches and gloves of spaghetti all day. I'd love to try one of those crazy Tenga devices too, I guess?

If it was a long term thing I don't know what I would do. Hopefully my boyfriend wouldn't mind a bit of dick but it would get more difficult later in life if I wanted kids. I would have to learn to tuck for the clothes I wanted, random erections would be annoying.

Yeah pretty much

No. 2226

>I'd be hollowing out melons and fucking sandwiches and gloves of spaghetti all day.

Dear god anon. Why did this make my day?

File: 1482975225975.jpg (71.78 KB, 640x360, nYjHK4g.jpg)

No. 901[Reply]

How do I abandon society and join the NEET life? I have everything I need - fridge, bar fridge and computer.

How do?
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No. 2182

is OP the same bitch who was caught self posting last year?


No. 2184

I would if I thought I could live off of whatever I got. My rent alone is $850/mo, not including groceries and other shit. My state is pretty tough on gibsmedats and the wait time to even get a hearing is over a year, so it's probably pointless to even try.

No. 2200

Don't become a NEET if you can possibly avoid it. Too much free time is a curse.

No. 2202

It truly is, I've taken up binge eating as a hobby and most of my days involve laying down in front of/with my laptop on my chest, day in day out. I haven't spent time trying to better myself, I've spent it posting on imageboards and Facebook and other stupid places. I'm bored out of my mind, it's horrible. It was only OK the first month.

No. 2207

holy shit you're right - pls say you have more. All her IG accounts are shut

File: 1483007320653.png (876.99 KB, 1147x859, JUST.png)

No. 1826[Reply]

How old you do you reckon these girls are? 16-18?

Look at their skin, their faces. They will never have trouble finding a date, their crush will never call them 'ugly' after they built up courage to ask him. And as the story goes they will settle down at 25, have a family and live happily ever after in their perfect fucking world.

Mean while I am 28 and never dated and only just got my driver's license a year ago. F . M . L
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No. 1985

Damn didn't take long for that stormfrontbs to come outta ya, don't give into the trolls next time bby

No. 2001


so jelly black girl? got it.

No. 2002

Should've mentioned in the western world. Not asian or african continents.

No. 2003

I don't think white people age any differently than other races and for all races it's just a case by case thing. Genetics and how well you take care of your skin/diet/exercise.
I hate how one race always has to shit on another to make themselves feel spechul.

No. 2187

There are scientific reasons for it though, like the amount of collagen and melanin, which differ by race and gender. How well you take care of your skin is a big factor too but there are cultural differences when it comes to skincare, so the generalization still applies.

I don't think acknowledging differences in skin composition is shitting on another race. I'm white, if I age badly I'd rather be able to blame it on my relative lack of collagen than have people assume I don't take care of myself. I'm sick of dumb men who think wearing makeup is why women age faster than them, even though men are far more likely to smoke, drink, go in the sun, not wear sunscreen, not moisturize or have a skin care routine etc. They jump at the chance to blame women as individuals for their failure to stay forever young, even though if they had our skin type they'd be far more haggard than your average woman.

File: 1483454965932.png (60.86 KB, 1354x889, 1482729835001.png)

No. 997[Reply]

Does anyone else feel repulsed by people who talk shit about their former partners?
In real life, I will automatically think less of a person bringing up their asshole exbf/bitch of an exgf and will have a hard time taking them seriously.
If they whine about their current partners, I'll almost try to distance myself from them.
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No. 2034

>You either don't pursue the relationship once you see you don't really like the person you were interested in or only have yourself to blame.
stop victim blaming you bigot, people are not responsible for what they do!

No. 2043

You're kind of ignoring that a lot of the time once a person starts to show who they are instead of being on their best behaviour at the start of a relationship like a lot of people tend to be, that there's already emotions involved, and it's probably not as simple as "Yeah just view it objectively and leave them", right?

It's great you've never had a bad relationship if that's true, but you're being silly if you don't see why someone could be in a relationship that might not be best for them because they feel like they can fix it or the persons just going through something, or simply not noticing the change, or by that point already having strong emotions and simply not seeing the partner objectively as the negative influence they are, or any number of other reasons why someone would stay in a relationship.

I don't think many bad relationships come from the early dating phase before it's anything serious where it shows up they're dipshits or you just don't like them that much, it's later on those things lead to deterioration.

People who bitch about all their exes to make their current partner feel better or just to get attention are fucking annoying though, and are generally exaggerating pretty massively about their exes flaws.

No. 2057

What about the reality that tons of people get married to people they aren't even really in love with for whatever reason and then on top of that many stay together for years and years in an empty, meaningless marriage?

No. 2058

>victims of abuse only have themselves to blame!!!
>if you don't act just like me your duuum!!
>my breakups were ok there4 everyone'ss has 2 b!
Are you sure you aren't the one whose retarded?

No. 2078

Honestly I respect them, because they know they'll never find real love in life and settle for the most practical solution. Those that are impulsive and jump from relationship to relationship are just… ugh. I do really despise them

File: 1483793485186.jpg (38.05 KB, 680x523, fraternal_grains.jpg)

No. 1797[Reply]

Dear sisters, may I procure some of your oats please?
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No. 1988

Sorry sister, but I have decided that you may have no oats. None.

No. 1989

Yes sister, you may have my oats for now but the favor must be returned sooner or later.

No. 1994

File: 1484077800914.jpg (74.16 KB, 564x682, a6713110b129212b3d29ad19f5da05…)

You shall sow your land for six years and gather in its yield, but on the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow, so that the needy of your people may eat; and whatever they leave the beast of the field may eat. You are to do the same with your vineyard and your olive grove.

No. 2021

forced meme

No. 2044

File: 1484403810342.png (22.48 KB, 221x253, 1274035173279.png)



File: 1484066153114.gif (17.62 KB, 320x312, shrugging.gif)

No. 1990[Reply]

Can / should homosexuality be cured?
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No. 2048

Sigh I just wish I would stop falling for women/feeling sexually attracted to them. I am not gay, I'm bisexual, but i wanna be completely straight..Why do I need to go through this. I feel like this is wrong, this is not me. And i can't have access to gay therapy and ask a psychiatrist to try to help me with that but a man can chop off his penis and pretend he's a woman and everything is fine?? WTF.. I will never absolutely accept my sexually and it's driven me close to suicide.

No. 2049

If you mean gay therapy as in conversion therapy, you basically answered your own question. If you mean it as in therapy whose goal is to make you more comfortable with your actual sexuality, then that is pretty stupid/unfair, but I'm pretty sure that is a thing?
Either way, you got a bad case of self hate, over something you don't really have control over, my girl. You need to fix that, but acting straight probably isn't the solution. I say probably, because who knows, maybe you'll be that one out of I don't even know how many people, that it actually works on!

No. 2050

I've received professional help (to try to accept my sexuality) for almost 2 years but it didn't work.
Now I'm thinking if I should go the opposite way and try to repress it somehow, get gay conversion therapy or similar. Like i said, I'm not entirely lesbian, I like men the most, but if i had to explain my sexuality I'd say it's 60/40, so the gay is pretty strong, you know?

People always say GCT doesn't work but I really don't know what to do. I feel like lesbianism isn't/shouldn't be part of who I am. I was raised in a religious household and unfortunately I feel like I'm disgusting for being with women

No. 2051

Then just don't date women? You're bisexual, you like both. Seek out relationships with men if you want to be straight so badly.

No. 2052

I have done both. I said it before in previous posts. The thing is that I WISH I wasn't like this.

File: 1484324255229.jpg (453.31 KB, 4000x2200, XT5brzGAc.jpg)

No. 2027[Reply]

As I sit here thinking about killing myself, I have realised that all women deserve rape. Especially you (yes you)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 2030

does ur mom know what you say about grills online? She might not keep paying for your wow subscription and weeb steam games if she did

No. 2031

File: 1484329653227.jpg (11.89 KB, 183x200, ggg.jpg)

t. pussynerd who faps to alt-right trannies and anime little girls

you don't deserve the flag in your pic just kys already

No. 2033

>And here children, you can see the lack of self responsibility, sprinkled with hints of mental illness and demonizing a marginalized group of individuals, solely for the purpose of making a rather ignorant individual feel better about themselves. Let's see how many VPNs he blows through today!

Introspection of self? Whats that?!

No. 2035

>moved to /sty/
Why not just banned

No. 2036

this seals the deal that all men are rapists and have no morals lol. they wonder why women love each other and not them

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