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File: 1495480773306.png (677.29 KB, 707x723, virginsuicides.png)

No. 61334[Reply]

Post your stories about when you lost your virginity and thoughts about virginity/fist time sex in general.
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No. 61795

I bet you're really ugly.

No. 61799

t. robot

No. 61801

Nah, t. pretty girl. ;^)

No. 61821

t. salty, ugly cunt

No. 61822

Not that anon but just because you're either regret giving up your virginity or you're a stupid r9k doesn't mean girls can't wait lose it for various reasons :)

File: 1479229922340.jpg (79.74 KB, 728x515, IMG_1664.JPG)

No. 44548[Reply]

New relationshit general since the other has reached post limit.

Any ideas on how to get partner to try rougher sex (choking, etc)? He's so afraid of hurting me or leaving marks but I'm into that shit. I guess it doesn't help he personally knew my ex who did sexually abuse me.
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No. 61813

Men find it hard to open up sometimes. You'll have to be persistent i think. Try to be as gentle and comforting as possible, try not to get frustrated. Attempt to do some special stuff for him, maybe take him out to his favorite place or something. It'll have 1 of two effects.

1. He feels loved and opens up to you, fixing the problem

2. He feels guilty about cheating (If he is) and either comes clean or breaks it off.

Both ways provide an excellent opportunity to solve the problem.

No. 61815

Have you expressed these concerns to him?

No. 61817

There's a few potential reasons.

He could've been tired and he felt like it would be easier to lie instead of potentially getting into a conversation about what he was actually doing or w/e

He could be doing something you disapprove of (Not necessarily cheating)

There's a myriad of reasons. How long have you two been together? I'm sure if you've been the best you can be and if he hasn't made it obvious something is wrong previously then he wouldn't be cheating. The best bet is to wait until he wakes up, and try not to think about it. Overthinking causes a whole bunch of issues.

No. 61818

a few years, this is the first time I ever had something like this happen, besides him going somewhere and refusing to tell me, which is fine if he wants to keep stuff to himself, it's just WHY he needs to lie or refuse to tell me things that concern me

I'm not saying he is cheating, but it is suspicious, I know if he does that it may not be cheating, but it is suspicious considering he goes to bars a lot and tells me about when girls try to get with him, what else could he be doing talking to someone late at night that he doesnt want me, his girlfriend to know about?

No. 61819


I think you're otherthinking this, it's probably something super simple, like he was talking to a friend or something. I doubt he's cheating on you, the best course of action is to wait until he wakes up and sus it out then. Vent here if you need to, but try not to think about it too much.

File: 1485197845527.gif (1.3 MB, 443x332, unnamed (18).gif)

No. 55352[Reply]

>>Developing a huge crush on a relatively popular fitness YouTuber
>>not something insane I'm-going-to-send-a-bomb type of thing, but it's still something pathetic
>>Super lonely since breakup in April
>>Know we probably won't ever meet because he's becoming more and more popular, and I'm just a sad potato in a different country
>>Daydream about him as if he was someone achievable; feel jealous and shit over him

He seems genuinely sweet and we seem so much alike. I know, maybe it's just a persona, but still.
I've thought of sending a gift, but I worry that might
make me even more helpess in case he opens his gifts on camera again :(

Anyone out there with a similar story? Tell me I'm not totally crazy, pls. I'm pretty sure it will go away, at least a bit, once i meet someone new, but yeah…

Making this in /sty/ because I'm not sure it is /ot/ material and I'm sure this topic has been brought up before.

/Ryoga best character
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No. 61223


It's been 21 days since but it feels like forever ago. Augh when can I see you again.

No. 61227

I'm updating to give other farmers hope, I was disillusioned when I realised that there's no way we would work beyond like a month-long fling and it would probably be frustrating and confusing towards the end of that month.
I was wrong, only infatuated because I couldn't spend a lot of time with him, and now I'm pretty much over it. It can happen. One day you might just snap out of it.

No. 61234

File: 1495387038310.jpg (131.58 KB, 630x718, Untitled2.jpg)

Is this the gender flipped neckbeard thread?

No. 61261

Everyone gets crushes you moron.

No. 61810

I have a crush on a guy I play video games with. It's weird since I don't know much about him, since we only talk about the game we're playing. But I get so happy when he's around. I most likely have no chance because we're acquaintances on a game, and I'm a socially anxious NEET who can't speak my mind. He's so nice and funny though. Plus the whole thing is affecting me worse because I've never had a crush on someone I actually spoke to before.

File: 1495908631956.jpg (337.92 KB, 1180x664, IMG_0259.JPG)

No. 61772[Reply]

Do you ever want to go out but feel it's pointless because there's no reason to go out and even if there was you have no one to do anything with?dont have any hobbies but also feel no excitement or motivation to learn new things?do you feel that you just work everyday and are waiting for death?is your boredom caused by depression or are you becoming depressed because you're bored?

Sometimes life starts to become monotonous and tedious. We want to do something with our lives but we don't know exactly what.
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No. 61790

read a book

it gets hard being online constantly and comparing your life to others so much so maybe u should unplug for awhile and meditate

No. 61798

omg, I was going to post this exact thread. yea! That's currently how I feel. I work full time Monday-Friday, usually out the house 12 hours a day. Don't enjoy my job, don't have any friends at work because of big age gap. Then on the weekend, I'm sat at home alone with nothing to do, no one to really talk to until I start work again on the Monday (which I don't look forward to either). I've watched so much anime I'm actually getting so sick of it. We have a 3 day weekend this week and I feel so depressed because I have nothing to do and no one to see, yet it's my own fault for not arranging anything. All my friends have boyfriends now so it's hard, I haven't had a boyfriend in years, and it doesn't help I don't go out to get chance to meet anyone. Not sure what to do as I'm actually an extrovert living life of a recluse.

No. 61802

go outside and stop bitching

No. 61803

I almost wish, it's more like there's not enough time in the day to do things I'm interested in. I'm a serious introvert with a full time job so I need a few hrs of alone time every day, and even with that I can't get through all the TV/anime/movies/music/reading material I want to, then I have two sports which I wish I could do more often, then I have language study which I don't spend enough time on and can't get to the classes in time after work. I don't even bother trying to have a social life because I'd rather do stuff I'm interested in than go out with people all the time.

But admittedly my free time gets wasted a lot online, just on lolcow or 4chan or whatever rather than anything productive.

No. 61820

You should take your own advice instead of shitposting all day without even saging. :^)

File: 1495941422151.jpg (115.19 KB, 640x640, IMG_0385.JPG)

No. 61800[Reply]

There is a non-archived version of this thread, however, I'd like to have one more targeted without 8mil complaints about the 'industry.'

Who's trying to gain fame via Instagram, YouTube, or whatever?
How's it going for you? What's your niche?

I'm interested in doing this for myself to someday launch a business creating personal brands and the like. I'll probably talk more about my plans if this thread takes off but idk if anyone here is interested.

File: 1491145477349.png (4.05 MB, 1917x2089, Galko_Green_Attire_Stitched_Ca…)

No. 57461[Reply]

How does one give themself a makeover, an upgrade? How do you work out exactly what will suit you best?

I'm working out in order to get a fitter body because I let myself go in uni but while I'm at it I want to get my hair, makeup, nails, everything else sorted!

How do you decide what to work on and where do you take it from there? Does anyone have any tips to becoming healthier and more beautiful with hair care/skincare and the rest?

The same goes for giving wardrobe a makeover and the rest. Are there any resources?

I don't know where to begin or what threads here to start on and end up aimlessly lurking but without a solid plan.
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No. 61610

its a risk I'm willing to take, since I've been dieting my hair keeps shedding everywhere and i want it to be thick again
if it gets too bad i can always stop, but I've never gotten hormonal acne b4\

Im actually pretty okay at drinking just regular cold water but the crystal light flavoring packets in wild strawberry are my favorite atm theyr only 5 calories a packet and livestrong says theyr not bad for you

oolong tea is just slightly stronger than green tea, both teas are known to boost metabolism

No. 61792

Does anyone have any books they like on self-makeovers, fashion/styling etc?

No. 61794

She looks ugly in both but better in the first image.

No. 61797

Dita Von Teese has some good books. One is called "Your Beauty Mark" I've flipped through them in the bookstore but didn't buy them because I didn't have money at the time. It's a really dense book and has advice on makeup, hair, fashion, dieting, and confidence.

No. 61804

she looks completely normal

File: 1495748133009.jpg (56.91 KB, 600x314, pubic.jpg)

No. 61644[Reply]

When I shave my pubic area it get's all bumpy and irritated. The color down there seems to have gotten darker too? I've honestly given up on shaving and will be doing laser hair removal.

What method do you farmers like the most for shaving the vagina and butthole? Waxing, cream, shaving or laser?
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No. 61776

oh, i forgot to add i also started trying to get clear skin down there since i did notice it is darker than it used to be. So far ive been exfoliating and ive tried xtreme brite and a fade cream and honestly i havent seen any change ive been doing this on and of for about a year as well. I'm going to try a serum soon and perhaps a soap to help

No. 61778

File: 1495913842680.jpg (123.39 KB, 900x1200, C0hPLSdUcAADCHz.jpg)

Does anyone here just not do anything to their pubes, besides slight shaving when it's swimsuit season?

It just seems like a lot of work compared to shaving your legs, with little reward. Pubes can't come back in style soon enough.

No. 61781

I shave off everything once per year, usually during summer when we go to the beach or something. The rest of the year I don't touch anything besides keeping it tidy.
My bf likes it natural so it's a win-win situation.

I have to admit that I do admire girls who put in so much effort/dedication to stay hairless tho.

No. 61793

I'm currently getting Brazilian wax once a month as I got tired of shaving, constantly cutting myself, red bumps etc.
Brazilian is painful and I'm doing this for over a year now and I don't really get used to the pain tho. I'm thinking of lasering now. But then I would still have to shave again. Anyone here having experience with laser and Brazilian at the same time? Or is that too much? I don't mind having the hair but I always notice that I feel more comfortable without the hair.

No. 61796

Solution: don't shave.

File: 1490450023938.jpg (96.43 KB, 900x900, l.jpg)

No. 57021[Reply]

Do the japanese have particular skin routines and beauty routines or ways of makeover to achieve looking so clear faced and young?

if so where on the internet does one find these things, are there any particular rules they have? I know there's an asian diet thread but I'm thinking more about skincare and beauty
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No. 61782

I've never worn lenses
the only makeup i wear is foundation+powder from the drugstore

No. 61784

although id say my iris takes up a lot of my eye b/c theyr smaller
myb shoulda mentioned I'm half filipino but ppl never think I'm that
do u think losing weight would diminish nf if its b/c of fat distribution?
everyone says i have baby face but i can't help obsessing over my nf

No. 61788

Not that anon, but I've got a baby face too, and my NF lines are more visible now that I've lost some weight (with a lot more to go, RIP). I'm trying to counter-act them with a retinol moisturizer and ten thousand layers of hydration.

No. 61789

im also trying to lose 6 pounds to get down to 105
nf is the bane of my existence

No. 61791


Yeah my nf where the most prominent when I was at my lowest weight.

File: 1479223639377.png (937.65 KB, 659x686, 1479207324715.png)

No. 43180[Reply]

post pictures of awful makeup and makeup trends you hate
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No. 60489

I hate him but i heard at this particular event he let fans apply his makeup? So that might be why it looks god-awful, but i don't know if that matches up with his official story. He's such a shithead and is mostly photoshop, no real skill.

No. 60491

damn, those brows and forehead make her look like a neanderthal. she looks primitive


No. 60498

no lol, he did his own make up

No. 61769

File: 1495894344725.png (941.08 KB, 932x928, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.09…)

I know this girl has been posted here before, but it bothers me that she has over 70k followers when she makes some of the worst tutorials I've ever seen. Do they follow for the laughs or do they actually think this girl is good?


No. 61786

that was really entertaining, dat light finishing touch with the gold highlighter on her nose

File: 1495660450871.jpg (65.79 KB, 640x537, JenniferHolmes_MailboxOpen.jpg)

No. 61534[Reply]

Post what you most recently bought/what your waiting on/reviews, simple as that.
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No. 61752

where did you buy the patches? i love them

just bought this thanks to you

No. 61755

File: 1495868222644.jpg (46.59 KB, 690x460, hello-kitty-fujifilm-instax-ca…)

I just got my Hello Kitty one a few days ago, and honestly I absolutely love it.There's so much cute film out there you can use! Like the other anons mentioned, it's convenient mostly when you're taking pics with friends/family at parties/conventions etc.. so when they come out you can decorate/share them immediately. It's just a really fun camera to have.
If you do get one I do recommend looking up tips and maybe investing in a close up lens, so your pictures can come out nice!(The film is too expensive to risk bad/blurry pictures)

No. 61771

i used to make decoden and stopped because of just how terrible the community is. not only is it full of tons of stupid shit like you're talking about but then you have stuff like girls spreading icing on a bow hair clip and covering it with glitter and buttons asking how much to sell it for. these people are ridiculous. plus alot of people who buy them are stingy…

my advice is to always ask for a photo of the exact finished product.

sage for rant

No. 61780


The pin in the middle is from strikegently. They have patches there too in case you wanted to look at those!

No. 61785

I've seen decoden case makers fight over "copying." Like, really? This medium is pretty limited as far as things ypu can do with it go. It's pretty ridiculous and I don't think I'm going to support it anymore.

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