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File: 1496856466445.jpg (17.25 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

No. 62447[Reply]

Post a picture of or describe that kind of style you're going for & caring anons can respond with links to stuff or beauty/outfit advice.

Pic as I loved early KotaKoti style even though she's a trash human. I still do. It's not in trend anymore but I don't care. Any tips for building a wardrobe like this and hair/lenses/makeup? "Order shitty taobao stuff" doesn't really help.
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No. 63524

I'm sorry but whyyyyy

No. 63536

meghan trainor???? that looks like an airplane neck pillow

No. 63537

File: 1498008994430.jpg (48.95 KB, 480x480, 13628400_1754935584781877_2258…)

same, kinda like how the dolly weeb cows, such as kota, b4by.jpg, venus, peachymilk and the jvloggers dress
the traditional lolita look is cute, but is only good for conventions and meetups, not for everyday

No. 63667

File: 1498086906622.jpeg (85.09 KB, 960x540, 60386594.jpeg)

b/c its funny
i got sailor moon vibes, its like her puffy arm roll sleeves
its just as eccentric as her hair meatballs

No. 63731

I love Ariana's style! Its the perfect mix of sexy and cute with a little bit of edge. I would like to wear that style I'm just not sure where to get those clothes that aren't crazy expensive, no doubt her's are designer

File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165[Reply]

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!
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No. 63691

>this guy likes loli porn and he is teaching middle schoolers
I'm going to be fucking sick

No. 63694

Right? I'd send the info to the school he teaches at, but my Japanese isn't good enough, he can simply unlike it, etc.
People like him shouldn't be allowed near younger girls, let alone be allowed to teach them.

No. 63700

Actually send screenshots. There's a twitter archive if he retweeted anything or any tweets related to loli.

No. 63725

>I dated a guy who asked me out when I was 16 and he was 20.
> he never let me meet his parents until I was 18, shady pedo shit like that.

You were 16, that's not even close to him being a pedophile.

He didn't want to make the relationship known because jealous older women might think it's "pedo" (even though they're really just jealous of younger more attractive girls), even though a 16 year old girl dating a 20 year old guy is a perfectly normal age-range.

>I've been in a great, healthy relationship with a man with a job

>a man with a job

All heterosexual relationships are prostitution, you're a prostitute, if he lost his job and told you he wasn't getting another one, you would leave him.

Don't feel bad, it's just the nature of women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 63729

incel spotted

File: 1497905044827.jpg (97.97 KB, 729x1032, DBMDLlrXsAE4W34.jpg)

No. 63421[Reply]

I'm aware there are makeover threads but what about this one, I'm sure I'm not the only farmer with this issue:

How to make yourself over to be sexier and more trendy as opposed to just cute?

I'm 23 and look a lot younger, but my body is very curvy and killer. I never know what makeup or styles of hairdo would match my body enough to get rid of the cute little sister vibe and make me feel powerful next to all these women I see who are taller and just have more mature, sexier vibes?

How do you eminate a more mature, sexy vibe when you physically look younger and rounder?

Please can we start a discussion for other farmers and myself who are trying? I want to feel hot in my prime twenties. Teach me your secrets.
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No. 63503

I agree, some girls just have it, no matter how they're dressed you can clearly see/sense it. But you can always fake it.

1. Good posture. Boobs to the front. Ass up.
2. Movements, mannerisms - I think slower movements appear more sexy. Play with your hair. Expose/touch your neck. Long eye contact.
3. Clothing - you can't go wrong here if you'll go for your typical sexy-considered stuff. But without going overboard, too flashy etc. You can easily find ideas on Pinterest or just googling.
4. Hair - loose and high ponytail are your cliche sexy hairstyles. Bonus if long or curls
5. Makeup - strong lipstick.

This is the easiest route. It's stereotypical, but people think in stereotypes. Force some of it on yourself, try it out, and maybe you'll find your own way of sexy out of it.

No. 63505

This is amazing! I just learned my style type. Thanks, anon!

No. 63515

You just proved their point though.

No. 63685

I don't mind looking either tomboyish or cute most of the time, but it kills me that when I want to look sexy for my boyfriend, all I get is cute. What do?

No. 63690

Having the right attitude but doing everything wrong won't make you sexy.

File: 1493017390864.jpg (94.69 KB, 800x450, Senran-Kagura-01-Large-26-1024…)

No. 58830[Reply]

I know everyone has different results but my own personal question is about breasts. I'm a large B cup, maybe a small C and honestly my breasts sag.

I'm going to work out and do work outs for the chest. But I'm wondering if anons have any tips for really shrinking them down on their own without losing every once of fat on them.
Or Coughs if any of you anons had good surgeries to just reduce them to a very small size.
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No. 63521

forgot to mention mine look almost exactly like this picture if that helps

No. 63525

i have boobs like this and there is no physical way to get cleavage. it doesn't matter what kind of special bra you buy, you're not going to have cleavage. just accept it. cleavage doesn't always look nicer anyways, and there are plenty of dresses where a gap between boobs looks better and classier. i let my sister borrow one of my dresses, and it made her look like one of those medieval tavern wenches, in a really unflattering way.

No. 63532

thank you!! nmw i feel self conscious because cleavage as seen as sexy and my space between my breasts is so big i can fit my whole hand

No. 63640


my breasts are exactly like >>63520 and i found that can wear a variety of open-necked clothes more comfortably than my cleavagey peers because it's not instantly va-va-voom sexy. in my opinion, cleavage makes people look weirdly stocky and disproportionate, as if they have a shorter neck than they must have.

No. 63641

I have the same breast and I often wear plunging neckline it honestly look really great, as weird as it sound sternum are in right now.

File: 1497925219263.jpg (32.03 KB, 480x480, 12093294_1652177731666171_8239…)

No. 63448[Reply]

Have you had it done? Would you do it? What about the full lip procedure to correct imperfections in the shape/enhance the color?
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No. 63458


I don't think there are too many people who will do unlimited touch-ups since it's only supposed to last 1-3 years because of the depth it's put into your skin and using pigment vs. tattoo ink, but you should have at least 1-2 touch ups post-appointment right?

No. 63459

I'm about to get microblading in Korea this week. I hope it goes well. My eyebrows are overplucked for so many years… and I'm sick of filling them in everyday.

No. 63552

Yes, you should have 1-2 touch ups just after the appointment included in the price.

No. 63579

Does microblading work on scars?

No. 63639

File: 1497880832388.jpg (47.63 KB, 626x626, instagram-icon-collection_1051…)

No. 63382[Reply]

I looked through the catalog for /g/ and /ot/. Couldn't find a Instagram general thread.

Let's share our favorite instas, tips, advice, inspo etc.

Gonna start off with a question: How do you farmers deal with the new algorithm while trying to build your account/gain followers?

I'm trying to get back into insta but a few years ago it was easy to get 50-100 likes simply by tagging correctly. Now my tags barely seem to attract a few likes. How is a new account suppose to curate a following? What are the current tricks?
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No. 63399

File: 1497893224379.jpg (85.6 KB, 1080x1350, 15803285_757791251037879_25575…)

It's all about aesthetic nowadays. You can easily get followers with a pretty face and a photo theme (backgrounds, colors, lighting, etc.), you don't even have to use hashtags. Obviously having followers from other places (Youtube/Tumblr/etc.) helps.

Look at inq_ for example, he has 33.5k followers and he just posts pictures of himself and his clothes, no hashtags involved.

No. 63431

I'm torn between having a private IG and a public one. I kind of want to use it as a diary of sorts but I'm worried that people I know will recognize me with what I talk about. At the same time I'd like to share some pretty/cute pics I take.

No. 63432

Just make sure your IG isn't connected to the same email you use in your other social media (especially Facebook) and you should be fine.

No. 63443

this is the third IG thread in the past month ffs stop making new ones

No. 63452

I really miss pre-algorithm Instagram. I feel like all the stuff I'm being fed, even from people I follow, is so unvaried. I'm following about 250 people and I see posts from about 30 overall. I follow so many people because I have varied interests and I want to see new things!
Although maybe I am using insta wrong, I tend to lurk and not like anything, let alone comment, so the algorithm may have the wrong idea about what I want.

File: 1485197845527.gif (1.3 MB, 443x332, unnamed (18).gif)

No. 55352[Reply]

>>Developing a huge crush on a relatively popular fitness YouTuber
>>not something insane I'm-going-to-send-a-bomb type of thing, but it's still something pathetic
>>Super lonely since breakup in April
>>Know we probably won't ever meet because he's becoming more and more popular, and I'm just a sad potato in a different country
>>Daydream about him as if he was someone achievable; feel jealous and shit over him

He seems genuinely sweet and we seem so much alike. I know, maybe it's just a persona, but still.
I've thought of sending a gift, but I worry that might
make me even more helpess in case he opens his gifts on camera again :(

Anyone out there with a similar story? Tell me I'm not totally crazy, pls. I'm pretty sure it will go away, at least a bit, once i meet someone new, but yeah…

Making this in /sty/ because I'm not sure it is /ot/ material and I'm sure this topic has been brought up before.

/Ryoga best character
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No. 63276

feel better anon. try and get over him asap, just don't think about him. keep busy.

No. 63362

File: 1497851821695.jpg (113.68 KB, 930x930, 4a0c3bb5-7c7c-494c-8aab-e09af6…)

I feel like Jungkook from BTS would be the best boyfriend. He's ugly-cute and athletic and p much good at everything
Tfw I'm not Korean and probably will never meet him ):
I just want to meet a guy who looks like him so we can date

No. 63363


I think many people would disagree…

No. 63384

I fall in love with literally every guy that gives me the slightest bit of attention.
This weekend I talked with a guy I met, that's not even my type for a couple of hours and it wasn't even flirty at all. Just normal talking. And I just can't stop thinking about him and his stupid face. One time I saw a hot guy in the grocery store that asked me where I found the sunflower seeds I had in my shopping cart. He politely said thank you with a smile and it takes me days to get over that.

How can one stop that?

No. 63386

Sorry, I didn't check this thread for a few days. We weren't in a LDR but we moved to another country/ continent after we were dating for less than three months because he was planning to do so. I didn't want to break up and just came along.

Because it was so spontaneous it took me a bit to get a working visa but nothing too bad and I've been working before so I could live off my savings. If you can, visit him in Australia for a few weeks or apply for a work visa if you don't have anything better to do (e.g. college). It's really easy and quick depending on where you're from. Best case, you guys progress with your relationship and might move in together etc. and you can start looking for a long term visa (which is what I'm doing right now) and worst case is that you'll have an amazing experience abroad and meet new people etc. If you're in college you might be able to do an exchange to Australia.

Hope it works out for you!

Realize that you're not in love but that you are projecting something that you want to have onto other people. Make yourself aware of that fact. It's not love, it's probably not even a crush. It's more like a wish. If you tell yourself that it has nothing to do with the person itself, it might get easier for you.

File: 1489465670038.jpg (139.02 KB, 639x800, vos4.jpg)

No. 56436[Reply]

Is it just me or do a lot of people here have really warped ideas of how people should look when they're in their 20s?
It's like some of you think women should look like perpetual teenagers until they hit 30 or something.
Maybe I'm just salty because I'm in my 20s and I see constant criticism of cows who I think look perfectly fine for their age being called old-looking and such. Such as Kota or Kiki, for example. Yeah Kota looks like shit lately but maybe she's just ugly. Kiki is still pretty and youthful in my opinion.
Don't get me wrong, I see SO many women who look at least 10 years older than they are IRL, due to bad life choice or poor genetics, but it seems like on here if you can't find anything obvious to criticize it's just "omg she looks so old!"
Well what is a normal, healthy 20-something woman supposed to look like?
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No. 63068

Ignore the spergs that think that being from PULL i bad. They've taken this meme too seriously.

No. 63076

Mystery's thread comes to mind

No. 63094

Except it was revealed in her own posts when mods tagged them that she had plastic surgeries, so…

No. 63146

Yes, but some anons didn't know that and were still commenting that her tits looked saggy, then another said they're too perfect and don't even look real, then when it was confirmed they started saying they look botched.

No. 63381

>Luna's thread
That's the fucking worst, Luna's gross hypocrisy and attention whoring can spawn up genuine milk sometimes, but all anybody will latch onto are her brassy undertones or weight gain. That shit is ok when part of a longer post but a whole thread of minor nitpicking on someone who is essentially a junkie is so unwarranted
the mods must be sick of my petty reports, but I hope you report the nitpicking too

File: 1490878395960.jpg (56.71 KB, 499x750, me.jpg)

No. 57290[Reply]

Can we have a thread for depressed NEETs who use their bed as a sanctuary?

Do you spend most of your time in bed? Does anything work for you? Does exercise change your outlook? Have any changes helped?

Any contribution is appreciated. We all need a hand sometimes.
48 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 63188

File: 1497669230586.jpg (116.47 KB, 1024x768, 000_3844.jpg)

I'm seriously considering doing this, but id probably just lie on the floor instead

Im even getting acne under my chin b/c I'm always like
< this

No. 63189

Bed is too comfy ;~;

No. 63295

Aw, thank you so much <3 I'm doing a lot better now.

I majored in English, which I wanted to do from the start! The problem is people always think you want to teach. My advisors constantly said you can get almost any job with an English degree, but I never see people want that specifically unless it has to do with writing. I focused more on creative writing, though, and in an ideal world I'd like to do that but I'm too lazy and scared of rejection :(

No. 63297

Really reminding me of myself here. Except I'm just halfway through that 4 year gap and I have yet to re-enroll (and don't plan on it tbh). You seem very kind and supportive of others, don't think about killing yourself <3

No. 63313

I studied English too! My plan was to become a translator, but it's an area that requires so much work, reading and keeping up with news… It's too much for me. Yeah, usually language students are pushed to become teachers.
Have you thought of doing something like exposure therapy in order to overcome your fear of rejection? Like setting a goal and publish your writings in a public blog?

Thank you, kind anon (^-^)
Fortunately, I'm not suicidal all the time. I have really bad phases throughout the year, mostly when the seasons change, and I'm pretty "neutral" for the rest of the time. In the last few days I've been feeling better, which is a great change.

File: 1494977307913.png (190 KB, 1000x1107, 1000px-Panties_styles_-_en.svg…)

No. 60704[Reply]

Post advice about where to buy panties of different types, what to look for in panties, advice about what to wear under specific clothes, etc.
152 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 62921

Try to wear 100% cotton only panties. It absorbs the sweat a lot better and actually let's your vag breathe. If you are prone to get infections and bad smell, stay away from too tight and synthetic panties.
Maybe go commando at nighttime as well.

No. 62963

I tried the boyshorts and there was so much extra fabric. I can't even sleep in them comfortably.

The boy briefs, however, have been a staple in my collection for years. I stopped buying them for a while because they all had thick bands that poke through thin fabric but they now have lace trim and those Sunnie briefs so I'm back to hoarding them. They're not as good in preventing wedgies like actual boys briefs but they're definitely cuter.

The hipsters from Uniqlo are also really nice. Soft, bands aren't too thick, and they don't ride up much.

No. 62965

I hate wearing panties, I avoid them as much as possible even when I'm on my period. I mainly wear baggy shorts, palazzo pants and long dresses so I don't bother with them. I'm pretty sure my butt look better in everything without underwear.

No. 63238

File: 1497725262819.jpg (211.86 KB, 1154x1500, 91GKqgrXzLL._UL1500_.jpg)

Maidenform has cotton boyshorts that fit better (on me, that is) compared to Aerie. They cost more, so I don't wear them exclusively. They have a diagonal seam on the back panels, so they don't give wedgies like boyshorts without that seam tend to do. This picture illustrates what I mean with the extra seams.

No. 63294

Thanks for sharing! Those look better fitted than the Aerie boyshorts. I'll have to try them out. The thing that sucks about underwear is that you can't really try them on before you buy them, so if they don't fit you're stuck with them.

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