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File: 1500857002384.jpg (195.36 KB, 800x1068, Funny-Hairy-Minka-Kelly.jpg)

No. 65399[Reply]

Can we talk about body hair?

Here are some questions to get the thread started

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?

Post opinions, problems, horrors stories, anything
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No. 68490

Sugar wax hurts a lot less.

No. 69070


Because I can never shave it close enough and I have dark stubble on pale skin

Is it really so common

No. 69095

Eh, I stopped shaving like a year ago. Started spraying Sun-In into the top of my bush so I have a cool ombre going on now. I'm a lesbian so I guess it's more acceptable for me to have body hair, but I didn't really have a lot of leg hair to begin with. I've only shaved/epilated when I was going to something where my appearance really mattered (like a job interview)

No. 69114

I have a compulsive need to touch up my bikini line every time I shower, even though I'm single. I only shave my legs when the hair starts to get caught on my pant legs. I Never touch the armpits

No. 69118

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?
Shave mustache, feet, armpits, stomach, near jawline, and legs daily. Pluck eyebrows daily. (That is honestly how often I need to, it grows fast on me.)
I used to shave under my chin, but the hairs were growing back so fast that it I always had stubble. Recently I started plucking them.
I would like to get rid of the mustache by plucking, but I think the pain would be unbearable. I leave other body hair as-is.

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?

I only pluck and shave. Plucking gets better results but it hurts. Even my eyebrows will still hurt, and I've been plucking them for years.
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?
Ignore it, no one will see it but me lol. But really, shaving almost anywhere on my body leaves painful red bumps. Even my legs in the summer get that way.

File: 1461186818849.jpeg (499.78 KB, 1280x1714, image.jpeg)

No. 48662[Reply]

Hi! I don't know if this belongs in /g/ or here…but most of us will never have a sexual partner so here we can give masturbation tips to each other to improve our solo sex lives! DIY sex toys for those of us who still live with their parents, sex toys recommendation, rub techniques, tips and tricks for multiple orgasms, kawaii pastel sex toys, kawaii sex videos etc…
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No. 68487

no matter how you dress it up that aint normal. Are guys just being used as human dildos? sex is a normal and should be pleasant thing. you can't say you don't have some issue here

No. 68494

Well I didn't say I don't have issues. I guess I do but it's not like they're making my life harder.

No. 68502


ok drop it dude we get it. damn.

No. 68539

Try not watching porn or using a vibrator for a month. Masturbate without toys, or not at all.

No. 69098

File: 1508111461936.jpg (32.13 KB, 480x480, 085f4507-dae6-42d1-9a53-662fb8…)

I've been on antidepressants for about half my life. In the last 10 years, I've had maybe about 6 orgasms. I haven't had an orgasm in the past year. Toys, partners, hands, nothing will do it. If I go off of antidepressants, I get paranoid and depressed. On them, my sex life is shitty. I don't even want to get into a serious relationship right now because of my sexual dysfunction.
I try to masturbate pretty much every day and I never get anywhere. I always get bored and stop.
Clit stimulation, penetration and g-spot stimulation feel good, but it's never enough.
Been thinking about getting the Womanizer because I've had pretty shitty results with vibrators and it works completely differently.

File: 1505335100860.png (667.41 KB, 1000x1224, 1492687414845.png)

No. 67520[Reply]

It's time for a waifu thread. Post your 2D wives on here. No 3D disgusting pigs.
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No. 68398

the card girl from yugioh?

No. 68400

File: 1506802090823.jpeg (387.79 KB, 688x1044, image.jpeg)

my girl shulkie. fit, smart, and cute as fuck.

No. 68416


Yeah, the guy is autisto but sorry to break it to you, a lot of people like her.

No. 68536

File: 1507085441049.jpg (9.93 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

No. 69082

File: 1508089181627.png (267.98 KB, 521x426, b5d5f05258d631e0b9ee97674c06f5…)

is it because of Megumi Ogata?

File: 1507764238532.jpg (40.83 KB, 600x400, 104766426-GettyImages-86062058…)

No. 68924[Reply]

Thoughts Farmers?


I'm disgusted and I believe in the need of single sex scouting. This is bad policy.
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No. 68934

AFAIK the Boy Scouts have been doing a bit worse in the last decade compared to the Girl Scouts. I think they're doing it as a grab to get more members and move attention away from all the scandals they've had over the years.

I was a Girl Scout and it was ok, it wasn't something I got super into but the troupe did have a lot of outdoor events and I got to try archery and knot tying. I have no idea if it's the same now but I just see the girls pushing cookie sales constantly.

No. 68960

My troop was great; the activities you do are decided by the troop leaders. If you want to do outdoorsy boy scouty things, you can. It was nice to have an all-girls group to do things with, and was a nice outlet for wholesome fun when I reached high school. I also ended up being friends with people I probably wouldn't know very well at all if not for Girl Scouts.That said, that was prior to Girl Scouts rebranding itself to focus on less traditionally scouting-related activities.

No. 68986

I heard the medals in the GS are a load of bullshit. Like you get medals for grooming for example when this medal doesn't exist in boys' scouts.

No. 69000

In the discussions I was reading, some people were speculating they opened up as an alternative to the Girl Scouts for conservative parents who didn't like the progressiveness of the GS's policies (even though there's already a more conservative variant of the GS but just not as popular).

No. 69018

If the girl scouts actually taught usefull skills instead of doing worthless crafts all day this wouldn't be a problem. I was a girl scout for a few years and we went on one camp out and didn't do anything of value there.

File: 1497654827925.jpg (41.41 KB, 462x346, sekushii-bo.jpg)

No. 63152[Reply]

Old thread: >>47022

We've got plenty of underrated dudes on lolcow but are there any men that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason? Men who are ugly, unattractive, average-looking, creepy, weird or just plain shameful? It doesn't have to be a big reason that you're ashamed, just say why.

Admit your thirst, farmers.
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No. 68782

It is but afaik his kids are both teenagers haha. He also said that they watch Orange Is the New Black together and feels weird about it because it has "girls making out like crazy" but accepted they might know more about the world than he wanted them to. Tumblr/ONTD was like "Nik is problematic!!!" ofc https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/101576107.html

No. 68796

Fuck yes, but god i would give anything to fuck Lars or Kirk back when they were still young.
I would still fuck current Kirk though. he's eternally hot.

No. 68799

File: 1507580067491.jpg (9.41 KB, 236x354, c9807dd5cba62f5e6e9713b44400c2…)

(Young) Lars von Trier. The shame comes from the fact that he's a bizarre asshole, and also the fact that he aged terribly but I probably STILL would because it's LVT and time machines don't exist yet.

No. 68847


I'd hang with (young) Kirk, Lars young or old talks too much lol

No. 69013

File: 1507964289396.jpg (66.14 KB, 768x576, 893845.jpg)

Rik Mayall wasn't an ugly guy but I'd specifically fuck Rick from The Young Ones. He's just so…grimy and obnoxious but he's still a cute.

File: 1500319401531.png (681.92 KB, 449x750, RPi2njq.png)

No. 65010[Reply]

Does anyone else go crazy over 'em?

For me there's just something so fucking hot about it, especially if it looks very round and perky.

I think the key is where the lower back meats the bottom; if it sticks outward there it just looks super cute to me.
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No. 68866

Anon, they're kilts. Traditional Scottish clothing.

Though being pleated at the back, they are a bit too much camouflage for this thread.

No. 68897

are you serious?

No. 68921


why wouldn't she be, it looks weird

No. 68922


ok nvm, just read this comment >>68866

No. 69008

Am I the only one who likes this on an SO, but wouldn't want it for herself?

It looks kind of cute and squeezable but for some reason I just hate the thought of having it myself, even though ass is all the rage

File: 1500278251088.jpg (68 KB, 578x612, jorg.jpg)

No. 64977[Reply]

Post unpopular things that you're attracted to


Popular things you're unattracted to.

Pic related is what I'm extremely unattracted to, but seems to be en vogue at the moment; basically the stout, built, lumberjack type.

It also feels like body hair and even baldness are rather hot these days, and it's such an immediate turn-off for me that it makes me feel weird.

The guy pictured has a pretty cool youtube channel though.
111 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 68813

>i hate super fit, ripped guys

When women say this, 100% of the time they actually mean "I hate steroid abusers".

There is guys who dedicated years to lifting weights, are at the natty limit, and women think they just look good, but they also think they're not even "jacked", they think some guys just normally look like that with no effort.

No. 68827

kek you sound bitter
Maybe she means exactly as she said? you can't speak for women "100% of the time"
You're complaining about hidden male struggles to maintain a non-ripped bodytype but some people will always be a bit chubby even when they work out and others are just naturally slender just from sitting at a computer all day, just like with women. Besides, tell me where she said she only liked guys that put in no effort?

No. 68940

I love big noses on a guy.

That and older dudes, mmm, silver foxes…

No. 68945

Bardem's a guy I like purely because of his acting talent. I mean I'd think he was a little above average if he was just a generic actor, but he's just so damn good (especially in No Country) that I find myself attracted to him more than I otherwise would.

No. 68951

File: 1507843417100.jpg (3.25 MB, 4000x2662, gettyimages-508370258.jpg)

I like guys with this eye shape. I know, it's oddly specific, but I've noticed the same shape on guys I've like/dated. I also prefer brown eyes. God, this guy looks like a rat, though. But also just like my ex.

File: 1507572004069.jpg (1001.79 KB, 3264x1829, cheater car.jpg)

No. 68789[Reply]

Are you guys on good terms with your exes or do you hate them? I saw pictures of this dude I almost dated and he looks 15 years older.
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 68903

After breaking up with my last bf (we were together about a year) it took me probably about a month and a half. The week after I was such a wreck and so sad, and that's always the worst part, and once I get over that it just gets easier because life goes on

No. 68904

He doesn't love you, if he loved you he would know that all pussy is the same, but love isn't. He just want you as a fallback option.


No. 68917

>He also said he wants to marry me and have babies with me still but that he wants to get this urge out of the way.

meaning he wants to sleep around with other women and only come back to you when he's ready to settle if he's not found anyone else. ask yourself how do you think he would respond if you told him you wanted to experience other men and come back to him in a while. lol these manipulative men are getting so transparent

No. 68938

Don't ever take him back. He's scum.
If someone needs to experience other people before they want to settle down with you or be with you, then they are not right for you.

I suggest you delete him off all social media so you don't have to be reminded of him as much, delete all pictures of the two of you together, as well as all photos you have of him. Same with all messages on your phone and etc.
This makes it easier to move on. If he wants to stay friends or talk, tell him you need time to get over your feelings for him.
I would not recommend staying friends.

No. 68950

Anon who got dumped for a koreaboo here.

It was really tough in the beginning. It'll slowly get better. That guy is a piece of shit and you should never take him back. He just wants to sleep around. If he really loved you he wouldn't be doing this.

It'll be tempting if he ever comes crawling back, but you need to reject him. You can do MUCH better.

File: 1507057163418.png (256.65 KB, 450x340, received_10155707181964376.png)

No. 68523[Reply]

I thought this could go here, I couldn't find a good place for it. What are your thoughts on gravure idols? I know they don't really exist in the west, but with the influx of costhots, it seems a better time than any to try to get in on it.
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 68896


Yeah, what I personally like about gravure is that everyday thing they are going for, like it's just a part of the model's day (or holiday), I don't know. I really like yukata gravure. I would like to make a photoshoot like that for my boyfriend or something.

No. 68899

File: 1507738210036.jpg (68.48 KB, 486x649, aishinozaki-ai-shinozaki-77047…)

Agreed, especially things like pic related. It's just so pleasing, even though it's obviously sexual. To me,it makes the model seem like more of a person than just a sex model. The pictures tend to focus on a lot more than just t&a too which makes me feel like it works for females as well. It almost makes me wonder why it's popular in Japan, I know in the west, most men are interested in full on nudity or very overtly sexual situations, rather than just a slightly sexual display of the female form.

Sorry for the blog post btw.

No. 68900

File: 1507738434578.jpg (72.1 KB, 494x668, eb-2066816571[1].jpg)

Adding to this, I feel like pic related is kind of what you were saying about the everyday look. This picture is sexual, but everything else about it is super comfy.

No. 68910

File: 1507742996207.jpg (262.66 KB, 1000x1500, aki-hoshino-816634451[1].jpg)

Sorry if dumping pics is an issue.

No. 68911

File: 1507743030791.jpg (91.23 KB, 453x679, fef-bf-mio-takaba-685783123[1]…)

File: 1506168501113.gif (1.58 MB, 252x252, 5-cell.gif)

No. 67970[Reply]

4d shaped are fuckin WHACK niggaaa
108 posts and 105 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 68729

File: 1507420462315.gif (1.03 MB, 336x203, pegasus-unicorn-horse-animated…)

I'm sorry that some of these don't have a transparent background

No. 68730

File: 1507420528740.gif (5.83 MB, 512x512, leafeon_profile_picture__anima…)

No. 68731

File: 1507420553457.gif (2.65 MB, 332x332, mayo.gif)

This is the last one I have as of now.

No. 68876

File: 1507684099129.gif (1.99 MB, 500x500, icosa mechanism.gif)

I'm not sure what is going on but it's gorgeous.

No. 68879

File: 1507690870597.gif (810.75 KB, 500x600, source.gif)

get L I T

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