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File: 1494977307913.png (190 KB, 1000x1107, 1000px-Panties_styles_-_en.svg…)

No. 60704[Reply]

Post advice about where to buy panties of different types, what to look for in panties, advice about what to wear under specific clothes, etc.
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No. 68540

Are there any good cotton boyshorts that don't give wedgies that have maybe a 1" inseam? I want the seam to be all the way below where my thigh meets my crotch.

No. 68545

Local uniqlo boxer shill here, try those

No. 68700

Men's boxers? Which boxers in particular? Are the Supima boxer briefs good? Do they all have a penis pouch? Are the seams flat?

No. 68740

as in uniqlo boyshorts. they are great.

No. 68875

File: 1507683421748.jpg (218.88 KB, 2000x2000, goods_13_163944.jpg)

These? They don't look very long, but I'll give them a try and report back if this is what you mean.

File: 1503078056507.png (543.5 KB, 500x606, afg_happiness_is_homemade_3.pn…)

No. 66711[Reply]

Does anyone else here have the urge to be a traditional woman? I am not really enjoying the rat race. Am I being weird?
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No. 68684

Not really. I love being financially and mentally independent. If I stayed home to be a housewife for 20 years and then my husband left me for another woman I'd be more than fucked. No job experience, no degree, just leeching off a husband and taking care of kids. Not my idea of a fun, secure, stress-free life but not going to judge anyone for doing it I guess.

No. 68690

This works if you have an utatlitarian view on things like marriage, which I can respect. But imho there's a lot of stay at home mommies that watch TLC and browse tumblr for tutorials on messy buns and I only hope they have the ability to latch on another rich guy if the first dies

No. 68691

jesus i am fucked up

No. 68744

Make it 40 years instead of 20 and you have exactly what happened to my mother. She landed herself a man that made good money and got left home at 19 and after 45 years of a shitty, broken marriage he just up and vanished one day. I think he might be dead. Either way, my mom has little to no work experience and now barely makes ends meet by cheating the home healthcare system. She chose to be a stay at home leech instead of doing anything for herself and now she's elderly and bugging me to help her find divorce lawyers. Just me. Not her 40 year old children that she's been shown to love and care about more through my entire life.

Their marriage is the sole reason why I never wanted to get married for the longest time, and why I resented the idea of a traditional stay at home mom up until very recently.

I have a domestic personality and I enjoy taking care of kids (I worked with them) but I'm not gonna do the traditional wife thing. Maybe for a couple of years after we have kids, just so they have a decent start but not permanently. It won't be the biggest deal if I do end up a housewife but god forbid I end up that dependent on another human being. I like working.

No. 68874

Not if you've gotten too old. Even if you take impeccable care of yourself, your looks fade with time. And having children makes you less attractive as wife material compared to a childless woman.

File: 1484212528452.jpg (41.22 KB, 354x640, be133adb0970c0d2fbf81392c5487f…)

No. 43584[Reply]

Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
Couldn't find the old one in the catalog.
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No. 68394

Call me salty but unless you offer that you did a little bit of research (even naming some brands that are bad or chemicals to avoid) then people are less likely to spoofeed you

No. 68434

hey! i've been using garnier olia (nr. 5.0) for the last year or two and i have a few questions for you since i'm retarded

do you always just color your roots? i always dye my whole hair despite everyone telling me not to. i just don't think i'm capable of dyeing roots only and not end up patchy

also if i wanted to switch to a warmer colour, which should i choose? not really brighter, just warmer, but not too red or anything. and do i just dye it over my current hair or do i need to do something with it first in the saloon?

sorry for entry level shit, i've been dying my hair for 10 years and i still can't do it right

No. 68435

try b&m for discount tigi stuff. i like the oatmeal and honey catwalk shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair, my friend swears by the colour goddess one (and it smells a lot like lush's honey bar shampoo to boot - delicious).

this anon is right though

No. 68548

even at a discount you can't really that its budget.
You can't really expect miracles from cheap high street shampoos but I've found the garnier ultimate blends to be decent for the price. What I like to do is go into tk max and google reviews for the shampoos and conditioners I see and seeing if anything gets a good right up. DamnIlove that shop

No. 68869

How do I get my bangs like Venus here?


I've always had full thick ones and forehead pinned back bangs is too much so I really like that it's a bit of both!

what would I ask for or cut?

File: 1507506570027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.24 KB, 250x250, 5a29ffab58fa1271161d4cdc82d566…)

No. 68756[Reply]

I posted this in /ot/ but a farmer suggested /g/ is better. thread to describe your dream sex scene in as much detail as you like. Kind of a step up from the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread. Ideal scenarios that you would never feel able to tell anyone about, and that get you really hot. Preferably we can respond to each other with reading/ viewing recommendations (if any such material even exists) and see if we have anything in common. Or just write out our fantasy and frustrate ourselves tbh

No. 68758

File: 1507506655431.jpg (52.94 KB, 490x403, 4e7.jpg)

Tfw a female friend will never grab me in a death grip and pummel me with a strap on while my tits spill out of her hands so why live

No. 68807


> Ideal scenarios that you would never feel able to tell anyone about, and that get you really hot

Also, good job replying to your own thread, robot.

No. 68809

;-; I posted this in ot first and it got some replies but people suggested it would be better Here, except the reason I didn't post it here in the first place was because I knew everyone would scream robot. The fetish thread died and the female fantasy thread is limited to female only so I thought we could do with a more broad one.

File: 1488654166845.jpg (152.92 KB, 1300x866, 25842099-Body-care-diet-weight…)

No. 56082[Reply]

I am interested about the face measurements of others, so how wide and long is your face?
What is the length of your forehead and chin?

Im kinda insecure about my own featueres so i would like to compare
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No. 68601

File: 1507219748491.jpg (41.84 KB, 400x533, long_faces_hairstyle_13.jpg)

No. 68608

I don't have narrow cheeks either but as far as I can tell, the same advice applies. Bangs are the only thing that really work for me though. And volume, theoretically, but I'm not great at doing my hair so I can't manage to get it voluminous. I think flat eyebrows help too.

No. 68609

File: 1507232744642.jpg (55.31 KB, 594x400, main-qimg-9472d8387d9647bd9b9c…)

they look like normal sized faces anon, just because a face isn't ugu short doesn't make it long

No. 68639

No. 68645

I'm like an improved version of K Stew with worse skin.

File: 1501923422192.png (5.36 KB, 271x71, omegle.PNG)

No. 66124[Reply]

Put lolcow in interests so we can talk to each other and post omegle stories
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No. 66138



No. 66145

oh, you two. people saw the thread, we just knew it was gonna end up like this.

unless someone gets on cam and does some funny shit and screenshots it, this threads gonna blow

No. 66174

no one in the tag today :/

No. 68632

Bump for interest

No. 68641

Damn I thought this was really friendly and smooth convo. If that's considered awkward then I'll never be normal enough make friends.

File: 1493076164230.jpg (56.12 KB, 500x500, IMG_0866.JPG)

No. 58871[Reply]

Here we can discuss black hair issues etc

>be black

>2 years ago I would have been shamed for wearing my natural hair
>the "natural hair" meme started around 2015ish
>now in 2017 you're considered a slut/hood rat if you straighten your hair and or wear weave
>the only acceptable "natural hair" is the mixed girl kind, when people mean go natural that is what they expect your hair to be like.
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No. 61727


anon are you okay?

No. 61777

>girls with loose curls struggle with the same shit you do.

I don't think this is true. There's a pretty obvious disadvantage to having hair so coiled and coarse that it doesn't have an obvious curl pattern cause it just tangles into itself.

To be honest, life would be a lot easier if my hair had actual, loose curls. My mom didn't want to deal with my nappy, coiled hair when I was a toddler, so she relaxed it and it left me with two large bald spots that I cant hide until it's long enough to manipulate into hairstyles mimicking a looser curl pattern now that I'm trying to go natural because my hair in its natural state won't reach a length that would mask it due to curlier hair showing less length

That and curlier hair is typically drier and more prone to damage due to dryness because the oils from your scalp won't travel down the hair shaft, so that's another challenge of having doily 4c hair as opposed to loose curls

I mean, not saying you don't have any problems with yours, but it's really not the same as having 4c hair

No. 63995

I'm african and my mom relaxed my hair since grade school (funnily enough before that i got bullied for having natural hair by none other than other black girls). Then in 11th grade I went natural until the end of my freshman year of college, and it was really hard to deal with or do anything with. My hair would shrink to the point of matting like a rug no matter what I did with it or stretching it out. Went back to relaxing after that. I usually get braids so it's no big deal anyway, I don't mind straightening my hair since I don't do it often.

No. 64108

I have 4c hair but it's pretty soft and def has an obvious curl pattern. It didn't have one until I learned how to take care of it properly, though, so I guess you just have to find what does it for you. After experimenting for a while, it's soft and bouncy! I just embrace the shrinkage as a characteristic of my hair. Chasing a looser curl pattern rather than figuring out your own will only end in disappointment.

I've noticed (personally, in my rl exchanges), that it seems that women with the most trouble with their natural 4 hair just don't know how to do their hair and since they've had straight hair all their lives and don't understand that it's simply a different kind of work. Your hair should not be getting tangled too badly after only a few hours/day. My hair detangles after running it through the shower if I'm taking care to keep it healthy and hydrated, so maybe your hair isn't getting the right kind of protection? Maybe try letting the sebum get to the ends of your hair?

I'm not disagreeing, but so many people treat 4c hair like its the worst possible thing when it's manageable as long as you treat it like it should be, not treating it like your permed hair or just following everyone else's formula.

Matted like a rug? How? Is it hydrated and cleansed? That only happens to me if I leave my hair out and don't comb it for three months.

No. 68538

Anyone have any tips on how to stop touching your hair? I hate having to cut my edges everywash day because i keep getting handsy.Also any good high porosity products?

File: 1492468222464.png (4 KB, 220x166, Bupropion_1.svg.png)

No. 58349[Reply]

What medicine are you on farmers? Is it for mental health? physical health? How are you dealing with the side effects?

I just got put on bupropion, it's been really helpful for both my depression and body dysmorphia, but I've been getting horrid headaches.
33 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 68512

I tried taking antidepressants but they didn't really work. I guess I never took them long enough. Thankfully my depression has gotten better on its own without me doing much to treat my psychological issues.

Right now I take 10mg Aderall XR for my ADHD. I try not to take it every day. A few days ago I took 20mg and I felt like I was on meth. I fell asleep at 5 in the morning. Lol

How the fuck do these medicines not interfere with each other?

No. 68521

Youcant just stop taking effexor. It will lead to those symptoms you described. Effexor needs to be gradually reduced.
Also search for a trauma therapy, please.

No. 68525

stop just doing what the doctor says then. This is horrifying and I hope you can get off that shit and get better. Find someone who doesn't just care about making money.

No. 68526

I think the US also have a culture that doesn't deal well with negative emotions and everything other than being happy and content is pathologised and medicated away.

No. 68529

My brother, my mom, my grandmother, and two of my aunts have been on Lexapro and say it has helped them 100%. I'm not currently on anything, but tbh I probably should be. I definitely feel existential dread, death anxiety, and ppd (pretty sure I never got over this after giving birth) hanging on me all the time.

File: 1506521701890.png (624.02 KB, 722x525, prancing lala homo man.png)

No. 68228[Reply]

Any other les/bi/queeranons here? I figure there must be a few, surprised not to see a thread up already. Come share a feel, friends.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 68504

ya I'm bi and with a man, and I wax lyrical to him about pretty girls I see when i'm out and about. I'd recommending checking out the female fantasies thread if you want to chat with the other queer farmers. There's also a dedicated thread on bisexuality

No. 68509

Sage your shit and let this duplicate thread die

No. 68511

Could someone please link that thread in here?

No. 68513

>can't sage
>can't find a thread in the catalog

Just go read the FAQ already, friend

No. 68514

To be fair that's a sexually slanted "lesbian fantasy", not a general lesbian/bi thread.

File: 1498209624007.png (684.77 KB, 800x800, 123.png)

No. 63763[Reply]

Let’s share our favorite "girly" mangas/animes. Any genre is welcome as long as it contains elements aimed at a female audience.
79 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 67063

File: 1503650637047.jpg (386.22 KB, 1280x960, Nekota-no-Koto-ga-Ki-ni-Natte-…)

Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai is about a elementary school girl whose classmate has a cathead for no reason, its really cute and a good read if you want a girly series with no drama

No. 67081

Why… why do they look so much like Sailor Moon?

No. 67082

That was the aesthetic of the time, the writer actually worked on sailor moon too apparently.

No. 68391

File: 1506778564252.jpg (242.28 KB, 700x1050, 781099_49642_2003592_p966.jpg)

Best romance!

No. 68423

most romantic and girly vn evar!

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