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File: 1495941422151.jpg (115.19 KB, 640x640, IMG_0385.JPG)

No. 61800[Reply]

There is a non-archived version of this thread, however, I'd like to have one more targeted without 8mil complaints about the 'industry.'

Who's trying to gain fame via Instagram, YouTube, or whatever?
How's it going for you? What's your niche?

I'm interested in doing this for myself to someday launch a business creating personal brands and the like. I'll probably talk more about my plans if this thread takes off but idk if anyone here is interested.
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No. 61858

Depends on what you're posting. It's encouraged nowadays for models to set up instas to build up social media followings to pad their portfolios/show off to potential clients, and there have even been cases of people being hired basically as 'social media influencers' who get aided in the background by a company and made to look like a natural account when it's not actually run by the person. This isn't as common but it is steadily growing as brands are realizing the power that social media influencers have on millenials and gen z

No. 61881

>there's another version of this thread
>but waaaah they talk about something I don't like

You're a whiney bitch with no no creativity just like most instahoes, I'm sure you'll go far anon

No. 61883

You mean making a new thread focusing on a specific portion is worse than trying to force a thread into doing what I want and is whiny?

Grow up.


I would reccomend doing it MUCH later - it would be really confusing for people and you want to try to put out as much consistent content as possible. Focusing on 2 areas that aren't really related may prove difficult to sustain

No. 61963

File: 1496185401449.jpg (79.74 KB, 1080x1080, 18445010_1303881226400052_5253…)

Well in her defense. It seems this thread is more about using social media for marketing and business stuffs. The other thread is more about the lifestyle of an infulencer. The pretty ones who don't do too much work and get partnerships with companies and such. Like lilymaymac.

No. 61971

That thread wasn't even active, you could've started this topic there- it's not like you would've been shot down. And it wasn't even whiny, what's whiny is not understanding that you can talk about different aspects of social media fame in the same thread!

File: 1495908631956.jpg (337.92 KB, 1180x664, IMG_0259.JPG)

No. 61772[Reply]

Do you ever want to go out but feel it's pointless because there's no reason to go out and even if there was you have no one to do anything with?dont have any hobbies but also feel no excitement or motivation to learn new things?do you feel that you just work everyday and are waiting for death?is your boredom caused by depression or are you becoming depressed because you're bored?

Sometimes life starts to become monotonous and tedious. We want to do something with our lives but we don't know exactly what.
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No. 61798

omg, I was going to post this exact thread. yea! That's currently how I feel. I work full time Monday-Friday, usually out the house 12 hours a day. Don't enjoy my job, don't have any friends at work because of big age gap. Then on the weekend, I'm sat at home alone with nothing to do, no one to really talk to until I start work again on the Monday (which I don't look forward to either). I've watched so much anime I'm actually getting so sick of it. We have a 3 day weekend this week and I feel so depressed because I have nothing to do and no one to see, yet it's my own fault for not arranging anything. All my friends have boyfriends now so it's hard, I haven't had a boyfriend in years, and it doesn't help I don't go out to get chance to meet anyone. Not sure what to do as I'm actually an extrovert living life of a recluse.

No. 61802

go outside and stop bitching

No. 61803

I almost wish, it's more like there's not enough time in the day to do things I'm interested in. I'm a serious introvert with a full time job so I need a few hrs of alone time every day, and even with that I can't get through all the TV/anime/movies/music/reading material I want to, then I have two sports which I wish I could do more often, then I have language study which I don't spend enough time on and can't get to the classes in time after work. I don't even bother trying to have a social life because I'd rather do stuff I'm interested in than go out with people all the time.

But admittedly my free time gets wasted a lot online, just on lolcow or 4chan or whatever rather than anything productive.

No. 61820

You should take your own advice instead of shitposting all day without even saging. :^)

No. 61861

Call me a wagecuck, I still stand by it. Get a job and stop being such a burden to your parents.

File: 1493076164230.jpg (56.12 KB, 500x500, IMG_0866.JPG)

No. 58871[Reply]

Here we can discuss black hair issues etc

>be black

>2 years ago I would have been shamed for wearing my natural hair
>the "natural hair" meme started around 2015ish
>now in 2017 you're considered a slut/hood rat if you straighten your hair and or wear weave
>the only acceptable "natural hair" is the mixed girl kind, when people mean go natural that is what they expect your hair to be like.
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No. 61441


Basically used white women, a mixed race girl in the advert excluding any full black people and changed the formula which doesnt work on black hair properly

No. 61455


Different Anonette here, I actually hate Outre, it tangles way easily. I would recommend Zury wigs, especially their Royal Swiss lace, the part comes prepared and it doesn't look like like a damn hair helmet if you tweeze the front just a bit.

No. 61723

I hate my hair. It's not curly, but it's so coarse and stiff and thick I can't get it to behave, it looks like ratty shit 24/7 no matter what I do, and I hate that it's dark black. I hate, hate, hate it. I would trade it gladly for the thin, soft, blonde hair of a White woman. In fact I would like to trade my entire body for a White woman's but that kind of sounds really creepy now that I've said it.

No. 61727


anon are you okay?

No. 61777

>girls with loose curls struggle with the same shit you do.

I don't think this is true. There's a pretty obvious disadvantage to having hair so coiled and coarse that it doesn't have an obvious curl pattern cause it just tangles into itself.

To be honest, life would be a lot easier if my hair had actual, loose curls. My mom didn't want to deal with my nappy, coiled hair when I was a toddler, so she relaxed it and it left me with two large bald spots that I cant hide until it's long enough to manipulate into hairstyles mimicking a looser curl pattern now that I'm trying to go natural because my hair in its natural state won't reach a length that would mask it due to curlier hair showing less length

That and curlier hair is typically drier and more prone to damage due to dryness because the oils from your scalp won't travel down the hair shaft, so that's another challenge of having doily 4c hair as opposed to loose curls

I mean, not saying you don't have any problems with yours, but it's really not the same as having 4c hair

File: 1492298305186.jpg (26.88 KB, 660x381, whats-your-type.jpg)

No. 58204[Reply]

We have threads for 2D husbandos, men and women we'd fuck with great shame and retarded crushes, so how about we have a 3D crush thread with less shame and regret?

Post what your "type" is - male or female. Post pics to illustrate your description. What's your ideal partner like? Why are you attracted to that type? What types don't you like?
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No. 60517

The people I find myself overwhelmingly attracted to are pretty disparate. That said, I'm always a sucker for really angular stereotypically """exotic""" non-white features, but then very plain people with wide, soft mouths, wide noses, and big, smiley eyes can be nice too. Just different levels of attraction, I guess.

Androgyny is another huge one. It's silly though, because I find that I'm only ever attracted to masculine features on girls, and feminine features on guys.

Recently, I've also been getting roasted non-stop for my newfound fixation with scrawny, twinky, kind of prim-looking guys. Gingers especially. And I don't mean purpose-built, self-imposed twinkiness in gay men either. I'm talking guys who are just small-framed and cute, with the demeanor of some sort of skittish prey animal, like an Eddie Redmayne, or a Domhnall Gleeson (both being extra-large examples of this type, so take it with a grain of salt). It makes me want to bully them. Had a professor like this once, and I'd go out of my way to make him nervous because I thought it would be cute to see him cry. Horrible, I know.

No. 60842

File: 1495060473078.jpg (877.01 KB, 800x1137, IMG_5556.JPG)

I really like alt/scene girls its a bit embarrassing but i find the tom-boyish (baggy clothes, snapbacks etc.)aspect of it really hot, when combined with a cute face. Piercings are hot too imo which it makes it better.

I think its because I was really emo in my teens and tried hard to get on that level but failed lmao. So Im almost jealous, and Im always attracted to people who I think are 'better' than me for some bizarre reason (maybe its bc im so submissive?)

No. 60868

>better than me
>botdf groupie reject pic

love yourself, gf

No. 61646

File: 1495751121889.png (105.72 KB, 640x638, IMG_5679.PNG)

But shes such a qt anon I cant help it ;_;

No. 61649

File: 1495752268730.jpg (100.5 KB, 593x960, 11133766_875485115843515_21199…)

I've always been attracted to androgynous Visual Kei guys. All of my exes and now boyfriend look like this(current bf used to be in a local VK band actually lel).

Idk man, shit makes me more wet than an ocean. rip

File: 1478366070812.jpg (52.94 KB, 736x494, friends.jpg)

No. 44295[Reply]

This is a thread for females seeking female friends.

If you see a male post in this thread, report them then ignore their post. No need to point it out or reply.

Please include the following info in your post:

> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Don't be afraid to reach out! You will meet more potential friends if you post your info and respond to others rather than just posting and never checking the thread again.
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No. 59951

Thanks anon I'll add you! I'm actually currently celebrating 5yrs with my partner in Paris so if ou don't get immediate response that's why.

No. 59970

Ahh Jesus fuck i'm a stupid bitch
Discord - scarab_burials#6649

No. 59981

File: 1494200245442.gif (499.83 KB, 500x346, nw0y60ZOX81uihw2wo1_500.gif)

> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends

As long as you're over 20, it doesn't matter much. 20-30 would be ideal though.

> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

Let's see…

- I love reading. I work as a language teacher/translator and I run a small poetry blog for fun (a proper blog, not tumblr).
- I draw very well, but I haven't practiced in a long time.
- I am interested in photography, but idk much about it. So if you're into it, help a newbie!
- I've been obsessed with Morrissey and The Smiths for over 11 years. Anons who post Moz gifs, you make my day so much happier.
- I went from skelly to fatty in a short period of time so I've been working on losing weight. I've lost 25lbs.
- I love cats, I always feed strays and I guess I'll be a crazy cat lady in my 40's.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 60406


> Your age

18, 19 in 2 months.

> Preferred age range for friends

I don't mind. Mine currently are anywhere from 15-26.

>why you are looking for friends

no such thing as too many friends. i like meeting new people and I've been browsing here since around September. Only friends are from 4chan and 1 irl who's my boyfriend too.


Peep Show, Red Dwarf, Salem, Teen Titans, Avatar, Batman the Animated Series, MH, EAH, Wakaba Girl, Rose of Versailles, OITNB.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 61469

>I'm a recluse/introvert so I'd prefer to talk to people online. I'm married but my partner and I have different interests
Me af.

My husband calls me a weaboo :(

this is bs advice.

same . he knows that sometimes i need my "me alone" time and is fine with it.
btw i tried to check your tumblr but it says it doesnt exist.

File: 1489198409223.gif (57.73 KB, 1050x1200, tumblr_olugctfspw1qft177o1_128…)

No. 56321[Reply]

Did anyone used to be on vampire freaks?

It was an absolute hell hole of perverts and underage girls.

Any stories?

I was used at age 14/15 by a popular member who lied to me and used me for money and would've had sex with me. He said he was 19 but was actually 25. I was young and dumb and had a very lonely high school time. I fell for it. Gave him money, Fortunately didn't lose my virginity to said paedo. But he did have sexual contact with me. He knew I was a minor, I didn't know he was 10 years older.
12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 61397


Man i'm kinda sad I didn't get taken advantage of by sexy lesbians. Would've been better than my first gay experience.

No. 61403

I have a lot of good memories from it but I really wish I had learned to utilise social media properly. I was too much of a small fish to really gain anything fun from it except music recommendations. Same with Myspace.
I remember how the VF 'top guys' were all in their 20s or such, wheras the girls are often teens and the bar was much lower for the guys.

I actually went back on it a few years ago out of nostalgia and really wanted to see if I could make my boyfriend efamous on it just out of curiosity. He sensibly wouldn't be a part of my social experiment, which is for the best as it would have just resulted in creepy messages from underage emo kids.

No. 61417

I was 14 when I first signed up, and I went on bc I thought I looked ~super goffick~ since I owned a few things from Hot Topic and scowled in my pictures. Then I ganked peoples' music lists and would take their ideas and put them into my own profile just because I was so rural, young and dumb to have developed my own tastes.

Remember shit lists?
I was particularly sensitive whenever I'd wind up on someone's after an argument, or for just no god damn reason. I'd stalk the shit out of that person and find a reason to hate them back, just for spiting me lol.

No. 61425

when i was 13, i commented under a pic of an adult goth "ur hot xoxo"
he responded that he's flattered and that he's glad the goth scene gets new young members but isn't interested. this could've gone so much worse, i'm really glad he was a decent person.
never stepped a foot on that site ever again because i was too fucking embarassed lol

once i downrated an emo kid and i didn't see that he was premium. he got buttmad and had 10 other premium members powerbomb me so i was banned for a day. i was so fucking mad. kek

No. 61458

Aww :) that's such a nice response though haha. Are you still into alternative fashions?

File: 1441217974900.jpg (334.22 KB, 506x507, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)

No. 43395[Reply]

Any of you guys have an actual doll face?
288 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 60918

Same, anon. It's not a kawaii doll face but more of a perpetual chubby-cheeked child face. Like an awkward preteen whose face still has to grow in proportion. I'm 20 now so I hope it will change over the next few years.
I would love to wear more make-up to match my elaborate style of clothing, but it just looks really off. Especially stuff like eyeliner or lipstick always looks like a kid smeared paint on its face.

No. 61371

File: 1495522118975.jpg (80.91 KB, 658x448, emily.jpg)

I have been told by 3 strangers I am the spitting image of Emily Kinney (Beth from The Walking Dead) always when my hair is in a ponytail like hers in the show. I have the same small lips, round cheeks, pale skin, but a somewhat different and more crooked nose and much worse skin, so that takes away from the dollishness factor. I think it's more of a general "cute" face than a dolly face. When I don't know wtf to do with my hair, I look at photos of Emily actually…

My mom happened upon a VenusAngelic video once and brought me into the room to show me this "weird doll girl that looks like you!"

No. 61383

Was just going to say she looks a bit like Venus. Less slavic, though.

No. 61386

Venus doesn't look Slavic, and besides, she isn't.

No. 61390

Wow, I never expected lolcow to be full of tiny, petite, doll-like girls lol

File: 1493742150770.jpg (65.92 KB, 564x783, IMG_0918.JPG)

No. 59497[Reply]

Is it actually possible to change your voice?my voice is so deep and I have an accent(raised in the south) and I'd love a cutesy/soft voice.
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 59648

seconding this

No. 61190

have u ever listened to a recording of yourself?
everybody's voice sounds deeper in their head

I use to always talk in a higher pitch b/c i thought my voice was deep but i actually sound like a grade schooler

No. 61194

In recordings my voice is very shy and high-pitched, but deep and strong in my head like you mentioned. It creeps me out, but thanks for the reminder anon.

No. 61204

I've noticed that different languages lend themselves to different pitches. My voice gets high-pitched in English (I have a British accent since I lived there as a kid), a bit lower pitched in French (I have a central African accent since I lived there as a teen), and significantly lower pinched in my native language (which is full of consonant clusters), since that's the easiest way they flow.

No. 61220

True, every time I record my voice for a voicemessage (ex. in Whatsapp) I always listen to it after, it's so different and sounds so much better than the voice I hear when I speak. A bit nasal and I'd like it more high pitched, but still.

File: 1494891879249.jpg (37.79 KB, 464x343, Miley-vs-Taylor slut whore v s…)

No. 60625[Reply]

What is /g/'s verdict on Miley and Taylor?
22 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 60874

oh well i agree with that 100% then. mainstream is utter trash

No. 60875

Didn't taylor used to browse 4chan? (or perhaps still does) Of course she's a total cunt then lol just like everyone else on imageboards.

>I lowkey believe the 'Taylor is a white nationalist' meme tbh
She probably bought into the alt-right pol meme.

No. 60894

File: 1495125159091.jpg (634.92 KB, 2029x2421, anon_t_swift_4chan.jpg)

The theory is she attention whored with her cat on /b/

No. 60917

This cannot be real.

No. 61094

File: 1495282117658.png (337.77 KB, 2695x630, hN2ragH.png)

File: 1495170049307.jpg (142.98 KB, 1299x801, 1495159903276.jpg)

No. 60957[Reply]

This is a woman bigot

No. 61191

Moved to >>>/sty/3749.

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