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File: 1494479815504.jpg (28.97 KB, 655x355, Secrets-of-female-masturbation…)

No. 60277[Reply]

How do you gals masturbate?
I can't get off without humping on something or squeezing my thigh muscles. No one has ever given me an orgasm because of that.
I also get off to things I would never actually want IRL.
This is probably a sensitive topic and it might be moved to /sty/ or I might be accused of being a guy, so be it. I thought I'd give it a try anyway.
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No. 67051

What does it feel like?

No. 67073

have it delivered to work. no one will open it and it'll be discrete.

No. 67098

I have been trying it for a while but to be honest I prefer my hands over the womanizer. The 'sucking' sensation is very little and it's more vibrating… it gets me off but I can't go for multiple orgasms as it gets irritating and painful, even when I go down with the strength.

No. 67119

Do you think it would be good for edging?

No. 67155

Lie on my tummy in bed, rub my clit up and down while thinking about hot college cheerleader types using squirting dildos to knock me up. Works every time.

File: 1502833145854.jpg (60.19 KB, 448x252, IMG_3809.JPG)

No. 66545[Reply]

I couldn't find a recent thread similar enough on here so I wanted to start one myself.

Do any of you struggle with addiction to drugs/alcohol etc? Do you have advice for those who do?

Personally I don't think i have an 'addiction' but a habit which could turn into one. I struggle to go to sleep at night by myself without a few bottles of wine or weed. For the last couple of months I've been going out drinking/smoking every other day. I also picked up smoking because of the people around me even though I don't necessarily like it. I'm still a teenager and I have alcoholics and ex drug addicts in my family so this worries me. I've tried other drugs like Coke and Molly very briefly so I know it isn't very extreme case. Advice/thoughts are appreciated
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No. 67096


Don't do this, I'd go with tea instead. Coffee contains a lot more caffeine than soda drinks do (sometimes more than double). So changing it in with coffee will just be a bad time all around.

Cutting it slowly is honestly the best way, and then after that you just need to NOT buy it, maybe have it as a treat on a saturday but never keep it in your house.

If you never want to drink it again, you could get one of those apps to track how long you have been without drinking it, and then calculate how much money you would spend on soda each week, and then buy yourself something nice with that money after not having drank soda for x amount of time.

No. 67097

shit my bad. you're right. i was just thinking because coffee doesn't have carbs/sugars other than what you add but i didn't realize it's not comparable caffeine wise. your advice looks legit

No. 67099

i have terrible coke addiction i almost kicked twice now but i always bounce. recently i started drinking it with enormous amounts of ice, undiluted soda already started to taste a little gross, so maybe i will be able to wean myself off it again that way.
funny though when i eat sweet grapes i'm out after a cup or so because they taste too sweet to me, but 400kcal worth of coke is totally okay to my palate. thank you carbonated jew.

No. 67102

Same anon, that was my worst addiction to cola as well. Sparkling water brands like LaCroix help, I need something carbonated to drink and it helps when it comes to kicking soda.

No. 67108

I read this without looking at the post you quoted and thought you were talking about cocaine. I thought holy shit who drinks cocaine like that?

File: 1420759661969.jpg (2.15 MB, 2800x1809, Cosmetics-oa09.jpg)

No. 45820[Reply]

Could we have a makeup thread that isn't shit? The last one has been dead for ages and has such an ugly OP picture.

Lolcow also seems to have a bit more traffic now after being linked to 8chan several times (which is still currently down).
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No. 66737

I used to subscribe to ipsy but canceled after I kept getting the same boring stuff (trestique stick, the balm eyeshadow). Go with the Sephora box it has better brands and is overall more polished.

No. 66862

Disclaimer: I'm a bit retarded with makeup.
Is concealer supposed to be of the same color of your skin? Every concealer I've owned since my teens has always looked orange on my skin, so I thought it was the norm and put it before foundation. But after seeing makeup artists applying it after foundation and it doesn't look orange, I feel confused

No. 66866

Depends, some use green concealer to cancel out zits, some use super light or a tad lighter than your own skin. It's all trial and error on what you think suits best for your skin. I recommend urban decay naked skin concealer!

No. 66869

yes it is generally supposed to be the same color as your skin especially for under-eye dark circles. i know kids are using that weird green shit now for pimples though to combat the redness of the area though.

No. 67015

File: 1503581782557.jpg (56.78 KB, 900x600, bodyshop white.jpg)

LTTP here but white pigment foundation mixers are a godsend as far as I'm concerned, my bad case of the oompa-loompa face is no more kek
I use the body shop one because it works well and is relatively cheap, but the NYX and Illamasqua ones are good too.

Holika Holika petit clearing, Missha real signature, mizon bb cream. Didn't like any of the BRTC ones.

There's a lack of good concealers for very fair skin. Revlon's lightest photo ready concealer is a long-time favourite of mine, I also like shiseido spotscover in s100 but have to add c1 to it to lighten it to my skin tone.

File: 1492361448856.jpg (51.95 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_lrq1hzcsz11qmyhpuo1_128…)

No. 58242[Reply]

Post the (Somewhat reasonable) Dreams you always had but are literally Impossible.

I always wanted to be a model, since i was a kid but i never grew past 5'1 and ended up being allergic to cosmetics.

Still makes me lowkey suicidal when i think of it.
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No. 66773

What I want is attainable, but at the same time it seems totally unattainable. I want to finally lose the extra weight I've been carrying all my life, 120+ extra pounds. I want to be the hot girl, the small girl, to not be self-conscious, to wear a bikini and fit into normal sized clothing. But I know I've already fucked my body for life with my loose skin. My parents did everything l for me growing up and I love them for it, but the shitty eating habits they instilled in me has made me an obese landwhale just like them.

Along with this, I also want to cosplay my favorite characters, the ones I've put off for years and years because I don't want to ruin my waifus as a fat pig. I want to be stopped in the halls of the convention and have people take my picture. Cosfame is whatever, but being recognized IRL for being cute and attractive would be amazing.

Finally, I want to fit into Liz Lisa and all the cheap clothes from Taobao, eBay, and Aliexpress.

If I can do these three things, my life will improve vastly. I lost fifteen pounds already (with 120+ more to go), but on my 5'3" frame that's not even really a dress size. Totally useless.

No. 66776

>I want to be pretty & feminine. I try to be the best 'me' I can but I have so many masculine traits. I'd need a butt load of PS and I can't afford that/don't want it.
fuck anon I was just about to post this when I saw this thread. I was born a goddamn tomboy and I seriously can't help it despite trying to. I want to be a cute girl but it makes me extremely insecure to try to be one. I wish it came naturally to me.

I also want a serious boyfriend in a stable relationship. Men don't find me attractive because of my masculine traits and I'm growing old. Worst thing is that everyone including the men just assume that I'm a lesbian.

No. 66779

I feel you guys. I have fairly masculine mannerisms, plus my speech pattern/voice is kind of guy-ish. I admire femininity but I can't even comfortably wear a dress, especially not in public, without feeling super self-conscious. I just wanna be qt dammit.

No. 66848

I want to live as a shapeless entity and just watch people, basically i wish i was a ghost.

No. 66854

get a nice slightly taller than me gf and catch all the spiders for her and maybe like make a friend an a half
get back into drawing and embroidery (i feel too sluggish and demotivated and empty to do most things that i enjoyed), try out woodworking ( i really liked hanging out in grandpas shop and doing random crap when i was little)
honestly go to a fucking therapist and a derm! having nice skin and being able to go to uni without the overwhelming feeling of "this is it, i'm dying"

that's ideal

File: 1489465670038.jpg (139.02 KB, 639x800, vos4.jpg)

No. 56436[Reply]

Is it just me or do a lot of people here have really warped ideas of how people should look when they're in their 20s?
It's like some of you think women should look like perpetual teenagers until they hit 30 or something.
Maybe I'm just salty because I'm in my 20s and I see constant criticism of cows who I think look perfectly fine for their age being called old-looking and such. Such as Kota or Kiki, for example. Yeah Kota looks like shit lately but maybe she's just ugly. Kiki is still pretty and youthful in my opinion.
Don't get me wrong, I see SO many women who look at least 10 years older than they are IRL, due to bad life choice or poor genetics, but it seems like on here if you can't find anything obvious to criticize it's just "omg she looks so old!"
Well what is a normal, healthy 20-something woman supposed to look like?
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No. 66640

File: 1502938585567.png (243.59 KB, 517x468, 1502399249756.png)

can you go to the gym at weird times, like early morning or the late evening?
if it makes you feel any better, most of the people at my gym don't look like beautiful chads and staceys. it's mostly older men and women who are focused on themselves. people only notice you if you stink really badly. people just want to listen to their music.
i feel the same way about my acne scars, but i've been going to the gym, and the more i go, the less awkward i feel. i know it's silly, but i've been wearing eyeliner+mascara, in addition to translucent powder+sunscreen just so i don't feel totally ugly. but i used to not be able to go outside without FULL MAKEUP, like foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. but now i feel like there's a huge weight off my back now that i don't have to wear so much makeup outside.
best of luck, anon <3

No. 66680

isotretinoin or BPO regime, my friend

No. 66681


LMAOO girl wtf. You aren't special. Literally no one gives a shit about you at the gym unless you have a nice ass. Most guys will probably give a quick glance when you walk in the door because everyone does when the door opens but no one gives a shit. They're either checking their form in the mirror or on their phones.

Literally no one cares what you look like at the gym because it's the fucking gym. I don't see how you girls go with a full face of makeup it would be so disgusting to sweat in that and clog your pores up. I just fill in my eyebrows and apply mascara and I'm good to go. Honestly anon, that should be the one place where you can let your skin breathe besides the gym. Putting on so much makeup will just make it worse

No. 66683

Not American but here we do it because we have to card anyone who looks under 40 and if we don't we get sacked. Simple as. We do still get the odd 'teehee you carded me!' comment but I just assume they're deeply insecure about getting older and grasping for straws, or just painfully out of touch.

No. 66684

It's the same way in the US. Most places that sell liquor REQUIRE you to card anyone who "looks like they could be under 30" so really only people who look visibly middle aged and older will never or rarely get carded. If someone cards you and you're 21-30 they're just following rules and regulations, it doesn't mean they think you look underage.

File: 1493017390864.jpg (94.69 KB, 800x450, Senran-Kagura-01-Large-26-1024…)

No. 58830[Reply]

I know everyone has different results but my own personal question is about breasts. I'm a large B cup, maybe a small C and honestly my breasts sag.

I'm going to work out and do work outs for the chest. But I'm wondering if anons have any tips for really shrinking them down on their own without losing every once of fat on them.
Or Coughs if any of you anons had good surgeries to just reduce them to a very small size.
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No. 66446

wear good sports bras, a lot, including when you sleep, also do arm exercises to tighten up the chest and arms when you lose weight

No. 66468

illegal in the states, possibly illegal in other areas, but many places allow HGH to be bought otc (USA only doesn't because it's used with steroids) the estrogen on the other hand is likely illegal everywhere since adding those kinds of hormones wreaks havoc on your body if done improperly.

No. 66564

>arm exercises to tighten up the chest

won't that actually make them bigger? when you tone the muscle underneath they'll get perkier

No. 66565

thats actually bad advice. wearing bra's all of the time will just lead so lymph congestion and further muscle weaking.

No. 66570

nothing wrong with perkier boobs, if she's losing weight and loses some from her tits its a good idea to keep them perky

probably is, I just took from my own personal experience , I just wear sports bras a lot and my boobs seem to be getting smaller but perkier, I'm no boob expert but I just wrote from my experience

File: 1487537930426.jpg (61.91 KB, 467x700, 33ee64052762a7a02607e6c36bb3dd…)

No. 55375[Reply]

There isn't a j-fashion thread anymore so here's one. Talk about tips, makeup, hair tutorials, coords, jfash in general etc.

Pic related has cute makeup (though it's personally too much for me, I don't wear lenses). I usually prefer the very girly look for clothes (ruffly skirts, blouses, long socks, "kawaii" high heels, blouses, cardigans, lots of pink and white, etc) but it's almost always too over the top for me to wear in real life :(
82 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 65061

I'm not mad, I just don't get how any brand would be better for your eyes unless some brand out there costs them in acid. My point is they're all shit for your eyes anyway so there's no point worrying about which ones are least harmful.
Assmangled is 10/10 term though anon, ty.

No. 65104

a lot of the brands are better for your eyes because they're FDA approved and not backwater shit from china. circle lenses aren't any worse for your eyes than regular contacts, most of the rumors about them being worse/more drying cause of the diameter are from dumb usa sites trying to dissuade kids from buying them and fucking their eyes up. they're technically medical equipment so of course cheaper, poorly made ones are worse for you, it's not like medicine where the generic and the brand are literally the same.

No. 65397

What shops do you girls shop for cute casual clothes from?

No. 66420

A bit of everything. Ebay,Aliexpress,Wish,.. and Taobao when I can be assed to do a big order

No. 66537

is liz lisa still a thing? what kind of 109 brands are popular atm?

File: 1453693383172.jpg (24.49 KB, 600x400, 38dd4c27c6b034cc29614663bfa07b…)

No. 47125[Reply]

We've got plenty of underrated dudes on lolcow but are there any men that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason? Men who are ugly, unattractive, average-looking, creepy, weird or just plain shameful? It doesn't have to be a big reason that you're ashamed, just say why.

Admit your thirst, farmers.
1120 posts and 478 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 65484

this post is as old as can be, but I would give anything in the world to be married to john and have him write sad songs about me

No. 66385

File: 1502452718905.png (154.09 KB, 350x350, cameronstewart.png)

Cameron Stewart, hes a comic artist, writes for motor crush and batgirl. Embarrassing bc he's just an average plain ginger dude and barely a D list celeb, but I crush so hard on anyone with a talent lmao. One time we had a tiny interaction on twitter and I s2g I almost died.

I wanted to be an illustrator for the longest time so I looked up to him a lot, for someone reason I always like those who are 'better' then me some way, like looks or talents etc lmao

No. 66395

he is qt, don't be ashamed

No. 66770

That's pretty much my type in men, ffs don't be ashamed

No. 66771

lol girl me, too.
Snowden not attractive, are you kidding me?

File: 1497055521900.png (2.67 MB, 1415x1084, 11.png)

No. 62599[Reply]

Can we have a thread to discuss our favourite female figures in media (TV, film, anime, novels, video games, etc) and real life? Can be because of any reason, either because you admire certain personality trait they have, because they inspired you in some way, because they have a nice body, idk any reason really, even if it’s just because you like their makeup.
110 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 66297

It has more something to do with me rooting for the animals. She didn't give a shit how her actions might affect others. While yes she improved her villages and their lifes and gave people hope who never thought they would have that again (reason why I liked her in the beginning) she doesn't care about her surroundings.
Though I get that it's a different time in the movie so caring about nature isn't really a thing.
She is definetly a strong woman but there is just something that I hate about her.
Well written character though.

No. 66299

Lmao calm down it's just a movie

No. 66326


nah, too old and asian.

No. 66355

Miyazaki actually had some fantastic commentary about humans and nature in this interview: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/interviews/m_on_mh.html

Some interesting excerpts about Eboshi from the interview:

>Judging from her attire, Eboshi looks like a Shirabyoushi (prostitutes who danced in men's attire).

>M: I also have that image (about her). I think that she got there after going through considerable hardships. So from Eboshi's standpoint, she must feel that Ashitaka's karma is nothing.

>So she did go through a lot of hardships.

>M: Yes. I thought up a story that she was a wife of a Wako boss (Japanese pirates/smugglers who raided the Chinese and Korean coastlines), or something like that. And what Eboshi is trying to do is to build a paradise as she thinks of it. Hence, she is a person of the 20th century. She has a clear ideal and can take action. Well, I just think so (laughs).

No. 66384

i would love a movie just about eboshi's life, wow

File: 1502375120140.jpg (32.39 KB, 630x630, 1200x630bb.jpg)

No. 66328[Reply]

Not asking you to self-dox. Just looking for advice and sharing experiences.
Any anons here using instagram?

For the first time in years my life feels good and I am developing some self-esteem.
I lowkey would like to have an account and use it as a picture diary, follow a few friends and maybe even cool internet strangers.

I don't want to be a cow so I considered going private but at the same time I feel that what's the point of having instagram if nobody is seeing my posts?
At the same time I don't care about having thousands of followers, though a few would be nice…

No. 66329

Just as a warning, this will probably be deleted. There are already a couple of IG threads floating around somewhere on /ot/ and /g/. You should use the catalog to try and find them to post on.

No. 66330

Checked, found threads about instagram hoes, but not one like this… It's okay if it gets deleted. Would do it myself if I found Insta thread in /g/, but it's too late.

No. 66337

can you all stop making fucking IG threads. this could easily fit into one of the other three, we don't need a new thread for every little instagram detail

No. 66349

The best way to find people with similar interests on IG is to browse tags that you're interested in. When you find someone who has a cool profile, follow them and more often than not, they follow back.

I have plenty of people added who post dog pics and we like pictures of each others dogs all the time. I'd also like to make some friends but it seems like a weird platform to make friends on.

No. 66351

File: 1502394595378.jpg (45.68 KB, 1440x900, man.jpg)

I personally don't have it. Don't have snapchat or a smartphone even. I have a fuckton of friends and I am fairly popular, but I've always been afraid to seem like an attention whore. Even when people try to take pics of me I get kinda nervous because I don't wanna pose (and be a poser). It's so late in the game now that I just can't jump into it anyway.

I do use facebook (without posting pics) and chat clients like discord, slack, telegram … I just feel like I've gone over all of this already when I was a PC obsessed kid on phpbb forums rping in a harry potter-like universe, making anime review sites on freewebs.

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