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File: 1433044124000.jpg (2.25 MB, 2250x1500, yum.jpg)

No. 135451[Reply]

I know there's an exercise/fitness thread but I thought maybe we could make one specifically for diets since the Tess thread is sort of derailing into diet talk.
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No. 195960

Loving vegetables is really what helps me. Taking in lots of fiber fills you up naturally, and veggies are just a lot lower in calories than anything else so you can go ham on them and not feel regretful.

First of all, 120lbs at 5'3" isn't "appalling" it's perfectly normal, this isn't an ana thread get the fuck out.

Second, I feel uncomfortable with giving anas advice.

No. 195987


Original 5'2 anon here
How do I cut my portions? After a heavy workday I'm starving and just wolf down anything…

No. 196144

I use smaller plates and bowls. I also tell myself if I don’t feel satisfied I can go back for seconds, but then drink some water and wait 20min before going for seconds. Usually in this time I end up feeling full anyway. (takes a bit for your stomach to send the right signals to your brain). There’s also taking more time to eat, taking smaller bites of food, or taking your time chewing your food, etc. If you find yourself ravenously hungry when dinner time rolls around, you’re probably not eating enough/eating the right food during the day.

But at the end of the day, all this advice is pretty worthless if you can’t practice self control.

No. 196146

To add this is for small tiny ass people bigger people will probably feel miserable and if you try this as a bigger person you might have ED tendencies:

A human stomach can hold 2-4L of food. Since I’m on the “I’ll round up to 5 feet” kind of small, I assume the lower end, ~2L. 2L is a little under 8.5 US cups. If I go by the idea that you should eat until you feel ~80% full, that’s 1.6L or 6.8 cups.

My average dinner is something like (guesstimating) 1 cup cooked spinach (46 cal), half cup rice (white, short grain 121 cal), 1 cup other veg (let’s say steamed broccoli 31cal) ~half cup meat (115 cal for diced cooked chicken). 1 cup side soup (miso soup 81 cal) .I’ll drink like half a bottles worth of water or tea (0 cal) and I’m reasonably filled up with room for desert (though I usually skip it) at something like 400 calories.

I think this is a really generous guesstimate though. I dunno, I don’t feel empty or dizzy eating this much. I feel fine. I have energy all throughout the day, my vitals are great. Biology is just strange like that.

No. 196147

How do you cook them?
Roast things like carrot, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, onions etc. brush a little olive oil and salt and pepper over them first and they're amazing. Or a half teaspoon of honey to your carrots.
Leave steam cooked things like broccoli firm and they taste amazing. Stir fry with cabbage or shredded zucchini in place of noodles to save carbs. They take on the flavour of whatever you're cooking (sumac and cabbage together are bliss) and bulk out meals with few calories.

File: 1457366623809.gif (516.98 KB, 427x640, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

No. 139414[Reply]

>FUJOSHI ("rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime. Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
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No. 195841

Also, I know this thread is filled with fujoshi but does there happen to be any fudanshi? Gay, straight, it doesn't matter what your orientation is… I just wanna know if there are any more as I feel kinda awkward

No. 195857

What's the appeal of yaoi for a straight guy?

No. 195878

I mean this one youtuber I watch does a lot of yaoi let's plays and generally enjoys them but he's straight
Also wouldn't it be the same as straight girls who enjoy cute yuri stories?

No. 195983

If you are cool downloading illegally you can get it at anime-sharing.com.
Otherwise, i'm pretty sure you can buy legally on the parade website and amazon.jp.

Pretty sure there is a lot of fundashi out on the wild. Since this is a more female oriented board you probably won't find as many here. But for example in 4chan's /y/ threads there is a lot of male posters, in reddit's /r/yaoi (i think it's called) too.

The same that it is for a woman, i guess? I don't really see the difference.
Most people enjoy cute/deep stories, good characters, pretty art and cheesy love stuff, which yaoi/bl has tons of. Yaoi also tends to have more story (be it good or bad) as opposed to hentai/yuri, which tends to be mostly pure smut and fanservice, which could attract all kinds of people and sexes.
I personally find it absolutely normal when straight (or otherwise) men enjoy bl/yaoi.

No. 196168

File: 1498191463564.jpg (30.55 KB, 440x199, homosex.jpg)

I want more of Canis

File: 1490581967105.jpg (389.41 KB, 596x594, dankandkeiko.jpg)

No. 184823[Reply]

Anyone here remember role-playing back on MySpace? Or eliteskills, as cringey as it was I get pretty nostalgic about it.
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No. 195781

I'm the OP, I recently made an account on Aniroleplay actually. Like someone else here mentioned people from Myspace came back and are on there. I've reconnected with one person I used to be pretty close with!

No. 195783

Don't tempt me, I've been getting ideas for rp that would have been so cool years ago but it's way too late. I like writing but I feel like my adult life is too busy for it anyway.

No. 195786

Role-playing on imvu

No. 195921

I used to RP Tokyo Mew Mew and Vampire Knight on Youtube before it got its huge makeover and channels still had hundreds of customisation options.

I met some really nice people through RP there and even had a few AMVs(cringe worthy, I know) made in honour of our friendships.

No. 195930

i used to roleplay on gaia, the keep, and cyber-chat. was never big on myspace rping though.

File: 1498014112250.jpg (34.48 KB, 500x283, IMG_0957.JPG)

No. 195805[Reply]

I want to start a second life.

I've always had a baby face so I can easily look like a 17-year-old again.
I've got a second laptop.
I'm going to get a second phone, a second wallet, start a new tumblr, Facebook, etc.

I've memorized my new name, my new birthday, my new parents names, my new childhood memories.

I'm going to start going to anime conventions out of state where no one will know me and make new groups of friends.

Has anyone ever done this before?
Anyone have advice?
Is there a proper name for this?
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No. 195869

Onisions delusional pedotrip- time? Just kidding, but seriously don't lie to be an underage. That shit is creepy and will land you in big trouble.

No. 195890

Lol seconding this. This is stupid and unnecessary. Also very snowflakey. I would not be surprised if there's already a thread about you.

If you're trying to escape a bad reputation, just start a new alias and be honest. Otherwise you're gonna open up a whole new can of issues. It's gonna be more trouble than it's worth. People will still find you anyway. Just don't do it. Also probably get some mental help, because that sounds like what you really need.

Reminds me of this case, pretty interesting and worth a read:

No. 195896

This is what I thought when I read the OP.

Kek I look forward to reading your thread anon, "the cow who lied about their entire life" hahaha

No. 195898

As someone who has done something sort of similar to this(I just went by a new name and hung out with people I met online), I can tell you it's definitely not going to go the way you want it to go. I'm assuming you're doing this because you want to essentially irl catfish people and feel like a somebody. If you are, no one is going to treat you any differently than how you're treated now. The only time they'll treat you differently is when they eventually find out that you've lied to them about all this petty shit.

Also as someone who was an actual teenager when I was hanging out with new people under a new name, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR AGE. No one ever fawned over me for being ~kawaii loli jailbait.~ People just treated me the same way they treated everyone else. And if someone did do that, that would be insanely creepy.

If you're just in it for people to treat you like a kawaii loli, just find someone online who is into that shit and keep it in the bedroom.

No. 195906

I have kind of done this (changed my name, moved to a new city, edited my past slightly) to try and escape things I've done in my life. 18 months later and I kind of regret it because it's just not sustainable, so I'm reverting back to my old life.

Tbh it just makes you sound like a freak, and it really doesn't have the life-changing consequences I imagine you're expecting. Put your energy into actually evolving as a person, most people will let your past go eventually if you show them you've truly changed. :)

File: 1497767313707.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, wqIfuIW.png)

No. 195402[Reply]

I really like the Room Thread, so I wanted to make something similar but a bit more broad. A thread to share images that could make us in a good, relaxing mood.

It can be from animation, real life pictures, pictures of animals, food.. Anything that you think has a nice aesthetic or kinda of a good mood to it.
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No. 195801

File: 1498010564825.png (1.01 MB, 1024x683, alley_cat_by_snatti89-db8r8f9.…)

No. 195802

File: 1498010579551.png (823.81 KB, 1024x577, shrine_by_snatti89-dbbrco1.png)

No. 195803

File: 1498010594484.png (1.09 MB, 1024x685, 320_365_sunbathing_pusheen_by_…)

No. 195894

File: 1498078008166.jpg (70.3 KB, 499x750, tumblr_orr8wifwUV1w7kbppo1_500…)

No. 195895

File: 1498078017284.png (463.1 KB, 474x686, tumblr_oqb3180ODc1vy1i4uo1_500…)

File: 1491775396445.png (392.36 KB, 910x512, transpa.png)

No. 186179[Reply]

Can we have a thread for the delusional folks at r/transpassing
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No. 195297

These people have no idea how to style hair. They don't know how to part hair so it just looks like those emo guys who all their hair comes from one area. They have no idea how to cut bangs either.

It's just frustrating how little attention they put into the most basic shit.

No. 195318

I feel like some of these people are confusing MtF with sissy fetish.
I mean, good on you for transitioning and actually doing it because you're not happy but I don't think some of these are legit.

No. 195888

File: 1498076050573.png (761.83 KB, 1640x479, stefsanjati.png)

No. 195892

he was such a pretty elfin boy

No. 195893

This is how I feel too. I have sympathy for legitimate transgender people but I think some of them are just edgy fuckers crying out for attention and are trying desperately to be different. They have other underlying issues that will not be solved just with transitioning.

File: 1492303738086.jpg (32.04 KB, 960x360, IMG_3066.JPG)

No. 187002[Reply]

A general cosplay thread. Post wip, ask for / give advice, post tutorials and experiences, etc
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No. 192782

Actual reliable cosplay website to buy from?

No. 192805

If I buy one then I normally go on ebay.
I and some friends bought some from ''professional'' websites and they were shit most of the time. Despite them asking for measurements they always fuck up. They made some pants 2 sizes smaller and a friend of mine ended up having a Cosplays in XXL or smth.
Anyways I have yet to find a good professional cosplay website. Also normally they are more expensive than ebay. Never really bought a really bad one from there either.

No. 192839

Suprisingly, the best places to buy cosplay for me have been Aliexpress, Taobao, and Ebay. Like what >>192805 said, most "professional" sites aren't that much better than ebay quality. Also, a lot of these "professional" cosplay stores buy stuff in bulk on Taobao/alibaba and resell to make a quick profit, so there's no shame in buying a costume from an ebay-like shop. Also, Facebook selling\buying groups and storefronts like storenvy/etsy are okay if you want to buy someone's costume secondhand, but the options are pretty limited.

No. 195870

any cons you're getting excited for? what's been your favorite con to go too?

No. 195885


haven't been to many cons, but Holland's Animecon was so nice for me. i'm looking forward to JapanExpo in France.

File: 1497523448555.jpg (243.68 KB, 1200x1800, 54bc0d769a7b7_-_hbz-marilyn-mo…)

No. 195195[Reply]

I noticed that a lot of people here are fans of old films, vintage fashion, etc.

So feel free to talk about your fav old films, music, vintage clothes and things you bought.
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No. 195787

File: 1498004287686.jpg (49.62 KB, 486x649, 312af9144dd5b8f47780a5e10b192a…)

Ewa Aulin was gorgeous

No. 195812

File: 1498015233216.png (513.17 KB, 1156x771, the-childrens-hour1.png)

It's a lesser known film, but I enjoyed The Children's Hour starring Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine. It's interesting in that it's an early film that portrays a more sympathetic view of homosexuality.

Gene Tierney is love, Gene Tierney is life

No. 195842

File: 1498044814502.jpg (56.08 KB, 1280x720, etdieucréelafemme.jpg)

Yes she was gorgeous and incredibly sexy.
I always wondered how to get my hair like hers in "et dieu créa la femme".
This movie is also my main fashion inspiration, unfortunately for me most of the outfit look amazingly good mainly because of her great body.

No. 195865

File: 1498053870091.jpg (35.42 KB, 545x436, 444q45q.jpg)

Good taste anon, I love this film. I do wish more people would watch it, it's very poignant.

Anyone else here a fan of Jimmy Stewart? I know he's mostly known for being the bumbling nice guy but I always thought he did some great acting in all those Hitchcock films like Vertigo, Rear Window, and Rope.

No. 195927

I watched this movie last night and it was entertaining, though not much development on the main character tbh but overall enjoyable. Thanks for the rec!

File: 1494188400445.png (613.67 KB, 1001x652, chinese bitch fashion.png)

No. 189595[Reply]

What's the basic bitch fashion in your country?

Pic related is the basic chinese bitch
407 posts and 78 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 195769

Hahaha, gross. This is California's Central Valley-core, minus the Confederate flag.

No. 195773

Adding to this:

> Over the age of 16 and still refers to self as "Siu ___"

> Loiters MK or the pier
> Uses 300 hashtags for every post on IG, half of which are the same tags but translated into English

No. 195844

File: 1498046042472.png (1.39 MB, 1452x922, 1.png)


Korea-fag reporting. This is the state of summer 2017

No. 195848

So those adidas and t-shirt dresses are the look?

It's pretty similar to last year then, with the all-white birkenstocks and long skirts/shirts

No. 195855

I've never liked mainstream Korean girls style, to me it always seemed so juvenile yet weirdly tomboyish and masculine.
When I was over there it looked like everyone had just come back from looting WEGO. So samey and bland.

The rich/slightly older women however were very well dressed and elegant. I would envy how chic and 'womanly' they looked. Idk.

Sage for my Korean cougar fetish.

File: 1497982159750.jpg (37.62 KB, 500x500, 1497982122084.jpg)

No. 195732[Reply]

The 2000s were the worst decade for all media, especially music.

Birtney Spears is the dark horse that killed everything that was good in the 90s.
7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 195823

That girl looks the same as any other blond girl with no makeup, though.

No. 195826

>killed everything that was good in the 90s
which was?

No. 195840

File: 1498044155295.jpg (154.53 KB, 864x781, IMG_6594.JPG)

Kys anon Britney is a goddess

>this is what guys want
Slink back your cave robot scum

No. 195847

>this is what guys want
>implying there aren't homosexual women that don't give a shit about what a guy wants

I personally love the trashy 90s. Winona Ryder for life, I'll watch Girl Interrupted until my eyes melt out of my skull.

No. 195850

I wasn't sure who it was and was actually confused between Paris Hilton or some spice girl. I'm not good with faces…

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