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File: 1494564014069.jpg (99.35 KB, 422x576, IMG_5843.JPG)

No. 190153[Reply]

The old fitness thread on here died so I figured I'd make a new one. Postibg about diet and weight loss is fine too as long as it's fitness/exercise related.
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No. 211665

Has anyone tried doing the insanity videos? I found them all online but idk

I already have a routine and am somewhere in the middle fitness wise, but I though I might use them to switch things up.

No. 211680

Mind linking where you found them? Or did you just do a general Google search and start digging? I've been meaning to work out some more again, it's been at least a month lol

No. 211711

They're the third or so result if you just google free insanity or similar stuff


Guess I'll give them a shot here and there

No. 211741

ok i need some help from fellow farmes. i'm pretty average, my bmi is 21. i admit to being fucking lazy when it comes to exercising, like i'm not the most fit person lol. but i would really love to slim down a bit (lose some fat basically) and gain a bit of muscle. i eat pretty healthy, i only drink water and tea. i avoid dairy and too much carbs, and i eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

one of my main issues is my god damn armpit fat. it's gross. i have no idea why i have it. i dont like to wear tops or dresses because of it. i even went to the doctor about it and got informed that it was nothing to worry about, but it still bothers me. is there any way to get rid of it? does anyone have any experience with getting rid of armpit fat? i've considered getting coolsculpting to just get rid of it once and for all. i would really appreciate it if i could get some input.

No. 211768

you can’t target specific areas to lose weight. your best bet is to get fit and if it still won’t go away, opt for surgery if it really bothers you.

File: 1502661605731.png (534 KB, 663x405, Screenshot_2017-08-13-17-53-33…)

No. 201847[Reply]

Anyone remember Marykate and Ashley Olsen? They use to be popular child actors that transitioned into very successful teen actors. They were doing fine in their 20s as well. I haven't heard from them in a very long time, now at 31 they look like weird crack whores, wtf happened?
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No. 211167

File: 1510273474923.jpg (210 KB, 1000x600, mary-kate-ashley-olsen-met-gal…)

They almost look unhuman. Too uncanny for me. Pic is from this year.

No. 211195

wow, I only realised recently that Elizabeth Olsen is their sister, but looking at that pic the resemblance is so obvious… I wonder how they feel now she's the successful one

No. 211219

She said in an interview a few years back when I think civil war came out that they were happy for her, and how she never really planned on being an actress.

No. 211759

Lol wut. The Olsen twins ARE successful, they have run a successful fashion label that's very well respected but too expensive for us worthless plebs to buy. They have millions of dollars, they're some of the richest people in Hollywood. They just choose to stay out of the spotlight and are very private in their lives. They both seem distrustful of Hollywood and have no interest in acting. That does make me wonder if they had some bad experiences growing up as kids in the biz, because of all the recent disturbing allegations of widespread sexual assault against women and children in Hollywood.

I remember reading an interview with Elizabeth a few years ago who said that when she started out acting, she was struggling a lot with money because she wasn't getting too many gigs so the twins offered to give her some money to help her out and she refused.

No. 211762

i am so happy I wasn't a child star when I was young

File: 1508822283102.jpg (102.02 KB, 610x523, 1357926295173.jpg)

No. 209714[Reply]

is there a men ask women question thread pls? If not then please just one question: How can women be comfortable with a male gynecologist? I don't get it
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No. 211712

if you're introverted and into jfash, lolita, or other niche hobbies, and a bit of a shut in, where can i go to get to know you? where do people who aren't that social hang out?

No. 211714

Do you live in a film?

No. 211715

can you fuck off tbh? like, this thread shouldn't even exist. you guys aren't wanted here, go back to wherever the fuck you came from.

No. 211717

stern-looking dudes intimidate me, I'd find a slightly sad-looking guy more approachable.

I dunno how I would feel about dating someone REALLY emotional, who cries at the drop of a hat though. I once mentioned in passing that I used to self-harm to one of my guy friends over skype and he immediately started crying because he felt so bad for me. I didn't make fun of him or anything of course and apologized for making him cry but privately I was thinking "damn it's not that heavy…"

also (and I have NO idea how common this is, feel free to take it with a grain of salt) I think it's really hot when guys get all teary. Like physically attractive, when their eyes get watery and they get sniffly. I just wanna fuck a dude while he's crying lol idk.

No. 211718

actually yeah seconding this why don't you go ask someone on 4chan??? i'm sure they all have TONS of experience with women, they can help you out

File: 1510440853827.jpg (63.76 KB, 600x600, shib.jpg)

No. 211260[Reply]

Let's talk about dogs!
- What's your favorite breed?
- Have you owned a dog?
- Do you know any bad dog owners?
- What's your future dogs?
- Dogs that are cute as puppies and then turn meh..
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No. 211648

CKCs are amazing. they're seriously the sweetest dogs on the planet. i groomed for 4 years and never met one that wasn't an absolute delight.

the grooming aspect isn't that bad - as long as you brush them daily, you don't have to have them professionally groomed that often, unless you want their coats really short.

No. 211696

File: 1510853327851.jpg (149.71 KB, 640x480, pupper.jpg)

I've always wanted a blue Great Dane. Something about a huge lazy ass dog is so cute to me. They're also giant lapdogs and sleep like cats.

No. 211700

My heart anon. I have a whippet, which is pretty much the same type of personality just smaller. He really is the best cuddle bug you could ever find. With some of his mannerisms I always say it's the closest you can get to having a cat without getting one.

My boyfriend got a blue Great Dane puppy earlier this year! He's so damn cute, though drools all over the place. But I can't help but love his smooshy face and all that loose skin. Too bad I constantly have bruises all over my legs now, darn thing doesn't realize just how big he is.

No. 211790

it doesn't work that way anon–a little ankle biting chihuahua is more aggressive than most pit bulls.

No. 211899

Lots of people who have small dogs assume they'll be "easier" than larger dogs and don't bother training or socializing them properly, so they turn out to be super shitty. It sucks, because a well-trained chihuahua can be cute and sweet. But I've met too many little dogs who were little shits.

File: 1426681323597.jpg (74.11 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

No. 3463[Reply]

How long has it been since your last confession?
Get it off your chest, farmers.
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No. 211560

I'm not really an introvert tho. Like I have many tendencies sure but once I meet up with people, even strangers, I'm enjoying company.
It's just that I hate to keep in touch with people via phone.

Thanks anon ! Helps a lot I don't feel unnormal anymore.
And yeah I get what you mean. It seems like everyone is online 24/7 and if you're not you are not one of them.
Idk not my world I guess. I would rather meet up with people.

No. 211564

Not pathetic anon, it's a good plan; being able to make people laugh is always a positive association to have.

No. 211567

That's so cute. I'd love it if someone told me some jokes at work honestly, sounds like a nice idea

No. 211619

This sounds like such a nice positive idea, anon. I wish you well, I know I’d like it!

No. 211622

you sound cool, anon!

File: 1503119363692.jpg (31.38 KB, 552x369, just-stop.jpg)

No. 202410[Reply]

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is sexually obsessed with teens? Through my experience when I was a teen I got cat called and sexually harrassed 9/10 times by much older men. On every porn website teens are the most popular catagory, I'm sure everyone knows that one creep that wants to bone a 15 year old. In my gaming circle I have a friend that is a 4 channer that basically likes child porn (no surprise) he justifies it by saying it's ok that 15-18 year olds are getting fucked. My bf also told me that one of his aquintances said "imagine how tight a 13 year old would be, hey I'm just sayin what everyone is thinking". Lmao ya if you're a pedophile. I also feel like hollywood is adding on to this by casting teen girls with 30+ yr old love interests, I know they've been doing this forever but still. Wtf is so desirable and lustful about undeveloped kids? It's pretty damn disgusting how people love preying on them. Thoughts?
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No. 211496

File: 1510608457108.png (1.47 MB, 1460x1011, 1481458208111.png)

I was raised into this life where the woman has to be submissive to the male. My father wouldn't let me go to college because he said college shouldn't be wasted on women because they're not intelligent enough.
If I were to dump him, I would be scolded for screwing everything up and I have tried once before.
I figured the best way out would be to end this life which I figure I'll get to when I have enough for a good gun.

I do want to make a note: People shouldn't consider all guys pedophiles. I've met a few guys who have gotten very excited over older women because they considered their maturity a foil to their own immaturity. But for men who spend too much time on the internet and only get a glimpse of a person through their appearances through photos, they would choose whichever seems the most flawless (lacking wrinkles, sunspots, etc.) and those tend to be younger people.

I was constantly being spammed with shit about this dancer named Jojo who seems to be a big pedobait right now where people have tried to stalk here and even held a poll where she received top-place over a bunch of adults, receiving backlash from a lot of concerned women in comments claiming that whoever keeps voting a 14 year old for the hottest woman in the list was sick, etc. etc. My biggest concern was why I kept being spammed with her shit on my pinterest to the point where I had to delete it because blocking it wasn't working.

No. 211497

eagerly awaiting this

No. 211500

File: 1510614412274.png (44.51 KB, 524x268, staysafepls.PNG)

just get a dog, fam

>tfw glad I'm into women and also completely fine living alone with a couple of dogs

No. 211573


Hey anon, it sounds like things are tough on you right now. You mentioned Hollywood. Are you living in SoCal? I do as well. I'm not sure your parents would like me at all because I'm a college girl studying computers, but I want to help you it at least be your friend. You're being treated wrongly and like a child and don't deserve it, especially since you're articulate enough to speak on it (so much for us women being "stupid" huh)

No. 211595

Knowing how much men are attracted to girls under 18 makes me feel disgusted and angry. I wonder if I would ever get a boyfriend who isn't a sick fuck. It seems so rare now…

File: 1500903928120.jpg (190.82 KB, 500x336, IMG_1347.JPG)

No. 199666[Reply]

Let's talk about comfy activities, clothes and hobbies for fall/autumn. Pretty much anything related to these seasons.
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No. 209512

File: 1508549372595.jpg (157.63 KB, 550x733, add4c085ce4844760a827d16367863…)

No. 210769

What's the best way to wear boots in the fall/winter? I really don't like how it looks when people wear boots that go over the bottom of their pants (except when it's a blizzard of course), are there any guides for what types of clothes to pair with different boot sizes?

No. 211301

File: 1510482718034.jpg (277.64 KB, 1200x859, 1470008133573-2.jpg)

No. 211303

File: 1510488066129.png (504.46 KB, 467x700, Mori Kei 2.png)

No. 211304

File: 1510488074459.jpg (144.48 KB, 500x743, Mori Kei 3.jpg)

File: 1503457395421.jpeg (247.19 KB, 1024x682, 1439451994-bf84600e562ec55bf08…)

No. 202960[Reply]

Any other sad losers out there wish there was something comparable to idol culture in western society? Or to be an idol?

I know its creepy to a degree but it seems so innocent. And other than making money & mass marketing, its about entertaining fans and making them feel energized & happy.

in general I think the west could benefit from kawaii culture. the sexualizing is…creepy, but i don't see men ever changing that for as long as they're running the entertainment industry.
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No. 211206

That was the dude who got turned on by cats right?

No. 211232

I found his blog kinda entertaining but I never quite believed his identity as a middle-aged Japanese insider in the idol industry was real.

No. 211289

yep that's the one lol.
I feel like every weeb aidoru kissed up to him despite his identity being unknown and how ~knowledgable~ he was for "critiquing" idols

No. 211292

File: 1510473970354.jpg (569.86 KB, 709x711, 1.jpg)

Remember those twin idols, Ally & Sally? Apparently they're holding auditions for a Canadian sister group to the Japanese idol group that they're a part of.

>Do you dream of joining a Japanese idol group? Even if you don't understand Japanese, aren't in your early teens, aren't female, you still can! The number one thing we're looking for is heart and dedication!

>Our ultimate goal is to get an original song created specifically for Seishun Youth Academy by producer SHUN, who has written songs for famous TV shows "Minna no Uta" and "Viking", as well as idols such as AKB48, Lovely☆Doll, Ange☆Reve, Hiiragi Rio, and many more!
>While auditions will be conducted by founding members in Vancouver, all decisions are decided by Japanese management.

Any Canadian aspiring idols getting in on this? I'm curious to see how a group like this will work out.

No. 211804

those lucky canucks.

i'm not your greatest canada expert, but i feel like it might work out? hopefully it expands to the usa.

File: 1505399200913.gif (463.91 KB, 499x350, scary5.gif)

No. 204455[Reply]

ITT we discuss our times having unhealthy obsessions with people. It can be any kind of obsession; romantic, hateful, wanting to wear their skin, etc.

I have an extreme tendency to cyber stalk girls I strongly dislike. The first girl I did this with was my ex best friend as a teenager. I actually found her tumblr recently and she had a few posts that seemed to be referencing me, even though it had been many years since I last contacted her.

There's been a few other girls I watch a lot online. Usually when one enters my interest, they stay there for a really long time until they start to bore me. I stalked the previously mentioned girl for 11 years and there's one who I have been for 7. Everyone else is much more recent, though.

I also stalk a few social media "influencers". It always starts out with me liking them too much and concocting this bizarre narrative of how we would be friends, but then as time goes by I start to dislike them quite a bit. I compete with them, at least in my head. With a couple of them, it's gotten so extreme that I'll have brief delusional episodes where I forget I'm not actually in their social sphere and they have no idea I even exist.
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No. 211240

>been sending messages to someone for weeks on skype in the contact request window trying to talk to them
>just realised that if their thing is a grey question mark it means they blocked you

fuck sake

No. 211252

well fuck what did you do for them to block you?

No. 211253

You sound psychotic as fuck

No. 211257

have you read the thread? that´s probably one of the mildest posts so far

No. 211553

hey, if they think they have interesting thoughts that they have started public blogs on fb or designing art etc i'm sure i'm not the only one laughing. but i might be laughing the hardest because VENDETTA VENDETTA lmao

File: 1449461548372.jpg (83.7 KB, 720x477, kawi.jpg)

No. 165827[Reply]

Was wondering if anyone knows where i can watch old kawaii international eps? I tried all the other routes-youtube (someone did at one time put some old eps up but they got taken down) and have seen the recent one and also tried a few watch tv sites. are there any other sites like youtube or maybe less known tv streaming sites which would have the eps? Thanks!

No. 165828

Should have been "usual" not "all other" routes as i am asking if there are any more.

No. 165829


No. 165830

is it funny?

No. 211249

Does anyone have any links to download old episodes or anything?

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