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File: 1515451882714.jpg (1001.65 KB, 1260x1067, FROZENFAT.jpg)

No. 222425[Reply]

Bueno a pedido de algunos, armaremos un nuevo thread para cosplayers, youtubers o personalidades de este mundillo en Chile.
Parto por la ex-Frozenkat/ahora Nemuchi-conniechi, apodada como FrozenFat/Nemuchancha:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nemuchiii/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nemuchi
Instagram: @Nemuchi_

>Cosplayer chilena, dice que ama "ser chubby" cuando en realidad cada vez que puede se tapa en filtros de snow y ángulos para ocultar su verdadera gordura.

>No es chubby, es obesa
>Se estuca literalmente en todas sus fotos con SNOW
>Vende sets y videos a precios exorbitantes (a veces 150USD por un video con filtros de snow mostrando las boobies y unas fotos piñuflas con snow) a través de su patreon, cuando se da cuenta de que nadie se los va a comprar se autopostea en NIDO
>Mendigó dinero entre sus seguidores para comprarse una laptop gamer para poder stremear, cuando todos le decían que en realidad le convenía más armarse un PC (que salía por lo demás, más barato)
>Mendigó dinero entre sus seguidores para hacer un "set" de fotografías de SuperSonico en un Motel; cuando obtuvo el dinero para pagar la habitación e hizo las fotos se notaba que la habitación salía menos del valor que ella pidió a sus seguidores
>En la página que borró, subió una foto comiendo Maruchan (sopa de fideos instantáneos) la cual tenía gusanos

Bueno si tienen más leche de la FrozenFat o algún otro personaje chileno póngala por acá.

No. 222426

File: 1515452077094.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, PELOS.png)

Tampoco se depila las axilas

No. 222427

¿A ella no se le habían acabado los 15 minutos de fama hace un buen rato?

No. 224063

Hubieras subido la foto de la maruchan con gusanos como evidencia

File: 1514419063356.png (98.83 KB, 500x750, 0ecc70ee.png)

No. 219352[Reply]

What do farmers think of herbal medicine? Is it a lot of rubbish or do you have success stories?
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No. 220235

Holding horseradish in your mouth for about a minute helps with sinus clogging. I'm so glad I actually like how this stuff tastes otherwise it would be a painful experience.

No. 220288

whenever i'm sick, i make a tumeric/lemon/ginger tea with some honey. it sounds gross, but it always soothes my throat and clears my nose so i can sleep more comfortably at night. i started drinking this at night instead of nyquil because nyquil gives me the runs lol.

i also use tea tree oil on pimples!! i know youre supposed to dilute it, but i dont and the pimples dry out in a few days. be cautious if you have sensitive skin though, could burn a bit.

No. 220533

Not herbal, but neti pot are the shit. 10/10 would recommend for sinus issues.

No. 221207

Turmeric is pretty useful!

No. 221400

So I have lots of experience with herbal remedies and holistic approaches. Some work way better than expected some are okay and most are a crock of bull, anyhow the one remedy i will recommend to anyone is hot mustard baths that stuff was really good I had an inflamed back disc and it hurt a lot to the point that if I would stand up the pain would shoot through my legs and render them useless. It was horrible. That day I was going to go to the hospital but decided to read online for remedies to ease the pain a bit. and read that mustard and epsom salts work. I had powdered mustard and added like half a cup and a full cup of Epsom salts into a hot bath stayed there for an hour. and my back pain decreased dramatically
I then did it the next day and the next so three days doing an hourly soaked and it helped dramatically. I haven't had that pain again but i believe it was cause that day i was moving furniture on my own. but it works so well though when i recommend it i usually tell people to do a compress since mustard can be sensitizing and can sometimes leaves the skin tender if sensitive. but if it worked for that painful hurt I believe it works like magic on smaller muscle sprains . So yeah a combo of mustard seeds and bath salts aided my swollen back disc. so that's one tried and true for me.

File: 1489302233082.png (515.11 KB, 714x449, Mabinogi irl.png)

No. 183562[Reply]

ITT: Post pictures of what people post online vs how they actually look
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No. 208705

I don't just mean just this specific thread. Like every time she posts anywhere, her drama just feels so manufactured. She's just another social media famous, Taobao costume buying cosplayer who shoops a lot, but no one ever says shit about other cosplayers who do the same like Phil Mizuno (obvious uncanny valley shoop, mostly closet cosplays), Yasha the Fluff (literally the exact same schtick as Zekia and iirc they're friends as well), etc.

No. 208716

I know what you mean, but I'm more inclined to think it's because of /cgl/ drama and vendetta rather than her posting herself to manufacture drama. There's nothing to gain by talking badly about yourself on this site; it's not visited by nearly enough people for it to matter in terms of popularity, and posting in a thread on /ot/ instead of making a thread for herself on /snow/ makes it even less likely for her to gain any followers or attention from it.

No. 208718

its cuz shes another cosplayer that is to be too good to be true, aka not looking 100% like pics. Does Phil Mizuno look nothing like his pics? this is the first time I'm hearing this

No. 221357

i don't even get this one. She looks adorable on the left!
The right is like some weird dollification shit wtf>>185019

No. 221891

She looks like a man on the left.

File: 1511043746758.jpg (138.62 KB, 1440x1035, IMG_20171118_171429.jpg)

No. 211938[Reply]

Sorry I deleted the other thread but I wanted to crop the photo. So I don't know if there's a thread like this already but feel free to delete it if there is.

A white person, saying all white people are racist is brainwashed and delusional. This is just as bad as saying "all Mexicans/African Americans are thugs". Just because some people from a group are pieces of shit with no humanity doesn't mean they all are, period. By being white (either fully or partly) and saying all whites are racist, you're calling yourself racist. I have noticed this attitude in a lot of half-white people too, as if just being half something else excludes them from the atrocities committed by their white brethren in current and past times. Funny.
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No. 218769

The difference is lots of caucasians are dark skinned with big asses, no asians are naturally blu eyed and pale without surgery or contacts

No. 218770

But… they do want to look white doe

No. 219701

I see you don't have an arguement, bitch. Keep doing the things you hate on because DEY DO IT 2 you hippo.

No. 220520

File: 1515009575355.jpg (72.48 KB, 580x356, germanwoman.jpg)

I honestly don't see a problem in getting features that other races tend to have more of and criticizing them for it, calling it cultural appropriation or whatever. By that logic, multiracial people get a free pass to wear every hair and eye color while everyone else is judged for it which doesn't make any sense to me. There are extreme cases like pic-related but imo, most people don't cross that line.

No. 221265

breddy good

File: 1454070630182.jpg (47.34 KB, 800x600, baby sun.jpg)

No. 64888[Reply]

Talk about nice/cool things that happened to you (whether 5 minutes ago or 10 years ago)

Find $20 on the ground? Period finally stopped? Person you absolutely hated finally got hit by a car? Absolutely anything that made you feel good/happy.
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No. 219971

Thank you so much anon, hope you have an amazing time also!

Thats so cute, sometimes its better to go with the flow

No. 220001

I'm finally moving on from my ex, since a few months I've been accepting myself for who I am, I'm developing very nice friendships, school's going very well, I'm finally changing my ways (I'm way more positive and less self-centered) and I've met an amazing guy. 2018 has a great start.
Happy new year everyone!

No. 220578

I love this website it's my favorite place. You all are so lovely

No. 221217

File: 1515351980177.png (51.53 KB, 500x493, less of bad.png)

No. 221244

File: 1515359450014.gif (610.56 KB, 322x322, 1510591321797.gif)

Six weeks ago I confessed to the guy I had a crush on for almost two years and now we're officially in a relationship! I almost can't believe it as I thought it was so unrealistic. He's the sweetest person in the world and every time I see him I fall in love a little more, even though I'm normally the type of person who doubts everything. We live five hours apart and there's a 13 year age difference, but I'm sure we'll make it work.
I was afraid I'd overwhelm him with being so in love and come off as clingy while he wanted a more casual thing, but recently we introduced eachother to our parents and I feel like he's really serious about it.

File: 1503671230859.jpg (135.69 KB, 620x311, Blot_5-21_Jenner2.jpg)

No. 203215[Reply]

What do you think of trans women? Do you think they try too hard to be "authentic"? I've heard of trans ladies hating and treating naturally born women terribly, I can't say for myself since I personally do not know any trans women. From what I've seen through the trans Youtubers the MTW seem very caricature like. They go overboard with the personality, voice and surgery. Just cause you act hella bitchy doesn't make you "more of a woman".
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No. 221219

why do you feel the way you do?

when your family say that you they just want you to get over it, that is not them hating you, it could be one of many things. a lack of self confidence is very off putting and irritating to people. and if it has been going on for years they may be fed up with it. if they dont know how to deal with it they could be acting from an insecurity.

Homosexuals are usually the most insecure people of all. they either suppress themselves or go over the top as a front to find from their own insecurity. they may have been burned in the past but they are well known to over-exaggerate and act like "drama queens". relying on them for advice is not the way to go. either is surgery and meds. if you dont know what you want that wont help you.

from the way you write you seem feminine so i dont think you are a tomboy. perhaps you are overthinking it. try and go outside, mentally relax, not everyone is judging your body unless you are fat.

how old are you?(robot)

No. 221227

Anon, I get where you're coming from. I suffered of gender dysphoria since early childhood. I wanted to be a boy so bad, most of my friends were male and my brother was closer to me than my sister. I didn't get along with girls at all. As a teen I realized I was a lesbian and tried to be as androgynous (or masculine) as possible, and in my late teens I found out about transgenderism. Everything clicked and ever since that I was contemplating transition for almost a decade. My dysphoria got worse and worse during the year, every time someone called me a girl it hurt like you described. I fantasized about going on T, getting surgeries, what my male name would be, how I would come out etc. I even told about it to my mother and she was supportive of it. When I came out to my friends, they all told me they'd accept me whatever I decided to do. Taking showers was awful, I hated seeing my body. I started wearing a binder, loose-fitting clothes and all the rest. Getting ready for transitioning, basically.

It wasn't until the recent tranny craze hit, and especially when the transwomen started invading female spaces and I realized how strong of a connection I felt with the female gender when that storm hit. I saw other girls who were convinced that they were FTM. I met post-op FTMs who regretted going through with it. I read up about how there's no biological proof for "transgender brains" and saw people making pretty solid arguments against the trend. That's when I grew dubious of my "gender dysphoria". It took me a long time to really meet my own traumas and realize how I was basically the type 1-a described here >>221107 . I was bullied for being a tomboy, I was insecure about my looks not being traditionally feminine, other girls never accepted me as one of their own, as a teen I was sexually harassed by older guys, I admired the fantasy males in female fiction, I was ashamed of my homosexuality so I wanted to be a "straight guy" instead of a gay girl.

Every woman should be allowed to present as whatever they want and exist like they are without being harassed or told that they're "too manly". It really hurts
to see younger girls go through what I did. They have the exact same issues I had and people are telling them to go on T and cut their tits off at 16. That Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 221230

>That's not true though. Unless you're intersex (rare mutation) having a Y chromosome means you are male.
Do you actually know how sex chromosomes work beyond a surface-level high school understanding? Literally anyone who studied biology or anatomy would disagree with you.
>yeah and testes are male and ovaries are female, your point?
And a fully transitioned transwomen has neither, your point?

No. 221231

Ty anon, it's interesting hearing that there are other people who suffered this that recovered. Problem is, I'm on T and some of the effects are beginning to take place. My voice has deepened considerably, Adam's apple popping out. I don't know if I can ever go back at this point, even if I wanted to.

Honestly, as much as my activist "peers" hate radfems and incite violence against them, they're some of the most understanding people I've talked to.

No. 221235

We are moving all gender critical discussion to >>221232

File: 1494359178106.png (396.21 KB, 1268x444, mine.png)

No. 189885[Reply]

Inspired by thread >>>/ot/189595

What's your basic bitch fashion, farmer?

Itens you can't live without?
Ask for help to shape up your style, etc.
Do you follow any weeby fashion trends, or you like Western style clothing better?

We've had many recet threads asking for help to get a better personal style, but I think images would help a lot.

This is mine. I'm simple and always go for darker tones. Quite boring and I don't like to stand out, but I'm happy with it.
(Yes, I'm crazy for hand sanitizer. Yes, I know I shouldn't overuse it, but it's hard)
467 posts and 108 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 221150

Do you live in a damn cowgirl movie?

No. 221160

File: 1515345442447.jpeg (98.52 KB, 500x737, 5B534045-FCE8-4CF0-981C-2C26ED…)

I haven’t changed since 2013

No. 221182

If only anon, if only.

No. 221201

reminds me of the one witch in AHS coven

No. 221443

I like these

File: 1515321287331.jpg (19.96 KB, 320x320, 98c89cfcc669508cceada16e1397ed…)

No. 221080[Reply]

What's your opinion on women who transition into men?(Stick to one thread)

No. 221083

they should be sterilised and unable to reproduce

No. 221086

They’re either:
1. Super dykes who were meme’d into transitioning for not liking typical female things

Or 2. Fujos who want to larp as a gay guy cuz muh yaois

File: 1514928297574.png (2.17 MB, 1259x838, 1514925305985[1].png)

No. 220317[Reply]

Would you date a guy with long hair?
26 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 220983

My chances getting with a guy are zero let alone one with gorgeous hair.
But yes I do like long/medium length hair (they have to look after it of course and keep it clean, no matter how long or short it is). I also love small braids here and there.

No. 221015

Most guys can barely maintain basic hygiene and when you see them with long hair it’s a 8/10 chance it’s disgusting and unkempt, even if they’re vain assholes. So no, no and no. No thanks.

No. 221020

Hell yes, especially pretty boys with long hair, nice cheekbones, etc. Lucky enough to have my own, so maybe the anons saying all the cute long-haired guys are taken have a point…

No thanks on greasy icky hair though. One of my exes just didn't bother trying to be attractive to me by a point and that extended to hair. Current bf has hair longer than mine and mine is long, lots of people comment on how long and/or nice it is and tbh I think I envy his a bit too.

No. 221084

hahaha, have dated 3 and this is so accurate…. i'm OVER it

No. 224061

My boyfriend is the first guy ive dated with long hair.I like it. Hes clean and showers often. He also always keeps it in a bun or ponytail and rarely lets it down. I've tried to get him to wear it down but he doesnt like it . Recently i convinced him to trim his split ends. I also want to convince him into using a leave in conditioner and taking better care of his gorgeous hair. He says he wants it longer too and i encourage it.Hes a metalhead so it goes with his style.

File: 1515284269309.png (170.83 KB, 700x377, 6a00d83451b88a69e201b8d27b1057…)

No. 221000[Reply]

I haven't seen a thread for it yet so I figured I would make a new one.

Petscop Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKQv0ZFHpeIUkOtNjtq4KA
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Petscop/
Wiki: http://petscop.wikia.com/wiki/Petscop_Wiki

> The Petscop ARG revolves around an obscure PS1 game called Petscop. The game was unearthed by a YouTuber named Paul, who has sporadically been uploading videos of the game on his YouTube Channel. As Paul's playthrough progressed, it became clear that there was far more to Petscop than initially met the eye.

Basically it's a mysterious "Let's Play"-style series for a game that doesn't exist. The first ten episodes were uploaded March - May 2017. Petscop 11 was uploaded on December 25, 2017 and Petscop 12 was released January 4, 2018, which indicates the consistent uploads are beginning again.

There's so many theories surrounding it with no real indication of who made the series, what it's even about, and how it's going to end, but at the moment it's pretty much a crowd-sourced mystery solving effort. The wiki needs desperately to be tidied but it does feature the essentially "confirmed" theories, such as the Candace Newmaker theory, the color theory, and the Dr. Seuss theory.

It is creepy and a little disturbing, featuring themes like child abuse, kidnapping, and the death of children, but it isn't graphic and there are no jump scares aside one startling instance in episode 11.

Watch it. Talk about it with me.

No. 221001

Here's the first episode.

No. 221010

damn that's a pretty neat idea for a series. the game itself seems pretty well-made too.

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