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File: 1454009792811.jpg (34.64 KB, 400x533, CBiTu3OUMAAJYCr.jpg)

No. 131699[Reply]

I checked around for a thread like this and didn't see one, so here is an all-purpose employment thread.

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
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No. 207750

Spent my entire educational career convincing myself I should be in STEM when math and science have consistently been my worst subjects. Somehow convinced myself I had a passion for those subjects. I entered uni thinking I'd get my bsc in X STEM degree and go on to grad school.

I've recently graduated and have been working in research for the past two years. I hate my job and hate what I majored in. My adviser has been pressuring me to go to grad school for months now and I feel so shitty for letting her down. I just feel so disillusioned with my life and have no idea what career to pursue.

No. 207757

Don't go to grad school right away. Take some time off to figure out what you want to do. Maybe there are some things you have in mind that feel decent. If you find out what you actually want to do, go to grad school for that and not a STEM field.

No. 208456

Anyone have success getting a job at a new city with little experience? I don't want to jump ship before getting a job offer, but I would really like to relocate soon.

No. 208685

You are using misnomer incorrectly.

No. 209106

Jesus, even interviews for shitty retail jobs became a fucking psychological war. Bitch I'm just here to sell shit and make poverty tier money not to take over your shitty company. God I hate work life so fucking much.

File: 1498014112250.jpg (34.48 KB, 500x283, IMG_0957.JPG)

No. 195805[Reply]

I want to start a second life.

I've always had a baby face so I can easily look like a 17-year-old again.
I've got a second laptop.
I'm going to get a second phone, a second wallet, start a new tumblr, Facebook, etc.

I've memorized my new name, my new birthday, my new parents names, my new childhood memories.

I'm going to start going to anime conventions out of state where no one will know me and make new groups of friends.

Has anyone ever done this before?
Anyone have advice?
Is there a proper name for this?
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No. 208108

Huh…I was sort of hoping for a more interesting reasoning I guess. Not being able to cope with your parents' divorce seems a bit bland. Still really bizarre though, she must have had some sort of mental illness.

No. 208115

yeah i followed the case pretty closely, read theories from her leaving a cult to being a drug runner to being a spy, only for that to be the answer. the general consensus is that she had some other issues (probably mental) going on, to go to the extremes she did

No. 208401

Perhaps there's something omitted by her family? Her mother remarried, perhaps she was unwanted or abused in the new union, or even there was some other unconnected reason and the breakup of her family was the last straw for why she was holding off her escape
I'm just fantasizing to myself to make it more interesting

No. 209087

what about ID anon?

No. 209146

>start a new tumblr, Facebook
the cringe is hard

No. 176383[Reply]

Didn't see a thread like this so let's start
I have a little cousin and with holidays and stuff we all ate together
Randomly he just says "Hey, auntie (my mom, while she was cooking), your profiteroles looks like the poo! Elsa eats poo!"
We just went the fuck? But didn't really thought about it.
Later in the noon, I find him watching these videos.
Maybe i'm later to the party but my feed on youtube is "clean" from this shit so I didn't know a single thing.

Why are they doing this? To me it's look like some fetish masked as "kids humor"!!

So I've done some research and found the world of toy reviewers and I could say that some of them are enjoyable (Cookieswirl may have an annoying voice but I find her videos cute ) but the others are the same over and over
Spider man and elsa pooping, birthing, eating shit, syringes, decapitation in the thumbnails.
Just why
YouTube clearly states that if you're under 13, the site is not for you so why they're allowing this madness?
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No. 209015

File: 1508004536537.png (545.02 KB, 605x453, disgust.png)


Please, don't ban me for this necro, but I need answers. Does anyone been able to find out anything about this? Detective anon-sama?

Have these videos/channels been demonetized with the adpocalipse? Whose agenda is this? I doubt it that it is for the views only. I imagine that there's a group of people imploying youtubers like IT'S ETHAN to make content like this and then spam it on multiple channels using bots. It seems to me that all the channels are using similar colors, themes and props, like it's a brand.

How is it possible it isn't banned and IT'S BEEN A YEAR? How is it that you get this aids within the first 3 results if you search for ANY letter on youtube? Can we do anything about it?(Not your personal army)

No. 209020

I just want to add this

Watch more of their videos if you want to know more

No. 209030

Ah yes, Fredrik made a video for his Down the Rabbit hole series about the finger family videos. Fucking weird.

No. 209064

>finger family song
My kid watches those. So fucking annoying. He's only allowed to use the YouTube Kids app though, and they're actually really good at keeping the inappropriate/weird videos disguised as kid's videos from coming up. I haven't seen any yet.

No. 209065

I know this isn't related to creepy Elsa or whatever, but there's definitely been cases of pedophiles making Youtube "challenges" aimed at children to make fetish videos in disguise.


File: 1505652875966.png (86.09 KB, 755x454, hewantedit.png)

No. 204719[Reply]

The infamous. Come at me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 208926

Well done FactzKnight. I guess we now know that his wife isn't "pretty" after all, probably married the ugliest girl in Beijing. She's happy since she can get that green card now…

No. 208927

No matter what, it is the White women who lose out in all of this.

You have your White males of liberal values trying to breed themselves out.

Now you got even more confusion from this madness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 208928

Yeah, since Tendie has a land whale fetish, he coulda slept with any of the numerous fatties in America. Instead he had to go all the way to China to get one

No. 208929

>90% of white men and white women prefer white women and white men
>90% of asian men and asian women prefer white women and white men
>whites are the ones with the problem

really maketh one ponder….

No. 208930

The total global White population is below 9% compard to 27% five decades ago.

How is this helping the White population?

File: 1489302233082.png (515.11 KB, 714x449, Mabinogi irl.png)

No. 183562[Reply]

ITT: Post pictures of what people post online vs how they actually look
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No. 208701

The argument wasn't solely about her though, it was about Knite too. I think she gets a lot of drama because she posts or used to post on /cgl/, and that's inevitably a salty drama and vendetta mine.

No. 208704

File: 1507857393064.png (2.12 MB, 1539x846, 145.png)

Samefag, I dropped my picture.
I definitely can see some shoop, but still pretty similar.

No. 208705

I don't just mean just this specific thread. Like every time she posts anywhere, her drama just feels so manufactured. She's just another social media famous, Taobao costume buying cosplayer who shoops a lot, but no one ever says shit about other cosplayers who do the same like Phil Mizuno (obvious uncanny valley shoop, mostly closet cosplays), Yasha the Fluff (literally the exact same schtick as Zekia and iirc they're friends as well), etc.

No. 208716

I know what you mean, but I'm more inclined to think it's because of /cgl/ drama and vendetta rather than her posting herself to manufacture drama. There's nothing to gain by talking badly about yourself on this site; it's not visited by nearly enough people for it to matter in terms of popularity, and posting in a thread on /ot/ instead of making a thread for herself on /snow/ makes it even less likely for her to gain any followers or attention from it.

No. 208718

its cuz shes another cosplayer that is to be too good to be true, aka not looking 100% like pics. Does Phil Mizuno look nothing like his pics? this is the first time I'm hearing this

File: 1507763410839.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 68b095c42b4a39589d1c9e22fb9430…)

No. 208335[Reply]

Old thread: >>>/ot/204719

/r/hapas and /r/aznidentity thread:

>mod of /r/hapas and poster on /r/aznidentity

>obsessed with white women
>claimed to be a handsome Ivy League grad who moved to China to be with his "wife"
>cheats on his "wife" with an ugly Greek weeb who has a husband
>spams AMWF porn on 4chan and other sites
>pretends to be a black man on lolcow
>calls his detractors butthurt white boys
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No. 208712

He worked for redmonkeyapps located where Brisbane is. Whether it was completely remote idk but probably not.

No. 208713



No. 208715


He did their artwork and was hired through his freelance profile. It totally could have been remote. I’ll jump down the rabbithole though

No. 208720


This low key reads like a schizophrenic talking with himself.

No. 208722

Anytime I see language like that my mind instantly reads it in a southern accent

File: 1507501396495.jpg (95.16 KB, 648x960, blade-runner-2049-poster.jpg)

No. 207850[Reply]

Can we discuss this Kino? It deserves its own thread.
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No. 208296

The original Blade Runner was filmed at a time when Japan was buying everything.

2049 feels like what Die Hard 4.0 is to the first Die Hard movie.

2049 has a terrible poster.

Gosling was Hollywood's mentality to using him as bait for those likely female viewers.

Leto seemed forced.

Not a stinker but feels like a glossy piece of shit that has yet to rot.

Lastly, Ford looks like he came dressed from a Bourne movie.

No. 208302

>There are a few background extras who are Asian, seen for a few seconds.
That's what I meant, I thought it added to the "authenticity" of the film's universe. Like I said it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the film I just liked the detail. I also don't watch any Japanese or Chinese films and The Goose is /myboy/ so you're reaching. I dunno how my calmly worded post blew you out so hard lol.
>Bautista is half-Filipino and a great actor.
I specified East Asians. Bautista was really good though.

No. 208642

File: 1507847929103.gif (31.7 KB, 500x500, a56eb505e043cba170985211b5a191…)

What a great movie. A solid 9/10 for me.

No. 208670

File: 1507849833534.jpg (535.98 KB, 910x798, 1507833507097.jpg)

No. 208710

File: 1507858484149.jpg (58.4 KB, 552x855, 1507834446794.jpg)

File: 1507780080502.jpg (98.4 KB, 600x424, キーヒ-シ-ュアル彩色済.jpg)

No. 208359[Reply]

Post your husbando!
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No. 208455

All the bad endings are happy endings, the only ending that my baby isn't suffering is the one where he and tomoaki open a restaurant together. The game is gonna get a official release in english and it drops at October 27th, I don't know if they added the special edition in there too. I think it's digital only which is good, I don't want my bf finding the case and asking questions

No. 208548

File: 1507840641939.png (278.19 KB, 484x600, Diego.png)

is there not already a thread for this in /g/?

anyways, I have too many jjba husbans to count but I think my faves are diego, josuke, josuke, mista, B R U N O, kack yo ween, and uh… maybe okuyasu or pucci tbh

No. 208562

File: 1507842424196.jpg (62.49 KB, 666x748, IMG_0066.jpg)

Dibs on this cutie!

No. 208580

File: 1507843088607.png (233.89 KB, 500x304, c79227_84579e8d70b060e52141942…)

I'm still bummed out that Atlus removed the option to date Yosuke

No. 208755

There's a thread for this in /g/, please take it there

File: 1505698671375.jpg (18.98 KB, 620x350, kost.jpg)

No. 204779[Reply]

Since there is no thread for it yet, this one is about rapists who get away with rape by accusing the said victim of lying

while there are sadly people who lie about getting rape, this one is more so about cases you think, the woman was accused of lying about rape, the rapists get set free, and the women not only have to deal with the rape but also being called a liar and shit on

What false rape allegation cases that you personally think are wrong and the rape did happen? I personally think tyler kost did assault the underage girls

and there's MGTOWS and the desperate "women" who suck them up and call basically any case where a woman could have possibly lied about rape, a false rape allegation as well as people who would accuse the rape victim of lying even with overwhelming amount of evidence, what do you think about the whole thing and what "false rape" cases you think are actual rape cases ?
69 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 207726

My dear friend was raped by a stereotypically "sporty, hot guy". She has kind of unfortunate face and just doesn't look fantastic. She told me about it and she really looked like she was in pain (physically). She wasn't able to walk properly and she had to go to gynecologist regularly. It's been three years since then and she still is afraid to be alone with any men, sometimes even with children.
The problem is - no one, but fucking nurse and me, believed her. They don't have enough proof and police officer simply laughted when he saw his photo.
I don't think she would lie about something like this and I'm convinced he did it. It's just not possible for her to harm herself to that extent (like her mother suggested), holy shit.
I can't do much about it, I live in a shitty fucking country where any organizations which could help her are laughable.

No. 207752

Anon,that sounds so horrible, i hope your friend will get better! Not even her mother believing her…

I think that's exactly the problem; we're always talking about shitty incels and people like that online, but this believe of woman faking getting raped has already swapped over into real life

No. 208320

I'm sorry if I shouldn't be posting a story but I really want to get it off my chest.

when I was 15 (25 now) I was spending the weekend with my best friend who lived about 45 minutes away and went to a different school. her friend, I'll call him Alex, came over and we all watched Gothika. I've hung out with him before and thought he was cute. he was 17 or 18. we were holding hands and eventually he led me upstairs to simply make out, I thought. we did make out and dry humped a little. I wasn't a virgin but I'd only had sex a few times with a boy I really loved for about 2 years. I wasn't interested in sex at all really. he then suddenly, without asking, took my pants off and tried to penetrate me. but I said no and he couldn't get it in because I was clenched so tight. so he gave up trying and then held me down, got on my face and shoved it into my mouth. I was crying at this point and I wanted it to stop so I bit down as hard as I could on it. he immediately stopped and was bitching at me. he went downstairs and left me there crying. I didn't tell anyone what happened.

sadly that's not the end. my best friend's brother (I'll call him Jose) was also friends with Alex. Jose moved in with his dad a year after the incident, which meant he lived in my town now and went to my school. apparently Alex told Jose that that night, I willingly gave Alex a blowjob and I was so bad at it that I made him bleed due to using so much teeth. Jose was talking about this to people at school and everyone started making fun of me for it. it was horrible. I was too upset to speak about what actually happened, so I just took the ridicule.

No. 208331

blows my mind that people still don’t think “ugly” girls can be raped, especially by attractive men. men are fucking renown for sticking their dick in anything that has a hole, consenting or not - and rape is very seldom about the sex itself. someday society will stop living in the fucking stone age.

No. 208332

i’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. i hope you’re doing ok now anon.

File: 1507557197197.jpg (91.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 207907[Reply]

Seasonal anime thread, what are you watching anons?

>all these comfy shows this season
19 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 208042

File: 1507636663381.jpg (123.54 KB, 778x611, Goblin slayer when he sees a b…)


>tfw still no new chapter

No. 208048

There's an ova? I just watched the first episode and god it's so cute and so comfy

No. 208050


Yeah, more like a prequel dealing with Chise's past.

No. 208098

File: 1507655905156.jpg (712.33 KB, 1921x2465, 1507323411792.jpg)

Girls' Last Tour

No. 208953

When will JoJo return from the war???

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