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File: 1502946488193.png (552.6 KB, 480x601, koya.PNG)

No. 202223[Reply]

There's plenty of talk about artist we don't like, but what about the ones we do like?
Feel free to talk/gush about your favorite artists/art pieces

I'll toss in one of my favorites, koyamori
Her watercolor stuff is really pretty and just overall pleasant to look at
>it also helps that she's never involved in any drama
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No. 203898

Thanks for introducing me to this artist, anon! I'm actually considering saving up to buy one of their paintings on Etsy.

No. 204487

File: 1505428159440.jpg (692.06 KB, 600x854, static1.squarespace.com.jpg)

Q Hayashida is an absolute legend. Too bad her stuff is so obscure.

No. 205678

File: 1506385673250.png (242.95 KB, 685x577, 62893694_p0.png)

Favorite pixiv artist atm is tofuvi. I love this aesthetic so much

No. 205679

File: 1506385680726.png (631.42 KB, 715x664, 62501934_p0.png)

No. 205680

File: 1506385764679.png (571.51 KB, 850x825, 52003023_p0.png)

File: 1506130151703.jpg (759.6 KB, 1024x768, Penguins.jpg)

No. 205329[Reply]

self care tips/activities for when you're feeling down?

i'm overworked at the moment and too tired to do things i normally do on my day off like exercise, go out to lunch, whatever… i've been feeling my mood slipping downward for a few weeks now and with personal issues it's no surprise i'm feeling very low today.

i have no friends, it's really hot outside and i wanted to go to the beach with my boyfriend (who's not really my boyfriend, but actually just a guy who takes care of me and resents me) but he had to work so now i'm just stuck at home with his parents and it's both boring and annoying.

i'd love to chill out and just get high but i'm out of valium and have money for weed but nobody to get it from because i'm a loser

it's still early, i have a whole day to kill, and no hobbies. help

No. 205335

i clean everything and reorganise all the stuff i own
i find it kills time and you end up with a tidy room/house/whatever

No. 205337

30 minute yoga session, listening to music while taking a hike/bike/walk in a naturey trail, hanging with friends, buy yourself a new outfit, eat at your favorite restaurant with friends, make new friends, take a boat ride, make a crafts on pinterest, find a new hobby like gardening or sewing, go to the park at night and swing while listening to music, explore abandoned place, lay out in the leaves and relax, go to the bar and find random people to talk with and make friends and stuff, just don't be awkward about it, just be a chatterbox, go thrift shopping for weird things, camp out in your back yard, make a recipe, carve pumpkins, decorate your place, etc etc

if that doesn't really fit you well, buy some lingerie, get a bath bomb, your favorite tea, a face mask, rollers, eye pack, make a diy scrub (I find these work better), paint or buff your nails, shave, mask your hair, put argan oil in it, then curl it with rollers, do a facial routine and relax with an ice eye mask, exfoliate, buy a good smelling perfume or body wash, moisturize, dance, etc, write poetry or something, the usual, cheesy "treat yo self" shit

if that's not for you, order pizza, get on netflix, buy a movie, or rent one, rent or buy a game, get your favorite food, cookies, chips and drink then spend the night playing games or watching movies curling up in a blanket, I highly advise making friends, it can help a lot, rewiring your mind to be a chatterbox can help, find random things to jibber on about to whomever, since its fall, talk about festivals in your area, events, plans for life, interests, life events, etc, and jabble on, chances are you'll get invited somewhere or you can find friends at work, or school or whatever, I met my friend at a shisha bar, since it was a vacant bar, the waitress was just chatting with me and smoking shisha with me and we chatted about fall and food and boys and stuff, simple stuff like that, friends can really you

No. 205338

also reading and buying magazines can help

File: 1425808960074.jpg (19.36 KB, 320x418, image.jpg)

No. 126041[Reply]

This board is mostly populated by women, right? We should have a thread to post pictures of guys you want to fuck (or ladies too, doesn't matter.)
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No. 205034

File: 1505881304377.jpg (165.38 KB, 600x450, IMG_0531.JPG)

He was a nice man who died too young. RIP :(

No. 205040

Nice thread but what's up with all the ugly Chinese twinks?

No. 205042

Isn't it just people having different tastes?

No. 205068

Kind of looks like weeby yellow fever to me also, tbh.

No. 205077


Probably underage weebs just posting their chink idols.

File: 1505886175580.jpg (481.42 KB, 3300x1840, BLACK PILL.jpg)

No. 205041[Reply]


No. 205046

So? This proves nothing. Go back to /r/incels

No. 205047

Wow. Who would've guessed that people on a hookup site only care about looks?

No. 205048

File: 1505889110116.jpg (108.22 KB, 594x549, download (1).jpg)

>femoids prove they have no standards or morals

Imagine my shock. Oh wait, you can't. Its beyond your abilities.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 205049

ignore and report the incels

File: 1505888182831.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20170617_204622.jpg)

No. 205043[Reply]


No. 205044


No. 205050

no thanks

No. 205051

I would hit it if OP wasn't such a stupid internet slut. If my son grew up to be like this I would end it all. This is proof that all men are stupid untrustworthy whores.

No. 205052

Come back when you can grow body hair, beta faggot

No. 204992[Reply]

Youtube has some weird shit floating about on it that gets a tonne of views due to its algorithm and whats gets flagged unsafe for children. Resulting in users calculating what gets passed and making serious cash off of it.
Post videos you've had suggested to you due to this.

File: 1461609433400.jpg (149.57 KB, 1920x1080, 8e35731f-d6bc-4cfc-8c3c-86a53f…)

No. 88156[Reply]

Seeing as we don't have an official thread and the new season has just started.

Discuss, debate, swap theories, post artwork, post dank spoilers etc.
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No. 204942

File: 1505807472623.png (425.75 KB, 800x450, goldenfools.png)

call it a niche but i'll be pissed if these two don't get a last scene together. let them die in each other's arms post-coitus tbh

No. 204945

Why do you guys like this show? It seems everyone I know is watching it. Are you not uncomfortable with all the rape and incest scenes? I personally can't watch media that's designed for the male gaze or is really sexist.

No. 204973

i skip past the sex scenes because i enjoy the characters and storyline–literally the only sex scenes that are detrimental to the show are the twins (just to show they're incestuous) and then the two that banged in the last episode (don't wanna spoil!) other than that, i skip them because they aren't necessary and i hate seeing people make out on tv, lmao.

No. 204981

I liked it more when they were following the books but that's sort of impossible now since Martin doesn't seem to be getting around to finishing the series. The characters and politics are intriguing. Honestly, I don't give a shit about male gaze or medieval sexism. Though I will say the show added more gratuitous sex scenes than were necessary. I guess they had to fill up that time slot a bit. And besides, this last season was way more grrrl power than anything else.

Funny thing is Jon and Dany are incestuous too. I wonder if they'll go the "oh no taboo" route like with Cersei and Jaime or "it's tradition!" since the Targaryens are known to wed their siblings.

No. 204987

related but not siblings, technically.

File: 1443626815245.jpeg (13.76 KB, 306x165, download.jpeg)

No. 40826[Reply]


Let's share our scores

Higher is more pure, lower is less pure

I scored 50, which is about average, I guess. I'm not really that sexually adventurous
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No. 204946

51 at 22

No. 204953

96 at 24. Do I win anything?

I feel ya.

No. 204956

Age: 24
Score: 34

still thirsty for more devious shit but I've done my fair share ig

No. 204976

Exact same but at 21. Idk I kinda like it.

No. 204983

Where is this painting from, I love it so much!

File: 1505767061559.jpg (52.55 KB, 564x752, 0d41e5d0d922b5d3a587b4a3393f86…)

No. 204855[Reply]

Post picture of people with brown hair and brown eyes

no need to be as autistic about it as the other thread, crying about easily changed features.
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No. 204857

File: 1505767108825.jpg (29.8 KB, 400x500, 6134148483ad6034fc14f84529b64f…)

No. 204858

File: 1505767118375.jpg (37.75 KB, 564x547, e372725d28f0c87545f1aa76ba3902…)

No. 204873

that's like 90% of the population. why not just make a "people you think are cute" thread?

No. 204916

File: 1505787722892.jpg (21.28 KB, 352x352, ashley-graham.jpg)

No. 204943

next *people with hair thread"

File: 1503697799846.jpg (87.31 KB, 640x640, Childhood before the internet …)

No. 203299[Reply]

What are some fond memories you guys have of being on the internet as a child? They can be cringey or not!

One of mine was when I was in 8th grade I joined an Animal Crossing forum and some of the members would organize saturday "sleepovers" where we would stay up all night playing video games and chat via skype. the last one awake won and everyone had to trade good items in animal crossing to the winner. sometimes i wonder what all those people are up to now.
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No. 204308


I was a member of this massive forum called Sonic Zone from 2005 and until it got taken down and remade into one nobody seemed to go back to I had so many cosy memories there and remember coming home every day after school to talk to friends there. I went by the nickname Moonie and wish I knew where everyone else went because i owe them a lot and they made the worst bit of my school years so much easier and the community itself was so cosy. For some reason I always remember one particular autumn and winter there that I was fond of.

I also have many Neopets memories!

No. 204363

I used to be full autism about Sonic when I was in middle school, I'd read fanfics and attempt to RP on Neopets (except I really sucked at it). My neighbor and I would constantly play Adventure 2 Battle together to try to S rank all the levels and raise all the different types of Chao in the gardens

No. 204499

did anyone else play free realms lol?

No. 204519

Neopets and geocities

I played so much neopets and still have an account I use regularly.

No. 204757

Omg me too
Good old times

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