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File: 1496190375088.png (436.53 KB, 363x571, tumblr_nicdexnu4L1s2kojso1_400…)

No. 192881[Reply]

Post them jojos, ya'll
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No. 192982

File: 1496268014472.png (27.69 KB, 184x179, 1472147011840.png)

No. 192985

File: 1496268119079.png (25.74 KB, 800x800, 1429678127095.png)

No. 192986

File: 1496268401465.jpg (446.12 KB, 3748x476, 1429677672574.jpg)

No. 193098

File: 1496331683637.jpg (33.96 KB, 850x602, 15697654_755847191232140_48269…)

Johnny Buttstar
(btw we already had a JoJo thread, here >>112368)

No. 193140

File: 1496347030894.png (399.55 KB, 650x650, 1358363568275.png)

Oh fuck, whoops. I had no idea. And double fuck for me not using the catalog. Now I don't know whether to bump the old thread or keep posting here.

File: 1495788955709.jpg (23.68 KB, 640x450, balding_man.jpg)

No. 192298[Reply]

I'm a man, and i began balding when i was 18, and now, being 20, i have a massive receding hairline and a huge bald spot on the back of my head. Since this has begun happening i have found it harder and harder to find women who are interested in me, so i'd like your opinions on this.

How can a man go bald gracefully? Is a bald head a big disadvantage at my age?

I know many on here don't appreciate male posters but i'd really appreciate getting some opinions on this that don't come from friends who worry too much about insulting me

pic related is quite similar to my current situation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 192464

File: 1495912970648.gif (1.41 MB, 467x349, IMG_2838.GIF)

Shave it off and make it work for you OP. And you don't have to be Bruce Willis hot like the other anons say. Here is Patrick Stewart before he embraced the bald hair. We can all agree he looks so much better without hair. Just be confident

No. 192472

There are a million other places you could've asked and gotten better answers because this topic would be better suited on those boards. Fuck off.

No. 192525


Sage because dead thread, but nah I don't particularly care what fatties blame their fatness on, their fatness is their problem not mine. What I meant is that fat people are not attractive because they are unhealthy, and don't have good genetic material as a potential mother/father to your children. Same goes for baldys, their's is inarguably entirely genetic, whereas fatties are unhealthy and less likely to be fertile or produce healthy/ideal children. Duh.

Anyway RIP thread hope you find a solution to your problem, OP.

No. 193073

Manbuns constantly look terrible anyways.

OP, just shave your head and save yourself the trouble.

No. 193099

>they don't have good genetic material
Modern fatness has little to do with genetics.

File: 1482944623772.jpg (48.34 KB, 465x908, d37cixh0847x.jpg)

No. 173922[Reply]

Post cringe shit you found on the net
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No. 189195

>keep saying dick size doesn't matter
>laugh at a guy with a small dick at first chance

really nogs my jogs

No. 189196

I mean, most people don't care about their partner looking like a bodybuilder either, but if you're flexing and acting tough despite looking like a skeleton or lardass, then you can bet people will laugh at you.

It's the contrast that's funny, robo.

No. 192614

File: 1496029761321.png (21.4 KB, 449x420, specialsnowflake.png)

Saw this on the front page of dA and had a giggle

No. 193052


Oh, GOD that's poor…

No. 195044

File: 1497403081482.jpg (134.64 KB, 482x540, 1487655041102.jpg)

Opinions on my new boyfriend?

File: 1490225405245.jpg (58.95 KB, 540x448, C7jpSslWkAA41lN.jpg)

No. 184457[Reply]

This is probably a really stupid question but how do I be more like those girls on Instagram and social media who are just uniform beautiful? Perfect eyebrows and somehow perfect fashion sense, you could even count the whole basic bitch thing but I'm hoping someone knows what I mean. How do I be more like the majority of the girls I see on the street with perfect clothes and hair and bodies?

I'm 22 and feel pretty much like Tomoko Kuroki in comparision. I'm very short and curvy, but my height and baby face make me feel like I stand no chance and I have no clue where to go for makeup or fashion resources that these girls all learn from and perfect.

I really want to finally feel more like a pretty young woman, anyone got any resources or tips?
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No. 185356

4chan is teenagers all trying to fit into a certain culture, it's not full grown people expressing their honest heartfelt beliefs.

I remember /fit/ did a survey once, and a good 40% were under 16 (and of course like 60% were above 6'3), barely any were above 21.

You're not exclusively attracted to male models (who don't look as good in real life either), and neither are men. Sure, there's stupidly good looking people out there that people talk about as far as their looks go more often, but there's lots of people who aren't that exceptionally good looking who are still attractive.

Stop looking to 4chan for your idea of what men are really like, because not only are they not like that in real life, but they're not even men. I fucking 100% guarantee to you that if you find a healthier forum to spend your time on, or just generally try to cut your time on 4chan way, way down to like an hour a day, you'll feel much better within a month. It happens to guys there sometimes as well, the attitude on certain boards that you're only good looking if you're a 6'2+ model with an insanely good body all the time is incredibly unhealthy, and it's the same thing you're struggling with now, just with less "CHAD eats PIZZA every night while YOU spend hours COUNTING CALORIES and still don't look as good as HIM" shit.

And please, go see a therapist, you've clearly got huge self esteem issues that like I said, are bordering on dysmorphic.

No. 185393

Well said anon, well said. Nothing to add here.

No. 192843


Love this

No. 192879

i'm going to piss myself… my sides ache

No. 192899

its good to hide a long philtrum

File: 1495628751326.jpg (9.95 KB, 250x250, 1495284935523.jpg)

No. 191925[Reply]

Anyone else have extreme male envy? Not in a "men are priveliged i want it too reee" but as in i hate being born with this hole between my legs. I hate being viewed as less competent and i hate that the majority of people (usually subconcious) hate women in some way, myself included. I wish i could love women and be proud of my gender but it's hard when all i hear of is the revolutionary males in science, philosophy etc. And when most men regarded as historically brilliant think they "have no capability to think complex thoughts" and are "lesser men" it really makes the gears grind.

Not to mention being physically weaker. I get so mad everytime i'm reminded i have to work 4x as hard to even get nearly as strong as a normal guy. A guy could fucking murder me without any tools if he wanted to (they probably want to), and i hate it. I'm relatively buff (for a woman xdxdxd) and always carry some kind of weapon (not guns, illegal), but i'm still paranoid. I wish i was born with an extra Y-chromosome.
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No. 192781

meh, with the internet logging and sharing the entire knowledge of humanity's billions, we're soon going to make intelligence obsolete. We have 8 billion people all working to increase humanity's knowledge. There are literally millions of people with genius level IQs who compete to make breakthroughs which contribute to society. But once nature has been tamed, what do you do then? We're practically there already. Average people feel like they can't make contributions that really improve people's lives through technological innovation. We have a culture of meaningless consumerism, everyone's intellect just goes towards figuring out how to market the next big fad that will add small amounts of meaningless pleasure to the person's life, just one more quick fix before they crave another.

Machines will continue to compensate for the failings of stupid people and allow them to live happy lives, intelligent people will be left looking for meaningful problems to solve with their intellect and finding nothing as AI become more adept at solving these problems than they are. The average person continuing to increase in intelligence would be an increasing existential threat because we know there are certain technologies that can literally wipe out all life on the planet, and the odds that someone with the ability to manufacture these technologies and the motive and ability to use them will arise in the general population grows larger the smarter the general population becomes. I'm fine with stupid people reproducing.

No. 192786

>Machines will continue to compensate for the failings of stupid people and allow them to live happy lives, intelligent people will be left looking for meaningful problems to solve with their intellect and finding nothing as AI become more adept at solving these problems than they are.

Exactly what I worry about, ngl.
I feel sorry for people like that because fleshing out a career and being recognized for accomplishing anything is a tough enough task without the added worry that if what they're doing is actually meaningful.

No. 192797

I don't agree with the robot in the slightest here, don't get me wrong, but the issues with Japans birthrate are more widespread than just economic.

There's a huge amount of mental illness and suicide amongst young people, and the whole "herbivore men" thing is somewhat of an issue over there, though the shit that's causing that is so, so much more extreme than what happens in the west that any comparison is just stupid.

The idea that if they don't get exceptional grades and get into top level tertiary education that they're failures is a pretty big issue, and their education system encourages that, putting a stupid amount of stress on kids.

No. 192837

File: 1496159510639.gif (1.1 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

>robots and redpillers waving their dicks on the internet and sperging out about male supremacy
>laughing at women 24/7 and cherrypick examples of 'female stupidity' from facebook to make themselves feel better
>yet it takes ONE female anon saying she doesn't envy men for robots to go full damage control and start telling them they're wrong, writing novels about the doom of mankind from lack of fanny and crying about loneliness and depression online
>meanwhile women have endured misogynistic shit since the 1800s and still have the mental strength to carry on like normal folk
>meanwhile your ancestors fought in wars whilst your fat, ugly arse sits in mammy's basement and and cries about how girls don't want to fuck you and therefore your life has no meaning.

These are the people you envy, ladies
These are the people who view you as incompetent 'fuckholes' and tell you to make them a sandwich, presumably because their mothers never taught them how to make one themselves

No. 192910

Ruthless, anon. Tell em

File: 1496095939170.jpg (47.24 KB, 1024x576, 1489634181486.jpg)

No. 192726[Reply]

>wake up
>remember that I have no bf

day ruined

No. 192735

File: 1496097042485.png (44.15 KB, 658x662, 1475261883568.png)

eyyy bb I can b ur bf :^)

No. 192739

>boyfriend recently broke up w me out of the blue
>immediately afterwards he starts following a girl he used to have phone sex with that he supposedly cut all ties off with two years ago when we first started dating
>now I feel duped and alone

>wake up

>remember that I have no bf

No. 192749

File: 1496100518024.jpg (330.49 KB, 953x762, Thread Preview.jpg)

File: 1495855859155.png (67.1 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_6586.PNG)

No. 192430[Reply]

Would you rather spend 24 hours locked in a room with Ashley or with a dope-sick Luna?

Would you rather have to work on an assignment with Aly or Yumi?

Would you rather have all your friends turn into fake bois or munchies?

Would you rather wrap yourself in Luna's duvet or eat a meal made by Ginge?

Would you rather walk around all day in an outfit that Yumi dressed you in or wearing a face of makeup applied by Ember?
23 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 192564

Jesus anon, that's mean

I guess I'd room with Mariah, at least she wouldn't take my money

No. 192567

Kill myself

No. 192591

1. Would you rather have Jessica Nigri's hairline for life or have Aly's crunchy hairstyle on your wedding day?

2. Would you rather start at Ashley's weight and try to get to a healthy weight or start at Amy Slaton's weight and try to get to a healthy weight?

3. Would you rather have Suzy's face for life or have Mira's face for 5 years?

No. 192600

1. Aly. As gross as it is, I can deal with it for one day.

2. Ashley. At least I have an excuse to eat junk food. Spending even a day in Amy's body weighed down by all that fat sounds horrifying.

3. Suzy. As long as I stayed at a healthy weight it'd be fine. Her twin sister has the same face but looks cute.

No. 192607

1) Aly's hair bc I think having a bad hairline is worse.

2) start at Ashley's weight, I can eat while getting "better".

3) Mira for 5 years. I'd rather not have either face permanently.

File: 1441827802612.png (14.54 KB, 325x225, vegan.png)

No. 34649[Reply]

Thread to discuss veganism, why veganism sucks, why veganism is good, vegan youtubers and whatever else.
176 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 192109

That's nice except your post(s) are referring to vegans in general. You can't starve yourself while simultaneously carrying excess body fat, you fucking retard.

No. 192110

Did you seriously type out a whole paragraph to explain this to me when I was obviously being sarcastic? I was just pointing out the contradictory nature of their vegan stereotypes and wanted to see them mental-gymnast it out for me.

No. 192155

You need a break from the Internet.

No. 192520

Sounds like you need to heed your own advice.

No. 192534

Is manure vegan?

File: 1492912521171.png (275.35 KB, 1242x1831, IMG_1442.PNG)

No. 187810[Reply]

Let's talk about/speculate people who have had work done. Now I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it, however it starts becoming a problem when these people claim it to be real. I'll start the thread with a fairly popular Instagram model/dancer ms_alottabootie. Recently she appeared on the Wendy Williams show (https://youtu.be/BfBE9MxxaiI) impressing many in the audience as well as her staff. However what bothered me is the fact she claimed her most noticeable asset (no pun intended) was 100% real, not even one fat transfer done. However if you look at her Instagram you'll see obvious signs that she had work done such as scars, a lumpy texture on her stomach from liposuction, and oddly shaped hips that many surgeons give to people for some reason. The picture is a comparison of her from 4 years ago to now.
109 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 192508

File: 1495949215876.jpg (32.29 KB, 500x282, large.jpg)

No. 192510

She looks like a burn victim, scary

No. 192513

Are you drunk? Miley, attractive?
All the women in that family are horrendous.

No. 192516

what the fuck, this is literally unsettling from a distance lmao

No. 192528

File: 1495971904411.jpg (34.38 KB, 360x480, 29921380003_53d8c6cfe2_b.jpg)


she looks like pete burns now wtf

File: 1494967207230.jpg (39.28 KB, 600x635, 14112038_1254511364581593_2052…)

No. 190704[Reply]

I hear there's certain online sites that are legit and you can earn gift cards and money through like Swagbucks

Anyone got any tips and good ones? I'm scraping by and need any bit of extra cash or discount I can get my hands on
28 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 192399

That's a misconception. Guy have many types of girls they like, different body types and different races. You don't have to provide pictures of your face EVER, I know a few girls who have never done that but sell purely below the neck photos/videos. If you have a healthy body and are clean, you'd get offers. Even being curvy you get offers.

No. 192403

I imagine as long as you are thin, fit or can create a niche for yourself (market to guys who like chubby girls, hairy girls, etc.), it will work.

I've been reading up about it. I'm really curious about how easy it is to move the panties as someone new. What if you sell a pair to a guy and he doesn't like the scent lmao?

No. 192425

That's his problem, not yours.

No. 192463

Well yeah, but do you think he'd try to get his money back or would he just not buy from you again?

No. 192490

File: 1495940976914.jpg (31.07 KB, 350x240, pantsu on head.jpg)

Guys buy used panties to smell them while jacking off. It's partly because the smell contains pheromones that instantly makes men aroused, it smells really good to most men.

They actually don't like thongs, "sexy underwear", or any material that doesn't soak up fluids well, they want normal cotton panties.

If you think you're too fat/disgusting to sell your panties, are you aware that these guys are buying used panties? Plenty of them want you to look/smell disgusting.

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