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File: 1479484970885.jpg (43.97 KB, 480x480, 14915223_1771392056446444_3373…)

No. 118092

Post your best starter pack memes here!

No. 118111

File: 1479498640091.jpg (104.31 KB, 771x960, 12509709_459689840896566_36989…)

No. 118115

File: 1479503337862.jpg (83.8 KB, 720x752, IMG_20161118_170743.jpg)

No. 118124

File: 1479509153745.jpg (118.13 KB, 600x714, girl-from-high-school.jpg)

No. 118143

this is real life right here.

No. 118144

File: 1479537608953.jpg (90.03 KB, 788x763, JgR7qAG.jpg)

I feel like you could combine it with this as well

No. 118163

so true, that fucking hair

No. 118182

File: 1479574064507.jpg (202.23 KB, 717x592, a0c.jpg)

No. 118184

lol yes.

No. 118185

The amount of girls I see around campus wearing black caps, black running shoes, black windbreakers/vests, and black leggings is amusing. It's like Socially Acceptable Goth.

No. 118186

I think it's called "health goth" or some shit. What even.

No. 118240

when i see those gay white adidas all stars, i think 12 year old basic bitch. they look like fuckheads. bonus points for dressing in all black adidas

No. 118249

File: 1479618615318.png (41.94 KB, 400x502, sizzle-album-starter-packs-6fy…)

No. 118250

File: 1479620609689.jpg (215.19 KB, 1280x1282, 76567890876.jpg)

No. 118267

Hate these guys. I wanna punch one

No. 118277

where are the gunnars

lmao that hairstyle and colour is spot on

No. 118280

File: 1479660576492.jpg (79.93 KB, 750x722, 54.jpg)

I'm not even mad about this one,it's accurate and I love these ladies.

No. 118285

I don't get it. What stereotype is this?

No. 118286

File: 1479661960086.jpg (53.78 KB, 588x406, 3aa.jpg)


That fucking hair though, they all had it. Yes, triggered.

No. 118290

File: 1479662808196.jpg (121.15 KB, 1175x820, 076.jpg)

That squat is pretty comfortable though.

No. 118297

lmao I don't know how to explain it that well, it would be that one teacher pet/nerd who would ask at the end of class if there was any homework when the teacher hadn't mentioned it.

No. 118301

File: 1479667222378.png (78.6 KB, 400x435, 43534534.png)

No. 118303

No. 118307

File: 1479670260108.png (640.7 KB, 1000x720, tumblr_obyykiFjJq1uqq258o1_128…)

No. 118309

>those lips

No. 118336

What's the name of this starter pack?

No. 118337

2016 tumblr girl starter pack

No. 118339

More like 2014, honestly. Who the fuck wears creepers in this day and age? Kek.

No. 118352

>when you own a cute pair of creepers and wear them 24/7

well fuck

No. 118356

Get with the times, grandma.
Seriously, though, creepers were a huge trend among the pastel goth crowd years ago, but died out

No. 118371

File: 1479713488697.jpg (94.15 KB, 540x684, tumblr_oeydqm0Sph1vs9ctzo1_540…)

No. 118374

Spot on anon

No. 118380

Oh god, I've never even thought about how true this one is. Especially the baby in tow.

No. 118386

File: 1479738185165.jpg (108.55 KB, 581x600, 857377.jpg)

For any Hungarian anons

No. 118388

Holy shit that is the most accurate one of these I've seen.

No. 118398

At least had it. The sneakers should have been white. This is great though.

No. 118404

File: 1479749175347.jpg (96.88 KB, 749x925, CqSwSzxWgAULYyU.jpg)

Well actually..

But this is a topkek image either way. And I guess it's safe to say these girls are a large proportion of tumblr.

No. 118408

File: 1479749697760.jpg (118.26 KB, 640x756, tumblr_nf7cko4cWk1ty0z61o1_128…)

No. 118410

Also known as the "I'd like to speak with your manager" starter pack.

No. 118418

This is ironic since Bronzebun ended up being a white (or mostly white) person who edited their photos to look like a dark Chinese person.

No. 118421

File: 1479763498962.jpg (26.44 KB, 370x480, 2e5fa424af68ce5da5585700317a26…)

No. 118434

File: 1479767603605.png (72.68 KB, 250x250, tumblr_nff3yph8lL1u411zxo1_250…)

No. 118440

File: 1479769698230.png (2.71 MB, 2104x1524, OnionStarterPack.png)

Not sure if I should post this here or in the Onision Thread

No. 118441

File: 1479770067840.png (411.96 KB, 682x612, samefagstarterpack.png)

No. 118447

File: 1479774747564.jpg (87.57 KB, 593x557, starte.jpg)


No. 118449


No. 118455

fucking burger records art bros i s2g

No. 118468

File: 1479782707029.png (83.99 KB, 337x376, truuuu.png)

No. 118475

File: 1479784679792.png (629.5 KB, 1366x934, creepyindstarterpack.png)

I swear I'm not racist, I even have an indian friend!

Come on, you know this starter pack is legit.

No. 118476

this is so true and also applies to arabs

No. 118477

Could also double as "I'm not like those other girls!" starter pack.

No. 118485

So fucking true, I have first hand experience with these fucking fools. Literally one of them said to me "Beautiful Angle :)" it was freaky as hellll

No. 118499

File: 1479800245419.jpg (91.07 KB, 469x471, tumblr_ogamhdqOn01sxck1io1_500…)

No. 118500

File: 1479800621221.jpg (98.45 KB, 960x852, FjMUwWl.jpg)

No. 118505

File: 1479804542187.jpg (2.37 MB, 3300x2550, 3p7cpj8l9iox.jpg)

No. 118506

Aww I like those modern bolo tie esque ribbon necklaces

No. 118507

File: 1479804682476.png (572.67 KB, 817x623, 08svcvy8tnox.png)

No. 118508

File: 1479804916747.jpeg (158.24 KB, 747x776, b3ab73e4df6245e6a446dac9d0af5c…)

No. 118509

File: 1479805090797.png (1008.93 KB, 1522x980, nPbO0js.png)

No. 118510

File: 1479805267633.png (848.94 KB, 1048x644, R1AEvE5.png)

No. 118511

File: 1479805394394.png (278.85 KB, 640x480, SadxD45.png)

No. 118512

File: 1479805597731.png (511.27 KB, 724x490, bUfsQkZ.png)

No. 118513

File: 1479805752842.png (727.92 KB, 1742x1040, LbvxRUs.png)

No. 118518

Those tacky ass butterfly tattoos omg

No. 118519

This one made me laugh. My mom loves these shows.

No. 118523

This one always gets me because when I was a kid and I went in a Panera Bread for the first time two girls who looked exactly like this pointed and whispered at me. This image has prophetic powers and its creator understands a universal phenomenon I never would have guessed at

No. 118524

this happened to me in culvers when i was 13 and i s2g they were like 8. cries

No. 118530

Don't worry anon, I like em too.

I grew up in a rodeo town and I still get flashbacks when I see grown women wearing jeans with rhinestones on the butt.

I was waiting behind two girls that looked like >>118447 who were chatting at a vending machine and taking their damn time getting food and they gave me this super sideways look and started whispering lol. Idk what they were even doing in a university library, they looked like they were 15. That might've been the poorly applied makeup and Uggs thought.

No. 118543

File: 1479852106927.png (94.52 KB, 750x694, IMG_4710.PNG)

They need to add a smiley piercing and manic panic hair dye to this and it would be 10/10

No. 118544

Also change 12 to 16

No. 118546

Haven't seen a guy who looks like this in probably 10 years

No. 118547

File: 1479853282583.jpg (196.47 KB, 961x969, i hope i'm not the only one.jp…)

No. 118553

this hits too close to home.

No. 118569

That's a good one lol.

No. 118573

What brand of boots are those though

No. 118584

I think the brand is called doodoo

No. 118590

The Betty Page bangs is what really sells this one for me

No. 118601

These are giving me life, more pls.

No. 118606

can also be retitled " the /mu/ + /lit/ walking meme starter pack"

No. 118611

File: 1479912604868.jpg (432.62 KB, 1650x1275, l0repi86pdzx.jpg)


One for the upcoming holiday.

No. 118621

HAH. Holy shit I was sitting in the dentist office waiting room and this was playing on the TV. Absolutely spot on.

No. 118626

…..why is this shit playing in every office ever?

No. 118822

File: 1480060962320.jpg (589.65 KB, 1990x3072, musty son.jpg)

No. 118824

the following into every room bit

No. 118826

I puked a bit in my mouth. For real.

No. 118846

holy fuck ahahaha. the snake part and disturbed shirt im done

No. 118857

File: 1480103325836.jpg (554 KB, 1076x1118, 2016-11-25_12.45.39.jpg)

Someone needs to make an anarcho-capitalist counterpart.

No. 118858

File: 1480103361435.jpg (312.24 KB, 1080x1062, 2016-11-25_12.46.25.jpg)

No. 118866

This one just looks like a vendetta

No. 118869

i thought so too at first but it kind of makes sense

No. 118871

File: 1480112031647.jpg (176.07 KB, 637x816, tumblr_nno84i6xOz1r3mhn1o1_128…)

No. 118872

File: 1480112273962.png (556.77 KB, 1152x1098, tumblr_o0q6ltz0jp1ua5o4uo1_128…)

No. 118874

Needs a closing down sign somewhere

No. 118875

plus a bored housewife owner whose rich husband is paying for the whole thing

No. 118876

that reminds me, there's probably a lularoe one of these roaming around somewhere.

No. 118884

File: 1480115845149.png (1.93 MB, 1668x1039, ozmWoUM.png)

No. 118887

needs more obesity and Demeter perfume

No. 118888

File: 1480118679749.jpg (131.93 KB, 805x711, eK9zA-KxgwvL79muAomH41VjnjFCm1…)

No. 118890

Not just black people are saying that "fear for my life" trollop, seen loads of bitches around tumblr with all of their fake sexualities be like 'omg he's coming for us too!!! stay safe!!' Like we can tell by looking at your plain ass that you're an astrosexual genderfluid [insert random mineral here] Sigh.

No. 118892

wow that is spot on lmao.

No. 118894

File: 1480122420286.png (383.84 KB, 511x1067, bmasd.png)

lol, look at all these scared straight people

No. 118896

Damn that's bigoted. Simply adding a "+" to refer to other identities surely counts towards erasure and signifies a sense of disrespect by prioritizing some identities before others (and or generalizing those others, as though there's no difference between them), thus we should include every letter for every identity there is, not this half-assed shit. Get your shit together, SJWs

No. 118899

I was gonna ask what the pink-to-red gradient flag was, but I found this bullshit list and I think it's Lipstick Lesbian??

No. 118901

Wow, there are so many choices! Enough for every special snowflake to choose from

No. 118903

what is this a starter pack of? is it the obnoxious pagan type of person?

No. 118906

yeah my bad, meant to say that in the text. i think its meant to show either those people or the random feminists that wanna be witches.

No. 118914

Holy shit, this is my older brother to a T, especially the "follows you into every room" bit. You have to straight-up tell him to fuck off before he leaves you alone.

No. 118917

This was legit my boyfriend in highschool, holy shit what was wrong with me. I'm not that cute or whatever but fuck, I deserved way better than that ugly mug

No. 118918


when you're from a more country area, it's like these two mated any time you want to try and shop local.

No. 118920

File: 1480139637921.png (3.29 MB, 1619x2327, being generic is so kawaii.png)

Had a go at making one of these myself

No. 118923

File: 1480143161128.jpg (62.64 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1927.JPG)

My cousin named her son kayden noooo

No. 118933

File: 1480159960299.jpg (28.22 KB, 450x338, 6a00d834515b6369e200e550798686…)

a girl I know named her daughter Daenerys

No. 118934

They're trying to keep their skin healthy, and their genes tell them to gravitate towards that shape from back when they were tending the rice paddies

No. 118936

Lol all the time with the beautiful angle shit! And they always copy and paste their pickup lines so that you can be thoroughly creeped out before you disconnect in .3 seconds

No. 118937

I knew a guy like this, biggest atheist on earth. He tried to get hot by losing 10 lbs and shaving his neck and getting bieber hair and tried to hit on me while drunk, and then when I was trying to leave he forcefully hugged me and I was just standing there being all awkward and freaked out while he petted my head, he had bo

No. 118939

File: 1480164147111.png (236.57 KB, 1242x1171, IMG_5322.PNG)

No. 118942

I get this one mostly, but what's with the random guy on the bottom center?

Surely there could be a better photo for ungroomed hair than that? Because that just looks styled to give a shaggy look more than anything.

Or am I misunderstanding it completely?

No. 118946

you forgot black veil brides

No. 118994

I got it off deadbeatpunkboyfriend on ig. I felt like it was true. I've went on dates with too many hardcore dudes off tindr.

No. 118997

It was about a milk enema or something. It was either about Panic at the disco or fall out boy.

No. 118998

Not savage enough, anon. I like the
>It Will Make Your Eyes Appear Wider

No. 118999

>we don't need a safeword

No. 119008

thought this was trans dude specific what with the autostraddle article. anyone got a trans dude starter pack

No. 119016

Im dying I cant believe how these kids are acting this needs to be in the history books

No. 119022

File: 1480214507825.jpg (85.94 KB, 700x688, transmanstarterpack.jpg)

i'm sure it's been done already but here, i just made one

No. 119023

how is MCR still a thing? these kids would have been toddlers when the band was still around

No. 119025

thats more like the transtrending tumblr nonbinary fakeboi starter pack. they are the teen girl equivalent of those old men who dress up like women and pretend they are trans lesbians when its all just fetish shit

No. 119028

spot on

No. 119030

Gargoyle would love to his face stamped on anything "emo"
They definitely were, I will never understand that. Probably because they think they're sooo emo they have to bring em up

No. 119034

I know a nonbinary pansexual fakeboi who goes by ash at my college. Shes 21 and mentally ill/kind of an addict, doesn't help her family enable her. I also knew these two girls who did the whole "nonbinary gay/nonbinary lesbian" thing (aged 16 and 21 when i knew them in 2014) and I recently logged onto my old tumblr and saw they were still enabeling eachother with it as well as being each others "queer platonic partners" (lol). I had to block someone on twitter earlier this year as well because she kept saying she was "ALLOWED to say [she] was gay for cullen from dragon age because [she] was NONBINARY and that means BOTH GENDERS!!!!! :)))" and claimed to be a lesbian as well like… what.. do these people not get it's about sex and not gender lol? Idiots. IIRC she was 18 when i unfollowed her but would continuously post about wanting to have sex with cullen on her private account lmfao. There was another nonbinary gay, she was 22 but she had long hair and was into DDLG and set up a nsfw twitter which she just rted ass spanking gifs and Lewd Anime Girls onto kek. If it helps they are/were all heavily depressed and I think two were on meds.

Anyone who describes themselves as nonbinary now is an instant redflag and i avoid them as much as i can lest they have some kind of breakdown from being tipped over the edge lol.

Like I get feeling dysphoric/dysmorphic/uncomfortable with your body but c'mon.. I honestly feel sorry for these people over the age of 19/20 who still ID as this shit because it's like they never progressed beyond their illness.

No. 119040

It was Panic at the Disco, and one of the guys in it has read it (Brendon).

No. 119047


lol i know a fakeboi named ash too. must be something in the water.

No. 119048

Lmao sometimes I feel it's the go-to name that isn't kai

No. 119049

File: 1480224517494.jpg (102.36 KB, 600x650, 1848484848.jpg)

No. 119050

File: 1480224948354.jpg (173.3 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_nv54rpNe701uhpnomo1_128…)

No. 119051

Needs more Anita Sarkeesian

No. 119052

File: 1480225776225.png (437.88 KB, 854x890, IMG_4772.PNG)

Some of these guys actually made it into my games dev class and just drew bad anime all the time and looked up big titty girls on deviantart. One of them actually called me over to look at the big titty girls on deviantart and asked me my opinion on them. I was the only girl in the class at that time without a boyfriend. I could feel all their eyes on me.

I'm cringing at how accurate this is.

No. 119053

This is so pathetic.. and why many, many actual gay people don't associate themselves with the LGBT community anymore. Sad.

No. 119054

What did you say?

No. 119055

File: 1480226199433.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

I'm actually upset how accurate this is. hahaha
(Don't forget they're all born in 2000 and are someone hardcore fans of the bands)

No. 119057

A very tame fanfic containing the use of a milk enema. It's actually not badly written, for some reason it became a meme and a lot of younger fans won't let it go. They even post about it on the band member's IGs. it's really obnoxious.

No. 119058

Yeah, it's really ridiculous. I was about 16 when they released Revenge in 2004 (?), but a lot of the kids into them NOW are 16 yet act as if they are top shit. It's pretty odd.

No. 119059

File: 1480227114555.jpg (82.49 KB, 750x606, IMG_4773.JPG)

I found them kinda hot because I'm a lesbian lel but the guys didn't know that so I said "isn't this misogynistic?" and they looked so disappointed and said "but it was drawn by a girl!" "You should support it if its made by a girl because its not objectifying!" "You probably dont understand because you're a girl."

No. 119061

Huh, I guess this is what 80s Siouxie goths must've felt like when the young romantic goth babybats started popping up.
Never thought emo and scene were on that level though

No. 119064

File: 1480231130259.png (329.87 KB, 640x480, v8sfdoG.png)

No. 119065

Yeah I dont get this actually whats wrong with liking a band thats older than you? Should people not mention liking Beethoven because they weren't around for when he was making music? Lmao

No. 119066

there's nothing wrong with it, i assume the issue/meme is because kids try to play it off as if these oldish bands are new/relevant. beethoven is probably a bit of a bad analogy…unless you think mcr is on beethoven's level…

needs more zooey deschanel

No. 119069

I obviously wasn't comparing them music wise smartass

No. 119070

i know, but in terms of timelessness. beethoven has proven himself to write timeless music, otherwise people wouldn't listen to him today, centuries later. people like old bands because the music they've made is good enough to stand the passage of time.

i was just suggesting that maybe people were surprised that bands like mcr were being thrown around by 2016 emos like they're gods were surprised because mcr may not be that kind of timeless band

No. 119071

i'm getting war flashbacks to when jasmine-blu type bloggers were in their prime

No. 119075

Ok these made me laugh out loud

No. 119077

Most transtrenders I've seen name themselves Sebastian or Oliver or Julian or something fancy like that

No. 119081

File: 1480243240527.png (1.35 MB, 1402x664, jnigs.png)

No. 119099

You motherfucker anon, I was just about to make the cosfame starter pack with the exact "making a breastplate with worbla's black art"

laughing too much at the flat ass though

No. 119104

You should make one anyway. These things are too funny to me.

No. 119107

File: 1480266454127.png (1.08 MB, 1037x927, W2kOkLW.png)

>flood detected

No. 119108

i've seen so many online that are obsessed with yaoi and fanfiction. i wonder how gay men feel about obviously straight women who want to transition so they can act out their yaoi fantasies irl.

No. 119109

File: 1480267095440.jpg (63.13 KB, 600x622, a5N5rRV_700b.jpg)

No. 119113

File: 1480269335485.jpg (149.4 KB, 1500x1500, 04d682_5610647.jpg)

No. 119119

File: 1480275295194.jpg (162.95 KB, 1024x652, b7BHMTnZgakrM3jg3dBGfaEcnYwJHk…)

No. 119128

File: 1480276105861.png (679.58 KB, 877x768, llR7CsUGtk6_Ibqpyj9iPU3YDUoKRq…)


No. 119129

inb4 one of these girls gets mad at this

No. 119133

MCR are huge on Tumblr because Gerard (the lead singer) was super into the whole trans rights movement back in 2014 and not Tumblr fakeboiz stick to him as their ~~trans icon~~

No. 119135

File: 1480277756298.png (632.23 KB, 938x624, Tn0ozmwIdaPzt7Qbku9FpGGtZksa7w…)

No. 119146

File: 1480281990951.jpg (200.47 KB, 850x850, vrbtizmmo6yx.jpg)

Knew a girl who studied in Denmark for a year in high school and thought she was the fucking shit when she came back.

No. 119151

this is so fucking spot on

No. 119154

I used to follow a blogger who posted twee Modcloth outfits and wrote really flowery blog posts about her study exchange in Europe.
Then she jumped on the first Irish dick she could procure and moved to Europe with him. Now she never fails to mention how she lives in Ireland, in every single fucking blog post. And she's started calling everything 'wee'.

Jesus Christ.

No. 119156

Still more bearable than weebs and koreaboos imo

No. 119158

Reminds me of the American woman who runs thestonesoup.com. She talks about her husband all the time yet the only thing she refers to him as is "her Irishman" and even named her kids these really obscure Irish names.

Her blog is great otherwise, but it's annoying as hell after awhile. I don't know why she doesn't seem to have an identity outside of her husbands heritage.

No. 119162

>I don't know why she doesn't seem to have an identity outside of her husbands heritage.

No shit some people are just blank slates. You're on lolcow. You should know this by now. Look at people like Venus and Taylor and Kota. They're exactly the same.

Some people just have no pride in their own background and seek out surrogate identities through boyfriends or husbands who they perceive as belonging to more desirable groups.

No. 119165

>jumped on the first Irish dick she could procure
I lol'ed.

This is a pretty good blog, had not heard of it. I can't cook for shit so the 5-ingredient thing will be great

No. 119166

haha no way

No. 119174

File: 1480290680836.jpg (343.36 KB, 1790x912, 1464220810917.jpg)

No. 119175

these are pretty obnoxious

No. 119176

File: 1480291535201.png (874.95 KB, 768x768, yHXxcZewB6SE-gpHCXqPm3sSE3RcTl…)

Best one I've ever fucking seen

No. 119179

Are these like, all from reddit or something?

No. 119181

which one applied to you?

No. 119184

>tfw every guy you meet online is a combination of these
im dead. 4chan and reddit users are everywhere and they are truly retarded

No. 119189

i thought my bf was sort of like that when i met him. he seems to be not actually like that but im scared he is "hiding" his real true personality from me tbqh

No. 119195

This is spot on, especially the online iq test one. So many believe to be superior in intelligence it's hilarious.

No. 119197

File: 1480296400726.png (350.91 KB, 610x610, IMG_5327.PNG)

No. 119199

File: 1480296743323.jpg (88.19 KB, 720x700, a66.jpg)

No. 119202

File: 1480297144068.jpg (94.54 KB, 700x700, a66793-21.jpg)

No. 119204

This has to be vendetta lol

No. 119207

File: 1480297805748.jpg (1014.31 KB, 1920x1920, img_20141210_015724-548fbe6510…)

too many of these fuckers near me.

No. 119208

File: 1480297849960.png (373.26 KB, 499x458, Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 7.45…)


No. 119209

File: 1480297955734.png (269.75 KB, 494x378, Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 7.46…)

sorry i couldn't find bigger of this…

No. 119210

These are so oddly specific, I love them

No. 119214

i was addicted to that pinball game lmao

No. 119217

File: 1480299666889.jpg (256.49 KB, 1683x1085, OtCqKUI.jpg)

No. 119220

None, but I've seen literally half of these on reddit. Why are you getting so defensive?

No. 119221

File: 1480299936668.jpg (104.55 KB, 779x960, S4nklJh.jpg)

lmao true

No. 119225

Please make one! I'm going to make a Moomoo one while I'm at it.

No. 119227

File: 1480301909975.png (668.51 KB, 887x736, moomoo.png)

These are incredibly fun to make.

No. 119232

the only thing missing is a picture of her dirty foot bottoms

No. 119233

>concealer lips
I'm dying, anon!

No. 119234

Not everyone browses reddit anon.

No. 119235

>CN Tower

No. 119236

File: 1480305785677.jpeg (82.45 KB, 720x776, image.jpeg)

me tbh

No. 119237

>tfw I unironically like and I'm 25
Don't laugh, send help.

No. 119240

File: 1480307965601.png (767.14 KB, 1200x1135, mommyblogger.png)

No. 119241

I guess I just didn't expect it from a married woman with a child who runs a successful website and has a published book. You're right though.

Yeah, I like it a lot. I can cook but I'm always too depressed to do anything that requires real effort. Most of her recipes are super easy and healthy, so there's my go-to when I feel like shit.

No. 119243

Well, it was geniunely cool like 4 years ago.

No. 119244

I like that she lists ingredient substitutes. I have a redonkulous GI, so dairy and most sugars are out lol.

>didn't expect it from a married woman with a child who runs a successful website and has a published book

If life has taught me one thing, it's to never be surprised at how dumb smart/successful people can be

No. 119246


>Tfw you love trashy tv and cheap box wine.

No. 119250

This brings back so many memories. Also cheap freeware games I got on disk.

No. 119253

File: 1480313269173.jpg (568.48 KB, 1240x927, wiggerkit.jpg)

Dedicated to one of the most insufferable group of people.

No. 119255

Ugh, she's one of those American immigrants who treat everything in their host country like it's some big inside joke and post things on social media with the hashtag #Just(Country)Things or #onlyin(country).
Irish people do the same except the other way around, they never shut up about OIRELAND.

It's like a roided up version of the study abroad girl.

No. 119257

Please do it.

I'd love to see more cow packs, hope someone makes!

No. 119259

File: 1480320571898.png (1.12 MB, 1125x787, ddlg autism taken too far.png)

sad bbydoll

No. 119262

I'm thinking about making a Kaka one, but idk if it should be elf goddess themed or scene queen themed.

No. 119264

ewwww MDE is trash

No. 119273

File: 1480345100701.png (1.84 MB, 1758x938, vickysjuahshus.png)


>I'd love to see more cow packs, hope someone makes!

Victoria Bella Morte / Murder / Shingles

No. 119274

File: 1480346991122.png (2.27 MB, 1828x938, lunaslaterrrr.png)

No. 119275

that tittynipple

No. 119276

So close to perffection. Only needs Vegan shit.

No. 119280

i came out to have a good time and honestly i'm feeling so attacked right now.

… nah but it's tough coming to terms with being so basic

No. 119284

There's a girl in my sociology class that's exactly this lmao. She's such a sweetheart though.

No. 119293



No. 119299

But a majority in this thread does, apparently.

Don't be so salty.

No. 119313

fuccck this describes my bf

No. 119335

File: 1480380850115.png (410.41 KB, 850x588, mirastarterpack.png)

I made one for Mira but sort of ran out of room

No. 119341

Don't forget the #facebookchallenge insert where they spam pictures of their gross kids for months straight and actually convince themselves that anybody wants to see their crotchgoblins that frequently.

No. 119343

The blackface killed me, kek

No. 119347


You're not bitter at all.

No. 119350

Did that strike a nerve or was my annoyance not at all evident up to that point?

No. 119353

You're a sane and well adjusted woman who will find a husband one day. Don't worry.

No. 119354

Omfg anon

No. 119357

Considering I've been living with my boyfriend for the past three years, I appreciate the well wishes :')

No. 119359

It actually sounds like you're the bitter one. Hope that online sperm shopping is treating you well

No. 119360

>offended proudmom detected

No. 119362

found the /r/childfree posters
enjoy your toxoplasmosis

No. 119363

Kek. Willing to put money on him not making the effort to marry you even three years down the line.

No. 119365

Have fun with your Diastasis recti

No. 119366

Needs more Sid the Sloth

No. 119368

>muh vanity

Funny how much hubris about her appearance a weeb on lolcow has.

No. 119370

Rather have my vanity over vaginal tearing happening either tbh

No. 119371

Actually pregnant women need to watch their shit with this more than anybody else because they can pass the condition to their fetuses and offspring via congenial condition. Mostly it comes from people eating poorly cooked food, or fruits and vegetables that are contaminated with it.

#proudmoms proving their ignorance.

No. 119372

When your relationships are based solely on sex you take what you can get.

No. 119373

You know kawaii asian husbandos don't like their waifus to hate children right weeb-chans?

No. 119374

>kawaii asian husbandos
Are you the same girl who spergs out in Venus threads? This is like the second time you've posted this thinking anybody gives a shit about bagging yellow cock.

No. 119375

>Are you the same girl who spergs out in Venus threads?


No. 119376

LOL an actual cat woman

No. 119377

Not sure if it will link properly but you can find it over in the Venus thread that got moved to /snow/
For some reason this poster thinks we all care about azn guys.

Don't own a cat, just know how to google something.

No. 119378

File: 1480388771260.png (66 KB, 1336x272, japanon.png)

Cap if anyone cares. Anon got triggered about people talking about Venus' ugly teeth and then accused anyone saying so of being jealous of her asian husbando.
I just don't understand why anon thinks we all want azns.

No. 119381

File: 1480389182496.png (30.13 KB, 534x523, harrypotter.PNG)


No. 119382

Don't worry weeb-chan, nobody's competiting with you for your precious Asian husbandos. You can take em, we don't want em.

No. 119385

Wtf is this from, it's hilarious

No. 119386

Lol, it's so funny but I feel kinda bad for that person at the same time.

No. 119387

It's a legendary post from a childfree LJ community.
Full thing is here

No. 119388

Even the comments on the tardblog are agreeing that it's bullshit that children automatically win comps and giveaways that they don't even comprehend just so the moms can pocket the merch on their behalf.

No. 119389

Yes it's certainly an injustice that a child got preferential treatment in competition for a children's book. It's impossible for anyone to understand Harry Potter without a PhD in literature.

No. 119390

The Half Blood prince is not something a toddler could read and has overreaching themes that it doesn't have mental capacity to understand. You're honestly blind if you don't see that as a gift for the mom, I highly doubt her kid ever got that book.

No. 119391

Nonsense. After Goblet HP went downhill. The broader the scope of the world the less capable JKR was of dealing with things like consistent world building.

No. 119392

You're so full of shit you can't even help yourself lol. You know damn well no kid under the age of six would've read all those books up to HBP by themselves, and no less understood what was going on by then. You just can't admit the #proudmom was being a cunt and knew that by dressing her kid in a generic witch cloak from Wal Mart she'd likely win some merch she could sell or win on her behalf. It was no a gift for that child. Period.

No. 119393

>a toddler
The original post never states the child's age, you're reading into it to validate your silly argument. Even if they gave the book to a newborn baby, the fully grown adult having a meltdown over not winning a children's book still looks like an idiot.

No. 119394

File: 1480391488512.png (394.76 KB, 827x681, image.png)

Even if you switch it and make it to be about a child under the age of 7 the argument still applies sweetpea. And way to post this so you can distract everyone from the fact that you're the samebitch getting triggered at posts about Venus, ugly teeth, being an overbearing parent, and thinking you need an asian husbando/boyfriend to be a validated female.

Anything else we should know about you?

No. 119395

You're funny, anon.
Keep digging yourself deeper.

No. 119396

But if I keep digging for your level I might hit some diamond milk!

No. 119397

Oh wow, you're not even denying those posts are yours. Crazy mom with yellow teeth confirmed!

No. 119398

I thought this was the Starter pack thread.

Can you fucks stop derailing it with weeb venus shit? Go back go Margo and Venus threads to discuss it there

No. 119399

You're just not very good at reading comprehension. I guess that's why you're still reading children's books.

No. 119400

Isn't it time to put your crotchfruit to bed at this hour? Or do you have some more Venus posts to sperg about?

No. 119403

File: 1480392811833.png (477.25 KB, 800x600, stfualready.png)

I have work tomorrow and yet here I am up late making memes, why am I doing this to myself?

No. 119404

No. 119405

No. 119406

This should've been the last post in this thread

No. 119407

bless you, anon.

No. 119408

I was one of the anons arguing and I lol'd. Well played.

No. 119409

Had a good laugh, thanks anon

No. 119410

File: 1480395697293.png (4.3 MB, 2776x1332, venusangelic1111.png)

>>119403 you genius, kek.

i dont want to start a new drama, but I made tons of starter packs since OP created this thread, including several cow SP, heh (Ive been sick at home so yeah I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY).
Im just going to post this here because cows and snowflakes SP are fun. not trying to make you guys argue and derail everything again.

No. 119413

File: 1480397468710.jpg (58.94 KB, 470x481, childish.JPG)

This is kind of me tbh

No. 119416


they make really cheesy rock music. tumblr eats it up. not that weird honestly.

No. 119417

File: 1480399097010.jpg (523.61 KB, 849x565, iStock_000010677562Small.jpg)


>tfw one of these girls in college asked me "hi anoN! you like k-pop right?".

a complete stranger. i've literally never listened to k-pop, why do i look like that fuuck. for the past year or so these type of girls always try to be my friends. i hate them so much.

No. 119418

This sounds like my dream guy tbh

No. 119420

this was my child life in my room. I also played Petz 5 religiously

No. 119421

It's missing stretch plugs and red lipstick but otherwise spot on

No. 119426

I have met one of those in real life because, of course, being an ex-pat in a different country people love to introduce you to people from where you're from for some reason.

She was typical overweight teaboo 'doctor who, harry potter, sherlock' fangirl type who just had utter disdain of my presence and kept saying things like 'It's a Brit thing. You wouldn't really understand' until i informed her I'd lived here almost ten years and am married to a Brit. She shut up after that. But yeah. I meet those types of American girls ALL the time in London and I don't get it. I understand you wanna embrace your new 'home' or whatever but fuck me. You don't need to be an utter insufferable cunt about it.

No. 119432

File: 1480422034321.png (783.21 KB, 1200x630, suzy.png)

This was fun to make

No. 119434

These types of people really upset me. Please stop, there's nothing wrong with being just American.

No. 119435

I know far too many Americans in London like this. Luckily most get booted out and move elsewhere when their visa runs out.

No. 119437

It happens literally everywhere though unfortunately. That's why those dna tests are so popular, knowing that you have a little bit of some dna other than that from your home country makes you feel less boring.

No. 119439


yes! what is it with american identity politics?

even when they're in their own country, i hear them saying things like "yah i'm scottish/cherokee/italian, so…" just because their great-great grandfather was.
conveniently ignoring the fact that the overwhelming majority of your ancestors are the least exotic whitey whitertons ever to white.

is it because it's a relatively newly formed/colonised country? a country entirely made of immigrants and very few natives? i don't get it, genuinely. if somebody feels like educating me i'd be grateful.

No. 119440

I consider myself a childish woman but aside from the drinking part, none of these apply. Feels good.

No. 119443

what i hate the most is how people kind of expect you to be like this.

i went to uni in a different country and i swear people get way more excited about it than i ever have been. or treats you as some kind of cultural expert of that country, it's like no? i was only there for a few years in a specific context, google it or ask a native jfc

No. 119444

Reminds me of AllieKay. Especially the "OMG a guy stared at me for a second!" bit.

No. 119445

>your ancestors are the least exotic whitey whitertons ever to white

kek, most of it stems from wanting to be speshul and having something on tumblr to identify as.

No. 119449

File: 1480432591573.jpg (24.41 KB, 576x503, b3a.jpg)

No. 119451

File: 1480432969984.png (107.78 KB, 500x450, brexit-starter-pack-i-have-no-…)

No. 119459

There's nothing wrong with them being proud of their roots imo. Every chink, bindi and other non white in America is just the same after all.

No. 119461

Literally never seen an Indian or Asian person talk about their 1/30th Mongolian/Laotian/Azerbaijan/Bhutan heritage but okay lmao

No. 119463

File: 1480439757048.jpg (135.71 KB, 800x1067, 18yptzqv5fdd8jpg.jpg)

The tattoo reminds me of my sister. Left the father of her child, boyfriend since highschool (works in banking, son of a plumber) because he is "boring" (prefers staying at home or having dinner with friends than going to a disco). This was not her idea, but that of her psychiatrist. After putting her on antidepressants. She got in the cock carousel afterwards.
A work acquaintance snatched up the guy a week afterwards.
She will be 40 soon.

No. 119465

This is on fucking point, holy shit

No. 119466

Took me a minute to get it

No. 119467

Black and 'mixed' people do it a lot from what I see online.
Though I don't care much about that, you should hear Brits shoehorning their heritage into every single conversation.
>Oh I'm half Irish!
>Yeah erm I have Irish relatives
>Well you know I'm half English half Welsh!
That's nice dear.
Usually in the middle of a completely unrelated conversation as well.

I don't really take issue with yanks doing that, especially since most of them (that I've met) are a lot less obnoxious about it than Brits, but I do hate it when they start a blog about their 'wild adventure' abroad (in another high income English-speaking country that loves sucking American cock because it brings the money in) or start busting out these cringeworthy inside jokes and act like it's a different planet just because our toothpaste has a different name. Christ on a bike would you ever stop.

No. 119469

My only surviving grandparent, one of my grandmas, died when I was five. I cherish every moment I spent with her, and not having met the others. Being a late child sucks.

No. 119472

You could have bough game magazines or asked friends/family to burn to cd / copy to floppy backups for you.

No. 119481

That's the point. They talk about their Indian or East Asian heritage and the odd European American occasionally talks about their European heritage.

The real issue here is that you see no issue with the former as you don't really expect non white peoples to do away with ethnic loyalty and concentrate solely on their civic identification.

No. 119483

File: 1480446762034.png (367.11 KB, 640x480, girlgamer.png)

I made a new one since this one was missing quite a few things.

No. 119485

Also I fucked up the louis vuitton speedy.

Why does every ~gurl gamer~ have one of those ugly ass, dime-a-dozen, light beige, tiny LV speedy bags? Didn't those stop being a thing in 2002?

No. 119486


heh do we actually do that? i've never met a brit who goes on about their heritage/shoehorns to that extent unless it's a misguided attempt to find something in common with somebody.

No. 119487

lmao this is perfect. wp anon

No. 119488

Many of my British professors do it, as do some of my British classmates that got accepted as foreign EU students on a technicality because their A levels/British LC equivalent results were so hilariously bad that no college in the UK wanted to touch them with a ten foot pole.
It's the most prestigious college in the country too, kind of sad that we've become a dumping ground for all English-speaking undesirables in the world.

No. 119491

my mom has one of those


No. 119495

That's kind of what happens when "European-Americans" co-opt the meaning of American to just mean "European not living in Europe", I guess? America is a mostly white country ever since the debacle with the natives, and I'm pretty sure most people don't think of a brown person when you say "American". It's not like it came out of nowhere, they want it that way. It's only recently that they want to be special snowflakes after demonizing the chinks and bindis and other non-whites as "outsiders".

No. 119496

You're acting as if all white Americans had this big conference and agreed to oppress everyone who didn't look like them as opposed to being as xenophobic and ignorant as the rest of the world when the country was built and then just sticking with it because they could. I mean they're not exactly acting any differently from Japs and Koreans.
Also, when someone says American I almost always think of 50 Cent and the ghetto, for what it's worth.

No. 119499

Of course they didn't all agree to it, but I'm pretty sure the majority aren't complaining. It's not some horrible racist/oppressive thing, it's just how they identified themselves, and they're only changing their tune because now being American is super common/bland instead of exotic and fascinating. Japanese and Korean people don't pretend they're anything but Japanese or Korean, either, so I'd say they are acting a bit different.
Hope the thread doesn't fall into racebait over this, I like starter packs.

No. 119504

This thread can't go 5 seconds without dissolving into some OT fight

No. 119513

Depends on what part of America you are talking about.

No. 119515


Europeans founded the country. How could they co-opt it?

No. 119516

The continent existed before Europeans arrived.

No. 119517

>The continent existed
*The continent and the people living in it existed
I'm done

No. 119518

A country/state and a landmass are two different things anon. Did England exist as a state before the angle and saxon invasions?

No. 119520

File: 1480457680911.jpeg (380.38 KB, 1944x1348, M1Uoiqi.jpeg)

Chill and post some starter packs

No. 119522

that doesn't sound right at all…

No. 119524

One of them was even on the radio the other day bragging about his ASBO life before his daddy got him into UCD as a foreign student.

No. 119545

p. sure I've seen some brown/SEA asian weeaboos talk about their "Japanese" grandparent (from Hawaii)

No. 119555

File: 1480472330322.png (165.12 KB, 326x311, coloradostarterpacksmall.png)

oc, but state specific

No. 119558

GUILTY. I'm American, ethnically Pacific Islander, and I used to brag about my one Japanese ancestor to impress my weeb friends in middle school lmao.

I hear this kind of thing a lot. I know myself and a lot of other ambiguously ethnic people get the blunt "So what are you?" question a lot (when people bother asking at all, in lieu of assuming I'm Mexican because what other kind of brown person is there, anyway?), and I guess white people that hear that a lot start to think that they have to "be" something, too.

No. 119565

File: 1480491568247.jpg (44.53 KB, 359x410, IMG_5341.JPG)

No. 119576

Thank you, anon.

No. 119644

File: 1480566322701.png (646.11 KB, 959x666, sp.png)

No. 119648


oh god no, this one hits closest to home. I need to take better care of myself for fuck sake, and clean my fucking room


No. 119664

File: 1480577210978.png (123.62 KB, 600x617, 2214 starter pack.png)

No. 119665

Apparently khalessi was a very popular baby name few years back. I feel sorry for all those kids.

No. 119779

fucking kek.
Also missing minecraft

No. 119782

this is missing those Miss Me rhinestone jeans

No. 119784

These and that one free Captain Crunch game were my childhood.

No. 119800

I actually laughed out loud.

t. camgirl

No. 119809

Have you told your dad about it?

No. 119811

Someone has got to make the "14 and smoke weed because I'm so cool" starter pack.

No. 119826

File: 1480681066350.jpg (102.12 KB, 640x640, wicca shit.jpg)

Fuck, I'm so tired of those, they're literally everywhere and this whole pagan/wicca trend is spreading like the plague.

Honestly, I like the whole aesthetic of it but all those obese tumblr bitches take it to a whole new level.

No. 119831

Same. I like it even more because I used to be a goth and hung out with (sane) girls who were really into wicca and shit

No. 120644

File: 1481314741444.jpg (172.73 KB, 750x750, true.jpg)

No. 120676

All the basic I can't stand rolled into one photo, amazing.

No. 120687

>tfw seeing a BMW post on facebook from a indian girl just now

No. 120695

File: 1481378133113.jpg (980.56 KB, 1438x1227, Screenshot_20161210-075226.jpg)

I feel like this one is missing something…

No. 120696

File: 1481382403053.jpg (93.99 KB, 600x600, jrtu12-i.jpg)

needs high-waisted jean cutoffs

No. 120697


this also applies to most beauty gurus

No. 120698


what even is that? your starter pack was just posting random buzzworthy images?

No. 120712

File: 1481398431228.jpg (551.73 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_6589.JPG)

No. 120714

It's satirical.

No. 120717

As a mid twenties south texas anon, this is accurate af. It seems like everytime one gaudy over the top texas boutique trend dies, another one comes right along to replace it.

No. 120881

File: 1481538435727.jpg (58.85 KB, 534x385, basic tumblr bitches.jpg)

These girls all think they're superior because they're "artistic"

No. 120884

ohhh my GOD this is my boyfriend's shitty ex to a tee, and if i had a dollar for every girl in art school like this i've had a class with i wouldn't be in art school debt

No. 120885

File: 1481542766773.jpg (154.47 KB, 1024x647, 6CAUJUl1Grnd77bYwtAKi2B4BI6WqF…)

No. 120887

ugh on point

No. 120891

I avoid anyone who has those bangs like the plague.

No. 120920

Comparing a state founded in the 5th century to one that is less than 300 years old is silly.

However if you are born snd bred in America, you are American you have never known otherwise. You aren't 1/6th Irish or whatever

No. 120931

I looked up milk and honey expecting some 2deep4u shit, but it's just a bunch of inspirational Facebook quotes with unnecessary line breaks. Kind of disappointing.

No. 120939

File: 1481575592215.jpg (350.06 KB, 1078x1032, 2016-12-12_13.44.59.jpg)

Oh man, this is my ex.

No. 120945

Same. Just the look, though. Such eye candy to me.

No. 120954

File: 1481591850900.png (440.97 KB, 597x474, Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 5.00…)

this is probably the best one i've found in a long time holy shit

No. 120958

it's a meta pack

No. 120971

>"I don't really listen to metal anymore" starter pack
>sunbather album
>alcest album

What is this image trying to tell us?

No. 121035

10/10 too close

No. 121039

oh no this is my bf…

No. 121040

that those kinds of people are too far up their own ass to see what they're saying?

No. 121055

Forever jealous. I hope he wifes you.

No. 121133

File: 1481765419254.png (294.43 KB, 500x501, liberal-starter-pack-meme.png)

No. 121137


that's reddit tho…

No. 121162

I know shitlibs are retarded and all but even then you've got to wonder how anyone can respect Cenk Uyghur given his background as some sweaty Turkish nationalist Armenian genocide denier.

Like. How can you take him seriously as a fellow shitlib knowing that? So much cognitive dissonance among leftists it beggars belief.

No. 121178

File: 1481796969746.png (608.02 KB, 971x768, 09877.png)

No. 121179

File: 1481797502592.png (17.13 KB, 200x94, trump reddit.png)

Go home.

No. 121196

>you've got to wonder how anyone can respect Cenk Uyghur given his background as some sweaty Turkish nationalist Armenian genocide denier.
i only know of TYT but i have never heard this. i'd hazard a guess that it's not common knowledge.

shitlibs are awful at background checking.

No. 172184

File: 1481946792062.png (248.63 KB, 1235x778, IMG_5478.PNG)

No. 172194

>snafu comics
Uncomfortably accurate.

No. 172201

That fucking banana.

No. 172302

File: 1482027538535.jpg (38.61 KB, 700x520, awbY2P1_700b.jpg)

No. 172303

File: 1482027695256.png (70.95 KB, 500x358, the-do-you-guys-give-a-militar…)

No. 172319

>MtF transgender starter pack

No. 172339

File: 1482031375896.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, LUFDL-hS.jpg)

No. 172344

?? Stop baiting

No. 172355

>tfw you liek mudkips so much you gave yours an everstone and now you've got a level 100 mudkip

No. 172370

this applies to firefighter wives as well

No. 172526

Twenty one pilots is emo?
so confus rite now

No. 172553

Top fucking kek. It's so accurate I'm almost "triggered" .

It's true, they have more of a pop sound imo but every emo kid I've seen now listens to Twenty One Pilots. I think it's their look more than anything.

No. 172837

sounds like you've never met an American. They're unbearable when they talk about their "heritage". It's particularly bad when it comes to having "Irish heritage" when in reality, they have none.

I've never heard a Brit claiming Irish ancestry (that would be a source of shame) but even if they did, it's probably true anyway? Much more believeable than an American saying it.

You sure you're not just a bitter Eyerish-American, anon?

No. 172840

Oh look, a defensive Brit…
No, I'm fairly sure I know who I am. And your knowledge of Americans seems to stem from television and internet memes, because while most of them are excitable and clueless they rarely insert random facts about their heritage unless the conversation is heading that way.
>but even if they did, it's probably true anyway?
Who gives a toss if it's true? Do you seriously think anyone spends minutes of their precious time pondering whether some yank or brit is telling the truth? You're both annoying in different ways, you're just worse about the heritage thing. Aussies too for that matter.

No. 172842

Are you living under a rock? Lol I can't tell if you're parodying an annoying "Irish-American" or serious?

Actually I'm Irish and I have to deal with American tourists on a near daily basis thanks to where I work. Americans are to Ireland what weebs are to Japan. No British person would idolise our country or spread shitty misinformation or claim to know more about Ireland than the Irish themselves.

Americans are never happy with being "just American". They're desperate to have some kind of unusual heritage. The fact is many Europeans have very mixed backgrounds but literally nobody brags about it, just Americans.

No. 172844

I know many Europeans have different backgrounds, I'm half Spanish. I just don't see what your damage is and why you're so bent on shitting on Americans when it's glaringly obvious that you're just dealing with shitty tourists, not all Americans. I've met many Brits and Americans in college and the Americans were usually fine, so it's far from a national trait like you claim it is.

Again, I call bullshit. You honestly sound like a Brit.

No. 172846

And I don't see why you're defending them when they're notoriously bad? You've never had to experience someone naming their child a name from your country that they can't even pronounce. You don't have to put up with people turning your national holiday into a giant piss-up.

You may have "met someone this one time in college" and now suddenly think you're really knowledgeable (I'm assuming it's some Brit you have a vendetta against, it's okay we all go through bad breakups x). I get it, every American has that attitude. But I genuinely talk to Americans on a daily basis and have been to America multiple times (where I've been hounded down on the street after people heard my accent in order to let me know about their Irish great-great-great grandmother). And I've been to the UK where people dgaf that I'm Irish and go to the trouble of learning to pronounce my name and are in general pretty respectful (I mean, as they should be). I've a much better basis for comparison than someone who "met someone this one time."

I know on your side of the pond, it seems like a meme designed to demonise you but the stereotype exists for a reason. Literally nobody here in Europe cares about what "half" European nationality you are, nobody would even think to mention that here. I've known people who I thought were purely Irish until they get on the phone to their mom and suddenly they're speaking fluent French or German. It's only you Americans that care about this topic and you need to tone it the fuck down because there are people over here laughing at you.

You sound 14 and like you haven't been outside of America.

No. 172847

Oh wow lmao you really are a butthurt Brit.

No. 172848

You can keep calling me a Brit but it's not going to make me one? Would you like me to take a timestamped selfie with my Shillelagh for proof or…?

No. 172849

Haha ok dear. Whatever you say.

No. 172850

How about your lovely Irish passport instead?

No. 172892

^^^^ can the eurofags up there shut the fuck up and post a starter pack or something moderately more relevant?

No. 172896

Worst thread ever, how many arguments has it dissolved into?

No. 172914

File: 1482295382058.jpg (449.01 KB, 1536x916, plasticpaddy.jpg)

Sorry, you're right. Here u go, fam.

No. 172919

As an American, the most shoehorning I've experienced were from Jews and white-passing Mexicans.

No. 172925

those bangs are from celestia/olanzapinegirl/femaleslug.tumblr.com and i'm surprised she's never gotten a thread on here considering how ridiculous and insane she is

No. 172945

Requesting a "I'm not Mexican, I'm Puerto Rican!"

No. 172946

This is so embarrassing and tacky in every way. Christ.

No. 172953

The closest bar to me an Irish bar, so it's FULL of 20somethings like this.
Like ok, I get it, your great-great-granddad was from Ireland. So was mine. Oh well.
It's the sort of thing that makes me just walk 4 extra blocks to the bar just full of old people if I'm wanting a drink instead tbh.

No. 172957

Lmaoooo called it

No. 172967

this hits way too close to home, pls stop

No. 172968

called what, hun?

No. 172979

hey those are some good ass albums, minus the swans one

No. 173025

File: 1482391648853.jpg (57.91 KB, 600x600, the-best-funny-pictures-of-sta…)

jesus h christ, i hate these women

No. 173026

File: 1482391764889.jpg (182.64 KB, 735x783, the-friend-who-gives-unsolicit…)

No. 173027

File: 1482391822675.png (142.78 KB, 500x654, the-girl-who-thinks-her-makeup…)

No. 173028

What the fuck are those names?

No. 173029

those are legitimate names that she considered for her baby. the post on tumblr linked to her own blogspot and she got the name Lakynn from a highway name or some shit like that. the kid is like 5 or 6 years old now with the name Lakynn

No. 173064

I think the story was that they're Mormon so they have to have a unique name for their child? Something like that. I know so many Mormons with just regular names tho, so they might be bullshitting just to have an excuse to name their kid something stupid.

No. 173076

Utah Mormons in particular are prone to giving their kids ridiculous names, but it's common enough among Mormons in general that there are multiple websites dedicated to cataloguing weird Mormon baby names.

How is Lakynn even pronounced? It looks like it'd be pronounced like "lackin'", which hopefully isn't correct.

No. 173085

No. 173086

File: 1482424923582.jpg (120.84 KB, 640x437, Lakynn 6.jpg)

I want to fucking punch them

No. 173088

So basically "lacking" lol

No. 173091

I feel bad for any child who will never find a coffee mug from souvenir store with their name on it.

No. 173099

No. 173105

This needs some kylie lip kits, jeffree starr highlight, and too faced chocolate bar palettes to be more accurate

No. 173120

>tfw I've unironically liked chokers for years and now I won't wear them for fear of looking like a basic bitch
feels bad

No. 173121

I wear tattoo chokers but I make sure they look good with my outfit. And I don't wear the "daddy" chokers, either. I think chokers are okay as long as you're not going for the daddy aesthetic.

No. 173122

chokers look cool if they go with your outfit (and you're wearing them for fashion reasons and not dumbass tumblr fetish ddlg ~aesthetic~)

No. 175056

File: 1483398103475.png (249.74 KB, 640x400, chistarterpack.png)

No. 175066

Huh. Never seen an actual FOB using Tinder. Do they use it to thirstily hit on white girls like Indians or something?

No. 175090

Ugh! It's so fucking annoying. I went to watch a school christmas performance in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, and all the little girls (and their fat suburban moms) were wearing chokers. Seeing chokers being sold for 99 cents at walmart also really grinds my gears, because just a couple of years ago it was a rarity to find chokers anywhere.

No. 175120

Yeah like generally I'm not annoyed by trends or what everyone wears but I've straight up heard people say shit like "girls with chokers have daddy issues" or "don't fuck with a girl who wears chokers bc she's crazy" or "fuck with a girl who wears chokers because she does butt stuff" because so many people wear them while aggressively pushing a certain aesthetic/lifestyle and it's dumb, I just wanna wear my neck cord in peace.

No. 175122

>fuck with a girl who wears chokers because she does butt stuff


No. 175159

>gay lick

my fuckin sides m8

No. 176690

I kind of got addicted to these types of shows, but after a while I started to resent them because all of the houses end up looking boring and samey. I'd love to see one where they want a gaudy, disco-era house with wood paneling.

No. 176891

File: 1484362720499.jpg (35.76 KB, 480x634, 1483136304927.jpg)

i think this was from an onion boy thread, but here let's revive my favorite thread pls

No. 176896


i think that eyeliner looks cute? i can't do it but i've seen people IRL do their cat eye like that all the time. is that not the way that its supposed to be done? or is it just saying that people that do that style of eyeliner are vapid tumblr girls? because that's kinda silly

No. 176897


>that eyeliner looks cute

>time for an eye exam

No. 176901


like i said i don't do cat eyes at all so i just didn't know it was wrong, sorry.

No. 176914

>that title
Geez, not even trying to hide the subjectivity?

No. 176927

File: 1484395913105.png (526.47 KB, 1098x1038, mtf tranny starter pack.png)

No. 176928

Why do MTF people need strap ons? Isn't that what they're getting rid of?

No. 176929

its a suction cup dildo not a strap on

No. 177928

I swear I know at least 10 girls who fall under this title and look exactly like this. It's like a cult dress code. Lacks "nudes on public social media" though.

No. 177930

File: 1484433700204.jpg (12.39 KB, 251x242, 1451133410387.jpg)

>gay lick
lost it

No. 178098

it literally reminded me of her when i saw it oooomg

No. 178126

lol I just started listening to death grips last year. didn't know mtfs were into them, why?

No. 178152

lmao that jacksepticeye symbol. stop

No. 209190

File: 1508227983825.png (467.4 KB, 800x600, starterpackcreator.png)

No. 209194

File: 1508239369790.png (89.18 KB, 500x398, 1504816260338.png)

No. 209201

this is so fucking specific and yet I know someone very similar to this

No. 209203

omg do we know the same girl?

No. 209205

hah probably not, there's no way the girl I'm thinking of knows who Heidegger is lol

No. 209220

Strangely enough I also knew a girl nearly exactly like this in highschool. I guess everybody falls in to a weirdly specific stereotypes.

No. 209241

How does an adult not know who Heidegger is?

No. 209249

tbh I didn't know either and had to look him up lol, I know fuck-all about philosophy.

No. 209266

Not all adults are exposed to the same information in their lifetime. An adult would know that.

No. 209278

By being normal and unpretentious?

No. 209283

File: 1508306346026.png (53.4 KB, 156x168, 1507945878225.png)

By having different priorities, crazy that.

Most people have no idea who the fuck Carnot or Gauss were as people, and I don't especially fault them for it. Because who the fuck would, unless it's something you've studied?

No. 212777

File: 1511650056086.jpeg (63.53 KB, 480x449, 27CD2926-84DF-4A8D-B615-2A421F…)

let’s revive this thread

on the subject of everyone fitting into some starter pack or another, could someone please do a farmer starter pack? or maybe like a series of starter packs summarizing different types of lolcow users?

No. 212805

File: 1511673079970.gif (3.51 MB, 600x450, pearposting.gif)

here's one specifically for Anisa threads

No. 212813

This is perfect

No. 212817

10/10 hearty kek

No. 212864

Perfection, absolute perfection.

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