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File: 1489438659951.jpg (89.47 KB, 750x731, IMG_1212.jpg)

No. 183671

Would you date a guy shorter than you?

No. 183674

I'm 5'7" and dated a guy who was 5'3" once. He had short man syndrome so he was heavily tatted up and worked out a lot and drove a truck. He had to put a step on it lol. We dated for a few months because he had a nice cock, got tired of his insecurities though.

No. 183675

I'm 5'7 and I have a crush on a guy that's 5'5
He rejected me multiple times now
I feel like it mayyyy be because of my height
He has told me he's insecure about his height
Really sucks

No. 183676

I probably wouldn't. But I'm 5 feet so lel. It's not very likely to happen anyway.

No. 183680

File: 1489441949623.jpg (59.64 KB, 847x474, 353454.jpg)

Looks like a robot/incel bait thread, but whatever.

No, probably not, because I've met too many short guys with a Napoleon Complex. I don't have time for that shit. Plus, tall men are just more attractive to me. I can already hear the incels screaming.

No. 183681

I'm 5'6 and my bf is 5'5. Hes so sweet and good looking and tbh I didn't really notice until one day he pointed it out to me that I'm slightly taller.

No. 183686

I tried that for a while once. He had lots of money and kept buying me expensive dinners and things, but when I realized I was too embarrassed to hold his hand or kiss him in public I stopped seeing him, not worth it.

No. 183688

My husbands an inch taller. It's childish and petty af to make it a deal breaker but hey, it wouldn't be a meme if the dating pool wasn't mostly petty children.

No. 183690

my bf and i are the same height, so there's no ill will.
however, when i was younger i dated a guy about a foot shorter than me.
i never minded at all, but he was a very unpleasant person i learned.

No. 183692

Yeah. I had a major crush on a guy who was 5'2'', but he already had a girlfriend.

I vastly prefer guys only a few inches or the same height as me. Tall guys a shit.

No. 183695

absolutely, I've had a crush on a guy no taller than 5'2" for a really long time and I'm like 5'9"
This smells like something from r9k but I'll take the bait

No. 183697

File: 1489453990829.jpg (38.65 KB, 641x617, C6p1f_QWgAAWZus.jpg)

Sure. I'm honestly horrible at guessing people's heights, even if I'm close with them irl so I don't care. I think the shortest guy I ever liked was 5'4 (I'm 5'2, for reference).

I think most of the girls who are vocally not into short guys are salty for being rejected or not having tall guys pining after them or whatever other dumb reason.

No. 183698

I have no problems finding short guys attractive unless they are MUCH shorter than me. I love the cuteness factor. Handsome shorter-than-average guys are fucking adorable.

But I prefer guys closer to my height b/c it makes shower sex easier

>>mfw taeyang is 5'3" and I want to put on heels and give him a big tits-to-face hug

No. 183701

**note I am 5'6"

No. 183705

File: 1489457399225.jpg (90.55 KB, 238x311, lovecom1_zps8dc50c41-1 (1).jpg)

having a short guy is my dream, i dont know know if anime made me like this or what but the first time i heard the stigma about short men i was shocked, but i guess i should understand since being a tall girl in school no one really treated me like a girl or saw me in feminine light so i guess short guys are the same

No. 183710

I'm 5'5" and would generally be down to date any dude 5'6" or taller although I've definitely crushed on shorter dudes. Honestly it's an insecurity thing – I'd need to date a tall guy to feel feminine basically bc I feel mannish most days (athletic banana-type body and masculine facial features).

No. 183712

Can we talk about guys who whine about being short when they're like 5'6-5'8 or something. Boohoo I'm such a manlet no woman wants me :(
Meanwhile I know guys who are like 5'2 that have cute gfs, often taller than them…

No. 183714

I'm a lesbian and tbh I'm not sure I could date a short woman… so I kind of get where some people are coming from.
It shouldn't be a gendered issue though. Fine I won't date girls shorter than me, but some won't date girls taller than them either… why should it be so different for straight people? Gender roles I guess.

No. 183721

I'm 5'8" and have only dated people who are the same height as me or slightly shorter.

No. 183726

Depends more on the personality than his height. I'm only 5'3 but would date someone who's shorter than me, just not a lot because…it'd be a bit weird and at it'd be close to midget size?

No. 183727

5'2 so a shorter guy would basically be a midget. Plus I live in a tall country so there aren't any guys shorter than me here

so no

No. 183728

I only ever dated men shorter than me tbh, and I'm not even that tall (5'7"). I don't mind it at all, I'm used to everyone being shorter so it never felt like an issue. And with my current boyfriend I actually find it very attractive because he's the cute type and his being short only adds to it.


Robot bait

No. 183734

I admit I have a thing for really tall guys, maybe because they stand out ? But I only dated 2 rather tall ones and the others were barely taller than me, if not the same size (I'm about 5'5 without any heels)

I like snuggling against a tall guy chest but I also like to hold onto a guy's arm when he's my size or kiss him without having to ask him to bend down. Or hug them without hugging their waist.

In the end it's all about how you own it (and I know insecure small guys won't hear it) but my ex's ex was taller than him and he told me his friends asked him if that bothered him. He was just like "Why would I pass on going out with her just because of that ? You guys do it if you want to but I'd rather go out with her"

The only awkward thing is possibly dancing with someone smaller than you but eh

No. 183738

File: 1489484453341.png (99.55 KB, 500x715, shrug.png)

I'm 6'0, and have always dated guys who are at the same height or higher than me.

It's not that i actually don't want to date guys smaller than me, I don't really care, but a lot of guys do apparently.

No. 183739


Shorter than me? No. Short. Sure. I'm 5'8.

No. 183740

I dated a guy who was shorter.
When we started dating he knew i wasn't into shota.
Yet he slowly started to try and push me into the whole straight shota bullshit so i broke up with him.

No. 183741

Is this low-key harvesting of shame boner material from robots?
If it is, I wish they would get it into their heads that women aren't a hivemind already

No. 183747

Doubt that'll ever happen, shame.

No. 183756

No, I'm from /fit/. I wanted to see if being short is as big of a deal as it's made to be on there, where people get absolutely shot down if they're shorter than 6'0. I never noticed ther was an issue first hand since I'm 6'3".

No. 183757

Obviously it depends on the height of the girl and whether she gives a shit or not. In my experience shorter guys are the ones who make a bigger deal about their height than anyone else. They try to overcompensate for their height and usually come off as assholes.

No. 183759

Actually getting an answer to that was so bizarrely satisfying.
I would say that attraction for height is the norm, but I agree with >>183757 that it's not really that big of a deal when part of the whole package. I know a 6" hot girl with a 5"6 bf, and he's just a really chilled out guy who doesn't mind joking about his height. However when I think of the word manlet, I only think about jerks with "short man syndrome", almost like I only remember a guy is short if he's also got the complex to go with it.

No. 183763

Never again. It's not only the fact that I'm not attracted to them, they also often have what we should call the "Napoleon complex" and are extremely bitchy because they feel bad about their height and the thought is torturing them.

No. 183774


It wasn't him being shorter that turned me off.
He was handsome and nice.

It's just eventually he got into a kink that turned me off and this is a recurring theme with women who have dated shorter guys.
They decided to be with the guy even though he was shorter so they clearly must not have minded but eventually random issues/complexes/insecurities pop up that ruin the relationship and you can never be sure if those issues had to do with him being shorter.. or just with him as a person in general.

No. 183783

I don't care about their height, and I know plenty of really sweet guys who are my height or shorter (5'4). Short men are in high supply where I live.

Some of them are absolute pricks though and when I come across a short guy who talks down to me (lol, no pun intended) I make it a point to take the piss out of him and call him names in front of his friends. Most of them take it really personally and it's hilarious, I love dragging sad wankers through the mud like the pigs they are.

No. 183792


Height never mattered to me. I'm 5'4 so it's not like there's a lot of guys out there shorter than me.

No. 183815

File: 1489535560737.jpg (72.36 KB, 736x545, snoosnoo.jpg)

I'm dating a guy who is the same height/maybe an inch or so shorter?
I get insecure about it sometimes but when it comes down to it i really don't mind. I do miss wearing cute shoes though. When I wear heels around him I feel like Death by snoo snoo

No. 183823

Damn, where do you guys live that you see so many short guys? I live in the Southeast and very rarely see a guy shorter/around as short as me, at 5'6". I see a lot of guys around 5'10" or so, but not many shorter than that.

No. 183830

I'm 5'10" and dated a guy shorter than me once. I've always had a complex about my height. I think its because everyone in my family is super short.
Anyway, he never brought up height once. He was about 5'6" but didn't seem to have short man syndrome or anything (my brother at same height does). Him never bringing it up/seeming to care made him more attractive to me for sure.
Funny thing is tho my current bf is 6'0", but when I wear heels and I'm a bit taller than him and he gets super uncomfortable about it.

No. 183891

What gets me is I am taller than SO many people where I live (US). I am only 5'5" but I feel like I tower over most men around me these days. Not sure if it's my area (lot of hispanic people, which is fine but they are generally shorter) but I live in a fairly large and diverse city and rarely see grown men taller than me. It's weird, but I do feel less intimidated.

No. 183892

I'm 5'7 and my bf is 5'7 too but due to bad posture I oftent look taller than him. I really don't mind I think it's practical since we are always at kiss height. And when I wear high heels I feel strong sexy and powerful. He is very confident in himself it help a lot I guess.

No. 183918

I'm around 5' (a little shorter) and have actually met guys around my height. They all seemed insecure and bit assholey though so yeah. If they were nice, rich, and didn't mirror their insecurities, I'd give them a shot even though the extremely short height is a turnoff for me. Most of the guys I've dated have been 5'4" - 5'9" though, and I frankly prefer that height range because they never seemed insecure about their height even though they aren't tall plus I can wear heels.

No. 183926


I once had a crush on a guy that was 157 fucking centimeters (5'2"). I'm 170cm (5'7"). He had great personality and had perfect face and our chemistry just worked, but goddamnit his body was so tiny. I don't even mind looking down on a guy but those fucking limbs are so short like there's a wrist and then right after that is the elbow and then shoulder. I could not do it and had to distance myself from the guy because his personality and face made me unable to forget about my feelings but his body was just a turn-off.

No. 183930

No, everything is better when bigger.

No. 183941

as long as his dick isn't as diminutive as his height idgaf

No. 183961

File: 1489674011588.png (16.88 KB, 250x165, O6zLLsW.png)

I'm deeply insulted that mods think I'm an r9k retard or whatever. Thanks for the replies regardless.

No. 183965

I would prefer not to date someone shorter than me, but it's not a dealbreaker. It's the same as not wanting to date someone skinnier than me. I just don't like feeling big.

No. 183968

Probably not, unless he was Vladimir Putin, in which case I make an exception

I like to date a guy who is at least the same height as me and weighs a lot more because I already am bothered by being rather tall for a woman and always feel like I am awkwardly towering over other women and even some men, and so I would like to at least get to feel small and feminine when with my boyfriend.

No. 183979

I once set up a date with this guy who said he was 20, we met online so I had never seen him before aside from carefully angled pictures to hide his face and height. We met at this burger place, he walks in and he was like, 4'11 at most, his hair is greasy and down to his shoulders, and he's wearing wallet chains. I cringed the moment I saw him and realized he was actually shorter than me. I'm 5'0 and I literally had to tilt my head down to face him. On top of that he was wearing a heavy metal band shirt and he wasn't much of a looker which is probably why he was hiding his face with all that fucking hair. I had a friend call me and faked an emergency so I could get the fuck out of there.

No. 183983

File: 1489709406196.jpg (43.01 KB, 500x753, X3Xvuog.jpg)

I don't think I would date a man that didn't reach my eye level. It's not really a problem for me because I'm 5'4" and I don't wear heals. I don't have a problem with short men though. I'm not really in to white people anyway and hispanic men are generally shorter so most guys I've dated are like 5'10" or shorter.

It's hard to be attracted to someone shorter than 5'5", mostly because they're always douchebags in my experience.

I think this shit looks kind of ridiculous (Seth Green is 5'4" FYI). A taller woman makes the man look even shorter.

No. 183984

I would totally date a guy shorter than me. I'm 5 foot 4 and would date a guy who's under 5 foot.

What I have found disheartening is that a lot of short guys have a chip on their shoulder and talk shit about girls even though from what I have seen its other men who take the piss out of short men more than women. So thats my opinion on short men, would love to date one with a nice, and not bitter, personality.

No. 183993

File: 1489721954368.jpg (115.16 KB, 386x570, charlie-day-jason-bateman_pg44…)

I'm 5'6 and the shortest men I've ever been attracted to are either my height if not maybe half an inch shorter. Short men tend to be pretty cute, but a lot of them ruin it if they have that whole short dude complex like >>183674 talks about

No. 184003

I'm 5'8 and I find slightly shorter guys (5'7-5'9) cute. My ideal height on a guy is probably 5'10. I don't think I could date anyone 5'6 and under, I'd feel too big.

No. 184024

is it wrong for a guy to want to date a girl taller than him?
like a 5'9 guy looking for a 6ft girl?

No. 184027

What a stupid question

No. 184028

it's not dumb
I mean like when the guy shorter than the girl don't they like…

No. 184046

I'm 5'0 so I think 'guys that are shorter than me' is a very narrow pool. Would I? Probably not, but that's more because I'm not into dwarfism.

No. 184060

I'm about 5'0" so guys who are shorter than me are pretty rare. My SO is 5'7" and he's perfect, in my eyes. I never cared about a guy's height, honestly. I'm sure if I was taller, I'd still find him just as attractive.

No. 184077

No. I'm 5'4" and the bf is 6'3". He gives the best hugs and I like resting my head on his chest.

No. 184082

Yes, but I'm pretty sure I have a fetish.

No. 184083

if this wasn't bait…
I actually have no words to say…

No. 184100

Why would it be bait?
Not quoted anon, just curious. It doesn't sound too farfetched.

No. 184105

I've been together with a guy that was slightly shorter than me, just a few centimeters. While this didn't annoy me per se and was okay when we were hanging out, mostly sitting or lying it bugged the hell out of me when we were outside in public.
It would be enough when he's a few centimeters taller, so I found myself walking mostly with a bad posture trying to make myself smaller and avoiding standing really upright in fear of "revealing" that he's actually a bit shorter.

No. 184106

I'm 5'0" and my bf is 6'1" and I honestly HATE it lol. Like if I was a shallow person I'd dump him for being too tall. It's logistically ridiculous, and we honestly look ridiculous standing next to each other.

The shortest I've dated was 5'7" and tbh even that was a tad bit too tall. imo my personality is a tad too masculine and i feel like it turns off a lot of 5'2"-5'6" guys. i always see short guys with really feminine short girls.

No. 184123

Lol no short guys aren't even people
Drawfs more like it

No. 184149

I'm 5'3 and will only date guys who are over 5'7. I used to date a guy at 5'7 and he would get irritated if I wore heels, haha.

No. 184155

My first bf was 5'7 it was ok, but he was pretty skinny and it felt like we were the same size even though I'm 5'3. My bf now is 5'9 or something, he's kinda muscular and stalky, I prefer his body much much more. I probably wouldn't date someone my height or lower.

No. 184172

I'm 5'3" and boyfriend is 6'4". I totally know how you feel. Taking pictures with him is impossible unless we're sitting down. Holding hands is weird because my elbow bends at like a 90° angle which is uncofortable while trying to keep up with him. Idk, I feel like there are a lot of cons with such a big height difference that you don't find out until you're in that kind of relationship.

No. 184193

I'm 5'5" and once dated a guy who was my height. It didn't work out because he had such a Napoleon complex.

My boyfriend now is 6'2" and I doubt I'd ever want to date another guy who's shorter than 6'.

No. 184220

What's a napoleon complex exactly? Just acting really proud and ambitious or also being irritable and bitter or insecure? Can you describe your experiences.

No. 184221

"A personality complex that consists of power trips and false machismo to make up for short height and feelings of inferiority"

Would love to hear examples too, especially if they're funny

No. 184225

I think I have a good example. This guy I know is about 5'2". An inch shorter than me. I was sort of friends with him for a while because he was friends with my boyfriend. Anyway, I'm fairly certain everything he does in his life is trying to make up for how short he is. He's always SO confrontational. I can't think of any specific instances, but if someone tried to joke around with him about being short, he would take major offence and be ready to fight. He'd fight over any little remark really, doesn't have to be about height. He's a hardcore "drug dealer" and likes to brag about how great he is. He's been on meth before and pills. He married this chick who's like 4'9"/5'0" just because she's shorter than him. (He was drunk and told me this, he cheats on her regularly.) He's SUPER into astrology because he's an ~uber powerful~ Leo. Connecting all the dots of his personality make it pretty obvious that he definitely has a Napoleon complex.

No. 184226

I don't have any specific examples but I've just known so many of these types that after a while you see the pattern.
They always seem to have such short tempers whilst putting on this awful bravado. You get them a lot as the 2nd in command for workplace/class bullies too, where they often pull the mind-bending act of attacking people (mostly girls) who aren't much lower in the social standing than themselves, because bringing other people down makes them feel big and alpha.
I hate them so much.

No. 184228

File: 1490027862745.png (893.43 KB, 670x774, 12.png)

Why are black ''women'' so disgusting? I can't stand the sight of these ''people''. Look at her dumb ugly smug face. How could she have taken this picture and thought to herself that it looks good and should be posted online?

No. 184230

Looks like someone's short.

No. 184232

as if you're any better
as if you being apart of the "master race" will make up for your obvious downfalls

No. 184233

Stop falling for the bait guys. Report and move on

No. 184235

File: 1490032385383.jpg (16.12 KB, 353x354, 15966271_1289003527842166_6826…)

Sure! I'm 5' 10, (almost 6' in heels, which I wear all the time) and my boyfriend is around 5'7"-8". I'ts a combination of me being attracted to "cute" more than "hot", caring more about personality and chemistry than things like height, and me already being used to most people being shorter than me.

I don't mind him being shorter than me at all. I really do think that it's shorter guys who care that much about height, even though it doesn't matter. (Side note: One time in high school I was told that the only reason some guy hadn't asked me out was because I'm taller than him and he thought it was awkward. )

No. 184240

ayy girl, are u me? Because I'm same height as you dating a guy in the same height range. I relate so hard to like everything you said.

especially the high school part yikes ;_;

No. 184320

Yes. It's my preference to date guys shorter than me but it's not a deal breaker. I just think short guys are hot.

No. 184339

how tall are you?

No. 184609

Tallest guy I've ever dated was 6'4 (I'm 5'1 for reference). I've never dated anybody shorter than me but that's because I'm not exactly tall either lol. I think the shortest I've ever dated is 5'5? I've had pretty tall (at least to me) boyfriends though and my current one is 6'1. I'd say the perfect height for my preferences is 5'10, but I wouldn't turn down a guy that's 5'4 if he has a good personality (I love my current bf right now so game over for everybody else).

No. 185303

File: 1490912820463.jpg (80.81 KB, 854x324, height can matter.jpg)

No. 185345

>trusting the people who elected Trump, demolished thousands of Native American tribes, bombed half of the world and brought on capitalism and the 2008 financial crisis
>trusting yanks ever
Not so fast lad

No. 185355

I mean, that sounds more like her friends were pricks who constantly shat on her relationship and made her insecure about it which caused her to breakup with him, not his height at all.

She could have easily just told her friends to fuck off and stop acting like cunts like she should have, though I doubt the story happened honestly, people don't go on and on making fun of someones partner in front of them.

No. 185373

I'm 5'8 and I have standards so fuck no

6'1+ only

No. 185375

ha nice bait

No. 185379

I'm 5'3" and have rarely seen guys IRL that are shorter than me

That being said, no.
I wouldn't 'date' him. If he was submissive and wanted to fool around then yeah if he's cute/feminine. Otherwise it's still a hard no. I've always preferred tall guys.

No. 185384

>short men


No. 185387


i started dating a guy in my early teens, when we were both a similar height. i grew and he didn't.
i ended up 5'8" and he stayed 5'3". embarrassing. i didn't want to be shallow and dump him for it so in the end we stayed together for five years. it didn't help he was a balding ana-chan scene kid by 20 either.
now i'm out, i never ever want to date anyone short ever again. it was humiliating being in public together. 5'10" minimum.

No. 185482

File: 1491091718942.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.73 KB, 547x692, c65.jpg)

nice robot tier shit post you have here

No. 185485

these threads are always infinite laughs

when will they learn

No. 185498

File: 1491108592010.png (127.97 KB, 1066x852, chestlets when will they learn…)

shut up

No. 185561

File: 1491174574732.png (212.24 KB, 801x876, fem.png)

>mfw short, ugly, small dicked guys think they can get girls

No. 185570

I used to be naive and say I'd date any guy - it's about love, right?

Then I dated two guys - one 5'4", one 5'5". (I am 5'5").

Yeah, never again. Short man syndrome is very real.

No. 185692

File: 1491315386487.jpg (554.26 KB, 2834x1181, 1491313706303.jpg)

when will they learn?

No. 185780

>men pretending to be women to trigger the people under 6 feet in this thread

No. 185793

>>trigger the people under 6 feet in this thread

Nah anon, just the men under 6 feet.

No. 185794

yeah that's what I meant

No. 185797



Try 6'4" midget

No. 185798


They are so fun to mess with though, they try so hard to seen like they don't give a shit but you know they're barely holding themselves and when they get home they cry themselves to sleep.

No. 185801



Try 7'1" dwarf

No. 185802

>drives truck
>Has D
I'd snatch him.

No. 185808

Height doesn't matter if you have a big dick, if you don't have one forget about long term relationships.

No. 185826



Try 8'2" pygmy

No. 185864

I'm 5'3" and I wouldn't. Any male under my height must have crippling Short Dude Complex. I'd be wary of any man under 5'5" if I'm being honest.

No. 185881

I'm 5', married a short guy 5'6", divorced, then dated a guy that was 5'2"…everything but the divorce was a stupid idea. Short guys are so insecure they become emotionally domineering. It's very annoying. 5'9"+ only.

No. 185915

Have some self-respect and set the bar at 6'0 AT LEAST.

No. 185932

>>Have some self-respect and set the bar at 6'0 AT LEAST.

Men should be at least 2 feet taller than their partners. If you are 5', he should be 7'. If you are 6', he should be 8'. Let's be real 99% of men are shorties.

No. 185935

kek, if this thread doesn't show you how warped some of these anon's thinking about bodies are, idk what will. 10/10

No. 185967

>brought on capitalism
are you retarded?

No. 185985

why is this robot bait thread still on /ot/ instead of /sty/

No. 186078

File: 1491663376803.gif (8.77 MB, 400x226, giphy.gif)

When will they learn?

No. 186087

>be 5'3"
>date 5'4" guy
>he's a fucking psychopath who tard rages at videogames
>date 5'6" guy
>insecure as fuck about everything and never leaves me alone, 4" microdick
>date 6'7" guy
>mad chill, almost 9" dick, popular
>date 6'3" guy
>unbothered by anything, fit, 8" cock, juuuust right

Short guys are garbage tier

No. 186095

>be 5'2
>date guy who is 5'5"
>super hot but a total douche
>turns out he was married

Best dick I ever had though

No. 186611

>be 5'7
>date guy a good 2 inches shorter
>can't hug comfortably
>holding hands is awkward
>tiny dick
>why bother

No. 186620

>don't want to date a girl shorter than me to increase the chances of having taller children
>I been called shallow because of it…
life sucks

No. 186626

I'm 1.52 (5'1''?) and I dated a guy who has my same height.
>first thing he said to me was something about my height
>at the dinner he mentioned how being short affected his emotional life
>great dick 8/10
>"would you have another date with me?… even if I'm short?"

Never again.

No. 186627

You can date someone you like without breeding them.

No. 186642

Not him, but why would you date someone without the intention of marrying them? Maybe I'm old fashioned but I've always viewed dating as a path to marriage, I don't wanna lead anyone on and I don't want to date someone and be thinking "ah, I dont have to marry them!" because then I'm already planning from the outset to end the relationship. I mean I guess if you are into the whole "casual sex" thing it's not a big deal but more traditional guys/gals wouldn't like that.

>inb4 you can marry someone and not have kids though

nah, I want children

No. 186647

when did think about long term relationships like>>186642 become to be seen like this idea/concept?

No. 186659

I'm sorry but could you re-write this sentence because I'm having a hard time understanding what the fuck you just wrote

No. 186660

when did thinking about long term relationships like in >>186642 become such a degenerate idea like >>186627

tumblr please stop

No. 186661

I meant stop bullying

No. 186813

>it's ok for a woman to say she doesn't date short men
>it's not ok for a man to say he doesn't date short women
You can't make this up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 186832

Yup. I'm 5'3. I've seen some qts shorter than me.

No. 186851

No. 186898

It's post like these that proves how shallow women can truly be
None of you here are better than /r9k/

No. 186903

Why don't you leave then?

No. 186911

File: 1492207073777.jpg (83.67 KB, 955x957, 4437192.jpg)

No. 186912

At least one person you quoted isn't a woman.

No. 186921

You get that >>186627 obviously isn't a woman, right?

No. 186924

File: 1492221254470.jpg (478.17 KB, 720x720, fox and the grapes.jpg)

>Tall guys a shit.
If you don't like tall guys it's okay. But to call em shit reeks of resentment tbh.

No. 186925

Insecure tall guy detected.

No. 186931

I'm not surprised with how defensive y'all got
Granted there is no proof to say that they aren't a woman of man
But on many levels there is some truth
The lolcow threads are just the same of cucks/stacies/betas/Chad threads you'd see on r9k
In my opinion I feel that you're more shallow because many of you deep down would want to be in a position like them where they get all the attention
That if you had that many followers you'd be different and better than them
This is like how some from r9k want to or try to be chads but they at least admit it for the most part

Then again this could just be projecting and generalizing for the most
But both lolcow and r9k have those who are "different"

No. 186932

What are you even trying to prove here?

You quoted two shitposters, one of who was obviously a dude and then went "This is proof you're all as bad as /r9k/".

That's some shitty logic if I've ever seen it.

No. 186933

>it's shitpost
>I-it's obviously a guy

No. 186934

Dunno what to tell you, lurk more and you'll be able to spot the difference I guess.

No. 186939

>I'm an r9k retard
You are. I don't know how many /r9k/ tier threads I've seen on /fit/ already you might as well be the same fucking board.

No. 186942

>"i don't like standing on my tiptoes and having the guy bend over in order to kiss"

No. 186957


But it is pretty shitty to constantly deal with

-Having to run after a guy because his stride is 2-3X larger than mine and none of ya'll can EVER remember to slow down
-Having to jump while you hunch over to kiss
-Not being able to put my arm in relaxed position when we hold hands
-Dealing with your ridiculously big clothes like fuck I don't want to be folding a tarp every time I do laundry
-The awkwardness and you accidentally hurting me every time we try to have sex
-Can never cuddle for long with you on top of me because your stupid legs always dangle off the bed and fall asleep.

So I repeat- Tall guys a shit.

No. 186972

i don't mind shorter guys but i've always had that corny thing for someone being taller and broader than me and like making me feel smaller since generally i don't rly feel like that around ppl lmao

it's so cringy typing this yikes

No. 186974

i would never date a guy shorter than me. I know nobody can help their height and that it's stupid. but eh. i actually always dated tall guys. it's just the body type i was attracted to (typically tall and lanky). i fucking l o v e tall guys.

except for when you try to have sex and there's like, a distance issue. lol. otherwise though i didn't think anyone would ever specifically say they're not into tall guys like my mind has been opened

No. 186978

File: 1492289347262.png (764.54 KB, 578x640, 35677446634.png)

I know replying point by point is autism but who am I kidding..
>Having to run after a guy because his stride is 2-3X larger than mine and none of ya'll can EVER remember to slow down
Remind him to slow down. If he doesn't slow down, get rollerblades or leave.
>Having to jump while you hunch over to kiss
If he's tall he should be strong enough to pick you up. And height is irrelevant when sitting or lying in bed..
>Not being able to put my arm in relaxed position when we hold hands
That's true. But spooning is amazing for the girl so..
>Dealing with your ridiculously big clothes like fuck I don't want to be folding a tarp every time I do laundry
On the other hand, you'll never have to wonder which clothes belong to your husband and which clothes belong to your son.
>The cuteness
>and you accidentally hurting me every time we try to have sex
Ahah… if a guy is gentle you get mad he thinks you're a delicate flower. Nothing wrong with a little pain.
>Can never cuddle for long with you on top of me because your stupid legs always dangle off the bed and fall asleep.
That's "elbows too pointy 2/10 wouldnt bang" tier.

No. 186984

>cuddling with the guy on top in the first place

What kind of disgusting beta manlets do you date

No. 186985

Lanklets gtfo

No. 186986

>beta manlets
You're no better than her tbh…

No. 186990

Just a reminder that tall men are more likely to die at a younger age and have more health problems

No. 186991

Meh, then I'll just find myself a new tall boytoy when I'm 60

No. 186992

Not him but one of those post seemed more like a Tumblr tier post tbh

No. 186997

Who wants to be old anyway? I'll go to the grave with my 6'5" prince while you and your manlet wear matching depends at the nursing home.

No. 186999

Could you make it more obvious you're just an insecure tall guy?

Why is this thread not in /sty/?

No. 187021

>that picture
Truly bizarre, he looks like an inbred monster from a 90's movie standing behind a regular sized normal human

No. 187039

Yeah, whether you like tall guys or not, there's definitely a point where it stops being attractive and just looks kind of weird and awkward unless you're also super tall.

That picture is definitely well, well beyond that point, she doesn't even come up to his chest.

No. 187041

I'm about 5' and my bf is 6'4/5 and he uses the height difference to withhold kisses

Also i have this theory that my exs new gf doesn't breakup with his slimy pathetic unfaithful ass (he used to try talk to me while they wer together) because she's an ugly 6'1 freak ( he's 6'3 ) who'll never find anyone who is taller than her who will also see past her crater face and general ugliness

Height insecurity is damaging

No. 187049

Meh, I find it hot. I'd love to have giant bf

No. 187069

I'd totally date a guy shorter than me. So long as they're basically IRL Levi Ackerman

No. 187070

>withold kisses

This sounds very, uh, strange. Your bf doesn't want to kiss you?

No. 187079


I have so many questions for you. Like, how do y'all have sex?

No. 187085

I'm 5'2, my boyfriend is 6'2". He's pretty burly, broad-shouldered scruffy dad status and I love it.

Sex is fun as fuck. I can climb him like a jungle gym. We play around a lot.
For foreplay we tend to wrestle each other and play and tear each other apart but when it gets down to the business he likes to go stop and go really slow and languid and it's…intense to say the least. Edging always makes for the best orgasms. I love when he's practically smothering me, his shoulders are so wide and his arms are so big it overwhelms me lol. And he can pick me up and it's like I'm on a jackhammer. Just saying. Um.

I love the big gentle stupid giant I have now, but I have dated shorter guys. One of my favorites was 5'7", and I have a friend that is an amazing person/actually quite cute and he's around 5'5" but I'm pretty attracted to him all around.

No. 187112

probably not but i'm only 5'1 and very few people have good proportions at this height. but if he's just like 2 inches or so taller i think i'd be okay with it.

my first bf was tiny - slim at 5'5, second was thick at 5'8, and my current one is very slim at 6'0. i've been surrounded by shorter guys my entire life but his group of friends are all around his height. i was once in a bathroom hotboxing with all of them and i never got the height thing until then - it was way too hot to have all of them tower over me.

sex with him has been the most difficult if we're not in bed, like i have to stand on my toes and he has to stand with his legs far apart if we're on the counter. i also feel bad that he has to bend down to kiss me lol other than that i'm always mirin his proportions they're godly. but now i also feel like i should lose weight because i feel so stumpy next to him ugh

No. 187113

Fuck all of you, I'm 5'0 and my SO is 5'7. I'll take all your 'ugly short guys'. Assuming they're just ugly for being short of course. Gimmie gimmie gimmie

No. 187114

Not that anon but it's clear that an ons boyfriend is probably teasing and playing around with her by withholding kisses. It's not dat deep.

No. 187135

I've had 2 boyfriends. My ex was like 5'7" but would claim he was 5'10". I just went with it becaise it didn't matter to me that much but it really reflected on how insecure he was. Current bf is 6 foot. I'm 5'2" and off the bat taller guys are more attractive than short or average ones to me. But really as long as you're not insecure and have a good personality height doesn't matter. Anyone becomes attractive physically if they endear themselves to a person enough.
Idk if I could date someome shorter than me though…I like feeling small in comparison to my partner and I think that's the consensus among most women. It's shitty but that's how it is. Sry short boys

No. 187138

I am short as fuck, but yes I would.

No. 187387

File: 1492567168537.png (132.58 KB, 313x382, Gun loli3.png)

I am no Trump fan but lefties who hate on capitalism really nig my nogs.

No. 187395

>I think that's the consensus among most women
>literally shitloads of anons ITT saying they wouldn't mind dating a guy shorter than them

No. 187416

File: 1492604114411.jpg (61.01 KB, 468x501, IMG_6405.JPG)

I wouldn't mind dating a shorter guy or a guy my height, but being 6ft, most guys I see tend to be shorter then me or only want to date shorter women because they have issues about their height.

No. 187417

File: 1492609002379.jpg (9.39 KB, 253x199, 73456786543.jpg)

Mick Jagger and Jamie Cullum have mucho grande money though. If youre a millionaire you can be fat and still find a girl.

still i was in a relationship with a guy of 5"4', when Im 5"6'. I couldnt imagine though dating a guy that is way below that.

No. 187419

File: 1492609631219.jpg (37.98 KB, 619x619, 1492518308193.jpg)

Well if you are so tall and they are so short that it becomes difficult for the two of you to be able to kiss etc then I would say that dating a short person maybe wrong for some, if they are slightly shorter than you which will not impose any real problem then I don't see any big deal, date them for them, don't be a phaggot and date based of stupid shit like height, you'll just end up alone which I am presuming you are going to if you are asking this question because you are questioning whether it is actually okay to date short guys

No. 187422

Baity dude got a point, but part of the combo is how short men have issues with their height and that's a real turn down for anyone.

No. 187438

>nonsensical post written by a child
pls go

No. 187440

File: 1492627497682.png (406.28 KB, 700x740, wedding.png)

there are many who think tall girls are cute/ideal
I'm 5'9 at prefer that I get a girlfriend who's at least 6 feet or higher

No. 187467

I wish my girlfriend was taller than me. Tall women are hot. And good for the genetic pool on my end.

No. 187468

>>two posts in a row from straight male anons.


No. 187478

Who said I was straight?

No. 187485

Thankfully I live in a manlet country so 1.80 counts as tall here.

No. 187494

What's the TALLEST you'd be willing to date? Assuming the best case scenario: he's handsome and his body is proportionate (wide shoulders etc…)

No. 187502


Definitely nothing pass 6 foot, but I'd be hard pressed to do past 5'10''

No. 187505

Anyone above 6'5" is straight up scary

No. 187506

i think a lot of women like to feel smaller physically esp in comparison to their partner is what i meant there. also the anons on this site aren't exactly representative of…most women.

No. 187512

I've mostly heard people say that above 6'3 or so is getting too tall, and I'd probably agree, though I guess that changes based on your height too.

Personally as long as it's not awkward either way I don't think specific numbers matter at all though.

No. 187523

I have a height complex so I hate dating people taller than me. Thankfully I'm 5'11 and lean more towards women than men so it doesn't come up often that I end up dating someone taller than I am but I've dated men taller than me twice in my life and it sucked. The shortest I'll date is about 5'3 though, anything more extreme and things become impractical size difference wise.
6 foot, If I can't be taller than someone when wearing heels then dating is off the

No. 187531

File: 1492666803910.jpg (39.69 KB, 313x470, IMG_6404.JPG)

6'7 probably, but I'm >>187416 anon and I have family members that are 6'6, extremely tall doesn't bother me very much.

Extremely short women with incredibly tall men look ridiculous imo pic related

No. 187550

I'm 5'2" (normal weight,) he's 6'4" (a tiny bit overweight,) but I don't feel that small around him. Guess I'm like a chihuahua who thinks they're bigger than they really are, idk. Other than the usual stuff that's annoying when your man is taller than you, it feels really normal being with him.

No. 187553


im 5"6' and im together with 6"6' for 11 years.
I think its awesome.

shaq though is 7"1' and nicole 5"2'

No. 187555

It's definitely an extreme, but I think most people would say that anywhere near a foot of difference is kind of too much, everything just starts being awkward at that point.

No. 187564

The bigger the better. There's no "too tall" for me.

No. 187565

I don't like tall guys. At 5'3, my perfect height for a guy is 5'6/5'7. Any taller than that feels weird and I don't meet a lot of guys actually shorter than this.

No. 187589

Why would I give a shit about a guy's height? All that matters is mutual love and respect (key word!). And I'm a tiny girl myself!

No. 187606

6'8", anything past that i'll get worried about potential health problems

No. 187607

Teehee i love jesus too

No. 187642

I'm 5'0 so I wouldn't date shorter than myself. But I have dated guys from 5'6 to 6'3 and it never really made a difference to me.

No. 187646

I rarely see genuinely short men whining about their height, it's always men who are slightly below average.
I know men who are 5'3 or less and still manage to get girlfriends and such, they're short as fuck but they got over it. It's like the slightly below average guys are just too close to being normal, but not, so they make a big deal out of it instead of just accepting it.

No. 187672

You're actually completely right, though I guess there's some confirmation bias there. There's not really that many 5'3 guys out there at all, let alone amongst the sort of communities that whine about that shit, so you mainly see people slightly below average complaining, or saying that average isn't good enough anyway so they're not actually close at all.

Most of the legitimately tiny people (as in close to 5') that I've met tend to be pretty chill about their height though, mainly complain about real issues with it like buying clothes and day to day shit, same with the few actually super tall guys and girls I've met. There's bigger shit to worry about when you're on the actual extremes I guess.

No. 188128

>There's bigger shit to worry about when you're on the actual extremes I guess.
Pretty much.

Though I guess being slightly below average can be more of a "surprise" to people who care about height. Like looking at a group pic and realizing you're 2in shorter than everyone else.

No. 188131

I never got that. There's plenty of short actors, businessmen (and women), whatever who never really think twice about it and just work with what they've got. Tom Cruise is short, for example.
Elijah Wood is super tiny AND he has an adorable baby face, you don't see him shooting up schools because he got to play Frodo Baggins and not Legolas.

I'm pretty short myself and I always see women in my field talking about wearing heels and having more 'presence' in the room/being more 'dominant' and complaining about being short when they're all taller than me almost by a full head.
I've never had a problem with my 'presence' in the meeting room, people listen to me just fine because I'm not a doormat.

Incel manlets are funny little creatures.

No. 188244

Bf and I are the same height (5'3). I think since his height isn't a problem to him it has never bothered me either. He is also qt as fuck with an amazing personality but short guy syndrome is a thing and not very attractive. I can see why people care about height but it's not a factor for me personally.

No. 188338

Aww, that's cute. I am the same height as you and used to date a guy that was an inch taller. I prefer guys that are 5'6" to 5'8" but it isn't a huge deal to me either

No. 189167

Most guys who are just shorter than average seem to have angry small man syndrome in my experience, but every straight up midget (5"2 or under) guy I've ever met has fallen between either being chill or actually using humor about their height as a sadistic way to make people uncomfortable
>Elijah Wood is super tiny AND he has an adorable baby face, you don't see him shooting up schools because he got to play Frodo Baggins and not Legolas.
kek can we get this on an image macro?

No. 189214

No, manlets deserve death

No. 189238

Nice meme

No. 189280

>"""""men""""" shorter than 6'2"

lmao just get some hormones and become a girl

No. 189284

what did she meme by this?

No. 189549

I don't give a shit whether a dude is tall or short, as long as the taller guys don't feel superior because of this and the shorter guys don't try to compensate.
Personally I enjoy short guys who feel a little bit insecure so I can give them reassurance, but that's probably just because I like submissive men.
Otherwise there's no difference to me, unless he's an actual giant (taller than 210cm) or an actual midget (shorter than 155cm).

No. 189590

I'm 5'10" but I'm transheight so I identify as 6'4"

No. 191106

No. 193053

Dated all sorts - one kid the same height as me, a 6' tall rugby playing dudebro and currently 5'10 guy. I'm like 5'2", though… I doubt I'd want anyone shorter… like, ever. They'd be one hell of an insecure midget.

No. 193108

Same here. I've also never seen a guy shorter than me. As long as he's at least the same height, I'm good.

No. 193208

never! i'm so insecure about my height (5'10") so i could never date a guy shorter than me.

No. 193225

I have always been attracted to short guys but that changed when I became a moderate fatty. Now I need someone bigger and stronger to compensate for my fatness. It's not fun being with someone if you feel like you're going to break them.

No. 193264

I like his youtube videos, but he's an ugly little asian troll. Completely unattractive.

No. 193265


lose weight landwhale

No. 193328

Learn to sage your post, ana chan.

No. 200729

Yeah absolutely. I'm 5'11 so if I limited my pool to men taller than me I'd miss out on a lot of hot/desirable men. I'm not used to anyone seriously towering over me so when it does happen I feel a little threatened and on edge. It's not rational it's just some caveman feeling but it doesn't turn me on. Ideal for me is eye contact level give or take an inch, but manlier than me in some other way, like buff and broad. I could probably fuck with manlets too. I have a huge crush on danzig back in the day. I can understand why shorter/average women would want men to be taller than them, since it's just so common, but at my height it just seems forced and sexist to limit myself to that.

No. 200732

why is this thread still up

No. 200735

because of me sorry. i forgot how far back i was. embarrassing! sad!

No. 200783

Absolutely not, the shortest I'll tolerate is my height (5'5)

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