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File: 1490059417982.jpg (62.29 KB, 625x415, crushes.jpg)

No. 184267

Can we have a new thread for crushes? The old one is gone and the only other one is for unattainable/unrealistic ones. Let's have one about ones at school/work/etc.

No. 184268

File: 1490059661166.jpg (66.35 KB, 1024x576, 010SVW_Johnny_Simmons_001.jpg)

Same fag because I didn't want to clog the thread caption or whatever.

I have a crush on my assistant manager, he's cute and looks like Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim (except his hair is slicked back). He's also really soft spoken, but he's got really really manly hands and arms I would kill to grip me. The problem is he's the type who's quiet with me when other people are around but when it's just us he'll joke and be cute. How do I get him to be more close to me, or at least flirt with me? Shit, how do I even go about flirting with him? He seems like the type that if I even make googly eyes at him he'd get freaked out.

No. 184269

File: 1490061067951.jpg (32.53 KB, 500x375, f9a89eaaeaee948fadc912dc8a28aa…)

>having a crush on your coworker
>wanting to go through with it

No. 184277

I'm currently a TA and I have a crush on another TA who works with me. He is just amazingly smart and is really easy to talk to. I'm not sure if he likes me but we've been hanging out outside of work lately. Not sure if I should be dating him since he could be my TA next year.

No. 184302

Not exactly a crush cause he'd be down to date, but I fell head over heels over a guy who lives really, really far away. I'm in Europe he's an aussie.

I don't know what to do, I'm always wary of falling for someone without seeing them in person first.

Is any of you afraid your crush won't be as your imagine them to be if you were to date them for real ?

No. 184307

Here's a hint: don't be thirsty.

No. 184321

i started dating my younger coworker who's also the owner's cousin. i'm so excited for everything to end up in flames

No. 184336

I crush on my university profs and also teachers while doing work experience at school damn me

No. 184514

Famous A+ list singer.

I'm trying my best

No. 184617

Different anon, but can I ask why being thirsty is bad?

No. 187105

I'm still in love with my high school crush. I haven't seen him in 4 years now.

Yes I'm still a virgin.

No. 187130

hahahahhahaahah me except it's 6 years. it never stops

No. 187194

it's desperate, and that's not cute (nor appealing)

No. 187257

I have a crush on my friend, he's really dorky but kind. I heard he liked me last school year too, which doesn't help.
I have a long distance boyfriend though, so I think I have the crush because I miss him.
So I've been avoiding dude I have a crush on.

No. 187282

Avoiding people is the worst you can do. Don't leave the poor dude in the dark.

No. 187437

I don't think he likes me anymore anyway….plus the only time I see him is during dinner w/ our group of friends.

No. 187670

I still have a crush on a guy I went to high school with for 3 years. Even though we now go to different universities. He found out I liked him during the last year of high school and tried to approach me a few times but I kept beating around the bush. Part of me feels like he might have been interested but then I remember that I'm ugly so he might have just been nice to me.

No. 187928

Even tho i'm in a relationship since 2 years I develop crushes all the time, it's hella exhausting

No. 187931

women dont owe you a response filthy incel

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