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File: 1495116066611.jpg (38.07 KB, 500x375, 2147261d920df597624d8749c2a243…)

No. 190960

All the videogame threads have been dead for ages, so let's start a new, hopefully more active, one!
Not sure if /g/ worthy, so putting it up on /ot/

>your favorite games (old or new)

>online or sp
>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile
>games recs
>great deals
>shit-games discussion
>basically free discussion on any games

No. 190970

File: 1495121576870.png (347.75 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oq26tlFhPs1rl0s2xo1_500…)

Anyone else playing Prey? It reminds me a bit of Half Life and I want to like it, but I find it boring! I'm not quite sure why but I've just finished going to my office and I'm still not hooked yet.

No. 190973

File: 1495122150225.png (3.34 MB, 1920x1080, neverwinter-ps4-review-26.png)

I've been trying to get back into neverwinter but it lost its charm to me.

(Not my character btw)

No. 190978

File: 1495122647105.jpg (770.77 KB, 2520x1984, Team Etrian Odyssey 4.jpg)

I have been playing Etrian Odysey 4 again (for the 3th time). I can't wait for Etrian Odysey 5!

Pic related, it's my current team

No. 190979

it seems like a super story heavy game and where i think most of the fun comes from is trying to figure out whats going on and how the space station works. i could see if going to read all the notes and computers and stuff is just boring and w/e :/

No. 190980

File: 1495124416191.jpg (23.72 KB, 600x317, monhungens.jpg)

Monster Hunter Generations. Been a blast so far, but I don't love it quite as much as some of the other games.

Pic related: Palicoes.

No. 190985

Maybe I just haven't gotten far enough into the story yet. I do find reading the notes and the e-mails to be the most interesting part actually. I guess I'm just not a fan of the gameplay? Which I don't get since it's basically like every other first-person action adventure out there.

No. 191002

File: 1495135685841.jpg (98.79 KB, 564x865, 1a2ea083e860783b9d27a1ee355937…)

I recently bought a PS4 just to play RPGs. That's all I play, I kinda like losing myself in fantasy stories and handhelds just weren't doing it

I'll take recommendations too (pic half related)

No. 191005

File: 1495138210027.jpg (84.04 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

I bouggt Witcher 3 without any idea what it's about needless to say that I'm in love now. Bought all the books as well as the old games and I'm so mad that I only got to know it in 2015. I'm a fucker for these kinds of games and Witcher is srsly as good as everyone says. And now that I read the books it's so cool to see the little details they but in every games.

No. 191011


Netflix is making a Witcher series too, I fucking love the books and games. Hopefully it'll be great.

No. 191014

I saw that today after my favourite Geralt Cosplayer mentioned it and I'm soo hyped about it.
I feel like Netflix is trying their best most of the times and since they will ask the author about stuff too I'm even more excited.
But idk how they are with CGI and stuff regarding the monsters I hope they won't look too fake.

No. 191015

I only really play handhelds these days, I had a ps3 but it broke (well technically it was stolen but that's a long story) and I can't afford a new one or a ps4, it's sad. I bought a ps vita basically just to play danganronpa but I don't like the game mechanics, I preferred reading the translation on SA lmao. I got p3p and I'm really enjoying it, but I hate all the level grinding it's so tedious. I realized recently that I hate games that involve fighting/strategy, but they are all I play because I'm a sucker for a good storyline. But I always get frustrated and never finished them or lose the console fma

I got a new 3DS last year, but I've lost it and it makes want to cry every day.

No. 191016

File: 1495144935845.jpg (17.2 KB, 480x354, 1495143063252.jpg)


Well they did a pretty good job in Stranger Things imo, what I'm curious about is what are they gonna adapt. Books or the video game?

Anyways anyone play Overwatch here, trying to play it on my shitty computer but I think I'm underperforming because of it and got stuck in bronze, feels bad man.

No. 191017

I started playing this recently too anon, the circlejerk over it is hilarious but it really is a fun game. I just wish the female characters weren't so vapid/half naked.

I thought Triss was bland as fuck and it was a weird choice that she could be paired with Geralt considering she says "Ciri is like a sister to me." They are completely different from one another.

The bloody baron questline was my fav.

No. 191028

Nah it does make sense if you read the books Triss always had a crush on Geralt which is kinda weird tho since Yennefer and her are like best friends so

You're right totally forgot about Stranger Things
And I think they'll go by the books since the authors is involved

Also always wanted to play Overwatch but shooters where never really my thing since they normally don't have any story to offer (also I suck lol)
How is Overwatch different from.all these other shooter games ?

No. 191030

File: 1495155646567.jpg (45.23 KB, 406x697, alice.jpg)

im a big fan of shin megami tensei franchise, especially the early titles.
im a sucker for old rpg

No. 191036


It has a bit of story told through comics and sometimes events but it's a moba style shooter with no story basically. You can have fun if you are playing with 2-3 friends but solo queue is fucking cancer, I wanted to play some matches before bed and SURPRISE, all three of those games had a leaver that cost us the game. Every time I get close to ranking up shitty people who likes to troll, throw the game or just straight up leaving the game starts to appear.

No. 191037

The Witcher quickly replaced all other fantasy series and games as my favorite. I'm pretty worried about the upcoming Netflix show because the games and novels are so impeccable, and so special to me now.

No. 191038

If you get into it, Triss is kinda fucking crazy imo… I always pick Yen, she's way more bad ass. The books are great too!

No. 191039

Oh yeah and the dlc are both fucking amazing.

No. 191040

Lol anon, funny you say that since I already sent Triss off on a boat a bit ago

No. 191047

File: 1495168457900.jpg (34.98 KB, 293x239, IMG269355693.jpg)

Anyone here play FF14? I'm pretty excited for the new expansion, and I'm trying to finish my Astro relic right now.

No. 191050

I love the fact that Geralt isn't some poor young man that happens to save the world and all that, instead he's a trained professional and is doing his job. The choices are also what made me love the books and games - they aren't just black and white, all of them have more or less bad consequences.

Same. I also hope they stay true to the books and that there won't be (too much) fan service. I also hope they won't try to milk the franchise to death :/

The only game that I'm actually playing right now is Guild Wars 2 (would recommend) and I adore the game so much. I bought it two years ago, worried what it will be like since it had no trial period, but now it's basically my new "home". What I love the most is that you can't really "fall behind" others, even if you don't play for months. So I don't feel stressed out if I miss a day or two because of work.

No. 191052

All I've been doing for the past couple of months is find all the Korok Seeds in Breath Of the Wild. 223 out of 900.

DLC for BOTW is coming out in a couple of months. I'm giddy.

Has anyone here played Nier? People keep telling me the games are good but the stories are a bit muddled.

No. 191056

File: 1495173809515.jpg (113.71 KB, 647x861, 573845.jpg)

>too depressed to focus enough to play anything

I just watch a lot of Let's Plays to get my fill of everything I'm missing. I watch a lot of Vinesauce stuff because I enjoy the nostalgic factor of revisiting older games and bootlegs.

I'm thinking of hooking up my old SNES and replaying all the games of my childhood. I'm also looking into buying a Dendy. Anyone else remember those?

No. 191057

Love that too about Geralt, also he is so awkward sometimes which brings a funny element into the whole thing. I think it can be really hard to do it without over doing it, thus ruining the whole thing.
The books and games captured this weird funny side of him quite well.
That's the main thing I'm worried about when it comes to the Netflix show. I feel like they can fuck Geralt (and with that the show) up if they can't capture this.

The Netflix produced shows I've seen so far are pretty good tho. But I think it would be their first show with a fantasy theme kinda ?
Anyways since there are soo many fans around I think (or hope lol) they will do their best because the pressure will be high

No. 191058

File: 1495175841797.jpg (38.49 KB, 724x448, c11ff4f9387acd61b093d3fb794349…)

Yes, that too. I hope they don't make him "one -sided" so he ends up being just an ass through the series or just a badass etc.. There are quiet a few characters they can fuck up.

I also wonder how the public will handle it, since there is stuff like racism, sexism etc included. And the books and games aren't exactly popular with non-gamers, as far as I'm aware.

Oh, and apparently there's a movie in the making as well?

No. 191070

File: 1495182343371.png (637.62 KB, 612x768, IMG_4233.PNG)

Currently playing Mass Effect 2 and this'll probably be an unpopular opinion, but I kinda like the first game better, gameplay-wise. Like, you had a map for pretty much everywhere, mods were a lot of fun to use and collect, the radar was permanently visible and there were a lot more talents/powers available. Not to mention the fact that you didn't need to conserve ammo lol. They also switched controls for the power wheels and aiming/fire which really confused me, but that will probably get better as I play.

Story telling, soundtrack/sound mixing, dialogue and graphics have definitely upgraded though and the SR2 is pretty neat…

I actually only discovered Mass Effect last year, so you can imagine all the stuff I was able to look up and spoil. I'm sad about that, but it's still been a really enjoyable experience so far. yes i vaguely know about the ending, but i honestly think that it isn't too bad. it feels realistic, as realistic as a video game can get lol, but i suppose people don't play games for realism

Even so, I guess I'll have to choose ME2 over ME1 simply because you can romance Garrus.

I've heard that Dragon Age is similar, so that series will be next, but there's so many games, I'm not sure where to start.

another unpopular opinion: MEA was actually playable and even enjoyable at times

No. 191074

File: 1495183662570.png (297.13 KB, 772x533, VRaNBZ6.png)

I started playing OldSchool RuneScape a few months ago.

I'm an oldfag that's been around since the phat days so I'm no stranger to changes in game mechanics and graphics but holy fuck RS3 is literally unplayable for me. It's trying too hard to be some unholy matrimony of WoW and an uguu Korean MMO. I couldn't even get through the tutorial. Even the founders just up and left the company because it isn't the same anymore.

I like OSRS, it's a lot of fun to do all the old quests, and if you compare some really old ones (Hazeel Cult, Clock Tower, Temple of Ikov, usually around the Ardougne area) to the newer ones with updated game mechanics and graphics it's really nice to see how the game's been progressing over the years, back when quests weren't written by idiots and new content wasn't just endless QoL updates. I'm kind of warming up to Zeah now but it feels so lazy, very little content stretched as far apart as possible to make the area look bigger.

I just wish they had more quests and lore, and that the place wasn't overrun with retarded little kiddies. I also miss the days before the GE, though I understand the need for it.

No. 191077

Do you want 8 mill in osrs? I've been trying to get rid of it for a few years now and no one will take it off my hands for some reason.

I bought membership, farmed willow trees for 2 weeks straight, then decided I didn't want to play anymore. I am smrt

No. 191083

File: 1495186665012.jpg (55.64 KB, 288x344, DAI.jpg)

Anyone else play this masterpiece?
I read a bunch of people online complaining about it because the quests are a little repetitive and while they're really not as good as origins, they're still fun.

It's a good game, I enjoyed it a lot and spent over 300 hours on it (and still didn't fully explore the desert areas because FUCK they're like a fucking maze)

Just play Dragon Age Origins. If you like it, play DA II (I didn't because the gameplay was too action-focused) then Inquisition.

I'm jealous that you can play ME, I used to watch my boyfriend play it because I can't into FPS for shit (was the same with half life) but we broke up before he could play ME3. Do you think you could stream it when you play? I'd like to watch a fellow farmer playing it. Better than some rando youtuber.

No. 191085

>CTRL+F harvest moon
>no results
>stardew valley
>no results either
>rune factory
What the fuck? Step up your game, anons.

Play farming simulators. They'll suck you in and you'll forget all about your sad life.

No. 191091

I heard a lot of good things about DAI and actually have the original game on Origin, I just have to download and install.

I actually haven't heard anything else about the story/gameplay/fights/quests etc., only about romancing…is the game really a "dating simulator" sort of or can you skip that part completely?
I should give it a try

No. 191093

You can skip it completely. Inquisition isn't even like origins, you can only romance one person. (On origins you could literally date everyone and there was even a bisexual elf who fucked you the mine you said "hello")

The gameplay is like an RPG, but you can choose between action and tactical modes, except for DA2 that afaik doesn't have a tactical mode.

The different races and classes are a lot of fun, pick a mage on DAO and get ready for a wild ride

No. 191094

Adding to this - On origins and inquisition, you can befriend people (though inquisition got rid of the gifting system, that was a lot of fun) but to romance them you need to choose romancey dialog options, which you can just not do.

The fights are fun, on tactical mode the game is paused and you choose actions for your party that they'll perform once you unpause it. You can select actions for them to perform automatically as well (such as "drink healing potion when health under 25%") and play it action mode.

The lore is pretty nice, as are the million side quests (that often add to the lore)

No. 191095

ya girl right here anon. i got stardew valley in a humble bundle but i've only played like two game days of it lol. just haven't had time because of college. favorite harvest moon/rune factory? mine's tree of tranquility even tho it's kinda trash and rune factory frontier.

i'm really upset i'm not very good at certain reactionary games :( my bf got further in bloodborne in one hour than i did in 10. i get scared/surprised easily and tend to spazz out. i'd like to join my friends in FPS like overwatch but i just can't control the gun and camera at the same time. i can hold my own in smash at least.

anyone been playing the new persona? i've been hearing good things about it but haven't gotten further than the first dungeon because again time

No. 191112

File: 1495192828983.jpg (30.56 KB, 564x409, super ninja bros.jpg)

I'm only playing Japanese video games because it seems Western games are only on consoles I don't own and I can't play anything with my laptop. Right now I'm playing Fire Emblem Fates, I'm almost done with the Revelation DLC but I really don't like it as much as the Birthright and Conquest routes because of the maps. I have a bunch of games I never finished or never even played, it'll keep me busy during the summer holidays. I'll focus on Pokémon Sun next. Not directly related but goddamn, the FE fanbase is absolute shit. I never got to play the games before Awakening because I was young and couldn't buy the games I wanted and I didn't have a GBA at the time, not because I want to fuck Tharja or something.

Etrian Odyssey seems interesting, especially because it's cheap on the nintendo eshop, but at the same time I'm not sure I'll like it because I've had issues with Persona Q and I've been told it's basically Etrian Odyssay with Persona 3 and 4 characters.

I likes DR1 a lot even though I've seen a bunch of spoilers before playing it, but I'm halfway through the second game and I really don't like it as much, I'm not attached to the characters as much and the humor is a bit to over the top for me this time. I'm hesitating getting V3 later, for once I've never seen spoilers on this game.

>I got p3p and I'm really enjoying it, but I hate all the level grinding it's so tedious.
You shouldn't need to level grind in this game, unless you're playing on hard or higher difficulty. You're probably doing something wrong.

Me too! Although I haven't played any of the older games, P2 Innocent Sin aside. I wish they announced a SMT1&2 remake for the 3DS instead of Deep Strange Journey, especially because I have Strange Journey but haven't played it yet.

No. 191128

Well I mean as long as it doesn't involve joining any shady websites, sure

No. 191132

File: 1495204302904.gif (1.98 MB, 265x216, tumblr_nktdk5ePyP1ro6yndo1_400…)

Apparently DONTNOD is planning o making a LiS 2 soon, i am seriously excited to see where they'll go with it, it'd be interesting to change the time mechanics for another power and change the characters up a little.
The ending to the first, i think, really closed the story off Max rather well (eventhough it was a shit ending), so i'd hope to see new characters.

Oh man, same about Guild Wars 2. Started a week ago and i'm hooked. If you'd told me i'd be considering buying an expansion for a mmo i'd never had believed you, but it is seriously such an enjoyable online game. I am currently trying to find a guild because i am a ranger (not bearbow tho kek) and i read in the subreddit that i am doomed if i try to do anything with PUGs so r.i.p.
The community seems pretty great and the game system is very fair for all players with level scalling and not overly P2W.

P5 is absoultely amazing, but it really requieres a lot of time, i'm still in the futaba dungeon because i've not been able to play much recently.
It controls very smoothly, the music is absolutely fantastic and the characters are trope-y but loveable. The only thing that bothers me is morgana constant whining about going to sleep for the most trivial things i swear to god that fucking cat.

I liked it, mostly for the characters, didn't really like the gameplay too much tbh.
Can't wait to play the new one, if it's set in tevinter i hope it returns to a more darker style. Inquisition felt too "goody two shoes" for my taste. I just wanted to be a dictator blood mage that led the inquistion to be an evil force god damn it.
I also hope they make the worlds smaller, but more important to the story and learn from the many mistakes of MEA. also that they bring Zevran, Sten and Fenris back in actual cameos. Especially Zevran, waht they did to him on inquistion is inexcusable.

For Mass Effect, you could try setting it on narrative mode, it's very easy as a shooter in that difficulty (especially 2 and 3, 1 is just a little clunky). ME3 has a mode where the enemies are basically paper so you can get right through the story, but most of that story is told on never on sale DLCs which sucks ass.

No. 191133

I've heard people say that the first, maybe quarter or so of Andromeda were its rockiest parts, but that it gets a bit better afterwards? I'm still wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get it.

So, I've finally decided to sit down and play Fallout 3 after quite some time…and oof…don't hate me, but this shits kinda rough. The main quests aren't all that fun…like at all (except for maybe Tranquility Lane). Breaks my heart a bit, too since I remember FO3 being one of my favourite games at one point. It just feels like a whole lot of nothing. Big, expansive open area with piss all to do.

No. 191139

I got to play Harvest Moon MfoM on a friend's GBA when I was younger and that was what made me get a DS. I would say that Mineral Town is still my all-time favorite but then again I've only played DS Cute and SoS.

Should I get Stardew Valley? I don't really like the artwork so I would mod it but while I love farming sims I'll play for hours on end but when I take a break I avoid picking it back up because I've forgotten what I was doing.

No. 191140

would you recommend the older SMT games to someone who's more into the newer ones? i find the old-school rpg graphics really off-putting, but if the plot is decent then maybe i'll give it a go. is there anything in particular you like about the earlier smt titles compared to the newer ones, or is it just the general old rpg vibe that you prefer?

same on not having played strange journey and wanting SMT1/2 remakes. i've heard SJ isn't the greatest game, and i've been putting off playing it for years, but maybe the remake will make it a little bit better?

also, i'd recommend P2 Eternal Punishment if you've already played Innocent Sin. it's p good and i like most o the main characters in EP a lot more than the ones in IS and the storyline is slightly better imo

i'm so excited for LiS 2!!! agreed on the ending being shitty (although i liked that Chloe and Max got to have a proper kiss and Nathan got a minor redemption arc, even if he was dead by the time it happened lmao). definitely curious about how they'll change the mechanics up to keep the game exciting, but i'm more intrigued by them having an entirely new set of characters. obviously it makes sense, but i'm gonna really miss some of the old characters; I just hope they newer ones aren't as meme-y and cliche as some of the minor characters in the last game.

No. 191142

File: 1495210087344.gif (2.6 MB, 540x304, tumblr_optwiqunrP1ub7k6lo1_540…)

Persona 5.

On my second playthrough but on hard this time, played in safe mode strictly for the story to get the true ending.

Makoto is best girl~

No. 191149

Heh, i was one of the few who prefred Max + Warren so i was more excited for theirs more than the chloe one, (i didn't particularly like chloe and max, felt like ever since chloe came back into max's life she fucked it up because of being overly selfish and childish, kinda felt the relationship would be a bad step for Max if chloe didn't learn how to deal with herself.)

Out of all of them Nathan was my favourite character and i would have loved a bigger expansion of his personality and backstory. It was very tragic how everyone around him used him and it absolutely destroyed him. I felt pity for him as soon as everything was unraveled. Finding out what his dad did or what a certain professor used him for, all the while he did it because he had no direction in life, just crushed me. I really would have hoped that maybe Max could've become closer to him, so he could have a friend who was not looking for anything other more than friendship with him, someone who he could rely on.
He is really a great character, not bad, not great, just fucked up because of his enviorment.
Would love to play a character like Nathan on the sequel.

Also the memes were a little on the face, the fat spanish "loser" dude with the outdated ragecomic t-shirt was a tad bit too much lol

No. 191151

I really want to play P2 Eternal Punishment because I liked how the main characters where introduced in Innocent Sin and I love Maya, but it's not available on the European PSN and I can't emulate anything on my laptop because it's a piece of junk that can barely make microsoft office work. I'll definitely try it one day though, I just don't know when.

As for Strange Journey, I think what some people found off-putting was that the press turn mechanism was replaced by something else that has to do with your party members' alignments to deal extra damage to your enemy, but I'm not sure anymore. I only played it for 2min to see if my cartridge worked so I can't say for sure if that's the case. I heard some of the final bosses are really tedious too but that might be people exaggerating how megaten is difficult in general, idk.

No. 191157

File: 1495214721595.png (1.11 MB, 1067x600, nioh-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-0…)

Same here. First I didn't care for Chloe but in the end i hated her. How can one be so fucking annoying all the time thinking that everthing is about her.
To this day I don't understand why so many people ship them for the sake of having a lesbian couple, when Chloe is clearly fucking up everything

I loove Persona 5. I'm doing the same thing right now btw.
Also on my second play in hard. Excited to max out all confidants.
Chose Makoto in the first play but too be honest when Haru came I lost it. I love her English voice so much and all in all she is a cutie.
In general the English voice cast did an amazing job (except for pronouncing names but whatever)
Right now I'm turned the japanese voices on to compare it.

On another note;
Did anyone here play Nioh ? It reminds me a little bit of Witcher just from seeing pictures but I haven't actually played it. I don't want to bring my hopes up and pay for it when it actually sucks

No. 191158


First game will always be the best for me, I still listen to the soundtrack everyday. Normandy theme is my favorite sleepy time and study music.

No. 191170

Strange Journey is difficult for a JRPG but it's a lot like the old-school SMT games with upgrades that make it less frustrating, like having a base and dungeon maps. Some people were really put off by the first-person layout but every other game pre-IV is like that too (including Nocturne, it's available as a bonus when you beat the game).

I think you should try SJ or Nocturne, the stories aren't linear but I like how different their atmospheres are compared to other JRPGs. Instead of it being about camaraderie and adventure there's a feeling of the protaganist being trapped alone in these bizarre worlds where everyone has a hidden agenda. If you haven't played it yet Digital Devil Saga is also a good not really SMT but fairly similar game.

I haven't tried Soul Hackers yet but it doesn't seem like there's much talk about that one. Did anyone here play it?

No. 191184

File: 1495221280433.png (251.51 KB, 800x546, 54978225_p6.png)

I was playing Soul Hackers some months ago and while it's pretty fun overall, I haven't finished it yet because I got sick of enemies spamming mudola on the MC, I got busy with college and just bought FE Fates at the time too. I'll beat it soon I think, once I beat FE Fates Revelation.

The gameplay is fairly simple because there's no press turn but you have to be careful with your demons, they do what they want sometimes depending on their personalities so you either let them do what they want, give them instructions during battles and hope for the best, or you use items on them to change their personalities. The story is a bit over the top but that's part of the fun, I like it a lot. I'm expected Hitomi to be the boring female sidekick but I love her as much as I like Nemissa. You explore the dungeons in 1st person view and everything is pretty fast-paced, exploring dungeons legit made me dizzy sometimes. By the way, I've bee told that playing at the casino grants you a bunch of OP weapons but I'm so shit at the mini games that I never got any of these weapons. But maybe these advice could be useful to you if you decide to play it.

No. 191223

File: 1495232645125.jpg (83.27 KB, 640x641, Suikoden II cover (US).jpg)

Suikoden 1 & 2 are my favorite games of all time. If you like classic JRPGs play this series (you can stop at Suiko 3).

Anyone else enjoying Zelda BOTW? It's so huge. I'm 130 hours into it and I'm still discovering new areas. My only complaint is a lack of a real temple. The Shrines and the Divine Beasts are neat but a classic temple would have made this game perfect. Maybe with DLC.

No. 191229

File: 1495234532303.jpg (281.28 KB, 600x500, SMT-Strange-Journey-shin-megam…)


Seconding Nocturne. Once you get addicted to the gameplay, you'll want to come back and play it again or actually finish Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2.


I really need to pick this up again. I love Makoto so much. I made Ann my waifu, though… I haven't had time to properly finish the damn game unfortunately. >>191157 it's funny that you say this about the English voices because my friend loathes it. I think she may just be a huge fucking weeaboo tho lmao

Man I love the suggestions in this thread too. A Strange Journey remake would be amazing.

Random question… Does anyone here play fighting games?

No. 191235

I bought Andromeda. Beat it a few weeks ago. I don't plan on replaying it until DLCs and more patches come out though. It doesn't feel as replay-able to me as Dragon Age Inquisition.

Mass Effect is my absolute favorite series. I love Andromeda, but it needs some TLC before it can feel like a "complete" game.

I'm currently on my 3rd Dragon Age Inquisition playthrough and I love it just as much as the first two times. I'm skipping most of the fetch quests which makes the pacing better. I bought all the DLC as well so I'm excited to play those for the first time.

No. 191271

File: 1495251287887.png (475.55 KB, 498x724, matador-i-challenge-you-to-a-d…)

takemi is best girl, get out
(or haru if you're talking party-only)

i like to call strange journey 'suicide journey' but if you want an intensely brutal and depressing game, it's wonderful. nocturne is HANDS DOWN my favorite though, but IV and apocalypse are both excellent. devil survivor is wonderful too, but i think 1 is better than 2.

THERE IS A STRANGE JOURNEY REMAKE COMING OUT! it's called deep strange journey. actual play isn't getting changed much, but upgraded cutscenes, a shitton of new demons, and some new storylines.

tl;dr nocturne is still my favorite overall tho and if you want to get into mainline SMT, it's the best place to start imo. it only gets harder from there.

sorry for sperg i just /really love SMT okay/

No. 191273

samefag to add: if you played p3 but didn't play FES/the answer, you owe it to yourself

No. 191332

Thanks for the rec! And I wish I could stream, sadly I lack all the proper equipment.

It's okay to play, but for a Bioware game the writing is really unimpressive. It might be because it's only the first game, but Ryder and the squad are nowhere near as memorable as Shepard and co. Just wait until sales.

Y-yes! I miss the old Normandy music. The SR2 is too quiet. The old themes pop up here and there though, so that's nice.

Nioh reminds me a lot of Dark Souls, so if you like that franchise I'm guessing you'll enjoy Nioh.

No. 191334

How long to you usually play to beat games? Not talking about hours but in general. I mostly play JRPG and because of college I take a lot of time to play or I don't play at all for months sometimes, and I feel like I'll never beat the games I already own before buying other ones, especially because I want to get into Final Fantasy and Zelda, and the Switch looks like it's going to have interesting games.

No. 191335

I remember the first time I played P3 the writing blew me away. I was not expecting that game to affect me the way it did.

No. 191342

Makoto waifu anon here, I agree Haru's voice is v cute. I like when you get to go on the rooftop and help her with gardening veggies its so cute lmfao.

No. 191343

I think Andromeda got way too much hate for its poor characterization but like I just played ME1 for the first time in ages and it feels so much like Andromeda story wise, clearly both the games were building up to bigger things and I think too many people compared MEA to the original trilogy as a whole and that's not really fair.

Personally I love Andromeda, it was amazingly fun, I'm on my third play-through but I'm waiting for the update where you can customize your character more before I play for a 4th time.

No. 191344

I am really into the GameHouse time management games right now, I watch Ray stream them and then started to play for myself and they're wonderful. The story lines remind me of like really over the top soap operas and its ridiculously amusing.

No. 191348

I really don't have anything else to do beside working so all I do is either playing video games or watching shows sounds suoer lonely I know but I got no friends in this town.
So I can beat a medium lenght game in a few days.
Once I move back to my hometown I won't have that kind of time because I actually have a social life over there kek
So around two weeks or longer
But yeah there will weeks when I barelly use my PS4 in my hown town so it always depends on the game too

No. 191352

I tend to play really long games and i am a bit of a completionist, so depending on the game… maybe around 60+ hours for rpgs and around 80+ hours for JRPGs.

I tend to play around 2-6 hours a day, unless i have to study, so it takes me a while to beat any game. Especially now that i am supposed to be a "responsable adult".
I don't know if it's because i am getting old but games also don't hold my focus as much anymore, i tend to get bored if i play more than a few hours, or get overwhelmed and stop playing if they are too long.
(>started playing witcher 3, 120 hours and still not out of skellige because completionist shit, never touched it again because i was burned out.
>Started yakuza 5, 80+ hours, still on haruka arch, stopped playing because overwhelmed.
>Persona 5, futaba dungo, got burned out and never touched it again eventhough i want to play it, but just can't find any kind of motivation to do so.

It's depressing because i wanna finish them since i love the games but it just feels like a chore and like i am wasting my time to do +100 hour games now for some reason)

No. 191365

I enjoyed BOTW a lot the first ~50 hours. I kinda grew more and more disappointed after that, because the game feels so empty and way too easy (the divine beasts especially). There's not much besides puzzles and while they're fun, the story and quests are so lacking. There's only a handful of quests that were satisfying/memorable/hard, all stables and villages pretty much have the same NPCs/meaningless quests, you're alone most of the time (as opposed to having midna or navi), etc. I'm really sad about it.

I wish the quests were more like other open worlds' (Witcher, DA, Bethesda etc), where you're more invested because of the story and stakes. Or even just more like previous zelda's quests. Now it's almost only "go get this / do this because you have to". It desperately needs an after-game too. But still totally worth playing. Hopefully the next one will be a real 10.

No. 191650

For the farmers who've played Andromeda as fem Ryder, who do you think is the best romance option? I just got it from my bf and am not sure where I want to go for a love interest. Or is it possible to have multiple romances going on and pick an exclusive later?

No. 191661

> Nioh reminds me a lot of Dark Souls, so if you like that franchise I'm guessing you'll enjoy Nioh.

Pls tell me you play dark souls, or anyone else for that matter. I would seriously like to have someone to coop with.

Btw, is there a lolcow steam group? Should I create one?

No. 191678

You can have multiple romances and then go exclusive. I heard the Jaal romance is really sweet but his body freaks me the fuck out and I can't unsee it when I look at him now. I'm trying to decide between Suvi and Liam for my fem playthrough

No. 191696

Liam's romance was SO dry. He's a qt and It was sweet but like, a lot didn't really happen and I was rlly disappointed by the end. I'm gonna try Peebee or Vetra.

And I agree about Jaal, he honestly looks like some weird alien penis.

No. 191698

Never played dark souls but I did try Bloodborn wasn't a fan of.it because I sucked. I couldn't even beat the first boss after trying at least 40 times. Got rid of it. Is dark souls/nioh the same ? Because if it is I'll definitely die all the time and that wouldn't be fun for me.

No. 191708

Bloodborne and Dark Souls have different fighting styles. They're both eye-wateringly difficult, but with Bloodborne you have to go all out in combat because of how the rally thing works and avoid attacks with careful positioning/manoeuvres. In souls you can kinda bait them out, block their attack and then wreck them. It's a lot easier to be passive, but it still has its fair share of instakills.

No. 191754

I've only played Bloodborne, though I did grab Dark Souls after I played it. It's sitting around somewhere…

Anyways, anon is right about BB's play style. You've got to be quick and aggressive. But once you get the timing down for parries and visceral attacks you'll have a much easier time going through.

For the first boss are you talking about Gascoigne or Cleric Beast? Both can be parried, you just have to shoot them before they attack. Watch closely a few times for their attack pattern and you'll get it. Cleric Beast is also weak against fire so if you have fire paper or some molotovs you can use them. As a bonus, you can even summon Gascoigne to help you in the fight against Cleric Beast with an Old Hunter's Bell.

For the most part you can get through with good timing, knowing weaknesses of the mobs, and wearing the right gear. But you will die, a lot and often. It's just part of FromSoftware's thing, all their games are fucking hard. I think the visuals alone are worth it though.

No. 191803

I love rune factory and prefer it over Harvest Moon cause you can do so many things. Cooking, harvesting, crafting, flirting … and the bachelors are so handsome. I prefered the 3 over the 4th one though.

I feel you, my bf says I'm a good player on Overwatch, that I just started playing, but I know I'll never ever be anything above average at best. There's just way too many good players out there and it's not like you can slowly grind skills or stuff.
I'm more of a casual player and love all kinds of games, but competitive FPS are not my forte.

Me too … getting a job really killed my gaming hobbies. I'm often too tired and the games don't make me relax. I need to force myself to finish some in my library before buying new ones, or waiting til they're on sale.

No. 191805

File: 1495567109750.jpg (66.08 KB, 1200x675, 140e05df-4f78-40e6-b823-30eaa1…)

These new skins are so fucking good.

No. 191806

File: 1495567163772.jpg (68.87 KB, 1200x675, 33d3c712-9d0c-4fa6-9cdc-c9fa0f…)

No. 191807

File: 1495567182977.jpg (99.51 KB, 1920x1080, overwatch_anniversary_skins-6.…)

No. 191814

File: 1495570144441.gif (937.63 KB, 500x280, tumblr_m8d8dyBEeH1rp7e0z.gif)

I'm only going for Jaal because Bioware once again denied me my krogan romance. I was overall pretty disappointed that the only male alien option was a new race and nothing else.

No. 191831

File: 1495575053291.jpg (105.95 KB, 1200x800, 1495565149248.jpg)



No. 191839

Yeah I really love DVA's. I think its her best one yet

No. 191847


Haven't played her much since the nerf, usually play Winston or Zarya as tanks now but the skin is really good.

No. 191866

Mei's is SUPER cute, and I also really love Symmetra and Pharah's. I've been playing all three of them more lately (usually and Mercy/Reinhardt main) so I really want at least one before this event is over.

No. 191868

File: 1495588540183.jpg (267.95 KB, 900x507, 1495221876775.jpg)


Yeah Mei is great too shame her gun doesn't shoot out honey tho :(, I want the Tracer and Lucio the most this event. I didn't get the Cadet skin for Tracer last event and I at least want to get this one.

No. 191890

>one male alien option
well fug.
gdi bioware when will you let me have my salarian husbando

No. 191916

Wow really? That's a shame, I'm happy I didn't buy the game yet. No turian romance?

No. 191917

There is a vetra romance, which is a female turian, but it's very short and with barely any content, like most romances on this game except for PB, Cora and Jaal.

It really sucks, i just want a krogan romance or a male quarian roamance (still salty me2 didn't give us the possibility).

Hopefully the DLC is still in motion and we get the so deserved Quarian romance from it or at least some meat (kek) from the rest of the romances.

No. 191920

File: 1495625350216.gif (1.34 MB, 800x533, i just really wanted to post t…)

Jaal's romance is like… the opposite of what I'd expect from a krogan romance. And damn, I didn't even realise that there was only one male alien option. At least ME2 had Garrus and Thane.

>prays that kandros and evfra will become romanceable

No. 191928

Well I guess that's what we have to expect from EA handing the franchise over to some small offshoot of Bioware. None of those people had worked on the original. It really makes me sad that they fucked up the game so badly and from what I hear they're sort of giving up on it too. They want to take a "break" from it.

No. 191929

File: 1495631632920.gif (1.83 MB, 640x225, IMG_3953.GIF)

Hollow knight is my current shit
It can be very tricky tho so i recommend using a controller if you got it~

No. 192960

File: 1496254131152.png (1.69 MB, 2160x2887, 1491671193628.png)

>Has anyone here played Nier? People keep telling me the games are good but the stories are a bit muddled.

I haven't played the original Nier, but Nier: Automata is one of the best games I've ever played. The story was the best part, though I admit it's very complex and if you aren't paying attention you might miss really important parts. I had to play through twice because I missed stuff.

No. 193006

You should definitely play nier one I loved it so much

No. 193009

File: 1496281103727.jpg (184.63 KB, 848x1200, 1490446107699.jpg)

Was considering buying a PS3 to play it, but I can't really justify it for one game. I'm hoping against hope that Square recognizes the success of Automata and ports it to PC.

No. 194036

This will never stop being funny.

No. 194276

Today, I went out and bought the new Fire Emblem game on an impulse and played through a bit. I've never played any of the FE games but the voice acting is cute and the story is interesting enough so far. I really just like any game with an animu aesthetic.

The battle mechanic is a little repetitive, but I'm hoping as it gets more complex it will get more fun.

I haven't played video games in months, not since Pokemon Moon. It feels like a chore to make myself do anything I used to enjoy, and I've been meaning to make myself play more often because I do enjoy myself when I do. I just can't do long sessions of gaming like I could when I was a kid. I can play for 1-2 hours and thenI have to take a break and do something else. Do any of you get that? I've had the same trouble with watching anime/keeping up with shows or reading, even when I used to enjoy it. It just feels easier to shitpost on the interwebs.

No. 194280

I keep finding myself replaying Rune Factory 4. I have like 400 hours at this point. It just hits all the right notes for me. Plus I love my harem.

No. 194286

I definitely get this, I really think for me its an attention span issue. The same reason I often have trouble sitting through an episode of anime even if I really love the show.

I feel especially guilty about FE:Fates because I bought all 3 paths (2 being DLC) and haven't beaten the Nohr route yet, or touched the 3rd one (forgot what it's even called…)

No. 194317

Literally me. I desperately wanted the collectors edition but couldn't get it so i ended up buying conquest and then the birthright and revelations paths too. This was day of release and still haven't finished conquest

No. 194414

I've been playing the heck out of Trio of Towns since my friend bought it for me.
I'm on year 2, dating Ludus and I'm working on getting my farm animals byproduct amount/level up.

Although I'm kinda sad that the wireless play seems empty at times..

No. 194435

File: 1496970496316.png (45.29 KB, 174x256, NewHusbando.png)

I think it's depression for me, I haven't even played the game yet today, just slept on and off while Parks and Rec plays in the background.

I'll force myself to play tonight, if only to hear my new husbando's sweet voice encourage me to fight on.

No. 194515

>I think it's depression for me
I feel similarly :\

No. 194536

I finally started Dark Souls and after half an hour I just want to go cry in a corner.

No. 194549

I'm a weeb and I mostly play weeb games.
Also I've more or less given up playing games online. I deal with people enough on a day to day basis, I don't need them in my games too.
I've been getting into VNs too lately, if that counts.

No. 203926

i know the threads been inactive but what are your favorite games on 3ds? i spend 2+ hours a day commuting to uni and need something good to pass the time

No. 203932

Pokémon Moon
Fire Emblem Awakening
Fire Emblem Fates
Kirby (any of them you can download)

No. 203939

animal crossing!

No. 203940

The remakes of ocarina of time and majoras mask are pretty cool. If you have a new3ds definitely check out xenoblade chronicles, it is so damn good.
I would also recommend the entire ace attorney series, and the professor layton series as well.
The original ds had a ton of hidden gems you could also look into, as the 3ds can play ds games too. If you like visual novels Id recommend 999 and hotel dusk.

No. 203941

pretty much all the DS/3DS smt games, rhythm heaven, and yo-kai watch

No. 203955

i've been playing the crash remake lately since i played the originals all thru my childhood. kinda pissed how they fiddled with crash's jump, doesn't feel the same as the originals. also been on PTR for overwatch and jesus fucking christ why did they have to change mercy so drastically :(

No. 203957

Eh, I've always been more of a battle Mercy (still healing/boosting ults of course) anyway, so I don't mind the changes.

No. 203970

>jesus fucking christ why did they have to change mercy so drastically
Because her ultimate was not good design. Hiding in the retard corner because you're hoping for a x5 res dumb. Besides shes still the most retard proof healer even after all of these changes.

No. 203974

>Geralt won't fill your pussay with his cum

why live?

No. 203979

Haven't finished the third route either even though I love it.
For me it's being a perfectionist and trying to get everyone on A/S.
Kinda stopped having fun doing this bullshit. Should have played the story first and then trying to get everyone on A/S.

No. 204087

Has anyone played the new Life is Strange?

No. 204126

Yea, it was okay. Felt a bit rushed tho

No. 204129

I wasn't that excited for the game because honestly, I didn't expect much. But I've played it and… it surprised me, it's really good I liked the similar, but slightly different vibe. Chloe's vibe. The William scenes were a punch right into the kokoro. Yes, >>204126 I kinda agree, at least about ChloexRachel. Their friendship was a bit rushed, they hung out two times and suddenly "there's something special" and shit. But it's only 3 eps, so I understand it.
I really love No below by Speedy Ortiz.

And the rpg game part rule

No. 204132

File: 1505124881093.jpg (71.33 KB, 736x1000, cy4G4qj.jpg)

>blue hair says men shouldn't own guns, only women
>waves a gun around like a retard, shoots herself
>shoots dog when arguing with a guy over a B&E

I'm morbidly curious to see what they did this time.

No. 204146

>Chloe vibe

And that's what's been keeping from really being excited about the game. I loved the first one's style and the unique gameplay and story but I fucking hated Chloe so much. Playing an entire game with her as the MC really puts me off. Please tell me she's not as insufferable as she was in the first game? I might be more interested in picking it up.

No. 204151

I disliked Chloe too in the first game, but still played BtS because i love the franchise.
She is still very annoying in general and very similar to the first game in scripted sequences, but at least it's more manageable since you control her and can make her more "your style".

Honestly, i liked the first episode regardless of my opinion of Chloe, my only gripe with it is that everything felt very rushed, including the development with Rachel.

My favorite part of the whole episode was playing DnD with the nerds, tbh.

No. 204152

fuck this is terrible but im laughing so hard at the image you included with your post. theyre doing an uneventful lesbian scene this time. i think the connection between blue hair and rachel is supposed to be deep but they only hung out for like 2 hours and theyre already like "i love you, i rlly feel something speshul". shitty ass romance

No. 204173

>i think the connection between blue hair and rachel is supposed to be deep but they only hung out for like 2 hours and theyre already like "i love you, i rlly feel something speshul".
Sounds like your standard teenage romance then to be honest. Was kind of hoping they managed to taze each other in the taint or something this time.

No. 204210

I mean…she's still herself in the game but you can make her "nicer" since you control what she says.

Loved that part too, and the train scene, but still…

No. 204242

I'm someone who enjoyed life is strange but didn't really like Chloe or care about Rachel Amber. Is this game worth getting for someone like me? Does it seem like it will answer some leftover questions from LiS or is it just about Chloe and Rachel's relationship?

No. 204244

What are some good rpg maker horror games? Both free and not free.

No. 204247

Can't really recommend anything but if you got the time look for indie games on Steam and Gog

So far it's only about them. Guess you could wait for all 3 episodes to be released or just torrent it and see how you like it

No. 204249

File: 1505240220356.jpg (327.91 KB, 1212x722, ppp4e440031.jpg)

What are your favorite comfy games? I've been in a depressed mood lately so I've been playing the shit out of cute games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

No. 204251

oh man, I used to play so many of those
but I can barely recall some.
I remember The Crooked Man and Ib were good.

No. 204256

File: 1505251262489.png (4.26 KB, 640x480, 2kki-tapir.png)

Yume 2kki by far

There is a fairly recent English patch available:

No. 204257


Fantasy Life!!

No. 204266

File: 1505259946263.jpg (1023.97 KB, 1920x1080, 427520_screenshots_20170508143…)

>What are your favorite comfy games?

I've improved my ratios since this picture dramatically.

No. 204270

My 3ds died and I miss animal crossing so much!! It's so sweet.

No. 204276


No. 204290

I'm stuck in a grand strategy loop, I can't stop playing paradox games.
And worse, I can't stop watching youtube videos of other people playing them, lately it's been exclusively hearts of iron.

No. 204312


Anon you get meeee

It's got wonderful music and story and lots of things to do and I used to play it as a wind down during final year of uni and it was so good for that

No. 204324

File: 1505302157101.gif (1.79 MB, 500x538, tumblr_okumgfsygM1tewh4uo1_500…)

Anyone else excited that they're releasing Okami for the PS4, PC and XBox?

No. 204325

god I am. I loved that game so damn much, I played it enough to finish it within 10 hours.

Everyday during the holidays I'll do a full run of it… I can't wait to relive my Okami days. I even went to the Capcom collab with Okami for the pins ha!!

No. 205163

File: 1506012682695.jpg (61.94 KB, 1280x547, DOS2_Kickstarter_banner_races.…)

Anyone playing Divinity Original Sin 2?
I've been seeing a lot of positive reviews on it but i'm not sure if i'll bite the bullet on buying it since I've never played any games of the franchise and i don't know what to expect.

Is it any fun playing it alone?
Is it more like Skyrim (open world, story all over the place, you do you) or like Dragon Age: Origins (semi open world, kinda-linear good story, side quests that do not detract from main story)?

No. 205187

File: 1506020562721.jpg (4.64 MB, 2300x1534, Okami.full.1148276.jpg)

I am SO excited for it. I never owned the game (a friend did and she gave it to me for a few weeks) I played it so manye times and I'm still shocked that it was never that popular.
I hope it will get more fans through the remake honestly it's one of the best games that I have ever played. The Art is so gorgeous and story wise it's really good too.

No. 205195

My father plays it, so I know some bits:

The maps are mostly like in DAO, but a bit big (from what I've seen) and the quest often tie into each other (like skyrim, I guess, eg. help person a in town a, later go to town b and person b happens to know a and offers you a quest/dialog etc). I guess it could be compared to DAO but it looks way more story and lore heavy, with a shit ton of details.

It's one of those "heavy" rpgs tbh, but I'd really recommend it if your into exploring and reading.

I think I actually read something about some company making a second game?

I actually played it on the dolphin simulator a few years ago, 100% worth the lag and struggle to make circles with a keyboard lol

No. 205227

D:OS is nothing like dragon age or skyrim. Combat is strategic and turn based and the enemies don't respawn. The game is split between acts and each act has a large map that you can explore however you want, unless higher lvl enemies kill you, although most times you can get around them if you're smart enough.
You can solve every quest in different ways and there are no quests like "help x npc" or "gather x ingredients". Some side quests are connected to the main quests and some aren't. So i guess depth-wise you could compare it more to the witcher 3. (but it's still much more complex because you have multiple, potentially custom characters and the witcher only has one)
Also, everything happens in text. There are no cinematics. Don't play it if you don't like reading.
Sorry if you already know all that, but since you only mentioned skyrim and dragon age instead of other rpgs with many more similarities i feel like you don't have a lot of experience in the genre.

No. 205236

Thank you guys!
Story heavy, lore heavy and very text heavy RPGs are some of my favorites so i think i will pick it up. Kinda assumed it would have MMO-ish quests thrown around a big empty map since it has the ability to play with people(afaik) and that's what scared me from picking it up.

>since you only mentioned skyrim and dragon age instead of other rpgs with many more similarities i feel like you don't have a lot of experience in the genre.

I do actually! it's my favorite genre. I just compared it to those because the screenshots i saw reminded me a lot of DA:O, and used Skyrim as an example because it has that kind of MMOish very detached quest feel to it which i don't particularly enjoy, so i knew if to stay clear of it kek.

No. 205274

I love the game, but it's given me a problem I've never had with any other game. I love all the companions and want to go through all of their quest lines, but can only take 3 at a time. I've seriously restarted 3-4 times now, trying to figure out my favorite party dynamic to roleplay with.

No. 205291

oh, then the game is perfect for you! it has multiplayer but it doesn't make it MMO-like. the quests are very complex and the maps are full of details. this game is the furthest from MMO you can get, tbh.

i know that feel! i currently play as lohse and the red prince, together with two customs. my next run will be a full undead party with fane and two customs. after that i'll make a lone wolf run with sebille and ifan. don't really care about beast tho tbh. maybe i'll squeeze him in somewhere…
(i use the multiplayer trick to have more than 1 main character)

No. 205340

File: 1506147179658.png (1.02 MB, 1280x1920, katribou.png)

I bought Transistor two days ago as an app (bc it's cheaper and i have a shit-tier pc) and I didn't expect it to be so good.
Art, soundtrack, gameplay, plot; I really can't find anything bad about it. Okay well, it crashes all the time during saves, probably because it's a mobile port, but it still saves so I can go right back without losing much progress.
I went back and bought Bastion and even though it's quite charming, I still enjoy Transistor more. I'll probably pick up both soundtracks as well.
transistor's ending fucks me up so badly though, but that might be because i'm depressed

There are some amazing mobile games out there, even if some are just ports. They tend to be hard to find unless they get featured or if you're following the devs because they're pretty expensive as apps go. It's obviously better to buy the game on steam if it's available though, not just for performance reasons, but because devs are just more likely to update the 'main' version of the game than the mobile version.

No. 205352

I've finally started playing Maplestory after years of leaving it in my future suggestions. I noticed there are so many cute players and I hope one day I get to be as cute as the rest. However after 2 days, I'm really lost on what to do completely. I'm level 26 and nooot sure what I'm supposed to be doing even with guides. I'm hopeless lol

No. 205354

>Art, soundtrack, gameplay, plot; I really can't find anything bad about it.
They generally put out good shit. Personally I preferred Bastion but I've been meaning to take a stab at Pyre. I'm a sucker for RPGs about going on a journey.

No. 205384


Hello fellow oldfag!

Have you played the Trails in the Sky games? They remind me of nothing so much as the first two suikoden games.

No. 205452

Does anyone have any recommendations for games that have a good story, preferably something with a good mystery? I enjoyed Life is Strange and I like a lot of RPGs like KH, FF, SMT, etc. I just want something that feels refreshing and not too trope-y.

No. 205475

Professor Layton series?

Ghost trick was fun too.

They both have puzzles to go through, Ghost tricks storyline is more mysterious than Professor Layton's though.

No. 205477

You might like Gabriel Knight:Sins of the Father for pc. It's a point and click mystery set in New Orleans.It was originally released in 1993, but there was a 3d remake made a couple years ago.

The 3d looks a little awkward at times, and some people say the voice acting was better in the original, but I didn't really notice. The puzzles are much more challenging than the ones in Life is Strange so you might need to use a walkthrough (or the in-game hint system if you play the remake).

No. 206445

File: 1506715470897.png (329.58 KB, 456x386, hxppy thxughts.png)

Shouldn't have read this shit while I was depressed.

No. 209223

File: 1508270482399.jpg (14.81 KB, 256x384, nintendogs.jpg)

Didn't know where else to post this:

Does anyone remember the very persistent rumour that Nintendogs could breed with each other?

There were tons of videos and posts out there with kids insisting their dogs could breed by following a list of random tips like only feeding them water and dry food. Some videos even showed very small puppies, supporting this rumor, but that was just Action Replay at work that enabled shrinking a dog's original size.

To this day, I wonder why so many 8 to 10-year-old kids all over the internet stubbornly upheld this rumor, hid the fact they used Action Replay to get abnormally small-sized puppies and pretended that breeding was a part of the game while telling everybody that Nintendo is lying to their players about it.

No. 209226

Oh I do remember this, the reason why so many kids lied about it was because they wanted to show off a dog that in a way was even more special than the rest. Back then there was a social status for nintendogs, hard to get breeds and collecting all items were something that made you seem like a queen. I know this because as a kid I bragged and used AR to be better than the other girls. So in a way using AR to breed the puppies made it seem like you are smarter, better at the game, and cooler than other players. Sounds stupid but there used to be forums for this back in the day.

No. 209243

Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon the ds version (by nostalgia), and the other one (Rune Factory) also on DS.

Duuude IB was my jam back then. Mad Father was neat too but IB is my all time fave.
I played Pocket Mirror lately and loved it a lot too. The art,the aesthetic,…was super neat! They even have animated cutscenes!

No. 209244

So,tell me girls, what is/are your fave games and why?
I like hearing people talk about things they really love so- And I may pick up some of them

No. 209253

right now i'm playing layers of fear inheritance because it's halloween and i have to play scary games during the scary season. i also did a replay of rule of rose recently and i still love that game.

when i think about it, my favorite games are generally horror-oriented. i really loved the most recent resident evil, there were a bunch of parts where i felt like i was getting hit on the head with all the references to horror movies, which was awesome.

one of my favorite games ever is deadly premonition. it's the best.

on ds i play monster hunter, harvest moon, rune factory and animal crossing. i also have a huge soft spot for the style savvy games. i love the fuck out of them, but i wish they gave you some romance, too.

speaking of romance i used to be a huge bioware fan but not so much any longer. DA:I was so bloated and boring and I was genuniely sad about that. KoTOR is still the best game, for me, with DA:O a close second.

looking forward to the new red dead redemption and i also love picking up saints row 4 or diablo 3 when i'm bored or just want to play something quick.

No. 209254


Play Spirit Camera on the DS! It's short but it's super fun.

No. 209351

does anyone know any cool acnl dream codes? Or you could just post your own, I just want to see some.

mine is 4C00-0041-0351. my town is pretty boring, but I'm happy with it overall. currently working on some new custom designs to spruce it up a bit.

No. 209853

File: 1508964301114.jpg (151.72 KB, 1068x1122, 1500083078283.jpg)

Does anyone know any good mmorpg's I can play? Maybe something similar to old school Maplestory. I need something chill/comfy with a friendly community so I can get away from these lonely feels.

No. 209854

On second thought it doesn't even have to be an mmorpg.

No. 209857

ff xiv?

No. 209861

Thanks, I'll check that one out but I'm worried my internet speed and laptop specs might not be enough. Is it difficult to play?

No. 209862

Oops, meant to link >>209857

No. 209870


I want to play it so much but

>3 second gcd

No. 209872

Agreed. I tried rerolling a monk since they have a reduced GCD with 3 stacks of their buff but I got burnt out before I hit a level where it began to matter.

Have you played another tab target MMO, like WoW or Aion? If so, it's not going to be a huge difference.

No. 209897

GW2 tbh, probably one of the best communities, super casual friendly and you can try it out for free before buying

No. 209902

>space engineers
Uninstall, purchase Factorio

No. 209904

Gold sticker then.

Also I suggest singularity, underrated FPS.

No. 209967

If you have a DS, Miitopia is actually a lot of fun in a goofy, charming way. Maybe try the demo?

No. 209975

I wish I could find a good MMO too. I used to really be into WoW but haven't played in years. As a fluke I ended up making some really good friends in game and had so much fun with them. Most of them disappeared from the game after we got tired of all the rep farming though so I wouldn't even know where to find them again. I miss having an MMO to play with friends online. I've tried GW2 but couldn't seem to get into it really.

No. 210760


have you tried The Secret World? it got rebooted so now it's free to play. gameplay is a bit unusual for a MMO (no levels, no classes, no armor) but the story is great and the community was mature and cool when i played.

No. 210763

I wish there was a new MMO a la Mabinogi. Cute, comfy and sandbox-y.

Nexon has been developing Peria Chronicles for ages now and it's still not out.

No. 210770

File: 1509807232690.jpg (28.19 KB, 480x338, IMG_20171104_093718.jpg)

Should I buy a switch? Is it worth spending $400 just to play those two stupid games?

I almost regret not getting one earlier. Apparently you can't hack any over 3.0.0…

No. 210776

File: 1509810044252.png (6.04 MB, 4000x3000, Splatoon-Inkling_Render_001.pn…)

No one has mentioned Splatoon!
Does anyone else here love it?
It's my first and probably the only shooter I'll ever want to play.

No. 210777

File: 1509810630540.jpg (77.3 KB, 500x347, tumblr_mm0qxbAOpi1rrftcdo1_500…)

uh just play mabi?

No. 210790

If you're a Nintendo slut like me I'd say yes, I love this thing.
I've got all the big names so I'll give a small review.
Zelda is super amazing and fun, however after about a week or two it starts to feel repetitive, but we'll see what the next few DLCs offer.
Splatoon 2 is fun as well, I'm not super big on team fighters but it's proved more entertaining and cute than expected.
I just got Mario Odessey and I'm completely obsessed I adore this game and everything about it.
While the games all play great, the eshop and menu design leave a lot to be desired. It's so minimalist it's almost annoying. Also the joy con are super tiny.

So if you're a die hard Nintendo fan I'd get one, otherwise I'd wait till they come out with more games.

No. 210791

I love splatoon! I got it just last month ( ik I'm late) but I'm really into it. Thankfully there's still a good amount of people playing and whenever I get a switch I'm interested in getting splatoon 2

No. 210794

I was actually referring to splatoon 2, I guess I should've been more specific. From what I heard the two games are pretty similar aside from a few new features, though.
If you ever get a switch I highly recommend it regardless!

No. 210807

Finally got a new PC and finished DOOM on nightmare, god damn what a fucking ride. Haven't had this much fun in a while also that fucking soundtrack, Mick Gordon is a fucking beast.

No. 210847

Do you recommend it, anon? My friend got me it for me during the Steam Halloween sale and I haven't gotten to it yet. I've never played a Doom game before, but I'm interested in the franchise. I'm also looking for games along the line of Doom, if you got any.

No. 210876

Not them but I enjoyed it. Much better than what I was expecting. The original trailers was making me expect something slow paced that shits on the original game, but instead they did a decent job at capturing its spirit.

> I'm also looking for games along the line of Doom, if you got any.

Off the top of my head I would suggest (the original) Duke Nukem, Quake, Blood, Blood, F.E.A.R., Painkiller, Serious Sam.

No. 210885

File: 1509877602123.jpg (982.53 KB, 1600x900, IMG_9094.JPG)

So I sat down and actually took a gander at Layers of Fear since it really seemed like a visually interesting 'scary game'
I especially was into it because instead of having an Amnesia / Dead space approach with possible enemies and the threat of death, its got a very theatrical gameplay to it where you pick up clues and get tossed through a maze.
It basically nailed what Uncharted lacked when it comes to a 'movie' gameplay.
It gets you from a to b without making it obvious or restricting gameplay too much.
Im a sucker for the whole 'victorian villa' aesthetic and making it super artsy didnt help my plight, I was super into the constantly shifting halls and rooms.
My graphics settings were all high, runing the game as optimal as it could be (if anyone wants my advance settings just ask) it was a smooth playthrough,
I was griping about the control for sure though, its a VR compatible game so opening/closing drawers or winding up objects would at times be really fucking annoying since on a controller there isnt as much motion available than when you're moving a vr gamepad.
In the end i really enjoyed it and anyone who likes spooky games should deffo give it a look.

(Sorry for any misspelling I am alittle toked atm)

No. 210891


Definitely, it's the best FPS game I played lately. Fast paced, hard, brutal. Try the new Wolfensteins they're pretty good too, try the original Doom with the Brutal Doom mod, Painkiller, Serious Sam, early 2000's wolfenstein games are pretty alright.

No. 210918

I've been thinking for a while about getting a new 3DS xl and now I'm trying to decide if I should buy pokemon ultra SM.
I've never played any sequel games so I don't know if it's different enough, but I also know it's not going to be as great on my older 3ds because moon lagged a bit when I played it.

No. 210924

File: 1509997076933.jpg (5.45 MB, 3200x2282, chaoschild-15.jpg)

Chaos;Child is a very good visual novel. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in visual novels or has read/watched Steins;Gate.

No. 210930

File: 1510006612910.jpg (67.84 KB, 640x640, new-nintendo-3ds-cover-plates-…)

Unless you're set on a particular design of n3DS XL, you should probably get a regular n3DS or a 2DS XL instead. The n3DS XL is reaallllly big, it's kinda awkward. The size of the reg. n3DS is perfect imo. A lot bigger than the o3ds, but not too big.

The design is gorgeous too, and the plates are fucking beautiful. I have the plates in pic related, the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ones, some boo ones that glow in the dark, the acnl ones, and a few others. I love them all so much, even if they are a bit expensive…

The 2DS XL is also really nice, I highly reccomend it if you don't really use the 3D and you're okay with the size (it's huge just like the 3DS XL)

I also reccomend that you homebrew your 3DS and dl usum for free when it comes out unless you just really want a physical copy (or you feel bad about not paying for it).

No. 210931

it was fun but it's just a spooky door opening simulator. Not really a game.

No. 210945

I thought SuMo lagged in general? There was a lot of lag on my system, too. I bought both Sun and Moon and they lagged. It could be the system (because mine's over 5 years old I think? I bought a refurbished OoT edition 3DS back in 2012 or 2013), but one of my friends with an XL he bought two years ago felt lag, as well.

No. 210954

It did on my regular 3ds xl too, but it didn't on my n3ds unless I was on the 2v2 doubles.

Speaking of, I wish Guzma didn't constantly fuck me over in that. I still love him though, he's the best partner <3

No. 210958

Yeah I have an older 3DS xl and the battle scenes always lagged, I also experience lagging in other games like story of seasons.

I was planning on getting the n3DS xl because I always assumed the XL was better than the regular size in terms of graphics and processing. I really wish they had cute colors in the XL though, that's part of the reason I haven't gotten one yet.

No. 210959

Meh, if anything it's the opposite. The bigger screen makes some games look worse.

No. 211000

the bigger screen really does make the pixelation worse, the image is simply stretched instead of more pixels being generated to make things more smooth looking
sorta wish i had bought a regular n3ds but i'm also a very visually picky person so
that being said, SuMo didn't lag for me at all on the n3ds xl

No. 211009

Anyone else playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

No. 211029

Anyone played Doki Doki Literature Club? I didn't read the actual reviews just took it at the "very positive" face value and played it. I am seriously depressed after an hour and a half of this game.

No. 211062

I've been playing Mario Odyssey a lot and remembered that I do like video games, even if I don't care for the vast majority of them.
Any other good platformers come out? Cuphead looks interesting but it's apparently akin to breaking through a wall with your fingernails.

No. 211063

Does anyone play simulator games? I used to play those often because they were like chat rooms where everyone flew planes, but I'm apparently weird for liking that kind of stuff.

No. 211064

yea its pretty dark. but i enjoyed it. i went into it knowing that it was a bit twisted but was still surprised.
but for being a free game, kudos. ive played plenty of free vns and went away regretting the hour spent reading garbage.

i still do. it gets knocked because they arent 'real' games but sorry i dont feel the need to play with a bunch of salty bitches on pubg or csgo. i tend to play games because theyre fun.

No. 211068

>i still do. it gets knocked because they arent 'real' games but sorry i dont feel the need to play with a bunch of salty bitches on pubg or csgo. i tend to play games because theyre fun.
I was told I was weird for playing "Old dad games", but it just feels so nice. Especially flight sims. I bought X-Plane 11 recently and it feels good but ATC is underwhelming. Talking with the tower is some of the best part.

No. 211069

i still play roller coaster tycoon because its a relaxing experience, no pressure, no one yelling at me to get gud. turns out, we all like different things and i just prefer my blood pressure to stay relatively normal when i game.

No. 211070

I was thinking of posting a feel like this last night anon.

Competitive online gaming stresses me the fuck out and I don't play games to be angry and pissed off. Sim and world-building games are my favorite.
Last night I played Cities Skylines well until 4am like a loser.

No. 211071

I can't see the worth in competitive games, really. Which is sad because more and more of them keep getting extremely popular.
>Last night I played Cities Skylines well until 4am like a loser.
I used to do the same thing with Simcity 4 back when I still had to wake up for school every morning.

No. 211084

well, competitive pokemon is a lot of fun once you get your shit together

No. 211093

I'm personally waiting for the official release but I'm excited!
It seems very watered down but hopefully it'll keep me satisfied until we get a mainline game on the switch.

No. 211114

File: 1510218005524.jpg (111.24 KB, 386x707, Nigerian Space Prince.jpg)

>I can't see the worth in competitive games, really.
Sounds kind of silly even if you don't care for them. Its a team working towards a specific goal, one that is constantly shifting at that. Even with open ended games such as Factorio which I love, people generally have some goals and maybe handicaps in mind.

Related to those who enjoy sim games, I suggest maybe looking at Elite Dangerous and becoming a space trucker.

No. 211172

I don't play competitively, but I'd do a lot of online battling with some EV trained Pokemon on X and my greatest memory was taking down an entire team of legendaries with a Porygon 2. I had so much fun.

No. 212587

I'm a total autist for Undertale since 2015. I keep it to myself and message boards though but god, I love this game. I'm just sad it's "over",and the fandom is utter shit now.

No. 212598

File: 1511467041286.png (127.84 KB, 721x463, tumblr_okjq30V7vx1rf2auwo1_128…)

I am playing through FFXV comrades and enjoying it quite a bit eventhough it feels pretty… simple.
I think the concept is kinda shit and the execution is supbar, it feels like a shitty MMO where you cant even play with the same players more than once (which kinda defeats the purpose imo) and it feels slightly like mobile game mechanics implemented on a PS game, but i am still enjoying it quite a bit and looking forward to what they will do with it.
I kinda hoped it would have a story or something rather than being an online arena but maybe it will come later idk
The character creator is so good and enjoyable, though.
Anyone else playing it?

No. 212624

Pokemon usum sucked. I think they made the plot worse and getting legendaries and shinies in the wormhole is so easy and lame, it doesn't feel special at all :( I already have 12 damn shines (one of which is a UB) just from messing up and getting sucked into one of the shittier portals. The RR episode was cute, but idk how they expect people to pay $40 extra for that.

if anyone wants 4 shiny quagsires and a sassy mewtwo hmu

No. 212645

File: 1511528356204.jpg (254.99 KB, 852x508, 17-11-24-13-56-10-146_deco.jpg)

I play it too and I enjoy it.but I hate myself for it because it's really bad actually.
Like there are so many bugs that makes the gameplay not enjoyable.
E.g the bug when no monsters spawn or the bug when the server is suddenly """down""" while for everyone else it works.
Idk I also think that they could have made it so much better bc the 10 years when Noctis is not there is a plot hole that should be filled.
It also feels weird tha everything is so light outside?? Despite it being super dark when you arrive 10 years later with Noctis.
But idk I feel like Final Fantasy 15 is a huge let down anyways.
I understand the first hype because no one knew how medicore it would be but now that everyone played it I really don't get how people can't see all the plot holes,bad story telling, the fact that missions are all the same etc.
Sorry for my rant lol.
I'm just so disappointed because I can see it's potential especially story wise so it kinda makes me mad that it's not as good as it could be especially after 10 years of working on it.
And the producers just try to but dlc content into it to make everyone forget that the main game sucks lol.

No. 212646

>I understand the first hype because no one knew how medicore it would be
I thought all the ramen commercials and references were a good sign

No. 212650

File: 1511533853776.jpg (4.38 MB, 2925x5200, B0I5ZW5.jpg)

Im obsessed with Gravity Rush. I love the world, the movement system, and the main character.

Every spare moment of the day, I think about the lore, trying to come up with theories that answer unsolved questions.

I started learning how to the lucid dream because I want to fly around with those cloud cities with the characters.

I played the Vita game, then the PS4 game, and nothing else. I have no other games because I don't think anything can compare.

Everytime I think about how I can never get Kat's pre-order white costume (because I didn't know about the games then) I want to cry and scream. I would do so many terrible things for it, and even worse things for a garuantee that a 3rd game will be made. It kills me that the game sold dick and the online photo sharing and treasure hunting server will be shutting down this January after just one year.

No. 212702

File: 1511583408732.jpg (131 KB, 1200x900, xbonecover2.jpg)

Anyone else here have an xbone? I only got one because that's what the few friends I have play on, meanwhile it seems like literally everyone else in the world plays PS4 or pc.

Anyway I just beat Cuphead, got all 100% for achievements. Just started playing For Honor again since they added a bunch of stuff.

No. 212709

Just got Destiny 2 using WoW gold only, so that's neat. Tempted to get Furi, Deadbolt, and House of the Dying Sun.

No. 212773

I don't want to sound like a /v/irgin, anon, but…
>getting the only console that has literally no exclusives

No. 212810

I'm PC only, but arent you able to play games you own on the PC on the console and vice versa? Seems like a pretty decent point in their favor for me if so.

No. 212830

I mean, if a person has a PC and gets the console to play the same games on it what is even the point of getting the console?

No. 212840

Friends I figure, since they generally don't let you play cross platform. I would only consider getting a playstation for Death Stranding but the world takes all types.

No. 212856

Has anyone played Night in the Woods? I think it's a really lovely chill game and really hypes me up for the Fall. I really adore the soundtrack

No. 213044

I'm about to do some Necrozma shit, but the game has felt like a chore to play through for me personally, especially from sort of the second half on. When XY came out, I was spent the entire weekend of it's launch deep into the game, beat it, and everything felt great (even with midterms being around that time). I've had Ultra Sun since it came out and I still haven't beaten it yet, even with the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend off from work because I just haven't been immersed with it. I don't like the change in format (Gyms>Island trials) and I guess I'm not big on plot-heavy Pokemon games? Because the ones that felt much more plot-centered to me when it came to the villainous groups (which are Gen 5 and Gen 7) have been my absolute least favorite to play. I always buy both versions, but for both of those generations I couldn't get through a second playthrough on my 'flex' version for both of those… and I didn't even bother to get White 2.

I would say that I'm finally growing out of Pokemon, but put me back into any Gen 1-4 or Gen 6 game and I can thoroughly enjoy them start to finish. I don't know. Maybe I'm just salty they didn't make a Pokemon Z and shoved the Zygarde stuff into SuMo.

(I'm sorry for the Pokemon rant. I just don't have at irl friends to compare thoughts to because they dropped the series at ~Gen 3. It's one of those series that I really and truly love, and it kills me when I can't get enjoyment out of an installment)

No. 213050

File: 1511849278414.jpg (130.7 KB, 1024x841, rip.jpg)

Personally disagree on some things, but I rlly see where you're coming from. I didn't like gen 6, especially not X and Y. 5, 4, and 2 were my favorites, B2W2 might be my fave games in the series (if not it's either DPP or HGSS), but Sun and Moon have a shittier plot and they spend waaaay too much time on it. I like the trials just as much as gyms and I think it would have been a lot of fun if it weren't for the garbage plot, the hand holding, the unskippable cutscenes every two fucking steps, etc.

Oh well. Hopefully the switch one will be good?

No. 213109

yea I've played it. It's an amazing game, hits home. I like the whole reconnecting with friends theme, and I love this manic pixie dream vibe, even though some say it's too pretentious for them. I like it. And the music is something else! I only didn't like the dream jumping sequences. That was tiring and unecessary

No. 213113

File: 1511897321146.png (219.38 KB, 566x447, harvest_moon_a_wonderful_life_…)

>playing laggy ps2 version of harvest moon game on ps4
idky but I love these games so much!

No. 213117

omg me too, i also married lumina <3

No. 213125

File: 1511900520442.png (827.6 KB, 910x707, QQ.png)

Lol, I first had this game on my gamecube and iirc I married Muffy bc she seemed nice and I had no idea wtf I was doing with the game.
Found out you could marry Lumina on the ps2 special edition version, and change your kid's gender to female.

I just feel a bit sorry for Muffy bc she liked my character and called him a "monster" when she found out I married someone else ;-; I've looked at game reviews and apparently she has man troubles for the rest of her life and is crazy envious for never getting married or having kids. I wish they wrote some of these characters a happier ending…

No. 213180

Not a problem! Everyone has the games they enjoy in the series. I'm a bit of a Francophile I guess, and loved the clothing choices for XY so that helped a lot in making it one of my favorites. I loved HGSS as well, but I loved GSC in general. I liked being able to go to both Johto and Kanto. When RS came out, I was confused as to why you couldn't go back to previous regions (lol) but still enjoyed it nonetheless.

I probably need to go back and play B2W2… I'm pretty sure I transferred my team over to X already so I could restart it and see if it is better another time around. I think one of the things I didn't like about the original BW was the fact you were stuck with just that generation of Pokemon, and not a lot of them really appealed to me at the time. I've grown to like a handful more of them now, so maybe it won't be so bad… but I remember there being a distinct lack of L=A button function for Gen 5 and I think that's what turned me off of it. It's such a small feature, but I've used it on everything since Ruby because I'm guilty of multitasking when playing… which brings me to another gripe with SM/USUM–when you turn that feature on, you can't use your R button to rotate you character when trying on clothes or to easily trigger the Pokefinder. I legitimately thought I had broken my DS until I switched my settings to see if that was why I couldn't get it to work.

But I definitely agree on your Gen. 7 thoughts–it often felt like a 'baby's first Pokemon game' in its guidance. And god, the cut scenes. I went to Walmart before work to get a copy of Sun when it came out, and it took me almost 30 minutes (the time period I allotted myself so I could play it some/still get to work on time) to get my damn starter. That was a definite turn-off for me.

No. 213244

Oh no! Don't remind me of this game! I remember when I was but a wee lass I had played this game so much. Then I got married to Celia and spent the entire day from night to morning playing in secret. That was when I got to the last year of play and…and the ending…!! I cried so much! All in all I love these games and this series so very much. The memory of my first time playing this game and finishing it will forever be fond.

No. 213292

I thought girls didn't like videogames.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213322

Hurr durr fuck off

No. 213500

File: 1512020963368.jpg (198.54 KB, 1000x500, xeno.jpg)

has anyone else played xenoblade chronicles? it's my favorite game ever and it seems really underrated/not very popular. xenoblade 2 comes out friday and i'm beside myself with excitement

No. 213509

Its one of my favourites for sure! The world is sooo beautiful and immersive and the music is just lovely. I put something like 200hrs on my first playthrough, and bought a wii u pretty much only for XCX. XCX wasnt nearly as good as XC though. Debating on if I should buy a switch for XC2…

No. 213521

It seems like… low tier popular now? Or at least people who know JRPGs are aware of it and its acclaim. Dunno about casual players.
Also I had that reverse cover as my wallpaper for WAY too long. The art design for XC was too good.

Same boat as you regarding buying a Switch. I also want Odyssey and Splatoon, then the future FE and SMT, but I was waiting for cheaper, refurbished Switches to go up on sale… But then I'm probably gonna have XC2's everything spoiled by the time that happens.

I love XCX. I think XC was the superior product, but the aliens, world, and humans-trying-to-survive-in-space aspect of XCX was more along my interests and they nailed it nearly perfectly.

No. 213618

oh anon, i just finsihed mass effect 3 on my wiiU and XCX sounds perfect, i was wondering what games to get for it, ive got the usual mario and zelda stuff lol

No. 215168

I used to love playing MP games but they are fucking ruined by autistic raging faggots. You can't have a single game without someone raging in chat or throwing the game.

No. 215176

My favorite game franchises are Armored Core and Oddworld. On the latter, I wasn't too crazy about the Munch games, but I enjoyed Abe and Stranger's Wrath.

No. 215184

I want to get off Mr. Kojima's ruse cruise.

No. 215412

Speaking of videogames, any good Twitch streamers to follow?

No. 215511


No. 215530


i like that swedish guy who runs majora's mask too. kind of weird that he's married and has a child though… he's soooo young

No. 215545

Personally I enjoy streamers that don't fake reactions or overreact for the sake of entertaining an audience. Eg. Screaming bloody murder at a scary thing (Pewdiepie)
So I recommend Vinesauce. He's pretty chill unless annoyed to the point of profanity (Cuphead) and he doesn't play up his reactions for the $$$
He's also a pretty good voice actor when it comes to making up voices for characters – downside it can become annoying after a while.
Cool guy, been watching his streams for years and he's basically the only twitch streamer I watch now.

No. 215550

I feel like Kojima had a really bad acid trip.

No. 215552

To any anons who haven't heard already, certain models of the PS3 on 4.xx can now be hacked without a flasher. Just an easy softmod job. Enjoy running a linux distro and legal backups of your own games :^)

No. 215658

Just an FYI, in case anyone here is thinking about playing counter strike and taking it seriously:

Don't. If you practice, get better, climb ranks, and so on, you'll eventually get to the top ranks, but literally a third of the players in top ranks are blatantly cheating (and many more are cheating but being subtle about it). All this in prime MM (i.e. you need to have played a certain amount and have linked a phone number, to reduce the number of cheaters).
Of course, there are cheaters at all ranks, but if you're even half decent at aiming you can totally wreck cheaters in low/medium ranks. Higher up you get shafted.

No. 217898

File: 1513631834621.jpg (180.21 KB, 875x420, gwent.jpg)

I just recently got into playing Gwent and I'm so hooked. I really liked the Witcher series and I enjoyed playing it in game as well.
If anyone's interested, Gwent is free-to-play. There are microtransactions but you don't really need to buy anything, you can easily upgrade and create cards on your own by grinding.

I just want to play Bloodborne on PC. I've been trying to justify the cost of buying a PS4 and a TV. There's only a PS3 emulator available, though they're doing a fantastic job.
But now since Shadow of Colossus remake will come out next year, maybe I should get myself a PS4. Why do I have to be so stingy…

No. 218014

My husband is struggling with the very same thing. Guess who is getting a PS4 on V-day.

No. 218050

Your husband is a really lucky guy. If he's a hard Dark Souls fan then he will be all over the moon when he gets the PS4 and Bloodborne.

I'll get myself a PS4 pro for my b-day in a few months. I guess I can treat myself once in a blue moon.

No. 218175

I take back what I posted. Gwent went through some major changes today and it's shit now. Don't bother with it.

No. 218270

>your favorite games (old or new)
Ocarina of Time was the first game I ever finished and holds a special place in my heart. I’m a poorfag so most of my exposure to games is through my friends and their consoles, so I’ve played a lot of games but don’t get the chance to really sit through them often. I like stuff like Portal and Life is Strange, also Fallout 4 And Dying Light were super fun (I did get to at least watch the rest of DL to the end, was so good). On my iPhone I play Fallout Shelter, Oxenfree, Limbo and sometimes I’ll drop in on Line Play to check on my avatar. Other games I’ve played in the past and liked were Osu!, GTA5, and Minecraft. Fuck, I’ve played a lot of games, I just can’t recall any of them now that I want to list them of course.

>online or sp

Except for my Nintendo 3DSXL I don’t own a console, I have a laptop but I just got it and know fuck all about online gaming. When I was a preteen I spent all day on Runescape, then Gaia, then I took a hiatus from computers for about 5 years.

>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile

I mostly play Fallout Shelter and Oxenfree on my phone at work, but I want to get into something fun that I can play online at home and hopefully meet some cool people to play with. I’m sick of gaming solo but all my friends are console gamers and don’t give two fucks about app or online games.

No. 220052

File: 1514822052823.png (2.9 MB, 972x2636, 1514709244514.png)

Anyone else finished LiS Before the Storm? Did you like it?
Personally I didn't like how much the story was focused on Rachel rather than Chloe, and the final choice was way too easy compared to the first one's. Like, of course the right thing to do is to avoid telling R the truth.
Literally everyone, including Rachel's bio mom, thought it was the only good choice.
By telling her the truth you're only destroying her and her family, and given how little time she's got left it's not fair.

No. 220057

I finished it yesterday!
(sorry for the long spoiler)
I'm always making unpopular choices (Bae over Bay) and I told her the truth. Personally, I value truth very much and would rather know it, even painful and destructive. That's what I told William, too. And James crossed a line, it wasn't just to protect Rachel imho, he acted out of grudge and possessivness, knew what a person Damon was and what could he do to Sera… No, in my opinion letting such a person play a perfect papa was fucked up. Rachel deserved to know.
I'm just sad though I didn't manage to have Sera appear in the beach scene.
Also, the Dark Room post-creds scene fucked me up, I actually cried lol.
Don't judge me. I'm very into those games, and after what we've been through with Rachel and Chloe, it's heartbreaking to realize what happened later… Everything became so much more real and painful.

Also, fuck Max Caufield, that little hipster bitch.

No. 220062

Bae or Bay is the most controversial decision I've ever made in a game. In my playthrough I chose to save Arcadia Bay, it was extremely sad but that finale seems almost the canon one. It felt more legit, more real, and gave a good closure to everything. (Plus I didn't like Chloe that much.) On the other hand, I felt terribly for Chloe's mum… that poor woman suffered so much already and I'm sure she would've preferred to give her life to save her daughter.
The Bae ending had more of a "happy" feeling but it felt so anticlimatic… Wouldn't Max and Chloe care about what happened to their parents? They just leave and smile to each other? Plus it's weird that you can't see a single dead body, it seems more like all the people vanished. Unless… that was it? People in AB were deleted from existence instead of dying? Would explain why Max and Chloe don't seem to be giving any fuck.
Anyway now, after playing BtS I like Chloe more. If I ever had to play LiS again it's going to be tough, lol.

I'm glad that BtS hasn't ruined me like LiS, there I cried for 70% of the time. Enough feels lol

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