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File: 1495167218426.jpg (364.97 KB, 500x695, tumblr_lvrcj9xRuE1qeafhp.jpg)

No. 191045

At some point Tumblr was actually a pretty decent website before it became the embarrassing cess pool that it is today. Discuss old Tumblr. Were there any blogs/tumblrs that you farmers loved to visit? Or someone that you actually liked/looked up to at the time? Crazies that you loved to hate? Fandoms you miss/were in at the time?

>I'll throw in my 2 cents

I could not get enough of Myrollingstar's tumblr blog, her pictures were so pleasant and pretty.It was so cozy to read and fun to see her artist alley/life posts and clothing hauls.Makes me sad she doesn't post anymore, but it's nice that she's moved on with her life.
I also slightly miss the homestuck fandom, it was fucking out of control but there's was always new content popping up(good and bad), it kept things fresh.

No. 191059

>getting nostalgic about tumblr

Christ, am I getting old?

I know tumblr's been around since 2006 but I never really saw it as an internet force to be reckoned with until 2011-2012, so it still strikes me as very new.

No. 191061

I joined in like 2010 and it was mostly scene hair, boobs and funny pictures. I kind of miss how Tumblr used to be but I guess I kind of grew out of it. It reminded me of Myspace in a way.

No. 191062

I joined in 07. Miss that shit.

No. 191065

File: 1495181182717.gif (697.19 KB, 500x375, IMG_6762.GIF)

i think about this so often, i'm so glad you made a thread about it, op.

2008-2010 was my favorite tumblr. my dashboard mainly consisted of high definition pictures of scene hair or candy or emo band gifs. the fanart was really good back then too. idk why but content seemed much more fun and relaxing back then even if most of it was actually retarded.

i remember jamjars being really big back then too.

No. 191122

File: 1495199453892.jpg (28.43 KB, 480x360, 1448052352573.jpg)

I used to lurk some tumblr blogs in 2011 and made an account in 2012. I was in some video games and anime fandoms and following some cringe-worthy blogs but it was fun because we were talking about a bunch of stuff and making up stupid theories and sperging about ships. At the time there was some sort of rivalry between hipsters/normies and fandoms iirc too?

Then as time passed, they became more and more SJW, first by posting more often about representation in media and pop culture and personal stuff, although in a reasonable way, then by insulting pretty much anyone who didn't think Chihiro from Dangan Ronpa and Naoto from Persona 4 were trans. I think at some point some of them became really self-conscious about being weebs and tried to compensate by insulting anime and Japanese video games that don't fit their Western/American ideals too or had too much fanservice for straight guys. Shit was weird. And right after all of these things happened, I noticed a huge increase of shitty fanarts and headcanons that uglyfied established characters, racebending, fetishization except it was called representation, etc. I only really started to stop caring about fanbases after some controversy about Attack on Titan (the mangaka supposedly being a far right wing supporter and the anime being sexist in the last episodes of season 1 I think?) and just decided to only reblog pretty fanarts, and I got fed up with it and my bad habit of checking my dashboard all the time to pass time so I deleted my account in the end of 2016 and migrated to twitter. Except now a bunch of tumblrinas seem to do the thing.

One thing I actually regret is that the website had more and improved features while the user base became more and more cancerous. Sometimes And I admit that I kind of want to remake an account to lurk some of my former mutuals and see if they're still rabid SJW. This post is too long but I still feel like there are a lot of interesting things to talk about.

No. 191125

I think I joined in sometime 2011, perhaps? I don't quite feel nostalgic, perse, but I do miss my moody little goth blog and my sims 2 blog. A bit sad that it's an ocean of genderspecial/diecisscum nonsense now.

No. 191131

I miss when Tumblr was for artfags, fandoms, and alternative girls. The artfags and fandom people didn't really bother post selfies unless it was cosplay or something special and the alternative girls who got popular where actually attractive and weren't just posted for 'muh inclusion'

Like, I'd see pretty girls with nice style on my dash and I'd have something to reference when I wanted to try out a new style.

Now it's just sloppy fatasses who look the same but with different skintones and hair colour.

No. 191135

I miss starpowerrr and all her clones. I remember every girl was obsessed with being, like, an irl disney princess lol. It was a more innocent time.

No. 191136

the downfall of tumblr was around the time of
>c u l t u r a l a p p r o p r i a t i o n
>did you just assume my gender?
>"He looked at me from across the street and said to his friend coming out the shop, "Long time no see!"… I was raped."
>Science is wrong and there many genders if you use your imagination
During the time in which people become 'woke' to Social 'issues', people began to lose their damn minds. Everyone was denying science, believing in fairytales, arguing with each other, aggressive oppressures claiming to be the oppressed
>you can't have an opinion or voice you cis white non-handicapped male
My god, I had to leave and save my sanity. Now isn't Tumblr a barren land of pitchfork holding, hissing SJWs? I miss the edgy black and white blog super sp00py Felice 'eat a burger' Fawn tumblr days

No. 191153

I don't have particular bloggers I miss, the artists I followed there are more present on twitter anyway. I do remember that the first non-sensical SJW I've seen was someone whose url was yamino I think. Claiming she wasn't a woman but genderqueer while calling herself a lesbian, and all sort of things. I followed her for her art at first because she was a bit into Ace Attorney at the time, I noticed that even her fandom related posts were stupid when I saw her compare two AA characters, saying that a killer who had a fucked up and sympathetic background was unforgivable and sexist because of stupid reasons while claiming that another completely evil serial killer was sympathetic because she was a young woman with a probably tragic past said tragic past was manipulating everyone and causing the death of several people for money and fun since she was a kid and if you liked the guy more than the girl you were a sexist piece of shit. Was yamino actually tumblr famous? I remember that some people were trying to kiss her ass at the time.

>>you can't have an opinion or voice you cis white non-handicapped male
They think you can't have an opinion if your none of this and you disagree with them anyway, they'll claim you have internalized some sort of -ism. They're making actual minorities who do their best to live in peace and be respected hard to take seriously.

No. 191162

I joined back in 09 I think. I can't say that I'm any more nostalgic than I am for jumping around in the guild bank in Dalaran. It was a passtime. I remember being really stoked when starpowerrr followed me, and I met some great friends on there which i finally, 5 years later flew across the atlantic to stay with for a week. It was great. I never really understood the whole "tumblr is cancerrr reeeee" because, I mean. You decide who and what you want to follow? I remember vomiting a bit in my mouth when I first visited the south park tag, and quickly learned that most fandoms are disgusting, (don't tell me south park porn isn't foul… they're 9). Anyway, I don't use tumblr anymore, getting older and getting into twitter kinda made me forget about the place. But yeah, i never understood the sjw rage, just don't follow/interact with them?

No. 191176

I definitely like twitter better, a lot of pretty quality art on there. I'm starting to gear towards instagram and twitter nowadays, seems like a better place to post art and talk to people.

>But yeah, i never understood the sjw rage, just don't follow/interact with them?

That's the thing, most people don't but it's more of them finding you. If you draw/are a fan of something a psycho doesn't like or that would be considered " problematic " in comes the tumblr police to send anon hate and run you out of the website.It's the same with them, they don't have to follow you or see what weird stuff/pairings you want to draw, but they still get involved anyway.They grab their pitchforks and come after you because they think it's the "right" thing to do.Look at fucking Zamii, she was nice and participated in fandoms and got a bunch of shit and driven to suicide over fucking NOTHING;just because someone didn't like the way she drew certain characters.

I mean, I try my best to avoid these kinds of people because I do still like a lot of the content that artists post but garbage still manages to find it's way and bleed into my dashboard.

No. 191187

Wow, really, scuicide? I never heard of the girl tbh, but that is extreme. Now, idk how to put this without sounding really mean, and ofc I'm not talking about the dead girl, but my tumblr had a fair amount of followers and I never had angry sjw's flood me, and I'm not in any way a "woke" advocate or whatever. Do you feel like it was the kind of blog that i mentioned who posted porn or south park etc that got shit on? Because I can't really blame people for giving snide comments on that kind of trash? Idk maybe I was just too "lowkey" to be bitched at by the masses.

No. 191192

Anon, it just takes one SJW to reblog a picture with complaining commentary or one single person to send an anon ask and that is it, they hound you in droves and the witch hunt commences. SJW's have their communities and one comments on something they don't like, they multiply like cancer. Some times it's sparked by jealousy or 'old fans' who didnt realise the person they followed didn't advocate their own beliefs
>accidentally makes fan art with screen brightness too low
>causes fan art to be too pale
>"I used to be a fan but quite frankly this revelation of your true character has made me very angwyyyy you fucking hitler descendant REEEE die in a concentration camp along with ann frank you antisemitic trash"

No. 191194

Hahah holy shit, wow. I guess I never paid enough attention. So far, in regards to twitter, I mostly see actual racists and people who steel art/ask for free art get hounded. Hopefully it won't escalate like it apparantly did on tumblr. Gonna go read up on the scuicide thing now, thanks for the enlightening chat!

No. 191195

>SU fandom attacks girl for drawing character 'too thin'
>then begins to attack all her other art
>created 40+ accounts to harass her
>she disappears for a few days then reappears in the hospital after suicide attempt
>people continue to harass her and claim she's faking being in the hospital

this kind of shit is actually damaging, it's different than critiquing someone. pesonally attacking people who are trying to do what they love, forcing them off of a website and then not even listening to them after they apologize and want to die. that kind of shit is fucked up.

it's different than calling out bullshit for real, it's disgusting.

No. 191198

Yeah I'm reading up on the situation now, and even tho I agree that bullying someone like that is wrong, I have to admit the bully in me roars when I read that the creators of the show is into lolicon and thinks it's perfectly normal to sexualize characters that are supposed to be children. It's fucking weird, lol. But yeah, her drawing this purple character a bit less purple and not fat is no reason to hound her. Fucking ridiculous, the whole situation.

No. 191199

Oh no she lived, she was only hospitalized thankfully! She's doing fine now and actually works for Frederator or something.
Perhaps your blog was tame enough not to attract crazies, or you didn't participate in any super popular fandoms?
Zammi was/is pretty popular and had a stroke of bad luck when people/someone with a vendetta started to go after her because of her SU fanart. It also doesn't help that the Steven Universe fandom is fucking insane and full of sjws.

I know fandom porn tumblrs are more susceptible to hate and bullying, because porn, but the thing about that is they're just fictional characters and people are gonna draw whatever they want. If they don't want to see it they can just not follow the blog for christ's sake. I know incest/ or whatever the fuck is out there, isn't eveyone's cup of tea, but to hound people for it and accusing them of serious crimes over a dumb drawing of some cartoon character is kind of ridiculous(unless of course it actually involves an actual person/is serious but that's rarely the case.

No. 191201

i don't have -too- much issue with stuff like that, lolicon is usually used too loosely. some people will even assert that short, small chested girls are children, when they're not. it is fetishy, and a bit gross but i think a lot of people just misjudge it. most of the fetish is for the innocent aspect or the body type, rather than putting chracters in situations of 'child and adult', which is actually fucked up, and that stuff is popular in the anime community. look up kodomo no jikan, something that was officially licensed in the US.

No. 191202

Ah, she lived! That's good to hear.

>I know incest/ or whatever the fuck is out there, isn't eveyone's cup of tea, but to hound people for it and accusing them of serious crimes over a dumb drawing of some cartoon character is kind of ridiculous

Yeah, no I agree, but I mean, what kind of padded safe space privilged world do you think you live in if you draw animated child porn but get your knickers in a twist when people call you fucked? You are completely right in stating that it's not illegal and it doesn't mean that the artist is a pedo, but damn if it doesn't creep me out. Like it wouldn't even cross my mind to draw a child getting fucked, and I bet a lot of people feel like me, and then a percentage feel it so strongly that they start bitching? While in this situation they def went wayyy to far, I still feel that an artist who decides to hop on the incest/CP train should be prepared to get some backlash, no?

And you're right, I was never active (or involved at all) with the homestuck/hetalia/SU kinda tumblr thing, probably why i never got attacked. Idunno this whole thing is hard to take a stance on. No people should not bully, but personally i do feel fucking disgusted by a lot of stuff that gets drawn, and I don't believe in posting your shit online and expecting everyone to kiss your ass over it, no matter how insane your art/content is.

No. 191205

Yeah, no, anon you're right! I'm just saying it's dumb to make such a big deal over fictional characters, but there definitely is a line tho! .

No. 191217


The thing is though, pretty much every fanart is technically cp, because most media, especially popular media, is made for children. An anime is almost guaranteed to have a pre-teen/teen cast. Any western cartoon- same thing. Most popular books are YA, again with a minor cast. Fandom has always worked because you glossed over the fact that you're writing or drawing things involving minors, and for 15 years online and ages before that in fanzines that system was perfectly fine.

Then the SJ hivemind decided to out preach each other and the current 15-20 year olds decided being "protected uwu" was the cool thing, and things like YKINMK became ignored because words are LITERAL VIOLENCE. And now we're at a place where people aren't producing works, or only producing very clean ones of ugly fat black people in the hope of getting noticed and making it into Cal Arts, and it's fucking boring and dead. It's pushed a ton of people of of fandom, and has kept many from jumping it.

No. 191218

People are still defending Zamii lol? In 2017? you all do realize she sent death threats to herself for attention and asspats right. The most she got was Tumblrtards sending her messages on how shitty she was. I could go on how she's a huge lolcow she is but I don't feel a fucking thing for her. She's still a lying manipulator who wants to cry "I'm a mentally ill teenager u can't be mean to me :(" when she's 20 fucking years old who never takes responsibility for her actions.

No. 191220

File: 1495230685055.jpg (165.74 KB, 500x750, vertical.jpg)

I joined in 2010 during my Freshman year. Maybe I was just young, but Tumblr felt so fun back then, despite it just being pretty pictures.

Some stuff I remember:

>'Quality' blogs; HD photos of random stuff

>Vertical blogs (pic related)
>That swoopy scene hair every girl had
>Acacia and the shitstorm around her
>Homestuck (never liked it though)
>'Do You Love The Color Of The Sky?'
>John Green
>Cream-colored lace on EVERYTHING
>Upside-down crosses on EVERYTHING
>Every alt. girl wore Creepers
>'Indie' kids

One a side-note, does anyone remember the chick that was obsessed with pink whose boyfriend hung himself?
She seemed sweet. I remember the day her boyfriend went missing and how sad it was. After that I think she deleted but idk. Anyone know who I'm talking about?

No. 191221

Alright alright, if you want to make a point of it take it to the artist thread in /snow/

No. 191242

>The thing is though, pretty much every fanart is technically cp, because most media, especially popular media, is made for children.

Okso, I hear you. Kind of, but statement above is reaching, and you know it, lol. I bet there are a lot of bitchy spergs on tumblr that will attack people for drawing porn of 15 year olds, but I'm willing to bet that most of it is directed at the ones who draw literal children, like my south park example. And also, "can't draw fanart if i can't draw kids fucking" is the exact attitude that makes me shake my head at the whole thing, like… chill? I guess I'm just not understanding the appeal. Anyway, I do understand that it might feel like sensoring, but crying cus people don't like to see Butters being rimmed by Randy Marsh is beyond autistic imo.

No. 191244

File: 1495236812459.jpg (121.77 KB, 500x638, image.jpg)

Op are you me? To this day I look at her old blog at least once a month for inspiration. I miss her so much.
I got so excited when I saw this thread.

No. 191247

I joined tumblr in 2011, I was really into to homestuck, I loved averyniceprince so much (finding her thread on /snow was interesting kek), reblogged lots of elf-ish shit and forests then moved onto 'indie' scene and pastel goth girls, I was a bit of an sjw and reblogged lots of feminist posts, although I was a cringy shit it was a fun site to just waste time on

it stayed that way till about 2014 when I got really into aesthetics, so I become a goth/high fashion blog, I posted outfits too and I got semi-popular. I unfollowed most of the sjw blogs I used to follow and since I started reblogging gore photos (like bruises and black eyes) they unfollowed me too. I got a lot of angry messages for reblogging 'eye tramua' and not tagging it even tho I was practically a gore blog at that point lmao, tumblr users think they are so entitled to have people to just go out of their way to make them feel safe

I rarely go on tumblr now, mainly bc I was using it sort of like pinterest to collect inspiring images and I feel like it all started becoming more of the same, theres not much fresh content out there anymore

No. 191252

Hi, former starpowerrr clone here. One of my friends was too. We were very cringey and I apologize but at least none of my pictures have been passed around and I never got copycat tattoos thankfully. I was too young (14) so I couldn't have.

You're talking about Lexi Bee! There's a thread for her in /snow/. She's into sex work and DDLG now apparently. :/

No. 191262

but southpark does shit like that on the show… they're only 'kids' because kids doing that shit is funny.

No. 191289

I had so much fun on tumblr right after Undertale came out, but that shit got so weird after a few months.

No. 191315

I've seen people complain about 16/17 years old characters paired up with 18/19 years old characters, saying that it was literally pedophilia and just as bad as CP photos of real children. I only watch anime but apparently there was some drama in the Voltron fandom because of this. Maybe the other anon meant something more like "doujin" than fanarts in general, a bunch of fanarts are definitely safe for work after all.

No. 191317

i dont even like voltron but yeah that fandoms totally fucked. even the creators and voice actors would support their yaoi ships on twitter. then when they said one guy's 18 at comic con tumblr went full retard, they have full blogs of 'block lists' of people who ship the 16 yr olds with the 18 one, 'BECUZ MINORS NEED A SAFE SPACE!!1!' 'as a minor i am literally shaking after seeing that ship fanart on my dash im li,t ter ally hab.ing a panic,, att.ack'

these people need to go outside

No. 191319

This is something I'll never understand, because the internet is the least safe space there could be for your average western teenager. You don't even have to move anywhere in particular and find porn, disturbing or straight illegal content, you can even find it accidentally. And tumblr had the reputation of having a lot of porn, rl people, written and drawn, and the features to hide explicit content used to be existent or shitty so I don't understand why these people choose tumblr of all sites as a safe space. It's also weird to me because when I was a teenager, every other teenagers were actively looking for nsfw fanwork and joking about filling forms on lj and ff.net to say they were 18.

I never watched Voltron but a friend of mine loves the new series and she told me to avoid the fandom like the plague, and we're both used to shitty and popular fandoms.

No. 191320

>and the features to hide explicit content used to be existent
non-existent I mean.

No. 191321

Yeah no I totally agree; tumblr, or the internet in general, is no safe space. that means that it's not a safe space to draw toddlers with dicks up their asses without backlash either. I don't understand why people can't create content without making it some paedo shit? Like I mentioned up-thread, how fucking weird are you if you do draw CP for fun, but have so many feefees hurt when people react negatively? Pedo stuff is weird to most people. I also agree that 15 year olds drawing other 15 year olds etc isn't weird, and that flipping out for that is taking things way too seriously.

No. 191323

I don't get why people would want to draw that sort of things either, but I feel like it's one of these things that will be online no matter how much you could try to convince them not to draw and publish these things. I think that type of content is supposed to be forbidden on almost every social media I can think of so it's possible to block the artists and report them. If it works and these artists can be banned from these sites, I don't see the point of starting a witch hunt, but apparently reporting is still not working very well on tumblr.

Because of this, I feel like people are more prone to taking actions themselves, even when it's not necessary, like the other anons said with Zamii for example, although I only vaguely heard about what happened after her suicide attempt so I may have missed info on her case.

Regarding people in fandoms complaining about fanwork with teenagers where one is minor and the other is an adult but there's a age difference of 1 or 2 years, they think just shipping them is bad, not creating content and publishing it. You could say that Yurio and Otabek (Yuri on Ice characters for context) would make a cute couple in an innocent way or publish hardcore gay porn of the two, some people would think both cases are equally problematic.

No. 191327

Can we not turn this thread into an anti-SJW circlejerk? We get it.

No. 191338

>you all do realize she sent death threats to herself
Where are the receipts of this? Because when that whole shitstorm happened, a lot of Tumblrinas who hated her accused her of lying about everything, including going to hospital/attempting suicide, just to cover their asses. Is it just another accusation or

No. 191354

sexualized fictional characters are not illegal regardless of the age, just taboo. the reason for this is because images don't actually harm people.they may affect -you- but they don't harm the depictions of children.

using the logic that lolicon makes you a pedo is the same as saying video games cause violence, they have no correlation. and in the rare case it does happen it's because the person was already not mentally sound.

it is often true the opposite way however, that pedos will enjoy 2d, and in japan lolicon is used to help calm the desires of pedos so they don't harm real children. being a pedo is a mental issue, like being gay, except being gay doesn't harm children. yes it's disgusting, but people who are actual pedos and not just fucked up some other way can't help it and it's sad.

now, i'm not advocating lolicon or pedo, but there's a distinction to be made, plus it's dangerous to censor things even if they're gross.

No. 191361

What's the deal with everyone being annoyed by tumblr? You chose which part of tumblr you hang out in. Why would you follow the nutters if you can instead follow worthwile people?

I for one enjoy architecture and obscure film blogs and there's some good stuff. What are people so mad about?

No. 191368

alot of worthwhile people get turned over night essentially, reading the thread you'll see what i mean. tumblr sjw shit is contagious. people do it sometimes to become more popular, some people get harassed and are forced to change, others just buy into it too. plus alot of people's interests are weeby. i used to follow jfash blogs when tumblr was good, but those all turned into the same replicas are OK, body positive, there's no such thing as 'real lolita' crap. i'm sure some parts are fine but most of it is fucked.

No. 191370

Short version would be
>worthwhile people are driven off the website because it's a buggy mess or the user base is annoying them
>the website actually is a buggy mess
>you can follow only interesting blogs, but that doesn't mean you won't get approached by the part of the user base you want to avoid, they could send you asks or talk shit behind your back
>you can follow interesting blogs and become mutuals with some people and have a group of friends as a results and then some of them will become more and more annoying in a bunch of different ways (they become SJWs or the complete reverse for example, etc.), which could be awkward for some people who won't dare unfollow them.

No. 191372

The good old "being pedo and being gay" in the same sentence, though. I'm not trying to start a fight here, but being gay is not a mental issue. Homofilia is found across a vast amounts of different species, pedophilia is found in very very few. Even though "lolicon" etc isn't directly harming a child, I personally think that something has to be wrong with you if you get off to the thought of fucking kids. The idea, of you will. Man, I'm not even talking morally, just, biologically fucked. Homofilia does not apply as both participants, even though they cannot reproduce, are of sexual maturity -a toddler, however. Oh sorry, a fictional toddler. Either way, you might be right about it not harming kids, but I'll never agree that there isn't a level of pedo in a person who's fantasy is animated child pornography.

No. 191376

File: 1495306953256.png (264.86 KB, 410x268, djtyt.PNG)

if you guys want to discuss that further make another thread for it, we're supposed to discuss old tumblr.

No. 191378

File: 1495307438346.jpg (289.55 KB, 500x514, tumblr_mdk7lkC5Ff1qeafhp.jpg)

Ah I'm glad there's another person who remembers her! Same honestly, she had her own pleasant vibe going on and her pictures inspired me so much! Same with Kaiami.
I was always jelly of how she had her own circle of art friends, and they'd get together and draw or go to cons together. Wish I could do that but most art friends I have are still amateur/have no serious interest in AA or fandoms.

No. 191424

File: 1495323672339.jpg (80.02 KB, 500x534, image.jpg)

I was kind of jelly of that too since I have to pretty much do everything solo.
Every time I would try to make art friends no one really wanted to hang out or do cons. It's kind of lonely.

No. 191429

She actually posted a new drawing on her instagram a few days ago. But that's sadly the only update. It would be great if she'd post more of it again.

No. 191435

File: 1495326833939.png (414.7 KB, 1096x1404, le epic fandoms unite.png)

when i first joined tumblr i was into that whole hetalia/homestuck and superwholock fandom mess.

No. 191452

Omg this reminded me of those posts that said "reblog is you support gay marriage" and everyone who reblogged it would add like 3 gifs of superwholock

I used to think they were so annoying but now I miss them

No. 191474

I joined in 2011 or 2012 and still use it to this day. The quality, overall, has definitely dropped though. The beginning of the end was a bunch of high schoolers and college kids becoming "woke" and turning into SJW snowflakes. They make me miss the awful Superwholocks.

That being said, at the same time, Tumblr can still be a decent place if you follow the right blogs. For me, that usually means following people who have sane personal opinions, or following blogs that are strictly dedicated to art/aesthetics/fashion/makeup.

No. 191476

I prefer superwholock to Steven Universe or whatever the hell is popular now

No. 191482

That reminds me of these posts that were like "reblog this before [insert date here] or tumblr will delete your account to make the unused url available" followed by why too many gifs and these posts had thousands of notes for some reason. And the guy who created tumblr whose name I forgot was often called daddy by teenage girls, it was really weird.

Same, superwholock was stupid and the fans were obnoxious but the SU fanbase is way more obnoxious and full of itself.

No. 191528

what i miss from old tumblr the most is that whatever "fandom" you were apart of, pretty much everyone in it would all talk to each other and become friends.
but now pretty much nobody talks to each other on there anymore, at least not how they used to.

No. 191545

I used to like looking at shit like [http://themurmuringcottage.tumblr.com] to bring myself down a notch, super curated waste of time though

No. 191680

Yeah you are talking about Lexi but I thought her bf shot himself in the head not hung himself?

No. 191689

I joined in 2008 and was most active in 2010-2012, with it slowly tapering off as I got a career and everyone I was following was also growing up and getting into different things. My favorite tumblr was something like bruisedbeatenboys, which just posted fanart or doujin of anime boys with bruises or blood on them. I also really liked lawnlawn/bossies's tumblr, as well as milkmanner (who is now publishing Snotgirl). Thankfully I can usually follow any artist from those days on instagram, but sometimes I wonder if I'm forgetting someone I used to really love.

No. 191691

Omg I think I remember that.
Didn't they find his car somewhere where he killed himself ?

No. 192220

I used to go there for the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom a lot back in 2012-13, mostly for the creepy shit that was posted.

No. 192222

Was anyone in the roleplay community on tumblr?

I started lurking around 2009, but I joined in 2010 because I was really into online roleplay and tumblr had a wide variety of RPers.

Basically there was a "main" tumblr that had an admin who established the plot and characters, then you'd have to submit an 'audition' to be in the roleplay, and once accepted you'd create a tumblr page for your character and then get to interact with other people's characters.

It was huge in the Harry Potter fandom since people loved playing canon characters and/or being their own original character. It was basically acting out fanfiction. Other fandoms were popular, but most of RPs had original plots/characters, or were AUs/crossovers. The majority of it was non-sexual, although there were some dedicated to smut.

It was pretty fun, but the community pretty much turned to shit around 2014. There was tons of drama and fighting, and it's nowhere near as fun.

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I was in the Transformers RP fandom on Tumblr around 2011/2012. It was one of the things that got me to sign up on Tumblr. Me and a group of friends decided to join for shits and giggles, and because we were all big fans of Transformers. It could be really fun when you got a good RP going, and I met some nice people through there. But it could also be stressful.

The community I was part of split twice. Once before I joined, and once after. And there was drama too. In fighting from various personalities over what kind of content should be allowed and what shouldn't, and just arguing sometimes in chats. Also, one person was RPing as multiple characters (as many of us did) but was also pretending to be three different people within the RP. This nutjob would pick a fight as one person, then would turn around and act nice as another. She manipulated a couple of people.

I sorta just quit in 2013/2014 or thereabouts. Sometimes I think about joining a different fandom, because I see people RPing my favorite character and all I can think is "you're doing it wrong". But then I remember the stress and the effort and I just chose to not bother.

A good RP that flowed well was really fun though, and I do sometimes miss those genuine good threads I had going.

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