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File: 1495182046471.jpg (534.69 KB, 2000x1331, poa3nvir48.jpg)

No. 191069

Is anyone in a interracial relationship right now? Even if you're not, discuss your thoughts, feelings, experiences, hesitations, fears, etc. about them.

My relationships have always been interracial because of where I live and even though my boyfriend is Hispanic like my exes, he looks extremely white because he's mixed - colored eyes, light hair, pale skin, etc. I've been kind of afraid of what people might think because I'm an Asian girl. I wouldn't ever stop dating him because of this, but I don't want people to assume I'm self-hating, hate Asian guys, or worship white dudes, as is the stereotype. I'm really proud of my heritage and would've dated one if I could ever find one who didn't look and act like the usual Asian American guy (tan, buff, not boyish/pretty, doesn't care about his culture, doesn't speak his parent language, etc.) I've never gotten weird looks or anything but I wonder how people would feel if we moved to a place that had a higher white/Asian population. Maybe I'm just too in my head about it.

No. 191075

I'm a white girl dating a filipino/white mixed guy. There isn't really much to say about it really, it's probably different since he's the product of an interracial relationship. All of his aunts/uncles on his filipino side married people of other races too so nobody's really surprised or concerned.

That has nothing to do with your post op sorry. I grew up in a diverse area and my family has a bunch of interracial marriages (I actually have an asian aunt on both sides of my family) so Ive never thought people who date outside their race had any ill intentions.

Any person who would judge just from seeing you dating a non-Asian guy are probably completely useless people you shouldn't fret over.

No. 191078

I'm a half asian female (I look more asian though) dating a white guy and it's kind of weird because I found out he was a white supremacist with a raging yellow fever pretty early in the relationship and he's very much into race play.

Our families are pretty accepting and where I live it isnt uncommon to see white guys and asian girls.

No. 191079

>I found out he was a white supremacist with a raging yellow fever pretty early in the relationship and he's very much into race play.
You just described nearly every male on the internet

No. 191081

I find it very strange. I'm "white" (third world mutt that passes as white even to foreigners) and I'm unable to feel attracted to any other race. They all look the same to me. I like the way asians look (inb4 "there's no such thing as asian features, you racist piggu!") but I'm not really attracted to them and wouldn't date one.

So yeah. Interracial is weird.

No. 191097

It hasn't got as much to do with race as it has to do with culture. I'm white and European and my parents would disown me if I had a serious relationship with someone who wasn't like us. I think they fear that a foreigner will convince me to leave the country and trap me in whatever their country of origin is or that it's normal to beat women where they're from or that I'll convert religion and never be allowed to see them again.

Tbh they're all valid fears and I can't see myself ever being with someone of another culture unless I really loved them and they really adapted to life here.

No. 191100

I think it's relevant to my post :) I grew up thinking not accepting interracial relationships was pretty backwards but once I got on the internet I read about the things that >>191078 talks about. Before in my experience it was mostly girls being fetishized but with the rise of K-pop, I also see Asian men being desired in a objectified way. Where I live, non-Hispanic (white, Asian, black, etc.) people are put on pedestal/fuck list because we're exotic. It's very degrading.

I guess it's mostly the internet that's polluted my mind, mostly AA oriented Reddit subs (r/hapas and /asianamericans) and they concern me because some of posters (hapas especially) really do seem off their rocker about this. Another thing I wouldn't appreciate is my boyfriend's heritage being erased by these people if he's seen with me. Initially he looks just plain white, but if you isolate some of his features like eyebrows, facial hair, nose, etc. he's an archetype of the "white" Latino - kinda like Elvis the Alien lol. He doesn't even like it when his/our friends distill him to being only one race in non joking manner.

As an American here I find it has just as much to do with race as it does culture. My dad has brought up concerns about my bf being able to communicate with him and my mom, but my mom prefers I not marry someone from my native country since she's afraid wouldn't treat me well as per the marriage culture there.

No. 191101

I agree with the culture thing, I'm mixed race (half white but I don't look white) and I grew up in pure small town American suburbia with mostly white nerd friends, I can't begin to imagine dating someone from the non-white non-American part of my heritage. I feel really out-of-place when I stay with that side of my family.

As for dating, I've never had any serious relationships and the one guy I did casually date was white. I tend to be attracted to white guys or mixed guys.

No. 191114

Black girl dating a biracial (white/hispanic) guy here.

It's definitely the strangest relationship I've ever been. I was apprehensive about dating out of my race for a bunch of reasons, cultural stigma being one. It's strange not really because we have cultural conflicts (although I will say we are not really above this or never dealt with that as an issue), but rather that everyone else continues to make it out to be one. I've had to deal with both his family and mine making speculations about the looks of our babies, "friends" commenting on my self-esteem or my education or worrying if he's fetishizing me, etc. He also has friends who say racially awkward things without taking me into consideration when we hang out, and that really puts me off. Luckily his parents like me, but then mine hate him.

We have gotten stares, but I live in a white-majority country so that's not a shocker even though I feel uncomfortable as fuck when he holds my hand sometimes. I understand where you're coming from OP. If this relationship doesn't work out, I'd probably never do it again… It's way too stressful and if he wasn't the person he is, I wouldn't do it.

No. 191134

I'm hapa so all of my relationships are automatically interracial lol.

I have only dated white guys, but thats just bc I live in a predominantly white country. I would be open to dating anyone, although I am almost exclusively attracted to white guys and asians (as long as they don't fit the k-pop mould).

No. 191137

>As an American here I find it has just as much to do with race as it does culture
Well no offence but when you all share the same cookie cutter culture then it becomes about race.

I'm a white European dating another white European from a different country, and our 'native' religions also differ (I'm Orthodox/atheist, he's Lutheran). It's still a problem sometimes. I know Americans think all white people are the same but I'm still treated differently by him and his friends than I would be if I was a typical girl from his country, and vice versa.

Honestly our relationship wouldn't work out if we weren't communicating well, but we tell each other everything on our minds and are able to talk it out so it's good.

I personally would never be able to be with someone who thought less of me or was condescending because I came from a culture he thought was inferior to his, and I've actually met a lot of guys like that. Like a big chunk of lonely European and American men go to Thailand or the Philippines to get a gf there because they think they're submissive and stupid/gullible and will settle for any white guy.

I've even been hit on by an Irish man who asked me if arranged marriages were a thing in my country and wanted to 'save me' from one. He was 100% serious too, I'd never laughed so hard. Most of them are stupid Anglo tourists that we laugh at when they leave.

No. 191138

That's shitty of them, you'd think they would look past all of that and not place you in a situation where you feel uncomfortable.

My old roommates were married and she was black and he was Arabic. Anytime we would go out to eat or go on campus to hang out people would constantly treat them both as unequals with nasty glares or rude remarks. It's really shit I'm sorry you gotta go through it, anon.

No. 191146

Fuck what anyone else thinks. I know its hard, but it's your relationship, not anyone else's. If they assume things about your relationship just because of your races, they're probably not people you want to get too close to in the first place.
Me and my SO are in the same racial categories as you guys, except I'm also mixed with Arab. I've gotten shit from guys on both sides of my family for being with a "white" guy, which honestly I find kind of creepy. Ultimately, a mixed guy understands how I feel about race better than a guy who is just Asian, or just Arab, and is less likely to be conservative and treat me terribly.

At the same time, I definitely wouldn't date a guy who is only or mostly white though. I've done that, and they make up for their lack of culture by mocking yours. Not worth it.

No. 191172

Arranged marriages are very much still a thing in Europe in certain parts.

No. 191179

I'm mixed black and SEAsian and I've only dated white guys. Met them all online so that's probably why.

My current bf has one Russian immigrant parent, so we can kind of relate as multicultural people. He's not a white supremacist, nor is he one of those whiny white guilt types, so we really just enjoy each other as people.

Being mixed from two very different cultures with ties to both, you learn to take cultural differences from people in stride. Won't stop me from enjoying white people memes tho.

No. 191182

1/4th asian, look white, dating(engaged to) a chinese boy from hong kong. he came to school in the US and i met him that way. he's got aspergers so his parents seem more happy that he's not dead, plus they're not very traditional anyways. I've actually gotten weird looks/comments from people and i live in the north so, dunno. I have some trouble with him being weirded out by PDA, especially around our friends and a few other things, but he seems more westernized than anything.

No. 191186

I am a hapa but I look hella Southern European and my bf is half native half Mexican so it's an interesting combo but it has brought many great things into our relationship. For example, our cultural differences makes it a really odd relationship but it does create this intriguing experience cause let me tell you, I have to learn a lot of things just to impress his family, stuff that I've honestly wouldn't have think twice in knowing and it allowed my
Perspective in things and people to broaden.

Plus he's extremely handsome and pampers me a whole lot which I enjoy sit here's that too haha

No. 191193

>in MY country

No. 191233


thanks for the kind words, anon

it's true though. like it's the stereotypes that affect us both cause this fuss for other people - i know that my boyfriend struggles with accepting that he is considered an "other" (he doesn't look totally white but whiteness is all he knows from his parents) but that i am also stereotyped way more than he is (as a black woman). i also meme about white people because of shit like what >>191146
said ("they make up for their lack of culture by mocking yours") – my bf actually made an implication about me and bikes once, even (okay, granted, that was nearly fifteen years ago, but fucking really) so i think i get a pass since i have to deal with the conflict so often. trade off.


virtually all dudes dating online are white, and it is so weird to me, but i feel like people use tinder/apps or whatever now… since there are many who date asian/biracial men in this thread, how did you all meet your partners?

No. 191241

lol yes offense. you do know that even between states there's a lot of culture difference right? we both were raised in the same state so in some settings our american identities take precedence over our native culture, especially when socializing with peers.

ngl we make white jokes all the time >>191233 i think it's cool he can step back and have fun with it, but i do get uncomfortable when my more SJW friends start becoming more aggressive about white people, because it's like hey, don't direct any of this towards him he's still from the same culture as you…

i met mine in college a few months ago. we both work as TA's during the same class but we got to know one another more as we started hanging around the computer science lab at the same time. i don't use tinder because i'm still kind of young and the scene is kind of trash here, so i feel like the desired guys aren't looking online - they're getting enough attention offline. plus i'm afraid of being fetishized
(weeb/koreaboo culture down here is gaining traction) + don't like knowing that my potential spouse was/could've been talking to other girls as they struck up conversation w me. my personal hang ups tho.

No. 191254

I met mine through the PS4 haha. A friend of mine invited him to our party chat. I thought he was cool and interesting. Then we slowly started only chatting with just the two of us. Which escalated to full blown flirting with the most corniest and cheesiest stupid pick up lines and compliments and then we just told each other our honest feelings and we've been together for almost a year now. I'll be visiting him by the end of May hopefully but The funny thing is, this only happened cause of a console. Although I will be honest with you, I was quite weary of him because we never know who they actually are right? Cat fishing has increased significantly but I'm glad that didn't happen to me.

I ramble too much, sorry!!

No. 191267

I'm white American and only date Asian and African guys (from those parts of the world). My mom doesn't care and is actually happy I don't date white guys, because my boyfriends always spoil me and don't expect me to work/cook/clean and baby them. I've gone out on dates with a few white Europeans, Asian Americans, and Latinos but prefer being spoiled and taken care of, so always return to men from a few key countries. My exes families usually are cautious of me, but grow to like me and treat me as a member of the family. I love seeing other people in interracial relationships, and haven't had many people seem to disapprove of my relationships. I love the guys I choose to date because they are so excited to date a white girl (lol), and they are educated gentlemen. I have nothing against any race of men, but prefer certain looks and cultures.

No. 191300

I'm mixed (b/w) and dating a Mexican guy. my family probably expected this, they used to make jokes about me not actually being black (grew up in a predominantly white city, act "white", talk "white" according to other black people).

my bf actually has a thing for black girls, and so do most of his (also Mexican) friends. didn't know it was such a big thing. anyway I was concerned at first that his parents wouldn't like me because I'm mixed, but they don't really seem to care. I was also initially concerned about an interacial relationship because of my hair actually, I'd grown up ashamed of it and didn't think anyone who wasn't black or mixed with black would be able to think it was pretty. luckily my bf loves it. my bf is my only relationship, so I have no other experience. almost dated a white girl in high school but it probably wouldn't have worked out lol.

No. 191374

Most of my relationships were WMAF and so is my current relationship. I was interested in this black guy (Nigerian immigrant parents) but turns out he was a mentally ill incel… I was so disturbed and disgusted.

I fear of getting judged too when I'm in a WMAF relationship but I try to shrug it off

No. 191387

>even between states there's a lot of culture difference right
Yeah, yours is Wendy's territory, theirs is Burger King. Or you call soda different names. Some culture alright.

No. 191389

You're really going to argue that there is no cultural differences between Louisiana and Oregon? Or Hawaii and Alaska? Or California and Nebraska?

No. 191392

If you're the same anon can you stop shitting up the thread with your posting that's been OT from the start.

No. 191396

…yes? You all speak the same language, wear the same shit and have similar customs.
Only if you beg for it

No. 191397

>You all speak the same language
The sad part is dumb sheltered Americans think this, too. Also by that logic Ireland has the same culture as us.

No. 191411


Shut up you stupid European.

No. 191419

Get off the internet. We americans made the internet so buzz off back to europoor nation where YOU BELONG.

No. 191428

I was having a bad day, but reading these posts cheered me up because they're so over the top and silly that I couldn't help but smile. Thank you.
Keep doing what you're doing.

No. 191430

glad our shitposts make you smile. stay gold anon

No. 191433

File: 1495326677601.gif (6.14 MB, 552x310, IMG_1712.GIF)

No. 191464

Dated a couple of asians
Never again.
One had short man syndrome and was really full of himself
The other one had mommy issues and would yell over the slightest thing
I'm with a white guy now and it's just so much better, jesus

No. 191468

I'm a white American and my boyfriend is Japanese. My parents don't care at all and want me to be happy, his parents are pretty traditional and are wary of me. One day I hope to win them over. We obviously have some cultural differences but we always take the time to learn from and talk out our misunderstandings. We're just happy and in love lol. We did fight a lot in the beginning though over cultural misunderstandings. It went away with time.

No. 191473

What ethnicities specifically?

No. 191475

File: 1495360612961.jpg (47.23 KB, 600x507, america-people-of-walmart.jpg)

A+ shitposting, never change

No. 191478

The short one was Malaysian and the one with anger problems and mommy issues was Korean

No. 191480

does it count as interracial when my bf is turkish and me russian? lol

No. 191481

File: 1495361988893.jpg (47.44 KB, 640x468, alt-right dilemma.jpg)

i thought it was supposed to be a meme

No. 191494

Why are you with him? Is it because you're half white so the raceplay doesn't bother you a lot? Genuinely curious, I couldn't imagine being in that kind of relationship.

No. 191500

No. 191502


Well I see lots of guys married with Russian girls here, it's pretty common.

No. 191519

i'm white and my bf is latino but is often mistaken for middle eastern. only very old people notice or care about us being interracial, but then again we live in canada.

No. 191540

I'm black/white and my boyfriend is Palestinian. I haven't experienced any major issues when it comes to having an interracial relationship. I love learning about other cultures so it was never a big deal to me. Middle Easterners are always so dramatic so there's never a dull moment.

His father is pretty traditional/Muslim and dating is frowned upon in their culture, especially for teenagers. We started dating in highschool and for the first few years of our relationship we had to sneak around and I wasn't allowed to go to family functions with him. It was kinda hard to deal with at first, but we've been dating for 8 years and his family has warmed up to me a lot since then. He also has family in the Middle East so hopefully I'll get to visit sometime. I really want to travel but I've barely been out of the US.

I think the only cultural issues my bf and I have had were over religion. He was raised Muslim and I was raised with out any religion, so we've butted heads quite a few times. Especially since I was an Athiest for the first few years of our relationship. I took too much LSD one summer and got all spiritual, so I tried the Muslim thing for a year, didn't like it, and went back to being religious-less. He's never tried to convert me or anything and we both respect each others beliefs and differences in world views. I know a lot of couples struggle with differences in faith, but we get along just fine.

No. 191568

How did LSD make you decide to convert to Islam?

No. 191569

White female here dating a Samoan guy. Aside from him being built like a bear he's a real sweetheart. I'm just a bit afraid of his very 'passionate' family.

No. 191578

Enjoy being called abeed, Levantine arabs are the worst of all. :) They well treat you lower than human waste, he will eventually leave you for an Arab girl once he considers marriage

No. 191579

Polynesians are chill, nothing to worry about. You'll probably get a really nice MIL if you two decide to get married.

No. 191636

I kinda feel weird dating someone who has a fetish for black women (despite me telling them I'm half Chinese), does anyone else share this same feeling?
I mean, it's not like they said anything offensive or dated me due to stereotypes, but it feels weird.

No. 191637

Race fetishists are usually freaks, there's nothing wrong with wanting to avoid them

No. 191648

White European dating a Korean guy for the past few years. Never had any problems in my own country but when visiting Korea I often heard some remarks like how "skilled" my bf is for being able to date me lol

No. 191660

i'm white and my gf is asian. we occasionally get some weird looks when we go out on dates, but mostly from old ppl. also i'm a girl anyway so its not really possible to tell if the people who give us weird looks are doing it bc we're both girls or bc we're interracial. but you know, its pretty much fine 100%.
it maybe stands out a little more bc my country is almost entirely filled w/ white people so anyone nonwhite immediately stands out anyway. But I don't think its weird to date interracially as long as you can be willing to learn about your partner's culture and try to get involved and stuff.
also, she hasn't come out to her parents yet and they are probably gna double hate me bc im not only white but also a girl and to them i am the absolute worst partner for their daughter. but, eh, its whatever. I dont really mind if her mother blames me/dislikes me etc, as long as she (my gf) doesn't get upset abt it. we have a very happy and nice relationship though anyway

No. 191694

>white guy and it's kind of weird because I found out he was a white supremacist with a raging yellow fever pretty early in the relationship and he's very much into race play
I've never been able to understand this meme

>"g-guys we've got to save the white race!"

has kids with a filipino girl
Honorary aryan?

No. 191709

Why is it when a non-white parents' are hesitant of interracial relationships, white people are accommodating of this ("oh it's just traditional") but if a white father is hesitant of his daughter dating a black guy its front page on Buzzfeed? ("See this AWESOME anti-racist girl TAKE DOWN her BIGOT PARENTS!")

No. 191710

I think it's the same with lots of races right? The whole 'hate the men, love the women' attitude is widespread, look at /r/asianmasculinity or /r/aznidentity. They hate white guys yet love white women.

No. 191712

With IR relationships the kid usually takes the identity of his father, so a kid of a white dad will regard himself as "more white" but a kid of say, a Korean father and a White mother will regard himself as more Korean.

The problem here is that it can lead to tension if the dad has an issue with his wife's race. Think about it, in an IR relationship or marriage one partner always has recourse to be racially abusive, something that doesn't occur in same-race relationships.

I can't imagine having a kid who would grow up to hate his or her's mother's race.

No. 191713

Depends, some Turks look like Europeans and some don't

No. 191723

I got fucking raged at when I rambled about my interactions with the Chinese family of my bf while being white. Someone can tell me what it's about? Is it like weaboo jealousy or a hate for Chinese people in general?

No. 191726

Man, I wish I could get an islander bf. I find them super attractive and I like how big they are.

I've never really spent much time with them except the occasional maori girl though, am I right in thinking I probably wouldn't click with one if I'm too quiet/serious? I know it's generalizing but still.

No. 191731

Some people on this site are really racist toward the Chinese for whatever reason.

No. 191734

No one raged at you nigga. They just asked you why you were dating a Chinese guy and then complaining about his family being shitty towards you.

That's just what East Asians are like in general. Muh filial piety will preclude him ever standing up for you against them, that's something you've got to understand.

And shit. No one is jealous of someone for dating a Chinese dude. Don't make us laugh. Outside of niche asiaphile communities, Asian men are viewed as undesirable by most non-Asian girls and dating one is viewed as an opposite of a status symbol. What planet are you on?

No. 191735

'cause I live with him and like HIM, not his family? It doesn't sound that weird to me. Where I live, people don't stay really close with their parents passed a certain age.
Why are you even this mad?

No. 191737

Farmer I… Where did you even get I was mad from that? It's annoyance. Annoyance at your ignorance of a really basic racial/cultural difference.

Not everyone on earth is the same. Not all races are the same and it's not a case of our differences being merely what cuisines we eat and minor cosmetic stuff, in some cases it cuts right to the core of what we consider values. That's something you really should be aware of if you're above the age of 18.

No. 191738

I'm white and my only gf was Asian. I honestly really didn't even think about the race thing. She was just a cute girl I liked. It's not like Americanized asians are any different from white people. The only time it ever mattered was when her mom would scream shit at her in Vietnamese and I would have no idea what she was saying which was uncomfortable because my ex used to just shrug it off and never tell me what they were fighting about. I think she cared more about race than me in retrospect because she used to wear green contacts and one told me she first felt like she loved me when the light hit my green eyes once on the beach (which I found incredibly shallow and disappointing).

I don't really care if people are going to judge me for stupid things like race because it reflects way more on them than it does me. I'd just judge them as being stupid racist morons if they had a problem with me dating someone of another race, and I really don't give a shit what stupid racist morons think about me.

No. 191739

>It's not like Americanized asians are any different from white people.


^ The guy who fed them the intel was a second-generation Chinese-American who now lives in Asia. He'd disagree with you, clearly there are differences.

>which I found incredibly shallow and disappointing

Anon. If black people can take pride in their natural hair and asian people their eye folds then you should be able to take pride in your green eyes.

Nothing wrong with beautiful features.

No. 191747

What are you even rambling about? I can't vent (in the vent thread) about shitty bf family talking shit literally to my face bc muh cultural differences? What even.
And yeah, I grew up in deep rural western Europe. There wasn't any cultural diversity, at the time. I think he literally is the first Asian person I've ever came to meet, at the age of 19, that wasn't the waiter of the only Chinese restaurant in the area I grew up in.
Are you aware not everyone has the chance to grow up in a big town? But yeah, I guess I should I have somehow been infused about the knowledge of other cultures (no Internet wasn't a thing at the time, especially considering the fact English isn't my native language).

No. 191748

You don't need to be exposed to people of other races to understand deep-seated racial differences exist.

I guess I just don't understand why it came as a shock to you. Did you think all races were exactly the same?

Anyway, that's how he is and how he's going to be. You must have low self-esteem if you're going to sit around a dinner table while your boyfriend's family shit-talks you in their own language and he keeps quiet.

No. 191750

>Anyway, that's how he is and how he's going to be. You must have low self-esteem if you're going to sit around a dinner table while your boyfriend's family shit-talks you in their own language and he keeps quiet.

To add on to this. My family also speak another language, but we've never uniformly spoken in our language around guests at a dinner table. That's peasant-tier behavior.

No. 191751

I'm a black girl with an Indian bf. He's real sweet but his parents have so much control over him. Of course his mom(not his father for some reason)hates me and wants him to marry someone white or Indian. I'm not sure why she feels Indians are better than black people, considering they're just as dark as us and have just as bad of a reputation.

No. 191752

man, the OP pic puts me off of writing anything

>saged for Saldana the buzz kill

No. 191753

You don't need to be exposed to different things to be aware they exist? You just conjure them in your mind from nothingness?
I accepted it anyway, because I love him. But it still shitty and I still sometimes complain about it.

No. 191755

>You just conjure them in your mind from nothingness?

Do I need to see it in person to know that Muslims shove their asses in the air to pray?

>I accepted it anyway, because I love him.

Doormat with low self-esteem.

No. 191756

They're hypocrites too because if it were their daughter getting it on with a white guy they'd be outraged.

No. 191757

No I don't think they would be mad because they want their kids to marry white people. They want their kids to have a higher social status.

No. 191758

Well, if you didn't see it in reality, learn it in school or see it on TV, yes.
I know it's weird but information wasn't as easy to get as it is now.

No. 191759

It's just odd to me that your parents would raise you believing that all races are exactly the same and that you wouldn't at least guess there are some basic differences from reading books and stuff.

Honestly anon, it's not a huge deal for Chang to turn around to his parents and ask them politely not to shit-talk the woman he supposedly loves in front of him when she's a guest at their house.

I mean I come from a pretty traditional family too but that sort of rudeness is alien to us. Some Chinese people just baffle me.

No. 191762

Actually, my parents were 'jokingly' racists and told me about disowning me if I would bring a black or Arab man home (nothing about Asians tho, so I guess it was a grey area?)
All my books were either bought from the supermarket or came from the tiny library. There wasn't much choice.
> Mom, I'm home from the library.
> What have you got honey?
> 'The intricacies of dating an Asian man in your late 20's'

Joking, but really, it was only cows and white people, no information on the outside world.

And yeah, he tells them, but they do it the next time. I' ve tried to be really nice, I've tried not to go, but besides him not going at all (and I don't want him to stop seeing them because of me), I just can't sway them.

No. 191763

This is what turns me off about Indian and Asian men, they're such betas up against their parents.

No. 191764

File: 1495551152307.jpg (54.94 KB, 376x428, 0--hSTlBQ0T6kYhgxU.jpg)

I just think it reflects badly on you too, since you represent your family - who (as far as I can tell) have been good to this chang kid. And then his family turn around and treat you like shit. It's like they have no idea of reciprocity. Pisses me off. You should feel offended on behalf of your parents too if that's the case, since their kindness is being taken advantage of here, in a roundabout sort of way.

I'm guessing you're French too. Unfortunately there are lots of primitives from Wenzhou in France, weren't a few of them rioting a few months back?

An Asian would counter this by saying that you aren't respectful enough to your parents (which has a ring of truth to it, no denying that), but the thing is… Everything to Asians is about subservience. There's no concept of a justly earned respect that's voluntarily given.

It's just pure animal obedience to whoever is your "superior". Look at the kowtow, it's a way of deliberately making yourself as small as possible, in the same way some burrowing animals do.

Literal animal behavior.

No. 191765

I've cut ties with my parents 5+y ago and moved countries. They are backward racists and anti-gay. I don't regret doing it for a second, but it was my own decision. I don't know what they think about him but I guess it's something like not being happy about it while thinking it could be worse.
You're kinda projecting, I think and I think you should get that checked. You're right about the French thing, tho.

No. 191766

>cut ties with my parents
>because they don't like the idea of me dating some Maghrebi trash

Fucking lol.

You're more of a trainwreck than I expected. Carry on.

No. 191767

And don't you find it a bit odd to break ties with your parents for their "racism" but you're ok with a guy who is complicit in his parents' racism toward you?

Is having some pindicked fetish boyfriend for the sake of animes and idorus really worth all that?

No. 191768

Yeah, that's totally what I've said, anon.

No. 191769

At least, I have my answer now. It was just plain ol' racism. Got it.

No. 191770

You're the one ok with having racist parents-in-law with a husband who doesn't care if they racially insult his own SO from a culture where they're probably going to be up your ass for the rest of your life if you marry him. Don't lecture me.

No. 191772

>cut ties with my parents because they're racist and anti-gay
>instead I'm going to fuck some Chinese guy whose parents are equally racist and be okay with them directing his whole life and hating me because I'm white

No. 191773

Really odd isn't it?

I'm glad I'm not the only one scratching my head at this whole story.

No. 191774


Holy shit, you have this impeccable mix of unwarranted self importance and utter stupidity anon.

It's actually amazing.

No. 191775


Sometimes I can't help but feel like asiaphile girls are worse than asiaphile dudes. At least the average dude would probably stand up for himself in a situation like this, even if he's yellow fever to the bone.

No. 191776

>impeccable mix of unwarranted self importance and utter stupidity
It's just called being French

No. 191777

Latina here and have only dated outside of my race. My first bf was Puerto Rican but he kept making jabs at my parents for being Mexican so I dumped his ass real fast.
From then on I've only dated Japanese men. No problems so far but it does help that I speak the language well enough to communicate during disagreements.
It was hard weeding out fucking gaijin hunters though. Never understood the stereotype of Japanese men being shy because some will flat out talk nasty to you on first meeting because you're "an american slut". I also had a lot of men that wanted to use me as a free English teacher.
My current bf doesn't really regard me as American and when I visit him it's never an issue. I guess my only thing is he hasn't told his parents about me. I'm a little worried that they won't like me but he's not really close with his family so I know he'll take my side.
My parents hate the idea of me dating a Japanese man only because I plan to move over there. They also fully expect me to find a Mexican worker who'll make me pop out babies every month. Not exaggerating either that's what my mom wants

No. 191782

I don't understand why women will exclude men of other races just to exclusively date 4/10 Asian men. I can understand if you're only dating the cute Asian men but most of the time those guys only want to seriously date Asian women.

No. 191784



No. 191785

At least yellow fever men end up marrying the woman and having some little Elliot's to love, asiaphile girls just spend the rest of their lives being pumped and dumped by various Asian men because they guy has no interest in marrying them and they accept it because "omg Kpop boyfriend!".

No. 191788

> I'm not sure why she feels Indians are better than black people
Indians have a history of civilization and significant historical achievements. Thousands of years ago, they had impressive architecture, law, writing systems, technological advancements, and culture. (Although things have gotten a bit shitty since then)

Africans were still at literal stone-age level until white and Arabs came.

They never even invented the wheel, let alone figured out how to smelt metals. They didn't have writing systems, their languages are incredibly basic and primitive.

Hundreds/thousands of years ago, white men and East Asian men built amazing civilizations, architecture, and cities. While at the same time, Africans literally never advanced past the stone-age.

Basically Africans are dumb, very low IQ, if I was Indian I still wouldn't like blacks either.

No. 191789

its amazing how easy it is to spot posts from robots who come from r9k.

No. 191799

As an actual Vietnamese person, yes Americanized ones are different from the fobby ones lol what are you on about. For example Americanized ones have less inclination for filial piety and more desire for individualism. They also tend to be more outgoing (and sometimes slutty) and do not want to learn about the country or the language. I don't get along with second-gens like I do first gens.

No. 191802

I honestly don't understand either, but my bf and a lot of other modern white supremacist people are anything but traditional and wouldn't save the white race marrying an asian woman or not

No. 191804

The men are just your garden variety racial fetishists whereas the women tend to be mentally screwed up on a whole other level, venus, margaret, kanadajin, those sad girls who whore in kabuchiko etc.

That stuff is born from girls who lack an identity of their own. Let's not overstate things though. Asian men aren't viewed as desirable by the vast majority of non Asian women.

No. 191813

I've never dated an Asian man, but are they all like this? If you do end up marrying one, are you just going to have to accept that his family will hate you? And your only choice is meekly submitting or standing up for yourself and then alienating the entire family?

No. 191820

No, you just need to get one that isn't traditional. Traditional asian men are the worst and their moms are even worse. You need to get the more westernized ones or they're just in it for the non-asian pussy.

No. 191823

That's where appearances can be deceptive though. "Westernized" can often just mean superficial traits, when on the inside they're still hardcore.

Watch out for anyone with mixed loyalties as far as their home lands go. That's a dead giveaway. Call me old fashioned but I don't think you can be loyal to both China and America in this day and age.

No. 191841

I was dosing a lot that summer and was researching a lot of random spiritual movements. The stuff I was reading/watching and the psychedelics kinda went to my head, so I decided to try being "spiritual". I'd never been a part of any religion, and with my boyfriend being Muslim I figured I should try that instead of some new age bullshit. Islam is OK but at the end of the day I honestly can't stand any religious movement so I stopped trying.

No. 192331

race mixing is gross

No. 192333

I definitely agree. My bf is from Hong Kong so there's not much loyalty there and his family hates the mainland and are super progressive.

No. 192339

Which country or ethnical group has the most faithful men fam?

No. 192342

From a southern european perspective probably northwestern Europeans. At the very least you're not going to be with a man whose culture views male cheating as ok. Here's how I'd say it breaks down.

Worst tier:


Bad tier:

Chinese and Koreans.

Meh tier:

Italians, Spaniards, Slavs and Greeks.

Best you're going to get tier:

Scandinavians, Germans.

I'd list blacks but I find them too repugnant to ever consider dating one even hypothetically.

No. 192343

Curious about Chinese and Koreans. What's the deal with that?

No. 192344

Isn't cheating and having mistresses really ingrained into their culture?

No. 192345


alot of them cheat if their gf/wife isn't acting how they want. chinese and koreans are really misogynistic so they don't wanna stay with someone who's not really obedient.

No. 192346

What >>192344 said. They used to be polygamous cultures and they never really shook that off. What you have to understand about Chinese and Korean culture is that most Chinese and Korean women don't really care if their husband cheats, so if you kick up a stink as a foreign wife you're going to look like an idiot who nobody sympathises with.

No. 192347

It has nothing to do with how obedient you are Koreaboo lol. You'll get cheated on eventually even if you're the perfect wife.

No. 192348

>Italians, Spaniards, Slavs and Greeks.

can you elaborate on these men? what sets them below scandi/germans but above chinese/korean? how likely is it they'll cheat, or what causes it? i thought the whole "passionate romantic horndog" thing was just a meme.

also how do whites from north america or australia figure into this ranking if you have any insight? sorry for the load of questions, just very interested

No. 192350

My own people are more likely to cheat than germans and scandis but I don't think Italian culture at least looks as forgiving on male cheaters as Chinese and Korean culture does. They're still considered to be scumbags and it's something they'll feel ashamed of if they get caught. Slavs are sort of similar. Maybe a slavic anon can tell you more.

North American whites are more similar to the northwestern European standard I mentioned earlier I think. But again I couldn't say for sure.

No. 192351


who the fuck was defending them, i just said it has nothing to do with whatever weird k-drama mistress culture bs anon was talking about. that's not part of korean history at all.

No. 192352

Koreans never had monogamy culture.

No. 192353

wrong, korea was confucian for most of it's existence.

No. 192355

What are you talking about?

No. 192356

Pur├ępecha girl dating a Nigerian girl, we get a lot of criticism from both sides of the family. My side wanted me to be with a European man, her side wanted her to be with a American/European man. Funny how were absolutely nothing what they expected. We get looks from strangers and sometimes get yelled slurs in public. However we get along very well, our cultural differences haven't been a problem at all in our relationship. I didn't seek a specific race/ethnicity, love just happened. We are soon to adopt a Nigerian 15 year old girl in October.

No. 192357

So was China and they were a polygamy culture. Same as Korea.

Korea never had monogamy culture system until westerners brought it over.

No. 192370

china as a whole wasn't confucian but the sects that were definitely wasn't polygamous. korea became christian so easily because confucianism is so similar.

No. 192377

That warms my heart, anon. Hope you guys stay happy.

No. 192405

Yea the posts on those subreddits are kind of disturbing… They generalize most asian girls as self-hating for being in interracial relationships and want to shun them in hopes of sending a message. On the other hand, they praise an asian guy for being in an interracial relationship. So if OP is looking at those subreddits I can see where the worry about perception comes from

No. 192424

Did anyone else start craving a black BF after being incidentally exposed to BBC/interracial porn online?

No. 192450

File: 1495898566936.gif (1.71 MB, 235x240, 1418065205120.gif)

Wishing you the best, anon. Hope the adoption goes well later this year.

No. 192454

Sup robot

No. 192469

I'm white-passing North African and my boyfriend is Indian British (doesn't look really indian though, apparently there was some mixing in the family long ago). Haven't met his parents yet but they seem cool and nice, just a bit controling. He says they're going to love me and that I'm basically the exact type of girl they wanted him to date. I'm still worried though, especially after reading so many bad experiences with Indian parents.

No. 192473


Do they poo in loo?

No. 192477

What's their designated shitting street?

No. 192478

Maghrebis are a special kind of subhuman

No. 192479

I wonder who could be behind these posts.
Fuck off /pol/ and/or /r9k/

No. 192482

My bf is Indian and I've been with him 7 months and his parents still have no idea of my existence

No. 192484

I'm Chinese, and my Indian ex's parents never had a problem with me. My ex's mom was super sweet while I stayed at her house. Never noticed anything in particular from his extended family either. Not all parents of a culture are the same, so just be optimistic and see how things go.

No. 192485

Was it your boyfriend's choice not to tell them about you? How do you feel about it?
Thank you, glad to hear someone had a good experience for once. My bf's mother sounds so sweet and interesting from the things he tells me, I hope she'll be that way whem meet.

No. 192487

I'm white and I've dated various races successfully, but I have an ex who is Korean and abusive af, and he blamed all his abusive behaviors on his heritage (despite being raised in America). Left a real bad taste in my mouth, ngl. Hopefully he dies alone.

No. 192521

Lel dumb koreaboo.

No. 192522

Have some self respect you idiot. Again, if he doesn't stand up for you now he never will.

Why do people put themselves through this unhappiness just to seem trendy or satisfy some weird race fetish?

No. 192523

Literally every statement here is wrong. Confucianism doesn't have anything to do with monogamy, isn't similar to Christianity (it's not even a metaphysical philosophy) and was born in China.

No. 192524

I remember reading about this phenomenon of "born again Koreans" among Korean Americans who turn into nationalists around college age.

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