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File: 1497964465545.png (50.66 KB, 870x411, taoismisahellofadrug.PNG)

No. 195991

Seeing as there have been a few subreddit threads popping up on /snow/ and /ot/ (Is /snow/ the best choice for this mods?) I thought I'd make one on what I think are two of the funniest subreddits for mining lols around:


For those who don't know, /r/asianmasculinity is basically /r/theredpill but exclusively for asian men, and seemingly even more fucked up. Whereas /r/aznidentity is where all the Chinese "American" supremacists went after /r/asianmasculinity tried to clean up its image.

Some of the threads are cringe, some are amusing and some are downright disturbing. Case in point:

>White people don't have feelings. Their girls love a sociopath who can convince them he's actually a good guy. Laugh at them when they are crying, looking into your eyes, looking for any hope that you are just joking, that you were the guy you pretended to be. See her innocence die then, and never to return, a beautiful human soul died in front of you replaced by a demon. That soul is in hell now. Hahaha.


Also, if you were wondering where a lot of the "hapas are mentally ill losers" shitposting you may have seen around 4chan and other forums/boards is coming from, see my pic.

They're also known for:

>Pretending to be Asian women who care about their supposed "plight" ('AsianGirlJade' was a sockpuppet of one of their most notorious shitposters)

>Pretending to be hapas with white fathers (apparently those with asian dads are a-ok however)
>Spamming AMWF pictures all over 4chan in unrelated threads (according to one 4chan mod on IRC, it's one guy who has been continuously avoiding IP-range bans and doing this for about 7 years virtually every week)

And so on.

No. 195992

No. 195993

Uh, glad I saw this thread. Theres another one:

I think I stumbled on those subreddits through /pol/ because someone keeps spamming AMWF threads there and someone pointed out the spammers come from those subreddits.

Honestly, its pretty disgusting how entitled they are to white females. I remember a while ago I saw a thread complaining about white female "bananarangs" - white women who used to date asian men but 'returned' to white men. Pretty disgusting desu.

No. 195994

>"bananarangs" - white women who used to date asian men but 'returned' to white men. Pretty disgusting desu.

These people live on the internet way too much if they think relationships between asian men and white women are common enough outside of sperglord centers like anime cons to merit (admittedly retarded) neologisms like this.

No. 195995

For the record i am a white female and i might have dated a japanese guy (im on this board and watch anime lol) but after reading those subreddits i decided i will never date an asian man. I actually noticed the asian men who flirted with me in the past have commented on the fact that "halfie" babies are cute and there arent enough asian men dating white women here in australia. Now i realise they might have been posters there. Gross.

No. 195996

Some more funny stuff from /r/am:

>Let’s just say I’m beginning to wake up now. fk white people and their bullshit. I can’t believe I let all this st slide in my life and ate it all up. I took it like a fking bitch while asking for seconds. Now that I think about it I was a fking Uncle Chan, for f**ks sake.

Why do they always LARP as black guys when they want to act tuff? I mean "Uncle Chan", really?

>ChinaKrobrah_Kai 9 points 6 months ago

>Why don't you take the full plunge and just verify yourself??? We've been having CCJ trolls brigading…

>DoctorDrMD 10 points 6 months ago

>They go by CaucasianChinese nowadays. Don't take this as invite to brigade them back, do not give them any justification.

CCJ, incidentally is an expat hangout where people gather to mock both unrefined mainland Chinese and clueless white expats alike.


To give some background to the drama, /r/asianmasculinity hates /r/ccj for creating this satirical subreddit:


A parody of the grievance goldmine that is /r/asianamerican.

No. 195997

>and there arent enough asian men dating white women here in australia

There are actually men this brazenly entitled? I thought asians were supposed to be polite.

How does anyone get it into their head that there's some requisite number of asian men white women "should" be dating?

No. 195998

File: 1497970005858.png (422.73 KB, 496x1347, ZzULNvs.png)

Here's "love life of an asian guy" (LLAG), an r/asianmasculinity poster on facebook talking about food and cultural appropriation.

No. 195999


LLAG most recently came to fame for a reddit and facebook post in the wake of the Laci Green shitstorm by claiming that white women who date and marry white men are implicit white supremacists because they end up having white children.

No. 196000

when they realise that i am a big anime fan they think its a green light to commence flirting big time.

>white supremacists because they end up having white children.
are iranians like laci green counted as white now? lol. irregardless thats a pretty gross/entitled thing to say though. these people are very vocal about their hatred of whites i think a big backlash is going to come sooner or later.

No. 196001

The people to blame are the weebs who feed these guys' entitlement complexes.

Some white weeaboo girls buy into the grievance politics and want to "save" the poor downtrodden Asian man.

No. 196002

You losers are pathetic. Do you go to the gym and laugh at fat people? Do you see normies coming in and laughing at all you mentally ill nerds? If not, leave these betas alone and let them do whatever. Why would you intrude on other people's safe spaces if this whole website which you are using is a safe space for you atypical losers? Hypocrites really. You can clearly tell these guys get enough shit for being asian in a western world, just let them vent their shit and move on. Fucking disgusting bunch of people you are.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 196003

File: 1497980700723.jpg (17.83 KB, 300x277, 1493257624463.jpg)

>not being able to find an ethnic grocery store
This post is hilarious in so many ways. it's like well buddy, that's what you get for moving to some white hick town in the middle of fucking nowhere. This would be like me complaining about not being able to find cheese if I moved to rural China/India/wherever.

Literally any slightly metropolitan area is gonna have an assload of ethnic grocery stores.


No. 196004

>You can clearly tell these guys get enough shit for being asian in a western world

- Highest average incomes.
- Least likely to be arrested.
- Least likely to be stopped & searched.
- Least likely to suffer police brutality.
- Least likely to suffer from any sort of criminal violence.

Nigga, your standard for what "getting shit" entails is "10/10 white girls don't like me as much as they should".

You motherfuckers make red pillers look sane. At least they actually believe unattractive men should improve themselves.

As for all the stuff about representation:

1) You're barely 6% of the population.
2) It's not our fault Asians don't have much regards for the arts, why should you get a chance at leading roles ahead of white, hispanic and black actors and actresses who have been grinding away at two-penny stage productions for years? Not to mention Asians are just terrible at acting to begin with (big-budget Japanese and Chinese films actually make daytime TV acting look good).

No. 196005

I guess I get the term "Uncle Chan." Seems like it's just the Asian equivalent of a coon or an "Uncle Tom," and it's not hard to believe that's a thing.

…What was that guy talking about anyways?

No. 196006

>when they realise that i am a big anime fan they think its a green light to commence flirting big time.

I've always found the whole process of "get into anime -> find asian men attractive" sort of weird. Setting aside the "anime characters look white" trolling, they don't look anything like actual asian men half the time. So what's the deal with that?

No. 196007

The men on this subreddit just spend all their time buying into low tier racebait shitposts and don't bother to address their own personal issues and shortcomings whatsoever. They would rather cry about white people not knowing everything about curry and noodles than think about why they really failed at life as a part of a group that factually excels in American society.

No. 196008

Never heard that term in my life and neither have my friends.

And Uncle Tom mostly is used by other blacks to talk shit about the "whiter" aka less hood blacks.

No. 196009

Haha, We're quite two faced(women included) if I had to be honest.

No. 196010

The spammer is most likely Eurasian Tiger aka John Bettendorf, mod of r/hapas. He runs like a bitch if you say his name in a racemixing thread on pol and he's the spammer.

No. 196011

>Eurasian Tiger aka John Bettendorf
oh so people know his real name? what about his face? that guy has some serious mental problems.

No. 196012

No he isn't.

EurasianTiger has never actually provided any proof he is Eurasian. Nor is there any proof that is his real name.

The AMWF spammer is the same guy who rants and raves about how awful WMAF children are. Stop blaming Eurasians for Asian American men being grievance-mongering losers.

No. 196013

I just don't understand how anyone could believe there's some obligatory optimal amount of interracial dating that needs to be going on.

More black men date white women than white men date black women, but I've never met a white guy who thinks that more black women are obligated to date white men to reduce this supposed imbalance.

No. 196014

I didn't say he's a hapa I said he's the mod of r/hapas.

And that's the thing. I think r/hapas is full of Asian males larping as hapas.

No. 196015

File: 1498042975563.png (164.4 KB, 1409x956, halfasian.png)

not the person you replied to but i just checked the domain registrant info for eurasian tiger's website halfasian.org and the registrant has the name John Bettendorf.

Whether that is his real name or he is borrowing someone's name that he is friends with/related to to register the website who knows. You are supposed to use your own real name though.

No. 196016

It's funny because it's like they're cucking themselves to the rich/confident Asians.

No. 196017

Save as much info as you can: the Asian male spammer(if it was him) definitely browses lolcow because someone posted on pol once(that I've seen) Audrey Hayashi's pic of her reddit account admitting she's not that attracted to her Asian banker bf and the spammer kept saying it was a bunch of losers making shit up on a gossip site(lolcow).

No. 196018

File: 1498043708644.jpg (95.04 KB, 554x600, eurasiantiger.jpg)

im surprised /pol/ hasnt discovered about his life they can find anything but i guess theres just not enough interest to care about angry asian betas.

but even though he has never "proven" he is half-asian i reckon he must be. he kind of looks half-asian in all the half face photos he posts and he puts so much energy into hating WMAF couples it seems like he blames all his life problems on not being born white. he should just accept he is an asian man and move on. 1 billion asian men exist and many of them are happy and succesful. these half asians are just entitled to white women its disgusting.

No. 196019

>And that's the thing. I think r/hapas is full of Asian males larping as hapas.


No. 196020

China's the only place on earth I've encountered where men will chew women out for going for traits other than money.

The Chinese are an odd bunch.

No. 196021

yeah… I know what an Uncle Tom is… and idk if "whiter," is the right term, it's more about the black ppl that excuse stuff like microagressions and believe in le respectability politics and bend over backwards to please wypipo.

…also, who cares if you/your friends haven't heard it?

No. 196022

Because I'm Asian and it's not a real term in the community at all.
Whiter has "" around because of what you said.

It's hilarious he bitches about his dad being a bum fuck with no job and he's spamming shit online!

No. 196023

>be a small diaspora population
>surprised when you intermarry with dominant group at high rates

What exactly did they expect? That they'd continue with negligible intermarriage rates for 4+ generations?

No. 196024

most iranians consider themselves white. they look identical to Southern Europeans.

No. 196025

I'm not sure about "most" but Laci Greene is definitely white/european.

No. 196026

Those stats are inflated by East Asians or basically Chinese/Korean/Jap. Poor and brown Asians like Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian etc still suffer being poor as fuck and the shit that comes with it like high crime, low education, or zero life stability. Or since this is a weeb site is Asian just code for East Asian? Sincerely asking.

LLAG is a bitter brown Asian who got shit on in his white hick town and has a massive inferiority complex against east Asians while simultaneously using them in his anti-white propaganda (e.g. Scarlett Johanssen not being Japanese enough to play Motoko Kusanagi in GitS) and raging against their "model minority privilege".

I see his shit all the time because a hapa SJW fb friend keeps sharing his bullshit.

It doesn't really have to be a real term, it's used as an analogy, like saying "Asian Uncle Tom", calm down.

No. 196027

>Those stats are inflated by East Asians or basically Chinese/Korean/Jap. Poor and brown Asians like Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian etc still suffer being poor as fuck and the shit that comes with it like high crime

See, the thing is you can do this with any continental population group (identify clusters within them that aren't so wealthy), you can certainly do it with White Americans, I doubt there are many East Asian groups as poor as West Virginian Whites.

In any event it is overwhelmingly NEAs that spearhead Asian "racial activism" in the US (Koreans and Chinese primarily, doing stupid shit like protesting kimono exhibitions), so they don't really have a right to complain about the meaningless nature of the term, since notion of an "AAPI Community" was openly embraced by early Asian American race-hustlers to boost their body count, see:


It's sort of like the whole "Asians as mysterious and inscrutable" racial stereotype. Asians will bitch about this in academia as a negative stereotype, but they'll openly embrace it when its convenient (either for snowflake-ism "us Asians right? Us Asians…" or just for political expediency "you don't understand chinese culture!").

>LLAG is a bitter brown Asian

He's a Chinese Thai, so he's actually doubly privileged, lel.

No. 196028

Also you smell very much like an Asian male with similar grievances to be honest. Moaning about SEAs/brown asians gave it away kind of, actually SEAs are much less likely to be SJWs. Filipinos in particular are usually patriotic as fuck in my experience (Alex Tizon excepted).

No. 196029

Am I the only yellow fever bitch very surprised that such a Reddit exists? Are these guys all ugly as fuck? Why aren't they dating yellow fever weebs?

No. 196030

You'd date someone who clearly hates your race just because they're Asian? Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 196031


They're a weeb, it doesn't matter.

No. 196032

Get some self respect girl. Asian men that go for white women tend to have something wrong with the head quite clearly.

No. 196033

File: 1498068866325.jpg (249.51 KB, 1014x1677, 045bc585ed2bd34f9e5b8686f7aba2…)

I think anyone that unironically refers to themselves as a "yellow fever bitch" has a screw loose.

Anyway, lets get this thread back on track.

No. 196034

File: 1498068979553.png (34.07 KB, 869x488, 1438709074950.png)

Note the comments about using hapas as part of their black propaganda


tfw azns are just as sneaky as the stereotypes make out

No. 196035

"but muh white wimmin, amwf are genetically superior!!"

No. 196036

File: 1498069716143.png (422.38 KB, 1587x872, 67b48c0cae0533c43f7f5c8b67ae24…)

No. 196037

There's nothing more cringe than seeing some white weeb labeling all her pictures with amwf, or using that tag in her youtube videos.

Cringy fucks like this are why interracial relationships in general are often still looked down on unfortunately.

No. 196038

File: 1498070536958.jpg (290.14 KB, 1300x812, IMG_3195.JPG)

imagine being this delusional

No. 196039

Thank God I'm smart enough to date within my own race lol

No. 196040

Their Fu Manchu revenge fantasies are hilarious.

Imagine being some ordinary Eurasian guy and finding out that Asian "American" "men" hate you for no other reason than the fact your dad is white.

No. 196041

Funny thing is there are entire communities of kids born of relationships between white men and asian females in Macau and Singapore, and they're fine.

No. 196042

this subreddit is just a bunch of bitter asian dudes who can't get white pussy?

No. 196043

It depends, they have something of a two-track narrative.

One the one hand they seem to believe Asian men are discriminated against in dating.

On the other hand they adopt a triumphalist tone sometimes and claim that all white women want asian men, citing a couple of Koreaboo vloggers as "proof" or whatever.

In general I find that the Asian ethnic grievance subreddits are more or less just thinly veiled ethnic nationalism. They just use the language of SJWism to cloak that ethnic nationalism in an acceptable attire, e.g.

>"We don't want China to take over the whole South China Sea because we're overseas Chinese nationalists, we just want it for the sake of the Asian American male struggle against white patriarchy!"

I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them hanged around on lolcow itself, given how many lolcows like asian men (telling in of itself).

No. 196044

These two and /r/hapas should combine and become /r/iwantsomewhitepussy
Whenever a Eurasian with a white mom says their parents are abusive or dysfunctional they get shut down and accused of being a troll.

No. 196045

>Whenever a Eurasian with a white mom says their parents are abusive or dysfunctional they get shut down and accused of being a troll.

lmao, are you serious?

Do they just believe AMWF relationships are incapable of dysfunction? What about stuff like this:


>I was doing something to educate Americans! My American wife was always criticizing China, accusing our Party of lying. In such a situation, could I not hit her? […]

>Everyday accusing Beijing, saying that AQI is lying. She was lucky I could bear it, in America I would have shot her with a gun!

Imagine if some American guy beat the shit out of his asian wife for claiming she "insulted Trump" or something like that.

No. 196046

File: 1498073077271.png (45.51 KB, 143x170, flavia_natsuo.png)

Interesting you should mention that. The only confirmed Eurasian on /r/hapas was Flavia, a female who used to post on /r9k/ and ran an /r9k/ skype group explicitly for KHVs. She was so crazy and autistic that if anyone used to get a girlfriend in that group, she'd ban them and then message them personally with a bunch of abusive shit, threatening to dox them.

Her mother is a Brazilian gold digger and her father is a rich Japanese-Brazilian. She's 29, is a NEET and has never had a job and screams at her mother when she doesn't cut her fruit properly, apparently.

So much for that AMWF superiority….

No. 196047

Look at the nobodies they mentioned for AMWF daughters. And Keanu Reeves is definitely not AMWF just because his great great grandmother was 25% Chinese.

Hey, where's Lindsay Souvannarath (the kiwi farms user who tried to shoot up a mall) and Andrew Cunanan (the guy who murdered Versace)? These are some famous AMWF hapas!

No. 196048

>And Keanu Reeves is definitely not AMWF just because his great great grandmother was 25% Chinese.

Bear in mind these are people who consider it a victory for asian men that Emma Watson dated a WMAF Eurasian.

There's absolutely no consistency to what they say. Just a constant stream of doublethink.

No. 196049

Yeah, I don't think saying a term doesn't exist within a community is raging or anything. You entitled as the dudes talked about itt? Don't anyone dare oppose things atashi wa agrees with desu!!


No. 196050

Like your male counterpart, you just couldn't see glaringly obvious defects.

No. 196051

I think it's more they're stupid enough to think that males have the same attraction rates as females. It's just natural for women of any race to do better than the men. Of course Asian females get men easier, the males are generally not that desirable I mean it's just a fact, they're generally shorter. I said that Asian males aren't considered as that attractive in r/hapas and got death threats and a ban lols. It's almost like they're… Asian males!

God not her, she was annoying. She's damn ugly as well. But used nicely angled photos in her Skype.

Some of them also think white dudes that date Asian women are pedos because Asian women look young, it's actually hilarious the things they come up with.

No. 196052

I'm confused. Is this satire?

What's wrong with dating an Asian dude? I'm a white woman with an American-Chinese boyfriend and it's literally never been a topic of serious discussion outside of the few times he's been called a chink by a stranger.

sage because no1curr but I can't tell if this is next level retardation or just a joke.(derailing, blogposty)

No. 196053

She was obviously exaggerating. Don't make this thread about you.(sage this)

No. 196054

I posted four sentences and saged. Don't be a cunt.

No. 196055

Read the rules lmao.

No. 196056

I did. I asked an honest question and saged OT discussion, unlike >>196053 . fucking kek.

No. 196057

Are you that insecure? No wonder he got you.

No. 196058

Don't downplay what you did you wrote a blog post drawing attention to yourself when it was not necessary and the question itself was fine on its own. So insecure.(derailing)

No. 196059

I surprisingly enough saw a post on /r9k/ that summed these people up pretty well:

>What they're really mad about, ultimately, is that they can't leverage their status and money here to the same extent they can in China. Chinese girls really will prioritize money over all else, but western girls for better or worse, actually require you to be physically or at least emotionally attractive alongside other traits.

>That's why they seem so entitled. Their own societies are literally 'pass exams and get a wife'. And it makes them annoyed they have to learn trifling things like social skills to actually get the same here.

No. 196060

its more than that though. they think that white people have "tricked" the world into thinking that white men are more attractive than asian men. have they ever just considered that some races are just more objectively attractive than others?

No. 196061

>God not her

lol, you're aware of her anon?

I lurked for a month on their Skype group chat and got booted when I mentioned a guy from class may have been into me.

The whole chat was full of angry indian and east asian men, was odd.

>"tricked" the world into thinking that white men are more attractive

But they think exactly the same way about white women as asian women do about white men.

No. 196062

>But they think exactly the same way about white women as asian women do about white men.

Exactly. They are angry asian men because deep down inside they have an inferiority complex. Its like how narcissists think they are better than other people but actually they feel inferior and act "superior" to help their ego.

No. 196063

File: 1498118980663.jpg (23.07 KB, 630x420, 144481151_crop_north.jpg)

I was hoping to dig up that post on there where they were celebrating the rising death rates of poor White Americans, but after the eye of /pol/ turned on them, they deleted a lot of the more provocative stuff.

Another funny thing about /r/asianmasculinity is that in spite of their ridicule of hapas, I'd imagine the average white girl probably finds the average hapa far more attractive than the average asian man.

I mean realtalk for a second, stuff like Korean male beauty standards are completely alien from what most white people find attractive. Even most normal guys find the uniformity among Korean women caused by their plastic surgery industry fucking weird.

No. 196064

They're like ugly fat feminists or dudes that complain about pointy elbows: they're damn ugly and gross but their standards are through the roof for no good reason(make themselves feel better?) And then when shocker, attractive people aren't into ugly people, they get damn salty. Entitlement or is it delusion?

If you wouldn't date someone who cares about what they're doing and who they're dating? They're bitching about people they wouldn't date and saying it's wrong for them to date that but they wouldn't also date them… like okaaaaay.

Yes! She was pretty popular on r9k, I haven't been there in years; sad that she's still there. I'll see if I can get my screenshots of her I don't think I have anything interesting though. My computers busted so I can't get the original pics but could take photos.

No. 196065

File: 1498122065486.png (1.93 MB, 1440x1562, tmp_12468-Screenshot_2017-06-2…)

this, more or less

I mean, you can't 100% blame them for thinking that. Beauty standards revolve around whites in the west and it fucks with a lot of the non-white citizens. Asians, for ex., are usually seen as "cute," instead of beautiful or masculine bc of it (pic related). They also have to put up with that "all [non-white race]s look alike," meme, big time…

like, it's awful of these guys to feel like white grills are obligated to fuck them, but white people aren't "objectively more attractive…" they're just seen as the standard here because they're the majority.

saged 4 borderline sperging and no contribution :/

No. 196066

>> https://www.reddit.com/r/CaucasianChinese

this subreddit is pure gold. I'm laughing my ass off. Thanks for sharing.

No. 196067

Their variant of "Uncle Tom" is "Uncle Tim". It cracks me up.

No. 196068

Yeah I got nothing, just boring random pictures of her. She was sort of mentioned regularly but didn't tripfag back then not sure if that's changed.

No. 196069

I'm curious about the pictures, post em.

Oh, and Flavia thinks she's fully Japanese and would be accepted in Japan, incidentally.

No. 196070

File: 1498124804904.jpg (481.15 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1273.JPG)

oh man, these dudes constantly show up on /r/drama (mostly cause one person is obsessed with them but i digress)

but anyway, they don't just hate white guys who get asian women. ANYONE who isn't an asian man who gets an asian woman rustles their jimmies to high hell. here they are complaining about african immigrants in china getting chinese women


No. 196071

They're so fucking hypocritical. Asian Americans vote Democrat at huge rates, will be the first to accuse White Americans of anti-Black racism - especially on subreddits like that - but god forbid anyone hold them to the same standards.

You've got to ask yourself how many Chinese and Korean Americans would be comfortable with their ancestral homes being as "diverse" as western ones have become. My bet is very few of them, even among those who vote Dem.

I can accept people I disagree with provided they maintain consistency, but hypocritical and duplicitous people like these are just scum.

No. 196072

File: 1498127973750.png (98.59 KB, 750x536, IMG_1007.PNG)

Just selfies: seriously boring stuff.

She looks full on Asian and not mixed at all she probably could fit in.

No. 196073

Me thinks it was one of them, they like Audrey Sama: >>329956

No. 196074

That's not her fam.

This is her:

You'd have thought that staying here long enough would have made them realize that the sorts of white women who like asian men are crazy-ass bitches, eh? It's no surprise half of /snow/ and /pt/'s catalogs are full of girls who are "into asian guys" but on average asian men are considered unattractive.

No. 196075

Note, that girl is actually better looking than IRL flavia.

No. 196076

shark_life and his autistic family? i love them

No. 196077

Those pics were taken from her gang of betas years ago perhaps it's not her? Maybe she's aged into that haggard first pic? Anymore recent pics of her?

No. 196078

Nope, the picture posted in >>196046 is assuredly Flavia. Those are the only ones that ever leaked.

No. 196079

It's funny because there was a period when /r/asianmasculinity & the rest of the butthurt brigade were considering courting Black Nationalism. There were even a few threads along the lines of "more asian girls should date black guys!", then they got hit by reality.

No. 196080

Had a google and you're right. But, I wasn't kidding about her orbits posting those.

Found another pic using Google fu https://4archive.org/board/r9k/thread/29198018

No. 196081

File: 1498133301030.png (157.98 KB, 829x903, IMG_1013.PNG)

Found this pic of Flavia and laughed, and laughed even harder at the am in the thread getting triggered

No. 196082

Sachie has always seemed cool. She managed to navigate the Canadian con scene without getting involved in any dramu.

And yeah, a lot of the moronic orbiting groups on /r9k/ will post chaff to distract other anons from discovering anything about the object of their affection. I can't remember her name but there was some underage girl with a whole cadre of orbiters who would even fake death certificates and pretend she'd died to protect this girl from /r9k/.

No. 196083

Here's a handy guide for spotting /r/am and /r/aznidentity posters on other sites:

>Will claim that the only Asian girls who date White men are Southeast Asians

>Will make bombastic claims about the number of White women who date Asian men (e.g. "10,000,000 Russian women are dating Chinese men")
>Will draw a distinction between Eurasian children of Asian fathers vs children of White fathers in any post where the topic is brought up (nobody else actually cares enough to make this distinction in the first place)
>Will pop up in any thread where a white pornstar who has done JAV with asian men is posted, posting the scene she did with an asian guy. I recall the poster who does this started back in 2009 /jp/, to give you an idea of how pathetic these people are
>Will start threads about random weebs purporting to be an OP who is "in love" with "such a beautiful girl". About twenty minutes later, /r/am shitposter will appear to spam the pictures of her with her asian boyfriend
>Will make absurd comments, e.g "So-and-so is dating an asian man, like all beautiful white girls do"

I can't think of any others, but it's useful to keep an eye out for these losers all the same since they lurk here too.

No. 196084

Oh, and one of these /r/am losers is obsessed with Sachie, oddly enough. He'll switch between posting stuff about how she's a slut and how he's in love with her. He's massively butthurt she prefers white men.

No. 196085

It's no shock, people with good relationships with their fathers tend to prefer dudes that look like em in her case white dudes.

No. 196086

File: 1498135945585.jpg (232.87 KB, 900x1515, 011492c6f8c3aa414333822d09d2e0…)


No. 196087

File: 1498136318143.png (485.21 KB, 1421x1890, IMG_1271.PNG)

i know this is more for /r/aznidentiy and what not, but /u/eurasiantiger, who frequents all of these subs is absolutely insane

for example, he once went up to a WMAF couple and started yelling at them because he's absolutely insane

yes, lol. he's absolutely obsessed with these subreddit because he was relocated to china and for some reason refuses to find a new job so that he can idk LEAVE china lol

No. 196088

I love the way CCJ piss them off so much when they spend at least half of their time making fun of their fellow expats as they do actual chinks.

No. 196089

Reminds me of that really ugly "white" guy and some okay looking Asian getting yelled at on the train I think it was by an angry Asian dude that got sympathy on I think popular reddits? But was glorified on r/hapas and the like. I can't for the life of me find it though.

No. 196090

File: 1498136903809.png (607.42 KB, 1401x1757, IMG_1272.PNG)

No. 196091

File: 1498136917473.png (237.32 KB, 425x515, dogface.png)

No. 196092

Yeah him! Thanks!

No. 196093

What a keyboard warrior lmao.

No. 196094

Honestly speaking, this stuff really puts me off asian men in general because now that I cast my mind back I can remember instances where they'd use this sort of rhetoric on me, about how it was unfair that white men dated asian women, that it's good women like me exist who can make them feel better as a result (they assume any girl into anime likes them).

No. 196095

I can't stop laughing.

No. 196096

shark_life is the typical western expat in a professional job (think Singapore, Shanghai or Hong Kong).

6 months of loving the novelty of the place, several years of hating it with a melting-hot loathing. That's why I can't understand for the life of me girls who actually want to go to these places to live. Like, do you have any idea of what a miserable place Korea is if you're a white collar professional?

No. 196097

this is honestly the minority of asian dudes. because not only are they ugly they have qualities that are just so undesirable (aka being insane or so shitty that even by asian standards) they can't get an asian girlfriend – or any girlfriend for that matter, eurasiantiger is absolutely obsessed with black women for some insane reason – and so theubblakrnitbon outside sources (in this case asian women) and not themselves for being just shitty people

that beig said, you guys play nice in this thread so that we can get the incels thread back because the sub is absolutely nothing but milk these days

No. 196098

Tbqh I never see any other asian men calling them out, just saying the same things but with coded language instead.

>they can't get an asian girlfriend

It seems like they prefer white women to their own women though.

No. 196099

File: 1498141010557.png (235.13 KB, 1242x843, IMG_4547.PNG)

no they want asian women, but hate when an asian woman gets with a non-asian man because that's the reason that they're unstable. they hate any type of interracial relationship that involves an AW. i bet youbif you get down to it they only think that east asian women should be with east asian men and sea women with sea men

anyway did you guys know that eurasian_tiger is allegedly married

No. 196100

Don't they have any shame? If I were an Asian men, I wouldn't want to get with a white girl who's only into Asian guys because she's obsessed with anime. I'd be creeped out.

No. 196101

>Japanese women are world famous for not fucking their white loser husbands

That's Asian marital partners in general. /r/deadbedrooms has tons of white men and women couples on there complaining about their asian OHs. Dead bedrooms are just common and normal in asian culture. Marital partners aren't meant to have sex to enjoy themselves.

They take what they can get, it's not as if normal white women like them.

No. 196102

Is r/Hapas wrong when they say that many Half Asian men look Asian and will be treated as Asian by whites?

No. 196103

>look Asian
They are asian. You can only be white with two white parents. Their real problem is that they wish they were white and have an inferiority complex about it. They need to accept that there is nothing wrong with being asian and move on.

No. 196104

Hapa whining about being mixed lol

No. 196105

Even hapa girls are joining in on being lolcow whiners smh

No. 196106

They are Eurasians

It's true they aren't real whites. But try telling me Macanese people aren't different to actual chinks.

No. 196107

But Hapas live in the west not Chinkland, so obviously white perception matters more

No. 196108


This Hapa writes for Vice Magazine


>As a biracial Asian-American growing up in Ohio, I felt that because of my Asian features, there was something inherently unattractive about me. One of my most vivid childhood memories was sitting in my dad's car after he took me to ice cream because I was upset about being called a "chink" the week before, crying as I told him that "no girl would ever like me because I'm Asian."

No. 196109

What was the point of this?

Were the two fat gooks supposed to be in the right rambling about "basic white bitches"?

Why is it that whenever chinks do anything in the arts it always revolves around them being chinks? Muh Asian American literature, poetry, film, theater etc is just one giant whingefest.

You'd think these people would eventually get bored of it.

No. 196110

Well it doesnt change what I say. They are not white. You can only be white with 2 white parents. Their real problem is that they wish they were white and blame all their life problems on not being white. They need to get over it and move on. Someone needs to tell Eurasiantiger that you can be a successful, happy and healthy asian.

No. 196111

>Growing up with an Asian mother and a white father, Tony Craig explained that the perception of Asian maleness in his community was one of "complete [inferiority]." "[Asian] masculinity wasn't acknowledged," he said. "It was stripped away"


No. 196112


Sup /r/asianmasculinity.

But chinks aren't going to accept them either. In fact they're even more anal about being exclusionary and ethnocentric than whites are.

They need to find and hang around with other Eurasians primarily. The ones in Singapore and Macau and Hong Kong do this just fine.

No. 196113

Get a load of this Hapa Maoist lolcow

Video Gamer
Revolutionary Atheist
Principiante en español

No. 196114

No. 196115

No. 196116

Too funny?

No. 196117

Because you're obviously from one of the aforementioned subreddits trying to push a narrative about WMAF hapas as mentioned here:

>Will draw a distinction between Eurasian children of Asian fathers vs children of White fathers in any post where the topic is brought up (nobody else actually cares enough to make this distinction in the first place)

Back to shilling for China in the South China Sea on Reddit faggot.

No. 196118

Sup Brazilian /pol/ guy

No. 196119

Looks like you are a /pol/ raider using the exact same wording here that you used on your /pol/ campaign


No. 196120

Let me ask you straight. If full Asian men are total shit, which you seem to believe, why would half Asian men who look Asian not have the problems r/Hapas claims they do?

No. 196121

>Eurasian sons of white dads who look Asian, identify as Asian and don't like WMAF

Anyone who draws a distinction between the men and women involved in an Asian/White interracial relationship has an axe to grind.

In this case the insinuation being that it's ok for Asian men to date and have sex with White women, but White men having sex with Asian women is bad. The fact is there's no reason to assume that the identity issues that apply to one group don't apply to the other also. It's not as if Eurasian children born of Asian men somehow look definably whiter/more asian.

Why don't you come out and say it explicitly like you do on 4chan anyway?

>exact same wording
>completely broken huehue English compared to fluent English

I thought Asians were supposed to be smart


I liked you better when you were making these sorts of sad posts.


Living your life vicariously through other asian men is just weird. I've never heard a white guy actually express any pride in the fact that East Asian women find someone like Ryan Gosling attractive.

No. 196122

So if we say full Asians are shit, and half Asians both AMWF and WMAF are also shit would that be a fair assesment?

No. 196123

The only problems the users on r/hapas have are their inferiority complex and wishing they are white.

No. 196124

I think it depends on the individual circumstance, as far as I know mixed race children of all types have more mental health issues than their full-blooded counterparts (mulattoes as compared to full-blooded blacks, eurasians as compared to whites etc).

I see no reason why there would be a big discrepency depending upon the race of the father. Especially if he's some lunatic from /r/asianmasculinity who fantasizes about fu manchu revenge fantasies on "the west".

No. 196125

So your only objection is the claim that Hapas with Asian dads are OK?

If we just say that Asian genetics are fucked up, and that Half Asians of any type that inherit those shitty chink traits are fucked, then you'd agree?

No. 196126

>your only objection is the claim that Hapas with Asian dads are OK?

Nope. Drawing that distinction in the first place is just a dead giveaway that you don't have good faith intentions and are trying to push an angle.

>If we just say that Asian genetics are fucked up

Stop putting words in my mouth you idiot.

This thread is to laugh at the various asian grievance subreddits and their milk. Make a thread about hapas if they piss you off so much. Or go back to /pol/ and make your five thousandth AMWF thread.

No. 196127

You stated that r/Hapas is pushing a false Hapa narrative. But then when I posted confirmed Hapa lolcows supporting their lulzy narrative you wanted those posts deleted. I just want to know what you consider true and false about Hapas.

No. 196128

You were the one who repeatedly brought up Hapas 1st

No. 196129

>If we just say that Asian genetics are fucked up

your angry asian man beta is showing. shoo shoo back to r/am

not the person you are replying to but i dont think r/hapas is necessarily pushing a false narrative. i just think they are disgusting with their feelings of entitlement to white women.

No. 196130

No I didn't. There are multiple people in this thread AMWF-anon.

A few articles and anecdotes doesn't somehow turn an entire population group into monsters, regardless of their background.

No. 196131

r/Hapas doesn't want white or Asian women. They are beyond dating. They are voluntary celibates who have sacrificed everything for oedpial revenge on the world that birthed them

No. 196132

>They need to find and hang around with other Eurasians primarily. The ones in Singapore and Macau and Hong Kong do this just fine.

mixed race >>> pure bloods any day anyway

No. 196133

boo hoo. you are asian. get over it. i suggest you move to an asian country and realise that there is nothing wrong with being asian and you can live a normal life if you stop fantasising about what life would be like as a white.

No. 196134


Again. Like the other anon said. Why are you drawing a distinction between the race of their mother/father if you aren't a troll?

No. 196135

Regardless of whether or not I personally am a weeb with no self respect, I'd imagine there's plenty of people who think like that. The question still stands: why don't they date weebs?

No. 196136

I don't think there are actually that many weebs who are that neck deep into this mental disorder to put up with that. There are a few certainly. But not that many to satisfy the desires of every khv Asian male.

No. 196137

This guy pops up everywhere. Holy shit.

No. 196138

File: 1498152182882.jpg (247.36 KB, 1421x901, et.jpg)

There's a thread about EurasianTiger on 8chan's cow board. Most of his "art" is posted there. He used the name redpillcomics and blackpillcomics.

No. 196139

I'd love to have reddit admin powers to look into ETs IP range and any other accounts operating under it. Likewise for the most prolific asianmasc posters.

No. 196140

Not that they have a lot of options, but I'd be weirded out if people were only attracted to my race because of cartoons.

No. 196141

Looking at almost any back and forth on his awful subreddit it's easy to become suspicious that it's just socks talking to each other. They often feel like the same person but that also tends to happen in a cult of personality anyway as other members ape the leader's style. The number of active users and upvotes is extremely small compared to the views and alleged notoriety of the place. Also he and others do tend to slip up quite frequently.

It's seems insane but he and the others are unemployed and fabricating various facts about their personal lives. They would have all day and night to construct a large web of bullshit.

No. 196142

Asian dudes generally lust after the Asian girls who try to be white as well… so yeah. And quite frankly there are way more short, feminine am than there are average and alpha it's just the nature of being Asian.

And what's worse; Asians generally have some sort of network to get you a wife or gf; sure might be a green card thing but that's only cool if you're a white girl wanting to be a model or walking wallet, since they reject it I suppose white dudes are supposed to be as picky, just like them.

No. 196143

They're larping as hapas and don't want to be Asian. That's their own personal problem.

Good on them for cucking themselves to promote the already more desirable portion of their group that didn't even need help!

Those am arre cucklords! And of course one of them love spamming it on pol as well.

No. 196255

It's not this simple. Most of the time, they aren't just fans of anime, they also have romanticized views of Japanese culture because anime and like the language and J-music too. And since Japanese men speak Japanese and live in glorious nippon… you can imagine the rest. Sometimes this translates to liking all East Asian people and things because Japan = Asia.

>Why aren't they dating yellow fever weebs?
Some are if you lurk long enough but I have the impression that many of them believe way too much in the "no women ever like Asian men" meme to even attempt to improve themselves and actually go out to meet people, including yellow fever weebs. Asian American posters who sound self-confident and don't see their race as a big disadvantage in dating sometimes get downvoted because they don't fit the narrative.

No. 196306

>being swayed by shitposts on the internet

No. 196487

>P… Please keep liking Asian men!
>It's social justice to like them!


No. 196512

What I want to know is why so many of these weeb chicks with rando east asian bfs tag everything with "AMWF", what point are they trying to make?

No. 196527

I guess it makes them feel better about dating a feminine man?

Or maybe they just need to show off their tolerence purse.

No. 196534

Because they're weebs and are trying to show off to other weebs that they have Asian boyfriends, duh.

No. 196535

This creep is a cringe goldmine. A huge chunk of his comments are from obsessive r/hapa types, or girls who see him as some lost soul Elliot Rodger future mass murderer.
>almost 30 and lives with parents and works at gass station
>sexpat obsessed with Japanese women because animu
>people give him advice all the time, never takes it
>openly admitted he fapped in another guys bedroom he was a guest in every day while said guy was in the bathroom
>sperg tier rambles

No. 196560

good god hearing him talk is unbelievable, hes so creepy

No. 196567

Is he a hapa? He's honestly better looking than 99 percent of the Asian guys I see on a daily basis.

Wait. Why are we talking about hapas again anyway? Isn't this thread about asianmasculinity?

No. 196568

Yeah but I don't see white weeaboo guys tagging their stuff with WMAF.

No. 196570

Found this comment on one of Roaming Millennials' videos, it is a short but good analyze.

>lol, i wouldn't bother looking for a serious answer from him. He's one of these Asian guys that you find trolling on the comment section on any video that's related to White and Asian dating. A few of them are here right now.

>They're part of the bitter Asian man archetype that has become all too prevalent today. Racist, insecure and self-hating.

>They all suffer from a massive inferiority complex, which leads to them fetishizing White women while demonizing and hating White men.

>Ironically these are the same people that will decry 'white worship' while creeping on White women at every given opportunity.

>Their whole ideology is centered around the idea that Asian men should be applauded for dating interacially, while Asian women on the other hand, should be vilified and shamed into staying racially loyal. This how egotistical they are.

>In hopes of achieving this they push the idea that relationships between Asian men and non-Asian women are healthy and natural, while the relationships between Asian women and non-Asian men are toxic and disingenuous.

>They also take it a step further by attacking the children of Asian women and non-Asian men, pushing the notion that these children are flawed, and in a way, are reflective of their parents relationship.

>Of course, all of this is backed up with empirical evidence and psuedoscience, never any hard facts.

>This is about as best as i can sum them and their mentality up. Hands down the most toxic people i've ever run into,

>for some reason you always find them on the fringes of alt-right communities also, looking to chime in or just outright troll.

If you didn't know, Roaming Millennial is an AMWF youtube who posts a lot of right-wing material.

She has also described herself as "pro-white" at one point, in the sense that she doesn't belief white people or 'whiteness' should be vilified.

She also keeps her social life private, but rumor is her boyfriend is a white Canadian man.

All this drives the /r/hapa crowd insane, a lot of them have this weird idea that their AMWF children will grow up white-hating, and in a way, will be the Asian man's way of getting revenge.

So you can imagine how lulzy it is when one of their precious AMWF daughters grows up to date white men and espouse "pro-white" views.

Roaming Millennial is one the view people i have seen that really tilts them over the edge. To the point that i've seen several of their users talk about how they need to band together and get her taken off youtube and censored.

No. 196574

>Yeah but I don't see white weeaboo guys tagging their stuff with WMAF.

I've always wondered about this, White women and Asian men are the only racially grouping i have seen that have essentially reduced their relationship to an acronym (AMWF)

How come you never see Black men and Latina females describe themselves as BMLF? or White men and Black females describing themselves as WMBF?

I swear White women and Asian men are also the only group that put race at the forefront of their relationship.

Seriously, every video or article title.

It's always some variation of "My Korean boyfriend does this" or "My life as a White woman dating a Japanese man"

I mean, could you be more obvious and superficial?

No. 196575

Thats a really good write up.

Asian men are picky as hell. They lust after the more attractive Asian girls and then ignore the uglier ones, but then also give them shit for dating elsewhere. They just want to bitch and moan. Bitching is sooooo masculine amirite?

And the funniest thing I think is how they use like one or two of the same hapas over and over again to push their agenda that WMAF is baahhd: Elliot and Mayli.

No. 196576

Its better than "life as a gold digger dating a walking wallet".

No. 196578

I find it strange that no one in the history of r/hapas has posted Lilypichu and HotshotGG, they tend to hate on literally anyone.

No. 196584

They aren't normal white women. It's not fair to attribute that to white women as a whole when all statistics show that white women in general don't find asian men that attractive. If your average college girl stumbled across someone like VenusAngelic she'd laugh her head off and wonder if she was for real. lolcow and the internet just amplifies the noise these people create and make them seem more numerous than they are.

That's why from glancing at a few twitter hashtags you'd think K-Pop were the dominant form of music among young Americans, when in reality every attempt it has made to penetrate western markets has ended in complete commercial failure.

I think the reason they tag their videos and other content like that is because you're dealing with a particular sub-set of white women who aren't normal.

I draw flak for saying this and invite a storm of protest and anecdotes but most white women who are into asian men just aren't normal. It's as simple as that.

No. 196585

HotshotGG always seemed like a nice (if slightly dopey) guy.

I'd be surprised if anyone could bring themselves to hate someone so completely…. inoffensive as him.

No. 196586

>All this drives the /r/hapa crowd insane, a lot of them have this weird idea that their AMWF children will grow up white-hating, and in a way, will be the Asian man's way of getting revenge.

Funny. JubileeWhispers is a somewhat well known ASMR YouTuber. She's the daughter of an asian man and a white woman and just got married to her white boyfriend.

Alexa Chung (a model) also comes to mind: Asian dad, yet she exclusively dates White men as far as I can tell.

Seems like this whole strategy of having daughters with a white woman doesn't actually work. It's almost as if the only non-asian women who are into asian men are those who consumed lowest common denominator asian pop culture their entire life (k-poop, shitty anime etc).

No. 196587

The Mayli one has always been funny to me since there's actually an "AMWF" girl on that same porn site, lol. /r9k/ or /b/ dug her up years ago as some 4chan anon went to school with her, her porn name (and real name) are Sasha something. Can't remember what.

No. 196588

Their target market is the same subreddits being discussed ITT. If you watch these videos every top comment is something to do with "strong asian men who dont NEED no asian woman!" or just hating on white dudes.

I've told these white women a million times they need to stop enabling these really toxic, racist asian men but they just don't listen. Some have even bought into the idea asians are oppressed in the west because not enough pretty blonde girls date them.

No. 196589


This thread contains the full spectrum of /r/asianmasc mental disorders

>The whole premise of the thread is getting mad at white women who dated asian men for a bit but then settled down with white guys (they call them "white bananarangs")

>This is a useful thread because any pretense of being actual hapas is gone, they drop the LARP act entirely and their sockpuppets basically behave as their /r/am mains do, waging righteous racial justice for the sake of the downtrodden asian american man
>Note the "whitefemalethrowaway" account, claiming that white women don't actually marry white men because they want to, because asian men are their first choice but Asian mothers-in-law don't want them: Yes, I'm sure this is a real white woman posting from that account

Although they flail around for reasons as to why these girls dropped their asian boyfriends, to a normal person the reason is obvious. Basically a case of: girl who used to be an anime sperg (note all the cosplayer girls) but grew up and settled down with someone for reasons other than "my favorite cartoons come from his country".

Also take note of the effort this guy must have invested to dig all these up from 2007 and 2016. Goes to show just how pathological these people are.

No. 196590

I thought alexa chung was only like 1/8 asian or something like that?

No. 196591

I guess you are right, I double-checked.

Still, I think Eurasians of any variety, regardless of parentage, seem to marry with whites are really high rates.

No. 196598

lol it's pretty obvious most of those white girls are reformed weeaboos but /r/hapas users always manage to twist every single thing into "it's totally the Asian mother's fault". The repetitiveness of their posts is one of the reasons I stopped reading their sub for the lulz. They never get tired of regurgitating the same damn thing each day.

No. 196604

In my experience they'll defend anything asian, even bad asian parenting. So their expectation will be for the white girlfriend to just put up with his mother's shit, lord knows how spineless asian guys are when it comes to their parents, even when they blatantly cross the line of civilized and decent behavior to people.

No. 196667

No. 196729

File: 1498694081200.jpg (131.31 KB, 670x1193, hapa.jpg)

No. 196755

Nigga why do you keep trying to make this thread about EurasianWriter or /r/hapas?

We're talking about asian men who are obsessed with white women while hating white men. Why the constant attempts at thread derailment to talk about hapas? I don't get it, unless you're purposefully trying to shift attention away from cringey asian men.

No. 196767

Ummmm that was my first post in this thread, not sure who tf you're talking about

No. 196771

Sure thing buddy.

>thread about asian dudes


No. 196774

It's almost as if hapas are also asian dudes obsessed with white women

No. 196783

In that they're /r/am LARPers? Yeah.

No. 196836

>is just joke!
>prease date me white girr!

No. 196841

Because r/hapas ARE Asian men LARPing.

No. 197135

File: 1499086398469.jpg (302.54 KB, 1233x858, kylo ren.jpg)

To me the all these subreddits are very similar except that ET is a particularly special kind of crazy.

No. 197137

The most fetishized men and women are all white.

Asians just have this tendency to project their white fever onto whites.

No. 197152

Even his own users call him out for posting overly crazy shit lol.

No. 197204

He's not wrong though. Every white person with yellow fever are bottom of the barrel.

No. 197210

They're similar because the "Eurasian" ones are run by LARPers.

No. 197234

As someone who is full Asian but raised by in a highly dysfunctional white father and asian mother I think they're all pussies for blaming everything on their parents. They want to be seen as men yet don't want to man up and responsibility for their own lives.

No. 197236

Agreed don't understand the Asian thing. Maybe just white people fetishizing Asians but literally every race on earth fetishizes whites. Maybe it's because of Hollywood, but they are pedestalised to hell.

Yeah, they have some mental defect if not visual. The yellow fever girls I know have broken homes, I know a creepy white girl that loves Asian girls. But no one calls her out on it. She doesn't have girl friends(lol).

No. 197265

The broken homes thing makes sense, no decent (white) father figure to act as a reference point

No. 197400

I know this is wrong but they have a wholenother country behind them. Literal learn your parents language and they have a billion other people to hang with.I have no sympathy.
I do have sympathy for the unsoliciated beatings and for white guys cucking them due to preceived wealth. Although that might not be a thing anymore.

No. 197401

They see asians as babies. They cam do what they want and the asian shouldnt have feelings. Little do they know that at this point in history the asian dude will just cheat on you once they get tired.

No. 197444

How exactly are white people "fetishized"?

Having a preference for != fetishizing

No. 197463

I use to feel bad for a lot of Asian men but then I realized most of them bring it on themselves. Plus, most non-white races of men will screw their race of women over in a heartbeat no matter how loyal they are. If Asian women weren't so popular and Asian men were, you better believe they would drag Asian women through the dirt. I'm not white so i know what it's like for people to disregard you for your race for love and dating because of your race but at the same time Asian men will reject non-white/non-pale skin Asian women more than a white man would, so they really don't deserve much sympathy.

No. 197465

Well ya gotta really think about it when almost every non-white race preference is white. In almost every country having a white husband or wife is something to be proud of and people will put up with all kinds of horrible bullshit from their partner just because they want to keep someone white. In China touching a blonde white women is considered good luck. White people are the most fetishized race on the planet, that's an undeniable fact.

No. 197467

>If Asian women weren't so popular and Asian men were
That's exactly the situation with black American men and women, and you can see how their relations are. I also have no doubt that Asian men would talk shit about Asian women the same way black men do to black women if they were the popular, more desired group. Men are men in the end, no matter their race lol.

Considered good luck? Seriously? lol I assumed they touched white people out of mere curiosity.

No. 197468

Asian men are only pissed off because they can't have an easy access to white genitals the way Asian women can. Most Asian men don't even find Asian women who don't look like white skin kpop idols attractive. They're just mad that someone just as ugly as them can get whites attention but they can't.

No. 197469

Yep it's true
"I am a blonde male born in Hong Kong. People would come into my room just to pet my hair. Walking down the streets of any Asian nation is very uncomfortable for me."

Now if a white person treated other races like zoo animals it would be racist but it'd totally ok to do it to whites

No. 197470

If this were my kid, I'd be creeped out.

No. 197471

I mean, some Asians totally think it's okay to treat white people like zoo animals because most white people don't complain or protest. On travel blogs, there's always at least one post where the blogger talks about willingly taking photos with the locals in China or Japan and letting them touch their hair or hold their kids…

No. 197472

what the fuck … ?

No. 197473

what is wrong with them?

No. 197475

A white person could treat other races like zoo animals in Hong Kong/Asia probably. Asians treat black people like zoo animals too, wanting to pet their afro hair.

I'm pretty sure if a travel bus of Chinese people went to America and stopped to pet one of the local whites, the local would flip their shit and no one would call them racist for it.

No. 197522

When I was four or five and was living in Sydney, my mum was walking with me in the city and a bunch of Chinese tourists came up to us and tried to touch and pat my hair because it was butt-length and white-blonde. I don't remember it but apparently they were pretty insistent

No. 197615

Pretty much this. They claim only white men get real ugly Asians… who cares if they're ugly and you wouldn't date them anyway?? I don't go having a fit about ugly fucks dating other uglies unless I got some beef with them. Bitching and moaning is so masculine!

No. 197626

I mean at that point it was up to you or your mom to throw a fit and tell them to fuck off. Like >>197471 implied, white people just need to be more vocal if they don't want this shit to continue.

No. 197628

I was four 'hey fuck off you creepy chink' wasn't in my vocabulary. No four year old should be expected to protect themselves from strangers. Damn anon your kids seem fucked if you're a parent.

No. 197664

>or your mom

No. 198001

File: 1499782122696.png (211.69 KB, 1853x1170, asian women.png)

They seem to believe the strategy of attacking Asian women while at the same time repeating various SJW/feminist talking points will make them irresistible to white women. Sometimes they will switch it up to black women as their magical saviour. What if any of these idiots ever had a daughter? Would they berate her for being a "xenomorph"? Thank goodness the majority of them won't have children because the thought of kids having to listen to all this garbage is just horrific.

He is called out only very rarely. Why don't they ban him and the others from those boards for making such statements? The answer could be that most/all of the mods and most active users are just sock accounts.

No. 198012

Didn't Asian men create all the cultural norms these people complain about?

>Obsession with money to the point any other trait in a prospective partner is essentially meaningless, to the point of marrying men they literally never have sex with other than to reproduce

>Obsession with rank and status in the male heir defining the family's collective "face", leading to the conjoined fixation on academic striving above and beyond diminishing marginal returns ("no, 6 hours piano practice a day, 5 is too easy!")

etc etc.

No. 198014

Not to mention the beauty standards that whites often fit better than their own race do.

No. 198021

they sure fucking did. men are dumb

No. 198034

There was a brief moment in time when more people were pointing out how hypocritical they were a year or more ago; and they were changing up their tune but seems like they are back to normal.

They made threads in response stating "we aren't like that!" Or "it's justified because wmaf is fucked up!" "Oh but amwf just have more mentally sound people in general!".

They're saying af idolise whites but honestly who are they kidding with that projection?

No. 198069

White people who prefer other white people should form our own country free of weebs, wiggers and foreigners.

I'm honestly getting sick of being dragged into discussions about asiaphilic weirdos.

No. 198092

You sound like a halfwit who doesn't even understand the definition of the word "fetish".

No. 198643

No. 198644

File: 1500208868575.jpg (44.83 KB, 839x108, lolwhat.jpg)

It's amazing how many discussions in this pan-Asian webring (showing my age lol) really boil down to "muh dick".

No. 198646

Asian guys are actually pathetic

No. 198664

Eurasian Housecat's second channel just got taken down by Youtube.

No. 198665

Who would have thought that a country with mostly white people would have a mostly white cast? Dude doesn't bitch and whine about Korean and Japanese movies only having their own.

No. 198666

File: 1500244167581.png (85.63 KB, 924x872, npd.png)

Possibly related to attention from this video from a youtuber called TerryTV
I Got Roasted On Reddit For Being Half White

But he also posted a gore video so that is probably the real reason. Pic is some recent Elliot Rodgers tier narcissism from him.

No. 198679

Johnny-boy is always in a feud with other Eurasians. Before TerryTV it was Joshua Rock. He had to delete that video because most of his own comment section called him out on the fact he just was jealous for Joshua looking whiter than him.

No. 198686

Ever since that TerryTV feud started there has been nobody posting AMWF on 4chan, it's pretty obvious who's behind it and why we haven't seen it. This is also supported by the evidence that the posts seem to happen mostly during China's waking hours.

No. 198692

Anyone ever see that tongue-in-cheek joke some of the /r/asianmasculinity crowd would make about hapas joining ISIS?

It was pretty disgusting, i remember seeing the same thread spammed on 4chan a few times. The OP must have thought he was being witty.

It was a typical thinly veiled hate thread towards WMAF Hapas. In it the OP would prophesize that legions of hapa boys would grow up and eventually join the Islamic state. He even went as far as to insinuate that the future leader of ISIS might be one of these hapas

Anyway, it happened


The only problem is that it's an AMWF hapa that has been arrested for attempting to join, and plotting to "kill a bunch of people"

No. 198711

They always seem to act like stereotypical black guys when they want to act tough, but it's really cringe inducing. People who aren't comfortable in their own skin and are trying desperately to be something else are instantly transparent to even the most stupid of people.

No. 198712

How many Asian men are actually like this IRL? I know people will say it isn't that many, but now that I think back to my interaction with asian guys when I was younger, I can remember a number of occasions where the inner /r/asianmasculinity bitterness started seeping out. One guy getting drunk at a restaurant and pawing at me while saying he "hated white dudes", another guy talking about how "more white women need to date asian guys".

I don't know where the entitlement comes from because I've never heard white guys say stuff like "more black women need to date white guys to even things out".

If white guys are bitter, they tend to be bitter towards some idealized alpha male of their own group, e.g. "Chad", rather than anyone non-white, let alone Asian.

No. 198713

Pretty much all the Asian dudes I know act ghetto. Keep saying bro, keep acting gangsta. Haven't really experienced bitterness, but, I will say their standards are equivalent to an obese woman: standards through the roof though they have nothing to offer. They tend to like "whiter" Asians too, honestly seems like projection on their end saying it's the women that love it, when they just go for something more attainable: a whitewashed Asian.

No. 198715

>"I make Terry look like Seth Rogan"
He looks fat as fuck from his Happy Hapa video, lmao.

No. 198716

Nothing seems to make them madder than happy WMAF kids. Especially if those kids identify as more white than asian (like what do you even expect for white-passing people in white countries anyway? it's a good thing they identify as part of the ingroup rather than as a butthurt minority).

I'm surprised they haven't gone after Kinucakes yet given what a typical art-chad her white boyfriend looks like. These dudes consider anyone half-white/half-asian to fall under their remit, RoamingMillenial was the most recent target of their ire and she's AMWF.

No. 198717

Terry's a good looking guy. He looks like that idealized beauty standard Koreans have in their head, without actually having to get the plastic surgery to achieve it. Of course EW (if he's even Eurasian, we've never had any confirmation that any of what he says is correct) will hate him, especially as he's WMAF.

No. 198720

File: 1500294766535.jpg (195.08 KB, 750x1124, et drew this.jpg)

"Joking" about that shit often gives way to actual celebration and glorification of terrorist attacks. The reality is that entitlement and immense butthurt leads to extremism. The mods of these reddits are responsible for creating that atmosphere, and in fact many of them participate in that kind of posting.

Those people think if you're a white woman you deserve to die, quite literally, if you reject or ignore them. That of course extends to the whole of "the west".

How many of the people complaining about "Chad" are white though? Consider that EurasianTiger is the one who drew ALL the comics like pic related. "Chad" is white. "Stacy" is white. Really makes you think.

These idiots have been spamming their garbage all over the internet for years.

No. 198736


The closest I've ever seen to white guys acting like that are the weirdos that spam 4chan with WMBW porn and raceplay and post cringy shit like "BLEACHED" or "COLONIZED" underneath (the opposite of Blacked I guess).


Nah, "Chad", "Stacy", "roastie", those are all popular terms in incel circles, and r/hapas is nothing more than r/incel for Eurasian manchildren. There are plenty of white people "complaining about Chad".

No. 198743

I know. I don't doubt there are plenty, what I'm asking is how many of them are not white. The reason why is because I think these types of Asian, Indian, etc guys are massively over-represented in those communities. A good example of that is the redpill subreddit (which is essentially an incel community playing pretend) where there are lots of non-white guys complaining they can't get white girlfriends and then going off about what sluts they all are. I think the tendency is to assume anonymous people are white if that's your idea of the default. Everyone assumed redpillcomics and other such content was produced by white guys. Well, no, it turned out it was EurasianTiger and others like him all along.

Over time the amount of shit they are responsible for will be revealed and surprise many people. Bear in mind these types are unemployed and churn out shit every waking hour. It's all they do.

No. 198758

I think they ignore attractive dudes/girls, doesn't fit their narratives y'know?

Him and his crew are the ones spamming cuck porn and ugly wmaf on pol as well.

No. 198806

File: 1500368110845.png (793.46 KB, 1352x1602, 1423930355420.png)

Bettendorf's web of lies is so wide I'm not sure if any of the information we know about him is true. Never seen proof that he's even a hapa. And this marriage he's got supposedly going is to an Asian, yet all he does every day is call them horrible names like "xenomoprhic borgs." I don't buy one second that a woman would tolerate a guy who's essentially full-time NEET sitting in that tiny corner of an apartment room 24/7 and essentially a real life version of one of his own nerd characters.
>Him and his crew are the ones spamming cuck porn and ugly wmaf on pol as well.
Yep, he has a tab up of 4chan's /fit/, /pol/, /int/, /r9k/ at all times, which is F5'd for any possible Asian-related topics. It's like an instant red flag to him whenever an Asian girl pic shows up in the catalogue. Right away he responds with AMWF.

No. 198808

File: 1500369084825.jpg (415.09 KB, 1920x1080, Clipboard01.jpg)

Personally I think the ring is just a "beard". Or if he is married then it's to such an ugly female that he would never dare show her on camera. I mean, you have to understand that this is a guy who is also a hardcore sluthate/lookism buff obsessed with status and power, being an incel or someone who failed with top tier women is the worst kind of insult to him.

No. 198828

Interesting you bring that up, since the PUA scene is full of non-white guys.

One particularly odious snake oil salesman is "JT Tran". Search for him if you haven't already.

No. 198903

RooshV got famous for muh-dickin' European women, despite this r/hapas adamantly claims Returnofthekings etc. are nothing but white men trying to get into the pants of Asian women.

No. 198910

I mean I guess I'm a girl so I can't relate?
But even then the asian blood I do have is from the male side. My grandfather was asian and my dad was half asian. They both married white women. Apparently this is rare.

No. 198932

File: 1500457551628.png (199.24 KB, 768x512, p1.png)

Big news and (finally) proof that Asian men are LARPing/sockpuppeting as hapas/asian women to defame both groups:


Cliff Notes version:

>Supposed "Asian woman" in the deep south writes an article on Medium about being in a relationship with a neo-nazi boyfriend in her youth and being a self-hating, "white worshiping" asian girl.

>Story starts trending alongside the intended narrative of "toxic WMAF" relationships
>Some Asian woman reading the article discovers the Medium author's profile was linked to a Twitter profile of a self-professed "WMAF hapa" (in reality an /r/asianmasculinity guy with a sockpuppet) who talks about wanting to murder white people with poison on his twitter feed
>This exposing of the Medium article goes live on reappropriate.co (some SJW site)
>Immediately the guy's twitter account is cancelled, Medium account is cancelled and he takes down the article
>The reappropriate.co comments section for this expose fills up with angry "anonymous" commenters chastizing Asian girls for not complaining enough about WMAF relationships

So this is the first real proof we have that there is a systematic campaign to denigrate Asian women who are in interracial relationships and their children, while promoting Asian men in relationships with White women.

Asian American men are legitimately fucked in the head.

Glad I never fell for the weeaboo koolaid and thought Asian men were attractive lmao. Imagine dating, let alone marrying one of these fuckups.

No. 198934


I attached an image.

No. 198935

I saw. Apparently House cat is 34 years old

Went through pol archive and laughed at the memes https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/John%20Bettendorf/

No. 198938

I'm not convinced ET is Eurasian.

What interests me more is how they coordinate this psyop (because that is essentially what it is). Is it from IRC rooms? Closed subreddits? Where exactly?

They're obviously doing it from somewhere since it's part of a systematic attempt to denigrate whole groups of people.

Wouldn't surprise me if the Chinese state were involved in some way. China funded radical Asian American student groups back in the 1960s and 1970s according to declassified FBI documents, and there's no reason they're not doing even more elaborate things today, given that they have much more in terms of resources behind them now:


Most Chinese "Americans" are loyal to China first and foremost. Likewise for Taiwanese "Americans".

No. 198944

I'm in Japan right now and I don't get what the big deal is with Asian men.

First impressions: Overwhelming majority of the non-salarymen look more like Hiroyuki from 4chan than idorus. There's the odd good looking guy but the thing is, they are good looking precisely because they deviate so significantly from typical Asian looks in the first place (thinking of that protagonist in thermae romae here who looks more like a Spaniard or something than a Japanese, can't remember his name).

Then you've got the whole host aesthetic. I was in Osaka a week ago and holy shit these men are repugnant in every way. Smoking, bad breath, bad teeth, poor posture, fried hair, aggressive attitude to any woman who looks foreign etc. It disarms my wits completely that there are women who not only find these gremlins attractive, but will go into debt and prostitute themselves to continue seeing them. I guess if you're a Japanese woman it's understandable. But if you're white there is literally zero excuse.

And keep in mind Japanese men are actually better (in terms of looks and personality) than the Korean and Chinese men I've met over the years.

What the hell is wrong with you asiaphiles? How bad was your childhood trauma that you wound up finding men this repulsive attractive? lmao.

No. 198947

Always thought Visual Kei and VAMPS and the like members were ugly. Never understood the aesthetic, but them weebs seem to love them.

No. 198948

Some Chinese girl once told me Eddie Huang would be considered an average looking guy in China, but to me he looks ugly as fuck. Big fat potato head, squinty eyes, plus he has that entitlement problem they all have.

No. 198951

File: 1500472668775.png (13.58 KB, 691x167, gendered racism.png)

Exactly. That's the common thread I've been seeing. All of these different sites and groups are just variations of the same underlying theme: obsession with white women and muh dick.

Completely insane. But remember this is a small number of them with a large number of sock accounts. They are also denigrating Asian men too because this deception is obvious to many people. They have the same reaction as you. I don't blame you for that because what they're doing is disgusting. However we have to place the blame where it belongs: the mods of aznidentity, asianmasculinity, hapas and so on.

But it also makes the Chinese look bad. These so-called "psyops" generally fail. No one apart from insane people or those with a clear agenda support these reddits, their spam and fake articles. You could be onto something but I think the unrelenting NPD and schizophrenia of a few Asian men like EurasianTiger is the real driving force.

>how they coordinate

Very good question.

No. 198953

I think they're meant to be non-threatening. A lot of girls who like asian guys basically like this idea that they're "nicer" than white/hispanic/black/other guys, that they're softer and less interested in sex.

The thing is the average Korean dude is just as if not more sleazy and sex-obsessed as the average white dude.

No. 198954

*average Korean or Japanese dude

No. 198963

One moment he claims he has "just the right genes", the other moment he claims he's genetically fucked up because his father is a nazi aspie and his mother was some insane woman.

No. 198980

I blame anime.

Same reason neckbeards will cream themselves over any east asian woman as long as she isn't disfigured.

No. 198984

Because East Asian media basically exists to market their race as attractive, smart, desirable, brave, witty, sensitive, brilliant etc.

Look, perfect illustrative example: compare a western historical drama (say, Wolf Hall) to pretty much any East Asian (but especially Korean) one. The former exists to tell a story with a protagonist and supporting characters and accurately reflect life in that period to some degree - in both its opulence and grim reality, the latter exist as generic hagiographic character portraits and/or nationalistic fantasies that serve to give the entire nation a big ego-boost when they watch it. This is entertainment manufactured for the sole purposes of collective circle-jerking on a grand scale.

Add on to this the fact hat much of Asian culture is just fake. I don't mean fake iPads you get from Shenzhen here. I mean the actual, traditional culture that you see shoved into your face when you go to see the Kamakura Buddha or generic Guan Yu temple No. 391. For example:

- Kung Fu/Karate and the litany of completely absurd and useless traditional asian martial arts.
- Traditional Chinese Medicine (this admittedly has a few uses, but so did European herbal medicine - and those things that are still useful are still sold on the market, e.g. cod liver oil or St. John's Wart) which is still killing idiots even today.
- Copypasted hip gable roof and pagoda architecture everywhere that looks like it was built a few years ago by a construction company, even in Japan. I mean I actually like some Asian aesthetics, but anyone who thinks Asian architecture isn't as boring as sin is either lying or hasn't been exposed to pretty much anywhere else in the world.
- And I don't even need to go into the money-making exercise that is Zen/Chan Buddhism in the Far East. I mean god damn the fact you have westerners thinking a race of people who are essentially the most hardcore atheistic materialists on the planet are somehow on some deeper spiritual plane to the rest of us is an example of just how deep the propaganda goes.

Makes sense the same principle of fakeness for enhanced "face" is also applied to marketing their men and women to foreigners. Of course, like much in Asia, the grim reality beneath the facade is enough to turn most people off. Just off the top of my head: The fact the Forbidden City is actually boring as fuck, or that Japanese really aren't as polite and friendly as everyone bigs them up to be (unless they're horny men who want to fuck you), or the fact Korean men actually manage to make American frat boys look like gentlemen, or that the society is so competitive it drives people to do battle past the point of diminishing marginal returns until everyone but the cream of the professions are miserable, or the fact that living in a tiny 5x5 apartment isn't actually "cute" and "inspires great use of space" but soul destroying and so on.

Asians only have themselves to blame for this, as early as the Meiji period they wanted these fairytales about their nations to proliferate in the west for the sake of national prestige. And idiotic neo-orientalists in the West are only too happy to kiss the backsides of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans for promises of inclusion in their societies.

No. 198985

Actually just recently think this year or last year a Chinese spy can't remember if it was from mainland china or some other Chinese country was caught : an espionage. Had access to top secret pentagon files.

No. 198986

I think this too. Not only that, but it can be easy access to money, don't need too much to obtain it, being average is fine. Doubt they'd be able to land a rich dude in their home countries. Take Taylor R and Audrey for example, both married rich Asians.

No. 198987

>easy access to money

I don't sympathize with those girls who marry bums and live like bums, but I think this is one of the key differences between us and Asian girls.

Namely, I just couldn't live with a guy I felt barely any attraction to and who was completely culturally alien to me purely for the sake of money.

I value a hard-working partner who has a career, but sometimes it seems like East Asians will sacrifice every other aspect of a relationship to maximize the $$$.

I guess Taylor and Audrey are just that part of our population that are prepared to sacrifice those things for the sake of a lot of money.

No. 198988

Okay, I agree a lot of Japanese guys aren't the best looking (although I never saw one who looked like Hiroyuki when I lived there….) but Asian men having bad personalities? IDK, I love (non-asshole or weird host etc. ) Asian men. I don't have some weird childhood trauma. I simply find most average looking Asian men attractive and more men in Asian countries have personalities that tend to be more playful, cute, and sometimes innocent. Asian men make the ideal "good boys". I've always felt disgusted by "bad boys" or anything representative of machoism since I can remember (large muscles or buff personalities turn me off). I'm sure there must be other anons out there who feel similarly to me so yeah.

Meh, probably depends on the individual's taste. I lived in a couple East Asian countries and all my ex-boyfriends have been from the 3 "main" countries (China, Japan, Korea). I love pretty much everything you mentioned though kek from the Buddhist luck based stuff to the Chinese medicine. Most Japanese men are polite and friendly in my experience, although obviously not generally gentlemen. Korean men tend to have drinking issues, but still tend to be sweeter than American frat boys, and the tiny apartments aren't usually THAT tiny (lived in 3 and been to friends houses). Chinese men are the best, even though they can be filthy, loud, and rude as fuck. I agree society is competitive, but if you are white (or a black guy) things seem a lot more lax from the people I know who work/worked in Japan/China/Korea.

I've been asked out by rich white guys and look pretty similar to Taylor R and Audrey. Some of us just prefer Asian men meh

No. 198989

This is almost certainly that same girl who never shuts up about how much she loves asian (and nigerian) men, kek.

Why do we have women who actively white knight for these guys? It just plays into the hands of the idiotic toxic men being discussed ITT.

No. 198990

Let's be honest she's probably an Asian male sock puppeting.

No. 198991

>Every non-Asian guy is a "bad boy" circa 1980s high-school movie

True /r/asianmasculinity tier logic there. Glad to see you have practically zero experience of real people in the real world beyond retarded (and seemingly dated) stereotypes based off of movies.

>kek from the Buddhist luck based stuff

East Asian Buddhism is an abhorrent "religion" that manages to make the Catholic Church look honest. You do realize monks will do things like give up funerary rites halfway through the ritual if they feel the "name gift" hasn't been sufficient enough, and that most major monasteries in China are just businesses churning out fake martial arts and other fake crap?

The notion East Asia has some obscure and deep spirituality was a fiction invented by self-hating westerners in the 19th century.

>Why do we have women who actively white knight for these guys?

Virtue-signaling. The whole AMWF thing is one giant virtue signal for the women involved in it.

>"See? Asian men are generally undesirable to non-Asian women, but I'm so nice and altruistic that I don't just love them, I love them more than my own race, in fact I love them to the exclusion of my own race! That's how good and moral and kind and caring I am!"

No. 198992

Ok you caught me. Now do you want me to post my images from transpassing or what?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198993

File: 1500503131671.jpg (40.62 KB, 314x445, 81DKaOBwEkL._SY445_.jpg)

>buff personalities

I don't know what a "buff personality" is, but I'd like to meet a man with one. It makes me imagine some stereotype of a Scottish guy who never wears a top, even in freezing cold weather and eats oats all day, every day.

No. 198994


No. 198995

ikr, what kind of spelling is that?

No. 198997

Reminds me of the Taoism obsession. Taoism is probably one of the most stupid religions in the history of the world. I love the way westerners think it's this deeply spiritual practice when in reality it was just a bunch of pseudo-chemists (alchemists) trying to make elixirs for eternal life and other stupid shit like that.

These retarded Chinese beliefs led to a lot of suffering. One Emperor would purposefully starve thousands of concubines and feed them only dew-water, then harvest their menstrual blood because he thought it would make him live longer.

This moron literally made thousands of people die for this shit but MUH DEEP SPIRITUAL ORIENTAL PRACTICES! UGH, I HATE WHITE PEOPLE!

No. 198999

Wait… Are you seriously complaining about "bad boys" and talking about how much you like "good" ones instead and then using Korean men as a counterpoint to this example of biker-esque white guys you have in your head?

You realize something like 70% plus of married Korean men will visit a prostitute at least once a year right? And that it is Korean men who overwhelmingly drive the child sex trade in Southeast Asia?

>A Korean Institute of Criminology study published in January 2013 shows that South Korean men are the primary market for child sex tourism in Southeast Asia. "Among foreigners visiting Southeast Asia, South Koreans are the majority group driving demand for child prostitution across the region."[41] The article goes on to say, "A 2008 report from the U.S. Department of State, 'Trafficking in Persons Report,' described South Korea as a significant source of demand for child sex tourism in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands." Yun Hee-jun, head of a Seoul-based group campaigning against sex trafficking, claims, “If you visit any brothel in Vietnam or Cambodia, you can see fliers written in Korean.”[41] Although South Korea has legislation in place to prosecute Korean nationals who are child sex offenders abroad, a 2014 report stated "The government has not prosecuted or convicted any Korean sex tourists during the past seven years".[42]

I'm beginning to think you are actually a troll.

No. 199000

Also: South Korea's domestic sex industry is the largest among all OECD countries, when taken as a proportion of GDP.

South Korea is quite literally one of the most immoral and hypocritical developed nations on earth.

No. 199006

Hey hey hey! They treat cute whitie here nicely, it's not like they want anything from it, that's all that matters!

No. 199040

I seriously hate all those SJWs POC etc who like to act as if all white men are pedos travelling en masse to thailand and the likes; really had no idea about the korean thing, but doesn't surprise me, given the general obsessions of asians with youth…
What's worse "all" white men engaging in sex tourism or those parents there, who often don't even work themselves but instead literally whore out their own children?
"If there's no demand there would be no offer", sure…

No. 199041

I really doubt the Chinese state is involved in it lol. Haven't you seen some of the posts on /r/aznidentity where the users whine about how supposedly brainwashed and naive Asians in Asian countries are? They also blame Asian-born Asians for all their problems and insecurities. I don't think any government would denigrate themselves like that.

No. 199045

File: 1500545426865.jpg (1.37 MB, 2048x1152, dolph1.jpg)


Oh please, you're (along with probably many others in this thread) another one of those r9k 4chan white supremacists from the discord chat.

Get lost.

No. 199046


ok, so scratch that, I just read the entire thread.

I'm pretty sure 95% of the posts in here (including OP) are single males who spend too much time on the internet.

No. 199052

Exactly. No one pimps out asian women more effectively than asian men. Just look at how legion "massage parlors" and other seedy joints are around the world stuffed to the brim with Korean and Chinese women.

Not to mention the way they treat Russian and Eastern European women increasingly in Korea. Fuck Koreans, honestly.

No. 199054

Back to reddit champ. You're not going to find many sympathetic people here. We come here to laugh at the cows who idolize Asian men, not support them.

No. 199056

I know this one white girl who moved to Korea after uni, and constantly posts about how she has trouble finding someone to be in a serious relationship with

I feel bad for because she doesn't seem to realize that the issue is that Korean guys don't want to marry white foreign girls, and it would be much easier to find a long-term partner in her home country

No. 199057

File: 1500549664687.jpg (68.2 KB, 640x460, Goodfellas-Ray-Liotta-Laughing…)

>There's no way anyone could resist the charms of LoL-addicted Asian supremacists who sit on their computers fantasizing about destroying the west, you must all be guys!

No. 199060

>would be much easier to find a long-term partner in her home country

I doubt many guys back there would be interested either if they found out what she'd been doing over there.

No. 199064

Heh I know someone like that too. She's like: oh I gave him my number but he didn't text me!

Bitch, you want him, not the other way around. Maybe she got pedestalised too much by ugly ones and still thinks they gotta make the moves.

Okay, Asian man.

No. 199097

File: 1500574124258.jpg (91.39 KB, 1000x667, dolph2.jpg)


It's painfully obvious from this thread that you're either:

A) A very autistic, very butthurt white guy

B) A very mentally ill Asian guy

either way, reported for breaking rule "Don't post in an obvious male way"

No. 199099

>If I post pictures of Dolph Lundgren people will think I'm a woman rather than an /r/asianmasculinity crazy


Also, not the anon you're replying to.

No. 199120

Why are you so obsessed with Asians? Whats the big deal with them? Like I remember you made a thread about some Asian cook with a Black wife complaining about white people culturally approproating Asian food. Yeah maybe that is SJW cringe. But you somehow turned that into Asian men being incel and lusting for white women.

You're like an expert in Chinese history or something with your Daoism and your Confucianism. Like whats your fascination?

No. 199135

>Like I remember you made a thread about some Asian cook with a Black wife complaining about white people culturally approproating Asian food.

I'm the one who made the comments about Asian culture. Not sure what you mean by "Asian cook" and "black wife" (wtf?).

Asian food game is actually on point and often worthy of the hype-men (including Chinese), I've never bashed it like I bashed other aspects of Asian culture.

But the hype that surrounds other aspects is often overblown. Buddhism isn't some super deep mystical and spiritual concept, it's basically a money-making enterprise at this point in time, as for Taoism I don't know enough about it, but what >>198997 says doesn't surprise me.

I've also never used the term "incel" unironically. Thankfully.

No. 199136

None of the above. Keep assuming because you're butthurt and have nothing else to contribute though. Cute how you're too autistic to realise how girls typically talk.

>post in relevant thread about topic thread is about
>y so obsessed
… did you just come to bitch and moan about nothing?
>go in kooters thread
>y u so obsessed?!
>go in oniisan thread
>y u so obsessed?!
>go in Doe Deere thread
>y u so obsessed?!
Don't get your problem with posting relevant things in a relevant thread that hasn't been banned, but instead moved onto the appropriate board.

That's how it is for both of them, they can't do well at home so they go elsewhere where they will be pedestalised.

No. 199141

>Asian food game is actually on point and often worthy of the hype-men (including Chinese), I've never bashed it like I bashed other aspects of Asian culture.

DEFINITELY agree with this.

Asian food is great. Chinese food is definitely the largest and most varied cuisine in the entire world, by some margin too.

That said I share the disinterest in wider Asian culture. It sounds ignorant but I really did try to like things like the Kyoto shrine walks, and while they were charming the architecture is very…. samey after a while. I also don't like the Japanese smugness about how their spiritual practices are somehow imperceptible to foreigners when in reality the average Japanese person knows very little if anything about Buddhism beyond where it intersected with Shintoism. Plus most of the services are in sanskrit and the average Japanese can't even understand that. I don't find Asian spirituality to be particularly "deep" either.

No. 199222

Man, I came here to laugh about weird and crazy men who happen to be Asians from America, not see butthurt white guys arguing with white weeb girls who defend these crazies.

No. 199230

>who defend these crazies.

Are we reading the same thread? Not a single person is defending them. We're all laughing at them.

No. 199232

File: 1500644586144.png (25.22 KB, 792x214, third person.png)

I wonder if TerryTV's video really got to him or if he keeps talking about it just to get hits and attention.

No. 199238

>come and go with the kpop fad

Strange. A lot of the Asian men on reddit are convinced Kpop is the great turning point when all girls realize Asian men are extremely desirable and start chasing them.

No. 199255

File: 1500654988057.png (22.3 KB, 913x261, eurasianhousecat.PNG)

Proof we've got Asian guys from reddit that are brigading and attempting to derail this thread.

The head hapa himself is aware of lolcow


Let's take some bets, which one of these is Eurasian Housecat?

No. 199278

they're both dumb and wrong
tons and I mean TONS of asian girls are traditional waifu slaves
and the sad asian guy is a loon

No. 199301

Nice definite proof. I mentioned it here;

You can even see some obvious posts from outsiders in her thread.

No. 199302

I meant Audrey's thread.

No. 199326

I called it out earlier. Any blog post, any reddit thread, any 4chan thread, basically any forum for discussion that mentions asian women and white men, even if not together, attracts these people like flies to shit and eventually it becomes a cesspit of sockpuppets and shills conversing with each other over the relative merits of different types of 'good' interracial relationships compared to the 'bad' ones.

Rule of thumb, if you see the phrase AMWF being used seriously as a point of comparison to other interracial relationships then it's almost certainly /r/asianmasculinity and those associated subreddits.

One of these days I'll dump some of the crazier screencaps I've gotten from Asian men on reddit over the years. The most recent one is a Chinese-American fantasizing about a North Korean army invading Europe and killing all white men, kek.

No. 199330

No. 199337

Someone mentions to not bother attacking hapas, they use the hapa shield as a front for people to focus on. If you attack Asian males instead they get real mad, like itt.

No. 199359

Flip side, is he right that a person here is posting on Reddit?

No. 199364

He's accusing me of being a white male, unfortunately I'm none of that and only post on manga boards, nothing race related.

He's just being mental and projecting the samefagging on various boards onto other people. Lmao.

No. 199431

That's some heavy mental illness right there.


No. 199454

One of their commenters is patreoning their AMWF porn too. That's quite hilarious and very elegant of DA BEST COUPLE


No. 199460

Seems like this thread got autosaged, with no notification from mods, even though the thread got moved to the correct board.

Snakes in mod team?

No. 199512

Here is the OP of the thread i pulled that ET reply from:

>Honest question.

>I'm half Chinese with a White dad, and the depth of the vitriol Asian American men have for people who were products of relationships like my parents just astonishes me. The fact they'd go to such lengths to set up systematic false-flag operations online to push a particular narrative.

>And these people aren't even real racial nationalists. As repugnant as most nationalism is, at least the white ones generally take a dim view of both men and women mixing, there's some internal consistency there in spite of the fact I disagree with them.

>But with Asian men in the US (and Canada, and Australia) it's like… they want free rein to go after white women but want Asian women to essentially be robots programmed only to like them.

>I just don't get it. People like us are simply the products of large multiracial societies. Did these Chinese and Korean supremacist types expect to come to these countries and live entirely ensconced in their own communities even if they're fifth or sixth generation descendants of immigrants, the same way they do in relatively poorer Southeast Asian ones?

>I genuinely don't get it. Nationalism I can get. Opposition to intermarriage on various bases I can get (though don't agree with). But this bizarre world where we're (kids born to white men and east asian women) all such wicked freakish things that they feel the need to disseminate agitprop about us I don't understand.

>Why not just return to the PRC? It's basically a racial nationalist state at this point anyway. Why do they expect America to accommodate their sinocentrism?

>EDIT: Another thing, stop playing into their narrative and accepting them as bona fide Eurasians. They've done nothing to demonstrate that they are who they claim. And we have a good body of circumstantial evidence (the fake Medium article, all the old deleted posts on /r/asianmasculinity etc) to reasonably assume they're Asian men with an axe to grind, not half-Asian people.

No. 199513

Looks like it, the thread isn't bumping


No. 199515

They shitpost literally everywhere but we can't bring it to light. No wonder they feel so entitled to white women.

No. 199520

lol, some asian guy made a thread on the alt_hapas subreddit entitled "Why Asian Men Hate You" in response to that guy and posted a video of Asian women saying they prefer white men. So fucking crazy.

Those white women like Persephone who encourage them are just as bad imo.

I don't this either. On the one hand they're always bitching about media representation and saying this is why women hate them, on the other hand they seem to think all white women love them now because of kpop and anime?

Can't speak for other white women but I'd take the average hapa over the average asian or asian american guy any day of the week. They're usually more similar to me in terms of personality, look more white, less chance of cunt in-laws etc.

No. 199521

*don't get this either.

No. 199522

Also why is the thread auto-saging?

No. 199764

We've got a Koreaboo or butthurt Asian mod on lolcow. Duh.

No. 199815

Someone's bumping up old threads too. The one about penis size has a post saying they love women enjoying their little knob.

Gee, wonder who that could be.

Should go express interest in the Eurasian Tiger thread in /pt/, could make a thread for him on snow instead.

No. 199828

He's gonna be real upset once he finds out lolcow is full of girls, many of which are his precious white girls

No. 200024

anyone get in contact with a mod and find out?

they can't silence the discussion though, i'm seeing more and more people call them out on their bullshit, be it on reddit, 4chan or youtube comment sections.

this thread has provided some great talking points and discourse

No. 200072

I actually see more people buying into the poor victimized Asian American man narrative than people who call them out on their bullshit. I generally dislike the "all poc are oppressed victims" meme but whatever.

No. 200086

So weird how ET hasn't been doxxed yet. Guess they all look too similar to discern, lucky him.

I think so too. I mean this thread's an example of it, getting autosaged for no reason and without notification.

No. 200093

File: 1501252574290.png (67.36 KB, 902x667, Capture.PNG)

No. 200633

File: 1501591166462.jpg (56.68 KB, 580x173, AMXF.jpg)


>bashes female Asian activists for being in relationships with white men

>praises a male Asian pornstar for fucking white girls

lol how hypermasculazn

No. 200636

Does anyone seriously believe this person is a real Asian girl?

I've never met a single Asian girl who sympathizes with these people on any level, even the SJW ones.

It's usually dumb, bottom of the barrel white chicks (as >>200093 admits that's the only kind who like Asian men in the first place) who believe in this whole "hard done by Asian man" narrative.

No. 200687

I don't think the mod on r/hapas Anna rampage is even a female tbh.

And sometimes they'll get a "white person posting" on their board and get all pissy and say stuff like our hot hapa girls won't even look at u!!!!

Like seriously delusional shit, how would they know the preferences?

Those types of weebs are the worst.

No. 200689

>our hot hapa girls won't even look at u!!!!

Hapas seem to exclusively date white people even more than actual white people do, based on my experience with them.

At least >>200093 is actually honest. The simple fact of the matter is that if Asian men were as desirable as these propagandists like to claim, there wouldn't be gigabytes worth of content on forums, blogs, websites etc devoted to raging over WMAF relationships.

It honestly seems like this topic is the only thing "Asian Americans" discuss sometimes lol.

No. 200785

It is, really makes you wonder why no one wants their boring salty asses.

No. 200820

Has anyone figured out why this board is autosaging, yet?

No. 200859

Just ask the mods.

Where? Asian American men on Reddit don't claim they're desirable at all. As far as I can see, they keep victimizing themselves and praise every white person who wants to date them because they're "woke enough to see through emasculating Asian stereotypes". As if most white people even gave that much thought about Asians lol.

No. 200936

File: 1501942101283.jpg (1.24 MB, 2520x921, elliotrodger2pointO.jpg)

No. 200939

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention: John is slightly balding from his temples. He doesn't have a perfect hairline himself yet is always bashing white males for balding.

No. 200954

>Does anyone seriously believe this person is a real Asian girl?
Here's a backup channel for a few of ET's videos. I couldn't help to notice that it's a totally legit """female""" user.


No. 201000

Someone put the faces together, and lighten it and stuff.

No. 201060

his face is pretty chubby looking

No. 201063

According to /cow/, he started wearing the mask more when somebody mentioned how fat he is.

No. 201153

He called his brother fat lol… smh

No. 201209

lol he's said that he's attractive and could've been a model. Sometimes I wonder if he has some type of personality disorder.

Now that I think of it, he probably hates TerryTV so much because he's in shape and talks to real women, unlike ET with his "wife"

No. 201265

You should read Elliot Rodger's manifesto if you want a view into the level of unawareness and egotistical delusion it takes to identify as an incel. It's unintentionally hilarious at points too.


No. 201326

Hahaha, like a year ago? on r/hapas someone posted that ET was soooo attractive and pretty much what you wrote… think it was him sockpuppeting, rofl.

I think he's a fillipino shit.

No. 201418


/r/hapas getting upset and demanding "proof" that there are Asian men who are obsessed with white women

I actually remember a comment on either /r/aznidentity or /r/asianmasculinity from a guy who really wanted to fuck a white girl and ended up with a obese chick with a hairy asshole lol

No. 201444

File: 1502355154412.png (103.37 KB, 750x958, IMG_1228.PNG)

Which one of you beautiful ladies wants this handsome Chinese man? He'll rub u rong time

No. 201445

File: 1502355245052.png (172.51 KB, 750x691, IMG_1229.PNG)

>tfw so handsome that he has no pics of himself

It must suck being so hot!


No. 201448

File: 1502355785879.png (230.23 KB, 750x1175, IMG_1234.PNG)

I don't even know her but she just straight up looks insufferable and trashy

No. 201449

File: 1502355964481.jpg (252.85 KB, 1918x1275, IMG_1233.JPG)

>one woman is all of those women
>one black theif means they are all theives

I like that racist logic she's using!

No. 201452

The proudeurasian account on instagram is populated by bots and like4like schemes.

Although he has over 1000 followers some photos only have like 10 likes. Most likers are either 0 post fake profiles or have nothing to do with his page and only liked it cause the like4like scheme.

The commentors either shit on him or are the same 5 dwarfs.

That's what I think of when someone says trailer trash.

No. 201454


13 likes after three days.
Followers: 1216

One percent of his userbase is actually legit lmao.

No. 201456

TerryTV is awesome. I just love the thought of this WMAF hapa going around being really successful with Asian girls (and White girls).

Asian American men really are virgins with rage.

No. 201457


Anything blonde (even bottle blonde) is top-tier to these clowns.

Their taste in non-Asian women is terrible.

No. 201458

No. 201459

The comments are comedy gold.

No. 201460

I've never encountered a white male who lives his life as vicariously through other males of his own race as Asian males do. For example, I've never seen a white guy look at a white guy with a good looking Indian girl (just as a random example) and feel it's some sort of collective achievement he should be proud of.

Is this just Asian collectivism at work, or is it a mix of that collectivism charged with racial resentment?

No. 201461

Do these asian guys only exist on the internet? I know some cool ones and it would shock me if they hangout in these subs..

No. 201462

I never encountered any other interracial pairing that focuses so much on their races.

Ever seen a black man spamming BMWF or BMAF? Ever seen a white man spamming WMAF OR WMBF? Ever seen a black woman spamming WMBF?

It's just that they don't obsess over their race that much. It gives me the creeps.

No. 201463

Yeah, that's what amazes me about it all. I mean I've known some pretty trashy girls with black guys (I hate to be so blunt about it, but the stereotype of larger women with black guys holds out where I am), but even those couples look normal by comparison to "AMWF". I have never encountered an internet subculture (that isn't CP related) creepier than this one.

They may think they're doing Asian men a favor, but they're just putting anyone who actually discovers this stuff off of them even more.

Nobody only exists on the internet. I'd say the internet amplifies their voice, but I've met a couple of Asian guys who in their less sober moments have told me similar stuff to what I've heard on these subreddits, stuff about hating white men and so on. And these were guys with white friends.

No. 201465

Soooo much this. They are obsessed.

It's kind of funny, because Audrey Sama who wanted to be on the down low got her thread pushed back up by her amwf fans, rofl. That's what you get for trying to cater to freaks.

Me thinks they are too meek and beta irl to say anything so they go online and act all tough.

No. 201466

The previous one posted looked mad trashy as well.

I'd think she was a Russian order bride, and the account is controlled by her husbando

No. 201467

Apparently John has a clitoris instead of a penis, it's no wonder why he wants to be a cuck.

Can't find the image though, but it was a screenshotted forum post.

No. 201468

No. 201469

>asian and proud

Non-American here.

It still boggles my mind that there are people who identify as "Asian" in America and think it constitutes a real, cohesive identity. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 201471

File: 1502364475996.jpg (604.88 KB, 1300x812, VK0bl1P.1.jpg)

Someone just posted this and now the salt mines are opened.

No. 201472

Keanu Reeves is 12.5% Asian, lel. Dean Cain is like 25% I think? Really grasping.

No. 201473

Dumb ass thinks there are enough of those types of jobs for the billions they've got; Hes just another walking wallet and giving out shitty ~privledged~ advice like an entitled shitstain.

No. 201474

tbqh it serves Audrey right for catering to those lunatics in the first place.

No. 201475

File: 1502368549859.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20170706-110955~01.…)

This is an aznidentity poster in real life.


No. 201476

No. 201477

They all seem to be connected huh? That Persephone was posted earlier in the thread, could you screenshot her shit?

No. 201478

lol @ his happy malaysian nation picture in the bottom right.

Every ethnic group in SEA despises each other, and the only thing that unites them is that their shared hatred of the Chinese diaspora is greater than any other inter-ethnic hatred.

No. 201480


I think only the creepy couples obsess like crazy about their hashtag. Healthy relationships are too busy having fun than running Instagram pages and hanging out on these subs.

I know a 50 something Indonesian man with a Dutch wife. They'll never care about AMWF because they're too happy with each other.

It's like an insecurity where the only goal of their relationship is to shove it into everyones face.

They don't realize that they only annoy everyone. The woman that enable this behavior are the worst through.

No. 201481

Aznidentity would already throw a tantrum over that image. They can't stand Indian dudes dating East Asians.

No. 201483

Ngl about this, as harsh it may be: I think it's because the type of non-Asian girls who like Asian guys are so particular. They are almost always a very specific type of person:: Heavily into anime and/or korean pop music, as well as other aspects of asian pop culture.

Outside of this "sphere" I have honestly never met a non-Asian woman who finds Asian men attractive. To me this seems to be something you'd expect, the beauty standard for men over there is simply so different to western/white beauty standards and standards of masculinity.

It's telling that even here on lolcow people will cite a western-looking Asian guy like Hiroshi Abe as an example of an attractive Asian they like. Asian men just aren't that attractive to non-Asian women.

I find the pan-asianism thing really weird. Wouldn't the average Chinese father throw a fit if his daughter ended up dating an Arab or an Indian? I mean, even more of a fit than if she dated a white guy? It seems dishonest of people like Chinese and Koreans to claim some sort of brotherhood with people they're so racist to in their own language.

No. 201484



Don't forget the newest drama. Hope this natalie releases the screenshots lmao

No. 201485

"Natalie" isn't even a real girl lul.

No. 201487

Persephone is a joke, she selfposted on PULL a few months back and cried to /r/hapas about how the mean ugly Asian girls were out to get her

No. 201488

"I could write a script where he knocks out a douchey white boy and then his hot girlfriend gets turned on and starts sucking off Sydney Chan. I wonder if I should send Jeremy Long my script ideas?"

this one is the funniest

No. 201489

AMWF is the cringiest of all interracial relationships.

White women are just propaganda props to these "men".

No. 201493

Reality hits hard.

No. 201494

File: 1502375335977.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

>mfw a butthurt white guy talks to himself in an auto-saged thread

No. 201498

Go to /meta/ and ask the mods, say you suspect a samefag disrupting the board with threads like this. I'm sure they'd be happy to at least confirm or deny your general suspicions.

No. 201551

Lmao fuck off, Clitoris John.

>still watching the thread to give yourself butthurts

You drama queen, you.

No. 201552

Agreed, I think earlier someone posted about kpop idols being the gateway to white women… they try their best to get double eyelids, not a round face, nosebridge and etc.

I am certain that they look "too Asian" and that is the cause of their made up grief. Those guys don't seem to have any self awareness.

No. 201554

That was my fav too!

With WMAF theres bound to be some screw ups just due to the sheer number of them: more numbers, more chances to fail. For AMWF to have crazies like Persephone, when their pairing is quite rare.. says a lot in itself.

Actually I think she is at least watching this autosaged thread, she made a post on Insta about "haters" after her Insta was mentioned here. She's obsessed with herself it seems, of course it's only natural that she dates someone who treats her like she's royalty(she looks trashy as well).

No. 201571

this is a good one


this study was posted on /r/hapas showing a/w couples have higher rates of drinking and smoking during pregnancy

as expected, eurasian housecat and his crew immediately jumped on it to begin their process of demonization

however, one user who actually bothered to read the study pointed out that it is in fact am/wf couples that suffer from a higher rate of drinking and smoking during pregnancy when compared to wm/af couples

after pointing this out, said user was promptly banned

No. 201572

That's kind of funny considering the two amwf girls posted recently, they look exactly like they'd drink and smoke during pregnancy… I'm guessing they'll try their hardest not to after reading this heh.

No. 201574

>positive racial identity
funny, all three of those women with am/wf parents are currently dating white men

would /r/asianincels still consider them to have vibrant self-esteem and a positive racial identity?

No. 201578

the amount of drama persephone causes in that community is crazy, at one point she even said that asian men are mentally ill

apparently she also has ET eating out of the palm of her hand, because as much as he bashes AW for 'white-worshiping', he is just as guilty of it

No. 201588

Eh they'll enable and won't call her out her cause she's white. But apparently the girls are the white worshipping suckers.

Talk about projection, smh.

No. 201602

Shouldn't you be cumming buckets over your wife, ET?

I don't know why ET and the rest of the gang still listen to her. Everyone knows that she's a drama queen who sockpuppets to get attention. I guess ugly white pussy is still white pussy.

No. 201603

I like how EurasianTiger thinks that this thread is full of white guys. I'm a girl and I think that John is a fat hkv who has a dakimakura for a wife, kek

No. 201605

This. Mods have a long history of exposing prolific samefaggotry on lolcow. If you suspect this thread is a giant astroturf then go and ask them to expose it.

I find it strange that a group of people whose main grievance seems to be that white women find Asian men comical, unmasculine and childlike find it so hard to believe that we could also find r/hapas and r/asianmasculinity figures of fun.

Or is their whole shtick now that white women love them and only Asian women don't like them? I haven't been following those subreddits in a while.

No. 201606


Lol. That is a cringy as fuck place.

No. 201619

Zomg it just can't be possbru that white women would find him annoying!

This site makes fun of anorexics, literal autistics, mental people… don't know why this thread got speshul treatment. Q wasn't answered yet on /meta/.

No. 201623

No. 201626


That username is cringy as fuck.

No. 201627

Sounds like a sock puppet tier name.

No. 201630

On another note, has anyone else had their entire perception of overseas asians changed by discovering this concept of online asian "activism" and its offshoots? Websites, subreddits, forums etc. Whenever I meet an asian guy who shows interest now I can't help but think they hang out in these places and shit-talk white people our of bitterness all the time.

Maybe it's just a small minority, but I've noticed asian guys IRL say things coincidentally similar to the sorts of talking points raised by asian guys on these online spaces.

No. 201632

File: 1502456867659.jpg (9.19 KB, 250x250, asianamericanman.jpg)

I also suspect that most of them look unattractive (pic-related) and probably lack social skills when it comes to women. It seems very obvious to me from the posts I've seen that they don't interact much with and stereotype women a lot. Not much different from incels for example.

Why else would they rant about dating every single day? Just go out there and meet people? If other Asian guys can do it, why can't they?

Honestly yeah. There aren't as many Asians in my country as in America but whenever I see/meet one now, I can't help but think if they're like these bitter Asian American Redditors who are salty about interracial dating and unknowingly put white girls on a pedestal. They have posters from around the world but all of them are just weird as fuck.

No. 201643

Always knew of them, sometimes they're subtle about it, but its there. Like a lot of examples posted, they aren't typically upfront, they'll instead bottle it up and get pissy on the internet. There are genuinely nice ones, but they're rare.

Is correct, they tend to be not attractive and bitter cause of it - think theredpill. They also have ridiculous standards for their league, see the few instagrams posted. However they are infinitely more annoying because they not only blame women like TRP, but also blame it on their race(rayyyceessttts) and play the victim.

They salty that men don't get women as easily as women get men, doesn't matter the race, its a simple fact that women can get men easier, I mean even those trashy whites got guys.

I'm sure bitching and moaning instead of going to gym makes them look so hot and attractive /swoon

No. 201657

a lot of them seem to larp as women that are into asian men

/r/ladyboners is a good example, whenever an asian guy gets posted on that subreddit it's always by one of these /r/aznidentity or /r/hapas users

4chan also, take a look in any thread that drags asian guys, and a comment that is always some slight variation of "tfw no qt asian bf" will appear in the replies everytime(sometimes accompanied by a pic of some nameless kpop twink)

it's bizarre how easy these patterns are to recognize once you've been made aware of them, before i never would have paid them a second thought

No. 201661

I thought I was the only one who recognized those patterns tbh anon. I'm surprised other people see it too.

And hah. Isn't r/ladyboners wall to wall white dudes? I remember r/srs talking about how "problematic" the lack of PoC men on there was in a couple of threads.

No. 201662

Holy shit.

First thing I saw when I went on r/ladyboners just now:


Here's the OP:


No. 201663


Here's another one of these accounts.

No. 201694

File: 1502519889546.jpg (67.95 KB, 900x675, 1448699097688.jpg)

No. 201697

They keep calling themselves woke… so lame.

No. 201706

It's also really bizarre to me how they divide "Asian Asians" and other Asian Americans into woke and unwoke, and every Asian who doesn't agree with their delusional world views gets called an Uncle Chan, the Asian equivalent of Uncle Tom. Awfully reminiscent of SJWs who accuse disagreeing POCs of having "internalized racism" kek.

There is no room for differing opinions even if you're Asian and if you do post something controversial, expect to get censored or downvoted to oblivion.

No. 201710

File: 1502529524016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 4352x3264, 1445573280983.jpg)

>something controversial
>I have a white girlfriend and don't feel special
>I don't care about other interracial relationships
>this place is not masculine at all
>complaining all day is what makes you unattractive

No. 201711

File: 1502531687769.png (43.55 KB, 881x418, sane-asianguy.png)

Funnily enough, that's exactly what one Asian American guy keeps saying on /r/aznidentity.

He tells them to man up, go out and practice social interactions and stop hinging their self-worth on what white women think of them but of course these whiners all disagree with him. He's even posted pics of himself so he's not just a white troll either.

No. 201716

Yeah it's sad, both of those communities hating on the ones who don't group with the sheep herd.

Actually Asians hate each other much more than "whitie" does(check out Japan/Korea, China/Japan, East Asians/south East Asians) there's some bad blood between them. They should try to fix their homes first before bitching at someone else.

I think there was drama from "Natalie" saying that the other Asian boards didn't wanna group up to start a donation fund to help some guy. So petty.

No. 201721

>tfw you used to think asians were stoic, mild mannered people
>tfw you realize they're actually some of the most passive aggressive, neurotic, resentful people in the entire world - they just cover it up really well

Appearances can be deceiving it seems.

No. 201730

>making generalized statements about a race
White man detected kek.

But seriously, you have to keep in mind that these are Asian Americans who grew up in America which made them turn into these resentful, bitter and self-victimizing guys. In fact, they often bitch about Asian immigrants (their parents), Asians from Asia and even other Asian Americans for being too mild-mannered and passive. So I think these crazies are just a minority. Probably lol.

No. 201749

why are you so intent on derailing an autosaged thread? just a few posts up you were convinced the later part of this thread was one massive samefag

if this thread has hurt your feelings it isn't our fault, blame your fellow Asian men for being grievance goldmines, we're only discussing them

>But seriously, you have to keep in mind that these are Asian Americans who grew up in America

>So I think these crazies are just a minority. Probably lol.
they aren't just Asian-Americans, a lot of them are native Chinese, Korean and Japanese posters, just as bitter as their western counterparts

and no, they're far from a minority, as others have discussed ITT. Most Asian guys they knew irl have at one point parroted some watered down view from one of these communities, mainly about their apparent demasculinization and the dating disparity between races

take the likes of /r/aznidentity or /r/hapas for example, it wasn't them who created these horrid views on asian women, white men and white women

instead these communities came into existence because of how prevalent these views were in the minds of Asian men to begin with

this isn't just a minority, these are underlying sentiments held by a significant amount of Asian men, both westernized and native

it's just the only place where we see these grievances aired out is online(anonymously)

No. 201759

>it's just the only place where we see these grievances aired out is online(anonymously)

They're the biggest fucking cowards. At least the Nazis put their ugly mug online for show. You'll never see those losers revealing themselves.

Just look at the examples in this thread lol.


Just go on some asian insecurity instagram meme page an look who likes and comments. Many keks will come to you.

No. 201766

I really don't see what they have to be bitter about. Their entire premise for having this grievance, when you boil away all the meaningless language they've appropriated from SJWs is that there is some optimal level of attractive white women who ought to demonstrate a proactive interest in Asian men as a whole.

Let the absurdity of this sink in for a moment. That's it. That's the sum of all their rage and anger and bitterness, not enough pretty white girls liking them and propping up their egos in the process.

No. 201770

File: 1502585418445.jpg (49.02 KB, 544x475, IMG_1311.JPG)

>being this obsessed with the boogey white man

No. 201771

They literally have nothing to offer in the first place, that's why they are in this "movement". Same as sjws, alt righters, etc, they have no community(real friends) so they join things like this to feel something. They all tend to be useless sacks of shit needing to justify why they are useless sacks of shit, and how it is not their fault they are such.

Plenty of religious groups target emotionally fragile people to get them in, same concept here.

No. 201798

This dude is also in the comment section calling for purity…


No. 201809

Do you really think native Chinese and Japs speak fluent enough English to find and post on a primarily American website in perfect English?

No. 201811

It's mainly Asian-Americans, the type that never set a foot into Asia.

They regularly shit on the natives for not closing down the border.

Ya know a bit like the US Nazis who think they're European and shit in Euros for taking care of some refugees.

No. 201824

Their border and immigration laws are already incredibly strict though. Naturalisation in most Asian countries is really tough and deportation a lot easier.

Europe could learn a thing or two from them. They are hypocrites in their expectations from western countries though. Agreed.

No. 201830

They should blame their parents instead.

I think that being Asian in the west can be tough, but I've never seen a good looking aznidentity type. They're all some wired uggos.

Pretty sure that their personalities are just bad and nobody likes them.

No. 201846

Mods/farmhand so quick to jump into this thread rofl: >>>/snow/371822


Hope they kick out the weebshit mod since there's new applications going on.

They are the Asian version of redpill/incels.

No. 201883

Someone asked Eurasian Housecat why he doesn't mention self hating Asian men

"The power imbalance between white men and Asian men makes any sort of self hatred on the part of Asian men irrelevant.

You cannot compare the two."


No. 201895

What imbalance… Asians definitely do the best acedemically and monetarily compared to other immigrants.

Of course… we can see not all of them do well. I think they're feeling a bit inadequate compared to the Asians that do well.

No. 201910

File: 1502705678430.jpeg (6.97 KB, 256x256, 1502705172050.jpeg)

No. 201915

I still find the idea of "white woman as savior" really weird.

Isn't the whole reason Asian American men are so mad and have been ranting about this one topic for so long that they feel undesired by white women?

Or is the idea white women will save them a coping mechanism?

No. 201931


This is the article John responded to. This Asian guy told his white girlfriend that their kids would have improved genes and hates being around other Asians. But muh power imbalance

No. 201988

No. 202024

Is this that JT Tran idiot?

No. 202081

File: 1502865014377.jpg (156.9 KB, 1152x2048, 4vd946y0epfz.jpg)

Don't know but it's the most cringe worthy PUA channel if run into yet. He's making a fortune with scamming aznidentity types.


Look at his post history. He's like 14 and already creates these images hahahahahaha

No. 202095

It's a sort of telltale how hung up on cock size these Asian guys are when most other men have given up on being insecure over penis size, i'm certain the average woman could not care less also

No. 202108

Interesting, if you look at his comment history, early on he claims to be half asian, then more recently he starts adopting a full asian persona.

More evidence /r/hapas is a den of sockpuppetry perhaps?

No. 202112


This is really interesting stuff. I'm sure some of you are familiar with ThatJapaneseManYuta, who does videos asking Japanese - and foreigners who live in Japan - questions about their lives and experiences. He seems like a quite reasonable, nice guy.

Anyway, the asian "men" on reddit were brigading his videos spamming hostile comments because he interviewed both white men with asian women (as well as asian men with white women). He went to /r/aznidentity to talk with them rationally about this, and they went berserk because he said he found them hypocritical and couldn't identify with their "issues".

It's an insight into how they think asians in asia "owe" them some sort of debt of responsibility. And how little of a shit actual asians living in asia give for their SJW issues.

No. 202116

He became a radical. Even too much for aznidentity to handle lel.

Yuta is cool. Yeah it's pretty pointless to discuss anything with them. Ended up calling him a Chan and whatever.

Pretty sure they're just mad that Yuta has a girlfriend and social life and they don't.


LOL they even top /b/ 4chan boys in that category of insecurity.

No. 202117

File: 1502901660039.png (204.11 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_20170816-183731~01.…)

Need to post this one too, they don't care about actual events regarding their communities but rather obsess about d1cks.

No. 202203

>I've observed these Asian keyboard warrior types for years. These people aren't interested in the preservation of ethnic integrity, the promotion of healthy traditional values etc.

>Their sole concern is propagandizing a worldview that seems them as unjustly treated in that they aren't being allotted an "equitable" enough share of White women. It showcases a cluelessness, ocean-deep resentment and autism I've come to expect from orientals. Asian American/Canadian/British men have virtually no interest in dating their own women, in fact the sort of bone-deep hatred I've seen them express towards their own women makes even the most hardened White Shariah advocate look comparatively normal. In fact I can't even dredge up a single memory of Asian men saying anything positive about their own women.

>NB: It's worth keeping in mind that East Asian countries are already ethnostates that they are free to return to at any time (quite literally in fact, thanks to ius sanguinius laws). Becoming a diasporic people in the West and then whining about an "interracial dating disparity" and other non-issues is the height of neuroticism and pettiness. The reality of being a diaspora is that a large portion of your group is going to outmarry. If the fabled descendants of the dragon cannot protect their identity inter-generationally beyond the FOB stage, then too bad.

>To any East Asian men reading this, I'll paraphrase an argument I've heard repeated elsewhere that I think encapsulates your hypocrisy quite well: Ask yourself what proportion of White men would prioritize Asian women above White women versus the proportion of Asian (primarily Anglosphere) men who would prioritize White women above Asian women. Anecdotally I'd be surprised if even 5% of White men see Asian women as more desirable, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if upwards of 70% of Asian men saw White women as more desirable.

>In other words, neither you, nor your Asian "sisters" have any real desire for endogamy. What you want is the freedom to date and marry White women while Asian women… somehow stay completely endogamous to exogamous Asian men?

>Yeah… Good luck with that statistical impossibility. Face reality: You're even more White worshiping than your women are

No. 202244

They're gay mane. They're really obsessed with cucking themselves to the males who already do better than themselves. See how the guy ITT obsessed with the white man on a website for girls to gossip?

So true. They keep blaming it on other people, anyone can see what's up.

No. 202284

> but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if upwards of 70% of Asian men saw White women as more desirable.

Shit video but it's what we all expected: East Asian men saying they want white women. I've overheard Asian guys congratulating and high fiving their friends for dating a white girl, but I've never heard anything like that from, say, Arab or Black women.

No. 202288

File: 1503011552066.png (360.21 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20170818-005600~01.…)

Just look at the current state of their sub. Everything dead but some random movie that I never heard about.

No. 202305

slightly ot but i found this white girl on tumblr who loves love asian men. she has a wishlist and a donate button to "help her go to japan", like every other snowflake, and asian guys are sending her messages saying that they love white girls, wanna smack her "creamy white ass", and wanna make hapas with her.

fucking kek all amwf are healthy and fetishization don't real

No. 202320

I know a asian dude that dumped his asian gf to …chase a white woman. Not even with her yet, just wants to chase her. He went on a "date" with her while he was still with the asian gf, but he said it wasn't cheating.

…They're still not together 6 months later.

No. 202325

File: 1503054783011.png (908.62 KB, 1369x1000, meme.png)

He showed her (the Asian girl).

No. 202338


Did he seriously ask that guy's penis size? Goddamn gross

No. 202342

Who the fuck is that? Is he a well-known user on /r/aznidentity? Cancerous.

No. 202377

File: 1503096288873.png (Spoiler Image, 984.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3791.PNG)

persephone is tagging her photos #amwf #badwhitegirl #weeaboo and giving away her nudes on patreon, kek

No. 202393

Nah, he's a decent friend, but I just feel sorry for anyone who dates him.

No. 202395

File: 1503101271674.jpg (948.56 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_1394.JPG)

The dude has a kid, how fucked up is he?

No. 202396

File: 1503101615267.jpg (396.71 KB, 1918x1478, IMG_1397.JPG)

Her fans are kind of funny! Like cucks!

Hi Persephone, hope you're reading this! I hope you make a thread for yourself on /snow/!

No. 202401

Persephone and her husband are both weird looking. I feel like they're irl Bob's Burgers characters.

Her fans are Asian guys who are too nerdy and awkward to talk to normal women. I know Asian guys who have easily dated non-Asian girls by…having a sliver of confidence.

No. 202415

No. 202416

This girls so right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_Q5utZtIVU

So many butthurt AM downvoted.

No. 202424

File: 1503132937378.gif (31.94 KB, 511x481, 1466569662011.gif)

>her nudes are only worth 1$ to some desperate Asian virgins

No. 202426

The confident Asian guys don't need to hang arround on some snowflakes instagram.

No. 202453

Mfw even grown, middle aged Asian men are into this shit.

No. 202455

Kim Du Han, persephones boyfriend, is a literal cuck. As I persephone has openly talked about her love of open relationships and how Kim Du Cuck is ok with this. I'd almost feel sorry for the guy but he's such an undesirable worm like doormat who will suck up to any white woman who shows him attention that I feel nothing but joy knowing he's ruining his life by being with her long term.

No. 202471

A surprising amount of them are middle aged, it's honestly sad.

I love how their dysfunctional relationship was at one point (still is?) the /r/hapas poster child for how great AMWF couples are.

No. 202473

It bothers me that she pronounces her name like "purse-phone"

She's very attention seeking and posted herself on PULL four times, so she'll probably try to comment here or make a video about 'mean ugly Asian girls on lolcow being jealous of me'

No. 202497

File: 1503180862418.png (10.9 KB, 872x135, fatass hapa.png)

Eurasian Tiger posts on incel site called Lookism under the username Copenhagen. He mostly posts about big black cocks.

I also think Persephone keeps complimenting him on his looks in order to manipulate him. He's very vain.

No. 202500

> "I like seeing Asian male + non Asian woman, it turns me on tbh"
> "Dark hair white skin is ideal"


No. 202533

That's some next level narcissism.

No. 202548

File: 1503210382288.png (121.97 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20170820-073551~01.…)

Girls don't write like this.

No. 202582

nigga everyone who puts shit like "yellow fever" or "asian men" in their profile description is either a catfish or a weeaboo

No. 202584

File: 1503251902263.png (63.77 KB, 750x404, IMG_3800.PNG)

imagine being so desperate for white women

No. 202591

No. 202597


Woman does not agree with the hivemind. How evil - pretty sure an enraged Rjhd64 retreats to his AMWF porn stash now.

No. 202679


>Please fucking fetishize Asian males and Hapa males. It can save lives.

Every time I think these losers hit rock bottom, they keep going down. Now they're literally begging to be dehumanized and reduced to a sexual object.

No. 202871

No. 202888

File: 1503416771094.jpg (124.76 KB, 1272x727, image01.jpg)

Some other stuff I found where ET confirms his real name. Looks like he's been NEETing for a long time.

No. 202889

File: 1503416788896.jpg (485.44 KB, 621x3011, image02.jpg)

No. 202986

I think men in general don't find being fetishized for their race as creepy as women do but he obviously doesn't even know what fetishization would mean in his case. When white people fetishize mixed people, it's usually because they look a touch exotic but not too exotic/ethnic/Asian. Is this really what he'd want?

No. 202998

Hey, they got even worse!


Eurasian Housecat and friends brag about a hapa teenager getting molested by a white teacher

No. 203072

tfw you're so desperate for attention from white girls that u wish you were sexually assaulted by one

ET in like a week:
"Please sexually harass Asian and hapa men. It will save lives."

No. 203073

File: 1503553454494.png (44.54 KB, 1087x182, white women.PNG)

Eurasian Tiger fantasizing about a white mommy gf

No. 203079

Someone make a thread for ET on snow, he honestly should get his own thread.

No. 203093

File: 1503588033634.png (20.83 KB, 911x256, lul.png)

No woman (or man for that matter lol) deserves to be married to someone like ET. I pity his wife if he really has one.

No. 203102

They always complain about how self hating Asian women end up with Asian looking sons.

What IF these losers manage to fuck some chubby weeaboos and end up with Asian looking daughters?

No. 203109

Huh, good question. According to them, children resulting from Asian dads are prouder and do better but how can that apply when the Asian dad hates Asian features/bodies so much and his children end up looking Asian? They're hypocrites all around.

No. 203112

Either a) ET is lying about having an Asian wife because he's a lonely neckbeard or b) ET has an Asian wife, but he thinks she looks like a 12 year old and has no personality. Flew halfway across the world for a 5/10 woman, basically a sexpat

No. 203198

They all seem to love white men though, lols:

People who use children to justify things are trash. For example, some people use kids, like, "ohhh ur kids wont get ur surgery nose!!!!!11"

Yeah like no shit? Who the fuck is thinking "MY KIDS IN THE FUTURE" when they get plastic surgery? Dumb ass shit. Kids don't even know about genetics, wtf?

>nasally voices
>small framed

Just described himself, rofl. Whats bird boned even mean?

No. 203294

John sounds like he's from New Jersey. His voice is actually pretty funny, I remember him pronouncing titties as teddies

No. 203456

Bet John is spamming BBC cuck porn after the fight rofl.

But Mayweather supports Trump and McGregor does not. Soooo whatever.

No. 203510

Guess John doesn't know that Mayweather is illiterate and hates Asians.

I assumed they just hated WMAF, but they hate all couples where the Asian woman isn't with an Asian man because "it's based on anti-Asian male sentiment" wtf

No. 203514

They even hate white woman with black man. They say it's because the """""ratio""""".

In fact, they're just mad af that it means no whyte women for them.

No. 203553

never understood this. they really hate BMWW because it's toxic and based on fetishization and think it's similar to WMAW.

Wait. I thought white women were angels who were perfect to raise hapa children?

Notice how they love Obama's mother and hate him because he doesn't talk about his Indonesian stepdad. Did they just forget that she married a black guy first?

No. 203611

No. 203626

When even his own cult thinks it's creepy than it's over tbh.

No. 203646

ET's chubby 30+ year old ass taking pictures of some hapa teens and posting them on the Internet kek

How does he know their mom is white? Is it because they're '''''good looking'''''?

No. 203717

Some kid gets triggerd by some black guy with a white grilfriend lmao.


No. 203722

They look full on Chinese… how does he even know they're AMWF?

Some guy is just eating and gets included for no reason, lmao.

No. 203743

That white dude isn't even balding. He probably saw some kids he thought were cute and Eurasian looking and thought that they were AMWF

No. 203750

Some thirsty kid is building a list to stalk girls on Instagram .

No. 203760

File: 1504033391006.jpg (51.55 KB, 640x640, IMG_1888.JPG)

> I really admire how Kendrick Lamar promotes black people as a whole his lyrics speak to me - I wish we had a community like that
HUMBLE https://youtu.be/tvTRZJ-4EyI?t=104
This part
I'm so fuckin' sick and tired of the Photoshop
Show me somethin' natural like afro on Richard Pryor
Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks"
need DFD to do a remix "show me somethin' natural like epicanthic eyelids"

No. 203767

No. 203857

But tons of Asians have eyelids with epicanthic folds, wtf is he talking about?

I don't get why they're generally so easily triggered by plastic surgery in Asia. Who cares what people from the other side of the globe do?

No. 203921

File: 1504134500774.png (144.01 KB, 657x491, order.PNG)

I saw this in one of Eurasian Tiger's videos. Is he ordering tranny shit?

No. 203996

Since ET claims Pacific Islanders as Asian, I wonder why they've never brought up the most famous AMWF couple…Mary Kay Letourneau and her student.

No. 204006

AznMasculinity type roleplaying as a yellow fever white guy tries to get comedian Bill Burr to bag on WMAF, fails spectacularly


EurasianTiger thinks he can do better


No. 204296


Her boyfriend isn't cute, could care less about the fact that he's Asian

No. 205231

File: 1506068681119.png (651.79 KB, 1135x541, eurasian tiger.png)

Eurasian Tiger's real name is Tenda Spencer

No. 205540

Holy shit. Anyway that guy's art is too good compared to ET's redpill comics lol

No. 205584

No wonder he's obsessed with Richard Spencer. Same surname. It's like he is his nemesis.

No. 205594

File: 1506338319359.jpg (1.46 MB, 587x2618, Untitledsdg.jpg)

How much of this tirade is lies and just a coverup for the fact the doxxing really hurt him? Yeah, I'm sure an adult man has to move in the middle of nowhere and disappear forever, because Jewish science prevents them from seeking help. Not even r/hapas commenters seem to buy into it.

No. 205616

It's too crazy for it to be true.

No. 205928

File: 1506457989154.jpg (146.41 KB, 838x508, Untitled23.jpg)

More proof in case you ever had any doubts about ET going to 4chan.

No. 205998

File: 1506466747721.jpg (98.24 KB, 641x261, Untitled3.jpg)

A screenshot of one of his /int/ posts. He's replying to Chinese national who said whites are civilized.

No. 206169

Speaking of AMWF, most of the couples ET and the gang post aren't even good looking. It's always a 4/10 Asian dude and his beady eyed, bird nosed wife.

Just like Persephone.


No. 206391

File: 1506700199615.png (82.76 KB, 750x709, IMG_4155.PNG)

I finally agree with EurasianTiger!

No. 208026

File: 1507623994148.jpg (66.64 KB, 500x917, 22221875_10155256550597261_416…)

Stay crying boyos

No. 208078

How did you end up here? Y'all mad asian boys surely have no life.

Keep crying cuz blacks and whites fuck your girls.

No. 208318

File: 1507754909181.png (2.2 MB, 2030x770, aline nakashima.png)

>asian guys kisses an asian girl
Ok. Did you know that most AMWF hapa girls go for white guys? I have like a few dozen examples of them if you want me to make your Asian butt hurt.

No. 208333

File: 1507761873784.jpg (432.19 KB, 940x628, mix-results4.jpg)

All four AMWF daughters only date white guys, poor aznidentity.

No. 208392

File: 1507792413137.jpg (41.75 KB, 710x710, jankinoff.jpg)

jankinoff was former forum buddies with spencer, spencer was a mod on lookism and jankinoff was a bbc troll who ran alt games

kwoppa is alt by jankinoff/supportlocalsluts/bbctakeover for the purposes to shit on asians he dislikes so much

jankinoff's reddit hapa parody account

the reddit kwoppa account uses alot of lookism terminology, similar syntax, liberal references and his dislike for asians


account open on 12/06/2017


account open on 08/06/2017

jankinoff was true to his word in wanting to take over r/incels, in the form of a self hating alt

he has done this act before with pretending to be different self hating whites on lookism



jankinoff the british cuckold who loves the black dick

No. 208396

File: 1507793748029.png (1.54 MB, 1046x772, alexa chung.png)

I'll post four since you asked.

No. 208397

File: 1507793828061.png (1.28 MB, 740x1354, jessica gomes.png)

The simple fact is that white men are more masculine than Asian boys, so eventually somewhere down the line even if they have Asian fathers, the daughters are going to catch which way the wind is blowing and realize that there are sexier males out there. Nature always finds a way to correct its mistakes. It's called evolution.

No. 208398

File: 1507794038585.png (3.16 MB, 3002x928, anna akana.png)

It's not a curse or anything, we white men didn't cause this hierarchy through any cultural influence. It's simply the result of animalistic hormones and evolution.

Taller, stronger, more striking-looking will always appeal more than a short, doughy child-faced Asian male.

No. 208399

File: 1507794259350.jpg (117.53 KB, 634x917, vanessa hudgens.jpg)

Sure, you can be a decent-looking ethnik (not talking about you Tendie you Uzbek-looking motherfucker), but even then, even if you looksmax, you'll never be a Chad. Chad is only reserved for white MEN.

No. 208405

His runescape soulhealing sessions must not be working out too well.

No. 208421

Pretending to be a black man again, Tendie?

No. 208459

You seem to know that by hard Jankinoff.

No. 208462

This is weird since paternal imprint is usually strong (daughters date men like their fathers, provided their father was an active figure in their lives).

It really is a testament to how completely lacking in masculinity asian men are that their own daughters reject Asian men like them and go for white men, even if they've weebcel'ed and STEMcel'ed their way to a 4/10 white gf, Chad Jr will still manage to find a way to cuck them, 30 years after school ended.

Nature finds a way.

No. 208503

Jankinoff, between this and trolling about Islam, things must be pretty bad in London.

No. 208983

File: 1507955795422.jpg (74.74 KB, 1028x675, http-//o.aolcdn.com/hss/storag…)

"interracial dating is wonderful!"

No. 209012

File: 1507997846501.jpg (123.3 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why can't you go back to reddit? You're only shitting up the thread. Here for you - now leave.

No. 209013

you sound triggered, snowflake

No. 209021

t. aznidentitycel

No. 209052

still doesn't change the fact that showing the pic of the Las Vegas shooter triggers you precious ego lol

No. 209074

Still doesn't change that this entire thread and some nobody in Asia triggers you to stay here forever.

No. 209094

Tendie, your wife is a goddamn asian land whale. My god

No. 209101

File: 1508134289948.jpg (195.76 KB, 2041x1073, c045e9bcc45763fd12a3cf.jpg)

FactzKnight your own beta white cuckold ways make it toxic for any White woman to put up with you.

Now fuck off from orbiting around healthy White couples.

You belong in the hapa mutt pit like the rest of your kind.

No. 209102

File: 1508134669992.jpg (11.53 KB, 299x208, 71093a921e475c1aaf7e13897f268.…)


FactzKnight you alt cuck

White women and White couples are getting AIDS from watching your channel


How cumes you disable your comments you white cuckold.

The new face of the dog eating ching chong fucking white cuckold breeding hapa gooks like tendies.

You two are fucking subhuman dog eaters.


No. 209103

File: 1508134808747.jpg (25.21 KB, 584x329, 8c03d1d73a07bbb1854303.jpg)


A White cuck arguing with a Hapa faggot.

You both of CHING CHONG a wife.


No. 209319

File: 1508358776279.jpg (161.39 KB, 844x991, fe0.jpg)

Whites who fuck niggers or gooks sound all the same

No. 209346

I love me some old hag Asian woooomen! I like to beat her to a pulp and I don't let her say nothin' about the guns I'm bringing to Vegas!

No. 209442

File: 1508458484327.jpeg (138.51 KB, 594x1012, F5CE6239-6530-47DE-8E32-4E738E…)

No. 209471

File: 1508486885513.jpg (83.67 KB, 720x960, dedf0e3fda38.jpg)

Then there was jankinoff, a licensed therapist who dated an insane girlfriend who was apparently given to shitting herself.

No. 209528

File: 1508568883357.jpg (60.98 KB, 638x633, bfc78d0fb89e85.jpg)

No. 209581

File: 1508620178926.png (244.9 KB, 1109x437, e1d216075.png)

another of jankinoff's friend

armadylbrah767, all the shit he talk and did on lookism, he's some lebo from sydney who smokes shisha, i spoke to one of the users on lookism who armadylbrah sent his pics to and his instagram in june, and its absolutely hilarious how much he exagerated his life.

the 10/10 white girlfriend he bragged about is nothing but a 2/10 whale and he claimed to be rich yet he drives a $15k beat up bmw, his half european/half arab claims are real.

should i post all his photos and expose him? What an absolute subhuman framcel he's 5/10 at best.

No. 209601

File: 1508632774503.jpg (161.72 KB, 500x603, tumblr_me9gr0yh7V1rp91oyo1_500…)

He also runs this blog

No. 209607

File: 1508639406562.jpg (50.92 KB, 314x449, 8d4d50f6d77a5661.jpg)


I approve.

Anything but Jankinoff's tiny jank.
Sorry jank, I rejected you and made you go insane.

No. 209653

File: 1508712331866.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1508014859661.webm)

Tenda's tiny weenie measures a whopping 13cm as confirmed in his videos. Poor lil fellow got kicked out of Youtube more times than he has had sex.

No. 209655

File: 1508714713400.jpg (156.27 KB, 864x980, cab0.jpg)

This is so heart breaking.


'Yo Jank"
"I know a former patient of yours.'
London is a small place after all."

WTF is with that tshirt?

No. 209660

I looove to fuck nasty old Filipinos hahahaha

No. 210005

File: 1509087443999.jpg (587.07 KB, 2448x3264, 4bZMGee.jpg)

No. 210007

File: 1509087692592.jpg (90.56 KB, 864x561, gySKKAg.jpg)

No. 210009

File: 1509089207976.png (90.71 KB, 621x537, mole.png)

The mole on his upper lip is the same as in the leaked pictures.

No. 210067

File: 1509159291491.jpg (54.76 KB, 896x158, wat the fuck.jpg)

No. 210068

File: 1509159346343.jpg (114.35 KB, 1688x279, jankinoff_gay_part_1.jpg)


Starting to think this thing between tendie and jankinoff is due to some gay clusterfuck gone wrong and someone ending up HIV positive

Gay lovers spat

No. 210069

File: 1509159379065.jpg (52.87 KB, 1676x280, jankinoff_gay_part_2.jpg)

No. 210070

File: 1509159394492.jpg (59.18 KB, 1678x207, jankinoff_gay_part_3.jpg)

No. 210087

File: 1509172035100.jpg (384.76 KB, 1231x832, go back.jpg)

No. 210169

File: 1509263568535.jpg (684.5 KB, 1736x2793, jankinoff bbctakeover butthurt…)

No. 210202

File: 1509302240774.jpg (97.58 KB, 768x1024, A8w5dxgCMAE6YJc.jpg large.jpg)

Did this bird-boned Kazakh catch a second wind? He's out there again claiming to be attractive. HAHA.

No. 210265

File: 1509361193094.jpg (41.89 KB, 400x406, tenda-jankinoff-gods-final-pla…)

No. 210266

File: 1509361234647.jpg (905.38 KB, 5433x2832, 4f55a.jpg)

No. 210267

File: 1509361250065.jpg (198.5 KB, 1600x1200, beatles.jpg)

No. 210268

File: 1509361386014.jpg (46.23 KB, 400x400, tenda-bbctheory-jankinoff-bbct…)

No. 210269

File: 1509361412415.jpg (102.35 KB, 1089x391, jankinoff_on_asians.jpg)

No. 210270

File: 1509361498915.jpg (80.08 KB, 1014x659, wtf.jpg)

jankinoff past









jankinoff dick








jankinoff smile










jankinoff car






jankinoff pro fem







No. 210271

File: 1509361658535.jpg (178.22 KB, 844x991, jankinoff cries.jpg)

No. 210707

This belongs on cursed images

I can also see that Tendies is ruining this thread

No. 211153

File: 1510267024932.jpg (382.72 KB, 1231x832, kike_jank.jpg)

jankinoff u remember your friend tenda on lookism

No. 211154

File: 1510267042308.jpg (161.51 KB, 844x991, drama_queen.jpg)

jankinoff u remember your friend tenda on lookism

No. 211155

File: 1510267054170.jpg (74.59 KB, 699x530, nigger_loving_fag.jpg)

jankinoff u remember your friend tenda on lookism

No. 211156

File: 1510267070447.jpg (134.82 KB, 760x994, An_insane_tearful_novel_life_b…)

jankinoff u remember your friend tenda on lookism

No. 211157

File: 1510267081185.jpg (38.18 KB, 1500x1000, amazon.jpg)

jankinoff u remember your friend tenda on lookism

No. 211158

File: 1510267095685.jpg (134.61 KB, 1500x300, amazons.jpg)

jankinoff u remember your friend tenda on lookism

No. 211159

File: 1510267164847.jpg (133.36 KB, 760x994, An_insane_tearful_novel_life_b…)

jankinoff u remember your friend tenda on lookism

No. 211220

All this thread says to me is that interracial relationships of all kinds are way more likely to be fucked up

No. 211660

File: 1510813123851.png (3.43 MB, 1769x3697, ce0e967c66189555936201d2e5eda9…)

pennsylvania made half spic cuck.

No. 211664

File: 1510816390702.jpg (1.04 MB, 1769x3697, landofweirdos.jpg)

Totally hun

No. 211738

File: 1510877227378.jpg (1.2 MB, 3692x2720, confirmed bi jankinoff bbctake…)


No. 211887

File: 1510994396455.jpg (851.48 KB, 3184x3840, tnB48h.jpg)

No. 212023

File: 1511102157648.jpg (45.01 KB, 142x200, 2hnopox.jpg)

adolf Hipster

No. 212024

File: 1511102885775.jpg (254.19 KB, 1444x826, 5vt1jm.jpg)

No. 212080

File: 1511142549457.jpg (62.92 KB, 580x520, 20sj620.jpg)

No. 212081

File: 1511142640005.jpg (1.19 MB, 1468x1100, 24o0o4y.jpg)

No. 212082

File: 1511142651897.jpg (7.58 KB, 152x102, 16hkryp.jpg)

No. 212229

File: 1511241455696.jpg (278.47 KB, 1564x1272, MsBCqJW.jpg)

No. 212264

File: 1511279723144.jpg (525.47 KB, 3164x1852, 1imQyEy.jpg)

No. 212285

No. 212515

Dude, you need help.

No. 212516

File: 1511391321922.jpg (121.2 KB, 710x698, e058b5de59a71952c3aef8d04e2a20…)

Jankinoff 'BBCTakeover' is a half spic from Pennsylvania running church and rape game and married to a nigger wife.

His own words from Lookism.

What is wrong with your half white dudes?

No. 212693

File: 1511573247146.jpg (324.13 KB, 1128x1781, GdfCbx3.jpg)

Lookism trolls at all again with the likes of Jankinoff 'BBCTakeover' and co.

No. 212694

File: 1511573300107.jpg (364.52 KB, 1134x2280, WzamgOE.jpg)

Lookism trolls at it all again with the likes of Jankinoff 'BBCTakeover' and co.

No. 212701

File: 1511578696530.png (484.63 KB, 1029x4644, HzUriMk.png)

(when lookism was down => june 2017) Sluthate.com / Redpilltalk.net
chat log between lookism.net posters BBCTakeover ' Jankinoff ' and Adolf Hipster

No. 212839

File: 1511720091844.png (468.73 KB, 546x579, ENZjF1A.png)

Stop bullying us Indian guys you faggot!!!!!

No. 213564


Is their white girlfriend actually their hand?

Poor Tendies is still spamming this thread to make it look like Lookism users are here.

No. 221073

File: 1515309340039.png (969.46 KB, 848x861, RyZeZDF.png)

Jovan Humberto Andrade
Jovan H Andrade
Jovan Andrade
June 22 1986

the lategreat bbctakeover




Bachelor of Arts at UConn
Master of Arts (MA), Applied Behavior Analysis at Penn State

Poster on puahate.com, sluthate.com, lookism.net, r/incels/, incels.me -> Democratic Party voter, Socialist, Whitewater Rafting, Big Black Cock BBC worshipping, Islam loving, Part Jew (Bryndis Kay (((Savage))) Andrade) Part Hispanic, White and Asian hating - Jovan Humberto Andrade

Jovan Humberto Andrade, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Supervisor works to create a positive difference and significantly improve the quality of life of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, by providing effective and affordable in-home ABA therapy, based on your child’s individual needs. Our commitment is to establish a cooperative partnership through trust, respect, and communication with your family.


No. 221074

File: 1515309389444.jpg (758.5 KB, 3224x2675, tvjXb1J.jpg)

No. 221075

File: 1515309412780.png (350.68 KB, 1620x1476, 5DzhqeG.png)

No. 221076

File: 1515309449757.png (936.16 KB, 859x881, YRmp3xZ.png)

No. 221077

File: 1515309479778.png (643.47 KB, 867x903, Ci8lqBb.png)

No. 224334

File: 1516096640140.png (48.39 KB, 1014x538, perse et drama.png)

Tenda threatened to kill Persephone so she sent his messages to his friends and family.

No. 224335

File: 1516096868081.png (39.61 KB, 735x384, mental ill.png)

Persephone claims to have multiple personality disorder.
Also says she's still in love with Tenda.

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