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File: 1507609773428.gif (495.32 KB, 500x306, d691bd1c0b91f1d41febe49e118f11…)

No. 208007

There was some interest earlier so

random celebrity gossip, discussion dirt and drama thread go

No. 208008

It would be nice if the Kardashian clan will die out soon like what happened to the hills and jersey shore cast. Think it'll be awhile since she's married to Kanye and everyone wants to look like Kim and her plastic surgery addict family.

No. 208018

File: 1507614303467.jpg (54.15 KB, 1071x1070, download_20171010_004303.jpg)

why are there STILL people defending xxxtentacion? he's guilty as fuck and his music is shit

No. 208021

Who's looking forward to Weinstein going down in flames?

Chris Brown all over again

No. 208031

Kardashians are absolute cancer. Why are all the instathots being obsessed with them? They're trashy as fuck, the only thing they have is money

No. 208045

Kylie jenner is now 'pregnant' supposedly. Thoughts? Its not been announced by the family yet, i hope for her sake its just a PR stunt, 20 is way too young to have baby imo

No. 208057

Me. I've heard Weinstein rumors for years and I'm not even in the industry. So I don't believe the people in the industry coming out and saying they had no idea.

It makes me sad because Quentin T. is one of those people who most likely knew and didn't care. But who am I kidding, he's probably the same way.

No. 208066

They've all but confirmed it, probably just waiting to announce it on the show. Khloe is pregnant too and with Kim having a surrogate that makes three of them popping out more spawn. The only thing that I kind of respect them for is not falling all over themselves to suck "Caitlyn's" dick just because he's a tranny now.

No. 208079

File: 1507650299160.jpg (53.27 KB, 733x365, scott-disick-sofia-richie.jpg)

Kourtney Kardashian's ex husband is now dating a teenager, Sofia Richie. Barf

No. 208081

Justin Bieber also dated her when she was just 17, i mean he's still young himself, but still… when you're this young can't you take an equaly as young early/mid twenties girl?
When even young guys take somebody already a few years younger, no wonder old dudes think they can have somebody a few decades younger…

No. 208086

You can see that dude from miles away and recognize he is a sociopath from his looks alone.

No. 208087

At least he was an entertaining sociopath. Loved how snarky he always was with the Kardashian clan, dude didn't give a fuck.

No. 208088

There's this video on youtube Men ruined by the Kardashians. You don't need to be a fan of them, but it's seriously not their fault that these grown ass men spend all the money they got from them on drugs etc.!

It always urged me the wrong they that tyga dated kylie while she was still a minor as well…

No. 208090

The reason why I was shocked is not because of her age (plenty of 20? year olds get pregnant, not that it's a good thing, but because of how common that is that has less of a shock-value) but because of how short her relationship with the guy she's expecting with is. AFAIK they were together a couple of months before she got pregnant which is insane.

No. 208117

the hills and kuwtk is classy reality. are you a boy

jersey shore and the uk replicas are awful trash.

No. 208119

personally i have every episode of theirs, except the miami ones (if any anons want to help a sister out) i love the kardashians, like jlaw states, they give me a comfy vibe.

No. 208120

caitlyn did the family wrong, she's not shown in a great light these past seasons.

No. 208121

preach girl!

i hate that people think the kardashian's ruin these men.

i reckon lamar got rob hooked on the coke and that's the dark times khloe always refers to about when rob was living in her martial home.

i make my boyfriend watch kuwtk and he has much more experience with drugs than i, and he says rob looks like a binger. he's probably done so much gear he's maxed out and fucked his serotonin levels.

chyna and tyga both dirty rat bags. spiteful cunts

No. 208939

I still think Kylie might be Kim's surrogate. Part of that is probably wishful thinking bc it'd suck for this 20 year old girl to be preoccupied with a fatherless baby

No. 209018

Ikr, he always has this cold stare.
He was also a huge POS in Kuwtk. Creepy

No. 209363

Same, but when one roach dies another pops up in its place. Someone else as equally annoying will quickly show up to take up where they left off unfortunately. I feel like everyone is such a fucking exhibitionist these days. I just wanna see someone of substance take center stage for more than three seconds as opposed to the same plastic faced, beanbag chair assed nobodies.
I kinda feel you, but ehh. I mean, she'll be fine at the end of the day considering that she's a literal millionaire and has a gigantic family.

No. 210476

File: 1509521170796.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20171101-081526~2.p…)

>an actor came forward that Kevin Spacey made sexual advances at him when he was just 14 back in 1988
>Kevin Spacey apologizes although he says he doesn't remember
>He ends his statement with coming out as gay
>Now his brother comes forward telling media their father was a nazi/child rapist

What do you think about the Kevin Spacey causa?

No. 210477

Like Weinstein, Kevin Spacey is yet another person who has had multiple rumors and accusations floating around about him for years. Even I knew of them and I'm not directly in the industry. His statement was bizarre and complete bullshit in my opinion. He really tried to deflect by officially coming out as gay, and a lot of news outlets bought it. They ran with that as their story, not that he was being accused of being a fucking pedophile.

I doubt anything can be done about these accusations, but I hope Anthony Rapp can find some kind of closure by coming forward. Also I completely believe more people are going to be coming forward with stories about Spacey in the next week or so.

No. 210478

File: 1509522144443.png (227.73 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20171101-084103~2.p…)

>More will come forward
That already happened

No. 210482

Oh thanks. I hadn't heard of these.

That last one is very interesting because one of the stories I've heard (take this with multiple grains of salt) is that some members of the production team on House of Cards were warned not to get too close to him or be alone with him.

No. 210497

File: 1509528449555.jpg (104.09 KB, 500x667, Dan_Schneider_1.jpg)

I'm still waiting for Dan Schneider rumors to hit the fan.

>Nickelodeon will claim, "They never knew!"

No. 210505

Oh, yeah. That guys is sketchy as fuck. I think anyone who has looked into him even a little bit can see that he's a pedo.

No. 210509

File: 1509552913982.jpg (286.71 KB, 1073x1254, _20171101_171401.JPG)

Unpopular opinion: Kaia Gerber is just as overrated as the Kenners and Hadids

No. 210511

wow she looks even deader and shallower than kaka. that's one kind of achievement.

No. 210518


and she's only 16…

No. 210519

Wtf? She looks in her mid-20's at least, is she malnourishing herself to have such sallow skin and fine lines at such a young age?

No. 210521

>malnourishing herself
since she is a model, probably. there is the sporting type eating regular but restrictive type and the starving type of models. she probably is the starving type.

No. 210523

File: 1509568796165.jpg (325.99 KB, 1280x1920, example.jpg)

She's def the starving type. It's so sad especially how young she is.

No. 210578

How common do you think it is for stars to fake their age? Like now with Kaia or also others, i simply refuse to believe that some of them claim to be still so young, whilst obviously not looking the part…

No. 210582

File: 1509624287098.gif (894.76 KB, 500x332, Rupaul-laughing-green-dress.gi…)

well with the age of celebrities you have to keep in mind a few things:
very seldomly photgraphs are not retouched. Skin moothening is only one of the things every magazine does.
red carpet action: make up, light, light, light and again retouching.
Being rich let's you usually age slower. Less stress, more resources , more spa days.
Minor plastic surgery: again skin treatments, tightenings, and so on and so on.
i dont think celebrities lie about their age, they rather try to hide it.

think of Ru Paul. I like her, but when she laughs nothing above her nose moves. it's just her mouth opening and her eyes closing. ridiculous if you ask me. but thanks to botox she looks way younger than she is.

No. 210590

I think you isread what i wrote: i did not say that a lot of celebrities look young - ots rather the opposite. And like you pointed out, they cam afford better skin care etc. so why are they still looking older? Maybe because they're lying about their age…

No. 210595

I'm on the fence about Kaia. Her face is not model material (she's pretty, just not that kind of pretty), but her body would be fit for runway imo. Her legs are so long! She definitely won the genetics lottery with them

No. 210624

Faking your age would simply not be possible if you have famous parents. But for some nobody who just got famous (f.e. Lorde) it would be really easy to make yourself younger

No. 210625

She's not even pretty tbh. She's just talk and skinny. Kendall is the most attractive out of all the nepotism models we have now

No. 210717

Biebz and Selena are back.

Is it PR or tru wub?

No. 210737

Kylie is pregnant and it's so funny that her family is obviously ashamed as fuck even though they (mainly Kris) are the only ones to blame.

No. 210773

File: 1509808724847.jpg (74.85 KB, 976x549, _92274193_gettyimages-15576017…)

Kendall is pretty, but also really basic for model standards and the lip injections sort of ruined her beauty.
Out of the nepotism bunch, the only one I think deserves her place as a model is Cara. She's actually unusual looking, too bad now she ditched modeling to be a mediocre actress and a subpar singer. Just why…

No. 210816

Probably due to her weight, and I don't mean that as a dig at her. I remember Lagerfield commenting on her weight gain/fluctuations and basically dropping her after booking her for everything (or maybe it was some other designer or brand? I might be fudging details).

Honestly, modeling is an extreme high risk low reward job, and I'm pretty sure she had a couple interviews talking about the toll it had on her mentally. Acting at least gives you some sort of leverage since you're moderately less disposable. Also, she's really going into singing…?

Anyway, I liked Cara, too. Shitty walk, but she was good in editorials and actually had some sort of personality.

No. 210858

She does not do anything for me. Her face is nothing special and in some editorials she looks like a mole. I'm not sure why. And her acting is bad. Cara comes from old money that's what gets me. Girl has everything and still had to have the media machine push her out there constantly. And wasn't she Weinsteined too? I hope she fades away

Kaia looks like she restricts her eating. Hopefully she will stop doing that and grow into her looks. I hope her mom doesn't prostitute her like KJ did with Ken.

No. 210859

They're both crackheads. Justin is gay and Selena is his beard. Cabbage patch kid will latch onto anyone famous because her struggle vocals and acting ain't cutting it. Watch the end of the video haha

No. 210908

oh wow, i thought they would have bodyguards around them

No. 210915

that was….. very surreal to watch lol, the camera guy had me laughing. but why are they in a sketchy ass area with no security? if they were trying to score or something i feel like high profile celebrities would have like, a middle person to do that for them, and selena being there at all for any purpose really throws me off. bitch literally just got new kidneys, maybe chill out and try to keep em safe

No. 210917

1. It's hard to trust personal assistants to go on crack runs for you nowadays

2. It was Halloween time so their regular dealer was probably busy

3. Beiber and Selena are the naggiest cokeheads. Most celebs are since they have no concept of time/money and just get high all day, get bitchy when the supply runs dry

4. Theyre just desperate and stupid to get high lol

Yeah Selena doesn't have Lupus lol. It's just a front for her coke/alcohol addiction. At first it was severe anxiety then her mom's miscarriage then lupus finally stuck. I feel bad her friend was stupid enough to give her kidneys.

No. 210953

Tbh I think her friend was paid for a cover up story. She got tested and was immediately a perfect match right after Selena knew she needed a kidney? They probably bribed someone else for a kidney and paid her for a pity-party cover up story to not make it seem weird Selena got a kidney so fast.
That video is shit though. It doesn't printed jackshit. That they are cokeheads is just gossip.. idk.

No. 210982

She is a cokehead. Have you seen her last boyfriend? Druggie Abel? Her and demi are huge coke addicts. It's been leaked multiple times in the press. Most of your faves are drug addicts. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. That's just the Hollywood game.

Idk how to make you less gullible. But I hope you get woke soon lmao.

Bribed someone else for a kidney? And by that you mean… She got a black market kidney?

You are getting there. Why was she in such a rush to get a kidney? Cuz SHE'S A COKEHEAD WHO RUINED HER KIDNEYS FROM COKE ! Lol

No. 210984

*And alcohol as well. The two are pretty much the O.G pair. Booze and coke.

No. 211074

Those pics of her pregnant as fuck leaked and she chimped out, claimed copyright, and called them out as shoops on twitter. And now she snapped a pic of a bunch of snacks she is buying for a girls trip with a strategically placed box of tampons in view. Of course your average twitter user is retarded and easily confused so they took that obvious misdirection just like she wanted them to and are now questioning her pregnancy. Embarrassing

No. 211076


I only hope cole sprouse and the riverdale hang are spared, also dylan since he's starting his acting career again

man those two are unlucky, that's two longterm gf's that have ratted them out to social media when they got relationship issues, rough

No. 211091

I thought Cole was alright before, but some of his pretentious online behavior (like that Tumblr "social experiment") and abuse revelations from his ex-girlfriend really make him seem like a douche.

No. 211120

File: 1510228822897.jpg (45.48 KB, 405x607, 405.jpg)

I don't like what's happening with Stranger Things kids. Everyone's like "they have to watch out for pervs!!" because of recent scandals, but do people realize how sexualized are the kids now? By the fans? By photographers? How they have to look and act adult? Shit, just compare them with young Harry Potter cast. Kids vs little adults. I don't know, you could say it's just clothes and some mature photoshoots for magazines, why you trippin, and I get it… But on the other hand I have this internal feeling of uneasiness, wrongness, like I can sense the source of it, the roots, and it's disgusting.
I hope it makes any sense

No. 211125

File: 1510238732818.jpg (11.72 KB, 132x357, Clipboard01a.jpg)

i know completely what you mean. she looks like in her early 20s not 13..
she is also treated as such. i hope she has people around her that are interested in keeping her safe.

No. 211130

I only vaguely follow the Kardashians so I don't really get why they're ashamed she's pregnant? Obviously she's young and only just got into that relationship, but her situation is very different to most people's. She's got so much money that her lifestyle wouldn't have to change much if she had a kid. She could even use it to her advantage and seek business opportunities related to pregnancy/babies. I haven't seen anyone really criticising her either, most of the stuff I read is just like "wooow she's pregnant!"

Idk I just don't get it, the family are trashy as fuck anyway, they just get away with it because they've got money

No. 211132

I get that vibe as well. It's like the fans who are screaming about the pedophiles and sexualization in Hollywood are also the types who set young actors and actresses on super high pedestals which puts them under constant stress to overperform and always be perfect.

I don't see how that's any healthier. Then these child stars grow into twisted adolescents and all those fans turn their backs on them.

No. 211141


his ex gf was unreliable af, though. I mean, I bet it wasn't a very pretty breakup but she went from sobbing about losing him/how amazing their chemistry was/how she hopes to get back with him in the future to a total 180 about how manipulative and abusive he was and how she's going to counceling. She says that it's his initiative to break up, then she turns and says that they were gonna And she asked at first to not send asks about it/be respectful while she continuously talked about him and posted about him, and subposting them like "my last post wasn't for your eyes" etc.

She could have just said yeah we broke up, and case closed. But no, she decided not only to stir the pot but she put a goddamn soup blender in the pot. And when people asked like "well what did he do to you?" she got vitriolic like "oh yah okay lure me into a safe space so u can trick me into talking about private information!!!" like… girl that's WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME

She was also apparently quite jealous/uncomfortable with female fans approaching him in the street. I can get how that can sour someone, but you have to be prepared for that, they are gonna have a memorable moment with him and maybe never see him again, you were his gf, you can't exactly compare the two. Let them live.

Look, I ain't saying that she's a liar, but goddamn she doesn't back her case up very well when she acted like that. Case to note: when you break up with your ex and you're not famous the radius of damage you can do is significantly smaller than when you're with a celebrity.

source for most of what I'm talking about: http://sprousefreaks.freeforums.net/thread/1177/guys-bree-cole-broke

you don't need to take this place's opinions as gospel but a lot of tumblr posts no longer exist so most of it is from there

No. 211162

Can someone make Tyrese go away he's creeping everyone out.

No. 211163

You guys see the new Louis C.K. drama?

No. 211170

I didn't, what'd he do?

No. 211171

jacked it in front of 5 actresses lol

No. 211175

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Sexual Misconduct Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Peen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

No. 211194

File: 1510313204137.jpg (60.94 KB, 600x800, 137593505136.jpg)

>>211125 Who wrote this?

No. 211210

File: 1510336692911.jpg (356.14 KB, 1000x1300, Charlize-Theron-W-Magazine-Aug…)

>what is google
W magazine, august 2017 issue

No. 211213

I'm not surprised. There have been accusations going around from some female celebrities that Louis C.K.'s a perverted creep. There's always been something that rubbed me the wrong way about him despite his large following.

No. 211250

anyone hear about george takei? Oh my…

No. 211295

of course she paid for the kidney. she hasn't been off alcohol long enough to get a regular one.

No. 215874

File: 1513028604437.jpg (169.99 KB, 643x961, 1513023541199.jpg)

taytay got pudgy

No. 215876

Disordered eating catches up with people eventually.

No. 215897

File: 1513039565812.jpeg (243.33 KB, 1200x2013, F403D6F4-6708-4F98-856F-09A703…)

It’s a pretty unflattering angle.

No. 215957

Does anyone else think she's gay? She seems to just have short flings with men, never a meaningful relationship, and many of her exes seem like theyre secretly gay themselves. I just get hella closeted gay vibes from her. I don't think she'd ever ever be open about it though

No. 215958

I always thought her persona was just that. Not sure about gay, but I always thought her "good girl" thing was a joke. According to Katy Perry, she's inferred she's the "Regina George" of the music industry and they don't get along. One of her most recent music videos was Taylor taking a stab at KP and her fans. I can go into deets if anyone wants. I read a lot of gossip rags and keep up on pop girls.

I also think she's conservative. If she is not, she tactfully hides this from her many country, conservative, and semi-ironic alt-right fans. She showed a picture of herself at a voting booth around the election, but absolutely did not say who she was voting for nor did she get behind any candidate openly.

No. 215966

The only thing I know about her is from talking to people in her hometown in PA. Her music makes her seem as if she was bullied, but apparently she was the one who refused to talk to other people because she felt that she was better than them. Also likes to claim that she was made fun of for living on a christmas tree farm, which I don't buy.

No. 216011

not really

No. 216013

I get more of an asexual vibe from her. And that her "relationships" are all arranged by managers as publicity stunts.

When I was younger, I used to think her "relationships" fell apart because she wouldn't sleep with whoever she was with.

I do think she and/or her managers are very determined to manipulate.

No. 216015

taylor is a studio hack so all of her celeb gossip shit is gonna be fake.

No. 216835

No. 216892

Not that he doesn't deserve the time, but the legal system is so confusing. Someone can rape a person and not even go to prison but then beating, threatening, and evidence tampering gets you 70 years

I didn't read that much into the case tho (saged)

No. 217727

His fans are assholes. They are threating his ex for HIS shit and for Him getting caught and going to jail.

No. 217843

File: 1513623486085.jpg (116.34 KB, 1000x563, jonghyun-rexfeatures.jpg)

Not hollywood, anyone hear about Jonghyun's suicide? He was apart of the kpop group Shinee

No. 217848

yeah I'm not even into k-pop but wow that surprised me, I thought it's a troll. Supposedly he poisoned himself with carbon monoxide.

No. 217849

I've recently seen news about his suicide. I was his fan for last few years, I've loved him so much and now he's dead. I still can't believe, I just cry. I hope he happy in haven. I'm gonna go to the cementary rn and pray for him, he bring me so much happiness for these past few years, I just can't believe, this is too much. Rest in Peace my baby, Thank you for everything and I'm sorry I couldn't help you.

No. 217855

When i saw the news i kept hoping it was some messed up fake story.
Honestly, his death broke my heart into a million pieces.
Shinee was one of the first groups i stanned almost since the beginning of their career, and jonghyun was one of my favorite idols. He seemed to be truly a wonderful person and his death broke me.

I hope this is a wake up call for Korea, and everyone really, to take mental health more seriously. I mean, fuck, did nobody think to get him some serious help and lay him off the schedules after this interview? Or most of his songs?

> A few years ago, I was crying and whining at my mom and sister while I was really drunk. I asked my mom and my sister.. it wasn’t long after we’d moved. I asked them if they were happy. I got drunk and woke up my entire sleeping family, like some ahjussi. It had been my number one goal in life, you know, to make my mom and sister happy. They both woke up and told me they were happy. But I was so envious at the fact that they were able to reply that they were, indeed, happy. Because it wasn’t like that for me. I told them while sobbing: "I want to be happy too." Then I felt like I’d done my mom and sister wrong. But from then on, I started contemplating about happiness. For about six months, I pondered specifically over what I would need to do in order to become happy. I think that time of transformation has come. I think I need to become happy, now. I must become happy. I am going to be happy.

No. 217871

So sad. I spent 30 min crying over it. Im still in shock. He wasn't my fav from the group but he still was a good person and talented. People on other kpop news sites are just rude leaving rude comments over his death like seriously? Sage for being OT but Yeah its shocking to hear about this

No. 217878

I bawled my eyes out and haven’t been able to work on my history essay despite the deadline being the day after tomorrow. Got a can of ice cream and chocolate syrup and been comfort eating til just recently. Like in those tacky chick flicks where the single mom has a mid-life crisis and wangsts about dying alone lmao.

SHINee was one of the groups that got me into K-Pop and they’ve always had a special place in my heart even though it’s been ages since I listened to their stuff. Jonghyun always seemed like such a genuinely pure sweetheart and knowing he’s been hurting so much for all this time makes me want to rip my own heart out.

No. 217884

I'm like still not entirely sure this isn't a horrible nightmare tbh. This guy was honestly one of the most genuine people in an industry built on illusions. It really hurts to know he never got to feel better. He died suffering and in pain. This guy, who made so many people feel like life was worth living felt like the only way to end his suffering is death. You've worked hard, Jonghyun. I'm sorry it had to come to this. I wish you had the chance to become happy.

No. 217947

No. 217948

Yeah SHINee was also my first intro into kpop. seem so nice its so sad to find out that this happen.I feel Sorry for the other memebers of SHINee and His family

No. 217963

Even Philly D is taking about it

No. 217968

Too bad he used the wrong pic throughout the whole vid, how did he not notice? He gave some bs excuse why not just take down the vid and use pictures of the right person??

No. 217973

Like he gives a shit. He only there to tell his fans about it. His editors probably fucked up on that front.

No. 218045

File: 1513704670239.jpg (28.02 KB, 658x435, funeral4.jpg)

Key's eyes are covered but you could see the sorrow in his face

No. 218065

Jonghyun's last letter/will was released.
It's a really tough read, especially if you struggle with mental illness, but if anyone wants to read it (reddit link since it's the best translation):


I'm not a fan of paparazzi taking pictures of grieving people on funerals, but regardless, his expression broke me, he looks absolutely devastated.
I hope the rest of the members and coworkers/label-mates/friends get psychological help to deal with this tragedy.

No. 218075

i read the note (one of these kpop site already had it translated) and it so fucking sad that it kinda broke me
fuck man I feel bad for KEY and the other Members of the group. I get wanting to cover the death of a celeb but fuck i though this was going to be a private funeral?

No. 218077

No. 218109

It hurts knowing he was on the same level as me when I attempted suicide. I feel like, and this might sound silly, had I tried to reach out, maybe I could have helped. He was looking for someone, anyone, to just straight up spill his guts to. Someone who could understand his struggle.

No. 218117

>"This guy was honestly one of the most genuine people in an industry built on illusions."

I think you mean YOU and SHINee fanss delusions. All you weirdo fans and your "muh precious baby" "my precious angel" "I love you and always will" "I will protect you!" are so obsessed with your perception of who he MIGHT be that you created a world where he could never live up to your expectations.

>"had I tried to reach out, maybe I could have helped"
Again with the delusional fans. You've idolized someone to a point where you think you honestly would've been enough to challenge the direction someone's mental illness was leading them.

If you all loved them so much, you'd stop feeding the industry that kills them from the inside out.

>I hope the rest of the members and coworkers/label-mates/friends get psychological help to deal with this tragedy.

Well, it's SK so they won't. The country that told him his depression was his fault, that shames you from taking medication, in an industry where you trade your soul for being famous.

Seriously, Kpop fans are some of the most obsessively deranged people. I didn't even follow that closely and I KNEW that he was depressed beyond repair. I wasn't surprised at all. He's been crying for help and then covering it up poorly for a long time. Maybe not projecting what sweet baby boo boo angel made me understand him better than most of his fans.

No. 218119

>If you all loved them so much, you'd stop feeding the industry that kills them from the inside out.

Thank you, fucking hell. First time I'm seeing this. K-Pop fans should be livid with SME.

No. 218183

Nicely said.

No. 218190

I get what you're saying and agree about the way SK deals with mental health issues, but the industry isn't really to blame in this case. Jonghyun had much, much more freedom (creative and otherwise) than most idols, he wasn't a struggling nugu. He loves writing and producing and was able to do plenty of it. It's like a knee jerk reaction for people only semi familiar with kpop to blame the industry for everything because muh slave contracts, muh robots who can't date publicly etc but he was one of the lucky ones. Obviously his depression ran deeper than just industry pressures.

No. 218191

Off topic, but holy shit the movie concerning that gif is totally GROSS. The man in the gif actually ate dog shit :(

No. 218192

Haven't been following this band at all. What were the signs that Jonghyun has given?

No. 218193

This made me cry :( I use to love Shinee in high school! Owen was my favorite but I still cared for all the members. Suicide is the saddest shit, cause it's all in the spur of the moment.

Depression really is a beast and once it grabs a hold of you, it won't let go :( Ugh! I read his suicide note as well ;-; It was sooooo sad!

No. 218200

Omg thank you, I've only started getting interested in kpop few month ago with the bts craze and it weirded me out almost immediately. Thoses boys literally refer to their fans as their girlfriends? Wtf this is not only cringey it's creepy as hell on BOTH ends. And some of their fans believe 100 % that those beautiful rich and successful mans are still pure virgins angels at the prime age of 22, I even saw a thread once "do you think anyone in bts masturbate?" I've never seen anyone wonder that kind of shit for any other artist. I think it's a case where the girls are almost creepier than their male counterpart.
I dropped this interest really quickly.

No. 218222

File: 1513788926984.png (529.02 KB, 750x1334, CC303BD2-B662-45ED-91FD-9F18FE…)

This was from the day of his suicide I believe… One of the many posts that made me cry.

He really thought of everything; I can’t believe someone can be this selfless right into their last moment and beyond.

No. 218225

File: 1513791136499.jpg (634.79 KB, 400x226, 9701f4f0f94580dc51f368ff895776…)

Have you ever even heard of idol culture? Kpop fangirls are definitely fucked up, but they're nowhere near as bad as the guys who're into that shit

No. 218228


He's given answers several times over that allude to how deeply unsettled he is, his guilt, and his inability to come to terms with what I feel, is a pretty obvious "I don't want to be a famous idol anymore, but I have to for everyone else's sake" complex

His depression is what made fan girls obsess over protecting him, and they love to rattle on about how hard he is on himself, how hard he works, etc. That they're acting like the YEARS they've spent micro-analyzing every paparazzi photo, live event video, bts recording…every micro-interaction he has with his band and people around him. That they say they are in shock and denial, especially after TOP tried to off himself recently, is probably the largest red flag that all of these girls are obsessed with a projection of their feelings, and not a real person. This is their selfish excuse to garner sympathy. I have friends who have taken off DAYS from WORK to mourn his death because they're so "in shock" that the guy who is always "so hard on himself" and depressed finally had enough.

I find them equally destructive and creepy. The idol culture doesn't hide that they want to sex these children, or no one else can. Typically Gender dynamics though, Men are sexual, violent, and possessive at the worst and women are master manipulators who can destroy you from afar.

No. 218235

>they're nowhere near as bad as the guys who're into that shit
You're truly underestimating how batshit some of these girls are. I'm sure some folks here who are much more well-versed on Kpop than I am very clearly remember that incident with the girl who sent a note written in her own blood to one of the members of 2PM.

No. 218236

There's also Suho's sasaeng, Rion. She held up a sign while in the audience @ whatever event with something akin to "Rape Me Suho" on it. I had no idea he could get as pissed off as he did but I 100% understand him. So disgusting.

Then there was also that one male SNSD fan who tried to kidnap Taeyeon from the stage during a performance. What the actual fuck.

No. 218238

Yeah, but like I said, no where near as fucked up as the men are. I'd rather deal with an obsessed teenage girl than a literal pedophile any day. I haven't seen them doing stuff like this:
or this:
or attempted kidnapping like >>218236 mentioned

No. 218239

>I hope this is a wake up call for Korea, and everyone really, to take mental health more seriously.
It really did make me think twice about what kind of an industry I'm supporting here. Idols are treated like shit by the companies, their fans are fucking nuts and they have to practically live in a prison with no bars. Some fan could kidnap you or hurt you, there are cases of sasaengs straight out slapping or hitting an idol because "that's how they'll remember me forever". Confessing to depression might make your company drop you and contact others not to work with you because your declining mental health affects your performance. All of this combined with probably a very sensitive personality artists often possess must fuck you up completely.

I do hope his death would act as a wake-up call to the whole industry though. He's the first actually huge k-pop musician at the top of his fame to commit suicide so it must cause some sort of a shockwave. Shinee was an iconic group and introduced a lot of international fans to k-pop, so it's not like he was some has-been from years ago.

This really hits home for anyone who's been hiding their depression for years, including me. Made me teary-eyed.

This. Holy shit he had been planning this for a long time. And I don't think anyone could've been able to help him.

No. 218242

this is more to do with japan being crazy than anything else. western aidoru fans are not nearly as crazy as western kpop fans, just like korean kpop fans aren't as western kpop fans. and none are crazy as japanese aidoru fans.

No. 218244

lol you obviously weren't following him enough. he was using his position to try fight for LGBT rights in SK as well as mental health issues, but noooo i'm delusional right? :^)

No. 218245

all of what you said is way less to do with 'the industry' and more to do with sk as a whole. the industry is a symptom of the country's issues.

No. 218247

File: 1513804789796.jpeg (102.51 KB, 740x661, A2EB34CF-1368-4CB6-994F-76AE0C…)

Bless him.

No. 218260

First of all, most kpop fans are literal teenagers. What were they supposed to do exactly? Even the older fans who knew things were wrong, we had trusted that his loved ones cared for him and helped him, because we can't. Literally all we can fucking do is buy his shit and go to shows. Sure, the idol industry attracts exactly these kinds of fans who will see what they want to see. They're not the ones who are responsible for his health. The responsibility was on his friends and family and doctor, who all fucked up royally. His dumb fucking friend who said she got his suicide letter weeks before he killed himself and was just "herp derp what should I do" and just told his family, who also knew he was suffering and did jack shit, as well as the friend who said he's been breaking down and falling asleep crying to him on the phone, the doctor who was like "yeah that just who you are so like get over it". Every single fucking cry for help was ignored by the people who were closest to him because they are all incompetent. He needed one person to tell him its ok to stop being "shinee's jonghyun", and no one did. I'm not shocked he killed himself - I'm shocked the people around him didn't give him the help he desperately needed. I AM fucking livid - at the society and culture that allowed this to happen and at the people who could actually help and didn't.

Also, people are allowed to be impacted by the death of a figure that was prominent in their life, shocking or not. Yes, even the delusional fans who buy into the fantasy.

No. 218273

sk has a different culture than yours. obviously it needs to change, but everyone did what they were expected to do, you need to be real. his death hopefully will spark change there.

No. 218308

I was hoping for someone to knock some sense into this thread.

I've seen so much creepy shit from kpop fans, many of which are old married women who should know better than the teens.

No. 218312

>I'm not shocked he killed himself - I'm shocked the people around him didn't give him the help he desperately needed. I AM fucking livid - at the society and culture that allowed this to happen and at the people who could actually help and didn't.
Thank you for this post, anon. It's exactly how I feel. I'm not even a Shinee stan since I listen to them quite casually, but his suicide at 27 strikes a nerve because I'm the same age as he is and his feelings emitting from the final letter are identical to my thoughts during my depressive episodes. It's not as much of a "boohoo my oppa killed himself I am ruined!!!" but more of a "why the fuck did this industry and this society allow it to happen and the problem should be acknowledged" thing to me. And people downplaying mental health issues isn't even just a SK thing, I'm an eurofag and there's a huge social stigma associated with depression and seeking help is a huge strain on your already worn out self.

No. 218313

Thank you. Kpop fans are fucking insane, acting as if they are not a big part of the problem. It is a sick industry, supported by delusional teenagers.

No. 218369

That's exactly how I feel. I've been struggling with depression for so long, and I recognize that exact mental state from when I'm at my lowest and suicidal, but i'm here - which is why it angers me so much when people say it was inevitable. If it's inevitable we wouldn't have counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, suicide prevention programs or support groups for families of depressed people.

We might not have all the information, but we do have various accounts from friends and family who say they've known of his condition for months. I know this is hardly the politically correct thing to say but I honestly think a lot more could have been done to help him and it was a major oversight on their part. It might be a cultural thing, but the way they said they've handled him is misguided at best. From Jonghyun's suicide note, it's also clear the psychiatrist had failed at his job. I think Jonghyun's support system ultimately let him down.

No. 218370

Kim Yeoshin/Selja?

No. 218371

Thank you for this. I’ve never quite been a SHINee stan but I’ve listened to them and really liked all the members. The assholes going “hurrdurr dis ur fault xDDD!!” taunting his fans who are genuinely devastated over his death can all go eat shit. His fans really couldn’t do much besides loving him, buying his stuff and attending shows. The people he reached out to who genuinely KNEW about his condition are the ones who failed him. SK itself is a shithole when it comes to stigmatizing mental illness, though, so them not handling it properly sadly isn’t too surprising.

No. 218379

I feel sorry for his friends and family. His sister and Taeyeon looked devastated. All of those people harassing other idols because they didn't post about his death need to fuck off.

No. 218464

pink flamingos? Its made to be gross ahaha

No. 218466

File: 1513950200736.png (298.88 KB, 870x386, 27-Club.png)

>but his suicide at 27

Bit OT but fits the thread- what do you guys think of club 27 conspiracies?

No. 218470

I've been thinking about this ever since I heard his age. So, Jonghyun is a member of 27 Club now… I get sad just thinking about this.

To answer your question, isn't 27 just the milestone where it's like, if you're not as successful as you wished to be or still aren't happy despite your success, it's over for you and there's no hope it will ever get better. You could still be young enough to still not have a broader perspective of the world/your situation or being able to grasp the bigger picture, but you're also old enough that there isn't really any going back.

As they say- an unhappy person striving for success still has a dream, but an unhappy person who has achieved success has nothing to look forward to anymore.

No. 218540

I think it’s really weird/creepy because I was hospitalized this year for the first time because of mental health stuff…and I’m 27

No. 218653

i just like to think that humans passively look for patterns in things and that with billions of people on this earth that chances are good that something will happen to people aged 27.

but im just a grumpy bitch

No. 219572

saturn return

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