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File: 1512168059454.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512061563242.png)

No. 213878

Since in the obsession with teenagers thread (>>>/ot/202410), it's clear that we have came to the conclusion that men are trash and we should avoid them

this thread is for
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women (such as the picture featured)
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general

No. 213885

>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
The reason this thread was made was to remove posters who said that rare good men existed, so shouldn't this just say "men"? Wasn't that the big point?

No. 213888

>The reason this thread was made was to remove posters who said that rare good men existed

it was made to keep our misandry discussion out of the teen thread

> so shouldn't this just say "men"? Wasn't that the big point?

it's a super rarity to find men who are worthwhile, but I mean guys who won't talk shit behind your back, make you feel insecure, belittle you, pressure you into constant sex or sex related things, just misogynists in general, if we continue to reject these men, then eventually they'll have to start being more open minded and less bitchy

No. 213889

File: 1512170106175.png (19.2 KB, 1320x95, incel_advice.png)

No. 213891

Maybe I don’t belong in this thread but…. I just can’t bring myself to say that I hate men. It’s just not something that I feel to my core. I hate how much men hate women, and I very much wish that wasn’t the case, but I still just…don’t hate them.

However I do avoid them. Not out of hatred, but I guess fear of disappointment or self preservation. I would hate to fall for a man and genuinely care for him and think he’s “different” only to discover that he hates women and views me as worthless aside from a cock holster. My heart would break but I would also feel incredibly stupid and naive. So it’s best to just not.

I don’t think that men care how bad misogyny feels, and I think they can’t help but be misogynists so there’s no point in trying to discuss women’s humanity with them. You just kind of have to let them do their thing, and if you don’t want to be subjected to constant reminders that they think you’re useless and they wish they could replace you with a literal object, you just have to do your own thing.

Overall, don’t hate men. Just very saddened by men. Mostly because I’ve been a hopeless romantic my entire teen years and now I’m 22 and I see that I was living in a fantasy land, obviously. Men aren’t really like that, they don’t see as us equals and from there the hatred, disrespect, and belittlement stems.

No. 213896

File: 1512170826565.png (59.39 KB, 845x436, managin_your_bitches.png)

No. 213899

I'm glad this thread exists. But if you look back at the teen thread, the rift wasn't hating on men (since men are mostly to blame for the teenage obsession and so most of the thread was about). The problem was the divide between people like you and anons that instead attacked girls for believing ANY individual man could be compassionate or feminist or for having similar hopes for the future that you are having, and called them misogynists
Anyway, I agree with you so I'm sorry for going OT on your clean thread

Don't give up the good fight, accepting that 'men can't help it' is defeat, don't let men live in blissful ignorance of our suffering

No. 213900

>>was looking at this same thread right now
I should probably stop going on r9k

No. 213906

Let me guess - this guy would be one of those "loving" husbands, right?

Sure thing buddy. God damn I hate these people.

No. 213907

The thread that post is in is still up, go shitpost on his ass

No. 213909

What was the thread about?

No. 213910

Well an anon said she wanted to kill herself after reading his post and he told her not to, so that's… something I guess?

No. 213912

I wanna run him over with my lambo and have his ass get saved by a female doctor

SMH talking all kinds of "women can never be higher than men" shit, what does this guy do anyway? flip fucking burgers? ha

No. 213913

I've had many shitty experiences with men, I wouldn't say I hate men as whole or because they're men but I hate a lot of their actions.

I've been raped multiple times in my life, through out my childhood I had an abuser and it went on for years until he was eventually caught. Then I was raped again in my teens by an older man. It screwed me up really badly, you know what happened when I tried to tell my dad about the second time I was raped as a teen? He said it was MY fault because of how I look and that I'm basically a trap for older men. He's since apologised but years later and it's just too fucking late now, the damage has already been done. I went to my dad as a cry for help and that's what happened, it destroyed my faith in men.

I still don't hate all men though and do have some good men in my life, so it really fucking baffles me that men who haven't been through half the abuse I have, are so hateful towards women just because they can't get laid.

No. 213914

several anons from the other thread are considering suicide after reading how ridiculous men are

No. 213917

I just want to say I didn't I don't hate men to pull a #notallmen my point was, women can go through years of abuse at the hands of men yet still don't wish death etc on men. Yet a lot of men are so fucking weak, that just not getting laid whenever they want makes them hate an entire gender who hasn't even wronged them in any way.

No. 213918

We started considering suicide way before the thread

No. 213919

agreed, not to mention they will go on rampages, there has even been several shootings and suicides from when men got cheated on once, this is the type of shit women deal with from several guys and get told "it's just male nature"

men are weak, if it's one thing I know they hate it's to taste their own medicine

No. 213920

But why shouldn't she, if women are as he says they are? So that she can leave to please him? He wants to talk all that shit, the logical conclusion of what he's saying is that women are basically worthless. He can't blame her for internalizing that.

These dudes are worthless trash. I highly doubt this guy does anything important for society.

Can someone post a link to the thread?

No. 213921

No. 213924

That girl is right, that thread is fucking suicide fuel. I'm so sick of being a fucking woman and having half the population look down on me. Like what the fuck. Why the FUCK was I born a woman

No. 213927

I want to tell about my experience with men.
I studied in a male dominated field so I have a lot of experience of what men talk about when they are (almost) alone. I don't know if they hate women, but they look down on us. It was everything from calling the two women (me being one of them) in the class for cumdumpsters, whores, bitches, ugly, saying that we deserve to be slapped for 'being rude', going onto our personal spaces by slapping our butt or thighs. EVEN joking about raping us. Them saying that we are useless or assuming that we were bad at what we studied was not uncommon either.

After three years I broke down in class for being harrassed by them. And I'm not a person that get easily offended.

It has created a bit of a dislike for men. Still I can't say that I hate all men. I would rather say that I dislike half of the male population, because they seem to be complete idiots.

No. 213929

I went through a similar experience at work anon, men slapping my ass and talking about my body as though I wasn't even there. It's disgusting how they treat us, especially in the work place. Why is it so hard to just treat us like humans?

No. 213930

Because they don't see us as humans. So why should they treat us as such?

No. 213931

I mean, I know a lot of people got called annoying when they said this earlier, but it really is more than just half of males who are mysoginistic and shitty in some way or another. It's the vast majority, even saying something like 80% is being very generous.

No. 213932

File: 1512179331250.png (40.12 KB, 689x371, hello.png)

Yes because men are getting arrested for saying hello to women everyday and sexual harassment rarely happens /s

It's hilarious to me that any time women's issues are discussed they get defensive and make it about themselves. If you don't sexually harass anyone, why are you getting defensive? I don't get defensive as a white person when I hear people discuss white people being racist because I know I'm not racist so they don't mean me.

No. 213934

Nothing like this has remotely happened to me and I know it's wrong but it makes me feel very ugly.

No. 213937

File: 1512179878283.png (14 KB, 639x28, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 7.57…)

I literally can't even find a reason to live being a woman. It seems so hopeless.

I hate that no matter what I do I'll never be good as a man. People always view men as more competent, more intelligent, and just..better. And they love reminding of that fact. They can't even just enjoy their superiority, they have to shove it in our faces every single day and kick us while we're down. I hate it.

Everytime I think I'm going to be fine and I can just get over it, I see more misogynistic shit being agreed with and encouraged and I just know it's a lost cause. It will never get better, men will always hate us and even worse, they will always delight in reminding us just how much they really do hate us.

No. 213938

No. 213939

File: 1512180394268.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, bait.jpg)

try harder

No. 213940

lmao this guy. don't sexually harass people and you have nothing to be afraid of. Idiots.

No. 213941

How is what I said bait? We can talk about misogyny but we can't talk about how it affects us now?

No. 213943

How? I agree with her tbh.

No. 213945

I don't full on hate men either - I still know an exception here and there, but with the way things are going I might get there eventually. It seems to have only gotten worse as time goes ( it was definitely worse throughout history, but you know what I mean - around 10 years ago I don't remember having as nearly over all bad experiences. It was more 'these are the obvious douchebags', these are the cool normal guys )

>tfw you're sitting at a doctors office with your acquaintance, you're three sentences into describing the problem

>the dr. turns towards my male acquaintance and says 'women, don't they just really love to talk too much and over complicate things?'
> acq just blank stared
Switched over to the female one at that clinic and she behaved completely differently.

It's just getting really bizarre.

No. 213946

File: 1512181216757.png (41.26 KB, 1191x134, Capturea.PNG)

try and look for the dumbest or most pathetic post you can find and post it here

No. 213948

File: 1512181688911.png (31.06 KB, 1842x114, niceguys.png)

"us bots are nice guys and stacies use and abuse us to complain about chads!!!!" kek

No. 213949

nothing screams more "i need help" than hatred for the other gender

-wise man, 2017

No. 213950

I've seen an interesting talking point come up a few times - that women have some type of collective Stockholm syndrome towards men. It makes sense when you look of it in terms of how women defend them "oh come on men aren't so bad. There are a few good ones!"
i.e. gaining sympathy for the captor over perceived acts of kindness within a dangerous situation

No. 213951

In my opinion it's more that they need to tell themselves that and convince themselves in order to go on. Maybe they desire marriage or children one day, so they need to believe that there are good men out there that they can do that with.

But…uh. Good luck finding one.

No. 213952

It's pathetic how they constantly try to make themselves seem like the victims based on the minor possibility that someday, someone will react negatively to them. The 'wahh I want to hit on strangers but now I can't' is bad enough, but what really gets me is how often they complain that people will look at them suspiciously in public if they're with a child. I just… I cannot fucking fathom prioritizing the potential for some minor discomfort over protecting children, and thinking those who do their best to help children are bad people for being distrustful. If being a bit nosy and suspicious saves even ONE child from potential harm, it's fucking worth every inconvenience or hurt feelings these idiots experience.

No. 213953

most of them think they're victims of male oppression for being bullied in high school lmao, it's hilarious how badly they want to seem oppressed

No. 213955

sometimes I get down about this kind of thing too anon (especially when I spend too much time on 4chan), and usually what I remember to make myself feel better is that a lot of these men DON'T think they're better than us. Maybe in a few superficial ways, but they think women have it easy (see: >>213948) and hate how expendable they are (because whether they like it or not, men ARE more disposable than women.) Think about men who go off to fight for their country and then get cast aside when they return, or how way more men than women are homeless. I'm not saying that to make you sympathize with or pity men, I'm just saying that things are NOT perfect for them and you shouldn't feel bad just because some fucking loser on 4chan knows how worthless he probably is and is lashing out at women online to make himself feel better.

No. 213956

I don't think that's true anymore.
Once, having a raging hate for the other gender was usually caused by a legitimate trauma during life, or actual issues in one's social development.
But thanks to the internet, you can now get entrenched in any extreme position without having any real reason to.
Whatever you believe, you will find it validated, no matter how damaging it is for yourself.

No. 213957

The information overload that the internet brings has a lot of negative side effects. People's view and opinions are more malleable when we like to think, when you see something a lot you start to believe it even if it's extreme or bizarre. Now we end up with gender wars and people trying to revive the flat earth movement.

No. 213959

cool, go tell that to r9k instead of the people who are just sharing their bad experiences with the opposite sex.

No. 213960

i would date yalls

No. 213966

File: 1512189681236.jpg (32.93 KB, 567x436, DPfqsusUIAAqaYf.jpg)

Thanks anon….I figured I wasn't alone just because it's so prevalent. It really doesn't help that I know a lot of robot-type guys in real life, and I come on the internet to escape some of the people/situations in my life and I feel like it's even worse most of the time. Idk I feel like I can tell myself the guys on the internet are total losers, but I don't think that's true due to some of the men I know in real life who are doing quite well but just hate women and love to remind me of it. I go through phases where I can handle it a little bit better but overall it's just exhausting, and I've had a terrible week in regards to this subject so I'm worn out and just needed to vent.

At the end of the day…I don't know why I care. I guess I just want to one day be appreciated for what I do, seen as worthy and competent by most people around me (I put in a lot of work to be successful at what I do, but I still feel like I'm seen as weak/inferior and am not taken as seriously), and I often feel like it's a lost cause for women and we will always be seen as 'lesser' and missing some crucial part of humanity by a large portion of men (most of the people in my field are men, part of why I care so much.) It's like even when a woman accomplishes something or does well for herself, men are always like "well guess what men did XYZ so she's still worthless and her accomplishments mean nothing."

Idk overall I know I need to remove myself from situations and try not to let these things bother me and exacerbate my depression and anxiety. I know I need to double down on my work and find more solitary hobbies (I think stepping away from men/assholes in general and focusing on bettering myself is something I need to do.) But I say all of these things and acknowledge I need to do them but I get up the next morning and see 5x more of this shit and I'm immediately back where I started, feeling pessimistic and completely hopeless about life and myself as a woman. Deep down I know these things only bother me and make me hate living because I allow them to. I need to stop letting them.

Anyway, sorry for kind of word vomiting here. But I appreciate your reply. I will say that lolcow has helped me a bit, even if it's just because I can vent all of my problems and be as in depth as possible like I can't in real life. I love a lot of you guys and I feel like most of you understand and we share similar struggles. It helps to know you aren't alone, so thanks anon.

No. 213977

Something I've always wondered is, why do men hate single mum's so much? I see a lot of them claiming single mums will always raise criminals but how can that be a definite thing? Also most single mums aren't single mums by choice. They say single fathers are fine though.

No. 213978

They were raised by single moms and hate their moms. 9/10 it's just misplaced mommy issues.

No. 213983

Generally it's because they put the blame on the woman for not looking into her crystal ball and knowing ahead of time that the guy was a piece of shit that would leave her.
Of course there is cases where you should've thought twice about having a kid with that stoner working at a gas station, but the hate for single moms comes from the unfair assumption that 100% of them are one of such cases.

No. 213986

because anything they will find anything they can hate women for, pump it up as if it's the worst possible thing a woman can ever do, and so on

No. 213987

They hate any woman who makes herself undateable by their standards, and will find any excuse to blame her. The go to reason is that she's an idiot for not choosing the perfect guy to get impregnated by, and a bad partner for not single handedly ensuring the relationship lasts.

Of course, they will find a bunch of stats to prove that single mums are worse than single dads. But they ignore the fact that single dads usually have to go out of their way to get custody and demonstrate that they're responsible and financially stable enough, whereas single mums end up that way by circumstance whether they're ready or not. No shit someone in the latter situation isn't as likely to do a great job of raising a kid.

No. 213992

File: 1512198147335.png (402.67 KB, 714x805, 1512162434267.png)

just in case people wanna discuss this pic without bumping old thread

No. 213993

Saged for tmi but I've leaked through a pad before, sometimes it just happens and it's completely out of our control. It's an embarrassing situation to deal with already but being fired on top of it? Holy shit I can't imagine how that woman must be feeling.

No. 213994

same, I got PCOS which causes irregular periods and always start my period during the day, I'm not gonna wear 3 pads everyday for the rest of my life just so this annoying little boy can feel better knowing my menstrual blood wasn't on a seat

even the first line of what this kid said make me cringe like crazy, I'd pull it apart to explain how ridiculous and wrong it is to call women who leak through their pad "nasty lazy skanks who run around and leak everywhere", but everyone already knows

No. 213995

so, i just wanted to post this story because i'm not sure where else to put it.

when my mom was working as an accountant in the seventies, she faced a lot of sexual harassment. some guy thought it was funny to tap her shoulder, have her look, and then put his penis on her other shoulder for her to look when she turned her head again. I know that sounds completely insane. And kind of funny in a very dark, twisted way.

But it happened. It happened and every single male relative aside from my father and cousin thought it was a hilarious story and didn't see what the big deal was when it was brought up over the holidays in a discussion about sexual harassment.

I still feel incredibly fucking sick.

No. 213998

>some guy thought it was funny to tap her shoulder, have her look, and then put his penis on her other shoulder for her to look when she turned her head again
Wait what?
Maybe I'm not picturing it right, but I can't form a feasible image in my mind from which that would be possible, height-wise, even with your mother sitting down.

No. 214000


sorry i'm drunk and mad at my relatives.

she would sit down, the man would approach her from behind, and tap her shoulder. she'd turn her head and there would be nothing there. when she'd turn her head to look back at the screen in front of her, she'd either notice the dick on the opposite shoulder or he'd tap her again.

this was among many "pranks" they did to her, including offering her $500 to have sex with some disgusting italian mafioso asshole.

No. 214001


oh and i say screen but idk what they had for accountants back then as far as computers and shit go

No. 214003

File: 1512202219694.png (102.67 KB, 1856x254, disgusting.png)

No. 214004

Ugh another argument I'm tired of hearing from men is "men are logical and factual, women are emotional" when it's always men I see sperging the fuck out over things, they react more in anger than sadness but anger is still an emotion you dipshits.

No. 214008

File: 1512213864563.png (110.07 KB, 540x320, faxx.png)

daily reminder that men commit over 90% of violent crime, including about 99% of rape

No. 214009

I guarantee over half of the dudes who say shit like that regularly get blown the fuck out over minute shit on a weekly basis and would self-destruct if they ever had to practice their own imposed ideals of how men are supposed to behave.

No. 214012

>men are logical and factual, women are emotional
lmao a dude that i knew threatened to kill the bf of a girl that rejected him. Not emotional at all.
Also the guys that says shit like that is always the most autistic fucks you can find. They have never had a girlfriend or even just had a regular conversation with a woman. They always lose their shit if a woman disagrees with them

No. 214014

File: 1512223288525.jpg (249.66 KB, 1280x1317, Ladies.jpg)

Men get so pissed when you point this out. Men are all about facade. They build up an image of being protectors of women yet women are most likely to get murdered by her male partner or male family member.

No. 214017

Women are also more likely to be raped by someone they know/trust.

But hey, they're totally our protectors and not the real threat! Screw all that strong independent woman shit! We just need a different set of protectors to protect us from our protectors when they fail at protecting us. /s

No. 214018

It's actually funny, when you think about it, how men think they're so superior in every facet of existence, when in reality they're all just so pathetic and fragile. They're really disgusting.Men think women are inferior, but it's the other way around. Women are better than men in every way, you can just tell it's true by how angry men get when you even imply a woman is better than them at something. They don't want to admit their absolute inferiority.

No. 214070

It's the most tired, straight up wrong meme around. Doing slightly better in standardized logic tests does NOT accurately reflect the way you respond to things, and men are far more likely than women to have emotional outbursts and issues with serious consequences for other people. Crimes of passion, fighting in general, rape, etc and though it's not their fault, they're more likely to kill themselves and develop addictions. They do not handle feelings well.

But, since it's more socially acceptable for women to cry in public and occasionally do, that's somehow more relevant emotional behaviour than causing others physical harm in anger.

Here's some more stats, just in regards to the conviction rate for children killed by their biological mothers - http://www.thelizlibrary.org/liz/statistics.html
>Fact: ALL ABUSE: Children living with only their mothers: 18.1 per 1,000 children. Children living only with their fathers: 31.0 per 1,000."
Women have higher numbers through sheer volume because they're more likely to be single parents and spend the most time with their kids, but they're not more likely to harm them.

No. 214072

I hate the meme that males are violent because "they dont get to express their emotions :,(((". Fuck off. They're violent because they're pathetic, disgusting, vile inhuman creatures that get off on abusing their power. I only wish their suicide rates were even higher.

No. 214075

Went to my cousin's birthday party last night and there were a bunch of fourteen year olds (same age as her). I was with a group of people in their mid twenties and one of the dudes was ogling the just-pubescent girls, and once he got drunk enough he started talking about a girl's ass and just wouldn't shut up. She was fucking fourteen.

Other people in the group (mostly men) simply joked that he was too ugly for her to be interested. Perfect timing, considering how on the last thread people were telling us to "go outside, this isn't acceptable irl". Yes it is. Men are trash, and the ones who aren't completely trash aren't much better.

No. 214076

File: 1512249004649.png (207.11 KB, 400x400, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.png)

>grouping up all men into one single collectivist group instead of judging people on an individual level

this thread is just inverted /r9k/ and r/incels

No. 214077

I just want to say I'm so glad women-centered imageboards exist.

No. 214078

Not to mention, hello, war? Ever seen a women lust over weapons, tanks, military planes, or war history like men do? They're like toys to them and they just seem to fantasize about the killing and what they can do with weapons of any kind. The Call of Duty series is possibly the most popular modern video game franchise and so are competitive shooters in general. It's like an outlet for male instinct and they really lack a female audience for a reason. Women don't ever lust to rape, pillage, or shoot off someone's head for fun. Any time I ever hear of a woman pulling a gun on someone, it's always because of a man in some form, especially like an abusive husband.

No. 214079

I do judge people on an individual level. I've known a few good men.
But men as a group? Utter trash.

No. 214080

File: 1512250021979.jpg (55.55 KB, 645x773, 1488897940478.jpg)

>war is inherently bad

No. 214082

>Other people in the group (mostly men) simply joked that he was too ugly for her to be interested.
Lol. Yeah, she'd totes be uninterested because he's "too ugly" not because he's a disgusting creep trying to prey on young girls.

No. 214083

File: 1512250303787.jpg (312.07 KB, 2048x1864, comethefuckon.jpg)

this entire thread is just sad.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214084

>killing people isn't always bad
Male subhuman spotted.

No. 214086

- Over 80% of suicides are male
- Over 80% of the homeless are male
- Over 99% of combat deaths and 90% of workplace fatalities are male
Tell me when they reach 100% please

No. 214087

>most suicides are male
Can you be apart of that?

No. 214088

post pics of you mutilating your dick or gtfo, faggot.

No. 214091

File: 1512251311073.png (120.81 KB, 1897x345, War in Ancient Greece.PNG)

War at its best is an asset to civilization. No peace can exist without war.
And war, in its ideal form, only kills those dirty "male subhumans", so what's so bad about that?

No. 214092

>perfectly normal for grown ass men to be attracted to girls who might not even gotten their period yet

Off yourself, faggot, the pedo meme has been debunked

No. 214093

>Women pretend they're angry about this for all kinds of fake reasons except the real one, you're just jealous that the vast majority of men naturally prefer younger girls.
Or maybe because we were harrassed by older men at that age and we know it's an uncomfortable experience. What normal young girl would actually want to be hit on by some ugly old fuck instead of a nice, cute boy her age?

No. 214095

If you glorify it so much, then go to war, faggot. On the front lines. And die.

I'm not going to even justify reading this shitpost about the Greeks and ~Ares the god of war~ or something. You idiots are like roleplayers and don't know anything about the consequences in the real world. Go to any country that's been ravaged by men in war and try living there.

No. 214097

What are you trying to achieve by coming here and saying this?

No. 214099

There are women who like these things too anon, military stuff and violent video games I mean. It's just a minority.

No. 214101

lol no 14 year old wants to be the wife of a "wealthy powerful man", they just want to enjoy being young and having fun.

No. 214104

File: 1512253111341.jpg (38.52 KB, 600x899, zetsubou.jpg)

Lol, you're not going to read it? Even though it doesn't even put Ares in a completely positive, or that it shows war in the present is flawed due to how obscenely high the stakes are.
War isn't some magical bogeyman that haunts humanity but can be gotten rid of somehow through great effort. War ought to be recognized as an inevitable fact of life, and should be tamed so that it becomes more akin to a simple game used to settle disputes. The Greeks recognized this.
Anyway, if I was a better individual I'd certainly go to war if it was required of me. A fear of death is only for those who deny the present and have their lives ruled by a yearning for the future. I can't admit I can rid myself of that fear just yet, and if my time came I'd certainly shy away in any manner I could.
And you're incorrect, I'm not glorifying war. War isn't inherently great, just as it is not inherently evil. I'm only admitting the necessity of its existence.

No. 214105

Stop responding to the pedophile.

No. 214106

Yep, r9k is straight up suicide fuel. The biggest reason i hate myself is that i have this hole between my legg. I'm an alcoholic fat piece of shit with severe paranoia but the thing i hate most about myself is my genitals. Shit's fucked.

No. 214108


>Anyway, if I was a better individual I'd certainly go to war if it was required of me.

No you wouldn't, saying this as someone who actually did. I fucking got ripped from my normal life and got conscripted. After 6 months of training got shipped to a shithole and fight some donkey fuckers with AKs. I killed people which is one of my biggest regrets, it was do or die but taking someone's life isn't like a fucking video game. I saw friends getting blown to pieces by a mortar and our CO ordered us to gather his fucking pieces. You have no fucking idea what the fuck you are talking about.

No. 214109

I smell stolen valor…

No. 214112

File: 1512253995657.png (136.17 KB, 323x208, 1509578163525.png)

I absolutely agree with your post anon. I also work in a male dominated field and i fucking loathe that some of the men still tend to talk down to me as if i'm dumb when im more often than not more qualified than them in the subject at hand.

No. 214113

File: 1512254030681.png (155.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1501708177563.png)

I'd do it anyway. If I knew I'd go through what you went through I'd still do it. I'm not saying this because I think I'd enjoy it, or because it would be my duty, or because I think life is a game. I don't care if you think that my choice is disrespectful or stupid. I'd do it because I don't want to live in fear of what life hands me.

Me too tbh. I've heard that "picking up the bits and pieces of my blown up friend" story before.

No. 214114

>b-b-but muh 14
This was only due to how short lifespans were in the past, pedo. You can debunk your own theory by just looking at lifespan charts many years ago and in present day.

Just because their bodies can make babies doesn't mean they can or should have them. Hell, a lot of adult women shouldn't have them because of where they are mentally or financially. Also, men like you should not reproduce because you have all the markings of a pedophile and child molester, who can harm children and the next generation. I kind of like that incels like you are self-aware you are bad breeding stock.

Anon, don't talk about yourself like that. Just understand you're like a god among trash like them. They're also the worst representations of the male side of our species, ironically, like the pedo anon said about himself.

No. 214115

File: 1512254046558.gif (5.21 MB, 466x480, wrong.gif)

don't worry ladies, le strong logical male is here to remind us women about how we REALLY feel

No. 214120

File: 1512254276881.jpg (200.02 KB, 600x800, wife's son has invaded.jpg)


Wish it was fake but it isn't.


If you seriously think war is "honorable" you are dead wrong. It's not middle ages anymore, your ass would get vaporized by bombs/missiles before you even know it.

No. 214122

Why do you hate men so much men don't hate women where did you get that idea.
I really don't get it women just hate us and all we do is try to make you happy.

No. 214124

The tread hasn't even been up for a full day yet, are butthurt robots shitting it up already?

No. 214125

You have it backwards. Girls in older societies thought about it because that's what they had to do to survive and was heavily expected of them, if not outright chosen for them. Nowadays girls don't have to do this to survive and have a comfortable life so why would they want to?

I've read so much misogynist trash I honestly think you're false flagging, since what they postulate is usually the opposite of this (society has to force women to be monogamous and control who they marry to surpress their evil slutty nature).

No. 214127

File: 1512254664423.jpg (52.71 KB, 350x470, 1489391551866.jpg)

Again you put words in my mouth. I don't think war today is honorable, or wholly just, or even good. I'm saying I would go to war because I don't want to be a fearful individual, because I don't think living in fear of death or suffering is how any individual of merit should live.

It's sad honestly. I like when these kind of threads go without outer interference.

No. 214128

I'm not butthurt I'm sad that you feel this way about men. I don't know any man that hates women but so many women hate us and I don't get it.

No. 214132

If you were truly intelligent as a female, you would accept that females are less intelligent than men, and men generally treat women like children for good reason.

Instead you act like a stubborn child, and try to fight this.

This only makes you look like more of a child to men, because you're not intelligent or mature enough to accept the FACT that women are mentally inferior.

The best thing you could do is try to prove that you're an exception, but you do the opposite, you act more like a child (feminist).

>(society has to force women to be monogamous and control who they marry to surpress their evil slutty nature).

I agree with this, I didn't say anything to contradict this. 25 year old women can't consent to sex any better than a 12 year old girl, women mature early and reach a mental peak early too, they remain eternally like children.

The father should be the final decider who his daughter gets to have sex with. The girl can try to pick out her own suitor, but the father should have final say.

No. 214134

File: 1512254943161.jpg (52.72 KB, 500x543, redjacket.jpg)

The ”women like older men” spiel is a mental self-defence mechanism invented by men.
Men are constantly telling themselves that women are attracted to older, wealthy and powerful men. This is because these things might be obtainable for the man if he works really hard.
One the thing the man can never get is natural handsomeness and youth, no matter how hard he works.
Young girls hang posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber on their walls and not Donald Trump.

No. 214137

Is this bait or are you a retarded person?

No. 214138

Then maybe you should actually listen to what the women ITT have to say, yah? They're talking about their experiences alongside their opinions on men. Stop acting so ovlivious.

No. 214141


No. 214148

kill yourself

No. 214150

Does your mentally handicapped ass even realize that you're giving the topic of this thread fuel by posting here?

No. 214152

I don't like it when men are bad to women either i don't see why it has to be one or the other why does there have to be a gender war?


No. 214155

Let him keep going, it's giving me a laff seeing how he's saying that women are childish while acting like an embarrassing child himself.

No. 214161

The man hate thread is probably a bad place to say this but I find the gender war stuff to be a pretty worrying trend on both sides. Feels like everyone hates each other. I think it just makes the world a worst place. You might say "well we only hate them because they hate us" but it just feels like a neverending cycle. It's not just gender either. I wonder if society is going to completely fall apart in our life times.

No. 214163

100% this. Youth is attractive for men as well (and a sign of fertility, mens favorite excuse).

No. 214169


I miss 90s, everything was so much more simpler back then.

No. 214170

I'm scared I really truly believe that in the future when parthenogenesis is real then women are going to tryto kill me just because im a boy

No. 214173

Women aren't violent like men, don't worry about that.

No. 214174

>I cannot fucking fathom prioritizing the potential for some minor discomfort over protecting children
THIS. The whole mindset of all the manbabies who constantly bring this shit up is mindboggling.
>Women experience much more severe violence from men and often get killed, there's a constant fear of being raped and people will blame you for this extremely traumatizing experience, you're ALWAYS walking in the shadow of the other gender and struggling to be recognized as equal to men
>Men: B-but I can't catcall women or get sex regularly! Men are suffering too!

I find it extremely ironic as well. Men try to pin women's assumed societal inferiority to biology making them weaker, but truth to be told men are by far the more emotionally fragile gender.

found the robot in disguise

No. 214177

Go tell that to r9k, retard.
Go tell that to r/mgtow, retard.
Go tell that to the incels, retard.
Go tell that to the vast majority of human males, retard, and maybe women won't feel the need to make venting threads like these. There are huge communities of men who think women don't deserve human rights, rape should be legalized, etc. If you care so much about ~peace between da gendurrs~, why are you here bitching about a few women venting instead of calling them out?

No. 214179

Man do people believe some crazy shit. This will never happen get your head out of internet shitholes.

No. 214184

>There are huge communities of men who think women don't deserve human rights, rape should be legalized

No there isn't, not even a small community. Feminists are like paranoid schizophrenics.

No. 214185

I do though when I can

No. 214186

Uhh, I'm pretty sure humans aren't going to spontaneously evolve asexual reproduction in the near future, so you don't have much to worry about.
Are you young? I get the feeling you are. If so, what are you doing on lolcow? :^)

No. 214187

No. 214190

File: 1512257399474.png (262.74 KB, 640x480, Geneshaft.png)

One man could produce enough sperm to impregnate literally every female on Earth.

Women can only give birth once every 9 months.

No. 214191

no but scientists want to figure out how to make people with just 2 eggs or with artificial sperm and they're also trying to make artificial wombs. We are rapidly entering an age where either sex could completely genocide the other one and continue the species and I am scared about the possibilities of that. Women are going to get it first and so the logical strategy is to attack first before males have their own technology and the advantage is lost.

see she's saying she wants to kill men so that we're only 1 of us for 9 of you

No. 214192

I'm in the same boat. I don't want to believe all men are terrible but every day they are proving me wrong and I'm constantly reminded they'll always see me as lesser.

No. 214193

>see she's saying she wants to kill men so that we're only 1 of us for 9 of you

That would be great for the remaining men, they would have the equivalent choice in sexual selection as females do IRL today.

No. 214194

File: 1512257647925.jpg (99.55 KB, 1280x1024, sexy dude.jpg)

They've deluded themselves into believing that nubile 22 year olds will be lining up to hop on their 50 year old dicks. Sorry, but unless you're a literal sugar daddy in the top 0.5% of wealth that's not gonna happen. I'm saying this as a 22 year old myself. And even then, there will still be young women who don't give a shit about how much money they offer to suck their crusty old man dick.
None of these women are actually attracted to them, they just want some fast cash.

>Young girls hang posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber on their walls and not Donald Trump.

This is so obvious but redpillers will never learn.

No. 214199

Thousands of people on /pol/, thousands on r/mgtow, thousands if not millions on /r9k/ and /b/, and that's just a few off the top of my head. Huge communities full of men who spew downright hateful shit about women.

No. 214200

you're evil

No. 214201

Here's your (You) retard

No. 214202

They know already. They're playing dumb
or they just found the internet yesterday.

No. 214203

Seriously, why do men hate women?
You can't even have a safe space from them, they come here and repeat what the whole male dominated world already tell us, and that is that we're worthless and stupid. There's no point in living, my life was doomed from the start.

No. 214204

Almost no one on those websites believes that rape should be legal, or women shouldn't have human rights.

There has never been a single civilization in history that had legalized rape against citizens. Do you think men would allow the rape of their mothers, sisters, and daughters to be legal?

Men on these websites commonly speak out against the definition of rape being too loose (i.e. many claims of rape aren't real rape), and they want laws/stigmas to stop women from literally destroying civilization, these laws and stigmas that generally regard women's sexual choices, i.e. adultery/cheating, divorce, sex before marriage, promiscuity, etc.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214205

Here's a neat little article that might help you answer that question. It was written by an Indian woman, but it's still relevant to a lot of women's lives.

No. 214206

Thanks anon :3

I've already read the article from r/wgtow few days ago.

It's a great article and it's striking how almost all of it applies worldwide. Men are indeed scum that can only communicate through aggression, violence, threats, and hatred.

No. 214207

no we don't why do women think this I still don't get it men literally DIE for you and our perfect happiness world is one where we completely sacrifice ourselves to provide for you. But then you go on about how you want female only spaces and how you want us to go away and you have people like >>214190 say that they want to deflate the amount of men and all the time I hear feminists talk about making men obsolete. A few angry young men on internet forums is not the same thing as feminists and woman scientists trying to make males obsolete I really don't understand how you can say men hate women when women are out there trying to erase me just because I'm male.

No. 214208

You deserved to be erased. Fuck off and kill yourself already you ugly virgin faggot.

No. 214209

There's an ongoing and growing issue of femicide, where women are killed just because they are women. They are more prominent in 3rd world shitholes but if the laws allowed it everywhere you bet that there would be more women getting killed. Not that the rates aren't high enough.

You're going to have your sexbots and there was a first successful uterus transplant today, so I think if anyone's trying to make a gender obsolete, it's men wanting to remove biological women. I'm ok with this. I don't want to live in a world where I'm not considered a human.

No. 214210

>Almost no one on those websites believes that rape should be legal, or women shouldn't have human rights.
You're lying through your teeth or you haven't actually lurked there for more than a few minutes.
>Do you think men would allow the rape of their mothers, sisters, and daughters to be legal?
No, because they see those women as their property and rape by another man is an infringement on that. Why did it take so long for marital rape to be recognized as a reality?

No. 214211

You're evil and mean

then we have to stop them that doesn't mean that men should go away instead

No. 214212

Nayrt, but please hang yourself and stream it or gtfo, you disgusting little maggot.

No. 214213

Women can be replaced by realistic sex dolls, porn, and artificial wombs.

Women can't replace men, unless they figure out how to hack an ATM to dispense free money.

>You're lying through your teeth or you haven't actually lurked there for more than a few minutes.
I've been on /r9k/ and /pol/ for years, I've never once seen someone say that rape should be legal. If it's ever implied, it's part of some sexual fantasy roleplay, or trolling.

>No, because they see those women as their property and rape by another man is an infringement on that

Replace "their property" with "their responsibility", and you're correct.

>Why did it take so long for marital rape to be recognized as a reality?

Because marital rape doesn't exist. What a joke.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214214

File: 1512260158009.jpg (131.38 KB, 768x768, not all men.jpg)

>You're evil and mean
You're in a man hate thread. You'll get no sympathy here. Go find some other teat to suckle on you parasitic gonad.

No. 214215

File: 1512260185967.jpg (1.83 KB, 125x90, 98379823498237.jpg)

wow its almost like this is a place to vent or something

No. 214216

Huge is relative. /b/ is full of all kinds of shit so it's hard to quantify, and I really doubt there are "millions" on r9k. People that extreme, even thousands of them, even if there were a few million of them, are a pretty small portion of the total population.

No. 214217

>Because marital rape doesn't exist.
A woman can't say no to her husband then, and he has no obligation to respect her boundaries? Heh, you've just shown your true face.

No. 214218

File: 1512260319950.png (20.75 KB, 999x84, Screenshot-2017-12-3 Dumb sex …)

Yes you do.

No. 214219

File: 1512260354770.png (118.06 KB, 888x623, Screenshot-2017-12-3 We should…)

Here's from MGTOW.
Men clearly want women dead.

No. 214220

>I'm just venting here its okay ;^)
>Those guys are 100% serious they all want to rape women and make them their slaves.

No. 214222

File: 1512260650597.jpg (41.13 KB, 700x500, ideal-gf.jpg)

Ladies, here's what men consider to be an ideal gf.

No. 214223

fine just throw boys away you don't need us anymore and we're just maggots i get it. women just see us as defective you made your point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214224

That post has zero upvotes. Thanks for making me look for it by cutting that out.

No. 214226

>a doormat
Already saw it coming, boyo.

No. 214227

There's no denying that most men feel that way, whether they like to say it out loud or not. Surely because their precious subreddit would have been compromised not because they actually care for women.

No. 214228

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks these are fucking stupid. My bf doesn't get why I dislike these ideal gf memes because 90% of them are creepy bs like this.

No. 214229

File: 1512261075439.png (271.25 KB, 574x577, male behavior.png)

>you made your point.
I'm just getting started you droopy ballsack

No. 214231

That image is every man's dream lmao. They really are disgusting.

No. 214233

Glad you finally got that through your thick fucking skull. Looks like you're still too dumb to fuck off though :/ You coming through with that suicide stream?

No. 214234

No. 214235

Don't you know? Marrying a man gives him permission to slice you open and shit inside your corpse if he wants to.

No. 214237

>that file name
that should be MENTALLY ILL male behavior.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214238

fuck off with your bullshit

No. 214239

no you

No. 214241

Amazing how you don't see mentally ill women do the same

No. 214242

i bet there's similar cases out there. and i've heard fucked up stories of mothers shooting up their babies with drugs and pimping out their kids to pedos online. there's whacked people everywhere and it's not just men.

No. 214243

File: 1512265940297.gif (1.62 MB, 375x282, 08098.gif)

thanks for the laugh anon

No. 214244

wow it's almost like exaggerating/projecting is a part of venting

No. 214245

But it is well over 90% men

No. 214260

Just letting you know, but last I heard there's been reason to suspect that /r/wgtow had been taken over by a male troll. I'm not sure if anyone's stepped down since then


No. 214261

No. 214266

There's a big difference between venting and rape/death thteats and other hateful shit.

And, uh… what are they supposed to be venting about anyways? Not getting any pussy? I never see those assholes talk about being abused or harassed or anything like that.

No. 214278

Yeah I saw the message. What a shame. Just another proof that men are violent savages that have to take their anger on women.

No. 214279


For what purpose? It wasn't even that active…
Just more proof that men are pathetic and can't leave their grubby, disgusting hands off of anything. Women can't even with towards their own independence without these worthless shitstains trying to break them down.

No. 214281

I'm sure you're a big, strong alpha male, sweetie. Because we all know that's the type of man that comes to lolcow to bitch about women. I just don't know what us feeeemales would do without an intelligent and rational man like you to guide us. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.

No. 214289

>For what purpose?
You're asking this on a website dedicated to cataloging the actions of B-list internet celebrities.

No. 214290

I just want to move on from the "gender-war". I feel like this is the correct equivalent to r9k, getting distracted from your goals by what the opposite gender is doing. Yes, one is not like the other, we have more reasons to be cautious and hateful, but in the end it's still a waste of time.

No. 214292

>I just want to move on from the "gender-war".
There isn't really one to begin with, at least in the west. There are certainly issues to address in society, but people generally treat each other respect regardless of their gender. It's just that there are a handful of idiots that take stupid shit other idiots post and project it onto society at large.

No. 214296

File: 1512323217862.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

That reddit is definitely not for that, but okay? And if you're talking about lolcow and not that reddit, then your comment was completely unrelated to mine.

I'm just confused as to why they won't let women have a place to vent. They get trp, mgtow, countless forums. Look at this thread, even. Not a day went by before angry robots felt the need to bless us with their knowledge.

No. 214297

Why can't we even have our own private place to talk about how misogynistic men are and how their bullshit negatively impacts our lives without /rk9/ers and other basement dwellers rushing in to give their shitty, mainsplaining opinions on our feelings?

God I fucking hate men. I've found one sane man on this earth and I'm so happy. I hope you all find someone like that (I'd you're straight) and don't stand for any bullshit until you do. You all deserve the best xxxx

No. 214299

File: 1512324965916.jpg (42.47 KB, 370x321, 1438517298925.jpg)

>God I fucking hate men. I've found one sane man (…)
I feel bad for that guy tbh.

Anyway if you hate how /r9k/ shitposts here then why not shitpost back? Just stewing over it in here won't change anything. Make a bunch of threads about male crime statistics or whatever or make fun of them for how pathetic and worthless they inherently are behind their edgy facade.

No. 214306

I think men have a misguided sense of inclusion and I think it’s made worse by anonymous websites. Chans weren’t really that concerned about gender when 2ch was created and now it seems men cannot accept the fact that women want to use the chan platform for the same thing they have been for the last decade, that being a place to say whatever the fuck they want.

No. 214307

>I feel bad for that guy tbh.
Why? We treat each other like royalty. It's literally the best relationship possible. I'm sad you'll never be able to experience that.

>why not shitpost back?

Because I'm not a man and I don't get enjoyment from making others feel like shit? I know people who are desensitised love trolling and shitposting and giggling at the abuse they get back for it but someone who is normal would get pretty fucking depressed witnessing that. I don't see how that solves fucking anything.

No. 214310

they're better than us(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214311

Because the way you say it, it sounds no different than if a hardcore misogynist were to (somehow) get a gf and then be like "oh she's different than all the rest :)))". It's obvious how that kind of relationship isn't healthy for the woman, even if there is no real abuse. Or imagine a racist who has a black friend and they're "okay" with each other. The racist would lack real respect for the black friend, and the black friend would clearly have serious issues with self-loathing due to his race.
I mean, does he know what you're views on men in general are? I can't imagine he can hear that and be ok with it, or be able to genuinely believe that he's magically the one person who is better than all the rest.
And if you're going to hate men then go all the way smh.

>I'm sad you'll never be able to experience that.


No. 214312

I think men are just don't have a concept of people who aren't them (ie women) being real. Like a baby who just can't grasp that other people who aren't him have feelings. I constantly see this in men in real life and I'm just amazed at the lack of awareness they seem to have

No. 214313

>I mean, does he know what you're views on men in general are? I can't imagine he can hear that and be ok with it

Yes and he's fine with it. He also browses this website. He'll probably see this too.

No. 214314

File: 1512332500361.jpg (50.57 KB, 554x313, here_comes_a_special_boy.jpg)

>Just stewing over it in here won't change anything!!!!
>vent thread about trash men
>change /r9k/'s mind about women

That's nice, sugardick, please go on. We all care A LOT.

No. 214315

Well, the idea wasn't to change /r9k/s mind, but just to shitpost on them as they do to you. But maybe you can claim not doing so somehow means giving yourself moral superiority in that regard.

I hope he does see it. He's either a narcissist or a fool.

No. 214318

Bots will use and abuse women all day but the second you call them out for their abuse and bashing women they act like theyre the poor little victims being falsely accused and how they're just rebounds for stacy

No. 214324

>but just to shitpost on them as they do to you
Why are men online so unintelligent? We don't think we're morally superior, we just don't have any interest in acting like assholes. You're so aggressive that you can't imagine life not being like that. That's so fucking sad.

>I hope he does see it. He's either a narcissist or a fool.

You can't even imagine what it's like to be in a happy relationship where both parties love and respect each other. Jesus fucking christ. Get some therapy. Not saying that to be edgy, I just genuinely think you'd benefit from sorting out some of the deep problems you have there.

No. 214326

File: 1512340277378.jpg (48.34 KB, 343x333, 1446851631662.jpg)

>We just don't have any interest in acting like assholes. You're so aggressive that you can't imagine life not being like that
It's only a single proposal, there are obviously other options in sight. No need for such an insulting exaggeration. If you think treating robots poorly for their delusions (which may very well have repercussions in real life when they lash out violently) makes you an asshole, or if it doesn't appeal to you then that is all there is to it.

>You can't even imagine what it's like to be in a happy relationship where both parties love and respect each other.

Well, when one of them hates the gender of the other, then I find it a little doubtful.

No. 214327

File: 1512340612714.jpg (83.81 KB, 1080x1516, 1484784633573.jpg)

Reminds me of

Hating 50% of the population because of their gender is retarded

No. 214328

File: 1512340728266.jpg (117.05 KB, 392x469, 1478991382575.jpg)

>it's another "it's just like r9k!" post

No. 214329

File: 1512341366843.jpg (116.2 KB, 600x1266, 647.jpg)

>my kind of sexism is different and justified
no. no it isn't. can't we just be equal?

No. 214330

I'm done, fag, B Y E:

>moral superiority

>/r9k/ and incels canonizing Elliot Rodger

Also, this was linked a while back in the Documentary thread; "Shy Boys IRL". It's only a half hour long, a woman filmmaker following "REEEE MUH INCEL, MUH PUA WIZCHAN" dudes.

No. 214331

Did you think I was saying /r9k/ is morally superior? lol no way fag

No. 214332

No. 214333

I can't even bring myself to glance at r9k or mgtow sites anymore. It's too frustrating. Glad some of you are keeping track of the content but fuck idk how you manage. These smug assholes make me so mad.

No. 214334

Wew, as a black anon this is like being on /pol/ and watching them sperg about non-whites.
Except if more of the guys on /pol/ were 10 year olds.
Do you people even look at the shit you type?

No. 214335

I know. When I look at the crime and rape statistics and then see how r9k, pol, redpillers, mgtow think of women, it comes to no surprise that women get hurt and murdered on a daily basis just because they're women. Those ideologies they hold perpetuate the idea that women aren't humans, their definition of rape is very loose, and they even share tips on how to deceive, persuade women into having sex by throwing insults, attacking the emotionally vulnerable, forcing them to do thing against their will etc.
Men are the biggest liars and manipulators. They will say whatever to make you believe that they are capable of love. Once they have no use of you, they will try to destroy your life. Why is revenge porn so popular among men? You already know the answer.

That's why visiting those sites is good, because they are a steady reminder that men can't feel love towards women. They hate us and despise us. If there was a button that they could press and get rid of us, they would have already done that.

No. 214336

File: 1512344888842.jpg (9.06 KB, 225x225, download (22).jpg)

>goes to most sexist places on the entire internet
>proof that ALL men hate women
goddamn it not all men hate women just some of them REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I hate sexists of either gender

No. 214337

Men state there what they really think under the cloak of anonymity, which is good because we finally have the insight into how we're perceived as a gender by men.

So, some of them express their hatred on those boards, subreddits and forums. And some are more subtle about. But one thing is certain, that all men to a certain degree hate women. They might have tolerance for women in their family or those that they're in the relationship with. But even then, they might abuse that power which is having the woman's trust. After all, statistics-wise, a woman is going to be most likely hurt by someone she knows.

No. 214338

Kek. You've put them in a pickle. Feminists can't attack black women, both radfems and libfems asspat them for some reason.

No. 214339

>That's why visiting those sites is good, because they are a steady reminder that men can't feel love towards women.

I don't appreciate you taking a statement I made about hate sites and extrapolating that to fit your narrative about regular men being secretly evil and incapable of love.

No. 214341

File: 1512345883278.gif (174.93 KB, 550x400, 1482160805626.gif)

>Men state there what they really think under the cloak of anonymity
You're absolutely right that men do this, but its totally irrational to think that that is representative of all men
>So, some of them express their hatred on those boards, subreddits and forums. And some are more subtle about. But one thing is certain, that all men to a certain degree hate women. They might have tolerance for women in their family or those that they're in the relationship with. But even then, they might abuse that power which is having the woman's trust. After all, statistics-wise, a woman is going to be most likely hurt by someone she knows.
this is just ridiculous. If I thought all women were like the ones in this thread I would never leave the house. But i know that there are like 4 billion women in the world and they are all different and don't conform to the identical beliefs

No. 214342

As another black anon, I couldn't disagree more. This feels more like non-whites talking about their experiences with racist whies.

No. 214343

God no, this is like a verbatim "nigger hate thread" on /pol/, except with less gifs, more unsourced statistics, and more black people responding to shitposts.

No. 214344

Yes, women are the more similar to the dominant group. Sure.

No. 214345

White women most definitely are, yes.
Let's not forget that a lot of the lynchings carried out in the US during Jim Crow were at the behest of white women who accused black men of rape.

No. 214346

Black men are men. Of course they would rape. Maybe they should have been legally executed instead of lynched but I don't feel bad for rapists.

No. 214347

BIG difference between lashing out at black people and lashing out at men, especially because "black people" includes black women and the descrmination from pol/tards; ALL men deserve this shit :^)

No. 214348

File: 1512347901096.jpg (61.18 KB, 1280x720, roo.jpg)

You are a bigot and would fit in on /pol/ if you were male.
People like you are the reason why sexism even exists

No. 214349

From one black anon to another: black men hate you even more than white men do jsyk

No. 214350

And I have no sympathy for white women.
I'm glad we can at least be honest, here's hoping that white rape rate increases.(racebaiting)

No. 214352

>If I thought all women were like the ones in this thread
Sooner than later they will. This is the future you've created.

No. 214353

Meh. I think most adult women are already acutely aware of how much men hate us. Most of us just accept it and try to make the best of it.

No. 214354

Me too. All whites deserve death, even women.(racebaiting)

No. 214356

File: 1512352640693.jpg (13.75 KB, 580x300, 7dc5df_5686626.jpg)

>future i've created
no fucking way fam. not my fault. i dont treat women like shit. I find grills so intimidating that i havent had a irl conversation with one in over 2 years

No. 214357

Yeah because you're pathetic. The only thing stopping you from abusing women is your lack of confidence. Doesn't mean you actually don't hate us.

No. 214359

File: 1512353285138.png (161.98 KB, 543x600, 1481062088973.png)

This is so insane.
How do you ever expect to achieve social equality when you tell any guy who agrees that women should be equal that he's evil, secretly hates women, and has some sick rape fetish
>im pathetic because im a beta male
what do you want then? an alpha chad who will rape you? You pretend to want "nice" guys but the reality is that nice guys are losers and nobody wants them

No. 214360

File: 1512353302987.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, laughinggirls.jpg)

>Haha! What a pathetic loser, he doesn't abuse women? Such a freak!

No. 214362

There's no such thing as equality, it's a lie people tell themselves.

No. 214363

File: 1512353756239.png (532.66 KB, 567x599, sldR6G0.png)

How enlightening. That really contributed a lot to the discussion

No. 214365

>How do you ever expect to achieve social equality
Not that anon, but I don't ever expect to achieve social equality, because most men hate women*. Surprise. In fact I suspect things will get much worse for us, so who the fuck cares what we think of men?

*#notallmen. happy now?

No. 214368

lumping in your average chad's mildly sexist behaviors in with alt right incel autists is still quite an exaggeration of reality
most normies are in a relationship. You cant seriously suggest that millenial bf's all secretley hate their gf's and want to rape them

No. 214369

That's the thing with male hate, it's not outright and obvious. It comes in the form of thinking their gfs can't wear a skirt because it's too short or thinking they can start fucking the gf while she sleeps. It's subtle.

No. 214370

Using words like Chad and normie tells me all I need to know about you, dude.

I never mentioned rape. Not all men are violent. But yes, I believe men hate women, and tolerate them in order to get what they want out of them.

No. 214371

File: 1512358718195.png (359.34 KB, 514x524, 1482170998099.png)

thought you were this anon>>214335 i guess i was mistaken
>But yes, I believe men hate women, and tolerate them in order to get what they want out of them
Yeah this is just wrong 90% of the time and you're a bigot for thinking all (or most) men are like this
Theyre just dumb buzzwords but you get my point

No. 214372

>and tolerate them in order to get what they want out of them.
and what do you think it is that they want?

No. 214373

Look dude, no offense, but you aren't a woman. Clearly. You have no idea what women deal with from men. We know exactly what they think of us, and each interaction with another one reminds us.

> you're a bigot

Guess so.

Anyway, this is a thread for us to discuss misogyny and shitty men. I'm sure you're welcome to keep derailing instead of just letting it flow if you have absolutely nothing better to do, but if you don't like what you're reading here, go back to /r9k/ where they just bash women instead. It will be easier for you to ignore that and forego lecturing them on their bigotry like you're doing here.

No. 214374

Sex, children (depending on the man), someone to feel superior to. For most men, someone who will do the 'lesser' work (cooking, cleaning, childcare) that they feel is a woman's job and they are too important or too good to do. Because women are only good at those things and nothing else, according to men.

But, overall, sex. Ask any man what the most important thing his girlfriend offers him is. Probably won't be conversation.

No. 214375

I should also add, in some cases, they want a trophy/status symbol to show off to other men. IE: an object.

No. 214376

So you think there isn't a single man who doesn't fall into any of these categories?

No. 214378

Highly doubt it. But let me guess….you don't?

No. 214379

If I said I didn't you simply wouldn't believe me. That's how things work when delusions become ingrained in your head.

No. 214380

If you were a woman who interacted with men everyday and saw how they talked to you, looked at you, and treated you, you would see it isn't a delusion. For you to write it off as some crazy dudes on the internet being the minority is just wrong, sorry. It isn't. We will always be viewed as lesser by men. Inferior, dumb, absolutely worthless except for the few things I mentioned. It's exhausting. I'm exhausted.

And we can't even discuss it amongst ourselves without men like you coming in here to tell us we're wrong. Once again, exhausting.

No. 214383

File: 1512361151878.png (3.34 KB, 284x177, images.png)

Theres another maleanon thats been replying to you. mine all have wojaks for clarity's sake.
It's not that misogyny doesnt exist, it obviously does. Its that you take it way way to far and let it shape your worldview that is unrealistic, unhealthy, and contributes to the kind of toxic stuff found on /pol/.
Go to some of the misogynists hideouts like MGTOW. You will see that they have all been radicalizd into believing all women think they are evil and rapists. The woman that is the posterchild for their beliefs is YOU anon
>not seeing the similarities between male and female misogynistic radicalization

No. 214384

forgot to add reply

No. 214385

File: 1512361229865.jpg (142.98 KB, 647x656, 1505052326147.jpg)

I mean, as the delusion I was talking about what you thought men wanted from relationships, not everything else. I would say it's fairly true that many men have an ingrained perception of women that is wrong.
But whatever, I like to lurk these threads more than interrupting them anyway.

No. 214387

Once again, I never said all men are evil or rapists. I think you are confusing my recent posts with another poster who was talking about male violence earlier.

All I said was that men hate women. The men on /pol/ and Mgtow hate women, so there’s no disconnect there. Blaming women for those misogynistic spaces makes no sense, honestly. I believe they would still be misogynistic regardless of how women felt about them. They radicalized each other, which is very easy to do in those kind of enclosed spaces.

All of my experiences with misogyny have shaped the view I have today. I don’t even have a bad opinion of men, they are just human. The experiences I’ve had with them however, leave no doubt in my mind that there is something within men that makes them hate women. That doesn’t automatically make them rapists. Only people who have committed rape are rapists.

No. 214388

It's interesting, because their hatred can be exactly the same as their 'love'. What do they want in women? Femininity. What do they find inferior about women? Femininity. It's why men can demand a tradwife while simultaneously looking down on women for contributing less money, or hate women for expecting a husband to be breadwinner. It comes down to the fact that men literally desire an inferior woman, who is less than him in every way except looks and youth. And frankly women are complicit in this, it is far too normal for women to assume and expect their man to be above her in his career, earnings, education, social status, leadership, intelligence, physical strength etc. I don't know what's worse, wanting a partner who is inferior to you or wanting to be the inferior one in the relationship. Both are very, very sad and there should be more balance.

No. 214389

Why is that bad? Because it isn't what you want? I see no objective reason why either position is unhealthy

No. 214390

Neither would be a problem if it wasn't perpetually skewed in ONE direction, with men on top and women on bottom. It keeps women down, I know you're a man and prefer it that way so I won't waste my breath trying to explain why an entire fucking gender being relegated to a lower position is bad.

No. 214392

This is because women hate men they view as below them. They are ridiculed for being pathetic and unmanly. Relationships where the woman earns more are statistically more likely to end in divorce.

No. 214393

I don't know, you're making it seem like a social construct but it's instincts. Just telling men to be interested in superior women isn't going to make them interested in them any more than the fat acceptance movement made them like fat bodies. On the same note, it's not like women are going to start being interested in inferior men.
No one is being relegated anywhere. If women choose to want a superior man, she isn't dismissed to an inferior role, she actively is seeking an inferior role. It's not like the workplace discriminates either so I have no idea what you are talking about

No. 214394

I literally said women are complicit in it. And yes, it is 'instinct', which is why I simply dislike men rather than pointlessly try to change them. Women aren't so entitled and lacking in empathy though, so we aren't a lost cause.

No. 214395


What the fuck are you talking about? Women will never marry/date a man below them.

No. 214396


so true. i was tricked for a long time into thinking that older men were attractive for being "mature",etc. when i realized that it was all a lie started by older men to get girls in their 20s to hop on their old dicks. and girls buy into that shit and repeat it and it gets believed as fact. i didn't want an older man, i wanted a man my own age who was emotionally mature who had his shit together. of course, that kind of man most likely doesn't exist, and if they do, its a mask.

No. 214397

Women think they are inherently better than men.

No. 214398

File: 1512365307593.gif (394.55 KB, 256x256, thinking.gif)

Okay, so you recognize that women like superior men and men like inferior women, and it's for some reason a bad thing (which I don't agree with and you still haven't explained why), but it's an instinct we have no control over, but men are to blame, but women also can stop it, but men can't?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214400

Good lord, go the fuck back to /r9k/ or /pol if you need to explain why someone could possibly think women automatically being inferior is a bad thing. And yes, of course I think women are capable of changing. We've been under men's thumb for the vast majority of history, what men prefer is going to strongly influence our attitudes because they have the power to do so. As we become more independent we can obviously adjust our views to reflect that. Men have had the luxury of doing whatever they want all along, there's not much point trying to change them now.

No. 214401

I'm curious to anins here, what are experiences you've had with men to make you feel like you/women in general are hated by men? I'm not doubting anyone, I just can't think of a single irl experience I've had that felt especially misogynistic to me.

No. 214402

There isn't anyone in the world who has the freedom to do whatever they want.

No. 214403

Try arguing about what is actually being said instead of whatever strawman you're trying to pull. Women SEEKING a superior-inferior relationship =/= AUTOMATICALLY being inferior you disingenuous cunt.

No. 214404

File: 1512366040350.png (206.46 KB, 340x293, lol.png)

>all these flustered robots

No. 214405

What kind of useless fucking semantics are you arguing? It makes no difference if women SEEK an inferior position, they aren't doing it in a fucking bubble. They're doing it in a society that has constantly told them that they should do so, are surrounded by men who encourage it, and are faced with negative consequences when they don't. If a woman internalizes those expectations, she's still 'automatically' placed in an inferior position. It's the default, it's something women have to actively avoid and unlearn.

No. 214406

File: 1512366214128.jpg (59.92 KB, 640x640, 1481447479785.jpg)

>arguing with 4chan users
>uses trash reaction pic
>thinks she can compete with a 4chan reaction images

No. 214407

Ah, how could I have forgotten. Let's pretend that women today aren't brought up in a "you can do whatever those men do" feminist controlled society, and still prefer the inferior role. How would you even test your position? I thought you already admitted that seeking superior men was an instinct? Your position doesn't really make sense. First it was biological, now it's social. I wonder what you actually think

No. 214408

Seriously, there are so many male dominated places on the internet that will entertain your delusions that feminism is somehow 'controlling' society and that misogyny and the patriarchy have zero effect on women.

And yeah, it's a bit of both instinct and socialization, they aren't contradictory positions. One leads to the the other, but we're more controlled by societal factors than instinct. It's just that society favours men and runs according to their preferences.

No. 214409

that's because they are

No. 214410

Yeah, women like metally mature and stable men, not poor, old, perverted wrinkly dicks.
There are a few good looking older men, but the average bloke is nowhere near them.

No. 214411

Oh, I didn't realize this place legitimately believes in the patriarchy. Lmao
>Extremely biased family courts
>Affirmative action (actual discrimination)
>women get 1/6 the time for the same crime a man does
>Duluth model for DV implicitly discriminates against men on no grounds
>You can get fired or kicked out of school for a rape ACCUSATION
>40% of rape accusations are ADMITTED to being false
>men have no reproductive rights after the semen leaves his penis. A women can impregnate herself with his semen by taking a condom out of the trash, and he STILL has to pay for child support or he goes to jail
>People actually believe women can't rape men, even if the male is like 12
>If that child rapist gets pregnant, when the 12 year old turns 18, he OWES his RAPIST for the 6 years of child support
>There is like 7 different ways for a women to decide to keep a baby (condom, birth control, morning after, abortion, give up for adoption)
>Government organisations that are gender specific are ALL targeted for women, there is like 1000 charities with women in the name that are government supported, but not 1 that help men

>>patriarchy exists because the majority of powerful people are male

Now name one things male directly benefit from that isn't their own effort.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214414

>A women can impregnate herself with his semen by taking a condom out of the trash, and he STILL has to pay for child support or he goes to jail
lmao @ this faggot who thinks this is physically possible to be common enough. Sperm doesn't live outside of the body for that long.

No. 214415

>defend women on 4chan
>get vilified and called a roastie all the time
>defend men here
>get called an incel, a robot etc. (I've never even browsed /r9k/)
I guess I just can't win.

No. 214418

then don't defend men in a man-hating thread you fuckin doorknob

No. 214420

File: 1512374474821.jpg (260.44 KB, 1359x2048, 1506939126254.jpg)

>what do you want then? an alpha chad who will rape you? You pretend to want "nice" guys but the reality is that nice guys are losers and nobody wants them
Most self-proclaimed "nice" guys aren't really nice, dummy. Women want men who are genuinely caring and emotionally mature, and don't just behave that way to get what they want. Period. Not a supposed "nice guy" who will fly off the handle the second he's rejected.

The reason you always fail to understand what women want, robot-chan, is because you're still mentally a teenager and project your high school-tier alpha-beta dichotomy onto all adult relationships. You think of everything in terms of a performance or a facade instead of a real connection between two people. Most women who have dipped into the dating scene a bit will have experience with men who are just putting up a facade or playing games to get what they want from women (that usually being, but not restricted to sex,) and the more jaded she is the easier she will get at sniffing out what's real and what's a lie. Men who are genuinely good guys wouldn't have a single problem getting good women to like them.

No. 214421

>That reddit is definitely not for that, but okay?
They literally had a thread a while back asking people to stop calling them female incels. Honestly if you can't see why that's a perfect source of milk then I don't know what to tell you.

No. 214422

Why bother? A robot who is convinced women are whores won't change his mind. By the same token the same sort of dingus that thinks men have literally no empathy for women and are fundamentally misogynistic will forever cling to some bad experiences and stupid shitposts as their inviolable truth.

Honestly I take the fact I've been called so many mutually exclusive things over the years on the internet as a badge of pride.

No. 214424

Just broke up with my boyfriend, he was the autistic anti feminist red pill type. I am staying away from men for a long time, I use to get told I generalize men too much but you know what? They've always proven me right.

My ex constantly wanted to know about my past lovers, he literally chased me down the street calling me a slut and the one time I snapped back and told him to shut the fuck up he says I'm abusing him. As soon as you treat men even close to how they treat us they can't handle it, they cry abuse.

No. 214425

They really aren't female incels, though. They don't threaten to murder men because they won't fuck them or catfish men out of spite or worship serial killers or nail their… labias to boards or any other incel stuff. They just don't want to fuck with men.

No. 214426

>As soon as you treat men even close to how they treat us they can't handle it, they cry abuse.

Men pretend that they're strong and superior, but when they get the treatment that women get they show their true colours, they're weak and pathetic.

No. 214427

I know this sperg was banned, but for any robots that read this and think, “he’s right, gotta protect my jizz from female cum-stealing vacuums!”

lmfao, women taking your sperm need not be a concern of yours EVER.

No. 214428

>lmfao, women taking your sperm need not be a concern of yours EVER.
Exactly, robots having their sperm stolen is about as likely as farmers getting raped.(robot)

No. 214430

Right? This is a h00t

No. 214431

I don't really like most men but my fantasies are all submissive, masochism stuff about being raped and hurt so it kind of screws with me sometimes. I think I might just use men for that sort of sex.

No. 214433

Stop watching porn and you'll be less inclined to fantasize about deviant behavior.

No. 214434

All of my exs have been 4chan guys.

No. 214435


No. 214436

It was both them and porn who got me into it.

No. 214437

you need to go to therapy and like.. love yourself or something

No. 214438

Rape is a pretty common crime. How many documented cases of women stealing sperm are there? Couple thousand? Yeah, totally comparable.

No. 214439

Men who are in denial about the prevalence of rape don't know a single thing about the crime outside of the "stranger in a dark alley" narrative anyhow. I've also seen plenty of farmers share their experiences with being raped on here.

No. 214440

>I've also seen plenty of farmers share their experiences with being raped on here.
I've also seen a farmer ask for advice because her supposed rapist was asking for advice about girl problems on the vent thread a while back.

No. 214441

>got raped when I was 7
>Keep it a secret for years mom's sister got kidnapped, raped and killed when she was small
>don't want to make her sad again
>years go by
>feel less and less like a man and depressed, anxious as fuck all the time
>family pry too much to know what's wrong with me
>finally tell them
>dad fucking tells me to man the fuck up and get over it
>mom is not fazed at all
>First and only gf also learned about it
>breaks up with me because she can't see me as a man anymore
>in the end it just ends up people saying me to deal with it

People regardless of gender fucking suck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214445

Sorry to hear that. No kid deserves to experience that. However, this is a thread for WOMEN to vent about their experiences, not for men.

No. 214446


Shit I thought this was vent thread, can't delete my post for some reason.

No. 214449

I'd believe that if you didn't try to make the point "people of both genders suck"

No. 214450

Kill yourself you pathetic wimp

No. 214452

lol… anon, just because a lot of men are shitty doesn't mean you should forgo empathy yourself. Boys are just as vulnerable to rape and molestation as girls when they are children.

No. 214453

Women go through worse shit all the time, and aren't nearly as whiny and needy as people like him are. Men can't handle anything.

No. 214455

So…? People have a right to complain about situations like that. Brushing that off as being "whiny" as if it's not a big deal is exactly why women topically don't want to come forward with their experiences either, because no one treats it with seriousness.

No. 214457


No. 214458

We get it, men go through shit too. In fact there's not a single time where women can talk about their experiences without men reminding us.

No. 214460

You'd sound like a blm activist if "men" were replaced with "white people" and "women" with "black people."

No. 214461

>Kill yourself you pathetic wimp
Jesus Christ he's talking about being raped as a child what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 214464

If a woman said the same thing on a place like /r9k/, they would get exactly that kind of treatment and worse. There's no reason to care about men's "problems" when they don't care about ours.

No. 214465

damn this thread is sad. you idiots can hate whoever all you want, but the idea that straining men and womens relationships for the sake of 'fairness' is dumb.

No. 214466

are we on /r9k/? do you think you're brave or cool for sinking to the level of those types of guys? you're just creating more hate and pushing out others who are actually understanding.

gender roles suck, i get it, and women have gotten the short end of the stick forever, i personally experienced negative impact from being a woman, but playing pity party and acting like men's gender roles aren't just as straining simply because some men have it good because they're men is stupid.

hate 'men' but hate the right ones. there are plenty of men to hate and plenty of women to hate, both for the same reasons.

No. 214469

>you're just creating more hate and pushing out others who are actually understanding.
There are no men who actually understand anything about women. They are literally incapable, it is ingrained in their nature to be sociopathic and irrational, especially towards women.
If a man doesn't at first seem to be actively violent against women, then he is merely hiding it and pretending. That's all there is to it. No men are capable of empathy with women. You're delusional if you think otherwise.
That man posting in this thread does so because he can't handle the fact that women are talking about this, and realizing the truth about them, and so he comes here to post his sob story (likely fake) in order to derail the thread and look for pity and have all the women here focus on the fact that he has a dick.
Men's gender roles only serve to empower them. And when they somehow can't fit into them despite all the privilege and backing they have in society, then it's only natural to call them out on how pathetic and incapable they are. It's so easy for men to achieve their gender roles and be happy with them, the men who can't are even more subhuman then the rest.

No. 214470

boohoo, get over yourself. you are just like the idiot robots who you complain about, only your undeserved sense of self pity stems from the fact that your gender has been treated poorly. you are likely exactly the same, a vaguely privileged neet who knows nothing of life or the real world and harbors hate due to no social life and reading shitty anecdotes on the internet all day for companionship. no, i am not trying to defend men, i am just embarrassed to know people like you exist just as i am people who go on r9k.

No. 214471


lol she's been spamming r9k with these threads for days now


I'm pretty sure she's the same person in the teen obsession thread too.

No. 214473

>plenty of women to hate, both for the same reasons
I always roll my eyes at those posts because I've seen so many cases of women do horrible things. My grandmother subjected my mother and all of her children really to an insane amount of abuse and it was a COUPLE that rescued her from that, who we consider family to this day. The man would spend his time at a children's hospital and gather funding for them with his club until he sadly passed, while my grandmother left literal scars. Yet some dunce thinks that's all a wash because of some bitter nerd with too much free time.

No. 214476

kek 'she'. this whole thing seems like a troll post since it's on here instead of on /g/ where men will be instabanned. just goes to show how far the shitty site has fallen.

No. 214477

I've written some salty posts here, but I just want to make it clear a lot of us don't actually hate men. Don't mistake venting and having a private space to criticize men for all their shit as loathing every single man.

No. 214478

>They are literally incapable, it is ingrained in their nature to be sociopathic and irrational
Oh knock it off with this shit. Men are held to a very low standard of behavior so the bar for a good guy is incredibly skewed. Basic human decency is given a gold star.
>wow, you don't abuse your gf!!??? What a great guy! Such a keeper!!
And you're adding to this mentality by not expecting more from them. It's the same rationale that holds women accountable for being a victim of sexual assault.
>oh c'mon if you don't wear a literal bed sheet covering every inch of skin how can you expect men to control themselves?? Boys will be boys!
Maybe you should stop spending so much time lurking male-dominated forums, because you're letting your anger get the better of you.

I've also seen a few posts ITT of women who said they have dated shitty misogynistic men, and are incensed because that's the treatment they got. Shocker. If you want to meet nice guys, and I mean genuinely nice guys not robots in disguise, you have to learn from your past mistakes and assemble a brutal vetting process. Don't tolerate shitty behavior in a relationship either, because all you're teaching them is that they can get away with it. Otherwise, what you're doing is the equivalent of going into the forest, stripping yourself naked, and covering yourself with honey, then acting astonished when a bear attacks you.

No. 214482

Any others?

No. 214487

[X] Doubt

No. 214488

Do you think there's anything a man could do to stop other men from hating women?

No. 214491

I mean….men tend to listen to other men more, so maybe. But, I also can’t picture a situation where a man tries to change another mans opinion of women. Men don’t seem to be bothered by misogyny at all, even when it’s right in front of them. I’m sure most would probably laugh it off or ignore it rather than try to change the misogynist’s mind.

No. 214493

Not contribute to the idea that women as a whole are a unified force working against your ability to fuck them, and when you are inevitably rejected, not default to this notion to spare yourself the injustice of self analysis

No. 214494

agreed. tons of these man-haters are just like the girl version of robots, chalking bad traits up to gender and complaining they'll never and can't change. and then when you confront them it has to do solely with their experiences with men or shit from forums. it mirrors robots perfectly. they just choose their ideas based on experience and then feed it by way of the internet.

i almost sympathize robots and their girl counterparts, but they are so shitty and they dig their heels in so hard it's almost impossible.

it's hard to care about anyone who preaches empathy and whines while at the same time, judging people based on their sex and a vague generalization of how society treats them. not just men, women as well. you can't judge someone's worth based on assumptions. any one of us could be just as bad as those 'evil men' but we're excused since we're women? fucking stupid, and exactly the same as how robots act.

No. 214495

Alright, I don't think I can contribute anything more to those talking points without appearing hostile in some way (in a space where I frankly don't belong), but thanks for your input.

No. 214497

Misogyny doesn't just live on the internet, and to insinuate so is ludicrous. Men as a group can benefit from some well-placed criticism, but too many times they shut down when women make good points and they're behavior never changes. The point is to stop excusing bad behavior because as you said,
>chalking bad traits up to gender and complaining they'll never and can't change
feeds into that cycle. Male bullshit can frustrate me, but you'll never catch me putting up with it for more than a minute or two. I have myself to focus on first and foremost, and I'd rather die a sexless spinster than to date another misogynistic trainwreck.

No. 214501

>all the NAMALT in this thread

No. 214502

Let's be real, the majority of us on this thread don't hate men (disregarding the couple of autists) most of it is just venting about our bad experiences. Men have so many spaces to talk about hating women and are often far more aggressive, can we not talk about our shitty experiences for once? We know not all men are like that, you don't need to tell us.

No. 214504

I was dating an anti feminist redpill type of guy, I didn't know he was like that for the first month or so but it began to show. He would constantly ask me for a run down of my past lovers, when guys would hit on me while we were out he'd blame me for "putting myself in that situation" aka leaving the house….with him?

He one night went to a strip club without even asking me if it was okay, but I didn't freak out at him as hey it's a bit of fun right? I took this as maybe he'll be more chill with me now and less paranoid, I was so so wrong. On the same night he'd had a lap dance from a stripper, he physically dragged me away from talking/dancing with a gay male friend and shouted at me the entire night (still had sex with me though) and morning.

The final straw was Saturday night, he literally chased me down the street demanding to know "how many dicks have you sucked", got in my face, cornered me and couldn't believe it when I didn't want to stay with him. He said I was only crying because I'm a woman and that's what women do, I'm trying to make him look abusive when it's actually me who's abusive and if he was a woman everyone would see him as a victim, literally the only time I ever got angry at him it was just a "can you shut up now" or "stop" it was never personal and I got viably angry with him a total of three times in the entirety of our six month relationship and would back down every time, if I stood up for myself he'd pull the gender card.

Yeah I'm an idiot for not dumping him ages ago, but I loved him and wanted it to work….I thought he would be able to get over his insecurity and paranoia if I asked permission to go out without him, always told him what I was doing etc but nothing worked. I have been abused by several men in my life since I was a kid and I am just so broken at this point, men don't care or have any empathy. I'm just a dumb cunt for not dating "nice guys" except this guy literally framed himself as #NotLikeOtherGuys and was your typical nice guy.

No. 214505

Exactly this. Women are socialized early on to be "polite in public"; this thread is a way to blow off steam and vent together about our experiences/issues.

We know you're not all /r9k/ bottomfeeders, but we asspat enough asshole men IRL.

No. 214506

>I thought he would be able to get over his insecurity and paranoia if I asked permission to go out without him, always told him what I was doing etc but nothing worked.
Eh, you can't change guys like that, but I don't blame you for falling into that trap. Sometimes you have to learn these lessons on your own for it to sink in… that being said so-called "nice guys" shouldn't actually be taken at their word. You'll get a better understanding of someone by studying their behavior as opposed to what they say.

No. 214508

Thanks anon, I was trying to be understanding as I get everyone has issues and flaws. I didn't want to just give up on someone I cared about over it so tried to make him happy, but it didn't work and until he gets help to overcome his insecurities/anger issues it never will.

No. 214509

It really seems like mystery to me. Anyone else think so? Has she showed up in chat recently?

No. 214510

>Men have so many spaces to talk about hating women
>can we not talk about our shitty experiences for once?
I get where you're coming from but I see the same thing with sexes flopped everytime a girl (or someone claiming to be one) posts on r9k. Seriously just ignore the butthurt guys who come here. It's impossible to have a perfect one-sex-only community on a publicly open anonymous imageboard, especially since maleposters aren't instabanned on this board. Men are drawn to arguing about this shit like moths to a light, they're gonna show up. Don't even give them the dignity of a "fuck off", that's the quickest way to make them leave.

No. 214511

sage for blogpost but i need to vent. anons I am sick of living in constant fear. I'm a 26yo woman living in a safe part of town, upper-middle class, etc. etc. but every day whenever I'm alone after dark/winter afternoons, or home alone, I'm well aware of the possiblity of a stranger following me home or breaking in or attacking me in any way. I am honestly so sick of being a vulnerable non-ugly non-fat white woman because men are fucking horrible and can't control their urges. i see my type on forensic files over and over and over again. a high-achieving, happy-go-lucky young woman with a bright future murdered for sex or some other sick fantasy. i hate being so calculating about every male encounter in my life - rejecting car rides home from well-meaning male coworkers because I want to avoid being alone with him in case he/they want to rape me, my mom urging me to call my boyfriend when I'm in a taxi ride home so the male taxi driver knows I'm not home alone, being nervous when I'm alone with a repairman, palming a knife in my coat pocket when i see a man or several men walking toward me on a deserted street…

always being ready to fight for my life and being paranoid in innocent situations. i am literally home alone rn, it's 3 am and i have a knife near my bedside. fucking hell

No. 214512

Yeah I get what you're saying, it's just in general every thread whenever women try talk about their experiences it's filled with #NotAllMen etc and it's tiring.

No. 214513

>non ugly
>non fat
Yeah except both of those kinds of women are targeted too because opportunistic predators just want to feel control over a warm hole that's vulnerable and alone. Invest in a self defense weapon and get over yourself a little. You live in a nice neighborhood which is more than what most women could say for themselves.

No. 214525

I think you might need to talk to a therapist about that honestly but I'll try to help. Being afraid of this is like being afraid of dying in a car crash; it can definitely happen and it's good to be a bit wary of it, but its not healthy to let that fear consume your life. All sorts of bad things can happen in life, but all you can do is make the best choices to minimize that risk. Of course something can happen no matter what, and no matter how many precautions you take, but that's completely out of your control. Worrying about it to that extent doesn't change the likelihood of it happening, all it does is make you scared amd miserable. Try to think of this like any other scary possibility in life that you probably (hopefully) don't worry about as much, like car crashes, tornados, etc etc. It probably won't happen, if it will you have no way of knowing, but we all know SOMETHING is going to happen to us eventually, whatever it may be. The best thing you can do is live your life as enjoyably as you can. Be wary and respnosive when threats arise, but try to avoid being on constant alert.

Also not exactly comforting but total stranger attacks are pretty rare, it's usually someone the victim knew. Anyway good luck anon, those fears suck and I know dealing with them is easier said than done, but I wish you well.

No. 214526

You sound like a privileged rich white girl who needs to get over herself

No. 214532

>Being afraid of this is like being afraid of dying in a car crash;
Man, I know it's just a metaphor but if I'm driving or walking in an area with a lot of cars, I'm on high alert the whole time. There's good reason to be as cautious as possible while driving, and you could say the same applies to men. But you're around them almost constantly and it's not socially acceptable to treat them like a deathtrap so it's not a great comparison.

No. 214534

well good for her. why not give these tools a dose of reality?

No. 214577


i am a priviledged upper-middle class white girl - so what? does that make me safe at night? does that mean i should feel more relaxed and comfortable around rich or upper-middle class white boys? are you serious? those are the types who feel they're above the law most - and often they very well are. brock turner, the steubenville rapists, that affluenza kid, etc.

No. 214579


i appreciate you, well-intentioned anon, and i am fully aware of how shit my mentality is. i wrote that post last night because i needed to vent. the apartment i live in atm is easily accessible through the roof windows and generally hidden from the main road. however my terrace is an open area for all the surrounding houses/neighors to easily see my comings and goings, my bf leaving with travel bags, the front door showing we have lots of loot inside, from a ps4, flat screen, guitars, computers, etc.

i will be moving next year but for now, yeah, it sucks i can't just kick it in my own empty apartment because every semi-loud outside noise makes me reach for my pepper spray or kitchen knife. it might be all in my head, but my upbringing and society put it there.

No. 214580

Anon probably meant you sound incredibly sheltered. Of course it's good to keep an eye on what is happening around you when walking down a street at night alone, but you seem paranoid to a point where it affects your everyday life. You should take the other anon's advice and talk to a therapist about this.

No. 214595

saw this in the blaire white thread a while back, the comments are repulsive and sexist, I'll make a collage with the comments later

No. 214597

File: 1512492620388.png (218.75 KB, 1920x1080, 1507301719206.png)

what the other anon posted

No. 214600

File: 1512493524573.png (1.72 MB, 3884x2500, disgust.png)

No. 214622

File: 1512498019726.png (20.19 KB, 415x102, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.1…)

I will never understand this level of vitriolic hatred towards someone you don't even know. Someone who has surely never harmed you or someone you love. This girl made a mistake, and they're acting like she fucking killed someone instead of just having sex. She was practically a fucking child. WHY? Can one of the maleposters explain this to me, instead of just telling us that misogyny isn't that big of a deal?

I really hope these commenters are just teen boys. But even then…deep down I know they won't grow out of this mentality, and they will eventually become men who still think this way. Who still hate women.

And of course, if you're upset about fucks saying a young girl deserved to possibly lose her life because she wasn't a virgin, you're a feminazi.

Man sorry for flipping out but it just gets worse and worse everyday. I shouldn't be surprised or hurt by these things anymore, I should feel like I've seen it all but every time I think it can't get worse, it does. I just can't stand the way men feel about women. WHY.

No. 214640

Men are fucking deranged. They have some type of fucked psychosexual complex towards women. They beg women for sex and create demands for porn and prostitution, but want women to feel as dehuamnized as possible for participating in those things.

No. 214663

To be fair it is pretty depressing how gullible teenage girls are. I imagine a lot of that anger from men is basically misplaced disappointment that girls like that are basically the norm these days. I was discussing this with my boyfriend and he thinks a lot of the bitterness stems from feeling that women aren't actually interested in anything beyond sex.

No. 214671

I mean…they’re teenagers. It’s kind of expected that they are gullible and make terrible mistakes that they (hopefully) learn from. Unfortunately this girl may have died from hers, and all these men can say is that she deserved it because she was a slut. She deserved to die because….she had sex?

It’s not disappointment. It’s hatred and disgust for women and girls. And to your boyfriends point, a lot of women feel like men aren’t interested in anything but sex. But you don’t really see a large, growing movement like the red pill or mgtow for women who hate men.

No. 214675

Ugh again with the "Muh whye gurls luv bbc!!, source: pornhub". Do these fucking apebrains realize that porn caters to MALE fantasies? Men are the ones wanting to watch white women get "destroyed" by a black penis. Fucking imbeciles.

No. 214676

Yeah it's tragic. But I think she seems exceptionally gullible and stupid. Even as a depressed teen I knew better than to get involved with black guys in any way.

No. 214678

Plus they’ve been saying women are only good for sex for years. So why would they be upset if that’s all women offer them?

No. 214679

Here's my take on it from what I've gleaned from my boyfriend. They basically feel like if women really are as sexually voracious as we're depicted in porn then they stand no chance of properly satisfying us. This in turn causes a mixture of rage and anger often channeled into fantasies of sexual violence.

A lot of it comes down to porn sickness too. Some white guys feel white women make them feel emasculated by saying black guys are superior and all that stuff. And that's where a lot of the "well I don't care. I prefer Asian women anyway!" stuff comes from.

No. 214680

>not being racist means you're a gullible idiot

No. 214681

If that's how you want to take it…

But yeah. I wouldn't hang out alone with black men as a white girl. Dunno how your parents raised you but to me hanging out with any large group of men alone puts you in danger. Being a lone white girl among a group of black men only amplifies it.

I'll take racism over being raped and murdered kthx

No. 214683

So you can point out that men commit the vast majority of violent crime but not the plain and simple fact that by these very same statistics, black men are the most violent group of men? Get real. Both claims are true. Men are overwhelmingly more violent and black men are overwhelmingly the most violent sub group of men.

No. 214693


burn the coal, pay the toll

No. 214694

lmao who invited the racist-chans

No. 214696

>believe women are not sexual
>bothered by it
>make porn fantasy world where women like sex
>become traumatized by fantasy they created themselves

Men are fucking retarded

No. 214698

It's the Madonna-Whore complex. Men see women as either sex crazed sluts or pure and asexual with no in between. If a man discovers a girl he thought was a Madonna has sexual desires and/or rejects him or seems less than perfectly kind, she's shafted into the Whore category and is deemed worthless in the man's eye. What men want is the perfect waifu with the sweetness and purity of the Madonna but the sex drive of the Whore, who doesn't really exist.

tldr men are stupid

No. 214701

>concerned about their value to the opposite sex, likely due to a sense of inferiority
>tortured insecurity during developmental years
>compensate for a complete and utter lack of emotional coping skills by indulging in fantasies which are handed to them on a silver platter via the internet
>become addicted to these fantasies at a young age and carry them over into adulthood, resulting in a warped, underdeveloped person (resentful manchild)
>resentful manchild develops the need to defend his warped, abominable state of existence (mgtow)
>manchildren give birth to numales
>numales all die
>matriarchy for 12,000 years
>colonize entire milky way

No. 214703

>They basically feel like if women really are as sexually voracious as we're depicted in porn then they stand no chance of properly satisfying us.
Can't they just like, y'know… separate porn from REALITY? Jesus fuck dude the way porn depicts sexuality isn't in anyway common in real life. It's ACTING. It's a PERFORMANCE. The women in porn probably don't even joy half of what's being done to them in the slightest bit.

No. 214705

>What men want is the perfect waifu with the sweetness and purity of the Madonna but the sex drive of the Whore
How do they not realize that these two things cancel each other out? Can someone pls explain the male thought pattern to me? That shit is wacko.

No. 214708

Why is it so terrible for women to have any sort of sexuality? Why are we disgusting if we enjoy sex, but it's accepted as natural and normal for men to have sexual urges?

Women get pleasure from sex as well, and that shouldn't make men feel bad. Would they rather when we had sex we were hating every second off it? It's honestly so fucking backwards, they beg us for sex but we're disgusting sluts if we have it.

No. 214720

Lel, maybe blacks are more likely to be criminals but statistically white men in the US are just as likely to be registered sex offenders as any other race. I wouldn't trust Bradley more than I would any other man.

No. 214732

Men usually like women to enjoy sex… as long as it's only with them and never another man.

No. 214737

…Do they really? At most they'll say something like "does that feel good, babe?" as they essentially use your body as a living fleshlight. Doesn't seem like they want women to feel good as much as they want an ego boost.

No. 214738

I really hate how so many men think it's justification to treat women like shit if they've had a lot of sex too. What did they really do wrong? All they did was have sex…why is that a reason to forever brand a woman an evil slut that deserves to be treated like shit her entire life?

No. 214739

Boys can start watching pornography at very young ages, especially nowadays. Kids in middle school are probably beating it to porn. They're far too young at that time, and thus are easily impressionable. As children they have a much harder time separating what they see in porn from reality, especially since they've yet to experience sex in real life. Because of this they get expectations and views on sexuality ingrained in their head through porn, likely long before any sexual education they might have in school. Then of course they only have other porn addicts like themselves to converse with, and their beliefs double over even moreso. By the time they reach adulthood, the pornography they've consumed has left a great impression on them that is very difficult to get rid of. When they finally face reality and it goes against their expectations, they feel betrayed, or frustrated, or insecure in themselves. That itself feeds into the desire for more porn over reality, and further entrenches them in their incorrect beliefs.

No. 214741

>…Do they really?
Go to a sub like r/askmen and you'll notice it's a pretty common sentiment. Sex is not actually that great if you don't care about your partner, it's glorified masturbation otherwise.

No. 214745

>but statistically white men in the US are just as likely to be registered sex offenders as any other race.
Not really.
They are 13% of the population but commit 30% of the rape, 25% of other sex offenses so they're incredibly more likely. Honestly the whole argument that men are shit because they're more violent/commit rape fits well into a racists world view, and I've always found it magical how some posters try to avoid that.

No. 214747

I don’t understand it either. As much as they hate women and think they’re inferior, they seem to hold us to a higher standard than men if that makes sense. Like we have a set of stipulations we have to meet, otherwise men think we’re worthless and deserve to die I guess.

It’s weird but I hope I’m making sense. Ifs not like they expect us to be better than men, because they don’t think we are. They think we’re worse than men in every single way, yet they hold us to higher standards than they do other men and attack us that much more viciously if we don’t meet them.

I don’t understand men’s logic on just about anything. It makes me glad and not insecure that I’m a Virgin for the first time in my life. I don’t think I ever want to deal with men in any romantic or sexual way honestly. It seems more trouble than it’s worth, but that’s just my opinion and I know there are people here who are happily with men. Don’t mean to imply that you’re wrong or making a mistake at all.

No. 214748

Yeah, like men can have loads of sex because they're men and that's what men do. When women do it they're disgusting whores who gave into temptation, women are meant to hold off from sex but men will also complain about not getting sex easily despite forcing this standard on us.

Another thing I've noticed as well, in the case of rape men often say "well she was alone with a man, what did she expect?" Why are women expected to take all these safety procedures (don't wear short skirts/dresses or revealing clothes, don't drink, don't walk home alone at night, don't be alone with a man) but men can't be expected to just….not rape anyone?

Also if a woman does take these safety procedures she's a paranoid femanazi who believes all men are rapists, there's so much contradictions and we literally can't win.

No. 214751

>well she was alone with a man, what did she expect?

Lmao. The same type of man who says shit like that also gets upset when tumblr feminists say all men are violent rapists. What exactly do they think they're suggesting there…? Because what it implies is that all men are ticking time bombs who can't control themselves, and all women should be wary of them at all times. Fascinating.

No. 214753

They simply want to bear none of the responsibility.
>it's your fault if you trust men to have the least bit of self-control!!
>What? How dare you work under the assumption that any man could be a rapist!! #NotAllMen

No. 214774

Pretty much, the standards men are held up to in regards to sex and relationships is that of a toddler who is able to control their sexual urges/rage, but women have to make loads of allowances and tiptoe around them basically. Also, the ability to see into the future might help as your friend/boyfriend/family member could turn out to be a rapist as most rapes are committed by someone the victim knows, you're a dumb bitch for not seeing the signs though so yeah being able to look into the future is also required.

No. 214780

I don't think they treat them like shit, unless they're a close female relative or something. I think they just tend to stigmatise them as the sort of girl who would never be worth dating. Which is fair enough. Promiscuous men and women are both undesirable people in my eyes.

No. 214782

That's fine, however men don't just leave it at that and get on with their lives. They sperg out all the time if women have sex in a way they don't agree with and need to make everyone aware of it, I'm not attracted to fat guys but I don't sperg about how I don't wanna date fat guys all the time.

No. 214783

I think men these days fear that there simply aren't that many reserved girls left.

No. 214787

And that justifies it? Also, yeah, they don't think women aste chaste enough the same way they did throughout history. It was the same if not worse when being "reserved" was a requirement and not a choice, so it's not like it's a reaction to women being on average more sexually active. It's just a reaction to a woman showing men she's an independent person who does what she wants with her own body.

No. 214788

I dunno sis. I'm not too happy about how slutty the culture is these days either. One because I want kids of my own one day and two because I think there's genuine peer pressure on people like me to be more sexually extroverted. It's also just generally very gross and unhealthy.

That whole feminist third wave sex positive stuff is disgusting to me, not gonna lie.

No. 214789

It's literally just women doing what men do, I doubt most women who sleep around are doing it cause "omgz this will totez piss off men!1" it's just something they may want to do, not everyone wants a relationship. Most men's reasons for not wanting a "slutty" girlfriend tends to be down to their own insecurity too, they're scared they won't be able to satisfy her sexually and personally, I think there's their own issue they need to overcome, not try to restrict women's sexuality.

That's fine, however do you think what if a girl sleeps around or even just isn't a virgin or slept around when she was 18, deserves to be raped, never deserves a happy relationship when she's ready for it? etc. I get why someone people may not want to with someone who's slept around or want to do it themselves, but as mentioned above the issue I have is men's insecurities being a justification to try to restrict women and the constant autism about sex.

No. 214791

This for real, all this sex positivity is bullshit. Some of these people are literally condoning prostitution/sex work as if it's some ~super liberating~ thing. Makes me sick… Sad that men blame women for all of it though.

No. 214793

>I think there's genuine peer pressure on people like me to be more sexually extroverted. It's also just generally very gross and unhealthy
>That whole feminist third wave sex positive stuff is disgusting to me, not gonna lie.
I agree, but it wasn't that many years ago before the whole *~sexposi~* train took off and people were MUCH more cruel to women then on the basis of their "history." It's just as toxic to scream "WORTHLESS WHORE" in a young girl's face just because she did so much as hold hands with a guy before, or lay in bed with him.

No. 214806

Does that mean they have to treat all women like shit, though? I fear that there aren't any non-misogynistic men left…but I don't run around trying to make men feel as low as possible or attacking them for how many sex partners they have.

Plus like >>214789 mentioned, those women are just doing what a lot of men have done for years. Why is it suddenly worse when a woman does it? And why do men think they need to be punished for it, and think they 'deserve' thinks like rape and death?

(Not to mention, I don't think casual sex is even as common as we may think. I know there are women that do it, but I still think it's far from the norm even now.)

No. 214814

They want her just to be a whore for them. Fucking retarded.

No. 214821

I've noticed a lot of Asian women in porn whine and cry and make weird, dissatisfied faces during sex. Seriously, a lot of Asian porn is extremely rapey because of this. Perhaps that's what men want? The ones who claim they only like Asian girls, anyway. A girl who will just act innocent and ~so sensitive~ during sex like some kind of anime caricature.

No. 214822

I know about a girl that was raped by multiple guys in the same night but no one "counts" it as rape because shes a "slut" anyway, fucking disgusting.
And one of the guys is a "sweet and loving" young father.
I hate this conservative country i live in.
Also fuck men, and no lol #NOTALL

No. 214823

Anyone I know who has casual sex, has a one night stand every few months or they have a fwbs. It's not the strawman argument men make that women are having orgies every weekend. I don't have casual sex but don't care if others do, I have friends that do it and as long as they're being safe/not hurting anyone I don't see why I should think they're lower people?

No. 214824

Had one send me a story of this guy who fucked his drunk and underage cousin, and when I replied "ew" he just seemed so annoyed.
Men are disgusting, nothing new

No. 214837

It's kind of an open secret that a lot of women in Japanese porn are paying off debts for the Yakuza. I assume that's what you're referring to since most Asian porn that comes to mind is either Jap or Western in my experience. I figure the crying that sounds like a dying cat has something to do with that.

>(Not to mention, I don't think casual sex is even as common as we may think. I know there are women that do it, but I still think it's far from the norm even now.)
Probably varies a lot with the area. I don't really see it in my social circle but it seems to be a regular thing at college when I observe others.

No. 214839

exactly, I'm an asian woman, everytime a man tells me he prefers asian women, all I hear him say is "I'm shit in bed" so I just avoid men who go crazy over asian women

No. 214842

My problem with it boils down to when they say this:

>"But women like sex too!"

That's just a strawman. I can't speak for all women, but I can speak in rough anecdotal terms for girls I'm friends and peers with throughout all stages of my life (school, uni, career - at least among the ones who had good relationships with their dads) and the conclusion is that we ARE different from men in that regard. The vast majority of us do not want casual sex and do not consider it something highly desirable in the same way men do.

That's part of my problem with feminism. We are different from men, and how we approach sex is a part of these innate differences. Whatever feminists want to say, the vast majority of us, again at least in my experience, don't want one night stands and flings and "fuckbuddies" in the same sort of animal way men do.

We want security and love.

In before muh disney princess idealism.

No. 214844

Different Anon, but oh my god. That’s so sickening, the Yakuza and porn industry. You know if anyone told the men who get off to that shit about it, they probably wouldn’t fucking care anyway. God damn pigs.

Sage for legit rage.

No. 214848

They get off more to it if the woman is in genuine pain/distress. There are forums where men trade porn with background info like "she did this assgape scene to pay for a hit of such and such drug" and others reply about how "hot" that is.

Men these days are fixated on degradation and dehumanization. They think women deserve this because we do porn.

No. 214850

This has been my experience as well. I and most of the female friends I've had throughout my life have never engaged in casual sex. I knew one girl in college who was the manosphere stereotype of the "cock carousel" riding girl, but she was still a perfectly kind person and fun to be around. She wasn't a worthless whore, she just liked sex. So I agree with you on that, maybe women are generally different than men in that respect. I know feminism is a bit of a shitshow right now, I think that ideally self proclaimed feminists should support a woman's right to choose what lifestyle works best for her, and not pressure any women to conform to a certain way.

The part I disagree with you on is this. There are women who generally enjoy casual sex out there. Women who have sex outside of relationships. Maybe they felt pressured by the current social climate, maybe they genuinely enjoy it. There's a conversation to be had there that may be separate from this one. I don't know. But overall the point is…nobody should harrassed and called a worthless whore and have their own death or misfortune blamed on the fact that they had a lot of sex (like the girl in the video above.) We can agree on that, right? It isn't a crime to have sex, but a lot of men act like it is the worst possible thing a woman could do, meanwhile they brag about all of the depraved shit they've done with double digit numbers of women and they don't find themselves disgusting or worthless. I don't get that.

We don't have to agree with their lifestyle in order to still treat them like human beings and not tell them they're worthless because they've had sex before. That is what men do, and I think that's the issue most of us have with this. And they have become so severe with it to the point where they now say a woman who has had sex with even one man before them is 'tainted' and worthless to men. Even if that sex was within a long term, serious relationship that just didn't work out.

No. 214852

I can't agree with you because the definition of what constitutes "harassment" is just too broad to the point what it comes down to is basically policing what people think and say (think the UK with its lolworthy laws about social media).

I would feel a lot more comfortable in a society where you're not made to feel like a freak for not being into BDSM shit from 14 onwards, and if it takes censure and humiliation of more slovenly girls to achieve that, then so be it.

No. 214853

Maybe harassment was the wrong word to use, sorry. But, why belittle and humiliate anyone? And why only women? Men are involved in sex too, obviously.

I'm sorry you feel like society makes you feel like a freak for being more conservative when it comes to sex. It shouldn't be that way. But the answer is not to attack people who make different choices than you. What do we all gain from that?

No. 214854

Men should get the same treatment. Modern society holds nobody to any sexual standards because most liberals fear being held to standards of any reasonable, objective kind.

Men who father illegitimate children for example are usually trash and should be run out of town.

The "compassionate" choice isn't always the right one.

No. 214856

>Men should get the same treatment
But they don't. And they never will. Overall, I'm just tired of women being shit on by women and men alike regardless of what we do. I get made fun of for being a virgin and thus a 'future catlady' or I just need some dick or I'm too ugly to get a man. Other girls get told they are worthless and deserve all the bad things that could happen to them because they're whores and sluts. Men say they're "used up", as if they're some kind of product. There is absolutely nothing we can do to make men and society look down upon us less. Everyone makes excuses for men, and yet attack women for the tiniest infraction. I get that it won't change, but I wish it would. It isn't helpful for us to treat other women the way men already treat us, because then really where can women go where we aren't hated?

No. 214857


people see men who run out on their kids as just a bad situation that "happens" but people will shame women to hell and back if they aren't perfect moms

Amber Rose for example, then the guy ran out on his kids no one gave a shit but people will spend all day harassing her for not being a good mom, while I don't think she's a good mom but for fucks sake, shame the asshole walking out on his kids to, not just amber rose

No. 214858

>But they don't. And they never will.

Historically it was a big deal if a man got a girl knocked up without actually committing to her, he'd be liable to get a beating at the least.

Basically the idea was if they didn't give a woman some sort of security before taking the relationship to an intimate place, they really would be run out of town (quite literally).

No. 214859

Also I just don't believe in this "other women are your allies just because they're women" crap, sorry.

Hijabis who think I'm a slut because I don't cover up are not my allies, women who have helped sluttify our culture to the point where men and women think it's disappointing to watch a TV show if it doesn't have "steamy sex scenes" or "tits" are also not my allies, and women who try to demonize white women with the intersectional stuff are also not my allies. It's not as simple as men vs. women. It's retarded to frame it in such a way.

No. 214860

The key point being if he got her knocked up. Oh, and if there was proof he was the one who did it. Can always claim the kid isn't yours if you're a male.

They might not be your allies, but they aren't the enemy either. They're suffering because of sexism just like you are.

No. 214862

>They're suffering because of sexism just like you are.

Thank you, this was my point with what I said in >>214856. Not that you have to agree with every single woman on Earth just because we share some chromosomes, but we don't have to attack eachother the way men attack women. There's already so many people making women feel worthless and unwanted in the world, why contribute to it? But, at the end of the day, we all do what we want. I can't stop you. Nobody can stop any of this.

I'm just so sick of misogyny, it makes me so sad and tired. But I know I just need to shut up about it because nobody wants to hear it.

No. 214863

>They might not be your allies, but they aren't the enemy either. They're suffering because of sexism just like you are.

The Muslim women in European countries are often just as, if not more misogynistic than the men. You think they're all suffering and want out, but look at a place like Egypt where 60% of college-educated women believe that the women sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square deserved it/brought it on themselves.

These people need to GTFO our countries, they ARE enemies.

No. 214864

I sign everything you wrote.

> I get made fun of for being a virgin and thus a 'future catlady' or I just need some dick or I'm too ugly to get a man.

This is what really applies to me but I would never shame another woman for being more sexually active as long as she took care of herself.

But what pisses me off is that it's not just men but also women who should know better, and that are going to attack other women like you pointed out. It's not necessarily just regarding sex but it can be seen in the workplace, education and other areas of life.

I mean, I'm not expecting some ~sisterhood~ where we hold pj parties and have sleepovers and talk about unicorns just because we all share the same gender, but if we compare solidarity with the one that men have and the one we have, it's a stark contrast. I've seen a lot of times other women shaming a rape victim (saying among the lines that she deserved it), or not believing a rape victim, I've experienced female professors obviously favoring male students and letting them go off the hook, I could go on. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed.


> It's not as simple as men vs. women.

It's not necessarily men vs women, there are lots of shitty people out there of both genders but you can't deny that a lot of problems arise from double standards out of which women get very little benefit despite what robots and other men think. Single moms get shat on constantly and I wouldn't place the entire blame on the majority of single moms that they should have known better.

I don't even know why other women do this, for some meager brownie points? Hoping they will be awarded the virtuous woman of the month award? Or is it out of pure female envy and bitterness?

Oh please. That's entirely not true. If you go throughout history and with recorded events men who raped were sometimes punished but women that weren't raped and the guy walked out on her? The blame was all on her. The blame is always on the woman.

No. 214865

Though I would add that I don't hold muslim women as my allies but for obvious reasons. Then I could apply the same rule to all religiously devoted women.

No. 214870

>That's entirely not true.

Nigga it was a common cultural practice to nail the names of male deadbeats to the doors of churches in early and pre-modern Europe.

Men did face consequences for being disgusting, you can argue that that was largely because they were screwing around with "another man's daughter", but I'll take that over the shitty, alienated society we have today. After all we've been following the path of people like you (progressives) for the past 60 years or so and all we've got out of it is more porn, more meaningless sex, more alienation, fractured communities and opiate addictions.

No. 214873


> Nigga it was a common cultural practice to nail the names of male deadbeats to the doors of churches in early and pre-modern Europe.

Please provide sources. I'm genuinely interested but I don't think it was widespread if it were in practice.

> but I'll take that over the shitty, alienated society we have today. After all we've been following the path of people like you (progressives) for the past 60 years or so and all we've got out of it is more porn, more meaningless sex, more alienation, fractured communities and opiate addictions.

Firstly I agree that the rot of our society is tremendous and I'm not the progressive you accuse me of but among all the things that are bad in our current society women's choices in their partners in on the bottom list that's to blame.
Also, your vision of the past is very rose-tinted, just the word orgy has it's root in ancient greek, there were whore houses all throughout history and men were never punished for it. In ancient rome it was common for married men to pay a whore and they never had to respond for it, it was as normal as doing groceries. Men cheating was considered just part of a guy's nature. Maybe some would object it but your idea of men being chivalrous. I could list so many more examples.

I'm inclined to believe that you're a robot because only men ascribe the downfall of our society with women's sexual liberation.

No. 214882

Go get a golden shower from your neckbeard boyfriend June

No. 214883

>a woman can't have controversial opinions that aren't influenced by a boyfriend
toxic mentality

No. 214886

>Please provide sources. I'm genuinely interested but I don't think it was widespread if it were in practice.

I'll go over one of New Cambridge Medieval History volumes that I saw it in (the High Middle Ages one) later on.

>only men ascribe the downfall of our society with women's sexual liberation.

Point out where I did this?

Oh wait. I didn't. Those things are symptoms, not causes. The ultimate cause is the idea that individual freedom is inherently good (for men or women), when the past 70 years have been a giant exercise in why it isn't and how it makes people and societies increasingly psychologically dysfunctional.

No. 214887


No. 214899

The way that they experience sexuality is the biggest difference between men and women I think. A lot of the gender conflict stems from one sex finding the other's sexuality repulsive.

No. 214900

From what I've read most porn in Japan is tied to them. I'm assuming the women doing the more fucked up shit are the ones paying off debt while the "vanilla" ones are more for profit e.g. Hitomi.

No. 214902

>They might not be your allies, but they aren't the enemy either.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a vocal critic of Islam. She escaped her family from the Middle East and escaped west after suffering genital mutilation and was about to be forced into a marriage. She had to hide her identity unless her family found her and dragged her back. All in all, a woman I would 100% stand with. Linda Sarsour meanwhile, was one of the leaders of the Womens March. Because Ayaan dared to criticize Islam, she declared she "wanted to take her vagina away" among other things.

I want to reiterate this, she told a victim of genital mutilation that she wanted to take her vagina away. That woman should 100% be considered an enemy.

No. 214908

You women are right about incel men. I'm a bottom of the barrel incel who's never had anything with women, but I know some ex-incels who did. They all end up hurting the women, even the women who were understanding with them and their problems, like being older virgins. I'd like to think I'd be different if I had the chance, but I'd probably be just the same. The first minor bad thing that happened would make me crumble.(man)

No. 214909

r9k: The Post

No. 214910

Kill yourself and you'll make a lot of women happier than if you were to be in a relationship with one.

No. 214911

That's good you realized anon.
Don't listen the other raging salt chan telling you to off yourself though, you can change, there is hope yet.
I know all men aren't bad, my brothers and my father are good people that respect women. Sadly, most men aren't like that. I honestly believe that /r9k/ could change,somehow. There's a thread of hope that one day they'll understand, make amend and start anew again. I believe in you anon. I believe there's good in everypne as cheesy as it sounds.

No. 214912

Why are you so angry

No. 214913

To me it seems like the worst misogynists are always either bitter virgins or men who go through tons of women.

No. 214918

>That's part of my problem with feminism
It's not a hive mind, you know. Sex positive and sex negative feminism are both things and many of us prefer the latter, it's usually pseudo feminists who think porn is empowering or whatever.

No. 214921

My problem with slut shaming is that, it gives me a further excuse to treat women terribly. I don't think a woman deserves to be dehumanized for the rest of her life for having casual sex and never deserves happiness. Also we underestimate how much men lie and manipulate women to get sex (particularly young girls), I've heard off and known many girls who were under 18 who thought a man loved them when really they were just using them, yet all the responsibility is put on the young girl to "know" better and none is put on the grown man.

No. 214928

I meant *men not me lol

No. 214949

I agree, it's the same men who will manipulate young girls into pumping and dumping them, then go around hating all the other girls who fell for the same tricks millions of other guys pull on other girls

while i can understand not wanting your partner to have a risque sex life, I just don't get how people see a woman as more respectable if she hasn't been kissed or touched or anything, once this woman I knew made a long speech about how she is 20 and never been kissed and everyone came in talking about how respectable she was, like why does being respectable include what you do your sex life? and why does holding yourself back either by choice or not by choice make you some how more respectable than a woman who's worked her ass of and is a well-mannered woman but god forbid she have sex with boyfriends? Peoples sex life shouldn't even be in the mix of determining if someone is respectable, worthy of living or being cared about, etc, it's ridiculous and as said on the teen discussion thread, as a kissless virgin myself, I NEVER mention my sexual past (or lack there of) to a partner, because 99% of the time men who refuse to date anyone other than kissless virgins are either abusive, stuck up, or straight up mentally ill

No. 214954

I need to vent jfc.

A little backstory
>> be 12 and sometimes hang out with guy who gets bullied
>> move to another country
>> am 15-16
>> he suddenly moves to same country AND city
>> ok weird
>> talking about how in love with me he is at school, thinks this means i will automatically like him because muh americab guy gets the girl movie
>> i am not aware of this at the time
>> start to hangout sometimes, smoke weed
>> i use weed to self medicate my depression and anxiety so smoke maybe once every 2-3 months
>> he confesses to me
>> i reject him, see him as friend
>> understands(i think)
>> hangout on and off, hes decent
>> i get bf
>> hangout occasionally
>> i break up with boyfriend because asshole
>> friend breaks up with gf, calls her abusive
>> confesses to me again, reject him again for same reasons
>> " you only want assholes anon, but your a woman cant help it"
>> only friend i knew/knows who can get weed and desperately need it to cope with breakup so just take it
>> this day, both are 23
>> still butthurt to this day
>> hangout yesterday to smoke weed
>> have work at 6 in the morning
>> he knows this
>> ignores me when i tell him
>> forces me to walk around dangerous are in the dark with wet stones and right next to deep ocean, VERY windy
>> tell him im scared
>> "dont me so fucking paranoid"
Starts walking towards the middle of the city to smoke a joint, tons of people outside
>> i dont think thats a good idea, im paranoid someone will see us
>> "Your so fucking paranoid, no one will see us!!"
>> me having to be civil with him, hes my ride home and there are no busses
>> Finally fucking ALLOWS me to go home at 3 in the fucking morning, laid in bed for 2 hours having an anxiety attack before i could sleep

Im fucking done with men treating you like shit because you wouldnt fuck them and thinking they are "nice guys!" When they are assholes!!

No. 214959

>forces me to walk around dangerous are in the dark with wet stones and right next to deep ocean, VERY windy
I mean the guy was an ass but you need to learn to stand up for yourself in the future. It's just a waste of time trying to be friends with people who are salty over rejection. Call an uber or something next time.

No. 214963

>like why does being respectable include what you do your sex life?

Why not? If you let four black guys gangbang you do you seriously expect people to just firewall that act off from everything else arbitrarily?

No. 214967

I just didnt expect him to be like this, andwe dont have ubers in my country, i didnt brig any money so wouldnt be able to either + my phone is blocked because something happened to my sim card, so i was kinda stuck. But needless to stay im gonna cut that piece of shit out of my life.

No. 214980

please kindly fuck off

No. 214983

I’m sorry that happened to you, Anon. Good thing he showed his true colors sooner rather than later, and now you’ll be better at weeding out these kinds of assholes. This is what I meant earlier in the thread when I posted “women are socialized early on to be polite”; like, these dicks KNOW that and keep pushing our boundaries.

No. 214984

Please kindly explain why someone's sexual behavior should be firewalled off the rest of their behavior for some arbitrary reason.

If a guy I know likes fucking prostitutes, or likes making women bleed during sex, then I'm going to think less of him as a result.

You want to section off the bedroom from everything else not because it makes sense, but because what happens in there (or out of there really) makes you feel ashamed on some level.

No. 214987

a guy like making women bleed during sex is completely different from "getting gang banged by four black guys"

>You want to section off the bedroom from everything else not because it makes sense, but because what happens in there (or out of there really) makes you feel ashamed on some level

no because 99% of the time it's no ones business, MAYBE I can understand if it's some bdsm wannabe type shit people use as a mask to their actual misogyny, but what people do in their sex life, as long as if it's not harming anyone, it shouldn't be factored in with whether someone is respectable or not. No one should be seen as the most respectable because they've never had sex and suddenly you lose respect with each sexual act you do, if you got your shit together, doing what you love, benefitting the world, but want to "get gang banged by four black guys" then it's no ones business, plain and simple, it literally only makes sense to section off the bedroom from everything else, does what you like in the bedroom affect your education? your career? no? only in extreme cases? okay then fuck off

No. 215031

File: 1512682162882.jpg (15.36 KB, 566x204, 9b32a8e03da813e99401583657ba0a…)

it always makes me laugh when little boys play victim and act like they're being abused when they don't get what they want, it just shows how privileged they are even though they don't want to admit it when they have to dig and stretch and scream oppression because women won't fuck them, some of the things men claim to be oppressed for only proves they aren't oppressed, they're literally becoming the big bad feminists that they whined and cried about and acted as if every feminist was one of them

No. 215036

The thing is you don't mind what other girls or even some random guys do with their sex life because you don't view them as potential partners, they are friends or just people and sex doesn't matter. Men ONLY view women as potential sex/romantic partners, and while it's not necessarily bad/weird to have your own standards on the sexuality of a partner, if women don't meet their standards men view them as trash. That's because men don't respect women as friends or human beings for the most part.

No. 215078

You're delusional. You think what you enjoy sexually doesn't tell someone a lot about your psychology. There's a reason low self esteem is correlated with degrading fantasies, among women and men. Keep peddling your two bit excuses for your moral laxity though. Whatever helps rationalise things in your mind.

No. 215079

Men and women are absolutely right to have standards regarding their partners. The problem with robots is they call any girl who has ever had sex a slut and the problem with women is that we don't make men pay a price for their own sexually immoral behavior (cheating and promiscuity and general disrespect) because a lot of women are weak minded as shit these days.

But yeah. Any girl peddling an idea it's just some normal thing to let four men gangbang you and that she shouldn't be judged for it is no woman I want as an "ally". Get your shit together and stop debasing yourself if you want respect. Robots may be wrong on 99 percent of things but they're spot on on that one. Nobody is obligated to give a morally depraved person respect and nobody is obligated to stop themselves from "judging" you. The judgment of strangers is a fact of life you'll have to reconcile yourself to eventually because you're sure as hell not going to police the thoughts of all of your friends, coworkers and peers, no matter how much the third wave wants it.

And really the fear of the judgement of others, judgement that has no power mind, says more about your own feelings of shame than anything else.

No. 215080

and yet somehow there's tons of people with high self esteem who have degrading fantasies, even so, there's tons of people with low self esteem who prefer dominating as well, and even tons of low self esteemed low life who prefer vanilla sex, the only one "pedaling" is you, there's a reason why no one asks you about your sex life on college applications or at job interviews, why? because it doesn't tell a lot about you, yes with some people it can reflect, but with 99% of people your sex life doesn't reflect who you are, anyway, with the case of the girl who went missing, even if she did have low self esteem like you insist, how does that make her less worthy of a person and to be saved? The only people who believe that your sex life, as long as you're not harming anyone, reflects if you are worthy of a person, are low-lifes who don't have lots of social experience outside the internet

No. 215082

> Any girl peddling an idea it's just some normal thing to let four men gangbang you and that she shouldn't be judged for it is no woman I want as an "ally"

where exactly did I say that it's normal to want four men to gangbang you? Oh right nowhere, all I'm saying is that it shouldn't matter within a womans career or if she is worth being cared about by family or friends, or as in the previous case if she's worth not BEING SOLD INTO SEX TRAFFICKING OR KILLED if she did want to get gang banged by four guys or not, if it makes me some awful person who isn't worth being an "ally" for simply stating that a woman who wants to get gang banged should get the same respect as a kissless virgin, assuming they're both respectable, hard working and polite women then you really need to update your definition on what awful means

>Nobody is obligated to give a morally depraved person respect and nobody is obligated to stop themselves from "judging" you

okay, so if a woman has her shit together, she's in school, she's polite, she's helpful, she helps people in need, she's educated, but maybe she's into some freaky shit in the bedroom, is she not worthy of respect and she's "morally depraved" as much as if a woman was said, a virgin yet she killed people and does drugs? It's just ridiculous, and no, I'm not telling women to go get gang banged or whatever like you want to twist to believe I am, it's just simply no ones business what a woman does in the bedroom as long as if she isn't harming someone, no I'm not telling anyone that they can't judge people but if you have poor judgement then it's YOU that's delusional and shitty, I prefer a polite woman and is nice but may be into kinky shit over someone who goes around acting as if someone is less of a person if they want to do kinky shit assuming it doesn't harm anyone

>The judgment of strangers is a fact of life you'll have to reconcile yourself to eventually because you're sure as hell not going to police the thoughts of all of your friends, coworkers and peers, no matter how much the third wave wants it.

again, funny how you call people delusional but act as if I'm trying to force peoples thoughts, if you have to assume what I'm trying to do to prove a point, it's not only pathetic but makes your points automatically invalid

>And really the fear of the judgement of others, judgement that has no power mind, says more about your own feelings of shame than anything else.

what feeling of shame? Do you even know me? if you did you sure as hell wouldn't be saying that, I even know several bible thumpers who go to church and preach chastity that can agree with me that unless you are involved with that person sexually and romantically, then it's simply no ones business nor should it reflect on how someone is being treated over their sex life, again assuming it's harmless, I'm not "fearing judgement of others" I just simply don't think a woman who's a kissless virgin is somehow automatically more respectable than a woman who may be promiscuous based solely on their sex life and nothing else, yes how dare am I'm some crazy whore who's going around telling women it's normal to want to be gang banged apparantly!

No. 215083

also since I'm just nothing but a big bad peddler who's giving up excuse for my moral laxity even though I myself am abstinent, then where are these studies that insist that what you enjoy sexually tells a lot about your psychology? also where is my quote where I insisted that what people enjoy sexually doesn't reflect their psychology? or is just this about piece of shit you had to make up to put words in my mouth to prove a point like the pathetic nut you are? because god forbid I think people's respect should depend on who they are as a person rather than their sex life, what morally deprived whore am I who's just spewing out bullshit excuses huh?

No. 215089

I love how even a thread where we can vent about misogyny turns into "the wimmin are bad and wrong!!11"

Typical and unsurprising. Women really can't, and will never, escape from this shit.

No. 215093

Pretty sure the guys implication was that men arent allowed to deny sex or their masculinity/attraction to their partner is put into doubt.

No. 215094

>And really the fear of the judgement of others, judgement that has no power mind, says more about your own feelings of shame than anything else.
You are fucking retarded if you think judgment of others is only a matter of feelings. Maybe you should leave your bedroom more often, get a job, yeah?

No. 215095

Here's the thing, it's fine to have standards for partners, yes. If a guy doesn't want to date a girl who enjoys gangbangs (pretty extreme example), I find nothing wrong with that. Having qualities that make you a bad candidate for a romantic partner don't make you a bad human being, or morally bankrupt as whole. There is no reason to despise someone just because they don't fit the qualities you would desire in a gf/bf. That's the problem with men.

No. 215096

men can easily deny sex though, easier than women can, even so, the "muh masculinity" thing is only used in rare and abusive situations, if a girl does say a man is less of a man for not fucking she is easily seen as as crazy and abusive, where as men can barely take no for an answer and always try to compensate or blackmail, and for the attraction of their partner is doubted, it would be doubted in any gender relationship, if a partner is constantly denying sexual advances then yes the sad truth is the other partner will feel less attractive, that's why communication is the key, it's not a gender thing

No. 215097

>if a girl does say a man is less of a man for not fucking she is easily seen as as crazy and abusive
Maybe it depends on area, because I have seen issues stem from this.

>that's why communication is the key, it's not a gender thing

I'm not really denying this, but that's only viable when the people involved care more about the individuals in their relationship rather than stereotypes.

No. 215098

>if a girl does say a man is less of a man for not fucking she is easily seen as as crazy and abusive
She doesn't need to say it, if she mentions wanting to fuck and being denied everyone else is sure to mock the guy. Let's not be unfair, anon.

No. 215099

who's mocking the guy though? can you give me an example of when a man was mocked for denying sex?

No. 215100

The denial of sex thing is usually because men are usually wanting sex by default, girls aren't usually as thirsty as men are. A girl (generally speaking), isn't going to be as put off by being denied sex as a man.

No. 215108

> can you give me an example of when a man was mocked for denying sex?
I'm not really sure what you're looking for. I've seen women comment in the past that a guy must have been gay because he didn't want to do anything after a party or whatever, and all of her friends were agreeing with her. Sometimes they mix it up with "he must have been insecure", but I wouldn't really call that an improvement. A guy isn't allowed to not want sex in some peoples heads.

No. 215111

I fucking hate how men feel the need to shove themselves into any space that doesn't include them. You don't see hordes of women jumping into woman hate threads on /pol/ to defend themselves but the minute there's any sort of discussion in a female space that doesn't include men, they have to force themselves in and cry 'not ALL men.'

No. 215136

yeah maybe in the shitland of uk but not in most places of the world, it's not a widespread thing that happens

No. 215150

>There is no reason to despise someone just because they don't fit the qualities you would desire in a gf/bf. That's the problem with men.

Except it's not just a male thing. You've spent too long in sex positive, liberal circles if you think all women are totally cool with degenerate sex. Because I'm not and neither are any of my friends, and we'd judge both men and women who did things like that.

Basically what people like you are asking for is a world where nobody judges anyone. A world that basically resembles a big padded nursery, in other words.

No. 215151

You're delusional if you think people who like being pissed on have high self esteem on average. There's a reason fetishes are so much more common among "geeky" types. Low self esteem plus early age porn exposure and that's the end result.

No. 215152

You're weak. You want to live in a world where people's thoughts and feelings are informally policed. People judge others. Look at a large portion of the content on lolcow itself for goodness sake. Deal with it. And realize that having a thousand and one "fetishes" isn't normal or healthy.

No. 215153

Anon you really don't understand what you're talking about, what you said is completely different than what that person said, no, no one wants a "big padded nursery" people are simply saying it's no ones business if someone is doing weird shit in their sex life assuming no one is harmed, hell I even know conservatives who agree it's no ones business, you sound like a nut

> You've spent too long in sex positive, liberal circles if you think all women are totally cool with degenerate sex

where did that anon say that? where? nowhere did that anon nor did anyone say that

>You're delusional if you think people who like being pissed on have high self esteem on average

what have you met people who like being pissed on? some of these people tend to seem like normal ass people, you never know what someone likes in their sex life unless what they like is influenced by how the act, the most that you could tell is that people who tend to be dom irl tend to be dom in the bedroom, as well as people who like being sub irl tend to be sub in the bedroom to, and even that's not accurate considering a lot of business men and executives will hire dominatrixes because they like being dominated for a change, even if someone does want to be pissed on, why does it make them less of a person? No you don't have to want to be pissed on and no, no one is telling you to be okay with being pissed on like you insist we are forcing our sexual beliefs on you, it's simply just no one's business, and no, I'm not saying "OMG U WANT SOME LIBERAL SAFE SPACE YOU BIG NURSERY TIDDY BABY GO SUCK SOME TIDDY!!!!PPL WILL JUDGE YOU IF THEY WANT RETARD!!!! REEEEEEE!!!" like you insist everytime someone says it's just simply no ones business what people like in the bedroom, again, assuming it doesn't hurt anyone

> There's a reason fetishes are so much more common among "geeky" types

ummm, where have you been? while geeky types are more open, tons of people who seem normal may be into kinky shit as well, plus isn't it usually the popular girl stereotype who likes getting gang banged? Have you ever even been in the bdsm community? there's tons of business men, top dogs, business women, no, again, I'm not saying "OMG U SAID PEOPLE WHO LIKE BDSM HAVE HIGH SELF ESTEEM!!!!! REEEE!!!!" I'm simply saying you never know who is into freaky shit, you never know who is into vanilla shit, that's why it shouldn't factor in with how much respect or care someone deserves

PS: when you reply, at least TRY and I mean TRY to use something we actually said as defense instead of putting words and stretching to fit your narrative that kinky people are low life losers and it is 100% always a reflection of who you are and if you disagree with me you're a liberal crybaby who wants the world to be a big liberal safe space

No. 215154

>You're weak. You want to live in a world where people's thoughts and feelings are informally policed. People judge others.

um hunny, people can promote the idea it's no one's business what people do in the bedroom without being a big bad liberal baby who just wants people thoughts and feelings controlled, what even are doing? people are judged, sure, whatever, but even the most hardcore conservatives I know will even promote the idea that it's people privacy and shouldn't be factored in who they are as a person

> Look at a large portion of the content on lolcow itself for goodness sake. Deal with it.


>nd realize that having a thousand and one "fetishes" isn't normal or healthy.

awe the bitch that's making shit up and reading more delusional shit again, no one is saying it's normal or healthy, and god if you do find a quote of mine or any one elses on this thread where we said having tons of fetishes is normal and healthy then I will beat my computer with a baseball bat, we're just simply saying it's no one business and people should be judged on how they act and who they are, not if they want to get pissed on or whatever, that's ridiculous, and no, no one is saying we want to live in a big padded nursery like you insist we do for daring to think that people should be respected if they deserve respect depending on who they are as a person, not what they like in the bedroom, how liberal and weak of me huh? Get a job sweetie, maybe if you did had one you'd realize how little what people like in the bedroom actually matters

No. 215155

"Many men who turn to submissive fantasies do so for precisely the sort of vacation from responsibility that Roiphe suggests women are seeking. Olivia Severine, a transsexual dominatrix living in San Francisco, says most of her clients were “very high-powered” men weighed down by responsibility. “They came to see me as a brief escape when no one was looking at them for direction or leadership,” she says. “The time with me is when they were told what to do, what to feel and how to act … and all the weight of their careers, families, lives, is lifted from them for a cherished few hours.”"



No. 215164

I agree with you but Jesus calm down a bit

No. 215165

I get so frustrated when men cry "Feminism is about equality so why won't they fight for mens righs buhu". Like no, feminism isn't about fighting for men. Its about fighting for women to have the same social, economical and political rights as men. Its not that hard to grasp. Why do they expect feminists to fight for them, when they wouldn't lift a pinky to help women. Not just in feminism, but in every single movement where women are the focus, they cry that "what about men". Why do they expect everyone to stop helping women just to help them, instead of doing it themselves. Their entitlement is baffling.

No. 215166

Adding that you never hear women go "well why aren't mra and mrm fighting for womens rights, aren't they about equality"

No. 215211

because men are idiots, I've seen more and more feminists support men, and I can easily say I've seen more IG feminist accounts that added men to support such as body pos for men pics, "let boys show emotion" pics, etc, and yet men still insist feminists are just the crazy ones who make everything about them and pretend to be oppressed, ironically, it's the MRAs and MGTOWs who are doing exactly what they are saying feminists are doing, except the outreach is far more

I can NEVER go on the internet anymore, enjoy my news, without seeing men scream and cry and try to twist and turn everything so it oppresses them, and then make straight up bullshit claims about how hard men have it when in reality they don't at all, they just want to go back to a patriarchal society and always have to assume every single woman to be an extreme feminist to prove a point

>woman gets a few years in prison for having sex with a teenage student

men scream that they would be in life in prison if she was a man (which is clearly untrue, because pedophiles who actually rape young children will barely even get a year for each kid)

>man goes to prison, whether it's long or short

men come in screaming how if he was a woman he would be walking away and how "women have been getting away with everything since the beginning of them"

>woman gets in trouble, fired, etc, such as in >>213992

men of course leave gross comments like that, as you can see

>woman gets abused, killed, raped, etc

men come in saying how she either lied or did it to herself or she deserved it

>man gets murdered

men come in screaming how it's inequality because they think people would care more if it was a woman who got hurt

>woman talks about how no one will let her sit down on the subway when she's pregnant

men come in crying about how "what do you want? you want equality? this is it!"

>women talk about their preferences in men

men scream, cry, bitch and moan about how it hurts their self esteem, act as if every single woman demanded a perfect chad even if they all had very diverse preferences that centered around an average men, claim they would cry if it was reverse (ironically, it was reversed, and there was not even a comparable amount of bitching as there was about men bitching about women's preferences even though the women had lower standards kek)

>documentary about a female trucker

men come in and bitch and moan and say shit like "HA ITS EQUALITY YOU STUPID BITCH SUCK IT UP YOU WANTED EQUALITY NOW YOU GOT IT" even though it wasn't even about that, it was simply a documentary about a female trucker, what she has to do, why she's a trucker, what she goes through with the male truckers, etc

men ALWAYS have to make everything about them, they're becoming the feminists they cried about except even bigger than what the feminists did and there's more of them

No. 215233

File: 1512774198371.gif (1.41 MB, 245x167, 43193.gif)

>woman gets a few years in prison for having sex with a teenage student

>men scream that they would be in life in prison if she was a man (which is clearly untrue, because pedophiles who actually rape young children will barely even get a year for each kid)

I want to add something to this that really grinds my gears with the whole Female teacher teenage student thing. Every time I see that kind of story on Youtube, there's always an influx of comments from, you guessed it, other men spouting about how great it is for the kid to do it with his teacher/he was lucky/how if they were him they'd hit it too etc.. and that shit drives me
nuts. It's disgusting as fuck

No. 215243

Lots of men like to complain about how women don't have it as hard as them while simultaneously engaging in stupid shit that brings other men/themselves down. The age of consent is a good example. Any time a boy gets involved with a female teacher, know it all men of the internet will comment on how lucky the kid was at first, then after finding out about a short sentence for the teacher, they'll whine about how women have it so easy compared to men. Then those same people make rape jokes and act like it's nbd and women need to get over it.

Another example I personally heard is this guy bitching about how "cunts get everything in a divorce" and are lazy stay at home golddiggers. I heard this irl on campus. As you can imagine, his logic was that it's all the fault of women and not of the guy who chose to marry a shitty person.

No. 215244

File: 1512779415963.png (52.85 KB, 739x204, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 6.28…)

I don't want to ever hear men complaining that they are oppressed and women control everything. Nothing like pic related would ever happen to a man on the basis of him being a man.

Being a woman fucking blows. People already have their mind made up about you and you can't even get the chance to change it.

No. 215245

Also I want to add that this 'women are too emotional to function' shit has to stop. I wish we were past this already. I don't know any woman whose emotions stop her from doing her job well, or make her incapable of thinking straight. It's men that fly off the handle and throw bitch fits all the time when they don't get their way, but they seem to conveniently forget that anger is an emotion as well.

Relating it back to the screenshot above, there are male directors (like David O'Russell) who have thrown fits on set and are still worshipped and can still get financed whenever their little heart desires. It's bullshit. Seriously, there are videos of his pathetic little outbursts. But I guess it's the women who shouldn't be funded because like, periods and stuff.

No. 215246

> they seem to conveniently forget that anger is an emotion as well.
god that gets me so heated, I hate when men complain and go "waaah men aren't allowed to feel emotions!!" as though """"masculine"""" emotions like anger and pride don't exist. Not that I think it's okay how much some men are shamed for opening up and being sad, but I tried to have a conversation with a man about sadness and he said I could literally never understand how it feels to not be able to open up about my feelings. As though women are never at risk of being called hysterical, or a whiny bitch, or having all kinds of stereotypes and preconceptions about us "proved" by one emotional slip-up. I won't pretend that we don't have it a little easier than men in that regard but it just shows how little men understand about women because they think we're just constantly crying on one another's shoulders or something.

No. 215248

i feel like im dating an incel but he pretends to not know how to use the internet so how common is this mindset i am very concerned lol

No. 215249

I don't believe for a second that women have it easier in that regard. I learned from an early age to hide all of my emotions so that I don't get mocked for being an overemotional girl, hormonal, hysterical, exc.

Even if a man slipped up and showed some emotion other than anger, men and women alike would be there to make excuses for him. If it was in the workplace, he would get another chance. If a woman did, though? She'd be done. There is no second chance. You need to do it perfect and do it the first time or you're fucked. Don't show any weakness or emotion, or you're just an overemotional female incapable of doing anything right.

No. 215250

On the topic of men complaining about women being lazy gold diggers… notice how 80% of the time that's coming from the same men who complain about how they long for the days of traditional women?

So… you WANT women to stay at home and be housewives, completely dependent financially on men… but then complain about them spending their husband's money? Or money factoring into their choice in partner? And these same men always pride themselves on how "logical" they are.

They're also the same men who think women should dedicate their existence to babies and husband because they're more nurturing and that's what nature intended… but then bitch about unfair custody.

Like, all the shit they complain about is the obvious product of the world they want. Yeah, you want a world where women are the ones doing the caretaking of children? You get a world where they get preference in custody battles. Want a world where women rely financially on men? Money is gonna factor into who they marry.

No. 215251

ahhh i broke up with a fiancé and dating a man now and ahh this is meeeeeeeeeeee

No. 215252

And the same men that say women should only raise children because they're more nurturing and that's the only thing they're good at will turn around and say women literally can't feel emotions and we're all manipulative whores.

They're completely irrational. They have no actual change or solutions to the 'problems' they think are caused by women, they just want to complain. They need a reason to hate women as a whole, and they don't care if the reasons contradict themselves, as long as they have something.

No. 215255

>women literally can't feel emotions and we're all manipulative whores.
Those same men also like to say how women are much more emotional than men, while men are the more logical sex. They use estrogen against us as "proof" we're just inherently irrational, but completely disregard the mental effects of testosterone.

They also love to use the fact women have a higher rate of anxiety diagnosis against us, but then complain about how men are more likely to commit suicide. So… we're the crazier sex because we have a higher rate of anxiety diagnosis… but y'all are totally sane even though you're significantly more likely to off yourselves?

Rationality just doesn't factor into misogyny. I once had a (now former) friend bitch about how "the difference between men and women is that men have a code when it comes to friendship!" because I let my best friend (who he brutally dumped prior to this) have sex with my boyfriend (who was waaay more his friend than I was). So, you're going to say women don't have a code with friendship when it was your male friend that you were way closer to that fucked your ex? But of course I'm the one to blame because I told them I didn't care if they fucked and I happen to have a vagina. He also said he was way more mad at me than my boyfriend. Because that makes fucking sense. It was my own damn fault, he said irrationally sexist shit to me quite a few times, but I was dumb enough to ignore the red flags because I didn't want to come off as "too feminist".

This same ex-friend also called a girl that rejected him a gold digger because when they went out a couple of times, it was to expensive places… even though he said she always paid for her own food.

No. 215258

>This same ex-friend also called a girl that rejected him a gold digger because when they went out a couple of times, it was to expensive places… even though he said she always paid for her own food.

Lmao. Men really can't conceive that maybe they aren't God's gift to women and women just don't like them. It HAS to be a problem with that woman, or even better, women as a whole. I'm beginning to get less sad about misogyny, because I'm starting to see just how pathetic and prone to projection men really are.

No. 215259


they only want women to be financially dependent on them so it traps them into to being slaves

onion for example, how he abused his exes and manipulated them into being financially dependent on them, then when he kicks her out for becoming what he made her and going for the next teen fangirl, he acts as if she's some big bad succubus gold digger for wanting his money because he made her financially dependent on him, most likely forbidden her from getting a job, then acts shocked when she wants money to start out with so she isn't on the streets, since onion can buy 3 houses he should be able to pay the divorce for the women he abused kek

they're big babies honestly, they're just upset that they can't kick women out or bring women in as they choose with no consequences whatsoever, so now they result in calling all women gold diggers over anything

No. 215261


pretty much, men nowadays are defining gold-digging so loosely, next thing you know they're going to accuse women who use the bathroom at someone elses house of being gold diggers if they didn't pay the water bill, if they're not doing it already lmao, once I knew a guy who called his friends gf a gold-digger because she ate food off his plate a lot

No. 215269

I don't know if I'm being crazy or not (this is how much they've got inside my fucking head) but I don't think I'll ever date a man who calls himself an anti feminist again. My most recent ex would say horrible things to me, use stuff I'd told him about my past cause I thought I could trust him against me and if I even got the slightest bit upset I was crazy, overemotional and abusive.

He would literally demand a list of my ex lovers, I'd get upset and cry, tell him to fuck off and leave me alone he'd turn this around and say "YOU'RE ABUSING ME, IF I, A MAN SAID THAT TO YOU YOU'D CRY ABUSE!! YOU'RE ONLY CRYING TO TRY MANIPULATE ME AS THAT'S WHAT WOMEN DO!" He seemed to have this weird agenda to "prove" women are abusive and any slight emotion I showed after being berated by him for hours was "abuse" but him mentally torturing me about things I did before we even knew each other is just him being angry and totally normal.

No. 215271

My mom's ex-boyfriend used to call her a gold digger for pushing him to get a job, while he was living in our house not paying rent or any bills…

No. 215272


pretty much, anti-feminists like to claim they're for equality when in reality they're literally just doing what they claim to hate feminists for

Once I dated a guy who was an anti-fem, he would laugh and make jokes about my molestation, said "it wasn't that serious and you should just forgive and forget" and ended up breaking up with me then going around and telling all his friends about our sex life but demanded all women to act like "ladies" then refused to act like a gentlemen under his own delusion women are oppressing and abusing men somehow

No. 215273

File: 1512796082844.png (197.04 KB, 500x280, jf3tsYg2f1t49vpz_500.png)

>mfw there's actual people that think like this

Those guys need a serious reality check

No. 215275

Eh honestly it depends a lot on where you are and the biases of people above you, I think. I'm not proud to admit this but when I was in high school/early 20s I often used crying to my advantage when I messed up in school or work and got away with stuff I shouldn't have (nothing major, just getting extensions on work/assignments etc) because I always got sympathetic "aww poor baby" type of reactions, both from men and women. I wasn't faking the crying, I'm just a huge crybaby, but I knew people would be more lenient with me when I was showing that emotion and I took advantage of it. Not saying that would work for everyone and in all situations, but I don't think I've ever once been insulted or suffered some sort of social/career penalty just from my emotions leaking out.

No. 215276

>free-loading in her house
Sounds like he was the gold digger

No. 215277

tmi but he was into some pretty degrading stuff in the bedroom….but would call me a whore for agreeing to do those things to make me happy during arguments (which he always started)

honestly I worry about these women pandering to alt right types, I never went that far but I was the "cool" girl who didn't mind her boyfriend making sexist jokes, going to strip clubs etc which was fucking stupid on my part but I didn't want to be seen as a crazy feminist and it got me nowhere, I ended up being abused and with zero self-esteem. I will never do that again and will run as soon as I see a red flag. I'm working on building myself back up again and never being in that situation again but I fear the majority of men have gone to that side.

No. 215285

Nope, no woman should ever date a guy who says he's anti-feminist. I've literally never known one that wasn't abusive to his girlfriend in one way or another, be it mentally, physically, sexually, or all three. They're simply not capable of treating a girlfriend well.

One big thing they try to do is gaslight you into thinking all men think like them and you're never going to find one who has healthy views on women.

No. 215291

But anon, men CAN'T be gold diggers!

No, seriously. Men are retarded and biased as all fuck. I had a boyfriend who lived with me for six fucking months and he wouldn't help with rent, bills, or with keeping the place clean. Which was fair enough, because he was in a tough spot and job-hunting so I didn't complain. However,
>bf gets job at last
>"we should keep living together, right, anon? that's way cheaper"
>sure, paying half the rent will be nice for me too
>"what do you mean, anon, you want me to share the rent? are you expecting me to pay your bills now that I got a job? I thought you weren't like other women"

Not even kidding. Good thing he already had a job otherwise his ass would be homeless after this.

No. 215295

Why are you assuming I'm from the U.K.? I'm American.

No. 215297

Ugh, its like men will rant about how women should be housewives who stay home 24/7 and read and cook and take care of kids and how they want to be dominant breadwinners but at the same time want to sit on their ass all day and not pay anything and expect their girlfriend to pay the bills and do the work as well as housework so they can sit on their ass on 4chan and rate if womens tits are good enough for them or not, it's ridiculous, and they don't even want to act like decent boyfriends and say sweet things or buy flowers every now and then, because if a woman wanted at least one good thing out of a relationship shes an abusive disgusting inequal gold digger, do they even want girlfriends or do they want moms? Because clearly watching your boyfriend play league then dry fuck you after should be just enough for you to want to work your ass off, go broke paying for his shit, all the while trying to be a good little submissive housewife for him right?

No. 215300

They want moms they can have sex with.

No. 215301

>Why do they expect feminists to fight for them
Because many feminists routinely argue that they should work under the flag of feminism to address their problems instead of splitting off? Like maybe you say otherwise, but a lot of them are saying that's exactly what they should do.

The message is all over the fucking map.

No. 215333

Oh god, I can only imagine what these types would think of my relationship with my husband. I'm sure they would say he's been castrated by feminazis and forced into an abusive relationship with a gold digger.

>be semi-trad (trad myself, but don't believe that delusional nonsense that I'm somehow magically better than women who aren't)

>be married to feminist man with a lot more money than the average person his age (didn't even know about it until after we got married)
>paid my rent for a year
>just bought me a $400 bag, Xbox one, several video games, and a bunch of other shit for Christmas
>gives me full access to his bank account and mostly says yes when I ask for something

This thread is really reinforcing how lucky I am, since apparently asking a guy to help with rent when he's living with you makes you a gold digger now…

No. 215364

The problem is that anyone can call themselves a feminist regardless of what they believe, even it completely contradicts the core principles of the concept. I've known "feminists" who strongly believe that women shouldn't work unless their husband tells them to, but should be at home doing chores.

No. 215368

Here’s another example of what men are like;

I had a friend who was really close to me, I trusted him completely. And so after I was raped (by a different man - that’s a whole other story) he was the first person I went to. (I have to note here that we communicated online 99% of the time as we lived in different countries, and that English is not my first language…) I told him everything about what happened that night, and he just… He corrected my grammar. He didn’t say how he was sorry that it happened, or that he was there for me, or would help me. Nope. He felt like it was the right time to correct my grammar. And then when I got upset, he went into angry / defensive mode, so we dropped the topic.

No. 215370

I'm so sorry that happened to you, I hope you're doing okay now. What a piece of shit your friend was, why the fuck would he think that's an appropriate time to correct your grammar? Are men incapable of picking up on appropriate social cues and being sympathetic?

No. 215372

Most men think a woman who wants access to their money (for whatever reason) is a gold digger because "feminism destroyed the natural order of things so now women shouldn't ask for a man's money ever or they're gold diggers". But if they need financial help from their female partner, they just see it as "regular companionship stuff you're supposed to do for your SO".

You're very lucky, anon. I wouldn't be comfortable with getting that much from my bf but your husband sounds like a great guy.

No. 215375

I once had a guy tell me it's not rape if it's someone you previously had sex with. He revealed to me he raped a girl, but he didn't consider it such because since she consented to sex with him before that magically invalidated her saying no after, even though by his own admission she was very clear in saying no over and over again.

Pay fucking attention anytime a guy doesn't consider clear cut examples of rape to be rape. Because chances are, that's because he himself has done it or thinks he should have the right to if he hasn't already.

How disgusting. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

No. 215377

Don't men have a significantly higher rate of autism than women? I'm not saying that to put down autistic people, most of the ones I've known are very empathetic, but they still tend to say incredibly inappropriate things in highly sensitive situations. On the topic of men saying revolting things to people who've been through hell, I have a friend whose little sister went missing and was never found. An autistic guy in our group suggested to her that she was probably killed or being held prisoner by a pedophile. Like… how can you be that fucking clueless to think that's okay? When he was called out, he genuinely couldn't see what was wrong with what he said because "well, it's the most likely scenario". Yeah, dumbass we fucking know that, we have to live with knowing the high likelihood of that every day.

No. 215405

That's actually common among rapists - denying having raped someone but admitting to doing something that falls under rape.


No. 215445

Pretty much, even several child molesters will try to excuse their actions by saying the child consented

No. 215503

>Don't men have a significantly higher rate of autism than women?
Yes, and women with histrionic personality disorder. In a sense I've always viewed them as the extreme negative forms of the male and female mentality.

No. 215506

Guys who use their autism to run around acting like low-life pieces of shit and use it as an excuse to harass women give me headaches

knew an autistic guy once who dated my friend, he demanded her drive him everywhere, cry when she didn't want to be sexual with him, she broke up with him because he kept touching all over other women, he was super creepy and followed her everywhere and went through her phone even before they started dating, pretty much demanded her date him, he would cry and play victim if she didnt want to fuck him in the middle of campus, after the break up he would get drunk and harass her and call her, took her nudes and sent it to his friends when she ignored him then called her a whore and said she cheated on him because his friends had her nudes after he sent them to them…. then when my friend told the kids mom what he was doing to her, he played victim and said it was "unequal" that she was telling people what he was doing because he only sent the nudes to 4 people and by his logic, because of that she was only allowed to tell 4 people as well… pathetic

autistic guys tend to be a no-go, given some are harmless who just get obsessed with comic books or video games, autistic women just tend to be very awkward and have odd interests, the big difference between autistic guys vs autistic women can tell a lot about each gender

No. 215525

>Any time I ever hear of a woman pulling a gun on someone, it's always because of a man in some form, especially like an abusive husband.
Valerie Solanas?

No. 215528

Not that it's an excuse for what she did to Andy Warhol, but if you look into her past, she had been heavily abused by men her entire life.

No. 215533

Plenty of male killers had abusive pasts too.

No. 215534

yeah but there are also many killers who come from normal homes, sometimes even good homes, where as with women most women who do fucked up shit come from fucked up places

No. 215538

I think most killers have abusive pasts, male or female, but women are abused at a much, MUCH higher rate and still, most killers are male. rly makes u think

No. 215549

And Edmund Kemper was forced to sleep in a locked basement and was regularly abused, his mother fearing any sensitivity would "turn him gay". I would still have been pleased if they executed him instead. The woman was a loon and anyone who unironically defends her should not be trusted.

>where as with women most women who do fucked up shit come from fucked up places
A recent counter example would be the girl who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself, hell we had people tripping over themselves trying to argue she "thought she was only doing the right thing". To the best of my knowledge there have not been any gendered studies on this topic so all arguments will probably be anecdotal.

No. 215554

>the big difference between autistic guys vs autistic women can tell a lot about each gender

No. 215556

once case of an 11 yr old girls vs tons of cases of grown ass men doing horrible shit,they should have their autism controlled by now

No. 215640

I remember when that hologram waifu thing came up last year and all the guys sperg in the comments as it being another step closer to “post-biowoman” age. And then there’s >>214219
Which really just is the shit they all think about but won’t admit out loud. Go to any sex doll /sex bot video and read the comments or any article talking about artificial wombs. It’s full of guys waiting for the day when they can replace us and kill us off because their “waifus are now real” and we’re only good for sex and babies. So make their own fake wombs, find a way to make their own ovum and we’re ‘obselete’. They hate us that much. So I cringe hard whenever I see some guy claim that men work hard for women to be happy because I seriously doubt it.

god damn this thread is exhausting, fuck.

No. 215643

I never understand why they are so looking forward to the day women are obsolete, but they aren't scared of the fact that men are practically obsolete. We are much closer to find out how to make a functioning sperm cell, than a complete function uterus plus ovum. And we already have enough sperm stored to kill all men and still further the human race. We would only need to raise one grown man about every hundred or so years to fill up on sperm.

No. 215652

All of this. This is why I crack up whenever some man comes into one of these threads and tries to claim that men don't despise women. Or they care more about them than just sex. Absolutely hilarious, good joke.

If it was up to them we would be gone a long time ago and they HATE that we aren't.

No. 215678

File: 1512957614609.jpg (71.99 KB, 736x944, 5112331d1f737f94fb7462038f3b67…)

hopefully these "men" can make the holograms cook, clean, work to pay their shit too since they want us to be replaced so badly but also want to sit on their ass and depend on women for everything

everytime I see some loser neckbeard who's probably ugly and useless himself gloat about how "LOL YOU'LL BE REPLACED LADIES MALE POWER" it just reminds me of how badly they just want our attention and act like we would be offended when insecure little boys want to fuck an anime hologram instead of an actual woman

reminds me of when losers on r9k will post a white guy marrying an indian woman then scream about how mad "white roasties" are going to be for whatever reason and act as if it offends girls so much if men date women of another race when in reality they're the ones who get pissed over it, hell I even knew men who got pissed over vibrators ffs, they fail to realize the world doesn't revolve around them and the fact actually attractive, worthy men who won't treat us like shit are available all over and we aren't going to be mourning the loss of some greasy abusive loser who would rather fuck a hologram than a woman

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