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File: 1493486957193.jpg (172.86 KB, 1152x2048, 1481180857743.jpg)

No. 378647[Reply]

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No. 400471

File: 1498106399409.jpg (104.97 KB, 768x960, 19366601_1536331119739940_3983…)

The bottom right picture..

No. 400493

Is she getting skinnier?

Anemia. It's common in severely underweight people.

No. 400520

I think scoliosis is sexy.

No. 400961

Today would have been Monty's birthday but I'm guessing she's forgotten all about him by now.

No. 400996

Not one mention anywhere. Don't think she said anything in previous year either.

File: 1489281776245.png (650.29 KB, 700x634, lilou-vos.png)

No. 358686[Reply]

Kiki chose to totally ignore the Sperg-chan revelations (https://lolcow.farm/kiki) and continue with her love and light empath goddess who is stalked by haters for NO REASON act as she pursues a career acting in student films and F-grade horrors under the name 'Lilou Vos'.

She continues to inspire us by working more than one hour a day.

Previous thread: >>333878

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilouvos/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lilouvos
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikikanniballl
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8444336/
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No. 400565

Probably Kiki, we know how she likes to talk to and about herself with sock puppet accounts, plus she's not doing much of anything lately so it's not like she doesn't have time.

No. 400752

She needs to learn to pace herself. She started doing student projects and posting about it all over IG and now that that's over what's she doing? Nothing, radio silence. June's nearly over and she never did make her YT return she said was coming. In b4 a video gets posted June 30th at 11:59pm.

No. 400781

It's bad form. She really shouldn't have announced anything unless she planned to adhere to that date, or over deliver if she planned on being a little late. Despite the complete lack of quality in everything she does, I understand in the self-disciplined creative world soft deadlines can easily get pushed, and best case scenario during this time she could have been networking or getting other things planned. Other projects come up when you're managing yourself and living in a big city, but something also tells me she's just not trying.

She tries to blame it on haters, but she's able to show up on schedule to film these terrible quality movies and still seemingly go out in public with friends and take pictures. She's not suffering from anxiety or bullying, she can apparently function very well when she choses it.

What I don't understand is that the internet is obviously going to get their hands on these films and rip them apart. She has a chance to edit and micromanage herself and image by making her own content, so would't that suit her narcissism more? All she can hope for is what Dakota had pre-Japan, a photoshopped youtube career and a hermit life relying on her myspace days.

No. 400833

don't read so much into nothing, anon. she could be late, or she could have changed her mind. neither warrants your detailed text-wall analysis.

No. 400878

Either way, she's still a flake who can't deliver what she promises. 3/4 of everything she says she's going to do never actually happens.

File: 1484496847575.gif (3.1 MB, 306x394, kick da haterz.gif)

No. 336817[Reply]

New Vicky Thread

Previous Thread: >>327539

Vicky has been laying low recently since Kiwi shut her complaints down, but she still has time to make shit up about herself!

For newbies:
>29 year old tattoo scratcher who works out of her apartment, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo properly scars people's bodies
>Former myspace scene queen with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore who describes herself as a 'real life Final Fantasy character'
>Can't talk about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be well-versed in psychology, astronomy, quantum physics to name a few fields of study (despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields)
>Posts videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a 'sword fighter'
>(Poorly) fakes a British accent
>Known on Lolcow for selfposting hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her irl
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 400769

Tetanus shot not included

No. 400770

How new are some of you? The links are light so they're showing the inflammation a lot more. I've had a lot of my tattoos get hella red. It depends on how heavy handed the artist is and/or how much time the artist spent on an area. It also depends on the person being tattooed. Chill.

No. 400771

There's redness and there's poorly drawn, scabbed up anal beads

No. 400785

Dude she has a history of pressing too hard and just generally doing an awful job. Why would you defend this butchery?

No. 400789

Yeah. Fresh tattoos swell but not so soon after. This girls tattoo is way too swollen for it just being done by vicks vapor rub. It's heavy handed tattooing which ages badly and heals badly. I feel for whoever got this done.
I had a huge thigh tattoo done a year ago and it swelled but it took a few hours for it to actually swell. First three hours I was fine. Sage for blog

File: 1481292490932.png (269.33 KB, 314x566, 1479328277579.png)

No. 321974[Reply]

Old >>20741 reached post limit

>has been on a sluthating tirade recently even though she dresses like one.

>will say she doesn't dress like this normally for everyday life, but has admitted that internet is her normal everyday life, and she always dresses like that online
>has made her childbride husband make videos too just backing up
>speaking of childbride husband, caught him watching porn and almost ended the relationship over it, because she hates porn
>and he's been laid off
>more buying useless shit
>more complaining about how expensive everything is in nz
>also btw halloween is horrible in nz and how dare they don't celebrate the same way as america
>they've moved house recently. their new house is already a mess. she blames her son and childbride, but you can see so much of her shit in the background everywhere.
>she still can't work because of her tailbone. she can lift weights at her ex husband's gym tho.
>also she's "legally blind" but she can drive a car.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 400556

>He's going to be disappointed to discover how conservative and controlling she is.

Controlling yes but I never bought into her claims of being "conservative" - someone said it above but actual conservative people would think she's a whore for not only the way she dresses and the endless "sexy" pictures she takes, but having a child out of wedlock. I think she just pretends she's a prude for whatever reason?

Side note - someone should really make a new thread, this will reach its limit soon if not already

No. 400557


She's trashy but all image. Neither of them will live up to each other's expectations.

No. 400559

Yeah but she doesn't strike me as a real party girl or anything. She's one of those types that plays it up when she wants male attention, impulsively sleeps with anyone she wants attention (or money) from, but has little genuine interest once she settles down and locks them in.

She's mall goth on the streets, starfish in the sheets.

No. 400580

lol I guess so, no wonder Logan was secretly watching porn the whole time

No. 400581

New thread

File: 1496247516021.jpg (950.35 KB, 1409x2262, 1493917567229.jpg)

No. 391397[Reply]

The "More Aliases, Less Hair" Edition.

>creater of the Poop Brooch
>bandwagon cosplayer
>self-proclaimed "nombinary" and "queer bait", bisexual, has a phobia of CIS men
>pathological liar
>produces horrible DeviantArt yaoi with incorrect anatomy
>stalker of DMMD cosplayers
>has dragon spirit split personalities
>has a magical third eye with chakra reading abilities

>still claims autism as the reason for her behavior, bad job, and no life
>was going to move to DC, then to LA, has done neither and doesn't mention it anymore
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 400371

I like show she keeps bragging about getting play of the game or whatever but never shows any proof.

No. 400379

Can't remember, is she on PC or Console?

No. 400387

File: 1498098595769.png (27.37 KB, 363x231, Capture.PNG)

She's on console. Very badly.

No. 400575

Well I can see why she's fapping so hard for sombra now, she's the only character she's decently good at

No. 401055

>Kinda cute
Are your eyes and asshole reversed?

File: 1497240174615.jpg (812.31 KB, 2896x2896, IMG_4390.JPG)

No. 395817[Reply]

> - Greg's "military records" on hand were discovered to be forged and his med records implied that nothing was really wrong with him other than behavioral issues, abnormal blood pressure and ~depression~, along with warts on his freaky dick-textured skin.

> - Lainey is still playing the ~muh anxiety~ card and Grease has enough of her (and so do we).

> - Taytay's relatives paid a little visit to the Onion household and Gregma could no longer contain his rage as soon as her dad showed up.

> - The IRS is now conducting their investigation on Grease as we speak. While this loser tries to stall their plans with a crappy video tour and threatening suicide (lol).

> - Gregma throws a narc tantrum at his ex-wife for not taking the $5,000 alone and abiding by the law (I thought you were all about the law, Grease? Follow it!). He also planned to stalk the shit outta her just like Margo with Venus by trying to obtain her address.

The end is coming, can you feel it?

Previously… >>>/pt/391272
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No. 400519

>it's funny cause he said Jaclyn looks masculine because she's tall
No, she looks masculine because her face is masculine. (real face not the photoshopped one you can see in her modeling pics). Horse teeth dont help her cause.

Regardless, fuck Onision for saying tall women are masculine, I am as feminine as a daisy.

No. 400521

He only hates tall women because he looks like a fucking manlet next to them.

No. 400525

Much appreciated, anon

No. 400529

Pretty sure onion is sperging saying that all tall women are masculine.

No. 400541

here i made a new one >>>/pt/400540

File: 1478521895668.jpg (39.78 KB, 719x720, 12742165_10206752637188686_140…)

No. 312257[Reply]

"I'm the nicest, caring-est person you'll ever fucking meet!" -Amy

A morbidly obese 29-year-old Youtube "star" from Kentucky.
She first started vlogging with her somehow even fatter sister,
Tammy, but these days it's pretty much all about Amy.

Her shit-quality content usually includes hauls of various
kinds of Walmart crap, awful makeup looks and reviews, disgusting storytimes,
and random bullshit that goes on in her filthy house.

While she basks in her glorious e-fame, she fails to realize that
people only follow her for the freakshow.

Some highlights:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 390568

Just found this over on kiwi farms
She deleted it from her channel

-my sides have left orbit-

No. 398381

Amy's getting engaged

idk if anyone still follows this thread. are yall on kiwi?

No. 398392

I am lol

I wish this thread was more active because she is still super lulzy.

No. 400030

I just can't - since all those shenanigans with Josh. But I used to love that Amy thread, thanks for the update.

No. 400077

"we went down to the river" kek

File: 1497992177617.png (234.31 KB, 478x297, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 23.5…)

No. 399285[Reply]

Liveblog your thoughts about the stream here! Here's the link: https://www.younow.com/laineybot
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No. 400079

There's also Lainey's After Debate livestream, where she guested random people after Joy left. It was just posted about 30 min ago.

'Laineybot YouNow 6/20/17 (AFTER ONISION DEBATE)' on The Blargh's channel (58:10)

Also, only semi-related but before Onision talked to Jeff Holiday on YouNow he guested Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose. They didn't really say anything about the debate but including the link anyway.

'ONISION Guests JACLYN GLENN & SOCIAL REPOSE (YouNow Debate Clip 6/20/17)'
on The Blargh's channel (4:16)

No. 400098

this is def. outta curiousity and saged but why did you use an abra for comparison

No. 400099

Not that anon but she's clearly a boring abra. Can't do anything except cry and run away lel

No. 400110

Cool for posting links but do not link to videos on gregmas youtube. We aren't here to give him views on his drama mongering shit.

No. 400117

File: 1498047892425.png (193.92 KB, 1724x648, socialbladeccomparison.png)

If you look at his social blade this stunt hasn't really helped him….he didn't get that many more views, they were well within his usual range, and his subs took a bigger dive than usual yesterday. All it did was help Joy a whole lot, which has to be the opposite of what he wanted. She gained almost 2K subs yesterday and today has already gotten twice as many views as usual.

File: 1435819574800.gif (999.42 KB, 500x220, tumblr_mfinv0C20a1rjmknzo1_500…)

No. 130504[Reply]


I know she's kind of busted, but I am tired of tumblr lolcow nobodies so lets have Michelle Phan thread.
A popular makeup guru with shit advices, lying about everything when it comes to her background, founded a rip-off make-up brand IQQU that wasn't FDA approved and made people get skin diseases etc etc

Read more about her shit here:

Anyways, anyone think she is paying that swiss dude to act like her boyfriend? They feel kind of fake.
367 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 398041

Back making shit content.

So much for her enlightening Switzerland trip that changed her life.

No. 398045

File: 1497718599445.jpg (30.05 KB, 801x282, Lippy.jpg)

>Braces can't magically alter the length of space between your lower lip and the tip of your chin.

Aktually they can, if you have a terrible overbite+overjet your lower lip will be forced to extend to the upper one in an unnatural way to close your mouth(lip incompetence), this will make your chin appear larger. This is however the opposite of Michelle's case as braces in the aforementioned situation would make the distance between your lip and point of your chin smaller.

No. 398069

That looks like an orthognatic surgery case. Michelle's teeth were never severe enough to warrant a significant change in her jaw shape

No. 398146

I guess her new product isn't doing as well as she expected?

No. 398812

she looks a bit disheveled(sage this)

File: 1427913100296.png (579.29 KB, 604x607, tumblr_static_bw0r7i1s5nkkg4ws…)

No. 73491[Reply]

Couple people asked for a thread on this lolcow camwhore, so here it goes.

She's posted underaged nudes on 4chan in a sad attempt to become a chan since she was 14. Used to go by snorl4x and misskeyblade. Videos of her sucking dick as an underaged are out there, she did it on a public chat for 4chan but blames her exboyfriend for leaking the videos.

2 years ago when Amanda Todd killed herself because people leaked her nudes, she literally went around saying that she was happy that AT killed herself, saying that it was a good thing, saying stuff like "fuck yes that cunt with ugly nipples deserved to die" and making jokes about it. Never genuinely apologized for it and didn't even bother deleting the posts (they're still on her twitter I'm pretty sure). Also made fun of disabled people all the time.

Used to be BEST FRIENDS with Hunter Moore (a guy who got arrested for running a revenge porn site and exploiting/blackmailing girls for money/nudes). Like she was so close with him it is insane. Sucked his dick every single day and joined in on his fun little shenanigans. She tries to hide it ever since people started disliking him to fit in with her SJW friends.

She's a huge asshole SJW who will jump down ANYONE'S throat for racism/sexism/transphobia/etc/etc despite being a huge closet racist/etc herself. Used to/still makes fun of people people on the regular but acts like she is above all of that. Constantly calls out the website she works at for being racist (they host "nigger" porn - like it's literally called that) and yet she still works for it, making them a lot of money, because she knows that her time is running out and its the only way she will make any money

Harasses other girls who post CP, harasses new cam models all the time for making their "videos too cheap" (because no one wants to buy her crappy $15 videos), constantly complains about people having "daddy/little girl" fetishes despite having one herself.

Desperately tried to get a trap to become a model on GodsGirls (an all-woman site) while at the same exact time claiming that fat women shouldn't be allowed on because they're not "real women" - yes, and a dude in a dress to her is more of a woman than that. When she was called out on it by several other camwhores she deleted all the posts and acted like it never happened.

Has a sex toy store where she literally scams people IMO. She sells fake sex toys for a 20-50% markup. Like I can go purchase a dildo from the real manufacturer and get next day delivery for $20 but she will be selling it for $40. When you ask her why, she just claims that hers are "authentic" and "super safe". Also the amount of asks she sends herself about her store is insane. No one fucking buys from it, its hilarious.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
362 posts and 84 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 396768



No. 396970

File: 1497493295830.jpg (59.9 KB, 583x648, ryden caroline mosley.jpg)

She always makes posts like this, she pretends she doesn't care about these guys giving her attention but if she didn't care she wouldn't respond, let alone post screenshots for people to "laugh at".

She is possessed by her narcissism, and will do anything to signal to her followers that she's desired and totally not a gross miserable bitch who will end up alone.

She's so desperate for validation and does it in the most degenerate ways.

No. 397194

Okay, as messy as ryden is, this is not her being narcissstic. this shit is annoying as fuck

No. 397207

One year later and we still don't know the whole truth of what happened


No. 398330

After one year I honestly don't think she will ever tell a living soul what truthfully happened as she was" asleep" on the couch not even 20 feet from him. Karma train it comes for us all in time……

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