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File: 1468100143656.png (630.6 KB, 596x456, Untitled.png)

No. 288155

Last Thread:

Canadian weeaboo living in Japan claiming to be Japanese.

Recent news:
-Confirmed she's still married with her DV husband
-Stalking and harassing PULL forum members on facebook
-Suddenly interested in UAE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanadajin3
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/kanadajin3
2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kanadajin3
blog: http://www.kanadajin3.com

No. 288157

File: 1468100218235.jpg (46.88 KB, 815x385, 1468091747620.jpg)

From the previous thread, Miranda attempting to contact someone's parents

No. 288161

This bitch is fucking insane

No. 288163

She is so desperate for her side to be validated

No. 288164

I really do wonder just how inbred is she or what kind of birth defect she suffers from. Her physical appearance looks so god damn alien (imo worse than Suzy) and her mental state. She's a combination of mentally unstable and dumb as a box of rocks.

No. 288167

File: 1468106399334.gif (99.68 KB, 374x400, 1463787153712.gif)

No. 288174

What was this confirmation she's still with her first husband? I thought she got a new one (the one she says okaeri to in the video)

No. 288186

She checks a lot of facial deformities for FAS (dental, nose, eyes, face shape) and we know she does not have the reasoning capacity she should have for her age. But short of seeing her Drs private files we will never confirm.

No. 288190

File: 1468121131010.gif (246.38 KB, 320x240, ZGt6bGe.gif)


No. 288199

New milk from this tit is always nice.

No. 288202

Utterly fantastic! I love the parent's response, no false politeness or beating around the bush, just straight to the "fuck off, weirdo"

No. 288273

Yes! You tell her, Mama!

So, how would Miranda feel if someone contacted HER mother, her employer, her husband or his employer? She keeps this going, she is going to cross the wrong person who will retaliate.

No. 288280

The current husband is #2. Her first Japanese husband was te one that moved her to Japan that she met in Canada and "divorced" him publicly because he wanted to move out of Japan for work and she wanted to stay, but since she's too retarded to get a real job to stay in Japan she waited until her 4 years was up and had her permanent residence visa to divorce him and then remarried later to her current husband so she doesn't have to work. She still insists she was only married once and for just over a year when in reality she was married to her first husband for 4 years until she got her PR visa even though he moved out of Japan for work.

No. 288287

She doesn't have PR.
She divorced her first husband and switched around visas, moving to a student visa, and then she married her second husband and moved back to a spouse visa.

No. 288295

She's had PR and a gaijin card for a while now anon. Mira never even finished HS so I really don't see her going to any kind of school for a student visa.

No. 288298

Is it really that easy to get a spouse visa in Japan? Like not only did 2 separate people agree to marry her, but they agreed to support her and pay for all her bullshit as well… And she is definitely the ugliest out of all the thirsty weebs I have ever seen go out there.

No. 288301

If you're willing to kiss some ass and act like a cute little waifu and fawn over your ugly husband then yeah, it really is. Some Japanese guys consider having a white wife exotic and some sort of status symbol, even an inbred sloth like Mira still counts as a white female so I guess some poor guy took what he could get. Although if you just up and marry some jap guy for a visa who only wants a token white wife don't expect him to be Prince Charming, usually gud who scour the Internet looking for token white wives are creeps or assholes who can't or wont get a Japanese woman. Of course not all of them are like that, there are some nice sweet guys who just prefer white women but the vast majority of them don't give a shot about you as a person as log as they can flaunt you as their white arm candy. Some are even borderline abusive. It all depends on the man really.

No. 288330

Huh? She went to a language school. She made tons of videos about it, both during and after she graduated. There's a picture or some shit out there of her with her graduating class. It's a language school. There are no requirements to apply.

She absolutely does not have perm res. She has NEVER qualified for it. Even if she was still married to her first husband, 99% chance she still wouldn't qualify. But she started claiming she had perm res just two years after arriving in Japan, which is by ANY metric 100% impossible.

If you think you have a foolproof method of getting people perm res after 2 years in Japan then you should market that shit because people would be buying it up all over the place.

No. 288344

Uhh she married the first guy more than 2 years ago anon. Closer to 4 actually.

No. 288350

If she divorces in between she definitely doesn't qualify for PR either. You need to be married for at least 5 years to the same person and not jumping from one to another.

No. 288375

3 years*

No. 288384

She switch to a student visa while attending a language school. She re-married for another spouse visa

No. 288407

Being married for three years is not the only requirement for applying for perm res. You also have to have the longest possible stay on your current visa. Spouse visas are 1, 3 and 5 years, so you have to be awarded the 5 year spouse visa before you can apply for perm res. You have to work your way up, starting at 1 year. Most people are given 1 year for the first 3-5+ years they're in Japan. This is how Japan makes sure people reach their 5-10 year Japan resident mark before they're eligible to apply for perm res.

So even if she was still married to her first husband, she would likely still be on her 1 years or MAY have reached the 3 years, but 99% chance she's still not at the 5 year. And it's a moot point because she said she got perm res TWO YEARS after arriving in Japan. It's impossible to get perm res on a marriage of two years. It's 3 years minimum.

It was 100% impossible for her to have perm res 2 years ago.

She was and is simply lying, like she does about everything else.

No. 288430

She even said in a video years back that she switched to student visa because she didn't want to use the spouse visa when she is not married anymore.

No. 288565


Exactly. Being white in Japanese isn't all fairies and rainbows- you're basically cattle to be bought by these fetish fuckers.

No. 288567


Also anon there is other foreign women I have witnessed and heard they've married apart from white women. I know white women are raised up in Japan cus mi hafu blue eyed child and pink nipples. But y'know I just wanted to get that out there. Plus most weebs that go there wanting to marry these goons are white.

No. 288612

Are there any pictures of either of these sloth fuckers?

No. 288616

File: 1468286696775.jpg (66.23 KB, 960x640, mirra.jpg)

Miranda and friends

No. 288617

Holy shit, guy on the right end looks like Elliot Roger.

No. 288618

Haha. How is she relevant ever? And she was bitching about someone on PULL of all places to their mother? This is the best thing on the Internet

No. 288619

How the fuck is Miranda the most attractive out of this group. Token uggo weebs.

No. 288658

I just noticed that old jvlogger called Tokyo Joe is back on youtube and made support video for kanadajin.

Yet another guy fooled by Mira..

No. 288675

they look like a bunch of weebs attending a coastal anime convention. especially the chick with blonde/blue cyberlock dreads or whatever the fuck. reminds me of a trashy misa cosplay from death note

No. 288679

Always surrounded by pure Japanese friends! Just like your average Japanese girl!

No. 288743

All those native japs.

No. 288790

I don't think we'll ever see a picture or video of her integrated in a group of actual Japanese friends. Visa-kun is as close as she gets and she doesn't even respect or care about him. She's like an eternal tourist.

No. 289010

It's funny how she can barely break 20k views for her videos now LOL

No. 289150

Have you guys seen this?
She thinks ebay and video editing is "work". What a fucking joke!

★KANADAJIN3 (Mira)★ ‏@kanadajin3 Jul 6

Ugh so much work today. Morning full, afternoon full, ebay and then editing and then Yukata.

No. 289166

Whoa that is weird that girl went to my high school in Ontario. She is so different. It is so weird how we are both drawn to Japan after so many years. She changed her name to Miranda Mira Constable?

No. 289170

Mira is obviously short for Miranda.

No. 289172

sudbury or lasalle secondary school?

No. 289174

Lasalle, grade 9 science class. I wont ever forget her. She was so quiet even when she talked to her friends. It wasn't till the end of the term that I actually heard her speak infront of the class for an essay. She had long black hair and a bunch of nose rings.

No. 289185


You wouldn't happen to have any yearbook photos you couod scan and post, would you?

Because that would be awesome!

No. 289227

File: 1468545343790.jpg (134.84 KB, 1075x1375, ovgrSII.jpg)


This retarded bitch. You were a feral, barefoot child chasing frogs and eating bugs in your hick town in Canada when Pokemon was first released.

No. 289243

You went to school with Mira?
How did you find this board?

No. 289247

Anything from my high school days would be at my parents house packed away in some boxes. I moved to Japan 2 months ago to study here and I just randomly came across her videos while searching for that doge dog who owns a store. I thought she looked familiar and after watching a few I remembered who she was. To be honest, I think asking my parents to go out of their way to upload a picture of some chick from my high school is stupid. I don't know her at all. I feel that is a little to much of a fucked up thing to do to someone.

No. 289248

Like I said in the above post, I came across her videos while searching up some stuff on Tokyo. I have been subscribed to her for less than a month. Last night I trying to bring up her name in google and this site came up in one of the few search results. I was confused about the name thing.

No. 289254


So, her name is Miranda Constable?

No. 289265

No her name is Mira and her last name is something different. It is an uncommon last name because the teacher at the start of the year could never pronounce it properly and I remember some class clown laughing at her quite a few times about her name. I thought maybe she changed her last name because of that.

No. 289268

proof or gtfo.

and anons here need to stop being so fucking gullible to every troll that claims to know a cow irl lol

No. 289270

Her father's name is French, right? But she was going by Miranda in her late teens. Why say otherwise? Does she change according to social group or something?

No. 289273

Maybe she didn't like the name Mira. She had a nickname people called her but I don't remember what it was. I only remember on the teachers list of students her name was Mira. If her family ever came to the school it is not like I would have known. Parents only go into the office and like I said me and her were not close at all.

No. 289277

Sorry. I'm not getting on your case. Just wondering out loud why she switched back to Mira after coming to Japan after going by Miranda for years before, and then saying she was always Mira.

Oh, I found out her other name a while ago. It's French and does sound a little goofy when pronounced with the wrong accent. It's just weird that she keeps changing names and personas several times in only a decade.

No. 289281

Her real name is Miranda Constable. And we know she went by Miranda in high school because she put that name on her public profiles and that's what her boyfriend called her, so you're straight up lying there.
95% chance Miranda is sockpuppeting and trying to convince people again her name is Mira, 5% chance troll.
This is probably Miranda trying to "sneakily" convince people she was such a good child and has never told a lie. "She was such a quiet child!" Said about the anarchic sexaholic raver whose desperately in love boyfriend repeatedly called her wild, crazy, a troublemaker, and outgoing in his blog.

No. 289296

I always thought it was some Native or Russian name. The teacher was a very vocal person and not in a good way. I remember when the class names were called out for attendance, Mira and 3 people before her had strange last names. The teacher made some remark and the class laughed a little. Something like "you all have me working overtime trying to pronounce these names". The class clown sat in front of her. He got kicked out of the class after 3 months though. He was annoying as hell. I remember she had long black hair and wore tons of "sex bracelets" (they were these plastic bracelets that were the cool thing to wear in high school). Science class was the first class in the morning so it was our home room. All our lockers were in the same area right outside the class. She always hung out by those lockers with a group of people. I was not into that gothic punk stuff so I was always outside during breaks and I never seen her.

No. 289300

File: 1468584634143.jpg (636.58 KB, 2171x973, miranda.jpg)

lmao, you're right. it's on Mira's ED page that she's tried lying that her name is only Mira when there's proof otherwise.

stop replying to yourself Miranda.

No. 289303

Um, what? I'm both >>289270 and >>289777, reiterating that Miranda is lying. I found public family records displaying her mother's odd maiden name. That was all I was going off of based if anon's original claim. But now that they said the name sounded like Russian or Native, I can't believe them anymore. Someone from Ontario could tell the difference.

Whatever. The screenshot further proves the Mira moniker is only her recent incarnation. Classmate-chan's appearance was pretty anti-climatic.

No. 289309

I don't really care for your websites people made about her. I don't care to argue about some chicks last name or first name. All I wondered if she changed her name or something. All I know is in school that wasn't her name. Unless shes trying to lie and cover it up and make you all believe that shes Miranda Constable now, whatever then it really doesn't make much of a difference to me.

No. 289320

>make you all believe that shes Miranda Constable now
that's the exact opposite of what's been said. You give yourself away by your low IQ, Mira.

No. 289321

File: 1468591695874.jpg (99.99 KB, 815x611, RxqKBzz.jpg)

She was briefly black!

Yes, classmate anon. Before coming to Japan, she was going by Miranda Constable from at least 16(from when her ex-bf's public blog entries were found)to 20. She became Mira Nagayama with her first marriage(21yrs?). After divorce and a second marriage, nobody seems to know what she goes by currently. She likes people to believe she still goes by the last name Nagayama, but she legally can't keep that name.

No. 289340

What the hell.

No. 289351

>typing out post numbers instead of just clicking the post

you cant be this retarded

No. 289406

Well, what is that last name?

No. 289407

>ITT: Mira pretending that her legal name is Mira and not Miranda

No. 289420

It was an editing mistake on mobile, you dense fuck. But thanks for your amazing contribution to this thread. Don't forget your punctuation next time.


No. 289422

Yes. Mira was brave enough to change her race for a day. She didnt believe blacks about their experience in Japan so she sought to prive them wrong and she did. Black folks make up all racial misunderstandings.

No. 289423

ha, first thing that came to my mind aswell

No. 289424

Her Great White Savior complex is astounding. She's currently trying to "educate" Japanese on their native peoples and history, accusing critics of racism against HER.

No. 289426

File: 1468625120040.jpg (65.78 KB, 570x341, 4a6wEaj.jpg)

Bonus: wearing ethnic dress like a costume(couldn't get real Native) with an error in the title.

No. 289434


No. 289435

Before, she was on 2ch spreading a rumour that she was part Ojibwe.

So speshul. So oppressed. Black people can't understand!

No. 289438

Oh man you're right. That poster plus the new Ainu video. She actually can type well in English when she tries.

No. 289459

File: 1468640352241.jpg (39.49 KB, 635x317, duh.jpg)


Yep, added with this bit 'o wisdom that she dropped.

No. 289469

File: 1468645828495.jpg (28.06 KB, 300x352, 2.jpg)

lmao everyone probably thought she was some horrible attempt at ganguro

No. 289472


No. 289560


Implying Canadians are Japanese

Oh mira

No. 289562

She's saying how the Japanese stole Ainu land like how whites on Canada stole indigenous lands.

No. 289563

That's like Australia, America and lots of other places? lol Mira.

No. 289575

I just read on Wikipedia that many ainu changed their surnames to Russian to avoid being sent to Gulags during soviet times. MIRA YOU ARE NOT AINU.

We know it's you posting here pretending to be a school person who remembers her having a 'weird Russian sounding name' aha ha ha ha ha. This is almost like when pt actually thought the dna test would show she was japanese.

No. 289606

Yes, it's totally her. I love it when cows come here to milk themselves!

No. 289637


You mean this? http://sp.logsoku.com/r/2ch.sc/english/1446966748/1-100
Poster 76 makes the claim.
Mira then appears with her Kanadajin3⭐ handle on post 80, responding to 75 and completely ignoring 76's claim. Mira is known to sockpuppet on 2ch too.
I think Mira also deleted tweets about studying Ojibwe language and her comments left on Ojibwe culture videos on Youtube. I could no longer find them.

No. 289676


I don't think that's her. When she posts on 2ch she always posts as herself. She's not afraid of them at all. She actually said in a video that she posts all the time on there. I don't think she's ever made any posts on any other forum to be honest. I think people take bait from fans and defenders way too literally.

No. 289681

Mira has posted here several times in the past and sock puppeted on PULL numerous times. It's her.

No. 289685

So I was looking at this ad Mira was in low and behold in the comments is Kat

No. 289686

File: 1468739121660.png (12.47 KB, 604x92, ss (2016-07-17 at 12.04.35).pn…)

Kat is so mentally ill, no wonder she and Mira got along so well

No. 289688

Hi, Mira or Lola.

The main reason all this drama exploded was because of the numerous, fucking obvious sockpuppets on PULL. How could so many people show up defending a sub-par Youtuber, having the same exact steadfast arguments, grammar, spelling mistakes and Japanese language ability? That's no mere coincidence! Let's not forget the IP slip-ups and registering one account with the 123japanese email address. People aren't as delusional as you!

"She's not afraid of them at all." Oh, shut the fuck up.

No. 289690

Oh man, it's that cringy narrator. I remember Taylor being on this show once.

No. 289716

What an obsessive bitch. If she ever gets back to Japan I swear she would kill Mira or something. Mira watch out!

No. 289727

Her redeeming quality is that she exposed the glory of that blackface picture. But yeah…. she makes herself look just as insane as Mira. Like a jilted lover. She never listens to advice to keep her emotions out of it and just stick to facts.

No. 289754

I am honestly convinced that there is more the the Kat picture story. She showed the conversations but she said "yes" soo quickly. I bet she deleted a lot before posting it.

I also don't know why shes always sucking Sharlas cock. Did you see her comments about Mira? They always end with "QUEEN SHARLA FTW!"

No. 289788

or maybe Kat's just really stupid. there's that too

No. 289819

If you've ever wanted to see Miranda in a bra…eck

No. 289840

This thumbnail is some scary shit.

No. 289844

The beginning when she laughs is also quite scary.

No. 289850


Looks like a kid coloured in a picture of Sid the sloth from ice age with highlighters

No. 289903

File: 1468840216701.jpg (13.67 KB, 320x239, IeifzhZ.jpg)

She or someone she knew organized a gaijin party with her gaijin, not-Japanese-at-all friends and she's going into a rage-delete spree because commentors pointed out the obvious? Haha. She's even grandstanding about anti-white racism, again, and claiming we don't KNOW those foreigners are not Japanese. Bitch, they aren't. You aren't. Japan-born, full white people are extremely rare(not counting children of military personel) and young Caucasians attaining Japanese citizenship so early in life is almost as rare. A room full of "White Japanese", without even a Japanese spouse around? Sure… However, foreigner exclusive or majority events are common in Tokyo. Which is what we have here.
I can't believe she is 26 years old!

No. 289905

Fucking dead.

No. 289906

Thats actually quite racist. Who gives a shit what color her friends are.

No. 289907


Obviously you do Miranda, otherwise you wouldn't be so assblasted when people point it out

No. 289909

lmao. her dad's side is constable. her mom's side is mccool.

No. 289910

Hey Mira, isn't a ~gaijin only no japanese, please understand~ party way more racist?

No. 289912

Stating a fact about the reality of a fraction of a fraction of a population with tremendously dominant ethnic population is not racist. But you sure like going around dictating what it's like for another historically vilified minority group, don't you, Mira? Because you painted yourself and wore a shitty wig once! Hurr hurr!

No. 289917

I am not Mira so you don't need to talk down to me. I just happen to be one of those people who doesn't fit the "visual" appearance of the country I was born in and am tired of racist pigs like you!

No. 289918

After reading the above comments I am so happy that theres actually people like Mira out there. She is a very good influence on people. At least she doesn't judge based on someones color of skin. I don't know where you people are located but please remind me never to go there. I don't care if the Rachel rumors are true or not, at least she isn't like the racist people who judge me because of my skin color.

No. 289919

Stop impersonating Japanese again. You're a grown woman who should learn to accept herself and her capabilities.

No. 289920

I am a Danish man, idiot.

No. 289921

You double-posting, you knob? Haha. Praising Mira for not being racist. She's as fetishizing and delusional as they come. Are you forgetting the part where she told black people they were exaggerating the discrimination they felt in Japan and she doused herself in brown paint to prove them wrong? The same woman-child that called a poor convenience store worker racist for handing her a fork for her salad?

No. 289922

Also the same woman who mocks Japanese salesladies for speaking in English to her. "Try try try clothes fuck you"

No. 289931

Stop drinking toilet water

No. 289936

>She is a very good influence on people.

Uh huh.

No. 290336


I do cause watching white people doing white shit in japan is boring AS FUCK

No. 290341

But Miranda says that race doesn't exist, so by that logic, no one can be racist.

No. 290345

You may not be Miranda, but you sure type like a retard.

No. 290349

So Mira claims to be japanese and so asian but only has white friends and no japanese ones outside the dick shes sucking?

No. 290370

Oh, she claims she is protecting her Japanese friends by not showing them, but I guess white and non-Japanese are fair game since they are the only ones we see her with. Even though she believes color, ethnicity or length of stay in Japan doesn't matter to be Japanese as long as you just live there. Lol. Good old cognitive dissonance.

Either she doesn't have many native Japanese friends or she believes in a hierarchy of friendships based on race/nationality.

No. 290514

File: 1469049397967.jpg (387.3 KB, 944x546, tripod.jpg)

In her grocery video she slips up and you can see her tripod kun in the mirror behind her

No. 290515

File: 1469049474680.jpg (127.54 KB, 500x562, tripod 2.jpg)

I thought it might be Miranda's visa husband but it might be a female friend since their hair looks like a bob

No. 290638

Lol at the idiots on here who think she's married.

No. 290639

File: 1469060277958.png (387.72 KB, 747x382, mirr.png)

with moar japanizu friends, at the japanesu friendly sakura house

No. 290640

Double lol to those who actually believe her name is Miranda. That's what she wants you to think. Reverse phsycology.

No. 290641

Oh ok because that's what's on her grandparents obituary, Miranda Ann Constable. Carry on.

No. 290642

In 2014 she was rooming there. I don't know if she still does.

No. 290644

Yes. A girl who has that name probably is out there, and you guys stumbled upon it. It only makes the story more believable. Just out of her luck someone with that names family dropped dead.

No. 290646

A lot of people on the Japanese version of this have claimed they say Mira and Sharla together. Sometimes a girl laughs and in the comments people say it sounds like Sharla.

No. 290647

But her appartment she lives in now has never changed since the start of 2014.

No. 290648

kek nice try. believe what you want to believe. i was there when miranda was sperging out because her facebook got disclosed on PULL, and her close relatives on there are either constable or mccool, which are the same names on the obituaries. ok.

No. 290649

Why is her skull so small? Like it looks disproportionate to her body.

Miranda must not have "work" today or it's that one annoying guy who shits up threads.

No. 290650

But why would she have her "real name" on Facebook if she didn't want people to find it .

No. 290653

File: 1469061960386.jpg (22.54 KB, 330x250, miralove.jpg)


No. 290655

Mira what happened to pretending to be an old classmate? You've gone from 'oh I think it was something Russian' to being adamant people are making things up. You never could keep a story straight. Or maybe it's Lola doing her dirty work for her.

No. 290657

File: 1469062434478.jpg (77.22 KB, 667x485, constable.jpg)

No. 290658

If you google miranda constable her old myspace shows up

No. 290661

File: 1469062623384.png (91.58 KB, 365x455, miramira.png)

No. 290665

File: 1469063026813.jpg (275.55 KB, 640x476, mirmir.jpg)

That's her old Facebook..

No. 290666

The video

No. 291117

Miranda the Canadian 26 year old alcoholic escort trying to justify herself :

kanadajin3: 3 days ago

Its so weird. Everytime its a drinking video I get weirdo commeents. Do they not realize Japan has a very strong drinking culture. You are encouraged to drink with coworkers any day of the week after work. At my work they drink nightly. Even if its a beer and go home. Very normal.

No. 291239

I am confused about this because I was there when her profile was being exposed on PULL. There was no information that was visible. It said the city she lived in was Australia or something completely different. Can you send a link to that profile because I can't find it

No. 291245

Reporter: "How come you know Japanese?"
Kanadajin: "Because I live here."
R: "What are you doing now?" (work-wise)
K: "Working a part-time job."
R: "What are you doing?"
K: "I don't want to say.."

LOL. This is probably from the time when she worked as a hostess.

No. 291267

If someone has a Japanese nationality (idk if she has it)… Technically… Aren't they japanese?
Like, I'm german but I wasn't born here.

No. 291269

Japan goes by blood rather than simply legal documents, at least in the minds of the general populace.

No. 291270

This is the country where some were unhappy a half Japanese half black(I forget which country her black heritage came from) won their national beauty pageant. I think most western countries are like Germany.

No. 291273

Ariana Miyamoto

Her father was African American. Not gonna lie but she was prettier than the full blooded Japanese in that contest.

I think it was Americans and the internet making a fuss of her race rather than Japan. I think Japanese dont care apart from the handful.

But thing is she is Japanese. If the white and asian ones are considered Japanese born there then unfortunately for the ones who dont like Ariana she is Japanese. Not race but nationality wise. She looks more Cambodian Asian anyway. I dont think she even looks that black? Just darker asian.

Ive seen black people have kids there and most look like the dark monolid asians. Apart from the odd one who ends up with afro and looks more black.

No. 291275

To me if I move to a different country, I wouldn't be saying I'm that nationality. Like if a white person from Germany moved to Korea, and was able to be a citizen, it's a little weird to say they're Korean. They live in Korea but they're not originally from there nor have parents/grandparents/etc from there so they don't have any connection to it other than just moving there. So the case with Mira is she's Canadian, fully born and raised with no connection to Japan or Japanese relatives, moves to Japan, then starts saying she's Japanese. No, she's still Canadian. Now whether she has a citizenship there, she could say she's a citizen of Japan but she'll never be Japanese.

No. 291279

the word nationality literally means the country you're a citizen of. It's not a matter of populace opinion or what the person looks like, it's a lawful fact. So it's not weird for a German who's a Korean citizen to call themselves Korean, because that is in fact their nationality. I think it's only weird because the word Korean is mostly used when talking about someone's ethnicity, since Korea is 96% homogeneous.

No. 291281

It would be good if the attitudes changed more towards nationality being all that mattered. With the declining birth rate Japan definitely needs to become more welcoming to immigrants.

No. 291282

You were late when you saw it happened. It wasn't originally Australia. And she already deleted this account.

No. 291292

um, no lol. japan is overcrowded as it is.

No. 291296

The french go on a racist spam rampage on twitter whenever a black or halfie is elected Miss France or win anything though.

No. 291317

File: 1469207418572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.28 KB, 731x1024, sarah_furisode_026.jpg)

I'm wondering if the decline of views on her videos has anything to do with the fact her fans are a little disturbed with her mindset. I find that a large chunk of her videos is convincing people she is an actual Japanese person with Japanese ancestors.

She is so ashamed of her past and ancestors she is desperately trying to escape it, and it is utterly cringe worthy. I'm sure her family tree is interesting if she gave it a shot.But Mira, if you are reading this

Your not ethnically Japanese. There is no hidden secret Japanese ancestry in your blood. You have as much Japanese ancestry and blood in you as the beloved queen.

You Mira, are more delusional than Pixy. Let that sink in. Wearing Japanese clothing, acting like a racist stereotype and doing the racist fake accent does not make you Japanese.

No. 291329

no, you don't understand the complexities of Japan's population right now.

Because of their low birth rates, Japan is an age-ing society. There is a disproportionate amount of seniors/young working folks.

They either need to:
1. Encourage birth rates among their young generation to match the population of the work force they have now
2. Allow more foreign workers to come and fill in positions that can't be filled by citizens(This means the Philippines, China, Korea etc vs. Americans)

No. 291334

No it doesn't. Japan sees citizens as one with the same under the law and constitution. It is a myth that Japan only lets "blood" Japanese naturalize. This myth comes from the fact that you don't get citizenship just by being born there, but by your parents. This can give people the false understanding that having Japanese close ancestry that is the reason why you can get citizenship but this isn't true. If Mira became Japanese then her citizenship will be passed onto her kids through blood. That is how citizenship works in Japan.

No. 291342

I meant that a piece of paper won't change people's perception of you.

No. 291370

I know a lot of grown ups and adults with families and stuff in Japan who watch her and like her videos, because they're too passive to even know about lolcow or care about drama. I'm pretty sure those are the kind of people who watch her videos.

No. 291371


I don't know what kind of Japanese family would watch Mira's videos or take her advice. She is a foreigner who has been there for five years. I don't think Japanese people need a white girl to tell them how to be more Japanese

No. 291375

Don't you feel weird posting in your own thread so much Mira? Little sad don't you think?

No. 291396

Yes it wont. However just because some people think that people of other skin tones wont be Japanese off the bat, it doesn't mean that you should spread misinfo like that. It just comes across as closed minded and racist. It makes people not want to read this. Just because it is Mira doesn't mean that how she acts is any different from other people. What I mean to say is I feel like people make it okay to be racist or discriminate on Mira for things it would be not okay for other people. Who really cares if she is Japanese or not. Shes Japanese, Okay? Then shes Japanese. You don't need to go on about how she is white or where she was born. In this day and age there are plenty of people of all kinds of skin colors living everywhere in this world.

No. 291450


Mira is not Japanese. She doesn't even have a perma visa

She is a non Japanese, caucasion Canadian on a visa.

That isn't racist. Those are the facts. She is pretending like her ancestors, her heritage is Japanese. Just because you move to another country does not mean you can change your ethnicity

She can however, have the possibility of becoming a citizen of Japan.

It is like the Mexican immigrants in America. If they get their papers, they are still Mexican. Or if a Korean moves to America, they are still, Korean. They just changed their citizenship. That is the point.

No. 291453

Just because she isn't a Japanese citizen doens't mean her being "white" has anything to do with it. You can say shes not Japanese yet, but it is racist to mention her skin color has anything to do with it. Common there are people who move to America and say they are American and are so proud to be but a lot of them are not even Citizens yet….I don't see any difference. People on here spend too much time going on about her skin color it is sickening. Shes not pretending anything about her god damn ancestors. I have never heard her say her family was from Japan. If a mexican has papers they are still mexican? What kind of KKK meeting did you come from? If someone is American then they are American, it doesn't matter which city they were born in. It doesn't matter their skin color. It doens't matter where their ancestors were born. Americans are Americans. Do you not realize the native people to North America do not believe in borders? Mexico, America and Canada are all one land mass that people lived freely within.

No. 291458

File: 1469254114232.jpg (38.29 KB, 960x540, FB_IMG_1469253831288.jpg)

Totally thought this was Mira and Taylor and I flipped shit.

No. 291460

There's a bit of a difference between the US and Japan because the US is a melting pot with people from all over the world, and most of them refer to themselves as "Mexican American", "Korean American", "Japanese American" if they aren't a total mix. If I say I'm American, most people ask what my ethnic background is. In Japan, which is very ethnocentric and concerned about the purity of the race, it is absolutely an issue that she came from Canada.
Besides, most people who move to the US don't claim to be American anyway; the only ones who refer to themselves as Americans are people who were born here in my experience.
TLDR: Even if she were to become a Japanese citizen, she wouldn't be Japanese.

No. 291461

Oddly enough i agree with anon, nationality is completely separate from race in the eyes of the law a legal citizen is a member of the country excluding their ethnicity.

In saying that the Japanese are way to xenophobic to even begin considering hafus Japanese citizens let alone legal citizens.

No. 291467

You think because there are less people who are immigrants or children of immigrants or different races that makes it OKAY? It is never okay to treat people different because of their skin color

No. 291468

"purity if the race" is only a term used by bigots like yourself

No. 291495

They probably think it's nice that a foreigner takes such an interest in Japanese culture? They also have a couple of TV shows where they show foreigners, how they live, what they do in Japan, why they moved here. It's just curiosity/entertainment. Mira also gets comments by Japanese people who correct her mistakes as far as I know.

No. 291500

can you all stop talking about race now? mira's truly enjoying this talk about her being japanese or non-japanese. bait mothafucka

No. 291536

Mira would kill to look half as decent as that girl.

No. 291821

mira is a boring cow

No. 292137

Kat and Sharla don't know anything. Don't listen to them. They are trying to keep the mouse hunt on "mira's visa husband" to avoid their scandal being exposed. Mira never got married to her ex boyfriend. I really honestly is a waste of time. I have talked to several different j-vloggers and people who have experience on "visas". Getting a visa for being divorced in Japan is quite easy. It is kind of like a little loop hole. Micaela should know because she is also on the same visa. "teijuusha". She was talking about it on Twitter a month ago. She doesn't even mention why she got it, but it is from being divorced from her previous Japanese ex husband. Mira has been bragging about how she plans to become Japanese in November. November is when she came to Japan 2011. She wouldn't have to wait exactly 5 years if she was already married. This alone should be core proof that she is not married. I see no point in wasting time on something that is at this point in time very unlikely. I honestly think she reads this and laughs at it because it is a bunch of people speculating weather or not a girl they don't know has a husband or not.

No. 292149

geez shut up

No. 292152

File: 1469506509110.png (109.56 KB, 135x394, japanezu.png)

So Japanese

No. 292154

File: 1469506560231.jpg (44.01 KB, 600x450, japanee.jpg)

No. 292157

File: 1469506694738.jpg (32.04 KB, 245x395, jaappanees.jpg)

Much Japan no kata desu

No. 292159

File: 1469506804936.jpg (48.48 KB, 384x512, hii.jpg)

Sew kawaii

No. 292161

File: 1469506986450.jpg (104.33 KB, 640x480, japanese friends.jpg)

Mira and more Japanese friends

No. 292162

Except teijuusha is reserved almost exclusively for divorces INVOLVING CHILDREN! There is no fucking reason an uneducated, unskilled foreigner married only two scant months would be granted such a visa unless there was an extremely important reason not to send her lazy ass back home. She doesn't meet any of the special conditions warranting her getting preferential treatment or protection.

Nice try, Miranda.

And isn't it funny that kanadajin3's Live in Japan section, which previously talked about visas and teijuusha, is now "under construction"? http://www.kanadajin3.com/index.php?cmd=liveinjapan&
Hiding your tracks?

No. 292165

bitch is milking her husband for money using her mother-in-law

No. 292166

then why does micaela have one?

No. 292170


“Long Term Resident” visa is granted for those who are authorized to reside in Japan with designated period of stay by the Minister of Justice taking each applicant’s special situation into consideration. Like other family related visa,this“Long Term Resident” allows you to engage in any kind of work just as Japanese usually do. However, visa extension is still required for this kind of visa holder.This point is quite different from “Permanent Resident” status.
So what is the said “special situation”? The consultation with our office regarding this kind of visa is mainly by those who fall under the following “special situation”.
1) Refugees
2) Descendants of Japanese national by blood
3) Divorced spouses who are caring their child with Japanese nationality
4) Parents and children of those “Permanent resident” status and “Spouse/Child of Japanese national”visa holder to live together in Japan
The types of “special situation” under “Long Term Resident” are not limited to the above example.There are other types of “special situation” stipulated in the official guideline made public by the Minister of Justice.

>A special type of visa called "Teijusha", it's very rare but I think my work for Fukuoka City helped my case a lot

No. 292171


OMG can you be anymore obvious kek
I honestly think she reads this and laughs at it

No. 292172

or foams at the mouth

No. 292173

So random dick-sucking and being a shit キャバ嬢 is equal to being a graduate of a real school and employee of an actual Japanese company? Micaela also has a sponserships with big name brands and affiliation with Canadian Tourism Comission. Are you fucking kidding me, Mee-ruh?! You're not on the same level at all.

No. 292176

*has sponsorships.

No. 292180

>she plans to become Japanese in November.
Just like Chris-chan's grown a new "vagina".

No. 292238

Not only people who have children but people who are victims of DV, people who have to go through legal divorces where their partner has to give them money. Divorces where people have to apply from another country. If her husband went to another country it is very likely that the divorce process was longer. Visa rules were much more strict in the past for people coming to Japan. Now it is not as hard as it used to be because the government knows about the population issue. A young girl from Canada who has no criminal record but works in the "travel" industry may not be much to people on here, but to the government it actually does mean something. Though she may or may not register "kanadajin3" as a brand or her own company, I am sure that she hands in her income information (she will need this when she wants to apply to become Japanese) and on that income information she needs to state which type of job she has. She makes travel videos around Japan and has a huge online influence. Remember she got that visa before the Rachel drama so when you searched her name there was nothing negative that came up in the searches at all. It is not unlikely at all that her YouTube account influenced the final decision when it came to if she gets the visa or not.

No. 292239

Her being a mayor for Fukuoka city may have influence too but honestly anyone who was divorced can get this visa. I know 2 people who hold British citizenship and they both got it only after being married for less than 2 years and no kids.

No. 292244


Yet here you are trying desperately to convince a bunch of random people whom you claim you "don't care what they think" yet were supposedly suicidal over it.

If you don't care, why do you need so desperately to convince anyone?

No. 292245


>huge online influence

Go to bed Mira

No. 292249

>works in the "travel" industry
girl u delusional bitch

No. 292252

You can admit that Mira is still a liar, right? She told her followers that she switched to a student visa: https://mobile.twitter.com/kanadajin3/status/290382670175817729
And claiming on her blog:
"This is why I changed my visa, because I don't want to look like I fit into the category of people who marry for a visa."

Teijuusha is not given after a complete visa change, especially after such a gap.

No. 292270

Maybe she is lying maybe she is not. I don't know and really I don't care. Telling a small lie is not the end of the world to be honest. Really is it any more relevant when she switched to a visa or if she did? To go out of your way and make up fictional husbands is a little crazy if you ask me. People have been going on about "her husband" for over 3 years. She explained the visa she is on a couple of times in the comments and I have personally met people and heard plenty of cases of people who have such visa. It is not that hard to believe. Even if you can't believe that she has that visa there are two very strong points that need to be taken into thought. She is applying for Japanese citizenship November this year, 5 years from the day she came. To apply for Japanese citizenship you have to live in Japan at least 5 years in a row. If she was married to a Japanese it is only 3 years so why would she be waiting? Something else is why in all her videos there is no men's items, not even in the house tour? There have not been any people who have actually spotted her with such husband on the streets. The only claims come from Kat, Sharla and Victor who honestly seem to feed on the drama and love baiting the haters as much as they love annoying Mira. Maybe they think she is married, maybe they don't, we will never know. Out of all of this I think the main thing is the citizenship issue. She has been making videos about "becoming Japanese" for the last year. Why wait till November? Doesn't seem like a move someone who is so determined to become a citizen would do.

No. 292274

everytime i see OP pic i can't stop seeing those beads at the side of the ugly mug she calls a face as greasy, dirty hair

No. 292284

>To go out of your way and make up fictional husbands is a little crazy if you ask me

Except others have confirmed her husband and he came home during one of her live Q&A's (that she shutdown right as soon as he walked in the door).

Secondly, She was married, got divorced, switched to a student visa for a year, got re-married and is finishing her 3rd year of that. The timing for that lines up.

Why would she lie about switching to a student Visa for a year? That's kind of crazy if you ask me.

No. 292285


>She explained the visa she is on a couple of times in the comments

Her sotry of her VISA changes every time she tells it. She was married, changed to a student VISA, got a "special" visa, now she's claims she's had PR, etc.

Why do you choose to believe this one story but not the others?

>Maybe she is lying maybe she is not

She's been busted in so many lies it establishes a pattern of behavior. I honestly wonder if the girl is even capable of telling the truth.

No. 292290

I think she's the type that would pretend to get citizenship even after being denied it.

Then she'll go rock herself to sleep in a corner repeating "I'm still Japanese…still Japanese."

No. 292387

File: 1469584076499.jpg (39.59 KB, 384x512, abloobloo.jpg)

so invested in talking to her haters and while referring to herself in the third person. right on, loser. how is this any different from criminals injecting themselves into police investigation so that they can keep track.

No. 292497

File: 1469624099964.jpg (8.35 KB, 259x194, url.jpg)

That's her second husband, right?
This was her first one, if I'm not mistaken.

Just trying to keep the order straight.

No. 292498

Mira continues amaze with what a delusional POS she is. She actually told someone who is half-Japanese but not born in Japan that they aren't Japanese. Yeah unlike you Miranda with your total of 5 years in Japan spent visa husband whoring.

No. 292499

I pretty sure this "first" was just an ex-boyfriend after her divorce, before Visa-kun 2. At least that seemed the consensus a while ago and supposedly he hates her or something. She was also heavier when she she first came to Japan and lost weight post-divorce.
She had quite a few guys inbetween, even when she was still living with her ex-in-laws. Like a visa-seeking parasite.

No. 292500

Nah I don't think so. They are both wearing traditional clothing for her language school. Must be her classmate.

No. 292516

How do you know it was for school?

No. 292518

Pretty sure I saw her wearing a similar outfit for a school photo. I couldn't find said photo though because the school's blog is messed up and there are many missing photos. http://systemtoyogaigo.blogspot.com/

No. 292519

File: 1469631863630.jpg (90.52 KB, 275x368, studentvisa.jpg)

There were other photos taken in her school of her wearing this kimono…

No. 292520

File: 1469634222221.jpeg (10.42 KB, 276x183, thumb.jpeg)

I could only recover thumbnails.

No. 292521

File: 1469634262356.jpeg (11.73 KB, 276x183, thumm.jpeg)

Another thumbnail

No. 292528

That is her ex boyfriend from 3 years ago.

No. 292530

Someone goes to her house and that's "confirmation" that she is married ? lol I am sorry really is that the best logic you have? No timing adds up. If she is married the requirements for becoming a citizen is 3 years living in Japan. It mean she could have applied 2 years ago. Again, no point in waiting till November. Theres no point in convincing me because it wont work.

No. 292536

No, pay attention. She was married for 2 months (her first husband, she confirmed that herself) she divorced him and then switched to a student visa (again, she confirmed that herself). The time after the divorce and the switch to student is about two years. Married VISA-kun number 2 and will be 3 years in November..

Someone went to her house, opened the door with their own keys and let themselves in..

>Theres no point in convincing me because it wont work.

Then why are you here so desperately trying to convince us?

No. 292662

She had a student visa till April 2014, that is when she graduated school, that would make her "second marriage" after April (not 3 years). The month she came to Japan was November (exactly 5 years). I don't buy into the "she is married". Multiple people say she has a boyfriend but is not married to him yet.

No. 292675

Yeah, I can buy she is not married now and just continues to bullshit, like a lot of Japan-based scheming lolcows. That student visa alone shows she is not eligible to apply for citizenship. She also said she originally came to Japan on a working holiday visa, which also exempt from qualifying for naturalization. Several visa changes and that bizarre first marriage will not earn her a favorable review anyway.

No. 292690


As has been pointed out, too many know facts point to VISA marriage.

And again, why are you so desperate to convince us otherwise?

No. 292692

I think that might be another person. Previous Totally-not-Mira anon was claiming Mira has had teijuusha this whole time because she's sooooo exceptional.

No. 292698

Actually all status of residence counts towards citizenship. If you don't believe me you can look that information up on turning-japanese.org

No. 292700

Actually it has nothing to do with her being "special". She isn't special at all. Any divorced person can get a Teijuusha visa. It is not just for people who have kids.

No. 292703

Hi, Mira.

Bye, Mira.

No. 292704

I kinda understand the feeling of the original people who went on pull to stick up for her. I am not a fan but just a person who understands the difference between picking up on someones mistakes and nitpicking on them. The more you call me Mira the more I really lean more towards her innocence in that whole sock puppet drama.

No. 292709


But she said herself that she got a student VISA.

No. 292710

Ah, yes. All the people that wrote like Mira, thought like Mira, reasoned like Mira, had both the same English and Japanese skills as Mira and some who shared IP addresses and email accounts with Mira. Shut the fuck up, you leech. Your linguistic pattern is so obvious. Your biggest mistake was raging on PULL and providing the template to identify your one-dimensional personality. Even Redditors identified you immediately when briefly plugged your garbage there.

Mira, why can't you stop being such a fucking coward and come on here, as yourself, instead of creating imaginary characters? Or have your REAL, native-born Japanese friends engage in Japanese conversation to defend you? Plenty of Japanese speakers here that can differentiate a native from a gaijin imposter.

Waiting for your minstrel show to begin.

No. 292711

File: 1469717119933.jpg (13.58 KB, 265x190, imgres.jpg)

No. 292712

One time I posted in a thread asking a harmless question and anon raged out on me, called me the hamplanet the thread was about (I don't remember who, was a nobody) and told me to fuck off. I really hope you're right and that's actually Mira, lol

No. 292714

Miranda always does this. Interjects with a diversionary narrative to throw people off her trail. She did that during the Great PULL Invasion too. Even under her 123Japanese email(Tarokun), she twisted things or mildly insult herself. She even turned on spellcheck a few times.

I'm 98% feeling it. Haha. She's not very imaginative. She does the same "You people!" song and dance, makes up weird scenarios for why Mira can't possibly be lying, claims she doesn't care either way(but can't stop arguing), has a weird infatuation with Micaela, says she doesn't like Mira/isn't a fan yet exaggerates her accomplishments/fame, says the sockpuppets weren't her, then ends with a "You make me side with Mira now!" when caught. She is obsessive. Her mass sucide email and stalking, then contacting, a "hater"'s mom and friend shows she is bonkers enough to keep coming here and not stop despite the futility.

But I also got called Mira once before because of a single sentence! Lol

No. 292717

Seriously, I knew this
was Mira from "weather or not" lol

No. 292720

I was not aware that the IP address were visible to the public. I thought the people from PULL only showed the "country". I still think its quite paranoid to think so,

No. 292721

It is not. I remember when this whole thing went down and in the comments people were going wild. Mira here and Mira there. It is fucking stupid.

No. 292722

The Kat and Sharla bit set off my Spidey Sense. Absolutely nobody cares about Kat and Sharla but Mira.

Unchi-kun. That's what moderators are for. All of that was revealed ages ago. The Leo Palace reveal was pretty funny.

No. 292723

So why is that not public? I want to see that do you have the screen shots?

No. 292724

Aren't you tired from working your shift at the Krusty Krab, Spongebob?

No. 292725

Is that really supposed to insult me? FFS stop derailing this anon. Is that the best you can come up with? I honestly don't know what you want to do with your life when you sit on here fantasizing about Mira's "husband". What is going to happen when it is revealed that there never was a husband? Are you going to get on a plane, go find her house and start ripping apart her house screaming SHE HAS A HUSBAND HE IS HERE!! VISA KUN!! SHOW MI THE VIZAKUNZ! It is such a waste of time. I mean really if you have nothing else to talk about than if a girl is married or not, maybe its time to move on…..?

No. 292727

Wha-huh? Who said it was not public?

I'm already in Japan. Permanently. Are you inviting me over? Tokyo is quite far for me, though.

Holy shit. Set you off? You sure are emotionally invested in this for a stranger…

No. 292728

Miranda did you know you smelled when you did not wear deodorant for a long time? Yuck.

No. 292730

File: 1469723114195.jpg (79.69 KB, 512x512, moarrjpanezutomodachidesu.jpg)

Her native Japanese friendzu

No. 292731

Oh, and I wasn't the one to make the second husband claim. You sound like Kiki, thinking only a couple people always talk about you.
P.S. Sharla Sharla Sharla Sharla

No. 292732

Please refrain from using Mira and call her by her true name Miranda, that shit pisses her off more than anything

No. 292733

File: 1469723266616.jpg (26.77 KB, 288x512, the japanese cock.jpg)

Mira loves Japanese cock so much she actually drew one.

No. 292734

I will call her Amir, because she became representative for blacks and Muslims last year. Mira is an old woman's name.

No. 292735


>It is such a waste of time

But coming to a place and desperately trying to convince people otherwise isn't?

Why are you so vested in trying to defend Miranda?

No. 292737

Typical Miranda Ann Constabru behaviour. Instead of laughing or ignoring that we're ~getting our facts right or twisted, she'd make contact, talk about herself in the third person and stir us into the direction she desires.

I mean, whatever even happened to that "old schoolmate" who kept saying Miranda Constable isn't her name, and couldn't produce receipts like a simple yearbook photo? Lmao

No. 292739

Tarokun wild aggression.

Unfortunately, she won't. She claimed she was not afraid of 2ch, so she used a trip. But she
NEVER does it here or PULL. Not once, even pre-Sharlagate when people were only calling her a rude asshole and didn't know about the crazier shit.


No. 292748

File: 1469728657106.jpg (31.87 KB, 680x387, 595.jpg)

Someone on PULL made this.. The accuracy is perfect. Another tweeted it to Miranda, who promptly blocked them.

No. 292797

Teijusha is "Long Term Residence" whic Miranda claims to have PR already and Teijusha is only 1 and 3 years.

So, Miranda's a liar no matter how you look at it.

No. 292914

Everyone? I mean the whole other side of her innocence was based off the fact that the IP addresses were all different. The YouTube IP addresses were never released.

No. 292916

Micaela said she got Teijuusha which gets renewed every year and eventually she can become a actual permanent resident.

No. 292921

File: 1469800342475.jpg (419.44 KB, 450x335, 90hOisB.jpg)

IPs and emails for those mysterious accounts were discussed and archived on PULL. You should already know where to go for that. What are you trying to say? Be specific or else you will get too irritating.

Nobody talked about Youtube socks yesterday so I have no idea why you had to mentioned it. Don't tell me you are trying to bring up the Dresslink shit AGAIN. That hasn't been discussed for longest time. That issue is dead. Nobody cares.

The current topic is transracial DID fantasy bullshit and how Japanese immigration law seemingly does not apply to great white savior Miranda.

No. 292924

I can't find it please post a picture of the IP addresses. Isn't the dresslink sockpuppets the big "scandal" socks?

I am sure Mira doesn't think she is Asian nor does she want to be. She has made it very clear she doesn't think of citizenship of having anything to do with how you look. To be really honest, I don't know where on this planet it is "okay" to think that way…. The current topic is people on here obsessing over her fictional husband. The way I look at it there are too many facts missing. Why wouldn't she tell everyone she is married? If she is in YouTube for the fame then why wouldn't she be like everyone else and make videos with her "husband?". Why wouldn't she want to brag about him? She always talks about getting married and hoping she finds someone good soon. If I am not mistaken the reason why she has a job at a restaurant is because she needs to, in order to apply for citizenship she needs to have a job with an actual company. YouTube is very unsteady. Then there is the fact that if she is married she can apply for citizenship 2 years ago. So either she is already Japanese citizen and has not mentioned it (highly unlikely since she talked about the Canadian embassy, customs and other stuff to do with Canadian passports) or the more logical answer is she is not married. This is why she has to wait till November 2016 to apply. 5 years after staying in Japan.

No. 292925

god shut up, sid the sloth

No. 292927

The "scandal" was her lying about it.

Her Visa-husband. She had previously made vids and statements badmouthing those that marry for a Visa. She would be busted yet again, that's why she keeps it secret.

>Then there is the fact that if she is married she can apply for citizenship 2 years ago

Except, that she was divorced. That ended the "clock" on the three years. She remarried almost 3 years November.

the more logical answer simple: SHe married and got divorced (fact) SHe had a bit of a grace period until the marriage visa had to change. SHe switched to a student visa while she went to language school (fact). (two years down now) She remarried for a Visa (Confirmed by 4 different people who all knew Miranda.) which will be three years November.

Simple. But keep trying Miranda. Again, why is it so important to you to try and convince strangers on the internet?

No. 292928

Why is this even an issue? Both Miranda and Sharla have released text where Miranda clearly states she was the one with the account. Albeit Miranda self incriminated herself without knowing.

The IP is irrelevant ever since Kat took the pictures and Mira posted it.

Sock puppets or not that's no longer the issue. Miranda is fucking nuts and a sociopath sloth confirmed.

No. 292938

File: 1469812594638.gif (7.62 MB, 819x429, Neil_deGrasse_Tyson_drops_the-…)

No. 292993

They are the same person, the first image is older, and he put on weight. Same guy she's married to now, the second husband not the first.

No. 293013

The pic was taken for her language school. That's her fellow student there. Yusuke speaks Japanese and English. Why would he have to go to a language school as well??

No. 293015


Well, since you seem to know all about him, who is he? Why did he need to go to a language school?

For that matter, why did Miranda? She still can't speak Japanese well and said it is a waste of time.

Because it was for the student visa..

No. 293019

File: 1469844814723.jpg (52.75 KB, 384x512, 1469584076499.jpg)

You're missing the point. Those two men are not the same person, is what I'm saying. The guy in the kimono has a mole on his face, but Miranda's husband doesn't have one. There is no resemblance between the two.

No. 293020

Yusuke is the husband. Idk who that other guy is.

No. 293025

She didn't make those statements. A troll account on YouTube made those statements. Rachel just threw blanket statements over all troll accounts she got and tied them all to Mira. That account was later found out to not be Mira at all.

No, If you are married to a Japanese citizen and lived in Japan for 3 years you can apply for Japanese citizenship. Mira has lived in Japan for almost 5 years. It means that if she was married she could have applied 2 years ago.

No. 293039

Since people on here keep going on about the laws in Japan like they have it memorized from some lolcow article I decided to bring up the actual law form the website.


This isn't in English so if you can't read kanji I guess you are screwed. What you are looking for is this part.

第七条 日本国民の配偶者たる外国人で引き続き三年以上日本に住所又は居所

Translation: If you are a foreigner who is married to a Japanese and lived in Japan for 3 years consecutively, even if you don't meet criteria for number 2 or number 5, you can still apply for Japanese citizenship. Number 5 states that you have to live in Japan for 5 years to become Japanese citizen. If Mira was married she could have applied 2 years ago. She came to Japan in November 2011. This website is not just a explanation for people interested, it is the actual law written out.

No. 293040

So the verdict is, we find the defendant, not married. ~bang~. Next.

No. 293046

You inbred, mouth-breathing ghoul. There were several accounts harassing Rachel and you know it. Just one account, miranda(some 3 digit number), was claimed to be some weeb who did dance covers. That was the only one that responded to PULL members and they crossed that off the list of suspects. The rest were NEVER confirmed not to be her and almost all of those accounts conveniently ceased activity when exposed. Not guilty does not mean innocent. O.J. and Casey Anthony were found not guilty too.

People keep telling you the potential citizenship eligibility comes from theoretical SECOND VISA HUSBAND, not the first! Shut the fuck up with the "she could have applied 2 years ago." Your repeated attempts at obfuscation are pathetic and no one is buying it. Are you the same idiot bringing up teijuusha? Only you keep saying he's imaginary and if you are idiot #2, the only one claiming teijuusha possession.

The belief is the second marriage will approach 3 years. How hard is that to follow?!

Oh, how coincidental. The latest Mira whiteknight has the same Japanese level as her. Like they all do.

No. 293117

File: 1469890378880.jpg (92.41 KB, 960x720, mira and her ancestors.jpg)

I love how MIranda is actively following this thread, and cleaning up her Facebook as she goes. You missed this photo, Miranda.

No. 293128

According to Mira, if you are Japan, you MUST know and speak only Japanese. Even when speaking to your own bilingual child on the train or just visiting for the Olympics.
So why does 24/7 true-Japanese Mira surround herself with so many foreigners? Why isn't she completely intergrated with native, everyday Japanese yet? You have to make a deliberate effort to be around so many gaijin and English-speakers when 98.5% of the country is Japanese. That's no coincidence. She has not easily assimilated into regular Japanese society and she needs the foreigner community she pretends to reject. Her way of coping with this incongruity is to claim all those people can be Japanese or will be.

No. 293129

If you are a foreigner who is married to a Japanese and lived in Japan for 3 years consecutively,

She was only married 2 months into her residency.. SO she failed the first part of that sentence. And remarried when her student visa was expiring.

>She didn't make those statements. A troll account on YouTube made those statements

Really? there's a lot of proof she did, I suppose you have proof she didn't? Or are you talking out your ass. (NOTE: Supposed "proof" that you are unable to produce= no proof)

No. 293137

File: 1469901278524.jpg (243.14 KB, 1061x1777, noLHjcE.jpg)

Taking a stroll down memory lane with Mira's Lang-8 account. The fact that she submitted corrections to 44 users in need absolutely infuriates me. Not only is her grammar abysmal, she frequently makes unnecessary vocabulary suggestions and dumbs down the speech to suit her own personality rather than help the user express their thoughts(and writing style) more clearly. On more than one occasion, she deleted the word "foreigner" from their essays. For example, the submission "Yesterday, I was spoken to by a foreigner at around Roppongi." is changed to "Yesterday, Some English speaker spoke to me in Roppongi"

If you were ever an English tutor for adult non-English speakers, this will kill you: http://lang-8.com/687079/correction_logs/sent

No. 293194

jfc she's unnecessarily correcting things and dumbing the text down. For what purpose? To seem superior and more knowledgeable than someone who wasn't born in an English speaking country yet has a better grasp of the English grammar than she ever will? She made them sound like 5-year-olds. It's downright insulting.

No. 293201

This fucking screenshot alone is enough to make me rage.

No. 293214

Lol wow your English and Japanese skills are running low man. She doesn't need to be married for 3 years. She needs to have LIVED in Japan for 3 years and married (at any time) doesn't matter when she got married or how long, as long as she is married to a Japanese person and has lived in Japan for 3 years she is eligible. Which is why it wouldn't make sense for her to wait till November to apply. She has already been living in Japan for over 3 years, at the three year mark she could have applied if she was married. If she's married now she could apply now, could have applied a year ago, 6 months ago, any time.

No. 293216

File: 1469943899052.jpg (551.62 KB, 252x156, m4wlUj6.jpg)

Someone who hasn't constructed one grammatically correct paragraph this entire time, attempting to criticize another person's English and Japanese skills.

No. 293217

Haha. Try reading all of them as edurance challenge.

No. 293222

Say BLOODY MIRA three times in front of your computer or mobile while browsing this thread and she will appear again.

No. 293223

*endurance. Dammit.

No. 293224

It gets boring. She says the same things over and over. Her face popping up in Youtube recommendations does give me regular jump-scares, though.

Is that "big reveal" ever coming from those Jvloggers? I don't want to wait until November for quality milk.

No. 293257

top kek

No. 293536

File: 1470135516574.jpg (82.17 KB, 900x900, 1390984524874.jpg)

>Suddenly interested in UAE
Jesus, as in United Arab Emirates? No fucking way.

No. 293654

Yeah, she stated in her youtube video she loves their culture(she starts talking about it at 1:21)

shes probably taken an interest in it because of Rody

No. 293659

File: 1470172131210.png (127.64 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.f288f3b72ceaf4…)

Check this out.. She just lets flies crawl all over her food

No. 293661

File: 1470172197001.jpg (36.37 KB, 310x389, kanadaflies.thumb.jpg.8524bfdf…)

But it's ok, she didn't eat the rice, but if she did, no big deal, fly shit is just extra protein and she used to eat maggots in Canada.

No. 293663


also did she order a hamburger? wow, so japanese

No. 293666

So, she also never cleans her door knobs or phone screen or anything? I thought she wanted to be a good housewaifu cleaning should be basic for her.

No. 293675

Isn't it a gaijin tip to eat every single grain of rice?

That's not very Japanese of you Miranda

No. 293711

It's Hamburg "steak" not a burger. Yes it originated from Germany but the style of dish she ordered is actually Japanese & pretty popular. It's part of the same category as katsu curry etc. Called youshoku. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yōshoku

Saged because not super relevant to Miranda herself.

No. 293817

my shitty english skills betray me once again

No. 294895

File: 1470665382761.jpg (38.02 KB, 815x448, Screenshot_2016-08-08-03-10-07…)

In a rare moment of clarity, Miranda actually admitted how shitty her Japanese is.

No. 295019

Isn't she still on that vacation in Tohoku? Unfortunately, the tourists she is speaking of are likely Japanese from Tokyo-area(standard dialect), not foreigners. Tohoku-ben is pretty famous one of the most unusual in Japan.

The only milk I can contribute is that Miranda's goblin buddy Lola stalks PULL religiously and the most recent conversation there is her taking screenshots and quoting PULL users to "report" back to her mistress. So whenever Miranda starts to unnecessarily dig up drama and talk about dead issues, I believe it is bottom-feeder Lola fueling her mania. That middle-age woman enjoys being part of the drama. I truly think she is the other person(in addition to Miranda) going around and whiteknighting. She only has better grammar and spelling when she drops the Mr. Yunioshi act.

No. 295066

lmfao or how shitty you are at catching on? She is in Aomori where they speak two different dialects from the Japanese they speak in Tokyo. She posted a tweet in that dialect a few days ago. She has been talking about her trip the last 2 weeks

No. 295089

Hi Miranda.. Your Japanese is shitty and around a third grade level.

No. 295090

I didn't notice the oddly personal tone of their response at first, but it seems you're right. But is it Miran-duh or Lola the Sagamihara BBA? Their writing has become so similar, especially the abuse of "lmfao".

I swear, Miranda. You're going to wake up one morning and find Lola nude and blood-stained, sifting through your underwear drawer.

No. 295093

While they are two different people, they are pretty interchangeable. I think they share the same fetal alcohol syndrom brain.

No. 295218

File: 1470827097210.jpg (130.86 KB, 1080x1173, m7eUnDX.jpg)

Miranda getting upset about Youkai Watch. It must be too Japanese for her. The bug-eater doesn't understand Japan's love of toilet humor.

She must have really lived in a cabin in the woods. Where was she when grotesque shit like Mega Babies, from CANADA, aired? Or even classics like Ren & Stimpy? Tons of horrible and pointless shows came out in the 90's. She's always inventing an alternate reality.

No. 295219

Ren & Stimpy was nightmare fuel.

No. 295247

Bitch if you have no brain to rot…

No. 295273

File: 1470856657069.png (328.62 KB, 567x465, 54jjgta.thumb.png.c0910e338cd7…)

this is the saddest most flat ass i've ever seen, why would you parade this picture around

No. 295275

it literally looks like she took a dump

No. 295278

It looks like a diaper hanging down at the bottom :(

No. 295289

>tfw your ass is too flat to fill out a Japanese bathing suit
Poor dear. As if having a face straight out of The Hills Have Eyes wasn't bad enough.

No. 295293

File: 1470867313970.jpg (152.77 KB, 1277x819, 13668935_1166886486686703_4650…)

Both of these foreigners don't know how to find matching tops and bottoms

No. 295313

This looks so fucking bad… It's not hard to make two piece sets from completely different swimsuits match and yet they both fail at it. The first photo looks like it's a shit filled diaper ready to fall off, what the hell?

No. 295316

>this bitch got married at least twice

No. 295318

File: 1470878314363.jpg (53.92 KB, 300x180, 24044_brando_the_horror.jpg)

No. 295350

Actually in japan bathing suits like that are sold that way. They don't come seperate, that is the style. You buy it all as one. So that would be the top to match it for them.

No. 295354

They do so in America and Canada too, shut the fuck up

No. 295355

dang, anon is just pointing out that they're not mixing and matching the swimsuits, but wearing them as they're sold.

No. 295362

The thing is, she sat there in front of her computer, looked at her gross ass picture and went, "That is some high quality shit and gonna be my thumbnail."

Maybe next time you allegedly spend $50 on bathing suit bottoms you should buy a pair that actually fucking fit, Miranda.

No. 295368

Miranda could have easily bought one of those cute Korean bikinis off Aliexpress since they actually match and look good but no, Korean stuff isn't Japanese enough!

Eventhough their swimsuits are better.

No. 295369

I see ugly stuff for sale here too, doesn't mean I buy it. I've seen pleeeeeeenty of cute japanese girls in lovely bikinis.

No. 295380

I am sure she doesn't care what it looks like to be honest. She has commented about her pubes sticking out and commented that she didn't want the video to become sexual. She doesn't come off as the type of girl who tries to look pretty or cute but more of a weird and not afraid to be laid back chick.

No. 295395

>not afraid to be laid back chick
thanks for explaining the logic of mira's looks, m8.

No. 295402

File: 1470923325908.jpg (48.09 KB, 600x415, 39deToO.jpg)

That queasy feeling… could it be?

Nobody cares about your derelict brillo pad, kusobuta idol. Go buy a better bikini bottom and do some squats.

No. 295409


Speaking from experience, girls don't wear fake eyelashes (especially at the fucking beach) if they're not trying to be pretty.

Or that weird like… roadkill pom-pom she wore on the side of her head for a few months.

Maybe if she doesn't care what she looks like she couldn't be doing a video about ~Fashion in Japan~.

No. 295411

File: 1470927748230.jpg (106.3 KB, 927x1197, hi8sQXI.jpg)

And then there's shit like this.

No. 295414


Oh god, no. Please… no more.

No. 295415

Her style resembles Deb from napoleon dynamite

No. 295416

Why is she wearing two bottoms? Is that a thing?

No. 295428

Are you even trying Mira? Like we know it's you or oldie lola.

No. 295473

we really don't care about your pubes mira. show that to your husband instead.

No. 295476


He probably doesn't want to see or hear about them either..

No. 295510

File: 1470985178722.jpg (637.05 KB, 641x854, e0gyiPA.jpg)

It actually is, especially at shops like Peak & Pine. But it isn't THAT popular, and I've never see the girls yank their thong up as high as Mira. Usually the side straps just peak over the edge and the gap between the front of the thong and main bottom should not be so big. Her bottoms are not fitted correctly.

No. 295523

you mean her bf

No. 295537

File: 1471012255489.jpg (453.51 KB, 499x281, GeocEju.jpg)

No. 295547


Yeah but at least the bathing suits in the pic actually fit the mannequin. Mira has zero fashion sense and looks like a bumbling goblin trying to imitate trends.

No. 295615

File: 1471046600955.jpg (59.66 KB, 800x450, WihB0KI.jpg)


God, I hope they never get to breed. They both look like wall-eyed trolls.

No. 295632

File: 1471056634378.jpg (53.5 KB, 380x380, 2016081209483157ae8a7fce1bf.jp…)

No. 295633

File: 1471056668755.jpg (49.67 KB, 380x380, 2016081209500757ae8adfb7372.jp…)

it's a boy!

No. 295636

File: 1471058662526.png (186.19 KB, 500x349, kbGELXq.png)

No. 295648

wow, he's not bad. im actually surprised. i thought mila would do way worse.

No. 295655

Nah, he's pretty gross tbh. Obviously balding, huge eyebags, bad skin. He looks a lot older than her.

No. 295662

I'm a little bit confused as why people think she is dating her ex-boyfriend from four years ago that guy isn't even related to her at all . She has a boyfriend and people have actually commented that they have seen them together and she has actually said a few times that she is getting married next month so I'm quite puzzled when it comes to this form going on at information that isn't relevant to anything anymore

No. 295671

File: 1471077763180.jpg (107.16 KB, 1200x675, 1469957618023.jpg)

you can't make this shit up, what a wreck. I wanna look away, but I wanna see the blunder too.

No. 295695

My sides

No. 295699

File: 1471098696663.jpg (1.22 MB, 353x234, iFWnPVj.jpg)

Bitch, where?

No. 295711


You mean her Visa husband

No. 295753

From what I have heard, her boyfriend would be the one getting a visa from her.

No. 295756

Canadian visa? What on Earth are you talking about? She's the one desperate to give up her native citizenship and no way in Hell can she sponsor someone for a Japanese visa.

No. 295757

She can't afford to sponsor anyone because she doesn't have money. It's the other way around; the guy she's mooching from is the one that can sponsor her.

No. 295766

No I mean, her boyfriend isn't Japanese.
She would be the one to give him a "spouse of a permanent resident" visa when they get married.

No. 295771

File: 1471165935658.jpg (1.38 MB, 200x150, hO3Ta1M.jpg)

No. 295778


So where have you supposedly "heard" this?

No. 295792

Where have you been? She did a live show with him but she deleted it. She has said in the comments "I am not married but not single" "my bae yada yada" and she even mocked in another live show something like "my haters think I am getting a visa when Infact its gonna be the other way around lmfao" . A year ago someone who knows him posted on PULL about him but that all got deleted with PULL so I can't look it up.

No. 295796


It's all been "deleted". How convenient.

The number of times Miranda has been busted lying, pretty much anything she say is a lie.

Secondly, She already has a spouse visa from her 2nd VISA husband (confirmed by other jvloggers who have a far better relationship with the truth than Miranda.)

You're going to have to have some proof..

No. 295797


Pull is still up. And was the "person who knows him" Miranda's sock puppet that she had Kat take the picture for?

No. 295799

File: 1471188043067.png (52.97 KB, 179x162, 1471035484934.png)


No. 295804

Nothing important was deleted, liar. But exactly one year ago, this terrible troll attempt by Mira happened in the chat: (45 pages of it) http://m.imgur.com/a/aalfH

No. 295806

Samefagging but this chat has her pretending to be her own boyfriend at one point.

No. 295809

File: 1471193220301.png (210.43 KB, 500x332, image.png)


I remember that chat.. I saw it as it happened..

Miranda sock-puppeting herself and doesn't fool anyone but then tries to play it off like she got one over on them.. (Hence the pigeon meme)

No. 295815

It's actually true. there have been third party rumours floating around that she's already married to him and that's why she went to Sweden.

No. 295817


Well if there are "third party rumors" about it, it must be true. [/sarcasm]

No. 295818

File: 1471195791365.png (93.59 KB, 621x725, wat.png.efd4b45af8f0889f2eb365…)


She's getting married next month but isn't engaged?

Quit your fucking bullshit.

No. 295827

… 'I'm getting married in a year u gaiz but I'm not engaged! My super sugoi japanese boyfriendo promised me he would marry me tho!!'

that moment when she's so blind that this dude is probably just saying that to get her in bed so he can brag and say 'yeah I have a live in gaijin onahole'

No. 295880

I thought everyone knew she had a foreign boyfriend? Lol I honestly only thought it was pull that brushed it off. Doesn't work well with their "visa kun" theories.

No. 295887

>Russian or native

That's a massive difference and I'm 8000% sure Miranda doesn't have a drop of native blood in her. She's whiter than a sheet of paper.


That's French as fuck and you're literally retarded if you mistook that for native or Russian.

No. 295888


So I actually live not too far from the town in Canada that Miranda comes from. It's known to be close to several native reserves and many people in the surrounding area will hold onto that idea and boast about their heritage even if they're like 1/1000th native.

Which does sound a lot like something our nihonjin hime-sama would do.

No. 295896

I kind of get uncomfortable when people start mentioning "blood drops" and DNA as if the countries created by man have anything to do with our actual DNA. I think it is a little unnessisasy, do we not all live in the same time where people should be more educated than that? Even worse when people assume that a persons last name has anything to do with their ethnic background. A last name can change every generation.

No. 295899

I'm sure she said that because she remembered that people read her posts and put it on here. She didn't want people to start getting buzz on her bae.

No. 295904

Lol Lol
Shut the fuck up disinformation-chan. Bring the evidence or stop wasting everyone's time. But your claim would further show just how difficult it is for Mira to integrate naturally into Japanese society. Can't even get a normal Japanese man, just like how almost all her friends are foreigners. Living in the gaijin bubble forever.

The Charlebois comment is not from "Native or Russian"-chan. Plus, it was 30 days ago. Are you okay?
Um, what?

No. 295918

Whoa wtf
That really crossed the line anon
I am a foreign male and I would hate for people to say to my girlfriend "can't even get a real Japanese". Does it really fucking matter what nationality someone is? In all honesty I thought this place was for exposing online personalities for their sneaky ways / fake personalities and lieing. I've been around long enough to notice it's not much more than a sespool of racist people nitpicking on anything a girl does.

No. 295921

File: 1471248240776.png (1.08 MB, 1440x900, girl pls.png)

>I thought this place was like PULL!
>ppl r being racis against Mira
>btw male here

No. 295922

Oh, the "Danish Man" right?
Keep roleplaying. Admit it: You failed, Mira. You're going home soon.

No. 295923

Most people will boast about being 1/1000000 native, I wouldn't put it above Miranda to do so, especially since it's commonplace in Canada and then there's just… Miranda being Miranda and wanting desperately to be anything other than white as fuck. As someone who's legitimately half native, it's incredibly annoying to be lumped in with people like that because they've fucked up being mixed native for everyone with their "cherokee princess grandmother" bullshit.

Not that anon, but they could've just been reading down the thread and replied to it? I dunno.

No. 295930

Jackass, I wrote NORMAL Japanese man. Somebody who is decent, hard-working and will not be manipulated, hidden or an accomplice to deception. This 98% Japanese country includes people that are not 100% Yamato blood, but their upbringing, education and cultural identity are Japanese since they were born. That is Japanese. How is it possible to avoid the general ethnic population so badly when their concentration is so incredibly high? 98 freaking percent.

Mira: You either don't care to become Japanese or something is very wrong with you that makes Japanese stay away. Like moving to Nigeria and only befriending American expats. It's strange. If your spouse is a foreigner? Fine. But everyone else you associate with? That doesn't make sense when you want to become a citizen.

You can't call yourself Japanese without any roots. Roots are Japanese family, real Japanese friends or a career that contributes to Japanese society, not playing dressup or memorizing Wikipedia entries! This is true for any country. Look how many immigrants came to Canada with their family in mind or the friends they had there! You need an anchor and commitment to others IN that country, not a silly hobby that benefits only yourself. Your arrogant mindset and lack of humility is so un-Japanese, it's mind-boggling.

Didn't you say "Insult Japan. Insult me."? Well, ditto.

No. 295938

I know someone like this. They married a Dutch native and moved over there but will ONLY be friends and work with American/Canadian expats. She has been here for 10 years and still doesn't know the language. I have been here for 4 months trying to get a living/working visa and know more Dutch than she does. But I can say she isn't the smartest either. Like whenever I think of Mira and this woman, they are almost one in the same on intelligence level and the way they act.

No. 295950

dumb hoe, we are here to laugh at stupid people like you.
>I am a foreign male
you can't even grasp how a chan works

No. 295957

Don't get me wrong. The foreigner community and connections made are a great thing to have when you first arrive and don't know your way around or understand the culture well. I personally would have appreciated something like that when I first came to Japan, but I lived out in rural area. But if you plan to stay for the long term or go as far as naturalizing, you need to eventually wean yourself off of that safety net, only keeping around the true friends and those that have been residents long enough that you can still learn from them.

Japan is not an immigrant nation the way the USA or Canada is. There are already thousand year old traditions and generations of families that go back much further. Borrowed traditions and practices have had lots of time to meld into the dominant culture where many locals don't even recognise where those traditions originally came from. You don't come in and gajin smash your place into society and try to tell Japanese people who and what they are. Their collective identity is so different from the West that you really have reset your way of thinking when you come from a young country with a "melting pot" of cultures.

Mira used to pander hardcore to this belief and put down other gaijin, even if they were just newbies still getting the hang of this country. But now that she realizes that 5 measly years and a fake name don't give you the keys to the Sugoi castle, she's flipping out and turning on "racist Japanese nationalists" that dare deconstruct her fairy-tale.

No. 295961

Who cares who she hangs out with. For real. Like just because she hangs out with people who were not born in Japan doesn't mean they are no less equal to the people who live there. Like you guys remind me of the stuck up gaijin who come here "haha I only hang out with Japanese " bs. They think they are better than others. Usually people who complain about "gaijin bubbles" are the most "gaijin like" people. I mean what kind of wanker you got to be to put your friends nationality over personality when it comes to choosing friends ?

No. 295962


It's because Miranda has always been one of those ""haha I only hang out with Japanese " people. (Once again, facts and what Miranda says are not the same.)

No. 295963

So which alter is this?

Nope. Sorry. You're not convincing anyone. It's a deliberate action to seclude yourself from the general population unless you have mental illness. Even worse when you claim to already be one if them, the Japanese, like your gaijin ass owns the place. YOU think you are better than everyone, including Japanese. Trying to create your "white Japanese" enclave of people with temporary visas and fake marriages just so you can be the special unicorn of the family. Become a contributing member if society or go home.

This new persona is so lame. Write your own manga with these characters or something, Mira. Your weeb fanbase would eat it up.

No. 295967

File: 1471278551135.png (117.93 KB, 678x565, SxBEHMD.png)


Example. here is Miranda telling a Japanese person that he is wrong we he corrects her.

No. 295969


Also love the fact that she takes offense at them saying "We Japanese" even though she does it all the time.

No. 295987

her Japanese is shit tier.
It's nice to see her admit that. 5 years in the country and she still hasn't made an effort? What a subhuman

No. 295993

No one will ever be able to convince me that she isn't retarded. Way to get offended by a native Japanese person pointing out your ignorance, Miranda! No matter how hard you try, you'll never be Japanese and be thought of as such by the people.

No. 296027

No. 296028

isn't it obvious who's posting here? why would you want to run her off?

No. 296038

Miranda's breaks don't last long. She always comes back like herpes.

No. 296051

File: 1471330769418.jpg (318.82 KB, 672x957, Smug.jpg)

>mfw this is STILL happening

Keep milking yourself Miranda

No. 296056

File: 1471339616253.jpg (448.72 KB, 468x333, 6ZNiXO0.jpg)

When Miranda gets online as a new character, do you think she wears a costume or new clothing article each time she switches personas? Like a full hat rack off to the side, speaking out loud in terrible accents while typing.

No. 296319

Not that this is anything new
But holy shit i just cant with this girl
Her newest video (thats been done a thousand times already) is about common gaijin mistakes
She talks about how "we" do things in japan
She talks about many middle age and old ladies wearing kimono as their daily clothes
Bitch what? ive never seen that

No. 296322

I wouldn't say many… but you do see it from time to time especially in the old lady shopping districts. She really loves stretching the truth to present “facts” that only a ~real japanese girl~ would know.

No. 296332

File: 1471555241061.png (951.46 KB, 1302x751, 1460650933456.png)

She's still cute though

No. 296343

File: 1471564480658.jpg (123.81 KB, 400x400, 58306120.jpg)

No. 296521

Haha it is kind of funny how she owned the PULLtard with her tweet. Even I knew that. I think the kanji for light is the first few kanji they use. I wonder which stupid translator that guy used because when I search it the only thing that comes up is Mira's post which is actually pretty pathetic. Even worse than a weeb is a know it all google translator weeb. Are they trying to say JLPT? In Japanese it is nigongo nouryoku shiken lol.

No. 296522

no one cares. go back to pull.

No. 296547

What are you even talking about, Mira?

No. 296566

File: 1471782165323.png (416.14 KB, 583x532, ew.png)

Mira looking like a complete goblin, desecrating something as cute as a yukata. she looks quite pleased with herself though, like she's finally ~japanese~

No. 296572

that dirty foot

No. 296582

File: 1471787192473.jpg (318.74 KB, 600x450, iZ95Uae.jpg)

That profile.

No. 296592

is she really sitting on a dirty roof top while wearing a yukata…. though knowing her it's probably from donki so whatever

No. 296608

File: 1471799673671.png (96.98 KB, 1300x723, whwhhwhwhw.png)


Took this screenshot from PULL.

Eat a dick, Mira.

No. 296609

Lmao she looks like Onion in the profile

No. 296706

I think it's common knowledge that mira's Japanese, both spoken and written, is complete garbage

No. 296721

File: 1471867975400.png (29.75 KB, 829x131, ohmira.PNG)

look at who I found in the a comments section.

No. 296722

This is the video, if flood detection can fuck off for a second.

No. 296763

I want one of those towels..

No. 296794

we we we we we we we we we
get it through your thick skull miranda you are white as toothpaste and will forever be a foreigner in ~ glorious nippon ~

No. 296802

File: 1471941913770.jpg (65.82 KB, 830x250, yZWajLs.jpg)

The full comment is worse. Dumb bitch has never even had a full-time job in Japan, especially a corporate one.

No. 296825

File: 1471974889288.png (2.22 MB, 1657x922, Untitled.png)

This is a good look for Miranda

No. 296829

"Our food", "We cook…"
Yes, you are so Japanese, Mira!

No. 296830

Surely this was photoshopped to look worse? No way can people actually look like that.

No. 296832

File: 1471980115698.png (261.02 KB, 461x500, Screen_Shot_2016-08-23_at_11.4…)


No, it wasn't. She actually seems to think she looks good like this, with trained millipedes for eyelashes.

Also, check out the lower left of the jaw, she's growing a beard

No. 296846

File: 1471990430548.jpg (53.91 KB, 300x400, scream.jpg)

No. 296847

Her fringe on the left… did she cut it herself?! She looks like someone let her out of the retard enclosure.

No. 296848

She's a mess
Eyebrows aren't even
Bitch can't even put eyelashes on. The one on our right isn't even on fully kek
I bet she thinks her jacked up maw is cute

No. 296853


Right?! For someone who has been wearing fake eyelashes for so long she should fucking know how to put them on by now. Every year I swear they get worse.

No. 296854

File: 1472004045926.jpg (69.82 KB, 1029x768, Sylvia.jpg)

No. 296855

File: 1472004834943.jpg (8.81 KB, 236x230, 5813d3362b3b66a92db58675ab9f73…)



No. 296858

damn it even has her eyes

No. 296905

File: 1472079955385.jpeg (22.55 KB, 255x229, image.jpeg)

Holy shit anon
100% same

No. 296916

File: 1472096705318.jpg (108.42 KB, 988x804, sYnUg1L.jpg)

I took these directly from PULL but Sid the Sloth's buddy Scrat(Lola) joining her in asserting that using English to help English-speaking, foreign customers is always RACIST.

No. 296917

File: 1472096793400.jpg (122.71 KB, 1002x886, Oo8NGko.jpg)

No. 296918

Wow, they're so rude. Saying "Don't you speak Japanese?" is not the nice way of handling this. I'm a foreigner in Japan and if someone obviously struggles talking to me in English I'll just let them know that I speak Japanese. Considering how few white foreigners we have even in Tokyo, just speaking English to all of them is a lot more effective.

No. 296928

I'm also living in Japan and in all my years here, the few times employees have used English with me, I thought it was sweet of them to try. Besides, if you've worked in customer service it's easy to understand: Japanese workers using English is just good business! Being multi-lingual is valuable and encouraged in most countries with a high amount of international visitors. Imagine a top hotel in Tokyo not having a single English-speaking receptionist. These spoiled brats live in foreigner-packed Tokyo of all places, not some remote village! The workers know better than Mira about how frequently foreigners and English-speakers visit their shop in order to make these accommodations.

If it makes someone uncomfortable, it's easy to say something like "Can you use Japanese please?" "Japanese is fine." or "It's better for me to keep practicing Japanese". Mira and Lola have no concept of humility. They're so arrogant, brash and aggressive. How is being low class and unapologetic typical Japanese behavior?

No. 296943

Absolutely same. My Japanese is still very basic, and when I was struggling with a receptionist she smiled and said, "I speak English too if that will allow me to help you better." Every Japanese person I've come across who speaks even a little English will offer to use it with me, even if I start the conversation in Japanese, they just appreciate that I'm trying and don't seem to want me to feel embarrassed for struggling. Miranda is insanely rude by Japanese standards, I can't understand how she doesn't see that.

No. 296947


Miranda is insanely rude by U.S./Canadian standards.

She's just pissed that they don't recognize her "obvious Japanese qualities."

Let's see Miranda, you'r a white girl, who speaks shitty Japanese with a heavy Canadian accent.. Yeah, can't possible figure out why the don't assume you're Japanese

No. 296961

Mira's defense of being a clown in the Youtube comments section:
"In Japan, we wear long eyelashes and thick blush and I LOVE the way I look." Mandatory "lol" and "lmao"s.

From now on, I am just going to assume this ass is using the royal "we", or majestic plural. It's slightly more tolerable.

No. 296982

File: 1472139504196.jpeg (72.53 KB, 458x500, image.thumb.jpeg.944ef4f08a213…)


Yep, She genuinely looks at that in the mirror and think "Damn, I look good". If you ever needed more proof of her being delusional, there you go.

No. 297030

In Japan we wear thick blush?!
Some women do, but the way they do it doesn't look good on western faces. Anyone with a proper job doesn't wear clown makeup. Same goes for the lashes…

No. 297035

File: 1472165521534.png (246.04 KB, 441x420, ertury.png)

is that from this video?
I couldn't stop looking at the hairs on her chin..

No. 297061

File: 1472176029039.jpg (31.44 KB, 599x626, get.jpg)

omg this bitch has got to be shitten me….. she's following other people's trends and claiming that if she took someones (well-warranted) advice it would mean shes losing individuality? Does she not realize how much of an idiot she sounds like….

No. 297091

Japanese people follow Japanese make up trends because it's stuff that's supposed to work well on…wait for it…Asian faces. On Mira it just makes her look like pug faced white trash.

No. 297131

Anon but she's ~totarry asian~, what's wrong with you

No. 297142

The lashes look like shit too.
She clearly has no clue whats suits her face.
She could look decent with good makeup

No. 297148

As fucked up as her face is, I agree that good makeup could salvage her face to a degree. Instead she only highlights how bizarre her facial proportions are.

No. 297181

>lmfao, What the heck is "normal" make up :/

Any makeup that doesn't make you look like a fucking idiot, like an Ice Age character, Miranda. Those fake lashes are ridiculous, they're so big you can use a boar bristle brush on them. The blush… UGH!!

No. 297339

File: 1472267348694.png (85.84 KB, 839x165, Screenshot 2016-08-26 at 11.04…)

It's so strange to run into Miranda in the wild.

No. 297345

More like she couldn't get a job even if she tried with the crap she's spewed onto the internet.

No. 297399

she is literally hard to look at. her face is unnerving.

No. 297430

I'm eagerly awaiting a story about how she is going to be denied a job or apartment or friendship because of the "lies spread about her on the internet".

Hopefully it will knock some fucking sense into her about being more careful with the garbage she fucking posts online.

Then again, I also don't have any faith in her so who knows.

No. 297435


Wow, a lot of projection there Miranda

No. 297516

File: 1472339367949.jpeg (45.02 KB, 407x500, image.thumb.jpeg.500dabfa4ae96…)

She's been posting a lot of this bullshit lately. (Trying to justify her claiming to be "Japanese")

Funny thing is Miranda, If there are no races or cultures, we're just one world. Then you can't be Japanese.

No. 297627

Nobody cares about you PULLtard, go back to your hole. You read into shit way to much. You need to lay of the crack. Anyone else agree that people from PULL are either on crack or fucking retarded. Seriously. The broad shares a common image and people on PULL go all wild assuming that shes trying to do anything other than post a image. If Mira posts a fucking picture of her breakfast PULL will go off "SHES TRIN TA BE JAPAZN! OHFG!" . Mira could post a fucking picture of the dump she took and they will probably think it has some deep meaning.

No. 297628

Are you 10 years old? Nobody cares about your Queen bee R&J / Sharla army drama. Do you honestly think the real world will see that mess and think of it as anything more than what it is? A god damn high school drama mess.

No. 297643

That was a pathetic farmer impersonation, Miranda. You're not one of the cool kids.

Would you like to translate that into English? It's like you're not even responding to text that is actually there.

No. 297669

Except no Miranda. That's legit what you're trying to pull. Scurry back to ranting on youtube/twitter you pug faced dipshit.

Funny given how she is racist and ignorant toward every single country that isn't perfect ~wapanese land. And even then she's a complete idiot who soaks in complete bullshit and reuses to listen to fact.

No. 297672



This is literally one of the easiest ways to spot a Mira post, because that's how she tries to imitate people that she doesn't like speaking.

You're so fucking pathetic.

No. 297676

I wonder when Mira will begin leeching off venus too

Oh its uncanny

No. 297678

Mira and Margaret should start a fellowship. They're both hags.

No. 297755

And yet she claims "I am nothing like a Canadian, nor will my kids be " and believes she acts and thinks just like an average native-born Japanese woman. How is it possible to have a no borders/countries shouldn't exist/we are all the same stance while desperately clinging to someone else's culture which has been developed over several millenia? Obviously the uniqueness of this formerly isolated archipelago has to do with the racial adaptation, language and customs that it chose to accept or reject over time, which even meant displacing other ethinic groups and purging foreigners while enacting Sakoku policy.

Japan has had no such hippy-dippy we-are-all-one philosophy, which is why it exists in its current state. That's why she wanted to stay in the first place: it offers something very unlike her home country due to these previous exclusionary and strict immigration practices. Her whole Youtube career is based on constantly comparing how different Japan and Japanese people are from all other countries! Yeah, we all know why she is attempting these mental gymnastics but it's still so fucking absurd she is letting the public watch her while doing it.

She has been commenting on Venus' videos. If she hasn't already, Mira is probably going to send her invitations to those gaijin meetups or something. I don't think Venus is going to risk being seen with the most reviled and controversial Jvlogger.

No. 297756

>Mira could post a fucking picture of the dump she took and they will probably think it has some deep meaning.

No, they just think it's your attempt at another video "Taking a shit…. IN JAPAN" Where you explain after living in Japan your shit gains some kind of magic properties.

You can use that idea, it's my gift to you.

No. 297760

She can frame it and sell on her ebay. I'm sure some obsessed Chinese guy will buy it. Or Lola.

No. 297790

Ha! Miranda's latest vid is about High Schools…. IN JAPAN.

Which is hysterically funny. A Canadian hick that dropped out of high school in the 10th grade and has never been part of the Japanese educational system acting as an authority on the subject.

Let that sink in..

No. 297804


I could go on such a rant on how that video is nothing but bullshit (as someone who actually graduated from a Canadian highschool) but I think you're all smart enough to know that.

No. 298254

Lol Mira's new video. More Swedish stuff. Complete conformation she's married to a Swede. -dream crusher pull, that's a dream crusher right smack in the groin-

No. 298262

CONFIRMATION, not conformation, you inbred cretin.

And ERICA IS SWEDISH. That would be the most likely incentive for Miranda to learn about Swedish culture and language.

No. 298280

File: 1472624874268.png (89.29 KB, 1272x1152, 1471755039485.png)

you'd think you could at least properly imitate a poster after all this time, but no. god damn girl

No. 298284

Yuriya is Russian but she doesn't study Russian. Rody speaks Hindi and she doesn't learn Hindi. It is so god damn obvious how can you not see it. Who the fuck goes to Sweden for a whole month and half for a trip? Does that make a hint of sense to you? Wake up.

No. 298317

Shut up, Canuck whore. Or Boston crack-head Lola. Whoever you are. You're the only one continuously pushing this narrative and providing no proof.

No. 298318

Samefag but
"Does that make a hint of sense to you?"

It's "lick of sense", bog-dweller. You even fuck up basic English idioms?

No. 298343

Typical American thinks all English idioms are the same. Where I live people say this.

I honesty hope you cry so much when you find out she's married to a Swedish man. Own the fuck out of you PULL faggs. Your weeaboo fantasy destroyed.

No. 298350


No, not American and they don't say that in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

Where, pray tell, are you from where they supposedly say that?

(Miranda can't admit that she's ever wrong about anything, so that's another one..)

No. 298396

File: 1472673589157.jpg (185.5 KB, 1920x1173, Mark-Twain-Quote-8.jpg)


>Own the fuck out of you

Like you supposedly "owned" people on your video trying to establish your special "Nihonjin desu" status?

Here's another little saying you should take to heart sweetums.

No. 298429

No, nobody says that in any English-speaking country. You are wrong and so is anybody you heard repeat that mistake.

Why would anyone cry? We'd be baffled at first, then pour a 40 for that poor man's moribund chinko. I'll definitely cry for your future children, though.

How would our "weeaboo fantasy" be destroyed by her own failure to nab a Japanese man?

No. 298529

because her boyfriend is Swedish.
Someone else said they are getting married this month. Heck they could already be married.You have to be fucking retarded. You can see him on half her pictures off to the side. He is clearly in her video with her in Hokkaido because you hear a guy laughing. She responded to comments on TY in Swedish at 4am Japan time do you really think Erika is a awake and with Mira to respond to comments. Wow the denial is with you strong man.

No. 298530

She says in the video she went to school till gr 12, where do you see the left in gr 10?

No. 298531


Ok, Post a scrennshot of said person that's all over her vids.

(Waits for the standard "I don't have time for that blah, blah, blah. bullshit excuse

No. 298532


She actually made a video criticizing the way Japanese schools teach English and how they're doing it "wrong"

And illiterate, 10th grade drop out, who can't speak proper English or Japanese is criticizing Japanese English classes..

No. 298533


Well, if Miranda the confirmed liar said it, it must be true..

No. 298534

Anna Ahlm 1 day ago (edited)

cool i'm from Sweden
och jag älskar dina videos( and I love you video )

Reply · 3

kanadajin3 1 day ago

Tak –^^

Reply · 2

Saro M 1 day ago

it's time you guys reformed that spelling too fkn complicated

Reply ·

Kristoffer Klasén 1 day ago

It's Tack. Tak means roof/ceiling. Anyway, awesome video.

Reply ·

kanadajin3 23 hours ago

Yeah I was told right after I wrote it , lmfao oops ^^

No. 298535

Men kan man AirBnb där?
kanadajin3 23 hours ago

Jag vet inget om AirBnb, men om det ar ett sharehouse sa har de inte det har. Det har inga hotell heller. Man far bo i Sapporo.

No. 298536


The hell is this shit?

No. 298537

>because her boyfriend is Swedish.

Yes, fucktard, he was asking why do you think anyone would cry over that?

You spend an awful lot of time here for someone who "Deozn't care about da Haterzzzz"

Are you that lonely?

No. 298538

I am a "hater". What I don't like is you PULL fuckers making Lolcow a fucking weebfest of creampie panzie fags. Go back to PULL. Go cream some more in bed over Mira and her fake husband you made up about her.

No. 298539

>Mira and her fake husband

Ol' Visa-kun is a standard topic here Miranda.

So, where are the screenshots of the Swedish Schlong you claim exist in "half her pictures off to the side"?

You made the cliam, now back it up.

No. 298540


Also, I have never seen anyone on here or on PULL for that matter ever refer to themselves as a "hater".

Only Miranda and "Lola".

No. 298546

This isn't PULL, you can't quote shit by copy and pasting

No. 298547


Why the hell do you have to keep bringing everything back to PULL? Calm your shit.

Also, how is that any kind of fucking proof? You can google how to say thank you in any fucking language in a few seconds- and do you have proof that Mira is asleep at A CERTAIN TIME EVERY NIGHT.

People wake up and check social media in the middle of the night. Don't be a fucktard.

No. 298558

File: 1472760979425.png (129.39 KB, 439x500, Screen_Shot_2016-09-01_at_12.5…)

Speaking of PULL. I found this over there.. It even includes her chin hair.

No. 298575


No. 298576

File: 1472765306466.jpg (45.41 KB, 400x405, ice age run.jpg)

I can't be the only one to see the resemblance…

No. 298594

File: 1472769915827.png (245.68 KB, 416x500, Screen_Shot_2016-09-01_at_1.46…)

No. 298597

So accurate.

No. 298599

My sides

No. 298600

File: 1472770947249.png (555.15 KB, 1280x800, rdg-02-20-1.png)

>type of girl who tries to look pretty or cute but more of a weird and not afraid to be laid back chick

10/10 if not mira

No. 298605

This one is my absolute favourite so far, oh my god

No. 298606


No. 298607

Nice google translate, Mira.

No. 298609


you're not. get over yourself.

No. 298611

Typical reading comprehension failure by Miranda/Lola(they're interchangeable). I said why is it worth crying over if it's true? This is another delusion of grandeur, just like being "famous" in Japan. Nobody envies someone who constantly lies, hides and can't find a loving, normal relationship. And, guess what, hockey puck? Japanese dick is so easy to get. Like half this board has been to Japan and juggled kintama there, whilst others are living here LEGITIMATLY. You're not unique.

Yes, we would have to be fucking retarded to see a mystery man's elbow and not recognise it as Swedish. lol

You google translates Swedish at 4am because you don't have a real job. There's also a thing called insomnia, so what the fuck does time zones and posting time have to do with an adult staying up late?

No. 298626

Wow you kids are lazy. Go look for yourself. They are right in the comments to her Swedish video.

No. 298629

this is an imageboard, dumbass. pics or gtfo

No. 298630

File: 1472804397261.jpg (365.15 KB, 2000x1087, 1470154067424.jpg)

No. 298631

Post caps you fucking idiot

No. 298635

literally just roll up a few posts to >>296854
it's in just about every thread.

No. 298650


Called in >>298531

>(Waits for the standard "I don't have time for that blah, blah, blah. bullshit excuse


No. 298664

You can do that yourself lazy duck

No. 298666

File: 1472830948173.jpg (33.18 KB, 407x500, part2 1472339367949.JPG)

This weeaboo. She's so annoying and ugly.

No. 298675


You made the claim.. I don't have to do your arguing for you. They don't exists "all over the place" or you could easily provide them.

You pathetic excuses just show you have nothing to back your claim and are talking out of your ass.

And it was predicted several posts ago and you're so stupid you did exactly what they said you would do with it written in front of your face.

That is some Grade A failure right there. Can't get that kind of failure just anywhere.

No. 298677


That's as believable as Miranda's "I have proof completely exonerating me for everything I've done, but I can't show it to anyone."

And the fact that she is actually shocked that no one buys it is hilarious.

No. 298678


Ok, I went and looked (no of her videos have a lot of comments, so it was easy to look through). There are no links to pics, no mention of any Swedish boyfriend, etc.

You're just a lying sack of shit.. None of that exists.

No. 298679


Now the retard will try the old "Ha ha I was just trolling" bit now that they've been called out.

No. 298695

Why do I get so damn ~TRIGGERED~ every time she uses "we"!? Fuck.

No. 298709

Kill yourself faggot

No. 298764

eats popcorn watching you guys fight over who is so lazy to go look in the comments.

No. 298770


Already called that response in >>298679

Suck it. Suck it long and suck it hard..

No. 298771


Better be careful saying that with Miranda's fucked up teeth..

No. 298796

File: 1472889713253.jpg (118.78 KB, 504x753, lRYqSqt.jpg)

Mayonnaise golem. Everyone looked. There is absolutely nothing. Why the the fuck did you write popcorn in italics?

I completely understand why she can't keep a man(pic related)

No. 298802

No. 298804

>posting links on an imageboard

No. 298805

^ Not everyone uses this on their PC you know. We all can't upload pictures.

No. 298808

File: 1472901999522.jpg (34.53 KB, 400x559, fwCQaMS.jpg)

this image posted from mobile

No. 298809

You may be able to upload but I certainly don't know how to save an image on my phone because I don't have an iphone so I can't make a screen cap of the YouTube screen. Instead I posted the links.

No. 298810

>I certainly don't know how to save an image on my phone because I don't have an iphone

No. 298811

Again, kill yourself faggot

You have some form of Internet access on your phone or whatever the fuck you're using, to see how to screen shot/take photos. It's not a hard concept to grasp that we expect images on a fucking imageboard.

No. 298814

print it off yourself nigger

No. 298816


Mira barely knows her native fucking language, I'm sure as fucking hell not going to believe she suddenly knows Swedish.

Google translate is a thing and I have no doubts that is what she's been using.

No. 298817

File: 1472907006352.jpg (16.86 KB, 320x393, d0b7ae956a763130eb946640aaae97…)

Anon still uses pic-related, that's why.

No. 298818

face palm
No you idiot. The point was the "husband" everyone says she has is actually a Swedish man. She is married to a Swedish dude. This is how she was able to write in Swedish. Those comments were made at 4am and they are not in "Google translate" like Swedish. At 4am theres no way shes going to call up Erica just to help her translate a comment. It is so obvious that the guy who lives with her is Swedish. She went to Sweden for over a month and stayed in someones house which I am assuming is her in-laws. So many things point to it.

No. 298820

File: 1472908023084.jpg (35.42 KB, 315x466, sX1TbIR.jpg)

Fucking a foreign dude imbues one with ability to speak his native language… through an online translator. It's that new jizz technology, Gurgle.

^This is some 12 year old level trolling, girl.

In other news: Miranda is arguing with people in the Youtube comments about what it means to be Swedish and she says asking if Swedish people actually live in Sweden Hills is DISCRIMINATORY!

No. 298822

File: 1472908296070.jpg (150.64 KB, 1080x1091, 06fLgT4.jpg)

No. 298823

How is it that hard to comprehend.
I am not saying she is speaking Swedish TO people. I am saying HER BOYFRIEND WROTE THE SWEDISH!

Mira doesn't speak Swedish. She got her boyfriend/husband whom is Swedish to reply to those messages at 4am.

It has been questioned on PULL in the past that she had been dating a Swedish guy but everyone ignored it because the husband story fit much better.

Mira went to Sweden for a whole month in Christmas. It is so god damn obvious that she is with a Swedish dude. How can you not see this?

No. 298824

File: 1472908524770.jpg (129.07 KB, 1080x1097, VYG1udK.jpg)


No. 298826

Is Mira heavily implying they were white Japanese ?

No. 298827


Mhm, sure sure, you salty child.

I don't believe that for a second, but you believe whatever you want in your little fantasy world.

BUT QUESTION– is he really Swedish if we're all ~~~~THE HUMAN RACE~~~~

No. 298828

That, or that all those Japanese people there are just as Swedish as someone born in Sweden! ノーボーダーズ!ワンワールド!

That shows just how much she has always lacked a sense of identity. She cannot relate to people with rich cultural traditions(European or Asian), or mixed-culture/mixed race people at all. She's boring potato salad trying to mimic someone else's pride.

Guys. Know why she is concocting this pathetic ~Swedish lover~ story? Because she is panicking about her visa expiring and being kicked the Hell out of Japan. She will then claim she was not sent back to Canada, but went to Sweden to marry the "love of her life"! A terribly executed alibi.

No. 298829

White people you dumb bitch. They're asking if you saw blonde white people.
I honestly feel like the weebs who delude themselves into thinking maybe they're 1/100th japanese or some BS have a stronger grasp on reality than mira. Then again, most of them aren't inbreds who flunked out of high school, so it's sort of apples to oranges.

No. 298830

Oh this is too funny. You are so god damn in denial its fucking hysterical!!!!!! You just want to cream pie her at night when you think of her dating little asian dong ex boyfriend.

No. 298835


Seeing as I'm a straight female. No, I really don't.

Also it's 'creampie' not 'cream pie', sweetheart. One is a delicious dessert and the other is what happened to your mother the night she should have swallowed.

No. 298836

Watch out ya'll. This rejected, soon-to-be-expelled gaijin is bringing the EDGE. She even wrote "nigger" and "fag". She harder than the whole cast of Degrassi.

Damn… You should have just gone back to school, learned a useful trade and earned your visa fairly, Miranda. You're fucking soulless.

No. 298839

Well I will show you creampie all over your fucking pussy. You gonna need it after all that whinying over her dating some Japs cock

No. 298840

No. 298841


No thanks, I don't fuck virgins.

No. 298843

Oh god now you think I am her? This is pure PULL paranoia. They should name an illness after this bitch. PP.

No. 298844

Your mom should know I am not a virgin

No. 298845

File: 1472914015892.jpg (74.44 KB, 780x520, MxNhXTG.jpg)

>your mom jokes

No. 298847

Should have thought a little longer about that comeback

No. 298849


Really? The stuff you posted translates near perfect in Google translate..

Try again, sweets.

No. 298851

There's multiple people responding. Talk about paranoid. But can you at least try to form a coherent sentence? Dating a Jap cock…huh?

>Vehemently defends Miranda.
>Cannot spell or construct proper sentences.
>Submits a completely unsubstantiated claim.
>Persists to push claim and not provide or link evidence
>Tells everyone they are wrong
>Dispenses insults while still refusing to provide evidence to exonerate Miranda.
>Cannot understand simple technology, logic.
>Attempts to get edgey and hood.
>Claims everyone is jealous and attracted to Miranda.
>Gets increasingly crude and aggressive.
>"I not Mira!"

Then who the fuck are you, really?

No. 298853


You know, I thought we were having a pretty good argument but this let me down. I expected better.

No. 298856

File: 1472927643877.png (50.58 KB, 472x392, FB.thumb.png.aa600fd56a590bd25…)


Just like Miranda being questioned about her "english teaching" and she can't remember where she worked

No. 298863

File: 1472930533192.gif (977.22 KB, 245x150, download.gif)

haha "I don't remember where I worked". She manages to write out that sentence properly unlike the first sentence, looks like she sat and thought hard to come up with that super good excuse. I wonder if she really thinks shes slick like the general populace totally believes she could have such memory loss without head injury. Would've looked better if she just left the first comment and didn't add the second.

"Somewhere…there was a train…about ten minutes from there" thank you nippon princess that clarified everything

No. 298880

File: 1472947964834.png (56.7 KB, 544x425, I_shrug.thumb.png.792b7eafb095…)

this is old, but still worth a laugh.

She's so proud of being an uneducated hick

No. 298895

>Always arguing with those more educated than her or those that have authority.
>Outside area of a triangle

Bitch, that's the perimeter!

>I know I have seen some people on tv…..when they were 25 or even 30

Billy Madison?

>Some people will laugh at me…not in Japan.

It's the same everywhere. A grown person who made it to high school trying to go back and do over their primary education to pretend they grew up in a different country is fucking crazy. Start where you left off, high school, just like a Japanese ex-dropout would.

>Canadians learn about Canadian history….

This back when Miranda used to actually acknowledge the distinction between Canadian and Japanese education and life experiences. Amazing! But if she is totemo Nihon-jin now, and there is absolutely no difference between her and a regular Japanese woman, wouldn't this attempt at reprogramming be totally unnecessary?

She is in for a rude awakening when her future children go to grade school in Japan. The amount of homework, parental involvement, after-school activity/juku, scheduling and organization is very demanding. She needs to be able to keep up with her child and help them with schoolwork and constantly keep track of their supplies, write their name on practically everything, make friendly with other moms, communicate with sensei, etc. The transistion from yochien to shougakkou will keep you on your toes and Miranda will destroy her child's future and family reputation if she keep at her anti-education mindset.

No. 298905

whoa whoa whoa she never finished GRADE SCHOOL? I thought she was 'just' a high school dropout.

this explains a lot.

No. 298908

No, she dropped out of high school, but she wants to recreate the grade school to high school experience of a Japanese person. Insane.

What she also doesn't understand is that the schoolwork of a Japanese child is only a small part of growing up Japanese. It's the school activities, experiences, friendships, traditions and unique classroom dynamics that really define Japanese school life.

No. 299002

Does she think that the Japanese schools would just let a fully grown adult be in their class? Or any school anywhere? Billy Madison is a movie Mira, that doesn't actually happen!
Also "waaahhhh I'm bad at math!" Well, you also can't write your native language well, and I'm willing to bet your knowledge on things like Canadian history or science aren't great either.
Does she think that the Japanese would suddenly accept her if she went through their school system? That they'd just act like it was normal for an uneducated Canadian hick to do so? That they wouldn't judge the shit out of her and laugh behind her back?
I'm honestly dumbfounded by this whole thing.

No. 299087

does nobody have the blackface vid

or any other video where she does the most embarrassing shit ever

No. 299202


She never posted her blackface vid. Most likely because the reality is different from what she claims happened.

For the second thing. Almost every vid is the "most embarrasing shit ever"

Though, you check her "periods… in JAPAN" as if a menstural cycle would somehow be different based on geographic location..

No. 299322

Am I the only person who isn't butthurt for her doing that? If black people can wear costumes and paint face white why can't white people do the same?

No. 299325

She supposedly painted her face brown and strolled around the city to prove that she would be treated normally and therefore black people aren't really discriminated against at all. Even the most redpilled /pol/tard would realize how retarded that is.

No. 299326

Didn't she say that it was to see how different she would be treated?

No. 299327

it was just… shoepolish-like, anon.

people would have treated her like a person with shoepolish on their face.

No. 299334

File: 1473152272561.jpg (50.03 KB, 509x495, 3h3lFRv.jpg)

It's as bad as that 80's movie Soul Man.

No. 299338

Anyone know why Kat had this picture for so long?

No. 299340

Just adding in some more proof she is married to a Swedish dude. Why else would she have Swedish DVD's?


No. 299342

dvds =/= proof of marriage anon

No. 299343

Building an alibi for your impending rejection? I have a ton of French pop cds and I've never been to or fucked anyone from that country!

The term you're looking for is circumstantial evidence. Proof would be something concrete, like a name, photo of Swede Stud or a marriage certificate.

Damn, you're a freak.

No. 299345

I am so lost on how the rumours of her being married to some Japanese dude are so easy to accept, dispite she has said she doens't have anything to do with him and is not married. Dispite the fact that she showed her entire house and there was no mens stuff in it. Dispite the fact that other people have already said she is applying for citizenship November 2nd which is 5 years from the day she came here (it means she is not married to a Japanese guy because she could have got a visa).

Someone on PULL said she was dating a Swedish dude months ago and that was all deleted and shrugged off. People on other forums have also mentioned it. She has Tweeted in Swedish, Went to Sweden for a whole month in the holiday season and stayed at someones house. She speaks some phrases of Swedish. Went to Hokkaido with a mystery man and just happened to go to Sweden hills and know some Swedish phrases to say. Made a video about Swedish embassy and Swedish wallet sizes. Replies to Swedish comments at 4am Japan time and you are trying to tell me that she just happens to be interested in buying the Swedish version of STAR WARS?! Wow you are really in denial here man. Really bad.

No. 299353

no one cares, miranda.

No. 299355

Why do you making no fucking attempt to hide your speech pattern or pay attention to spell-check?!
Are you even aware of how frequently you use the exact phrase "I am lost" when you argue in the Youtube comments? You think you are some master troll, you 26 year old weeaboo dropout? Grow up!

No. 299356

When I bring up a valid argument you accuse me of being Mira? Okay there.

No. 299358

No wonder Robbie hates you.

No. 299359

Is that her husbands name lol. Man you are one difficult retard to talk to.

No. 299360

Are you going to pay him back for all those years and money you took from him? You're Youtube rich, afterall. Or maybe you don't believe in KARMA unless you're sloppy drunk?

No. 299361

Quit trying to derail the fucking thread for fuck sakes. Nobody knows wtf you are talking about.

No. 299362


1) it's not a valid argument.

2) That's the same line Mira tried every time she got busted using a sock puppet (including when she tried to pass off Kat's picture as her)

No. 299363

If this whole Swedish marriage thing does happen, I'm open to making bets on how quickly it will all crumble apart.

No. 299364

Then why do you think she went to Sweden for a whole month? Mr smart shit stains

No. 299365


I have DVDs of German, Japanese, Swedish, and Norwegian (original languages, subtitled). I'm married to an American woman. I didn't realized that owning good movies from other countries meant you had to be married to someone from that country..

That's some Miranda logic you've got going there man..

Also, Japan watches a ton of American movies… So, by your logic, does that mean everyone in Japan is married to an American?

No. 299368

Where would she get a STAR WARS dvd? I mean don't you think she would want the Japanese version? It is just too convenient that she has those 3 STAR WARS DVDs all in Swedish.

No. 299369


Vacation.. My daughter went to London for 3 months, she was neither dating nor married to a British person, nor did she come back with one..

No. 299370

Why Sweden? Where did she stay?
Off topic but how fucking old are you man. Thats creepy as fuck. Why are you in this form creeping on girls in their 20s.

No. 299371


I have Japanese versions of American movies as they some times have special features that the American version doesn't have.

I have the European version of "Leon" (known as "the Professional" in the U.S, as it 20 mins. longer)

No. 299372


Why not? A hotel, a hostel?

>Thats creepy as fuck. Why are you in this form creeping on girls in their 20s.

That's a dodge Miranda always uses when she can't argue a point.

You type like her, use her arguments, try to use her dodges, your really bad a sock-puppeting.. that's why you always get busted.

No. 299375

She stayed inside someones house. She filmed a video in their bathroom. "Someone" took pictures of her and that is all she ever uploaded. She never uploaded any videos or gave any details as to why she went. I am guessing she doesn't want anyone to know she has a BF/Husband

No. 299376


Camera's have self timers, so do iPhones and this incredibly old Android phone I have.

There's also selfie sticks and blue tooth remote controls.

AirBnB is inside "someone's House" too. Seen the "Margeret Palermo" threads and all here AirBnB hopping.

Miranda is lazy as fuck, it's possible she never got around to uploading it or bothered to video.

Try again.. Also, noticed you avoided the fact you have all her mannerisms and dodges.

No. 299377

people of all ages post here anon.

No. 299378

~lmfao you just can't accept it dude lmfao. Oh its too funny.

No. 299379

I don't think a camera floats in mid air buddy. Someone is with her in the IKEA video.

No. 299380


You're just a failure Miranda. If you had any half-way plausible argument, you'd make it.

No. 299381

This thread really has gone to shit

No. 299382

really? seems kinda brilliant to me.

No. 299383


I'm having fun busting Miranda's goofy ass convoluted attempts at trying to push this Swedish bullshit..

And I'm not even really trying. It's like taking candy from a fetal alcohol syndrome baby.

No. 299384

At this point I really am convinced that there is only 1 troll in here and nobody else. The whole "defend Mira" followed by "hahaha you are Mira busted" shit is getting fucking old.

No. 299385


So, reprot to a mod and have them check instead of whining like a bitch

No. 299386

To cheat on another boyfriend? To learn how to speak English? Pig out on all-you-can-eat Swedish meatballs?

As if nobody has ever taken a long vacation. Lots of people do! None of your amateurish baiting and distraction makes your story any more believable. Same tactics every time. Last time, it was Saudia Arabia bombardment when Miranda felt pressure after being called out as an obsessive weeaboo. This time is no different.

Anyway, provide DIRECT EVIDENCE or shut fuck up.

Suspicious anon, you seriously can't discern between different speech patterns, vocabulary, spelling or grammar?

No. 299389

eerrr…..Maybe some people on here don't know this but on the old PULL someone who apparently knew her boyfriend posted his pictures all over there. I only seen the posts after the pictures had been deleted. The mods took it down right away calling it fake. I even think they went as far as to ban the lil'mole.

No. 299397

>I only seen the posts
>I only seen

Are you… Canadian?

Miranda has had a few documented boyfriends, so you need to be specific about what you're talking about.

No. 299399

American. Can you read? Old pull. The posts are no longer there. Some random person claimed to know this Swedish boyfriend. It was back when people were wondering why she made a video about Swedish wallets. They posted pictures of them together as proof. I didn't even get to see the pictures because they were already deleted. Nobody took their word and then that person was later banned from the forum. It was never mentioned again on pull.

No. 299400

Oh, fuck. It's you again. No, that grammatical mistake(It's "I only saw the posts…", not "I only seen") is common with you. But mysteriously, also with Kat. You're both creeps, so whatever.

And now you're American?

See you in November, asshole.

No. 299401

No. 299402

What you going to come beat me up? I don't want your saggy old ass in my country.

No. 299404


I've been around since Pull 1.0, that never happened.

The olny stuff that was ever deleted was the domestic violence vid.

But keep trying Canadian, American, Japanese Saudi Arabian, Swede.

No. 299405

Then I guess you fell asleep that day because it was there.

No. 299407

Miranda, I live in Japan too. 100% legally and ethically. We've clashed many times before, but you can't keep track. I've asked before but: are you inviting me over?

Another long-time PULL member here. I was subscribed to each.Miranda thread throughout all versions of the site. We know nothing like that ever happened there.

She never stops lying and believing she's clever.

No. 299408


And, like all your supposed "evidence" it's convienetly unable to be seen by anyone except you.
Just like all of your "proof" that will exonerate you from the past drama that you can't show anyone or you'll have to kill yourself.

No. 299409

~Do you wear tin hats dude?

No. 299410


More and more confirmation that you're lying.. just like you lied to Unrested about your "suicide"

No. 299411

Smoke more weed there old man, smoke more weed.

No. 299412


Kek. You've blown it and have nothing left but sad attempts at insults that elementary school kid can out do.

No. 299413

When Miranda disrespected and took advantage of Unrested like that, it utterly confirmed what a heartless, evil piece of shit she is.

No. 299414

Same fag alert

No. 299415


Nice try, you don't even know what it means. You're just repeating something you've seen here trying to cover your obivous failure.

No. 299418

uh this is just proof of retarded people existing.

No. 299419

not how it works

No. 299420

Poor Miranda its gotta be hard being this retarded.

No. 299422

Erika is a Swede, she probably borrowed them from her. That's more logical than the crap you've come up with

You've never heard of a tripod? Also, you said in this comment:

> She never uploaded any videos or gave any details as to why she went.

Yet you then brought up an IKEA video. contradicting your own comments.

No. 299457

When a person becomes intensely interested in Japan, studying the language, using Japanese phrases on their social media, collecting Japanese music and movies, learning about Japanese history/art, interacting with Japanese people, actually visiting Japan,etc., we call them a Japanophile, sometimes weeaboo. We see the same situation with Koreaphiles, Anglophiles, or Francophile, who are just as devoted to those countries.

So when does a normal person immediately come to the conclusion that any of those types of people MUST be marrying or fucking a person from the country they are fond of? Right. It doesn't happen because that kind of speculation is abnormal and illogical without established proof!

Nice try struggling with Farmer-speak and posting style, though. So much secondhand embarassment.

No. 299459

File: 1473210367873.jpg (88.74 KB, 788x788, erica.jpg)

yes erica is swedish

No. 299461

File: 1473211244920.jpg (95.19 KB, 1080x1080, 13658766_1656702851256159_1915…)

No. 299462

File: 1473211283281.jpg (84.43 KB, 1080x1080, 14128679_549952845191438_16376…)


No. 299465


Maybe Erika is her Swedish boyfriend…

No. 299469

Don't to be devils advocate. She only uploaded a small clip of the IKEA video and that was not till recently. Someone is holding her video camera there. Actually I think the reason why anon is saying she is dating a Swede is because someone really did go on old pull and say that. The posts are gone but they are not all deleted from 2ch


There are two pictures one is deleted. The other remains.

No. 299470

No. 299472

Here is another post where Kanadajin3 actually talks about it.


Post number 48
She goes on to say that this stalker is always on pull and 2ch. He/She saved the picture of her Swedish friend that was only on pull for 40 minuites, so she thinks that person is a stalker who has no life and is always on pull.

No. 299476

File: 1473224897634.png (7.72 KB, 318x362, 6ignbr.png)


No, not on PULL. And you links are crap.

This is what shows as your pic in that link.

Secondly, your main source for this is what Miranda claims. She also claims anyone who criticizes her is a "stalker"

No. 299477


That just goes to a dead link.. So, once again, Miranda's "proof" doesn't exist.

No. 299481

The links work fine for me
This is what the Japanese text says.

:2015/05/31(日) 02:54:08.32 ID:0p4/ZBc40なんだか新たな展開になってきたよ




No. 299483

is broken


is >>299476


that video is mind-numbing and like having swedish dvds, showing a swedish wallet =/= proof of marriage.

No. 299485

There is some new info! Someone on PULL is claiming to be Mira's boyfriends friend (I think maybe they are an Asian friend).
The give the links to the uploaded images that the person from PULL leaked (one is deleted). Then he goes on to say; The new video about the Swedish wallet is because she has a Swedish boyfriend isn't it. If I look at the video the thing that appears to be the bed in the photo is also the bed from Mira's instagram photo. This guy she is with maybe doesn't know what kind of problems are happening. I always think shit girls attract stupid men. Well anyways even if this person is making up lies it is still funny to see this. Thanks Gachapin

No. 299488

Oh wow this is great and nobody on here is going to listen to me. I don't care to prove it because I want to be the one to say "HAH" I found it first. I have found on her Twitter pictures, Facebook pictures, Instagram pictures and in videos complete sold proof that her boyfriend is Swedish & I know exactly who he is.

No. 299492

How could you get such atrocious language skills?

No. 299494

Speak English, what the fuck are you even saying…

No. 299500

there's no "info" in a broken link, link to a shitty image with barely any content, and a shitty wallet video.

No. 299501

No but it at least tells that such events took place. Someone DID go on PULL and release those photos. For all we know Mira reported it and got it shut down.

No. 299557

>I don't care to prove it because I want to be the one to say "HAH" I found it first.

Then go away and stop wasting everyone's time you self-fellating crack-baby.

>complete sol(i)d proof

Do you even know what these three words, especially independently, mean? You did absolutely nothing but leave a mess of incoherence and desperation.

No. 299578


No, it doesn't. It shows someone (probably Miranda) did some incoherent rambling on 2chan.

Miranda, couldn't get anything "shutdown" on PULL. Nor would PULL "delete" anything unless it was possibly legal issue (like the domestic violence vid).

No. 299596


>Oh wow this is great and nobody on here is going to listen to me.

You haven't given us any reason to listen to you.

>I don't care to prove it

Because you can't

>her boyfriend is Swedish & I know exactly who he is.

So what's his name?

No. 299600


No. 299603


Checking back on PULL: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/13-kanadajin3-videos/?do=findComment&comment=8101

The general consensus was she went to Sweden with Erika..

No. 299625

Yeah, this is pretty obvious. Miranda hangs out with Erica so much, and Erica is everything Miranda wishes she could be. Why pass up a chance to get to know her better and meet her family and friends back home? Vacationing for a month in your cool friend's home country, and learning their language and culture is super normal in close friendships.

"Mystery anon", do you not know how good friendships work? All this "proof" you claim is common in normal friendships too. The craziest part is that this raging retard is basically saying that investing time and money into someone only makes sense if you are romantically involved with them!

No. 299636

Miranda is attempting to sock puppet at PULL again using the name Lane.

No. 299645

File: 1473309670261.jpg (43.57 KB, 849x360, mqXUSrz.jpg)

Ooh, yeah. She's been lurking and downvoting people in Mira threads(and Taylor too?) for weeks, but talk of her last live show and calling her out for being a weeb in Canada woke her from her slumber.

She's trying real hard to hide her speech pattern, but the same way of replying as usual: you're wrong, Mira is completely right. You're just jealous of her/you want to live in Japan. Picking up everything and leaving with a man you barely know, to a country you "had no interest in" is not crazy, but "it's called growing up".

No. 299647

File: 1473310435012.jpg (318.12 KB, 1080x1920, CmW1hAu.jpg)

When your fans ask for tips and information about studying Japanese, it's totally acceptable to flail a study book around on camera so your fans can't see it clearly.

When two years of research across multiple forums and input from thousands of contributors confirm Miranda is a scheming, lying sack of shit, you need to… do your research again.

No. 299649


Except the problem is Erica didn't go to Sweden. Furthermore If they did I am sure they would have posted pictures together.


She even talks about being in Japan for Christmas and New years the third year in a row.

She talks about going to work.


Talks about being alone on new years.

No. 299650

Oh my god. I see it now :O

No. 299653

Photo and name of Swedish Cockslinger or he doesn't exist. Simple as that.

Isn't it funny how Miranda and her defenders cry about us spreading rumours yet when Miranda has not EXPLICITLY stated she has a Swedish fiance/husband and has been claiming she is single, we are not supposed to take her word for it?

No. 299654

Oh it certainly does. They do not even try to hide it. This is wonderful stuff! I wont give you it either because thats too bad for you. You can go off and dig your own shit. I aint here to give you information that I took hours to find….well okay it didn't take hours. Too bad for you though.

No. 299655

>Takes ball and goes home

How sad that you feel achieved something. You didn't do anything but make Miranda and her fanbase look even worse. And for someone pretending to defend her, you just created more unnecessary drama. You actually WANT people to dig through more of her personal information and contacts because of your "tip".

Yes, that's actually what you just did, so if you're Miranda, you're a self-destructive moron. If you're not her, then you must be someone who really hates her to stir shit up like this.

No. 299657

Oh I never said I liked her. I enjoy all kinds of drama. I am just a bored person.

No. 299658

It's always "I'm not even her fan!", ever since the mass sockpuppet attempt on PULL.

No. 299661

No I am just someone who hates PULL. Why do you think I am trolling them all the time?

No. 299663

So why do you hate PULL if you don't even care that you are jeopardizing Miranda's relationships and privacy? You're no better.

No. 299665

Don't play little angel princess now. You are one to talk. What do you think this is? A place where we expose people of their hidden lives. Why do you think this is called STALKER

No. 299666

no, it's a place to laugh at cows, and you are one of them.

No. 299667

You going to milk me then? moooo mooo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 299668

WHO am I? Do you seriously think you've been "owning" a single person this entire thread, or that we are all here for the same thing? If you must know, the threads I contribute to most are the Margaret and Venus threads, defending Venus. So there goes your assumption.

As far as what lolcow is, you just submitted you're own interpretation. Aggressively and emotionally forcing your opinion is your consistent trait. Like a certain someone…

No. 299669

Stop sucking up to Venus Mira

No. 299670

>moooo mooo
literally retarded.

No. 299671

>Don't play little angel princess now.

You're so emotional, you don't make sense. Why did you deflect instead of explain why you hate PULL?

The fuck? You're doing this again?

No. 299678

kek glad this idiot is gone

No. 299679

lol this is shit man

No. 299680

I hate pull because they whine and complain about anything she says. They focus so much on feeding troll queen kat and money whore sharla (I frequent her posts on here). I want to focus on more recent topics unlike the people on pull who are only interested in recycling the same old sockpuppet shit. It wouldn't suprise me that it is one of their own members trolling them. The second anyone says anything about Mira they go wild. Once they go wild, they go on about the visa kun shit. fucking weebs can't take a break from adding kun and shit to anything.

No. 299685


You clearly don't frequent Sharla's thread on PULL because they're even done with her.

You wouldn't happen to be "Lane" by any chance, would you! How does it feel to be banned?

Or should I say, hi Mira. ?

No. 299689


Called it way back on:
>Now the retard will try the old "Ha ha I was just trolling"

Miranda.. So stupid that we can write out what you are going to do in front of you and you still end up doing it..

No. 299690

>you clearly don't frequent PULL

Uh, I think that was their point anon

No. 299692

File: 1473360052223.jpg (231.57 KB, 857x466, fuck.jpg)

oh boy miranda, looking better than ever

No. 299711


LOL yeah. I got a little excited and read it wrong.

No. 299724

>I took hours to find….well okay it didn't take hours.

LMAO. Seriously how can you be so retarded.

No. 299725

Miranda is slowly becoming one of my favorite cows

She is just so fucking retarded.

No. 299727

File: 1473371002903.png (91.25 KB, 815x198, 20160908_142709.thumb.png.3b3d…)

Miranda has a major lady-boner for the PULL user she was stalking at the beginning of this thread.

She even tried to talk to "Lane" to try and cover her sock puppet.

If anyone couldn't figure it out. Pearl has not had any interaction with Miranda since Miranda started harassing all of her family members

No. 299733

mira is now in the pull chat confirming she has an extra chromosome

No. 299734

Caps of any Miranda autism please.

No. 299736

File: 1473377211311.jpeg (64.59 KB, 750x406, image.thumb.jpeg.85d65b4966038…)


This is by far the best one…

No. 299744


That's as irritating as all that "We" bullshit. She likes to refer to herself as a young girl/innocent girl when playing the victim, infantilize critics, and disrespect her elders.

"Lane" is the exact same person going spastic here(obviously). She figured out how to use a proxy after being outed on PULL, so we can expect periodic bursts of psycho activity despite being banned. If we go along with their unbelievable story that they are an unrelated person that trolls for Miranda's honor, they've been doing it for over three years!

I hope someone does a thorough job of reviewing Miranda's citizenship application and uncovers the truth.

No. 299748


One of the PULL people captured the whole thing. It's really long so I'm just going to post a link to the one post with the caps.


It's under the "hidden text" tab

No. 299779

File: 1473402883262.jpg (129.42 KB, 1078x1530, U9zQXLR.jpg)

Before comments were deleted, "Lane", telling the kids they are just jealous that they aren't in Japan. Yeah…

No. 299925

Lol they fell for it!! Look at them going wild

No. 299928

Why are you so anti-punctuation? Was your mama also a drug addict?

No. 299932


Put down the crack pipe. They knew it was you from the begining Miranda. There was never any doubt.

You are the living definition of the chess playing pigeon meme.

No. 299935


Damn Miranda. I called you out for the same shit a month ago, with the pig3on meme:

You are predictable as fuck..

No. 299949

File: 1473444043042.jpeg (44.83 KB, 540x720, image.jpeg)

No. 299951

File: 1473444137985.jpeg (18.05 KB, 240x240, image.jpeg)

It's cute and sad how Miranda thinks she has the upper hand.

No. 299974

Whenever I see her photos, candids or not, I always have to remind myself that this shit ain't shooped and it scares the fuck out of me. She and Vexxed would have the ugliest deformed kids.

No. 299978

what? that image has some fisheye filter, right?

No. 299979

File: 1473455978099.png (806.26 KB, 1125x2001, image.png)

Not sure anon
I found it here

No. 299980

File: 1473456013101.jpeg (63.55 KB, 600x450, image.jpeg)

No. 300021

at least that fact that that's a costume can sort of temporarily hide the imbalance on her face?

No. 300028

File: 1473468147515.jpg (4.49 KB, 220x128, images.jpg)



No. 300068

Her face always reminded me a little of that whiny bitch Ryan Boundless, they're both walleyed with a weird lower face and horse teeth.

No. 300077


That's also the same thing you said to your friends about Unreseted with your "suicide" scam

No. 300130

lol scrolling down i saw this pic and thought it was onision's Billie at first

No. 300160

File: 1473582674796.jpg (58.61 KB, 768x346, 3bhertj.jpg)

PULL screencapped some gems recently in their general kanadajin3 thread. Miranda is on a roll with her WeAllHooman fetish. She'has also upped the "we"'s and "us"'s to infuriating levels. This particular screenshot is extremely quotable, but the other screenshots are just as insane.

I have a really bad feeling about her new weeaboo defense and name-dropping Venus. Miranda, leave her the fuck alone!

No. 300194

>Aint nobody is insulting Japan by buying our anime or manga, WE LOVE IT

No. 300293

Jesus Christ she's delusional! The fuck you mean "OUR" and "WE" bitch.

No. 300314

In her newest video, she addresses white people that only hang out with other white people in Japan! Yep, totally not stalking lolcow, Miranda. This thread triggered her so hard. She needs to stop trolling here since she only makes people gossip more.

She also is asking her followers their opinion about CHANGING ETHNICITY. Yeah, that's right. Still conflating nationality and ethnicity. She believes she will be ethnically Japanese because Japanese culture(and history) is HERS. Ugh. You have no roots in Japan, Miranda! No Japanese ancestry, no Japanese family and not even native Japanese friends!

No. 300330

Where is this from?

They'd be the perfect couple. Should not procreate though, EVER.

No. 300334

I grabbed it from this page of their kanadajin3 thread: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/14-general-kanadajin3-thread/?page=167

But I believe that entire block of Youtube comments is from her Bullied For Loving Japan video.

No. 300337

Youtube comments are the only place where she can pretend she belongs in Japan.

Truth is, she will never be recognised as anything but a gaijin by japanese people and anyone meeting her for the first time surely thing she's just another white english teacher here for a year or two.

I wonder if she pretends to be japanese in front of natives too or if she realise they'd think she's a nutcase.

No. 300346


>she addresses white people that only hang out with other white people in Japan!

And she made this video without a hint of irony, considering she only hangs out with other white people..

No. 300349

Here is said video for posterity. Also so farmers can watch it without giving her money. Her mental gymnastics in this one are astounding

No. 300419

Sweet zombie Jesus, her face is so incredibly lopsided. There's no way she isn't inbred/doesn't have some kind of developmental disorder. Nobody is this ugly accidentally. She's genuinely as ugly as home made sin.

No. 300450

it looks like some fatass sat on her face and farted

No. 300465

File: 1473830210721.png (121 KB, 190x284, face of japan.png)

I thought she was English

No. 300469

I am sorry I agree with everything she says in that video. I really hate people who go on about "I am not racist, I have 4 black friends and 2 asian friends". I don't think there is any reason to count friends based on the color of their skin. I never think of what someone looks like when I pick my friends.

No. 300470

File: 1473833258575.jpg (1.84 MB, 497x341, 63MvOT0.jpg)

>I agree with everything she says

Here we go again.

No. 300537

>Japaneeese peeeeple. Toooorists

It's like she has made up her own accent. The first video I ever saw of her was a black burger video. And I could not figure out what nationality she was supposed to be. I didn't immediately equate her Youtube name with Canada and I sat there listening to her and trying to figure out if she was from a remote part of Europe that I never heard about or had just recently learned English.

You and your white friends are not Japanese Mira. You will never be Japanese in the eyes of native Japanese people. Even if you live there for the rest of your life you are still white and Canadian.

In a way I think her delusion is worse than PT's because Mira is actually in Japan. And while she realises she doesn't have a secret Japanese salary man daddy or anything like PT once thought, Mira is still delusional about what it means to be Japanese. From what I've seen they will not consider you the same as them just because you have some form of citizenship. She keeps insisting that all you need to be a genuine Japanese is to be a citizen. The eyes of the law and the eyes of society are two different things.

She doesn't speak Japanese well does she? Her English already sounds weird. At least Margendo has the excuse that she isn't a native English speaker. It's hard to tell because I'm not very good at Japanese. I can understand some things from rote memorization. But I couldn't tell if you were speaking fluently or not if you weren't a native.

No. 300541


Everyone who is fluent says it's bad. Including the native speakers that comment on her channel.

No. 300570

She has definitely made up her own accent.
I could see her arguing it's because she isn't around English speakers as often, which would be bs of course.
Clearly an identity crisis, heavy on the delusional

No. 300608

Now that we know she only hangs around foreigners and can't make Japanese friends, it's no wonder her Japanese is so strange. Combined with her own stubborness, she is surrounded by people who do not speak Japanese at a native level. I can't think of an explanation for whatever accent she is attempting when speaking English, though.

No. 300633

Why is she so thirsty to be Japanese? Sometimes I really wonder if she has some slight retardation. Mira is always going on about how race doesn't matter ,but then shits on sharla for dating a Korean guy.

No. 300637

>Sometimes I really wonder if she has some slight retardation.
well, yeah.

No. 300653

It's called a northern Canadian accent. You hear it in Toronto sometimes when the northern hicks come down here for vacation.

No. 300739

I'm not even Canadian and she clearly has a hick Canadian accent.

No. 300766

Wow, Miranda has been busy over on PULL. She had made several (according to the admin) new sock puppet accounts.

That didn't work, so she started a barrage on the PULL chat again. Using the same tired crap she's tried several times before. This first example she uses the name "dp" and pretends to be "Miranda's Boyfirend" again. (She's done this same thing in the past.)


No. 300767

File: 1474030521132.jpeg (55.04 KB, 529x500, 1.jpeg)

Next, she tried to impersonate the PULL user "Pearl". Pearl is the one that she started calling all of her family members and harassing them.

Funny part, she posted stuff once, everyone ignored her. So she came back a hour later and posted the exact same shit again. Word for word. She is desperate for attention.

No. 300768

File: 1474030580117.jpeg (57.06 KB, 570x500, 2.jpeg)

Here is the second part.

No. 300769

File: 1474030684011.png (346.79 KB, 1636x1148, twitter.png.15e3b12ad99e3c2914…)

And this was the supposedly "vicious" conversation from Pearl that lead Miranda to harassing her family.

No. 300770


Sorry for samgefag, but I the "dp" one if from last year.. Sorry about that.. The other stuff is from yesterday.

No. 300790

does mira only reply in japanese or something the whole time? cringe

No. 300793


Is her written japanese any good? I can totally imagine her dictating her replies to someone else to type out who has a far better grasp at the language than she.

No. 300835

What really pisses me off about Mira and people like her is that she thinks that she can just become a Japanese person just because she wants to,that her ancestors are now "Japanese". In reality she is a racist idiot who doesn't respect the Japanese or Japan. You are a white Canadian hick get over it Miranda constable, you could move all over Asia and nothing would change that.

No. 300844

Her Japanese is offensively bad

No. 300845

File: 1474089797514.jpeg (138.52 KB, 640x787, image.jpeg)

No. 300846

File: 1474089943899.jpeg (131.31 KB, 640x780, image.jpeg)

No. 300874

File: 1474126244526.jpg (559.75 KB, 473x1559, docmiranda.jpg.3f2b6209d3e21d3…)

Miranda is now a doctor and Cancer patients don't need chemotherapy, they just need to eat raw fruits and vegetables and the cancer will go away.

Read the posts from the bottom up on this one.

No. 300876

I mean sure, there's plenty of /anecdotal evidence/ of people with terminal cancer getting suddenly better while eating tons of fruits and vegetables, but people aren't going to put their life on the line because of some stories. And also some studies show that fruits/vegetables may slow the growth of cancer but if so then it should be a supplement to proper medical treatment, not a replacement especially in dire cases like these. I stg she is so gullible completely falling for the whole "just abandon doctors they're only trying to kill u for money!" thing

No. 300952

File: 1474210883658.jpg (51.84 KB, 815x212, Lanesrevenge.thumb.jpg.2699098…)

More Miranda meltodown from pull. (IP was confirmed)

No. 300955

What is Mira eating in the OP? It looks like a green chew stick for dogs

No. 300997

I don't think she's saying that. I really think she's just saying, "you're going to fucking die anyway, might as well live your life to the fullest while you can instead of paying thousands of dollars rotting in a hospital to postpone the inevitable." It's hard to tell with the broken English.

No. 300998

Oh I stand corrected, she literally said "people eat raw food and cancer goes away." What a dope.

No. 301006

genuinely hilarious

No. 301009

Wherever I look at the OP pic I think she's a Japanese steakhouse waitress biting on a stalk of asparagus

No. 301013


Might be a goya / bitter melon?

No. 301060

It kinda looks like she's about to do some weird soft core tentacle porn XD

No. 301076

File: 1474336358763.png (1.06 MB, 640x424, sid's makeover.png)

I was curious to see what Miranda would look like if her parents hadn't been siblings, so I made this.

No. 301079

For the longest time I thought she was chewing on a beaded hairpin for some ridiculous reason. But you might be right. It does look bumpy enough.

No. 301081

Jesus HEBE Christ does her shitheadedness know no limits? Now she's giving someone who has a friend with cancer medical advice? "My friend's husband's mom just died of cancer so trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

No. 301082

Nice work on her quasimodo eyes.

No. 301083

Aww this is really cute. Great job anon. Shame quasimodo doesn't look like this.

No. 301097

>I was curious to see what Miranda would look like if her parents hadn't been siblings

I legit cracked up at this comment..

No. 301148

You can troll the pullfags all day and they go wild! They think it's Mira for real!

No. 301149

File: 1474450172446.jpg (48.03 KB, 604x548, 0TLhT5c.jpg)

Oh, look who's back.

No. 301160

wow, not bad, anon

No. 301204

The edit kind of reminds me of a Fujita Mirano illustration.

No. 301738

File: 1474980135649.png (237.12 KB, 675x500, Clipboard01.thumb.png.0e2fe2fd…)

Miranda logic: "Say something about me and I will delete it and block you and then repost it to teach you a lesson"

No. 301750


No. 301873

Is she trying to vlog holy shit

No. 301890

why does she keep switching between english and japanese. she sounds like a hardcore weeb.

No. 301897

Not to defend the retard but many people who live in countries different than a language they speak do this.

Being Italian-my mum and I would be speaking and we would add an english word here and there.

TEX-MEX/spanglish is very similar. May not be 'correct' way to speak but it has its own charm.

No. 301927

Holy shit. I tried to watch this. got about 1/4 of the way through and just couldn't. This bitch is so boring!

She's with her friend who is obviously an english speaker, she doesn't need to drop into random japanese to talk to her. I could understand if she was with japanese speakers and occassionally dropping in english words, a bit more forgivable. Here it just reeks of super special snowflake fanfiction bullshit.

No. 301937

It's been over 24 hours since her English live show that she deleted. I am honesty moving to the "she has Swedish husband / PULL covering it up" gang. WHY DID NOBODY EVEN COMMENT ON THAT ENDING! The guy came into her house and spoke for quite a long time. She wanted him to go online and talk but he was shy. She spoke English, Japanese and Swedish to him. It is so funny to hear all people just "got bored and clicked off" before this happens.

No. 301942

Ah, once again. Miranda with the "I totally have proof of something but I can't show you for "reasons" (it was deleted, I'd have to kill myself).

Try again when you can actually produce something.

No. 301964

Especially insinuating Miranda is legitimately trilingual. Bitch can't even master one language.

No. 301966

Hey, she looks halfway decent in the thumbnail! Well…for her.

No. 301967

Right? And Swedish pronunciation is hard.

No. 301999

fucking lol'ing at your comment anon
pretty good edit too

No. 302344

Wow you really are stupid. She deleted the video so nobody would see it. I think its funny because the comments went wild! "I knew she was married!""What he is speaking Swedish?" "SEX SEX SEX!".

No. 302436


As I said Miranda.. "I totally have proof of something but I can't show you for "reasons" (it was deleted, I'd have to kill myself)."

As we told you before, provide actual proof or fuck off.

No. 302473

Fucking kek
Good job but you should've left her naturally big cheeks (unlike Taylor who went thru surgery, i think naturally big cheeks look cute)

No. 302498

File: 1475258598177.png (255.63 KB, 511x429, m7pXIO.thumb.jpg.10544e726fc38…)

Enjoy the nightmares.. Yes, this is from her video about the McD's Halloween fries (that pretty much everyone else had already done, but Miranda has no original ideas..

No. 302499


Can you open a fucking thesaurus and stop repeating some variation of "go wild"? Repeating the same phrases or combination of words frequently is legitimately a sign of mental illness.

No. 302501

File: 1475259468464.png (189.89 KB, 648x648, going_ghost.png)

holy shit. bitch is like the amazon version of danny phantom

No. 302528

spoiler pls, this is pretty heinous to look at

No. 302626

No. 302728

Oh man. This chick made a response to Miranda's "I'm too rich and wonderful to stoop to using patreon" vid. It is fucking GOLD.

No. 302750

fucking kek

No. 302751

Miranda is totally triggered. She will definitely stalk this person soon.

No. 302760

I think you mean this bitch is triggered. God fucking god! I can't stand Mira at all but this broad is 1000x more cringe than I have ever seen on K3. She gives triggered a whole new meaning.

No. 302776

That was fucking fantastic and people are tearing apart Mira's reply in the comments.

>this broad
Shut up, "Lane".

No. 302778


Miranda, you're so obsessed with coming her and PULL that you snagged a screenshot that PULL made.

So you can no longer even attempt to deny your lurking.

No. 302780

File: 1475417096912.png (223.39 KB, 722x500, knd.thumb.png.d811509d8f6f7fba…)

This is the one.. She even referenced people being "traumatized" by it.

You love us Miranda…

No. 302800

File: 1475429394753.jpg (85.82 KB, 399x600, tumblr_lqbup8OGB71qerly8.jpg)

She reminds me of Nicholas Hoult?? I'm confused now.

No. 302990

Actually the colored version of the picture was on her Twitter but I can't find it now

No. 303044


It was on PULL first. They did the capture. Miranda used it from there. Both on twitter and the other..

She can't go a day without stalking PULL

No. 303106

File: 1475526027928.png (461.78 KB, 704x437, 1.png)

No. 303116

File: 1475528241444.jpg (7.97 KB, 283x178, imgres.jpg)

No. 303117

i agree he's always been gross i dn't gedit

No. 303150

File: 1475537182607.gif (647.13 KB, 400x225, image.gif)

My favorite Mira cameo

No. 303521

No. 303523

She doesn't look like she has FAS, she looks like an inbred.

No. 303524

Can I see the video anywhere?

No. 303525

She deleted it right away. People were asking who was the "Swedish dude" in the video. I assume that is her boyfriend/husband. Someone here said shes getting married in September so that would mean she is already married?

No. 303528

an inbred with FAS, they are not mutually exclusive

No. 303530

This is an IMAGEBOARD. Screencap your shit, "Lane".

No. 303531

This thread has basically become the Mira Sockpuppet Experience. We could charge admission at this point.

No. 303532

Don't you have spell check anon?

No. 303533

Do you mean where I wrote "Lane"? Oh, sorry. It should have just typed Miranda.

No. 303535

Did she get fired from her dishwasher job at that restaurant or something? She has had a lot of extra time to embarrass herself here and obsessively stalk that girl from PULL.

No. 303551

File: 1475587788055.jpg (87.88 KB, 795x339, duh.jpg)


Here is the comment you linked. This is your "proof"? This is the comment that your link takes us to.

In your response to your self about the "swedish" guy, that this is supposed to be proof of the guy and your previous claim about the video? Ummmm, how?

(Waits for the "she must have deleted it" or "I don't have time to show proof of my claims" just like last time.)

No. 303769

File: 1475628732243.jpg (171.32 KB, 1058x1112, iKVlgdR.jpg)

There was also this person, asking about a guy coming in. Then several other people asking about who helps film her videos. But not a single comment has mentioned the mystery person being Swedish or even seeing his face.

That man was just "Where are my testicles?" Visa-kun, like we already know.

Oh, and Miranda made a video about being a poverty fag. Big surprise! So much for rolling in Youtube bucks and being too good for Patreon. November is going to be rough. No way will she even pass the income requirement.

No. 303776


I'm more concerned about Lolguy00 sanity …
" I wanna date you!"

No. 303846

>Oh, and Miranda made a video about being a poverty fag. Big surprise!

Yep, she's just laying the groundwork for opening her own Patreon. Of course, it won't be hypocritical of her we she does because of "reasons".

No. 304123

File: 1475683377689.png (110.71 KB, 368x480, mu.png)

ot but the way she does her makeup bothers me so much. she's basically doing everything wrong for her eyeshape. the droopy lashes and liner in the lower lashline in the outer corner only worsen the unfortunate natural shape of her eyes. i wish she'd do something like i did for her in pic related and not do what she sees gyarus doing.

No. 304205

Jesus christ. That makes a big difference. Since she lurks the fuck out this website I hope she takes note.

No. 304265

She looks derpy in both. I don't think there's any way to fix her face, anon. Just give up.

No. 304322

When I covered up her face with my hands and just compared the eyes, yeah she looks a lot better!! It's hard to believe someone could be irredeemably ugly, so makeup must be the cause of her poor appearance…?
>>I mean, she has full cheekbones and clear skin + blue eyes and long hair and smallish/straight nose so yeah….

Even with the thin upper lip and wonky teeth, these traits aren't that bad.

Also, this pic sorta looks like venus lol

No. 304358

I'm assuming that the right one is the fixed version? TBH I think that she is looking better on the left.
The smudged eyeshadow makes her eyes look super derpy :/

No. 304363


She should just wear a paper bag over her head .. That'd fix all her problems.

No. 304399

I'd be really surprised if she was dating a white guy, just because if I was a white guy, I'd not want to date someone with a history of an obsessive fetish for asian guys. It's the equivalent of dating a white guy who has folders full of asian porn and obsesses over Japanese/Korean idols. No thanks.

No. 304568

File: 1475852901444.png (272.3 KB, 815x611, IMG_2048.thumb.PNG.31302939eef…)

Oh please, let this happen!!!

No. 304569

we'll be grateful if she chooses to wear niquab, no one will miss that ugly mug

No. 304606

As-salam alaykom everyone Kanad'ajnabi3 here

No. 304659

fucking lold anon. she would 100% do something like this

No. 304672

i don't follow mira but wut? why is she going to the middle east?

No. 304676

I wonder where she's planning to visit in the UAE. If it's Dubai, wearing an underscarf is kind of unnecessary. The only time you really need your head covered is when you visit a mosque or certain places in the city.

No. 304688


She claims Saudi Arabia is her favorite country to try and claim she's not a weeb.

It doesn't work..

She also claims it because it bad human rights record isn't real, it's just haters and racists saying those things.

No. 304829

Not to go full tumblr here, but isn't what Mira does cultural appropriation? As in, she's literally trying to appropriate a foreign culture as her own despite only having superficial understanding of it.

No. 304839

Mira looks exactly like my grandmother who is narcissistic and has paranoid schizophrenia. it's even kinda spooky i feel like I've seen Mira's future.

No. 304939

no Mira is Japanese!!1! what part of this don't you get

No. 305363

You're right, how stupid of me! She's 100% nihonjin, of course it wouldn't apply to her.

No. 305379

I don't think shes is any more a weeb than the people on here. She makes travel videos about Japan. She isn't obsessed with Japan or Japanese stuff at all. You can tell this by looking at the stuff she has in her house. She really is just your average girl.

No. 305383

Average. Yeah, okay kek

No. 305396

>the people on here.
YOU PEOPLE. Hey, which alter are we speaking with now?

>She makes travel videos about Japan.

Your favorite phrase.

>just your average girl.

Stop infantilizing yourself, Miranda. You're a mentally-unstable, dishonest and irresponsible 26 year old WOMAN.

No. 305432

File: 1476126106867.png (319.99 KB, 467x461, Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 3.00…)


Is that you Quasimodo ?

No. 305436

oh hey Mira don't get upset, after all you could start a new vlog series called "Adventures of an average japanese woman in the UAE". I don't think anyone has done that before.

No. 305466

Troubled,aimless Western woman suddenly dons hijab, becomes suspiciously defensive of Islam and urgently wants to visit Saudia Arabia. Isn't that a setup for becoming a suicide bomber?

No. 305562

>not obsessed with Japan
>claims to be Japanese even though she's only been there for a few years
>pretends to not be able to speak English properly to seem more Japanese
>acts like a condescending bitch to everyone trying to educate her because she's the #1 Japan Authority
Mira, come on.

No. 305579

No. 305580

Always was interested in islam confermed? She is wearing a head scarf in Canada in the picture on her new blog. The picture is at the very least 5 years old.

No. 305597

Miranda, you are so obsessed with lolcow and PULL. And you already admitted you have an archive of every online critic you can get information on, a la Kiki. I noticed you made a new account on PULL too… How can you not be exhausted by all this?

That exchange(with yourself) in your blog's comment section wouldn't have anything to do with this post, would it?

(We already know the answer to that. P.S. That entry was absolute word-
diarrhea. Please proofread and edit that 4th grade-level drivel.)

No. 305599

>This whole Trump stuff going on.

The LDP is to the right of Donald Trump on most issues. Most Japanese people, purely in terms of policy issues, would also be to the right of Donald Trump.

Mira, if you know anything about politics or geopolitics, ask yourself this: Why is it so comparatively easy for a Chinese, Japanese or Korean to get American citizenship than it is for an American in one of their respective countries to get their citizenship?

Why is it ok for Japan to have restrictive immigration and naturalization laws but not America?

And if you're so sold on the Gulf, I've been there many times. Their criminal justice system is far to the right of anything Donald Trump is propounding, as is their discrimination of religious minorities. So why exactly do non-white people get a free pass to be like this, but you go off on a butthurt rant on your blog if a western politician echoes similar sentiments and proposes similar policies? Makes no sense to me to be quite honest.

No. 305716

File: 1476245290616.jpg (733.53 KB, 1440x2560, v2ZYK8b.jpg)

Mira exposed even more

First stupid, and now racist wow

No. 305717

File: 1476245471725.jpg (823.15 KB, 1440x2560, AorV75j.jpg)

No. 305719

Oh my god yesss haha canadian milk is my favorite

No. 305727

General consensus on PULL and twitter is that it's fake.

No. 305728

Even if those are fake, those photos of the naked student are pretty hard to "fake"

No. 305729

Where's the proof that they're students?

No. 305730

the hair style is similar to the student pictured in the post.

However even if it isn't a student, how scummy is it to take a picture of someone you're fucking a share it with others?

No. 305733

Literally everyone takes pics of the chicks they're fucking, where do you think all those nudes all over the internet come from?

No. 305764

>the hair style is similar to the student pictured in the post.
Oh wow, the hairstyle on a Japanese chick is similar the the hairstyle on another Japanese chick…and 10000 others.

No. 305793

A mess

No. 305800


I'm calling fake. Mira doesn't have any friends
( excluding her sock puppets, they don't count )

No. 305836

you totally just reminded me of this! Has anyone here seen it before? ;)

No. 305857

These are not even faked well, did she make these herself to play the victim?

No. 305861

Searching around on Twitter I have come to light that it was actually Tokyo sam who was the one targeted and not Mira

No. 305865


Why have I never seen this before !

No. 305868

That shit about Canadians changing because of Trump & supporting him is the most stupid shit I've ever heard. Like lmao you fucking retard Miranda. http://abacusdata.ca/how-would-trump-do-in-canada-really-badly/

You're disgusting if you think that's normal.

No. 305952

I'm starting to think Miranda came up with the poorly photoshopped screen grabs herself. No one else said anything about it, yet she made a blog post, twitter and vid about it.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

No. 305981

I dunno, maybe. I saw Rachel retweet some black sjw living in japan who linked the blog, then Micaela said it looked fake.

If the real target was this Tokyo Sam guy, Mira could of just added her name to say "it wasn't me, I'm a victim too!". I dunno who he is though, what would be her motive?

No. 305994

tkyosam is a small jvlogger. He only has about 11000 subs and is not really that active. Maybe a vid a month..

So, if he was the target, it has to be someone who really doesn't like him, personally. Because even in the jvlog community, I don't think anyone knows him well enough to care.

No. 306126

Tkyosam came out on Twitter and said he knows who did it and "got off the phone with his wife". What other male has a wife in Japan and knows old time J-vloggers other than Victor…?

No. 306132


Scott unrested, mexican samurai, mully warmothstrat….. a fair few. If it was one of them I would guess it's mexican samurai. But it could just as likely be someone who is not a j-vlogger. Kat says that she knows who it is and that it's not Mira or the guy tkyosam thought it was but rather one of tkyosam's friends.

No. 306133

No proof its a student, no proof they were taken by lex. The semi naked pics were almost certainly taken by a different camera and are almost certainly a different girl. Why take pictures of a girls face repeatedly and then when taking pics avoid her face? Lex is pretty scummy, I wouldn't put it past him to fuck a 17 year old girl, but post pics of it in a group with victor, hikosaemon etc? Sorry I don't buy it.

No. 306135

What amazes me about this issue is just how many people are fundamentally missing the point.
Most people's response has been 'maybe it's true', 'maybe mira faked it' and finally 'maybe the pics are of a student'

This is important drama! Probably the best ever in the J-vlogging community. Not because it is true but because it is false! It dwarfs Miranda's sock puppet controversy, and yet almost nobody is paying any attention to it. It is pretty much the same thing on a grander scale. Anonnymous accounts created to defame others, not by alleging sponsorship for videos or sham marriages. But by allegations of racism and sexual assault!

No. 306137

Kat knows who it is? Then why doesn't she fucking come forward. Pitch forks down and all but that is fucked up. Did you see Jake Noltons twitter feed? He was afraid to lose his fucking job over this shit. If Kat has any information she should come forward and do the right thing instead of sitting on her fat fucking lazy ass pretening she is part of anything. She only comes on PULL when drama happens. Isn't it funny that whenever anything remotely Mira/Drama related she comes out of her cave? For all we know it was her who did it.

No. 306138

Is there a connection between all these J-vlog drama scandals? No matter what happens, how big it is or who talks about it Kat and Victor are always the first to comment and snoop around about it. Victor is the king of once sombody but his channel is just a weed that nobody wants to water anymore. Kat is a nobody who wants to pretend she is a somebody.

No. 306142


she said she did in the comment section of one of the videos debunking it. The video has sadly now been privatized. She said Sam and Lex should apologize to the person they accused (the guy whose wife sam spoke too).

This was the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irxb7su91Ic

No. 306143

I think she should stay the fuck out of shit that does not concern her fat ass.

No. 306177

Is that the same Kat that was involved with Mira's other drama? Seems like she just jumps on these scandals for attention.

No. 306178

>What amazes me about this issue is just how many people are fundamentally missing the point.
>This is important drama!

You're missing the point. There is not a lot to talk about without knowing (or at least having strong suspects) who did it.

With out that, We can say " look what happened" and answer "yeah, that's pretty fucked up" and that has already been done.

Once it's figured out who did it. It will proceed from there and there will be a shitload of discussion.

No. 306232


Yeah, that's it. Nobody ever talks about this stuff without knowing 100% of the facts.


No. 306233

Rachel didn't have any evidence against Miranda until lolcow and pull found it for her.

No. 306256

File: 1476575456912.jpg (199.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Those two couldn't find their way out of a paper bagkun let alone find evidence they are getting hazed by Mira sockpuppets. And their content has gotten stale as fuck.

No. 306257


Victor got boring when he had a baby to his wife that never smiles and always seems pissed off at him. Plus he's a creep around Tomoko and just generally immature.

No. 306303


Well, then get the ball rolling. Enlighten us with your deep perspective on the situation.

No. 306305

I honestly thought he was a good guy; sure he was a stupid weeaboo when he was younger but after his kid it looked like he matured.

BUT THEN he released his "Venus Angelica Exposed" video where he pulled shit out of his ass and when people PM'd him about the facts he blatantly said "lol idc don't waste my time" what a fuck

No. 306336

Rachel didn't have any evidence period. Rachel's conversation between her and Sharla that….guess who…KAT leaked show that it was Sharla who made Mira pissed at Rachel, poking the fire with her devilish horns. At the same time she made Rachel mad at Mira. Know whats a funny theory. Kat is a worthless YouTuber and wants to hang out with both Mira and Kat. None of them give her attention, no shoutouts no support. Even though Kat followed them both since they both had less than 5000 subs. Kat wanted to get revenge on both of them. We don't know which one of those accounts on PULL are actual sock puppers, or if it is actually Mira OR one of her "friends" defending her. For all we know it could have been Kat saying that she wants to help Mira (like Lola). After all Kat's conversation of her "helping Mira with stalkers", just taking a picture saying "I am not Mira" for no reason sounds fucked up. Nobody would do that with out explation or at least understanding where the pictures were going to be used. So lets imagine that Kat and Mira are in on it. They are on PULL with that last sock, defending Mira and all that. Mira and Kat say its more trustworthy if there is a picture of someone so Kat sends the picture to Mira. Remember though, Kat is secritly angry at Mira and Sharla, so she then goes behind Mira's back and tells Sharla.

No. 306337

is this person fucking retarded?

No. 306338

Victor is a fucking sex offending drama whore. Years back he lost a lot of fans when he harassed some Japanese girl on the streets because her ass was showing or something. He deleted that video. He then made a video screaming at some old man for throwing garbage on the ground and even think he was drunk. He went on a drunk rampage ranting about Rody's video about Ryan Boundless. Which was a fucking lame excuse for him to bring up more Mira drama bs again. He also was the first to make a "Mira is attacking Sharla again!" video after Sharla whined to him about her flagging her videos. That was actually the part where I started to think Sharla was only dipping her socks into this drama for money and views. She wanted to get closer to Rachel and toss Mira into the garbage like the used tampon she pulled out of her rotten pussy earlier that morning. She even still today has her old videos with Mira up. Notice when she couldn't get as deep of a relationship with Rachel and she usually did with Mira she quickly found Taylor and latched right onto that. Taylor is a model and skinny. Sharla is an ageing woman who is fattening up. She latched right onto the "lets vegan" trend to suck up any last bit of fame she can get.

No. 306340

File: 1476612986972.png (185.22 KB, 334x381, gu.png)

No. 306344

why, yes

No. 306349

How does that rapidly disintegrating visa smell?

No. 306353

After all these years I still can't get over how shockingly ugly her face is. To her credit, she's not even humbled by it. Don't know if that makes her highly confident or completely lacking in self-awareness

No. 306354

This is my first time seeing a normal person with a midget's face. how

No. 306356

File: 1476630836980.jpg (6.31 KB, 300x168, LQjdOnp.jpg)

Too good to pass up.

No. 306390

I can't even pinpoint what's wrong with her face, everything is so jacked up

No. 306404

File: 1476653614820.jpg (384.92 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)

I tried.

No. 306409

looks like one of those terrible 'age progression' pics they do for children who went missing 20 years ago

No. 306410

(just meaning, she can't be fixed)

No. 306412


Actually looks more like one of those before afters of what crack does to you looking at it again. ( Or nuclear bomb. )

No. 306419

I love this post.

No. 306493

The longer I look at this, the more it looks like they're made of wax the left is a slightly melted version of the right.

No. 306668

I don't get it anon all you did was reply with the same photo

No. 306965

I don't understand this site. Everytime someone posts a picture of Mira she is making a weird face. Everyone looks like a tard with a funny face.

No. 306984


Because there isn't a picture of her without her making a "weird face".

Her face is permanently weird.

No. 307002

No. 307003

Like >>306984 said, she permanently looks weird. Even that pic you link to is just off. Her eyes are still droopy and her eyebrows are atrocious. Her face just has an unfortunate structure.

No. 307028

File: 1476812558003.jpg (50.07 KB, 599x563, 1469718708674.jpg)

something bad WILL happen if she actually goes to UAE. she cant be that stupid.

No. 307040


Also, her teeth are fucked up beyond repair and she makes herself look even worse with shitty makeup and fake eyelashes the size of tarantulas.

No. 307105


>pork fart sniffing white cow elucidates her peers on the dangers of foreign cultures

at least she's smart enough not to go to a place where she'll get executed on the street by police or arrested for not showing enough skin at the beach

No. 307149


Except that she idolizes a country that recently arrested a teenage boy for the crime of texting a teenage girl.

No. 307153

No. 307194

OMG!!! this girl is HIDEOUS!!!

No. 307231

File: 1476850117057.jpg (484.56 KB, 420x312, Qabl7nc.jpg)

>at least she's smart enough

No. 307484

And what do you look like? post your picture so everyone can see a perfect face?

No. 307486

I would say that you're Mira, but your spelling is too good

No. 307493

i wanna see your ugmug first bae

No. 307569


We already have seen it up in >>306404

No. 307627

We don't have to look perfect to know Mira's face is jacked

No. 307665

File: 1477024366412.jpg (48.79 KB, 630x370, 1460739754654.jpg)


No. 307818

mira is so desirable guys
japanese men just throw themselves at her

No. 307821

WTF she has no business teaching English to anyone because hers was terrible… I've never heard such bad English from a native speaker.
Also lol at bragging about an old man hitting on her and wanting to marry her.

No. 307826

Fuck. How is it possible for her to have zero redeeming qualities and yet be that far up her own ass?

No. 307827

In some parts you can hear her thick hick canadian accent,like damn

No. 307831

she already did a video on this story wtf

running out of ideas huh miranda

No. 307921


Was this a blind old man ?

I mean kudos to her for having such confidence while being such a fugly little blob fish.

No. 308000

File: 1477178004473.png (37.46 KB, 184x113, Screen_Shot_2016-10-21_at_11.3…)


Oh she's convinced she is a sexy bitch that men keep throwing themselves at her.. Just further evidence of how delusional she is.

No. 308007

Jesus Christ, she really is hideous. She looks like the product of incest.

I remember thinking her original visa husband was cute back when she had videos of him up but I must have been high because I can't see any decent looking man with that.

No. 308011

How is a native English speaker this bad at their own language?! For fuck's sake, she lived in Canada most of her life. She has no excuse.

Why does she say "taking lessons from him" and say that he has a new "student?" MIIIIRRRRRRAAAAA!!!! Your English SUCKS!

No. 308059

Her English sounds like it was dragged ass backwards three times through Google translate. Is this some retarded affectation or has she always sounded like this?

No. 308067

She's from an English speaking part of Canada, right? wtf Miranda….

No. 308069

It's weird, I work with mentally disabled adults and she looks exactly like them. I'm not saying she is, but facial deformation is very common with them. Something obviously didn't go right

No. 308089

Anyone who lives in another country can pick up an accent. I don't know why we are even talking about her accent. People go over to England for a few months and come back home with a thick accent.

No. 308093

Not the same anon, but I call bs on the whole going over to a country and developing a thick accent. Is it possible to have slight changes to ones accent maybe but if somebody came back from England with a thick English accent I would laugh my ass off. Also Mira is a dumbass who can't spell for shit, and the whole forgetting English thing she's trying to pull is so fucking embarrassing lol.

No. 308095

Where the fuck was I saying anything about her accent? It's her English itself. Her use of grammar and nouns is shit for a native English speaker.

No. 308097

>People go over to England for a few months and come back home with a thick accent.
>a few months

Shut the fuck up, you cottage cheese golem.

No. 308098

>it's not possible
It's very possible.
It doesn't happen to everyone sure but people who have lived in a foreign country for years often speak in a different accent, if they've lived somewhere for a really long time they even start forgetting their native language. It all depends on how exposed you are to your original accent/language. Americans might never lose their accent but someone from Poland who's lived in England for 30 years and knows no other Polish people won't be able to speak Polish well anymore

No. 308099

>>I also used to work in the English teachering industry when it first moved to Japan
Someone who makes this many errors speaking English should not be "teachering" other people how to speak English in exchange for money. At least, she stopped doing it.

No. 308102

The anon you are responding to was talking about a thick accent developing, which Not-Miranda-anon claimed was possible after "a few months". I don't think anyone denies the natural, gradual change in accent that many people experience over the years. But unless you migrated as a child, normal adults do not stumble all over themselves and forget their native language in a matter of months, or even a few years.

No. 308103

No one forgets their native language that's ridiculous. Thats like saying I haven't rode a bike in ten years,I don't know how to ride a bike anymore. If anything most people still think and dream mostly in their native language no matter where they move.

No. 308107

Yes, it's very common for people to forget their native language if they don't speak it regularly. It's been documented in a lot of refugees from WWll (and yes, older people in their 30/40s,not children). But since she talks English all the time, it shouldn't happen, no.

No. 308109

So they just up and forget their native language completely? I don't see how that's possible.

No. 308114

If you're not using your native language and even start to think and dream in the 'new' language then you're most likely to forget it. Like, it'll at first become difficult to pronounce certain words and by time you'll forget a lot of vocabs as if they're replaced.
>eg I'm an English speaker, yet I know words in English for which I've forgotten the right word in my native language

No. 308115

File: 1477239422331.png (528.07 KB, 768x576, 1e310e72e2311417dd169e91e9eaea…)


>eg I'm an English speaker, yet I know words in English for which I've forgotten the right word in my native language

No. 308117

Someone says
>I don't see how that's possible.

And got a response by someone as to how it happens.
No need to behave like an edgy meme twat.

No. 308118

Wow, how long were you waiting to use that pic, salty bitch? Anon was giving some anecdotal evidence bc another anon made a comment about not thinking it possible. Stop shitting up the thread with your unfunny and not clever pics if you have nothing to add or say. Dumb ass

No. 308119

>someone from Poland who's lived in England for 30 years and knows no other Polish people won't be able to speak Polish well anymore

this is such bullshit. i know plenty of people who don't live in their country of origin and they haven't for years yet they can still speak their native language fluently.

No. 308120

They said it doesnt happen to everyone chill out and move on.

No. 308123

Because it hasn't happened to you. If you're a native English speaker it probably won't ever happen to you.

There was an episode of that OCD clean freaks show that featured a woman named Natasha who was originally from Croatia and has lived in the UK for 40-some years. She couldn't speak Croatian at all and she had a Yorkshire accent (I think) with some little quirks because she emigrated as a teenager during some war or something.

No. 308124

>it all depends on how exposed they are to their native language
lrn2read and stop being butthurt

No. 308125

>stop being butthurt

No. 308136

Ugh that's my bad, wanted to write that I'm NOT a native English speaker!!

No. 308139

Ya, but Mira's been in Japan for far less than 30 years, and spent part of that time teaching English, so she was using it. She has no excuse.

I honestly wonder if it's actually that bad or if she makes it worse to sound like a fob and prove that she's "turning Japanese!"

No. 308242

File: 1477285124574.png (243.81 KB, 361x500, nightmares.png)

so this happened.

No. 308250

Does anyone else find Mira's weird appearance and stupidity kind of adorable? She's not shooping herself into a doll, scamming anyone, acting like a crazy bitch to others, etc. so I don't get all the hate unless I'm missing some context. She's just dumb and harmless aside from her English corrections.

No. 308253

ok are you new here or are you just Miranda?

No. 308257

File: 1477290709156.gif (584.9 KB, 500x281, o1riixj.gif)

No. 308265

If you don't ride a bike in ten years, you'll have difficulty until you get used to it again. Same thing with language. If you immerse yourself in another language it's not uncommon to dream or think in it too. I'm not a native English speaker but I spend most of my day speaking English so I sometimes fuck up my grammar and vocab in my native language. Really common.

No. 308274

Holy shit all this arguing about language. Yes, it is under some circumstances possible to forget your native language. Yes, it feels awkward speaking your native language if you have not spoken it in a while. I don't know why people are arguing about it because none of this applies to Mira, who used to teach English, only hangs out with foreigners, makes English YouTube videos for a living and responds to English comments every single day. You do not forget your native tongue by using it constantly, even if you speak a foreign language most of the time. Mira's English is shit because she's retarded, and she most likely plays it up in her videos and comments because she thinks it makes her appear more integrated. What pea brain Mira does not realize is that in this age, being bilingual or even multilingual is a huge advantage everywhere in the world that can open many doors for you, and that she is intentionally crippling herself with her stupidity and lazyness. Knowing multiple languages does not prevent you from immigrating successfully. Sincerely, someone who lives abroad.

No. 308275

What are you even fucking talking about? You do know that what Mira speaks about is a real thing, theres a scientific term for it "language attrition" and its very common in bilingual people. Its actually something that happens to monolingual people where we forget words and terms that we don't use in daily life. You can even see examples of this in the Japanese community when you hear people speaking about forgetting how to write Kanji. Anyone can forget what they once knew. This goes for skills too. When I was in high school I used to know the entire Hit me baby one more time dance moves and now I can't even remember the lyrics. I advise you to actually look up stuff before you start going off on people. There are books written by notible authors on losing your native language. This isn't something Mira just invented.

No. 308276

I don't know anyone who has won the lottery does this mean its never been done? It doesn't take more than 5 fucking seconds to Google it.

No. 308278

Actually. Teaching English COULD be the cause for her English to be so fucked up. She has picked up the structure of how a Japanese speaker speaks English. People only lose their native language when they are not around it, and around those who are speaking it differently. Which is why people can pick up an English accent when they go to England. Same language, accent is different. If Mira only hangs out with English speakers with a strange accent she will start to pick it up.

Ever hear a deaf person speak? They lose the ability to pronounce words properly because they can't hear what they are saying and can't hear other people around them.

No. 308282

Calm the fuck down you spazz, nobody gives an actual fuck about this shit. Mira is a jackass and so are you. It's so rare for someone to completely forget their native language, because most normal people don't just cut off their entire family unless their all dead. Kek at you trying to relate forgetting a fucking song to forgetting an entire language that you used since birth. God I hate that Mira even comes on this site.

No. 308283

^Same anon as above.But on that note I'm done talking about this dumb shit.

No. 308286

File: 1477307104566.jpg (875.26 KB, 200x129, IwUQFTl.jpg)

No. 308291


You need to do a little more research.

"Language attrition" tends to only happen to younger people puberty and younger. Mainly because that's when you brain is still learning you native language.

Also, there is a HUGE difference between "language attrition" and "first language attrition".

First language attrition is a process which is governed by two factors: the presence and development of the second language system on the one hand, and the diminished exposure to and use of the L1 on the other (Schmid & Köpke, 2007); that is, it is a process typically witnessed among migrants who use the later-learned environmental language in daily life. The current consensus is that attrition manifests itself first and most noticeably in the vocabulary knowledge of speakers (in their lexical access and their mental lexicon) (e.g. Ammerlaan, 1996; Schmid & Köpke, 2008) while grammatical and phonological representations appear more stable among speakers for whom emigration took place after puberty (Schmid, 2009).

Look at the last bit again:
>while grammatical and phonological representations appear more stable among speakers for whom emigration took place after puberty (Schmid, 2009).

For people of Miranda's level of intellect, that means your Grammar and phonological (ie your accent and pronunciation) remain the same if you immigrated AFTER PUBERTY.

No. 308299

>Miranda's level of intellect
We are on slippery slope here

No. 308326

File: 1477324727239.jpg (11.79 KB, 410x123, download.jpg)

No. 308330

Hi samefag

No. 308331

Nope try again

No. 308334


Miranda, quite possibly, is on the autism spectrum.

No. 308345

idk, I only started reading her thread a few days ago, so maybe I'm missing something, but she just seems goofy and incompetent compared to the other cows on here who are downright evil. Am I missing something about her?

No. 308360

waves to fellow language nerd anon

No. 308384

She's a racist cow that did black face just so she could prove that black people didn't face discrimination. She back stabbed her friends by going on pull and making sock accounts exposing personal information just so she could make herself look better, and that's just the tip of the ice burg.

No. 308474

Is this her sad attempt to roll in those brony views

No. 308528

File: 1477367703526.jpg (471.52 KB, 500x276, r3gDdCw.jpg)

Well, you sure did make a solid, exonerative judgement of Miranda's character in your previous post, despite claiming to discover her thread only a few days ago. Despite all the damning evidence and gossip that shows up as soon as you Google her. There is no way you could simply be "missing something about her".

If you really were a newbie to all this, you would have asked for summary of her offenses, not make complimentary proclaimation of her innocence and then challenge us to prove you wrong. Get a new formula, girl.

No. 308564

Shut up SJW. You fucking crybaby. Its not black face if shes not making fun of people. She didn't do it to mock she did it for a fucking video. If you are going to call halloween costumes, experiments or art, Black face you truely are backwards in society.

No. 308566

You are far from wrong.


It happens in people of all ages. Especially immigrants because they move to another country where they are not using their previous language. First language attrition is where you forget your native language. Second is where you forget your second language. Both are forgotten from not using and not hearing it.

This person on this website and the stories are by people who are in their 30's. Just because SOME people don't lose their accent or don't lose their language does not mean all people don't. For you to sit here and say that language attrition is not a thing, you are completely ignoring the fact that there have been multiple studies, organizations for awareness books and movies produced about this. This is not made up stuff. You are simply avoiding agreeing because you don't want to admit that Mira is right. That is actually what turned me away from these websites. Every thing she does is automatically flagged off. I have only seen speculations about what she did to other people. But actions speak louder than words. I know before watching her video about language attrition so I know that what she is talking about is a real thing.

To give another example of shit that pisses me off when people talk about her. The #debate thing going on. Over on PULL they are going off about how dare she talk about American election because she isn't American. Oh ffs. Every single YouTuber has commented about the trump bs. Its on the news in every country, it is the hot topic world wide. Don't act like you are against non Americans commenting on an election just because Mira did it.

Lets give more examples because I could go on for days. Her MLP costume. Oh all of a sudden people are wondering if shes a MLP fan? is she trying to be trendy? is she trying to be non trendy? FFS IT IS A COSTUME. You are reading into it way to fucking much. It is so painful to read about Mira and its not because of the "stuff she has done" it is because what the people on these forums go on about. Wild speculations, over looking and under looking. Its like a god damn fucking conspyracy theory. I get it. She is fucking boring. There is NOTHING to attack her about so you sit here nitpicking on everything.

The drama passed 2 years ago and there is nothing to go on. Every few months goes by and some new drama magically comes up with Kat. hmmmm….thats odd. The times where Kat isn't on here you are back hounding Mira for things you wouldn't even care about it if was someone else.

No. 308568

File: 1477380654155.jpg (54.55 KB, 576x463, 1tDlspa.jpg)


>That is actually what turned me away from these websites.

You sure were having fun when the shit-talking wasn't about YOU.

>To give another example of shit that pisses me off when people talk about her.

So emotionally invested for a stranger. Irrationally attached to her.

>It is so painful to read about Mira

Bitch, that feeling you are experiencing is guilt.

>Its like a god damn fucking conspyracy theory

The Miranda dictionary has a new entry, PULL-lurkers.

No. 308569

Mira you're sperging again

No. 308571

File: 1477381199224.jpg (24.48 KB, 400x319, TUE2sr2.jpg)

Ready for November?

No. 308572

File: 1477382978056.png (2.16 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0860.PNG)

Damn Mira you really are one ugly inbred bitch, must be nice to have parents that are also siblings.

No. 308573

Hey Mira did you ever consider the possibility that you might just be stupid as fuck? How much lead were you exposed to as a child Mira just asking

No. 308578

PULL talks more shit and tracks much more of her activity than we do here. So why doesn't she, who boasts about having more 'tude than Sonic The Hedgehog, confront them as herself rather than embarrassing herself on lolcow as various, poorly developed characters?

Miranda, why don't you come face-to-face with the largest base of your "haters" once and for all? Go to PULL, contact a moderator, make a verified Mira/KJ3 account and say "I'm ready to talk"?" Why do you obsessively drop by here and vent about other forums while berating us, as if any of us are on your side? You can fake toughness and try to impress your followers with rude Japanese slang but you can't do an actual Q&A with them?

No. 308580

That is the answer I thought I would get. Anyone who calls out people for their hypocritical attitude gets called "miranda".

No. 308581

Whoever you are clearly you're missing some screws.

No. 308582

Nice diversion. Answer? Don't you mean response or reply? I didn't answer anything and you never submitted a question. Your constant distortion and misunderstanding of the English language is exasperating.

If not Miranda, Lola is also acceptable.

But since you are the divine mouthpiece of Saint Miranda, why doesn't she confront her haters head-on, in the arena YOU professed you hate most? At least she could say she had the courage to do it once, outside of her comfort zone, and there would be confirmed evidence of it.

No. 308619

>You are far from wrong.

Well, then, you are saying I'm right.

One more time, Miranda (Pay attention)

Look at the last bit again:
>while grammatical and phonological representations appear more stable among speakers for whom emigration took place after puberty (Schmid, 2009).

For people of Miranda's level of intellect, that means your Grammar and phonological (ie your accent and pronunciation) remain the same if you immigrated AFTER PUBERTY.

No. 308621


Exactly anon.

Miranda's whole "language attrition" bullshit is her trying to hide the fact that she's is a stupid, Canadian, hick with little education.

How come her spelling and grammar was just as bad on that Canadian game forum she got booted off of? (She was still in Canada at the time. Hadn't moved to Japan yet.)

No. 308739


She is almost two years late to jump on this bandwagon. And bronies are the last people sh-…. naw, "gentlemen" seem perfect to defend her.


Dumb? yes. But she isn't harmless. She is obsessive and full of a special acidic hate towards most of humanity for not bending to her ideals of how the world should be and how her undeserving ass should be treated.

Basically there is nothing more to Mira that hasn't been said through the years. We are all just waiting for a "Sharla 2.0" to happen where more proof is shown about what an obsessive bitch she is

No. 308743

File: 1477455330876.jpg (181.12 KB, 960x817, IMG_3511.JPG)


No. 308744

File: 1477456148903.jpg (39.92 KB, 468x403, chanel-samurai-armor-1.jpg)

>Being an immigrant in Japan

but aren't you supposed to be a totemo nipponesu onnanoko, Mira?

>japanese chanel


No. 308754

Even the Japanese pronunciation チャンネル/channeru, has two distinct "n" sounds, Miranda. Native Japanese don't make your spelling mistakes. Your issue is not language attrition but anti-intellectualism.


No. 308916


In that, Miranda talks about "educating" Japanese people about their own history and gets pissed off when they correct her.

No. 308938

>"In real life I have had people say this about science or geography. Since I love these subjects and am always reading books, going to musiums and events that teach you about this, watching tv shows about this and movies, Its safe to say I know more than typical person."

She is always reading books, you guys! A scholar in spider lashes. But a dictionary or English language primer has never been included in her vast collection. Also, all the scientific literature she has read had the pages on apocrine glands torn out.

No. 308992

File: 1477579086163.jpg (6.9 KB, 225x225, imgres.jpg)

>all the scientific literature she has read had the pages on apocrine glands torn out.

No. 309000


Love how she contradicts herself yet again:
>I talk about the hardships of being an immigrant. In Japan people often use the word foreigner as opposed to immigrant in the language culture here. A foreigner is a person who doesn't have the citizenship, and an immigrant is a person who immigrates to another country.


In that one she says: "Everyone not born in Japan is a gaijin".

Even she realized at one time that she will always be a gaijin. Now she has fallen so far into her own delusions, she trying to find anyway she can to claim she is Japanese.

How long before that older vid disappears or becomes private?

No. 309114

Does anybody who can understand moonspeak translate some of Mira's threads (and possibly other jvloggers) on 2ch?

I've heard she self posts there too. It's like a scent of Mira that just gets left on everything kek

No. 309174

She says that Magurokatsuo666 is the same pull user as Chloie. 2ch used to be more active but now its not. Things started to slow down after one of the users pointed out to Mira that Chloie was Maguro. 2ch doesn't work like pull or lolcow, you can't be 100% anon. You get an ID that changes once a day but there was two people who kept interacting with each other but their ID kept changing between posts. Someone found their ID changer test thread they made which had pages and pages of ID tests to see if the ID had actually changed.

No. 309175

I also remember that Mira tried to defend Ashiya on 2ch. She said somewhere that Sharla hated Ashiya and Mira tried to say sorry to Ashiya for ignoring her. Mira actually made a video about it without menioning any names….I don't remember which video it is but when I tried to look up the posts they are gone?

No. 309218

File: 1477669398804.jpg (32.07 KB, 506x209, mira3.jpg)

Hey, Next Wednesday (11/2/16) is Miranda's supposed marvelous, magical, transformation day.

No. 309223

File: 1477670932960.jpg (30.21 KB, 468x286, 8cdfLOs.jpg)

No. 309224

She's so obsessed with being 'officially' Japanese, it's gross.
I've never known any other person who's immigrated to another country to care so much about becoming said country's nationality.
The idea and hope of 'becoming' Japanese consumes her. It's seriously pathetic.

Is there a possibility she could get her citizenship rejected? Oh man, that would be hilarious. Imagine how hard she'd chimp out on Twitter and shit.

No. 309234

It would be hilarious, but honestly I'm waiting for her to get it after obsessively waiting for five years and realizing it changes nothing and people at conbinis will still give her forks instead of chopsticks lol

No. 309244

>Is there a possibility she could get her citizenship rejected?

Oh, it is quite possible..

No. 309266

>till I've been here
Hooollyyyyyyy ffuuuuucckk this girl's grammar grinds my fucking gears…

No. 309272

Totally expecting her to become bitter and turn into the female Debito Arudou.
Can't wait.

But real talk. Why would Japan give her citizenship in the first place? I mean it's not an exclusive prize or anything but I thought the idea of it was to let in people that would contribute to the betterment of Japanese society and/or economy. How exactly is Miranda contributing to anything. She's uneducated, vulgar, shits on the locals and is barely literate in any language. Who the fuck wants her in their country?

No. 309290

>She's uneducated, vulgar, shits on the locals and is barely literate in any language. Who the fuck wants her in their country?

And "Youtube" is not a recognized job and her only other job is part-time waitress.

Some how I don't think Japan is having a national wait-staff shortage.

No. 309308

>I thought the idea of it was to let in people that would contribute to the betterment of Japanese society and/or economy
haha oh wow

No, it's literally just as much of a simple legal process as anything else. No more no less.
You'd be surprised how many shit people become citizens of a certain country, I'm an expat and personally know at least a dozen alcoholics and petty criminals who were allowed to stay because it was the 'right thing to do'.

No. 309314

I'm an expat too and what I know of the citizenship process comes from some of my Filipina friends who have gone through it. Both of them are educated and in relatively high paying financial positions which they implied helped them when going through the naturalization process. They also implied that it was pretty strict.

What could make "allowing a criminal to stay in the country" the 'right thing to do'? I don't get it.

No. 309318

I meant something like 'sure they've lived here for so long, it's only fair to grant them citizenship'.
For me it wasn't strict at all, I had to master the local language on a conversational level and then I applied. I'm still a student too, an unemployed one at that.

I'm not talking about Japan here, just in general, but I've seen plenty of horrid people go through the process successfully and then go back to their old ways.

No. 309320

This is the bare minimum of what you need in Japan.

No. 309391


But seriously, the application approval process will take 6 months to a year on average, more than a year in some cases(like Arudou Debito). How can immigration NOT find something suspicious or lacking in her paperwork in that amount of time? Besides that, she most definitely will not meet the essential financial requirement, so they probably won't even have to discover her personal drama before the application is rejected. Unless dun dun dun Visa-kun is the financial support. The possibility that a man so pathetic and stupid exists makes me ill.

No. 309416

>The possibility that a man so pathetic >and stupid exists makes me ill.

Plot twist: It's Jrcach

No. 309420

plot twist: she is jrcach

No. 309421

Mira's still relevant?

No. 309422


no, but she likes to think she is

No. 309424

I hope she doesn't get accepted for w.e reason, and splurges to the internet about how racist Japanese people are all while still claiming to be Japanese.

No. 309451

Mira selfposts here frequently. Ask her anything.

No. 309633

File: 1477903823141.jpg (305.97 KB, 586x641, E0F279U.jpg)

I was checking old Mira posts on 2ch and saw this gem displaying Miranda's genius-level scientific knowledge, mastery of Japanese and overall flawless diction. I believe it was from her "The Ethnic groups of Japan" video where she deleted comments and claimed she was a victim of right-wing racist Japanese.

In the first paragraph, she is spouting pure bullshit about the frequency of green eyes and Joumon people being "white like" but somehow not white. Then, she states "pail" skin and green eyes are COMMON in Japan because of Eastern Russian ties. Wtf…

Secondly, she references a Wikipedia article on Akita Bijin https://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E7%A7%8B%E7%94%B0%E7%BE%8E%E4%BA%BA who are said to be the most beautiful and fair-skinned women in Japan. As usual, she couldn't be corrected in the comments! She misread the section talking about a 1966 skin lightness study, which described how a higher than average amount of Southern Akita-ken people, based on a skintone scale, have fair skin on par with white Caucasians(白人). 30.5% fair skin for Southern Akita vs 40.5% for Caucasians.(Average Japanese was 22.0%) She interpreted that as Akita bijin are racially 40.5% white!

She is really obessed with her White Japanese fantasy and downplaying the undeniable racial and ethnic relationship to Japanese identity.

No. 309635

File: 1477904389363.jpg (269 KB, 1074x1797, fEKkj0h.jpg)

>read the joukens

Pluralizing the romaji. Kek

Is there any record of Miranda admitting she was wrong or apologizing for anything?

No. 309675

File: 1477932574855.jpg (106.71 KB, 587x500, Screenshot_(21)_2.thumb.jpg.56…)


Nope. In fact here she is telling someone who has lived in Tokyo their entire life that they don't know what the weather in Tokyo is like.

A quick search on the past weather shows they Tokyo native was correct..

No. 309753

I have lived in Japan for 6 straight years and Tokyo, or any neighboring city, has never been 30C in November! Wtf is wrong with her?

No. 309756

On her lame-ass "secrets" video, she claims the person videoing her is her "PR Manager"..

Let that sink in..

No. 309757

Same anon.. sorry:

She also, once again, brings up her on drama that she supposedly wishes would go away. SO much so she was supposedly suicidal over it.

>16:31 - 17:46

"Are there any videos that I regret making?"

Ummm….. Out of all the videos I made, the only video I regret making is a video I no longer have on my channel. This was a response video to somebody a few years ago defamed me. I'm not afraid to talk about it. You know I'm not gonna be like that and be like "just don't mention it." It's kinda like silencing the victim. People should not be allowed on youtube who do things like that. Who make up lies about someone based on stipulations and…. you know circumstantial evidence. The way I dealt with that whole situation was like a weak, scared, little wimpling that I… well was at the time.

First of all, I made the response based on what my lawyer told me to do. Told me not to mention any names, not to… you know go into details about things and not to counter claim anything because if I give out any evidence, I might fuck up my case and in the end, I didn't take any legal action and I thought I can ride it out cuz the other user deleted the video and I thought it was over.

If that same thing was to happen to me again, I would record a more you know aggressive uhhh response video. With that being said, I feel like that was the only video I really regret making.

No. 309773

Mira is not ever wrong!!1!

No. 309853

She is legitimately a textbook narcissist. It's crazy.

>1. They make it clear they know everything.

>2. They insist on being the exception to the rule.
>3. They project an image of superiority.
>4. They make a great first impression, but quickly wear out their welcome.
>5. They boost their egos by implying others are inferior.
>6. They assume everyone adores them.
>7. They put their own feelings ahead of other people’s needs.

Seriously. Read the summary of each trait listed. It describes Miranda perfectly!

No. 309857

If she actually had a legit PR manager they would have taken away her social media privileges years ago, bought her a dictionary, and tried to figure out her image. It's just visa-kun being forced to document Mira embarrassing herself in public

No. 309858

Hey, I mean somehow Trump is still allowed access to social media (see: TWITTER) so you never know, lol.

No. 309909

File: 1477981089614.png (54.84 KB, 640x684, U138r0p.png)

If you decipher these tweets of that guy, you can find out that he is never Tokyo native nor even Japanese national (nor a good Japanese speaker.)


No. 309911

To be honest, if Mira gets rejected for permanent residence ("citizenship" as she says), I think she'll lie and say she got it anyways.

She's so obsessed with becoming Japanese, it'll be embarrassing for her to be rejected at this point after she all the time she's bragged about it on twitter.

Unless she shows proof she got it, I won't believe her lol. Japan don't need your waitressing skills Mira

No. 309915

You are absolutely right. However, it was 29.7 degrees Celsius on 16 Oct 2011 in Tokyo.


No. 309924

as if she has the money to pay a PR manager.

No. 309936

>that Tokyo native dropping the subject to help her save face

No. 309943

Damn Mira your grammar,fuck you are so damn stupid.

No. 309955



Get used to seeing this, scammer.

No. 309984

That person isn't even Japanese. They didn't live in Tokyo 5 years ago so they wouldn't even know. Look at their profile. They are Korean.

No. 309988

So Wednesday is the big day? Shes supposed to find out the results of her permanent resident application?

In the next 24 hours we'll find out if she will be a real nihonjin with all those totes real other nihonjin friends

No. 309991

She will only be submitting the application. Review and processing can take a very long time. Several months to a year average, but I'm not sure how long it takes to issue a rejection.

No. 309992

Same anon. For clarification: Jobless, skill-less Miranda says she is applying for naturalization, since permanent residence alone does not grant citizenship. But likely, she is actually trying for permanent residence and her current story is all a ruse.

No. 309993

After living in Japan for 5 years she could apply for both. PR or Citizenship. However she already has PR which she said she got from being divorced. It is not unlikely. In cases where someone is divorced they can get PR more easy than someone who has been working here for 10 years. For all we now, she got a huge amount of money from her ex husband from the divorce. Has anyone ever thought up that one?

No. 309997

File: 1478016182531.jpg (41.88 KB, 800x750, fn3FepV.jpg)

No. 310002


But she didn't arrive in Japan until Nov. 2 2011.

No. 310003


Not after a 2 month sham marriage. Try again Miranda

No. 310005


Doesn't change the fact that they were right and you were wrong Miranda.

No. 310090


You do realize that there are Koreans that were born in Japan, right?

No. 310095

I'm gonna take a shot in the dark that she doesn't consider them to be true Japanese, unlike her, having lived in Japan for 5 whole years.
Her ego and delusion really know no bounds.
I mean this is a woman who attended a foreign language school and thought that she knew more than the native speaking teacher. No hope and no humility.

No. 310096

wait when was this teacher incident? had no idea about this.

No. 310098

Oh it was a while back when she was attending Japanese language school. She made a video where she mentioned it iirc.

No. 310115


In this video. and in the description:

>The teachers went on to teach us this without saying anything, till I raised my voice and told them it is wrong.

No. 310118

I'm going to take a radical guess and say that you can't even read Japanese. The person says that they came to Japan one year before which would mean they came in 2013. They said that they lived in Korea and that they are Korean. Not just in these tweets but if you read any of the tweets from 2014. They said that they came as a student and that they are trying hard and studying. They even talk about having problems getting used to Japan. So yeah this person has no right to even comment on what she said because they weren't even in Japan at that time. I would also like to point out that the temperature that is in Tokyo is actually more than what you will find on those websites. She did state that the temperature was between 20 to 30 so even judging from what is on those weather forecast, websites it's very correct. Tokyo has large buildings and the pavement attracts and sucks up the heat. I believe the places where they actually take the temperature is located near the water so the temperature that shows up is always cooler than the actual temperature around the city. There has been controversies in other cities to where the government will put these temperature checking things in cooler areas to purposely make the public think that it's cooler so that they don't have to officially close schools.

No. 310125


that video is really weird. She has no clue what language schools actually do. their purpose isn't to teach how to speak natural japanese or business japanese in 10 weeks or whatever. the purpose is to give you a really wide set of tools to decipher as much as possible in the language and to effectively communicate wants, needs and requests in as plain language as possible.

they don't teach natural language or slang or dialects or even modern because it makes it impossible to learn in an intensive course because there are 100s of specific cases in japanese grammar.

also they teach in the way they teach because they introduce topics and concepts in what they feel is the most natural and easy way to grasp. it might not be techinically correct but they they have address different ideas at different times

No. 310133

Why do you continue to talk in third person?

No. 310134

I think she mentioned in the video dumbass. Why you hating on her for something she didn't know. She made the video so other people don't fall down the same path. I have met a lot of people who came to the states to learn English and they also went to whack schools that would just take their money and teach them garbage. It doesn't have to be slang or street talk to be correct English. I imagine the same goes for Japanese.

No. 310135

Other than me theres 3 other people in here that have been standing up for your stank ass shit. Don't call people out for shit that they have the right to say. The guy on Twitter was not from Tokyo. People on here making a big deal that she is tellin off native Japanese when the mother fucker isn't even from Japan.

No. 310136

>this person has no right to even comment
You are Canadian Mira, so by your logic, you don't have the right to comment either. Who cares about your stalky bullshit.

No. 310137

>3 other people

No. 310152

what a sad attempt at defending yourself Mira. I also suspect One of Mira's friends are coming on here too. Probably that girl with the blue hair that she hangs out with all the time.

No. 310160

You're so triggered that your response to me doesn't make sense, or even refer to my posts. Pace yourself.

>standing up for your stank ass shit

Do you even know what you just wrote? Embarrassing.

And how do YOU know there are exactly three separate people? Care to explain?

Lol. Guys, she's becoming unhinged and getting "street" now. This cringey character showed up last year on PULL.
You're so racist, Miranda. Everyone knows you don't like black people.

Granny Lola has done it frequenctly, so I wouldn't be surprised if she attracted another creepy "Totally White Japanese" gaijin to do her dirty work.

No. 310161


No. 310296


>Other than me theres 3 other people in here

As others have point out, how do yu know that there are specifically 3 other people?

>standing up for your stank ass shit

So you genuinely enjoy their "stank ass shit"?

>Don't call people out for shit that they have the right to say

We can call people out for whatever we feel like.

No. 310440

File: 1478154110683.jpg (221.02 KB, 1076x1791, wCvQFHP.jpg)

I'm sorry. I had a mobile error earlier. I'll try posting again properly.

She and her ex-husband dressed up as geisha and went trick or treating in Toronto, similar to what her ex-doormat half Japanese boyfriend described in his 64digits.com blog("I was a Geisha for Halloween?")?

Is she consistently dressing up as geisha or is there something else going on with her story?