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File: 1489770835575.jpg (653.65 KB, 2048x2048, 1488493801695.jpg)

No. 360570


>creater of the Poop Brooch
>bandwagon cosplayer
>genderfluid, bisexual, has a phobia of CIS men
>pathological liar
>produces horrible DeviantArt yaoi with incorrect anatomy
>stalker of cosplay groups
>makes copy cosplays of people that she hates to 'out-do them'
>has dragon spirit split personalities
>has a magical third eye with chakra reading abilities

>still claims autism as the reason for her behavior, bad job, and no life
>claims to be in love with mystery person on FB
>was going to move to DC, then to LA, has done neither and doesn't mention it anymore
>takes cosplay selfies in her underwear at 2 A.M.
>did BDSM fetish Aoba photoshoot in Katsucon hallways
>hosting panel at Momocon with no transportation
>hosting cosplay picnic at Maymont in April, a dozen people estimated to show up

No. 360571

File: 1489770904270.png (15.12 KB, 500x124, Capture.PNG)

Updating with this since the last one reached max reply limit.

She's gone back on her swear not to fly again and she's traveling with a case identical to the one she lost (and got money for) last time.

Bet that trick won't work twice, Ashley.

No. 360582

What panel is she hosting, is there one on yaoi or something? I know she said she was doing that, I just haven't seen what the name was.

No. 360599

Some kind of cosplay safety tips panel? She's been asking everyone for tips on costuming and conventions.

No. 360603

This disorganized bitch can't even run a picnic. How the fuck does she plan to run a panel? Is someone else organizing it for her? Who in their right mind would go to a panel on "Safety" run by a known stalker/molester of other cosplayers? Does Momocon even know who she is?

No. 360605

File: 1489778160589.jpg (149.29 KB, 1435x893, Bubble_Gum_Bubble.jpg)

I keep seeing this thread and this girl's face and it just hit me she reminds me of Prudence from the Rugrats.

No. 360607

"Make sure you're safe by standing at least 30 feet away when you scowl angrily at the cosplayers you hate for outdoing you and not putting up with your shit anymore!"

No. 360608

Probably not. They will after this convention though if she even gets there. Bitch couldn't even use Kayak without having her hand help. With her budget she needs to take the bus but she'd sooner pay 150% more to fly.

No. 360609

omfg lol

No. 360612

I wonder if she's still going to try and make it out to Sakura Con since that's about a month away because Seattle is incredibly expensive. She will not be pleased with those food prices.

No. 360613

Oh God keep us updated if she ends up going. I'll buy a badge and go to the con in a heartbeat just to attend her panel to watch it crash and burn with how horrible it is.

No. 360614

I hope there's slides or something. Can you imagine how awful it's going to be with her inability to spell or even use spellcheck to correct typos? Not to mention her horrible grammar.

No. 360616

I think she did mention working on a powerpoint. She can't even write a resume with Office 365 skills written in it so how is she going to make a powerpoint?

Don't forget she's going to a convention in Florida and going to Disney World too.

No. 360617

No, just imagine a Power Point and it's nothing but pictures of her in her disgusting cosplays in gross poses, complete with shitty transition effects. Lol I feel sorry for the audience.

No. 360621

Watch it not only be a Power Point with only pictures of her, but her also screaming about lolcow/cgl/ed.

No. 360624

Don't forget "I was raped! Multiple times! This is how to avoid it! (Cut to worst advice ever, because she's never actually been raped and seems to invite it rather than take measures to avoid it, like not running around the streets in fetish gear.)

No. 360626

If there's an actual mention of any of those three (and there will be) I hope one of you in the audience takes a picture.

No. 360630

I'm going to Momo and I'll definitely be on the lookout for her. I want to see this trainwreck for myself now. I'll have my camera at the ready.

No. 360640

Why do I have this mental image of her showing her very inappropriate photos to others, and then yelling at audience members when they leave early? I can picture her obnoxious voice just yelling through the whole panel. I pray they don't give her a microphone because she's plenty loud enough. But MomoCon is family friendly, like they won't even allow vendors to sell NSFW wares in the dealer's room/artists' alley as far as I know. So it would be amusing to see her kicked out of Momo for showing her gross BDSM Aoba in slides.

No. 360647

Forget showing it, you know she'll wear it to the convention. Flab squeezing out of her binder and all.

No. 360648

I feel so honored that my pic was used in the OP

No. 360650

Oh God now I'm imagining her conducting a panel while wearing that, in front of unsuspecting children.

No. 360657

It's glorious. Who else would lay in a dirty hallway to pose seductively for her poor cameraman?

No. 360686


You and OP, doing God's work.

I had thought about what pics to use for a new post… I was gonna use the one with her leg up in the air and the collar and chain one where she is kissing some poor bastard's foot (I think that's what she's supposed to be doing) but these are just as inspired.

No. 360726

If you or anyone else could make some banners out of this stuff, that'd be fantastic. We're lacking in them.

No. 360809

File: 1489802198535.png (379.54 KB, 492x412, drama.PNG)

No. 360810

Is her mom springs1?

No. 360816

Someone should ask Ashley if her mother likes ranch dressing, served on the side ONLY. Or maybe the waitress filled her mom's water glass without asking.

No. 360848

File: 1489812611787.jpg (32.86 KB, 292x257, i2norlD.jpg)

dear god i hope you guys have just re-summoned her, i miss that wild ranch-flavored ride

No. 360879

File: 1489830229199.png (57.46 KB, 247x233, tip's.png)

from her powerpoint

No. 360905

File: 1489841192113.png (222.08 KB, 483x492, 1484776357175.png)


Seriously though how is she going to teach people to construct cosplays when she can't even hem fabric correctly?

No. 360927

Still in maximum REEEEEE about her fucking up the picnic.

No. 360933

Has she done anything new to make it worse?

No. 360989

I am mildly surprised Ash isn't riding the SU bandwagon. She would make a really good Amethyst.

I get the feeling she mixed up SakuraCon with the Sakura festival in DC. IDK. Ash ain't a bright one.

Oh lord, sort of like her comics and how people would gently suggest typo/grammar corrections and she'd be butthurt over it.

Ahahaha, if she brings attention to those places, they'll get more traffic and people will learn more about her bullshit. Goddamn Ash, you're pants on head retarded.

No. 361008

She tried SU but didn't get enough attention as Rose Quartz.

No. 361144

File: 1489891738650.png (20.49 KB, 498x207, yeahright.png)

I'll believe it when I see it. She's lying out her ass like usual.

No. 361145

Adulting is not blowing everything you have leftover on fucking wigs and things to trash! It's SAVING it for car, dental, housing, etc!

No. 361160

What bills does she pay? She never went to college, has no car, has no insurance(?), lives with her parents…

No. 361184

She doesn't pay shit and you know it. Mommy and daddy do everything, you know she doesn't contribute or even pay for food, which is why he dad has to put fucking padlocks on their icecream. She doesn't pay bills. It's just another damn lie to make it sound like she's actually doing something adult.

No. 361198

File: 1489926032955.png (14.88 KB, 459x122, momocon.PNG)

No. 361199

File: 1489926110175.png (33.76 KB, 504x285, momocon2.PNG)

No. 361205

Bitch ass is making all of these plans for a con and can't even find a way to said con.

No. 361209

Two months left and she hasn't even bought travel tickets. She's going to wind up pulling another con where she flies last minute after saying she was too broke to go.

No. 361231


Or the MARTA! It has a stop right there! I have to use it when I fly in for Atlanta cons, it's not that hard! Is she really "too good" to use public transportation?!!! Why does she always expect everyone to drop everything and give her what she wants and treat her like a fucking princess? Hell no Ashley, you fucked over way too many people for them to want to give you rides to any cons now. You're gonna have to suck that shit up and ride public transportation you goddamn leach.

No. 361270

But a cab is expensiiiiive, anon! She can't afford that with all she spent on her cosplays and whatever else she spent her cash on.

But really this just pisses me off.

>gets panel slot for Momo just for the free badges

>asks everyone to help her with her panel she hasn't even fully planned out
>didn't even work out how to get to the con ahead of time
>couldn't bribe anyone to carpool with a free badge (which says a lot)
>asks people to find her a cheap flight instead of doing it herself
>still is iffy on flight
>begging for people to make the 20+ minute ride one way to pick her up for free

No. 361298

Kayak for a cheap flight.
Get the Lyft app for the airport ride
Call the hotel for a room. Done. Real adulting.
This can all be done within an hour. Maybe two if the flight or hotel bookings are being finicky.

No. 361304

but that's
>> work

No. 361403

Oh man she made a post about makeup. This might not end up pretty

No. 361416

File: 1489991307057.png (176.67 KB, 750x992, IMG_0670.PNG)


No. 361428

Does anyone think this is ok for a panel?!

No. 361429

Lol bitch, she'd be beaten to death with a chair if she started talking about how it's okay to go blackface/brownface for cosplay.

No. 361430

Apparently she does.

No. 361431

The shitlord in me actually wants her to go through with it. I'm hunger to see the shitstorm that might ensue.

No. 361432

There's no "might" about it. And I'd bet teh second MomoCon found out about it, she'd be ejected so fast and have her badge snatched from her. It'd actually be pretty satisfying. Sure, go ahead Ashley. Let's see you talk about going blackface in the middle of Atlanta.

No. 361437

File: 1489994822644.jpg (271.43 KB, 749x1331, IMG_0678.JPG)

No. 361439

No. 361441

Hun, you forgot to cover your face…

No. 361442

File: 1489995001736.jpg (241.9 KB, 749x1331, IMG_0681.JPG)

No. 361443

File: 1489995086253.jpg (164.07 KB, 749x1194, IMG_0682.JPG)

No. 361444

File: 1489995154752.jpg (154.66 KB, 748x993, IMG_0683.JPG)

No. 361445

Thanks I'm so bad at this lol

No. 361459

Her panel is something like Cosplay Safety Tips and I think the panel committee and us both are confused right now because none of this sounds safety related. It's just a Cosplay 101 panel taught by a shitty cosplayer.
>teaching makeup
>asks friends for makeup photos because hers are bad
>teaching crossplay
>asks friends for crossplay photos because hers are bad
>etc etc etc

If you can't even live up to the standards you're trying to teach others about, you're not qualified to run the panel.

No. 361460


Lol. No public school in her area teaches creationism instead of sex ed that doesn't even make sense wtf, and Virginia is not part of the Bible belt.

It's possible there's a religious school teaching creationism instead of evolution, I guess. But mostly I think she's lying, as usual. And also getting her ~issues to be outraged about~ fucked up, as usual.

Ashley Bailey, never letting a chance for oppression points go to waste since… forever.

No. 361461

If she had said creationism instead of evolution I would have believed it but creationism instead of sex ed? On what dragon spirit alternate reality does that make sense? Creationism only works as an origin theory, not a "How do babies happen?" theory.

But you're spot on about oppression points. She's like that Tumblr stereotype where a boring heterosexual white girl just doesn't feel cool enough so she finds the most popular/long-winded titles to say she's a heterosexual white girl but still claim oppression if you call her out on anything.

That and if anyone calls her out on her bullshit opinions it's automatically X's fault for convincing her, swaying her, etc. "I'm not for hoarding, you guys! I just let the rescue people make me think that way!!"

No. 361473

File: 1490012448336.png (54.18 KB, 540x272, Screenshot_2017-03-20-08-17-58…)

Didn't her mom practically blackface trying to be Snooki one year for Halloween? She was slathered in that tanner lotion.

No. 361477

File: 1490012853738.jpg (88.88 KB, 640x960, 1346637261298.jpg)

Ended up finding a picture. Not as bad as I remembered because I saw one of her outside in natural lighting but still bad. Also she wrote a letter to Snooki?

No. 361478

File: 1490012907159.jpg (308.87 KB, 683x1024, 1346637341259.jpg)

Meanwhile her sister is actually decent at cosplay.

No. 361485


Yeah I guess, compared to her. But fatties should leave thin characters alone, ain't nobody but tumblr want to see that.

No. 361495

Who wants to bet she's going to not only use this panel as an attempt to make herself look like a cos-god. But to also "warn" people about the cosplayers she's fucked over?

No. 361499

This is still pretty bad, man…

No. 361504

That's pretty average. I wouldn't think twice about it if I would see her. Ash is a train wreck.

Why would she address a very controversial topic that she has no knowledge of… And why has she never heard of Google? There's so many things wrong with her

No. 361515

>Cosplayers that are of color get a lot of flack for cosplaying white characters, but if a white person darkens/tans themselves for cosplay they get a lot of praise
Is she… delusional? It's the other way round and everybody knows it

No. 361530

File: 1490025804500.png (221.04 KB, 1322x1112, 1346639315347.png)

Anyone remember this saga?

No. 361532

It's going to backfire really hard on her.


No. 361539

File: 1490026396453.png (104.4 KB, 540x634, Screenshot_2017-03-20-12-12-08…)


No. 361544


This will be a trainwreck of epic proportions.

Ashley, I realize you think Lolcow is out to get you, but I am seriously begging you, for your own good, don't do this presentation. There is absolutely NO upside to this for you, and there is no good that will come of it. At all.

No. 361549

File: 1490030539989.png (149.88 KB, 748x1007, IMG_3676.PNG)

No. 361550

I wanna see the online bullying one. Because of course she is going to talk about being on LOL cow.

Problem is once they see that, they are going to look it up and see how horrible she really is.

No. 361555

I went to her school (ahead of her, but still) and we learned penis goes into a vagina sex just like everyone else. No religion in that room, except for the boys praying to leave during the birthing video…

No. 361563

The bottom looks like if the light hit it you'd see straight through. Hope she wears a slip.

No. 361571

Omg, haha. Is she seriously going to attempt to give people advice on cosplay??

No. 361573

Tanning =/= black face. Come on now. I don't like defending trash but that tumblr 'logic' is bullshit and you know it.

No. 361574

Apologies for OT but she really has to be one of the ugliest people I've seen. She looks like a fat goblin or gremlin.

No. 361577

Yeah that's why I said practically. Given how pale Ash and her sister on, imagine how many layers of bronzer Momma-Ash had to slather on for her costume? It's not blackface but it's right up there considering Ash was just preaching how Momma raised her right thinking altering your skintone was racist.

No. 361582


In fairness SJW's targeted a POC cosplayer saying she was changing her skin tone. She litterally got so much hate that she had to post a picture of her normal clothes and the picture she was being target on like "FUQ u I'm bronze naturally", so (white) people are so easy to go on a which hunt for anyone wearing a slight concealer or highlights that go darker than their skin tone.


I'm not suprised ash would be one of the people out to bash cosplayers. She's done it so many times before.

No. 361589

I would think the panel on Safety is how to have a costume that can be maneuvered in large crowds, have a meeting place with friends if you get separated, etc …what the fuck does blackface, parents and being bullied have to do with safety?

No. 361590

I don't know if her mom still does, but she used to tan really heavily. I know she still does in natural sun, during the summer. But she used to go to tanning beds.

No. 361592

Does she? Then I take back what I said. I thought it was just for the costume.

No. 361595


Ashley is apparently using the Tumblr definition of "safety." Not going over how to actually be safe in a crowded, chaotic situation.

No. 361602

File: 1490042233120.jpg (32.73 KB, 526x526, 17309187_1834560926569603_5180…)

She wore this to go see Beauty and the Beast. And least she left the unicorn horn at home that she wore to Cracker Barrel.

No. 361603

I have a feeling that those ruffles and everything else on her top will fall off since she seems to glue them on. It also makes me wonder how shes able to sew her costume if she doesn't know how to sew with a machine.

No. 361605

She looks like a hipster soccer mom.

No. 361606

God, that hair cut will never look good on her. At the very least, she should keep some length to the side. Shaving it completely eventuates her trashiness.

No. 361607

She actually looks ok here. I'm in shock.

No. 361609

Does anyone in this family know how to do do even basic makeup?

No. 361611

she looks like she's about to return some bedsheets and shout at a cashier when they say that's against their returns policy

No. 361629

File: 1490049579350.png (Spoiler Image, 116.55 KB, 384x428, IMG_2594.PNG)

Is she cosplaying from my little pony?

Spoilered for pony

No. 361630

She mentioned a year or so ago her plans to cosplay that character, so that's likely the wig she was going to use for it

No. 361668

For the love of god, Ash, just please leave DRAMAtical Murder alone… Aoba is not a beached whale with a middle part and shitty makeup, please stop making him out to be that.

No. 361673

She needs someone to help her run that panel in the very least, but there's no way she has any friends left that she hasn't fucked over who will. She's fucked everyone over or run them off, so there's no way anyone is going to want to waste their time and get fucked over by her again. No one will want to associate with that. If she had someone to help conduct it, it might not bomb so bad.

No. 361679

where are her titties

No. 361766

File: 1490118313447.png (102.45 KB, 237x236, d290b5673a9f9ddcf123a4557fa61d…)

No. 361769

How can someone look so ugly but be so smug about it?

No. 361836

Smashed with packing tape again, probably.

No. 361847

I don't know, but she really is orc-like.

No. 361863

I have literally never seen someone so smug….

also who is she cosplaying here? anyone have a side by side they can show ? im not very smart in weeby knowledge despite all my efforts lmao

No. 361865

File: 1490139076995.jpg (4.43 MB, 2748x4182, Princess.Serenity.full.1699763…)

Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it?

No. 361866

File: 1490139186805.jpg (887.25 KB, 1723x826, orc noises.jpg)

It REALLY is not something to be looking so smug about. She looks nothing like her, and neither does her shitty dress.

No. 361869

Princess Serenity has an empire waist. Haha, bitch can't even make that.

No. 361870

The only thing she got right was the color of the fabric and the circles on the top. Other than that, nothing looks the same.

I notice she does that a lot with her cosplays though. She'll add details that aren't from the original like she's incapable of really seeing a design as it is rather than what she wants it to be.

No. 361900

For her to even BEGIN to wear a correct version of this dress, she'd need a corset and strapless, uplifting bra. Serenity dose not have her tits smashed down to her belly button. But then her boobs would spill out of the top, which I've unfortunately seen in person on another whale. Nip slip ain't kawaii.

No. 361914

File: 1490148024813.jpg (35.19 KB, 500x354, IMG_4727.JPG)

Maybe she mashed the original design with the dress Usagi wore when she was kidnapped? Still looks ridiculous, but it kind of has similar elements to whatever the fuck she was trying to do.

No. 361923

either way I'd never recognize it as princess serenity just by the dress by itself. it looks like some kind of angel costume diy gone wrong

No. 361934

She's the cheap halloween version of cosplay.

No. 362042

File: 1490177918584.jpg (304.73 KB, 977x1501, Screenshot_20170322-055730.jpg)

Why is she of all people making a panel like this? Ash, you are such a hypocrite! And for the love of God, you're choosing to fly again? After you said you werent going to do it again?? Ain't nobody has got time for your complaining ass. The next thing you know she'll be complaining to United, American, Spirit, etc about some random bad shit happening to her and quite possibly getting someone else fired from the airport.

No. 362044

I wonder if she did those little notes on all her slides. Could you imagine? "Try not to look guilty when you list the signs of bullying behavior."

No. 362049

Now there's doing your own design with a character (such as the steampunk phase that everyone went through) and then theres just completely fucking it up
If you decide to do your own details and version of a character it's best that you atleast include traits that will be recognizable….
such as, keep an empire waist but adding some extra beading around the top would be okay…. and if that material on the bottom was flowy and light….rather than straight, stiff and shiny…. people may recognize it better…
also if she used a chiffon for the sleeve puffs rather than slapped on some old pillow cases…

I'm nervous for how she's gonna do her wig….
Girl shits out a cosplay every week it feels like and yet you never see improvements….

No. 362057

I don't think that Ash's misshapen lump of a body could even pull off an empire waist.

No. 362073


Ashley, this panel you are giving is somethink you are going to look back on with regret. But oh well, numerous people have told you that, so you be you, and the rest of us will break out the delicious, delicious popcorn.

No. 362075


Wow for a hobby that is all about creativity and showmanship that power point slide shows .5% effort. Everyone is going to be so board

"Tips and tricks desu!"
Wew original.

No. 362098

File: 1490200935825.jpg (116.86 KB, 1152x2048, asherbee has not improved.jpg)

>kek'd at filename
She's tried it before, but iirc, her Serenity wig was one of those that got lost in the airline saga a few months ago.

Well, here's the first one.

No. 362107

File: 1490201315880.jpeg (16.21 KB, 227x218, image.jpeg)

>that eyeliner

i know i shouldn't be surprised tho

No. 362169

File: 1490214738971.png (15.6 KB, 473x120, pp.PNG)

If any one gets a copy from her DO NOT POST IT. If it gets posted and we mock how bad it is she'll change it completly before Momocon.
If any one gets a copy save it until Momocon's precon for those of us who can't see the trainwreck in person in its full glory since she'll be unable to change it last minute.

No. 362177

How can she be done with something like that in a day?? Has she done any research at all?

No. 362178

She even downsized from 68 or so slides to 20something.

No. 362186

It really shows what kind of person she is that she got a panel and threw together a shitty 20 powerpoint slides with no research just so she could get free badges. She's such a smug little spoiled bitch

No. 362191

She's not even got a ride to con yet. She's trying to bribe a ride with her extra free badge.

No. 362198


That is fucking low. Ashley Bennett, why don't you be an actual adult for a change and fix yourself. JFC

No. 362202

Gets more embarrassing. She couldn't even look up her own flights, she asked on FB for people to compare flights for her. That and asked for donations on her panel raffle. Days she's having a raffle at the end to get people to stick around while she tells a room full of people how great she is.

No. 362209


That is disgusting. People on the Momocon FB group should steer clear of her and just not attend her racist cosplay 101 unsafe panel.

No. 362212

In before she tries to guilt people at the picnic to donate to her.

No. 362280

File: 1490242523015.jpg (255.25 KB, 924x1488, Screenshot_20170323-001129.jpg)


No. 362282

File: 1490242720855.png (412.63 KB, 474x960, useless-mask.png)

What is she thinking with that necklace?! (Obvious shit eyeliner aside) Seriously, that necklaces makes zero sense.

No. 362283

She's so pathetic. How can she expect to have her own place in D.C?? She's in her early 20s already, fucking grow up Ash!

No. 362285

File: 1490243798890.jpg (324.54 KB, 978x1293, Screenshot_20170323-003523.jpg)


No. 362291

Something I have been wondering for a while: How the fuck did she get on a panel?
Don't you have to know what you're supposed to be talking about?

No. 362297

………is her nipple peeking out?

No. 362298

File: 1490248473253.png (984.17 KB, 1440x2125, Screenshot_2017-03-23-01-53-57…)

"All touched up" that one circle that's tucked in when the others aren't literally triggers me. Also fuck that person lying to her telling her this looks good, people like that are the problem.

No. 362354

She spent a week saying she was moving to DC then suddenly she's moving to LA with her sister and then suddenly she's not because her sister told their mom.
She acts like her parents are holding her hostage in the house when every argument they have is over them wanting her to gtfo.

No. 362370

Not as Triggering as this makeup attempt from >>362098

No. 362373


the place where her nipples would be is completely out of frame.

No. 362378

File: 1490281043670.png (Spoiler Image, 564.88 KB, 1188x1307, Screenshot_2017-03-23-10-57-21…)

No. 362381

File: 1490282674425.png (1.46 MB, 1435x1437, no.png)


in order for that to be her nipple instead of a shadow (more likely) her nipples would have to sit about here in pic related. lrn2anatomy anon

No. 362394

Probably a zit or something lol

No. 362401

In the first pic isn't she wearing an outfit that's meant to show cleavage, it seems like her boobs are in a different position. Considering its a V cut wouldn't her breasts be on either side of the V and not smushed down like they are in her serenity outfit.

No. 362403


Yes I just looked at the full image again. The necklace isn't flat against her chest its between her boobs because she's wearing a V cut and has her boobs smushed into it you can clearly see her other boob too. That's her nipple.

No. 362424

It's honestly amazing that she hasn't flashed anyone before. Then again she binds with packing tape.

No. 362443


there is no way anybody's nipples are naturally that high up.

No. 362477

File: 1490298157514.png (10.96 KB, 477x97, Capture.PNG)

You know a responsible adult would have the money to get a new phone using their emergency savings. They'd also have enough money to pay for a way to the convention they spent money on a room for.

No. 362487

It is obvious her boobs are pushed to either side of her necklace. The top is probably too small for her so she physically is like popping out of it. Look at the amount of cleavage she's showing I dont really see how you aren't understanding she's showing cleavage thus her boobs are on either side. Obviously her nipples aren't naturally that high up. Its her top.

No. 362488

Have you never seen Loonie's nipples? Her nipples taught me that nips can end up in pretty odd places.

I wouldn't be surprised if that was Ash's nipple.

No. 362501


I don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted that there is an argument about Ash's nipple

No. 362521

Maybe she has a 3rd nipple.

No. 362522

Third eye, third personality (along with dragon guy), and third nipple. I like it.

No. 362577

Don't forget third gender since she's apparently intersex now. Allegedly her mom was pregnant with twins and Ash absorbed her twin (just like she inhales everything else) and now claims one of her ovaries is a teste.

No. 362582

Okay this I have to see caps of because out of everything Ash has ever said, this is definitely the oddest.

No. 362585

Sadly she told me in a message and I don't want to risk outing myself. I'm sure I'm not the only person she told this to since she lives for attention, but it's too risky and I'm not ready to lose access to my favorite cow.

No. 362587

Well I can't fault you for that. I'm sitting on information too and it's killing me inside but she's probably getting wise and limiting who she tells what to in order to find out who's posting here.

No. 362645

Lmao did she steal that from Somersby too? She actually absorbed a twin brother. Holy shot Ash steals everyone's life experiences.

No. 362647

File: 1490325044393.jpg (597.11 KB, 1044x1597, Screenshot_20170323-230926.jpg)


No. 362656

i met ash back when i was a wee little weeb, and my ex and i were cosplaying dj pon-3 (or whatever it's called) and she wanted to take photos of us. 0/10 would not get photos again.

No. 362661

This is actually a super old story of hers, she told me it in person years ago. Said sometimes her twin speaks through her, which makes her eyes change color. I can't believe she's still telling that story.

No. 362664

File: 1490330691514.jpg (89.04 KB, 768x762, IMG_4390.JPG)

No. 362666


what is she saying here? was she assuming she wouldn't have to pay for her old phone just because it stopped working?

No. 362691

I'm so confused by this post. If I'm still paying off a phone and it catches fire (by it's own accord like the Samsung phones last year), I am sure as hell stopping all payments and either getting a replacement or demanding some (or all) money back. I'm guessing she didn't buy the shitty $10 insurance they offer you when she got her phone. Because otherwise they would instantly replaced it for her.

No. 362701

Sure, she should get her money back/replacement if there was a fault with the phone.
But if she did something to bork her phone (getting it wet, dropping it etc) then she has no grounds to claim on.
I could be wrong if the laws are different in the USA.

No. 362702

Serenity Moon pics are up!

No. 362717

File: 1490342119861.png (684.47 KB, 935x601, Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.5…)

ignoring the fact that she posted a pic of herslef crying (i honestly can't believe lol)

what the fuck is her address? i'm sending her a jar of vaseline for those fucking lips holy shit. also nice fucking mullet, ashley

No. 362720

jesus tap dancing christ her hairstyle

just… wow.

No. 362739

It's not "law" but rather your phone contract, but yes, that's generally how it works in the US. If you fucked up the phone yourself, you have to pay for it yourself. Otherwise insurance covers it.

No. 362751


where i come from the phone is only replaced for free if you pay for the insurance. like if your car stops working and you don't have proper insurance you don't just stop making car payments for your old car after you buy a new car.

No. 362785


Plz don't ruin beauty and the beast for me ash. Stay away. Go play with homestuck again.

No. 362788

I know the laser tag place must be chill on their employee standards but I'd be so embarrassed if I owned a place and an employee represented me looking like this.

No. 362792

File: 1490361896085.png (1.34 MB, 2048x1734, 1.PNG)

Incoming "I'm a leading expert on this topic I've talked to soooo many professionals, I know more than you… ok but no one agrees with me and provided proof so I guess I was lied to again! This always happens to me because I'm a naive autistic lol" argument collage. I marked her backpedaling moment with a star.

This comes from the WOMAN who thinks packing tape/duct tape is A+ binding material despite her ripping a chunk of her skin off one time.

Also I have some bonus updates including her getting back into Tumblr.

No. 362793

File: 1490362008508.png (90.69 KB, 504x895, b1.PNG)

She's hopping back on the Disney bandwagon and creating a frankendress.

No. 362794

File: 1490362083377.png (23.39 KB, 223x364, 1t.PNG)

and her new tumblr with posts about how she's a raging bitch and proud because otherwise she might be a murderer.

Also she's "Queer Bait" which doesn't mean what she thinks it means.


No. 362807

You can get a new phone for about $100 now a days. I use metro pcs and when my phone died, i bought a new phone the same day… it's not that hard. You don't need to spent hundreds either, Ash.

No. 362808

File: 1490364416626.jpg (584.26 KB, 2048x1535, eugene-porter-ea2c03dc4420d7bc…)

She's got some Eugene levels of hair here.

No. 362930

Oh wow… "stop the fear mongering". For once im on Ash side. I would use hair spray on my face.

No. 362933

'leave you with a tangled mess' girl are u serious all of ur wigs are tangled messes u wanna say that someone else has handled every single one of them and it's not ur fault for shitty maintenance?

No. 362958


you agree with ash that it causes all sorts of health issues if you use it on anything but hair?

No. 362969

Odds are the person she's complaining about is her niece who she freely lets roam in her nasty room so Ash can take pictures of her in her costumes when she's not shouting at her for spending money on craft stuff.

No. 362970


I always wondered who takes her shitty photos in her shitty room.

No. 362974

Tripod-san. She borrows him from PT after midnight.

But no, it's probably her webcam. The niece is just there to be Ash's #1 fan in her mind. Niece probably doesn't care too much but Ash likes to think she's the amazing idol everyone looks up to.

No. 362988

this isn't how intersex works, I seriously hate people who use "intersex" as a way to seem more interesting. Like, yeah, super proud you have a birth defect, huh?

t. intersex SWYER syndrome anon

No. 362995

pls dont hammer me admin-sama but where would i find these, i am new to ash threads pls be gentle

No. 362999

Her FB is friends only so check her Tumblr (linked above) or her cosplay FB (AxelAsh Cosplay?) or her Instagram (AxelAsh or axel_gears?)

Found some videos. She did a 'makeup tour' of her case and there's nothing but dozens of wigs in ziplock bags on the floor

No. 363000

ty for the info and also HURK i physically recoiled when i opened her tumblr and the first thing was her smug face filling my whole screen

No. 363002

Yes. I'm too tired to make any sense…

No. 363023

File: 1490409803550.png (60.21 KB, 540x312, Screenshot_2017-03-24-22-42-07…)

No. 363026

oh please let someone take this bait so we can see how awful her hair-laying is, seeing the nightmare her injury prosthetics were

No. 363070

File: 1490425036010.png (173.72 KB, 750x987, IMG_0742.PNG)

Old but gold

No. 363071

File: 1490425081005.png (171.85 KB, 707x1258, IMG_0743.PNG)

Anyone know what this is?

No. 363073

99% sure that's supposed to be Katniss and her fire dress from The Hunger Games.

No. 363075

File: 1490425841771.png (921.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0739.PNG)

She went on stage with this…

No. 363076

File: 1490425963723.png (67.96 KB, 750x750, IMG_0738.PNG)

Such a flattering pic

No. 363077

File: 1490426077581.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0740.PNG)

This one actually looks semi decent but I bet she didn't make the dress

No. 363078


She too fat

No. 363079

>pig ears
>sad droopy wings

bet she made those, though

No. 363084

Looks like a before picture for shape-wear. Yikes.

No. 363094


That Noiz though! God!

No. 363097

File: 1490441002514.png (102.29 KB, 540x495, Screenshot_2017-03-25-07-20-41…)

Surprised she hasn't become a furry before now.

No. 363105

So like Zootopia but about sexism instead of race…

No. 363118

she is going to do nothing but write some insanely creepy porn about this and post it on her tumblr with 0 self awareness

No. 363121

I'm more shocked the main character is female than anything else. She could write porn of this and the only surprise would it being heterosexual.

No. 363129

A trainwreck?

No. 363130

you are not the next lackadaisy cats, please stop

No. 363143

File: 1490480189616.png (13.25 KB, 495x130, party.PNG)

I would be pissed if I worked somewhere I couldn't keep my tips. Especially if my tips got split with someone like Ash.

No. 363144

File: 1490480236684.jpg (75.98 KB, 960x960, 17498560_1842809249078104_5491…)

This is how she looks at work. How the ever loving fuck does she have a job.

No. 363145


And this is why she'll never get a professional job. She NEVER takes care of herself or her personal hygiene.

No. 363147

And you can imagine how she smells and her clothes smell.

No. 363148


That shirt smells and looks like cat piss.

No. 363196

Hold up, did she whack the rest of her hair off?!?!?!

No. 363197


Or she tied it back

No. 363200

her fucking "bangs" or whatever you want to call that. it's too much. the secondhand embarrassment is so strong its making me nauseated a little bit.

No. 363207

That Noiz is kinda cute. Ash looks like an obese sack of shit next to her.

No. 363208

File: 1490496222569.jpg (25.93 KB, 640x640, 11049580_1719876924897858_6288…)

Lord have mercy… What was she thinking??

No. 363210

holy fuck, she looks like a neckbeard.

No. 363211


No, they both look like shit cause that Noiz literally had to stand next to her in this shot, even hung out with her to begin with.

No. 363220

File: 1490499576075.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0749.PNG)

Who takes pics like this???

No. 363221

wtf is that on her teeth?

No. 363227

File: 1490500614320.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0748.PNG)

I still don't understand

No. 363229

Wait now, don't go bashing people for "hanging out" with Ashley's disgusting ass, because how else are our secret agent farmers going to bring that sweet sweet (and disgustingly sour) milk from our gullible cow? None of us know who all of the other farmers are and neither does Ashley. But at this point I'm willing to believe that anyone who "hangs out" with her disgusting ass is only doing so for the lolz and to gather information, or are simply uninformed.

No. 363230

Its fake vampire teeth, you get this stuff you mix up then you push it on your tooth and it takes the shape of your tooth to hold the fake tooth in place, works really well I've done it myself. What Ash has fucking done is WAY over fill the tooth, probably mixed up all the doses and shoved the mix in the teeth when you're only meant to use one per tooth. That or she's smeared it over the adjacent teeth for some reason?

No. 363231

When you eat a whole tube of lipstick because your hunger knows no bounds.

No. 363232

Probably trying to cover up her fucked up donkey teeth.

No. 363233

Ugh I'm so grossed out, her hand looks like someone who had their hand amputated at the wrist and the surgeons just stuck the fingers back on as best they could.

No. 363235

I'm grossed out by her nails.

No. 363241


True on the point anon. Sad to say, I actually know that Noiz. This person was pretty shitty to a lot of people and still continues to do so. So they're a perfect duo together.

No. 363244

Shitty people deserve what comes to them, then. Sorry to hear they're shitty, so I agree with you in that case that they suit each other well, then.

No. 363249

File: 1490505792732.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0747.PNG)

Is she pregnant with the dragon??

No. 363251

File: 1490506001678.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0745.PNG)

Secret Agent Farmer reporting in with these pics!

No. 363252

File: 1490506066231.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0746.PNG)

Mission report:speechless

No. 363253

File: 1490506287079.png (134.51 KB, 750x1086, IMG_0753.PNG)

Incoming storm

No. 363261

But don't forget, your mom stayed up with you because she was terrified you were going to kill yourself, thus she almost had a car accident from lack of sleep.

No. 363263

How so?

No. 363267


No. 363268

Oh god please don't give her ideas, I can't take any more

No. 363269

I've heard her say before that she really wants to have kids. Now can you imagine if somehow she actually did have a child how fucked up it would be? Not just physically, but mentally and because of Ashley telling it constantly that there are dragon spirits protecting it from poltergeists and whatever other shit she comes up with and that the child has no gender and that it should worship the very ground Ashley walks on because she's so amazing and such a wonderful person and that everyone else is shit because they repost the very words Ashley has said that she finds nothing wrong with.

No. 363274

this honestly wouldn't be that bad were it not for that gut

No. 363283

No. 363303

>is allergic to the brand she uses almost constantly
>45 minutes later picks a fight with her mom and is going to run away

If you were going to move to LA you'd have done it by now, not spend money on Sakuracon and whatever else you're pulling out your ass.

Her with kids is a nightmare scenario. She claims her parents won't let her go anywhere by herself to begin with so imagine being that irresponsible and then having a living human to take care of.

No. 363319


They get jealous really easily and their depression sky rockets and literally affects those around them. Plus, they keep spending money on cons rather than making themselves better IE gets fired from jobs all the time, complains about not getting enough hours but when they do, they complain even more of jot working them, takes days off constantly for cons, and they probably make it a habit of blaming their depression all the time like Ash does. They lie about not going to anymore cons and then turns around and goes to another one. And they wonder why their life sucks. They also said cons are the only source of lowering their depression but at the end of the day, it's entertainment to spend money on not work. They need to grow up and stop blaming their depression on stuff that doesn't go right for them. Their last relationship is proof of that from what I heard. It was so bad that they literally ignored her messages and whatnot.

No. 363320


YUP ANS THIS IS KARMA! Looks like you need to not bother going to Momocon or any other con for that matter and concentrate on that move to LA.

No. 363324

File: 1490539734565.jpg (491.62 KB, 971x1511, Screenshot_20170326-104237.jpg)

I have no sympathy towards her. She should've taken care of herself when she got that large check from Delta but instead we get "feeling sorry for thyself" selfies.

No. 363325

The only good thing about these selfies is its the only time she doesn't look smug. Ash nobody feels bad for you and nobody should, posting pictures like this is just embarrassing.

No. 363332

I would also cry if I looked like that. I'm physically repulsed by her appearance.

No. 363334

File: 1490544468260.jpg (973.97 KB, 928x984, goMeihuaTemp_mh1490544499998.j…)

No. 363336

That's horrible. I wonder how she treats her ex?

No. 363339


With depression. Their ex couldn't stand their constant moaning and groaning. From what I was told they make statuses about their ex every now and then complaining how they would've changed. Ha!

No. 363340

Kek, the noiz in this pic looks so fucking annoyed with her

No. 363341

Her Noiz wig is so butchered that it triggers me, putting on a shitty wig and a Noiz hat does not make a proper cosplay!

No. 363350


Oh trust me. I'm pretty sure they were. They probably already know about Ash's lolcow crap cause she probably told them. They practically hung out probably that whole day just cause they both cosplay from DMMD.

No. 363351


I am really curious what exactly her mother said to her that has elicited such a reaction.

No. 363353

File: 1490548301880.jpg (619.07 KB, 1029x1458, Screenshot_20170326-131029.jpg)

Kek, them lips!

No. 363354

File: 1490548440694.jpg (157.75 KB, 945x522, Screenshot_20170326-131247.jpg)


Apparently this

No. 363356

File: 1490548728532.png (151.94 KB, 246x262, 1346638683076.png)

Had this saved forever and just found it today.

No. 363362

So who is gonna send this to her mom?

No. 363364

Also I feel like someone should make some ash banners. I think we're in desperate need of some.

No. 363379


Ok, now I am curious what Ashley was doing immediately prior to those comments, if her mother indeed made them.

The fact that she's telling people not to tell her mother Ashley accused her of saying those things makes me wonder if this event occured anywhere except in Ashley's mind. Still, if my mother said stuff like that to me, I would, in fact, pack my shit and get out, even if i had to sleep under a bridge somewhere.

The fact that she can't because she is that fucking helpless and dependent on people she claims abuse her should make her feel ashamed and embarrassed.

No. 363382

Ash's ego won't let her live anywhere she has to actually be independent and fend for herself. She thinks jobs like waitressing or food service are beneath her, yet in the same breath will bash her family for "looking down on" people who do those jobs. The post is long deleted, but she made a status once about vehemently refusing to work food service and mocked someone from her high school for working at McDonald's, and got ripped a new one by people who either had or currently worked those jobs. Rather than apologize, she deleted it but still makes passive comments in conversations about how she'd feel "ashamed" to work such jobs. She's a spoilt, arrogant piece of shit that would rather sit on her ass and throw a pity party than actually put herself in a situation that involves her making more than minimal effort.

No. 363388

let's not. I don't like Ashley but I think people shouldn't mess with the cows' family members.

No. 363393

what the fuck are those tits? She has the body of a grandma

No. 363397

Sorry but I think if ash is going to lie about her parents abusing her then her parents have a right to know that she's accusing them of abusing their children.

No. 363400

Don't interfere with cows. We're watchers, not cow tippers.

No. 363403

If I knew how to get in touch with her mom i would send her that and the other shit Ashley says, because honestly I believe 100% that all of the shit Ashley claims her mom says is made-up shit, which is why she doesn't want it getting back to her mom because as far as she's concerned, she's going to do what she always does: talk shit and make up sensationalized stories behind the backs of those that do good for her. It disgusts the shit out of me how much Ashley lies and how much she tries to sensationalize to to make her sound interesting.

No. 363404

One thing I hate more than anything is how much Ash will lie right to your face. I'm sure our other Secret Agent Farmers deal with the same shit. I'm not going to risk outing myself to our cow just yet, but let me tell you, I've got a stockpile of screenshots from PM's that just keeps growing and growing, waiting to be dumped here.

No. 363407

Going to take a stab at the actual events that transpired…

Mom tells Ash to do something like wash the dishes, clean her room, etc. Ash whines that she can't because she has depression from the bullies on the internet. Mom tells her if she has depression she needs to go to the doctor. Ash refuses. Mom tells her it sounds like she just wants to be lazy. Ash stamps her feet and screeches like a velociraptor. Mom tells her if she doesn't like living here then she's more than welcome to live somewhere else. More unintelligible screeching from Ash involving hurling "I wish I was never born! This is all your fault for having me!" Stomps back into her room, stomping on all her cosplay items that have been carelessly left on the floor.

End Scene.

No. 363416

I tried but MS Paint skills only go so far and I don't think they were usable.

Same here anon. I tried to help her a while back and got an excuse for every thing I suggested. She kept saying her family prevented her from doing any option I gave her. It just struck me so much of my ex-friend who's an older version of her. Ex-friend wanted to spend $350 on a plane ticket to a convention because "My mum won't pay for a bus ticket, she doesn't like the bus." even though the bus was only $100 and we'd be traveling together. This added with a 27 year old having to rely on her mum for travel money and permission to travel. This is all while getting into fights with her parents over her not having a job or being independent one minute and then crying the next that them not giving her money/a new car means they're trying to keep her dependent forever and won't let her out of the house.

I don't believe for a second that her family is THAT controlling if she's using her own money with how she manages to go to so many conventions despite never being able to find a ride.
Her using excuses like "My parents won't let me do this, say this, go here, etc" is just an excuse because I'm pretty sure she's been "told" she can't do something or go somewhere and then she does it anyway.

Considering she's bragged multiple times about doing a stint in a medical ward for her depression/suicide attempts I'm pretty sure you're spot on with her using depression to get out of doing stuff.
She'll say one minute her parents want her out of the house and then the next she has no freedom because they won't let her do anything.

No. 363438

That is so spot on it's terrifying. That's how she's behaved every time I've seen her.

I feel your pain, Anon. I've tried so hard to help her and it's the exact same thing. Just making excuses as to why she can't do something, even if it's something simple that would drastically improve her cosplay, etc. God forbid you ever offer the smallest, nicest, littlest suggestion of constructive criticism, she goes up like Pompeii in an instant.

I wish there were a way to discretely meet you other Farmers at conventions without Ash finding out.

No. 363447

I'm sure we've all met but in the future we'll know each other by our matched pained faces within earshot of her.

No. 363461

>I wish there were a way to discretely meet you other Farmers at conventions without Ash finding out.
Use the discord? Use throw away emails to exchange social media or other emails. Discord seems better tho since mods can check her IP since she lurks here.

No. 363462

Different farmer but I forgot all about the discord. Would make it easy to share caps we don't want her to see but I'd still be worried about someone telling her. Bound to be someone willing earn favor with her through slimy tactics.

No. 363464

I'm gonna join the discord room just for the ash anons

No. 363468

Dani didn't eat the dragons… Ash, stop this. Stop ruining beloved characters already.

No. 363475

Best of luck, friend. I'm too nervous to since I'm not that familiar with discord.

No. 363476

File: 1490576813983.png (50.62 KB, 487x500, ttlyhappened.PNG)

Samefag but I have to share this

No. 363477

Ash apparently goes to almost all of the cons I go to and I always wonder if I'll ever catch a glimpse of her, part of me wants to meet her just once to say I have.

Oh god Ash SHUT UP, just focus on getting a real job and out of the house and not blaming it on everyone but yourself.

No. 363478

File: 1490577148681.png (17.83 KB, 514x152, Capture.PNG)

>Hey guys my parents are totally abusing me but I'm leaving anyway but also I'm going to a beauty school I can't afford right after I buy a car, my own house in Florida, and dental work on my teeth

No. 363481

Its pretty sad how her mom is just a faceless entity for her to use for personal gain. "LOOK HOW BAD LOLCOW IS THEY ALMOST /KILLED/ MY DOTING MOTHER !!" the next day "FEEL BAD FOR MEEEE MY MOM ABUSES MEE" like. Her mom exists to serve her even indirectly like this and its kind of sick how ash views the people in her life as props to use for what she wants

No. 363482


Ummmm I highly doubt they're gonna take her in cause her make-up techniques are still shit.

No. 363483

File: 1490577460985.png (18.68 KB, 384x255, schoolfees.PNG)

Even if she got in she can't pay for it. I did a quick net fund thing and since I highly doubt she'll get any FAFSA money, she's screwed.

No. 363484


Now where's that excuse of not having the money to do it cause of her lame ass disability

No. 363485

File: 1490577842949.png (23.65 KB, 497x214, roomie.PNG)

This is the same roomie who Ash expected to clean, cook, and wash clothes for her. Sounds just like her mom since Ash bragged about washing her clothes before her mom could get to them for the first time just a few weeks ago.

No. 363486

LOL Empire is the literal Walmart of beauty schools. They'll admit anyone who walks through the fucking door.

Google "Empire Beauty School scam/complaints" and you'll find a bunch of shit on them. A lot of other "students" are welfare rats going to keep their food stamps, the schools are always dirty as fuck with outdated materials, the instructors won't let you use the actual chemicals for hair processes and make you use WATER, no actual lesson plan, etc

No. 363487

what the fuckerooney. 28k for beauty school tuition?

No. 363489

File: 1490578263057.png (54.38 KB, 453x541, doctor.PNG)

The net cost calculator likes to add a ton for "estimated other expenses" but everything above that is pretty spot on. She'd be paying at least 10k a semester in tuition/fees/books/supplies which is like an entire year in a community college cosmetology class but that's beneath Ash.

Unrelated, I found this while browsing her feed and I thought she had a mystic dragon seeing therapist? Noticed >>363476 here she also admits she's not seeing her therapist and probably hasn't for ages since they'd recommend meds and she's not been on them for 2 years.

No. 363490

File: 1490578406240.png (55.57 KB, 464x544, jfcash.PNG)

Another cap. OP comment was "I dislike your parents"

No. 363491

maybe the dog bit you because you're a filthy person and dogs see true personalities? also, reprimand? you can tell it "don't bite", your mom doesn't have to do EVERYTHING for you.

GOD, this bitch.

No. 363492

also, isn't she an adult? how is CPS going to get involved–child in the mind doesn't mean child in law.

No. 363493

And if anyone's curious, this entire fight started at 1:24AM about two hours after Ash was costesting Serenity.

She comments that her mom is crying in the other room at 1:40AM.

Says she's going to bed at 2:22am.

Both her parents work, don't they? Why the everlovingfuck are they up that late if Ash didn't wake them up doing fuckall like the nightowl she is? If she can hear her mom crying then they must be right across the hall or something. Ash probably woke them up and just didn't give a shit because I'M A GROWN ADULT.

No. 363495


I have no sympathy for her anymore. She should've gotten the fuck out a long time ago but instead she wastes all of her money on fucking cosplay/conventions. See, this is why you're a no good bitch ash. You make hobbies your top priority instead of taking care of your health and moving on like an adult. Looks like you'll never get past your childish stage. And not taking her meds?? R U SERIOUS?? Listen, the reason why you're gonna end up dead is not because of your parents but it's because YOU don't bother taking the initiative to get yourself better. She said so herself that she's getting worse. THEN GO TO A FUCKING THERAPIST, GO GET YOUR MEDS REDONE, GO ON A HIATUS WITH CONS/COSPLAY, MOVE OUT, BUY A CAR, THESE ARE THE THINGS YOU NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON! MY GOD IF MY DAD WAS HERS, SHE WOULD'VE BEEN FORCED OUT! NO MORE OF THIS EXCUSE BS ON BETTERING HERSELF!

No. 363496

But you don't understand, her parents won't LET her do those things. She's physically incapable otherwise, like a magic spell.
You have no idea how tempted I am to out myself with caps of how far she's gone to justify not putting effort into something by throwing her family under the bus. It's not HER fault she doesn't have the money or doesn't want to put in the effort, it's her FAMILY'S fault.. right down to her grandpa. She blames an elderly man for this shit, like when she said it was his fault he refused to help her move.

No. 363497


Then let me put it this way. What's stopping her to leave?? She could move out anytime! But she refuses cause she's scared she's gonna end up right where she was back when she moved to Florida. Sorry, I'm not buying it. I'd like to see more proof(or at least link me if it's already here) of her family stopping her from growing up and doing the right things for once. I mean her mother practically told her to get the fuck out here >>363354 so I won't be taking any blah blah blah, her family is the reason why she can't do responsible things.

No. 363498

PLEASE post I want more milk, I can't stand her and watching her make herself look like more and more of a childish, spoiled little waste of space is really great lmao I wanna see more caps.

No. 363499

As much as I want milk too, Anon should keep themselves safe first.

Ash will get what's coming to her soon enough.


Why is she cos-testing so late at night anyway!?

No. 363501

I don't get why she doesn't realize that she doesn't HAVE To go to every single con within radius of her….

she focuses SOOOO much on quanity over quality. she'd rather pump out 50 cosplays a month than 1 good one over the course of 1-2 months…
I really don't get that mentality when it comes to crafting, especially if she so desperately wants a good rep within the community..

No. 363505

Red Ursula?

No. 363509


Nope, Katniss from the Hunger Games apparently

No. 363510

iirc, she had a lot of pride in all her Katniss cosplays because she believed she was literally the best Katniss out there.

Just wow… how does one get their gut to look so bloated all the time.

No. 363511

I think >>363496 was supposed to be sarcastic. But I could be wrong.

No. 363512


I really hope they are but I'm also starting to believe it could be Ash posing as an anon as well.

No. 363513

Crap, I want to join too but I can't remember for the life of me if I posted in 2016

No. 363518


>makes a demand of her parents in their own house and threatens to leave if that demand isn't met

THEN FUCKING LEAVE. She acts like her parents are obligated to provide for her.

No. 363520


That's exactly what I've been trying to say too. JFC ASHLEY GROW THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE ALREADY!

No. 363521

It's so pathetic that this is the world we live in now. Stupid attention seeking people on IG and other social media trying to fish for asspats. Grow the fuck up, Ash.

No. 363523

noooo they'e being sarcastic…
when they said "it's likea magic spell" as well as how it's her familys fault, i believe they're quoting something ash has said to them in a dm…
u can take ur tinfoil hat off, it's ok..

No. 363526

jfc, Ash is mentally unstable. I feel bad for her parents.

No. 363528

she's still fat and bad at makeup, but holy shit. she looks so much better when she's not shaving her hairline/eyebrows, and that red really compliments her skintone. She's really gone downhill

No. 363538

Hasn't she always been downhill ?

No. 363551


typo is right, whoever would live with her and put up with those demands would have to be a lainey-tier doormat

No. 363553

File: 1490592287830.jpg (219.5 KB, 1856x1044, house.jpg)

Okay, so I haven't been to her house for years, but because of some comments I thought I'd attempt to give a layout of their tiny home. sorry I only have a mouse and I didn't really care to put effort in anyway, I hope this makes sense. the hallway was barely wider than her iirc.

No. 363588

That was me, I was definitely being sarcastic. Every time you offer her help she shoots it down because X family member won't allow it as if that's the be all, end all. Mummy said no because of this bullshit excuse so I'm physically incapable of doing it.
Thankfully Ash hasn't gone that crazy and claimed her parents are putting spells on her but that's how she acts with her excuses.

Yeah I was pretty sure her parents were across the hall because in one video Ash was harassing the cat by following it out of her hoarder room into a really clean bedroom across the hall so I figured that had to be the master bedroom. I couldn't believe the difference between the two rooms because there was nothing on the floor and the bed was made really nice while Ash's had stuff on the floor, stained carpeting, and a bunch of Mountain Dew cans everywhere. She looked like she was in a neckbeard den.

No. 363605

She's like the fat Margaret Palermo.
>My parents are boolies, I was abyoosed

No. 363634

if she really held her parents' words in such high esteem she'd have gotten her shit together already. what about all those times your parents told you to get a job or move?

No. 363652

File: 1490640993975.png (144.79 KB, 750x939, IMG_3716.PNG)

No. 363653

Bleck look at her hair. Its disgusting.

No. 363654

I'm so embarrassed for her. God this is like a nightmare I can't stop picturing what it would be like to go into an interview looking like this its like.. One of those nightmares that you're presenting a speech naked or something. SO embarrassing

No. 363664

I was just coming here to post that. How the ever loving fuck would you consider going to a BEAUTY ACADEMY looking like that!

No. 363669

File: 1490644235848.jpg (59.01 KB, 720x960, 17426298_1845952788763750_4943…)

Axel Ash Bailey
47 mins
Guess who starts cosmetology on my 30th!?

How is she going to pay for this?!

No. 363673

I'm SO excited for this! It's a whole new saga of milk, she's gonna get boolied by other girls in her classes, have jealousy-fueled outbursts.. it's gonna be fantastic.

No. 363675

>How are her parents going to pay for this?!

No. 363676


What's sad is that it's also a shit school. I can't wait to see the excuse statuses of how to pay for it. Ash, just so you know, your fucking conventions are gonna have to put in hiatus for this. Just saying! It's either that or cons. And only one of them is important and I'll give you a hint, it doesn't involve people getting dressed up for silly events. So you do you I guess.

No. 363677

Oh god yes. Can't wait to hear all her new, even more condescending "expertise" that shes gonna spew on facebook. I can already imagine it
>Well I'm in beauty school so
>Well in beauty school they said
>Well I'm a beautician/cosmetologist

No. 363678


No. 363679

You know she's making her parents or grandfather pay for it somehow. Or, financial aid will make it so that she doesn't have to pay until after her classes are finished, whereupon she'll default on her loan payments and they'll start repossessing stuff from her parents. She's so unbelievably irresponsible that it just blows my fucking mind and makes me furious. I can't wait to see how this pans out.

No. 363680

File: 1490645139055.png (40.69 KB, 423x434, sureash.PNG)

Between this and having no savings, my bet is Ash is taking out student loans to fund her cosmetology dreams because I doubt she'll get any financial aid and it's too late to file anyway.

No. 363684


I have the same ear ring set

Well time to burn them.

No. 363685


How is she going to drive to said classes? She's in the back of a car. So she still doesn't have a car or a lisence

No. 363686


>But the problem is shit happens and before I know it my money is gone.

"Shit happens", Ash? Really? You mean like you suddenly deciding you want to go to expensive cons, fly there, get expensive hotel rooms, spend a bunch of money on materials that you waste on crap cosplay attempts, etc?

>my family goes "You always make it about you! Why is it always about you?!"

Because you're a piece of shit Ash and you treats others like shit, stomp your foot, scream, cry, and act like a goddamn child instead of a mature adult. You're 22, grow the fuck up.

>Then I'd make a savings fund :D aka do not touch fund (sound advice)

>Ash laughs derisively because she does not understand the concept of "do not touch" when it comes to anything.

No. 363691

Her cruel, evil parents that abuse her.

Shit literally happens, just look at all her costumes she spent all her money on.

No. 363703

They look like shit anyway, it's for the best anon.

No. 363735

File: 1490657498687.png (42.13 KB, 515x416, uhoh.PNG)

God help you, local farmers.

No. 363738

Ew gross, God help the person that's got her diaper panties frothing with just a follow.

No. 363739

This is probably the fourth or fifth "hot cosplayer" she's mentioned in the past three months alone. It's always "This hot cosplayer is following me!" or "This hot cosplayer replied to my comment!"

She's already called herself a "lonely lunchbox and a single pringle" and probably fapping to picturing them doing ship photos together.

No. 363754


Whatever happened to that "crush" she has? She barely talks about them.

No. 363755

They probably found out it was them and turned her down.

No. 363756


Wait, she can't start driving lessons til she has a license. I doubt she even has a learners permit like come on!

No. 363757

It's not lessons, its mandatory school and you can do it without your learners (at least in my state).

Sage for a little off-topic

No. 363780

Is her house one of those one story ones? Thanks for the layout, anon.

No. 363781


No. 363782

Am I in some bizarro world…?

No. 363785

This girl flips her shit at the slightest constructive criticism or even suggestion, HOW is she going to handle beauty school???

Also does she think it's going to be just playing with makeup all day?? Lmao I can't wait for this. Plus she'll have a whole new set of innocent bystanders to sperg out on!

No. 363797

Yeah, it's very small, it was terrible when she tried to have groups over.

No. 363799

File: 1490676260157.jpg (547.79 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_ny1x7oraJ41rwdig0o2_128…)

Lmao I can't stop laughing at this picture

No. 363800

It's like a cryptid sighting

No. 363801

File: 1490676429773.png (46.45 KB, 590x800, 2d2b07ab6e3261dd556c3fbc80f648…)

These are in /tagged/wicca on her blog, why does she tag this shit with wicca? Literally what.

No. 363803

Man, she has such a weird body type.

No. 363804

Is that Litten?

No. 363805

Dont worry folks it'll be a while before she gets her license.

No. 363807


That might've been the day that she started getting serious about her fake nombinary bullshit. Like right after this photoshoot she started writing more and more statuses about her thinking she looks better as a boy than a girl but she still wants to wear pretty dresses.

No. 363814

>Plus she'll have a whole new set of innocent bystanders to sperg out on!

Oh you can count on the fact that we'll have new farmers joining us in no time with how she aggressively tells everyone about lolcow/ED.

No. 363816

I can't even formulate my thoughts on this. How many dragon imaginary friends does she have now? And one's an elf? And she thinks these things are following her like some sort of cult? JFC if there even were powerful supernatural beings, why the everloving fuck would one follow Ashley around? It's like, because she's so repulsive and violently repels everyone so bad, she has to pretend to others that there's something out there that finds her interesting enough to want to follow her around, even if it's imaginary. It's disgustingly childish and I wish she'd just grow the fuck up and stop lying and pretending and being a leeching piece of shit living in a fantasy.

No. 363817

Oh I wanna know what kind of "barrier" she thinks she's put up, and I wish I could see a video of her "casting a spell" kek.

No. 363819

>He's a bit of a flirt, and can be a little cocky but he's still sweet.

inb4 Ash claims she's been fucked by a dragon.

No. 363827

This is what she begs people to come over and photograph her for. I'd be too ashamed to even do this with a tripod.

This is shit you'd see a child coming up with, not a full grown adult. Part of me wants to believe it's all for attention but after a while you start to believe your own delusions.

No. 363831


I mean, this seems about right for a low class beauty School student. She'd probably fit right in with the rest of the tumblrinas

No. 363833


Did…did she use red creme on her eyes?

No. 363835

how she got to her size and weight while having non-existent tits is a mystery to me

No. 363837

saged for blog-posty but i used to weigh nearly 200lb and still had an a cup, tits are weird sometimes.

No. 363867

File: 1490719552787.png (315.87 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-03-28-18-43-33…)

Lmao, that crazy talent, such business insight, I wonder how many takers there were

No. 363869

I saw on her blog her cosplay for "whelp" who in her fake "I WAS SOUL RAPED" story she says was like. her dragon self. It's so clearly just an OC based on Taiwan from hetalia lol.

No. 363871

File: 1490722407175.gif (718.3 KB, 500x281, expectation v reality.gif)

Ash is a perfect example of someone who hasn't grown out of chuunibyo phase.

No. 363872

what's this from?

No. 363876

Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions

No. 363878


No. 363879

Did she drop a name of that "hot cosplayer"?

No. 363880

How can she if they don't exist?

No. 363881

Have you seen the Slaton girls? Each of them is easily three times Ash's size, and yet neither of them have any breasts to speak of. Weird.

No. 363890

>shaves her hairline, presumably to be able to wear wigs better, then pulls wigs right down to her nose

>wants to move out, someone suggests a savings account, literally replies with "lol"

>brags that special effects makeup is "her jam", goes to overpriced beauty school without researching reputation

>even imaginary friends are shit tier


saged for rage.

No. 363891

Everything she does is so indicative of the fact that she is always trying to cut corners and get the results without the effort.

No. 363895

File: 1490733600005.png (111.16 KB, 1026x549, ash1.PNG)

Take your topic pick, farmers.

Mine is
>$5,500 or more from FAFSA

She's a dependent that's employed. I'm unemployed and independent and I only got $5,815 for the year.

No. 363897


How much you wanna bet she's gonna use that left over FAFSA money to pay for more cosplay shit and isn't gonna pay for any of her school tuition.

No. 363898

I'm doubting it's even grant money, to be honest. With how much she's getting despite being a financial dependent with two parents and having her own income, it has to be loan money. There's no way she's getting grant money that generous unless she lied on her FAFSA.

No. 363902


mine is, Ash trying to reinvent an alternative/asian fashion thing that's been around for years because she doesn't know shit. like, how you can be a weeb on dA for years and not see nails with crap stuck on them?

No. 363905

File: 1490736487642.png (139.61 KB, 436x1267, uhoh.PNG)


I watched this go down until she rage quit over some one pointing out she needs money to go to conventions. I can feel that block coming.

No. 363906

File: 1490736536306.png (22.25 KB, 479x270, uhoh2.PNG)


No. 363910


IS SHE FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?! YOU'RE FUCKING PRIORITIES ASH! WTF!!! She is a prime example of someone who believes cons are better than her schooling. And her portfolio on cosplay is fucking shit. She needs A WHOLE lot more on the table to get their attention. NOT JUST FUCKING COSPLAYS!

No. 363911

So sad I don't have the "privilege" of hearing about her college anymore.

Fucking get over yourself Ash.

No. 363912

I'm dying that she thinks she's a step above the rest of the class as if that somehow means it'll be CHEAPER FOR HER.

No. 363913


She does realize that if she's paying bit by bit on her schooling, plus her hours getting cut from work, alone with her only working 4 days a week with 4 hours a day, with only getting $7.50 an hour, she's NOT gonna have enough for fucking conventions, let alone cosplays. LIKE R U FOR REAL ASHLEY?! THIS IS SIMPLE MATH! There's just no fucking way you can do both!

I'm waiting for that GoFundme to happen.

No. 363914


I call bullshit on this cause you know she's gonna make post after post about it.

No. 363915

And then cry when she's maxed out on debt and realizes she has to pay it back or have more debt collectors knocking on her door.

No. 363921

File: 1490739336060.png (499.09 KB, 486x536, sigh.PNG)

Meaning she didn't get asspats and people telling her to go to a convention every other month on money she doesn't have.

No. 363922

File: 1490739564586.jpg (28.82 KB, 400x400, IMG_4771.JPG)

I'm so excited for the incoming baaaaw-fest

No. 363924

I love how she constantly wants people to hold her hand and do common sense adult things FOR her until it means telling her she can't afford conventions or cosplay shit BECAUSE said adult things need to take priority.

No. 363925

She just magically came up with a secret college fund she just found out about to cover her ass.

No. 363927

Caps? LOL

No. 363928

File: 1490740567339.png (43.41 KB, 432x387, funds.PNG)

No. 363929

She is lying out of her mudflap ass right now just to get people to get off he back about using money meant for college on her shitty cosplays and conventions because if this was the truth she would've mentioned it the moment she found out. Nice try Ash. God one of her WORST qualities aside from how disgusting she is physically is what a pathological liar she is.

No. 363930

samefag but it just kills me.
>But if I can't take out loans then how will I pay for this since my job doesn't pay enough?!
>Oh hey 30 minutes later I forgot I'm rich off a secret fund I found out about yesterday but just now remembered again. Darn dragon gave me temporary amnesia.

No. 363931

File: 1490740795245.jpeg (48.15 KB, 640x960, received_1628720503824624.jpeg)

Idk if this was posted or not btw wtf is talking about now

No. 363932

Yeah that was already posted. She had an argument with her mother at almost 2am in the morning. You can draw your own conclusions why she was picking a fight with her mother trying to sleep that late at night.

No. 363933

File: 1490740904956.jpg (44.73 KB, 405x363, IMG_3410.JPG)

Holy shit I'm dying! She fed me the same bullshit when it came to her trying to move to D.C! EXACT. SHIT. It's supposedly some sort of insurance her grandpa has on her. First she was going to use it for her car, then to move to D.C., and now it's the same excuse to cover her ass about college so she can still go to conventions. I guarantee you she'll whine next week about her grandpa not giving her the money, just like the last two times.

No. 363935

Pretty much this. If she'd had a college plan since she was 15 then she'd know how to save for college.. or be smart enough to wait until she's old enough to be independent.

No. 363939


If she's telling the truth then she shouldn't have been complaining all these times about her not having enough for collage. I'm pretty sure this is a flat out lie.

No. 363942

Is this like the third time shes been to college? I remember a while back she moved to Florida for school dropped out came back went to school dropped out and tried to go to vcu but got rejected

No. 363945

With how bad her finances are it's a wonder she can even take a certification course, much less attend a Uni.

No. 363947

I just realized this is a picture of her tablet/screen and look how fucking nasty it is.

No. 363953

How does one person just get that fat and not care??

No. 363954

She belongs in a nunnery.

No. 363958

How dumb is this bitch? She keeps acting like she's smart enough to come up with a trend, but it's already been already for years. i hate this girl. sage for rage

No. 363959

It's repulsive. Even if she loses weight in the future, she's ruined her body. I can only imagine the stretch marks and sagging excess skin. I'd kill myself if I ever got that big, there's no going back.

How much money do you think she spends on food lol

No. 363962

File: 1490748193418.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, hehehe.gif)

>my cosplays put me a step above the rest of the class

Gurl…This level of delusion is sad.

No. 363963

A lot. Something tells me she only pays pre-made meals or fast food, which adds up a ton at the end of the week. She's so young and already too fat to be saved. But she's a shit person, so honestly, no farmers even feel bad.

No. 363975


agreed, she doesn't seem like the type to cook her own food. everything she does looks like it took minimal effort.

No. 363981


as if she couldn't just, y'know, apply for it later when her mom was around…

No. 363982

File: 1490752941135.jpg (30.89 KB, 540x434, FB_IMG_1490752764159.jpg)

This bitch is a train wreck

No. 363993

But anon, that'd be logical and less dramatic … and u can't make a status implying ur fathers an ass if u do that…

No. 364014

She doesn't cook her own food. Ever. The only "food" she's ever "cooked" is Rice-a-roni, which she's bragged about. Apart from that, her parents buy all of the food and she just pigs out on it. That's why her dad had to padlock the ice cream just so he and her mom could have a fucking bite of it before this bitch sucked it down.

No. 364017

File: 1490761283385.png (6.56 KB, 587x94, b3ed2cc74a8fc31c29594cc4c736b6…)

Well theres this. And she rbed a giveaway post to win a dragon dildo, so.

No. 364021

Whait she still has a collection of Dragon dildos?

No. 364023

What? She reblogged a giveaway post from bad dragon to win a dragon dick

No. 364024

>>363835 see
>>363071 >>363076
She has tits, just binds them with duct tape.

No. 364025

I'm gonna vomit.

No. 364027

Just waiting for "Guys I'm not a virgin anymore! I was totally fucked by a dragon!"

Still? She's never had one. You know she'd never be able to afford a Bad Dragon dildo.

But can you imagine the disgusting condition she'd leave a sex toy in if she did have one? You know she'd never take care of it or wash it appropriately, and bacteria would build up so fast. She'd have crotch rot within a week.

No. 364030

Where is all this dragon stuff posted to?

No. 364033


No. 364037

File: 1490766905798.png (443.56 KB, 500x717, tumblr_o9ggkpnEcS1vytktbo1_500…)

Did this panel of her comic ever get posted? Her art kills me inside.

No. 364047

This art killa me, i died alittle on the inside

No. 364049

Just the idea of Ash with a BD dildo is unsettling. It's so fucking weird to imagine her in any sort of sexual situation.

No. 364054

I'm seriously just so fed up with her. I'm tempted to stick around on her FB until the end of May when she starts beauty school which is right after her Momocon panel but at the same time I'm just so sick of trying to help her.

How many farmers do we have on her FB? Because I post a lot of caps here and I'd hate to deprive anyone of milk but at the same time I'm really tempted to just post everything I have stockpiled including Momocon stuff and just be done with it before she starts the "Waaaah they didn't think I was a hair cutting genius at beauty school!" saga.

No. 364057


Pretty sure anyone who tried to help her are farmers now. We all literally don't give a shit cause she only cares about herself.

No. 364060

Pretty much.

No. 364065


I'm still trying to figure goe she's gonna pay for Momocon, let alone a ride there. She barely works enough hours(just 4 hours a day for four days a week, seriously?) and a plane ticket to and from Georgia is expensive af. Even if she did take the bus, there's no way she'd have enough for that either. I feel so sorry for the people who have to ride with her for 9-10 hours there if she's carpooling. God knows if she already has her badge.

No. 364070

I'm still on her Facebook and am wearing pretty thin myself, but thankfully I keep a low profile and only offer advice to her occasionally so I don't burn myself out; she's more exhausting than our queen. I mostly observe and screencap when I can, but sometimes I miss things because I actually have a life when compared to Ash and can't post/check Facebook religiously, so I appreciate you other farmers, especially when it comes to something Ash deleted and I can only read here.
I think we should join the discord chat and set up a Skype group or something to share our caps with each other without risking outing ourselves, but I'm hesitant because I know Ash has a few people who lurk here that report back to her. (Hi Micah! Keep stroking the dick you wish you had up on your high horse, I know you're here because you can't stand Ash either and like to pretend you're not one of us!)

No. 364074

File: 1490791120369.png (167.4 KB, 750x1097, IMG_4777.PNG)

…Apparently not only is she completely ignorant of how sex works, she also doesn't understand giving birth. Twins that are two DAYS apart?! What the actual fuck. And of course the older than dirt cliche of twins being ~total opposites~ of each other.

No. 364075

That is some terrible copy+paste texture. It's so distorted and her linework is just so bad. Part of me wants to redline everything wrong with the anatomy and clothing drape.

No. 364077

She's not taking the bus. I've got pm caps I'll post when I get home.

I'm just getting in too deep. Like 50% of caps here are probably mine and I just need to cut my losses before I get even more salty than I am because I'm likely to just want to shake her if I ran into her at a con. She's just so damn stupid and up her own as it should be physically impossible for her to breathe.
I'm just going to dump everything I've got when I get home and unfriend her before I lose my mind since I'm already on her to-block list next time she gets paranoid.

No. 364078

File: 1490791562885.gif (69.53 KB, 480x270, IMG_4778.GIF)

God speed, anon.

No. 364085

We appreciate you and your sacrifice to this country anon! Knowing ash IRL can be so exhausting, and I've only met her by chance a few times with little convo and she was STILL obnoxious and boisterous in those short time spans, esp at katsu w/ her "mental breakdownz!!11", so I can't imagine how people in her friend group feel like. I do know though that she knows their are secret agent farmers, she doesn't really know who, but basically paranoidly pointed blindly & wildly, while saying she was going to "clear up her friend list on fb". And even puts blame for her failures on them, including her parents, and what not. Kinda sad really, she reminds me of someone who is stuck in 8th grade anime club forever.

No. 364096


Is there anything at all she does that isn't half-assed? JFC. Why can't she LOOK at this, or anything she does, and see the problems with it. I legit don't get how she can look at herself in a mirror in her various outfits and think she looks even just OK, much less "cute" or "hot" as she consistently describes herself. And I legit don't get how her mother could take one look at her and not give her the "You march right back into your room and change into something decent, young lady! You aren't leaving the house looking like that!!!" speech.

Ffs. Most lolcows here make me laugh, but Ashley is legit frustrating to watch. I never saw someone who was so utterly determined to go through life sideways. There isn't a single decision she makes that isnt't the worst possible choice.

No. 364101

She gave them names that sound more Korean than from whatever other country theyre supposed to be from

No. 364118

i've redlined some of her previous drawings in previous threads and while it's hilarious to see the slenderman-crossed-with-a-garbage-can anatomy, it just reveals that shit is shit

No. 364123

Well anyway. Since we're talking about her artwork, what is the latest in her manga? Last we saw, the strong, tall and manly seme had thrown his hapless kawaii uke waif over his saddlebow, and was riding off with him. No doubt to ravish him into submission.

No. 364136

Where do you even read her manga at?

No. 364140

Her deviantart. Since her patreon flopped as we all predicted.

Her defense is literally "They lay eggs and I do what I want."

No. 364143

I'll pick up the slack, I've had her on all social media for quite a while now. I have quite the collection.

No. 364152

File: 1490815656919.png (160.29 KB, 750x1030, IMG_0911.PNG)

Even her OCs don't
Make sense

No. 364153

File: 1490815692792.png (165.76 KB, 750x1021, IMG_0912.PNG)

Doing some farm work!

No. 364156

File: 1490815760683.jpg (242.54 KB, 750x944, IMG_0915.JPG)

Research is a good thing to do when creating a character…. just saying

No. 364157

File: 1490815804379.jpg (208.46 KB, 750x802, IMG_0916.JPG)

And here we go

No. 364160

I have her on my FB I'm trying to help her, as an older nerd, I see her as an obsessed child who needs to grow out of her ways. I' was cringe otaku in jr high and high school. While I'm still a nerd and have a ton of nerdy stuff I've grown as a person by learning the hard way it's not all about me. And that saying what you think isn't a good thing. Been cosplaying for awhile now but I'm no pro. She has potential and she's determined I'll give her that; but she needs to get her priorities straight. I'm doing what I can. While I don't know her in person I can at least try and give her cosplayer to cosplayer advice and wisdom

No. 364163

File: 1490817072044.png (431.31 KB, 497x491, FUCKINGBITCH.PNG)

I'm the farmer above and seriously she'll do or say something to just make you reach the breaking point. She takes no advice, doesn't thank you for help, she'll steal your ideas and everything.
Guess why she's making all these robe wearing characters and tried to make her own cosplay and then abandoned it? I had a fucking 10 minute conversation with her about it and she tried to suddenly make it a duo cosplay.

Also don't give her anything, this is how it'll end up. If you're reading this, Ashley, YOU DON'T SELL STUFF SOMEONE GAVE YOU, YOU SHIT.

No. 364166

File: 1490817223475.png (27.76 KB, 508x316, caps.PNG)

And last update caps for me. Dumping everything I've got on her so it might take a bit. I'll try to section it all by topic once I dig through my PM's.

No. 364167


Gdi Ashley you don't sell shit that doesn't belong to you!

No. 364169

Thank you so much!! And definitely take your time, if you categorize and have a lot I think it's always helpful to number them, if possible. (E.g. 1/15, 2/15) etc.

No. 364170

Ashley, do your research about reptiles first, even if your characters are dragons. Reptiles can only be twins if they're in the same egg, and one of them can't hatch without the other joining. They're not twins if they're in two separate eggs.

No. 364171

I'm trying to help her I really am…

No. 364180

File: 1490821043186.png (374.01 KB, 315x780, ec97d91505af25aa6de644a77feb3f…)

Anons who wanted to talk on discord or skype, do any of you use telegram?

No. 364181

File: 1490821233086.png (448.72 KB, 2002x1838, 1.PNG)

Okay so I can't access most of my chat history past 2017 even after I downloaded everything I could to recover it.
Asked my friend to see if I've sent them any of the caps since my laptop had to be replaced right at the beginning of January but that may take some time.

Here's the last messages I have with her though and I'll make it up to everyone with cap from her powerpoint for Momocon since I doubt she'll bother to change anything even if we laugh at it.

No. 364182

File: 1490821866436.png (44.99 KB, 773x421, what.PNG)

1/15 for the slides

No. 364183

File: 1490821902035.png (541.23 KB, 1161x588, omfg.PNG)

>don't brag

No. 364184

File: 1490821969909.png (240.4 KB, 803x428, muchresearch.PNG)


No. 364185

File: 1490822043233.png (57.99 KB, 774x440, makeup.PNG)


No. 364186

File: 1490822125132.png (56.32 KB, 787x435, IRONIC.PNG)


No. 364187

Not everyone smears glue all over their eyebrows, also she doesn't know how to use half the things listed there.

No. 364188

File: 1490822252873.png (439.19 KB, 827x446, cruelty free.PNG)


No. 364189

"Don't go to the con if you can't afford it"

No. 364190

File: 1490822347237.png (537.01 KB, 1130x576, ducttape.PNG)


No. 364191

File: 1490822406684.png (269.88 KB, 767x440, a1.PNG)


Also this is the most fucked up slide in the entire presentation. She's ripped skin off herself before trying to bind but now she's telling an entire room of people to fuck themselves up permanently.

No. 364192

Fuck.. I hate when people just put all their information on their slides, you're meant to just have bullet points and then know what you're going to say! People are meant to be listening to you not reading it all off the slide, if they can do that you might as well play the slide and say nothing.

No. 364194

File: 1490822459427.png (456.15 KB, 758x425, a2.PNG)


No. 364195

File: 1490822507572.png (405.82 KB, 766x430, a3.PNG)


This slide alone shows how unaware she is. Just look at what she included to show strangers.

No. 364196

File: 1490822542819.png (385.44 KB, 742x428, a4.PNG)


No. 364198

Is.. is that meant to look like a bloody nipple?

No. 364199

File: 1490822617408.png (257.01 KB, 838x430, a5.PNG)


No. 364200

File: 1490822732629.png (307.36 KB, 784x441, a6.PNG)

13 or 14/15
I think I miscounted the slides.

No. 364201

File: 1490822796445.png (53.47 KB, 762x433, a7.PNG)

Last slide and probably the funniest. She went through with the cosplay bullying thing against all rational thought.

No. 364202

Are my eyes going to shit or are the "NOT OKAY" examples….a picture of an actual black/brown person and a picture of someone dressed as…Wall-E?

What the fuck is she on about?

No. 364204

I can't think of why the Garnet is on there unless they painted themselves black, but the other person I don't. Understand at all. It is robot appropriation to cosplay Wall-E.

No. 364206

I remember Tumblr sperged out about that Garnet cosplayer because they're definitely not black and just used face paint. I have no clue what the issue with that other cosplay could be though lol

No. 364207

It's two photos of the same person to drive home the fact that the cosplayer in question is white.

No. 364208

anyone know any word of her cosplay meet up?

No. 364212

thank you so much, Anon. Talking to her seems very frustrating.

Also, I don't understand what her panel is about at all. It kind of seems like an introduction to cosplay but I doubt people need that at a convention? Why is she covering so little of so many things? This is not helpful for anyone.

No. 364216

I've never cosolayed or gone to a con (yet) and everything on these shitty slides I know. It's all fucking common sense holy shit

No. 364217


No. 364221

Its funny she talks about cosplay bullying but yet she bullies other people. I remember an event with tlTy Phillip and one of her vocaloid friends long story short she made fun of ty for making an oc with back story and picked on that guy phillip for his male panty cosplay

No. 364222

So if a black person cosplays as a white character it's all love and flowers, "You go girl!" etc. and if a white person cosplays as a black character it's racist? Just how? It's like saying that drag queens are sexist and offending women. I swear to God, I'm a liberal bitch but I'll never understand this. It makes absolute no sense and always comes from people who say shit like "Let ppl cosplay what they like!! Be nice ok!!"
Sage for OT

No. 364223

I don't think it would've been racist if she had not painted herself black. I don't see why she didn't use red paint like normal Garnet. Sorry but I think painting yourself black, and not black like dark link but just like.. Wearing a black person as a costume is a little um.. She literally did not need to paint herself black.

No. 364224

Oh I just realized what you were responding to .Yeah it isn't racist unless you paint yourself.

No. 364226

I hope all of this fuckery gets her kicked out of momocon like omfg I can't see people taking any of this seriously

No. 364228

How is this bitch going to the con she might cant even go to her own cosplay picnic

No. 364232


That's still happening? I thought for sure after all of that drama she would have canceled it. Any updates on that?

No. 364235

Wait, I thought sports tape was actually safe ?

No. 364239

She banned a few prople from her event and said well eceryone is welcom just not those people

No. 364240


I don't know about you all but I'd be totally embarrassed of her using my cosplay pics on her dumbass cosplay slide show. I actually know the one on the right and I just feel so bad for them. god!

No. 364242

File: 1490830598565.jpg (28.04 KB, 499x300, 71106d71f3ba14fe802c65a8bd03a3…)

"don't go to the con if you can't afford it!"< Dead
"pay your way on time"
"Bills first"

"Duct tape"

"Don't start or get involved with Con drama"
Which you do most of the time

"don't hand out alcohol"
Given they are of age I do what the fuck I want

"Do not purchase NSFW content"
Same response as above

No. 364247



No. 364248


the carpooling one has to be direct reference to the person who reluctantly gave ash a ride to a convention but ash didn't make any arrangements with them for the trip home. she chimped out when they were leaving a day earlier than she was planning and they had no intentions of taking ash home with them anyway.

No. 364250

I haope she gets a ride and they ditch her lumpy ass

No. 364255

Sports tape is specifically for skin. That's how stupid she is. Duct tape isn't.

No. 364256

File: 1490834947300.jpg (7.29 KB, 315x160, GAIM0Aj.jpg)

what's that first hot pink slide? it looks so bad from the thumbnail

gdi ash the spelling of milanoo is IN THE MEME YOU USED! also ebay has the same shit that aliexpress does, just marked up

what to look for: literally every possible aspect of makeup
omfg is that how hers always turn so terrible? getting war flashbacks to grell…

>don't go to the con if you can't afford it
it's so hypocritical i'm actually speechless. all these rules she doesn't follow whatsoooever.

flashbacks to that one cosplay that her pendulous breasts were wrapped in flesh toned packing tape

>looking like you're dying
virtuoso with words as she is with prosthetics

she really has no shame about that room does she

this is gonna be a shitstorm

another bunch of rules she doesn't follow whatsoever
>don't purchase nsfw content for anyone but herself
what does this even mean? is she implying that people are buying porn for teens or some shit? i feel like all these pics are things she's personally destroyed

amazed at no lolcow namedrop. more rules she doesn't follow

i won't even begin to comment on how this pile of shit looks or i'd be here all night but tl;dr WEW LAD it's as bad as the rest of her art

No. 364259

The most frustrating for me is her take on bullying when she herself has said she "gets even."

No. 364261

I really think someone should report her slides to momocon staff. If any younger cosplayers attend and think for one second its okay to put duct tape across your chest they're going to get hurt. She is inexperienced and is going to hurt other people with her own stupidity.

No. 364264


I agree to showing them these slids. To anyone who is going to Momocon, please tell the con staff about her panel. She's giving out wrong information that could hurt future/newer cosplayers. This shit needs to be banned.

No. 364268

OP and I agree. I have the Google docs link if you need it as well.

No. 364270

How can she list ebay a good and not aliexpress? They are pretty much the same thing. Amazon should be in bad because they are terrible at customer service

No. 364271

The thing is that she never states why something is good or bad. I doubt she'll all do it verbally. She could at least provide resources or sources in general

No. 364273

I bet she just automatically assumed all Chinese seller as evil without fact check

No. 364274


I have used Aliexpress for literally years and never had a bad item received. She needs to learn how to check seller reviews.

No. 364275


OP here, she didn't research at all. If you google some of the 'good' cosplay shops she lists they're 50/50 for reviews. She only knew what Taobao was because I showed her a costume there I was going to purchase (that she tried to include herself in on) and why you'd purchase cosplay through Rakuten is anyone's guess with the Yen to USD exchange right now.

The only thing funny about all this is that the meme she posted is from /cgl/.

No. 364279

Her family… would put her in Tuckers (mental institution?)…. if she tried to ride a bus….

Goddammit Ashley, you are such a fucking piece of shit liar, I swear I can't fucking take it anymore.

No. 364280

When I was her age I took the greyhound with no problems. She just want someone to give her a ride for free like a deadbeat cunt she is.

No. 364281

An email has been sent. I tossed in evidence of her threatening behavior to other cosplayers and being kicked out of the VA cosplay society as well as added proof that she shouldn't be allowed to educate anyone on cosplay or cosplay community behavior. I'll let you know if I get a reply.

No. 364282

Did she ask ANY of these cosplayers permission to use their photos in her slides because if she didn't that's just fucking rude.

No. 364283

Thank you! Bless you! BLESS YOU! Who knows how many kids you'll have saved if they take her slot down or at LEAST make her revise her slides. And considering the fact that she's only doing this panel because she wants to show herself off and to GET A FREE BADGE, that's sssseriously fucked up.

No. 364284

I agree. Though I was really looking forward to seeing this train wreck in person, I'm also extremely concerned for those in the audience that might actually take her advice and end up hurting themselves horribly.

No. 364285

She asked a few aka her followers. She outright stole the other ones, especially on the racism slide because there's no way she asked permission for that.

Yeah it would have been nice to see in person but it's nice to prevent others from being scarred for life. Ash injured herself tape binding so I don't know why she's suddenly advocating duct tape again.
At least we'll have milk from her freaking out just knowing she might get her badge revoked.

No. 364286

I thought the exact same. Also, I thought her parents abuse her ? Why would they be SO concerned about her safety they won't even let her take the bus (But taking a fucking plane is somehow "safer" than a bus.)


No. 364288

Sounds like someone needs to get a hold of those folks too and let them know their pictures have been stolen and intended to be used without permission and broadcast at a public event in a poor light. I smell legal action.

No. 364290

At the very least you could contact the people on the racism slide, especially the one she's using as the Not Ok example. I can't imagine they'd be too happy.

No. 364292

File: 1490843428884.png (13.36 KB, 507x127, ad4149b1f5ff4e75d6857b4402321d…)


No. 364294



No. 364295

The only reason anyone would be excited is for the milk lol

No. 364298

How can you be twins and two days apart?? is that even possible? i hate Ash

No. 364299

Ew.. She's vile. She has zero shame in saying she is basically going to resell a gift. Class act.

No. 364300

I'm dying. She has no right to give out any of this advice when she doesn't take it herself.

No. 364301

Holyshit, she knows nothing. No, you don't need contouring powder or gluesticks. And why eyebrow stencils??

No. 364302

The irony in this entire slide… Hory shiet.

Ash, you are the least responsible person. You never give gas money, or save up for cons, or pay any of your bills. Stop.

No. 364303

File: 1490846089207.jpg (16.81 KB, 325x251, mysides.jpg)

This bitch is telling people to use gorilla tape on their chest??! Nooo!! Please, do not use gorilla tape on your skin. Holy shit.

No. 364304

She's gonna show an entire panel her filthy room…? Okay.

No. 364305

I honest to god hate the whole 'don't tan or use body paint for cosplay' argument. That was never an issue until tumblr. Garnet isn't even a black character either… And I don't get the cosplayer on the left?? She looks fine to me.

I tanned for Aomine from Kuroko no basket and no one gave me issues. It's so dumb to have this mindset.

No. 364307

Really? Wow. If anything that just proves that person is damn good cosplayer, unlike Ash.

No. 364310

They probably have dragons that she has fought at one point. They won, and thus she hates them :)

No. 364313

She's old enough to make her own choices even if she lives with her mom and dad.

No. 364314

She's lying, Anon. The only reason she's using her parents as an excuse is that she's hoping to get pity from someone out there so that they will drive her down and back for free. She doesn't want to take a bus because she thinks it's beneath her. Literally any time she doesn't want to do something, she'll say her parents won't let her so that people can't really argue it. FFS she said they's put her in Tuckers (mental institution) if she took a bus. Uh, what. It's an old hat lie of hers and it pisses me the fuck off.

No. 364315

While she's an alien, she is, at the very least, black coded. It's not alright to do blackface for a cosplay, anon. Tanning I think is a little bit different since it can be done naturally. Deliberately painting your skin a different color is different.
Sage for derailing.

No. 364328

I've been trying to give her advice via Facebook she kinda ignore it and I find her the queen of excuses. Like I tell her things then she has some excuse. I really am trying to help her

No. 364330

Actually using gluestick on brows is a common technique even in the special FX community and drag, idk how she fucks it up that bad

No. 364337


For a presentation on safety her advice doesn't seem to be all that safe…
Also, what does most of this have to do with safety? Shouldn't there be things like "stay hydrated", "make sure you can see where you're going, if not bring a buddy" and "make sure your costumes/props don't have sharp edges".
Instead Ash is using this to talk about her own pet interests like makeup and cross dressing.

Since when is capable enough to find a taobao reseller or shopping service?

No. 364338

Anon, you deserve all the good things. Thank you!

No. 364342

This! She left out very important things like a cosplay repair kit and always bring a small bag with things like water, a snack/granola bar, etc. Sometimes it's easy to go to a con all day and forget to eat and stay hydrated.. but Ash is only thinking about herself and is in a weird echo chamber with this 'presentation.'

No. 364347

File: 1490862621393.gif (1012.79 KB, 500x295, egLaHDUpGiyt2.gif)



No. 364348

File: 1490863174819.jpg (65.01 KB, 533x301, Jojo content requires one to e…)

Ash is beyond delusional, hypocritical, a pathological liar, mentally unstable, and a sad ass excuse as a cry for attention.

She's gotten it in this negative ass light and now she's trying to harm other people with her toxic ways with this stupid panel. She doesn't even know the goddamn basics of cosplay. much less how to get to a fucking con or save money on her own. I seriously hope Momocon pulls the panel for the whole hellstorm that she plans on bringing.

I just can't stand her in general and now she's trying to teach other people to be like her? Like no, fucking stop.

Go take you cat pissed soaked clothing, your Joe Dirt styled hair cut, your white trash beauty school, your whiny, attention seeking 'eat all my parent's food in the house' ass and grow the fuck up.

For all we know her endgame will be like this picture.

sage for the long rant

No. 364352

Any update on that email to the con?

No. 364354

I think that if the cosplayer in question is being realistic with the color (like not jet black, but similar to an actual black person) maybe not going too dark with the color, using foundation/bronzer there shouldn't be any problem, it's not like they're doing it to make fun of black people, it's just portraying a character. The definition of racism is "Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior." and I really can't see that in a kid cosplaying a character they like but that it's of another race. If someone did a "white Garnet" sjws would rip them apart anyway, so.

No. 364356

Exactly, it's too much information to flesh out so she's likely going to just read the slides to people. Unless her panel lasts for an hour and a half there is no way she would bring any useful information to anyone who isn't an idiot. Honestly I don't even cos play and I can pretty much figure everything Ash said out on my own, plus have the initiative to know not to stick duct tape on my skin~ I wonder if anyone will talk to her about cosplay/ask questions at the end of the panel, it would be amazing to see what kind of train wreck that would be, but considering her she'd probably make up a bunch of bull shit to pass it off like she knows everything, I hope no one buys into her bull

No. 364357

I sent it last night so I doubt they'd read it overnight. I put two con emails in the send field just to be safe, they may get it today or tomorrow depending on how frequently they check their inboxes.

No. 364372

a little late to the party, but the issue with the "Not okay" thing is that the white chick on the far left is the one in black face in the photo next to it, but that's neither here nor there.

I'm glad someone emailed Momocon, and more people honestly should. Only 2% of this panel is about SAFETY. All she did was rip off every "Attending a Con" or "Con Tips" panel ever, and I guarantee you someone is already giving a panel on how to survive/enjoy a con, so WHY would they need another? This slide proves her panel has NOTHING to do with safety, certainly not enough for a panel and a badge. This needs to be escalated and stopped, she's taking advantage of the situation and potentially ruining the system for everyone else in the future.

No. 364377

Not to mention the tips she is giving ARE unsafe and potentially harming to people blind enough to follow - gorrila tape for example. recommending duck tape for binding to begin with is stupid… but gorilla tape!!!
she should instead give tips on how to recognize if your binding is too tight and restricting your breathing, the risks that could come with it such as passing out, making sure you practice different techniques before the con etc etc

this is sooo awful, and I feel bad knowing she'll embarrass herself……… until I realize she won't listen to anyone who tries to help her

No. 364378

File: 1490885423041.jpg (126.63 KB, 600x314, mc-wrong.jpg)

Please stop trying to justify blackface. Either cosplay the character without painting yourself/altering your features or don't do it. That's all.

No. 364379

I think multiple people should contact momo. Its obvious from the slides posted her she got a panel just for free badges and half added everything and that's taking advantage of momocon staff

No. 364380

Here assed my sincerest gomen

No. 364381

The more people that contact them the better. Especially if you provide evidence of the slides but make sure you include the one that shows the entire Google docs screen with the panel name in it as proof that the rest do belong to her panel.
You can send an email to programming at momocon through their panel page and there's a convention contact email somewhere on their site.

No. 364385

Isn't this tipping the cow though? I get the false info she could spread to new cosplayers but I also kinda want to see this happen and just how awful it would be.

No. 364390

I want to see the spergout when she gets her panel cancelled.

No. 364400

I feel like this is okay because she's giving out terrible and dangerous advice.

No. 364418

She needs to be stopped before her instructions get some poor kid chemical burned and skinned by using duct tape on their body and other unsafe practices. She needs to have her panel pulled because she's only doing it for a free badge and to show a captive audience how "great" and "knowledgeable" and "attractive" she is.

No. 364421

Considering she doesn't even have the money to get to the convention and she's suddenly got college to pay for, I doubt she'd even make it to the con to present. She even offered her extra free badge in exchange for driving her (no gas money included probably) and no one took her up on it. She can't afford a plane ticket that's for damn sure.

No. 364424

I can't stand this. I sent an email to Momocon staff as well regarding her horrifying slideshow. I pray more of you do. This is extremely worrying, and the fact that she sees nothing wrong with it and refuses to change her slides despite suggestions goes to show that she refuses to accept anything that is not her own judgement, and never wants to do research or fact check in the event that she might be wrong. Please, please PLEASE, everybody, please, I beg you, email Momocon staff. Save a young cosplayer's life. Spare them a trip to the hospital. I beg you, report, save a life. This bitch doesn't deserve to have a panel just for the free fucking badge and an excuse to promote herself and her lack of knowledge. Stop her.

No. 364425

She'll make her parents pay for it. She always finds a way to do something stupid.

Bless you, Anon. I second this. Everyone please email MomoCon. Let them know.

No. 364426

I just want to point out that she said "ice bear" instead of POLAR BEAR and I'm dyeing.

Also to clarify again (since everyone is mostly Ignoring the first anon who said it) the Wall-E cosplayer and Garnett cosplayer are the same person. She is white and the first picture is to show that, but she fucked it up of course.

No. 364427

Emailed. I hope it gets to them in time.

No. 364428

Bless you. Bless all of you.

No. 364436

File: 1490902525660.png (53.1 KB, 2410x1819, image.png)

not to defend Ash in any way, shape, or form, but she's talking about the character Ice Bear (the white one in pic related) from the show We Bare Bears.

No. 364442

She didn't even site source any of her "fake" facts which is what you're supposed to do at the end of every slide show on a professional level. If she doesn't site her sources then that's even more dangerous to believe every word she takes.

No. 364448

Has she taken notice of people trying to get her kicked from momocon yet?

No. 364456

This would look fine if it wasn't for that nose contouring, that's the only thing that seems ""offensive"". Blackface is a theatrical and over-the-top caricatural makeup used to ridicule and make fun of black people, so it's racist. Bert Williams did blackface. Al Jolson did blackface. A cosplayer simply tanning their skin to play a character isn't blackface. It's simple as that.

No. 364474

Painting yourself black is making a costume of a black person. Just cosplay the character, period. If this white girl simply cosplayed that character it would not be offensive. Painting your skin black is blackface and is offensive. I do not understand why you do not understand this, or why you are so desperate to defend people painting themselves black. It's blackface. Get over it.

No. 364482

File: 1490914458603.png (648.57 KB, 632x566, ashpanel.PNG)

Doesn't seem like it.
I really hope these aren't used.

No. 364483

File: 1490914559255.png (23.42 KB, 633x195, surejan.PNG)

Sure you can, Ash

No. 364484

Is that supposed to be an attractive quality

No. 364485

And she would know this how…

No. 364486


There's also the argument that people "white wash" a character if it is a white cosplayer doing it without makeup.

The point is There's no winning the argument. Either you are for it or against it but this has nothing to do with ash besides she's quick to jump on the race train.
can we move on.

All of the stuff she "gives away" is used.

Unless you're a body builder you can't do that ash. There is only fat on you. No muscle, video proof or it didn't happen

No. 364488

The only way she can crush it with her thighs is if she sat on it and her weight did it.

Plus you can't be beautiful if you cry about how you look pregnant and magically want to be thin and "have the perfect body".

No. 364494

Oh my god, you can see shit caught in the teeth of the comb. Whoever wins these "door prizes" better burn them.

No. 364510

The one in the middle with the big spacing between the teeth legit looks like it has a knot wrapped around the one of white or blonde hair….

No. 364523

Jesus Christ no one wants these! They're used, have hair knotted in them, one is bend, and another is completely missing the tail of the comb!

No. 364524

it looks broken tbh! and one of them doesn't even have a handle anymore!

No. 364541

File: 1490932114031.jpg (112.43 KB, 960x720, IMG_3724.JPG)

No. 364543

File: 1490932723315.jpg (54.84 KB, 559x434, Kermit-frown.jpg)

No. 364546


She seriously needs to stop cosplaying characters that has a harem cause I mean, she did say she doesn't like men who aren't trans sooooooo….

No. 364549

It's so telling how shes "Scared" of cis men and yet is this interested in being the focus of a harem.

No. 364555

File: 1490936731533.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170331-010417.png)

-chinese names that don't mean anything coherent yet are somehow japanese-

No. 364556


"Japanese maple leaf"

No. 364562

Isn't shumai some sort of food though

No. 364565

Shumao is a type of dumpling and it looks like Shudao is the name of a national park/UNESCO world heritage site.

Can anyone explain to me what the fuck is going on with this girl's hair (the drawing, not Ashley, I've given up on trying to understand that atrocity)? It looks like she's wearing a wig that's started to fall of by her hairline. Is this some dragon anatomy I don't understand?

No. 364567

Is that flesh-hair at the Self-Insert Girl's hairline? And I just love all of the pixelated default maple leaf art program stamps.

No. 364568


Yeah, she doesn't research shit. Whenever she has a new "original" idea, it always turns into a mess that just makes her look even worse.

fucking shumai

No. 364571

File: 1490939658953.jpg (132.23 KB, 600x902, shumai.jpg)

N-notice me senpai~~~! B-but p-please d-don't take advantage o-of me~~~~!

No. 364573

Apparently the symbols for Shu and Dai together can mean "forgotten path?"

Still makes no sense naming Japanese characters after a CHINESE dumpling and using CHINESE characters god Ash

No. 364574

Shumai is indeed a type of food. The only shumai I've ever had is shrimp shumai so all I can think of is shrimp.

No. 364575

What bothers me so much, is she said she has an art tablet. But she obviously abuses the bucket tool and never erases anything. She might as well just use a mouse, what a waste of money…

No. 364577

Ash herself is a waste of money.

No. 364585

>the hair

Fuck I came to ask that

Did she forget to color it in? Is it supposed to be some kind of fucked up baby hairs? Dafaq are we looking at

No. 364588

I think she forgot to color it in. If you look at the dude, he has a gold patch of hair between his eyepatch and his ear, even though the rest of it is red. She probably fucked up with the bucket tool while doing the horn. Speaking of their horns, they look like mushy bananas. 10/10 so much effort put into these characters.

No. 364606

I'm forever triggered at her lack of drape and terrible lineart and bucket fill. Everything she draws seems to have some kind of gradient to it as well.

I mostly have the copypaste leaflets and how distorted it is on the males. She just slapped it on and looks like she ctrl+t, enlarged it and didn't care that it looked so pixelated.

No. 364611

Photoshop stamps arnt bad but she has no idea how to apply them to give it a cohesive look

No. 364636

File: 1490950103447.jpg (20.03 KB, 261x193, IMG_3725.JPG)

"Original character design"

I see you mimicking the main characters looks from scarlet heart ryo. Don't think I don't…or many that's just me?

No. 364646


i mean it kind of looks like pot leaves

No. 364660

Original idea #79376296B
It'll be tossed aside just like the rest when no one shows any interest.

And you can tell she steals ALL her ideas because every "Hey is this a thing? Because I got an idea!" post is something that is already a thing and she didn't create it. Her OCs are the same way and she's probably still raiding that Taobao shop I sent her for costume designs.

No. 364662

File: 1490965917672.png (76.27 KB, 1200x464, 1200px-MapleStory.SVG.png)

No. 364668

She might as well tell people to bind down with ace bandages. She's an idiot and this panel shouldn't have been approved.

No. 364669

I'll send an email tonight. As someone who has done crossplay for a number of years and suffered by doing it wrong, I would never recommend using duct tape or gorilla tape (wtf) on your skin. This is dangerously stupid 'advice.'

No. 364671


Ash, you know you wouldn't be caught dead near fruit.

No. 364682

Can some Asian anon call her out on her complete idiocy and ignorance of how chinese names work??

No. 364686

Bless. I still haven't received a response to my email but with more of us sending them they're bound to take it more seriously even if they don't respond to us.

No. 364703

Those sending emails. Be sure to send a zip ole with all her slides in them, point out what is concerning and dangerous. Site fats and references to back up your statements.

If you're just putting "uhhh I think this person shouldn't be here or come" they will not listen. Links and examples will be needed to get your point across. And send it to both con security, and event planing (pannel) staff. Cons get emails from petty people trying to kick the innocent out of conventions all the time. Make sure your email counts.

Sage from previous constaff anon

No. 364714

Speaking of, has anyone found the contact info for Momocon's security? I only found the programming and general information emails.

No. 364746


yes because that's totally something someone would name a real child. yikes.

No. 364765

April Fools testing while we wait for FB updates from farmers.

No. 364786

So her art is bullshit and her back stories. Why dose she think this os ok

No. 364793

File: 1491008852119.jpg (275.18 KB, 400x400, sX7nCyx.jpg)

>lost his eye during the battle with tiamat
shoulda built some armor then

the abuse of the stamp tool kills me every time though
25 - Engaged - Deaf - INFP - Burner - Stoner - Cantheist Pastafarian - Slytherin

No. 364795

File: 1491009326441.jpg (431.92 KB, 1396x1227, Screenshot_20170331-211433.jpg)

Sooo this happend

No. 364797

Is there some context for this because I'm lost.

No. 364798

She made a status about some girl stole something then took it down anyone have screen shots of her post?

No. 364804

Lmao Paige is an edge lord but I doubt she stole. Ashley only ever used her for rides.

No. 364813


One question, who the fuck is Paige??

No. 364818

File: 1491015961522.jpg (632.33 KB, 994x1595, Screenshot_20170331-230428.jpg)

She's STILL going to Momocon y'all. She even still has the money to buy some fabric for a new cosplay. FUCKING HELL ASHLEY!

No. 364819

Paige Bradley. A girl Ashley has cosplayed with before.

No. 364820


Her sentences are driving me insane cause she doesn't know what proper english is. I had a hard time trying to figure out what she met in this message.

No. 364842

File: 1491019597223.png (146.3 KB, 750x1059, IMG_0948.PNG)

Classy as always

No. 364844



No. 364847

File: 1491020309443.jpg (417.23 KB, 1409x1196, Screenshot_20170401-001625.jpg)

That reminds me about my conversation with her about her "picnic" she was asking about if i cosplay vocaloid

No. 364924

You know, for all she goes on about farmers and the internet satire bullies, she's incredibly unobservant that anything is going on at all with Momocon.

I'm actually tempted to read her on FB with a bullshit excuse that I accidentally deleted her and see if she bites.

No. 364935

What gets me about ash is she's always got this project she wants to start up or an idea she's got that's soooo original and awesome. When she finds out her ideas have already been done before, she gets pissed, when she finds out her projects need a bit more research, she gets pissed. She's just so desperate to be this giant mastermind creator or something, yet is never interested to put more than one nights worth of bs towards them…. I'm just so interested by her and her mentality.

No. 364938

File: 1491053609748.png (143.59 KB, 750x1021, IMG_3727.PNG)

"Life is but a dream for the dead."

No. 364939

She's so melo-fucking-dramatic, my god.

No. 364940

9am to 10am is a pretty hard shift tbh, i couldn't do it.

No. 364941


Those fucking eyebrows!

No. 364946

Ugh those eyebrows though

No. 364950

Why do her bosses continue to let her work looking like that?!
I'd be so embarrassed to have her organizing my kid's party like that.
"The color fades along the intervals I follow."

No. 364954

Thought she was male in that picture, jesus h christ. If she lost weight, she'd be a decent crossdresser.

No. 364955

Will you do it?

No. 364956

She looks like a 15 year old boy here. wtf
Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 364958

That's a compliment to her.

No. 364960

I just don't understand how she thinks this is okay.

sage for complete bewilderment.

No. 364964

She could look kind of cute with normal eyebrows and nice hair :/

No. 364979

I don't know why she goes out of her way to make herself look like an abused potato. It's not like she's puke ugly or anything. I agree that she could have the capacity to look decent if she wasn't so inept at figuring out what suits her. Losing that piggy gut would help, too.

No. 364992

I thought She looked a bit cute in this jfc tha alcohol is kicking in

But I agree, if she lost weight, she'd be a good cross dresser and maybe fix those eyebrows.

No. 364999

Wait, maybe it's because they think she looks like a fucking party clown.
"Can I be your favorite toy? Play with me, and be too rough. I want you to break me."

No. 365000

Someone asked about her eyebrows on Instagram saying she'd plucked them weirdly and she told them she has a nervous habit of pulling them out.

No. 365001


No. 365003

File: 1491070949582.jpg (110.83 KB, 1920x1080, AshleyBennette.jpg)

Can I just say how I love the obvious chunks she took out of her hair with a pair of scissors without any effort, rhyme, or reason? Look at the front and you can tell she just grabbed pieces and chopped.

No. 365007

File: 1491072211912.png (112.02 KB, 749x1098, IMG_4545.PNG)

No, it's worse than that. She got all that SHAVED and now it's growing back. Her sides look the same way.

No. 365032

If she hasn't chopped more since the shave, then why is it in so many lengths? It bugs the fuck out of me like, it was growing back, and then she just chopped some more in chunks.

No. 365039

i dont think anything would help honestly shes so ugly just. All the bad genes.
Who are you when no one is watching?

No. 365057

File: 1491084563478.png (377.72 KB, 1280x897, tumblr_mly6e9u4Rd1rffm52o1_128…)

Whenever I see this, I immediately think of Ashley.

No. 365080

So is her cosplay picnic still on? Or has she forgotten all about it and fluttered off to something new she doesn't have to think about or do work for? How about Ty's event?

No. 365108

File: 1491100805697.jpg (84.24 KB, 960x636, 404615_501319956553033_3042132…)

She's probably forgotten all about it. Hasn't even gotten a ride yet.

In other news, I found a pure treasure trove of unsee photos of her.

No. 365109

File: 1491100854343.jpg (77.82 KB, 960x640, 11659468_1594497540823347_8398…)

No. 365111

File: 1491100939718.jpg (57.29 KB, 707x960, 11659493_10152809760941566_405…)

No. 365112

File: 1491101000718.jpg (65.64 KB, 960x960, 860995_613830908642617_3161039…)

No. 365113

File: 1491101083153.jpg (108.63 KB, 960x960, 11692517_1187394154619620_5364…)

No. 365114

File: 1491101131426.jpg (68.38 KB, 640x960, 10357792_1352728421419525_3202…)

No. 365115

File: 1491101188490.jpg (141.81 KB, 960x960, 11822268_1193932383965797_8364…)

No. 365116

File: 1491101273972.jpg (86.03 KB, 960x720, 11863504_10207567236160058_511…)

No. 365118

File: 1491101340990.jpg (60.05 KB, 640x960, 11899885_10153833997170967_236…)

No. 365119

Holy shit that pink wig tho

No. 365120

File: 1491101397913.jpg (69.39 KB, 636x960, 10676178_10153152290609343_105…)

No. 365121

File: 1491101443978.jpg (70.83 KB, 960x720, 10849731_10205742017730738_399…)

Last one for now.

And I just realized, isn't this what's her name's husband Ash supposedly sexually harassed?

No. 365122

That is not even close to the fabric of any of Belle's dresses. Why doesn't even TRY For accuracy, she just does whatever she wants then calls it x character and thats not what cosplay is.

No. 365123

File: 1491101786044.png (943.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0967.PNG)

More pic spam.
Her Monster High Custom work…
RIP those dolls

No. 365124

File: 1491101837163.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0962.PNG)

I have no idea wtf this is

No. 365125

File: 1491101880637.png (655.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0964.PNG)

Fashion Design Pokémon
God help us all

No. 365126

File: 1491101942470.png (345.98 KB, 930x524, Capture.PNG)

Do you one better.

No. 365127

File: 1491101971809.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0968.PNG)

Hot Glue….something

No. 365129

File: 1491102263473.jpg (82.5 KB, 720x960, 10891888_10205702424300927_393…)

Christ almighty. No wonder she never takes side shot photos. This is from 2014 and she hasn't exercised since.

No. 365145

File: 1491106175140.png (117.99 KB, 750x578, IMG_0969.PNG)


No. 365149

WHAT is going on with the center brooch??

No. 365158

Is that… wig hair… caught on her boots?

Or just the cobwebs between her legs?

No. 365173

I don't follow Axel drama. But I saw this while scrolling,

what the fuck is that ? hahahaha

No. 365174

Yup she forced him into dancing with her at the Katsucon she harassed him at I think

No. 365175


Lol look how far away he's standing from her. If his posture alone isn't a cry for help.

No. 365184

File: 1491131254596.png (23.26 KB, 750x750, hair-extension-case-comb.png)

Is that supposed to be Ema from BroCon?
If so, she looks nothing like her lmao

Then again, I could be wrong as it looks like she just threw a random wig on

If you're referring to the second comb, it's not missing its tail, it's a styling comb (pic related)

No. 365186

File: 1491132014063.jpg (77.33 KB, 960x720, 11873619_10207545172168472_249…)

No it's definitely shedding and getting trapped between her boots.

Have some more unseen horror.

No. 365187

File: 1491132039269.jpg (59.48 KB, 635x960, 12107242_10153731849209343_798…)

No. 365188

File: 1491133542111.jpg (65.91 KB, 960x640, 1000618_725097834182590_442295…)

No. 365194

this is probably the thinnest i've ever seen her look
25 - Engaged - Deaf - INFP - Burner - Stoner - Cantheist Pastafarian - Slytherin

No. 365230

File: 1491150874077.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170402-123033.png)

No. 365237

Can someone who knows how to sew tell me whats wrong with this because it looks… off
Also Ash. "Well its no wonder that her name means beauty, her looks have got no parallel" Belle is supposed to be pretty. Your face.

No. 365238

Even she knows it's shitty, look at her trying to smooth out the bodice because of how misshapen it is.

No. 365239

I don't sew well but it looks like she doesn't iron her sections before she pieces them together. You can still see the folds where the fabric was folded at purchase. If she doesn't do this, nothing will piece together right. This is true of even simple things (potholders, for example).

Mishapenness could be due to not knowing about the bias (fabric is more stretchy in one direction than others), as well. If not put together with oriented bias, some parts stretch in other direction, some the other direction…gets messy.

No. 365241

That 2014 photo of her side shot was taken at fallout and it was the nught her and her friend got kicked out for underage drinking

No. 365243


Everything. Everything is wrong with it.

The bodice doesn't fit and probably wouldn't fit anyone on this planet since the seams don't follow the curve of the body, the gathers on the skirt are uneven, the skirt is not even fully sewn into the bodice????? How do you even do that?

No. 365245

File: 1491153713958.jpg (118.86 KB, 950x534, IMG_4432.JPG)

Her dress is way off if she's doing the 2017 version. And I thought she doesn't use a machine to sew her costumes.

No. 365246

This looks terrible, but its still more work people like Momo-kun do on their cosplays.

No. 365247

This honestly looks like one of those Milanoo customer review pics.

No. 365260

Is it wrong that I actually like the sewing tips that are coming from this thread?

I'm learning so much

No. 365262

Is there any proper way to sew the gathering of the skirt to the bodice?

No. 365263

Look at her trying to absorb into him. I feel so bad for the guy.

No. 365264

She looks so happy to be in the arms of a man for once. Disgusting.

No. 365265

Extra keks for how much she says she's afraid of men or isn't attracted to them, and yet she is the thirstiest motherfucker on the planet. Then again, what else can you expect from a pathological liar who is also a special snowflake, and wants more reasons for people to give her asspats and pity.

No. 365266

I feel bad for him because just imagine the smell of her. All that BO, cat piss, and unwashed tuna crotch.

No. 365267

She does use a machine, she just doesn't know how to use it properly…

No. 365272

File: 1491162442958.jpg (102.43 KB, 960x960, 561768_536818763010499_1933866…)

Late but I got another round of new photos. Also thank you to farmers keeping us up to date with her FB antics. Her picnic should be coming up soon, it's on the 15th.

No. 365273

File: 1491162506242.jpg (16.53 KB, 296x296, 379186_598834003475641_1511010…)

No. 365274

File: 1491162623220.jpg (61.15 KB, 640x960, 844009_597127723646269_8538312…)

No. 365275

File: 1491162767182.jpg (102.74 KB, 754x960, 969881_684365524922488_5143315…)

No. 365276

File: 1491162823302.jpg (70.38 KB, 702x960, 999132_719919461367094_4579369…)

And a final one that shows she has potential to look nice but never will settle for it.

No. 365277

Even then she has ugly features though.

No. 365278

the bald spot on that wig

No. 365281

Dude, her eye makeup is terrible, she's got a cake face, has no idea that she needs to drink water to hydrate her crusty lips and still has no idea what mascara even is.

No. 365282

…did she glue press on nails on her face


No. 365283

Are those black marks above her eyes mascara lines? What even. Christ, wipe the shit off before you take pictures.

No. 365284

File: 1491166603969.jpg (124.54 KB, 554x552, 6d578f097b6e8fd073c217420e5fcd…)


to me it looks like it's on purpose, like she was trying to do rainbow leopard print makeup like pic related but just fucking it up like she always does

No. 365285

Yeah but she actually looks normal instead of wearing a fucking unicorn horn to Cracker Barrel.

No. 365286

That would make sense considering her shirt as well. Oops. I still don't understand how one person can mess up everything they do so badly.

No. 365298

No wonder her parents don't want her to come with them out to eat.

No. 365305

Coming in hot with some new posts

No. 365306

File: 1491179963292.png (74.21 KB, 642x510, ash_1.PNG)

No. 365307



No. 365308

File: 1491180030042.png (68.79 KB, 636x527, ash_2.PNG)

No. 365309

File: 1491180083503.png (22.73 KB, 628x519, ash_3.PNG)

No. 365310

File: 1491180104313.png (115.95 KB, 749x1180, 1481948785608.png)

I'm still trying to find the unicorn outing one but here's another Cracker Barrel classic. All her family ever does is go out to Cracker Barrel.

No. 365311

File: 1491180150174.png (80.97 KB, 637x513, ash_4.PNG)

No. 365312

Glad to see multiple farmers posting at the same time ;)

No. 365313

>I still don't understand how one person can mess up everything they do so badly
The funny thing is that she genuinely thinks everything she does is great. She even thinks she's so attractive that she can make straight people question their sexuality.

I've never seen so much unwarranted confidence in one person before, it's almost fascinating.

No. 365314

File: 1491180562731.png (142.59 KB, 728x951, 1479335862176.png)

Found them, finally!

No. 365315

File: 1491180580719.png (149.1 KB, 750x978, 1479338381653.png)

No. 365318

This is so embarrassing .. like honestly other people there probably thought she was special needs or some shit.

No. 365319

I'm a fashion design major and her bell dress is just pissing me off. First off, her princess seam is such shit. When sewing it around the bust point you have to ease in extra fabric from the side panel to the front panel. And there's a gather stitch setting on sewing machines that helps with this. But I doubt she knows that. And she probably didn't even clip the seam allowance on the inside to help smooth it out. And for the skirt you would just use gather stitches to pull it in. Which is normally the highest setting. It's a bit rough to sew it into the bodice with that much fabric but it's duable. I think she just looks at patterns and try to replicate them when there's so much that goes into alterations to fit your shape and you need to know which technique to sew it with. Like basting helps a lot, but I doubt she'd take the time for that.

No. 365321

File: 1491182908670.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170402-212604.png)

She used T-pins! Are you kidding? Not only are those more expensive than normal draping pins, they are thicker and will leave holes.

No. 365324

What the hell…

No. 365325


RIP fabric

No. 365326

im triggered by the fact she never ironed the creases out of the fabric from when she bought it. thats baby's first cosplay shit. the wig looks like a cheap barbie's hair

No. 365327

dat face blur

No. 365328

It'll be cheaper to just by the uniform

No. 365329

on the lower righthand pic, the hair clip is upside down.

what the fuck. how can you fuck up that badly?

No. 365331

That fucking wig made me vomit. The makeup is horrifying too. Worst of all, however, I hate that fucking lie. I hate how she always had to make shit up to try and impress people. Your gender is obvious to EVERYONE Ashley, and no one fucking thinks you're cute. Bitch looks like she tuck-n'-rolled on the freeway on the way there, wtf.

No. 365332

I'm still a beginner at sewing and this helps me alot since I haven't done ball gown dresses yet but this does help me out alot.

No. 365333

Nothing like a Christmas ornament attached with an excessive amount of stringy hot glue to make you you look truly ~*~MAGICAL~*~ in the middle of a majestic Cracker Barrel. I feel so sorry for her parents, and any innocent bystanders harmed by having to observe this in person. Just to watch some weird fuck with a Christmas ornament on their head taking smug selfies in the middle of a Cracker Barrel just,… good God the amount of secondhand embarrassment is giving me cancer

No. 365343

File: 1491193730753.png (901.28 KB, 1146x980, 20170403_001653.png)

Just for fun, let's compare a dress I made out of similarly shitty materials for a school play. This dress wasn't even made for me and it fits better.
She didn't iron her seams, which is the Easiest way to keep a costume from looking like shit.
There also appears to be no boneing in the bodice with is essential for holding the structure of the garment, hence why it has non.
She gathered way too fucking much into the waist and did it poorly. The worst I've ever seen. I could deffinetly do better with my feet in the dark.
There are too few panels in the skirt and they are again, gathered up horribly and she isn't wearing a large enough support under the skirt to give it sufficient poof.
Additionally the costume doesn't remotely fit her ANYWHERE. But why alter the bodice to fit when you can just use your hammy arms to hold it up.
That fabric is shit fabric and I'm still sad it's been wasted.

No. 365344

like the others said, she failed to fit the bodice to her torso well, her seams are shit and uneven, the gathering on the skirt is terrible and the top part looks like she ripped it off a curtain from the 90s

No. 365345

2017 version is shit tier though so she's probably trying to do the older version

No. 365347

File: 1491194195451.png (1.3 MB, 1440x702, 20170403_003312.png)

I would like to uphold, that it is not possible to gather this poorly if you put in even the smallest amount of effort. Why does she cosplay?

No. 365349

>Why does she cosplay?
For the attention. She thinks everyone is in love with her and her and her crap despite how much it makes everyone want to puke.

No. 365354


Catching up on the thread, sage for latefagging.

But Shu Mai. SHU MAI. It's a fucking dumpling. I'm dying.
Assley named one of her characters

No. 365367


But Tiamat is a Mesopotamian Goddess. Often associated with Aset/Isis of Egyptian mythology. What the hell even is this shit?


>Chinese Dumplings
>Chinese pretending to be Japanese
>Maple leaves
>And a Mesopotamian Goddess

She should've wrote about that instead

No. 365370

It looks like she just made a circle skirt and then gathered at different intervals, when this skirt really needs to have separately cut panels in the proper shape.
The horribly fitted bodice that seems to have no boning or interfacing or structure of any kind isn't helping either. Did she even line it at all?

No. 365372

I will say that Toriyama named two of his characters Shu and Mai in Dragonball, but that fit his pun theme and they were gag characters

Who the fuck knows what she was going for

No. 365379


No. 365386

She would have just got about 4ish meters strait off the bolt and then pleated(with T pins) until
it until it fit the bottom of the bodice. Thats why it so bulky.
I'm suprised the bodice can support it.

Off topice: does anyone know what those vertical gathers are called?

No. 365388

you know what ashley needs? a gag youtube show like "making a costume in three hours". each episode she can select a character from the comments, buy materials, and film herself making it in three hours. this is practically how she works anyway, why not make money of it?

sage for high as fuck

No. 365394

I know in curtains, they are called swags, if that's what you mean.

No. 365409

I almost hate to say this, but this is one of Ash's better attempts at makeup.
>that crown tho kek

>yfw she's the beast
I have a valance with that same trim.

I was expecting something much worse. Which is sad.

No. 365419

File: 1491233090811.jpg (326.69 KB, 1437x1083, Screenshot_20170403-112019.jpg)

Why is she so disgusting and proud of crap like this???

No. 365420

is ash ugly or is it her makeup?

No. 365421

>100.2 fever
>not to vomit
maybe you've got more important things to prioritize, ash

No. 365422

File: 1491233480563.jpg (214.18 KB, 1435x1297, Screenshot_20170403-113035.jpg)

No. 365423

She's inherently ugly.

No. 365424


Yeah ok my mom had a cyst rupture. You HAVE to go to the hospital for that shit. 1: if it did happen she would be in to much paint to work. Knowing her, she would be in "so much pain" if she got a paper cut and call out of work. 2: this is fake. Like it's literally impossible FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO RUPTURE INSIDE OF YOU AND YOUR WORK NOT NOTICE IT AND LET TOU KEEP WORKING. Like wtf.

No. 365425

No, Ash. You are a pathetic little pissbaby. Stop being so tryhard with your "IM SUCH A BAMF SUCH A TOUGH GIRL!"

No. 365443

I hate to defend her but you really don't need to go to the hospital, it's pretty common.

No. 365448

File: 1491242809279.png (329.37 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-05-56…)

No. 365450

File: 1491242907116.png (344.19 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-05-58…)

No. 365452

Seconded, Ive had aunts who keep working because pain tolerances are all different. But I do agree she's probably exaggerating.

No. 365453

File: 1491242963110.png (366.57 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-06-05…)

No. 365455

File: 1491243055085.png (375.51 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-03-14-06-11…)

Sad when even a bow looks rushed and dragging threads everywhere.

No. 365457

Samefag but I just noticed the timestamps. No wonder her parents can't stand living with her, she's constantly running a sewing machine across the hall at 2am.

No. 365460


Pain tolerance is different for everyone. There's definantly no "need" to go to the hospital but even I've had it said to me it's recommended to just in case. But knowing her she's hella blowing things out of proportion. Especially if she's just gone back to making cosplay stuff with a 100+ fever trying not to throw up.

No. 365461

Bullshit. I have trichotillomania (when you pluck hair/eyebrows out) and it doesn't look like that at all. It looks like she shaved part of her eyebrows off but left the end bit on. If she actually plucked them from a nervous habit, they wouldn't be so uniform, and there'd be stubble and maybe scabs even. This is obviously shaved.

No. 365462

is that a fucking gum wrapper on her eye???

No. 365481

proud of u, seamstress-chan this dress is fantastic.

No. 365482

how does she not see all the loose threads and wrinkled fabric? seriously, if she spent just an extra 15 min touching up these details everything would be so much better

No. 365487


Everything about this pisses me off.


Same feelings here

No. 365497

(i'm >>364793 and this was a bad league of legends joke)

No. 365519

>working with a ruptured cyst
yeah no

No. 365525

I'm confused about this whole cyst thing. She said she had one rupture at Katsucon and now one ruptures out of the blue at work. Where in the hell are these cysts and how common are they that she has two in just two months?

No. 365527

I'm prone to them. I get one every cycle or so because my hormones. Sometimes a duct is blocked in the skin which can also cause a cyst (it can vary from dead skin cells collecting under it to actually having gross pus), or trauma to the area can cause it to appear. They can also appear inside your stomach, breasts (they usually have a hard edge and are small if you're curious) and your ovaries which I hear are the worst because if one ruptures in your stomach/ovaries then you'll be doubled over in pain and need medical attention asap. When they rupture on the skin, they hurt like an absolute bitch but the pain will subside within a minute or so. Maybe longer if it was bigger. So her proudly boasting 'I worked through a cyst!' Is gross but also unnecessary because it's not an amazing feat?

sage since I'm not a doctor and am speaking from experience, jim

No. 365531

Some ruptured cysts can be worked through. I have polystistic kidney disease thats spread to my ovaries and I've had a few pop with no pain and maybe two that popped that caused me so much pain I had to be admitted. I do wonder what kind of cysts she has. Mine are worsened with a bad diet so if by looking at her body, her diet is just shit so it would be no wonder her cysts are popping.

No. 365540


This bitch…

No. 365541

That waist looks horrendous. She has no boning in that bodice either.

No. 365546

Damn, this looks great.

No. 365547

Umm, so she didn't go the hospital? Okay, priorities.

No. 365548


This is Ashley we're talking about. She'd rather build a cosplay than taking care of herself. This goes for bills, chores, and whenever the fuck she plans on moving.

No. 365552

She's claimed they're ovarian cysts, but who knows with her.

No. 365578

I feel like I have an average pain tolerance, and I had an ovarian cyst go off while I was in the shower, I threw up from the pain and pretty much balled up on the floor yelling into a towel until it stopped

I had no fucking clue what happened at the time

Maybe she had a baby one go off? I vote "not a cyst" for 500

I'm sorry you have to go through that more than once, anon :(

No. 365597

Literally would bet that A: she's making it up for attention. OR, B, if she actually was feeling any pain, I would bet money it was just a period cramp.

No. 365600

"I had my period and I KEPT WORKING through it I'm SUCH a bamf "

No. 365601

Christ. I have an okay pain tolerance but some months I can barely move from cramps so with as big a drama queen as Ash is, I doubt she'd work through a cyst going off like nothing happened. Especially if she's bad off enough to feel like she has to throw up.
There's just no way she worked on a cosplay through feeling that sick plus a fever.

No. 365608

Assuming the cyst rupture was actually moderately painful, it's not like her job is particularly difficult. I would be impressed maybe if it was labor intensive?
This goes double for her working on her cosplay. How hard is it to sit at a sewing machine? That's something I would do instead if I was too sick to go to work/normal daily chores.

No. 365612

How does she even know it was that and not really bad cramps. I get severe cramps and with a tilted uterus it feels like my syntactic nerve is spasming when I'm cramping. (which can hurt like a bitch)

No. 365692

At least her craftsmanship reflects her personality.

No. 365711

File: 1491339302544.png (904.72 KB, 2015x1679, Swan Kek.png)

Sorry for this shit post, it's low tier milk and a few week ago. This is Ash freaking out at an admin of an RP group for not allowing her OC (On the left) into the group. It's funny to see her talk about RP's like she knows it all and yet can't follow simple guidelines.
The OC is supposed to be a Boy btw

No. 365713

Seeing this just makes me remember when she flipped out on some tween over their OC. Like here she is a grown woman getting into a fight on DeviantArt with a kid just barely past half her age over their OC.

No. 365721


>Dancing for 8 years (4?)

>OC can't even do proper turn out despite dancing for so long

Ash, if you're going to draw someone with 8 years experience, at least make them look like they know what they're doing

No. 365739


>The OC is supposed to be a Boy btw

…With beautiful maroon hair that he was traumatized to cut.

It's shit like this that makes me wonder if she's actually interacted with male people who aren't in a manga.

No. 365747

Kek that last post by her "I don't want in on your club!"
"But I want in" also her OC has two different sized legs and is ugly as sin with cankles

No. 365748


knowing ash, it was probably an epidermoid cyst that she managed to get inflamed because she lives in filth. so basically her giant pimple burst and she worked through it SHE IS A ROCK U GUISE

No. 365772

File: 1491347468212.jpg (129.03 KB, 750x1046, IMG_1038.JPG)

So it begins

No. 365774

File: 1491347514240.jpg (235.38 KB, 750x1043, IMG_1039.JPG)


No. 365778

I remember calling the police in her area years ago when she had her first major suicide claim. Years ago she sucked a ton and people would simply try and give her helpful advice and it drove her to "attempt" suicide. I thought maybe…. just maybe since then she would have improved.

I feel like it is impossible to have this much of a lack of improvement in such a long time. It's not even nitpicking. She used to say she couldn't afford dollar store tweezers … years later she's still buying mountains of fabric and ravaging it like a middle schoolers first home-ec project. I'm so fucking disappointed. I thought maybe she would improve. Just a little. She still can't sew a straight line, properly hem if at all, never cuts off her extra string, and it seems she never uses patterns, let alone trying to make her own. I did better sewing when I was 10.

And where the fuck is she getting this money? I'm assuming the lazer tag place she works only pays minimum wage and I'm sure she doesn't work more than 30 hours a week. She isn't allowed to collect disability and collect money from a job. Shes paying for cons, new fabrics right off the bolt, expensive trim she can't even use right … so is she just going to live with her parents forever?

I'm just … angry and baffled all at once. Literally every single decision she has made thus far has been the worst possible one. How does one human fuck up this much and not notice?

No. 365787

As someone with Type 1 Bipolar (confirmed through Brain scans and two different doctors) I can kinda see it in her actions.I doubt she has Bipolar AND Asperger. Though She NEEDS to be in therapy for her condition.

Bipolar for her would be the Anger fits, Mind changes. The many useless Ideas, Crying spells.

She might be Type 1 if she sobbing for no reason. But type 2 tends to have more Hypomania.

No. 365794

File: 1491352772041.png (49.44 KB, 613x341, fakeaf.PNG)

Tomatoes? Really? How cliche and unbelievable.

No. 365798

I don't think sobbing for no reason is enough to diagnose type 1 bipolar anon, if she was suffering from psychosis it could be, but sobbing can be from all sorts of stuff, you can't be type 1 without some psychotic features, or actual mania from my understanding.

No. 365801

Crying nonstop for no reason can be a symptom of type one.

Her random Mindset can be type two. But I have random mindsets as well and am a type one because my manias can last for months to days. the way she acts sometimes is a 1

No. 365816

To be fair, someone once really did egg her house, but that was years ago. I don't believe for a second that someone threw a rotten tomato at her and yelled at her.
Especially because it's Ashley. If she isn't calling the police, it isn't a real story.

No. 365818

File: 1491356160725.png (562.66 KB, 720x540, u4PSDg4.png)

maybe she's living in a 1940s Loony Toon

No. 365825

Fucking called it. She's never going to change and this is part of the reason why.

No. 365827

If she really is bipolar (major IF because it's Ash), would that maybe explain her behavior? Especially if she's not getting help? Her manic spending habits, extreme mood swings, she seems to start a new "project" when she's on a good high before it's completely forgotten, and it's likely her cosplays are so rushed and tattered because she works when she's on that high and considers it finished when all the pieces are put together, regardless of loose threads and such; it's done in her mind, she feels good about it.

No. 365831

File: 1491358538589.gif (986.95 KB, 421x222, full.gif)

Actually yes. I have numberous half piece from piece of outfits in a cosplay bin i've never finished. Usually in manic moods I will work on outfits in one day (They actually look decent) and they will have tons of mistakes. I put myself in a financial bind which I'm working out of with a help of a weekly planner for my bills 3 months in advance. It has helped immensely. Probably something she look into something.

However therapy and medication are needed. Somedays I get so depressed I can't show up for work. I will break out sobbing the next day thinking I'm a failure.

No. 365862

>As someone who's run both RP sites and blogs


No. 365869

…but she has pics of her cosplays? unfortunately, we've all seen them with our own eyes

No. 365883

File: 1491363507415.jpg (1.41 MB, 1410x2443, Screenshot_20170404-233515.jpg)

No. 365889

i demand to see the new shitty haircut immediately

also, i don't follow dmmbd but this aoba fellow doesn't have a mullet like her wig does, right??

No. 365898

He actually does and it's something of a running joke. Looks good on Aoba, though. Looks like shit on Ashley.

No. 365899

File: 1491365483143.jpg (34.75 KB, 312x477, 178eb6c4f54aba53556032e48fe805…)

That wigs actually not awful compared to most of her things

He does have a mullet

I assume this was a prestyled wig

No. 365906

File: 1491367145656.png (145.09 KB, 750x934, IMG_3740.PNG)

No. 365907

No doctor would even fathom thinking that, Ash what the fuck is your problem. Why do you have to lie about every little god damn thing?

No. 365909

What doctor would have such an in-depth understanding of gay anime characters and their personalities…?

No. 365910

>I see more of myself in Mink than anyone else

that alone concerns me

No. 365911

Idk anon head doctors can say some weird stuff… I'd believe it.

No. 365916

"My doctor thinks it's fine and healthy for me to see myself in a rapist and desire a relationship where I'm raped and beaten" also the therapist was already proven fake remember, her therapist can see her anime followers and believed in her soul rape

No. 365926

She seems coherent most of the time and is just really stupid and selfish. I haven't seen anything from her (other than obvious lies for attention grabbing) to indicate psychosis.

No. 365956

It's absolutely a pre-styled wig, one of the poor people she's tricked into being her 'friend' gave/sold it to her. Ashley could neeeever style a wig, lol.

No. 365964

girl those fucking pleats what's the point in going to the effort of pinning if you're not going to make the pleats even you may as well just pleat as you sew at that point god damn

No. 365978


Um how is Aoba a healthy aspect? He got raped, beaten, punched, cut, sliced, etc. Girl, you have a sick sense of humor to even consider yourself as Aoba. And for the love of crap, Mink and Aoba NEVER had a good relationship. If she thinks she can find a Mink who wants to be with her prego, cat piss Aoba, she's crazy.

No. 366007

Ah yes, the same "doctor" that has never existed. Christ, Ash, if you truly want to be perceived as a better person the first step is stop lying.

No. 366027

Her eyebrow color doesn't even come close to that wig…

No. 366028

Mink is literally a rapist though…wtf. She's actually pathetic

No. 366029


i really like kamisama hajimemashita and honestly i'm so triggered rn

No. 366031

File: 1491409345010.jpg (603.6 KB, 1436x1571, Screenshot_20170405-121458.jpg)

No. 366032

preteen boy giggling
But no seriously why she not eating meat?

No. 366034

Because poorfag and the only time she eats "fresh" food is when her parents let her tag along when they go out to eat.

No. 366035

What a crybaby. I guess vegetarians just die every single day. You don't need meat every day, but whatever.

No. 366038

is this picnic still happening? the only post lately is from someone who's prob not aware at all of the cow status/dramu going on. usually by this time way more people are posting. ash isn't even TRYING to stir up interest for this thing, but then watch her cry online about how no one came after

No. 366039

I dunno, but i'm tempted to go to see what a shitfest it really is. I wonder if she even cares about the picnic at this point?

No. 366040

to be fair. most vegetarians take supplements for the missing meat, or at least eat decently without it.

knowing her though, I highly doubt she's been making salads or eating anything remotely healthy at all in it's place…

No. 366126

She's not vegetarian or vegan, she's just too poor and lazy to get and cook meat. Literally the only thing she eats and can even make herself is Rice-a-Roni (which she's bragged about "cooking"). All she's doing is stuffing carbs and starches into her fat fucking face. She's probably had meat in something her parents made for her, but is whining and crying that she hasn't eaten meat in 2 weeks so she can get pity, asspats and have people go "wow! you're so brave! you're so great for not eating meat in 2 whole weeks! I bet you're so healthy! have you lost weight?! wow!"

No. 366127

Forget the picnic, has there been any update on her Momocon status yet? Is she still trying to go? Have they revoked her panel yet?

No. 366136

If she's really craving meat, nothing's stopping her from going to McDonald's and getting something off the dollar menu. It's shit meat but there it is.

No. 366169

File: 1491432532463.png (261.86 KB, 1900x1074, Intersex- into sex kek.png)

Sage for being unknowing if this was ever mentioned.

>Doctor said I'm intersex
> Stamps saying people would think about having sex with me are offensive
> Don't fetishize my gross my gross body

No. 366178

JFC ASH, YOU'RE NOT INTERSEX. For someone who whines that her parents won't "let" her go to the doctor, she sure does claim to have a lot of medical diagnoses.

No. 366179

Oh fuck I wonder if she'll go to mega next month, cause omg I wanna run into her.

No. 366180

Wait I think I read that wrong. She's "moving" to LA. Yeah okay

No. 366186

File: 1491435754225.png (2.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170405-194131.png)

No. 366188

File: 1491435872780.jpg (147.04 KB, 1415x606, Screenshot_20170405-194335.jpg)

looks like it's actually happening

No. 366201

Who did she beg for money from this time?

No. 366204

No Anon, she really is intersex. Her dragons told her so.

No. 366207


Gee I thought she said she wasn't flying to a con ever again and where the fuck did she get that kind of money?? Her fucking parents?? That's straight up pettiness for a 22 year old who should be thinking about her damn well being than damn cons.

No. 366209

I feel like each time her parents take her to the airport, they are praying she doesn't come back.

No. 366215


LOL. "Don't fetishize my ~intersexed body~ (which is imaginary), but it is perfectly fine for me, a cis woman (let's be real here) to fetishize gay men and trans men in the most degrading fashion imaginable. It's not the grossest sort of hypocrisy at all!"

No. 366222

I wonder where she stole this pose from.
She didn't have a twin.
She isn't I intersex.
And she isn't a chimera.
Scientifically speaking, she's completely female, 100%.

I was a part of a conversation with her when we were wondering how it is she was growing facial hair.

I remembered learning PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) can cause facial hair growth in women.

She did indeed go to the doctor and told me they cleared her for it.

However now she claims to have it. If she really truly does, then it explains her saying she has cysts. Plus I know for a fact she used to have (idk anymore) really awful and painful heavy periods. I mean she would ball over and cry.

I don't believe she's intersex though. I really only believe she's saying this because she heard someone having it once and decided that it fit what she was going through.

No. 366223

Same fag, but to further what I was saying, she's also claimed to gone weeks without a period, which can also happen with PCOS because the hormones can cause a person to stop ovulating, and grow extra hair, including the face which we know she has.
It can cause some fertility problems as well, which might be why she's claiming to be intersex, aka hermaphrodite. She is not a hermaphrodite.

No. 366225

Blah and to go even further into what I'm trying to say, if she did have PCOS, if she was formally diagnosed, she would have been prescribed medication to regulate her periods and hormones. But she isn't on any medications for it. She would also be on medication if she was intersex, which again she isn't on any so even whilst I think she probably has PCOS, she could just be fucking gross.

No. 366227

Ash is so fucking stupid…Sage for faggotry, but some hair growth on your face completely normal if it's just in your family genes. I don't have PCOS but occasionally get thick, black hairs (I'm a filthy ginger in a family of Spaniards) in random spots on my jawline and the corner of my upper lip. It's not a big deal to just pluck the hair, but of course Ash just has to use a medical excuse rather than groom herself.

No. 366250

99% sure Dramatical Murder. The guy in the pink jacket looks a LOT like Mink, while the guy on the left looks like a mix of different Aoba designs.

No. 366267

At least the art looks a little better than the usual again a LITTLE better

No. 366298

Tori and Beni are Mink and Koujaku's Allmates

No. 366308

I think what is really confusING me is that the wall and floor texture is the same? I thought it was a tatty sofa but it's supposed to be outside in an alley

No. 366310

Same fag bit also the bigger man is supposed to have a pattern on his clothes but she didn't shade it properly and where it's shaded the pattern is just missing

No. 366313

I swear she spends ten minutes on these and decides they're "good enough"

I can't

No. 366319

File: 1491466957283.png (137.96 KB, 277x253, feet.png)

She also didn't even make the box match the placement of the feet, what is going on here…?
I also feel like there is a high chance she used a base for parts.

No. 366341

Probably less than that annon, all her lineart looks like a sketch, she probably doesn't do any prep work before just diving into a piece
She rips patterns of the Internet and just sticks them onto the clothing the same way she talks about cos play and thrift shopping for patterns.
I hope she use's the Google safe image search, since she's selling these as prints and some images/patterns are not liscenced for commercial use and really sale.

No. 366353

File: 1491480068890.jpg (374.5 KB, 1080x1920, Snapchat-1429029229.jpg)

No. 366357

Somehow I find how this guy addressed things to be more cringe inducing than any rumor would've been. Top kek

No. 366390

>misspelling definitely

why do these people have such abhorrent English skills?

No. 366404

File: 1491499735426.jpg (546.6 KB, 1146x1893, Screenshot_20170406-132705.jpg)

Even one of her old friends isnt going to her event

No. 366407

File: 1491500649833.jpg (832.22 KB, 1429x1851, Screenshot_20170406-133956.jpg)

>>ten hours ago

>>no response


No. 366411


>>I love your


They give me life. Continue to be lonely. Top kek Bandwagon fail

No. 366426

File: 1491505933765.png (72.93 KB, 750x945, IMG_4817.PNG)

Sometimes I'm tempted to invite her over just to witness her sperging in person, but then shit like >>366404 immediately changes my mind because I wouldn't put it past her to steal something from me.

No. 366434


I want to hear more about the shoe theft. Were they ruby slippers or something?

No. 366437


Wow, this bitch!

No. 366500

Well, she could work on her damned cosplays on the weekend instead of the middle of the night.

No. 366506

I don't trust her at all regarding theft, but somehow it makes me more inclined to try and room with her at a con and bring some things that would be enticing for her to try and steal, then catch her ass red-handed when the thing(s) go missing. It would be such a delightful thing, because it's not even petty. If the bitch tries to steal, she deserves to be caught.

I also REALLY want to hear more about this. I am less interested in what the shoes were, but way more interested in her excuse when she got caught. I wonder if any shit she has managed to successfully steal from other cosplayers has been for her to use, or to try and sell. Fucking piece of shit pig. My hatred for her only increases.

No. 366551


No. 366572

File: 1491535146742.jpg (147.13 KB, 749x987, IMG_1110.JPG)

No. 366573

File: 1491535389270.jpg (167.45 KB, 749x1006, IMG_1114.JPG)

No. 366574

File: 1491535449582.jpg (196.11 KB, 749x1000, IMG_1115.JPG)

No. 366577

File: 1491535700174.jpg (172.43 KB, 749x956, IMG_1113.JPG)

No. 366578

File: 1491535774591.png (118.63 KB, 750x971, IMG_1105.PNG)

That wig tho

No. 366579

Oh boy! I can't wait to see how she destroys this one!

No. 366584



No. 366586


So much prettiness. Ya know, there is a reason no one wants to cosplay with you Ashley. Because you're a lying, cheating, stealing, greedy, smelly bitch who thinks you're better than anyone else. Plus your voice is super annoying. God!

No. 366588

What is the character supposed to look like? I'm not into that game/anime/manga whatever it is

No. 366591

File: 1491537069922.png (173.12 KB, 345x750, Aobabadending.png)


He's supposed to look like this but that rachet of a wig doesn't come close.

No. 366592

Looks like the other blue dude only white.
This wig is so droopy holy shit

No. 366594

File: 1491537320069.png (160.2 KB, 750x1030, IMG_1118.PNG)

This wig looks nice….best that won't last long
Oh man her eyebrows

No. 366596

File: 1491537562897.png (364.29 KB, 518x529, Nanami.png)


Assuming this is the Nanami character she's trying to go for?? If it is, she doesn't have a split in the middle of her hair. It's a side split. Like WTF?

No. 366598


She's fucking making her eyebrows small again. Fuck ashley! You do not work the short eyebrow style. You look like you have two caterpillars on your forehead.

No. 366599

Same annon who posted pic. I had no idea what the character look like. Boy did she miss the mark. I'm not really into anime anymore

No. 366603

do you think ash cosplays other people so much because she hates herself and knows she's dislikable so everyone hates her too, so she wishes she was someone else who other people like. except she's still so unlikable when she cosplays as other people so people still don't like her so she thinks the problem is with the cosplay and not herself so she moves onto another cosplay so fast. and thats why all her cosplays are so rushed. this also explains why she is so eager to cosplay with other people because it would mean she has friends. it feels like every picture showing her botched attempts at cosplay are like "do you like me now? what about now?"

No. 366606


That's pretty much what I think. She's trying to rush to please everyone but herself. She also thinks that cosplay is a rushed hobby instead of something of an art. Something to take time with and embrace the cosplay but NOPE!

No. 366618

Did anyone get a reply back from momocon?

No. 366622


Not only is it styled wrong but it's the wrong color. The character looks like her hair is a mousey brown where Ashley's wig is a reddish brown.

No. 366623

I'm surprised Ash isn't into Kiss Him, Not Me… at least she could cosplay the MC pre-weight loss, kek

No. 366625

Please don't give her ideas I don't want her to ruin that for me

No. 366627

Thing is, Ash doesn't want to couple/partner cosplay for the right reasons.

She doesn't want to do it because she has a friend who loves the same series she does and they want to fan together, she wants a human prop to follow her around.

Cosplaying with friends is great if you love the same series/characters. I don't know why she can't just pick a cosplay and then go to a meetup for that series and make friends. Cons always have series photoshoots and meetups for that.

Then again, Ash is a bandwagoner, she jumps on whatever she thinks will get her attention (Outside of DMMD).

No. 366637

>I don't know why she can't just pick a cosplay and then go to a meetup for that series and make friends.

>I don't know why she can't just make friends.

>make friends.

Ashley can't make friends. She tricks people into pitying her who are initially unaware of how fucking awful she is. But she is so violently repelling with her loud, screaming voice and her need to be the constant center of attention, in addition to her constant fishing for compliments and awful shit-slinging ways and theft, the way she smells and lack of hygiene, and her cringy sexually-harassing advances; that she can't make friends. Literally no one even wants to be on an elevator with her for 45 seconds. Of course no one wants to make friends with her at a photoshoot when she's demanding people take her picture, eating all the food, complaining about the temperature and how she's bullied by cgl/lolcow/ED, and then passing out before waking up and trying to steal peoples' shoes.

No. 366638

That looks nothing like Shiroba…holyshit. Why can't she stop butchering good character designs??

No. 366640

The beauty of it is she hasn't even styled it yet. That's straight out of the box (and about a 45$ wig mind you), and I can't wait to see how she destroys it trying to "style" it.

No. 366641

Why does she think anyone wants to see her incredibly shit art??

No. 366642

rofl omg she is a legit cow. If any farmer ends up going, please take care of yourselves and return with deets.

No. 366658

File: 1491553809003.jpg (41.7 KB, 460x259, Watashi-ga-Motete-Dousunda-01-…)

anon that's genius she looks exactly like the fat MC kek

No. 366663

This scared me, I thought somehow it was going to be for 2B and got a disturbing image on my head.

No. 366665

im a little offended. even fat, kae is way cuter than ash

No. 366666

I sent the first email and never got a reply. I'm guessing no one else has gotten anything either and Ash hasn't posted in a rage so I doubt they contacted her.

No. 366699

File: 1491578193351.jpg (104.7 KB, 736x1040, a478f0c50d5f3656bc32c97be142ae…)


Can you imagine how much trouble Ash would have trying to rush all the intricate details on 2B's dress? Holy shit

No. 366757

File: 1491590245455.png (1.16 MB, 1228x573, 2.PNG)

No. 366758


God, her teeth!

No. 366788


And that ladies and gents. Will never be the face of a popular or famous (in a good way) cosplayer.

No. 366824

File: 1491603694345.png (108.48 KB, 750x851, IMG_4831.PNG)

Last I checked, your parents aren't obligated to help you with college…Especially if it's something as nearly useless as cosmetology, for which you've already dropped out of once before. Wtf does she even need help with?

No. 366832

Her paretns probabaly have so little faith in her that she'd even complete it or go anywhere with an education in cosmetology that they told her they won't offer to pay. If she is really wanting this she would do it on her own to prove she wants and can do it. She is such an ungrateful little shit and her parents have the patience of saints for not kicking her ass out.

No. 366837


I wonder what sorts of commissions she is talking about, artwork or cosplay stuff.

Re her parents not financing her, good. They're probably concerned she'll use money they don't have fir her cos-shit instead of for her education at a toilet tier beauty school. Hasn't she dropped out of school at least once already?

No. 366841

funny how she forgot about her own college fund lie from >>363928 because she wanted something to complain about
you played yourself ashley

No. 366850

I was about to point that out too. Where's that secret loan that you were going to take out of your life insurance?

She's better off taking some basic classes and getting a certificate in cosmetology stuff rather than attempting to get an associates or bachelors.

No. 366852

File: 1491609379953.jpg (855.82 KB, 1436x2278, Screenshot_20170407-194338.jpg)

No. 366856


JFC. Yes, please someone stop her, the degree of second-hand embarassment she has been generating lately is becoming too much to bear.

No. 366875

That school is fucking 28k, no wonder they don't want to help her. Why can't she just go to the local community college? Oh right, it's not special enough.

No. 366882

The smaller guy's feet are bigger than his entire head

No. 366890

I can't believe I know someone who knows Ash

No. 366891

I know that Noiz too!!

No. 366892


Yeah, that Noiz is such a bitch from what I was told. I'm not even surprised that ashley is now hanging with people like that.

No. 366893

She seemed super chill when we hung out, I wonder why she's around Ash…unless she's crazy too…

It's weird, me and Ash apparently have a lot of friend-of-a-friends. I'm always shocked I've never seen her in the wild because she hits up a lot of the cons around here.

I've seen more and more of Ash's type in the local comms. Bishie of the week cosplayers who are genderqueer polyamorous crossplayers who are way too into social justice at cons.

No. 366894


She may seem super chill at first but once you get to know her, she sucks you into her drama. Seriously, her last relationship couldn't handle that craziness.

No. 366895

File: 1491618161502.jpg (90.08 KB, 500x667, 8f7e633ef0ffe81cfc899e0da79c0e…)

the poses and the looks are straight ripped off from Naruto.

No. 366897

File: 1491618222868.png (280.46 KB, 900x1342, Minato_Namikaze-0.png)

No. 366924

hmm i feel like those are pretty generic things (that pose and long dramatic anime jackets) and aren't those dudes humanized versions of birds from some…. game? anime? idfk i'm not a weeb

she would actually benefit from visiting the sindy pop school of tracing…

No. 366925

Ashley has been known to trace. Badly. And I believe they are her own gijinka designs, as they don't have canon human forms. I would totally believe she took that pose from the screenshot anon provided.

No. 366932

I can't even imagine it, a tarp slung over her would probably look more accurate than anything she could put together.

No. 366938

File: 1491629570284.jpg (18.6 KB, 236x275, c665f6e05ff7ccbf0f05f6df6787b9…)

Ashley can't even come up with her own gijinka designs. Those are very bad attempts at other peoples' headcanon gijinkas for those characters, Beni and Tori, from DMMD. (She uses Beni as a self-insert since she thinks he's like her in SO many ways somehow. And I know there's a person she obsesses over that she's been trying to insert into the Tori role. Can't go into more detail on that right now for safety's sake.)

No. 366944

File: 1491639551879.png (130.74 KB, 750x865, IMG_3748.PNG)

No. 366945

File: 1491639604296.jpg (147.93 KB, 509x720, IMG_3747.JPG)

No. 366947

Someone needs to go to her place with a backpack, slip in her art tablet, and give it to someone who could actually use it.

No. 366951

I live near ash. In our area FASFA is finical aid thing. You fill out the FASFA forms, you have to prove your a resident. She's an adult, so she can fill out and apply for financial aid by herself, then since she lives with her parents, she'd have to have ID with address preferably & a bill (gas, electric, water). But it's really not that hard to do on your own, literally EVERYONE else does too. Most students fill out FASFA forms to pay for any college in our area. I fill mine out every year and update every semester for a local college. She's just a pussy and blaming her parents to excuse her laziness and fear of actual work.

tl;dr she doesn't need her parents permission to apply for FASFA (financial aid)

No. 366952

Thanks for the explanation, kind Anon. I was going to ask what she was going on about.

No. 366953


The purple haired guys, tiny hands.
The red haired guys single (giant) leg.
The giant creases in the blanket.
The wobbly 'circular?' Window.
The giant pillow.
That weird poop-broach-esk item next to them.
The copy and pasted wooden texture on the wall.
Patterns on blanket undefined by creases.
Unshaded curtains.
Copy and pasted moon and tree.

> I may offer some commissions to make some extra cash


No. 366954

File: 1491645548294.jpg (271.34 KB, 1073x772, 2017-04-08 11.00.31.jpg)

Sorry same fag.

No. 366961

File: 1491652930430.jpg (34.14 KB, 459x430, 192312388.jpg)


No. 366966

File: 1491654710574.jpg (45.83 KB, 575x326, wubbadubba.jpg)

Sage for no contribution but…
Don't see why she can't look up some anime drawing tutorials on YouTube or something…

No. 366967


Let me guess, Beni is the ~kawaii uke waif~ who is being carried "bridal style" in her picture.

No. 366972


It strongly sounds to me like she wants her parents to assume any financial risk on her behalf, and they have declined to do so. It may be also that she is discussing this situation in the manner she currently is doing in order to rack up pity and sympathy points.

No. 366976

Whoa it looks like she tried to copy that pic, but failed monumentally

No. 366983

It's early and i laughed. I'm guessing that's your art on the right? It's such a relief to see next to Ash's.

Ngl seeing ash's drawings make me want to re-draw them/work on my own stuff. Sage for no real contribution.

No. 366989

it's not a stretch to assume that ash copied naruto, considering that her adoptables/ocs (posted in the last thread) were naruto characters that ~she made~

No. 366990

How old is she? FAFSA sucks because you're not considered an adult until you're 24 with it… even if you don't live with your parents and they give you absolutely no money, you still have to provide their information on the FAFSA. It's really stupid.

No. 366993


She's 22 but has a brain of a 2 year old.

No. 366996

Her parents wont gove her money because she tried to go to bueaty school in Florida, she dropped out and went crying home

No. 366998

Please do and submit them to her as "fan art"

No. 367001

She gave that poor boy her eyebrows.

No. 367004


No. 367008

(Just found this site so excuse me if I fuck everything up)

I actually know this girl, we used to be 'friends' (really more like acquaintances)She and I got in a huge fight because she disrespected an Indian headdress, and now she claims I hate her an I'm a bully, lmao.

However whenever she sees me in person she always tells me I look great and she always says hello, so I don't think she actually knows who I am anymore.

She also punched one of my friends in the face once at an amusement park, and blamed it on her 'Aspergers'

No. 367014


Your friend should have called the cops. If more people held Ashley accountable for the shitty things she does rather than bitching on social media, perhaps she wouldnt be such a huge shitstain.

No. 367017


She punched one of your friends in the face?? WTF?? I would've called the cops on her so fucking fast.

And for the record, I FUCKING HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE BLAME THEIR MENTAL ILLNESS'S ON HOW THEY REACT TOWARDS PEOPLE! That only means she's weak in the mind and body for even thinking that. If anything, she should be blaming herself. That's just an excuse just to feel sorry for her ass.

No. 367019

Agreed. Mental illness is an explanation at most, not an excuse. I'm diagnosed (by an actual, physically real doctor) with anxiety, PTSD, and clinical depression and that doesn't stop me from managing my finances, living independently, and having stable relationships with people and my girlfriend. Sage for blogging.

No. 367020


Like for real. I know a ton of people who have a bunch of mental illness's and I didn't hear ONE single excuse about their illness being the reaction of their actions. For christ sakes, my grandmother as aspergers and I NEVER once heard her say that her illness was the cause of anything she did.

No. 367021

It was several years ago and my friend didn't really know her very well so she let it go, but yeah. It was at a cosplay meetup for Hetalia, and she just randomly hit her and then blamed her disorder.

Now we all pretty much laugh from afar and try to not get near her.

No. 367022

FYI, you don't have to put your name in the field.
To me it sounds like Ash was probably jealous and lashed out and used Aspergers as an excuse. I doubt it's the first time. My boss's son has an extreme case of Aspergers but has NEVER put his hands on anyone. Any time he's upset, he hits himself, never anyone else. I call bullshit on Ash, as usual.

No. 367023

Was this the hatelia meetup at bushe gardens because i remember my girlfriend and i went and saw something similar to that

No. 367025


Oh god, back to the Hetalia days when she cosplayed her shitty Latvia.

No. 367029

No. 367030

YES it was /that meet/

And thank you for the tip, omg, I've never used this site before so I had no idea, just added my name like a derp

My younger brother has aspergers he does hit others sometimes in anger, but he has to be actually angry. She wasn't angry, she just randomly hit her.

No. 367034

holy shit anon I'm crying.

No. 367036

File: 1491675824710.png (58.77 KB, 197x439, IMG_4834.PNG)


No. 367039

It was the day she started stealing wigs, she tried to take some girls chick ( prussias bird)

No. 367041

I think I know who that prussia is? If its who i think it was, they where/are? best friends.

No. 367047

She hates fanart. A guy I know did some art and she bitch and ultrablock him.

No. 367054

Regarding the misinformation in the slideshow and general incompetence of Ash:

How is it possible for somebody to work on their craft for years and still fuck up basic things like Ash does? Like stuff that people would pick up unconsciously through practice and beginner how-tos? You'd almost have to willfully ignore basic information.

Also, if Ash is so lazy, then why is she so interested in costume-making, which seems like a super work-intensive hobby?

No. 367083

She readded me on facebook, I guess I'll be able to watch her up close and personal now.

No. 367129

The Dunning Kruger Effect explains Ash's complete delusion that she is awesome at what she does. Also those hugboxers who asspat her and tell her she is great aren't helping.

No. 367136

That's why it would be hilarious

No. 367138

I have a feeling I know who it is, if it's the chick she clung to at Katsu so much.

No. 367141

File: 1491696185903.jpg (37.69 KB, 552x828, 1487595911253.jpg)

This one?

No. 367142


Hmmmm this pose looks kind of familiar too. I remember seeing another Aoba and Ren doing this exact same pose on instagram or tumblr. I like how she's trying to look cool by thinking she looks good in every angle. God her prego aoba is shit. I wish she'd GTFO of the DMMD community. Who would've thought she'd go into this game.

No. 367144

who would've thought? It's a yaoi where almost all the routes are rape related and the main character gets to be the poor little abused uke.. it's her exact fantasy

No. 367148


She needs to stay the fuck away from DMMD in general. It's people like her why I don't cosplay from this game anymore. After what she did at the KAtsucon DMMD shoot, she comes in screaming IM HERE in her prego outfit, she thinks she's top shit in the DMMD fandom.

No. 367149

Everyone keeps mentioning this preggo outfit but it hasn't been posted, I heard theres pics on her fb. Why doesn't someone post it? Or has it been posted and I can't tell because she constantly looks pregnant.

No. 367151

OT but these designs are super cute.

No. 367152


Which Aoba outfit? She looks prego in all of them. She's only done some casual form of him to start off with, his orginal outfit, his BDSM one based on the NSJW figurine, and now she's doing Shiroba. Ugh!

No. 367153

What ass? Judging by those wrists, the Noiz needs to eat more. holyshit.

Also, Ash's teeth, hahaha.

No. 367157

WAsnt the Matsuri or whatever today?

Didn't ash make a point to make a shitty weird vocalpid cosplay for it, or did she bail last minute again?

No. 367162

Today was the parade (it started March 25 and goes until April 16), so she's probably just trying to go to the firework festival next weekend.

No. 367164

$50 says she can't get a ride.

No. 367176

She hasn't mentioned it since she finished the costume, I'd be willing to be she's completely forgot and will scramble last-minute and then somehow blame her parents for her ultimately being unable to go.

No. 367202

They don't mean a cosplay she did of him preggo, people are saying she LOOKS like a preggo Aoba.

Also, holy shit I'm even more glad I missed that Hetalia day at BG.

I have a friend trying to get me to come to her picnic for le giggles, but unlike them, I knew her personally and running into her ever is something I want to avoid. You could't pay me to go, even with a mask on. Too many bad memories, please fellow anons, if you're thinking of going… love yourselves.

No. 367205

Where is this picnic?

No. 367206

Maymont, for Cosplay Day. If she even remembers. Has anyone seen her mention it at all the last few weeks? Ty keeps updating his, location got moved to Byrd Park.

No. 367217

She and I talked about it the other day actually because she forgot to say which part of the park it was being held in. So I commented and she got all sassy. "Yeah, Japanese Garden's where its always been"

Okay, so the newbies are supposed to just know this?

Also, the prussia from that BG meet up, let me find a picture of her.

No. 367218

File: 1491729270940.jpg (74.4 KB, 617x637, 7972_4203470886101_1070665288_…)

This is the Prussia, I managed to get a friend to confirm that this is the one she was with at the meet up. They used to be /best/ friends, I dont really know what happened.

No. 367223


She turned into a massive cunt. Abuses her boyfriend. Is 100% feminazi and I'm pretty sure is embarrassed by ash now. I don't see them talking or hanging out anymore. But she's the one who used to attack people that called ash out on her BS.

No. 367224


Caramia Capone.

She doesn't have a very good rep around the VA comunitiy anymore. She does that sub par Fem Loki at Katsucon every year cuz her boyfriend looks like Thor. People worship her but she is such a stuck up bitch. Tried to say hi once. Got dressed down and ignored. Guess I wasn't pretty enough to be in her presence.

No. 367225

File: 1491738470123.jpg (75.39 KB, 480x275, IMG_7534.JPG)

Sorry for same fag. But here's the loki

She's literally got a resting bitch face in all her pictures. And the weirdest nose I've ever seen. And apparently has a long lasting relationship with gross blood a gore stuff. Which I'm assuming is why ash had that faze with the horrible bloody FX makeup thing.

No. 367317


This anon doesn't know what they're talking about.

No, she's not. FASFA is for all US residents, so you living near Ash wouldn't have any bearing on what it does for her. It's her family's income that determines what she's able to get, so you do need your parent's tax forms when you apply so that you (as a dependent) are able to get grant money for schooling. You have to be 24 to apply as an independent (unless you have proof that your primary guardians are passed or that you're in a situation where they are no giving you any support, and you have to provide proof of that). And even then, they only give you 2-6k AT MOST, so that wouldn't even cover a fourth of her special beauty school tuition.

Didn't her parents have to take her to apply to the school anyway? Don't her parents take here there? If they knew what she was doing, why would they 180 and suddenly not want to pay for anything?

No. 367327

Probably it's the least they can do. 'We'll take you to the school but we aren't financially supporting you because it's an awful idea and we just spent a butt load of money fixing our broken kitchen'.

She has all these ideas she wants to do yet spends what little money she has on cosplay and going to conventions. At this point, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if her parents helped fund her cosplays and cons from time to time. If she really wants to go to the school, her next option would be applying to a shit ton of scholarships and hoping she wins something for tuition.

No. 367360

Sounds like a massive cunt. I don't understand when cosplayers do this. I bet her boyfriend looks nothing like thor either.

No. 367364

No. 367367

File: 1491772178019.jpg (88.29 KB, 1019x341, Screenshot_20170409-170757.jpg)

How about you stop being a massive cunt about things. Clearly you aren't cause the only time you talk about this fake love is either on instagram or DA.

No. 367378


Step one

Stop falling "in love" with your imaginary dragons

No. 367379

If she only discusses it on Insta or DA then the person is a FB follower. That narrows it down to only a few victims.

No. 367382

File: 1491776200152.jpg (383.89 KB, 750x978, IMG_4850.JPG)

It's this poor girl she spent Katsucon with. It's just her new crush of the month, she "falls in love" with anyone who gives her attention and basic human affection. Sorin, Tony, Levi, Pirate, Syd…That's just the ones I know of in the past year, and now it's Petrea. Spoiler alert: Petrea doesn't feel the same and even asked Ash to delete a status she tagged her in talking about them cuddling at Katsucon.

No. 367383


They fucking cuddled?? Well if she doesn't feel the same about Ash, then why did they cuddle? Was it for in character sake? Or out of pity. Who knows….

No. 367384

File: 1491776709183.jpg (295.13 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_4851.JPG)

May have just been for cosplay and Ash twisted it to mean more, who knows with her given her track record of lying

No. 367385


That doesn't even count for cuddling. That's just a pose for a picture. IS SHE FOR REAL??

No. 367387



Every time. Without fail.

No. 367388

Sounds like you know from experience, care to share?

No. 367394

File: 1491778368047.jpg (857.39 KB, 1394x1377, Screenshot_20170409-184813.jpg)

Back when i was close friends with her she told me about this guy. She always talked about him being her perfect kaito to her luka. To be honest i cant see her daiting anyone

No. 367395

File: 1491778481161.jpg (17.92 KB, 381x254, IMG_3405.JPG)

But she's ~so afraid of cis men~, guise!

No. 367398

That always baffled me. She'd claim she was so scared of CIS men and yet every status about a past date has been with a CIS man.

No. 367401


Yeah like many I used to be friends with her. Not on FB but on deviant art, where she usually posts this crap. It always starts out with "I'm in love help!" Or something similar. Usually her crushes are people who were nice to her or people she will NEVER get with. She goes through the fazes of posting (then deleting) her sexual frustration on DA. "Oh they don't even know I exist" "oh how do I cope!" "I'm going to just tell them how I feel" then nothing. But a few weeks go by and it's her new rant. "This person blah blah blah". Like her "ex" that tried to kidnap her at one of the conventions. it's not uncommon for her to take rejection very badly. But also fabricate this romance that doesn't and will never be mutually reciprocated.

No. 367403

File: 1491780198004.png (12.6 KB, 478x63, thehell.PNG)

When did she change her FB?

No. 367408


You're lucky to even see her FB. But wtf is up with that hog wash at the end? Ash, this doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look more like an idiot every day. HEr fucking tumblr is the worst of this trash she says.

No. 367426

File: 1491783310933.jpg (92.39 KB, 696x720, IMG_7538.JPG)


Give it a fucking rest ash. We know you thirsty but damn.

No. 367444

So my friend and i just looked her cosplay event and noticed 4 poc are going and the rest are just white girls and ftm guys ash is gonna get her pick at those shoes and free food

No. 367453

File: 1491786555067.jpg (63.47 KB, 640x960, 17858151_1644854982211176_8328…)

heres something funny

No. 367463


Ah yes. The continuous back and fourth of "fuck my parents" "aww my parents are awesome" Jesus I can't keep up.

No. 367466


Oh, she's that horrendous ren from Katsu. Well, they're both sloppy/shoddy at craftsmanship and fat, so maybe they belong together.

No. 367501

Sorry if this gets kinda long but I have a little nugget of information on this subject. I know a few of these people, but the only one I know better than the other's is Syd, and I feel super bad for her. I've known Syd for a couple years now and she's really awesome, but I feel sorry for her (and everyone for that matter) having to put up with Ash. Ash found her online a while back and immediately fell for her hard, stalking her any way she could. It's because of her stalking Syd that she started going to Georgia cons in the first place (so Ash could be near her, since those are the cons Syd attends). I think this is who the other Anon up there was posting about being the person Ash was trying to cram into the Tori roll, unless there's two people, because she was trying to push really hard to get Syd to cosplay Tori with her shitatsic Beni and preggo-Aoba. Ash fawned over Syd and tried (very creepily and grossly) to flirt with her, and even bought her some things evidently to try and win favor. Apparently Ash also bummed rides and food from her when she went to AWA last year, and bummed food from her at DragonCon earlier that month. Syd was one of the nice and unwitting people that was tricked into being "friends" (term used very loosely) with Ash out of pity because she thought she might be able to help Ash get better. But she quickly got fed up with the shit because any time she offered advice Ash would just make excuses as to why she couldn't do something (like not hotgluing strands of beads to her dresses or hemming correctly). On top of that, she was worn down by Ash constantly shitting her problems and drama everywhere and whining and bitching about her parents and other cosplayers. The best part though was that when Ash started getting really disgustingly creepy and trying to push Syd into doing "yaoi photoshoots" with her, Syd told Ash she was married, at which point Ash was surprised and deeply hurt, despite Syd having her husband around in person and all over her Facebook. Apparently though, she still continued to stalk Syd anyway and grossly flirt with her and still insists on doing yaoi stuff. For a while, Syd actually unfriended and blocked Ash from FB and every site Ash found her on because she couldn't deal with with Ash's drama and bullshit and lies anymore. It was funny because Ash used other mutual friends to try and contact Syd. Syd is a chill and easy-going person who's hard to piss off, but Ash really got under her skin after a while. Especially at DragonCon when she found Syd, stalked her, and interrupted her spending time with her friends while following her around like a lost puppy and shouting in her shrill and obnoxious voice. Apparently though after a lot of begging and bawling, she tentatively unblocked and re-accepted Ash being "friends" with her (on Facebook ONLY). She knows what kind of person Ash is now though, so I think she's only there now just for the same reason the other on her friends list are: for a better view of this mindblowing cow. I know for a fact that she doesn't want to be associated with Ash, but who does?

No. 367503

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Ashley only shaved the sides of her head after she met Syd. Jfc this bitch will try and steal anyone's look.

No. 367506

That's true, Anon. Apparently when she starts fawning over someone she starts trying to emulate them. Makes me think of Silence of the Lambs.

No. 367514

That might be why shes trying to grow out her hair for that Phillip guy. Maybe if she acts like him he will want her

No. 367521

That's so goddamn creepy

No. 367542


From what I know, That's basically the same story for all the people she's "fallen for". God I feel sorry for all these poor bastards of the last ash stalkings. And for the future ones. Because we all know she's not going to stop until she proves she's super uke kawaii wifu that EVERYONE should adore.

No. 367544

Pretty sure it's a line from Rick and Morty, some shit Rick babbles at some point. As he does.

No. 367553

File: 1491820874398.png (12.9 KB, 495x188, ruhroh.PNG)

No. 367554

I used to also be friends with caramia she's rude and gross. She used my razor once at a con without asking. shivers

Ashley made her this hideous wig once, I'll have to see if I can find photos of it…

No. 367566


>"she thought she might be able to help Ash get better"

this seems to be a very common theme with a lot of her "friends" and farmers here. most people who screenshot stuff from her FB are like "oh i became friends with her thinking maybe i could help her not suck so much". what i'm curious about is this: why her? isn't it obvious how much of a cow she is when you first meet her and that she doesn't deserve your time? aren't there any other people around who are similarly bad at craft and in need of guidance but aren't obnoxious, spoiled and selfish like ash? not bitching anyone out, actually asking.

No. 367579


For me it was forced friendship. I was easily manipulated into feeling sorry for her. I regret it to this day. She chooses people who she can guilt trip. She chosss people who are week to the cry's of an attention whore like a deer is week to the cries of a baby fawn. However like the deer, we were to far sucked in to see it was just a hunter. Mimicking the sad sob stories of others to draw us closer. Dishing out false promises and stolen life stories. Sucking every bit of life from us till we can take no more. Then ultimantly try to slip away without being the next person she targets for her "oh this person" stories. Not many of us fall into her trap willingly. But most of us, once we are there, hope we can change her. Since at first it seems she looks up to us and is asking for advise and help.

No. 367584

File: 1491832421200.png (339.17 KB, 719x862, 20170410_095055.png)

Now I see why ashley said duct tape was ok to use on her slideshow

No. 367590


I am in tape cultured! But isn't masking tape different then duck tape?

No. 367607


yes, they are different but neither duct tape nor masking tape are meant to stick to your skin. duct tape will be too strong and rip out skin, masking tape will peel at the first sign of sweat and skin oil, and both of them can irritate sensitive skin because the glue is meant to adhere to walls and such.

what this girl describes ideally should only be done with medical adhesive tapes made of fabric, with a piece of gauze or cotton guarding your nipples. but just like she says, it's only for short amounts of time and even then squeezing all your skin into your back and ripping the tape off gives you a lot of tiny bruises.

still, sometimes mini-edgelords or clueless rookies will bind with duct tape and then when the time comes to take the costume off they will squeal like little piggies because the tape is stuck on their nips. it's not very solid cosplay advice either way.

sauce: i'm a cosplayfag. sage for cosplayfaggotry.

No. 367618


Also allergic reactions can happen if you are "adhesive sensitive" since both tape aren't meant to be on human skin.

No. 367629

This. >>367579
A perfect explanation. I asked Syd the same thing, and turns out it was much the same situation. I saw with my own eyes how disgustingly aggressively she tried to adhere to Syd and chased her down at every turn. At first we all thought she was just a young, naive weeb who legitimately wanted help to get better. We thought she was like 16 by how she behaved, and that she could grow up and improve like we all did.

>why her? isn't it obvious how much of a cow she is when you first meet her and that she doesn't deserve your time?

Actually no. At least with my and Syd's cases, Ash kept the real shit bottled for a while and just let the creepiness leak out slowly. At first she was nothing more than a normal weeb child from what we all saw. Then all at once she exploded into fuckery and popped the lid to her shit-filled jar. She quadrupled her rapey advances on Syd, started verbally shitting all over her parents and family, and then telling Syd about her dragons and going to far as to talk to her in "dragon voices". I was so full of second-hand embarrassment, I can't even imagine what it was like to sit there and listen to that shit straight up. Syd told me that whenever Ash started doing that, she'd just bail from the conversation, which I can't blame her. I imagine telling Ash her dragons aren't real to her face would get you punched in yours and a major meltdown where she breaks all of your shit and spreads rumors about you. Fuck this cow, seriously.

No. 367630


Dragon voices, eh. What does a "dragon" sound like?

No. 367631

sean connery

No. 367633


Wtf? That shit's disgusting. Syd should've just put like some sort of restraining order on her something. I mean, she's going to Momocon for christ sakes. Who knows what she's gonna tell/do to Syd next.

No. 367638

I just realized Ash is having her picnic the same day as the last cherry blossom festival celebration; how is she going to attend both if D.C. is 2 hours away?

No. 367639

It's also the day before Easter, a weekend when a lot of people are doing family and/or religious stuff.

No. 367643

Hah. It's literally going to rain on her parade.

No. 367671

I really dislike her. You are below her and Women are always right regardless of the situation. Sage for bitching

No. 367688

I've told her to her face before. She'll start crying and "Zavik" takes over and yells at me. Oh also, he's a Russian dragon, but for some reason he has an English accent.

No. 367692

Her doing an English accent is really odd to consider.

No. 367701


>going to far as to talk to her in "dragon voices"

ash reminds me of a fairly lulzy friend i had. her thing was to drive you crazy by asking for advice and not acting on it for the most infuriating, bullshit, snowflake excuses. she was into wicca and witchcraft and claimed to have invisible wings and talk to spirits. one time she was desperately looking for a job, but told us she ditched an interview she was supposed to go. when we asked what happened, she honest to god told us "my bad spirits fought with my protective good spirits all night, so i slept very litle and couldn't wake up on time and go. i think the job was awful and spirits tried to protect me."

sage for OT

No. 367715

File: 1491860274419.png (87.68 KB, 623x677, wahhh.PNG)

No. 367716

File: 1491860336792.png (29.48 KB, 626x221, boohoo.PNG)

No. 367717

These fucking idiots. jfc

No. 367718